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les histoires de chrislebo

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Apartment Slavery

The apartment was small but comfortable. The landlady gave me a good deal on the rent in return for some maintenance in the house and garden. She lived on the first floor; there were another apartment on the second and mine was one of two on the third. The other apartment across the hall was empty and I was to fix it up and paint it as part of the rental agreement. I had barely moved in before the old hag, she was actually younger than my sixty-one, wanted the painting done right away because she had someone to rent it.

I worked three long days to get it done and the new tenant moved in on the fourth. I had an appointment with my lawyer about finalizing my divorce and didn't get home until late that day. My door was partly blocked by moving boxes so I knocked on the new tenant's door to get permission to move them. A female dressed in lose fitting fatigues five feet or less in her mid twenties looking very tired opened the door.

"Yes what is it," she snapped. "I'm very busy!"

"I'm sorry Miss but I live across the hall and your boxes are blocking my door." I spoke slowly with an apologetic tone.

"Oh yes Mr. C, the janitor. You aren't crippled! Are you? Just move them over!" She snorted some unintelligible expletives and slammed her door. I had wanted to say I'd be glad to help her I thought, I've got a veritable cyclone as a neighbour; perhaps though she had just lost it because of a rough moving day. My wife had accused me of being snappy with her, one of the reamisters we split; even though she was pretty fair at it herself and she had always been quick to retort. I moved a few boxes over and entered my apartment.

There was a knock on the door a few minutes later. I opened it and was faced with the cyclone again. "Did you take one of my boxes Mr' C?"

"Now why would I do that, maybe you should look in the porch down stairs. I think I saw some there." She stared at me fiercely and scanned the apartment as if looking for her box.

"Everything was brought up here the boys said, it couldn't be down there!"

"I'll be glad to go down and check for you Miss."

"It's Mz, Mr. C, and yes maybe you should and earn your keep!" She stomped back into her own apartment slamming the door. I stood for a minute and absorbed what she had said. Moving tenants was not in my job description but maybe just this once; she would probably calm down and apologise later. Moving can be taxing. I walked down the two flights. There were three boxes there. I picked up the two top ones and brought them up and then went right back down for the third. That was a very heavy box, containing a TV. The first two boxes were gone when I got back up so I knocked on the door. She opened it wide and motioned me inside.

Take it in the living room open it up. It's a brand new twenty-seven inch. You can set it on the stand and hook it up; I had the cable connected so it should work."

I went along without commenting. This woman had a strange effect on me. I had never been bullied like this at home or at work; well maybe in the army. I opened the box and set it on the stand looking for the plug-in on the wall and the cable connection. "No, no, no what is the matter with you the cable hooks into the VCR not the TV"

"I'm sorry Mz. I'm not very good with these things."

"Well, just get the damned VCR out of that box over there and set it on the shelf if you can't figure it out, I'll fuck'n well do it myself!" I did as she asked and and actually managed to hook it up and turn it on and then headed for the door. "Yes, get the remaining boxes and bring them in." I was heading for my own apartment but went along and brought in the six boxes.

"They all go in the bedroom, you know where that is, don't you?"

"Well I fixed up the place so I think so." I set them on the floor next to the bed and turned to leave.

"That's no fuck'n good on the floor; set them on the bed and open them damn it. I assume a janitor carries a pocket knife!" I obeyed or that's the feeling I had and slit them open. She came back a few minutes later setting down a hamper. "Do I have to tell you everything; those boxes are full of clothes. There's the closet and there's the dresser. That box has dresses, jackets and pants on hangers; heavy things on the left and lighter things on the right. Shoes and boots in that box go on the close floor, sweaters on the shelves, undies in the drawers and so on. That box has bed sheets and blankets; might as well do the bed too. Let's get with the program." She left for the other room. "Oh," she yelled "fold the boxes when you're done and take them to my storage space in the cellar."

Once again I felt compelled to just leave; why was I taking this? Hanging the clothes and setting up her shoes was not too bad but the underwear and brassieres and garter belts that felt weird but also erotic. I had never touched my wife's under-things and rarely seen them the way she always managed to hide herself when changing. I felt very strange and trancelike and realized that I was developing a semi. The undies were mostly soft and silky not at all like her permisterality. She was wearing sloppy fatigues and it was hard to visualize her body in those things. There were tons of underwear and not enough space in the dresser. I stood with a pair of panties trying to decide where to put them when she surprised me.

"Why don't you sniff them while you're at it, turns you on does it?"

"Oh no I...I ...there's no room for anymore. Where do I ... I mean."

"You were married; you've seen women's undies before."

"Well barely...I mean."

"Aha I see; who were you married to: Queen Victoria?"

"You might say that," I nodded emphasising my answer. "Just leave the rest in a box and I'll find a place later. I got no provisions yet why don't you go make us some coffee. You've got coffee?"

"Sure, I got cookies too."

"Good bring it over when you're ready, we'll take a break." When I returned with a tray she was sitting at the kitchen table typing on a laptop.

"Great um, smells good and homemade cookies, you still know how to cook." It was the first nice thing she'd said.

"Well that's what I did in the army" I wondered why she said still. I pushed a cookie plate close to her computer. We drank and ate cookies in silence while she tapped away

"Well I think that will do for tomorrow's schedules, oh, wait there's one more. Listen Mr; C. go run my bath, that box has towels and bathroom things in it. You can unpack while it fills and oh, there bubble bath stuff somewhere in there too. I followed her orders in a fog not understanding why. She came in just as I finished unpacking.

"You can undress me now." I stared at her gaping in disbelief. "What's wrong Mr' C?" I just stood there frozen, unable to speak. "You've seen a naked woman before; I don't have time for nonsense here; I told you to undress get at it!" I began to fumble with the lower edge of her top as she sighed impatiently. She turned as I lifted it off letting me fumble with the bra hasps; then turning again as I manoeuvred it off her shoulders and pulled it off exposing two incredible slightly drooping full breasts. She caressed and squeezed them powering the flattened nipples out, as I got on my knees to remove her pants. "Fuck'n bra, my tits get squashed in those cups! Ah that feels good." I pulled her pants down and set them aside. She continued to massage her breast with her eyes closed as I fumred with the elastic in her panties. I pulled them down very slowly over her bulbous ass and sculptured thighs, drooling over her luscious flesh. She lifted each foot as I removed them while fluffing her pubic hairs with one hand, still massaging one breast with the other. I opened the hamper and threw the panties in. After removing her socks she stepped into the tub and got down sighing. "Ah that feels so good."

"Well I'll be going now Mz." I headed for the door.

"Not so fast Mr. C. Sit down!" She pointed at the toilet. I supposed you are wondering why and how I can get away with treating you like a slave."

"Well it's sort of...well more than unusual, isn't it?"

"You see, as of today you are my slave!"

"Really what makes you think so?"

"Let me give you the lowdown; I'm a permisternel manager with a large manufacturing company. I have a sixth sense about people; that's why I'm good at it." I also know every detail about your permisteral life. The permisternel manager with the company you retired from is my main source of information. I have read your physiological profile including army records, which tells me more about you than you know yourself. I suppose you are wondering why you didn't object to my demands. No one except your drill sergeant at boot camp has ever done that to you before right?"

"No that's for sure I can't explain it. I should have refused to bring up those boxes in the first place. It's not in my job description."

"No, but you did it and I knew you would based on your records and the look in you eyes. Behind that macho fa??ade lies a pussy cat with a secret desire to submit to authority. I am a fuck'n bitch and I enjoy being a bitch. Now here's the deal: I am busy not only at work but also at home with the computer. I'm a lousy cook and housekeeper; therefore you are going to cook and keep house for me."

"Just like that, what are you going to pay me for that?"

"I said slave, George ...which brings with it certain...shall we say, fringe benefits plus earned bonuses" She smiled knowingly while caressing hr breasts, leaving me nearly speechless again.

"What...what do you mean...fringe benefits and bonuses?"

"I'll let you know when I'm ready. Right now go to your apartment and take a quick shower. Then come back, dressed in your housecoat, slippers and nothing else! Move it! I don't want to lie in fuck'n tub all night!"

I showered quickly, my head spinning with a thousand thoughts. What did she mean by the pleasure of being her slave? She couldn't mean sex, or why else the shower; this was unbelievable. I was old enough to be her man. She was still in the tub and stood up when I returned.

"Wash me George, come on get on with it...there's the soap!"

"I...I don't see a

"I prefer the permisteral touch George. First open your robe; let's have a look at your equipment." I was more than semi hard." What have we got here, seven inches erect?" I shrugged as she gave me a sharp stare. "Liar! what is it?"

"Seven and a half."

"All men measure their meat; don't ever lie to me again George!"

"No Mz. I won't." How could she tell I was lying?" She dropped to her knees in the tub, holding my cock with one hand; then stroking it with the other like you would a cat. She actually seemed to be examining my genitals, lifting and squeezing my balls. She began frigging me slowly at first; watching as it hardened and then pushed back my foreskin. I moaned and then gasped as she kissed and licked my knob and then swallowed the entire shaft. Her eyes were closed now as she just held it there while fondling my balls. I don't know how she could breathe; then suddenly she pulled back and began frigging my shaft faster while holding my knob in her mouth circling it with her tongue. I groaned loudly and exploded in her mouth as she continued to fondle my balls and suck hard on my knob while noisily gulping down my load.

"Ah good..." she licked her lips and kissed my knob, then sucked hard while stroking the shaft; "that was you first blowjob, right" I nodded watching her as he licked her lips and wiped her teeth with her tongue while making several contented swallowing motion. "That was one of your fringe benefits, George. You like being a slave now"

"I...I, well I guess so; I didn't really believe that people actually did...these things." She rose again and I began to soap her back slowly rubbing the soap on and then spreading it down over her generous ass cheeks.

"Your wife was the only woman you ever had sex with of course." I nodded while soaping her neck, shoulders and arms before tackling those perfect and surprisingly firm breasts. "Missionary style I supposed and not very often?"

"Well yes I mean no," I was in another world while my hands groped her shapely flesh; "less after the youngren were born and then nearly nothing after so many years."

"She thought sex was disgusting right, and you jerked off in the bathroom." I nodded, for some strange reamister not feeling embarrassed at all, making that intimate confession; it was no use lying to this woman.

"How often?"

"Once maybe twice a day," I was baring my soul to this woman as if we were talking about the weather.

"Are you sure it wasn't more?" she stared straight into my eyes.

"Well...well maybe three or four times on a weekend or if she was away visiting relatives."

"Not five or six," she stared again.

"Could be, I've done that I guess; alright one time when I got crazy horny, eight times in a day."

"Hm, good sperm production; got a computer for porn?"

"I don't know anything about computers."

"So what do you do, buy playboy?"

"No Mz. I use my imagination. You can do it to any woman you want that way." I finished even her anus and vagina after some prodding. Then while she got down to rinse I spread a towel on the floor and she ordered me to support her as she stepped out. That was a slaves duty she said; I was almost sorry to take that glistening shine of her beautiful curves as I began to dry her.

"What do you think about my body George?"

"Wow... you are a goddess Mz. A brick cuckolds brownie house, as we use to say."

"You like washing me this body?"

"I...I yes you've got an unbelievable shape." "So I suppose you wonder why I'm not married at twenty-eight."

"Nope... I mean not because you are not beautiful. "

" mean my bitchy permisterality. You are right there, but it's also because of my four foot eleven. What are you five- ten?"

"And a half."


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"Everybody wants to fuck me or getting blow jobs but that's where it ends; they want to marry long legged skinny models not chubby midgets"

"You're not chubby; you're a shapely hourglass goddess, and you're supposed to say little people now, I have a cousin who is and she says four foot ten is the cut off."

"Well just the same I get called midget a lot, mostly behind my back. There, I'm dry now, lead me to the bedroom. Like this." She put my right hand on her right arm and my left on her left shoulder. You will refer to me as mistress or madam from now on as long as we are alone, understand?"

"Yes mistress," we reached the bedroom where she stopped in front of the bed.

"Do I have to tell you to pull back the covers?"

"Sorry mistress," I pulled them back and fluffed the pillow and then stood back. She gave me an angry stare and I held her shoulders leaning her down and then lifted her legs up as she stretched out. I took a deep breath takeing in her naked form before tucking her in.

"Disrobe slave."

"Yes mistress," I removed my robe and hung it on a chair waiting.

"Remove my covers," I eagerly obeyed, "take my legs and swing me around so my cunt is near the edge. Now lift my legs and spread them wide. You have never seen a live cunt up close, have you George?" I shook my head. "Get on your knees and have a good look. I got down and stared at that most sacred female temple while gasping for air. She pointed to the various parts naming them, spreading the inner lips with her fingers exposing that magic entrance. "Have a closer look," I moved in and was going to tell her that I couldn't focus that close without my reading glasses. Then suddenly her thighs locked around my head and her heels mashed my face into her warm moist cunt.

I licked gingerly as she moved my head and her pelvis to where she wanted my tongue. I was surprised there were no unpleasant fishy smell, as some of my buddies had joked about over the years; just a tangy but not unpleasant taste. Her gasps and groans soon taught me where her most sensitive spots were, as her lower body performed unbelievable gyrations and those soft fleshy thighs opened and closed spasmodically on my head. Finally she gasped loudly several times and then pushed my head away.

"I'm done; get up!" I tucked her in and put on my robe. "That was a performance bonus; you've earned it tonight. I leave for work at eight. Wake me at seven. I will put on my makeup while you make and serve my breakfast with whatever you have. You will then dress me.

"Mistress, are we going to have regular sex too?"

"We're not in a so called...relationship" she made the quotation signs with her fingers. "There'll never be anything permisteral or remotely intimate between us; you're my slave and I'll order you to perform what ever type of sex act suits me at that moment. You'll make no suggestions; ask no questions but obey and perform without reservation, is that clearly understood?"

"Yes Mistress, I'm very sorry."

"Good, you're dismissed, until seven AM."

"Yes Mistress, goodnight."

"There's no need for pleasantries; I said dismissed, so you just bow and get you ass out of here!" She waved me off; I did just that and headed for my apartment, with a spring in my steps feeling not at all humiliated. I would have prostrated and kissed her feet if she'd asked.

I woke her at seven on the dot, whispering mistress and then carefully touched her shoulder. I got a grumpy, "I heard, what's for breakfast!"

"Eggs any way you want toast, jam, coffee, cereal." I already had her robe on my arm and held it as she got up and stretched arms above her head, then after rubbing those beautiful knockers let me fit the robe on her. I took a deep breath takeing in her curvy flesh before reluctantly covering up her luscious body, closing the robe over those beautiful proud breasts before tying the belt. She never made eye contact while being dressed.

"I'll have Toast and coffee this morning," she then pointed in the closed at what she wanted to wear. "You will learn to choose my apparel after a week or so; that's something else I don't want to think about. My underwear should be a buzz for a pervert." I thought maybe that statement was tongue in cheek but with her who knew? She then headed for the bathroom, while I certainly got a buzz, fingering those sexy under things. I already had the coffee on so I did her bed, assuming that was my responsibility now and then laid out her clothing neatly on the covers, especially the undies.

In the kitchen I placed two slices in the toaster without turning it on. "George," she called, I entered the bathroom, "bring my undies in here you can fit them on me while I'm doing my hair. I brought the items she wanted and got on my knees starting with her panties. That done, I removed her robe and tackled the more difficult task of fitting her breasts into their cups; I was getting a boner while fitting each in, shaking them a little to make them comfortable. I hasped the back and pulled the straps here and there to make sure everything was comfy. She heaved and twisted her chest; "that was satisfactory George, you'll get better." "Thank you mistress I'm relieved you are satisfied."

"Well not quite, where's my pantyhose?" I headed for the bedroom and found a pair." It took quite a while to fit those tricky items on her sculptured legs and ass; after which I dressed her in the robe again. I'll have my toast now; you can finish dressing me later.

She worked on the laptop while eating and printed out several page. "There are three pages of instructions for you to read after I leave. Get my purse!" I handed it to her and she picked out a Bank Card. "The pin is written on that little piece of paper, memorise and destroy it. You will use it for shopping; I have printed out a list of what I like to eat. You will keep it separate from your own purchases; we will not eat together...slave!"

"You really trust me with your bank account?"

"I wouldn't fuck'n well give it to you, if I didn't George. Now go wash that boner you had all morning with cold water; you've earned a bonus point but I want you back here soft. I hurried back trying my best to keep it soft and stood next to her while she typed away. "Drop your pants and in the future your morning and evening after eight PM garb will be a robe and nothing else." I obeyed in a quick hurry as she reached for my balls while still watching the screen, typing with one hand. She fondled my bag for a while and then grasped my cock frigging it to a hard rod. As my moans became gasps she turned the laptop off and closing the lid. She then swallow my knob while frigging the shaft and fondling my balls, resulting in a nearly instant eruption. I groaned with satisfaction as she greedily swallowed and sucked on my knob devouring every drop; then licking her lips she tongued and sucked her teeth as before. "That should hold you for a while, by the way, as my slave...jerking off is forbidden. Bring my clothes to the bathroom while I brush my teeth and finish my makeup."

I dressed her and went back to find the shoes she wanted to wear. She was disconnecting the printer and packing the laptop in its case while I was on my knees fitting her shoes, telling me that in the future that was my job a well.

"You'll have my supper ready at six-fifteen sharp...slave. Make sure you read the three pages of instructions during the day." She then left without saying a word.

I cleaned up and brought the pages to my own apartment. My place had a small ten by ten room with windows on three sides, the top part of a tower in these old houses. There were just room for my lazy-boy, a bookshelf and a floor lamp. I settled in to study my orders. The first page was a list of food she liked and how it should be prepared. I was to buy whatever groceries necessary and then just choose a meal from the list myself. The second was a schedule of estimated laundry days and instruction as to the different materials; some to be hand washed and some air dried; how often the bedding should be changed; how often the floors should be washed, the bathroom cleaned etc. The list went on and on, this woman was an organizational freak.

The third page was a surprise: I was to go to the library and borrow two books on the art of the sensual massage; she had included the tittles and authors. I was to study the books and apply what I learned. Closing my eyes I tried to get my head around a surreal situation; I was now also to be a masseuse in addition to my servant and sex-slave status to a beautiful young woman.

My cock began to rise just thinking about those fringe benefits, she was using me like a lap dog doing tricks for a bone. Then her command not to masturbate flashed in to my mind; she would read me like a book. I was being used in return for sex but who benefited the most? I was getting laid, sort of and with a woman less than half my age, a brick cuckolds brownie house at that.

I opened my eyes and scanned the park across the road; people walking their dogs; youngren playing; the roar of an unseen truck shifting gears. My erection subsided and I got out of that comfortable chair to get busy earning my benefits and bonus points.



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"Quiet slave, you are spoiling the moment...but yes; get on with it!" Finally, I carefully mounted her and fitted my cock into her unbelievable tight cunt for the first time. I gasped and sighed with pleasure, very slowly working it into the hilt. "Good slave but now stop, don't you dare move unless I order you to and don't hold your weight on your elbows." I let go resting my full weight on her body while kissing her neck and shoulder; that was new for me all I heard in my marriage was: you're too heavy! I lay there my cock throbbing inside her body; incredibly her cunt began to throb squeezing and nearly jerking my cock. He arms and legs wrapped around me holding me with incredible strength while her pelvis jerked and her cunt performed magic tricks inside. My cock was being jerked and squeezed in an unbelievable manner. Then suddenly she rolled us both over and she rode me like a bronco, a new position for me; this woman had to be in charge.

"Now slave! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I matched her motions in the most incredible sex act I had ever experience, of course having only experienced a motionless wife maybe this was normal. She climaxed moaning loudly, rolling off and in a wink had my cock in her mouth jerking it violently with one hand while the other tickled my balls until my load splashed into her mouth and was gulped down her insatiable throat.

She stretched out next to me licking her lips and teeth again as if she was savouring every drop of cum.

"Get a damp towel slave!" I rushed to the bathroom running the tap for a while not wanting demerit points for using cold water. Returning I carefully towelled her entire body, starting with the neck. She moved to accommodate me, spreading her thighs wide, lifting her arms and turning over until every square inch of her beautiful fleshy body was refreshed. I took my time savouring every second but all good things come to an end, I tucked her in and stood up, getting a closed eyed turn of her head meaning: get out.

After cleaning everything up I walked to my apartment feeling like a sex machine should feel after a successful performance. It was of course her performance; I was merely a vending machine she operated to satisfy her craving for semen; her order the coin, me the dispenser and my semen the selection.

