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les histoires de chrislebo

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Pet Teacher


I have taught for over 13 years. I have had many boys check me out; some flirt with me and some definitely get a wicked erection peering surreptitiously at my stocking-covered legs. Now don't think I am all self-centered and vain; I am not, I accept I am a solid seven. That said, my greatest sexual asset is my legs, which are a perfect 10.

I teach grade 12 English and started second semester with the class, if not from Hell, then from its suburbs. I had 30 students, most of whom were not what you would call English students, or indeed students at all. They had a surplus of attitude and a serious hate on for school. So after four days of getting nowhere, I decided to try a simple concept, let them help decide what we should learn. Curriculum is irrelevant with such a group, so I reckoned I would just try to improve some simple skills. But to do that, I would have to get them to think it was their idea. Therefore, at the beginning of class on Friday, the last class of the day, I asked them a simple question, "What would you like to do in this class?"

I waited for a few minutes and then took in the responses from the 19 of 28 physically present, who had decided to honour me with their presence on a Friday afternoon. I rewarded their presence by showing a Simpsons episode. As the episode played, I read the comments from the class. The first one said, 'Nothing,' as did the second. The third suggested 'watching movies' while the fourth actually suggested we read the whole Twilight series. The fifth said, 'nothing', while the sixth responded, "Isn't that yer job." I was getting frustrated, but not surprised, as I read through these negative responses. Finally, the seventh response approached decency: it said, 'Learn more about social issues', while the eighth suggested we 'Only read---don't answer no stupid questions,' which I thought was a good idea. I began to have a glimmer of hope as I read the last two and the following few. Suggestions included: 'Being allowed to write their own stories, instead of poetry reading rap lyrics, research interesting people like Justin Bieber, and more of thye same. And then it happened...

I read a sentence so absurd and obscene that gasped, loud enough to be heard.

I stared at the sentence for almost three minutes, oblivious to the Simpsonian buffoonery going on around me

I rubbed my eyes, but the words were still definitely there.

I looked up at my class, wondering who wrote such a sentence.

I instantly knew the answer.

Julie Wilkinson. She was looking right at me, the only one not watching the Simpsons episode. As we made eye contact, a devious smile, spread across her cute face. Julie was a rather quiet student, who clearly resented school and most teachers. She was polite to me, I think because I attempted to get to know her and the others, instead of judging based on past marks and reputation, which could hardly have been worse. Was she a genius, no; was she as stupid as other teachers told me she was, no. She was just a girl who had not had the caring support she needed. I thought she was one I could rely on to get this class going, one I could maybe save from living her life as a waitress at Denny's. Yet, that all changed with one sentence.

Her answer to my simple question what she wanted to do in this class: 'Have you between my legs begging to eat my pussy, my pet teacher.'

I looked away and back to the paper. I couldn't explain it, but my panties were getting wet. I would be lying if I said I never thought about a student. I often went to bed employing one of my toys, or just using my fingers, fantasizing about being seduced by a cute student. All these fantasies usually involved being blackmailed to submit or being ****** to please. The real me would never do such a thing, but the fantasy me got dominated on a regular basis. Just the night before this incident, as my husband, a great man, who is an incredible lover, and a caring husband and ******, fucked me; I came not thinking of him, but rather of being dominated by a group of cheerleaders. Although I knew what she did was incredibly wrong and inappropriate, a part of me also got damp as I momentarily dreamed that her forward suggestion had become a reality.

The bell saved me, or so I thought. As soon as the bell rang, the class emptied quicker than a keg at a college frat party, except Julie. She sat at her desk, her legs spread apart, her thigh high stockings, easily viewable; although the top of her desk prevented me from seeing her treasure. She then stood up and walked to my desk. I nervously watched her walk towards me. She looked at me and said, "Mrs. Walker, what is your Yahoo name?"

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"It is a simple question," she said with a tone that implied I was stupid. The same tone, I was sure, that many teachers had given her.

"It's private," I answered.

She smiled at me slightly as she said, again using a condescending tone, "I didn't ask for your opinion, I asked for you're Yahoo name."

I looked at her, stunned.

"Now, Mrs. Walker," she demanded.

I have no idea why, but I answered in a guarded whisper, "nylon_lover69."

"Are you serious?" she said with a smirk.

"Yes," I said, slightly embarrassed.

"This is going to be easier than I thought," she said, as she began to leave. "By the way, Mrs. Walker," her condescending tone back, "I expect you online tonight at 9 p.m."

I looked at her, bewildered, but said nothing as I watched my student leave. After she was gone, my pussy was on fire and I rubbed myself to an incredibly quick orgasm, right at my desk. As soon as my orgasm hit me, I immediately felt fine. I recovered my senses, and decided that I would ignore Julie's rather obnoxious command. I went from turned on to pissed off, in the matter of an orgasm. As soon as I started thinking clearly with my head and not my pussy, I was furious. How dare she challenge me like that?


Five hours later, as I thought more about it, I realized she never ****** me in any way and she sure as hell didn't make me masturbate after she left. As I considered this, I put my kids to bed and watched my husband leave to play his usual Friday late night hockey game. I looked at the was twenty to nine.

I'd like to think I went onto Yahoo to just check my e-mail and so forth, but as nine rolled around, I kept checking for requests for adds. At five after nine, I thought to myself, 'this is silly' and was about to log off. But I didn't. For the second time today, I was thinking with my hormones and not my mind. I waited and waited.

At ten after nine, as I was wavering for a second time to log off, when a new friend request popped up. The name was 'Teen Mistress', I obediently, and with an odd eagerness, added her at once.

I waited, desperately waiting for her to type something.


I had the anticipation of a teen girl waiting to be asked out.


TeenMistress: Hi, teach.

Nylon_lover69: Hi Julie.

TeenMistress: How r u?

Nylon_lover69: Good, u?

TeenMistress: All right. Just getting ready to go out to a party.

Nylon_lover69: Ok.

TeenMistress: I just wanted to see if you would obey my command...and you did.

Nylon_lover69: No, I didn't.

TeenMistress: Why r u online?

Nylon_lover69: I am often online at night.

TeenMistress: If you say so, Mrs. Walker.

Nylon_lover69: Why did you write that?

TeenMistress: Write what?

Nylon_lover69: That you wanted me between your legs?

TeenMistress: Because I do.

Nylon_lover69: Seriously?

TeenMistress: I never lie. EVER.

Nylon_lover69: OK.

TeenMistress: So, be honest, did my answer turn u on?

Nylon_lover69: I can't answer that.

TeenMistress: Why not?

Nylon_lover69: I'm you're teacher.

TeenMistress: So?

Nylon_lover69: I have legal responsibilities.

TeenMistress: Ok, if u were not my teacher?

Nylon_lover69: I plead the 5th.

TeenMistress: I'll take that as a yes. Anyways, I got to go. See u on Monday my pet teacher.

Before I even had a chance to respond, she logged out. I sat back and attempted to process what had just occurred. I was flabbergasted; stunned; horny. I leaned back on my chair and masturbated myself to an orgasm as I fantasized about Julie dominating me. As soon as I came to another explosive orgasm, my senses returned again and I was ashamed. I had to find a way to control these desires, but I wasn't sure I could.

MONDAY After a routine weekend, Friday seemed a lifetime away, and I'd almost convinced myself that it had never happened. I continued to live in this state of denial throughout the day, until the last period of the day.

Perhaps I should also explain here that I have had relations with many women in my life. College was a very fun time and I had a couple of friends with whom I still played occasionally. I was quite submissive by nature, to both my husband and my female lovers. I had a hard time saying no to any command, However, I have always kept my personal life and my work life completely separate. With Julie, the temptation was there to combine the two.

I knew I was in trouble when she walked in my class dressed in a plaid skirt and knee high socks. The smile on her face spoke volumes. I had seen that smile before, on women who had used me as their personal plaything. My pussy began to get damp as my mind desperately tried to control the potentially dangerous situation.

She sat at the very front of class, as she had every day since the semester started, and continually stared at me as I attempted a lesson on lyrics as poetry. I played a few YouTube clips of music lyrics, followed by a rather productive conversation about how today's music speaks for the current youth generation. The whole time, I felt a pair of eyes watching my every move. Each time I glanced at Julie, I got the same response; the same smile that told me she had plans for me. My face was flushed, and when the bell rang I braced myself for the inevitable assault.

But much to my surprise, she got up and left class, without a word. As I sat down at my desk, I began to wonder what was going on. Was she simply playing mind games with me? As I got up to leave, I pondered which was greater: my relief or my disappointment?


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That night, just before bed I logged on to my computer and saw two e-mails.

From: BrittDomme To: Jasmine Walker Read this

Read this story. The hyperlink is visible to registered members only! Julie

I clicked on the link and read a sexually overpowering story about a student who dominated her teacher. I played with myself to an orgasm as I read about the complete ********** of this teacher. I bookmarked it for future reading and clicked on the other e-mail.

From: BrittDomme To: Jasmine Walker My Pet Teacher

Consider the following questions... 1.Were you disappointed when I did not come onto you today? 2.Did you get wet when you first saw me? 3.Did you read the story I requested you to? 4.If you read the story I suggested, which I am assuming you did, did you cum thinking about the fantasy? 5.Are u wet reading this now?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then you must understand it is futile to resist me. You want me. You want to please me. You won't be complete until you do.

A simple task for tomorrow...wear stockings and not pantyhose.


I finished reading the second e-mail, my hand on my pussy, and rubbed myself to a second orgasm. I then logged out, cursed my weakness, and went and marked small assignments from one of my other classes, trying not to think about Julie.

TUESDAY I don't know why I obeyed. I always wear skirts or dresses to work. I usually wear pantyhose, although I own quite a few pairs of stockings, as my husband liked easy access to my pussy. I put on a black garter, the matching black stockings, a long black skirt, and a red blouse. The day flew by, as they always do, and soon it was the last class of the day.

Julie came dressed in a ridiculously short sundress that clearly displayed she was wearing thigh high stockings. Like yesterday, her eyes bore into me throughout the class, as I discussed what makes a poem. I read a few simplistic ones and finally had the class write their own poems. I walked around the room, trying to assist and keep them on task. When I finally got to Julie, she asked me to read her poem. I nervously took it and read her poem.

I ALWAYS get what I want And what I want is my own pet teacher A pretty pet to please me A sexy pet to please me Complete obedience A pet on all fours A pet ALWAYS willing to do more For her Master My pet teacher is ready to submit Even if she...hasn't accepted it yet...

I finished the last line and handed her back the paper. She smiled at me and asked, "Like the poem, Mrs. Walker?"

"It has a very clear message and tone," I answered, avoiding eye contact.

"Yes, that it does," she almost purred.

I walked away before anything else could happen. I helped a couple of other students, my even as my pussy juices tried to break through my thin panties. The bell rang, and this time Julie did not leave.

She waited until the whole class had dispersed. She walked up to me and said, "Mrs. Walker, that skirt is way too long for me to know that you obeyed my request." She was inches from me as she asked, "Did you?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"Why?" she asked.

"I don't know," I answered.

"I do," she said, knowingly, "You desperately want to be my pet teacher, don't you?"

"No," I said, unconvincingly.

"Really," she said, a tone of disbelief in her voice. Moving too fast for me to stop her, she lifted up my skirt and touched my extremely wet panties. Just as quickly, she removed her hand. "Why are your panties so wet, Mrs. Walker?"

I said nothing.

"I think," she teased, "they are wet from you thinking of being my pet teacher. Am I right?"

"No," I said, weakly.

"Really?" she asked. "You can honestly say you have not fantasized being between my legs, licking my young ripe pussy. Did you know I turned 18 just two weeks ago?"

I tried to keep control of the situation. I almost begged, "Please Julie, this has got to stop."

She shrugged and replied, "OK, whatever you say, Mrs. Walker." Abruptly, she then turned and walked out of my class.

I sat back on my chair, my pussy juices leaking out a bit. I again tried to figure out what the hell had just occurred.

I headed home, horny as hell. Before I realized what I was doing, I had grabbed my favourite vibrator and fucked myself silly. I was still cumming when I heard the kids get home.

Quickly composing myself, I switched to my role as the picture perfect ****** I was. Soon supper was on the table, like it always was.

Tuesday is games night, so the four of us played wii for a couple hours. After reading the ******** their bedtime stories, I told my husband I had some school work needing attention and would be up for a couple of hours. He went up the bedroom to watch some TV. I went to my office and turned on my computer. As soon as I logged in, I noticed there were offline messages from Julie.

TeenMistress: U there, my pet teacher?

TeenMistress: No?

TeenMistress: U avoiding me my pet?

I looked at the time; the last one was twenty minutes ago. I hesitated, only briefly, before responding.

Nylon_lover69: Hi Julie.

As I waited for a response, hoping she was online but just invisible, I checked my e-mail. There was one from her. It had three pictures of older women on their knees pleasing younger girls. The message read: Don't you wish that was u???

A few minutes ticked by without any response. Just as I was about to log out, she finally responded.

TeenMistress: Sorry, my pet, was talking to another sub.

Nylon_lover69: Another sub???

TeenMistress: Yes, a girl at our school, that regularly eats from my cunt, who you teach in your advanced placement English class.

Nylon_lover69: It can't be.

I quickly tried to think who in my advanced class it could be. None of them seemed likely candidates. They are all hard working, seemingly innocent, sweet girls.

TeenMistress: Oh it can...and it does. Actually to be completely honest, she ate my pussy today after school. I was horny from u obeying my command and knowing I would have u soon. So I texted her and she quickly met me in the girls locker room.

Nylon_lover69: I can't believe it.

TeenMistress: Oh...believe it. Don't u wonder who it is? Why would I lie?

Nylon_lover69:I just can't fathom someone in my Advanced class being a lesbian.

TeenMistress: Oh, she is not. She likes cock too. But she is also a very good pussy eater.

My brain could not get my head wrapped around this new information.

TeenMistress: By the way, her average is above 90%. Anyways, I will tell her to wear no shoes in your class tomorrow. Of course, she, like all my sub sluts, will be wearing thigh high stockings.

I still didn't answer; I was frozen in a state of shock.

TeenMistress: U there. Answer me now.

Nylon_lover69: Yes.

TeenMistress: Tomorrow I expect a shorter skirt and thigh high stockings.

Nylon_lover69: But I can't dress like a slut at school.

TeenMistress: I didn't say u should. But I should be able to notice the tops of your stockins if u are at a certain angle. Plus I want easier access to my pet teacher. That skirt today was very inconvenient.

Nylon_lover69: Julie, this has to stop.

TeenMistress: What does?

Nylon_lover69: This.

TeenMistress: This what?

Nylon_lover69: This seduction of me. I am your teacher.

TeenMistress: pet teacher.

TeenMistress: I will make this easy for u. I want u; I want u as my submissive teacher who ALWAYS obeys. U want it too...I know u do; but u will decide. If u are dressed as instructed, and no panties by the way, I will know u are ready to submit to me. If u r dressed in ur usual teacher attire I will know u are not interested. Now go fuck yourself with one of ur toys as u imagine submitting completely to me. NOW!!!

As soon as she sent the last message, she logged out, not giving me a chance to respond.

I sat there, still trying to process all that had just transpired. Who could possible be Julie's slave? Was I soon to join her?

My pussy was leaking juice, and I was desperate to cum, but I had no toy in reach, being in my office. I quickly went to the kitchen, grabbed a cucumber, and returned to my office. I instantly inserted the lengthy green vegetable inside my wet pussy. I pumped it in and out furiously, desperate to get off. The orgasm came quickly and shuddered through me like an earthquake; the trembles lasting long after the initial quake. After I recovered, I tossed the cucumber away and went to bed, determined that I would not submit...but...doubt lingered in my subconscious.

WEDNESDAY I was still determined to reject Julie's advances today, but I did obey her clothing request as I wore black thigh highs and a red skirt. It was not really short, but if I bent a certain way, one could see the top of my thigh high stockings.

My last class before lunch was my Advanced English class; I sat at my desk with trepidation as I looked obsessively down at the feet of my incoming students. Cassandra walked in wearing boots, while Mary and Tammy wore those hideous Uggs. Tamara, Candace and Erin came in wearing runners. Ashton was wearing a dress, but also heels. Now it was down to Karen, Beth and Heather.

My guess as to who would enter barefoot was Karen. She was an outgoing girl and oftentimes dressed rather sexy. I supposed it could also be Heather. Rumours ran rampant about her, though she seemed to me too outspoken to be the submissive type. No way would I guess Beth. Much too quiet, much too nerdy, always in pigtails. Trying to picture her and Julie together was almost laughable.


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But just as I considered this, in came Beth, in a blue sundress and beige stockings. And... shoeless! I double and triple-checked, but it was Beth.

When I looked up at her, she quickly looked down as she sat down in her regular front row seat. Heather came in a few seconds later wearing cowboy boots and Karen quickly followed. She too was wearing boots. I sat at my desk and tried to make a connection between quiet, shy, reserved Beth and outspoken, trouble-making Julie. No matter how much I continued to try and make a connection, none came.

I taught my class, greatly distracted, as I kept looking down at Beth's stocking covered toes. Visions of her between my legs would not go away. When the bell rang, the class dispersed, including Beth. I went back to my desk, still stunned and horny.

Just as I was about to go for lunch, Julie came back in with Beth. Beth's head remained down as she followed Julie, who was dressed in a leopard skirt, with non-matching black stockings, a black t-shirt and, absurdly, running shoes. Julie asked me, "So did you guess Beth, Mrs. Walker?"

"No," I responded, honestly.

"Beth has been my per***al sex toy for about two months now, haven't you Beth?"

"Yes," she responded in an almost inaudible whisper of shame.

Julie asked, her tone getting firmer, "Are you embarrassed because of me, my little pet?"

Beth looked up for the first time, with a clear look of fear on her face. She meekly replied, "No, no, no, it's just I didn't want Mrs. Walker to know."

"Oh," Julie said, surprisingly softly. She continued, "Beth, would you like to please Mrs. Walker?"

"Yes," she said, still not looking at me, her voice still barely audible.

"Mrs. Walker, would you like my pet here, to crawl under your desk and eat your pussy right here, right now?"

The question shocked me, my naked pussy damp and slightly leaking under my desk. I tried to sound confident and teacher-like as I said, "This is not the place."

But Julie interrupted, "That is not the question I asked. It is a rather simple yes or no answer, I don't need the commentary."

She paused, as my face went flush.

She spoke to me the way I might to a four year old, "So I will ask you again a very simple question and I want a very simple yes or no answer. Do you or don't you want pretty little Beth here, your straight A student, to crawl under your desk and eat your pussy? Your very wet pussy too, I am guessing."

The thought of both submitting to Julie, and of cute Beth pleasing me, overwhelmed any logical answer I should have given. I, just like Beth, meekly whispered, "Yes."

"I see," she said, "Well," she began, looking back at the open classroom door, "Beth, you better get under there quick."

Beth didn't hesitate a second as she moved around to my side and fell to her knees. Without even consciously doing it, I rolled my chair back a bit to allow Beth to be completely hiddenunder my wooden desk. I then rolled it forward again. I opened my legs as wide as possible and soon felt Beth's head between my legs. I gasped the second Beth's tongue touched my already desperate pussy.

Julie smiled a triumphant 'I knew it' smile as she said, "So Mrs. Walker, are you ready to be my pet?"

I gave another moan as Beth's tongue roamed up and down my pussy lips, teasing me. "I don't know," I said, weakly.

Julie said, "You know I should explain. I am not a dominant Mistress. I don't ***** girls to submit to me. I have a gift of being able to tell which women are in desperate need of my expertise."

