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les histoires de chrislebo

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The following weekend after my encounter with Ben I was feeling very guilty about what had happened,me letting a stranger fuck me and me being married was just so wrong from anything I had ever been taught.I tried to go about my business and even went to church on sunday wondering what some of the people would think of me if they knew what happened.I didnt understand why I had let him do this to me how so overwhelmed I had became with lust and how I couldnt stop him.

It was about noon on Monday that my cell phone rang I didnt recognize the number so I didint answer it,only very few people has my number and this one wasnt programed into my phone.After about the fourth time in about an hour I finally answered it thinking someone had the wrong number.When I said hello the voice on the other end said hey bitch remember me,my heart sank because I knew who It was only one person had ever called me that before.I was mad and asked him how he got my number he replied I should be more careful with my pocketbook especially around strangers that like to get in your panties,I asked him what he wanted and he replied its not what I want,but what you want, you know you came like a little french whore now dont you besides I have something else you want,I asked him what it was then he said check your pocketbook I have your drivers license and a credit card I immediatelly checked my pocketbook and sure enough they were gone I called him a bastard and told him I wanted them back he said dont worry I havent used them but if I did what would your husband think

Tthen.I then got scared and asked him to please give them back.He said sure but answer me something and I asked what,he replied,you liked my black dick didnt you.I was speechless he said answer me slut, you like sucking and fucking my black dick didnt you even better than you little white husbands wiener you better answer me or I going to hang up and use this card right now before anyone can do anything not to mention I know where you live what would your neighbors think if I showed up there, I said ok please dont,I was very scared again.Then Ben said ok tell me you liked it didnt you and I finally said yes and he asked yes what, I begged him not to make me say it because I have never talked like that.Now say it bitch Ben said now say it and I replied YES I LIKED SUCKING AND FUCKING YOUR BLACK DICK

.Ben said now thats a good girl.Now you are to meet me at 3 oclock at the service station if you want your license back,do you understand me.I said ok not knowing what else to do.When I hung up the phone my heart was racing and I was again very scared.Being an hour drive to where I was to met him I had to hurry so I put on a pair of blue jeans and a tee shirt and hurried out the door.On the drive down I found myself very nervous and excited knowing in the back of my mind what this man wanted.When I pulled into the service station Ben was parked at the back of the building so I pulled up beside him,he got out and opened the door on the passenger side and got in.

He smiled and said you know where to go bitch to where we do business, as I drove he told me how fine I looked and he touched my titties and felt between my legs he even leaned over and kissed me on the cheek with his big lips.When I finally pulled up in the wooded area he told me to get out and get into the back seat.Ben got out and got in on the other side.Once we were in the backseat Ben ordered me to take my clothes of,I knew there was little sense in arguing so I started taking them off and Ben just stared at me while I was taking them off.Once I was naked he said you really are a slut aint you and he reached over and played with my titties making me look at how hard my nipples were,then he leaned over and sucked on them pushing my legs apart at the same time his fingers found my pussy and he let out a grunt and looked at me and said damn girl you are soaked he played with my clit and rubbed my lips before fingering me, my hips moved again like I had never been touched as I felt my first orgasm coming on.Once I was over that Ben took off his clothes and made me play with his big dick talking dirty to me the whole time after a while he made me lick and suck him continuing to talk dirty to me.

Finally he made me get on top off him facing him and he slide his big dick in me slowly he began to fuck me talking dirty to me once more while he fucked me he even reached around me and played with my asshole while he fucked me no one had ever touched me there before either,he fucked me for a good 5 to10 minutes and I had another orgasm before he came this time pulling out and shooting all over my belly and legs, again I felt very ashamed of what I had done how this black man was able to control me Ben gave me my drivers license back but told me I would have to come back one more time to get my credit card back and that he would call me for instructions



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Vivement le retour "période française", lol!!


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pour noël ?


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After returning home from meeting Ben to get my license back I was feeling very guilty about all of this and had to figure out someway to put an end to it before my husband or my parents found out.After all there would be no excuse in their eyes,I mean here I was young ,pretty ,weathly parents and had always had everything I had wanted how were they ever going to understand any of this.I just couldnt let this ugly black man keep using me like this even if I had liked the sex part of it.After waiting a couple of days Ben called me again he talked in his usual fashion calling me a slut and a bitch among other things he finally asked if I was ready to get my credit card back.I explained to him that I had to stop this that someone would find out and that it could ruin my life and a lot of people would get hurt.

He replied you like me fucking you and using you now dont you,I do things your little white boy husband cant do to you.I begged and pleaded with him until he agreed to think about it and he said he would call me back the next day.On thursday afternoon Ben called me back and said he had thought about it and that if I wanted him to leave me alone that I would have to agree for one last meeting on his terms or the deal was off and that I had only one chance.Thinking this was probably the only way to stop this I finally agreed and asked what he wanted.He said that I would have to come on friday and stay until saturday with him and he would give me my card back and that he promised he would not call me again.I told him that I talked to my husband every night at 10pm on the computer that we used instant messaging to talk and that he would be worried if I wasnt there to talk with him Ben said that it wouldnt be a problem that he had a computer I could use,so finally I agreed to meet him at 5pm on friday then Ben said that there was two conditions or the deal was off,he said I had to shave my pussy for him and wear a short dress for him neither of which I had ever done before I argued with him about shaving and told him I had never done that and asked him why and he said so he could be the first to see my pussy shaved bald he told me not to worry it would grow back before my little white husband came home.

On friday morning I got up and went shopping because I didnt have any dresses that short and found a sun dress that came down to about mid thigh.That afternoon I took a bath and used hair remover to take the hair from down there it actually kinda excited me I guess from being the first time.Ben met me that at the service station and I followed him to his house after taking my suitcase inside Ben told me how good I looked he was siting in a chair and made me come over to him he reached under my dress and pulled my panties down to my knees when he touched my pussy he said damn girl you are already wet you really are a slut aint you,and when I didnt answer he again said now aint you bitch and I softly replied yes I couldnt understand why I got so wet every time I was around this man.Ben made me pull my panties back up and said come on we have to go somewhere I asked where and he said you will see .He made me drive and we drove to another house he made me get out with him and we went inside where there were 3 other men all off them older black men also and all off them stared at me and asked they wanted to know who I was

Ben told them this is who ive been fucking lately and they laughed I guess they thought he was lying but it embarresed me.They played cards for a while playing for money I sat beside Ben and watched ,all of the men kept staring at me which made me very uncomfortable every once in a while Ben would put his hand on my leg.They were ******** the whole time also at about 8pm we was getting ready to leave and on the last hand Ben said now the winner gets Megans panties,I coulnt believe this but knew there was little I could do.One of the men who was missing a front tooth won and Ben made me stand up and take them off and give them to him it was so embarrasing.After that Ben made me go on to the car and shortly after that he came out and we went back to his house.As soon as we were inside he started touching me all over playing with my ass and pussy he kepr talking very dirty to me asking me if I liked all them men looking at me knowing they wanted to fuck me to, his breathing was as heavy as the first time he tried on the first day we met,he made me pull his pants down his dick was extremly hard for some reason he made me suck on it .After that he made me lay on the couch wher he spread my legs wide and played with my pussy he then took his dick and slapped my pussy with it before fucking me,he came inside me again before I could stop him never taking my dress off.After this I took a quick bath and put on my pjs which I always wear

Ben was just siting in his boxers,by this time it was almost time to talk to my husband so I told Ben what I was doing and went to the computer desk and sat down and in a few minutes I was talking with my husband.I was typing and trying to talk to my husband and Ben came over and stood behind me and reached around and started touchind my breast I tried to stop him but he kept touhing me and talking in my ear saying you talk to him while I play with your titties.This went on for a few minutes and then Ben came around to the side and had taken his boxers off he had his dick in his hands and pulled my head over and made me kiss it the whole time I was trying to type and talk to my husband.Ben then made me stand up the whole time I was protesting.but he wasnt going to stop,he sat down in the chair and made me sit in his lap,he started touching me again and started his dirty talk again telling me to talk to my white boy husband while I play with his little white wife what would he think if he knew a black man was feeling his little slut wife right now he still thinks hes the only man thats had that pussy dont he.Ben then made me stand uo and he pulled my pj bottoms and panties off at the same time he took off my top,the whole time I was trying to talk to my husband .Ben was sitting in the chair and he made me sit down on him his cock slid all the way in me I guess from being fucked just an hour before as he fucked me he kepr saying what would your husband think now bitch a big bkack dick fucking his wife while you are talking to him now fuck that dick bitch in a few minutes I had the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced and soon after he came inside me again,my husband even asked one time why it was taking me so long to respond.

The next morning I was in the bathroom taking a bath I heard Ben talking to someone when I got dressed and went into the other room it was the man that had took my panties the night before they were sitting there talking and Ben told me to come sit down he then explained that this man had paid him to see me naked but he wasnt going to let him fuck me,I immediatly protested and said no Ben told me to shut the fuck up now stand up and take those clothes off.I nervously got up and started taking my clothed off,when I was undressed Ben made me turn around and show the man my whole body. Then the man asked Ben if he could touch me and Ben said why not he made me go over to him and the man started touchig me the whole time my body was shaking after he had touched me for a while he asked Ben if he could eat me I said no but Ben said yeah the bitch might like it and asked if I liked getting my pussy eaten and I told them I had never had that done before.

They made me sit down on the sofa beside Ben and spread my legs the man cams over and got between them as soon as his tounge touched my pussy I jumped the mans toungue ran all over my pussy he fingered me and eat me while Ben sat beside me and watched the whole thing in a few minutes my body was convulsing out of control I had another orgasm in front of both of these men After he was finished the man told Ben he should let him fuck me but Ben told him no but that HE would let me jack him off I said no again but it was to no use the man took off his clothes his dick was long but not as thick as Bens they made me sit down beside him and I played with his dick until it was hard he told me he had never been with a white girl before that my hand looked good on his dick I jacked him off until he came on my hands,after he left Ben fucked me once more and then give me my credit card back so far he has not tried to contact me anymore it has been about 3 months now.


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It had been almost 4 months since my encounter with Ben,I had pretty much gotten over feeling guilty about what had happened and had decided to keep it my own little secret and vowed not to do anything like that again and try to be the best wife I could to my husband.Every thing was getting back to normal I had my cell phone number changed and my pubic hair was back to normal so everything seemed to be going ok.I had joined a fitness center where I could workout and keep myself busy ,I had also gotten involved in a couple of the church groups to occupy my time.I was very lucky that I didnt have to work since my ****** had given us a lot of money when we were married these events helped to occupy my time.My parents had just came down to visit me for the weekend and had left on monday morning,I had spent most of monday cleaning the house and doing a few other things

.On tuesday morning I went to the fitness center to workout which I do at least 3 times a week my body was begining to get real toned more than I already was, my parents even complimented me on it when they were down.After I got home I took a bath I wasnt planning on going anywhere else that day so I just put on a pair of shorts and a top that just had spagetti straps on it something that I only wear around the house.It was early that afternoon I was watching a show on tv when the doorbell rang,not expecting anyone or not knowing who it could be just kinda caught me off guard,thinking it was probably my ****** inlaw who drops by from time to time unannounced I didnt bother looking out but went straight to the door and opened it.I was so stunned to see Ben standing there I felt like I was going to faint.I immediately asked him what he was doing here.Frightened and bewildered I didnt know what to do,here I was trying to forget what happened and he shows up at my front door .Ben said are you going to let me in or you just gone let me stand out here where people can see me.Not wanting any of my neighbors to see this black man at my door I let him in but told him he couldnt stay.

When Ben walked in he looked at me from my head to my feet and said damn girl you looking real good,he just made himself at home he just walked around and looked at my house,he even looked out into the back yard and comeneted on our gazebo saying damn girl you got a nice place here I kept telling him that he couldnt stay that he had to go but he ignored me and just kept walking from room to room looking at everything when he got to our bedroom he turned to me and said I guess thats where your little white boy husband fucks you aint it.I kept telling him that he had to leave that he promised me that the last time he wouldnt bother me anymore.He said I know but I lied I just coudnt help but think of that nice white ass of yours and by the way you been working out,you looking real good girl you making my dick hard.As we walked back to the living room I pleaded for him to leave.

When we got back to the living room Ben turned to me and said you really want me to leave and I said yes.Ben replied well if you will go in the kitchen and fix me something to ***** maybe I will.I asked if I fix you something to ***** you promise to leave he said yeah ILL leave,so I went into the kitchen to fix him a glass of tea thinking that I was going to get rid of him when I returned to the living room I didnt see Ben anywhere so I called his name he said im right here as I turned Ben came out of the guest bedroom and into the hall and he was totally naked his huge cock was sticking straight out as he walked toward me I said no we are not going to do anything he walked up and took the glass of tea from me and said look bitch you think I came here for a glass of tea,he took a sip of tea and sat the glass down on the end table and said now look here you little white slut if you be nice then just maybe no one will no im here

I begged him to please stop that I couldnt do this anymore ,he put his hand on the back of my neck and told me to look at his dick,as I looked at it he said now see that ,its your fault that my dicks hard like that and you act like you dont want to do nothing about it you shouldnt have let me have none of that little white pussy in the first place now grab my dick bitch as I protested he took my hand and placed it on his cock and said now stroke it girl,stroke my black dick with that little white hand of yours as my hand touched his cock it jumped and Ben said now feel that, its your fault im like this Ben continued to talk dirty to me as he moved my hand up and down his cock,he said you missed my big black dick didnt you slut,I could feel myself getting excited something I didnt want to do.Ben placed his other hand on my shoulder and said now get on your knees as he pushed downward on my shoulder as I got on my knees in front of him he grabbed his cock and pointed it toward my mouth and ordered me to kiss it as he pulled my head towards it.I couldnt believe I was in my own house and this black man had his huge cock out and ordering me to kiss it as I kissed it he said yeah girl thats good now keep that up lick my shaft all the way up ,after doing this for a little while he ****** me to open my mouth and he slid his dick in my mouth grabbing the back of my head and pushing it to the back of my mouth until it almost gagged me after doing this for 2 to 3 minutes he made me standup and he kissed me telling me I was a good girl by this time I knew I was excited but wasnt sure why I knew that I just didnt want this to happen .about that time

Ben said now are you ready to show me that pretty little body bitch and again I tried to protest bur he wasnt buying it.Ben said take off them clothes bitch show me that little body.You been thinking about my dick havent you, you looking good for me aint you as I pulled my shirt up he continued to talk dirty to me calling me a little tramp and said yeah I trained you with my big black dick, as soon as my top was off his hands were all over my titties he felt them and groped them and he sucked on them feeling me through my shorts the whole time.The next thing I knew his hand was down the back of my shorts and he was feeling my ass while he sucked on my titties the next thing I knew he had pulled my shorts and panties down to my ankles as he ordered me to step out of them his hands were feeling my legs on the way back up inching closer to my pussy.

He pushed my legs apart and his hand went straight to my pussy as he felt it he said yeah now I know you been missing me, you wet girl, he fondled and fingered me for a couple of minutes until I coulnt stand it anymore and I had an orgasm right in my own living room.After that was over he turned me around and ****** me to get on my knees in the chair with my hands on the back of the chair.Ben kept playing with my ass and pussy talking dirty to me until finally he got behind me and I felt the tip of his huge cock on my pussy lips he kept playing and finally started pushing it in me for some reason he seemed harder this time than the times before he fucked me long and hard telling me how good my little ass looked with his big black dick in me he kept touching my asshole until he finally stuck his finger in it his cock felt so huge in me then I had another orgasm and he pulled out and came on my ass.