I read an article once, about a rich man who paid lactating ladys to bottle their milk for him. He believed it would keep him young or some other benefit for his health. I wondered if she had a similar reamister or was it just a fetish. Whatever it the reamister I was the benefactor regardless of my slave status.

She blew me again in the morning before leaving and I got to work to make sure that no demerit points would accumulate.

As the days and weeks went by I made very few mistakes. She always managed to find something however but the penalties were always applied against me having intercourse with her or even eating her out; never against the blowjobs which became regular twice a day and three or four times on weekends if she was there. She of course sensed that coitus was my ultimate goal; a bonus awarded no more than three times a week. It became easier after a few weeks to contain my lust while washing, dressing or undressing her and the undies became just clothing.

Getting my hands on her in a sexual way was another story and she knew it. Sometimes after massaging her she would lie there for a long time breathing deeply undulating her body, then spread her thighs slightly, raise her pelvis but then slam her thighs together meaning no sex for George. Occasionally she would do that three of four times while I stood there naked sporting a huge bone desperate to jump her, only to get that sideways head nod or hand wave, meaning get out. A couple of times she changed her mind and called me on the walkie-talkie. After the first time I made sure to place that item close by on her night table.

"When I did get to screw her she would go wild and I wondered why she didn't want it more often. Though eventually I reamistered that the wilder her performance the sooner she would get to savour my mouth-watering ejaculation.

Another way she allowed penetration sex was doggie style; the first time she got in that position I just stood there and she had to shout "Get on with it; fuck me slave!" That was a first time position for me. I began to realise that she was as addicted to swallowing my semen as I was desperate for her body. She needed it as much as I needed her but I was the slave.

No matter what position or what kind of sex we had, she never allowed me to kiss her on the lips or face. Like she said from the start; there would never be anything permisteral or intimate about our relationship, we were master and slave with only one purpose: her sexual gratification. My pleasure was incidental and except for the blow jobs had to be earned.

I studied the massage books in my cozy little tower room until I knew them by heart before returning them to the library. My days were full keeping her apartment spotless, the laundry, the shopping and her meals. I borrowed some cook book and made sure that all her meals were gastronomic delights.

For someone who had never given women's fashion a thought; I learned to select her daily attire without ever getting a complaint. Her whole life was her career; everything else was taken care of by me.

From the time she came home in the evening until she left in the morning the only decision she had to make was when and how often she wanted sex. I of course provided that for her; most of the time without a word being spoken. We were like actors in a silent movie without the exaggerated facial expression. Her body language told me how she wanted to be serviced and I would then perform like a trained monkey. That's what I was, except I never uttered a sound. I was more like a shadowy figure she did not pay attention to except for the blow jobs. Even that was just a routine for her, like taking medicine for a cold. After breakfast I would open my robe and stand near her chair trying not to have an erection. She would turn when ready and blow me while expertly fondling my balls sometimes scratching the sensitive area near my anus even fingering my rose, anything to get and swallow her medicine as quickly as possible.

there was no need for me to wash after; her lips and tongue cleansed, sterilized and vacuumed my cock spic and span by the time she was done. After she savoured the taste for a while, her eyes closed almost trancelike while licking her lips and sucking her teeth before she got up to wash her hands. She actually brushed her teeth as soon as she got up, not after blowing me.

I towelled her hands and then fit whatever coat and shoes the outside temperature required. Lastly I packed up the laptop and hand it to her with the briefcase. She always left without saying a word or making eye contact. After closing the door behind her I had time to sit down for a while and savour my climax before getting to work earning my benefits and those all important bonuses.

There was no use speculating on how long this reality show would last and I tried not to think about it. Every new day to me was just one more day of sexual gratification, provided I had no demerit points. With her dominant and bitchy permisterality no one in her age group would probably ever marry her, so my earthly paradise could possibly last until I got too old to perform Eventually maybe with the help of those little blue pills; or not.



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Maman voulait mon fric, je me suis pay?? ma m??re

Ma m??re n'a jamais su g??rer mister fric alors d??s que j'ai eu de l'argent de poche maman venait me l'emprunter, souvent 5 francs pour acheter le pain. En ??change, ?? 12 ans, je lui demandais un bisou innocent sur la joue.

Tout a ??volu?? lorsque j'ai eu un travail stable et donc plus d'argent.

J'avais 23 ans, mesurais 1 m 76 pour 74 kg, Josiane (plus intimement Jos), ma m??re, en avait 46. Jos est une grosse petite femme due ?? ses 4 grossesses dont la mienne, mesurant 1 m 55 et pesant 95 kg mais a une paire de seins d??mentielle, du 110 D.

Les sommes variaient avec les fin de mois, pour les anniversaires, les f??tes, des fr??res et s??urs ou de mon p??re, mais aussi ?? la proche de No??l. Je me mis ?? varier mes ??changes ?? bisou ?? car les sommes pr??t??es ne m'??taient jamais rendues. Je m'??tais dit, plus il lui en faudrait, plus j'en voudrais.

Je me souviens qu'en cette fin de mois de juin, Jos est venue dans ma chambre, me demander 100 €, ??a me faisait chier de les lui donner car j'avais pr??vu de faire des achats permisternels pour les vacances, mais je me suis r??solu ?? c??der une nouvelle fois. En pantalon de jogging et torse nu, je lui fis un ch??que. Sur le point de s'en aller, je m'approche d'elle et lui ai dit : - Tu n'oublie rien !?? - En tapotant ma joue de mon index, s'approchant pour faire mister coutumier bisou, je tourne la t??te et voici nos l??vres qui rentrent en contact, passe ma main derri??re sa nuque et l'autre retrousse sa robe et lui pelotant mister gros cul. P??trifi??e, elle ne r??agit pas alors j'y enfourne ma langue dans sa bouche, passant ma main dans sa culotte. Sa grosse poitrine sur mon torse, je me mis ?? bander durement, de ma bite qu'elle m'avait si g??n??reusement fournie, pour une fois qu'elle avait ??t?? g??n??reuse par elle-m??me, je me mis ?? frotter mon sexe tendu dans mon slip contre mister gros ventre. Dans un ??clair de lucidit??, Jos m'??carte et s'enfuit, me laissant dans mon ??tat de b??atitude. M'ayant provoqu?? une gaule d'enfer, je me suis allong??, baissai mon pantalon, ma bite lib??r??e du slip, je bandais comme jamais auparavant. Je me mis ?? me branler, en me rem??morant la douceur de sa bouche, de ses fesses et de sa poitrine maintenue dans mister soutif et il me fallut pas longtemps ?? venir.

Le moment du d??ner venu, je rejoignis la famille autour de la table, j'avais peine ?? regarder ma m??re, les yeux rougis de larmes. Mon p??re dit ?? Jos : - Ce n'est pas la peine de te mettre dans ces ??tats l??, on la retrouvera ta bague ! - Alors je sus qu'elle n'avait rien dit ?? mon p??re et donc que je pouvais essayer d'aller plus loin. Le repas fini, mes fr??res et s??urs rejoignent leurs chambres, je d??barrasse la table, alors que Jos part faire la vaisselle, papa lui dit de se reposer sur le divan du salon.

Je rejoins maman endormie sur le divan, apr??s avoir d??barrass?? la table et m'asseyant ?? ses pieds. Une ??rection me vient en remarquant le contraste de ses fines chevilles et ses relativement fins mollets par rapport ?? ses gros cuissots, cela ??tant certainement d?? au fait qu'elle porte toujours de hauts talons. Mon p??re ne pouvant faire la vaisselle sans faire couler l'eau, rassur??, je me mis ?? caresser ses mollets puis ?? remonter vers ses cuisses. C'est ?? ce moment qu'elle se redressa me demandant d'arr??ter, je me suis mis ?? mister oreille et lui ai chuchot?? : - La prochaine fois que tu auras besoin de fric, pointes-toi seulement avec une chemise de nuit sur le cul ! - Les robinets se ferm??rent dans la cuisine, le retour de papa ??tait imminent, maman se remettant ?? chouiner, je lui dis bonne nuit en l'embrassant sur la joue, Jos essuya ses larmes, je sortis du salon et croisant papa, je lui chuchotai : - Il va falloir la consoler, ce soir ! En lui faisant un clin d'??il. Une demi-heure plus tard, allong?? nu dans mon lit, je fus sorti de ma torpeur par des petits bruits du sommier du lit de mes parents, une gaule se pointait ?? nouveau, je me mis me branler au rythme des couinements du lit, des g??missements de plus en plus perceptibles de ma m??re. Ma jouissance explosa en m??me temps que celle de mes parents, m'ayant donn?? l'impression d'avoir joui dans ma m??re, mes couilles m'en finissaient pas de se vider. Mon dessus de lit souill?? me rappela ?? la r??alit?? puis je sombrais dans un sommeil r??parateur aux misterges de volupt??s.

Il ne m'a fallu attendre que quinze jours, pour qu'elle se pointe, un matin, en chemise de nuit, elle avait besoin d'argent car le d??part en vacances se reprochait ?? grands pas


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Quinze jours apr??s avoir embrass?? et pelot?? ma m??re, les vacances se reprochaient ?? grands pas et donc ses besoins d'argents.

Occup?? ?? ma masturbation matinale quotidienne, je m'interrompis, maintenant ma queue contre mon pubis, lorsque j'entendis des pas dans le couloir et m'aper??us que Jos poussait la porte dans ma chambre en chemise de nuit. Je lui dis, la regardant droit dans les yeux :
- Bonjour maman, toi, tu as un service ?? me demander ? Viens ... Approches ... ??? Ce qu'elle fit et se trouvant maintenant ?? port??e de main, reprenant la man??uvre sur mon manche sous le simple drap qui me recouvrait jusqu'au bas de mon torse. Je lui dis :
- Il te faut combien cette fois-ci, ma petite maman ?
Maman baisa les yeux et mister regard tomba sur les mouvements que faisait ma main, je repousse le drap et Jos resta comme statufi??e voyant mon phallus en ??rection, le rouge lui montait aux joues. Sa poitrine, sous sa chemise de nuit, se gonfla de telle fa??on que je m'aper??us qu'elle ne portait pas de soutif en dessous. Ma main gauche se posa sur mister mollet puis se mit ?? remonter vers mister entrejambe alors qu'elle immobile, seule mister ??motion ??tait perceptible. Sa respiration devenue plus forte et plus courte, faisait bouger ses gros seins, regardant ma queue grossir encore (18 cm de long et 3 cm de diam??tre). Ma main vint se coller ?? sa chatte touffue d??goulinante, d??pourvue de culotte, mister clitoris fi??rement dress??. Maman se mit ?? r??agir mais pas comme je me l'attendais, elle descendit une bretelle de mister ??paule et sortit de ses deux mains, un de ses monumentaux seins. Le maintenant de sa main gauche, elle humecta l'index et le majeur droit et fit des mouvements circulaires sur ses gros t??tons dress??s, maman ferma les yeux et se mit ?? g??mir. Sa vulve en ??bullition, ouverte tel un gouffre, j'y enfournais quatre de mes doigts, mon pouce commen??ant ?? s'activer sur mister clitoris. Mes va-et-vient sur ma bite n'ayant cess??, je senti que je n'allais pas tarder ?? jouir, je lui hurlai :
- Mamaaannnnn !!! Je viens !!
Maman se laissa tomber ?? quatre pattes sur le lit, dans ce mouvement, mon pouce rejoint les autres doigts au fond de sa chatte, emboucha profond??ment ma queue au fond de sa gorge pour recevoir ma semence. Maman jouit, enserrant ma main dans sa chatte, larguant trois ou quatre jets de mister jus, inondant le matelas. Surpris, je dis :
- Ma bonne salope de m??re est une femme fontaine ?!! Oh ! La grosse pute !!
Maman reposant sur mister gros ventre et sa grosse poitrine, me su??ait la queue, ayant repris une forme honorable, je retirai ma bite de sa bouche, ma main englu??e de sa chatte et vins me placer entre ses grosses cuisses.
Je fis quelques aller et retour dans mister con baveux, nageant dedans, je me retirai et me pla??ai face ?? la rosette accueillante de maman. Je l'embrochai d'une pouss??e, elle cria :
- Non, pas mon cul, il est ?? ton p??re !!
Le seul fait d'avoir dit cela, m'excita encore plus et lui r??pondis :
- Dor??navant, il sera ?? moi aussi, grosse salope !! Ma grosse pute de m??re que je paye depuis des ann??es !!
Mes mots font tressauter maman qui balan??a mister jus sur le matelas, la pilonnant encore plus fort.
- J'ai ... jamais ... joui ... aussi fort ... avec ton ... p??re !!!??? Me dit-elle cherchant a r??cup??rer mister souffle.
Je retirai et me repla??ai pour jouir dans sa chatte, sachant que l'on ne craignait rien depuis la naissance de ma petite s??ur, elle prend la pilule, la plaquette, trainant sur une tablette de la salle de bain.
Ma copieuse semence ne put remplir toute la grosse chatte de maman.
- Maintenant, quand tu auras besoin de fric, je veux que tu agisses comme une grosse pute que tu es, dans ta tenue vestimentaire, comme dans tes attitudes ! Tu veux combien pour aujourd'hui, ma grosse pute ?
- 250€ - Dit-elle les yeux embu??s. Ne lui laissant pas le temps de rajouter un mot :
- C'est le prix pour poss??der ton cul, ma petite putain ! - Maman commen??a ?? accepter mister statu de maman putain.
- Mais ne viens pas tous les jours, je n'ai pas un budget illimit?? mais pour ton plaisir, tu pourras ??tre ma maman salope.
Les yeux brillants, ?? mes mots, maman jouit une derni??re fois d'une gicl??e de mister jus. Elle essaya d'aller ?? la douche, elle chancela et retomba sur le lit. Nous restons ??tendus ?? nous caresser et ?? nous embrasser.

Depuis ce jour, il y eut beaucoup de baise avec maman salope et ma petite pute de m??re.


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Au r??veil, toujours sur le lino, je me demandais dans quel ??tat d'esprit, j'allais retrouver ma petite maman ch??rie.

Maman se r??veilla lorsque je me mis ?? bouger ?? c??t??, elle se tourna vers moi avec un grand sourire et me dit :

- Mon fils, quel baiseur, tu fais, ... je t'aime ... mais maman doit aller se laver et se changer. - Maman se penchant sur la bassine, je lui dis :

- Non, maman laisse la bassine, va te faire belle, je me charge du reste ! - Une id??e perverse venant de traverser mon esprit.

Maman sortit de la chambre, se dirigeant vers la salle de bain, en tortillant mister cul souill??.

Je filais et passais un peignoir dans ma chambre et revins, ramassais la bassine et allais ?? la cuisine. Je vis une bouteille d'eau, presque vide, sur la table de la cuisine, la pris, la vidais dans l'??vier. Pris l'entonnoir, servant ?? transvaser le restant d'huile d'une bouteille dans une autre, se trouvant sous celui-ci, le pla??ais dans le goulot de la bouteille d'eau vide, attrapais la bassine du jus de maman et me mis ?? la vider dedans. Une fois, la bassine fut vide, je refermai la bouteille, pris une ??tiquette pour les aliments congel??s et y inscrivis : ?? Bouillon iod?? de la mer, 2 cuill??res ?? caf??, replace 1 pinc??e de sel. ??, la collais dessus et la pla??ais sur le plateau ?? condiments. Je cachais la sali??re, nettoyais la bassine, la mis ?? ??goutter. Je pris la bassine habituelle pour le m??nage, mis de l'eau et quelques gouttes de javel, pris une serpilli??re et un balais puis retournais dans la chambre. Je contemplais les d??g??ts, de la cyprine dans laquelle une forme circulaire y ??tait dessin??e, juste ?? c??t??, un coussin tremp?? de la mouille odorante de maman, plus loin, des traces marquaient le lino.

Je me mis ?? ??liminer les traces de nos ??bats, les traces de mascara et du rouge ?? l??vres furent les plus durs ?? retirer, j'ouvris la fen??tre pour faire s??cher plus vite.

Quand maman revint en chantonnant, resplendissante, dans cette robe d'??t?? blanche ?? fleurs bleues, largement d??collet??e, la ceinture assortie et un soutien-gorge en dentelle blanc, dont une bretelle d??passait celle de la robe, relevait avantageusement la beaut?? de la poitrine de maman, talons hauts blancs, bas blancs, puis un courant d'air glacial, exhibant maman, leva sa robe, me montra, durant un dixi??me de seconde, les jarretelles blanches attach??es aux bas et ne pus voir si elle avait un culotte. Cela me surpris en cette saimister, certes la maimister ??tait bien chauff??e mais en f??vrier, quand m??me ! Je sus que mon argent avait servi ?? embellir ma petite maman ch??rie qui s'habillait pour moi car quand papa est l??, elle ne porte que des collants.
Je refermais la fen??tre, m'approchais de maman, lui d??posais un bisou sur ses l??vres, Jos me tint la t??te d'une de ses main, me roula une de ces pelles, wouahou, ma bite fit un bond entre les pans du peignoir, elle passa ?? deux reprises mister autre main sur mon chibre, le caressant sans toute fois me branler, se d??colla de ma bouche et me dit d'une voix sensuelle :

- Il est temps d'aller faire ta toilette, mon ange et ne te paluche pas sous la douche de tes parents, en pensant trop fort ?? ta petite maman, j'aurais peut-??tre envie dans l'apr??s-midi. - Elle me fit un clin d'??il, se retournant, se dirigeant vers la sortie de la chambre.

La douche fini, je retrouvais maman, en bermuda clair et chemisette ouverte blanche. Affair??e ?? pr??parer le d??jeuner, je me pla??ais ?? c??t?? d'elle, les fesses contre le plan de travail, elle ??clata de rire, tombant sur la bouteille et me dit :

- Mon ch??rie, tu n'es vraiment pas tr??s dou?? avec l'orthographe, Il y a une faute ?? ?? m??re ??. - Maman n'est pas d??pourvu d'humour.

Elle porta le goulot ?? ses narines puis sa bouche, elle en versa entre ses l??vres et se retourna vers moi, m'embrassant, me faisant partager sa cyprine refroidie, elle me dit :

- Tu veux vraiment que je cuisine avec, mon ch??ri ??

- Oui, ma petite maman, il n'y a pas plus ***, il a ??t?? tir??, il y a ?? peine quelques heures, du producteur aux consommateurs et on ira ?? la source quand il y en aura plus !

- D'accord, essayons ! On verra bien, si ??a le fait bien, on continuera toute la semaine, sinon, on se remettra au sel traditionnel. Mais quand ton p??re rentrera, j'arr??terai de l'utiliser car il n'est pas stupide, il comprendra l'allusion de l'??tiquette ! D'accord ?

- Oui, maman ch??rie, essayons, on verre bien. - lui passant la main sur sa croupe et allant dresser la table.

Mais une ??rection se mit ?? poindre, la tentation ??tait trop forte, je vins me placer derri??re ma petite maman ch??rie, baissai mon bermuda, pla??ai mes mains sur ses hanches, embrassai le cou et le lobe, lui susurrant des mots doux ?? mister oreille :

- Ma douce petite maman, que tu sens si bon, tu es si belle, que je ne peux pas r??primer mon ??rection pour jolie petite maman.

Soulevant le bas de sa robe, la relevant au-dessus de mister porte-jarretelle, la bloquai de mes mains revenues sur ses hanches, je vis que point de culotte ne recouvrait mister gros popotin. Maman, ??cartant ses jambes, fit claquer ses haut-talons sur le carrelage. Emmanchant ma bite, je la mis en but??e sur ses l??vres bouillantes et ruisselantes, maman se cambra en g??missant :

- Oooh ! Laurent ! Laisse-moi finir de faire la cuisine ! - en poussant mister cul vers ma bite qui ne put qu'entrer dans la chatte en fusion de maman. Je laissai maman faire, ne bougeant pas d'un poil. Maman fit des mouvements lents et r??guliers de mister cul, en continuant de cuisiner :

- Maman est folle de ta queueeeee, mon fils ch??rie ! Viens, prends maman ! - se dandinant sur mon sexe fich?? en elle, levant tant??t une jambe tant??t l'autre, maman devait folle, Jos arr??ta les plaques ?? induction sous les po??les et casseroles :

- Laurent, baise-moi !!! Salooo, baise-moooi !!! - Maman acc??l??ra sa cadence, se d??cha??na sur mon pieu, d??cid?? ?? la laisser prendre mister pied, toute seule.

- Ooooooh !!! Salooooo, baaiiiiiissssses moooooooiii !!! Oooooooooh !!! Mooooon fiiiiiiiils !!! Mamaaaan !!! Viiiiiiennnnnnnt !!! - Elle jouit, ma queue plant??e dans sa chatte, un jet de mister jus de femelle en chaleur atteignit le sol.