"Your expertise?" I repeated mindlessly and moaned again.

"Yes, I take women who desperately need to be assisted in their search for sexual bliss and I get them there. Take our young Beth for instance. Her parents' extremely high expectations, have led her to have no real friends. It so stressed her that she became suicidal. While tutoring me one day of tutoring me so I could pass my Chemistry class, I knew she desperately needed my help. She is inherently submissive and with some guidance from me, found a perfect balance between her parent's expectations and her stress release."

I looked at Julie, stunned, as Beth's tongue began to concentrate on my swollen clit. Just then, Mrs. White, a good friend and colleague of mine, walked in the room. She asked, "What are you doing for lunch?"

I had to suppress a moan as I attempted to sound normal, "Oh, I have to stay for lunch and help Julie."

Mrs. White gave a peculiar look, before she said, "OK, well another time." She paused briefly, before she walked out.

As soon as she did, Julie said, "That was close. Do you think she knew you had a student under your desk munching on your snatch?"

My face, already red with a mixture of *********** and pleasure, let out a louder than I meant to moan as I gasped, "God, I hope not."

Julie added, "Now cum for me, my pet teacher."

I closed my eyes and focused on Beth's tongue, a tongue so tender and gentle. Desperate to cum, I reached under the desk and pushed her face deeper into my ocean of juice. Beth, understanding my unspoken demand, changed her approach immediately. She began licking me faster. Then she slid a finger inside me. As soon as she did that, my orgasm began to build. In less than a minute of Beth's intense focus the combination of her clit-licking and finger-fucking caused an orgasm so intense that my juices flooded out, all over my young student's face. Not screaming as I usually do was incredibly difficult. Instead I let out a sound I could not even begin to describe.

It did make Julie laugh out loud as she chuckled, "My pet teacher, you are a screamer, I see."

"Yes," I panted softly.

Julie then looked back at the door and said, "Beth, come back to me, my sweet."

I instantly rolled back my chair and watched this cute, sweet, girl, her face glistening with my juice, crawl out from under my desk. The scene was so dirty, yet so hot, my just pleased pussy began to get excited again.

"Thank Mrs. Walker for lunch," Julie said to Beth, as casually as if I had actually taken her out for lunch.

Beth looked at me, my juice shining on her mouth and cheeks, and whispered, "Thank you, Mrs. Walker, for lunch. It was very delicious." She then gave me a smile I had never seen before from her, just slightly naughty, and added, much to my surprise, "I hope we can do lunch again."

Julie smiled and said, "Beth, how forward of you. You may go."

"Ok," she said, with a tone that seemed disappointed, and left without another word.

Julie watched Beth leave and said, "They grow up so fast, don't they?|

It seemed like a rhetorical question, so I did not respond.

Julie looked back at me and said, in an oddly cheery tone, "Well my pet teacher, see you in class." I watched her leave class as I sat in my chair, my legs still apart and my juices leaking down my leg. I sat there a minute to calm down and then composed myself and went to the bathroom to clean myself up.

Two hours later, I was trying to teach Julie's class again. I was paranoid through the whole period, afraid that Julie might do something during class. Luckily, she did not. When class ended, she waited till everyone had left. Still at her desk, she asked, "So my pet, are you ready to submit?"

Already knowing my desire to do just that, I tried to delay the inevitability of it. Hesitantly, I replied, "Julie, I am your teacher."

Gritting her teeth, she answered sarcastically and somewhat loudly, "I know that you're my teacher, I am here every day, for Christ's sake."More calmly, she went on," But the question is very simple. I don't want to ***** you, or blackmail you," she paused for a second, letting the words sink in, before she continued, "As I could, since you just allowed a student to eat your pussy in your classroom at lunch. But blackmail is not my style." Again she smiled, now standing up and walking to the door. She closed it and turned the lock. She then walked back over and explained, "But you must want to submit to me; you must need me to fulfill your longing to be controlled; you must submit willingly. That is how I want it and, if you think about it, how you want it too."

She was now at my desk, which thankfully, no one could see from the door's small window. She looked at me patiently, waiting for an affirmative answer she was clearly confident she was about to get.

I asked, nervously, "What does this ********** entail?"

She gave just a small smile as she explained, "You will become my pet. You will dress as I tell you and you will obey every command of mine. Essentially, I own you, like I would a puppy dog." She then put her hand through my hair tenderly.

"But what about my husband, my kids and my job?" I asked worriedly.

"Oh, my pet," she said, as if the question was silly, "I would never do anything to harm your marriage or your job. I would just open you up sexually; make all your dark, dirty fantasies come true."

Hearing all the assurances she just gave me, my decision now came quickly and confidently. I looked into her eyes, sincerely committed, "Yes, I want to submit to you."

Julie smiled, leaned in, and kissed me gently. I kissed her back. Almost instantly all my stress washed away from me. When Julie broke the kiss, I was disappointed. She said, "On your knees, my pet."

I got off my chair and onto my knees.

"Good girl," she said, again like she was training a new puppy. "You will be a good pet, won't you?"

"Yes," I said, meaning it.

"Good girl," she said again, as she sat in my desk. She said, "Take off my shoes, my pet."

I obeyed, taking off her runners.

"Do you like my feet, my pet?" she asked.

"Yes, very much so," I said, her left foot in my hand.

"Lick my soles, my pet," she demanded softly.

I obeyed, licking her stocking feet, the taste an odd of mixture of sweat and nylon. It was not delicious, but also not disgusting. The simple ********** had me wet and eager to please.

After about two minutes of this, Julie said, "Do you want to see my pussy?"

"Desperately," I responded.

"Desperately," she repeated, "That is an excellent answer, my pet." She patted me on the head; again like she would a puppy that had just done a trick. Julie commanded, "Beg to see my pussy, my pet."

I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Please, Julie, may I see your pussy?"

She kept her eyes on me, as she opened her legs and asked, "Do you like what you see?"

I looked down between her legs. I saw her invitingly ripe, shaven pussy; her hard clit saluting me, beckoning me. I answered, my pussy doing the talking, "Yes, it looks delicious."

"Good enough to eat?" she coyly asked.

"Oh, yes," I responded, still staring at the pussy just inches from me, my mouth watering with anticipation.

Much to my disappointment and shock, Julie stood up and said, "Good to know." She went to her desk, me still on my knees, and opened her purse. She wrote something down and then walked back over to me.

"My pet," she began, "This is not the place for you to officially submit to me. Here is my address." She handed me a pink piece of paper, and explained, "My Mom works till midnight, so I have the house to myself all night. I expect you there at seven sharp."

I looked at her a bit surprised by yet another turn of events. I said, tentatively, "I think I can be there. Just got to make sure my husband can watch the kids."

She pulled me up and whispered, "Make it happen, my pet. Tonight I will release you from your restrictive barriers."

"OK," I said, without even thinking.

She kissed me softly for only a couple of seconds. Then she simply turned and sauntered out. I stood there, paralyzed, before I could gather my things and start home.

At home, I made supper, helped my *** with his homework, and dropped off my ******** at a birthday party. My husband had no problem with me going out, once I explained it was to help a friend who was going through a tough time. So at 6:40, I drove to Julie's house, still in the same outfit I had gone to work in.

I arrived a couple of minutes early. As I knocked on the door, I noticed her rather rough-looking neighbourhood. It wasn't the poorest in the city, but it sure was not the wealthiest either. I waited over a minute, long enough for me to have second and third doubts about this whole adventure. Finally Julie answered the door. She, too, was wearing the same outfit she had worn all day. She welcomed me in politely.

I was escorted to the living room area. And asked me to sit down. She then grabbed a clipboard and said, "I have a few questions for you to answer, so I can assist you in reaching pure sexual ecstasy. Please answer all questions honestly and remember there is no rea*** to be embarrassed in front of your Mistress. Understood, my pet?"


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"Yes," I answered, now petrified of the questions she would ask.

"OK," she began, "Question One. What toys do you currently own?"

My face went flush as soon as I heard the question, but I answered, "I have one small butt plug, two vibrators, a vibrating egg, and a wi-vibe, which is my favourite toy."

"A decent selection," she said, approvingly. "I need to get a wi-vibe, I am told they are amazing."

"Oh yes," I said, explaining, "It pleases your clit and your g-spot. Plus, you can use it alone or while getting..."

"Getting what?" she asked, knowingly.

"Fucked," I said, embarrassed by saying the word to my 18 year old student.

"No reason to be embarrassed here, my pet," she said. "Ok, question two. How often do you masturbate?"

"Almost every day, sometimes twice," I answered.

"I see," she said as she wrote down my answer. "Question Three. How often do you and your husband have sex?"

I though about this a moment before I answered, "Well it depends. He is often gone for a week or two at a time, as he works in the oil fields. When he is home, we make love every couple of days, give or take."

"Hmmm," she said, in a curious tone that had me confused by her intent. "Question four. How often do you have sex with a woman?"

"I haven't had sex with a woman in years," I answered, my tone slightly regretful.

"Really?" she said with a mocked shock. "I assumed that. A better question is how many women have you been with in your life."

"Oh," I said, going even a darker shade of red, "Lots."

"Can you be more specific?" she probed.

"Well over 40," I said ashamedly, and then tried to lighten my answer by explanation, "College was a crazy time."

"You slut," she accused, mockingly. "Tell me the dirtiest thing you have ever done."

I paused as I reflected on that, before asking, "With a guy or girl?"

"You are a slut, aren't you?" she teased. "Guy first."

"Well my ex-fiancé desperately wanted a threesome, so I gave him one," I explained, pausing for dramatic effect "with his best friend. I ended up being DP'd for the first, and, so far, only time."

"Did you like it?" she queried.

"Yes," I answered, "the opportunity just has not presented itself."

"Well that can be arranged," she said, with a devious smirk on her face, "now how about your dirtiest thing with a girl?"

I sat there thinking for a while before saying, "Well today at lunch would have to be up there. But in college during sorority initiation, my final task was to please all six of the sorority leaders all night. I ate each of their pussies at least twice and was fucked in both my pussy and ass all night."

"Did you enjoy that?"

I paused, unsure how to answer, before honestly admitting, "It was the greatest sexual experience of my life."

"I see," she said, jotting down my words. She wrote for a while, before finally speaking, "You are even more complex than I thought." A long silence filled the room before she added with confidence, "You need me even more than I thought."

I finally gave in completely acknowledging she was right when I said, "Yes, yes I do."

This brought a genuine smile from Julie who said, "Just a few more questions. Well, this next one seems redundant, as you clearly have done anal and like it, correct?"

"Yes," I answered, not as ashamed as I should have been from such an admission.

"Do you like to be called names?"

"It doesn't bother me and when I am really horny it actually turns me on," I answered, before adding, "although, I have no idea why."

"Oh that is easy," she explained, "You have an extreme sub personality. Thus you don't feel worthy of the love and attention you get. Terms such as slut and whore justify that you are indeed just that and not worthy of the respect of other people."

I reflected on this quietly as she added, "But true sexual bliss is a give and take. It isn't really about names; it is about finding each person's sexual personality and enhancing it. I, for example, don't get off from being fucked. I get off from the pure and complete ********** to me, freely given by beautiful women. I can't explain it, but it is who I am. Just as you can't explain why you are so wet right now and have juice dripping out your pussy and down your leg."

I looked down and indeed, a small, small stream of my juice was dribbling down my right leg.

"Last question," she announced amused, "What is your ultimate fantasy? What do you think about when you play with yourself?"

I paused for a long time, as Julie waited patiently for me to answer, until I said, "My fantasy isn't too far from what is actually happening right now, I suppose. I often think about being seduced by my female students. Of being blackmailed into becoming their submissive sex toy."

"Really," she said, overly dramatic, "any girls in particular?"

"Well, Ashton Kissenger, is my most constant fantasy Mistress," I answered, shamefully.

"The Reverend's ********?" she asked, for the first time shocked by me.

I felt empowered being able to shock Julie as I added, "Yes, I imagine her dominating me and making me continually repent for my sins."

"Wow," Julie said, still surprised by my disturbing fantasy. "Well that was hot. Now take off your dress, my pet."

I stood up and with an attempt at sexy, slid my dress down my body.

Julie looked me up and down, admiring me. "Show me your breasts, my pet."

I unclasped my lace bra and allowed it to drop to the floor, my small, but still firm, 34B breasts, now free for her to see.

She looked at me. Her eyes lingered over my naked body for a long time. She did not speak. I felt more uncomfortable standing there naked than I did when Beth was between my legs in my classroom. Finally, the awkwardness of the situation was changed when Julie said, ever so gently, "Get on all fours, my pet."

I obeyed, instantly less self-conscious than while I was standing naked.

She complimented me in a delicious purr, "Good pet, you're such a good pet." She then slid off her skirt, sat at the end of her couch, opened her legs and added, "Crawl to me, my pet."

I instantly obeyed, slowly crawling on all fours to my 18-year-student. When I reached her legs, she said, "Ready to submit, my pet?"

"Yes," I instantly answered.

"As soon as you lick my pussy, I am your Mistress. You will obey every command I ever give you, understood?"

With only a slight moment of hesitation I answered, "Yes, I understand."

She asked, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," I responded.



"You understand I know exactly what you need to reach pure orgasmic bliss?"


"I plan to take you places you have never even imagined," she continued.

I looked up into her eyes, confused.

She smiled, "You fantasize about being taken by a group of boys, don't you?"

"Yes," I admitted, looking back down.

"Fantasize about sucking cock after cock?"


"Being a lesbian slave to me and all my friends?"


"Those and more will all come true, very, very soon, my pet," she announced to me.


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"I can't wait," I said, my pussy leaking pussy juice.

"What do you want to do right now, my pet?" she asked, knowing the answer I was about to give.

"Eat your pussy," I answered, ********** by her shaved cunt.

"How bad?" she asked.

"I have never wanted to do anything more in my life," I answered.

"Well my pet, eat away," she offered.

I instantly buried my head between my student's legs. I had not eaten a pussy for a while, but it is not something you forget how to do. I was in no rush. I wanted to savour the moment. When I was in-between her legs, I was in charge. I chose when she came. I always loved that power, whether it was eating a pussy or sucking a cock; pleasure at the mercy of my mouth. I licked slowly, up and down her pink pussy lips. Her soft moans indicated she was enjoying my tender licks. I kept up this gentle teasing for a few minutes, before moving up and taking her swollen clit in my mouth. As I sucked on her clit, I used my tongue to put extra pressure on it. Her moans began to get louder as I concentrated on her clit. When I could tell she was getting close, I slid two fingers into her wet pussy. I began pumping her pussy with my fingers, never letting her clit out of my mouth. Soon her legs squeezed my head, at which time I hooked my two fingers inside her pussy until I found her g-spot and watched from extremely up close as I gave her a full-blown shake-and-bake orgasm.

I stayed in my obedient submissive position between her legs until she recovered from her orgasm. She then pulled me up and kissed me hard. When she broke the kiss she gave me a smile as she said, "Well, you are an incredibly good pussy pleaser, my pet."

"Thank you, Mistress," I responded declaring my complete **********.

She stood up and walked out of the room. I waited there on the couch wondering what I was supposed to do. I sat there impatiently, naked except my thigh high stockings, until she returned. I let out a small gasp as she came out wearing a massive strap-on cock. It was easily 8 inches long. In her hand was also what looked like a butt plug; a large butt plug. She walked over to me and said, "Bend over, my pet."

I instantly obeyed. She bent down, spread open my ass cheeks and licked my anal entrance. No one had ever done that to me before and I was amazed at how good it felt. I gave out a surprised moan of pleasure. She then slowly pushed the butt plug into my ass. She had clearly lubricated it before she came back into the room, as it slid rather easily into my ass. She purred "You have had some pretty big things in your ass before, I see, my pet."

"Yes, Mistress, my husband regularly fucks my ass," I responded, honestly.

"I see," she said as she positioned herself behind me, her plastic cock at the entrance of my gaping cunt. I, without even realizing I was doing it, leaned back and took the cock in my pussy. "You are an eager little pet slut, aren't you?" she asked.

"Mmmm," I moaned as all eight inches of the toy filled me. My ass now rested on Julie's legs; both toys filled me completely.

"Bounce back on me, my pet," she demanded, "Fuck yourself for your Mistress."

I quickly obeyed, each back thrust attempting to take the toy deeper than the stroke before. My moans quickly became screams as the double penetration filled me so completely I thought I might pass out. As I was getting closer to cummimg, Julie began spanking my ass. That immediately put me over the edge as, like a whore, I gave a scream that echoed throughout the room.

I quivered in continual orgasm as Julie pushed me onto my stomach, fucking me harder and faster. I screamed and begged her to stop, as my pussy lips suddenly became incredibly sensitive. But she didn't listen and only pounded me harder. The fucking had me going crazy with both pleasure and an odd tickle, if that makes any sense.

Soon I was moaning again and, for the first time ever, had two orgasms from fucking, the second one even more intense than the first. Sweat poured down my body as Julie lay on top of me, both toys still buried inside me. We remained in that position until my orgasm had completely faded. Julie then pulled her strap-on cock out of me.

"Did you like that, my pet teacher?" she asked, standing up.

I rolled onto my back and admitted, "I have never cum so hard in my life."

"Good," she said, "Now get over here and clean up your juices, my pet."

I struggled to get up, my legs still numb. After getting up my knees buckled a bit, and I almost fell face first into the cock.

This had Julie laughing so hard that the plastic cock bounced up and down, with my juice dripping from it. Finally, she calmed down and I took the plastic toy in my mouth. As I attempted to retrieve my juice from the cock I heard a door close.

I looked up and saw an older version of Julie in the doorway, dressed in a Hooters outfit, a smirk on her face. I looked at her speechless, unable to move, my hand holding her ********* strap-on cock, a plug still in my ass. No one said a word for a long time, tension filling the room. Finally I said, "I m so sorry, Mrs. Wilkinson, I can explain."

"You can explain why you are naked, in my livingroom, holding onto my ********* strap-on cock?" she asked curiously, as she took off her shoes and walked towards me. "Which, correct me if I am wrong, is coated with your cum?"

I let go of the cock, but Julie quickly scolded, "Did I give you permission to stop, my pet?"

I looked at her, surprised she would still be trying to control me in front of her ******, until her ****** said, "So you got your teacher in less than a week, which is mighty impressive honey."

"Keep sucking, my pet," Julie demanded, as she continued to talk to her ****** as if nothing out of the ordinary was currently happening. "Thanks Mom, she is going to be a great addition to our harem."

"I think you're right," her ****** replied, "I will be in my room. Bring her in for her final training."

"Yes, Mistress," obeyed Julie.

I continued sucking the plastic cock, stunned to my core and wondering what her ****** could possible mean by my final training....

But that is another story altogether.



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Following are the job description and employee guidelines for Terri, my
lovely blonde assistant.

1. MISSION. Terri is a slut. Her sole purpose within our organization
is to fuck, suck and lick. As employees, one of your fringe benefits is
the use and ***** of Terri, with the following conditions:

(a) That Terri is not directly working on something for me, i.e.
licking my wet bisexual cunt; selling her sweet ass in a hotel room of my
choice; handling official

company business (Terri's carnal talents are frequently offered to

clients as added incentive to close a deal); or otherwise making a

degraded slut out of herself for my enjoyment.

(b) You must not permanently scar, disfigure, or otherwise damage our
slut. In the

case of accidental damage, report this to me at once. Despite what
sweet little

Terri may try to tell you, a larger than average cock reaming her tight
ass, though

agonizing, is NOT considered to be permanently damaging.

(c) Use of Terri by more than four people at any one time requires
special approval

from my office.