After we were finshed I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom to clean up after I returned Ben had put his clothes back on he came over to me and kissed me putting his hand on my pussy .Then he said your little white pussy belongs to me you might be married to a little white boy but your ass belongs to me, you like me fucking you and you know it,we will see each other again ,he then left now I dont know what to expect.The truth is I dont know how to tell this man no when hes around me im not sure how I can stop him.



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It had been almost a week since Ben had came by and caught me off guard I had really thought this was all behind me and all of a sudden he shows up again.I never thought that he would show up at my house.I just found out in the last couple of days that my husband would be coming home for 14 days and that he would have to return to iraq for another six months his units stay had been extended.After my husband arrived home about a week later I was really glad to see him I was expecting us to spend some time together but as it turned out it seemed all he wanted to do was spend time with his parents it should not have been a surprised because hes always been a mamas boy,we had sex 4 times while he was home and everytime we did I was dissapointed it seemed once he was finished it was over no foreplay or anything exciting. I never once had an orgasm I asked him many times what was wrong and every time he would reply nothing and then he would ask why I was making a big deal out of it.He never even told on how I looked since I had been going to the fitness center.On his last full day at home he and his ****** went and played golf instead of spending it with me this upset me a lot.

.While they were gone I had to go to walmart to pick up some things and get groceries after I got done shopping and had gone out to my car I was putting my things in the trunk when I sensed someone behind me, as I looked around Ben was standing there I almost jumped out of my skin,he said hey girl.I said WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ,my husbands home,he was smiling and said I know I seen the white boy Ive been watching, how do you think I knew you was here.Then I said look I have to go someone is going to see us. Ben replied ok I understand but this is what we gone do ,you meet me tonight at midnight in the gazebo in your backyard understand I told him no!! there was no way he just smiled and said dont make it hard on me either and turned and left.On the drive home my stomach was doing flip flops ,how could I do something like this my husband was home and he wanted me to meet him in our backyard.The whole afternoon I was in a very nervous state at times it seemed I couldnt even breathe,but had excited me like nothing before it was such an intoxicating thought, I had never dreamed of doing something like this.

A little later my husband came home and informed me that we were going out to eat with his parents I thought this is just great his last night at home and we were going with his parents but not wanting to make a scene I didnt say anything.That whole afternoon all I could think about was the jester Ben had made I didnt understand why this had excited me so much.We got home around 8:30 my husband packed his things to leave the next morning, his flight was to leave at 7:00am, after he was packed he kissed me and said he was going to bed I told him I would be there in a minute it had only been about 10 minutes when I came to bed and my husband was already asleep I couldnt believe it his last night and he was asleep.As I looked at the clock it was only 10:30. I layed there for the next several minutes thinking about Ben and if he really had the nerve to show up or he was bluffing and the thoughts that went throgh my head had increasingly excited me I slipped out of bed and went and turned off the motion sensor lights on the house if he did show up I really didint want them going off.when I went back to bed I layed there and thought about Ben and how he treated me I mean, he was the first to have sex with me outdoors, the first in my car, and the first in my living room he always made things exciting, unlike my husband ,you always knew what he wanted and even thought he wasnt an attractive man he did have a huge cock.As I layed there my body just kept getting more excited my stomach was churning my legs were shaking and I could hardly get my breath I couldnt believe I was considering doing this.

The whole time my husband was lying there ************* 11:15 I got up and quietly went to the dresser and picked out a blue satin negligee it wasnt see through and it came down to about mid thigh I slipped through the house and went to our master bathroom to take a bath as I took off my pjs I couldnt help but notice how swollen and hard my clit was and it appeared my lips were swoolen also, I couldnt believe I was so excited,before I got in the bathtub I took the scissors and trimmed my pubic hair and shaved the lips to my pussy I thought I was going to have an orgasm as I shaved them.After all my husband wasnt going to see me there again.I took my bath I put on the negligee but didnt put on any panties I put on a little perfume and slipped back in the bedroom to make sure my husband was asleep I dont think he had even moved since he went to ****** went to the guest bedroom and got a blanket and started for the back door.As I opened the door the excitement was just overwhelming me being almost naked walking acroos our backyard towards the gazebo which was about 75 feet from our house.As I approached the gazebo I could see Ben standing there.

He walked up to me and looked at me from head to toe and in a low tone said damn girl you look good,it was more than my husband had said to me since he had been home.Then Ben said your white boy husband asleep and I replied yes then he asked you fuck him tonight and I replied no,he then asked you saved that little pussy for me didnt you?his little dick want do will it? you want my big black dick dont you bitch?The whole time he was talking I was increasingly getting more excited.Ben came closer and asked how big my husbands dick was and when I didnt answer he asked how big is it bitch and I replied 5 or 6 inches and Ben said so you really want my black dick dont you and I replied softly yes.Ben took the blanket from me and layed it on the bench and started taking his clothes off while I watched him.Once he was undressed his cock was already hard and he walked over to me and started touching me through my negligee the whole time he was talking dirty to me saying yeah girl your little wimp white boy husband is in there asleep and you out here about io get fucked by this big black dick what would he think now girl as he talked to me I reached and took his cock in my hand and started sroking it he said yeah you cant wait can you girl.Ben couldnt help but notice my body shaking and said you really horny aint you.My whole body was shaking and my nipples were protruding through the fabric that covered them.Bens hands had touched my whole upper body by this time but he had not touched me down there yet.

Ben said this is exciting to you aint it girl you are about to get fucked in your backyard while your husband ****** you want this dont you girl, now say it,so I replied softly yes.Then he said you want to suck my black dick before I fuck you dont you girl and again I said yes.Ben grabbed the blanket and spread it out on the floor,he came back over to me then and grabbed me around the waist and started to kiss me I stopped him and then I told him that I didnt have any panties on Ben smiled and said damn you little white married slut and put his hand under my negligee and onto my pussy as soon as he touched me I started to shake almost having an orgasm and Ben said damn I aint never felt a girl as wet as you he grabbed my negligee and pulled it over my headand stepped back to look at me, as he looked at me he said yeah you trimmed for me didnt you and I said yes, he asked you ever touched your pussy for your husband and I said no,then he said touch it for me let me see you touch that pussy my hand shakingly moved to my pussy as my breathing got heavier.As my hand touched my pussy I began to tremble I couldnt believe how wet I had became Ben kept telling me what to do so I played with my clit and rubbed my fingers through the lips for him.

Finally he said now lay down right here so I layed on the blanket and Ben got down beside me with his cock close to my head and told me to suck on it as I sucked on it he played with my pussy fingering me with one then two fingers all of a sudden Ben rolled on top of me like he was going to fuck my face I kept sucking his cock until he pushed my legs wide apart and I felt his tongue on my pussy my hips squirmed and bucked against his face until I had the most powerful orgasm I ever had.Ben then rolled off me and turned around and pushed my legs apart and pushed my knees forward and said you watch while my dick goes in you he guided the tip of his cock to my pussy lips and all of a sudden plunged all the way in to the hilt he had never gone that deep before his balls slapped my ass cheeks everytime he plunged into me and the sensation was incredible he fucked me very hard talking dirty to me the whole time saying your little white husbands in there asleep and he dont know his pretty little white wife is out here getting fucked by a black man his cock felt so good inside me finally I felt him tense up and he exploded inside me and at the same time I had my second orgasm it seemed like he came for a long time afterward we both got dressed and then I gave Ben my new cell phone number I figured if my husband wasnt interested that I wasnt going to make him I then walked back inside with Bens come running down my leg and cleaned up and went to bed my husband had never moved.



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The Maid's Husband


"What is it?"

"Where have you kept my tie. I just can't find it anywhere. "

"It's inside the wardrobe. "

Amit always expected her to attend to him when he was getting ready for office. When they had got married ten years back she could do that. But now with their two kids going to school her morning schedule was hectic. Getting up early, preparing breakfast, waking up the kids, serving breakfast... it went on and on until Amit left for his office and she took the kids to the bus stand to catch the school bus.

Anita either slept nude or in a panty and that is why she made it a point to get up before the ********. She had been a***** when the doorbell rang. She asked Amit to open the door but he was too ******. She tiptoed on her bare feet and peeped through the key hole. It was the maid Lakshmi. Anita opened to door. Lakshmi had had seen her nude off and on and so there was no problem in letting her see the breasts once again. Once in a while they had also discussed the lovemaking aspects of weddings. Lakshmi went to the kitchen and Anita saw that one of her anklets was missing. That is what happened when Amit made violent love. Before going to the kitchen she pulled on a knee length nightie and went to the kitchen.

Mornings were even tougher when the maid didn't turn up. Lakshmi was a nice person and always went out of her way to help Anita. She never refused to do anything, quite unlike most of the maids employed by her friends and neighbours. When they had moved into this beautiful bungalow in Pratap Ganj, in the eastern suburbs of the city, she had felt elated. The apartment blocks would no longer stifle her. No doubt to it, she hated living in apartments.

But then Lakshmi had her own share of problems – her ******** and abusive husband. He would return home late most of the days just managing to keep himself steady and would beat her up for flimsy reasons. Whenever the thrashing got too hard she had to stay away from work for a day or two. Anita pitied Lakshmi. Why did she stay with him? At times she tried to imagine an abusive Amit. If anything like that ever happened she would, surely, walk out. It was not a question of how much it hurt physically; it would be an intolerable insult on self-esteem. Then she would laugh at her idea of an abusive Amit...after all they had been college sweethearts and knew each other so well.

Whenever Anita expressed her opinion to Lakshmi, she laughed patiently.

"You don't understand everything. " Lakshmi would say, leaving Anita wondering.

But, Lakshmi had agreed that next time he repeated it she would bring him over for Anita to try to talk him out of this beastly habit. Yesterday when Anita learnt from another maid that Lakshmi wont turn up for work for a day or two she had expected them. They hadn't turned up till now.

"Vipin and Varsha, I want you to finish your breakfast within five minutes. " She warned. The kids were in their usual habit of messing up with the breakfast. Vipin with eight summers behind him was capable of taking care of himself but his six year old sister was still the baby of the family.

She looked up at the wall clock. It was eight-thirty.

"Honey, I'm off. Might be late in the evening. Amit stood beside her in the kitchen just long enough to plant a kiss on her cheek and if the situation permitted he would just slide the nighty aside and give a peck on her nipples. It's one of those gestures that have stayed with them for the last twelve years. She followed him out of the kitchen, yanked the kids out of the table and sent them off to the bedroom to get dressed for school. They managed to do that on their own.

As she started to get dressed standing in front of the wardrobe mirror she mused that there was at least one bright side to her tough schedule. It definitely helped her to stay in shape. She was slim, tall – almost five feet seven and medium complexioned. She knew that even at thirty-two she was attractive.

"You are still a head turner, honey. " Amit was always saying that. It was a harmless leg pulling on his part but going by the way people stared at her she knew he wasn't wrong. Having put on her pale blue saree she turned, her side facing the mirror and arranged her shoulder length hair. That's perfect, she decided. No unwanted prominence.

"Mama, we are ready. " Their shout brought her back to her senses. It was time she took them to the bus stop for their school bus but luckily they went with Mrs. Pareek.

She flopped down on the bed. She felt too tired even to change her clothes. The blast of cool air from the ceiling fan helped her relax. It went just like that on day's Lakshmi didn't turn up. Later, she would get up, change and have her breakfast. A brief flip through the newspaper before she returned to the kitchen to get on with her daily chores. Now the only thing she could think of was to relax under the fan. Everything else could wait. She closed her eyes just to enjoy that stupor of ***** come over her.

The ringing doorbell brought her back to her senses. She looked at her watch. It was almost ten o'clock.

"Who can it be?" She murmured rising from the comfort of the bed. Peeping into the door-eye she could see Lakshmi standing outside. She opened the door to let her in. It was then that she noticed the man standing a couple of yards behind her, right on the driveway. She wondered whether she should let him in. She was wearing only a sleeveless nightie with no bra and a thong pantie which Amit liked. But since Lakshmi was there Anita decided to let them in.

"Do I need to tell you what happened day before yesterday?" Lakshmi said.

No, she nodded. "I have brought him with me. See whether you can talk him out of this beastly habit. I have my doubts. "

Anita made way for Lakshmi to get into the house. As Lakshmi went past her she looked at the man standing there.

"Come in and close the door behind you. "

She walked into the drawing room and sat down on the sofa. She was in a fix, should she invite them to sit on another sofa or on the floor. Before she could decide, Lakshmi made herself comfortable on the floor. Her husband followed suit.

"What's your name?"


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It was for the first time Anita had a close look at him. Unshaved, it looked he was having a hangover. That's nothing surprising considering his habits. Otherwise, his hair was neatly combed and the shirt he was wearing was one of those she had given to Lakshmi. He looked fine in it. He must be around forty or so, she decided. He was couple of inches taller than she. Lakshmi had told her that he was a mason. Anita saw that his eyes were locked on her breasts. She wondered whether he could see her nipples through the thin material.

The next quarter of an hour she talked to them, at length, about the virtues of being a teetotaler. He seemed to understand everything, agreeing with her that he should get rid of this habit. While talking to them she bent down to pick a ball that the ******** had left on the floor. At that time the nightie also fell and she was sure that Bhasu saw her breasts.

"Nobody had explained to me the problems of being a ******** the way you have done. " He went on. "You are definitely younger to me in age but you are more matured. I guess, that's what education does to you. Don't worry, from this moment onwards I'll concentrate on earning a decent living rather than wasting our earnings on ******. "

As they left, she could make out the gratitude on Lakshmi's face.

More than an hour had passed by. She was still leafing through the newspaper...not feeling like starting the chores in the kitchen. But first, she had to change. She got up and started towards the bedroom. Just then the doorbell rang.

Must be the postman delivering the registered mail, she thought.

She opened the door to find Bhasu with a cloth bag.

"What is it?" She felt irritated, but controlled herself.

"I have put all the bottles that I had back home in this bag. As a tribute to the way you helped me I request you to throw these away yourself. "

She agreed reluctantly, taking the bag from his out-stretched hand.

"Can I have a glass of water?"

"Sure. " She replied putting down the bag on the floor.

When she returned with a glass of water, she found him standing inside. He gulped the water down and returned the glass to her. She took the glass but before she could move it away he caught hold of her hand pulling her to him. It was unexpected and fast...she just couldn't react. All that she managed to do was to turn around so that he was behind her. At that moment panic struck her and the glass slipped out, shattering itself into pieces as it struck the floor. His hands were on her breasts gripping them so hard that it hurt. She bent forward to free herself form his amorous bear hug.

That didn't help. To keep her balance she had to shove her behind at him. He responded immediately, his loins ramming against her behind. He was squeezing her breasts rather painfully.

"Stop or I'll shout. " She found her voice at last.

"I know you won't do that. All that you need is a good fuck. " He was panting. Recovering from her panic she fought back, her hands catching hold of his hair ******* him forward and her bare feet kicking at his shin.


He deserved it. Desperately, she clung to his hair. Unexpectedly, his right hand relinquished its hold on her. But it was only a brief respite. She felt his hands on her nightie, trying to pull it off. To her horror he succeeded, throwing it away from her reach. It lay in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Suddenly he released her.

She staggered, trying desperately to maintain her balance.

He slapped her hard, the sting ringing in her ears. Tears swelled in her eyes. Then came the second one, sending her reeling onto the floor. She was pinned down to the floor as the blows rained on her. She tried to resist, but most of them got through her defenses. Before long her strength began to wane away and the slaps coming in quick succession became unbearable.

"Please! I beg you..." She wailed.

Instantly it stopped. She started crying, drops of ***** trickling down her nose.