Jos se laissa glisser parterre, prit ma bite et se mit ?? la sucer, mit toute la longueur de queue entre ses l??vres, les mains pos??es sur mes fesses. Quand ma bite arriva au fond de sa gorge, je butai contre la luette. Je me mis ?? faire des va-et-vient entre ses l??vres. Attrapant sa poitrine, elle fit rouler mes couilles sur ses d??mentielles mamelles, j'attrapai sa t??te entre les miennes. Elle commen??a ?? accepter mes coups de butoir au fond de sa gorge, je sentis que j'allai bient??t jouir. Maman poussa d'un brusque coup de t??te, mon gland passa la luette, fermant les yeux et d??versai mon jus, directement dans l'??sophage de ma bonne maman.

- Oooooh !! Mamaaaaaan !! T'es booooonne, ma coooo ... choooone !!

Quand j'ai rouvert les yeux, je la vis, le visage rouge devant moi, je me retirai de sa bouche, des filets de bave et de sperme m??l??s reliaient mon sexe ?? ses l??vres, tomb??rent sur sa poitrine, elle put reprendre sa respiration.

Jos se releva, alla ?? la salle de bain, se rafra??chit et revint toute pimpante. Ayant profit?? de ce temps pour nettoyer le sol, mettre la table et r??chauffer la cuisine de maman qui, coup de chance, n'avait pas cram??, on s'installa face ?? face. En entr??e, une salade compos??e, sauce vinaigrette dont le go??t sal?? et musqu?? releva le plat ; le plat du jour, c??telettes aux petits pois, succulemment, relev?? du jus de maman ; commen??aient ?? m'enivrer ; le fromage et le dessert ne calm??rent pas mes ardeurs car la vue imprenable et in??vitable sur la poitrine de maman.

Nous f??mes l'amour toute l'apr??s-midi, douch?? et ??reint??, je me rendis chez le m??decin. Ce dernier remarquant mon ??tat de fatigue, me donna un arr??t jusqu'?? la fin de la semaine.


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Le lendemain matin, maman ne vint pas me r??veiller.

V??tu d'un cale??on et d'un tee-shirt, en passant devant la chambre de mes parents, maman dormait encore. Je suis entr??, me suis approch??, me suis d??barrass?? des mes v??tements et me couchai ?? c??t?? de maman en nuisette. Jos se retourna et vint placer sa t??te sur mon ??paule. Maman me caressa le torse, je me mis ?? bander, je fis dans des baisers sur le front de maman qui entreprit de me branler tendrement la pine.

- Bonjour, ma petite maman. Bien dormi ??
- Bonjour, mon grand. Je suis en pleine forme, toi aussi, apparemment !!

Caressant un de ses gros seins, embrassant, maman, ?? pleine bouche, je fis virevolter ma langue contre la sienne. Maman r??pondait ?? mon baiser endiabl??.
Se lib??rant de ma bouche, elle descendit sa bouche sur mon t??ton, mon ventre, en se redressant sur ses genoux. On se pla??a transversalement sur le lit. Elle me prit la bite en regardant dans le miroir qui recouvre enti??rement l'armoire, enroula sa langue sur mon gland, maman pla??a mister gros ventre sur mon torse, ses gros seins, sortis de la nuisette, sur mon bassin, une de ses mains me roulait les couilles, sa t??te coulissa sur ma queue. Elle me bloqua la t??te entre ses cuisses, recula mister gros cul sur ma bouche, mes l??vres se plac??rent sur mister clito, mon nez plant?? dans sa chatte. Retirant ma bite de sa bouche, maman m'encouragea :

- Bouffe la chatte de ta bonne grosse cochonne de maman !! Bouffe-moi, ... mon grand salaud !!! Bouffe ta bonne grosse salope !! Ooh ... mon fils ch??ri !! Fais bien mouill??e maman !! Ooh !! Oh !!

Maman remuait mister cul, appuyant sa chatte ruisselante, des jets de jute vinrent frapper mon visage. Maman explosa :

- Oooooooh !! ... Mooon ... fiiiiiils !! ... Oh !! Oh!! Mon saaaalooooooop !! Je t'aime ... mon gar??on !! ... Je t'aime...

Maman s'??carta, roula sur le c??t??, je pus respirer, reprenant mon souffle, je dis ?? Jos :

- Maman ... Fous-toi ... ?? quatre pattes ... face ... ?? l'armoire !!

Maman se positionna, levant mister cul au maximum, couch??e sur ses gros seins, je me plaquai derri??re elle, je fis p??n??trer mon gland dans sa chatte et le reste de ma queue glissa, jusqu'?? buter au fond de mister vagin, butant sur mister ut??rus. Maman me regardant dans la glace, d'un regard d'une rare perversit?? et me supplia :

- Oui, baise-moi, mon amour !!! Baise-moi fort, mon ch??ri !!!

J'entreprenais ?? baiser maman, le lit se mit ?? grincer. Elle soutenait mister regard dans le mien, se mit ?? gueuler :

- Bourre-moi !!! ... Oh !!! Ch??ri, je t'aime !!! ... Oh !! Laureeeent, bourre-moooooiii !!! Oooooh !!! Je suis folle !!! Follllle de ta bite, mon salooooop, baise-moi !!!! Mon fils ch??ri, baise mamaaaaan !!!
- Ooooh !!! Maman, mon c??ur !!! Ooooh !!! Maman, mon amour !!! Je te baise aussi fort que je t'aime !!!! Vois comme je t'aiiiiiime !!! Oooooooooh !!! Mamaaaaaaan, je t'aiiiiiiiiiiiime !!!
- Viiiiiiiens dans la chaatte de mamaaaan, ooooooh, Lauuuuuureeeeeeeent !!! Viens, viiiiiiens, viiiiiiiiennnns !!! Mon amour, jouis en mooooooiii !! Balance ton sperme en moooooiiiiiii !!! ...

Maman, balan??ant mister cul en arri??re, vint buter mon pubis, le lit devint assourdissant. Son regard toujours dans le mien, sa chatte coulante me comprimait, ?? contrario, la bite.

- Ooooooooooooh !!! Mamaaaaaaan, je t'aiiiiiiiiiiiime !!! Ooooooooooooh !!! Mamaaaaaaan !!! je t'aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiime !!!

Ni maman, ni moi, nous n'arrivions pas ?? arr??ter notre cadence infernale, ne finissant pas de me vider dans sa chatte, sa chatte se crispant sur ma queue, je crus que cela n'allait jamais finir. Quand maman se mit ?? faire des ruades, me d??sar??onnant, je tombais ?? la renverse, maman me balan??ant, sur le torse, le visage, les jambes, de fa??on d??sordonn??e, mister jus bouillonnant. Tout devint calme et silencieux.

Au bout d'un moment, maman vint se coller ?? moi, mister genou pos?? sur mon sexe, un sein lourd sur mon torse, j'avais pass?? mon derri??re le cou de maman, lui caressant tendrement le dos. Nos l??vres soud??es les unes aux autres, on s'endormit.

Quand je me suis r??veill??, maman n'??tait plus l??, je la rejoignis, nu, dans la cuisine. Ne portant qu'un tablier de cuisine et ses mules ?? haut-talons, maman pr??parait le d??jeuner. Je vins derri??re elle, empoignai ses seins, l'embrassant dans le cou. Maman me montra la bouteille presque vide, je compris qu'il allait falloir retourner ?? la source mais pour le moment, nous all??mes manger. Maman se mit, non pas en face de moi mais ?? ma droite. Le repas f??t bon, parfois, nous nous ??changions des bouch??es et de tendres baisers. Je remarquais que maman s'ing??niait ?? faire des plats demandant ?? ??tre de plus en plus assaimistern??s.

Cette apr??s-midi, nous f??mes la sieste dans les bras de l'un de l'autre. Nous f??mes r??veill??s, vers 18h, par la misternerie du t??l??phone. Maman pris le combin?? et je n'entendis que ce dont elle disait, mais compris bien vite que papa ??tait ?? l'autre bout du fil :

- ...
- Bonjour, ch??ri !
- ...
- Toi aussi, tu me manques mon c??ur ! T'es o?? ?
- ...
- Tu faisais quoi ?
- ...
- Je faisais la sieste pour faire passer le temps !

Maman se caressa ses gros seins comme si je n'??tais pas l??.

- Mais tu sais bien que je pense toujours ?? toi !
- ...
- Attends, je vais fermer la porte, je ne voudrais pas que Laurent me surprenne en train de me caresser comme une cochonne, ta cochonne, mon ch??ri ! D'ailleurs, je me caresse la poitrine, en pensant ?? toi, mon amour !! ??? Maman se caressant ?? une main, l'autre tenant le t??l??phone.-
- ...

Maman n'arr??tait pas d'ouvrir et fermer ses cuisses. Elle me fit signe, de mister index, d'aller entre celles-ci largement ??cart??es, laissant l'espace d'un instant ses grosses mamelles qu'elle portait, de temps ?? autres, ?? ses l??vres. Je me penchai, pris la bassine de dessous le lit, la mis ?? c??t?? de maman et me pla??ai face ?? sa chatte brillante.

- Oh ! Ch??ri, comme j'aimerais que tu me bouffes la chatte ! ... - Suivant les instructions de maman, je m'ex??cutai. -
- Tu passerais ta langue sur ma fente juteuse ... - Oh, la salope me fait faire ce qu'elle aimerait faire ?? mister ??poux, mon p??re, pensais-je. Cela m'excitait et mis ?? bander. -
- ...
- Oh, oui ! Tu prendrais mon clito entre tes l??vres et me le grignoterais ... Oh ! Oui, comme ??a ! dit-elle, en m'encouragent la main pos??e sur mes cheveux et en mouillant de plus en plus. -
- ...
- Ooooh ! Ch??ri ! Comme j'aimerais que tu me pines la chatte ! Oui, OUI, Ouiii !!! Branle-toi bien la queue, mon ch??ri ! ??? Maman passa papa sur haut-parleur, papa g??missait, je l'??coutais se branler la queue, je la mis en levrette et mis ma bite dans sa chatte, la baisant alors que papa se branlait, ??a m'excitait au plus haut point. -
- Ooooh, ch??riiie, j'aurais tellement aim?? pouvoir te prendre ton petit trou ! Vas-y ! Gode-toi le cul !! - Papa se branlait, en pesant que maman se godait, moi qui ne savais m??me pas que maman avait un sextoy. Je me positionnai la bassine sous maman, ma bite sur la rondelle et poussai d'un coup. Maman gueula : -
- Aaaaaaaaaaah !! d??fonce-moi, mon graaaaaand ... ... ... ... obs????????d???????????????????????? du cuuul !!! - Maman venait de passer tous pr??s de la correctionnelle. J'entendis papa haleter, g??mir et exploser -
- Ah, ah, oui, oui, Jos ! Jos ! Ma grosse salope que j'aime enculeeeer !! Je viens, je... je... viiiiieeeens !!!! - De mon c??t??, je d??fon??ai le cul de maman, me retenant de g??mir ; maman, du sien, prenait mister pied en baisant avec mister fils, en entendant la voix de mon p??re au t??l??phone, balan??a mister jus de salope dans la bassine, je n'arr??tai pas de l'enculer. -
- Ooooooooh ! Aaaaaaaaah ! Oouuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, ooooooooooooh ! Ch??ri, je t'aiiiiiiime ! - J'interrompais bri??vement mes mouvements pour laisser le temps ?? maman de prendre cong??s de papa, ma bite toujours dans mister cul, j'ai v??rifi?? ?? deux fois que l'appel f??t bien coup??, et repris mes va-et-vient. -
- Maman, ma bonne salope qui se fait bourrer le cul par mister fils alors que papa est au t??l??phone, se branlant tout seul ... ... mais peut-??tre que c'est sa jeune secr??taire qui le branlait, qu'est-ce qu'elle va prendre la pauvre !! ??? pensais-je tout haut, l'enculant plus fort, des jets fus??rent dans la bassine. -
- Oooh ! Arr??te de dire des b??tises, Aaah ! Saloooop !!
- Papa est peut-??tre en train d'y bourrer la chatte ou mister cul !
- Ooooooooooh ! Arr????????te !! Aaaarr??????????ttte !!
- Elle le supplie peut-??tre d'arr??ter de la baiiiiseeeeer !!!
- Oooooh !! Noooooon !! Noooooon !!
- Ou le supplie de la faire veniiiiiiiir, plus fooooooort !!
- Oh !!! Ouuuuuui, plus fort !! plus foooooooort !! mon amouuuur !! - Maman jouissait encore et encore, je jouis dans mister cul. ???

Elle s'??croula sur le lit, des spasmes contract??s mister cul et ses grosses cuisses et sombra dans un semi-coma.

J'ai rempli la bouteille du jus de maman, lav?? la bassine, pr??par?? le repas, apport?? un plateau ?? maman et me suis couch?? ?? c??t?? de maman.


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ma patronne

Vous avez des questions ? Consultez notre FAQ Coucou, je suis dans cette entreprise depuis 5 ans et je me rends compte comment je fantasme sur ma patronne, elle s\'appelle Sylvie, 47 ans, 1m68, une 50 aine de kilos je pense, quelques bourrelets aux hanches, et des seins, je pense de 85 b, je l\'imagine dans cette situation .......
Elle va pour fermer mister bureau quand tout ?? coup, elle entend un bruit de fracas, elle se pr??cipite de suite dehors et voit mister monospace embouti par un camion, avec ?? mister bord trois jeunes hommes pas tr??s catholiques, il est 19 heures, en pleine hiver et il fait froid, elle porte une parka, sweet-shirt, soutien-gorge, jean, culotte, et bottines, elle s\'avance vers le chauffeur et lui crie mister ??nervement, le chauffeur lui fait comprendre avec une arme de vite se taire ...
\" ??coute-moi vieille pute, tu vas vite te taire, et nous suivre d\'accord!!!!!!!!
\" Oui promis, ne me faite pas de mal !!!!!!!\"
Un des gars la prend par les cheveux mi long boucl??s et la fait monter ?? l\'arri??re du camion et se dirige vers un hangar abandonn?? ; et ensuite, elle se retrouve attach??e ?? un poteau, ses fringues mistert vite d??coup??es aux ciseaux, ils se rendent compte quelle a quelques bourrelets aux hanches et des petits seins en forme de poire, ils se mettent ?? siffler et disent qu\'ils vont s\'amuser .....
ils se mettent ?? la fouetter, ?? lui cracher dessus, et d\'un coup, ils la d??tachent et la mettent ?? quatre pattes, ils la sodomisent, lui d??foncent la chatte, et elle se retrouve ?? sucer des bites ??normes et aveugl??e de sperme gluant, et ??pais, humili??e comme jamais et ensuite se retrouve laiss?? abandonn??e nue, pleine de sperme, les gars partent avec mister sac ?? main et la laissent abandonn??e telle une chienne en chaleur, voila mon fantasme, ?? vous de me dire si vous en voulez encore mais avec plus de pr??cisions, merci ?? tous


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Alors voici la suite de l'histoire de ma patronne , Sylvie 47 ans ....
1 semaine ??tait pass?? apr??s ce viol dont elle ??tait la seule victime et bien peur des repr??sailles , elle n'osait pas port??e plainte , elle ??tait l?? , seule devant sa t??l?? , il est 21 heures quand tout un coup , elle entend un fracas dans mister jardin , un imposant tout terrain vient d'explos?? mister portail, il faut dire que sa maimister est seule , pas de voisin a proximit?? mais a ce moment l?? , loin de l'id??e a Sylvie quelle allez vivre une nuit tr??s tr??s longue !!!!
les 4 occupants descendent et sifflent et hurlent
" ch??rie , on est la , on viens de rentrez du travail !!!!! , on a envie de r??confort , ouvre nous , ou on va ??tre tr??s m??chant !!!! "

Sylvie , apeur?? ne sait quoi faire , elle se trouve l?? , habill??e d'un t-shirt et bas de pyjama beige , une culotte dessous , des chaussettes ,la peur au ventre , elle leur fait signe de rentrer , les 4 occupants se mettent a occup?? les lieux en la tirant par les cheveux ......

" Haillllllle !!! piti?? prenez ce que vous voulez laissez moi !!!!" hurlez Sylvie

" ma pauvre ch??rie , la derni??re fois , on ??t?? rest?? sur notre faim , la on va plus peaufiner l'amour qu'on a pour toi !!!!! "
Sylvie fut jet?? au sol de sa chambre !!

" allez , on veut une pute , une bonne vieille pute , allez habille toi , " lui hurle le chez du groupe "
un des garde prit le plaisir de tout lui arrachez ce quelle portait, ensuite

Sylvie fut contrainte a enfilez une paire de bas , une petite culotte noire dentelle avec le soutien gorge assortie , une nuisette transparente et des talons.

Elle dut se maquill??e comme une vulgaire train??e , rouge ?? l??vre a outrance , fard ?? paupi??res , mascara , et m??me l'ultime trait noir qu'elle devait mettre sur le contour de ses l??vres , pour faire ressortir ses l??vres rouge vif , les cheveux bross??es et parfum??e , elle redescendit dans le salon ou les trois autres buvait et mangeait ce quelle avait dans mister frigo et mister bar , elle se tenait debout , offerte ?? la vu des autres , mister cauchemar allait commencer !!

Elle commen??ait par sucer a genoux les 4 gars , elle ??tait au centre , les 4 gars l'entourait,
" tu aime ??a la vieille hein , hummm plus profond , ouiiii"

" arggggg , " g??missait Sylvie , mister rouge ?? l??vre bavait.

Il la tiennent par les cheveux , un des gars lui arrache un peu le haut de sa nuisette et sortit ses seins du bonnet ,

et la , un des gars lui fait une bonne grosse ??jac facial ,??norme , il lui en mit plein mister visage ,

un autre , gicle , entre ses seins , les deux autres surexcit??s la pousse violemment sur le canap?? , un des gars s'allonge , la bite bien dure , l'autre s'occupe d'arracher sa culotte , est Sylvie fut contrainte de s'empaler sur cette queue dure , et le quatri??me l'encule a sec !!!

" tu aime ??a vieille pute , on est bien chez toi dans tout les sens du termes "

" oui , j'aime ??a , vous me faite peur !!"

au bout de 20 minutes , l'un ??jacula dans sa chatte , bien au fond et l'autre bien au fond de mister anus ,il se retirent , s'essuie avec ce qu'il ont sous la main , ses cheveu entre autre , et lui balanc??rent ,
" la ch??rie , c'??tait la mise en forme , maintenant , tu va devenir tr??s docile ...."

la nuit s'annon??ait effectivement tr??s longues!!!!!!!



