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les histoires de chrislebo

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I knew it was no good arguing with him. I had to do it I had to bare everything. I fumred with the clasp of my bra. At last it gave way and my bra fell loose. I allowed it to slip down my arms. I felt the coolness of the air on my breasts and knew they were exposed to him.

He stared at them for a moment, then nodded his approval. "Very nice, very nice indeed." I felt my nipples tightening up. Oh my God, my body was reacting. I felt ashamed. Now I wanted to get the whole thing over. I pushed my fingers in the waistband of my panties and eased them over my hips. They stuck between my legs and then I realised why; they were wet, soaking wet. I almost cried. Why was my body betraying me in this way?

At last I stood before him totally naked, humiliated and ashamed. I had never in my life experienced anything so demeaning. Here I was a happily married woman with a husband and an 18 year old step-flower and I was standing naked and aroused in front of this lecherous old man.

He slowly got up from his desk and came around to where I was standing. I could not help but notice the large protrusion in the front of his tight pin striped pants.

"You are an extremely attractive woman, Mrs. Bradshaw, and you have the most delightful breasts." At that point he reached out and took a breast in each hand, gently, almost lovingly, caressing them. I started to back away but what was the point? Then his thumbs rubbed across my hard nipples and I almost cried out.

"Very sensitive," he said with a slight smile. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a long fine silver chain. Attached to it by another short chain were two small silver crocodile clips. He gripped one of my nipples and pulled it out, extending it, and opened up the crocodile clip and applied it to the nipple. I cried out as the fine teeth bit into my tender flesh.

"You can't do this," I exclaimed. "You're hurting me." Now tears were streaming down my face.

He smiled. "Yes, I can, my dear. I can do anything I want to you. You are at my mercy." And with that, he quickly applied a clip to my other nipple. I stood there in agony, my breasts feeling as though they were on fire.

"Now if you would take up your position, we can get on with the job at hand."

I knew what he wanted and I placed my hands on the desk and leaned over. He walked behind me. I felt his hands stroke across my exposed bottom. "Such a wonderful sight, but it will look even better with a splash of color." With that, his hand landed a stinging blow. My whole body jerked and he held on to the fine silver chain attached to my nipples. It pulled them painfully and I cried out. With each blow that landed, he tugged on my nipple clips. The pain was excruciating and soon I was whimpering.

"Please, Mr. Hardyman, no more, please, no more." But he was so engrossed in his work that he did not heed my cries. Suddenly I felt a change come over me. I couldn't believe it. 'Oh God, no!' I realised what the feeling was. I was about to cum. I tried to resist, but he struck me again and then pulled on my nipples, and that was it, I came. I screamed as I felt my hot juices ooze out of my pussy and run down my legs. I had never felt so ashamed in the whole of my life.

"So my little slut's cum for me," I heard his amused voice close to my ear. "I wondered just how long it would be." Then I felt his hand on my sticky wet thighs. It moved higher until he was touching the wet flower of my pussy. I could not stop myself groaning. Then he was opening me up and his fingers were entering me, thrusting deep into my warm wet interior. His thumb began to massage my clit.

"Oh, please, no," I screamed. Then his fingers touched my tender spot. "Oh, please, yes, please, yes," and I was thrusting myself against his invading finger. And I came again very quickly.

In my fuddled brain I couldn't believe what I was allowing this horrible man to do to me, allowing him to use me in ways that I never thought I would allow any man to do. Suddenly it all seemed over. He came around and stood in front of me. I cried out as he unclipped my nipples and the red surged back into them. He smiled. "You have been a very interesting subject tonight, and I think you might have enjoyed it."

I couldn't speak. I just looked at him. I was disgusted with myself, with my body that had betrayed me so badly. I could feel my legs and thighs wet and sticky from the multiple orgasms that he had induced.

As I looked down at the nasty red marks on my still protruding nipples, I noticed with some slight amusement that he too had had a slight accident. A large wet stain now marred his once immaculate pin striped pants.

He handed me a box of tissues from his desk. "I think you might need these," he said. "You can dress yourself again now." He walked around and sat in his chair watching me as I did my best to clean up and then I quickly pulled on my clothes.

"Can I go now?" I asked as soon as I was dressed.

He nodded. "Same time next week, my dear, and I might have something extra special for you as it's your last visit." I couldn't believe it. What more could he do to me? What other offenses was I going to have to suffer?

During the week, I seriously thought about packing my job in and to hell with the consequences, but what was the point? If he carried out his threats, we would have to move.

I sighed. At least, hopefully, there was only one more week for me to suffer. So Tuesday again found me nervously standing outside Mr. Hardyman's office. I was just about to knock when I heard the sound of laughter and voices. He must have someone with him. I considered leaving, but I thought I had better knock. Maybe, hopefully, he had forgotten our appointment.

I knocked and I heard the room go silent, then Mr. Hardyman's voice calling me to come in. I pushed the door open and stepped into his office. I was more than a little surprised to find the other three members of the College Management Board there. They all had takes in their hands. Ms. Fisher smiled at me and the other two, Mr. Allen and Major Blakely, looked at me nervously. Mr. Hardyman was as usual seated behind his desk. He looked up at me and smiled. "It's your last week, Mrs. Bradshaw, and I said I would have a little surprise for you, so if you would like to strip naked, we can all get started."



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I knocked and heard the room go silent. Then Mr. Hardyman's voice was calling me to come in. I pushed the door open and stepped into his office. I was more than a little surprised to find the other three members of the College Management Board there. They all had takes in their hands. Ms. Fisher smiled at me and the other two, Mr. Allen and Major Blakely, looked at me nervously. Mr. Hardyman was as usual seated behind his large desk.

He looked up at me and smiled. "It's hopefully your last visit, Mrs. Bradshaw, and I said I would have a little surprise for you; so if you would like to strip naked for us, we can all
get started

I looked at the others, than at Mr. Hardyman. "Strip naked?" I said. "Here, now?"

He smiled and nodded. "If you would, please. I have just been showing the board a few scenes from the videos I shot of our other little sessions over the past three weeks. I don't know if you knew it, but I videoed them all; something to look back on." He smiled.

I was shocked to hear this. Had they actually seen what had been happening to me over the last few weeks? My legs felt weak at the thought.

Just what was this all about? Were they all perverts at this place, just like Mr. Hardyman?

I looked at him. "I won't do it; not this time. I'm not going to strip; not here in front of them," I said, indicating the three board members. "You can't make me!"

He did not argue, he just smiled. "I think you will, my dear. Otherwise a copy of our little video will find its way to your husband. Would you like to view a snippet?" He lifted up a remote control from his desk and pressed it. The screen on the wall mounted TV lit up and I was horrified to see a close up of myself standing naked with the nipple clips and chain hanging from my extended nipples. Then I was leaning back against his desk as Mr. Hardyman invaded my pussy with his fingers, and you could clearly hear me pleading with him not to stop.

Tears ran down my face and I wiped them away with my hand. "Please, Mr. Hardyman, you wouldn't. You know it would be the end of my marriage."

He smiled. "I would indeed, Mrs. Bradshaw, but I would much rather you just complied with my request. It's just going to be a little fun and relaxation for everyone, and then hopefully for you, it will all be over."

I knew when I was beat. If I did not go along with him, both my career and my marriage would be over. I looked at the three of them all seated watching me, waiting patiently. I bit my lip to hold back the tears as I slowly started to unbutton my blouse.

With the blouse removed, I unclipped my skirt and eased it over my hips. I saw the three board members watching with interest as my skimpily clad body was slowly exposed. Mr. Hardyman was leaning back in his chair, a satisfied expression on his face. He looked over at the board members.

"Quite an attractive filly, don't you think, Major?" The Major nodded, rubbing his hands together and never taking his eyes from me...

With only my bra and panties left, I looked at them pleadingly, hoping for a reprieve, but there was none. "Hurry up, young lady," Mr. Allen said impatiently. "We haven't got all evening."

Resignedly, I reached behind for the clasp of my bra. I saw the Major lean forward in his chair as the bra fell loose and I slipped the straps down my arms. Now my breasts were revealed and I sensed with acute embarrassment my nipples hardening in the coolness of the room.

There was no point in protesting any further so I slipped my fingers into the waistband of my panties and slid then down over my hips. They dropped around my feet and I stepped out of them. I stood there and faced the members of the board completely naked. They all looked at my body with interest. Even Ms. Fisher smiled as she carefully looked me up and down.

"Well, what now, my friends?" Mr. Hardyman spoke up. "Here we have our rather delicious Mrs. Bradshaw naked and awaiting your pleasure."

The three of them looked at each other. Then Ms. Fisher spoke. "Well, gentlemen, you know my pleasure. I was hoping Mr. Allen would do us the honor with that impressive weapon of his."

I looked on with horror as Mr. Allen stood up, a slight smile on his face. He placed his glass down on Mr. Hardyman's desk and began to unfasten the belt on his pants. With the belt undone, his pants dropped down around his feet.

I looked at Mr. Allen. He was standing looking at me with a look of hungry anticipation on his face as he stood there and slowly stroked his hands along a growing erection.

I realised at once with some horror that this pervert was preparing to fuck me there in the office in front of the others. The others in the office looked on expectantly as he moved towards me gripping his enormous erection in his hand.

"You can't! I won't let you!" I cried out as he advanced towards me. "Please, I'm a married woman." I cringed against Mr. Hardyman's desk.

"You can and you will, Mrs. Bradshaw!" Mr. Hardyman exclaimed. "And you will submit with good grace or it will be worse for you."

I realised there was nothing I was going to be able to do. Dejectedly, I stood there awaiting my fate. Mr. Allan stood before me. I could feel his cock nudging up against my pussy. I could not believe what was happening to me. He grinned at me. "You are a delicious little thing, aren't you, my sweet slut?"

He began pawing my breasts. I tried to pull away, but I was up against the desk. He squeezed them and pulled on my nipples. I tried not to show any emotion, but it was painful and I could not help myself crying out. I could see the others watching. Ms. Fisher was licking her lips, her hands tightly clutched together as she watched the pair of us. The Major just sat there openly rubbing his hand over a growing protrudence that was beginning to tent his pants.

Mr. Allen smiled at me. "Now, my dear, I want you to turn around and lean over Mr. Hardyman's desk for me."

I knew what was coming. I was shaking as I slowly turned and looked into the leering of Mr. Hardyman. Mr. Allan pushed my head down. "Grip the desk at the far side," he said. "Then hold on tight. We are going for a bumpy ride." As I bent over his desk, my breasts hung down. I saw Mr. Hardyman grin. I felt my legs being pushed apart and a hand reaching between my legs, fingers probed my pussy,

"My, my, to say you aren't interested, young lady, is an understatement. You are certainly very wet."

I couldn't believe it. I was actually juicing up. Oh my God, how could my body let me down in this way? I didn't want this, but my body was saying otherwise. Then I almost screamed out as I felt the first movement of his cock between my legs nudging up against my pussy lips, spreading them wide, opening me up for his pleasure. I lurched forward as he thrust himself into me. In one way I was thankful I was so wet. He really could have done me some serious damage with that thing if I had been dry.

He gripped my hips and began thrusting into me, grunting with the exertion. I had my eyes closed now trying the block out the shame. Suddenly, I felt hands on my breasts. I lifted my head up to see Mr. Hardyman still seated in front of me grabbing hold of my breasts. They were hanging invitingly before him. He was caressing them roughly and tweaking on my already extended nipples.

Then suddenly there was worse to come as I found myself responding. I was groaning partly due to the pain and the rough treatment, but I could feel myself waiting expectantly for that next thrust, pushing myself onto the invading cock, unbelievably wanting now to feel it going deeper inside me.

"Look, Major, the little slut's beginning to enjoy it," I heard Ms. Fisher call out. "Fuck her harder, Geoffrey," she intoned. I felt my invader respond. My breath hissed between my clenched teeth. And I nearly swooned. I had never felt anything like this before.

Suddenly, Mr. Allen went rigid. He was trying to hold back. I did not want that. I contracted my vaginal muscles and gripped him tightly. He cried out, and then I relaxed. With a sharp intake of breath, he erupted into me, filling me to capacity. I felt it oozing out and running in warm streams dawn my thighs. Then he was softening inside me, and slowly he withdrew his limp tool.

"Come on, Major, are you going to get stuck into her now?" Miss Fisher inquired.

The Major nodded. "No point in letting it go to waste," he said, raising himself from his chair and looking over to where I was still leaning over Mr. Hardyman's desk.

"Wonderful tight arse she's got," I heard the Major comment, and then I cried out as two sharp slaps landed on my bare flesh. "Pity I'm not a woofter. I wouldn't mind slipping her one in there." He laughed as he slapped my bottom yet again.

I saw Mr. Hardyman smile. "I'm sure she wouldn't object if you wanted to, Major."

"No, that's not for me. She has a pretty little cunt and Geoffrey's already reamed it out for me, so that will do me."

I felt my head being pushed forward again and the Major's rough hands opening up my legs. Then I felt the hardness of his cock as he worked it up between my thighs, probing my pussy lips, and then he was slipping easily inside aided by the lubrication left be his fellow member on the board.

As the Major began to fuck me, I could feel the roughness of his tweed suit rubbing against my skin, and again, although I tried to resist, I could not stop myself responding to his urgent thrusts. You are nothing but a common whore, I thought to myself, and I felt ashamed to call myself a woman.

Behind me I could hear the voice of Ms. Fisher urging him on. His finger was digging into my hips as he gripped me roughly. In front of me Mr. Hardyman was now joining in. He, too, had his cock out, and he was stroking it with one hand while with the other he was again groping my swinging breasts.

"How are you enjoying our little cum slut, Major?" Mr. Hardyman asked. There was a muffled grunt from the Major as he thrust into me again. I could not help contracting my muscles and gripping onto his cock. He groaned. I thrust hard against him knowing that I was about to cum again. I no longer cared what they thought about me. I had been degraded; I had been humiliated; what more could they do? I no longer cared. All I wanted was sexual satisfaction and if that meant allowing them the pleasure of my body, so what?

At last the Major came. With a cry, he eased himself out and I felt the juices oozing out and running down my thighs once again. I was now breathing heavily from all the exertion and my pussy was beginning to feel tender. I looked at Mr. Hardyman. His cock was hard as he slowly stroked it. "I suppose you want some of me as well," I hissed.

He smiled. "I'm not adverse to dipping my rod into a sloppy bucket," he said as he stood and came around his desk. I groaned as his cock slid easily into my wet hole. He reached around and grabbed my breasts, squeezing my firm, tender mounds painfully as he continued to thrust into me. "I guess you won't be a naughty girl in future," he whispered into my ear. I felt him begin to quicken his actions. At least this was not going to last long, but again I found myself responding.

He pinched my nipples and twisted them. I cried out. I heard Ms. Fisher's voice behind me. "Ride the little whore."

"Go for it, Bob," another cried.

Then I couldn't believe myself as I felt myself whispering, "Oh yes, my God, yes, make me cum." And I thrust my arse up against him, crying out as he erupted. At last it was over. The three guys left the office to clean up and I was left with Ms. Fisher.

"You put on a very credible performance," she said. "And from what I saw, you enjoyed it. You really are a little slut, aren't you?"

I looked down at the floor not knowing what to respond. I couldn't believe how I had behaved. I had not fought against it. I had just let them have their way with me.

"You'd better go and get yourself cleaned up," she said. "Or should we send you back to your husband as you are? I wonder what he would say if you were to arrive home with three guy's spunk running down your legs?"

I looked at her alarmed.

e smiled. "I wouldn't do that. It might spoil my fun. I have uses for a little slut like you."

I nearly collapsed when I heard those words. I thought after this it was going to be all over. Oh God, I wasn't going to have to suffer more. Was I?


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Give the Student What He Wants

I teach math at a Midwestern state college. It doesn't matter which one. It looks like most of the others, with some school buildings, dorms, bars, gas stations, and a grocery store, surrounded by acres and acres of open farmland. Most kids come here because it's far from home and it's a party school. It's not so bad to teach here, really, once you get over your disappointment that you're not going to have a fabulous career at M.I.T. One good thing about teaching at a party school – the students don't expect very much. Half the time they're hung over anyway.

I'm male, 42, divorced (no kids) and haven't had a significant other for a couple of years. Being a 40-something divorce isn't easy in a town like this. The women here are either under 21 or married. I don't have any scruples against a fling with either one, but the college girls aren't nearly as easy as legend would tell you, and come to think of it neither are the faculty wives. Besides, it's not so easy to find another job – a fella has to think of the risks.

So, I make do with Internet porn and my imagination. I keep myself reamisterably fit – you never know when you'll run into Ms. Right Now – and anyway there's not much else to do. I think I'm good-looking, although no one would call me gorgeous.