"It's nothing. Will be okay in a minute. " He sneered as she felt his hands on her panties, tearing them off.

She couldn't believe this was happening to her.

"Oh God! Let this be just a nightmare. "

He couldn't shift his eyes from what he had unveiled...long legs, firm thighs and neatly trimmed

pubic hair just covering her mons.

'That is a nice pussy. If you are so fond of Lakshmi why did you not ask her to trim her pussy as


It was overwhelming. She was just what he had fantasized sitting on the floor in front of her,

listening to her crap on ********.

He buried his head between her thighs inhaling the musk of her sex. Tentatively, he started licking her.

Oh God!" She shuddered clutching his head with her hands and trying to move him away. Amit never did that to her. As his tongue became more insistent increasing it's rhythm and pressure she began to lose control. With a startle she realised that the body was capable of accepting what the mind rejected.

"Aah!" She moaned and moved her hands, putting an end to her feeble attempts to move him away.

Soon her moans became louder as she shuddered under his maneuvers. She was beyond all caring now...her background, education, husband, ********...nothing mattered. There is no way out. She will have sex with this man...her maidservant's habitually ******** husband.

Abruptly, he got to his feet and started undressing. In his hurry he tore of his shirt and trouser. Lying on the floor, she had a fleeting glance of his manhood as he joined her. He is huge...certainly bigger than Amit, she thought. He raised her legs, arranged them on his shoulders and placed the tip of his cock at the entry of her pussy with just the head buried slightly in the folds of her pussy.

'You want this inside? Do you get fucked daily?'

'No, please don't do it.'

"Hmm. so you don't get fucked daily. Too bad. Perhaps he fucks Lakshmi."She found the thought revolting. How could Bhasu think such a thing?

Slowly and steadily he started pushing. Anita was already wet and as her pussy held Bhasu's foreskin back, his cock slid in smoothly.

'I am so sorry but you did not resist enough and see it is already inside. It is nice, tight and warm. Obviously you don't get fucked regularly. That is why you need me.' And he increased the rhythm by fully withdrawing and then thrusting wildly. All the while he kept sucking her nipples and playing with the breasts.

'Lakshmi had told me that you have nice breasts but these are just too good. Lucky man, your husband.'

"Oh God!" She sighed as her vagina stretched to accommodate him. She put her hands to her mouth stifling her moans as the tip of his penis drove all the way to her cervix again and again.

Bhasu seemed to carry on and on. ************* she had locked her ankles around his back. An explosion that left them panting for breath. He discharged entirely inside her.

She looked at him.

"I told you that's what you needed. You scare me the way you moaned. " He was smiling. Embarrassed, she looked away.

When she tried to get up he pulled her back to him.

"Where are you going, my dear? We are not through as yet. Wouldn't you like to fuck again?"

"I need to go to the bathroom. " She tried to sound detached.

"But you can't go like this. "

He stood up and helped her to her feet. He had already stripped her naked. He turned her around.

"You can go now. " He said patting her naked behind.



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When she came back into the living room he was sitting in front of the television watching Sun TV.

"Come, sit over here. " He was indicating his lap. She hesitated for a moment, acutely conscious of her nudity but then relented. He placed his cock at her pussy and wanted her to sit on it but the cock was limp after the discharge and did not go in.

Nevertheless as soon as she was on his lap his hands started caressing her again.

Half an hour later the smoldering fires began to burn again. But this time he wanted it come in her mouth. She had never performed fellatio, not even with Amit. It was perverse... something that you can read only in those English paperbacks. Certainly, she can't do it.

"I won't do that. " She stood her ground.

Moments of his ecstasy he will not be able to hold onto her. Wanting to get over the whole thing she started to suck him vigorously.

The pressure of his hand on her head increased...she could feel his approaching orgasm. He was hard and huge inside her mouth. She started ******* and gasped for air but there was no respite. She knew it was time to pull away...this would be the last time she would suck him in. He moved swiftly catching her unaware. His hands moved to the back of her head and powerfully pulled her to his groin. It was as if he knew from the very beginning what she had in mind. Tightly pressed against his groin, she was suffocating. She struggled to free herself, but he was too strong for her. Then suddenly he relaxed, allowing her to create just enough space to breathe. It was only a brief respite. The next instant she was again ****** against his groin. As his penis hit the back of her throat he exploded. She had no other way but to gulp down his secretions to prevent herself from *******. When he released her she fell back, heaving a sigh of relief. Her cheeks and chin were covered with his semen that had escaped her mouth. Almost immediately she started retching and rushed to the bathroom, somehow managing to reach the wash basin, before throwing up. That gave her immediate relief from the nausea. When she looked up she found Bhasu standing beside her. She offered no resistance as he took her in his arms and gently ran his fingers through her hair to comfort her.

"Are you comfortable now?" He whispered. She nodded yes.

Bhasu helped her to clean up before leading her back to the living room. He helped her onto one of the sofas and then sat opposite her.

"Take it easy. " Soon they were engrossed in the television.

"Okay its time. " His words startled her bringing her attention back from the television.

"For what?"

"Come here on your knees. " He ordered, opening his legs.

"Bhasu! Please don't ***** me to do that again. I have never done that before. "

"Okay, Okay. " He seemed to understand and walked over to her.

She didn't even get the time to flinch as he slapped her hard. Tears and stars sprang to her eyes.

He went back to the sofa.

"How many times do I have to tell you that your preferences don't count. You don't know your preferences, anyway. Just follow my orders and soon you will start enjoying it. Now crawl over here and you better keep it down this time. " He threatened...

This time there was no nausea. When it was over she sat down on the floor, her head on his thigh – only inches away from his now satiated manhood. She felt too embarrassed to even look up at him. He knew how to have his way with a woman, there can be no doubt about it.

Anita looked at her watch and jumped. It was time for Varsha and Vipin to return home. Hurriedly she extricated herself from his embrace and got to her feet.

"Bhasu you have to go now. It's time my *** and ******** returned from school. "

"Let me kiss you there one more time. " He was looking straight at her naked crotch. "You look very nice when you are naked. Do you trim the hair there yourself or does your husband do it?"Anita remained quiet.

"Okay go there, stretch your arms overhead. Let me examine you. No hair under the arms, nice, very nice. A Mangalsutra in your neck. Good earrings. A diamong nose pin. A golden girdle around your waist, very expensive, no!But nice. Turn around. Oh nothing in your asshole. All it needs is a tight slap. Turn around again. Glass bangles on one wrist and gold one in the other along with a watch. And a combination of silver anklets and chain along with small toe rings. Nice red nail polish on your hands and toes. This is the way I want to see you when I come to ... you tomorrow. You want to get... badly?Remember nothing else or else?" He said sneeringly

"You are nice to look at and nice to fuck. But we have missed out on one important thing."said Bhasu "God!" Thought Anita. "Now what is it?"She was exasperated.. "Come closer, very close." Anita complied. Bhasu too stripped quickly. "Now stand on your toes, cup your breasts and keep your nipples on mine." Anita hesitated. "No! Why all this. You have had sex with me. Now why all this?"

"Shut up. Do it and you won't get hurt. Or else you will get hurt and then do it. And don't say that I had sex with you. Say that I fucked you" She stood on tip toe and placed her large pink nipples on Bhasu's brown. He cupped both her buttocks and pulled her closer to him. However because of the difference in height his cock could not enter Anita's pussy. It just kept pushing on the mound of her sparse pubic hair. "Now kiss me as you kiss your husband. Suck my tongue. Take your hands behind my head." Anita wondered whether he would ever go. Since she wanted him to go early she was complying with his instructions willingly. She darted her tongue inside his mouth, found his tongue and sucked at it wildly. This again set her body on fire and gave Bhasu an erection again. "Good. One last thing. Get your cordless phone. Quick." Anita picked it from the nearby cabinet. "Lie down. Open your legs"He then placed his cock at the tip of her ass-hole, and kept her ankle on his shoulder. With the wild kisses given by Anita his cock was rock hard again. "No, not in there."Anita pleaded. Bhasu's cock was slippery and placed just at the tip of her ass-hole. He kept his hands near Anita's belly button and pulled her but the hole was too tight. 'Please don't put it there. It will be painful.' Anita was almost begging him. "Well, okay your choice bring your hand and keep it wherever you want it." Cursing Bhasu under her breath she held his cock and kept it at the opening of her pussy. "Now dial your husband."

"Why?"Anita pleaded. "If you want to fuck me, do so. Why bring my husband into it?"

"Do as I say. Why do I have to repeat myself once you know that you have to do it. If you delay your ******** will come and they will not be too happy to see you like this." Anita dialed Amit. As soon as she said hello Bhasu thrust his cock in. "Hi, love. How are you" Amit said. "Fine!" Anita replied. As the conversation proceeded Bhasu kept thrusting his cock in very slowly till it was fully embedded in Anita's pussy. His strokes were also discreet. All the while he kept pulling her nipples and also nibbling at them. He withdrew only after the conversation ended, wiped the cum over her breasts and proceeded to get dressed. "Remember. Tomorrow. Now the pussy kiss."

She came over and opened her thighs, allowing him to kiss her sex. He opened the lips of her pussy and darted his tongue inside. "The good part is that your pussy lips are visible even without opening them and Lakshmi has such a bush of hair there. You have seen her bush there?''

Anita shook her head.

"But she has seen you naked. Okay I understand. She comes to your house and in the house you can be naked. Since you don't come to our house how can you see her naked?'

What had actually happened was that after making love she had fallen into deep *******. Amit got up before her. He had put the latch from outside so as not to disturb her. Just as Amit was taking the ******** to school Lakshmi arrived. Amit completely forgot that Anita was ******** naked. When he returned he took off his shoes as per his habit and entered. He saw that Anita was still asleep. Her left leg was straight. The right sole was on the left knee. One arm over the head and the other by the side. In this pose even the pubic hair trimmed as they were could not provide much protection. The lips of her pussy were slightly open and the breasts were rising and falling rhythmically. Lakshmi was sweeping the floor and was completely normal. She did not appear to be even slightly surprised that Mem Sahib was naked. Later when Amit told this to Anita she was not embarrassed by the fact that Lakshmi had seen her pussy as well but was surprised that she slept so soundly. He started getting dressed. She found it surprising that she no longer felt embarrassed to stand before him stark naked.


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"I will be back tomorrow, same time. You will open the door wearing nothing. When I say nothing I mean nothing except of course, all your rings, necklace, bangles etc. "

She nodded trying to get him out of the house as soon as possible.

She bumped into him as he suddenly stopped in front of the door. Turning around he cupped her breasts and sucked one nipple after another.

"Tomorrow you will receive a good thrashing first and the you will offer me your last virginity. "

Was she a willing victim? It was then that Lakshmi's words had struck her... "You don't understand everything. " Now she understood what lay behind the physical ****** that Lakshmi silently suffered.

"The way he dealt with me was no different. " Anita thought. And like Lakshmi she had endured his physical ***** to satisfy her hideous ****** passion.

The stillness of the night was unbearable. She got out of bed and tiptoed to the terrace. The cool southern breeze brought comfort.

How could she betray Amit with a moments passion, she wondered. They loved each other dearly, didn't they? And is this what he expects in return? His beloved wife fucking and illiterate ********. What a shock it will be for him if he ever came to know of it. Didn't her culture, education and ******** mean anything to her? She fought to control her tears. There's no way she would allow Bhasu to have his way with her again.

"I am sorry Amit. I beg you to forgive me. I promise never to do that again. " She murmured to herself. She resolved to straighten things out with Bhasu tomorrow. She will shut the door on his let him know that whatever they did today meant nothing to her. She felt the burden lift from her heart.

"I love you Amit. " She cried out into the stillness of the night.

She had asked him.

"What will happen if Lakshmi comes to know of this?" She looked at him expecting some sort of assurance.

He broke into laughter. "If you want you can go ahead and tell her. In fact, I was planning to have both of you together in bed someday soon. "

"What do you mean? Are you crazy?" Startled, she sat up.

"I can assure you that nobody other than the three of us will ever come to know of this. You want me to carry on fucking you this way or do you want this to stop?'"

'I want this is to stop.' 'Good. So I will fuck you no more. However tomorrow when I come you should be nude in the house, just as you were today. The only change is that when Lakshmi comes you will remain nude. Not only that after a while when I come still you will not run here and there like a fool hiding your breasts but remain casual. Okay? By the way what does your name mean?' 'I don't know.' 'Well, so before I go won't you give a nice long suck to this cock affectionately. Your husband's would be slightly different, so enjoy this.'

"Why are you so late?" Lakshmi asked. "Why? What happened?"

"I have to go to Anita Mem Sahib's place. As it is I am late. There is so much work."


"Tomorrow Mem Sahib's younger sister Sunita Mem Sahib is coming for two weeks." Hearing this Bhasu started salivating again and imagining what Sunita would be like. With and without clothes.



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Part II

The Maid's Husband Returns

It was August end and the heat was still unbearable. Anita's husband Amit had to go on official tour for two days. She had just finished packing the clothes for him. Amit just could not do anything on his own. All throughout the afternoon she had been busy with the packing. Everything had to be kept vests, underwears, handkerchiefs, which shirt to wear with which trouser. Not only that it had to be explained to him as well. He had said that he would come late, have dinner and leave by the Rajdhani Express at 11 p. m.

It was now evening. After sending off the ******** Vipin and Varsha to play along with the neighbour's 14 year old ********, she heaved a sigh of relief. She stripped and had a bath, letting the cold water cool her shapely body. There was nobody in the house, so she emerged nude from the bathroom and looked at herself in the full length mirror. This was among the few vanities she permitted herself.

She was fair, slim and despite two ******** her breasts were still firm. A thin waist, shapely pubic hair and long hairless legs. She admired her gold necklace with the heart shaped pendant; a present from Amit. Pretty it was! Gold bangles! Four on one wrist. She had taken off the Omega watch for the bath which she usually wore on the other wrist. That was also a gift from Amit. Anklets! Yes, silver but she was thinking of buying a golden chain for them and Amit had promised her those as well. She had deliberately got very dainty toe rings made so that they would not hurt whenever she went for the morning jog with Amit. Being barefooted in the house was no problem.

Not bad at all, she said to herself. Suddenly she shuddered. The Bhasu incident! God! That was a real tough one. Thankfully he had not returned. At times she still felt that it was a nightmare. That man had ******** her in the span of one hour as could not be imagined. Immediately after the incident she had thought of dismissing Lakshmi but then she had thought that Lakshmi was as much of a sufferer at the hands of her husband Bhasu as she herself had suffered so why penalize the poor lady. She opened the almirah, sprayed perfume under the arms and in the pubic area, slipped on a pair of bra and panty. She sat under the fan for a while, then got up draped a light blue cotton saree along with a matching sleeveless blouse. Anita again went to the mirror, picked up a comb and straightened her hair. She looked at her manicured hands. The nail polish was intact. No need to apply it again. She thought of applying a pinch of sindur in the parting of her hair;then thought she sould do it late. Picking up the latest issue of "Cosmopolitan" she went into the drawing room and sitting on the sofa started browsing through it.

After barely five minutes, the doorbell rang.

"Who could it be?" She thought. Surely the ******** could not be back so soon and Amit had said that he would be late. She got up and looked through the magic eye, but she saw nobody. Since it was still sunny outside she decided to check out the person who had rung the bell. Perhaps someone playing the prank! As soon as she opened the latch of the door a pair of powerful hands opened the door. It was Bhasu.

"Bhasu, you?"was all that escaped from her lips. Bhasu, the ******** husband of her maid Lakshmi. Back again. And it was just now that she was feeling relieved to have perhaps seen the last of him.