(d) Public *********** of Terri, while welcome and encouraged, must be

planned and coordinated. Common sense applies, i.e. putting a collar
and leash on

dear Terri and making her walk around the office on hands and knees
would be a good

idea; however doing the same at the local shopping mall probably would
not be

advisable (though it would be fun to see!)


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Terri is required to upkeep herself physically. She is required to work
out at a local fitness center. Her workout regimen includes high-impact
aerobics, marathon cocksucking, treadmill, getting gang-banged,
stairmaster, pussy eating, swimming, high-energy masturbation, jogging, and
exercising of her vaginal and sphincter muscles. Her workouts are to be
followed with a "protein shake". Terri also is mandated to attend a
tanning salon, where she keeps her entire body a beautiful golden tan, in
accordance with the impromptu survey which was taken a few months ago "Ways
our Company Slut Can Improve Morale" (unfortunately "cloning", a rather
popular written-in response, is not feasible at this time.) During her time
in the tanning booth, our big-titted bimbo is required to work out her cunt
and ass with her collection of dildos and toys.

Whenever her mouth is not busy sucking on a hard prick or buried in a
sweet, juicy cunt, Terri should be chewing at least two pieces of bubble
gum. The purpose of this is twofold. First, it helps to enhance the
stereotype of Terri as a typical blonde,airheaded, big-titted dumb office
bimbo. Second, it serves to keep her jaws loose and worked out. After
all, there is no telling what Terri's sweet mouth might be called upon to
accommodate and service, from one moment to the next, as employees of this
company can certainly attest to!

Terri also needs assistance in keeping and maintaining her smooth, sexy
complexion. Her secret is lots of jism, which she rubs all over her face,
neck, breasts, belly, bikini, thighs and legs. As her coworkers, it is
your responsibility to assist her with this requirement whenever possible.

In addition to upkeeping physically, our community fuck-hole must keep
herself mentally able to perform her duties. She is required to spend her
free time watching X-rated films, reading adult magazines, and studying
adult pictures and stories on the internet so that she can constantly have
fresh ideas on how to best carry out her duties here and to provide top
notch service to us. She is also required to regularly review our growing
library of videotapes of her past performances, so that she can identify
areas of potential improvement. Finally, the Kama Sutra should be
considered by our slut to be her bible, and she should know it from cover
to cover. Employees are urged to quiz this shameless vixen regularly,
rewarding her with a creamy mouthful of sperm for a correct answer, and
punishing her by making her go braless, her huge boobs flopping around
unrestrained in her dress or blouse, for an incorrect response.

2. GENERAL USE. As your slut, Terri should never refuse to perform any
action, provided it does not meet one of the conditions described above in
BE REPORTED TO ME IMMEDIATELY. I would also welcome any input and
assistance as regards to punishment, for the purpose of correcting such

Terri is available for use, subject to the same conditions set forth in
this document, during off-hours, weekends, and holidays. With the
exception of spontaneous rolls in the hay with this shapely piece of ass,
please try to reserve Terri's after-hours services at least 72 hours in
advance whenever possible. A calendar is maintained in my office for this
express purpose. Please keep in mind that Terri moonlights as a call girl
four times a week, and is off-limits during these times, which are
indicated on the calendar. An exception would be if you wish to purchase
this sexpot's professional services during this time. (In which case you
would be a complete moron, since Terri's services are otherwise completely
free, as an employee benefit. But, hey, everyone with the exception of
Terri is free to choose what makes them happy!!)

Terri can be used to further the company's interests as well. Account
managers seeking to add new clientele to our company might want to consider
using this delectable saucy blonde as a deal-closer. An afternoon or
evening of fucking the daylights out of this petite bombshell can quickly
put the cap on an otherwise frustrating, dead-ended negotiation. Simply
contact my office if you require these services, with as much of an advance
notice as possible, and Terri can then be properly prepared to use her
heavenly body to ensure a winning outcome for all involved.

Married employees who feel guilty about boning this cum-craving little
treat can feel free to leave their wedding bands and jewelry at my office,
where they will be secured in my safe. After filling our slut's mouth,
twat or asshole with your jism, please remember to retrieve them
IMMEDIATELY after she finishes cleaning you off with her mouth and tongue.
I cannot be held responsible for you getting home for dinner and then
suddenly realizing that your wedding ring is still in my office. Of
course, Terri could be subject to disciplinary action for failing to remind

Eating Terri's cunt is not allowed. Besides the fact that one of your
coworkers might have just filled her snatch with a load of sperm, Terri's
purpose is to provide pleasure, not to receive it. Employees should take
steps to ensure that Terri herself does not derive pleasure from anything
which gets done to her.

3. PROTEIN. For increased company morale, as well as ensuring that our
slut is meeting the FDA's Recommended Daily Allowances, the 'protein rule'
has been established. Terri the company whore is required to give two
blowjobs a day to employees of the company. These should be completely
voluntary acts on this bimbo's part, and slut acts by Terri in compliance
with sections 1 and 2 above do not count toward this obligation. Our
cock-slut should swallow every drop of this precious jism. If she fails to
do so, she should be made to suck you off again as soon as she can get you
hard again.

4. DRESS CODE. In simple terms, Terri is required at all times to
dress like the cheap whore that she is. This includes non-working hours.


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Lacy underthings should be worn by our slut at all times, unless she has
been directed to go braless or pantyless. Such direction will usually
occur as punishment, or to facilitate quick, unhindered access to her
steamy cunt or tight ass. Suggested garments include demi bras, corsets
and crotchless thong panties.

Dresses should be tight and revealing, and Terri's delectable
36-triple-D cleavage should be plainly visible and in danger of falling out
when she bends over (whether this be to serve coffee, for a request to
present her ass for pinching or spanking, or to get fucked from behind).
Similarly, skirts and dress hemlines should be short enough to ensure that
Terri's lovely tanned ass cheeks are revealed when our little whore bends
over to retrieve dropped items. It is considered acceptable to
purposefully drop office supplies and order Terri to retrieve them, to
ensure that she is in keeping with the dress code. In fact, it is our duty
as Terri's coworkers. If this delicious treat's revealing attire invokes a
physical response, it is acceptable to ask her to get on her knees and
satisfy your needs for you.

Garters and hose, when worn, should be slutty in appearance. Runs in
pantyhose are unacceptable and may result in loss of undergarment
privileges or other punishment.

Footwear should also be slutty in nature. High heels should be a
minimum of 4 inches. Leather boots and platform shoes are typically
considered to be acceptable. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if
Terri's footwear would look good thrown over your shoulders while your
stiff rod is being buried deep inside her cunt. Another practical test is
to have Terri kneel under your desk clad only in her footwear while orally
servicing you, and note whether or not her shoes make her look sexier.

Makeup should be applied heavily. Lipstick should be reapplied by our
little blonde whore after sucking cock/eating pussy. (Special caution
should be exercised by married male employees; you are strongly urged to
have Terri thoroughly clean your cock after using her mouth. The company
will not be liable for your room and board, legal fees, or any other
expenses incurred when your spouse notices traces of our dumb blonde office
bimbo's lipstick in your underwear.) Eye makeup should also be applied
generously by our walking cum depository, and should be reapplied as
necessary (for instance, when Terri is in the midst of a completely
degrading, demeaning task, she will often be humiliated to tears, thus
causing her eye makeup to run.) Our slut's fake nails should always be
freshly painted. Again, sluttiness is the rule here.

Perfume is not worn by the company fuck-machine, because of the obvious
domestic problems this could cause for the married personnel who make use
of her at the office. I realize that the faint odor of jism constantly
surrounds Terri, but when someone makes her living by having cum splattered
on her face, hair, mouth, breasts, stomach, cunt, ass, and back, this
unfortunately cannot be helped.

Jewelry, like everything else on Terri's delectable body, should serve
to make her look like the shameless tramp whom we all know her to be. Male
employees who are feeling grateful and charitable, should feel free to
express this to Terri, by treating her to a "pearl necklace".

As with any corporate dress code, it is the cooperation and good
judgment of the employees which make it work. Take it upon yourselves to
constantly inspect Terri's manner of dress. Feel free to take her into a
supply closet and have her show off her underthings, so that you can
determine whether or not she is complying with this code. If you feel that
Terri's manner of dress is not cheap or slutty enough, again, initiative is
the rule. It is completely acceptable to drag Terri to the mall during
lunch hour, and to choose more appropriate attire from Victoria's or
Frederick's for her to put on her husband's charge card. If you have to go
to this length of trouble, ensure that our wayward bimbo thanks you
profusely at a no-tell motel of your choice (Terri should know the location
of several), which should also be charged on her old man's credit card.
Note: common professionalism applies--if you are going to be gone
for more than an hour and a half sampling Terri's delights, please clear

this with your supervisor or manager, in accordance with your department's
policy on time off. You might want to employ a bit of teamwork--have a
coworker cover for you while you are gone, then do the same for him when it
is his turn to boff the sweet piece of flesh.

5. SAFETY AND PREVENTING INJURY. Many of the job safety considerations
in your own Employee Handbooks do not apply to Terri, since her sole
purpose within our organization is to serve as a fucktoy for our employees,
employees' families, and clientele.

Current safety guidelines dictate that when stooping to pick something
up, we should bend at the knees as opposed to bending over at the
midsection and risking back injury. This does not apply to Terri. One
look at our shapely blonde slut's deliciously round, firm asscheeks will
make the reasoning for this readily apparent. For morale purposes,
anything which goes in filing cabinets in our office will go in the BOTTOM
DRAWERS ONLY. Everything which goes in these drawers should be put there
by Terri, maintained and upkept by Terri, and retrieved from there by
Terri. She should bend over in a manner designed to give everyone watching
a clear, awesome view of her tight little ass, and her panties (if she has
been allowed to wear them for that day) should be visible. Slapping and
pinching our treat's ass is encouraged, as this can be a terrific morale
builder for everyone but Terri. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD TERRI EVER

Our slut's chest size is 36-DDD. Since receiving her breast implants,
she has had some difficulty in carrying these mammoth jugs around and she
has complained of back pain. To alleviate some of the pressure, Terri has
been directed to spend more time lying on her back, preferably with a stiff
prick pistoning out of her cunt and/or ass, and with her mouth filled with
either a throbbing cock or a juicy pussy.

There may also be some soreness in our pet's boobs, resultant from her
recent breast enlargement. This can be alleviated by making her hold her
delectable mounds together and straddling her chest, fucking her ample
cleavage with your stiff throbbing rod, until you shoot your jism all over
her chest, and she can then use her hands to work your seed into her tits,
like a soothing salve.

Please do not fuck our slut's snatch after cornholing her. This is
requested out of simple courtesy for the next of your coworkers who will be
making use of Terri's hot wet pussy. If you feel that you must fuck her
cunt after reaming her ass, be sure she first thoroughly cleans you up with
her slut mouth.

During intensive ********************** sessions with our company
whore, she may experience excruciating agony. This is completely
acceptable, and is one of the joys of having a beautiful siren as an office
slave who will do everything she is told. From time to time, Terri may
lose consciousness due to a particularly intense session. If this occurs,
use a little common sense and WAIT FOR HER TO REGAIN CONSCIOUSNESS before
continuing. The entire idea of using and abusing Terri is to hammer home
to her the complete hopelessness and humility of her situation (which she
has brought entirely upon herself) as well as subjecting her to extremely
uncomfortable and/or agonizing physical suffering, and this cannot be fully
experienced unless she is conscious and aware.

The building in which our office is located has a lighted, secure
parking garage, for the safety and protection of our employees. In Terri's
case, however, we do not want to prevent her from being ****d or
assaulted--in fact, it is encouraged. (Actually, given Terri's
instructions that she is forbidden to refuse sexual favors to anyone, there
is effectively no such thing as **** where Terri is concerned.) Therefore,
Terri is required to park in the parking complex located across the street,
which is poorly lighted, unguarded and has been the scene of many sexual

6. PUNISHMENT/DISCIPLINARY ACTION. If you observe our slut disobeying
any of these rules, or just generally not living up to the bimbo reputation
which has been assigned to her (i.e. acting like a slutty bitch in heat),
disciplinary action may be necessary. This punishment could range from a
few swats on the ass or losing her right to wear underwear, to more serious
actions such as an intense gang ass-fucking or a public ***********.
Punishment will largely be left to the discretion of the employees of this
company. For serious ********** of these rules, please notify my office
and these issues will be dealt with.


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7. RECREATION. Terri is a fringe benefit of our fine company. With
many privileges, the rule is usually "if you ***** it, you lose it".
That's not true with regard to Terri! I can personally assure that our
little jumbo-breasted blonde vixen is going to be fucking and sucking the
employees of this company for years to come! In fact, ***** of Terri is
encouraged, as long as it is in keeping with the rules set forth in this
document. This section is dedicated to making the most out of your
relationship with the company sex slave.

There are a wide selection of accessories available which can help you
ensure that Terri keeps in line. Among these are handcuffs, dildos, and
whips. When used properly, these devices can be used to inflict extreme
pain and/or discomfort, while leaving little or no trace. For more
information about borrowing these types of accessories, or for info
concerning how to best use them, please contact Angela Timmons at X4-2429.

Each session with our company's savory well-endowed slut is a memorable
experience. Employees are urged to preserve these moments for posterity,
through use of cameras and audio and video recording equipment. If you do
not own such equipment, check with my office about borrowing some of the
equipment which is kept specifically for this purpose. Married persons who
are concerned about being videotaped with Terri, need not be. It is
extremely easy to position cameras and edit tapes, so that only Terri's
identity can be ascertained from them.

We also have a growing Terri archive, consisting of both photographs and
videotapes. The most recent additions to this library include our slut's
Tit-Warming Party, where thirty of the male employees helped Little Miss
Terri commemmorate her new breast implants with a bang, if you'll pardon
the pun. These as well are available to be loaned out through my office.

Finally, many female employees have expressed their desire to screw
Terri's husband Steven, while he ****** in their bed, and while poor little
innocent housewife Terri watches from the doorway teary-eyed as her husband
gets fucked by a real woman. Unfortunately this service is only available
on a limited basis for obvious reasons, and there is a rather lengthy
waiting list. Also it is not certain whether or not this service will be
continuing, as Steven now seems to be becoming romantically involved with
another one of the women who have previously enjoyed his unknowing "stud
service". If this service discontinues, all we can do is wish Steven well,
and express our happiness that he has finally found a real woman who is
more than a walking, big-titted doormat for men. Women who do not wish to
wait for this service are reminded that Terri the company slut is extremely
skilled with both her tongue and a strap-on dildo.

All in all, Terri is YOUR slut, and your property, and is yet another
fine benefit which comes from working for one of the top firms in this
city. The possibilities for her use are limited only by your own

Thanks, and enjoy your slut!


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Dans les escaliers...

Dans *** courriel, leschoses étaient bien claires...
si je ne respectais pas ses indications, d'un seul clic, il enverrait sur le net les photos qu'il avait prises de moi à mon insu et très compromettantes pour mon hétérosexualité affichée.
La date du rendez-vous approchait et j'étais allé faire les achats qu'il m'avait indiqués. A savoir une perruque aux cheveux mi-longs, un ensemble guêpière et string en vinyle noir dont je devais découper les bonnets pour laisser mes tétons apparents, des cuissardes également en vinyle, une paire de pinces reliées avec une petite chaîne et un gode xxl avec une ventouse pour le fixer au sol.
J'étais très excité de voir arriver le grand moment mais aussi assez anxieux car je ne savais même pas qui il était. (Juste un mail reçu avec une photo de moi suçant une grosse queue sur un parking quelques semaines plus tôt et quelques mots qui m'avaient fait comprendre qu'à partir de cet instant, j'étais devenu *** jouet, sa pute...)
Nous y voilà, cette journée va me paraitre interminable car le rendez vous est fixé pour23h00 mais je ne sais toujours rien de plus. Je dois me contenter d'attendre et de me tenir prêt pour les dernières indications.
C'est vers 20h00 que mon téléphone ***ne et une voix autoritaire me fait directement comprendre que je dois écouter, ne rien répondre et obéir, tout simplement. A 23h00, je devrai sortir de mon appartement du 15ème étage, uniquement vêtu de la lingerie et des cuissardes, emporter avec moi de quoi me bander les yeux, le gode et les pinces. Ensuite, je devrai aller dans la cage d'escaliers communs, descendre d'un demi étage, fixer le gode au sol, prendre soin de bien le lubrifier et me bander les yeux avant de m'empaler sur l'engin. En aucun cas, je ne devrais quitter cette position et encore moins libérer mes yeux de leur contrainte. Je devrai rester là, à me défoncer le cul moi-même et attendre sa venue.
A présent, j'y suis, je me sens plus pute que jamais, coincé entre le14ème et le 15ème, à la merci de tout qui passerait par les escaliers même si, à cette heure et à cette hauteur, rare ***t les per***nes qui empruntent les escaliers. Une question me taraude, comment fera-t-il pour rentrer dans l'immeuble alors que je ne suis pas dans mon appart pour lui ouvrir ? Serait-ce une per***ne du building alors ? Je commence à devenir toute chaude à cette idée et je commence ma longue pénétration par la bite en caoutchouc fixée au sol. Elle est immense, grosse, très longue et assez dure. Les yeux clos, se ***t mes oreilles qui ***t mon seul repère et chaque petit bruit perçu me fait fris***ner et m'excite encore d'avantage. Je n'en peux plus, je suis en train de me goder en tenue de salope à attendre je ne sais qui et pour faire je ne sais quoi encore... quelles seront les limites de cet homme et jusqu'où va aller ce jeu régi par le chantage ?
C'est alors que j'entends le clic d'une porte d'étage qui s'ouvre, l'écho dans les escaliers ne me permet pas de distinguer à quel niveau, mais je continue à percevoir des bruits de pas qui se rapprochent. Je suis en train de prier de toutes mes ****** pour que ce soit la bonne per***ne qui se trouve à présent dans les escaliers sinon, j'aurais vraiment l'air malin. Quelle *********** de se retrouver là, comme ça, mais que c'est excitant aussi !!! Quelqu'un est là, tout prêt de moi, je peux à présent sentir *** odeur, mais toujours pas un mot et moi, je continue mon va et viens qui me défonce le cul comme jamais. Je bande tellement que le vinyle de mon string ne peut contenir ma queue qui dépasse allègrement vers le haut. Un petit bruit et puis une odeur connue sous mon nez : un flacon de poppers que je me précipite de sniffer ce qui me libère totalement de mes craintes et inhibitions. Une main prend alors ma tête pour la tirer en avant et sentir le cuir d'un pantalon gonflé par une queue qui me semble aussi grosse que mon gode et voilà comment tout àcommencé...


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L'aire d'autoroute

Je devais être folle de faire ce que j'ai fait, mais c'est ma nature et ça a été un tel bonheur que je le retente de temps en temps mais la première fois était de loin la meilleure.

J'avais lu sur un site web que certains couples un peu "exhibes" donnaient rendez-vous à des routiers sur des aires d'autoroute pour se montrer et donner un peu de piment à leur relation.
Je ne suis pas en couple mais j'avoue que cela m'a trotté dans la tête un bon mois avant que je ne me lance.

Sur ce même site web ainsi que deux autres similaires quand à leur contenu et à leurs orientations j'avais posté un message disant que je serai sur l'aire d'autoroute en question le jeudi soir à 2h30 du matin. Je pensais qu'ainsi il n'y aurait pas foule et que je serai plus à l'aise pour ma première exhibe légère tout en ne faisant pas choux blanc comme on dit. En effet je comptais me montrer et me caresser tout en restant à l'intérieur de ma voiture histoire de ne pas trop tenter le diable la première fois.