I teach several sections of calculus-for-boneheads (excuse me, for business majors) class. No matter how good a teacher you think you are, this class will prove you wrong. The students just don't get it. Calculus and business majors mix like oil and water. The ones who do understand it are engineering majors. Poor me, poor me. I give a lot of quizzes instead of one or two exams. Take it from me, the exams are even worse.

So, let me try to describe what happened a couple of hours ago. I'm not sure I believe it myself, and I can't be sure how it will all come out, but I sure hope I'm right.

It's still January, and the new semester is just getting started. Yesterday, I gave the first quiz of the term. Today, I was marking them (no T.A.s at this college) and muttering to myself, as usual. My posted office hours began at 2:00, but I didn't notice because no one ever comes. Then they complain because I'm not available to help them.

Imagine, then, my shock when right at 2:00 somebody rapped on the door. I shouted, "Come in!" which hardly ever works, then got up to see who it was. A student! I recognized him from my late-morning class, but of course I didn't know his name. Good-looking kid, a little taller than me (5'10"), shoulders broad but not too broad. He probably outweighs me by 30 pounds. Curly, off- blond hair, dressed in the sloppy clothes that were practically the school uniform, students and faculty alike.

I didn't pretend to know his name. I know it now. I know a lot about him now, but this was two hours ago. Anyway, let's call him Jamister, because that sounds like a good alias for this tale.

I stood at the door, doorknob still in my hand. "Can I help you?" I asked.

He looked kind of nervous, glancing up, down, everywhere but my face. "Can I come in?" he asked. "I need to ask you about something."

"Sure. You're in my 11:00 class, right? You sit in the middle row, over near the windows. Sorry, but I don't know your name."

"Yes, Professor, that's me. My name is Jamister ___."

"You shouldn't look so worried, Jamister," I said. The semester's just begun, we've taken only one quiz, so even if you blew the quiz, you've got plenty of time to recover."

"This isn't about the quiz," he mumred. I'd sat down in my chair, and pointed to the extra chair. He came all the way in and sat down. I heard the click of the doorknob, which was set on automatic lock. That surprised me. There's no rule against shutting the door, but it's hardly ever done. Nobody wants to be accused of sexual harassment.

"Would you mind leaving the door ajar?" I said.

Jamister looked up at me as if he didn't understand why I'd ask for such a thing. Then, as he got it, his smiled a little. "I'd rather leave it closed, Professor. This is kind of permisteral."

Oh, great. I hardly know this kid and he wants a man confessor. Not my job, not my desire, and definitely not a good idea. If he leaves here and shoots himself, I'll be sued. We have professionals for that kind of thing. I let the pause hang there, hoping he'd at least tell me what he wanted, so I could direct him to the student-stress counselor.

He just sat there, looking at me, directly into my eyes. His were unusual – blue flecked with brown. Like hazel, but blue instead of green. I was caught by his gaze, and somehow felt compelled to return it. I don't know how long we sat there, looking each other in the eyes. The room seemed to get a little darker and fuzzier. We weren't gazing like lovers. It was more like poker players, assessing one another, looking for the other's "tell."

After awhile his eyes moved a little, toward the clock. I felt I'd been released, but I also turned to look at the clock. I must have read it wrong before, because it said 2:20.

"Do you want to talk about your quiz?" I asked. My voice was a little shaky, which surprised me. The room light hadn't gone back to normal after our staring contest. His face was clear, but everything else was dim.

"Oh, no, Professor," he said quickly. "It's sort of about my quiz, but really I want to ask you about something else. You see, you seem so, . . . so,. . . non-judgmental."

"Well, thanks, Jamister. I try to be that way. Most of the things other people think are really none of my business. But before you start, I need to tell you that I'm probably not the permister who can help you – if you have permisteral problems, I'll be sympathetic, but can't offer advice. All I can do is try to steer you to the right place for real help." Here I went. If you don't shut me up, especially when giving (or not giving) advice, I'll drone on for a long time. I caught myself and stopped.

He smiled, a little. "That's okay, I'm not looking for advice. It's just that I– I– You seemed like someone who could relate to these daydreams I have."

Time to go! I tried to get up, but it didn't work. I felt glued to the chair. All I could do was nod, as if to say, "go on." Really I wanted to say, "get out." Could I even speak? What was happening?

"Well, Professor, it's like this. Is it okay to call you 'Professor?' Or do you prefer 'Doctor?'" When I didn't answer he went on. "You know that girl in the class, the one with the dark hair and the big, uh, uh, . . . cleavage? Everybody knows you do, because we see you trying not to look," he paused. "But don't worry. Nobody thinks you're a lecher. Sometimes she wears those low-cut tops. . . and it's hard to not look."

Where in the heck was this going? For a moment I didn't know who he was talking about, then suddenly I could see her, clearly, in my mind's eye. She was hot, for sure, and sassy. Tall – about my height, and proud of her C-cups and the body that went with them. Not supermodel-thin, but convex and concave in all the right places. I had made a point of learning her name, but right now I couldn't think of it. I hoped to God he wasn't going to ask me to do some matchmaking. What did he want?

Again, he locked his eyes on mine, and went on softly, miserably. "You see. . . I. . . when I look at her . . . I want to be her. I want to have big tits and sway down the hall and leave a trail of hard-ons. It's all I can think about in your class. I'm afraid I'll flunk, because I can't think of calculus, even at home. I'm stuck in this daydream."

I still couldn't move my mouth to speak, which was lucky, in a way, because I had no idea what to say. I wanted to tell him to take his weird fantasies to a good psychiatrist, but my mind wouldn't form the words. Instead, I just sat there, held in his gaze. He went on.

"The dream is really weird, because I'd still be me, too. She'd be my girl friend, and I would get off by watching the way she treated the other guys. When she really had one going, thinking he was getting somewhere, she'd drop him and humiliate him, then wink at me.

"Because – and this is the weirdest of all – all the time, she'd be my secret sex slave. She'd tease the boys I told her to tease, and give them exactly what I told her to give. And when she did it well, she'd be able to tell I approved, and she'd be so happy to have my approval that she'd cum a little right there in the hallway to celebrate. But just a little, because that's what I'd ordered."

He had my undivided attention. "And then, when we're alone together, we'd laugh for awhile, and maybe do homework, until I – Jamister – decided it was time to fuck. 'Assume the Position,' I'd say, and she'd immediately drop to her knees with her head bowed. 'What is your pleasure, Master Jamister?' she'd say, and I'd reply, 'Suck my cock, bitch, and do it better than last time if you don't want more punishment.'" He quickly added, "I'd never hit her or hurt her. After all, she's me, too! I'd order her to blow some geeky guy, or maybe the old school janitor, and bring me a picture as proof. She'd obey, and it would be easy, and we'd put the picture with our other trophies. I'd have all that power because of my power over her."

He paused again. I was no longer sitting in my own office. I was drawn into his fantasy, 100%. All I could see was his handsome face and shoulders. I still couldn't talk, but I didn't want to. What did I want to do?

Jamister startled me by speaking again. This time, very softly. In real life I would have had to lean forward to hear his whisper, but I could hear him just fine. "Professor, I bet you've figured out why I'm telling you all this. You have the same fantasy, don't you? Don't you want to be that girl? I can tell when you're lecturing. You'll be trying to do some math problem and you'll stop. In your mind, you've become her. You're standing there, but you're really sitting down, enjoying the satin bra you're wearing, giggling to yourself as you feel the boys wonder if you're wearing panties. Watching the professor try to keep his mind on his job, but constantly longing for you. If you were that girl, you'd have all that power. You'd get really good grades! And you wouldn't even have to put out – you'd keep 'em all in heat, just by being who you are! They'd give you an 'A' just because– just because they want to please you.

"And you'd giggle again, and after class you'd tell your boy friend all about it. Me. Because that's my part of the fantasy, not yours. You can be the girl, but you can't be the boy. I forbid it. But you knew that already, didn't you? You knew even before I knocked on your door. You become that girl. You don't take over her body. Her body takes you over. You're her. Then you come to my room after class and we laugh about what a fool the professor made of himself over you – you made a fool out of your own self and can't do anything about it. And when I get tired of laughing, and I'm ready for sex, I say, 'Assume the Position!' and you drop to your knees and bow your head. Of course I don't care if you're ready. Finally I permit you to speak, and you say, 'What is your pleasure, my Master Jamister?' And you humbly do whatever you're told."


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As I sat there, captured by his eyes, I could feel my breasts beginning to grow. I didn't dare look. Slowly, without pause, they got bigger and bigger. They strained against my Oxford shirt, popping a button. Even though my average-sized cock was a bar of steel, as my tits grew I could feel my balls and cock fold up and get sucked into my wet, sopping cunt. The smell, of a woman in heat, rose up from my crotch. My new tits popped another button. They hurt – they were pressing against the edge of my desk, but I still couldn't move. My nipples were so taut that the breeze from a butterfly wing would have sent me into screaming multiple orgasms.

Jamister moved, for the first time. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a lovely satin bra, from Victoria's Secret. "38-C" read the label. "You may move now," said Jamister, "but only to remove your shirt and put on your bra. I'm a good Master – I don't want your boobs to hurt."

I tried to thank him for his kindness, but still could not speak. I did what I was told, but continued to gaze on my Master. I discovered that I was familiar with putting on a bra, although I could not remember ever having put one on before. The pretty new bra was practical, too. My tits stopped hurting. Once the bra was in place, though, I could not move my body. I gazed at my Master, anticipating his next command.

He stood, and placed his hands on his hips. "Assume the Position." I was released from whatever had held me motionless, so I complied immediately, on my knees with my head bowed. Once in the Position, I was again immobile. "Professor, from now on you are my bitch, until I get bored and discard you. In fact, your new name is Dr. Bitch. What is your name?"

"Dr. Bitch."


"Dr. Bitch, Master Jamister."

"That's better. Well, my cute little bitch, you have a chance to earn a great privilege. I will permit you to suck my cock. But only on one condition."

"Yes, Master. I shall do whatever my Master commands."

"Dr. Bitch, when I leave, you must get back to work. You will give me an 'A' on my quiz."

"But of course, Master. You deserve nothing less. You do not need to ask for such an obvious thing."

"Did you say, 'ask,' Dr. Bitch? Surely that was a slip of the tongue. I ask for nothing. Anything I want from you, I demand."

"I am very sorry, Master Jamister. Of course you shall have all you demand. Can I please make amends for my mistake?"

"No. I don't have time. But I will keep my promise. You may blow me. Begin."

"Oh, thank you, Master. And please forgive my inexperience. I have never done this before."

"No talking. Just suck."

Suddenly I could move, and I looked up. Master Jamister had stepped toward me so that the large bulge in his sweat pants was right in front of my face. I'd received plenty of blow jobs, but never given one. I reached up to his waistband and tried to pull it down. But it was tied! By his command, I could not speak to apologize, and for a moment I was afraid he would deny me this privilege. I looked into his face, and saw impatience, and contempt, but not cruelty. He would permit me to continue.

Quickly I untied the drawstring and hooked my fingers into the waistbands of his pants and his underwear. I pulled them down frantically, almost panting in anticipation. His cock leaped out of its confinement, pointing almost straight up. It reached almost to his navel. From my perspective, it looked about a foot long. And it was rock-hard. I almost wept when I realized the compliment. My Master's young cock was huge! And hard! For me! Overcome with gratitude, I reached for his balls and kissed them, then again and again. They could have been golf balls within their sac. All that cum – for me!

Carefully, but quickly, I worked my way up the long shaft, kissing every inch of it along the way. My Master had been circumcised, so the rosy-pink head was proudly exposed, waiting for my unworthy efforts. I hiked myself up straighter and marveled at the head of my Master's hard dick. It was huge. Another golf ball, or bigger. I kissed it lightly here and there, calculating the best way to suck him at that steep angle. I licked the head, then the whole shaft again. When I straightened up, this time, Master Jamister grabbed my hair with one hand and my nose with the other. My feelings were hurt. He didn't have to grab my nose to power me to open my mouth. I wanted to suck, I just had to figure out how.

He must have sensed my unhappiness, because he let go of my nose and changed his grip so his fingers were tightly wound through the hair on both sides of my head. I knew what he intended, and was grateful. I opened my mouth as far as I could, just as he pulled my hair down so that my mouth was impaled by the huge, pink, hot shaft. I felt its head on the roof of my mouth, then the back, then at the top of my throat. My body wanted to gag, but somehow I had the self-control to prevent it. Even with his pride filling every inch of my mouth, my lips were several inches from the base. Just as I reached for that lower portion, to pump it with my hand, my Master pulled my head up until the head almost popped out of my mouth, then slammed it down again. This time I wrapped my lips around the shaft as tightly as I could, so that my lips alone would stroke his dick as he yanked my head up and down.

After a couple of times, though, my teeth grazed the sacred shaft. He stopped immediately and snarled, "Dr. Bitch, you idiot! Wrap your lips around your teeth. Make your mouth as much like your cunt as you can!" I could not speak to apologize, but obeyed instantly. He resumed moving my head up and down on his cock, by yanking my hair. After a while – too few beautiful strokes! – his dick felt hotter and thicker, and his rhythm picked up speed. Then he started bucking his hips, honoring my mouth by fucking it on my very first blow job. The bucking got harder and harder, to where he might have thrown me over on my back if he hadn't been holding my hair.

Suddenly he rewarded me with his cum. It gushed and gushed, with so much pressure that most of it seemed to fly straight down my throat, bypassing my mouth. I was determined to relish the wonderful taste, which, as his member softened from hard as granite to hard as a stick of wood, I was able to do. Gobs and gobs of his cum, swilling around my mouth like egg nog or something else sticky, sweet and unbelievably delicious.

He released my hair, but I didn't quit. As his body relaxed and his cock continued to soften, I sucked and sucked, inhaling every drop I could get.

I wasn't sure what to do when his immense, uncircumcised member became so soft that it popped out of my mouth. He was breathing hard, and seemed unable to give me my next command. So, I did my best to lick up all the cum on his crotch. Then I resumed the "Position," the only one I had yet been taught. I bowed my head and listened to his breaths. I wanted to ask, "Did I do well, Master? Am I worthy?" but I had not been given permission to speak. So I waited.

He didn't speak right away, but twined his fingers in my hair again and pulled my hair back, looking in my eyes. "You have a lot to learn, Dr. Bitch," he intoned. "But you're teachable." He pulled my hair upward. "Stand up."

Naturally, I stood, respectfully looking into his masterful gaze, hoping he would condescend to kiss me. But he did not and I dared not ask him. He let go of my hair and caressed my new boobs. I almost came then and there! But I sensed that I needed his permission to cum, so I fought the feeling.

Master Jamister knew. He smiled, the small, contented smile of a man who knows he owns something of high quality and value.

"You can do better," he said. "If you follow through with my 'A,' you'll have the chance. Buy some K-Y Jelly and keep it here. If you ever get the mouth right, you can beg me to fuck your ass. I might even do it. You will not tell anyone of our new relationship, of course, but also you will not have sex or even masturbate without my express permission. If you want to cum, you'll have to earn it. Don't even bother to say, 'Yes, Master.' I know you'll do exactly as I say, for as long as I put up with you. But right now, take that bra off and give it back to me, put your shirt on, then sit down in your chair." My heart leaped, of course, at these words. Could I really be that lucky? And in exchange for such a simple demand! I removed the bra, and put on the shirt, but my tits still prevented me from buttoning it. I sat, rapt, expectant.

He looked stern, then grinned. As he did, my office was no longer so dim, bathed in the radiance of his smile. He stood by the door. "Thanks, Professor, for listening to my sob story," said Jamister. "I'll just have to hang in there and study harder."

What was he talking about? "There is no need, M–," he cut me off with a frown, "Jamister. I think you'll do very well in this class." Then he was gone.

After a moment I shook off my daze and got practical. How was I going to hide these beautiful tits? What did I know about hygiene for my new pussy? Nobody gets a sex change operation overnight. How would I explain? Could I use the women's bathroom?

Then I noticed. The tits were gone. I could feel my own puny cock, semi-hard. Could it all have been a dream? Hypnosis?

My shirt was missing two buttons, and the smell of cum was in the air. I gave a happy sigh.


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It's been a week and a half since I first met "Jamister's" lovely cock. Even Jamister himself has praised my progress. That was a few minutes ago -- now he was relaxed on my living room sofa, sipping from a bottle of spring water. I was lying on the couch, with the back of my head resting on his muscular thighs, looking up and his firm pectorals and handsome face. His dick, now mostly drained of his sweet cum, flopped against my cheek. There'd been a lot of cum -- he's just nineteen, after all! -- and I'm sorry to say that I'd spilled some of it. He'd had one last spurt just as I pulled back for air. It missed my gaping mouth, and now that fragrant juice was all over my face and hair. I had a big gob in one eye; I'd tried to wipe it out and eat it, but he'd reached down and grabbed my wrist with one hand. His eyes were smiling, but it was obvious I didn't have permission to wipe my eye. "Yes, Master," I thought. Whatever pleased him, made me ecstatic.