"Mem Sahib. Please. "he said closing the door behind him.

"Why have you come here?" she said in the most stern voice she could manage.

"Mem Sahib, you must be very angry with me. Please sit down. "

He put his hands on her bare shoulders and made her sit on the sofa. Immediately Anita started wishing that she should have put on something more that would not have left her shoulders almost bare but what could be worn in this heat?

Bhasu sat on the floor where her feet were kept. With his eyes focussed on her feet, he started playing with her anklet and started speaking.

"Mem Sahib. I am very sorry for what happened last time. But what could I do? I was helpless. "

She pulled her feet away from him. "Helpless? How?"

"Mem Sahib. I had told U that your husband fucks my wife. "

"What rubbish?" Anita said incredulously and tried to pull her foot further away but he had got hold of it again in his grip. He kept on twirling the anklet round and round her ankle and gradually his hand started moving towards her knee.

"What are you doing, Bhasu? Leave me and go immediately. Anybody may come in any time. " Anita said.

Bhasu acted as if he had not even heard her.

"Mem Sahib, I don't like to fuck Lakshmi. You know her hair there are very thick. I like your style. Very pretty. I like to fuck you. "

Anita blushed. How could she carry on talking to this man when he was so keen to discuss her pubic hair and whose comments were so lewd. His hands were now on her upper thighs.

"You said that you were sorry. " She reminded him.

"Of course I am but what to do about this?"

He picked her foot and kept its sole on his hardening groin.

"And Mem Sahib, your nail polish is very nice. Please unzip this and play with it. "

"No, please go. Now. "

She tried to remove his hand which was at her panty.

"Anita. "

His voice was suddenly rough.

"Don't you understand the language of love? Must I always hurt you to make you do things?"

"What do you want? The last time you had said that you would not come back. "Anita cried.

"What do I want? If you remember the last time I had told you that when I come next I do not want to see any clothes on you. You should have undressed immediately. Do it. Now. No don't get up just as yet. Bend and unzip the fly first. "

Grimacing Anita bent down and unzipped Bhasu's fly.

"Please, Bhasu. Don't start all this again. Lakshmi told me that you had improved. I......I just do not like this. " Anita almost begged him.

"You appear to be one of those who respond only after getting hurt. Would you like a similar slap?Now pull it out. Put your hand inside and take out the cock darling. "

Bhasu said mockingly.



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Anita took his cock out. It was as frighteningly dark and thick with the loose foreskin over the hood, as she remembered it to be and was fully erect. She wondered how he managed to get an erection so soon.

"Now while you get rid of your blouse, put your pretty feet on this and play with it. " Bhasu said.

"Why, oh why? My husband will be coming. Come some other time if you must. " Anita was in tears.

"Some other time also I will come, darling. Don't worry. And I know very well who comes when. Will you do it or do I have to tear it off your body?" Bhasu threatened.

As Anita unhooked the blouse, he stared at her breasts clad in the transparent bra. Hesitatingly, she unhooked the bra also and kept it on the sofa besides her. She then complied with Bhasu's instructions and took his cock between her feet. She started pulling and releasing the foreskin. In the process precum started leaking and smeared her toes. He however kissed her toes and licked them clean.

"Now get up and strip. Don't look so aghast. You are not a holy person whom I come to visit. I come to fuck you. Should I tell you a secret? I have fucked almost all the women where Lakshmi works. "

What rubbish! Anita thought. It seems he has lost his bearings, but how to get rid of him.

He paused for a while ******** in Anita's virtually nude body except for the panty.

"But, " Bhasu carried on, "your pussy and your tight buttocks are the sexiest. Here let me help you. " He pulled the flimsy panty down in one tug.

"Not only is your pussy the sexiest but the tightest. That is why I came back. I knew that you are not fucked regularly. By the way why do all rich women wear panty? It is so small it hides nothing. Just a bit of pussy but nothing at all in the buttocks. Lakshmi does not wear them. And this bra? It is fully netted. I see them hanging in the shops. Even when you were wearing them, your nipples could be clearly seen. You want people to see them, don't you?"

"This man is crazy. " Anita thought but she could not help feeling a bit of pride that after ten years of marriage and regular sex she was still tight. But felt ashamed that this praise was from someone like Bhasu.

"If you liked the compliment about your pussy, you can thank me. " It was as if Bhasu had read her thoughts.

Anita blushed but kept quiet.

Bhasu was still sitting on the floor.

"Get rid of those tears and come closer. "he said.

He started feeling Anita right from the feet upwards. His face he kept close to her pussy.

"Lovely smell. " He said "You were expecting your husband or someone else?"

His hands were at her buttocks while his tongue was probing open the lips of her pussy. He tried to shove the index finger of one hand in her ass hole while the other felt her breasts.

"No, not there. "Anita said resolutely.

"Then where, love? Oh the same lovely tits! Mmmmm! Listen, I do not need to be told what to do and what not to. "

Bhasu said thrusting his tongue inside her pussy.

"Okay turn around and bend now. "

"No. "Anita remained firm.

He swiftly caught hold of one arm and twisted it so that she had to bend.

"Now spread your legs and don't disobey me even once or you will get even more hurt than you did last time. And don't try this drama. I know that you are enjoying this. Wow what is this? A pretty tattoo! Right on your buttocks. Went to the shop and got it done. There you don't feel any shame undressing in front of an unknown man. "

"No, This can be done in the home only. "Anita protested.

"Shut up! I do not need any explanation. " He barked.

With his fingers at the curvature of her feet he started sliding both his hands till her pussy and gave a tight whack on her bottocks.

"You know one of the reasons I come to fuck you is the shape you give to these. "

Bhasu then pulled the cheeks of her buttocks apart and saw the tiny ass hole. He tried to insert a finger but it was too tight and Anita gasped.

"Today you are not wearing the chain around your waist. Girdle, you said it was. The gold one. It went well with your body. Anyway, go and get some vaseline. "

"No, please no. You can do it otherwise. You have done it otherwise. Why insist there?" Anita pleaded.

Bhasu laughed.

"Did I say I would do it there? Go and get it. "

Anita hesitated.

"Come on. Be quick. As it is you walk around nude in the house so why this hestation?" Bhasu said.

She went to the bedroom leaving all her clothes in the drawing room only. As she pulled the drawer of the dressing table she saw that Bhasu was there with all her clothes and alternatively sniffing her panty and bra.

" You want to be fucked or you want to be left alone? I will do one thing which is quite fair. Give me your finger. Hmm. Very nice" Bhasu said licking it.

Holding her hand with both of his hands he directed it towards her pussy and inserted it for a second before pulling it out. Anita's finger was wet with her secretions. Bhasu slowly licked it clean.

"See, " he said "You are all wet and dying to get fucked. So far as the Vaseline is there apply it liberally on your ass hole. Don't ask me if I will fuck you there or not. It is for your own benefit. "

"But I have fucked you so often that ------ what?"Bhasu stopped.

"Not so often. " Anita replied firmly. "You did that once and without my consent. "

"I am so sorry. I should have done it more. Is that what you wanted to say?" Bhasu sneeringly asked.

Anita remained quiet. How could one argue with this man!

"What I was saying was that there should be some conversation between us also. So first tell me is your husband's cock bigger than mine? Come on now, don't feel shy. What is there to feel shy now? Or is there?"

He said making a mock attempt to put a finger up her ass hole.

"Look, if you remain quiet you will get into trouble. Did I not tell you what Lakshmi's pussy is like. Like a jungle. And yours is like a well maintained garden. So you should also tell me about your husband's cock. So what is his cock like?"

" Same as yours. "Anita mumbled.

"Not like that. Say that both our cocks are similar. But the colour must be different. Right?"

God! This time he had planned ***********. Well, if that has to be, so be it.

"Yes, your cock and my husband's cock are similar except for the colour. 'she replied with a straight face.

"Good. Then you can very well imagine that he is fucking you when I get down to it. Does he fuck you daily? If you want you can also ask me whether I fuck Lakshmi daily. "

Anita again remained quiet.

"Come on! "Bhasu persisted.

"Not daily but every alternate day. 'she replied truthfully.

"Say, my husband fucks me every alternate day. And look at poor me. What is my fault? Why should I get to fuck you so rarely? Is it fair?Look what a shame for a pretty lady. The cock is losing its erection. Get down to sucking it immediately. "

There was absolutly no way out. Last time he did the job and got away. This time he has hundreds of queries in addition to the fucking part.

As she bent down, Bhasu said "First tease it with your nipples. They are so erect I just don't feel like ignoring them. Lakshmi's are all black but yours are so chocolatey in colour. "

This constant comparison with Lakshmi was getting on Anita's nerves. She bent and made her nipples touch his cock briefly and before he could say much she took the head in her mouth. After the previous incident she had got over her inhibitions about sucking and getting the discharge in her mouth. Even Amit had been surprised. Pleasantly.

"Yes, that is better. " He caught hold of her hair with one hand and started the rhythm. She too cooperated hoping that he would discharge soon and go away. Without her knowledge he had smeared his fingers and the thumb with the vaseline that she had brought. Slowly he took his index finger of the other hand at the tip of her ass hole and suddenly thrust it in slightly.

Anita started to get up but her hair were in his hand.

"See, no problem, whatsoever. This hole has also been given for men to insert their cocks. For instance at times there may be two men wanting to fuck you at the same time. And you can oblige them. But if you don't like this I will do something else. Leave the cock or would you like to carry on sucking it?Lie on the bed, fold your legs, the soles of your feet should be in the air, the knees close to your tits, arms apart. If you move your arms I will break your teeth. Don't think I have come here to fool around. "He said threateningly.

Bhasu placed himself between her legs, his cock at the entry of her pussy. He then started licking the nape of her neck, right upto her ear. After that he thrust his tongue inside her ear, brought it over her lips, licked the upper lip very slowly, sucked the lower lip, then pried open her mouth with his tongue and thrust his tongue inside. This time he appeared to be an expert in titillating Anita.

"Give me your tongue. "he whispered.

Anita's body was on fire. She was wondering why Bhasu was not doing what he had come to do. Why was he not fucking her? Why this tease? Did he want her to beg? Oh God, what did he want?

She did not have to be told to give him her tongue. They both sucked at each other's tongues wildly. This time he did not taste all that foul either. All the while his hands were at her armpits, gently pulling the sparse hair. Now he focussed his attention on to her nipples. First he blew at them and then encircled the aerol with his tongue alternating between one nipple and the other. He kept on doing this till the nipples were fully erect. Even now he gently flicked his tongue over them but did not take them in his mouth.

Anita wanted to move her hands, pull his head on to her nipples but when she attempted he repeated the warning. She desperately wanted him to suck them. They were aching with anticipation and with constant teasing. All the realisation that he was Lakshmi's husband was forgotten. His cock was still where it was: with leaking precum at the entry of her pussy.

Suddenly Bhasu got up.

"Last time I had fucked you. This time you are at liberty to fuck me. I will lie on the bed. You will sit on me. Yes, you can take the cock in your pussy, bend and tease me with your nipples. "

Anita was in a dilemma. Should she sit on his cock? She again saw it. It was dark and reddish. She herself was fair and pink. He had already fucked her. Did once more make any difference? As it is she was dying to be fucked. On the other hand what about the vows that she and Amit had taken together?Should she knowingly and willingly get fucked by another man and that too a maid's husband. If it was forcible sex it could be condoned but could she herself take it inside her pussy. That was the right of only Amit.

"Come on, come on. I don't have all evening even if you do. All the other Mem Sahibs get fucked immediately and you are acting so pricey. Don't tell me that you have not been fucked before by anybody else. I know these rich types. Lakshmi herself told me that she has seen photographs of you almost nude on the beach where there are so many people. "

God! Lakshmi had seen the album when at Amit's insistence she had worn that bikini that had been purchased from Mumbai. She had been extremely self conscious initially but gradually had enjoyed being the cynosure of all eyes. Even Amit was very happy.

She sat on his stomach and bent to offer him her nipples. Her cock was near her stomach and since it was at full erection it was touching her belly button.

"Place your feet in my armpits. I like to feel pretty feet near me and yours are so pretty. Nail polished, anklets and toe rings. You wear toe rings because you are married? Good girl! I thought so. See how lousy Lakshmi is! Who can get an erection with her by the side?"

Anita could feel the precum leaking from his cock and sticking to her stomach right down to her pubic hair. He again did not take the nipple in his mouth, but kept on nibbling lightly at the nipples.

A phone call disturbed them. Anita picked up the cordless phone to answer it. As she said "hello" he bit her nipple. As Anita gasped, he tried to lift her hips up with both his hands. Their eyes met and somehow an unsaid agreement was reached. She did not resist but went along with the pressure applied by Bhasu and cooperated in lifting her hips. He aimed his cock at the pussy and left her. She sat down on it and it slipped in so smoothly that Anita felt as if a tremendous burden had been lifted off her. Due to her weight it went deep inside her and almost touched the cervix. Anita gasped. She disconnected the phone without even listening as to who was at the other end and experienced an orgasm even without the strokes. This was sheer bliss.

"Don"t squeeze my cock. "

Bhasu said mockingly. He caught hold of both of her breasts and squeezed them. With the pressure of his hands he made her take a few strokes by rising and falling on his cock in which she cooperated by picking her pussy away and falling on him. This made a plonk noise and embedded his cock fully inside her pussy each time she came down on it. It was a wonderful sight in the mirror. His thick dark tool virtually disappearing in the folds of Anita's creamy pussy.

He again dislodged her, made her lie down, kept one foot on his shoulder and thrust his cock again into her slippery pussy.


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His hands were at her nipples pulling them. Soon they were back at her ass cheeks pulling them apart. After a few strokes of fulling withdrawing the cock and again pushing it in to the hilt they both approached a common orgasm. They shuddered and held one another tightly. Finally he shot a squirt of sperm inside her and suddeenly loosened himself.

Even in that heavenly state with Bhasu's cock deep inside her, Anita hoped that this time she would be as lucky as the last time and not get pregnant. Please God, she sent a silent prayer.

Spent they both lay there quietly for five minutes.

"If you must lie here all naked please do so by all means but I have to go. " Bhasu said.

Shocked she looked at the watch. It was 6. 45 p. m. The ******** would be back any time. She rushed into the bathroom and washed herself of all the stickiness and the saliva. Her clothes were outside so she emerged naked after patting herself dry. Bhasu was sitting in the drawing room fully clothed. He was playing with her panty.

"I am taking this with me. It will remind me of your smell. "

He said matter of factly.

"And yes, if you want things to be even tell your husband that he is most welcome to fuck Lakshmi. "

He came close to her, licked both her nipples, then sucked them till they were erect again, and winked at her.

"You are so shameless! Standing in the drawing room and getting your nipples sucked by a man not your husband! What if somebody can see you from the other building? Anyway you will wait for me. Won't you? I knew that you wanted to be fucked but your husband's invisible presence was holding you back. I helped you, did I not by taking the initiative and again fucking you whereas you were supposed to do it this time?"

Anita found her voice. "I never said that I would do it. And people don't peep here. "

"Sure, you didn't. And because people don't peep you don't mind getting your tits sucked. Oh, I should have known. They don't peep that is why you ***** and move around naked. Now just turn around and bend if you want me to leave quickly. "

As Anita turned around he quickly inserted a full finger in her ass.

"Oooh. " She virtually screamed.

He had unzipped his fly and quickly thrust his cock replacing the finger inside her ass, placed his hands at her pubic bone and pulled. It went in gradually.

"See, no trouble at all. " He again withdrew and thrust it in.