Me voilà donc lancée sur l'autoroute dans ma petite citadine à je dois l'avouer, à faible allure. Non pas que j'y allais à reculons mais je réfléchissais à comment tout cela allait se passer, est-ce que j'allais avoir le cran d'aller au bout? Je me suis dit « ma chérie te billes pas, tu restes dans ta voiture et s'il y a un truc qui ne te plaît pas tu te sauve » voilà j'étais rassurée, en fait non pas du tout, mais tellement excitée... Je mouillais déjà beaucoup, en attentant de parcourir les 20 km qu'il me restait, je glissais ma main droite entre mes cuisses, ma robe légère remontait facilement, je pouvais sentir mon clito brûler sous le tissu de mon string, je me demandais pourquoi je n'avais pas pensé à me caresser en voiture plus tôt, pourquoi attendre cette nuit pour commencer je pouvais le faire tous les soirs en rentrant du boulot... Encore un mystère de l'univers à élucider...

A ***** de rouler je passais devant le panneau indiquant l'aire en question à 2000 mètres. Mon cœur c'est accéléré, alors que ma voiture descellerait tout seule semble t-il...
Je voyais l'aire approcher et je m'y suis engagée quasiment au pas. Je ne savais pas comment m'y prendre, je me suis garée presque à l'entrée du parking pour analyser les lieux.
Il y avait un premier parking tout en longueur avec des sanitaires sur le coté droit, c'était le parking des voitures mais il n'y avait per***ne. Par contre plus loin en sortie de ce premier parking il y avait un virage sur la droite puis à gauche qui débouchait sur un plus grand pour les camions, il y en avait deux garés presque l'un à coté de l'autre je me demandais si les chauffeurs étaient des habitués des exhibes de couples ou s'ils étaient là par hasard.
Peut-être avaient-ils lu mon post et m'attendaient-ils... Les cabines étaient allumées en tout cas, ils ne dormaient pas c'est déjà ça...
J'ai pris la décision d'allumer le plafonnier de ma voiture afin qu'ils voient qui s'y trouve, en l'occurrence une minette déjà bien chaude comme la braise prête à montrer ses parties intimes à des inconnus et à y prendre beaucoup de plaisir...
Je démarrais au pas et avançais ma voiture dans leur direction. Lorsque je passais devant leurs cabines, je regardais dans leur direction, ils étaient assis derrière leur volant, ils m'ont regardée passer, j'ai fait demi-tour et j'ai tournée deux fois autour de leurs camions au pas avant de me garer face à eux. Ils avaient une vue plongeante sur l'intérieure de ma voiture par le pare brise.
J'étais toujours éclairée par le plafonnier et l'un deux surement habitué me fit un appel de phare, J'ai cru devenir aveugle sur le coup, mais c'est vite passé et il a éteint immédiatement.

Pour les exciter un peu, je fit descendre mon string le long de mes jambes et je baissais ma vitre pour l'accrocher à mon rétroviseur. Je vis une portière s'ouvrir et un homme descendre, il s'approcha de ma voiture l'autre le suivi presque immédiatement. Ils étaient là tous les deux devant mon capot, j'étais très excitée. Pour rire je fit un petit appel de phare, ils se ***t regardés et ils se ***t débraguettés pour prendre en main leurs engins.
Ils ont commencé à se masturber et je dois l'avouer j'étais toute dégoulinante et en feu. J'ai fait tomber les bretelles de ma robes pour leur montrer mes seins que je malaxais à pleine main tout en alternant avec une séance de pinçage de tétons.
Je leur offrais également la vue de ma vulve toute rosée et gonflée de désir. De temps en temps je glissais un à deux doigts dans mon intimité puis léchais mes doigts langoureusement.
L'un d'eux se saisit de mon string et le renifla, il le passa à *** compère tout aussi curieux de sentir mes effluves de désir. Le premier le repris et le frotta sur *** sexe, il se masturbait avec, le second avait collé *** sexe à la vitre, il dessinait des arcs de cercle sur mon carreau, je lui faisais des bisous à travers la vitre sur le bout du gland, j'étais en sueur j'avais très chaud.

Ils me parlaient à travers la vitre, ils me disaient que j'étais belle et fraîche, que j'allais les faire jouir, mais qu'ils voulaient aussi me voir jouir, L'un me demanda de lui montrer mes fesses, alors je me suis mise à genoux entre les deux sièges et lui ai révélé ma croupe offerte, mon petit minou tout épilé et mon petit œillet tout serré. Le premier a joui sur mon string, je l'ai entendu râler au moment ou il expulsait *** sperme sur ma dentelle. Le second c'est complètement lâché sur la vitre conducteur de ma titine. Le premier l'a essuyée avec mon string et me l'a tendu en guise de trophée. Je voyais très nettement les traces blanches laiteuses ainsi que les grosses auréoles sombres sur le tissus. A ce moment je ne pensais pas le récupérer mais il l'a raccroché au rétroviseur.
J'étais tellement excitée de voir que les saligauds étaient toujours en forme, je pris la décision d'ouvrir la fenêtre pour me laisser caresser, je voulais qu'ils me fassent jouir. Ils ne se ***t pas fait prier, ils ont passé le bras par la fenêtre et mon caressée de partout, le plus téméraire me mis même des doigts dans le minou. Le second rapprochait *** sexe de ma tête, il voulait que je le suce et me le faisait savoir en me faisant coulisser *** indexe dans la bouche.
Je le pris donc en bouche et *** compère également, je les suçais à tour de rôle.

J'avais passé le point de non retour depuis très longtemps, ils me firent descendre de la voiture et m'accroupirent devant eux et devant les phares de ma voiture. J'entendis un camion passer derrière moi il se gara non loin.
Le troisième chauffeur se joignit à la fête. Il avait les couilles pleines celui là, il jouit très vite dans ma bouche, je laissais couler *** jus le long de mon menton. Les deux autres étaient déjà allégés, ils ne jouirent pas ainsi.
Le premier s'adressa à moi.
« Tu en veux toi hein? »
Je lui ai répondu que oui, que j'étais excitée au plus haut point et que je voulais manger de la bite.
« Je vais lancer un appel à la CB » m'a-t-il dit « suis nous on va te montrer un truc »
Ils me conduirent aux sanitaires hommes, et me firent entrer dans une cabine.
Il y avait de gros trous dans les cloi***s, trois de chaque coté. On pouvait voir à travers.
Il y avait des inscriptions autour. « mange ça! » « suce! » « avale! » que de beaux poèmes...
Je compris que j'allais devoir sucer les bites qui sortiraient de ces trous, sans même voir à qui elles appartenaient. Je reconnaissais les verges bien droites des trois compères mais très vite il y en eu des nouvelles, il y en avait de très belles, et de très moches aussi... De belles noires...
Je ne sais pas combien j'en ai sucé, mais je les ai toutes faites gicler dans ma bouche.
Quand je me penchais pour sucer d'un côté, je sentais des doigts s'insérer en moi de l'autre.
Mon petit œillet aussi y a eu droit.
Je pense que j'ai du sucer toutes ces queues pendant bien trois quart d'heure. Je n'en pouvais plus, je criais que je voulais être baisée comme une pute et la porte s'est ouverte.
Le premier type toujours lui, m'a dit de rejoindre *** camion et de monter dans sa remorque. Je marchais nue sur le parking ou devait se trouver environ vingt camions maintenant. Ils correspondaient à toutes les queux que j'avais pompées. Je passais devant les routiers qui fumaient leurs clopes et me mataient l'œil vicelard.
Ma petite voiture semblait bien petite au milieu de tous ces camions.
Je montais dans la remorque, il y avait des anneaux de fixation un peu partout pour fixer les marchandises mais là elle était vide.
Par terre au milieu il y avait un anneau avec un collier attaché au bout d'une chaîne elle-même prise à l'anneau.
« tu vas te passer le collier si tu veux être prise comme une chienne ».
Je me suis exécutée, je me suis attachée le collier en cuir autour du cou et les ai vu monter un a un dans la remorque. Le premier type raccourci la chaîne afin que je ne puisse me tenir au maximum qu'à genoux.
« Voilà tu es bien docile, tu vas être comblée ma petite chérie, on va bien s'occuper de toi, tu en redemanderas tu verras ».
A partir de là je n'ai plus compté les bites que j'ai sucée, et qui m'ont enfilée comme une vulgaire pute de rue. J'en ai pris pour mon grade, ils se ***t bien fait plaisir. Je me suis faite limer durant une bonne heure, ma minette n'était plus rosée mais bien rouge, quand à mon œillet, il n'était plus serré du tout, il n'arrivait même plus à retenir le sperme qu'on y avait fourré quand on me redressait pour avaler du jus d'homme. Ca a duré jusqu'à l'aube. Les gars allaient et venaient et pas que dans mon cul. Certains devaient être loin puisqu'ils avaient repris la route, mais le mot est vite passé, il ne cessait d'arriver de nouveaux concombres à dégorger il ne restait du début de la soirée que le premier type...
J'étais ravie et volontaire certes, mais je commençais à fatiguer.

« Je fatigue il va falloir que je rentre » je crois que j'ai réussi à placer ça entre deux bites à manger.
« tu veux déjà nous quitter ma petite chérie? » « Ok on va refouler les nouveaux tu vas pouvoir aller te reposer ma petite salope »

Je fini donc de vidanger les derniers venus, même le gros lard qui après m'avoir explosé la rondelle avec *** gros manche, a insisté pour que je lui gobe le gland jusqu'aux couilles et avale sa crème fouettée jusqu'à la dernière goutte.

Je suis sortie de la remorque couverte de sperme de la tète aux pieds, je suis allée prendre une douche aux sanitaires, le premier type m'avais laissé généreusement *** savon.

J'ai trouve ça sympa, mais bon après tout ce que j'ai fait pour eux... quand même...

Quand je suis retournée à ma voiture mon string avait disparu mais ma robe m'y attendait sagement. Il y avait plein de petits papiers sur les essuie-glaces avec des numéros de téléphone et des adresses @mail.
Je savais qu'ils ne m'oublieraient pas car moi non plus je ne les ai pas oubliés.


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Je suis souvent sur la route pour mon travail et j'ai déjà eu un aventure avec un autre homme dans un hôtel, mais il ne m'était jamais rien arrivé sur une aire d'autoroute. Il est vrai que je n'ai jamais rien cherché non plus et surtout, je ne vais jamais dans les sous-bois ou ailleurs que dans les toilettes.

Cette histoire est arrivée il y a quelques semaines. Je montais d'Angers à Paris et une envie pressante m'a prise et je sortais sur la première aire à disposition. Il s'agissait d'une petite aire avec seulement les toilettes, un petit parking et rien d'autre. IL y avait un petit bosquet pas loin mais comme je vous l'ai dit, je ne m'y aventure pas. Je rentre donc dans les toilettes et me poste devant les urinoirs. Un homme vient à côté de moi et urine également. Il finit rapidement, et reste là, faisant de lents allers retours sur *** pénis. Je regarde machinalement et voit *** sexe en semie érection. Je me rends compte que j'ai fini depuis quelques secondes et que je n'arrive pas à lacher des yeux cet homme qui se masturbe devant moi. Mon sexe commence à réagir et je regarde l'homme, 35/40 ans, brun, 1m75 environ, assez svelte, de beaux yeux verts clairs. On se sourit et je commence alors clairement à me caresser moi aussi. Je bande assez rapidement, je me regarde et il fixe avec envie ma bite maintenant bien tendue et atteignant les 19cm. Il tend sa main, et prend mon sexe pour me masturber lentement. Le moment est super excitant, per***ne alentour mais si quelqu'un arrivait, voyant un homme en branler un autre dans un lieu public. Je tends ma main et je touche cette bite un peu plus petite que la mienne mais assez épaisse. Elle est bien plus épaisse que la mienne une fois complètement bandée.

— J'ai envie de te sucer, me dit-il

— ok, mais pas ici, viens dans les toilettes fermées

Il me précède et s'assoit sur les toilettes. Je ferme la porte et me plante devant lui. Sans attendre, il gobe ma queue. Le ressenti est divin, sa bouche moite et chaude englobe ma bite, il va doucement, ressort le tout, lèche mon gland, bouffe mes couilles, bref la meilleure pipe que j'ai jamais eue. Je sens que je vais venir

— Arrête je vais jouir

Il sourit et reprend, je ne me retiens pas et jouit pleinement dans sa gorge, je sens mon sexe expulser plusieurs jets et lui avale tout en me regardant, le regard plein d'une perversité que je connaissais pas encore.

— T'es un coquin toi, lui dis-je

— j'aime le sexe, le sperme et faire jouir quelqu'un, si c'est ça être coquin alors j'assume

Je n'ai pas envie de partir, je me mets donc à genoux, il se lève et me présente *** vit tendu. Il est bien épais et j'ai un peu de mal à le prendre en bouche, mais même après avoir joui, j'ai encore envie de sexe. A mon tour de lui montrer mon savoir-faire, et je m'applique à le sucer doucement, le regardant dans les yeux, gobant ses couilles, léchant *** méat tout en le branlant.

— Tu as un regard de salope quand tu suces

— Et tu aimes te faire sucer par une salope ?

— Oui, pompe moi bien salope

Je reprends de plus belle, je veux le sentir se vider sur ma langue, le sentir prendre *** pied. Il ne lui faut pas trop de temps et il se vide en me tenant fermement la tête. Je rebande, je suis une chienne qui a eu *** du et j'aime être à genoux devant un homme que je viens de vider.

— Tu bandes encore mon salaud, tu crois que tu pourrais me baiser  ?

Je ne réfléchis pas du tout et me relève

— Bien sûr, tu as une capote ?

Il me tend un préservatif que j'enfile pendant qu'il se retourne et s'appuie sur le mur. Je présente mon sexe à l'entrée de *** cul qu'il ouvre avec ses mains. Je rentre doucement mais facilement dans ce trou qui semble habitué à la pénétration. JE commence mes va-et-vient, je prends ses hanches et accélère le rythme. Il gémit doucement. Je le relève, prend ses bras et les passe autour de mon cou. Ma bouche est tout contre *** oreille et doucement je lui parle :

— Tu la sens bien ma queue hein ?

— Oui

— Vas-y bouge, baise-toi

Je m'arrête et le laisse prendre le rythme qu'il veut. Je pince ses tétons, lui triture les seins, les caresses comme ceux d'une femme. Je garde une main sur un téton et le branle maintenant doucement

— JE sens que ça vient, me dit-il

— Laisse-toi aller, empale-toi bien profond, fais-toi jouir

Il n'accélère pas mais va plus profond, s'empale d'un coup puis remonte tout doucement, c'est divin. J'ai laché sa bite pour uniquement jouer avec ses tétons. JE vois sa queue dure comme du bois aller et venir dans l'air, le gland luisant de mouille et ma sève monte aussi plus à cause de *** souffle et de l'érotisme torride du moment que par la pénétration elle-même.

— Branle-moi, je veux jouir, branle-moi

— Tu veux pas jouir juste avec ton cul ?

Je prends *** sexe et le branle. En quelques secondes, il jouit et envoie *** sperme jusque sur le mur d'en face, en une giclé incroyable. Je dois le retenir pour ne pas qu'il tombe.

— C'est incroyable comme sensation, faut que tu essayes

Il prend une capote, l'enfile et sans attendre ma réponse, me retourne et présente sa queue. Je m'empale en douceur et me mets en position, bras derrière sa nuque, cambré au max et commence à me baiser doucement sur sa queue. Il prend mes tétons entre ses doigts et très vite, une sensation de bonheur m'envahit, je sens ma jouissance qui monte mais à 2 à l'huere, comme si elle montait le lus doucement possible.

— Tu sens la jouissance qui monte avec ma bite dans ton cul ?

Je rejette ma tête en arrière, soufflant et gémissant de plus en plus fort, oubliant où nous sommes.

— C'est ça salope, prend ton pied en te baisant sur mon pieu. Je vois ta mouille, tu sens que ça monte hein ? Tu veux quej ete branle ?

— Oui

— Non tu vas attendre, tu es une salope qui dois jouir avec *** cul, c'est ta chatte qui va te faire jouir.

Je n'en pouvais plus, je mourrais d'envie de me branler, mais sentir monter la sève était ***********, je me sentais en dehors du temps. Les yeux fermés, je haletais pendant qu'il continuait à me dire que je n'étais qu'une salope qui allait jouir comme une femme, comme une pute et j'adorais entendre ça.

Tout à coup il pris mon sexe en main, me branla et je jouis comme jamais. Je criais et envoyait de nombreuses giclées sur la porte et tentait de rester debout.

J'ai eu l'impression de perdre connaissance quelques secondes tant la jouissance fut énorme. Je le sentis sortir de mon trou, il m'embrassa et nous nous rhabillâmes sans se parler. Nous sommes sortis des toilettes, toujours seuls sur cette aire, puis arrivés à nos voitures il me dit:

— Ca a été la meilleure baise de ma vie, merci

— Merci à toi répondis-je, de m'avoir permis de vivre ça

Nous sommes repartis chacun de notre coté, je suis repassé sur l'aire

fois depuis mais seules des familles s'y trouvaient. J'espère le revoir un jour ou l'autre pour rejouir intensément comme je le fis ce jour.


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"Rudy, how's it going man?"

"Hi, James!!" Rudy nodded at his neighbor. "What are you up to?"

"Actually, I'm leaving for London in 2 hours. So I'm on my way to JFK."

Rudy's heart started beating fast. This could be his chance. "So, London, huh?
How long do you plan to be in London?"

"Well, I should be back next Monday - so little more than a week! How is college
going? Having fun in Princeton?"

"A week, a whole fuckin' week" Rudy said to himself. "This is it. I'm going for
it!!!" His mind was filled with the luscious image of Alicia, the wife: simply
the most stunning bitch he'd ever known or seen. James was a lucky man - well,
he was lucky for getting to fuck Alicia!! Other than that, the uppity bitch was
certainly a pain in the ass. James and Alicia had been married for little more
than a year, living an the life of the elite in New York, in an ultra expensive
apartment with a grand view of the Central Park. They were a perfect match: both
good looking, rich, mid-twenties and members of high society families. Of
course, Alicia did not hold a job - some of her high-society friends worked
symbolic jobs like teaching at the kindergarten - but Alicia was too good for
that. Yet, she wasn't your typical trophy wife, subservient and proper!!
Instead, she was utterly cocky and pushy. Unlike her friends who got around in
cabs or chauffeured cars, Alicia insisted on
terrorizing the Fifth Avenue in her Range Rover. She was quite fond of her sexy
outfits even though some high society ladies might have considered it a bit too
daring. While her friends played bridge, she rode her horse out in Connecticut.
You could spot her arrogance from a mile away. She always had that "I don't take
**** from anyone" look on her face!

"Hey, yoo, Rudy, are you OK? Come on, your freshman year can't be that bad!!"

"Huh, ah, yes" Rudy came to himself. "No, no, Princeton's great, my freshman
year was just fine!!"

"Well, good to hear that. Listen, I gotta run, tell hi to your Dad, Ok? See you

"Yeah, sure thing James, I'll see you later".

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Rudy stood in front of the elevator, trying to make a decision. His heart was
pounding, torn between lust and fear. His hard-on was becoming painful under his
jeans. "Fuck" he said to himself, "it's now or never".

He walked across the hallway, knocked on the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Rudy had known Alicia for a long time as his family were friends with Alicia's.
Rudy's house was next to Alicia's in California before his dad got a promotion
and they moved to New York. Of course, with the age differential and all, he'd
never been close to Alicia but they certainly exchanged greetings and did a bit
of small talk every now and then.