While Jamister and I are relaxing, let me fill you in on the past week or so. I suppose you're wondering what happened to all the "Master" Jamister talk. Bear with me.

After young Jamister had left my office on that first day, I naturally spent the rest of the day in a happy daze. I did manage to get my grading done. My Master, of course, got the "A" I'd promised him, but he really had done poorly. It wouldn't do return a paper reding with red ink, with an "A" on top. Some classmate might spot it. In a few moments I figured out a workaround. I made a copy of his quiz, lightly marked the original, and given him the "A". Then I carefully, lovingly, noted his mistakes on the copy, and wrote a long explanation of his mistakes.

How did I dare correct my Master's work? Because he was a finance major, and he'd have to master calculus so he could pass his other courses. I hoped, I mean HOPED, he'd see it for the supportive gesture I'd meant. Before going home, I looked him up on the system. He's nineteen, from a suburb of the only real city in our state, about 100 miles away, and so far has a 3.2 grade average. I felt a jealous pang as I wondered if any other faculty had been privileged to suck his cock and give him good grades.

In class the next morning, I handed back the quizzes, answered some questions, and tried to get down to work. Jamister sat at the end of the row, by the windows. He said nothing to me, and didn't do anything special. It didn't matter to me. It took a lot of will power to pull my adoring gaze from his face, and crotch, and attend my other students. His face was bland, but with a faint smile. Then, just as I turned around to work a problem on the chalkboard, he winked at me. I gasped, but just in time turned the gasp into a cough, as if from chalk dust. I'd get another chance! I was sure of it!

I'd thought ahead, last night, and bought a new jockstrap, to help keep my own insignificant cock from straining through my pants, into the face of the well-endowed cutie in the front row. It worked some, but when he winked, my cock turned into an iron bar. It didn't break through the cloth, but I knew without looking that there was a big tent in my crotch. I turned just in time, I think, and took a long time to work that particular problem on the board.

Somehow I got through the class period. He didn't wink any more, but even so every time I looked his way, which was often, I got a little weaker in the knee. I hoped that the students who noticed would decide I was sick, or else in heat for the girl in the front row. Actually, I didn't much care what they thought. My thoughts were elsewhere.

I dismissed the class about ten minutes early. This would give me a chance to big to help him. "Jamister, can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure, Professor."

When he approached I said, in a normal teacher voice, "Nice work on the quiz, Jamister, but I need to talk to you about the unusual way you solved number 3. Do you have some time now?"

Just about then, the last student had reached the door. As it shut behind her, I started to speak, then collapsed into The Position. "Master Jamister," I stammered. "As your teacher, I must help you learn calculus. Please forgive my presumption." Without raising my eyes, I handed up the copy of his homework, covered with my comments. No Cupid's hearts, though. I still had a little dignity. But I'd thought about it.

I forgot my station and looked up to his eyes, but he was looking at the papers I'd handed him. His crotch was right in front of my face. Without thinking, I kissed his pants, about where his cock should be.

Wham! He didn't even stop reading his quiz, but simply slapped the side of my head with his free hand. I fell over, not because he'd hit me that hard, but because I was both startled and nervously apologetic.

"Please, Master, forgive me. I don't know what I was -- "

"SHUT UP, Doctor Bitch! You insult me on this paper, but you think you deserve to touch my body? What's wrong with you, worm?"

I saw the door handle move and jumped to my feet. Before he could react, I said, "Listen, Jamister. I'm just trying to help you get the math basics down so you do okay in your business and finance classes. I really have your best interests at heart." He looked like he wanted to hit me again, but he'd heard the students enter and just glared. "We can talk about this more, in my office, if you'd like," I said.

"O.K." he said slowly, "Maybe this is a pretty good idea after all."

I was trembling as we walked to my office. Not much small talk. In fact, not much talk at all. I used my key, and we went in together. This time, it was me who relocked the door. Again, as soon as it latched, I fell into The Position.

"Get up, Dr. Bitch. Now!" I rose helped along by his grip on my hair. "You may assume The Position only when I order it. You took too big a chance in the classroom. If you want another taste of my cock, you'd better remember that I'm in charge here."

"Y- Yes, Master." I moaned.

"I thought about our what you said as we walked over here. As Professor ___, you're right. I do need to learn this stuff. Okay, you can tutor me in math. But as Dr. Bitch, you'd better not forget your manners."

"Oh, yes, Master." I cried. Joyous tears flowed from my eyes. So much more time to spend with him! So many more opportunities. . .

"I would have come here after class anyway. I need to get my rocks off," he growled. "Your clumsy blow job'll take too long. I'm gonna jack off, then you're gonna lick up my cum from wherever it lands. Got it?" I nodded. He yanked down his long zipper and pulled his magnificent organ from his boxers. I hadn't gotten a good look at it yesterday. It really was huge! I guessed 8 inches long, two in diameter. I've measured it since then, and wasn't far off. It curved out from his fly, rooted in those wonderful balls I couldn't see except in my memory. Up, up, past his belt. Rigid -- so hard it could have been a brick sculpture of a hard-on. The blue veins formed ridges, defined like a body-builder's muscles. The top, almost brick red itself, was lovely. How I wanted to wrap my lips around that boy's dick and keep them there forever!

But, my Master had said no. He wrapped his handsome fist around the shaft and started to stroke. "Get a good, careful look, Dr. Bitch. Maybe you'll get it right next time." Slow strokes to start, then faster. He looked weak in the knees, so I rushed to place the chair where he could ease into it, still stroking. The violence of his strokes had pulled his beautiful balls out of his pants; they were keeping rhythm by slap, slap, slapping the cloth. I was mesmerized.

Then (because after all, I'd jacked off a few thousand times myself) I knew he was about to explode. I positioned my eager mouth as close to the tip as I dared -- he'd ordered me not to touch him, and anyway if I got too close I'd risk getting hit by that big, heedless fist pumping up and down on his piston.

Pow! I could almost hear the splat! of the first stream of cum hitting the roof of my mouth. After that, though, I didn't get much. He came plenty, but I couldn't catch it. His cock-head was flying around as he stroked, and his cum shot across the room. On my computer, on my books, but I didn't care. I still tried to catch more in my mouth. Actually, it was good that I got only small amounts at a time. I had the chance today, that I hadn't had yesterday, to savor the taste and texture of that lovely nectar. How had I lived so long without tasting this before? I wondered if other men's cum tasted the same -- not as good as my Master, of course, but pretty good anyway. Then I realized that if my dreams came true, I'd never find out. I'd just service my Master on demand. He'd graduate, get a job, have girl friends, eventually get married. . . and I'd find some job in his area, just to be on call for him. Did I dare to dream such a dream?

As ordered, I went around the office, licking up his cum wherever I found it. Some was on his shirt -- he permitted me to lick that up, too. After my tongue got all it could, I used tissues to get a little more, and to wipe my saliva off everything. Of course I ate the used tissues, without being told.

Master Jamister sat and watched me, with a self-satisfied smirk on his lips. Well, he deserved it. I was his professor, I'd been to graduate school and earned a Ph.D., In my time I'd had maybe a dozen women, I'd maned a young (in custody of my ex-wife) and I was supposed to be in charge. He'd changed all that yesterday, in a matter of minutes. He should be self-satisfied.

When I couldn't find any more cum around the office, I turned to him with my head down, bowing. I wanted to assume The Position, but he'd ordered me not to without his express command.

"Today, right now, I want you to go buy some porn DVDs. Get some with lots of cocksucking and buttfucking. Watch them carefully, over and over if you have to, and learn something. Practice on vegetables." That struck him as funny, and he gave a smug laugh. "Yes, Master. I shall do as you order me as soon as you have gone. And --"

"You got something else to say?"

"M- Master, if you please. I see that your magnificent penis is still leaking cum. It's a shame to waste it. May I please --"

He laughed. "Okay, sure. But be quick about it. I have to meet some friends for lunch."

I was quick. I had my lunch, then and there. He didn't offer to kiss me good-bye.

That was Wednesday. I spent most of Thursday watching the porn movies -- I thought of them as instructional demonstrations. I looked forward to seeing Jamister on Friday, but he didn't show up for class. I was disappointed but not surprised. Half the class usually skipped on Friday. But-- After class, he was waiting for me in the reception area by my office. I did a double take, then felt the rush of relief. I had no way to get in touch with him -- I didn't even know if he'd permit it. But not to see him for five days (Wednesday to Monday!)! It would have been too, too long.

In my office, I showed my eagerness to please him, standing with bowed head as I had done before. He let me stand there a couple of minutes, then snickered to himself. "Sit down. In your regular chair," he ordered


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Naturally, I did so. He started to talk -- the first time I'd heard him say more than a few words.

"You know, Dr. Bitch, I didn't have to do even a little magicsis on Wednesday. You just naturally obeyed everything I said. You're just a natural cum slut, aren't you?"

"Yes, Master. Was I magictized? I was not aware. Why did you bother? Of course, serving you is my sole purpose."

"Well, Dr. Bitch, let me tell you. I did magictize you on that first day. I'm good at it. You're a great subject. You almost put yourself under. When I told you that your tits were growing, and reached over to yank a couple of buttons off your shirt, it was all I could do not to laugh. You were preening like Jennifer Aniston or somebody! You thought you were really hot stuff. It was cute. But I gotta tell you. You never grew any tits. The bra was real, though. You sure loved that bra."

I started to speak, but he snapped, "Shut up!."

"You had no idea you were gay, did you?" he resumed. "Well, you are. You'd be gay, now, because that's my command. But you were gay before. You just didn't know it. I had a pretty good guess, but then I've got some experience. Ever since I discovered how easy it is to put some people under my spell.

"And they stay under my spell. You're really mine, Doc. I own you. I suppose you could find some expert to break through my post-magictic suggestions, but it would ******* you to try. You'll never look for 'help' escaping my power. You'll never comprehend that obeying me isn't normal."

He was right. I didn't comprehend. Of course obedience to one's Master is normal!

"I might just decide to release you. Then where the hell will you be? After a couple of years as my slut-slave, you won't have any life to go back to. I don't know what'll happen; in the past, I've never seen a permister after I released them. You'll be automatically released if I die or disappear, you won't walk around like a zombie. You'll be free." He stopped and looked at me for a long moment. "Unless, unless, you're involved in my death. Then you'll live the rest of your life in torment I don't even want to think about."

As he said this, I felt a hint of the torment, just from the thought. My Master? Dead? Disappeared? How could he possibly think I would do such a thing? "Master, Master," I cried, tears on my cheeks. "You'll never leave me! I could never try to harm you! Please say you'll never leave me!"

"Oh, I'll probably leave you some day. I'll trade up for somebody better, or just somebody else. But I won't disappear. I'll still be here with my new slave. And whether I release you from the spell or not, you'll ache, every single day. But every single day, you'll know that dumping you is my right, and that your trivial heartache is totally unimportant."

"In fact," he went on, "you might not survive. Did you know Professor Bridgman, in the English Department?" I shook my head, still confused and getting scared. "He was the original Dr. Bitch here at college. Fall semester. I didn't even dump him. I just went home for Christmas vacation. When I came back, just a couple of weeks ago, I heard he was dead," he paused. "Shot himself. Too bad, he was one great cocksucker. Now I have to train a new one."

If he felt any remorse for Professor Bridgman, it didn't show. If anything, he seemed pleased with himself. But it was okay with me. If Bridgman's death left the vacancy I had won, then, well, too bad for him. Part of me wondered where my morals had gone, part of me knew, most of me didn't care.

As he boasted of his casual, life-or-death power over me and others, my cock became a steel rod once again. I'd been chosen to serve this superman! His cock had grown, too, almost to how it had been yesterday, when he sprayed cum all over my office.

"Well, Dr. Bitch, you're making me horny. Three days in a row! You're a lucky slut, Dr. Bitch. Now assume The Position and get to work. Show me that you've been doing your homework."

I'd learned a lot from the porn movies, except for one thing. Most of the porn actors had big dicks, but they weren't beautiful like my Master's. Of course not, you say. But the odd thing was that when erect, their dicks stuck straight out, horizontal, and not vertical like mine and Jamister's, the only two erections I'd ever seen live and in color.

I suppose that it's an occupational hazard of a porn star -- he starts the day with a normal hard-on, but after all the rehearsals, he's getting tired. That's neither here nor there, except that the lesmisters from the porn flicks didn't show what I needed to know, right now: how to blow a long, thick, vertical erection from the kneeling position. When the porn stars knelt, the stud's pole conveniently stuck right into their mouths. I had to get my head ten or so inches higher, and get the angle right. I'm afraid I was clumsy at first. I could hear my Master's grunts and sighs of impatience. But he did not become angry -- my kind Master!

Finally I found a working position. As he sat in the chair, I supported myself with my hands on the chair's arms, and climbed to a half-kneeling, half-leaning-over position. I kissed the long shaft down one side and up the other, and then again, generous with the saliva. The angle was wrong to service his balls, but mentally I blew them a kiss, too.

When his pole was good and wet, all over, from my tongue, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and plummeted down onto his cockhead, taking as much as I could in one stroke. The best part of his cock, the end with the hole in it, slid so far into my throat it made me gag a little, reminding me that I needed to leave a little working space between cock and tonsils.

That's when I realized that I had no hands -- they were on the chair, holding me up. If this had been an ordinary lover, I could have asked him for help, or at least talked it over a little. But this was my Master! Besides, he wanted to see if I'd learned my lesmisters. I couldn't very well ask him for help in the middle of the quiz!

Thinking fast, I tucked my lips up under my teeth and fastened my mouth around the shaft. I sucked, and sucked. The seal was tight. No air got in. On a lesser man, this would have been impossible, but my Master's huge cock filled most of my mouth anyway. Then, pacing myself, breathing through the nose, I moved my head rhythmically up and down, up and down. I worked my arms a little, too, as if I were doing push-ups. I could only go an inch or so, because his dick head hit my throat, but I did what I could. Some day, I hoped to learn "deep throat" techniques, but that's still in the future.

I pistoned up, and down, up, and down, with the same slow, steady rhythm. I think he wanted to push me away and jack himself off, quick, hard, NOW!, but his will power won out, and he took the pleasure I offered. Either was okay with me, of course. As long as he was happy. I could hear little grunts that sounded like pleasure, but I was a man, too, and knew how it worked. While your cock is being sucked, the little grunts are mostly to encourage the sucker, and to celebrate your luck or charisma or whatever led to this encounter. You enjoy the service for what it is -- service. It's only when you're about to cum that things get really exciting.

His cock told me it was almost time before his breathing and tense body did. I didn't think I really felt the jism rushing up from his balls, through that gorgeous shaft, but I imagined that I had. (Since then I've learned -- it was real.) It felt like it reached a point just short of the head, then stopped. I sucked harder. Jamister moaned, and bucked in his chair. He grabbed my hair, and I expected him to fuck my mouth again, for these last few seconds.

He didn't get the chance, because he was stuck in the chair. All he could do was buck his hips a little, and grab the sides of my head and pull it up, and down, up and down, faster. If that made my Master happy, it was fine with me, but he wasn't really doing anything. I was going up, and down, picking up speed slowly, exactly as he seemed to want.

He gave a strangled groan, and his whole body shuddered. Score one for the slave! I thought. Just then the cum started to flow again. I pulled my mouth back to catch the cum on my tongue, where I could enjoy the taste. He understood, and grabbed his shaft, pumping like mad. One, two, three. . .

With no warning whatsoever, his cum exploded into my eager mouth. No matter how hard he stroked, this time I was going to get every drop. I was sucking for all I was worth, and he was pumping, and what felt like pints of cum were swishing around in my mouth before being swallowed, and we both were groaning, him from the natural pleasure of the sex act and me from my sincere joy at being allowed to perform the service. Not to mention the sweet nectar I was feeding on.
I could hear his heart pound. His free hand suddenly stopped pumping, and I heard a scratching sound as he grabbed at the fabric of the chair. His body shuddered again and again. He twisted and turned, almost as if he wanted me to release his dick, but I knew better (I hoped), and hung on tight. Verrrrryyy careful about the teeth.

After what felt like a long time, his spasms quieted down, the flow of cum dwindled to a trickle, and his cock softened a little, like before, from steel I-beam to, maybe, one of those half-sized bats they give out at the ballpark on Bat Day. Almost that big, too, it seemed to me. His jacking hand slid back to his cock, stroking softly. Then he did something that almost made me cream in my pants for the sheer unexpected joy of it. I was still propped up on my arms, my hands on the arms of the chair. His free hand squeezed my hand, gently, with affection.