The sensation that Anita was feeling was very unusual but not unpleasant. It somehow filled her totally.

After a few thrusts, he however withdrew it and zipped his fly.

"Next time. Meanwhile you can try it with your husband. It will just smoothen the passage. I like it because it is tighter. Always tighter than pussies. "

Anita was still trying to come to terms with the fact this huge cock had entered her ass. She heard the click of the door as he left.

What was that Bhasu had said. She was dying to get fucked and he had helped her. Perhaps he was right. She felt a bit ashamed at her own weakness. Anyway what had happened had happened. She again went into the bathroom and washed all her private parts thoroughly. She wondered whether he really fucked everyone. Liar! And how cunningly he had shoved his cock in her ass! She smiled alone. But it was good that vaseline had been liberally applied or it could have been painful. It was also good that Amit was leaving otherwise he would be wondering as to why her nipples were all red. She would certainly try out on Amit all that she had learnt today.

The clock struck seven. There was no time to lose. She hurriedly fumbled in the Almirah for a panty. Within five minutes she had put on her saree, applied a pinch of sindur in the parting of her hair, some light lipstick and was waiting for the ******** and her husband.



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Inépuisable, visiblement, ta source d'histoires (malheureusement très souvent en anglais (lol!).

Mais une question: écris tu toi même des histoires "salaces"?...... en français bien sur!


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Disant que l'anglais doit être la langue parler n°1 donc pas étonnant qu'il y'a plus d'histoires en anglais

Réponse: oui certaine ou écrit à deux (mais un minimum)


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Coup de téléphone... il est 13h30, je devine sans trop d'effort mon futur interlocuteur

« Entreprise X, Matthias Frodet bonjour ? »
« Mr Frodet, c'est corrine x à l'appareil »
Bingo !
« Je vous appelle pour confirmer le rdv aujourd'hui à 14h »

« Oui c'est toujours bon, je m'apprêtais à partir... »

Tu parles, je n'étais pas emballé plus que cela par la perspective de me retrouver en tête à tête pour un rendez vous commercial... je n'apprécie pas outre mesure les commerciaux, leurs méthodes de vente toutes établies, leur dynamisme m'épuise la plupart du temps...
« Vous m'en voyez ravie, eh bien a tout de suite alors Mr Frodet. »

Je vous trace un objectif portrait de votre dévoué narrateur : je suis un garçon de 25 ans, type européen, brun, 1m80, 72kg, assez musclé, les yeux marrons verts. Assez séduisant pour avoir *** succès auprès de jolies filles, mais pas non plus un physique devant lequel elles se pâment juste a mon passage. Bref un garçon tout à fait ordinaire... avec *** lot de fantasmes...

14h15... Comme par hasard je ne trouve pas les bureaux où j'ai rendez vous. L'entreprise pour qui elle travaille étant tout juste implantée, et ne bénéficiant donc pas pour l'instant de locaux, la rencontre devait avoir lieu en terrain neutre, un groupement de bureaux en plein centre ville.

Me voilà enfin devant l'immeuble avec mes 20min de retard et une légère sueur dans le dos... je déteste ne pas être ponctuel, ça a le don de me stresser pour un rien.
Je rentre dans l'enceinte, monte au deuxième et me dirige vers l'accueil ou deux femmes me regardent avec la dose de soupçon nécessaire pour augmenter la couleur rouge qui commence à teinter mon visage.

« Bonjour, j'ai rendez vous avec la société X »
« Ah oui la société X, je vous annonce veuillez patienter... »
Guère longtemps, mon hôte arrive à ma rencontre devant le bureau des deux femmes comme si elle n'avait rien d'autre à faire que guetter ma venue...
« Mr Frodet, corrine X »

Poignée de main ferme

« Bonjour, excusez moi pour le retard, l'immeuble est pas vraiment facile a trouver »
Tentative de déculpabilisation... qui semble bien échouer.

Corinne, jeune femme d'approximativement 30 ans, blonde, cheveux courts, taille de guêpe, très vivace, le parfait corps d'une commerciale aux dents longues. Elle était moulée dans un pantalon noir très sobre, et une petite veste noire fermée qui laissait deviner une belle poitrine ferme.

Elle me fait donc entrer dans *** bureau un peu à l'écart de l'accueil, une petite pièce, inondée de lumière par tout un pan de fenêtre donnant sur la rue, et sinon cloi***née, avec pour seul mobilier, une table et trois chaises.

Et c'est parti, le show commence, avec ses règles immémoriales, *** texte appris par cœur, ses sourires pour détendre (charmer ?) le client potentiel, et enfin les questions finales...

« Alors seriez vous intéressé ? Comme je vous le répète je ne suis pas la seule commerciale et notre offre est bientôt terminée (sans déconner ?)... il se peut que demain un de mes collègues ait un client et que vous ne puissiez plus profiter de cette offre (incroyable !)... j'aurais donc besoin d'une réponse le plus vite possible... »
C'est le moment de la pirouette« Eh bien je vais exposer votre offre à mon partenaire et je vous rappelle ensuite pour vous donner notre réponse. »
Toujours fuir, ne pas affronter un commercial de front, c'est une de mes règles.
« Très bien par contre il me faudrait la réponse avant la fin de semaine (ça ne laisse plus qu'un jour) »
« Je fais au plus vite alors »



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Poignée de main et fuite.

Petite précision, ma société est actuellement en faillite... donc les offres extraordinaires ne m'emballent pas plus que le reste...

Le lendemain téléphone ***ne...
« Mr Frodet... » corrine !
« ... Ah oui j'allais vous appeler... »
« Vous avez pu en parler à votre partenaire alors ? »
« Oui, tout à fait... mais il ne semble pas intéressé du tout... je vas donc devoir décliner votre suis désolé »
Grosse déception à l'autre bout du fil, puis un ton changeant.
« Pourrions nous malgré tout nous revoir, j'aurais quelques petites questions à vous poser sur les produits que vous proposez... »
Ça alors je refuse *** offre et elle me propose un partenariat ?
« Eh bien... je.. »
« Juste 10 min... cet après midi... »
« J'ai un créneau, d'accord.. »

14h cette fois je suis à l'heure, corrine est habillée de la même façon mais me regarde avec un regard plus profond...
« En fait voilà ... » elle commence à se lever et passe derrière moi
« ... Je vous propose un accord un peu spécial... » J'entends la porte se fermer, puis *** corps se rapproche implacablement de moi...
« ... Vous acceptez notre offre et je vous fais passer un moment inoubliable... »

La voilà qui passe ses mains sur mon torse et pose ses lèvres sur mon cou. La chaleur qui m'envahit est si soudaine que je reste pétrifié, la respiration saccadée.
Je parviens enfin à répondre :

« Je ne pense pas pouvoir accepter cette offre... » L'hésitation plus mon air d'adolescent timide ne démontre pas vraiment ma détermination.
Malgré tout elle se retire et se rassoit en face de moi, jambes croisées, sur d'elle, l'air malicieux...
En comparai***, je suis complètement liquéfié, rouge comme une pivoine n'arrivant guère à soutenir *** regard...

« Je vois » dit elle d'un ton qui n'engage rien de bon pour moi :
« Alors je vais reformuler...tu vas accepter mon offre gentiment... »

À ce moment un Non ! Ferme aurait été de rigueur... moi je n'osais répondre, pétrifié et excité comme un fou par le tutoiement soudain... mon absence de réaction l'amusa et la conforta encore plus dans ce qu'elle semblait avoir deviné.

« Je répète une dernière fois... acceptes docilement ! » le ton la était indubitablement plus ferme.

« Tu commences à me faire perdre mon temps petit con, déshabilles toi ! »

Mon regard qui était scotché a la moquette se releva brusquement vers elle a l'écoute de cet ordre... mais qu'est ce que c'est que ce délire...
Les yeux que je rencontrais alors me transpercèrent... ma fierté, ma volonté vacillait, je me sentais rétrécir, devenir insignifiant... alors qu'elle prenait une allure hautaine, la stature d'une reine a qui l'on doit prêter allégeance.

« Tu as 30 sec. »

Et la je m'abandonnais, je me levais et sous *** regard dominateur, j'enlevais mon pull, mon t-shirt, les yeux cloués au sol redoutant de la voir se moquer de moi, je descendis mon pantalon

« Très bien allez enlèves moi tout ! »

Mon slip rejoignit le reste des affaires à mes pieds, j'étais nu comme au premier jour...

« Maintenant à quatre pattes et viens à mes pieds »

Comme ********** j'avançais vers elle

« Regardes-moi ! »

Je relevais les yeux difficilement et là je la vis, si impressionnante, elle plantait *** regard dans le mien, elle me soumettait rien que par les yeux... c'était un combat perdu d'avance pour moi.



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« Voilà » dit elle avec un petit sourire

Et elle me colla la semelle de sa chaussure sur le visage

« Tu es mon chien compris ?! Désormais tu vas m'obéir et m'appeler Madame... »

La semelle frottait contre mon visage, je fermais les yeux, mes lèvres étaient entrouvertes par sa chaussure qui descendait le long de ma bouche, comme si elle voulait me faire prêter serment a ce moment la de ma soumission...

« ...Oui Madame »

C'était fait, pas plus long que ça... je m'étais soumis à une femme en un temps record...
Rien à y réfléchir ne pouvait encore me donner l'impression que je possédais de la virilité ou de la fierté... un honneur ? J'en doutais, et je suppose que c'est ce qu'elle désirait... que j'assiste à l'effondrement de mes valeurs masculines... que je devienne *** chien, *** objet...

En arrêtant l'essuyage de *** pied elle prit un ton plus doucereux mais toujours teinté de moquerie

« Eh bien voilà c'était pas si dur... allez petit chien tu vas signer maintenant le contrat, parce que c'est ce que je veux d'accord... ? »

Elle passa *** pied entre mes jambes et commença à me caresser le sexe, qui gonfla immédiatement me révélant à quel point elle avait pris le contrôle de mon corps.
Mais là j'eu un sursaut de lucidité et j'osais lui avouer que ma société ainsi que moi même n'avions pas le moindre argent...

La douleur qui se fit ressentir à cet instant brouilla ma vue, je m'effondrais sur la moquette, nu à ses pieds, ce même pied qui venait de me frapper les bourses sans aucune retenue.

Sa colère était réelle, elle devina qu'elle s'était fait avoir, qu'elle avait perdu *** temps avec une misérable petite larve fauchée, toutes ses pensées étant dites à haute voix pendant qu'elle tournait dans la pièce me frappant régulièrement avec ses chaussures, moi pauvre masse roulée en boule au sol, encore sous la douleur lancinante qui partait de mes bourses et se rependait dans tout mon corps.

Enfin elle se rassit et les jambes écartées, les mains sur ses genoux et se penchait légèrement pour me parler

« Relèves toi petite salope... A quatre pattes j'ai dis ! »

Je tentais tant bien que mal de me mettre sur les genoux et de faire tenir mes bras au sol

« Tu vas devoir te faire pardonner pour tout ça salope ... tu vas me rendre fière de toi, être une bonne petite chienne bien obéissante c'est bien compris ?! »
« Oui Madame, pardonnez moi Madame »
« J'espère bien que tu vas tout faire pour ça... comme je suis trop généreuse avec toi viens te branler contre ma jambe, comme la chienne que tu es désormais »

Je la regardai hésitant, trop respectueux de sa jambe peut être... mais elle me fit signe de venir sur sa jambe moulée dans *** pantalon noir. Alors je vins me placer, accroupis sur mes pieds, sa jambe entre les deux miennes et mes bras agrippés a *** mollet.
Comme un chien en rut, je me frottais contre la jambe de ma Maîtresse...c'était si humiliant, si déshonorant, mais si agréable, si jouissif... pendant ce temps là elle ne faisait même plus attention à moi, j'étais devenu plus insignifiant qu'un chien, elle notait des informations sur un cahier et moi je lui était si soumis... j'aurais tout fait pour elle...

Enfin je jouis... ce fut une jouissance incroyable...mon sperme se rependit sur le noir de *** pantalon et je me laissa retomber a genoux, épuisé et hagard... elle baissa alors les yeux vers moi sans trop d'intérêt et me dit juste :
« Lèches tout »

Puis elle retourna à ses écritures

Une fois le plaisir de la jouissance passé, l'excitation retombe assez vite... et l'idée de lécher du sperme n'était pas faite pour m'enthousiasmer...
Je restais à genoux devant sa jambe incapable de prendre une décision quand elle la prit pour moi...

« Tu n'es décidément pas un bon chien » elle semblait plus fatiguée qu'énervée en disant cela et me donna un mouchoir pour que je l'essuie.

J'avais honte de moi... non pas pour toutes les bassesses que je venais d'effectuer, mais pour avoir tant déçu ma Maîtresse... c'était un sentiment si douloureux.. Sourd...

« Je suis désolé Madame... j'ai si honte de ne pas être à la hauteur... je vous assure pourtant que je désire réellement vous servir le mieux possible... »

« Tu n'es pas capable de m'obéir convenablement... je vais peut être devoir ***ger à me séparer de toi... tu ne m'apportes rien »

Ses paroles me serrèrent le cœur... la simple idée de ne plus la revoir me terrorisais

« Tu peux t'en aller maintenant... allez dégages petite merde »

La sentence était implacable... j'étais congédié, je ne la reverrais sûrement jamais, j'étais là, nu, un mouchoir plein de sperme a la main et je la regardais les yeux embués de larmes.

« Je suis désolé »

Je semblais vraiment misérable à ne pouvoir aligner que cette phrase

« Madame je vous en supplie, donnez moi une autre chance... je serais un bon chien, le meilleur chien, je vous suis entièrement soumis... je ferais tout ce que vous voulez »

À ce moment là elle s'arrêta d'écrire et tourna la tête vers moi, elle me regarda sans dire un mot pendant un temps qui me semblais une éternité puis elle dit :

« Très bien dans ce cas je te contacterais peut être, mais n'oublies jamais ce que tu viens de dire... tu feras tout ce que je désire cette fois »

J'étais encore une fois tombé dans *** piège vicieux... tout ce stratagème, le détachement à mon égard, la menace de ne plus la voir, tout cela m'avait amené à lui jurer soumission...

Lorsque je sortis du bureau, sans que ma Maîtresse ne m'adressa un autre mot, je rougis en disant au revoir aux femmes de l'accueil qui ne semblaient pas être au courant de ce que je venais de subir à quelques mètres de la.


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Le téléphone ne ***nait plus... ça allait faire plus de trois semaines et je n'avais plus aucune nouvelle de ma

J'étais complètement retourné, je me masturbais trois a quatre fois par jour en me remémorant ma première séance
de domination... Je ne trouvais plus le sommeil, pour ce qui est du travail n'en parlons même pas.

Alors que je me caressais nu à genoux en imaginant le regard de ma Maîtresse posé sur moi la ***nerie de
l'interphone retentit. À toute vitesse je me rhabillais tandis que la ***nerie se fit entendre une deuxième fois plus
Je décrochais le combiné et là mon cœur battit la chamade à l'écoute d'un simple mot:
« Ouvre »

J'ouvrais et sortais sur le pas de la porte frémissant à l'idée de la revoir... Il me semblait une éternité lorsqu'elle
apparut dans mon champ de vision... Elle était splendide, pleine de majesté, tant que je m'agenouillais avant qu'elle
arrive a ma hauteur.

Elle accueillit mon initiative avec un petit sourire:
« Tu sembles avoir comprit, petit chien » et elle rentra dans mon appartement en passant juste sa main dans mes
cheveux comme on caresse un toutou.