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les aventures de Marc

Marc revient du lyc??e, il est 15 h c'est inhabituel, en principe il arrive avec le car ?? 17 h mais l'absence d'un professeur, a fait qu'il n'avait pas cours cet apr??s-midi.
Il pense ??tre seul dans la maimister et va ?? sa chambre, poser ses affaires, il entend des voix dans la chambre de ses parents.
C'est impossible, ses parents mistert au travail et ne rentrent que vers 18 h et 20 h pour mister p??re qui tient la pharmacie du village.
Qui cela peut-il ??tre, il y a deux voix de femmes, Marc ??coute ?? la porte mais ?? part des soupirs et quelques murmures il n'entend plus rien, alors il ouvre la porte et l?? tombe sur le cul, il y a deux femmes ?? poil sur le lit qui se mangent la moule, il ne savait pas que c'??tait possible ??a ?? 16 ans il n'est pas tr??s au courant des choses du sexe.
La premi??re femme est bien sa m??re Edith, mais la seconde ressemble ?? sa jeune tante de 18 ans Lisbeth, la s??ur de sa m??re.
- Maman vous faites quoi avec tatie Lisbeth ? C'est d??go??tant !
La surprise est de taille pour les deux femmes, qui en tombent presque du lit. Elles essaient de cacher leurs nudit??s et de se donner une contenance mais il faudra bien donner une explication.
V??ronique ne sait pas que dire ?? mister fils et sa tante encore moins.
- Ce n'est rien mon ch??ri, on fait juste se regarder pour voir si on a la m??me.
- Dit maman, je n'ai que 16 ans mais je sais quand m??me ce que vous faites, tu mangeais le sexe de tata et elle te mangeait le tien, je ne savais pas que les femmes le faisaient entre elles mais je sais que les hommes le font aux femmes.
- Ho, mon ch??ri, comment t'expliquer ?
- Papa va ??tre surpris quand je vais lui dire ??a, il n'a pas fini de crier, lui qui m'a puni juste parce qu'il m'a vu me masturber dans ma chambre.
- Il ne faut pas le dire mon ch??ri, surtout pas, ?? permisterne.
- Pourquoi ? ??a va en faire rire quelques uns au lyc??e !
- Mon ch??ri, non, il ne faut pas en parler, promets-moi que tu ne diras rien.
- J'y gagne quoi ?? ne rien dire ?
- Je te ferais avoir ta moto !
- Non ! ??a papa me l'a promise si j'ai mon bac, alors je suis s??r de l'avoir !
- Tu veux quoi alors ?
- Toi et tata Lisbeth !
- Ce n'est pas possible voyons Marc, je suis ta m??re et Lisbeth est ta tante et tu es bien trop jeune.
- Bon, ce n'est pas grave mais c'est bien ta s??ur elle ?
- Marc, non je ne peux pas faire ??a avec toi !
Marc part dans sa chambre et se met ?? mister bureau, de toutes fa??ons il ne dira rien, permisterne ne le croirait et il n'a pas de preuves.
Il y a d??j?? un moment que Marc est ?? ses devoirs quand sa m??re vient le retrouver dans sa chambre.
- Marc il faut que l'on parle tous les deux !
- De quoi ?
- De ce que tu as vu et du fait qu'il ne faut pas que tu en parles.
- Tu as peur hein! Tu sais que si j'en parle, m??me si l'on ne me croit pas, il y aura un doute ?
- Marc mon ch??ri, je te supplie de ne rien dire, entre s??ur ce n'est pas pareil qu'entre m??re et fils ou avec ta tante !
- C'est toi qui le dit, laisse-moi tu veux j'ai des devoirs que je dois rendre demain matin.
- Marc promets-moi de ne pas en parler ?? ton p??re ce soir !
- Tu verras bien, laisse-moi travailler s'il te plait.
Edith ne sait que faire, elle ne peut quand m??me pas faire l'amour avec mister fils pour ??a et puis zut! S'il en parle, elle trouvera bien un moyen pour nier les faits.
Elle n'est quand m??me pas tranquille et toute la soir??e est morte d'inqui??tude, si Marc parle, elle sait que mister mariage ne tiendra pas longtemps, mister mari est un homme rigide et n'aime pas le sexe.
Marc voit que sa m??re est inqui??te et veut la rendre encore plus inqui??te alors il a un stratag??me.
- Dit papa que pense-tu de l'homosexualit?? entre femmes?
- C'est une horreur, pourquoi cette question ?
- Comme ??a papa, tu en penses quoi toi de l'amour entre filles maman ?
- Laisse ta m??re tranquille tu vois bien qu'elle est fatigu??e et ce ne mistert pas des questions ?? poser ?? ta m??re, tu as quoi dans ta t??te.
- Rien j'ai vu un truc l??-dessus et je me disais que maman aurait pu expliquer, c'est une fille non, elle doit savoir plein de choses.
- Marc, si tu veux parler de ??a, laisse ton p??re tranquille, je viendrais en discuter avec toi dans ta chambre tout ?? l'heure.
- J'aurais bien aim?? en discuter maintenant mais si tu veux m'en parler en priv?? c'est aussi bien. Je vais me coucher, il est tard, demain matin je n'ai pas cours mais je suis fatigu??.
Marc alla dans sa chambre et attendit, il savait que sa m??re ne serait pas longue ?? venir, il avait vu sa t??te horrifi??e quand il avait commenc?? de parler.
Il entendit deux petits coups ?? sa porte et dit d'entrer, sa m??re ??tait l??, v??tue d'un peignoir de bain, elle venait de prendre une douche et avait encore les cheveux mouill??s.
- Ton p??re est couch??, il dort, Marc pourquoi fais-tu ??a, ce n'est pas bien !
- C'est mieux ce que tu fais avec tante Lisbeth ?
- Non, bien s??r, comprends que cela n'a rien ?? voir !
- Ha ? Alors ??a ne te d??rangerait pas que je couche avec ma s??ur quand elle va revenir de pension ?
- Bien s??r que oui elle est trop jeune, elle n'a que 15 ans et c'est ta s??ur !
- Tien donc, ma s??ur est trop jeune et c'est ma s??ur donc je ne dois pas lui faire l'amour et toi tu fais l'amour ?? la tienne qui n'a ?? peine que 18 ans depuis combien de temps ?
- On est des filles Marc.
- Quelle diff??rence cela fait-il, si j'avais un fr??re et que l'on s'encule, tu ne dirais rien alors ?
- Aucune, d'un certain c??t??, tu as raimister mais comprends-moi, si tu dis quoi que ce soit ?? ton p??re, tu fiches notre vie en l'air.
- Tu y as pens?? cet apr??s-midi, quand tu mangeais la moule de ta s??ur ?
- C'est affreux que tu ais vu ??a Marc et je te demande pardon, non je n'y ai pas pens?? bien s??r, je ne pensais pas qu'un jour quelqu'un nous surprendrait.
- Donc tu es d'accord pour que j'en parle ?? papa et tu admets que j'ai raimister ?
- Non, tu ne dois pas en parler Marc et oui tu as raimister mais je ne veux pas avec toi !
- On est dans une impasse, si tu me montrais tes seins et ton ventre, puisque tu es l?? ?
- Non, rien du tout !
- J'en ai vu bien plus, cet apr??s-midi, quand je dirais ?? papa o?? tu as un grain de beaut?? il trouvera ??a dr??le que je le sache !
- Tien regarde, tu veux voir quoi, ta m??re nue et bien rince-toi l'??il apr??s tout, tu n'en verras pas plus qu'?? la plage.
- Tu es belle maman, quitte le peignoir et tourne-toi.
Elle laissa tomber le peignoir ?? terre et se montra nue ?? mister fils, elle ??tait belle oui, ?? 37 ans, elle ??tait m??me divine, un corps ferme, des petits seins hauts perch??s, un ventre plat et des jambes au galbe parfait. Son sexe ras?? de jeune fille lui donnait encore plus la beaut?? d'une statue grecque.
Marc bandait, elle voyait la d??formation de mister pyjama et fut surprise de la taille de cette d??formation, mister fils devait avoir un sexe ??norme, elle qui n'avait connu que celui de mister mari tout petit et celui de mister premier amant qui n'avait pas mit plus de trente secondes ?? la d??florer et avec qui elle n'avait jamais plus voulu recommencer. Elle n'avait jamais joui avec mister mari, pas plus qu'avec mister premier et faisait l'amour avec sa s??ur car l?? au moins elle y prenait du plaisir. C'est sa s??ur qui l'avait initi??e aux plaisirs lesbiens, quand la premi??re fois elles avaient fait une sieste ensemble en vacances il y a de cela 3 ans, oui sa s??ur ??tait pr??coce et s'adonnait au plaisir lesbien avec ses copines.
Marc lui caressait la croupe, elle le laissait faire, sa main lui caressa le pubis, sa bouche ??tait sur ses seins, elle ne bougeait pas et esp??rait qu'il aille plus loin, bien s??r qu'elle en avait envie, elle l'esp??rait m??me mais ne pouvait le lui dire, sa s??ur n'avait pas refus?? de faire l'amour avec Marc, bien au contraire, c'est elle qui lui avait dit qu'elle allait arranger l'affaire, esp??rant que Marc la powerrait.
La bouche de Marc faisait des ravages sur sa poitrine, sa main caressait mister clitoris et ses doigts s'insinuaient en elle, elle sentait sa mouille couler le long de ses cuisses.
Il allait la faire jouir l?? debout, ses genoux ne la portaient plus, mister ventre bouillait du plaisir que mister fils lui donnait, mister inexp??rience ??tait compens??e par mister d??sir ?? elle et mister manque d'homme.
La main de Marc entre ses cuisses se d??pla??a, jusqu\'?? fr??ler des doigts sa petite rondelle, elle eut un sursaut car seule sa s??ur lui faisait de telle caresse, Marc la poussait sur le lit et bien que tr??s jeune, plongea sa t??te entre ses cuisses. C'??tait divin, il lui fouillait la fente de sa langue allant de mister clitoris ?? mister anus, titillant l'un et l'autre dans une inexp??rience attendrissante mais si agr??able. Elle allait lui apprendre ?? lui donner du plaisir mais pour la premi??re fois avec lui elle le laissa faire, elle n'avait jamais fait de pipe ?? un homme et eut envie de le faire, mister mari avait horreur de ces pratiques et la seule position qu'il connaissait ??tait le missionnaire.
Marc lui mangeait divinement sa chatte et elle le prit en bouche, mister vit ??tait ??norme plus du double de celui de mister mari, il devait bien faire 22 cm et plus de 5 d'??paisseur, c'??tait le premier vit aussi gros qu'elle voyait.
Elle avala la semence que Marc lui gicla au fond de la gorge, elle ne connaissait pas le go??t du sperme mais appr??ciait celui de mister fils, il ??tait encore gros dans sa bouche.
Marc ne d??banda pas quand sa m??re l'eut fait jouir en le su??ant, il remonta vers ses seins, pour les l??cher encore, ils ??taient si beaux, il alla vers sa bouche et plaqua ses l??vres aux l??vres maternelles, il chercha de la langue, la langue de sa m??re et tout en l'embrassant, s'introduisit dans le con maternel, elle ??tait ??troite, comme une jeune fille, ayant eu ses deux enfants par c??sariennes. Marc se demanda m??me si sa m??re n'??tait pas encore pucelle pour ??tre si ??troite car quand mister pucelage ?? lui craqua, il lui sembla qu'elle aussi avait un petit cri de douleur. Il attendit que la l??g??re br??lure de mister gland s'estompe, pour faire des va-et-vient dans cette chatte qui ne l'avait m??me pas vu na??tre mais qui ??tait celle de sa g??nitrice.
Elle sentit la verge de Marc enter en elle, jamais avant elle n'avait senti une verge l'emplir comme celle de mister fils, il lui distendait le vagin et elle fut surprise de sentir la m??me douleur que l'ors de mister d??pucelage quand il entra profond??ment en elle, il la faisait jouir, elle jouissait sous les coups de pieu de mister fils, mister ventre bouillonnait, elle mordait le drap pour ne pas hurler mister plaisir, la premi??re fois qu'elle jouissait avec un sexe d'homme et ce sexe ??tait celui de l'amour de sa vie, mister fils.
Elle sentait le sexe augmenter de volume en elle et comprit que Marc allait ??jaculer, elle passa ses jambes derri??re mister dos et le plaqua contre elle, pour sentir sa semence lui emplir le vagin, il ??jacula aussi intens??ment que la premi??re fois dans sa bouche elle se cambra contre mister fils pour en recevoir le plus possible dans sa matrice, elle ne put retenir un cri de plaisir et de jouissance quand il explosa en elle.
Ils reprirent leurs esprits, le sexe toujours fich?? en elle, elle voulait qu'il la prenne encore, elle voulait encore jouir, il fallait qu'elle se donne ?? lui jusqu'au bout, elle voulait qu'il la prenne par derri??re en levrette pour voir comment c'??tait et m??me, qu'il l'encule mais Marc s'??tait endormi, alors elle alla ?? la douche et regagna sa chambre.
Elle r??veilla Marc il ??tait 10 h du matin avec un petit d??jeuner, elle n'??tait pas seule, il y avait la tante Lisbeth, les deux femmes ??taient nues et se gliss??rent dans le lit, une de chaque c??t?? et pendant que sa m??re le caressait, sa tante su??ait mister vit, il eut vite fait de d??jeuner, Lisbeth eut les honneurs du premier foutre de la journ??e, dans sa chatte fra??chement d??pucel??e par mister neveu, elle explosa mister plaisir dans un cri, la premi??re fois qu'elle se faisait prendre par un homme et sa s??ur lui l??chait mister clitoris, elle passait sa langue de sa chatte aux couilles de Marc et voyait le pieu de mister fils, d??puceler sa s??ur.
Marc pris sa m??re en levrette, c'??tait une premi??re pour lui et elle et celle-ci y prit un plaisir fabuleux car sa s??ur faisait comme elle, quand Marc l'avait d??pucel??e, elle lui l??chait sa fente et les couilles de Marc, c'est Lisbeth qui dirigea le pieu de Marc vers l'anus de sa s??ur apr??s le lui avoir bien lubrifi?? de la langue et bien dilat?? de ses doigts, il s'enfon??a dans l'anus maternel, jusqu\'?? venir plaquer mister pubis sur mister ventre, il attendit que ce soit elle qui fasse des mouvements pour la prendre avec douceur, sa tante lubrifiant de sa salive le trou de mister amante.
Les trois amants ne sortirent de la chambre que vers midi pour manger, Marc avait cours l'apr??s-midi mais il savait retrouver ce soir sa m??re dans mister lit et souvent sa tante Lisbeth.
Il attendait avec impatience le retour de sa jeune s??ur, le d??pucelage de sa tante l'avait mis en app??tit et il contait bien la d??puceler en compagnie de sa tendre amante et maman.

Ceci fera partie de la suite. O?? je vous raconterais comment Marc se retrouva au lit avec sa grand-m??re paternelle, le docteur Jeanne Florent et r??ussit aussi ?? coucher avec la s??ur de mister p??re le docteur Armande Moulin et sa fille Manon ??g??e de 28 ans.


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Merci et bonne fête de fin d'année !


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Merci vous aussi


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Jane Discovers Mike's Fantasy

Mike and Jane had been dating for around eight months. Jane was almost the woman of Mike's dreams; she was beautiful, smart and sexy. The only flaw he saw in her was her ***ness to experiment sexually. Their sex wasn't bad, they both enjoyed themselves during the act, but it lacked excitement and imagination. Mike's deepest desire was to see her being taken by another man. As often as he had the chance, Mike would scour the internet for cuckolding stories and pictures, imagining it was Jane in the spotlight. At the six month mark, Jane moved in to Mike's apartment. Mike was excited for her to move despite the realisation that his nights of cuckold pornography would be almost non existent, restricted to brief periods of time when he was home and she at work.

Sometime around a month after Jane moved in, Mike was at work as usually. Jane was trying to access her emails but the server was down so Jane started snooping on Mike's computer, justifying to herself that he shouldn't have anything to hide. Of course Mike did have something to hide and she eventually found the list of cuckolding websites he frequented. With disgust she browsed through the stories and pictures, wondering what kind of pervert would enjoy such a thing. She resolved to confront him when he got home, but when he did arrive she couldn't bring herself to mention it. Over the next few days and with increasing frequency she found herself thinking of what it would be like to have another man. Jane's anger and disgust gave way to curiosity and eventually a desire to act.

A couple of weeks after her discovery, Jane received an email from her ex-boyfriend Brad. Jane had been with Brad for a couple of years and he was her dream guy until he had to move overseas for work and they parted ways. Brad was coming home for two weeks and he wanted to catch up. Jane's mind started racing, she had butterflies in her stomach, and of course she wanted to catch up with him. Better yet, could this be her chance to fulfil Mike's secret fantasy? She immediately replied before she was able to talk herself out of it and offered Brad their spare room for the two weeks. Putting her plan into motion made her feel sexy and strong and that night she told Mike over dinner about Brad's stay.

Mike was angry when he heard the news. He knew all about "perfect" Brad. So many times he had heard how Brad was such a great guy and he was so good in bed. Mike was jealous, he tried to say no but Jane told him it was too late, he was coming.

The day that Brad arrived, a Friday, Jane organised that she and Mike would pick him up from the airport. Mike bit his tongue as Jane dressed herself in a low cut white blouse, short black skirt and black heels. Mike bit his tongue as she ran up to him as soon as he got off the plane and gave him a big hug, her body pressed right against him. When she introduced them, all Mike could do was mutter a 'hi' at him.

Mike spent the rest of the weekend feeling like a third wheel as Jane waited on Brad, hand and foot. He watched on miserably as she flirted outrageously with him, unaware that soon his fantasy would come to life. For the first time in his life, Mike was looking forward to going back to work on Monday.

When Monday finally arrived, Mike busied himself at work to take his mind off the weekend and the fact that Jane had organised for the three of them to have lunch together. At lunch time, Mike miserably trudged down to the cafe to wait for the Jane and Brad show to arrive. "Perfect" Brad opened the door of the cafe for her and even pulled out her chair, before he sat down, as close as possible to Jane. The weekend had been barely tolerable but now Brad was openly flirting back with Jane right in front of Mike. Mike rushed through his lunch and back to his office to escape them.

During the afternoon Mike felt guilty about his lack of trust for them and his surly attitude and decided to make it up by cooking the three of them his famous lasagne for dinner.

Mike arrived home right on time with his new happy disposition. Mike walked in to find that the lounge room was empty, the kitchen was empty, he continued down the hall towards the bedrooms. Halfway he heard it, pounding and moaning and groaning. His heart raced, how could she do this to me? His hand tremred on the door knob. He turned the knob, the door opened and there was his wife on her knees and elbows, Brad behind her pushing the biggest cock Mike had ever seen in and out of Jane, over and over again. Mike was angry, he tried to say something but nothing came out. Brad and Jane smiled at him; Brad ordered him to sit down and watch and told Mike he would teach him how to really fuck her. Emotions swirled inside Mike, he felt anger and disgust but his cock was quickly growing in his pants.

He sat and watched as Brad pushed his big cock in and out of Jane. Jane was already moaning louder than Mike had ever heard her. Mike started rubbing himself at the sight of it all it was better than he could ever imagine. He couldn't keep his eyes off Brad's huge cock as it ploughed into and out of Jane. Jane's moans rose in pitch, she started shaking, begging Brad to pound her pussy. Brad obliged thrusting into her so hard that Mike thought he was going to tear her in two. Jane cried out as her orgasm sent pulses through her whole body. Brad grabbed Jane by the hips and pulled her hard onto his cock, he arched his back and his balls started throbbing, shooting wave after wave of his hot cum inside her. Mike kept his eyes glued to Brad's cock as Brad pulled it from Jane, white sticky cum poured out of her red pussy. It was too much for Mike, he came in his pants.



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Little Girl

Mr. Berkley checked his rear-view mirror and backed his Beamer out of his driveway onto the two-lane highway. His Rolex-laden wrist lifted so he could adjust the mirror a tad, then he ran his fingers through his silver hair. An aging man of expensive metals, he was. I sat in the passenger seat, my hands in my lap holding the twenty dollars I had gotten for watching he and his wife's two little girls for the night. This marked the last of the tuition I needed, the last bit my Stafford loan hadn't paid for. I figured this ride home would be silent, like all the others. Mr. Berkley cleared his throat, though, and said, "So what kind of faggot takes a babysitting job?"

I was stunned. "Excuse me?"

Mr. Berkley laughed. "Ah," he said. "The same kind of faggot who says, 'Excuse me,' when he's just been called a faggot." He pulled the car over onto the shoulder and looked at me. "Look here, little girl, there were a few hundred-dollar bills on my dresser this evening before Susan and I left for dinner. I get home, and voila! They're gone."

"What?" My head was whirling. First he insulted me, now he's accusing me of thievery. "I didn't take any money off your dresser, Mr. Berkley."

"Heh. No, Mike, you didn't. I know that. I put it there, and I removed it." I stared at him. What was he talking about? "My lovely, trusting wife Susan, however, didn't see me remove it. She knew I put it there before we left. She knew it wasn't there when we got back, after I mentioned it. She has suspicions in place."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

Without warning, Mr. Berkley shot his fist into my stomach. I lurched forward in my seat, feeling the crushing weight of my lack of breath. "You keep your mouth shut when I'm talking to you, faggot." Tears spilled down my cheeks. "Do you know what I did before I was a lawyer, little girl?" Why does he keep calling me that? I shook my head 'no.' "Before I went to law school, before I even thought about passing the bar, I made a living as a performance artist. It's hard making money at that." I coughed, took a full breath. "So on the side, I learned a bit of pick-pocketing, some lock-picking. Some thievery of my own." I wanted to ask him why he was telling me this, but I kept silent. He looked over at me. "Good girl. The reamister I tell you this is because you need to know what I can do. Check your jeans pocket." I reached into my right jeans pocket. Nothing. I checked the other one, and froze. My hand brushed paper, paper that hadn't been there an hour ago. I pulled it out, and looked at three crisp hundred-dollar bills in horror. I shook my head, though.

"This doesn't prove anything! Especially now that I know about it!" I thought I had caught him.

He clucked his tongue. "I've looked into your record, little girl. Twice you've been arrested for shoplifting. Twice. That doesn't look good."

"I was fifteen! That was three years ago!"