I wasn't letting go of that sweet pole until I absolutely had to. Softer and softer, that just made more I could cram in my mouth. There was nothing to suck, but I just liked the idea of taking care of the tired thing until it could be put to bed. Master Jamister just sat, still, I suppose in post-orgasmic bliss. After a while he spoke.

"Assume The Position, " he whispered. I released his soft prick and dropped to my knees, bowing my head. He reached down and cupped my chin in his palm, pulling my face up so I was looking at him. "Dr. Bitch, you learn quick," he said, sounding strangely friendly. "Some day you just might be a good all-around slut. On a ten point scale, I'd give that one a six, maybe six and a half. I don't mean to hurt your feelings. For your second blow job ever, it was a ten, maybe higher. But after some practice, you'll see what I mean."

He hoisted himself out of the chair and rearranged his clothes to proper. His stern voice returned. "Dr. Bitch, stay in The Position until I leave. Then you can get up. If those porn movies don't have anything more to teach you, get some others. I expect you to learn deep throating, but not 'til you have more practice at regular cocksucking. In fact, in a month or so, I expect you to be an expert at deep throating. That Linda whats-her-name will want lesmisters from you." He picked up his backpack and was gone.


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I didn't remember giving Jamister my unlisted home phone number, but on Sunday he called me. He sounded like he'd been takeing. "Dr. Bitch?" he slurred. "Is anyone there? Assume The Position." I fell to my knees, clutching the phone. "Good boy. Now get up, get in your car, drive around until it's warm inside, and then come pick me up at Richie's Tavern. You know it?" "Yes, Master."

"Just come in and sort of run in to me. 'Jamister! What are you doing here?' You know the drill. Then offer me a ride home, because I'm too takes to drive. Understand?" "Yes, Master."

"Then get moving!" he slammed down his receiver.

I was nervous, because this plan contradicted his orders about perfect secrecy. Nevertheless, I did as I had been told, and soon we were driving away from Richie's. He was tipsy, but not takes. Definitely DUI, if he'd driven and been pulled over, but not takes enough for the cop to notice in the first place. Even so, I was immensely pleased to have been summoned. I'd missed him.

"Take me to your place," he commanded. "I need a piece of ass. NOW."

I drove. I was thrilled, and scared, and elated. He planned to favor my ass with his cock? My virgin ass? I was ready with K-Y jelly, as commanded. (I had tried to imagine how it would feel, but concluded I had no way to tell. (Which, I've found out since, was true -- I'd had no idea.) I tried using my own fingers in my ass, as kind of a practice, but that was ridiculous. All ten of my fingers, in a tight bundle, might just barely be as thick as Master Jamister's prick.)

I wanted to stammer out my thanks right then, but stopped. He really hadn't promised. For all I knew, he'd told some girl to meet him at my place. I was sure she was a stunner. D cups, size 4 ass, chestnut hair. She'd know all the secrets of sucking cock, and maybe of taking it up the ass. Maybe she'd have some good advice for me.

I daydreamed about it as I drove -- they'd take my bed, of course, and I'd make do on the couch. I'd be on call in case they wanted anything: more condoms, beer, sex toys. Not that I had any sex toys, but I'd run out and buy some.

Maybe they'd let me watch them fuck. Jamister would taste her tits, then ease that beautiful face between her legs, tongue out, rigid, seeking just the right spot in her cunt, to get it ready for his massive tool. I hoped she wouldn't blow him, though. That was my privilege. No matter how much he fucked her, if he'd let me, I could get him off one more time. After two-and-a-half blow jobs, I sure thought I was some expert.

And all the while, they'd be kissing, and kissing, and kissing. That made me jealous, of a woman who might not even exist! I wanted to kiss Jamister, really necking, tongue wrestling, almost as much as I wanted his cock. I wondered if I could ask him: "Please, Master, may I kiss you?"

OHMYGOD! I'd said it out loud. Jamister gave me a long look, then said, "Pull over." I complied right away, neatly at the curb, shifter in "park," motor running. "Okay, kiss me," he commanded. I leaned toward him, enjoying the superior smirk he was giving me. Head to the left or to the right? Left. Can I use my hands? On his head? Shoulders? Cock? Better not. All I had permission for was the kiss.

I pulled my legs from under the steering wheel, so I could keep my balance. The car was dark. It was January out, but the car was warm, as he'd ordered. There was no traffic. No one walking a dog. In fact, almost no sounds.

Slowly I leaned into his thin smile, giving my lips one last lick, so they were moist enough. I tried not to hope he'd respond, so I wouldn't be disappointed. No luck. I had high hopes as my lips touched the skin of his face. I leaned in a little harder, and planted the kiss.

His response shocked me. He placed his strong right hand on the back of my head, opened his mouth and kissed me with all the warmth and affection I could possibly have hoped for. I did the same. Our teeth opened, and our tongues did their dance. My face was already flushed from the flames of the contact. I could feel the warmth moving down my body, like good Scotch moves down your throat.

His kisses grew hotter, and more urgent. I could taste the beer. I wanted to reach for his cock, but didn't dare without an invitation. Just as I was thinking about this, Jamister, to my absolute shocked delight, shoved his hand inside my belt, inside my pants, and inside my underwear to grasp my puny dick, which was harder and straighter than it had ever been. He didn't stroke it, he just cupped my balls gently, with his thumb and finger loosely around the base.

I almost exploded like a 12-year old. No stroking necessary. But, somewhere deep I remembered that I was not ever, ever to cum without his permission. I wasn't sure if I had permission, so my subconscious turned off the cum. Oh, well. Obeying one's Master has its ups and downs. Does it ever!

Suddenly he disengaged from our kiss to look in my eyes. Mine, I knew, gazed upon my Master, as ever, with total adoration and presentation. His eyes showed the light of affection, tentative, like people kissing on their first or second date. If he had me under his spell, I thought, then I had him at least partially under mine. I'd never felt this way about anyone.

After a long moment he spoke. "Home," he whispered. I turned back around to the driving position, pleased and proud to have his left hand remain on my cock. I took a chance, and after turning the key I dropped my hand to my crotch and squeezed his, gently. To my surprise, he smiled.

"Drive," he said. "To your place. Quick."

I did as I was told.

As I opened my apartment door I automatically started to do the host routine. "Let me take your coat. Coffee? Decaf?" But the look on his face brought me up sharp. "Master," I restarted. "May I hang up your coat? Would you like something to take? I don't have any beer, but there's some single-malt Scotch." As I spoke, Jamister shed his coat, then his shirt, shoes, pants, underwear, socks. He was quick. I was surprised by his urgency; those services were my job. I wished he'd let me do them.

"Neeooo, I would not like you to take my cooooat," he hissed, in a simpering nasal tone, mocking me. "What I want is you, on your knees. Assume The Position." I dropped.

It was sort of a replay of our first time. Not a blow job, really. He fucked my mouth. Hard. Not vulgarly, but totally unconcerned with my comfort. His hips bucked and thrust his prick to the very limit of my mouth, then back, so the cockhead almost reached my lips, then his hips would thrust him in again. On some strokes, but not all (thank you, Master), he'd yank my hair and pull my head toward him as he made another strong, uncaring, abrupt thrust. It hurt like hell. My hair hurt, my jaw hurt, even my nose and lips hurt, banging into his scratchy crotch hair on every stroke.

I was in heaven.

As he fucked me, he was talking, sort of to me, I guess. "See, Dr. Bitch, it's not going to be all lovey-dovey like last time. I'm the Master here. I do what I want. You submit. Period. I bet this hurts. It'll ache tomorrow -- all my sluts have said so. Too fucking bad. You'll take it, and when I'm done, and you've takes down all the cum, your first words will be, 'Thank you, Master. Thank you for using me however you please. Thank you for fucking my mouth.' Like this." He yanked my hair, and my nose hit his crotch so hard I was afraid it might start reding all over those perfect balls and their garden of curly pubic hair.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Dr. Bitch, you bastard, you'd better catch every drop! Swallow it all! Here it comes! You'd better be ready! Aggghhh. . . "

Of course, he didn't need to say all those harsh things. I had no intention of spilling a drop. I wasn't going to swallow right away, though. I'd let it linger on my tongue, as much as I could manage.

The cum gushed and gushed, like it did on the first day. I'd had a little more practice, though, and carefully watched all those movies. I handled it much better this time. I said my lines, with a lot of feeling: "Thank you, Master. Thank you for using me however you please. Thank you for fucking my mouth like this."

He dropped his naked body, spent, on the sofa, flopping one forearm over his eyes. "Get me a beer."

"I'm sorry, Master, I have no beer. Shall I go buy some?"

"No, just come here." Unsure what he meant, I knelt at his feet, leaning on the sofa in a kind of lazy version of The Position. He idly petted my hair, like you'd pet a dog. "What was the idea of asking for a kiss, back there, in the car?"

"Master, I was daydreaming about the days I hope for, when you would let me kiss your lips, caress your lovely hard body, present my ass to you for fucking. Those are my only daydreams, since last week. In my presumptuous lust, I slipped and spoke words I should have kept to myself. I am truly very sorry."

He chuckled a little, but the forearm remained over his eyes. "No, it's okay. When you said it I thought, 'now, here's a slut with some spunk.' My cock approved, I can tell you. Too bad I was wrong. No spunk. Not enough, anyway."

I was crushed.

It must have showed, because I looked up to see him peering out from under the arm across his face. "Oh, what the hell. Come here, my little Dr. Bitch. Let's find out how much you know about kissing." His prick was already stirring, getting ready for another round.

Wow. I meant to catch you up all the way to Friday, as I lay with my head in my dear Master's lap, trying to hide my eagerness as we await his next erection. But it's only Sunday evening, and we're necking on the couch. It's already happened, so I know: Later tonight he'll let me give him a hand job, and then suck down all that teenage cum. Then -- how do I deserve such a Master! -- he permits me to give myself a hand job as well, that is, to masturbate. But he orders me to be tidy, in the bathroom, and to use a warm damp washcloth to catch all the cum. He has no interest in my hand job, but he wants to watch me suck and lick my cum off the cloth.

It was fun. I have the K-Y jelly, but we don't use it tonight. Be patient, like I had to be.


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Let's see. As I tell this story, relaxing with my head in my young Master's lap, kissing his stiffening cock now and then, I'm trying to catch you up to how I got here. Today is Friday, January 27. I believe I left you last time on Sunday night, happily licking and chewing my own cum off of a damp washcloth.

You see, my Master, a college student I call Jamister (of course not his real name), had finally given me permission to jack myself off. This was only after almost a week of servicing his magnificent member, with my hands and mouth. I was about to burst. When Master Jamister granted me this kindness, I almost did burst. I dashed into the bathroom for the washcloth and got right to work. Seven or eight strokes. It was laughable. But I was a fountain of cum, like I hadn't been for years and years. Even though I'm a 40-something man, you could have measured my cum in pints, not teaspoons. I lost two pounds (just kidding). I caught it all, on the cloth, and got busy eating my jizz. Tasty, but not as good as Master's. I offered him some, but he turned it down.

That was late Sunday night. My Master went home, to relax the morning away, like all 19-year olds do after a night of takeing beer, necking and cumming, and I got a few hours of relax before getting up to teach my math classes. I teach at a midwestern
state university
, over a hundred miles from anything you'd call a city. Jamister is in my 10:00 calculus class. That's how I met him, or to be more accurate, how he met me, or to really tell the truth, how he took me over, body and mind, with a little magicsis and a promise that I could suck his cock on a regular basis. I'm his property, period. He says so, and he's always right.

My dullest class, a remedial class of high-school algebra, meets at 9:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Jamister's calculus class follows, then at 1:00 another section of calculus. Of course, my algebra class no longer really "meets" on Monday morning -- they're all home in bed, relaxing off whatever excitement they enjoyed over the weekend. It's hard to blame them. They cut this class in high school, and didn't magically develop an interest in math over the summer. But, about a third of the class showed up on Monday (including, apropos of nothing, a gorgeous, well-endowed girl with a beautiful buttery cafe-au-lait complexion, who could easily be the next Miss November. Oh, for the days before Master Jamister told me I was gay. . . ). I wade through the material, assigning homework problems with regret, because I'll have to grade them. But, as one of the critters on the Flinstones might say, it's a living.

I had my eye on the clock, watching the seconds tick slowly toward 10:00. I hadn't seen my Master since about 1:00 AM and that was 'way too long. At 9:50 I let the algebra class go, erase the chalkboard, put the algebra stuff away and got out the calculus stuff. Calculus-for-dummies isn't exactly fun and games, either, but at least it's a college-level class. Some students wandered in, as I watched for Master Jamister. He's about six feet tall, muscular, and sort of handsome -- better than average, but not the tallest, strongest, or best-looking guy on campus. (I'd bet on him in a cock-size contest. But you have to remember, I'm biased.)

At last, he arrived. My face wanted to light up in greeting, but our affair is strictly secret, so I controlled myself. I can't control my prick, though. Even though I'd totally drained him just a few hours before, he was doing the iron bar routine again. I was wearing an extra restraint – a jock strap – that helped some, but I'm sure that some dirty-minded students noticed. "I've gotta solve this erection problem," I thought.

Jamister didn't even glance at me. He just found a chair in his usual spot next to the window, sat, and got out his notebook. I was doing my best not just to gaze at him, but instead of gazing I was taking little quick, furtive glances in his direction. If any student saw me doing this, I don't know if he or she made the connection, or not. Deep down, I didn't care much.

Then it was 10:00, straight up. About half attendance. "Attention, please, class. It's time to start. Let's review a little from last time, to get a running start. We're working on the composite-function rules of differentiation – the product rule, the quotient rule, and the chain rule. If you remember, I said that the quotient rule is just a special case of the product rule – why?" I saw a couple of grudging hands, and the class was under way. Jamister was paying attention, as usual – I'd of course promised him an "A" but I'd also persuaded him that as a corporate finance major, he'll need this stuff. No secret smile, no sly wink, nothing for me but the business-as-usual mask. He was really good at this secrecy game!

Ms. Decolletage was present, front row center, proudly displaying about 75% of her C- or D-cup tits. (Some professors actually resent sexy girls in sexy outfits in their classes, as if they're permisterally being prick-teased. I have news for them. Sure, they're being prick-teased. But all the boys are being prick-teased, equally. I've always been sure that they keep a count of how many heads (both kinds) turn, and that there's somebody, with an office in some sorority, keeping score. But it's not a problem. It's a perk.) She (Ms. Decolletage) is actually helpful, in my situation, because if anyone notices the bulge in my jeans, they'll assume that she's the cause, and won't think about me and Master Jamister.

So, the math professor (me) droned on, and the 50 minutes dragged by. I hadn't caught Jamister's eye all morning, and dropped my guard. Without warning he looked away from the window and raised his hand. By habit, I pointed to him. Usually I don't say anything. Pointing at the hand-raiser is sufficient. But before I could catch myself, I said, "Yes, Mast---," then, "Yes, Mr. D____?" To make matters worse, I turned beet red. Still worse, I let some of my adoration shines through my eyes. I felt my body language change, in an instant, from competent, in-charge professor to besotten, servile slave.

It didn't take two seconds to catch myself and get back into character, but two seconds is plenty of time for people to notice such things. I never found out if any students actually did notice – how would I? – but Master Jamister did. Or, as I hoped at that moment, my lenient, understanding and forgiving Master Jamister did.

His brow was slightly wrinkled, signaling his displeasure. "Professor, I think I understand the product rule, but did you make a mistake in that last example? Isn't the derivative of the logarithm of x equal to one over x?"

I can't tell you how many different, panicky thoughts raced through my brain in the time it took him to ask that simple question. Did my Master really mean to power me to explain things to him, or, worse, correct him, right in class? I was proud I'd gotten him to accept my private comments on his quizzes. Could I even make the words, "I'm sorry, but you're wrong," come out of my mouth? Then, when I realized that he was correct – the derivative of log-x is 1/ x – I had just as much relief as I'd had panic. He was right! I turned to the board and said, "You're absolutely right. My mistake. Maybe I should slow down and check my work, like I'm always telling students to do."

I gave him the patented sheepish-professor-to-bright-student grin, nothing permisteral about it, as my mind continued to race. How could I have thought he'd be wrong? What kind of treachery was that? My eyes tried to beam, "Imsorry imsorry imsorry imsorry imsorry." I can't decide if what happened later makes me think he got the "I'm sorry" message or not.

"Thank you, Mr. D___." I'd already divulged that I knew his surname, so that was okay. Raising my voice to announcement mode, I said, "Everybody else! Are you following? If you wrote my error into your notes, correct it now. If you do it wrong on the quiz it's your error, not mine. Mine has been fixed."