Je la suivis et ferma la porte. Elle observait mon appartement qui servait aussi de siège a mon entreprise et s'assit
lourdement dans mon canapé me regardant amusée :
« Qui t'as permis de te relever ? »

Instinctivement je me remis à quatre pattes et me dirigeai vers ses pieds.
Elle portait des talons aiguilles et des bas noirs avec une jupe qui remontait légèrement au-dessus du genou, très
professionnel et sévère... J'étais sous le charme.
« Bon il est temps de passer aux choses sérieuses petit soumis »

Je compris que je n'allais pas avoir à dire mon mot pour ce qui allait se passer.
« Déjà il va falloir t'arranger un peu... Tu vas me suivre je t'ai pris rdv pour une épilation complète à mon salon »

Cette pensée m'excita au plus haut point, je rêvais d'être imberbe comme un jeune éphèbe... Devenir un esclave qui
puisse paraître beau à ma Maîtresse.

Nous arrivâmes ainsi à un salon d'esthétique où ma Maîtresse avait ses habitudes. Je lui ouvris la porte et la suivi
comme un enfant timide à l'intérieur. Ma Maîtresse semblait connaître la fille de l'accueil et l'idée qu'elle fut au
courant pour ma condition devint une obsession. Je n'osais donc pas la regarder dans les yeux et je les entendis
parler en rigolant :
« Julie je te presente matthias, j'ai pris rdv pour lui, une epilation totale »

la jeune estheticienne rigolait en regardant *** agenda
« oui j'ai bien ça de noté.. tu nous le laisse pendant deux bonnes heures c'est ça ? »
« oui je reviendrais plus tard j'ai quelques emplettes à faire, tu me le prepare bien ok ? »
elles rirent a l'unis*** et ma Maitresse s'adressa enfin a moi:
« viens ici ne fais donc pas ton effarouchée, tu vas etre bien sage pendant mon absence et faire tout ce que Julie
t'ordonnes c'est bien compris ?! »
mon sexe me faisait mal tant j'etais excité par ce qui etait en train d'arriver.
je repondis « oui » l'esprit vagabondant deja vers les futurs plaisirs qui m'attendais mais je fus vite rappelé a la
realité par une gifle qui me desarçonna:
« oui qui ? »



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julie souriait devant mon air d'enfant reprimandé avec les larmes aux yeux

« oui Madame »
« tres bien, a plus tard Julie »
« bon apres midi Corrine »

et ma Maitresse sortit du salon me laissant pantois avec l'estheticienne qui ne me laissa guere le temps de reprendre
mes esprits
« bon, suis moi »

Julie etait une jeune fille qui ne semblait pas avoir plus de 18 ans mais *** allure et *** regard lui donnait une
prestance intimidante. Elle mesurait a peu pres 1m65, pour un poids qui ne devait exceder les 50 kilos, des petits
seins et des cheveux noirs mi court en faisait une fille extremement seduisante.

je la suivi a l'interieur du salon, il etait composé de plusieurs cabines et au fond une salle, où etait installée un
fauteuil médical recouvert d'un fin papier blanc.
Nous penetrames dans la salle et elle se retourna vers moi l'œil malicieux .
« deshabilles toi entierement »
je m'executa devant elle qui n'en perdit pas une miette.
« eh bien il y a du travail « dit elle en soupirant.
« allonges toi sur le dos » je m'executais et elle fit sortir de sous le fauteuil des sangles, deux en haut et deux en
bas. Je la regardais soucieux et elle commença à prendre ma main droite pour l'attacher.
« sois sage, je ne veux pas sevir tout de suite »

*** geste etait doux tout comme sa voix mais étonnement elle me paraissait encore plus impressionnante d'autorité
que ma Maitresse. Je me laissais ainsi faire et me retrouva solidement attaché aux bras comme aux jambes.
« c'est tres bien tu es une bonne petite »
elle sortit alors de la salle puis revint 5minutes plus tard.

Elle s'accouda sur le coté du fauteuil et caressa mon ventre tres legerement en me parlant :
« alors je vais t'expliquer la suite des evenements, je vais faire de toi une jolie petite poupée.. te debarrasser de tous
ses affreux poils... ensuite nous passerons a la phase deux »
elle passait ses doigts comme la caresse d'une plume autours de mon bas ventre, ça me rendait fou de plaisir, plus
que n'importe quelle branlette
Mon sexe tendait fierement vers mon nombril et elle deployait tout *** talent pour ne pas l'effleurer.

Une deuxieme jeune femme rentra dans la salle me faisant relever la tete de peur. La main de Julie me cloua au
« tutututut... tu vas rester bien gentille, je n'ai pas encore envie de te punir...voici Laura elle va m'aider a te
transformer... d'autres filles vont venir apres, tu dois nous obeir a toutes c'est bien compris ? »
« je serais obeissant... »
« c'est mignon... je te veux tres sage à partir de maintenant »

je fus alors badigeonné de cire brulante sur tout le corps, serrant les dents sous les rires des esthéticiennes qui se
relayaient dans la salle. Je compris que certaines travaillaient dans les cabines a coté avec des clients tout a fait
normaux et que suivant leurs disponibilités elles venaient me « transformer ».

J'etais une vraie poupée dans leurs mains, Julie restait malgre tout la responsable principale et se reservait les
endroit les plus stratégiques de mon corps.

Je fus ainsi rasé minutieusement par ses soins autour du sexe et elle me grondait lorsque mon sexe gonflait sous
ses caresses. Elle me grondait et me punissait, serrant mes testicules si fort que je criais, alors elle me giflait devant
toutes les autres filles qui pouffaient de me voir si soumis a leur puissance.

« tu es une vilaine fille, tu vas cesser de geindre maintenant ?! » et julie me giflait a nouveau, j'avais les joues en feu,
le nez qui coulait et des larmes pleins les yeux.

Je m'excusais honteusement comme un enfant qui a fait une tres grosse betise.
« pardon maitresse Julie ! » me rectifia t'elle

« pardon Maitresse Julie... » je l'avais dit si naturellement sans meme hesiter une seconde vis a vis de mon ancienne
Maitresse Corrine... Julie sourit en entendant cela de ma bouche.
« voilà tu vois quand tu veux tu es si mignonne » et elle repris *** rasage.



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Elle me rasa egalement les fesses et l'anus, me relevant les jambes la longueur des sangles etant modifiable. Les
autres filles m'avaient épilées le torse et les jambes. D'ailleurs je me demandais comment cela se faisait que Julie
soit la responsable elle qui etait si jeune... des filles plus agées etaient venue et elles semblaient toutes etre sous le
commandement de Julie.

« te voilà prete pour la suite ma cherie »
Julie me sortait de mes interrogations,j'etais completement epilé, lisse comme une adolescente.
Julie vint à quelques centimetres de mon visage et me dit mutinement:
« il va falloir regler la note maintenant... »

comment ça regler la note ?! je n'avais pas le moindre argent sur moi et d'ailleurs c'est Maitresse corrine qui devrait
payer, ce que je m'empresse de lui dire mais elle me repliqua quelque chose qui me glaça le sang:
« corrine m'a appelée et m'a prevenue qu'elle ne repasserait pas, maintenant tu as une note de 300 euros et il va
falloir t'en acquitter »

la salope, elle m'avait amené la pour sa vengeance, j'etais attaché et avec une note d'epilation exhuberante
je devais deja sortir de là, apres on reglerait la solution du paiement.

« je n'ai pas d'argent sur moi , mais j'ai un chequier chez moi je vous envoie ça des que je rentre »

Julie tourne maintenant autour de moi comme un predateur faisant courir ses doigts sur tout mon corps si doux

« tu n'as pas l'air de comprendre... corrine t'as leguée à moi... tu m'appartiens desormais, je suis ta nouvelle
maitresse et tu vas devenir un esclave exemplaire »

je ne bandais plus suite aux traitements que julie m'avait prodiguée durant l'epilation, elle s'en assura en passant un
doigts sur mes bourses et descendant vers mon anus.
« je vais donc prendre en charge ton education, te dresser comme une bonne petite pute, l'argent que je
depenserais pour ça tu devras me le rembourser ensuite, c'est tout simple »

malgre le danger que cela representais je ne pus m'empecher de bander ce qui ne l'enerva pas mais l'amusa meme:
« tu vois c'est ça tu ne dois n'obeir qu'a moi, qu'a mes doigts, a mes paroles... tu n'es plus un homme, tu es mon
objet, seule ma volonté compte c'est clair ? »

elle etait plus perverse que Corrine, plus excitante aussi et plus intimidante...
« j'ai bien compris Maitresse Julie »

elle s'arreta et dans un grand sourire dit :
« bien , alors nous allons pouvoir passer au dressage. Tu n'es pas encore completement brisé, donc je vais faire en
sorte que tu prennes conscience que tu n'es plus rien... »

une fois cette menace proférée, elle me mit deux pinces sur les tetons, je serra les dents sous la morsure que ça

« j'adore les debutants, je vais t'initier le bonheur d'etre mon esclave et tu me seras eternellement reconnaissant
pour ça... »
elle me placa ensuite des pinces sur les bourses et joua un peu avec me voyant me contorsionner sur le fauteuil.

« tu aimes ça ? »
« oui Maitresse Julie » je n'arrivais pas a desserrer les dents.
elle rigolait en me voyant ainsi voulant lui faire plaisir.

« tu ne comprends pas... je ne m'arreterais pas en entendant ce que je veux de ta bouche... je veux voir en toi mon
jouet »

elle s'en alla dans un coin de la salle et revint avec des choses que je ne pus distinguer.
« je vais te laisser un peu reflechir sur tout ça... que tu puisses faire tes adieu a ton ancienne condition »
sur ce, elle mis des poids sur les pinces et sortit de la salle.

Le temps s'ecoulait lentement, j'etais en sueur le dos collé au fauteuil, je ne pouvais pas bouger, un minuscule
mouvement et les pinces lestées m'élançaient douloureusement.
Enfin Julie revint suivi par deux autres filles qui m'avaient epilé auparavant... etait ce hier ? je n'avais plus conscience
du temps...

« ma petite cherie...tu te sens mieux? » Julie m'apprit que j'avais deja passé plus de 5h comme ça. Mais deja elles
s'affairaient autour de moi.

« bon je vais t'apprendre a etre une petite pute docile... pour cela il va falloir que tu sois accueillante tu comprend
ma cherie ? » je sentis a ce moment que des doigts s'insinuaient entre mes fesses et caressaient les plis de mon
anus fraichement epilé.

« c'est une belle petite chatte ça... encore vierge de toute penetration... hum il va falloir que tu t'ouvres gentiment
ma petite cherie... » les doigts se faisaient plus pressant et forçaient doucement mon anus.
une douleur apparu lorsque le premier doigts penetra entierement dans mon anus
« voilà tu as un peu mal non ? »
« o..oui... oui Maitresse Julie »
« ce n'est rien en comparaison avec ce qui va suivre mon cœur » et elle le retira d'un coup me soutirant un petit cri
de douleur.
« il va falloir que tu t'ouvre beaucoup plus que cela...en attendant tu vas te rappeler que tu as des seins ma petite
salope »
la fille a coté de moi m'enleva la premiere pince de mon teton droit qui me fit pleurer tant la souffrance me
transperça le corps. Les autres pinces enlevées je sanglotais sous les rires des filles qui jouaient avec mes tetons et
mes bourses endoloris.

Julie apparue a coté de mon visage, harnachée d'un gode ceinture dont la couleur noire ne rajoutait qu'a l'apparente

« donnes moi ta bouche esclave »



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a peine ma bouche entrouverte qu'elle la forca avec le gode et m'enfonça le sexe factice au plus profond de la gorge
provoquant une envie de vomir lorsqu'il toucha ma glotte. Essayant de me degager, elle l'enleva d'elle meme mais a
peine sortie qu'elle me le renfourna un peu moins loin cette fois. J'etais une fois de plus vaincu et elle le voyait, elle
me prit la tete avec ses mains et me fit faire des va et viens sur ce godemichet comme une vraie pute ce qu'elle
n'arrêtait pas de me rappeler pendant que j'oeuvrais sur la tige noire.

« ça suffit petite affamée... tu commences à trop aimer ça on dirait... » elle me repoussa la tete et s'approcha de mon
anus, je fus pris de panique et m'ecriais :
« je ne pourrais jamais supporter ça Maitresse ! »

pour réponse je n'eu que la sensation du gland butant sur l'entrée de mon anus loin d'etre assez distendu pour
l'accueillir... du moins pensais je, mais c'etait sans compter sur la volonté de ma Maitresse.
Elle me travailla pendant plusieurs minutes, poussant sur mon cul puis revenant me faire lubrifier *** gode par ma
bouche devenue avide pour eviter la douleur d'une trop grande dechirure.

« voilà petite garce tu t'ouvres grande pour moi, c'est bien, donnes moi ton petit cul de pucelle »
le gland noir passa la corolle puis elle s'enfonça lentement mais sans s'arreter jusqu'à ce que la base du gode bute
contre mes fesses. J'etais epuisé, la souffrance etait atroce, je ne pouvais m'arreter de crier.

« Laura fais le taire »
la dite Laura monta alors a califourchon sur moi et plaça *** sexe trempé sur ma bouche étouffant mes cris.
Elle se frotta sur mon visage m'obligeant a lecher tous ces fluides pendant que Julie me besognait de plus en plus
violemment .
« ça c'est une belle salope regarde ce que tu prend dans ton petit cul ma chienne »
Laura commencait a ressentir l'orgasme, mes cris et mouvements sensibilisant *** clitoris:
« cette pute va me faire jouir »

Julie se retirait de temps en temps me laissant beant et badigeonnait le gode de vaseline avant de se renfoncer dans
mon fondement.

Apres plus d'une heure de ce traitement je commencais a ressentir du plaisir la douleur s'estompant enfin. Laura
avait joui dans ma bouche et continuait à se frotter puis je sentais quelques gouttes sucrées sur ma langue...
« tu vas tout boire petit chien d'accord.. »

elle allait me pisser dans la bouche, j'essayais de me degager mais elle m'enserrait bien la tete entre ses cuisses.
Julie s'enfonça entierement en moi d'un seul coup et s'agrippa a mes fesses maintenant le sexe au fond de mon cul
comme si elle dechargait *** foutre au fin fond de mon anus.

« allez ouvres grand ma cherie » dit elle poussant encore contre mes fesses.

Laura en profita alors pour se deverser dans ma bouche grande ouverte par la sensation du gode butant au fond de
mes entrailles.
Je du boire la totalité pour ne pas m'etouffer.

Enfin laura se releva et descendit de moi, j'avais le visage trempé et le souffle saccadé.
Julie se retira aussi de mon cul qui resta grand ouvert,me procurant une honteuse sensation.

« voilà ma cherie tu es une vraie petite pute maintenant » elle me detacha et me fis mettre à quatre pattes devant
« tu vas aller te laver tu es degoutante, ensuite nous continuerons, allez file » et elle me donna un coup de pied dans
les cotes me dirigeant vers une douche dans le fond se la salle.

Une fois propre je ressorti et toujours a quatre pattes j'allais aux pieds de ma Maitresse adorée. Elle avait reussi à me
briser, je ne pouvais plus prendre de decisions, faire une action, j'attendais uniquement ses ordres, tout mon corps
etait destiné à uniquement la servir.

Lorsqu'elle me vit arriver, elle sourit comme un ange et se baissa pour prendre mon visage dans ses mains:
« je suis fiere de toi ma cherie, tu es courageuse, desormais tu sais qui est ta Maitresse, à qui tu obeiras toujours
n'est ce pas ? »
« oui Maitresse Julie je ne vis que pour vous servir, mon but n'est que de repondre à vos moindres desirs »
« tu es mignonne mon cœur »
elle deposa un doux baiser sur mes levres, je cru m'evanouir tant la sensation etait divine.