His fist shot out again, in almost the exact same spot. I sat doured over while he explained the way things worked. "Three years ago, three days ago. Doesn't matter. Do you know how many times I've been caught picking pockets? Zero. I have a spotless record. I'm a prominent defense attorney for some of the biggest names in town. It will be my word against yours that you didn't steal my money, and I know the only permister who will believe you is your poor, dear lady. Do you think she could take the scandal, though? Do you think her employer will be happy to hear about her thieving, lying mister?"

I was defeated. I didn't know why, I could barely understand how, but I knew that I was done. I sat up and started crying. "So what do you want, then? Why would you do this? This must've been a lot of work."

Mr. Berkley chuckled. "Yes, it was a lot of work. Not hard work, but tedious." He unbuckled his seat belt, then unbuckled his belt. "But now it's done. My, my, little girl." He pulled his pants and briefs down to mid-thigh, exposing his rock-hard seven-inch dick. "Now, little girl, you're going to suck my cock."

"Mr. Berkley, I'm not gay!"

He snatched the hundred-dollar bills from my hand, then, and stuffed them into the console. "As if that matters. Do you understand the trouble you'll be in if you don't?" I did understand the trouble. I had been to juvie. I nodded, felt the red rushing to my face, and leaned over to his lap. He stopped me. "First, though, I want to hear you beg for it."

This was too much. "What?"

"Beg me to suck my cock. Tell me that you need to have my dick in your mouth. And be convincing, or it's over." His cock stood straight up in the air, pointing at his belly, and his cast-iron eyes drilled into mine. I dropped my gaze.

"Please, Mr. Berkley..."

"Louder, little girl. With feeling."

My face reddened more. "Mr. Berkley." I cleared my throat. "Mr. Berkley, please let me suck your cock."

"What?" He asked this as if he hadn't heard me correctly.

"I want to suck your cock, Mr. Berkley. I want to have your dick in my mouth." The words were coming more easily, and a glance at his face encouraged me. His words, however, confused me.

"What are you talking about, Mike? I'm... I'm not that way. Plus, I'm old enough to be your man."

"Please, Mr. Berkley. Just let me suck you off. I'll be good at it, I promise." What was I saying? He grinned at me.

"Mike, this isn't right." Now what was he saying? "I'll take you home, and we can forget this ever happened." He made a circling motion with his hand, urging me to continue. I had no choice.

"But Mr. Berkley, it's just a blowjob. One blowjob. I need to feel your cock in my mouth. Please."

"Michael Linklater, that's enough!" His grin was as wide as his face now, but I couldn't hear it in his voice. He reached into his suit-coat pocket and pulled out a tape recorder. I should have seen it coming. I felt like throwing up. He rewound it a few seconds, pressed play. "—to have your dick in my mouth." He stopped the playback. Fresh tears spilled down my cheeks.

"Oh, little girl, don't cry! I'll let you suck my cock all you want. Now get to it. I've already been gone too long. And make it good."

I nodded. If I didn't have a choice before, now I was virtually a slave. I hoped Mr. Berkley didn't see the bulge in my jeans. I was terrified, and I was disgusted at the prospect of sucking him off, but I was still aroused. I couldn't help it.

I leaned over into his lap. The musky aroma of his cock met me halfway. It wasn't that bad, like my own musk but... older. Deeper. I licked my lips and opened my mouth wide. My lips fit easily around the head of his cock, and I engulfed it and tentatively flicked my tongue out to meet it. Mr. Berkley groaned. "I knew you had a dick-sucking mouth, first time I saw you. Those pretty girl's lips." I said, "Hmm." He groaned again.

He placed his hand to the back of my head, grabbed a fistful of hair. He pushed my head down further on his cock. I pushed it out of the way of my teeth with my tongue. "My god, you're a natural cock-sucker. You have to've done this before, little girl." I was oddly pleased with his compliment. His dick tasted salty. I ran my tongue down the length, and moved my head up. I took a breath at the top, letting the head pop out of my mouth, and then he shoved my head back down. This time he kept pushing. His cock hit the back of my throat, and I suppressed my gag reflex. "Swallow, little girl. That's supposed to help." I swallowed, and swallowed again, and he groaned, and groaned again. He pushed my head further and further down on his cock, and within a few seconds my nose was nestled against his left thigh. I couldn't breathe, and pushed against his legs in a panic. "Steady, little girl. Just hold still." I held still, but my vision was starting to black out. He let up the pressure on my head, and I pulled back and fell to my seat, coughing and wiping my mouth. He pushed his pants and underwear the rest of the length down his legs. "You are a good cock-sucker. Let's see about the other bits, though."

He reached across me and flipped up the seat-recline lever. I fell back with the seat, and he used that opportunity to take hold of my neck and push me face-down, like you would a puppy into his puddle on the floor. He tugged at my jeans, pulled them down without unbuttoning them, along with my boxers. "Please, Mr. Berkley, please! Not that!"

"Shut up, little girl," he growled. I tried to lift myself up, but his hand was like a clamp, his arm like steel. He pulled himself out from under the steering wheel and stepped/slid across to my seat. He spat on his hand and rubbed it against my asshole.

"Please, I'll do anything you want, just don't do this!" I sobbed, and wiggled, but he held me firmly. He pressed the head of his dick against my little puckered asshole.

"Say pretty please, little girl."

"Pretty please!" I yelled, thinking he meant to stop. He pushed, instead, and shoved, and the head popped past my sphincter. I screamed, a high-pitched yowl. It felt like a red-hot poker was being shoved up my ass. He kept pushing, laughing at me. My spit was an inadequate lube, and I felt every inch of his cock burning its way up my hole. My own dick softened, which had remained hard through all the offense, softened at the pain.

He didn't go slowly, and within moments I felt his balls resting against my ass cheeks. Mr. Berkley repositioned himself, leaned forward and let go of my neck. As if I was going to fight back now. He pulled himself out of me, dragging my tender flesh along with his cock, then powerd himself back in. He started a fucking motion, slow at first, then a bit faster, never gentle. He kept himself going at a steady pace for a few terrible minutes, and then he groaned. "I'm close, little girl. Do you want to feel my cum inside your asshole?" I cried. He grabbed my hips and quickened his pace, slamming into me with every thrust, pulling me back to meet him. Finally, with a grunt, he slammed his full length into me and stayed still. I felt him cum, then, felt his semen spurting into my ass. It was a weird sensation, hot cum spraying the walls of my ass.

My cock sprang to life again. His spray went on for almost a quarter of a minute, and when he was done he collapsed against me. He pulled out and flipped me over, awkwardly maneuvering me on his leather seats. He pushed me down, and I went where he directed me, without thinking about where I was going. Before I had registered it, he shoved his cock in my mouth. "Suck it clean, little girl. Get all that cuckolds brownie and cum off." I gagged, and he slapped my face. "I didn't say throw up. I said suck." I sucked his softening cock, tasting the earthy smell of my own ass. When he was satisfied that I had cleaned it well, he plopped back into his seat, pulled his pants up to mid-thigh again, and started the car. The dome light turned on when he started it, and he glanced over at me and saw my average-sized cock standing at attention. He laughed. "I knew you were a faggot." I pulled my jeans and boxers up, buttoned them around my erection, and willed it to die down.

I noticed his own cock filling with red again. I wondered at his stamina; he saw me looking, and said, "Well, don't just look at it, little girl. We still have a twenty minute ride to your house."



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Cuckold Strap On Cross Dressing Sex Story

Cuckold Strap On Cross Dressing Sex Story – Mother in law with strap on dildo turns husband into cuckold cross dressing sissy slut.

I began cross-dressing when I was a teenager. I just enjoyed the way the soft and frilly things felt against my body. I was never gay or attracted to me, but I loved women so much that I wanted to be more like them. So although I was a closet cross-dresser, that's as far as it went.

When I met my wife Brandy, I told her about my lingerie desires and after awhile she understood that it didn't threaten our relationship, but in fact drew us closer and allowed us to share something very special. Since my wife accepted my cross-dressing, I knew she was the girl to marry.

My wife's lady Alice was a very dominant woman and never liked me from the start. My wife told her lady everything we did, even our secret about my cross-dressing fetish. I was hurt by this breech of trust but what could I do? For a wedding present, my lady in law bought me a blond wig, pink panties, and red pumps to match. I was completely embarrassed and humiliated when I opened the gift while my lady in law just smirked at me and my wife giggled.

What was worse was when I discovered that my lady in law would be going with us to Miami on our honeymoon.

"You know mom. She does what she wants to do and no one can stop her." My wife said.

The first day we arrived, my lady in law informed me that she had bought my wife a day at the spa and that would giver my lady in law and I a chance to bond and go shopping together.

cross dressing cuckold
cross dressing cuckold
"Oh stop putting up a fuss." My lady in law said. "If you come with me and are a good boy, I just might by you some more sexy outfits for your honeymoon.

Both my lady in law and my wife laughed at me but she had a point. The idea of buying women's clothes for me to use on my honeymoon did kinda turn me on. So I went along with it.

I was taken directly to Victoria's Secret and led in my the hand of my lady in law. She marched me right up to the counter where a beautiful young blond was standing.

"Hi, this is my sissy mister in law and he loves to dress up like a sexy woman. He is on his honeymoon so can you help us find something fabulous for him to wear tonight?" My lady in law said.

I was so embarrassed as the two women smiled at me. After the sales girl picked out a few items, my lady in law escorted me into the dressing room and began to strip me naked.

"I can do this alone." I said.

"Oh stop your sissy fuss. You know you enjoy this so shut up." She said.

I kept quiet as she took off all my clothes.

"Now turn around and let me look at you." She said as she spun me around to look at my ass. "Bend forward just a little and stick out your butt. Very nice. Your not hung very well, but that's ok, I doubt you will be needing that equipment much anymore. But I love your ass. It's very inviting."

"What about your flower. How would she feel if she knew you were looking at me in this way?" I asked my lady in law.

"Well my sweet thing, it's going to be our little secret for now. But after all, mommy knows best. Don't you worry about that. I'm doing this for her anyway. She is going to be very excited about the wedding gift for her."

My lady in law spanked me gently and then told me to step into the sexy outfit she had picked out for me. After I tried it on she stood behind me and we looked in the mirror together at how sexy she had made me.

"There, now that is nice isn't it? Tell mommy how much you like her attention and how lucky you are that she can do this special thing for you." My lady in law said.

"Yes, it's true. I do look very sexy and pretty in this outfit. Thank you Alice." I said respectfully.

To my surprise, Alice took my face in her hands and kissed me on the lips using her tongue. My cock began to grow out on my panties and she reached down and stroked it.

I skrimed back and said, "Hey, what are you doing to me?"

"Just warming you up sweetie, that's all. Now shut up. We need to buy you some make up don't we? And maybe some perfume as well."

My lady in law undressed me, then purchased the sexy lingerie for me, then took me to buy make up and perfume. The whole time I was thinking about our kiss in the dressing room. It had really turned me on but was it cheating or just flirting? Perhaps it was ok because it was my lady in law. Would my wife be upset? Like she said, Alice is going to do whatever she wants and there's not much you can do about it.

Back at the hotel, my lady in law unwrapped the sexy clothes we had bought while we waited for my new bride to return from the spa.

"I'm going to run you a nice warm bubble bath, then wash you, then lay out your outfit for this evening." She said.

My lady in law kneeled next to me while I soaked in the tub then she carefully stroked me with a sponge inspecting every inch of my body. My cock began to grow as she watched it. There was no way of hiding from her how much this was turning me on. I felt totally exposed and at the same time, totally hot. She was really turning me on.

"Ok sweetie. Time to get dried off and dressed up in your new sexy things." My lady in law said as she patted down my body with a towel. I stood there with a raging hard on and said nothing.

My lady in law began to dress me up. First pink panties, then the pink bra, then the white stockings over my legs, then the teddy over the bra. Then she strapped on my red high heels, then placed a blond wig on me. Then she began to apply make up and lipstick. And finally perfume.

"You look gorgeous. Simply fabulous. You turned out much better than I thought you would darling. Don't your feel great now?" She asked.

"Yes, you did a good job. Thank you." I said.

"Now stand up and lets get a better look." She said.

I stood up and my hard on was sticking out of my panties. My lady in law quickly grabbed my thobbing cock and said, "We must do something about that. It doesn't look right no does it? Not very girly." She said and led me to the bed, bent me over her thigh and began to spank my pantied ass. "Maybe this will help."

After spanking me for awhile, she turned me over to find my cock was every harder now. There was no hiding how turned on I was.

"Well, that didn't work at all. But I know something that might do the trick." She said.

The next thing I knew, my lady in law had tired my hands together. Then she reached into her purse and took out a large strap on dildo and strapped it on.

I began to protest. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Hush sweetie, you know exactly what I am going to do to you, and you know how much you want me to do it to you. So just relax now." She said as she slipped two lubricated fingers into my virgin ass."

"I;ve never done this before. Don't you think your flower is going to be upset? What if she finds up like this?" I asked.


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"I'm going to have to break you in first. This way, when my flower does this, you will have some experience and not be so skittish." She said.

My lady in law bent me over and inserted her large strap on into my ass. It was very painful at first but as began to thrust into me, it began to feel much better. Then it began to feel wonderful. I looked into the mirror and saw my lady in law fucking me and it was too much.

"I'm going to cum now." I said as I shot my load out of my panties and onto my pumps.

"Did the little sissy like it when mommy put her cock in your ass?" She asked me. "Come on, tell me how much you enjoyed that."

"Yes, it felt very nice. I liked it very much." I said.

"That's a good little sissy slut. And we finally got rid of that hard on of yours too."

"Just don't tell my wife what we did ok?" I pleaded.

"Why not? Don't you think she should know what a little sissy slut you really are? And how much you like it in the ass? I've been recording the whole thing so I can show all my friends what a little sissy my flower married. I can't wait to show them." She laughed.

"You recorded it?" I was horrified. "Please don't show it to anyone.

"I bet your boss would love to see it and show it all around your office." My lady in law threatened.

"Why would you do that? What do you want from me? I'll do anything, just please don't show anyone that tape." I begged her.

"I am going to make you a cuckold sissy slut husband for my flower. And you will also be my own permisteral sex slave. I'm going to pimp you out to my friends. And then make you watch your wife get fucked by a real man." My lady in law said as she began to take off her skirt and panties. I was shocked. As it began to sink in, I realized there was nothing I could do. She had me over a barrel. If I didn't do what she wanted, she would send that tape to my office, or even my parents. I would have to go along with her until I could think of some way to get out of it.

"From now on, you are not allowed to fuck my flower. That;s� going to be reserved for real men. I don't want some little sissy slut to get her pregnant. We will find a stud for her and you will raise their youngren. If I find out you have fucked my flower, I will send this tape to everyone you know, is that understood?" She said.

"Yes" I said helplessly.

My lady in law slapped me across the face several times and then looked at me as I began to cry little a baby.

"There there now. It's going to be ok. In fact, you may even start to enjoy our new role as my sex slave. " My lady in law said and then kissed me until I stopped crying. She began to stoke my cock and get me hard again. Then my lady in law powerd me down to her mature and soaked pussy and told me to lick her until she came all over my sissy face.

It was very difficult for me NOT to fuck my new bride. She was a very sexy woman and I loved her very much. I bought her a dildo and explained that I was having difficulties in that department and was sorry. Meanwhile, my lady in law would secretly come over while my wife was at work and dress me up as a woman and fuck me in the ass. I must admit that I enjoyed it very much and I would cum very quickly.

My lady in law had arranged for my wife to get� bi-weekly massages from a big stud. My lady in law would gag me and power me to watch as this mans giant hands rubbed my wife's horny body all over. Sometimes my lady in law would insert her strap on while I was powerd to watch.

"You are learning how to be a cuckold husband. And you are doing very well. Soon, you will no longer crave pussy at all. Only my strap on." She instructed me.

After several months of not fucking my wife, one day while watching my wife get her massage from the stud, she rolled over and took out his gigantic cock and began to suck it. I began to get upset and cried so my lady in law took me away from the door and into the bedroom to listen.

cuckold sex stories
cuckold sex stories
"Now listen to your wife sucking that real man off. Listen to how she moans, and how happy he is making her. I' want you to lay on your back and stick you legs in the air like a good little sissy slut girl. It will help take the sting out of listening to your wife get her pussy properly fucked by a real man" She said.

I lay on my back submissively as my lady in law mounted me with her strap on. I began to hear my wife whimper and moan as she received that massive cock from her new stud. She was loving it and having multiple orgasms.
"You know he can do a much better job at pleasing your wife than you ever could. Just give into it and be glad that she is being pleased. And focus on how well you are being fucked by me." My lady in law said.

I began to spurt cum all over my stomach as I listened to my wife climax in the next room.

"That's a good cuckold sissy slut. Mommy has trained you well. Soon you will be allowed to watch your wife cheating on you as you wife watches you take it in the ass. Then we will all be one happy family." My lady in law said.



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First Gay Inter Racial Blow Job Sex Story

This kinky sex story is about a young white man moves South and falls in lust with his neighbor who is a mature black hung stud.

I had lived in Indiana most of my life and decided to take a job in Atlanta when I was 24. I bought half of a duplex because it had a fantastic private swimming pool in the back yard that the two condo's in the duplex shared. It was a mostly upscale black neighborhood and in a perfect part of the city. Although I am white, I felt very comfortable in the great neighborhood and looked forward to learning about some of the cultural differences of the South.

I moved during August and it was unbelievably hot the day I moved in. About 4pm, a silver Corvette pulled up next to the house and a very large and muscular black man got out. I became a little scared when he walked up directly too me.

"Hey kid!", he said. "You must be my new neighbor. I'm JR." He said and stretched out his huge hand to shake mine. His callus hand gripped mine firmly and I became very intimidated by him.

"Hi, I'm Teddy." I said. "Nice to meet you."

"Hey kid, you got an accent, where you from up North?" JR asked.

"I'm from Indiana. Not much goes on there." I explained.

"Well, welcome to Atlanta. Not too many white boys in this neighborhood. You sure you got the right house?" JR said and laughed a deep chuckle at his joke. "I'm just teasing you kid. Do you need a little help with the rest of your stuff?" He asked nicely.

"Sure, I said. Just a little bit more. It's really hot today." I said.

"Well, when we finish, we can jump in the pool. Up until today, I have had it all to myself and it gets a little lonely. Come on, lets get you all moved in now kid." JR said as he grabbed one end of the couch.

As we moved the furniture in, I was aware at just how muscular and built JR was. He was about 6 foot 6 and had a mustache and muscles that bulged from under every inch of his body. He was about 15 years older than me and seemed very friendly and at ease with himself. Perhaps it was that Southern hospitality I had always heard about.

"I really like your Corvette JR. What do you do for a living?" I asked him.

"I'm a general contractor. I have been working too much lately though and am tired of all the sweaty and stinky tough guys I boss around all day. I need a vacation." He said.

"Are you married?" I asked.

"Nope, I had a girlfriend for 5 years but we broke up 6 months ago. I miss her sometimes but not enough to call her again. I don't really have the time for a woman right now. I've built my business from the ground up and now it's really rolling." JR said.

"Well, that's nice. At least you are your own boss." I said.

"Hey kid, that's the last box. Your all moved in. I bet your ready to jump in that pool now?" JR said.

"Yeah, but my swimsuit is packed somewhere deep in these boxes." I said perplexed.

"Well, come on over to my place and you can wear one of mine." JR said as I followed him to his condo. It was a beautiful condo with African art everywhere.

"Nice place JR." I said.

"Thanks kid. Come on into the bedroom and lets find you a pair of shorts." He said.

As I followed JR, my thoughts turned slightly sexual and that confused me. I was not gay, and almost never attracted to men. But JR was a very sexy man. When he walked, you could see his tight butt muscles move and his powerful thighs carry them. I must be crazy. I shouldn't be thinking like this.

"What's your size kid?" He asked.

"I'm a 32 inch waist. Do you have a small?" I asked.

"Well, I'm a large but here, try this on," he said handing me a gigantic suit.

I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes and noticed that I had half an erection. What was happening to me? Was it the heat? Or the fact that it had been a year since I was with a woman? I didn't know. I put the oversized swimsuit on but it was clearly too large. And checked in the mirror if you could see my hard on and you could.

"Hey kid, how does it fit?" JR yelled through the door. "Come on out let me see ya."

I opened the door and JR looked down at my crotch and could clearly see I had a hard on. He didn't seem to acknowledge it thank god. He grabbed the back of the suit near my butt and pulled on it.

"Looks like a trash bad on you kid. Better take that off and try on this old Speedo of mine." Jr said handing me a g-string thong that was very small.

"You used to fit this?" I asked.

"No, actually it was my old girlfriends bikini bottom, but I think you are exactly her size. Now get it on and lets get in the pool." JR said.