I got through the rest of the class, but my confidence was shot. It wasn't that Master Jamister, pleased or displeased, made me nervous or afraid. It was that the struggle not to drop to The Position and beg to lunch on his cum took too much of my energy. That was another problem I'd need to solve. I couldn't very well ask him not to come to his own class. In fact, I was his slave. I couldn't ask him anything.

As the class stood up to leave, I saw Jamister tear off a piece of paper he had written on. A note! For me? What would he say? I moved to the classroom door, as I did sometimes, wishing the students a "good one" and other nice things. I did the same for Jamister, and received a many-folded scrap of paper. It almost burned as I continued the airline stewardess routine until the last student had gone.

Trembling, I opened the note. "Your apartment. Tomorrow night, 7:00. Have plenty of Sam Adams ready, cold." At the bottom was an afterthought: "You are in trouble, dr. b. No honey for you today. Think about what you've done and what we should do about it."

I thought about cancelling my 1:00 class and going home, sick, but I struggled through. Then I went home, sick. Really. I was so nervous I puked, just after I got home. Luckily, I'd bought the beer right away. Then I just sat, my mind a blank. It was a long afternoon.

Tuesday snailed by. I spent the morning in my office, pretending to work, but really playing Sudoku on a web site. I suck at Sudoku. Me, a mathematician. I wish I could play Sudoku as well as I can suck cock. That's the kind of profound mathematical thoughts I had all Tuesday. Should I make dinner for him? Should I eat dinner myself? I had no way to tell. I didn't eat. Puking on my Master would not make things better.

Seven o'clock arrived. No Master Jamister. Eight, eight-thirty. I had that part figured out. I was getting these extra minutes to really sit and worry. It worked. I sat and worried.

A little after 8:30 came a double tap on the little door knocker. I took a deep breath, slunk to the door and threw the bolt. Just as I turned the doorknob, the door crashed open, knocking me on my butt and knocking the wind out of me. There stood my Master Jamister. He'd kicked the door open. I took in a lot of details. He had on ordinary clothes, except on his feet. Heavy boots. Their footprint was on the door.

He didn't exactly look angry. He just looked determined. And huge. I flashed on the idea that maybe I was shrinking, or he was growing, or both. But it wasn't supernatural. Somehow his determination and firmness of purpose made him look bigger.

Master slammed the door. "Assume The Position." I struggled up to my knees, gasping for breath. Not fast enough. He put his boot on my forehead and pushed me over, so I tumred half-under the dining table. "I said, 'Assume The Position.'"

"Y- Yes, Master. Y- Y- Yes, Master Jamister." Still gasping, I arranged myself on my knees, rigidly in The Position, without being shoved again, or even slapped. My breathing still wasn't right, but gasping was not part of assuming The Position. I powerd myself to breathe regularly.

"You better have the beer."

"Y- Yes, Master, in th –"

"Did I say talk, Bitch?" He snickered. "From now on you're demoted. You're just 'Bitch,' not 'Doctor Bitch.' Okay, Bitch. Don't speak without permission. Got it?"

I didn't know whether to answer or not. I stayed silent.

He laughed. "Caught in a contradiction, isn't that what you math types say? Listen, worm. If I stop talking after you hear a question mark, answer. Immediately. With respec—no, with worship. And don't do any boneheaded blurting like you did in class yesterday. If you can't talk without disobeying my orders, then don't talk. Even in class. Got it now?"

By now I could breathe a little better. "Yes, Master Jamister." I managed to say it firmly, I hoped worshipfully, without quavering.

But he'd disappeared into the kitchen. I heard the 'snick' of the bottle opener, and he reemerged with the beer.

"Well, Bitch – " he appeared to like to say the word – "Well, Bitch, I've been thinking about this evening for the past day and a half. I bet you have too. Right!?"

"Yes, Master. I have tried to anticip—"

"SHUT UP, BITCH!" he roared. "I want your answer, not your opinion. And I never want to hear your excuse. You're a slave. Slaves have no excuses. They perform, or they are punished. You will be punished. Tonight. Here."

He didn't say anything I didn't know already, but even so, the ferocity in his words was terrifying. What did he have in mind? But I knew, at long last, to keep my mouth shut.

He *******ed his beer and his boots stomped into the kitchen for another. I stayed in The Position. When he returned to the living room carpet I couldn't hear him moving any more, but in a moment he roared again: "Doctor Bitch! On your feet! Stand right there, facing me!"

This time, I moved fast. Master was standing in front of the couch. If he relaxed backward, he'd be sitting very close to its center. He still looked determined, like he had a job to do, but I still didn't detect any genuine anger. Maybe his anger was play-acting. Maybe I was guilty of some wishful thinking. I stood straight up, sort of as soldiers do, standing at attention. I still had no permission to speak.


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"Listen, Bitch. If you want to continue to service my cock, and enjoy my other favors, you have to have some self-discipline. Our arrangements are our secret, and no one else's! Got it?"

"Yes, sir, I mean Master."

"Did you almost blab, 'Master Jamister' to the whole math class yesterday?"

"Yes, Master. I'm really ver—"

"SILENCE!!! You don't catch on very well, do you. Did I ask you if you were 'really' anything?"

"No, Master."

"Better. Now. What can we do to prevent you from blabbing our fun little secret? Cut out your tongue? Nah. Beat you black and blue so you're so traumatized you can't talk at all? Kick you in the guts until your intestines rupture? No. Not even I am powerful enough to *******. Besides, if you're dead, there's no secret to protect. You're the one in trouble, not me."

He began pacing up and down, in front of the couch. "I have it! This is goodbye, Ms. Bitch! You are hereby banished from my presence. You may speak to me in math class, about math, but you are not to venture to offer any permisteral comment, or note, or anything. Anything at all. I may drop by your office some day, to introduce you to my new Dr. Bitch, but you WILL NOT ATTEMPT to contact me in any way. How's that?"

I was still standing, rigid, but tears of fright, of loneliness, of bewilderment rolled down my cheeks as he pronounced sentence. The beatings he'd suggested didn't frighten me. That was only pain. He was banishing me to emptiness, for life. I understood about Professor Bridgman, now. I really hadn't when my Master had casually mentioned that he'd probably been the reamister for a man's suicide. Now I did. And I started, with horror, to realize that he had absolutely no regrets or remorse for his treatment of Professor Bridgman, and probably wouldn't for me.

I would have collapsed, sobbing, in absolute terror, if I dared.

"Master, does your question require an answer?"

He sneered, "Go ahead."

"Master, please, I beg you, do not deprive me of your Presence. The beatings, the other violence you described, they'd be wrist slaps compared to that. I could bear beating, but not banishment!"

My tears were gushing, but I stayed on my feet.

"Wow, you've got it bad, don't you, Bitch?" he snarled. "You'd die, you'd really die, for one more taste of my cock, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Master, but more. I'd die for just one more hour of your time, if afterwards you would be lost to me."

He immediately calmed down. "You mean it. I can see it in your face. You're by far the worst of all my bitches."

"Yes, Master, and proud of it." I was fairly sure by now that he hadn't meant to follow through on his threats, he just wanted to scare me. He succeeded! But I would never, ever, tell him I thought so, without a direct order. I was besotted, not stupid.

"Okay, Bitch, here's your sentence. I won't tell you, I'll show you, phase by phase. Got it?"

"Oh, yes, Master, and thank you, Master, thank you – "

"Shut up." He stood directly in front of me. "Assume The Position." I dropped. "Look at my waist. At my belt. Unbuckle my belt, and remove it." I reached up, but he kicked my hand. "With your mouth."

I complied. It wasn't that hard, really. Lucky for me that my Master was physically fit. If he'd had a beer belly, the task might have been impossible, and then what? It was, of course, fairly obvious where this was heading.

When I had finished, I held the end of the belt in my teeth. "Stand." I did so. "Strip. Absolutely naked." I was sure that the command included permission to move, but I moved as little as possible as I hastened to yank off everything I was wearing. My prick, for once, wasn't excited.

As I stripped, he'd sat down on the couch, crossed his legs, and relaxed, watching. He chuckled at my flaccid dick. "You know what's next, don't you, Bitch?"

"I think so, Master. You want me to lie across your knees, with my ass in position for a whipping."

"Give the man a Ph.D.!" he exclaimed. "One hundred per cent correct. Move." His voice changed for that last word, and hit me like the first lash of the belt. I lay across his knees. I was almost sobbing again, but this time with gratitude. I was not going to lose him. A whipping was trivial by comparimister.

I had no permission to look, but I could feel by the shift in his thighs when his arm went up, and when it came down, whipping with the heavy leather belt. "One!" he said. "I'm not going to tell you how many, Miss Bitch. I'll let you wonder, 'Is this the last one?' each time."

"Oh, and by the way. You do not, you absolutely do not, have my permission to say a word or make a sound."


"Three!" The lashes made my butt cheeks burn like I'd sat on a hot stove. I didn't know if they were reding, but I knew they would be, before the end. I lay as still as possible and resolved to say nothing, to show that I could be a good little bitch.

"Four!" "Five!" "Six!" The hotness of the pain reached a limit, but now the strokes were driving the pain deeper into my muscles, and into my bones. Not just around my butt, either – all over. I was, simply, in agony.

But at right about this time, through the pain, I perceived something through Master Jamister's body language. He was enjoying this. Not as sadism, but as affection. I didn't know why I was so sure, and I didn't understand how such a whipping could be done with love, but I was somehow sure.

And my body communicated this confidence to my Master. With each stroke, my dick grew bigger and harder than it had ever been.

The lashes continued. I won't say how many, but it was more than 10 and less than 100. Each lash caused my pain to grow exponentially (only a math teacher would think of such a thing at a time like that), as did the hardness and thickness of my prick. If Master noticed the latter – and how could he not? – he said nothing about it.

"Okay, Bitch, we're done with Phase One. Get up." I tried, but all my muscles were like jelly. So were my bones. All the firmness in my body was concentrated in one place.

"I said, 'GET UP!'" I was too afraid even to say that I couldn't. "OH, ALL RIGHT!" He wrapped his arms around my chest and thighs and stood up. This was the first time I realized how strong he actually was. Well-built, that was obvious. But this man was strong.

He turned around and lay my body down on the sofa, butt side up, away from the scratchy fabric. "What now?" I wondered, and found out almost immediately.

"Where'd you put that K-Y jelly?"

He was going to fuck my virgin ass, now, as my body oozed like jelly and I was in agony almost everywhere? What kind of man was my Master, anyway?
"In the bathroom, Master Jamister. In the drawer next to the sink." It was all I could do to whisper this information, but he let it go, and left the room.

He was gone for a few minutes. I could raise my head enough to see him return. He had the K-Y jelly, all right, and that was all. He was totally naked, and totally aroused. I guess whipping made him as excited as being whipped made me. I wondered if I'd ever have the temerity to ask him. But there was his member, stretching up to his sternum, thick as a baguette, hard as the granite of the Sierras (I exaggerate). If bricks can catch fire, it was red as a burning brick. A red dark and angry, and red and eager, both at the same time.

My hard-on couldn't possibly get any stiffer, but it didn't get any softer, either. It seemed that my hormones were very, very excited at the prospect of hosting that meaty pole in my intestines.

He squeezed out some K-Y jelly and slapped it all over my red, burning ass. Said nothing. Twice more. It helped a little, but not much. Then he flicked another slug of K-Y right in my ass hole. My ass hole hadn't been whipped, but this was startling, and I twitched.

"That's right, little Bitch," he chortled. "You're about to lose your virginity. Any last words?"

"Thank you, Master," I murmured, as humbly as I could manage. "I am pleased that I still have the privilege of servicing your magnificent cock."

A huge, probing stick invaded my ass. I'd thought I was beyond pain, but I was wrong. I wanted to scream out in redoured agony, but dared not. What was going on? Surely he hadn't just shoved his dick in? He couldn't have. He was in the wrong position. I couldn't see behind me, but I could see that his legs were both on the floor.

It felt as if the probe penetrated clear through to my pubic bone. Straight line, no concessions to the natural bends and twists of the intestinal canals. He pulled the huge thing out, almost all the way, then shoved it in again, and again. "Agggghhhhh!" I screamed, silently.

More cool K-Y jelly on the ass hole, rubbed in, packed in the hole. Then another probe was shoved in, more violently, twice as thick, four times as painful. Then it hit me. That wasn't his huge cock, bigger than a pepperoni. Not even close. It was only his fingers! Two simple, little fingers. I hoped he got a huge string of orgasms, because this evening was costing me plenty. More jelly, three fingers. Now his fingers were functioning not only as a rigid, straight probe, he was using them to explore around my anus. More likely, he knew what my anus would be like. He was stretching me out as much as he could before taking his pleasure with his massive prick.

One leg swung over and landed beside mine, at the V of the back and the seat of the couch. No warning, again. His body lunged forward and his hands caught the arm of the couch. I could feel the head of his cock, sort of ringing the doorbell of my anus.

"Are you ready, Bitch?" he hissed. "Not that I care."

With that, his huge pole, that baseball bat, that cock that was bigger than my forearm, crashed through my last defenses and penetrated all the way to my heart. I can't imagine anything, ever again, hurting so much, and so quickly. Get buttfucked, by a real, well endowed Man, one who knows his business. I recommend it. Then if you're in a car crash, you'll have some perspective for the pain.

He'd found a way to batter and bruise my inner organs as he'd battered and bruised my skin and muscles with his belt. I gritted my teeth and let the tears squirt from my eyes. How could so many people just do this, this anal sex, casually and without a very large cash payment up front? What was I missing?

He took his first stroke. Out almost all the way, then plunging in, as if it were my mouth. More fire, more of that dull ache, like being punched in the solar plexus (maybe that's actually what happened). Again. This time I was ready for him, which helped a little. It only hurt like a misterofabitch. I guess my body was instructing the organs, "Hey, we can't stop this thing, so get out of the way!"

Another stroke. The pain was subsiding, but everything's relative. My inner ass still hurt worse than the skin of the ass cheeks. By now, I'd relaxed as much as possible, because that eased the pain a little. I was just going to grin and bear it. If I could.

The strokes continued, in that strong steady rhythm that my tongue and throat knew so well. But as they did, a miracle occurred. I started to like it! It still hurt, just as much, but I felt as if that beautiful cock was joining my insignificant cock, from the inside. My balls were tingling like a palm sander. I noticed, suddenly, that my cock had never softened. Maybe I should listen to him, a little more.

Without really realizing I was doing it, I began to match his strokes a little. This actually eased the ache in my muscles, from the whipping. Just a little movement of the hips, then a little more,. . . until totally without meaning to, I was stroking as hard as my Master was, pulling and pushing as he pushed and pulled. If I thought about the flesh, it was agony. If I thought about the feeling – the same sort of feeling when you're about to explode with cum – I was in heaven.

What an incredible experience.

Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. I didn't know how to sense when he was ready, but by his breathing, I guessed it would be soon. I guessed wrong. My Master has good breath control. When he starts to breathe hard, and he's fucking, exerting himself, then the short breaths come at the same moment as the first gallon of jism.

The cum gushed, and the canal he'd cut through my muscles and organs got a huge dose of very organic lubricant. That felt nice, just by itself. A few more strokes, the gushes diminished, the cock softened. Master's sweat was dripping all over my back and neck. He flexed his elbows, lowering his torso toward mine, and gently bit my ear.

I wanted to cry for so many reamisters, I couldn't cry at all. I'd just had the most incredibly pleasurable experience of my life, eclipsing the other permisteral bests I'd set over the past week. My ass cheeks screamed in pain from the whipping. All of my inner organs, except my bones and one other, ached or felt afire. My bones weren't damaged, they'd just all turned to rubber.

The organ that didn't hurt was my heart. I'd been magictized, I'd been besotted, but now I was in love. Losing his virginity will do that to a fella.

He pulled his cock out of my asshole. I felt a little 'pop!' as he left. His leg swung back over me, and he knelt so his mouth was close to my ear. "Phase Two." he whispered. "We'll save Phase Three for when it's needed. If you fuck up again, this is what you'll be missing."

Thus ended, for me, Tuesday. I ******, on my own couch. When I awoke, it was about 5:00 AM. I ached the worst aches of my life, all over, inside and out. But, the softest blanket in the house was spread out over me. Master Jamister had left. But I was sure he wasn't gone, if you know what I mean.


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As you may recall, Master Jamister and I spent Wednesday afternoon studying math, then after dinner we cuddled on the couch while he told me the history of his magictic powers. That interlude ended quite abruptly, due to my Master's need (or desire -- they're the same to me) to fuck me, and as my ass is still recovering from yesterday, I had almost a whole second meal consisting entirely of his wonderful cum.

As I was cleaning up I found his note.

"Bitch --

"Meet me Friday at 8 PM at Richie's Tavern. Your name will be Bitz; if anyone asks, it's short for Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a good-looking single divorcee in her mid-30s. I will very displeased if nobody hits on you. Very displeased.