« il faut que je te donne un nom ma cherie... je vais t'appeler... »



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Excellent début!


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Fâcheuse rencontre qui fût une révélation !

Bonjour à tous,

Je m'appelle Roland, j'ai maintenant 55 ans et voici une aventure qui m'est arrivé alors que je devais avoir 18/19 ans.
À cette époque, il m'arrivait d'aller dans des bals de campagne avec un ami qui avait le permis de conduire. Lors d'un de ces bals,
j'ai fait la connaissance d'une charmante jeune fille, Geneviève qui avait à peu près mon âge.

Nous étions ensemble depuis quelques semaines, mais pas facile de se voir sans permis. Ce n'était possible que le jeudi ou après
3/4 d'heure d'autocar je venais la rejoindre à l'entrée de *** village.
Difficile aussi de trouver un abri pour nous câliner, mais nous avions trouvé une grange à 2 kilomètres à pied du village.
Là nous avons connu nos premiers fris***s amoureux, caresses, pénétrations et découvertes de toutes sortes.
Geneviève était une jolie fille brune, toute menue, avec de petits seins d'adolescente. De mon côté, je devais mesurer 1,75 m
pour 55 kilos. J'étais tout frêle aussi.

Un jour que nous nous ébattions, tendrement enlacés, presque nus tous les deux, la porte de la grange s'ouvre brusquement.
Un grand gaillard d'une cinquantaine d'année, en tenue de paysan entre. D'où nous étions, il ne pouvait nous apercevoir de suite,
mais en pénétrant plus avant, il nous aperçut.
- Ben mes gaillards, vous v'la dans de beaux draps ! Vous venez faire l'amour dans ma grange !
Tout en s'exprimant il continuait d'avancer et d'un seul coup, il reconnut Geneviève.
- Ah c'est toi petite salope qui vient se faire mettre dans mon foin ? Fernand, ton père est au courant que sa fille est une traînée ?
Moi j'ai bien envie de tout lui dire au Fernand.
- Oh, non s'il vous plait monsieur, lui dites rien, sinon il va me tuer !
- Il aurait bien rai*** de te foutre une rouste, car t'es bien une petite salope à te laisser toucher le pipi par un petit branleur
comme lui là !
- Si tu veux pas qu'j'y dise à ton père, va falloir être gentille avec moi et venir me sucer la bite qu'est déjà toute tendue à te voir
comme ça à moitié à poil.
Je ne pouvais pas rester sans rien faire, et je me levais en lui disant :
- S'il vous plait monsieur, soyez sympa et laissez nous aller.
- Toi le petit PD retourne dans ton coin, me dit-il en m'assénant une énorme gifle qui m'envoya valdinguer 2 mètres plus loin.

-Allez la petite ramène ta petite bouche de pute, et viens enfourner ma bite. Tout en disant cela, il avait dégrafé *** pantalon qui
était maintenant avec *** slip à hauteur des genoux. Il avait une bite qui me semblait énorme par rapport à la mienne. Il la
secouait dans sa main calleuse.
- Fais pas ta mijaurée, viens passer ta langue là-dessus, tu vas voir ce que c'est qu'une vraie grosse queue.
Tétanisée, Geneviève avançait vers lui. Elle fit les deux ou trois mètres qui les séparait à quatre pattes. Arrivée à sa hauteur, il
l'attrapa par les cheveux et frotta *** visage sur sa bite qui semblait dure comme du bois.
Geneviève tentait de tourner la tête, mais il lui donna une gifle et lui dit :
- Maintenant tu suces ou ce soir je vais tout dire à ton père !
Désespérée, elle ouvrit la bouche et commença à sucer *** tortionnaire. Elle avait des larmes qui coulaient. Désespoir, ou
simplement la difficulté à sucer cette queue qui lui déformait la bouche ?
Je me posais la question.
De mon côté, remis de sa claque, je décidais à nouveau d'intervenir en le menaçant d'aller raconter tout à la police.
-Vas y connard, vous rentrez chez moi, vous faites de l'exhib, et cette petite pute ne dit rien à ses parents... vas y essaie.
- Viens plutôt ici et vite, bouffe lui le cul à cette traînée le temps qu'elle s'occupe de mon gland.
Je cédais à la menace et venais me placer derrière Geneviève, et j'entreprenais de lui lécher la chatte après avoir pris soin de
relever sa jupe qu'elle avait encore autour de la taille.

Ce petit manège dura un long moment, quand il me dit de venir le sucer avec elle.
Nous voila donc, joue contre joue à sucer et lécher ce membre noueux. Les yeux dans les yeux, malgré notre peur, nos langues
se touchaient et cela semblait nous plaire. Avec un sourire aux lèvres, nous continuâmes notre besogne, chacun notre tour
enfournant cette bite dans la bouche de l'autre.
- Ça à l'air de vous amuser ? et bien on va changer. Toi la pute, va bouffer le cul de ton petit le temps qu'il me suce.
Nos rapports amoureux de nous avaient pas encore mené là. Notre jeunesse et notre timidité ne nous avaient pas permis d'aller
plus loin que certaines caresses et pénétrations très "basiques".
Les mains et la langue de Geneviève sur mes fesses et mon anus me firent l'effet d'un électrochoc. Je frémis, de surprise et de
plaisir. Elle s'appliquait visiblement, et je sentais sa langue tourner autour et sur mon anus, parfois le bout passait la corolle,
comme une petite pénétration. Très réceptif à ses caresses bucales, j'en avais cessé ma fellation.
- Tu vois qu'tes un petit PD ! t'aimes qu'on t'touche le cul.
J'ondulais de plus en plus sous les caresses de ma bien-aimée.
De mon côté, je ne me sentais plus sous la menace, et je prenais goût à la situation. Je découvrais des situations, des sensations
que j'étais loin d'imaginer. Qu'en était-il de Geneviève ??
- Maintenant on change, nous dit le rustre. Toi la salope, à quatre pattes, je vais te prendre ta petite chatte de pute, j'imagine
qu'elle doit être bien serrée.


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- Non dit Geneviève, je ne veux pas que vous me baisiez !
- La réponse fut immédiate, une énorme claque arriva sur ses fesses qui se mirent instantanément à rougir. Deux grosses larmes
s'échappaient des yeux de mon amie, qui vaincue se mit en position.
Le paysan s'approcha, la queue à la main, de l'autre il caressa la fente de Geneviève.
- Mais t'es toute mouillée salope ! On dirait que ça te plait d'être une pute. Allez, mets ta tête dans le foin et tends- moi bien ton
Sans ménagement aucun, sans obstacle apparent, il rentra *** sexe dans celui de mon amie, que j'ai vu se contracter.
Il entama alors un lent ramonage, grognant de satisfaction.
Geneviève avait tourné légèrement la tête, et je la voyais, les yeux fermés, *** visage laissait apparaître une étrange plénitude.
Avait-elle du plaisir ?
- Toi le PD, vient me bouffer le cul pendant que je la baise. Surtout n'oublie pas les couilles!
Comme je ne bougeais pas, il entama une série de fessée sur ma pauvre
Geneviève qui minaudait sous les coups et frétillait du fessier.
J'approchais alors et me mis à lui lécher les couilles et l'anus.
-Vas y petit, rentre bien ta langue, c'est bon. Je n'éprouvais aucun plaisir à faire cela, mais je dois dire que la situation me
troublait un peu.
J'entendis Geneviève gémir, sa respiration de plus en plus forte.
- T'aime ça salope te faire fourrer la moule. Il accélérait le rythme tout en sortant des insanités de plus en plus ignobles;
Je me donnais à mon suçage d'anus qu'en j'entendis Geneviève crier :
- Oh oui, c'est bon, je coule, je jouiiiiiis ! L'orgasme paraissait impressionnant, qu'elle s'écroula sur la paille, épuisée.
- Le vieux, se retrouvait la bite en l'air, un peu con de ne plus être dans sa chatte. Il se retourna, et il me cria : suces, finis moi !
J'ouvris la bouche et entrepris de le sucer du mieux que je pus. Geneviève qui semblait avoir récupérer un peu, me regarda en
souriant, et en silence, s'approcha pour se joindre à moi. Nous alternions d'une bouche à l'autre, mais c'est dans la sienne qu'il
jouit, la tenant de ses deux mains pour ne pas qu'elle se retire. Nous étions à l'unis***, et avions du plaisir à être côte à côte à
sucer cette queue.
Quand il daignât enfin la lâcher, ma belle me prit les lèvres et nous nous embrassâmes comme jamais, avec le sperme de notre
"tortionnaire" dans la bouche.
Nous déglutîmes notre dose en nous regardant, l'amour dans les yeux. Nous venions de découvrir une sexualité inédite à nos
yeux, nous avions pris contre toute attente du plaisir, et cela allait marquer à jamais nos fantasmes et notre façon de faire
Sans doute vous conterai-je un jour la suite de notre histoire qui durant encore 5 années.



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En retournant vers le village, Geneviève et moi ne parlions pas ! Nous nous tenions fortement par la main, et les pressions que
nous exercions nous rassuraient sur ce que pensait l'autre !
Nous avions vécu quelque chose d'insensé ! Jamais dans notre jeune tête nous aurions imaginé que cela fût possible. Tant de
perversion, de **************** dans l'acte amoureux qui pour nous n'était que romantisme.
Pourtant, bien que "victimes" cela nous avait plu. Nous n'en parlions pas bien sur, mais nous le savions l'un et l'autre, nous
avions pris plaisir à nous faire maltraiter et humilier. Certainement que le fait de vivre cela ensemble avait décuplé nos

C'est sans hésiter, peut-être aussi parce que nous ne savions pas où aller, que nous sommes retournés à la grange le jeudi
suivant... et beaucoup d'autres.

A chaque fois notre "tortionnaire" est arrivé peu de temps après notre entrée (sans doute nous surveillait il, caché dans la
Tout de suite les mêmes menaces de dénoncer Geneviève à *** père Fernand.
Les choses se ***t ritualisées, il nous faisait mettre nus côte à côte, à quatre pattes, et il entamait une série de fessées qui nous
rougissaient rapidement le derrière. J'étais persuadé qu'il pouvait frapper beaucoup plus fort. Geneviève et moi nous nous
embrassions, avec passion unis par la langue face à notre "bourreau".
Rapidement après cette correction infligée, débutaient les hostilités. Nous le sucions à tour de rôle, ensemble. Geneviève et moi
échangions des regards complices, amoureux, excités de vivre cela l'un à côté de l'autre. Nous avions l'impression de nous
protéger mutuellement, ce qui était totalement faux.
Notre complicité agaçait un peu le rustre qui redoublait de perversité. Il nous plaçait de telle façon qu'il sortait du con de
geneviève pour me mettre sa queue dans la bouche. Il nous baisait alternativement, elle le vagin et moi la bouche.
Ensuite Il nous faisait faire la course à quatre pattes dans la paille, il nous ordonnait de nous "bouffer" le cul. Il exigeait que nos
langues rentrent profond dans nos oeillets. Je prenais vraiment plaisir à cette pratique et il ne manquait pas de s'en apercevoir en
me traitant aussitot de PD, de petit enculé qui veut se faire prendre le fion. Ses grossières ************ ne faisaient que renforcer
mon plaisir.
Il décida de me "prendre le cul comme un PD que je suis", ce qu'il fît avec violence. Heureusement, sur *** ordre, Geneviève vînt
me sucer la bite et les couilles ce qui atténuait ma douleur. Les mots injurieux qu'il débitait tout en me labourant le fion eurent
rai*** rapidement de moi, et j'éjaculais de long jets de foutre dans la bouche de ma dulcinée qui vînt aussitôt me prendre la
bouche pour me donner à manger une partie de ma semence. Nous communions avec cette ostie liquide à la table de notre
C'est certain que nous n'étions plus contraints, mais partenaires du gougeat. Heureux de découvrir et subir ensemble toutes ces
choses inédites.
Une fois, ce pequenot et arrivé avec un autre type, aussi sale, aussi rustre. Ils nous ont pris ensemble, nos deux culs côte-côte,
et ils alternaient tout en commentant les avantages de l'un ou de l'autre. Préférence toutefois au cul de ma belle qui fût ramoner
de fond en comble, en large en travers et surtout en double. Elle criait de douleur surtout, mais aussi d'exitation car elle voulût
aussi que je lui donne "ma bite à sucer"...
L'apothéose arriva vite, et le sperme coula à flôts pour lui innonder le cul, la chatte et la bouche. Quand elle eût récupérée un
peu, je reçus l'ordre de la nettoyer avec la langue, et elle trouva plaisir à me rendre accessible le moindre recoin de sa chatte et
*** cul.
Ils ***t repartis comme ils ***t venus, rapidement. Geneviève et moi nous nous sommes enlacés, sans un mot. Unis par ce lourd
secret.... Nous jouissions d'être mal traités et humiliés.
Nous avons vécus les deux années suivantes en fac à Lille, et je viendrais ici vous raconter quelques aventures que nous avons,
volontairement ou non, recherchées... et trouvées.


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moi la salope

Bonjour à vous, à 40 ans, divorcée, je suis mère de deux enfants et je travaille comme surveillante dans un lycée relativement calme.
Je suis une femme assez sage malgré mon côté salope, oui je m'habille assez sexy, j'aime porter des tenues moulantes ou osées et mettant en avant mes atouts 1.65 m (brune) 62 63kg avec de fesses assez arrondies et un 90c.
Au travail, je plais en effet beaucoup aux hommes et je le sens, ce qui me gène pas du tout, les lycéens et mes collègues me regardent beaucoup, je sens leur regard appuyé sur mes fesses quand je passe devant eux, des fois je suis totalement indifférente mais parfois cela m'excite, à tel point que j'ondule mon cul encore plus pour leur donner envie, pas étonnant avec les strings ficelle qui m'écartent bien la raie.
Heureusement je suis assez stricte et respectée par les élèves pour ne passer pour une idiote avide de sexe... néanmoins j'entends souvent des mots crus en mon égard comme quoi il aimerait pour baiser, être mon mari, que je suis une salope etc ... ces mots me touchent mais surtout dans le sens positif et puis j'assume à ***** de m'habiller sexy, je le cherche bien.
Tellement bien qu'ils ont parfois des vues parfaites sur mon string qui dépasse lorsque je suis cambrée, penchée et mes seins qui bougent.
Mes collègues assez pervers, plus jeunes que moi qui me connaissent de mieux en mieux avec le temps se permettent parfois de me toucher pour me flatter, une main par-ci par-là, je les laisse plus ou moins faire mais les repousse immédiatement, on parle beaucoup sexe de plus en plus entre nous mais cela reste soft, je leur ai avoué mon côté exhibe et ils m'ont poussé à l'être encore plus..
À l'approche des beaux jours de me mettre en mini jupe bas sans culotte pour me titiller, ce jeu devenait dangereux et le pire c'est qu'ils devaient vérifier tout dans le respect mutuel, je leur montrais rapidement mon intimité, sans aller plus loin marqué par des « ouh elle est chaude, sexy maman » .. cela me gênait quelque peu et m'excitait et eux aussi bien sûr. Je savais qu'ils allaient me baiser un moment donné mais n'osaient pas encore.
Ma réputation de salope augmentait auprès des lycéens, je le sentais, ils étaient trop jeunes pour moi quoique certains étaient majeurs et le fait d'être un fantasme pour eux me chamboulait.
Je passais volontairement dans les couloirs et parfois une deux mains me peloter dans le vacarme ambiant... je me sentais vraiment catin et je mouillais à mon entrejambe et le long des cuisses, je pensais à toutes ces queues matures qui pourraient me pénétrer.
Un soir je retourna dans mon bureau, chaude et excitée, et je décida de sortir le grand jeu pour mes 4 collègues, habillée d'une robe blanche légère avec une coupe moulante s'arrêtant à mi-cuisses et un string blanc transparent, je fis mine de chercher des papiers dans les bas tiroirs, il suffisait juste de se pencher pour voir mes fesses écartées par une ficelle blanche qui passait sur mon trou du cul un peu mouillé et mes lèvres dégageant une odeur de cyprine.
J'entendis du bruit et c'était bien eux, un peu surpris de mon jeu, l'un deux commença à remonter ma robe et voyant que je ne me manifestai pas, il écarta mon string et me doigta, je gémis toujours la tête dans les papiers, ce fut pour eux le feu vert, je me tortillais de plaisir, ils me touchèrent de partout, le cul en arrière, je leur lança « baiser moi svp » je me fis insulter de tous les noms, en quelque temps je fus prise par tous les trous, j'adorais sa, à ce moment je me suis dit que j'étais vraiment faites pour me prendre des bites, j'étais dans une de mes grandes périodes sexuelles. Au bout d'une heure de jouissance, j'étais toute remplie de sperme, on se rhabilla et on se souhaita bonne soirée. Je ne regretta rien.
Le lendemain, à peine arrivée, habillée d'une jupe serrée aux hanches et d'un décolleté profond et d'une veste me donnant une allure de pouffiasse, on se fit la bise et alors commença le jeu de mains, on me tripota de partout n'allant pas plus loin étant donné notre travail. Je découvris que je m'appelait plus Évelyne mais grosse salope.