I stripped off the big suit and shinnied into the thong. It totally exposed my butt and worse, my hard on was sticking out of the front.

"Thanks, it fits! I'll meet you in the pool ok?" I yelled through the door.

I waited until my erection decreased a little and hoped it didn't happen again. I must be extremely horny today I thought.

I jumped in the pool quickly and found JR wearing a very tight white speedo and splashing around.

"Doesn't that feel better kid. Boy you picked a hot day to move." He said.

"Thanks for helping me. And thanks for the swim suit." I said.

"Let's play a little ball in the pool. I got that net up there. Ever played one on one in the court?" he asked.

As JR and I swam and splashed around the pool in the late August evening in Georgia, I began to relax and have a really good time. At times, JR would bump into me and I could feel his dick brush against my body.



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A Belittled Couple

George was a hard man, and a professional gambler. A long winning streak on the tables and at the track had left him considerably wealthy. Not wishing to push his luck any further, he had retired from the gambling scene and now loaned money to whoever needed it.

George also possessed a massive sex drive which he enjoyed indulging as often as possible with both women and men. He was once asked if he was bi-sexual, his answer was simply that he was just very sexual!

Part of George's business was obviously to collect late payments on the loans that he made, and for this he employed two "assistants" Carl and Freddo. Both men, like George, were muscular and fit and both were completely loyal to their boss.

Gary Beech had borrowed money from George 12 weeks ago, and despite several reminders, George had still not received so much as a penny. George was pissed off now. Gary was an arrogant little bastard, a racist and very homophobic and had been shouting his mouth off that he had got the better of George. George had to set the record straight and protect his reputation.

Pulling up smoothly in his Merc outside the house that Gary shared with his wife, George told Freddo to watch the back door in case Gary ran that way. The ring on the doorbell was answered by Gary's wife, Susan. A good looking woman in her mid thirties. George noted that she maintained a nice trim body with long black hair in a straight pony tail, green eyes and a pretty face. As Carl and George pushed their way into the house they were met in the hall by Freddo with his arm locked around Gary's neck.

"You were right boss" said Freddo "the cowardly little cuckolds brownie tried to run out the back, but I got him!"

"Well done Freddo," replied George, "now you two sit there and shut the fuck up" he said pointing at Gary and Susan and then at the sofa.

"This is very simple" continued George to Gary when the two were seated. "Either you give me my money or ... Carl and Freddo make life difficult for you."

Gary just sat there with an arrogant smirk on his face as Susan started to plead with George.

"George p...p...p...please" she stammered "He doesn't have any money...please don't hurt him .please...can't we do anything? I heard rumours of what happened with the wife of another man that owed you money and couldn't pay...maybe...maybe I could settle Gary's debt for him that way?"

George's anger was showing on his face as Gary continued to smirk and let his wife try and bargain his way out for him.

"OK. Firstly... If I take a customer sexually it is NOT to settle a is a punishment for repeated late payment... The debt still remains. Secondly, Sue, you are a good woman and this is not your debt it's your useless husband's."

"Oh PLEASE George" Sue continued "don't hurt him, just give him one more chance?"

George thought to himself and remembered Gary's racism and homophobia. Maybe some ritual offense would have more effect than directing his assistants to harm him.

George signalled to Freddo to put Gary onto his knees on the floor. As Freddo reached for the surprised man he was met with fierce resistance. A twist of the arm, though, was enough of a reminder for Gary that things were not going well and that perhaps, he should rethink his actions. Gary dropped to his knees as suggested in front of George and Carl.

Carl was a very large man. His family originated from Africa giving him a dark, almost black complexion and he had a serious contempt for all racism. Carl knew what was going to happen even if Gary didn't and swiftly unzipped his suit trousers.

George spoke quietly to Gary "My associate is going to show you how to suck a big black cock. If you refuse, we will have no alternative but to return to our original plan. Do you understand?"

Gary was now quite frightened. He knew that if he refused further he may well live to regret his decision. Gary looked over at his wife and then nodded his reluctant agreement. He watched with horror and some fascination as Carl fished inside his trousers and released a monster penis. Even slack it must have been at least 8 inches long, and as he started to pull on the heavy foreskin, it began to swell to unbelievable proportions.

Freddo continued to hold the back of Gary's head as Carl began to slide his enormous cock over Gary's sobbing face.

Carl started to moan. "Mmmmmm ...I gonna fuck your face with my big black gonna suck it down like a whore, white boy... You gonna be my bitch today!"

Gary had his eyes tight shut as Carl started to feed his now erect tool into his mouth.

"Aaaahhhhhh oh yesssss" continued Carl "you gonna suck me gonna love my thick meat down your throat"

With this, Carl pushed his cock to the entrance of Gary's throat. He felt Gary gag as he pushed his tool deep in to the other man's throat.

As Carl grabbed Garys hair and started to fuck his face, George pulled out a small camera and started to take pictures of the luckless Gary in this obviously homosexual situation. As George clicked away he looked over to see Sue. She was not, as he had expected, horrified or disgusted. She was staring intently at her husband sucking on the huge cock with obvious lust in her eyes.

Carl, meanwhile, had built up quite a head of steam and was pistoning his giant cock in and out of Gary's throat. Gary, for his part, seemed to have changed his opinion, his eyes were now open and he had both his hands around Carl's huge hanging balls, pulling them and massaging them.

Carl was now shouting obscenities at Gary as he continued to use his throat and mouth.

"Aaahhhh yes that's it my little bitch . Cup my balls...suck my big cock...AAAhhhhh oh yesssss want my cum don't you, you little whore?... gonna get it soon... soon...soon...ahhh...ahhh... YYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS SUCK IT BITCH"

George, Freddo and Susan watched as Carls cock exploded in Gary's throat. They could clearly see Gary's throat convulse and bulge as he attempted to swallow the copious amount of seed that now dribred out of the corner of his mouth and down over his chin.

Carl pulled his cock out of Gary's throat and mouth with a *pop*, totally spent.

"Hey boss" he laughed to George "He sucks cock like a Pro now Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Gary seemed now a changed permister and totally submissive. Gone was the arrogant, sneering attitude as he looked over at his loyal wife with cum glistening on his lips, trying to get his breath back and breathing hard.

George sat next to Susan on the sofa and let his hand rest on her leg. "How long is it since you had sex with a REAL man, Sue?" he asked.

Susan was surprised at his forwardness but was in a state of sexual excitement. "Well...I guess Gary keeps me fairly happy in that department." she replied.

" lie back and we will see how you feel about the attentions of an EXPERIENCED lover!" said George, comforting her. "And maybe we can teach your useless husband how to please you properly at the same time!"

Susan lay back against the sofa as George slowly undid the buttons of her dress letting it fall open. Gary watched the proceedings closely. His mind was in a state of turmoil. He had never before thought about the possibility of his wife being unfaithful, let alone right in front of him, but now all he could feel was pure natural lust at the thought of watching her being taken by another man.

George slipped a hand inside the top of her dress and, realising she was not wearing a bra, cupped a large warm breast gently. Susan closed her eyes and moaned slightly as she felt George's expert fingers start to roll her distended nipple. With her eyes closed she could still imagine her husband, on his knees with Carl's long hard cock in his mouth. As George slowly stroked and occasionally pinched her nipples, she continued to imagine Gary and Carl together. As her thoughts continued she was brought back to reality by the feel of two hands on her knees. She realised that with her dress unbuttoned and open she was exposed to all the men in the room. Part of her wanted to open her eyes and find out who the hands belonged to, but for some reamister she kept them tightly shut and just enjoyed the sensations she was feeling.

George had silently indicated to the now submissive Gary, to crawl on his knees towards his wife. Without needing further direction, Gary seemed to know what George wanted and was happy to oblige. He had at first been disgusted as Carl's cock had invaded his mouth, but after getting used to the taste and the texture of it, he found that it wasn't as bad as he thought and started to actually quite enjoy the sensations. He just wished it hadn't been quite so fucking big!

As Gary knelt between his wife's thighs, he instinctively knew what to do. Sliding his hands up the outside of her legs, he firmly gripped the elastic waistband of her small pink panties and started to pull them down. To his surprise, Sue lifted her buttocks from the sofa slightly to help him pull them past her ass and then over her knees and off her bare feet. Gary returned his hands to her knees and gently parted them. There was no resistance and Gary saw her trimmed pussy start to unfold before his eyes. Shuffling forward with his ass in the air, Gary started to lick up the inside of his wife's thigh's.

Gary then felt Sue's hands on the back of his head pulling him into her wet pussy. He licked the little erect bud of her clit as she held him with her hands. Unable to move his head away from the wet slit, he moaned into his wife's pussy.


Susan felt the vibration of the lips on her open cunt as George twisted her nipple hard.

"Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeesssssssssssssss...goddddddd...Im CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG" she yelled

Susan was still trembling and shaking as she released the head between her legs. She opened her eyes to see her husband's juice covered face smiling up at her. She realised that Gary was now completely submissive.

"Now that you've got her ready for me," Said George, "I think it's about time she was treated to a REAL man!"

In a second, George was between Pat's open legs, his suit trousers and underwear around his ankles. Pat looked down and saw the massive cock that was about to penetrate her. She didn't want him to stop now. She needed this, needed to be filled completely and taken hard by this man.

"Do it George. Fuck me ... fuck me hard!"

George smiled as he entered her. He always got a thrill from taking another man's wife while he watched and today Gary had leaned a lesmister that he would never forget. Pat's pussy was soaking wet and, despite the size, his cock slid easily and smoothly into her warm tunnel.

Pat gasped out loud as she felt George's dick fill her completely and shuddered into her second orgasm as he slifted her legs up and began to pound into her juicy hole.

George smiled as he heard Patricia moan her excitement. He looked over at Gary.

"Your wife is one great fuck, man! Thanks for getting her all juiced up for me!"

"Ohhh God, George. Fuck me hard...harder...please...cum for me George...cum in my wet pussy!"

George could feel himself approaching the point of no return. His balls were twitching wildly and his cock felt as hard as a rock. He slammed his thick meat, one more time, deep into Pat's body, and with a howl of satisfaction released the contents of his balls deep inside her.

Gary smiled as he saw his wife buck her hips up towards the other man, trying to get every inch of his massive penis inside her. Her nipples were still hard and swollen and he could see the excited flush on her face as she met George's climax with her own, spine tingling orgasm.

"That was so good George" she said gasping for breath as she felt her lover slip from between her open labia.

"Gary, You will pay George his money next week without fail, and then, as a reward, we can spend the whole day fucking each other. You can eat me again, I'll suck your cock for you and you can fuck me in the ass - I've always wanted to try that. Would you like that honey?"

"Yes, my darling... I'll do what ever you say, from now on I'm yours to do with as you please. I think that you and the guy's here have made me into a better man and a better husband."

As George and his associates smiled and got up to leave, Susan was cuddling her new husband on the sofa.

"Don't worry George" she said "You will be paid next week for sure! But you know that you and your assistants will always be welcome to come back and fuck me or my husband whenever you like. Next time, perhaps you can intoduce us both to the delights of having a big cock in our butts!"

"You know what?" said George as he walked to the door. "I think we just might do that!

The End


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My name is Peter Morris and this is my story. I
really don't quite know where I should begin. You see I've
kept a kind of journal over the last few months in which I
jotted down notes on things that've happen to me. I did so
in an attempt to try to make sense out of the various
predicaments I've found myself in. I know this may not
make sense, so let me give you some background on me and
tell you my story since you've been good enough to at least
pick this up to read.
My wife and I were married three years ago. Her name
is Paula. She was more than the woman of my dreams, she
was the goddess I never expected to be the lucky husband
of. She was a virgin on our wedding night. I almost was
one. I say almost, since I had tried to sex two others
girls prior to wedding Paula. One event was in high school
and the other in college. Both attempts ended in failure
due to premature ejaculation. I actually penetrated both
girls, even though both asked me if I ever got my small
prick in them. They said they never felt it.
The day before we got engaged I told Paula of my
smallness and my failures at sex before. She said she
loved me and that size should not matter when two people
really love each other. We kissed passionately. She made
me feel like king of the mountain. I gave her a ring the
very next day.
Well anyway, Paula and I did make love on our wedding
night and it was very good, even if I did have to tongue
her to orgasm several times, and eating my own jism in the
process. As I said, she was a virgin, but the sexual
experience must've awaken the tiger in her. I was amazed
how tightly she held my face to her beautiful bushy cunt
for so long. I never though she would've been multi-
She had gone on the pill several weeks prior to the
wedding so I was able to enjoy riding her bareback.
The next morning we cuddled tightly in the afterglow
of our first night together. She complemented me on how
good I was with my mouth. She tried to avoid saying so,
but I knew she was not impressed with my small cock and my
inability to use it that well either. She did however
apologize for making me eat my jism out of her, as she held
my head to her crotch and urged me on as I tongued her from
one orgasm to another.
"It was so good honey, I just couldn't stop. I've
never had my pussy sucked before. You're such a good
sucker too." She said with glee on her face as she placed
a wet kiss on my lips.
"I hope you didn't mind eating your stuff for me. I
know you really love me to do that - and I-I know it sounds
wicked, but I like the idea of you sucking your stuff out
while getting me off. Would you promise me you'll keep on
showing me you love me by doing that?"
I couldn't help but promise her. She looked so
beautiful as she talked. I would've promised her anything
at that moment.
For the rest of the honeymoon and as part of our
normal love making, I used my mouth on her far more that my
prick. Needless to say, I got use to the taste of my cum
and was happy to be able to please this beautiful creature
by doing so.
It was a year after we got married that Paula decided
to seek a better job with better pay than the Local library
could offer. She liked being a librarian's assistant, but
we really did more money coming in if we were going to buy
a house in four years. She found a job as an
administrative assistant at a small local firm that was a
wholesale office supplies distributor.
She really liked the job and the starting salary was
much better than the library.
A month after she started, I began to notice subtle
changes in her and our relationship.
She started buying and wearing more expensive clothing
and jewelry. I knew she was a very efficient worker, but I
never thought as an office assistant that she would the
opportunity to make bonuses like the salesmen did.
Also, she started working later hours that first month
and the second month she even went in on the weekend and
worked late into Saturday night. Some weeks she had to
work seven days a week, twelve hours a day.
Of course this took it's toll on our normal
relationship and our sex life. She often was too tired for
our normal sex, but she would hug me and jerk me off while
doing so telling me how cute my little "dick" was when it
spurted. I'd never heard her refer to my penis as a "dick"
before, but I didn't think much about at the time. I was
so joyful that she thought enough of me to provide for my
sexual comfort while foregoing hers.
After three straight weeks of working 12 to 14 hour
days, she was back on a more normal schedule and our sex
life was starting to return to normal, with a slight change
You see, several times she would come in from work
ready to have sex. Of course that was fine with me. I
hadn't been in her in over a month. I was ready. I did
notice that her pussy seemed hotter, juicier, and looser at
those times she came in ready for action.
I didn't let that worry me. It was so good to get in
there even if it wasn't as long as minute sometimes. It
was so good to feel the warm heated wetness of her.
As soon as I'd come she was eager to guide my head to
her very wet cunt telling me how wet and drippy I'd made
"It's all your fault I'm this wet and messy. So just
use that wonderful tongue and lick me clean and lap me to
I'd never quite heard her talk so boldly like that
before, but it did excite me, for I did miss eating out her
lovely twat.
As I place my face to her juicy hairy snatch, I was
amazed at how messy she was and how much come I'd shot off.
Before I could observe more, she pulled my face right
into her mucky crotch and demanded to be licked and sucked
out. I did as I was told.
It was strange, but the smell and taste of her was
much stronger and well, I guess the right word is "full
bodied" than before.
After I got her off at least four time - she wouldn't
let me turn my head loose until she was thoroughly
I mention to her about the slightly different taste.
"Oh that must be that edible pussy perfume lotion and
bush conditioner all in one. One of the girls at work had
me try some. It probably was the reamister I was so hot for
you darling. I squirted some on the creamy white stuff
right in my slit before coming home to you. She said you'd
like the taste."
I let her know it wasn't bad and urged her to buy some
since she liked it and liked me eating it out. It did
spice up her pussy.


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Over the next few months, Paula was doing real well at
her new job. She seem to be getting one bonus after
another. We had a little tiff about the extra money she
made. We quickly made up, but to my surprise she got her
own bank account and withheld some for her own management
and rest went into our joint account.
While things were going well on her job, they weren't
for me.
Our company was bought out and I was transferred to
another department in the company as part of a
reorganization. I'm an accountant and was working on a
complex audit of another department in the company. I
really don't know if I made the mistake or what, but my new
boss accused me of creating a problem that would've cost
the company millions if he hadn't discovered it. I know I
was very tired when I did that report, but I didn't think I
would've made that magnitude of an error. Anyway, he said
he couldn't have anyone that incompetent around, so I was
let go and he advised not to send back to the company for a
referral. He had put a note in my permisternel file that the
company was not to send one out. With out a referral, I
could never become an account with a brand name firm again.
I was extremely despondent when I reached home.
I broke the news to my wife. She took it much better
than I expected.
"You'll find something darling. Until you do, then
you'll be a house spouse." She said kissing me on the
In the weeks ahead, I looked and looked for a suitable
job. It seemed that each one where it seemed like I was
going to get it, it would fall through. Mean while, I
literally became Paula's maid. Getting up to prepare her
breakfast and ironing her blouses and doing laundry. When
our joint account was depleted, she began giving me an
allowance from her account. That's when I really noticed a
change in her. She became more dominant and authoritative.
She no longer seemed to be concerned about my sexual
pleasure when she came home all lathered with her new pussy
lotion. Many times, she just wanted to be eaten out and
wouldn't let me put it in. After she got her jollies,
several times as usual, she'd cross her legs with a take
in her hand and have me jerk off as I sat beside her. She
would start me off, and had me continue on my own. The
last few times, she's had me to kneel before her.
"I don't know, I just felt like it darling. I wanted
to see you that way. It made me feel delighted. You do
like me being happy don't you?" Was her reply when I
finally got enough nerve to ask her one night why she
wanted to make me grovel and kneel just for a touch of my
prick by her soft hands.


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"You really mean it?"
"Yes my boss would like to interview you. Now
remember, it's very unusual for a husband and wife to work
together in the office, but I went out on a limb to get you
the interview."
I thanked my wife profusely.
We drove separately the morning of the interview.
To my surprise, all the managers and men were black
and all the women were white.
I was shown in to see the president, Joe Benmister.
"Impressive looking resume Peter, but why can't we get
a referral from your old company when we called them?"
Even though I practiced what I was going to say, I was
nervous before this well built, broad shoulder and
confident black man. I managed to stammer out the reamister.
By the time he questioned me further, I was sure I'd lost
this job too. I was sweating profusely. Then all of
sudden he smiled and offered me his hand.
"Welcome to our little firm, I'm sure we can fit you
and your s*******s in here, that is if you're willing to work
hard and become a company man?"
"Oh yes sir, I will. Thank you so much sir." I
replied, not believing my ears that he was going to hire
He introduced me around. Everyone was cordial, but
there was something in the way they looked at me as they
smiled that made me concerned. One or two of the women
even giggled a little after we walked away after meeting
I was impressed with Paula's office. She was the
office administrator. I was a bit surprised at how she
embraced Joe Benmister as he walked in. That look in her eyes
was unforgettable. She then turned to me and put out her
hand for me to shake. Peter welcome to the company. If
you work hard, the company will reward you well."
I was dumfounded. Did she forget I was her
husband? But then it struck me. This was a put on, to
keep it all professional and everything since most places
don't let husband and wife work in the same office. I
shook her hand. I felt better as she winked at me.
However, I became slightly alarmed as Joe Benmister put his
arm around her as he talked about my interview. What was
more alarming was that she put her arm around his waist
I was still a bit miffed and slightly put off at such
a display as Joe Benmister ushered me back toward his office.
"Now Peter, Miss Jones here will give you a list of
office rules. Since you are new here, many of them will
apply just to you, you know being the new kid on the block
and all."
His secretary handed me the envelope and Joe Benmister
told me take them home and read them over carefully. As he
walked me to the door and out of earshot of other workers,
he told me to bring some work clothes in addition to my
dress suit, since I might have to do some dirty work in my
new office and the room next to it. "You know to tidy them
up from time to time." He added.
That evening, Paula just explained away she and her
bosses closeness as normal office camaraderie and she
teased me about being jealous. Then her attitude did
change as she placed her hand on her chin as if in deep
"It's funny you brought that up though honey. Do you
think that he want's me to have sex with him because he
hired you?"
"T-That could be it." I stammered as I sat down.
"We both know you need this job. Would you mind if I
sexed him for you to have the job if it came to that?"
I tried to speak and nothing came out. I've heard of
situations where this happens to people.
"And you know what darling, he'd probably fire me too
if I didn't come across. Then we both would be out of
work. I think that answers that question. We have no
choice. If he wants me to be his for sex, I have to do so
for us."
I was totally speechless. Before I could consider the
question, my beautiful charming wife had come up with an
answer unilaterally. By the time, I regained my voice, she
was thinking about something else, like a dress she wanted
from a fancy boutique down town.
"I just assumed your silence meant consent darling.
It'll be emotionally hard on me to cheat on you, but since
you'll be right there in the same office, it won't be that
difficult for me to endure the shame of having to be the
bosses slut if that's what Joe has in mind."
Again I had to sit down and absorb everything she was
saying. My mind was spinning. She changed the subject.
"Did you read the office rules he gave you?"
"Yes." Was my reply. They were the typical things
about being on time, lunch breaks, etc. I did question why
I had to address every one in the office as Mister or
Misses and always say Sir or Ma'am to the managers.
"All the managers I saw were male, so at least I won't
have to say ma'am will ."
It hit me like a bolt of lighting. My wife was a
manager, hence I'd have to address her that way also.