So, it wasn't entirely unusual when he rang the bell - Alicia would probably
think his Mom sent him over to ask for something.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When Alicia opened the door, she was in her robe. If Rudy had any doubts about
what to do, they all disappeared the moment he saw her again - the best
fuckthing he'd ever seen in his life, sizzling sexy in her morning robe,
standing just a few inches from him, with that wonderful yet arrogant smile on
her gorgeous face! No sir, it was not the time to shy away from risks or develop
a moral conscious. It was time to... tame an arrogant bitch.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hi" said Rudy.

"Hi, Rudy. How are you?... Why don't you come on in?"

Alicia barely felt the needle inserted in her leg. She was completely under his
mental control within seconds.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Rudy ordered "Let's walk into the living room, Alicia".

Alicia walked towards the living room, swaying her shapely ass as Rudy walked
behind her, his hand squeezing his dick through the pants. Alicia wasn't aware
of anything unusual, as she meant to walk towards the living room anyway.

Rudy sat on the couch, crossed his legs. Alicia was thinking Rudy was being a
bit rude as she herself attempted to be seated and asked if the young man would
care for a coffee.

"Don't sit" demanded Rudy. Alicia froze on her feet. "What?" Alicia reacted, not
quite sure what was going on!

"Shut up!" hissed Rudy. He didn't wanna be chatting with Alicia at this point -
they'd be doing much talking later on. "Come here, stand before me". Alicia did
so obediently, her body acting as though she was on remote control. Even though
her body was perfectly obedient, and her mouth was shut against her will, her
eyes told a different story. Rudy could read the shock and the fear in her eyes
- as well as the furious anger fighting to surface through all the other intense

Then, he remembered to ask a few critical questions:

R: OK, Alicia, you may now speak but only to answer my questions - a simple yes
or no will do, you are not to say anything else. Are there any servants in the
apartment right now?

A: No!

The contempt in her voice was clear even though she was answering Rudy

R: Do you expect anyone to come over today?

A: Yes!

A: No!

R: Good! We wouldn't want any disturbance! Let's see you taking off your kinky

Alicia, now red faced with a mixture of anger and ***********, proceeded by
unbuckling her belt and letting her robe fall to her feet.

Rudy for a moment felt like his air supply was cut off. She was stunning in her
black panties and bra - an especially kinky set straight out of Victoria's
Secret! And this best of the best piece of meat was his to play with!! At that
moment, he seriously considered simply jumping on her right there and then, and
fucking her brains out for the next hour! But he had to restraint himself - he
wanted to fully live his fantasy!

R: "Alright, here is the deal Alicia. I have a special power that enables me to
control your mind. I cannot control your opinions and feelings, nor do I wish
to! However, I have absolute control over your body and your actions, which I
will use to my advantage. It ain't fair but hey, tough ****!!"

R: "I suppose even you wouldn't dispute what a snotty, uppity bitch you are.
Well, now I am on a self-claimed mission to teach you proper manners expected
from a fine lady - like virtues of obedience and respect. Of course, to be
honest, the main goal here is for me to ****, nail, screw, ******* you in any
way imaginable, fuck your brains out, simply have my way with you. You will be
performing all my wishes."

R: "So, shortly I'll be telling you the day's plans. But, first answer me, do
you have a camcorder - with a tripod?

A: "Yes!"

R: "Good! I wouldn't expect anything less from a yuppie couple like you! Go,
fetch'em baby!"

Alicia came back with the camera and the tripod in a moment, handed them to
Rudy, assumed her previous position, standing in front of him, in her lingerie.

R: "OK, now, let's see you entirely naked darling. That's right bitch, not a
single piece of clothing will remain on that fantastic body of yours."

He did his best to keep his cool as Alicia's terrific body was
completely revealed to him. Here she was, the object of his lust, the subject of
his countless masturbation's, standing naked just a few feet from him, totally
helpless and at his mercy.

R: "You know you are a great fuckmeat, don't you Alicia? Of course, you do! Go
fetch me a cold beer from the fridge!"

Alicia left, swaying her tight and curvy ass as Rudy watched her naked body in

When she got back, Rudy ordered: "Alright, now follow me!"

Rudy walked toward the large window facing outside.

R: "Lie on the floor right in front of the large window!!! Yeah, like that!"

Alicia complied, lied on the floor on her back, with her head close to the
window, and her pussy facing the living room entrance.

R: "Spread your legs, cunt!! Push'em apart, as far as they will go! That's
right, like that. Bitch! Keep your arms on the sides. Don't worry, nobody should
be able to see you - the apartment faces the Central Park for crying out loud!!
Of course, if some pervert decides to park his helicopter outside the window,
that's a different story, or if some thief breaks in and walks into the living
room. What a spectacle that would be!"

Now that Alicia had assumed the position, Rudy placed the camera on the tripod
and placed it right across from her. He proceeded by setting up the vision so
that her whole body, including her face would be filmed. He pulled a chair and
set next to the camera. He pushed the record button.

R: "Now, you'll be answering my questions - we're gonna have a little Q& A with
you!! You'll tell me all about your sexual life, you will leave no secrets
uncovered, no matter how private! So start by telling me your wildest, most
outrageous fantasy... and don't worry, all of it will be recorded on the video
for future presentation!!!!"

Rudy had no doubt this was the worst kind of **** - violating not the body but
the mind! Leaving nude not just the body, but also the mind. And it felt every
bit as good as ****** her body!! He was going to penetrate every part of her
mind that was private, casually opening up her every secret, exposing her most
shameful experiences, toying with the most intimate, even forbidden parts of her


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Alicia was sobbing and slowly crying as she was ****** to expose all her
intimate desires. Her *********** grew more and more as she couldn't help but
reveal how she desired to have sex in a public place, how she lusted after some
of James' friends, even how she occasionally
fantasized about assuming a domineering role in sex! She was ****** to tell,
with all the embarrassing details, how she lost her virginity, her most
outrageous sexual experiences, what she thought of James' sexual performance...

R: "Well, darling, that whole domineering aspect of your fantasies will have to
be reversed! Soon, you'll have no doubt about who's the boss - and it ain't you
so you may very well forget about hopping into some kick ass latex dress and
terrorizing men with your whip! Instead, you will be on the receiving end of
that kind of treatment!! But tell me more, tell me the most repulsive, most
unpleasant sexual acts you can think of!"

As Alicia spoke, Rudy scratched notes on a piece of paper - these "repulsive
sexual acts" would come handy in the following days. Especially, her horror of
being sodomized by her own horse and the idea of getting gang-banged by a pack
of homeless black guys would make terrific material. He continued with his

R: "Tell me about your sex life with James! How many times a week do you do it -
on average?"

A: "3 or 4 times".

R: "Really? Why not every night? I mean, if I got a sizzling wife like you, I'd
be jumping on her every fuckin' night - and every fuckin' morning, too!"

A: "I don't allow it, I want James to appreciate what he's got, if we fuck in
every chance we got, he'll grow spoiled!"

R: "Is that so? We'll see about that! Tell me - do you perform oral sex for

A: "No!!!"

R: "Why not!!??"

A: "It is repulsive and demeaning, my mouth is for me to talk and eat and
breath! It is not for some asshole to shove in his dick and use my throat for
sexual pleasure!!!"

R: "Boy, are you in for some changes in your life!! How about anal?"

A: "Absolutely not! I tried it once, it hurts like hell, and it is not right,
it's not the way it is supposed to be done."

R: "Too bad!!! Any fuckin' bitch should be willing to go through a bit of pain
to maximize her man's pleasures!!"

Rudy paused for a moment, and spoke up again:

Alicia, now, you may speak freely, but do not raise your voice!

The response was exactly what Rudy expected. Alicia burst into a stampede of
curses, swearing at Rudy, then changing moods, pleading with him, trying to
reason with him, demanding explanations and then on again with the curses - back
and forth. In the mean time, Rudy didn't bother to engage with the furious
woman, instead opting to sip on the beer. He found Alicia's curses and pleas to
be quite amusing! What a pathetic show! But soon, his patience was through.
"Shut up, cunt"!

"Shut up and listen!!! You'll learn about respect sooner or later! Here is what
you can expect during the next week. I will use and ***** you in any way you can
and cannot imagine. You will have one hell of a week! But that's not all! I will
teach you some manners, especially in dealing with your husband. From now on,
you will be perfectly obedient and respectful to your husband. You'll learn to
do as you're told. Though, in public, you will keep your snotty attitude as that
will make it all the more fun to tame your ass back at home. You will even grow
a newly- found interest in bondage - like the one you already have but you will
demand to be dominated from now on!! In fact, when James comes back, he'll find
you all tied up on the bed and you'll beg him to take you like that!! And
needless to say, if he so wishes, you'll suck his dick, lick his balls, let him
fuck you up the ass and whatever else his heart desires. But of course, we got a
whole week before I turn you over to James! And I will enjoy every bit of this
week. Once over, you won't remember anything that I did to you during this week,
but, you will fall under my control whenever I come over to your apartment - and
you will remember everything I did to you, as well as the fact that you were
turned into a subservient wife by my instructions, against your will! However,
you will not be able to tell any of this to anyone and when not in my presence,
you will not remember any of this despite remaining obedient to James."

"Now, for the rest of today":

"All day long you will be lying right there, in this position, masturbating,
playing with yourself, fucking yourself with two fingers at a time. And you will
be rotating your other hand from one nipple to another, twisting and squeezing,
making them all hot!! The key is though, you will stop every time you feel like
you're on the verge of orgasm and you'll resume five minutes later. This will go
on till 8 P.M. tonight which is when I'll come back!! You can see the clock on
the wall from where you lie! This will go on continuously except for the
following: Right now, it's 8:17. You will take a break at exactly 10:00, 12:00,
2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 6:00PM. At each break, you will attend to your toilet
needs and take a cold shower - for no longer than 15 minutes! And you'll be back
to work! Also, after you take your shower at the 12:00 break, you will spend
another 15 minutes for having lunch - make it a very light lunch, just an apple
or two maybe!! "

Rudy grinned, imagining what Alicia would look like when he came back at 8:00.
She'd be ready to fuck a ******** if she could! She'd be horny as hell and
frustrated beyond her worst expectations. Rudy considered simply giving an order
to her body so she wouldn't be able to cum at all - but decided against it! This
was more fun: Alicia would have to stop every time she was about to orgasm.
Then, she'd have to wait patiently - undeniably a very frustrating process as
she'd be dying to relieve herself but unable to play with herself. And this
would be repeated again and again. Tonight, the little whore would be begging
Rudy to fuck her. Making Alicia beg in desperation, watching her degrade
herself, pleading for sex from her tormentor - it all sounded like music to
Rudy's ears. She stood next to Alicia, examined the naked, wide-spread, helpless
body on the floor.

The expression of pure outrage was obvious on her face. Her face was completely
red, maybe partly because of the *********** and nakedness, but mostly due to
the furious anger locked up inside her. Rudy couldn't care less - actually, he
enjoyed making her mad, driving her crazy. She could be as mad as she wanted -
the proud, defiant Alicia was about to learn who's the boss!!!

R: Start performing cunt!!!

Rudy watched in amazement as Alicia began working her fingers with remarkable
discipline . Her closely trimmed pussy made the scene all the more obscene! What
a sight Rudy thought. "Good thing, I'm gonna have a permanent copy of this!". He
laughed in amusement - he couldn't believe how much fun he was having!!

He grabbed the keys and left the apartment, after taking one last look at the
sight of panting and moaning Alicia. He had things to do: He had to go watch a
movie, have something to eat, just anything to cool his *****!!

And then, he had to get his hands on some bondage magazines and toys - afterall,
he had to figure out some original ways to play with his new toy!

Rudy wondered when that other spoiled bitch Lara would come to visit her
Sister!!! It would be fun, pairing the two uppity sisters, getting them to know
each other in a whole new way.


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"This is not happening"...

She'd lost count of how many times that simple phrase had echoed through
her ******** mind, over and over and over again. Yet, the truth belied her
attempts at self-denial. The nightmare was real. It was a miracle she
hadn't gone crazy. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Alicia was always
in charge. "I'm the one who's in control" she repeated to herself... "Not
him... Me..." To no avail... She continued fingering herself for all she
was worth, naked and spread on the floor.

Alicia had never felt pathetic in her life. Angry or frustrated
sometimes. But never helpless or pathetic. She felt pathetic now... A
naked quivering figure engulfed in a sea of futile rage.


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Rudy had spent the day ******* down beers. There were two reasons for
this: Unlike at Princeton, Rudy knew all the Manhattan bars that didn't ID,
which was information best put to use. Secondly, using his newly-found
power would require, at least initially, more boldness than he could muster

He'd never been too popular with the girls. At 5 foot 9 with a few
pounds extra, he was hardly a jock. He didn't know many Jewish jocks.
Usually, what he lacked in sex-appeal, he made up in brains, which was
enough to garner plenty of respect, at least at Princeton. He had landed
his fair share of scores in high-school, few that they were in a private
Manhattan academy. His first year in college, however, had not been the
"sex-fest" he'd hoped for. No matter. "Sex-fest" was waiting for him back
home. He was interning as a trader assistant on Wall Street, with only a
few weeks left before the school started again. He was determined to make
the best of this opportunity.

Rudy had been daydreaming about Alicia ever since he was a teen. It was
his regular encounters with Alicia in the elevator that had first made him
pick a new hobby in the bathroom. She must have been a junior or senior in
high-school then - he could still picture her in that kinky plaid skirt,
her defiant breasts straining against the plain white blouse. It was an
image that was carved into his head, no doubt as a direct consequence of
many sessions of self-gratification. She and her sister... "Two little
fuckdolls" he grinded his teeth. Lara was more of a tease, very subtle.
Both sisters were snotty as hell, but Alicia had no match for her
self-assured haughty arrogance... He couldn't wait to fuck her brains out.

"Hello, George" he greeted the doorman as he entered the building. In
his early 50s, George had been guarding the door for the residents of 695
Park Avenue for more than 20 years; as long as Rudy could remember. He was
always the perfect gentleman of course, professional in attire and
respectful in his manners - except when he was talking to his young pal.

"What's going on?" Rudy asked.

"Same ol', same ol'... How's college Rudy? Seen any action yet?".
Having hid the young teen's playboys in the mailroom, or having purchased
the ******* needed for the occasional party thrown when the parents were
gone, George was that rare adult on the side of the miscreant youngster.

"Not bad" Rudy lied.

"Yeah?" laughed George.

"So, have you seen Alicia today?" Rudy inquired, out-of-mischief more
than anything else - had George known Mrs. Cataluna-Dewey was in her
apartment naked and spread, he'd go bonkers.

"No, I have not had the pleasure today" George replied roguishly. The
two were used to making vulgar comments about the Cataluna sisters,
provided none of the distinguished residents were around. They had
exchanged many guilty looks in the past as Alicia and Lara walked into the
building, their sight an instant tease.

"Is she the fuck of the century or what?" Rudy joked boldly.

"She certainly is... Haughty as hell, though. I don't know whether to
envy or pity Mr. Dewey, as good a man as he is": They'd married 6 months

Alicia usually treated personnel awfully, especially in the case of
George, since she knew damn well behind the smile of the doorman was a pair
of eyes stripping her naked every time he held the door for her.

"Yeah, she certainly must be a pain in the neck... You know where her
sister is?"

"I believe she's with the parents in the summer home... I hear she
might come to New York..."

"Wouldn't that be interesting?" Rudy pondered enthusiastically.
"Anyway, catch you later George..."

"I'll be right here as usual Mr. Goldberg" the doorman tipped his hat.

By the time he pushed the 12th floor on the elevator Rudy had a hard-on
big enough to knock down the walls.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Alicia tensed at the unmistakable sound of the opening door. Fear
clutched her heart stronger as she heard footsteps approaching. Then there
he was, Rudy towering over her head like a giant, an amused grin on his

"Having fun?" he inquired mockingly.

She wondered in fear what was next. But Rudy was tired of playing
games: He lifted Alicia off by the hair and threw her onto the leather
love-seat in the livingroom. His bemused looks gave way to a visible,
predatory hunger.

"I wanted to do this to you since I was twelve years old, you arrogant
cock-teasing cunt..." he growled as he unbuckled his jeans. "Now, I am
going to have my way with you... no ifs, no buts."

He positioned himself on top of her, looking right into Alicia's eyes.
His hands rolled the firm globes of flesh on her bosom. "From now on, you
are my fucktoy" he emphasized each word... "and by the time I'm through
with you, you will have been fucked in every conceivable way". With that
he plunged forward; he began pounding at her viciously, as if he wanted to
drill right through her. His veins were pumping with power and lust. His
heart beat like a drum. Alicia could only respond to his thrusts with
high-pitched moans as Rudy crushed her under his weight. She was already
wet from a day of deprivation.

Amidst Alicia's moans, the pleasure consuming his mind, and the
adrenaline rushing through his veins, Rudy lost all sense of time. He
continued bucking with all the ***** he could muster. He was no virgin but
nothing could compare to this. He could feel her softness all around him,
her curvy flesh was a feast for his hands. And every shriek, scream and
moan that escaped through her lips sent a fresh jolt of power through his
mind. Even as the young woman quivered under the strength of his incessant
pounding, he could see it all in his plaything's eyes: Fear, despair,
shame... and futile anger. She was his property. All his. To do with as
he pleased. Rudy exploded like he'd never in his life...


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He dropped himself onto the leather couch, completely wasted. "That was
the best fuck of my life" he said to himself, and he was certain it wasn't
because he'd had only so few.

Once he was relieved, Rudy got thinking. He had a few weeks with
Alicia, until James came back. In the mean time, he had a summer
internship lined up and could not afford to baby-sit his slave all day
long. A robotic Alicia wouldn't do; far too dangerous...

She was still panting on the love-seat. "Sit up" Rudy ordered the naked
woman. He pulled out a medallion dangling from its chain. He kept it with
him for a purpose: He'd become an expert ********* in college, which was
how his interest in mind-control had first started. Usually, ***********
someone was hard, impossible if the subject resisted. But it would be a
piece of cake with Alicia, who had to follow all his instructions in full
detail. Her mind was open to him like a naked canvass. Rudy could
********* her deeper and smoother than he ever had anyone, make her believe

Once she was in a helpless trance, it was easy to instill in her the
suitable **********. Specificity was too indiscreet, and too complex.
With a mind opened so wide, there was easier ways to control a person:


"Yes" she answered.

"You refer to me as Master".

"Yes, Master".

"When I awake you, you will be the same as you were before, except you
will obey me unconditionally."

"Yes, Master" .

"And if you don't obey me, terrible things will happen".

"Yes, Master".

"Thus, no matter what orders I give you, and no matter how much you want
to disobey, you will obey".

"Yes, Master".

"No matter what the orders are, the alternative is far worse".

"Yes, Master".

"And that's true even if you can't remember what these terrible things

"Yes, Master".

"You don't find it at all curious that you can't remember what the
alternative is, but that it is far worse, you know for sure...".

"Yes, Master".

No matter how much she hated being a puppet in Rudy's hands, she'd
follow his orders with diligence and intuition, follow not just the words
but the sprit of his commands. Alicia couldn't avoid being the accomplice
in her own demise, no matter how much malice and enmity boiled inside her.

"Wake up".

Alicia regained her consciousness, not remembering the last five
minutes. The last thing she remembered was Rudy fucking her. She hated him
for it, but she knew she had no choice but to obey. The alternative was
far worse...

Rudy leaned back in the sofa, now relaxed.