"I won't see you tomorrow. I'll be getting a blow job from somebody competent."

No signature. Bitch, Bitz, Bitch, Bitz. Cute. "Well-hung, dominant, and clever, too!" I thought. "Oops. Careful. As slave, I have no right to judge whether he's clever. I mustn't form opinions about anything he does, except math, where I have his express permission. It's axiomatic. What he does is right, and if there are several right answers then his is the best. If you're going to have a Master, you can't be second-guessing. What if I were to think he'd made a mistake? A conflict between logic and my Master's will, with me as the battlefield. I'd go mad in an endless recursion, like that renegade computer in Star Trek. Worse, I'd blurt it out like I've done, twice, already. I don't want to know, ever, what Phase Three punishment is like. No, I won't presume to understand. Master Jamister is right in all things. Logic's for math only."

How was I going to obey these commands? I knew nothing about dressing in drag. And it can't be silly, like "Some Like It Hot," because I must be convincing to horny, pool-shooting boys. As "Bitz." In less than 48 hours. I sat down to make a list. Dress. I'd need a dress, sort of dressy, but not too much -- Richie's is just a neighborhood tavern, not an upscale wine bar. Bra, with some way to fill it; will B cups be enough? Panty hose, shoes -- some heel, not stiletto. Makeup. Hairstyle. It's probably long enough, but how would a woman do my hair? Nail polish. Purse. Woman's watch.

In despair, I crumred up the list and threw it, somewhere. What in the hell was I thinking? The guys at Richie's aren't blind. Or stupid. I'm 5'10", 165 pounds. And I want to trick them into hitting on me? What am I going to do? More accurately, what's going to happen to me when I fail Friday night? Maybe he wants to dump me for Mr. or Ms. Thursday Night, and giving me an impossible task will be his excuse. No, he doesn't care about excuses. If he dumps me, he'll just stop showing up. If I shoot myself, he'll mention it casually to Mr. Thursday, but that's all. He's all about power, not remorse.

That was a dazzling, if irrelevant, insight. My Master is totally, totally self-absorbed with the idea of increasing his power! Maybe. If a worm such as myself can comprehend his thinking. I can't even comprehend my own thinking. How did I get so obsessed with a 19-year old boy's cock?

A searing pain shot through my head. It darted all over my brain, here, there, everywhere, until its charge wore down. Then it exited, through my eyes. On a scale of 1 to 10, where the pain of having your virgin ass buggered by three or four pounds of rigid, engorged cock is a 9 (I left 10 for later -- no telling what Master Jamister had planned for some future session), this lightning bolt in my brain was at least a 7. The generalized ache in my whole body was about a 4. Funny thing. Two weeks ago, I'd have given my body pains an 8 or 9. I wondered if the lightning bolt was a warning -- "Warning! You're about to cross the line into blasphemy and disloyalty. Warning!"

If the pain inflicted by my Master was excruciating, so was the pleasure. That is, whatever word is the pleasure equivalent of "excruciating." Being fucked in my virgin ass hurt, hurt like hell, but that explosion of sheer sexual bliss, maybe a half-pound of endorphins, offset the pain and then some. He was going to do it again, soon. He'd said every two or three days. The skin around my ass hole flinched, just at the thought. Even so, all things considered, I couldn't wait.

Treamister, heresy, disloyalty. I must get control of myself! I have no right to an opinion about anything my Master does. My purpose is to cater to his pleasure, as he commands, and to hope for crumbs in return. Drops, not crumbs. Drops of his delicious, life-enhancing cum.

I knew what I had to do. Wearily I got in the shower, and got dressed to go out. I was out of Advil, for one thing. More important, I had to go to my office, to do some intensive Web searching. (I have really fast Internet access at work, so I never saw the point in paying for service at home.) It was kind of obvious, once I cleared my mind of all those impious doubts about my Master. Lots of men dress as women. Many are convincing. Commerce will find a way to help, in exchange for cash -- it always does. Probably serious cash. So, I had a sort of a plan. Google -- what? -- maybe transvestite + accessories, see what turns up. Most important, find a store where I could buy what I need, tomorrow. That meant a four-hour drive to Metropolis, my impromptu pseudonym for our nearest big city. (Chicago? Minneapolis? My lips are sealed, except to admit portions of my Master.)

I sat at the computer, waiting for the long, tedious start-up routine, complete with every anti-virus program since Pasteur. As I sat, I thought of my need for a bit of good luck, which, now that I was thinking straight, was the only kind of luck I'd had for over a week, since Master Jamister first came to me with that silly story of his dream. His dream of becoming a woman! Of course! He wants me to become the woman in his dream, even if the whole thing was fiction! I closed my eyes, trying to recall her description. He said she looked at lot like Ms. Decolletage, from the front row of our calculus class. Ms. Decolletage has big tits -- C cups, for sure -- and a very big frame, for a woman. Of the few times I'd talked to her at all, she was standing only once -- she was about my height! Was she wearing heels at the time? I couldn't remember, but I thought not. And not thin, either. Not fat. Her curves curved in all the right directions. Just big. In fact, she was really sexy. She filled a plaid flannel shirt like nobody's business. At least, I'd thought so until just the other day. As I thought, I realized I'd seen routine paperwork about her -- the athletic department checking up on its team members. What team, though? I couldn't remember. Anyway, Dr. Bitch was probably broader and heavier than Ms. Decolletage, but with luck Ms. Bitz would be just her size. Maybe I could borrow some clothes.

My luck held, as it had held for over a week. Yes, there's a whole lot of stuff you can buy and put on, or stick on, to help yourself become a convincing transvestite. Spendy, but that was no surprise. Stick on boobs, pads for the hips, . . . not to mention the actual garments. I found the web site of a store in our Metropolis. It was 8:45 PM.

I called the number, and they were still open. Getting ready to close. Hours tomorrow 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. I really, really needed their help, so I just told them the truth. Most of the truth.

"Listen, I'm really in a bind. I need your help. I've agreed to meet a my beau in a bar Friday night, and I have to be totally female. He wants straight, pool-playing guys to hit on me."

The clerk sighed. "I'm afraid, sir, that it's almost impossible. The clothes are no problem, it's the mannerisms. You have no idea how much differently women move and act than men."

"But it's imperative that I try. Can you help me?"

Another sigh. "All right, but you'll have to come to the shop."

"I'll be there, 11:00 sharp. You know, I've never met a man who's so demanding and, and. . . virile! I'll do just about anything to please him. You have to help me, you have to. This man makes me feel like I've never felt before. I don't want to make this all about money, but I'll certainly pay for your time, and everything else." I paused. "You have to help me, coach me into acting feminine. This could be true love."

Reading the words in black-and-white, you might think I was mincing like some bad imitation of what we used to call a queer, or fairy. Not so. I was pouring out my heart. I sounded desperate, because I felt desperate. Everything I said was true, except where I said I'd do "just about" anything to please my Master. Strike the "just about."

He unbent a little. "Sir, we work with two or three women who are experts in such coaching. I can arrange for one of them to be here tomorrow afternoon, but I'll have to guarantee payment. It won't be cheap. And that's just for her. On top of that, to really pull it off you'll have to have quite a lot of accessories and even equipment you've never heard of. Stuff you wouldn't need, if you had a woman's body." He gave a ballpark estimate of the total.

I almost gasped, but I'd had lots of practice recently in keeping such reactions silent. It was obvious he was padding the price to get a big gratuity for himself, but there was nothing I could do about it. It was pay, or fail, and I couldn't bear to think about the consequences of failing. Besides, the value of his services would be immense. So, what the hell, I figured. What's the use of a high credit limit if you never splurge?

He was still speaking. "You'll have to guarantee Mme Coach's fee, tonight, by credit card. Would you like to continue?"

I recovered. "Yes, very much." I told him my credit card information. "Also, I hate to impose, but I must get up early and drive from College Town tomorrow morning, and back here tomorrow night. If I tell you my basic measurements and certain requirements, will you have things ready when I arrive? In fact, can you open the store early for me? I'll meet you as early as you think necessary."

In an old Warner Brothers cartoon, you'd hear a 'ca-ching!' and his eyes would light up with dollar signs. I didn't hear the 'ca-ching!,' but his eyes might have done just that -- I couldn't see him. His answer was immediate.

"Yes, sir. Actually, yes ma'am. I can meet you here at 9:00, and have things laid out for you to try. Of course, I'll need your word that you'll buy what you need from us -- really, from me. I work on commission, you know."

"Yes, yes, I promise. I already promised you an extra fee for your time. If you'd rather fold it into your commission, that's your business."

"Very well, ma'am. I shall expect you at 9:00 AM tomorrow. Now, about your requirements?" I gave him my measurements, and described Ms. Decolletage, explaining that I was sure she was the model my beau wanted me to look like. He asked a lot of questions about minute measurements that I'd never thought of, ever, but apparently were important for properly fitting the transvestite appliances. After about 45 minutes total, we were about done.

"One more thing, ma'am. Shall we schedule you for a makeover -- you know, manicure, hairstyling, and such? As you can imagine, we know some very good artists in that line."

"Yes, yes, of course. But remember, I want to keep it simple. This is College Town, not Park Avenue. Please choose the stylist accordingly. Someone who can also explain to me how to do it myself Friday evening."

"My dear madame, I very much hope for your sake that you will be putting on your makeup more than just the once on Friday evening. No more questions? Then, good night, ma'am. Go to bed. You'll be very busy tomorrow. If you can fly, or persuade someone to drive you here and back, it would be wise."

"Thank you very much. I can't tell you how much. And thanks for your advice. Good night."

At nine, sharp, the next morning, I pulled up to a small boutique in a crummy strip mall. There was nothing sexy about it. In fact, they overdid the discreet bit -- a woman's boutique would have had much better windows. Anyway, I didn't need to knock. The clerk swung the door open. He looked nothing like what you're picturing. He looked like an insurance salesman, but in a high-quality, well-fitted suit, if you can imagine such a thing. As we shook hands, he told me his name. "Call me Bitz," I replied.

His eyebrows rose. "Excuse me?"

(Sigh. He'd probably heard, "Call me bitch.") "Bitz. B-I-T-Z. Short for 'Elizabeth.' 'Bitzi' is okay too, if you'd prefer."

"No, here we always call a customer what he wants to be called. Many men, like possibly yourself, need to practice their name, and get used to responding. Well, please come right this way, Ms. Bitz."



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Even in the dim bar, I could see him blush, deep red. "Well --, well--, It's a d-- date," he stammered. He wasn't good-looking, but he was one cute kid. A little like Archie, of Archie Comics, but not a carrot-top. Dark hair, maybe even Mediterranean. Maybe I should rethink this Master/slave routine. Aggghh! The pain, the magic migraine, hit me again. Post-magictic suggestion?

He did the concerned-stranger act. That's not fair. He was concerned. He might really be the Eagle Scout he seemed. "Are you okay? Can I get you something?"

"Thanks, but no. Nothing helps. It goes away after a couple of seconds." Yeah, and as soon as I clear away those blasphemous thoughts. How was I supposed to flirt and be seductive if I got these zaps to the head every time?

"Well, okay, but if you need anything, I'm in the pool room."

"Thanks. What's your name?"

"Phil. Yours?"

"Bi-- Elizabeth. You can call me Betsy." What was getting into me? Half a glass of Chardonnay?

I didn't see Phil, or Master Jamister, for the next half-hour, but I did collect my quota of hit-ons, and then some. I got six, all told, including the ex-jock who blocked me off from the room, like a trap; the pair who were quite the comedy team, but neither one quite tried to close the sale; the pure takes who wanted me to promise him a dance "once the band got hot." I collected proof for Master; telephone numbers. No more head zaps, though. Nobody tempted me even a little. I did develop a little empathy for field anthropologists.

Wouldn't you know, at nine o'clock sharp, real time, not bar time, Master Jamister came in the door, and Phil came in from the pool room. How sweet! Phil had been watching the clock. He reached me a step ahead of Master. "Phil! Oh, what bad luck! My date just walked in the door -- an hour late." I tried, but couldn't voice the annoyance I felt. "Phil, Jamister, Jamister, Phil. I hope you weren't waiting for an old woman like me. You poor baby! Give me your phone number. Next time I'll give him only twenty minutes."

Phil looked at Jamister, as if wanting his permission, then pulled himself up straight and handed me a business card. "I know that's kind of pompous, but I don't have a pen," he said. "I'm usually there during business hours." I got only a hasty glance, and shoved into my purse. He was some kind of technician at one of the ag-chemical labs around town. There were several. Really I was memorizing his number. My luck was in, big time. Everybody in town has the same first two digits. His last five were 2-4816. Two, two squared, two cubed, two-fourth. Hey, I'm a mathematician, remember?

I memorized the number, of course, because I knew Jamister -- excuse me, Master Jamister -- would confibrowniee all my phone numbers. That was okay with me. I'd just wanted the proof that I had the right stuff for a good pick-up.

Phil smiled, said good night, turned away. He did not slink or slump. He'd had bad luck, or so he thought, but wasn't discouraged. Some girl ought to get hold of that boy and hang on.

"Hiya, Bitz, sorry I'm late." He didn't look sorry. He looked stoned.

I leaned to his ear. "Of course it's perfectly okay, Master. You always arrive at the best time, which is the time you arrive. Besides, do you have any more of that smoke?"

"What if I do? I wouldn't waste it on a cunt like you."

Wham! No longer the self-assured barroom flirt, back to the abject slave of this erratic Master. "Yes, Master," I whispered. "I am very sorry. It's just that I've been flirting with all these boys for over an hour, and forgot how to talk to a real Man."

"Flirting? What do you mean?"

"Your command, in your note, was to be flirtatious." I fished it out of my purse. "'I will very displeased if nobody hits on you. Very displeased.' At least six -- males -- hit on me. I have their phone numbers to prove it. By the way, did you have a nice blow job yesterday?"

"Shut up, Bitch." Not 'Bitz.' He pulled the stack of phone numbers from my manicured fingers.

I straightened up to conversing distance. "How do you like my makeover, Jamister?" I shouted over the band, tuning up. "I spent the whole day yesterday getting a primo job done, just for you."

"You look okay. Almost attractive. C'mon, let's get out of here. It's too loud."

"Yes, Master. But I don't have a coat. Is your car warm?"

He leaned to my ear and hissed. "Why in fuck's name should I care if you're cold? You have a job to do, Bitch, and if you don't want to do it in your car, you can do it right here."

"Whatever you desire, Master," I murmured, tears welling up. "My car is right outside."

As we left, some guys were coming in. Apparently a couple of them knew Jamister. "Nice," I heard one say. "Way to go Jase!" Was I in some old Bill Murray movie?

Once we got into the car, Jamister realized that he didn't want to be waving his member around in the cold, even if it was a warm night for January. "My place, then?" I smiled.

"Where else, you stupid cunt?"

This was getting old. And thinking that it was getting old was brand new. Something had happened, yesterday or today, to loosen Master Jamister's post-magictic hold. The hectic fun I'd had yesterday, with my one-day crash sex change; teaching this morning (Jamister cut class), feeling so sisterly toward Ms. Decolletage? Phil? Those other bozos?

I almost had to pinch my leg to remind myself -- I've never understood any of the magicsis, post-magicsis, deep-magicsis, quasi-magicsis, any of it. So how could I possibly understand the anti-magicsis? The important thing was to decide what to do.

For the next hour or so, that was easy. Hypnotized or not, I was crazy for that boy's cum. I'd take it on whatever terms it was offered, unless his Phase Three was absolutely unbearable. If I had a gun I'd **** him for it. The image was funny. "Let me suck your dick or I'll shoot you." Should I do it as Betsy, or my alter ego, the math

Betsy. I could get used to that. Sweet, wholesome, just the thing for a 42 year-old cross-dresser having a very unethical affair with a student.

As usual, Jamister -- the word 'Master' was fading away -- sat still and said nothing. I didn't ask, I just reached over and squeezed his thigh. He grabbed my wrist, then looked at me and slowly let go. "You're coming out of it, aren't you?" he asked.

Deep breath. "Damn straight, Junior. No more of this degradation, no more threats, no more boasting about driving that poor man to suicide, if it's even true. You'll get an "A" in my class, but you'll have to earn it like the other kids. But let's keep everything else. The blow jobs, pulling my hair, jacking off all over my face, I love it! And I'm totally spoiled, now. Where am I going to find another cock just the right size for the tunnel you drilled through my ass? You don't have to be the comic-book dominator. Just be the man. Just be My Man. Not my Master. My Man."

We were just reaching the block where I'd kissed him for the first time Sunday night, after picking him up from Richie's. I pulled over in the same spot, swung my left leg over him so I straddled his beautiful body, took his face in my hands and kissed him, deeply. He resisted, then decided to go with the flow.

I'd had fucks, back in my womanizing days, that weren't as satisfying as that kiss. Never again.