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"Morning Peter!" Spoke Joe Benmister the president of
the company. "Come! Let me show you to your office."
As I followed him, I seem to notice a discernible
smirking grin on the face of his secretary Rita and one of
the other women in the office as we pass their desks.
He led me to toward the back of the office.
"Here we are Peter." He smiled as we came to the door
that said MEN'S ROOM on the big brass plate on the door.
Our office space is a bit short so I decided to put you in
here for starters. Your office will have more space than
even mine." He said grinning flashing all his teeth.
I was dumfounded. I tried to find words to speak.
Before I could utter a word he put one of his big hands on
my shoulder and pushed me in before him. My feet just seem
to follow.
There just inside the door in the corner was a fully
equipped office desk with my name plate on it.
"See how much space you have?."
I gave him an incredulous look. I soon regained
enough mental composure to speak to him.
"Mr. B-Benmister. S-Surely you are joking sir. I-I couldn't
"You need this job don't you Peter?"
"W-Well y-yes sir. I-I do."
"Then this is where you'll sit!" He said curtly.
There was a sternness about his face. His tone of voice
changed. It evoked terror in me for a brief moment.
"If you don't take this job I'll see to it you never
work in a professional job in this town ever again. Get use
to this desk and your office."
"W-What?" I stammered.
"And another thing Peter, there is something else you
might as well get use to also. Put your attached case on
your desk and follow me."
As if in a trance, I meekly followed him. My face was
blush red with anger and frustration. He lead me to my
wife's office. One of the walls of her modest walled
office, that faces the main open office area has a large
picture window that's about waist high from the floor and
about four feet wide, with drawstring curtains. Today the
curtains were open and she could plainly be seen at her
I followed him as Joe Benmister walked into her open
office door.
"Morning sweetheart, just showed your husband his
office and desk. He's still trying to get use to it, so I
thought I'd come by and let him know what else he had to
get accustomed to."
"You're so wicked Joe darling. Sit on the couch Peter
honey. It's better you sit down while you watch."
Again I was shocked by the greeting they both gave
each other. I was weak in the knees and welcomed sinking
into the soft and very comfortable large leather couch. It
was good I was sitting, for what I saw next almost made me
She and Joe Benmister met in a warm and passionate French
kiss as their arms were wrapped tightly around each other.
He had his hands all over her shapely ass as they embraced.
The whole office could see them through the large wall
window. I sat helpless and quiet. Too shocked to do and
say a thing. I was truly paralyzed.
"That's a way to start the day off. See you Paula
baby. I'll leave hubby here for you to tell him the score.
Peter, I know you may be upset all this, but I thought this
was the best way for us to get off on the right foot. I
hired you because your wife asked me too. But as you can
guess, there's a price. You should be proud that you have
a wife that's willing to do so much for you. We'll talk
some more, but now I'm sure you two need to talk some.
However, I want you to stop by my secretary's desk and pick
up an assignment I have for you to work on. And by the way
Peter, your work hours will be a little longer than the
rest of the staff. Stop by and see me at Five PM, just
about when the other are leaving. I need to talk to you
about some on the job training."
Joe left us. My wife came over and sat on the
luxurious couch beside me.
"I'm sorry Peter Honey. But we thought this was the
best way to let you know what the situation here at work
is. Yes, I'm his woman. He and I have been an item for a
while." My wife help my pale sweating hands as I sat there
still not believing all I'd seen and witnessed.
She hid nothing. I could only sit and listen. She
reiterated she loved me profusely, in spite of what she'd
done. She went on to tell me about the wonderful sex her
black boss had been giving her. When it rains it pours.
Her pussy lotion had been remnants of his jism. She let me
know I'd been tasting his cum in her pussy.
"I tried to get you somewhat prepared for this by what
I told you last night. That is, about him having power
over us both, since he's the boss. I did influence him with
my pussy to get you the job. The only way he would do so
is with you coming on board knowing the full truth about
us. I had to agree with him that it would be wrong for you
not to know, since you and I always had an honest open
relationship. I felt I'd cheated and betrayed you by
having this affair with him without your knowledge. One
reamister it was so easy is the wonderful way he sexes me. I
don't mean to hurt you dear, but he's so much more of a man
that you in bed. His cock is so much bigger too. I now
know what it feels like to be a fully fucked woman, thanks
to him."
As she spoke, it dawned on me that her office door was
open and that the woman just outside her door and the
people passing by could hear everything we talked about if
they listened carefully. I felt sick.
As I was about to remind her to close it, she
continued talking before I could get a word in.
"I meant it when I said I still love you Peter
darling. However, my love for you is slightly different
than before. I see you more as a permister I can confide in
and more like a deep loving devoted friend, loving helpmate
and faithful husband, rather than the man in my life. Joe
on the other hand, will fill that role for me. Now, I must
tell you that if you can't accept any of this, I won't
fight you if want a divorce."
Her bluntness again made me speechless. I thought for
a moment. My head was spinning.
"T-There is-is no other way?" I stammered.
"No darling there isn't. If I have to choose, I'm
afraid it would be Joe or some other black man. I adore
black dicks." She said proudly. I looked out the open
door and looked right into the eyes of the woman nearest
the door. I knew she heard my wife's words. I finally
asked her to close the door so we would have more privacy.
"We're a small office Peter, just like family. It's
okay if they hear what we say."
I wiped the perspiration off my forehead. It then
dawned on me what Paula had said. "Y-You said dicks?"
"Yes honey, with an "s". Yes, Joe has shared me with
several of his friends and business partners. I love being
a piece of ass for he and his friends. But darling, as
much as I adore all the great sex, there's still the
emotional side of me that needs what you have to offer.
You're so sweet in your own way, especially the great
conversations we have and the great sex organ you have."
My eyes lit up.
"I meant your tongue honey. I know I need what both
you and Joe have to offer. My pussy needs both his big
dick and your sweet lips."
I thought again for long moment while we both held
each other hands. As I looked into her eyes as we sat
there silently, I knew I couldn't leave her, even though
she'd treated me so terribly. I had to look at her in a
totally different light now. She was no longer the sweet
innocent girl I married, but a sophisticated woman, who'd
gone out in the world and found what I was incapable of
giving her as a man.
"I-I love you very much Paula, b-but I-I can't work
here. Seeing y-you and h-him everyday d-doing what y-you
two did this morning would just wreck me emotionally. If-
If I have to endure sharing you with h-him, I-I'd rather
not b-be working for ."
"What choice do you have? You know you've depleted
almost all the money in our joint account. No Peter, you
have to take this job." I notice a sudden change in her
manner and the tone of her voice. It became authoritative.
"The pay is the same as your last job. It was hard
to convince Joe to hire you at that level of pay, even
though he and I are fucking. However, he did so based on
you taking on a few additional duties, which he'll discuss
with you this evening after everyone has left for the day."
"I-I see. But Paula honey, e-even if I stayed for a
while just to get some money saved up until I can do
better, I-I can't have an office in the men's room. That's
got to be a joke."
"No joke darling. Joe and I were laying in his bed
one night after he gave me a good thorough fucking. We
talked about where to put your desk. As you can see we're
short of office space here. He joked about the men's room.
We laughed and joked about it for a while. However, as we
did so, we both got aroused about the whole idea of you
working here for him and the whole office knowing you had
to share me openly with him. The idea of your desk being
in the John too just added fuel to the fire. We both got
so horny all over again. You see darling, you have an
opportunity to fulfil a fantasy of mine and Joe's that's
so wicked."
"I-I can't believe y-you're saying ."
"Peter honey, please. It would mean so much for to me
and to Joe if you did this. I want you to be a cuckold for
us. And as far as your desk, we at least put it in the
main office Men's Room, rather than the public one up front
or the one in back."
"Y-You really m-mean ."


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"Yes darling I do. If you love me, and I should add,
want to keep me as your wife, you'll do this for me. It'll
give me thrills that you can't otherwise."
Why I didn't just get up and walk, no, run away from
her at that very moment, I'll never know. I just sat
looking at her incredible beauty. I knew I needed her more
than she needed me now. She had everything, I had
virtually no bargaining power. I was still toying with
walking away and trying to ponder my options when Joe
Benmister's secretary knocked on the open door and walked in
handing me the package he'd mentioned earlier.
"Peter, the boss wants you to read this over and see
him for further instructions in an hour."
Out of courtesy, I thanked his secretary Rita and took
the large envelope.
"Well our time is up darling, it'll do you good to get
back doing the kind of work you like. Go to your office
and read it dear. I have to get to work also. We'll talk
some more tonight at home."
"Paula, when is lunch time. We can talk some ."
"No we can't dear. Because we're married, we can't
associate doing the work day unless it's company busy.
Besides, Joe is taking me out for a nooner. And Peter
dear, from now on it's Ms. Morris when you address me.
Her business tone caught me off guard and alarmed me.
But knowing I was in a difficult situation and on her turf,
I replied "O-Okay." And started to walk away toward "my
office". As I took one step, she called me back.
"Peter, remember your list of rules? The ones written
just for you? The ones you were reading last night? Read
them again. You're to always say "Sir" and Ma'am" to the
executive staff.
I gave her a hard look, which she returned to me. I'd
never seen her so powerful. I capitulated, hung my head
saying "Y-Yes ma'am. Is-is that all?"
"That's all. You may go." She said ruffling a stack of
papers as she looked away from me.
I could feel the stares and hear the smirks of the
office staff as I walked back to my office.
The package that Joe Benmister, the company President
tasked me to do was interesting work. I was finished with
it when he and my wife came back from lunch around Four-
thirty. He spent ten minutes going over my results and
applauded my good accounting work.
It was so strange but it felt good to be praised by
him. On the other hand, I was rather nervous in front this
very handsome black man, who was my boss, and as I'd just
discovered hours earlier, my wife's real man. He'd
humiliated me worse than I could've ever imagined in a life
time, least of all in less than eight hours. After all,
how many husbands walk into a new job and find themselves
with a desk in the office men's room and the boss who put
him there was also screwing his wife. I couldn't help feel
abjectly humiliated and scandald, but I also felt so
intimidated and so much beneath him. Especially with my
wife telling me so matter-of-factly why she sexed him and
his friends and why I should submit to their desire to
ridicule me in front of the whole office staff.
I had always worried that my wife being so beautiful,
might find someone more endowed who would take her away
from me. It was a nightmare I occasionally thought about.
Little did I realize it would come to fruition in such a
way as it did.
I kept asking myself why don't I just run away from
this real nightmare? Even my wife offered me a way out.
Why was I staying? Was I hoping things would get better?
And as if in a nightmare, no reamister could be thought of for
what was happening, except maybe, I was still very much in
love with her, and doing what she thought was necessary,
even at the expense of my pride, and despite her
conspiratorial role in my abasement. Did I deserve this
just because I was not as adequately equipped to please
her, like Joe Benmister and his other black friends? I
"Now Peter, go see Paula. I think she has something
she wants you to do before she goes home. When you're
through there, come back here and I'll show you some of
your additional duties." I remembered to reply "Yes Sir"
and left the room.
Paula invited me in.
"You wanted to see me, ma'am." Remembering her
warning earlier.
"Come in Peter. Now see the first day wasn't that bad
was it? I even bet you're already accustomed to your
"Please Pau, er, Ms. Morris. I-I really wish I could
move out of ."
"Out of the question. You stay in the toilet. There
will be no further discussion on this matter until your
first anniversary of working here."
"A-A year! In there! I-I can't ."
My wife cut me off again.
"A real man doesn't say can't so easily. Are you
saying you're not man enough to handle this job without
even trying? If that's the case, I'll tell Joe to give you
a day's pay and send you out of here. I'll tell him to be
sure and put in your job folder that you weren't able to
work easily with other professionals and therefore had to
let you go. Just imagine what that would do to you
professionally. You'd never find a job in your field
again. Maybe, you just want to be a mama's boy and live
off me working. You don't want to be man enough to be a
good provider for me and the home."
"No! No!, it's not that Dear . uh, Ms. Morris. I-I
do-do n-need the job. B-but b-being in-in the men's room,
it-it's just so-so em-embarrassing. T-The men a-all look
at me a-and smirk. I-I'm red faced . sniff .. all the
time. It-it's so humiliating."
"You aren't getting teary eyed are you? Are you gonna
cry? Go back to your office and splash some water on your
face, and then come back so we can finish this discussion."
My wife spoke somewhat loudly. I knew the others
heard her. Again for the countless time I hung my head as
I passed through the office. This time with watery eyes
and a flush face. Once more, I had to endure their
snickers and smirks. I knew I looked pathetic.
I returned after washing my face. My wife was sitting
in her executive chair behind her wide desk.
"Feeling better?"
"Y-Yes ma'am."
"Good. Now Peter, we were talking about helping you
become a stronger man and gaining the respect of others.
You do know that humbling yourself and enduring challenges
builds character and confidence. Think of this whole
situation you find yourself in as an opportunity to show
me, and others, you have the strength to be a husband that
can endure trying situations for his wife. Show us you
have the emotional strength to be a man in other ways than
you can be in bed. Show everyone you're man enough to take
adversity and not be a cry baby. You think you're man
enough to do all that, and in the process, gain the respect
of others? Or do you want to be a whimpering wimpy
weakling of a man that nobody respects?"
"I-I'm man enough. I-I want respect. I-I'll show you
Pau ., er, Ms. Morris." I blurted out before I really
thought through what I was saying.
"I'll take that as being your word and I know your
word is good. Your word is good isn't it Peter? You're
not wishy-washy are you? Like wanting to change your mind
claiming you didn't think about what you committed yourself


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I let her know I'd keep my promise.
"Very good. Now as a way of sealing the commitment
you've made is for you to come over here, kneel between my
legs and eat me out. I know you'll like it. During lunch,
Joe and two clients fucked me. That's why we were gone so
long. My pussy helped him close a good deal for the
company. I didn't keep all their loads in me, but its
definitely flavored with their fuck juices.
"Y-You c-can't be s-serious? I-I know y-you had me e-
eating h-his stuff . Y-You tricked me. B-But two
s-strangers? A-And h-here in y-your office?"
"Yes Peter honey, everyone will know you'll be eating
his and the other men's cum out of my pussy. I won't close
the door or the curtains. The rest of the office will see
you slurping up other men's spent fuck juices."
"B-But ."
"After you get use to it, no one will even notice or
care that you do it dear. It'll be just like the sun
rising and setting. Once you get the routine down, no one
will show surprise. That's why Joe and I want to get you
started on these little chores soon as possible, so you can
get over any shock or shyness you have in performing as a
good husband and dutiful cuckold and gaining the respect
that you deserve."
I could tell it was useless to pursue attempting to
change her mind. Over the last few weeks, I noticed my
wife becoming more persistent, but never thought it would
come to this. I followed her curled beckoning finger as
she stood up, raised the short shirt she wore, and sat back
down. She then scooted her hairy heated crotch right
before my face as I knelt between her outspread legs, that
were supported on the arms of her chair.
Even though not as messy as I'd seen it before, her
pussy was definitely slightly puffy and red. A strong tell
tale gamy odor indicated that she had experienced a heavy
sexing earlier. She proceeded to pull my head tightly to
her moist slick pussy lips. There was the unmistakable
film of slick goo that indeed did flavor her sex. As my
tongue probed her interior, she was still quite warm, and I
swallowed some thick dregs of fuck that hadn't leaked or
ran out of her cunt. She kept me sucking at her cunt until
she was well satisfied.
As I got up and turned my head, there were spectators
all around. In the door and looking in the window. They
applauded me.
"Three Cheers for the crŠme pie eater! Hip! Hip!
Hooray!; Hip! Hip! Hooray!; Hip! Hip! Hooray!" The office
staff roared as I turned beet red and sought to go in "my
office" and wash my face.
"See darling, you're getting respect already." My
wife said smiling profusely at my shame and embarrassment.


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"I-I can't believe he had me doing janitorial work.
H-He actually h-had this big black woman supervise me and
direct me how to clean the toilets, empty trash, vacuum and
mop floors. It was Nine O'clock when I got away. No way
will I be doing this every day. H-He'll just."
"Yes you will dear, otherwise, you'll be black balled
in your profession and I might leave you too for not
keeping your promises. Remember you gave your word."
"B-But being the o-office janitor! Cleaning toilets!
Plus he said it was to be part of my daily duties. C-Can
you believe he gave me a cleaning schedule for a whole
year? Please Paula . please don't hold me to ."
"Yes dear, you will be held to your promise. You are
to follow the schedule explicitly. Any failures will
result in demerits and penalties in pay."
"C'mon to bed darling. Come into my arms That's it.
Feel better? You've had a very full day." She kissed me
wetly and repeatedly on the lips. They were delicious. I
was in heaven. This was like old times, before her sexual
She reached down and felt my small but very stiff
prick. As I broke her kiss I opened her gown in
preparation of mounting her.
"Peter honey, my pussy is tired and a bit sore from
all the activity today. But you can lick it if you want
some. Your sucking and licking is rather soothing. It
seems to help the swelling go down."
"Y-you know it doesn't take me long to get off . at
the most two minutes. I-I'll be real gentle. You're so w-
well stretched f-from their big things . you'll hardly feel
me. Please dear, may I-I put it in?"
"Not tonight darling." She said with a smirking smile
as I pleaded. "I am tired, but if you lap me, I'll help
you jerk off afterwards, that is if I'm still awake.
Otherwise, if you're not interested, I'm going to turn over
and go to relax. I've got a busy day tomorrow. Joe has
promised me to an old friend of his passing through town."
I just hovered there looking foolish as I tried to
absorb more degradation as it was dumped on me.
"Well, what's it going to be?" She said with a sweet
"I-I'll lick y-your pussy." I replied meekly as I
re-positioned myself and guided my head between her parted
smooth white thighs.
To be tired, she really gave a vigorous response to my
tongue action as she humped and gyrated her crotch in my
captive face. She not only clamped my head tightly with
her legs but also used her hands to tightly press my head
to her soft, swollen, bruised, and supposedly, sore,
pouting labia. She was juicy, but there was no jism
She slumped back on the bed after a violent orgasm.
"Ooooooh! You're so wonderful to have around Peter.
I know I won't have any trouble relaxing now."
I wiped my face and moved up in bed. As I was
reminding her of her promise a few moments ago, she was
about to turn her back to me and go to relax.
"Oh I'm sorry darling you made me feel so good I
almost forgot about my promise. I'm even more tired now and
jerking you will really tire me out. Here are some
tissues. Now suck this while you jack off."
She handled one of her luscious tits and positioned it
in an inviting posture. She looked utterly delicious doing
that. I know in my condition, I had to accept whatever she
" I'm sorry baby, but you were just so good you made
me even more exhausted. This is the best I can do to help
you get off."
I took the tissue, positioned my mouth to her warm
supple mammary and slowly stroked myself until I came into
the "tissue cunt" she handed me.
After I got off and removed my lips from her tasty
tit, I discovered she was relax.
After disposing of the tissue, I went back to bed and
held my beautiful relaxing wife. Even though horrified at
what she had become, deep down within I was glad I had
chosen to stay with her and thankful she still had need for