"Now, go clean yourself. Take an icy shower." He ordered. "And fix me
a sandwich, I'm starving"...

Alicia jumped into the cool shower in gratitude, trying to wash away all
the shame and frustration. As the cold water splashed against her ********
body, she couldn't even bear to ponder what more Rudy had in store for her.
She emerged from the bath after cleansing in water for a long time. She
got into a sexy lingerie set, complete with stockings and garter belt, just
as he wanted; put on heavy make-up, as well. For all her fury, she could
not imagine the consequences of disobedience.

She strolled into the kitchen wearing her highest-heels, to fix Rudy's
sandwich. Ordinarily, she'd delegate such menial tasks to the maids - she
hardly knew how to cook much of anything - but this morning after her
encounter with Rudy, they had been wisely sent home for the weekend. She
carefully sliced the tomatoes and the cucumbers, and prepared the best
sandwich she could ever make.

As she walked into the living room with the tray, she caught a glimpse
of herself in the mirror: Dressed in her sexiest undies, sporting reddest
of the red make-up, standing on towering high-heels - she looked like a

Rudy was seated comfortably on the leather couch, watching Alicia's
"tape of confessions". The sight of her naked, convulsing figure on the
big-screen TV, reciting matters of such privacy for Rudy's amusement was
more humiliating than she could bear. She wanted to crawl into a hole and
disappear. Instead she leaned forward to present Rudy's dinner.

"Your dinner, Master" she said in the manner of a concubine.

"Thank you, slave" Rudy smirked, giving her a playful slap on the ass
like a boorish truck driver. "Now fetch me a beer, too".

Once Alicia handed her Master a bottle of cold Grolsch, she stood
patiently at the edge of the room like a servant girl, doing her best to
avoid the unbearable spectacle on the screen.

Rudy finally stopped the tape as if he'd seen enough. "Have you ever
sucked cock?" he inquired.

"No, Master". Alicia flinched at the question.

"Not even for James?"

"I never performed oral sex on anyone, Master ".

"Why might that be?" Rudy knew Alicia was too much of a haughty
pain-in-the-ass to put a dirty cock in her mouth, but asked anyway.

Alicia answered with helpless honesty. "It is a demeaning sign of
**********; it's the sort of thing common sluts do..." Alicia replied
matter-of-factly, as if repeating lines from Andrea Dworkin - and the truth
was, while even the wildest imagination wouldn't confuse her for a feminist
of any kind, she hated relinquishing power, to men or anybody else.
Unfortunately, she knew full well this answer would only infuriate her

"You ARE a SLUT!!" Rudy fumed. "You may think you're some kind of
aristocratic ball-buster, but you're just another SLUT!! And you will
learn to look and act like the shameless SLUT that you were made to be by
the time I'm through with you... You're just a glorified plaything for
men; got it, slave?"

"Yes, Master" Alicia replied in horror.

"In fact, it's time you began your training." Rudy zipped down and
whipped out his semi-limp cock. "Get down on your knees" he ordered

Alicia kneeled before Rudy. She was almost face to face with his cock.
"That's a good girl... You'd better get used to it, you'll be spending a
lot of time on your knees from now on...".

"Now, I want you to suck my cock, but you'll have to make it last" he
instructed in detail. "There's a Britney Spears concert on HBO, which I'd
like to watch while you develop your oral skills on the perfect test
subject, yours truly. You'd better be a fast-learner, I wanna be feeling
the bottom of your throat within the hour. And make sure you put that
sharp tongue of yours to good use."

Satisfied with his instructions, Rudy leaned back, tuning into MTV. He
was ordinarily no fan of the tacky teen-star. But the prospect of watching
Britney dancing and singing, semi-naked in a soft-core schoolgirl uniform
two sizes too small, while getting a prolonged blow-job, was just too good
to pass.

Alicia took Rudy's cock in her mouth as Britney Spears started
performing her suggestive dance and prancing her stuff on the giant screen.
For the next hour Alicia slaved over Rudy's cock, slowly getting the hang
of it. She was doing her best in spite of herself. She massaged his cock
in her throat, her tongue darting underside his penis, slowly bringing him
to the brink and then letting him relax ever so slightly. His cock tasted
and smelled of his maleness, his pubic hair brushed against her face. The
hard flesh filled her mouth, strained her jaws. But none of her aversion
affected her performance.

As Alicia's head bobbed up and down on his lap, Rudy's breathing became
more and more rapid. He felt great: Britney was dancing for him, while
Alicia was diligently sucking his cock. He also realized it was much
easier to imagine the teen tease on the screen in sexual scenarios while
receiving a nice drawn-out blow-job. Not to mention the fact that, even
though Alicia had never looked as juvenile as the teen tart on the TV, Rudy
had seen her in the same school uniform way too many times during his
boyhood. She was a fast learner: Following orders to perfection, the young
woman was deep-throating Rudy in due time.

At last, it was too much: A few final soft strokes in Alicia's throat
took him over the edge. He flooded her ********* mouth with his jism.

Alicia gagged with the flow of semen rushing down her throat. She felt
degraded and exhausted, having sucked his cock for close to an hour.

And she prayed it was over, yet Rudy only seemed to crave more. She
felt his hand grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up, as the TV went

"You'll have to get me hard again, slave" Rudy said dispassionately as
he pushed her towards the master bedroom. He was determined to ******* the
haughty young woman in every fashion before the night was out. Alicia
would forever know Rudy had his way with her in every imaginable way.
"From now on, my cock will be wearing you like a glove"...


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It was close to noon when Rudy woke up. It felt like he had wrestled in
the Olympics the night before. He climbed out of bed grunting, making a
mental note to call his parents. They hadn't been too happy to hear he was
staying over at a friend's for the night, not knowing their *** had spent
the night just two floors above, fucking the Catalunas' sweet ******** into

Alicia was in the sunroof of the penthouse, catching up with her
reading, when Rudy found her. She'd given an entire week off to the
per***nel, and canceled all her rendezvous, to be at Rudy's service round
the clock.

"Good morning, slave".

She responded in kind, however grudgingly. Having to address this
yesterday's brat as her "Master" was more than she could bear. But
disobedience was too unthinkable. She could only hope he'd leave her alone
or maybe settle for oral sex and go away. No such luck:

"Put on something sexy, we're going shopping" Rudy said, ******** from a
carton of milk he must have taken from the fridge. "A girl needs her


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"Hello Misses" the doorman greeted Alicia. George was somewhat
surprised to see her accompanied by young Rudy. He also noticed that this
morning the resident of the 12th floor looked even more fuckable than
usual. The young woman showed as much skin and cleavage as possible without
actually looking like a hooker. Luckily, Alicia's wardrobe had plenty of
choices designed to tease without being slutty: Normally, she enjoyed
pushing men's buttons.

Under no orders to extend pleasant demeanor to the help, Alicia replied
as usual, with an aristocratic scorn on her face, barely acknowledging the
doorman's existence. George was used to the young woman thumbing her nose
at him.

"Alicia, have you given George a tip for the St. Patrick's Day this
year?" Rudy inquired.

She couldn't recall but she'd never heard of such a thing before. James
always took care of such trivial matters anyway. She did recall, however,
her husband talking her out of getting George fired. Ever disdainful of
the help around her, she had a particular dislike for George, whose obscene
thoughts she'd been sensing since she'd become a blossoming teen.

"I can't recall, Master"

George made a mental note to have his ears checked, having heard
something resembling the word 'Master'. He also couldn't comprehend why
Rudy was impishly smiling at him.

"Well, that's not very nice of you" Rudy chided Alicia with mock
outrage. "In fact, I think, you should also apologize to him for being such
a tease and a bitch, especially since you've been giving the poor guy a
constant hard-on since 1987?"

When Alicia gulped in dread, Rudy only had to hint at the consequences
of disobedience, which she couldn't remember, except that she knew they
were far too terrible. She was instantly apologetic: "I'm sorry for being
such a tease and a bitch, George".

George couldn't believe his ears but he loved what he heard: Alicia was
certainly being very humble today!

"No, no, noo... that's not the way little fucktoys like you apologize!"
Rudy lamented, apparently frustrated with the poor manners of Alicia. "Why
don't we just retire into the mail-room and you can apologize to George

Moments later, the door to the mailroom was locked. Inside, Alicia was
on her knees, with George's wrinkled cock sliding in and out of her mouth.
Unable to disobey, too scared to displease, Alicia was servicing the
doorman with all the effort she could muster, drawing on the previous
night's endless training: Her head was bobbing up and down, her tongue was
rubbing along the underside of his cock. Her manicured fingers kept steady
and massaged the doorman's rigid cock as it penetrated her parted lips.
The empty silence of the small mail-room was now filled with the obscene
sucking sounds Alicia made. Her shame was all to apparent on her pretty

For his part, George couldn't quite comprehend this chain of events but
for the moment he was focused on the indisputable facts: He'd always
imagined those red luscious lips wrapped around his cock, and now the
snotty-bitch Alicia was in fact on her knees sucking him off for all she
was worth.

Rudy was watching the entire spectacle with amusement: Alicia giving a
blow-job to the lowly doorman she'd always sneered at! What a riot!

George was fast dropping all pretense of modesty: "That's right, bitch"
he groaned with satisfaction. "Suck my cock... Suck me off you
cock-teasing slut..." Soon, the delightful treatment he received in
Alicia's mouth proved to be too much for the weary man. He exploded with a
loud grunt, as the young woman's mouth started milking the cum from his

"Is she good or what?" quipped Rudy.

"Oh, yeah.." George replied, the head of his cock still resting heavy on
Alicia's tongue. He tried to catch his breath as he withdrew from Alicia's

"You have no idea how much she's improved... You see George" Rudy
explained as his elder friend tried to collect his composure, "Alicia does
only as I tell her, isn't that right Alicia?"

She nodded her head and mumbled in the affirmative while cleaning the
doorman's cock with a few last licks, just as she'd been taught by Rudy.

"You're my slave, are you not?" he prodded her.

"Yes, Master" she replied in shame.

George almost laughed at this. Mrs. Prim Arrogant Alicia Dewey, having
sucked his cock on her knees, was now loudly professing to be some kind of
concubine slave!

"Now, George, this is just between us. Alicia here looks like a real
ball-buster, but she loves to be dominated and used. She practically begs
for it... All you need to do, if you want to receive Alicia's good graces
again, is to just keep this between us, and I'll make sure she treats you
right". It sounded like the best deal George had ever been offered.

Alicia had already gathered herself up. She'd never felt so degraded
and worthless in her entire life. She avoided looking at George as if his
sight might blind her.

When they finally made their way out the door, they left behind an
ecstatic George, weakened in the knees.


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They finally got off the cab in SoHo, in front of a store that did not
reveal itself except in the barely visible letters carved on the door:
"Dream Dresser". Rudy had learned about this mystic establishment on the
Internet: "An Upscale Sex and Costume shop". It was targeted at only the
discriminating men who enjoyed a little variety in their concubines. Rudy
knocked on the door, somewhat nervous. Apparently, you couldn't just waltz
in. Alicia was quietly standing behind him, wondering what kind of place
this was. She didn't like the looks of it.

When the door opened, they were greeted by an attractive woman. She
seemed to be in her 40s, but was quite beautiful, in a peculiar,
intimidating way. Her eye-catching red hair was spilled over the
shoulders, contrasting with emerald green eyes. She was tall and graceful
yet her presence was at once intimidating. Dressed in a business-suit, she
exuded an aura of authority.

She briefly sized up Rudy with doubting eyes, evidently accustomed to
seeing richly-dressed businessmen at the door, rather than a young man in
jeans. But a client could be judged by the company he kept, and on that
score the young man fared exceptionally well. She gave a pleasant smile to
the couple, as if the two were merely on casual shopping:

"Come on in. I am Monique Penelope, the proprietor of Dream Dresser"!

They made their way through the small corridor, entering the store. The
hostess conspicuously ignored Alicia, informing Rudy that she'd be
available if he required any assistance. She knew to keep her distance
from clients as they went through the store's intimate offerings.

There was no cheap merchandise inside, no magazines or videos. The
decor could easily be mistaken for a Versace showroom - except this fashion
line-up was devoted to fantasy and bondage, with various costumes and
accessories placed on the hangers: Bondage outfits, S&M wear, slave
costumes, outrageous dresses, all sorts of kinky attires... Uniforms for
every imaginable fetish: Maids, nurses, cheerleaders, harem outfits and
catsuits, school girl uniforms (one in particular caught Rudy's attention,
almost a deliberate replica of the tiny, frilly Catholic school uniform
Alicia used to prance in... a must buy). Leather was the fabric of choice
in many costumes, but with plenty of metals, laces, satins, soft rubbers,
glitters and sparkles thrown in. It was all perverse, albeit with class.

As Rudy made his way through the aisles, shifting through the exotic
garments, Alicia was following behind him with helpless dread. She'd never
seen so many offensive garments. Every fetish, every male fantasy was
pandered to. Worse, it was obvious Rudy was getting one diabolical idea
after another as he went through all the merchandise. Especially when he
moved on to the back corner of the store which featured an impressive
collection of bondage tools and sex toys. Frightening, flagrant items were
lined up on the walls: Whips, cuffs, chains, canes, various items
resembling over-sized human parts. Many toys Alicia would never wish to
acquaint with.

In her quiet corner, Monique watched them. She always made a point of
paying attention to her clients. Judging people was one of her many
talents. After having catered to the tastes of the rich and powerful in
many more venues than just the boutique, she felt like she could read their
souls. Most of her customers tended to be discriminating and confident
men, though there was the occasional lesbian who happened to share
Monique's tastes: Tormenting tightly-bound beautiful, young women.

Whatever his other qualities may be, this young man was obviously
inexperienced in owning a slave - she assumed the woman was a sex slave,
which was strange. She was in her mid-twenties whereas the young man
looked barely out of his teens. She looked positively aristocratic, her
attire was provocative but expensive nevertheless, and the make-up was for
a young woman of class. And Monique could tell her uneasy obedience
concealed an outrage at her predicament - she wasn't a willing participant
in the current state of affairs. That, especially, sparked Monique's

She watched as Rudy directed a hefty purchase of costumes and bondage
equipment. The total would run in the thousands, which was good business,
but didn't dampen Monique's curiosity. When Alicia handed over her gold
American Express, Monique had no doubt the attractive woman was a young
aristocrat. She was a proud, feisty one: The kind she'd love to play with.

"She's very pretty" Monique said directly to Rudy, deliberately talking
about Alicia as if she was his property. It was obvious the proprietor of
"Dream Dresser" had her eyes on her much the same way Rudy did. That a
dyke was checking her out like a piece of meat was almost enough to make
Alicia vomit right there.

Yet Monique seemed to be amused by Alicia's revulsion at her. Like
every ********** lesbian, Monique had fantasies of ******* straight women
into **********. She imagined Alicia's pretty face buried between her
legs. She would have loved to teach her how to eat pussy like a seasoned
dyke - whether the young woman wanted or not. She produced a card, handing
it over to Rudy:

"If you need help training her, give me a call".

Rudy hesitated briefly before accepting the card. "Sure" he finally
smiled fiendishly.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

They walked out of Dream Dresser with a handful of bags, not even
counting all the dresses and costumes that were to be sent to Alicia's
apartment. Alicia knew her credit card was going to get a major hit this
month at this pace. It wouldn't have mattered, except that giving away her
own money for her own *********** infuriated her endlessly.

"We'll take the subway" Rudy announced. She never rode the subway,
doing her best to avoid rowdy masses. She hated the rabble.

She struggled to hold on to the bags as the subway shook. They were
sufficiently disguised but if anybody saw their contents, she'd die of
shame. And the way the train rocked, it felt like the bags would spill
open any moment. She could tell all the eyes were on her, which she'd
typically enjoy in all her vainglory. But being crammed into the packed
train with a bag full of dildos and handcuffs, serving as a prop to leer at
for the ride, wasn't something she enjoyed. She could see eyes fixated on
her chest as the train regularly shook, and could feel men all around her
trying to get in closer.

Finally they got off at the 57th street subway station. As they walked
outside, Rudy could see heads turning: The girl was a looker. It was
over-powering to know that this beautiful girl other men took pains to
catch a glimpse of actually was his property - even if for the time-being.

Alicia realized in alarm that they were heading towards Victoria's
Secret. "Master" she chimed in, sweetening up her voice as much as
possible despite her grudge. "We can't go into the Victoria's Secret".

"Why not?"

"I was there just the other day".


Alicia's wardrobe wasn't lacking in lingerie. She was no prude, as many
frustrated boys from high-school on could testify to.

"We've had a bit of a run-in. They know me there". She had just
recently given the salesgirls a tongue-lashing for being insufficiently
servile in attending to her demands. And she'd let it be known that she
would be making her hefty purchases elsewhere, depriving the two Jersey
tarts in the store from a large commission.

"Well, too bad".

They were greeted by the same two salesgirls from last week. Alicia
tried to look away but she could tell they recognized her at once, with
apparent dismay.

"I'm looking for some sluttish lingerie for my slave here" Rudy
announced to Alicia's shock. She felt her face burn red in shame. She
would have ran out if she could. But disobedience would be so much

The sales girls paused only for a moment before breaking into a laugh
they couldn't suppress. It was too good to be true.

Rudy continued with the mocking: "She's quite wealthy so money's no
problem; I'd like her to model in some of your skimpiest choices". They
knew money was no problem at all for this particular rich-bitch, she'd told
them that much just the other day.

The salesgirls obliged gladly, scurrying to grab the undergarments off
the mannequins while Rudy was seated in a comfortable armchair. As Alicia
was dreadfully escorted to the changing room, one of the sales-girls
produced a glass of white wine for Rudy's enjoyment, a usual perk for the

When she stepped out of the dressing room, she was in a tiny excuse for
a teddy: It had a deep V-neck which left her breasts all but naked, and it
was fully open on by the sides down to the tie at the waist, for an
effortless peeling. The material itself was already so thin as to be
virtually transparent. When Rudy gestured her to come forward, she
helplessly began modeling in front of him and under the grinning gaze of
the sales girls. The two sales girls, now joined by another, were hardly
concealing their amusement.

She was infuriated with the giggling bitches but her fury gave way to
shame when she saw there was an old couple entering the store. The old man
noticed her immediately, enjoying the sight of a practically naked woman
sashaying about as his unsuspecting wife went about the undergarments she
was looking for. Alicia walked from one end of the store to the other,
making a sharp turn and heading towards the changing rooms. She felt
completely nude and ridiculous.

As she donned one skimpy lingerie after another to model before her
Master, the salesgirls made sure she marched back forth in front of the
store's large window - that way she couldn't hide from the crowded 57th
street. Soon, her act was catching attention: The on-lookers, mostly men,
started dropping in.

Rudy continued sipping his wine as he voiced approval or disapproval at
the various undergarments his pet donned. There were snickering from the
people who were herding inside the store now, and angry looks from the few
women who had come to buy undergarments in private. Most initially thought
this was some kind of publicity-stunt, but Rudy's constant commands
signaled something else was going on.

Alicia seemed embarrassed to the core which only amused the sales girls
who placed her in one near-nude lingerie after another. Whatever drove her
to such degradation, it was time to get back at the rich-bitch. By the
time she was sashaying in fishnet stockings, a thong and see-through bras
like a hooker, there was a mini-crowd inside the store.

Finally Rudy decided enough was enough; there was a breaking-point to
the amount of risk he was willing to take: "We're buying all of them" he
announced, much to the delight of the sales girls, who were going to easily
make-up for the lost commissions from Alicia's previous visit.