So, dear reader, you can figure out the rest for yourself. I sucked his cock nearly off, and almost drowned in the fountain of cum, and he didn't say anything mean. He said stuff like, "you're fabulous," and "Yeah! Yeah! Right there!," you know -- traditional blow job stuff. He didn't even pull my hair, which I kinda missed, but I do have that new 'do.

And now, we're just waiting for that 19-year old cock to recover its full powers. I kiss it now and then to help it along. It won't be long (actually, it will be long -- eight inches).

I'll call Phil sometime, buy him lunch, level with him about Betsy and the math professor. Betsy's sticking with her man, but Betsy and the professor would both like to be his friend.

Gotta go, and see a Man about a drill.


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The men did as they were told and tied her face down to the low coffee table.
She had no will left in her to try to fight them. Once tied, her tits were smashed into the table and her big butt stuck
up in the air. An old guy with a beard came out of the kitchen with some vegetable oil and squirted it on her ass.
They all watched as it ran down her ass crack and dripped on the carpet. The guy with the video camera set up his
position on a tripod about a foot from her face and gave Aron a thumbs up sign. One of the young guys must of won the draw, because he knelt behind her, grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head back and tried to kiss her while he tried to line his cock up with her tight hole. Once he got the head of his cock in her rectum, he rammed her ass with
a single vulgar thrust! The video became a split screen. One side had a close up of her face as she grimaced in pain,
and the other showed a close up of her virgin asshole being reamed from behind, with a dark hard cock sliding in and out of it. Aron announced that everyone who was present would have the pleasure of fucking the married cow whore
in her big fat virgin ass. The men cheered at his remark. He then told the horny crowd, “You guys have the option of shooting your sperm in the married whores ass, or she may have the privilege of takeing your sperm directly from your cock, just shove it in the whores mouth, and she will gladly swallow your sperm”.
“And to make sure nobody has to go home with their cock smelling like the married whores ass, she will gladly offer clean up service with her slutty mouth and tongue”! They all laughed and high fived each other after his comment.
It only took the young guy who was buried in her ass about five minutes to cum. He pulled out and went around to her face, and again grabbed her hair by the ponytail and pushed his cock which was coated with her ass into her mouth. She opened wide as he shoved half his cock down her throat. He asked her how she liked the taste of her ass, Andie could only groan. As he was doing this another older guy, who was grossly fat and had a short fat cock to match, was attempting to get his cock into her ass. His cock was almost the thickness of a beer can, and he pulled her asscheek apart as wide as he could. One of the guys shot some oil on her ass and he pushed forward. Andie cried and screamed as his thick cock pushed through her tight anal ring. Once he had the head in her kept pushing until he was buried to the balls. He then proceeded to fuck her ass hard for about ten minutes, sweating like a pig the whole time. When he pulled out, he quickly went around to her face and started jerking his cock until it spewed cum on her face.
Several shots hit her in the eyes and forehead, it then dribred down her face. He pushed his fat dark cock between
her lips for clean up, and the camera showed how her mouth was stretched obscenely wide to accommodate his fat log! Anew guy had already started fucking her ass again, and it went on and on for another hour or so. By the time the last guy shot a load up her ass, her asshole was gaping open. Aron stuck his hard cock in Andies face and made her blow him for a good ten minutes until he was ready to cum, he then jerked his cock off in her face, spewing his load on her eyes and forehead. Just as he dribred the last drop of cum off his cock the doorbell rang, and a tall thin older man came in dressed in a dark suit with a large tan colored dog on a leash. It looked like a Great Dane, but I’m not a dog expert. The dog was one of the biggest dogs I’ve ever seen! The man immediately led him over to Andie, still tied down
to the table, and the dog started sniffing her ass. Andie started to scream, but an old guy with a turban stuffed a rag
in her mouth and put duct tape over it. The men all sat down around the room, knowing this would be the show of
all shows. Another man brought out a large full length mirror and placed it a couple of feet in front of Andies face
so she could see the dog behind her that was going to be fucking her. The look of panic on her face was extreme.
The dogs cock started hanging down, and it was long and red and wet looking! The suited man knelt down
and he pulled out a can of some cream and smeared it up and down her asscrack.
Then he grabbed the dogs cock and lined it up with Andies battered asshole. The dog was excited and panting as he pushed the tip of his red cock into my wife's ass! Aron stated that, “She will now be our willing slave for anything and
everything we ever want to do to her, or else her friends and family would be sent a clip of her new movie, fucking a dog”. Andie cried and screamed through the gag as the dog continued to push his massive cock into her reamed out ass.
The men were all laughing and commenting, in their native language. I could only imagine what they were saying.
I didn't have to wait long, as several of them started making comments in English, probably for the benefit of the video. They called her a worthless white whore who came hard when she was fucked by dog cock. A married cum slut that needed a big red dog cock to satisfy her. A stupid American whore who was not worthy of any Sri Lanka man.
The dog pounded her ass for a good ten minutes. Then they decided that the dog should cum in her mouth!
Aron stated that even though she probably gave great blowjobs, she was not worthy enough to suck their Sri Lanka cocks, but they would allow the American her to suck the dogs cock! Her mouth would be the best place to deposit the dogs cum! The suited man reached down and pulled the dog off her enough for it’s cock to plop out of her ass. He then brought the dog around and lined the dogs cock up with her mouth. He grabbed her hair twisted her face up and told her to wrap her lips around the dogs cock and make him cum in her whore mouth.

The dog stood completely still as she reluctantly opened her mouth and the dogs red cock started to disappeared into her mouth! The camera had an extreme close up of her face as the dogs cock was buried half way down her throat.
She sucked on the dogs cock for several minutes before the doggy cum started pouring out of the sides of her mouth! The dog handler slapped her ass hard and demanded she swallow his cum! I watched as she gulped mouthful after mouthful of dog cum! I realized my wife was now the lowest slut on the planet as she swallowed what must have been a pint of dog cum!

Aron asked her how she liked takeing doggy cum, and if she would be the main entertainment at the next party?
She could only moan in despair as Aron laughed and assured her, she would be at the next party, or else.
I would have to wait to see the next tape...


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My wife, now his whore

I’ve been happily married for nine years to a voluptuous 32 year old Italian girl. We have two small youngren.

Amanda has incredibly smooth olive skin and big soft tits that are fairly firm for their size. She also has a full round butt! Her lips are soft and full, and her brown bedroom eyes will give anyone a instant hard on!

I was surfing the web one day when I came across a surveillance camera built into a teddy bear. I had no reamister to suspect anything, but I thought it would be great to see what happens in the house during the day while I’m at work. I put the teddy bear up on a bookshelf that overlooked the family room.

After a few weeks of watching the kids run around, I noticed something interesting when the lawn mower guys showed up in the morning. She took three cans of Pepsi out to the guys. There was one tall black guy and two Mexicans. After they mowed, the tall black guy came in the house. I could hear him telling her that she had a sprinkler that was cracked and should be repaired. She asked how much, and he said it would be less than $75.00 including parts. He told her he would have to come back later that day after they finished their rounds, to fix it.

I remember her calling me and telling me the quote. I said having anything fixed for under a hundred is a deal, and to go ahead and get it done.

Watching the video, I noticed that our kids were gone, they were at grandmas that day until dinner.

A few minutes later the black guy came into the house with no shirt on and dripping sweat. He told Amanda that the sprinkler was fixed, and asked for a take. I saw that Amanda now had make up on, had her hair in a ponytail and was wearing a low cut white sundress that showed her tan and her cleavage. I started to worry.

The black guy, who I later discovered was named Tyler, but was nicknamed Holmes by the Mexicans.

Tyler asked if she had any beer, and she gave him one of mine! He told her she should have one as well, and my wife who never takes beer agreed! After three more beers my wife and him were getting along way too well.

My wife said that she would go get the checkbook and left the room for a few moments. When she came back in, Tyler walked over to her and kissed her on the lips! I could see the look of shock on her face and he quickly took her hand and placed it on his bulging shorts. Tyler suggested they could do a trade out instead!

My wife had a look of lust on her face I’ll never forget, she stammered that her husband would not approve,

(really, no kidding), but she continued to stroke the front of his shorts as she voiced her objections.

Tyler kissed her again and then pulled his shorts down. His cock was hanging down like a long black snake.

He was now completely nude except for his shoes. My proper wife of nine years was stoking his now exposed cock like it was her favorite toy. Tyler pulled her dress up over her head and her big tits were now exposed to his view. She was essentially naked, except for her thong. He pinched her nipples and mauled her big tits while telling her she was going to be his new sex toy. Amanda was moaning like I’ve never heard before. She reached down with her other hand and cupped his balls as she slowly sank to her knees. She wrapped her lips around his swollen purple cockhead and Tyler told her a good girl should worship his cock and take his cum. He asked if she wanted to experience his magic pole in her pussy. I could see Amanda's thong was soaking wet.

His cock was long and thick and hard as granite, his cock was as big as anything I’ve seen in a porno.

Amanda licked up and down his shaft like a woman possessed. Amanda ran her tongue over his massive mushroom cockhead while she massaged his heavy balls with her free hand.

He started telling her how she would worship his cock from now on, and she would do whatever he wanted, once he fucked her with it. Amanda moaned and told him she wanted him to fuck her now, because her pussy was on fire! Tyler told her lay down on the couch and he would make her his permisteral whore. Amanda laid down and spread her legs for him and rubbed her clit as she begged him to put it in her! “You know you still have to take my cum like a good slave” “I’ll do whatever you want if you’ll just fuck me please” Tyler got on top of her and started to inch his massive black rod into her wet hole. Amanda leaned up and licked the sweat off his chest as he pushed his pole further in. “Oh God!, I love your cock” Amanda was already responding like a whore in heat! Tyler pushed his cock all the way in and Amanda let out a scream, a scream of pleasure I’ve never heard. As he pulled it out she started telling him how he could fuck her anytime he wanted. He told her that depended on how well she followed his orders. As he pounded her pussy harder, she promised she would do anything he wanted. “Anything? he asked” “I’ll do anything, just please keep your cock in me” Tyler laughed. “I’m going to hold you to that baby” Tyler fucked her for about 20 minutes and then pulled his cock out and straddled her chest as he put the head of his cock up against her lips. “Open up and take my cum like a good whore baby” Amanda obediently opened her mouth and he pushed the fat mushroom head in as he started to cum in my wife's mouth. “That’s it, swallow my seed” I could see she was willingly swallowing his load. He then made her lick and suck his cock clean. Hell, she won’t even take my cum when I get my semi annual blowjob! There was little doubt that my wife was now his new sex toy. I could only watch in awe and disbelief.

He told her he had to go back to work but would come by again next Thursday. She begged for him to come back sooner. He told her he would make her wait worth wild.

The next few weeks were basically a repeat of the first day. I also decided to add two better cameras.

On the about the fifth week, Tyler showed up at the same time, but this time he had a friend with him.

He also had a brown bag with him. The new guy was a late 40’s something black guy, he was mostly bald and had a giant gut. I would say he was not an attractive man by anyone's standard. He was in fact, fairly ugly.

Amanda looked perplexed as Tyler introduced his friend as his uncle Frank.

Tyler told Amanda that he brought uncle Frank to show him his beautiful married white sex slave. He took his

uncle over to a picture of my wife and I and our two kids and told his uncle, “This is the my sex slaves family” “Her hubby doesn’t know she has a thing for big black cocks” His uncle laughed and they both went and sat on

the couch. I could see Amanda was nervous about his uncle being there. Tyler suggested they have a take and went into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of green cuckold water and some OJ out of his brown bag. He mixed some takes and they all sat awkwardly looking at each other for several minutes. Finally Tyler told Amanda to model her black bustier for uncle Frank. Amanda said she would only wear that in front of him, and that her husband had not even seen it. Tyler said that she should do what he told her or he would leave and not come back. Amanda looked at him with pleading in her eyes, but Tyler gave her a do it or else look. Uncle Frank had a smirk on his face as Amanda stood up and left the room. A couple of minutes later, Amanda walked back in the family room in black garters and heels, a tiny thong panty and the little black bustier. Her tits were pushed up and almost falling out of the top. Frank let out a low whistle as Tyler told her to do a little dance for them. Amanda hesitated for a minute, and then quickly downed her take and started to dance slowly and seductively in front of the two leering men.

Tyler suggested that Amanda lose the bustier, so uncle Frank could see her magnificent tits.

After she removed the bustier, her big white tits were on full display for the two drooling men.

I could see Amanda’s reluctance as Tyler told her to stick her hand in her thong and finger herself.

After a few minutes of rubbing her own pussy, “Oh, yeah, those are some nice titties man”

Uncle Frank seemed pleased that his nephew was sharing my wife with him. Uncle Frank grabbed my wife and pulled her down onto his lap and started to maul her tits. Amanda protested, but to no avail. Then Frank started fingering my wife with one hand and was pinching her nipple with his other hand. Tyler told Frank that he should go ahead and make her happy! Amanda began to moan and whimper as Frank continued to finger her. Frank stood up and took off his shirt and then dropped his pants. He was even more obese naked. He started stroking his cock and I could see that it was not quite as long as Tyler's, but it was very black and very thick. It reminded me of those Hickory Farms sausage sticks everyone buys during the holidays. He told Amanda to lay down on the couch and spread her lips for him. Amanda looked at Tyler who just nodded at her. Amanda laid down and pulled her cunt lips open as Frank knelt down above her and lined up his thick pole with my wife's dripping pussy,

I could see Tyler give uncle frank a thumbs up sign. They had planned this well. Uncle Frank pushed his pole in with one quick thrust, and Amanda grunted like she did when she was giving birth. Frank vulgarly fucked his stiff rod in and out of my wife's wet hole. He pushed her legs up above her head as his fat gut slapped her legs.

Frank started talking to Tyler while he was abusing my wife. “Oh man, this is one sweet ass whore you have here my boy” “ I want to shoot my cum down her cock loving throat” “I think we should invite Ted over for some of this” The remarks continued as he fucked her senseless. My wife started behaving like a whore in heat, telling Frank how much she loved his thick black cock. Frank said that he was going to cum, and Amanda needed to take his cum! He pulled his cock out of her wet hole and told her to open up and suck the juice out of his cock. Amanda

wrapped her lips around his slime coated cock and Frank took her right hand and put it on his cock and made her start stroking his cock while he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock deeper down her throat.


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“ Yeah, that’s it baby, you gonna take uncle Franks cum like a good slut”. Frank pulled his cock out of Amanda's mouth and powerd her head down lower and ordered her to lick his hairy balls. My wife was continually being verbally degraded by Frank as she licked his fat black balls. Suddenly, Frank turned around, and Tyler grabbed Amanda by the head and powerd her face into Franks giant hairy asscrack. “Yeah, lick his smelly ass whore”. Amanda struggled to pulled her head back, but Tyler kept her face pushed into Franks ass. “French his asshole my little slut, or no more Tyler cock for you” Frank reached back with both hands and spread his cheeks apart as Tyler pushed her face deeper into Frank's asscrack. I could see Amanda's tongue sticking out of her mouth as Tyler moved her head up and down Franks crack. “You like the taste of ass, don’t ya baby?”

Amanda could only grunt as her face was buried in Franks ass for several minutes. Then, suddenly, Frank spun around and stuck his cock back in Amanda's mouth as he jerked it furiously. Seconds later he pulled it back out,

and his engorged cock started spewing ropy strands of cum on Amanda's face. The first blast hit her in the eye, and the next two hit her forehead, then Frank powerd his cock back into her mouth. “You need to taste uncle Franks cum, you whore!” I could see Amanda trying desperately to swallow his load. After he finished cumming in her mouth, he pulled his wet cock out and slapped her face with it. “Lick it clean, cum slut!” Amanda ran her tongue up and down his shiny black shaft. “I’ll need a beer and a piss, then I want to fuck her tight white married ass”

Frank bellowed, as he headed for the fridge.

Tyler walked over to Amanda with his half hard cock in his hand and made her start sucking him off.

After several minutes of Amanda worshipping Tyler's cock with her tongue, he bent her over the arm of the couch and slapped her ass. He pushed his black fuck stick into her sopping wet hole and then proceeded to fuck her with a vengeance! Frank watched from the kitchen as Tyler vulgarly slammed his cock into Amanda.

I could see Frank was talking and laughing on his cell phone while he was takeing my beer.

Tyler told Amanda that him and Frank were going to bring their nephew and his friend over next time and let them have their way with her. Amanda groaned as Tyler reached around and squeezed her tits hard to make his point!

Tyler’s asscheeks clenched up and I could tell he was depositing a load of cum into my wife!

After a few more hard plunges, he pulled his wet cock out of her cunt and Amanda turned around and cleaned him off. Frank and Tyler got dressed and left.