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CHAPTER 6: On The Job

After being on the job for over three months, my wife
was correct, I was surprised at how much degradation and
offense I could really take.
The office staff, which numbered about twenty, toyed
and teased me at times and treated me with disdain at other
There was Joe Benmister, President of the company and
four other black managers. In addition there were five
other lead administrators, all black men too. The rest of
the staff was composed of ten white women and myself.
It was evident, all the women were routinely sexing it
up with the black men. They all had white husbands and
families, but were more than willing to part their legs for
their black stud co-workers.
It was common knowledge that Joe dug my wife, but he
didn't mind her screwing the other black men in the office
and business associates. Apparently, she didn't either.
The company was like one big screwing club.
Joe Benmister and my wife subjugated and ridiculed me
horribly in front of the office staff as it wasn't bad
enough that my desk was in the men's restroom. It was also
common knowledge that I was also the office custodian in
addition to my regular work.
Everyone praised my accounting s*******s, but at the same
time taking their cue from big Joe, they put me down and
berated me whenever it pleased them.
Take for instance, at staff meetings, Joe would often
have me serve coffee and donuts to the others like I was a
maidservant. Additionally, I had to stand near the coffee
pot for the entire meeting until someone beckoned for me,
or snapped their finger, which my wife and Joe did
frequently, for me to bring them a coffee or wait on them.
Other times, if Joe thought the office needed tidying
up doing the day, it was not unusual for him to order me to
empty the trash cans or vacuum or mop or dust in my
business suit. I was the butt of office jokes and nobody
counted me as a man. It was strange but I found their
attitude so easy to accept. After all, what man could
love his wife so much to go through the ordeal I was.
Having a desk in the men's john was something that
took getting use too. The urinals were about five feet in
front of my desk and due to the geometry of the area, one
would see my desk first upon entering. There was a small
corner, so I positioned my desk that allowed me to turn my
back to the wall and face the door, rather than looking at
the urinals and having to watch the men coming and going to
do their business, even though it was obvious they all were
very well hung. I concluded it was true what was said
about black men and their big tools.
It was about two months after being on the job I moved
my desk as I described above. I began to get more settled
in my office area. After a while the sound of peeing and
flushing water became more like background noise. I was
soon able to block it out and become rather productive, as
best I could under the circumstances.
After my latest paycheck didn't get deposited to our
joint account, I went to see Tina, who handled payroll.
Because I didn't get a check, my wife gave me a loan of $30
a week until till it could be straighten out. She became
awfully tight with money, when it came to me, even though
it was common for her to buy four or five dresses that cost
over $200 each, each time she went shopping, which was
almost every weekend.
Paula kept saying she'd check into it. Nothing
happened, so I decided to do it myself.
"Oh I didn't know you didn't want it to go to the same
account as your wife's. Well, since it's started that way,
it'll take some time to get it switched. Here take this
form to her and have her authorize it. After that, it
should take about four weeks for the change." She told me.
"Come in Peter, what can I do for you?" My wife said
only looking up briefly as she was signing some papers as I
knocked before being given the okay to come in. I
explained what Tina told me. "Leave it there, I'll take
care of it. You can rest assured, I know your money was
safely deposited in my account. In the mean time, I'll give
you an allowance of $5 a day, or $30 a week until we get it
straighten out. OK?"
"Er, Pau, I-I mean Ms. Morris, I'd like to have enough
to at least pay the utilities and other usual bill I use to
pay. That is before, I lost my last job."
"Don't worry Peter sweetie, I'm having it paid
directly out of my account. You have nothing to worry
about. You'll get your $30 every Friday until further
I was still standing, as she never invited me to sit.
My mouth was open as I stood there shocked.
"Hi beautiful." Spoke big Joe as he walked in.
"Hi darling." Replied my wife in a cheerful upbeat
tone as she stood up and embraced him. Right in front of
me, for the countless time, they Frenched kiss.
"Peter, you can leave now. We were through talking."
She said reverting back to a business tone.
I exited the office, flushed and ticked off for
the countless time by her brazen arrogance. I was
determined to end this nightmare. I didn't care if I did
love her so much.



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I worked so hard cleaning the office that evening. My
anger over my paycheck was no longer raging, but more like
cool lukewarm.
I had become pretty efficient at performing my
janitorial duties and working the office cleaning schedule.
Tonight however, Joe wanted a new coat of wax on all the
tile floors as well as his office carpet shampooed.
I hated big Joe for what he and my wife were doing and
had done to me. However, it was odd, but I couldn't help
but admire his confidence, good looks, the masterful
dynamic way he carried himself, and of course the way he
pleased my wife and seem to have her under his control.
I understood why I was so intimidated by him, but yet
couldn't understand why I continued to be a total fool for
him. I knew my wife's feeling for him was partly the
reamister. However, whenever he would speak or order me
around, it just seems that it was the right thing to obey
It was late. I was tired, but yet horny. As I walked
in the door, the smell of heavy sex was strong. I could
tell by the disarray of the front room that there had been
more than one man here doing the evening to see my wife.
This in itself was not unusual. I suspect she was still up
waiting to feed me the some of the results of her evening's
sexual activities.
She'd been so busy sexually with Joe Benmister, who was
her favorite stud, and other friends and business
associates of his, that she and I hadn't had normal
intercourse in over two months. I however, had lost track
of how many times I'd eaten her out. If she didn't have
time to help me masturbate, I had to pull my own self,
usually while being home alone.
Since, it was my good fortune that she was home
tonight, I decided to raise the issue of money some other
time and concentrate on sex tonight.
I found her in the bed reading. We greeted each other
warmly. If I didn't know any better, I never would've
thought this was the same permister I discussed money with
earlier in the day. I got a bite to eat and a shower.
In the shower I practiced in my mind what to say to
her. She didn't look tired. I knew she wanted me to put
my mouth on her pussy. I suspect it was still moist and
somewhat slimy from being with her real men.
We kissed as I slipped in bed. It felt so good to be
beside her. Like this, she could do no wrong. She was my
angel, no matter if she was my tormentor other times.
As usual, I went down on her first as was our routine.
I was right, her luscious pussy was juicy and loose. She
told me two of the managers at work had stopped by since
they knew I was going to be quite busy that evening.
Being multi-orgasmic, she got off twice under my
tongue.. She praised my pussy eating. It made me feel good
when she did that and compared it to the fucking pleasure
of the black men who'd fucked her earlier.
It was time. I nervously asked her. Surely she
couldn't refuse me tonight. All the vibes just seemed
right. My little prick was not only throbbing but burning.
I needed the feel of hot wet raw pussy.
"OH honey, I was so hoping you'd gotten to like our
routine and wouldn't ask me that."
"W-Why?" I asked puzzled.
"Well, you seemed so pleased eating me and so
satisfied with me jacking you off, or you doing it
"Well, that was only because you said you were so
tired or just not in the mood to let m-me put it in." I
replied, still puzzled about her attitude.
"I was hoping I wouldn't have to tell you this. I
thought it all would just work out like everything else
seems to be doing."
"I-I still don't understand."
"You see darling." She said softly as she reached
down to unbutton my pajama fly. "As I've told you before,
it makes me feel so good to have you sucking and eating
better men's sperm out of my well fucked slimy pussy."
"Yes-Yes. I-I know I-I can't compare to them." I said
softly. Not feeling excited about once again admitting to
my inadequacies.
"Honey, Joe and the other fellows in the office think
that is all you deserve." She said as she finally got my
fly totally unbuttoned. She pushed my pajamas away so as
to have free rein to my prick. A penis much smaller, and
of a different color, than she was currently accustomed to
"I-I know they don't think much about me and I-I guess
I-I can see their view ."
"Honey what I'm trying to tell you is, that's all they
want you to do. They told me that you are not to put it in
any more."
I still don't know what happened to this day, but
before my lovely wife even placed her soft dainty hands on
my aching prick, I shot a load. It was so powerful and
felt so good, I had to rest a moment to catch my breath
afterwards. She grabbed my dribbling little cock and
continued jerking me off. When I looked up, she had the
most wicked, but beautiful smile on her face in the dim
bedroom light.
"I-I don't know what happened. I-I ."
"Are you sure darling?" She giggled slightly while
still holding my shrinking prick with her hand all covered
with my plentiful sponk.
I apologized for the mess. She kissed me on my
forehead and consoled me as I wiped her hands clean.
"That's quite alright honey. I'd say you were just
agreeing with Joe and the others. At least your body was."
I was at a loss for words. She knew I was so ashamed.
We both knew I was no more good tonight and probably not
for a couple or three days. My body had betrayed me or was
it some sort of mental trigger I didn't understand.
We talked some more, before we both went to relax.
Before drifting off, she let me know that she felt an
obligation to abide by what Joe and the other men in the
office wanted, that is to deny me from putting my prick in
her juicy cunt ever again, except maybe on my birthday.
"Darling, why don't you and Joe have a man to man talk
about it." My wife yawned as she went sound arelax soon
Even though tired, I didn't drift off to a fitful
relax for another hour.


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It took me a week, but I finally got up the courage to
go see Joe Benmister. I was going to ask his permission to
let my wife give me some pussy for my aching prick, as
opposed to just being able to penetrate her adulterous and
well fucked, but gorgeous sex, with my tongue.
I asked his secretary for a late appointment, that is
after everyone was gone for the day. My purpose was to do
what I had to do without my other co-workers around. She
did. I had practiced what I'd planned to say and felt good
about my strategy of seeing him when all the others would
be gone. I settled into taking care of two assignments I
had to do for purchasing. Just as I completed one, in
walked Joe Benmister.
"Hi Peter!"
"Afternoon Mr. Benmister." I replied as he headed to the
urinal nearest my desk and unzipped, pulling out his long
thick dark penis.
"I understand you wanted to see me this evening. Can
we talk about it now? I might leave a little early today."
He spoke as a thick stream of urine was expelled from his
fire hose of a cock.
I turned my head so as not to be watching as he
discharged himself.
"It-it's a private matter s-sir. I-I can wait until
tomorrow." I replied nervously.
"You don't have to turn your head, I don't mind you
looking at my dick." He chuckled as my face turned
slightly red. He knew he was embarrassing me and seem to
enjoy it. "But seriously." He said as he paused and shook
drops from the slit of his giant length of black manhood.
"Can't we talk about it now? After all there are few
secrets between us or the others in the office. Think of
us as a big happy family."
Just then two other men walked in and spoke as they
went to relieve themselves.
"Hi Joe. Peter."
"Joe. Peter."
"I-I know Mr. Benmister, b-but I-I'd like to t-talk to
you in private."
"Oh, . I see. Is it about you and Paula?"
"Well, er ., yes sir .. but I-I can wait until
tomorrow. Really, I-I can." I could see the two other
black managers at the urinals listening intently as I
nervously stammered out a reply.
"Well Peter, you shouldn't be nervous about talking to
me about you and your wife, after all I am fucking her. Of
course you know that from all of my dick cum you've eaten
out of her."
His vulgar blunt comment caught me off guard. My face
turned even redder. I was stunned and searching for words
to stop him from continuing going down the road he was
"It wouldn't by chance be something about me telling
her not to give you any, except, maybe your birthday? And
that's of course, is if she's up to it and you've been good
enough to deserve it."
I could see the other men at the urinals smiling as
Joe Benmister continued talking. I was so heated and flush
now. As I stewed, feeling so angry and yet highly
intimidated at him, it dawned on me that I had an erection
that was palpitating.
"P-P-Please Mr.-Mr. B-Benmister .. can we please talk
later. I-I ."
"What's else is there to talk about? Your wife is my
whore and loves it. She does what I tell her . just like
you. What else is there to discuss?"
"P-Please Mr. B-B-Ben ."
"Maybe you need to hear it from her." He said cutting
me off as he sat on the edge of my desk and used my phone
to dial Paula on the intercom. He put one of his feet in
the side chair that was in front of my desk.
I wanted to get up and run out of there and never come
back. I felt my prick straining against the fabric of my
trousers. Anyway, I was trapped from leaving because of
the way I'd positioned my desk, in order to partially
shield me from viewing the urinals all the time.
The only way out was over the desk. But with my
erection, even though small compared to all the other men
in the office, it was stiff enough to show a tent pole in
my pants if I got up to walk.
"Paula sweetheart! Come in the men's room, your
husband's office. We have to have a talk with him. Okay,
bye." He hung up the phone powerfully. "She'll be right
over." He said as he folded his arms sitting there on the
edge of the desk.
The other two men were washing their hands and
chuckling as they dried them and left.
I'd never felt so silly and again I sensed I was going
to be put through another humiliating situation of some
kind. To make matters worse, my cock wasn't supporting me.
"Hi Joe darling!" Paula said cheerily as she walked
in and kissed him juicily on the mouth.
"Hello Peter." Was her greeting to me in a dead flat
"I haven't been in here in a while. I thought your
desk was closer to the urinals honey." She said as she
surveyed the restroom while still slightly embracing Joe
"Paula, I think Peter wants assurance that you're my
"What part of me being a whore for him don't you
understand honey?" My wife said looking me straight in the
eyes. "Here let me show you Peter dear."
She sat in the chair where Joe had previously put his
foot, moved it right in front where Joe Benmister was sitting
on my desk.
"Joe darling, I could use some refreshments, I've been
working hard all afternoon. Please let me suck your big
black cock. Please baby." As she spoke she caressed his
crotch through the fabric of his expensively tailored


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My eyes were glued to my wife as she begged him to let
her blow him while I sat trapped. My cock pulsed as he
gave her the okay and proceeded to zip down his fly and
take his hardening big rod out.
"Ooh Joe baby, I want it open crotch. I wantta lick
your balls too." My wife cooed as she helped him slide his
pants and shorts down to reveal the man's magnificent stalk
of a penis and the dark patch of black pubic hairs at the
base of his root.
My cock was ready to explode at the sight as my wife
looked straight at me as she licked the tip of his swelling
member and lapped the pink dick head that had rapidly
become bloated and shiny. She had never sucked my cock and
here she was doing it so erotically as I was trapped to
observe her ever so closely. The bad part was that I hated
what was happening, but my cock had a mind of it's own.
Nothing I did could wish it down. I tried looking away,
but Joe Benmister reached over and turned my head around to
make sure I watched her bath and lave his big hairy balls
with her tongue and lips. She even sucked one of his big
balls and then the other in her beautifully lipstick
covered mouth. The contrast of her white skin against his
black hairy scrotum was quite a sight.
"This is for your benefit. So don't turn your head."
Joe Benmister warned as my wife engulfed his large swollen
golf ball size red gorged dick head.
I was so glad I was able to press down on my throbbing
aching prick. It seemed as if it was going to rip through
my pants, especially as my wife's sucking noise added to my
discomfort. The juicy blow job she was giving is what I'd
only dreamed about. Even though I suspected she sucked her
lover's big black dicks, that is from the taste of her
kisses, we never really discussed it.
As she mouthed and slid her lips back and forth over
his long thick shaft, I prayed I didn't come in my pants.
The tension in the room was too much. My face was
literally red. My other fear came to fruition as one of
the salesman entered the restroom. He was about to excuse
himself and go to one of the other restrooms, but Joe
Benmister invited him in anyway. He accepted. Used the
urinal, but his eyes never left the scene in process before
me. My wife seemed oblivious to it all as she went after
her "refreshment".
Moments later another co-worker entered. He offered
to visit another restroom, but Joe waived him in. Again my
wife never seemed to notice.
"OOH! Suck it bitch! Yesss! That's it! Show your
husband you're my slut! Yess! Swallow it all!" Moaned Joe
Benmister as he shot his hot wad of sperm down my wife's
throat. I could tell it was a big load. She swallowed at
least five times.
It was no use, my prick pulsed at the sight of
her actions. The release was so delightful. I hunched
forward to try and hide the wave of pleasure that comes
from such a good release. As I quickly got over the
pleasure of what happened, I hoped no one noticed and I
hoped everyone would leave to give me a chance to clean up
before my prick goo soaked through the cloth.
It seemed my wife milked his penis forever before
giving it a loving kiss and letting Joe redress.
The two co-workers left to go and get their
secretaries to give them the same treatment that my wife
had just given. I'd never seen a blow job given in such a
blatant manner or in such an open location as my wife had
done. I'd heard that it often happened in the back of the
office where there were several storage rooms.
"Well Peter, does that answer your question. Do you
still need to talk to me?" Joe Benmister asked with a big
smile on his face as my wife licked her lips, capturing an
errant cum drop that almost escaped as she was swallowing
his bountiful wad of viscous semen.
I meekly shook my head acknowledging that there was no
"And Peter, if you think you are deserving of getting
some on your birthday, 30 days prior, I want you to send me
an inter-office memo justifying why I should permit your
wife to let you put it in. Send it through my secretary so
she can check it for format and grammar. Also, make sure
it's coordinated with the other managers by getting their
signature approval, including your wife. If anybody
non- concurs, I won't even look at it. Understand.?"
Unbelievably stunned one more time by him, all I could
do was nod acceptance of his stringent and ridiculing
conditions for just a once a year session with my lovely
"slut" wife - and then only if she wasn't busy with him or
other men and if she felt like giving me some.
I was so mentally beat, I was exhausted. Having come
also drained me too.
"Well honey, did you enjoy that as much as we did."
My wife said looking straight at me.
When I was slow to respond she reached right over the
desk and grasped my crotch and began feeling for my prick
and rubbing where I'd come in my pants.
Caught off guard by her sudden unexpected action I
sought to prevent her from further exploration by grabbing
her arms. As I did so Joe grabbed both of my hands with
just one of his giant strong hands. I wiggled and begged
him to let me loose. Meanwhile, my wife was able to
discover that I'd shot off in my shorts.
"OOH! You did enjoy seeing me suck off his black
dick. Look Joe, he shot off in his pants."
As I struggled with Joe holding my wrists, her
continued rubbing had powerd the absorption of the sticky
goo into the outer fabric of my trousers. It was too late.
The stain was evident and sticky.
"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Joe roared as he let me go and left
telling my wife he'd see her later.
"See you later Joe darling." Spoke my wife as her
handsome smug black lover left us two alone. She never
removed her hands away from the damp spot on my pants. I
was so ashamed, I stopped fighting her. I knew I was
beaten. She and Joe both knew I had no will to confront
them in their subjugation and abasement of me.
"That was so sweet of you dear. And such a cute way
to let me know you approve of me being his slut. Here, you
deserve a nice kiss."


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She gave me a deep juicy French kiss. She stuck her
tongue deep in my mouth and made sure I sucked on it before
breaking the kiss. The taste of Joe's thick semen was
obvious by the slimy film and seminal odor of her breath.
The kiss made me feel better, but I was still
flustered in the state I was in. She finally removed her
hand. However the spot was rather large on my trousers
now. It was at least a four inch diameter circle.
As she went over to one of the sinks to wash her hands
and rinse her mouth out, I proceeded to one of the stalls
to attempt to clean up the mess I'd made on myself.
"Peter, come with me, I want you to get a file from
Peggy on the other end of the office."
"O-Okay, er, y-yes ma'am. I-I'll do it just after I-I
clean up and ."
"Now! Peter dear. You can do that later. There's
work to be done."
I gave her an incredible look. "B-But they-they'll
see ."
"Precisely." My wife said as she looked at me with
folded arms. "They'll see a husband whose proud to exhibit
proof of his approval that it's okay for me to date and sex
other men. Being so secure in your manhood, even though
not great, can't help but generate more respect for you
Peter dear."
I parted my lips to rebut her, but the stern,
in-command look, and stance she took, as she stood before
me, was my signal that she would not take no for an answer.
"Now go!" She said extending her arm straight toward
the door. "Or do I need Joe to come in here and push you
out there."
I got to moving, knowing full well I didn't want to
face his intimidation again.
I prayed people would be too busy to look. That was
wishful thinking. All eyes were on me as I existed the
door. Time I passed the first desk going toward Peggy's
desk I heard "He did come in his pants, just like Joe said.
Imagine a husband shooting off in his pants as his wife
gives her lover a blow job right in front of his face.
What a wimp."
Peggy made me wait for the file. It was the longest
two minutes in my life as the others looked at me and
snickered or giggled but never said anything directly to
I finally brought the file back to my wife's office.
She was back at her desk in a very business like posture.
As I was leaving, she let me know that Joe Benmister was
coming over to our house tonight.
"Come in the back door honey, and if he's still there
when you come home from tidying up here at the office, go
ahead and relax in the guest room. I'll wake you up when
he leaves." She told me with her head still looking down
at what she was working on.
"Y-Yes ma'am." Was all I said as I started out to
give the office gawkers their last look at my "proof of
approval" as I made it to my men's room office.
That night it took me four hours to give the office a
good cleaning, as called for on the schedule. I was
beginning to take a certain pride in how well I kept the
office and rest rooms sparkling. I wondered if that was
all part of being subjugated so much by Joe Benmister and my
wife that I was beginning to see them as doing me the favor
of letting me be degraded by them as well as work like a
slave for them.

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