They finally left Victoria's Secret amidst catcalls and whistles.


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By the time they returned to Alicia and James's penthouse, Rudy was
already contemplating how to use his slave. Exposing the snotty young
woman in public had given him a rigid hard-on all day long, which now had
to be taken care of. This being Saturday, Rudy was going bar-hopping with
high-school friends as promised. Thus, no time for a repeat of last
night's performance. There was only one thing left out from that sex
marathon, a particular sexual practice that obviously horrified Alicia,
judging from the tape. The problem was, his limited tally had never
included sodomy, which he himself imagined to be painful and filthy. But
rules were rules: He was determined to deflower the haughty princess in
every vile way imaginable.

He made Alicia take out his cock and give it a good few sucks. "You'd
better make it real wet, if you know what's good for you" the young woman
was warned. "You have no idea where it's going in next". Despite the
alarm bells this threat raised, Alicia darted her wet tongue all along
Rudy's cock, covering every vein, slobbering all over the thick head. Too
fearful to disobey, she didn't stop until the Master's cock was glistening
wet with her saliva.

No sooner was Alicia done with her task, she was bent over the dining
table in the dinner quarters. She was stripped naked except for a pair of
high-heels left on for visual effect. Her naked body laid on the cold
surface of the antique 19th century mahogany dining table, her firm tits
crushing underneath her. Rudy was positioned behind her, amusing himself
with the thought of James and Alicia having dinner parties around the very
table on which Alicia was sodomized.

He entered slowly and cautiously at first, barely pushing forward. But
after a few preliminary tries, he drove forth at once with power, managing
to move inside, past the young aristocrat's tight sphincter.

When Alicia realized she was about to be sodomized, she nearly jumped
out of her own skin. She couldn't imagine what was coming. The idea of a
greek **** was enough to terrify her - she'd never had anything placed in
there in her life. The first alien feeling of being prodded in her virgin
asshole drew a panicked grunt from the young woman. The shock from pain
and embarrassment brought tears to her eyes as she grabbed the sides of the
table in fear.

Rudy's first few strokes were painful, but he soon began enjoying the
tight softness all around his cock. He was awarded with a delightful
squeeze each time he pushed forth hard, which motivated him to push faster
and harder. Alicia, for her part, grunted like a wounded ****** for each
shove Rudy gave her. It felt like she was being drilled into, a giant tool
mercilessly tearing her apart. When she opened her mouth to scream, she
could only produce an incessant whining. As Rudy began pumping her in
earnest, he grabbed her by the hair. Her head was pulled back **********,
******* her to face the antique mirror on the wall so that she could watch
herself being sodomized.

As the pain grew barely tolerable, Alicia continued moaning and
shrieking. The shame of being invaded so unnaturally was almost more
painful: She was being fucked in the ass, ******** in the most vile way on
her own dining table, by the little boy she used to tease and snicker at.
Rudy was sodomizing her like a mere ******. Finally, she felt him tense up
inside her and soon he exploded into her bowels with a loud cry.

Rudy pulled out slowly and carefully, satisfied with himself. This
wasn't so bad after all. "I always thought you were an asshole, Alicia;
now I know for sure..." he whispered into her ear, determined to try it
again in the near future: "Clean!".

Alicia barely managed to get off the table shaking, and got down on her
knees to clean up his cock. Her body was still trembling from the painful
pounding she'd received, but the revulsion of having to clean his cock felt
even worse. She tried desperately to ignore that the cock in her mouth had
just come out of her ass.

As she set about sucking his dirty cock, Rudy ordered Alicia to look up.
She continued sucking with her eyes trained at her Master's. Rudy looked
deep into her eyes, seeing all the mixed fear and shame there. Alicia
looked haughty no more. She was so powerless and inferior, looking up at
him with his cock in her mouth, serving her Master with all the ***********
laid bare in her eyes. Rudy allowed himself to cumm again, with a
delightful power rush, and watched his slave duly swallow.


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When Rudy woke up, he was hard as a rock. Often times he'd wake up with
a hard-on - except now he had a remedy: In no time, he was on the 12th
floor, his morning-hardness stuffed in Alicia's mouth. A man could get
used to this: The best of sex, any time he wanted, any way he wanted,
whether Alicia liked it or not.

Rudy left quickly, once he got his rocks off - he was headed for a
family brunch and needed to spend some obligatory time with the parents.
He'd have to keep his hands off the slave until the evening, which was
fine: The sense of adventure kind of wore off once Alicia swallowed her
daily fix of cumm from Rudy.


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Rudy tried to get Alicia out of his mind as the Goldberg family was
seated at the restaurant. He'd missed his parents but the chatter at the
table could be an absolute bore.

"How was your day yesterday?" his Mom inquired.


"You should say hi to the neighbors you haven't seen in a while" his
****** complained.

"You mean all the 70 year olds in the building?" he mocked despite his
mom's disapproving looks.

"There are plenty of young people in this building... You know, the
Catalunas' ******** is married now."

Rudy almost ****** on his food.

"You should visit her to congratulate. You know Alicia, right?".

Rudy wondered briefly whether his Mom was playing a mind-game. "You
mean the one whose brains I fucked out just last night?" he wanted to ask
but wisely refrained.

His ****** chimed in with his point of view: "Frankly, I feel for that
Dewey kid. Their parents spoiled those girls beyond redemption."

"Well, Dad, you always say nothing is beyond redemption..."

"I guess".

His ****** started raising some objections about how, in fact, both
Alicia and Lara were lovely young ladies. Knowing an endless family
discussion when he saw one, Rudy quickly concentrated on his food.


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George had taken a seat in his usual post by the time Rudy came back.

"How you doin' George?" he greeted his old pal.

"Still trying to recover from yesterday" the doorman answered
matter-of-factly. "Listen, what the hell was that all about Rudy? I mean,
what the heck is going on with you and Alicia?"

"Look, don't worry about it. She likes it. No: She needs it!
Underneath that arrogant ice-queen is a whore who craves to be used."

"She didn't seem to like it all that much yesterday".

"She didn't like the fact that she was sucking you, and not Brad Pitt,
Ok? But whores don't get to choose, do they?"

"Guess not..."

"Look, you just keep mum about it, and I'll make sure little Mrs. Dewey
keeps you happy".

Again, the doorman couldn't argue with that.

So George continued watching his mini-TV as Rudy got on the elevator.
It was no more than a half-hour before he received a call from the Dewey
apartment. It was Rudy: "A female friend of mine will be coming soon, you
can let her in, right?"

"Sure" he said, wondering what the boy was up to now. He briefly tried
to re-live the feeling of Alicia sucking his cock - that was heaven!

It had been another hour when Rudy's "friend" showed up.

A tall, red-haired woman dressed in a tight, leather pants and a black
blouse walked into the building, confidently clicking on her menacing
six-inch heels, and carrying a large bag with her. She was in her forties,
even though her slender body was that of a younger woman. Her confidence
reminded George none other than a certain young woman who resided on the
12th floor - except this lady's self-assured smile conveyed more cunning
than contempt.

"I'm here to meet Rudy Goldberg" she said, in a way that hinted that the
doorman was expected to understand.

"Sure..." George stumbled a bit. "Just take the elevator to the 12th

It was another hour before he got another call from the 12th floor. It
was Rudy:

"George!!" he was almost screaming into the phone, obviously
***********. "Come on up here, body!"

George pretended to weigh his options only briefly, mumbling something
about how he must watch the door. Yet soon enough he was in the elevator,
pushing the button for the 12th floor.

* * * * * *

When George was allowed inside the large flat overlooking the Central
Park, the shrine of young Mr. And Mrs. Dewey, the hallway of which was
the most he'd seen before, what caught his attention was not the expensive
paintings or the Persian rugs. He'd grown used to displays of wealth in
these condominiums over the years, even though there were a few residents
who were more reserved, like the Goldbergs. What he found atypical was the
sight of the lady of the house - all of 25 years old - bound and hanging
from the ceiling, sweating and dangling in the air, under the torment of a
full-blown dominatrix, right in the middle of the livingroom.

Once again, George had difficulty comprehending reality. As he walked
towards the spectacle, with Rudy's invitation, the bound woman's shame
became visible. She was trembling and trying to avert his looks by looking
down, though she would have had more success if she looked upwards,
elevated as she was.

"Come on in" Rudy chimed in as if the doorman had caught a movie in the
middle. "Take a seat, George".

He took a seat near Rudy, in a puffy leather chair that looked like Mr.
Dewey's favorite. He could hardly believe his eyes: There she was, the
almighty Alicia, the gorgeous, fantastic Alicia, completely naked before
him, completely uncovered and unprotected from his gaze. And her shame,
how delicious was her shame.

Judging from the various paddles, crops and such on the coffee table,
the flame-haired dominatrix had come prepared. She'd transferred her
outfit into a shiny-black dominatrix costume that made her look like a
particularly menacing version of Catwoman. She slowly circled around
Alicia, flashing a knowing smile to the boys. She then grabbed a new
device, a bamboo cane, to use on her hapless prey.

Regrettably for Monique, the client's orders were specific - no damage,
nothing painful in the extreme. So she punished Alicia with prudence,
drawing the most amusing shrieks and wails out of the snobby slut. No
matter how stinging her strokes were, they were much too light compared to
what Monique would have done for a less merciful Master. Yet, for all her
self-confidence, Alicia had turned out to be a real wimp when it comes to
pain. She wept and moaned like a little girl, sufficiently muffled by her
gag to avoid alarming the neighbors, not to mention Rudy's own parents two
floors down, yet loud enough for Monique and the men to enjoy. With each
whimper Monique drew from the snotty young woman, she could feel the power
rushing through her pussy - she couldn't wait to get Alicia's pretty face
between her thighs, lapping at her pussy like a trained puppy - a perk
she'd been promised as part of her services.

When Monique decided George was sufficiently provoked, she released
Alicia from her bonds.

"Now, little lady" she issued her orders, "you will fuck big Georgey
here, a real sensuous, nice fuck you will give him!"

Despite her dread, a beaten Alicia stumbled towards the man whose face
reflected a silent mixture of glee and gratitude. He didn't say anything
but it was obvious Georgey was waiting anxiously.

Following Monique's instructions - who was following none other than
Rudy's instructions - Alicia unzipped the middle-aged doorman. She slowly
lowered herself onto the doorman's lap, until his engorged cock was
completely buried inside her. She sat on his cock, her legs dangling from
the sides of the leather chair, her face facing his.

George was amazed at this turn of events: He remembered the gorgeous
naked woman on his lap as a snotty little girl from years ago - who could
have guessed she'd be fucking and sucking him, as a snotty grown woman!

With a swoosh in the air, the cane contacted Alicia's ass. That was her
cue to start fucking the doorman. The cane had a very persuading effect.
Obediently, she began rhythmically moving up and down on his cock.

"Kiss Georgey" Monique said. "Sweet and sexy". The young woman,
swallowing, brought her mouth to George's and kissed him slowly, panting
into his mouth, parting her lips for his tongue. Her hands instinctively
caressed the man's hair.

"Don't stop fucking" Monique lamented impatiently, striking the blonde
again. She started striking regularly, making sure Alicia bucked with the
wobbly urgency of fish on a hook. She slammed her body up and down against
George's torso, kissing him, moaning into his mouth, squirming and

Her bouncing breasts felt heavy on George's hands, two perfect mounds of
soft flesh. With each blow from the cane, she jerked, bouncing and jamming
her flawless body into George's, multiplying his pleasure tenfold, until he
could take no more: The doorman exploded in the single greatest moment of
sexual pleasure in his life.

By the time Alicia lifted her sweaty body off the man who had been,
until recently, no more than her servant, Monique had taken a seat. Rudy
had been watching with silent amusement, and the apparent empowerment of a
good-samaritan, smoking another one of James's cubans.

Monique now ordered "crawl to me" with the emphasis of an air-swoosh.

Alicia crawled in dread, not knowing what the evil bitch had in store
for her next. She realized Monique had opened the strategic flap at the
front of her leather pants. The immediate revolt became apparent on her

"Now slut, you will eat pussy" Monique informed her subject. "And if
you know what's good for you, you'll put your very best effort into it!"

"I am not a lesbian" Alicia said meekly in a rare display of protest.
She was rewarded with a slap on the face. "You are whatever your Master
says you are" Monique spoke angrily. "If he says you're a lesbian, then
you have become one". Monique leaned back and parted her legs: "Now,
better get that tongue flicking slut, or I'm going to peel your skin right
off with this cane".

Alicia closed her eyes, and leaned forth, resigned to her fate. Her
tongue darted out and found another woman's vagina, in an act of sick
perversion. She began licking, trying to ignore what she was doing.

Her face was buried in the dominatrix's crotch, her head squeezed
between her milky thighs. She had grabbed her blonde hair in a fist, using
it like a lever to control Alicia's pace. Every time Alicia's tongue
tired, Monique gave her hair a violent tug, demanding, and getting, faster

Monique was moaning with a high-pitch now. Almost equal to the pleasure
of a desperately flicking tongue in her pussy was the rush she got from the
power to do menace. Nothing made it more fun than knowing that the
pristine slut eating her pussy hated it so.

Her free hand had opened up the top of her leather suit, playing with
her tits. She flicked her tongue at the men, swirling around her lips,
turning them on. They were watching in silent awe, mesmerized with the
lesbian spectacle before them.

And sure enough, by the time Monique exploded in a roaring orgasm, the
boys were hard all over again...


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As a trader analyst, Rudy's days started at 7 AM. That meant Rudy
showed up at Alicia's door every morning bright and early, with what had
become a habitual hard-on. There was nothing like kicking off the day with
a blow-job. It cleared his mind, focused his attention, gave him an aloof,
confident feeling. Nothing made a man feel more powerful than the sight of
a beautiful woman on her knees, duly sucking his cock. And Alicia had
really learned how to pamper a cock.

The young woman was required to be in full make-up and one of her new
Victoria's Secret products by 6 AM, ready for Rudy's blow-job. Normally
much too pampered to be awake at so early an hour, Alicia was sharp on duty
now. Her usual breakfast of mango crepes and imported white-chocolate
coffee was replaced with a load of cumm. She did, however, continue with
her morning work-outs as religiously as ever - except now, instead of
sweating at their extravagant health-club, she jogged at the Central Park.
Her neon-blue body suit had been a good way to taunt those less fit than
her in the privacy of the exclusive club. Circling the northern end of the
Central park, it only made sure she got the most attention possible, not in
the least from the winos and gangs that infested the area. That gave her
the motivation to run a very fast lap indeed. She usually made it back to
the apartment safe and unscathed, except having suffered a barrage of
catcalls and whistles, and long stares from the busy folk heading for work.

The doorman showed up for his treat around lunch-time, and Alicia
obliged despite the *********** - it wasn't a matter of choice. She spent
a sizable portion of her days practicing Britney Spears's moves. That was
Rudy's orders. She had bought a whole stack of concert DVDs. She felt
incredibly stupid practicing all day the whorish dance moves of the
dumbest, blondest teen on Earth. She felt ridiculous. She felt like a
teen tart.

Being a trader intern, Rudy got out of work early. He directly went to
Alicia's to use her as a target for all the pent-up tension and stress of a
day spent on the trading floor. Alicia was sure to spend a couple of hours
sucking and fucking each evening, only to be freed when Rudy had to go
downstairs and give his parents some face time. As great as the desire to
disobey was, her ********** was like a chain she couldn't break. If she
ever disobeyed, she knew horrible things would happen, things far worse
than the ***********s she had to go through - just what she couldn't
remember, but she knew just the same...

She gave a full report of her daily chores to Rudy, so that he'd know
she'd been good even if he weren't there to supervise. One such trip had
been to the Mustang Ranch, where Alicia regularly went riding. Near New
Haven, the Mustang Ranch was where the rich went to get away from the
rough-and-tumble of Manhattan. The wives were beautiful and rode horses.
The men smoked cigars and drank hard ******.

Alicia usually rode alone in the obstacle course, sporting an extra
tight equestrian outfit.. She loved being the center of attention, and
even though she was among the best riders, she knew the men only pretended
to be interested in her riding while they watched her ass. No doubt they
all had major boners, imagining her bouncing on their cocks. Most eyes,
males' at any rate, would be trained at her perfect ass jumping up and down
on the saddle, or her full chest hopping with each leap. Knowing her
"attitude" problem though, as it was delicately put, few could imagine
being in the shoes of James Dewey, who had to endure the world-class
bitchiness of Alicia. Little did they know, the arrogant beauty had turned
into an obedient little playtoy these days.

Alicia's trip had involved a special treat for Fortune, her black
stallion. Before she went on riding as usual, the blonde gave the beast a
long, sweet hand-job, until she was rewarded with a load of spunk in her
hands. Despite her disgust, from now on Alicia would be required to do
this for Fortune every time she went riding with the horse. And Fortune
loved it. He ran the course in absolute perfection. What worked for Wall
Street traders, worked for beasts.

In addition to checking off yet another item from Alicia's list of
undesirables, her trip to Mustang Ranch had another benefit: She brought
Rudy the very crop she used on Fortune. Rudy had explained she now had a
much better way of encouraging the young stallion. Meanwhile, the crop was
just as persuasive on the young ****** Rudy kept at home. Even though she
could be once in a great while reluctant at a particularly degrading act,
Alicia was fast growing into a perfection of obedience. However, this
didn't prevent the young woman from punishment for the rare case of a
disobedience, however invented it may be, with the ultimate indignity of
being spanked by the crop she used to use in punishing her own ******.


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Lara got out of the cab at 695 Park on a Friday evening; her short
flight from Martha's Vineyard had gotten in around 7 PM. The cab driver
had tried hard to simultaneously keep his eyes on the road and watch Alicia
in the rearview mirror all the way from the airport - she was quite used to

Once she got off the cab, she immediately called for George. The
doorman appeared at once, greeting the young woman. If there was more of a
glee in his eyes than usual, Lara missed it: George was always happy to see
her, in more ways than one.

"Please take these" she asked, indicating the two suitcases.

"To your parents' apartment, Miss, or to Mr. & Mrs. Dewey's?"


It sounded almost weird - Alicia and James had been married all of six
months. She planned to stay with Alicia for a few days until James came
back from that business trip: The big sister, afterall, had a maid and a
cook - unlike her parents' apartment where the services weren't upto her
standards, since they took the help with them to the summer home.

Lara rushed into the elevator, hoping to avoid a trip with George: She
felt like she was placed on display whenever the old perv was close-by.
Alas, two guys carrying several cases of beer rushed in before the door
shut. Judging from their looks - one of them featured a beard that just
didn't go with his college freshman face, and the other was in need of
serious gym time - these could only be the Goldberg twerp's friends.

They leered like fools and mumbled "Hi", to which she offered no
response - she had no intention of getting into a conversation. She didn't
realize they had pushed the same button as her until they passed Rudy's

"Rudy's on the 10th floor" she said condescendingly, as if to say "what
morons!". Before the two guys could mount an answer, they were off the
elevator on the 12th floor. Lara could hear the loudish music coming from
the apartment, as well as the distinct smell of marijuana! What on earth
was going on?

Then, the door opened and Rudy appeared. If Lara was surprised too see
him in that apartment, Rudy had the looks of someone who had just seen a
representative from the Publishing Clearing House on his doorsteps.

"Rudy, what are you doing here?" she asked with a hint of suspicion.

"Aaah, just visiting..." he mumbled. The two guys on elevators muttered
an "excuse me" and walked inside, side-stepping Lara. Rudy, too,
disappeared briefly. Just as she thought she couldn't be any more
confused, she took a peak into the livingroom where she saw other guys, and
her sister swaggering half naked to the tune of the music. That's when the
young woman felt a sharp pain on her left thigh...