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Mes collègues tout en me respectant un minimum me touchèrent dès que possible, me doigtant, jouer avec mes seins, me faisait sucer leur doigt, je devais aussi enlever mon string, ils se branlaient dedans puis me le redonnais pour que je le mette, du sperme partout, cela me rendait folle d'excitation à des moments, ils éjaculaient aussi sur mes pieds, et je ne devait pas m'essuyer, je le faisais quand même quand ça se voyait beaucoup.
Et tous les soirs ou presque je me faisais remplir de sperme, ont avaient nos horaires, j'avais chaud aux trous.
Quatre bites pour moi, l'extase. J'étais un réservoir à sperme, un garage à bites selon leur dire.
Le proviseur remarqua ma négligence et dans *** bureau je cédai sous *** chantage à le sucer tous les jours au matin. De 4 queues je passai à 5, en échange par contre j'avais moins de travail réglementaire vu mon travail sexuel.
Je faisais toujours fantasmer les élèves, certains devaient deviner et beaucoup de choses circulais jusqu'aux profs et certains me plaisaient bien d'ailleurs, et puis je n'étais plus à une bite près. J'allumais un prof de philosophie avec lequel le courant passait bien, un jour il m'invita chez lui, ce que j'acceptai volontiers, c'était dans un petit quartier, quelques jeunes y étaient et me mataient, connaissant le prof ils parlaient avec lui et ils avaient compris *** plan, c'est-à-dire, me sauter. J'étais tombé sous *** regard charmeur et je m'y attendais..
On déjeuna discuta de tout, regardant mes seins par des regards hasardeux, je lui plaisait beaucoup dans ma tenue robe longue ouverte au dos et sur les côtés, puis il me posa une question troublante « alors le proviseur aime te faire les fesses? »
Hasardeuse je rétorquai un petit oui, il me dit immédiatement qu'il m'avait vu à plusieurs reprises rentrer dans *** bureau et entendre des gémissements, j'étais stupéfaite, il s'approcha de moi et me sauta, me pénétra le vagin, sa grosse bite m'élargissait mon anus ou il gicla dedans, il me remercia et garda mon string qu'il me rendrait plus tard.
En sortant du bâtiment, deux des jeunes étaient toujours là, et me regardèrent avec insistance me sifflant.. je pris le bus, les trous trempés et odorants et je remarquai qu'ils me suivaient jusqu'à ma résidence et l'un deux étaient du lycée !!, j'avais assez peur et j'avais eu ma dose de sexe, ils s'approchèrent de moi, me plaquèrent contre un mur et ils me donnèrent un rendez-vous pour le week-end ou sinon ils allaient salir ma réputation, j'accepta sous la contrainte pendant qu'il me touchaient la chatte, moi sans mon string les jambes semi écartées, et constatèrent mes trous larges sales, collants et humides et me dirent qu'ils aimaient les femmes soumises puis repartirent.
J'étais allé trop loin, mais d'un côté cela me plaisait je prenais un plaisir fou à chaque fois. Arriva le rendez-vous, je n'avais pas fais l'amour durant 3 jours, avant de partir je pris une bonne douche, m'habillant d'une robe noir courte et moulante un peu transparente m'arrivant juste en-dessous de mes fesses avec un string ficelle assortie sans soutif, j'étais une pute en haut talon.
Je rejoignais mes futurs baiseurs chez l'un deux en voiture, je me serais sûrement faites violer dans le bus... me complimentant, ils m'emmenèrent manger en ville dans un petit resto en restant courtois, on discuta tout en me faisant mâter par tous les hommes, mon string était humide comme ma chatte avec ses lèvres pendantes et la chaleur n'arrangeait rien. On pouvait apercevoir mon entrejambe si j'écartais mes cuisses totalement dénudées. On partie à ma surprise faire du shopping, ils m'ont acheté un maillot de bain blanc 2 pièces pour aller à la piscine municipale sous le regard avide du vendeur.
Une fois là-bas je pris rapidement mes aises, j'étais au début un peu gênée du bikini un peu petit qui me rentrait dans les fesses et qui me cachait à peine les seins. Heureusement je n'étais pas la seule comme ceci.. beaucoup de monde nous regardait mais cela ne les surprenait pas vraiment, je voyais aussi leur bosse à travers leur maillot...ils me massaient le corps et insistaient sur mon entrejambe et mes seins puis c'était à mon tour, je les voyais gicler dans leur maillot, je prenais leur semence et la goûtais.
Tout l'après-midi nous étions dans l'eau, je me faisais toucher de partout, mon maillot prenait l'eau et l'on pouvait apercevoir ma chatte et mes tétons je les branlais en cachette comme à mon adolescence je m'amusais comme une folle...
avant de partir nous sommes passés aux vestiaires ou ils m'ont prise par tous les trous, trois jeunes bites pour moi, j'étais folle de sexe et eux fous de mon corps.. je mouillais du vagin, de l'anus et je les excitait beaucoup avec mes phrases « oui baisez moi votre surveillante salope qui aime le sperme » et eux « oui on aime défoncer les surveillantes nymphos » « les mères de famille qui ont des gros trous du cul » cela m'excitais encore et je leur répondais que j'ai besoin de bites que mes trous servent à ça, à être remplis, ils n'en revenaient pas et éjaculèrent partout sur moi..
Ils me ramenèrent à ma voiture et me remercièrent infiniment, maintenant soulagée, ils me remercièrent et je voyais dans leur attitude qu'ils étaient aller trop loin dans l'acte en me baisant.
Je revue un des trois un jour qui me sauta comme une pute au lycée.
Je me prenais six queues différentes dans la semaine et plusieurs fois, j'avais une vie sexuelle épanouie. 4 surveillants, 1 proviseur et 1 prof. J'étais accro à leur queues leur sperme, tous à ma demande m'achetaient des tenues hot, bodys, guepières, cuir, vinyl, dessous... cela dura 2 ans.


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Me revoilà pour une nouvelle aventure, moi la salope.
Il y a un maintenant 6 mois, je suis partie en croisière d'une semaine en Egypte avec une copine de mon âge mariée, avec laquelle je m'entends très bien.

Le voyage est magnifique, hormis la chaleur qui nous pousse toutefois à nous habiller en tenue légère, on attire sur nous beaucoup de regard, elle a une poitrine moins développée que la mienne mais de très jolies formes avec une peau admirable et un fessier à faire tourner les regards.

Nous sommes donc très bien accueillies par tous, complimentées sur notre beauté, cela nous fait sourire et pour ma part m'excite lorsque je pense que ces égyptiens voudraient nous sauter.

Ma copine décidant de rester sage, pour ma part j'aimerai bien sucer une ou deux queues sur ce bateau.
Lorsque nous le pouvons, je vais sur le pont avec piscine, en maillot paréo exciter deux trois mâles en chaleur, mais cette endroit assez familiale rend la situation compliquée, je retourne à chaque fois en douche me masturber pour me calmer.

Je me promène en ondulant les fesses toujours dans des tenues sexy, me baissant volontairement pour laisser apparaître mes strings pendant que le personnel du bateau est derrière, j'entends alors des remarques que je ne peux comprendre.

Chaque matin le personnel vient faire la chambre où nous dormons, je laisse volontairement ma lingerie légère traînée et ainsi je remarque que leur place n'est plus la même et une fois je pus constater des traces de sperme dans mon string blanc transparent à dentelle.

L'organisateur et propriétaire du bateau, un homme intelligent d'assez bonne corpulence et assez viril venait souvent discuter avec nous, on avait alors le don de particulièrement bien l'exciter sans forcément le vouloir grâce à nos tenues légères, quel vicieux, je jouais un peu avec lui en croisant et décroisant mes cuisses, me cambrant, aussi ma copine faisait de même, quand à elle on pouvait apercevoir qu'elle ne portait rien dessous, la salope. Lui: assez tactile n'hésitait pas à nous toucher à l'épaule aux bras etc... moi je voulais sa queue et mon désir se faisait de plus en plus grand, mon vagin et mon anus avaient besoin d'un traitement.

Un soir, lors d'une petite fête, à l'écart des regards, il me met une main aux fesses, habillée d'une robe fine, il me malaxa le cul, m'embrassa dans le cou, je gémis pour lui signifier mon accord, il m'emmena dans sa chambre ou il me baisa, je jouis plusieurs fois et lui aussi, il m'avait écarté le vagin et mon cul comme pas possible avec sa grosse bite toute à moi.

Je retrouvai ma copine, je lui expliquai l'histoire ... elle se dit jalouse.

Il ne restait plus qu'un soir et je voulais recommencer, je forçais ma copine à y aller avec moi, hésitante au début, elle se dit partante, il me restait plus qu'à exciter monsieur, lors de la journée je pris rdv avec lui pour recommencer en le masturbant à travers le pantalon.
En fin d'après-midi, je toquai à sa chambre accompagnée d'une autre salope mais à stupéfaction, lui aussi étais accompagné d'un homme que j'avais certainement déjà croisée. Ils nous proposèrent de commencer par un massage pour nous détendre, nues sur le lit, la scène était agréable, cela se termina par le massage des fesses et par des doigts dans nos trous avides de bites pour finir en partouze, nous prîmes un énorme plaisir, on se léchaient aussi la chatte pour la première fois et les seins sur lesquels ils avaient éjaculés dessus.
Comblées, nous partîmes lendemain pleins de souvenirs.


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Je passe une partie de mes vacances d'été dans un petit coin sympa du sud ouest de la France, une mai*** avec un petit jardin parfait pour me reposer et parfaire mon bronzage.

Je sors une chaise longue en début d'après-midi et me place en plein axe du soleil.

Je retourne me munir d'un maillot de bain soft, pour moi bien sûr, chercher crème solaire, lunettes, chapeau, magazine pour passer un bon moment. Lorsque je me rends compte consciencieusement que l'on peut me voir.

En effet, il y a peu de vis à vis et à certains endroits, mes voisins de gauche peuvent m'apercevoir.
Mais je ne sais pas vraiment qui habite, j'ai déjà croisé un couple assez âgé et une fois aperçu un homme d'une trentaine d'années, bref peu importe je fais le lézard.
Jusqu'au moment ou j''entends des bruits et perçois du mouvement, je me dis que je suis certainement regardée, la situation commence à m'exciter. Grâce à mes lunettes de soleil, j'observe un volet qui bouge légèrement, j'en suis sûr, on me matte.

Moi toute seule en 2 pièces sur me chaise longue, je me place sur le ventre, mon maillot rentre un peu dans mes fesses, je n'ose pas le replacer et puis tant pis ça fait plus salope, la salope telle que je suis, mon désir de sexe s'amplifie, je me contracte, j'imagine qu'un homme me regarde, peut être une femme qui sait.

Je m'interroge sur mon haut, d'ailleurs pourquoi j'en ai mis un et puis si je l'enlève cela rendrait la situation plus excitante, je me retourne et l'enlève, me voilà les seins à l'air, bougeant à chaque mouvement, mes tétons se durcissent. Une heure se passe je n'observe rien soit il est discret ou bien per***ne!! Ma chatte est trempée, je rentre me masturber

je recommence quasiment tous les jours à la même heure, m'habillant de plus en plus sexy jusqu'à mettre un string ficelle blanc, mouillée on peut voir ma chatte, je joue un jeu sexy et surtout que je sais qu'il y a bien quelqu'un, une voiture est garée devant leur porte, je me comporte tel une chienne sur ma chaise, n'hésitant pas à me masser les seins et l'entrejambe avec la crème, positionnant mon cul vers leur fenêtre, j'écarte doucement les cuisses, la ficelle me rentre bien dans le cul, je le sens contre mon anus et serrant mes lèvres, je suis humide, je change maintes fois de position, je rentre, me doigte, ressors nue..

En fin de journée, ou au petit matin, j'arrose les fleurs en petit bikini, me penchant bien pour pouvoir apprécier mes courbes, s'il y a bien quelqu'un derrière, il doit se régaler.

Dès que je peux me le permettre, je me rentre un objet dans le cul, cela me fait un bien fou, en marchant avec.

Intrigué au bout d'un certain temps de ce qui se passe et surtout de qui se trouve à côté, je décide d'y aller habillée pour demander un sécateur, je toque, la porte s'ouvre et là se trouve un homme d'une soixantaine d'année, celui que j'avais déjà vu, et que j'imaginais me matant, petit mais de bonne allure et assez joviale, *** épouse était absente, il m'invita à prendre le café et faire connaissance..

On discuta et je regardai par la fenêtre mais je ne voyais pas mon jardin mais de la fenêtre du haut il devait bien se rincer l'œil. Parti à la cuisine, il revint derrière moi me massant les épaules dénudées avec beaucoup de tact en me disant que c'était bon contre les coups de soleil, et c'est vrai que fait du bien, je me laissai bien entendu faire, de toute manière il avait tout vu, il se montrait entreprenant et commençait à descendre plus bas, il examinait mon corps, enlevât le débardeur, sans un mot je ne parlais pas, le laissant faire, *** contact me fît du bien, il me léchait les seins, j'adore... puis se fit au tour de ma jupe qu'il enlevât soigneusement, nue il était derrière moi, il me massait soigneusement, me malaxait le cul puis l'écartait, il introduit *** doigt dans ma chatte puis dans mon anus, à ma surprise il n'était pas étonné de voir mon trou large, il m'avait bien mater, me pencha sur la table, il me pénétra pendant 15 minutes en alternant mon vagin et mon anus qui étaient aussi large l'un que l'autre, je pris un plaisir inouïe, je nettoyais sa large bite par une fellation.

On prit rendez vous les derniers jours pour qu'il me saute chez moi 2 fois par jour, j'étais sa salope soumise à ses moindres fantasmes. Il m'avoua que des salopes comme moi il n'en avait pas vu beaucoup.
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