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Lara stood in the middle, surrounded by two leather couches. There were
six guys seated around her, including Rudy and the two from the elevator;
they were smoking, ******** and chuckling. And they were looking at her
with a predatory leer. Alicia, who had not yet spoken with her, was
silently standing next to her, dressed in an absolutely ridiculous
haremgirl outfit, which left exposed far more than it covered. That,
however, was not nearly the most alarming thing: Lara couldn't move a
muscle, even speak, do anything but stand there like frozen, just as Rudy

Finally, Rudy declared "you may speak":

"What... what's going on?" she managed to say in distress.

"I have assumed control of your mind. Your sister's, too, of course."

"Why?" Lara asked with a crackling voice.

"Why? That's a really dumb question for a smart girl like you. Because
I can. Because you were a total cocktease all through my puberty. Now
it's payback time."

Rudy had been lusting after the two sisters as long as he could
remember. Even his close friends invited to this exclusive mini-party had
known the Cataluna sisters in high-school, seeing them on the street or at
Rudy's building. Many times they had attempted to lift a camera to the
level of the girls' bedrooms for a memorable picture, with little success.

Lara had almost begun weeping.

"Oh, stop crying for Christ's sakes" Rudy chastised her. He then simply
said "Alicia", who was presumed to know her cue.

She moved behind her little sister without missing a beat, despite her
abject dread. Even though they were separated by two years - she was 25,
Lara 23 - Alicia was very protective of Lara.

"Lift your arms, sweetie" Alicia said in a mix of stern and concern.

Lara's body couldn't resist, no matter how much she wished. Her arms
rose above her head as if her muscles had a mind of their own. Alicia
reached around from her sides and undid the top button on her blouse, then
the next, then the next... Alicia was stripping her!

Once the blouse was lifted off over her head, Alicia's hands moved to
her waist.

"Please, don't... Alicia stop" she pleaded, her voice crackling again.

"Shut your mouth" Rudy reproached. Lara had everyone's undivided
attention and her apparent embarrassment was proving to be a source of

Alicia unzipped her skirt with a slow tearing sound that almost echoed.
Dropping it to the floor, she simply said "step out" to her sister, who
followed her command slavishly.

Alicia then kneeled to remove her boots, too. The dread Alicia felt was
almost unbearable: She was stripping naked her own little sister in front
of, for the amusement of, for the use of these *******.

Noticing Alicia's mild hesitation, Rudy beat the crop against his knee
for emphasis, which was, as usual, more than enough to ensure her

She unclasped her sister's bra, and removed it from her, exposing Lara's
sweet breasts to the boys. There were now hoots and whistles, bringing
more tears to the younger girl's eyes. The sight of two gorgeous females
working in such close approximity was providing even more provocation for
the small audience.

Alicia crouched behind her sister, and grabbed the waistband of her
panties. Slowly, teasingly, she pulled down the last piece of cloth that
barred Lara from complete nudity. When the frilly piece joined the small
pile on the floor, she stood before them naked as the day she was born. As
her face burned in shame, there was approving commentary from Rudy's
friends, appreciating her long, shapely legs, firm tits, great ass,
hour-glass figure... all theirs.

Like a mannequin on display, Alicia made her clasp her hands behind her
butt, spread her legs ever so slightly, push her shoulders back and chest
forward - as if Lara was trying to say to the boys "Look at me. Look at

"Here are your luggages, Miss Cataluna!!" George walked in with a grin
on his face. A new wave of shame colored Lara's face at the sight of the
doorman. "I must say, Miss, you look great today".

The guys laughed and hollered at his joke. "Well, I'll be guarding the
door, as usual Rudy...". George was sure he'd be awarded his share of fun
later - Rudy never forgot his old pal.

"Don't worry Georgey, we'll keep her warm for you...". More chuckles...

Rudy got up and stood before the nude girl, the medallion dangling in
his hand.

"Now, Lara, we have to do another thing... The chemical that was
injected in you is imperfect. It's much like a truth-serum, more powerful
naturally, but mostly a matter of muscle-control. It makes you obey anyone
at all, rather than somebody particular. It actually wears off after a
while, which is unacceptable; and it basically turns you into a robot of
sorts, which is just not attractive."

"But with this..." he swung the medallion in front of her eyes, "I can
own you permanently"! He smiled devilishly at the fear she saw in those
pretty eyes. "Now, you will do as I say, and allow me to take you into

Soon, Lara was ********** in the deepest fashion possible. Her complete
nudity was the perfect metaphor to the vulnerability of her nude mind:



"When I awake you, you will be the same as you were before, except you
will obey me unconditionally."


The small audience was watching the nude girl in trance with silent

"And if you don't obey me, terrible things will happen".


"Thus, no matter what orders I give you, and no matter how much you want
to disobey, you will obey".


"No matter what the orders are, the alternative is far worse".


"And that's true even if you can't remember what these terrible things


"You don't find it at all curious that you can't remember what the
alternative is, but that it is far worse, you know for sure...".


"Wake up".

When her eyes blinked open, she saw Rudy back in his seat. It took a
moment for her to remember that, she was naked, the lone naked one, in a
room full of strangers. Shame washed her face again.

"Lara, I believe you've already met Matt and Ben on your way up here?"

"Yeah, she really thumbed her nose at us" the bearded one said with a

"Well, that's not nice, is it Lara?"

"Nn no.." the girl managed to utter.

"That's 'No, Master'. Everybody else is a 'Sir'."

"Yes, Master".

"Now, why don't you apologize to Matt..."

"Apologize, Master?..."


"I'm sorry, Sir" she said in a barely audible voice.


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"You have to excuse her" Rudy said impatiently. "The Cataluna girls are
just not very good at offering apology. Usually, they never have to...
Lara, I'm sure Matt would enjoy a blow-job, as a real apology from you!"

"Blow-job... Master?" the reality was dawning on the young woman
excruciatingly. The idea of sucking "Matt" was incomprehensible - but the
alternative was so much worse...

"Attagirl... On your knees"

Helpless, Lara sank onto her knees in dread. But before she could unzip
this jerk, he expressed his reluctance:

"Well, I don't know, Rudy... I mean it looked like she really couldn't
stand me there in the elevator. Now, I really have to be convinced. Maybe
if she asks nicely..."

"Naturally. Lara, ask for permission..."

"Sir, may I please give you oral sex?" Lara managed to formulate her
words awkwardly.

"I don't know..." Matt protested. "Does she really mean it?"

"Lara, you're gonna have to beg for it, darling. Ask reaaal nicely..."

Matt had Lara begging for the privilege of sucking his cock for the next
five minutes. It was clear the snobby young woman was going through the
*********** of her life until finally Matt whipped out his hardened cock
and gave Lara permission to suck it.

Alicia helplessly watched - the sight of her little sister sucking a
cock was the most obscene thing she could have ever imagined. Yet, unlike
her big sister, Lara didn't need any special training in cock-sucking -
she'd sucked off plenty of guys in college. But not like this: The nude
girl had to service a man under the watchful eyes of a roomful of people.

Despite her shame, she obediently put her oral skills to use. Matt
could hold out only so long against her talented tongue. He grabbed Lara
by her silky blonde hair, and pulled out his cock in the very last minute:
He exploded all over her face with a satisfied grunt.

"Lara, bad girl, you made such a mess!" Rudy chastised her in
disapproval. "Now, scoop that all up and swallow like you were supposed

The cumm was dripping from her eyes, cheeks, chin... Lara scooped gobs
of cumm from her pretty face and deposited in her mouth, as Matt watched
with a smug grin of superiority on his face. She sure as hell wouldn't
thumb her nose at him anymore!

Before Lara could recover from the vile taste in her mouth, it was
brought to her attention that the other guy from the elevator already had
his cock out.

Once again, Lara sucked Ben off under the gaze of everyone, including
her own sister. Rudy was apparently ready to try out his new prize.

"Get on the table" he ordered, unbuckling his jeans. "On all fours".

Lara climbed on the table in front of the sofas, and got on all fours as
ordered. Rudy quickly stood behind her. Soon, he was inside her, fucking
her like he'd always wanted. He couldn't hold out too long, either. Once
Rudy exploded, one of his eagerly waiting friends quickly replaced him
behind the young woman.

Alicia's terror at what was going on right before her eyes was
interrupted by Rudy grabbing her. "Get me hard again slave; I'm gonna fuck
you, too".

Once Alicia masturbated him back to full hardness on the sofa, he undid
the bows of Alicia's costume with two easy flicks, leaving her naked as her

"Now, fuck me". He ****** her on his lap.

Knowing the routine, Alicia quietly sat on Rudy's cock and started
slowly humping. Her back was facing him. His hands were squeezing her
bouncy tits. Rudy's friend had taken some time to get into the routine but
now he was fucking Lara with a fury. The sight before her was so obscene,
Alicia tried to look away. Rudy grabbed her by the chin, redirecting her
gaze at Lara. "Watch"...

"Watch them fuck Lara...". Lara's moans echoed in the room.

"Watch how they are using your little sister like a whore" Rudy mocked
the young woman as he grunted in pleasure. Yet another one of his friends
had now flipped Lara over and laid on top of her.

As Alicia watched and fucked Rudy, everyone had a go at Lara - even the
bearded Matt had recovered from the blow-job in time to use her once more.
Alicia was being ****** to watch her sister being gang-raped while she was
herself being fucked. The pressure was too much: After working so
desperately, it was too late when Alicia realized she was awash in
pleasure, on the brink of an orgasm. She moaned and shook; exploded with
an orgasm just as Matt unbuckled for Lara.

She was so angry with herself, she could almost cry in dread. "I'm glad
you're enjoying yourself slave but Master is still hard..." Rudy reminded.
She quickly began humping again. Yet, two minutes later, it was her once
again who shrieked in another orgasm, in a maddening mix of pleasure and
frustration. She almost didn't take a break this time, went on fucking
Rudy with all the effort in the world, almost crying. Finally Rudy awarded
her efforts with a release, just as Matt was done with the younger sister.

Totally spent, the guys were ready to take a break.

The girls were allowed to put on some scraps of clothes, after Rudy
announced the gang was hungry:

"Chop chop girls, to the kitchen. Cook some burgers for us".

Alicia and Lara quickly marched into the kitchen like a couple of
puppies. But the break didn't last too long, once the guys were fed:

They were one again ****** on all fours on the table. Two of the guys
started fucking the sisters side-by-side. Neither girl, however, had to
listen to the disturbing sounds the other one made while being fucked for
too long: Soon, their moans were muffled with two more guys sticking their
cocks into their mouths. Both guys pulled out in the last minute,
exploding all over the girls' faces.

They made the them lick the cumm off each other's face.

One of Rudy's friends reminded the porn tapes he'd brought with him for
the occasion. Rudy declared he had an idea, disappeared briefly, and when
he came back, he had a camcorder and tripod with him, taken from his
parents' apartment.

"We'll do a reenactment of the porn, right here" he announced with great
fanfare. They quickly brought out the tapes and picked the raciest one
among them.

It was particularly horrifying for Alicia and Lara to sit on the sofa
squeezed between the guys, watch the vile film on the giant TV, knowing
they would have to perform the very same acts, including the most perverse
and aberrant scenes, in the same exact fashion and order, on camera. By
the time the tape was over, Rudy and his friends were horny all over again.

Rudy quickly assumed the control of the camera, turned it on, and all
the fucking and sucking, the service and discipline, started once again...


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A week later, Rudy was seated in the comfy leather chair. Alicia was
standing behind him, massaging his shoulders while Lara was on knees,
giving him his mid-morning blow-job. The younger girl still seemed to be
humiliated at having to do this while her big sister watched standing
behind Rudy.

Rudy was hell-bent on being a fair Master:

"Lara, did you know your big sis was too much of a prude to orally
pleasure anyone before I convinced her otherwise?". Lara knew Alicia was
always too proud, too self-assured to suck off any boy. She'd always
wondered if she did it at least for James. Was Lara glad now that Alicia
couldn't look down upon the little sister for pandering shamelessly to the

"But, boy, is she a fast learner! You can suck like a vacuum now, can't
you big sis?"

"Yes, Master" the young wife replied in ********, continuing to massage

"Not just that; you can dance like a total tease, too! Slave, go get
into your Britney costume..."

The two girls usually wore the same exact clothes. A short trip to
Dream Dresser had ensured that both girls had a large, identical collection
of highly provocative outfits. They now wore the same exact outfit as each
other always. That's how Rudy liked it: This way, neither had any
character, just a couple of harem-girls ready to serve in a moment's

Alicia came back in her frilly catholic school-girl uniform. In a few
minutes, the music stared blasting in the room:

"Oops! I did it again!!..."

Rudy watched with great satisfaction the young wife who was dancing to
the tune of Britney Spears' song, with the same exact moves, just as she'd
practiced endlessly..

Lara couldn't watch, since all she could see was the thick bottom of
Rudy's cock and his crotch. She was being tested to see whether she could
make it last as long as her sister had been trained to - which meant the
sweating Alicia could go through another four, five Britney songs easy
before Rudy would reach satisfaction.

She was halfway through the album when Rudy finally flooded Lara's

He checked his watch; time to go. He had a few errands to run. It was
close to noon and Georgey would come soon to get his treat anyway - the
girls hated it.

Rudy first stopped at a near-by bank branch, where he had paid upfront
for a 15-year safety deposit box. Certain things had to be kept in secret.
Like a number of pictures he'd taken as well as the two tapes: "Alicia's
confessions" and the home-made version of "Raunchy Sluts". He'd made the
girls watch the tape several times. The way they squirmed was most

But he'd kept the only copy for himself: He had to guard against the
possibility, however remote, that one of his friends who wowed to silence
might spill his guts in a ******* fit. As is, it would mean nothing. Guys
always had highly implausible stories to tell, especially involving
"untouchables" like Alicia and Lara. He himself had claimed to get
blow-jobs from the hot girls in his building back in high-school -
naturally, nobody had believed a word of it. Ironically, now that the
story had become true, he was intent on keeping the evidence top secret.

Rudy was meeting Monique, for lunch. She'd insisted that they meet. He
had no idea why. Once he was seated at the table, the part-time dominatrix
got to the point at once:

"They are rich; and they are high-society..."


"Stop playing with me. You know who. The sisters you seem to have in
your complete control."


"I'm guessing you're blackmailing them..."

Rudy pondered briefly. It was close enough...

"Is there a point in this? Are you with the FBI now?"

"Don't get smart with me. Imagine, if you will, this getting around.
That you blackmailed them. It would be a mini-scandal, maybe not so mini.
And the police would be interested."

"And whoever would believe this crazy story?"

"Well, for one thing, people hearing about it would do enough harm.
Secondly, I have two credit card receipts, charged to their credit cards,
indicating large purchases of highly unconventional items. I have
surveillance tapes of Dream Dresser, showing you buying things like dildos,
handcuffs, whips and what not, together with the girls. How would you
explain it? Particularly, to the bigger one's hubby?"

Rudy pondered this briefly. He had a syringe at home, which could solve
this problem at once. Though, before he could reply, two heavy-built men
appeared at the table, taking seats without asking. They looked like they
could have jumped right out of Goodfellas.

"And" Monique continued, "My clientele includes all kinds of powerful
people. They have a way of solving business problems for me..."

One of the men, parted his jacket ever so slightly, enough to give the
glimpse of a gun. He was not quite as subtle as Monique.

"What do you want?" Rudy asked, apparently resigned to the situation at

"Simple. I've always had girls to play with. But what I really want is
a girl who doesn't wanna play".


"I want Lara. The younger one. No husband, no problem".

"You can't just have her. She's got Law school. Even I'm letting them
go soon."

"She can take a leave of absence. I won't keep her forever."

"How long then?"

"3 months. I bore quickly. In all likelihood, I'll be loaning her to
friends and clients by the end of that period - once I have had the
pleasure of breaking her into an obedient cunt-licking plaything."

"And then we'll be square?"

"My word is my honor, honey..."

Rudy pondered briefly. Lara surely needed a break anyway after that
gruesome first year of law school.


Monique smiled evilly: "Well, then, let's order. Shall we?..."


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The Mercedes convertible sped on New Jersey Turn-Pike. With the top
opened, the warm summer breeze was flowing into their faces. Rudy had
found his favorite Rock station on the radio. Alicia was seated next to
him. Lara had just started a three-month stint as a paralegal at a law
firm previously unheard of. She'd been necessarily re-conditioned. James
would be coming back soon, which meant Alicia would need proper
re-conditioning, as well. But now he was taking his pet to the beach. He
had not told her the real purpose of this trip, deliberately.

The traffic was not busy, except for the first two lanes reserved for
trucks. Truck after truck seemed to be lined up, moving at the speed of a
4th of July parade. As Rudy reduced speed and moved to the lane adjacent
to the eighteen-wheelers, he could see some of the truckers were already
eyeing the hot blonde next to him. She was quite eye-catching with her
long hair flying in the wind and her two firm globes defiantly pressed into
the confines of a tiny blouse. He loved to make her dress in the most
eye-catching fashion. As she tried to ignore the dirty looks from
truckers, it was obvious Alicia wasn't used to driving next to so many
dust-spewing trucks. When Alicia went to beach, she was usually on a
plane, heading for an exotic location, not New Jersey.

"You loved it when they gang-banged Lara..." Rudy asked out of the blue.

Alicia didn't reply.

"You did, didn't you?".

She was obviously struggling to answer.

"Be honest".

"Yes, Master".

"And did you imagine yourself in her place, having your brains fucked by
a mob of men?".

"Yiy ye Yess, Master" she said her voice crackling in shame. It had
been one of her "confessions", too - frightening and mesmerizing at the
same time.

"Isn't that blouse too tight for you?" he inquired.

"Yes, Master".

"Well then, take it off." Rudy ordered. Alicia's face grew red
immediately. Despite everything he had put her through, the young woman
was still every bit susceptible to *********** - she had enough pride to
last a life-time of ***********s. Alas, she wasn't quite as feisty as she
used to be either: Mute, she did as she was told, wisely refraining from
any protest.

"Throw it out".

The little piece of clothing flew out of the vehicle. Alicia was left
naked above the waist on the highway. The truckers immediately started
honking as the sexy blonde with bared jugs drove past them. Rudy slowed
down to a cruising speed to make sure everyone got a good look. He was
sure his little slave was driving the poor truckers nuts; most of them must
have been on the roads for days. He chuckled at the spectacle of little
prim Mrs. Dewey exhibiting her tits to rednecks on wheels on the Jersey
Pike. If anyone remotely familiar witnessed this scandalous sight, there
would be a small explosion in certain circles back in Manhattan. They had
to hope none of Alicia's high-society friends would drive past them at this
very moment.

"Lean out, slave. Shake those titties at the men!!" he instructed.

The drivers kept honking and howling, their weary unshaven faces lit up
with lechery. He decided to spice up the show:

"All right, slut, sit back here... Unbutton those jeans. That's good.
Now start playing with yourself. Rub your pussy... Start pinching those
tits, you still got one hand free... That's a good slave." Rudy waved at
the passing eighteen-wheelers one by one, showing off his slave-girl...
"Don't look at the dashboard, look at the truckers. Lick your lips...
Smile for crying out loud. Look how much they are loving it. Make sure
everyone's getting a good look..." The drivers were blowing the horns and
bawling like mad-men. "Maybe we'll pull into the nearest truck-stop, and
I'll let them gang-bang you!". Alicia's eyes lit up in fear like she'd
rather be skinned alive. "Damn, what a slut you are..." he mocked.
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