Two weeks went by with no visits, but on the third week Tyler showed up with Frank and three teenagers.

They all came in and made themselves at home. Tyler told Amanda to go put on her husbands white dress shirt and some high heels. 10 minutes later Amanda walked out in my white dress shirt with nothing more on than a g string and some high heels. Amanda looked sheepish and nervous, but the boys all whistled and stared as she walked around in front of them. They looked like a pack of hungry dogs sitting on the couch with their tongues hanging out.

Tyler told Amanda to pick one and go show him a what a married white pussy is like.

Amanda walked over to the shortest one who looked like he was 16 and motioned for him to follow her.

During the next hour, she took each one of the boys back to our room and did them individually. I didn’t have any cameras anywhere else in the house, so I could not watch the sexual escapades.

After she did all the boys, Tyler took Amanda to the back room too, and fucked her for what seemed like 30 minutes.

When they came back into the living room Frank had a camcorder on a tripod and was filming.

Tyler told Amanda to go ahead and strip, and play with herself while they watched. Amanda looked at Tyler like this had gone to far, but Tyler just laughed and said, “Come on baby, you have see yourself on video at least once in your life” They all watched mesmerized as Amanda sat on the couch and played with herself.

Her white tits were covered in bite marks, so I assumed the boys had sunk their teeth into her while they fucked her.

Amanda rubbed her pussy and pinched her nipple as the group gawked at my horny wife.

Frank was filming Amanda, and rubbing his crotch at the same time when he said, “Hey Tyler, take this camcorder

and film me sticking my cock in her mouth, I’m ready to bust a nut man” “Damn, she sucks cock like a woman

possessed” After a few minutes uncle Frank grabbed her head and started cussing! “Oh yeah, suck down my juice baby” Amanda fetishd as she tried to swallow uncle Franks load. Frank pulled his pants up and took over the

camcorder again. Tyler told Ted, his nephew, to go ahead and try out her mouth. He didn’t need to be told twice. Ted didn’t even bother to take his clothes off, he walked over to Amanda and unzipped his pants and stuck his half hard cock in Amanda's mouth. It was long and thin and black as coal, it started to harden as she sucked on it like a two dollar whore. It was quite a scene! My wife was naked, sucking off a teenage boy, while an older fat black guy filmed it, and three others watched! After Ted came in her mouth the other two boys followed suit, Tyler told the boys to take off. My wife had fucked and sucked everyone in the room. After the boys left, Tyler had Frank point the camcorder at the couch and then Frank laid down on his back as they lowered Amanda onto his cock while Tyler made her suck him off. They switched positions twice, and then Tyler grabbed the camcorder off the tripod and told Frank to blow his load on her face so he could get a good shot of it. Frank made Amanda lick his balls as he stroked his cock over her face. Tyler moved in closer with the camcorder, as Frank groaned that he was going to hose the slut down. Franks giant cock started spewing cum, and the first shots hit Amanda in the eyes and covered her nose and forehead. He continued to drip cum on her face until Tyler told him to take over the camcorder and film his cumshot.

Tyler kept his cock a few inches above her cum covered face as he stroked himself. Within seconds cum blasted out of his cock and rained down on Amanda’s face! His cock was rock hard as kept cumming and cumming on my wife's face. When he finally stopped cumming, Frank moved in for close ups of my wife's face covered in their cum.

Then they shut off the camcorder, and abruptly dressed and left. I didn’t see any more action for a few weeks.

Then Tyler started showing up about twice a week with a different guy in tow. They would each have a turn at my wife individually, and then double team her, one getting sucked while the other one fucked her. I can only guess that he was using my wife as a paid whore, because I rarely saw him bring the same guy twice.

I also noticed that things to seemed to progressively get kinkier and kinkier. A couple of times Tyler fucked Amanda in the ass, then soon after that, the other guys were doing it to her as well. One time he brought four muscular,

athletic looking black guys who used my wife for over two hours. They double teamed her, one in the ass, one in her cunt. Made her lick their assholes, one guy even put clothespins on her nipples. After fucking all her holes, they made her lay on the floor naked with only high heels on and masturbate for them while they stood over her in a circle and jerked their cocks until they came all over her face and tits. They sat around and laughed while Tyler told my wife to scoop the cum off her face and tits and eat it for them. Tyler looked pleased, as he had taped the whole scene.

He didn’t fuck Amanda while the four guys were there, but he came back later that day by himself and fucked her. By now it was obvious that my wife was his permisteral whore. Last week my wife told me she wanted to go to Vegas for the weekend with one of her friends. I’m pretty sure though that she’s sneaking off to spend the weekend with Tyler, and not her friend Lisa, like she told me. Guess I’ll have to get used to my wife being someone else's whore.


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My Wife Rose and the Stray Dog

This is what happened to me not so long ago with a stray dog.
I was on the Internet reading stories from white shadow and was slowly getting turned on, I removed my knickers and was finger fucking myself, then started thinking of Max my Doberman dog that died last Christmas. When I decided to get a take, as my mouth was dry thinking of all the fun times we had. I looked in the cupboard for a coke; there was none, so off I went to the off-licence, at the bottom of my street next to the park.
As I was walking down there was a Great Dane that keeped trying to push his noise up my skirt and sniffing me, and I could feel him trying to lick my pussy. That's when I realised I had no knickers on feeling his tongue touch my pussy. So there I was pushing him away and closing the door of the off-licence, he was still there when I came out and followed me in the park, were I try and get away from him.
I tried to hide in the bushes from him, and the next thing I know was when I felt him licking my pussy from behind where I was hiding from him. He had is noise right between my bum cheeks, as I was just stood there slightly bent over looking out for him. It felt nice and there was no one around so I turned around to him and looked at this big dog. There were people over the other side of the park, and it was only early in the evening 8:30pm so I got in deeper into the bushes where we could not be seen.
So there I was no knickers, knee length skirt and a T-shirt. This big dog pushing his noise, underneath my skirt and will not stop trying to lick my pussy. I was slightly bent over hands on my knees. The dog was making me orgasm and weak at the knee's, so I got on my hands and knees and was letting him lick my pussy and asshole, its was great and better then reading about it.
I had no intention of letting him mount me in the public park, but he had his own ideas and he tried to mount me. This then had my mind racing with the idea of a stray dog hung like a horse wanting to fuck me. I did not have a chance to think anymore because it was too late he had found my pussy and was ramming his huge cock deep into my wet pussy.
He was ramming it in as hard and fast as he could, I was cumming again and again, this must of lasted for 20 minutes or more. I must of come about 10 times and was cumming like a waterfall, even before he came in me. I was getting sore with him ramming his cock so hard up my pussy and his knot pushing in and out of me.
Then I was on fire when his knot tied with me and he started to cum and cum, there was bucket of his semen guessing out like a waterfall. I was trying to get up off the floor and pull his knot out, I found I was tied with him, his knot felt like a softball and much bigger then my Doberman, because when I wanted his knot out of me I could get it out.
The next thing I knew was someone pissing nearby when the dog started barking, I could have died when this black guy from my street walked in with us, his eyes were popping out of his head. He walked around me and said, "you fucking hot bitch I want some of this". Then he walked around to face me with the biggest black cock I had seen "suck on this Dog fucker"
I had never been unfaithful on my husband before, but had no choice but to suck him off. I sucked him till he came and then he helped me with the dog. The dog came out with a pop and dog semen was everywhere. Then the black guy was trying to get me to fuck with him but I said I have to go and off like a shot home. I never saw the dog after that or the black guy.
On Thursday evening when my husband went to darts, I was stand at the front door, when this black guy from the other night stopped. Hi my name is Alan just in case you would like to know. I was so embarrassed standing there in my black miniskirt, black fishnet stockings and black high heels. So he stopped and started talking to me in a sarcastic way.
The neighbours were out looking over at me and talking, so I told him to go away. He said "only if you come to my flat within the next 10 to 15 minutes, I agreed just to get rid of him.
Then that when it donned on me that I would have to go or he might tell people in the neighbourhood what I was doing the other night. I waited till the neighbour wasn't looking, and then walked down the back ally to the back of the flat where he lived.
My nipples were visible through my top. I was still wearing my tight black miniskirt, and black fishnet stockings. My skirt was too short to cover much. I knocked on the front door shaking like a leaf.
A white guy answered the door with Alan behind him, he told me to come in to the flat, I quickly went in before someone seen me but was thinking there two of then what's he playing at. After I got in the living room, I saw two black guys sitting on the sofa. The white guy asked Alan "Is this the girl you told us about?" I could of die there and then.
Alan said, "Yes! Isn't she Hot or what?"
He said, "Yeah, she is beautiful!" The white guy was about 6 feet tall and had brown hair. "I'm Mark. He is John," as Mark pointed to a black guy.
What's your name?" a huge black guy about 6 foot 5" asked me.
I relied, "I'm Rose. Now what going on here"? The guys just laughed.
They drank some beer and smoked pot. Mark suddenly pulled videotape out and put it in the VCR. He said "I've got this in mind for you, and put a hardcore porn movie in the VCR and pushed play.
I was so embarrassed when I saw Two black guys fuck a white girl, one in her pussy and the other one fucking her asshole on the screen. I closed my eyes and only heard moaning and crying out in lust from the screen. So I sat on a chair by myself and I opened my eyes and saw Mark sitting between my legs just looking at my pussy jerking off with his 9 inch cock and John was sitting with a 10 inch black cock in his hand. Alan was sitting opposite me, holding his ten inch black cock in his hand wanking it.
Alan was getting excited. I was watching Mark's cock while John was licking and sucking my breasts. I was so horny I touched his black cock and put it in my month through I tried not to chock on it, Alan came over trying to put his cock into my mouth also. Alan said, "You love black cock, don't you?"
The screen was showing this white girl about to take the biggest black cock I had ever seen and the cocks were huge just inch from enter her tight pussy.
Alan said, "My lovely Dog fucker. You're the prettiest and sexiest girl I've ever seen. Suck my cock and fulfil my dreams."
Then Alan extended his left hand and started playing with my nipples. I saw John fucking me doggie style in the mirror while I gave a hand job to Mark. Then I opened my mouth and took in as much as Alan's black cock as I could.
Am I dreaming? This lovely Dog fucker is sucking my cock! Put your legs on each arm of the chair. I want to see your pussy get rammed."
Then I said "someone Please eat me" Alan complied and knelt between my thighs, opening my pussy with two hands. He pushed 1 then 2 and three fingers inside my pussy. Alan put a finger into my asshole. I was wet and tight. Alan said, "You are so tight. Like a virgin. Have you ever had anal sex"
I said, "I've only let one permister fuck my asshole. My husband and no one else, "My asshole is almost unused!"
Then Alan took me over to the coffee table and bent me over doggie style. Alan asked me, "Can I fuck your asshole? You will be the first girl I ever fucked in the ass."
I said, "Yes as I was getting turned on so much. "Fuck me!"
Then Alan slowly pushed his 10-inch cock into my asshole.
"Please fuck me slowly! You are so big!"
Alan pushed all his 10-inch cock deep into me with no mercy.
I felt my asshole almost too painfully full and Alan's black cock was deep inside me.
He increasing his fucking and started to ram my asshole.
I moaned, "I love your black cock. You fuck me so good."
Alan asked me "Am I better than your husband? I can bet he has not got a cock this big.
I relied, "Yeah! You are a much better lover. Fuck me harder!"
Alan said, "I can't hold back any more! I'm going to cum inside you! Do you want me to cum inside you?
"Yes! Cum inside my fucked asshole"
Alan shot his load deep inside me. When Alan pulled out from me, Mark and John had already finished coming in my face watching my performance.
Mark and John both had hard one's again. John lay on the coffee table and asked me to sit on his black cock.
John said "Mark! Let's make her a Sex Sandwich!" I took in most of his dick and bent over his body to expose my asshole to Mark.
Mark put his cock in my asshole.
Alan said, "How good it looked, to watch a black and white cock fucking together like that. Alan came over and offered his dick for me to suck. They all came on or inside of me at the same time.
I was covered with white gooey cum and lay on the coffee table with my stocking thighs wide open, cum oozing out of her ass and cunt. Alan said, "I want to bring you a special guest."
He went out for a minute and brought back the stray dog from the other night. Mark said, "We want to see some natural action. We found him in the park last night." John pulled the dog over to my cunt said, "Boy! Lick her! Taste this juicy pussy!"
I spread my cunt lips to let the dog lick me. I said, "This dog really knows how to eat cunt. I am going to cum!" as my body orgasm. Alan helped the dog mount me in the missionary style. All three guys sat on the floor to watch the dog fuck me hard and fast. I held the red pointed cock in place."
Do you want to see the dog fuck my wet pussy?"
"Yes we'd love to!"
The dog did the rest, fucking his long hard tool into my wet pussy. The dog fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I wrapped my legs around the dog back and tried to push the dog even deeper. I held the dog's neck said, "Fuck Me! I'm your bitch. Fuck me please!"
I can feel his pointed cock penetrate my womb! Oh! He pushed his knot inside my cunt!"
I again came hard. My cunt held the dog's cock and the dog shot all his sperm into my womb. After ten minutes the dog dismounted me. I said, "You guys, please fuck me one more time. I want to have your human sperm with the doggie sperm inside my womb. They fucked me and came inside my pussy one at a time.
Then Alan said " I want doggie sperm and human sperm in your asshole too". So the last to fuck me was the stray dog and he fucked my asshole hard and fast, the knot was very painful when he rammed it in me all the way. after all the attention its had tonight my asshole was very sore for days afterwards.
I did not want to see those guys after the orgy because I had to face my husband and prepare for sex with him. After, I discovered it was to be a weekly orgy or the neighbours would find out what I am (a dog fucker) I had no choice.
"What shall I do?"


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blackmailed hubby

My name is Richard and I work for a large brokerage firm in Atlanta, Georgia. I am the chief financial officer and make very good money. No matter what they paid me, I would still be in debt. I have a bad habit. I gamble. I not only gamble. I lose. I should have been putting money away for retirement, but we are in debt up to our eyes. I have been working here for the last 10 years and am a very trusted employee. Thank God, I had enough sense to put the house and car in my wife's name. A little about me. I am 46, 5' 10" and about 180. I consider myself in pretty good shape.

I place my bets with a black employee, named Ron, who works in the accounting department. He makes me look small in size. He is 6' 3", about my age, and would weigh in at 240. He looks like all muscle. I have been dreading the day he asks me to pay up. He has been letting my bets slide, and now I'm into him for about 50,000. I don't even like to think about what he will do, when he gets tired of covering my losses. His bosses want their money now, not tomorrow. I cannot figure out why he pays my losses.

The only time, he was ever in my office, was last week. I placed a bet, and last night, my team lost. The debt is now up to 60,000. There was a strange thing happened, when he saw the picture of my wife. I always have her picture on the desk. I know he was going to give me a time limit on what I owe, but when he saw her photo, he seemed to change his mind. He never said anything about her. He just got a funny look in his eyes.

My wife Linda is the area co-ordinater for the anti-abortion league. She mostly arranges demonstrations at abortion clinics, and doctor’s homes. Actually, her group is a pain in the ass. She is 100% against abortion, in any shape, form, or fashion. She is 35, 5' 2" and petite. She was a beauty pageant winner while in college. She still has her good looks and is sexy as hell. She is temporarily out of a job. They closed the last abortion clinic in this area, and she is awaiting them to assign her another place. Even though, she would work away from home, the job allows her to take time off. We have been separated before, and never had a problem. I trust her completely. Believe it, or not, she was a virgin when we got married. I am the only man she has ever been with, though many have tried.

It was after 4pm, on a Friday afternoon. My secretary had left for the day. All of a sudden the door burst open, and there stood Ron. Oh My God, I thought, here it comes! Now what do I do? I don’t have his money, and no way of getting it.

He never said a word, until he had walked over, grabbed me around the neck and jerked me over my desk. My face was about six inches from his nose.

“You got my money, you piece of cuckolds brownie? I’m not waiting one more minute. Either, start counting out my money, or I’m going to break your arms and legs, Then I’ll disappear for six months and come back and break them again. You hear me you worthless bastard?”

He shoved me back into my chair so hard, the chair slammed up against the wall. For a moment, I was groggy. I thought, he’s going to ******* me, and there’s not a thing I can do about it. God, what do I do? How do I get out of this?

“There is a way out, if you do exactly what I say” Exactly, what I say!” “Do you understand?”

All I could do was shake my head, yes.

“You are going to write me a check for $60,000.00. You are going to write it on a company check, and it is going to be drawn from your business account.”

“I can’t do that. That’s stealing. They will fire me, maybe prosecute!”

“The books won’t be audited again for another month. I’ll hold the check, and return it to you, if you do exactly as I say. Do you understand?”

“NO, I won’t do it”

He grabbed an arm and started to twist. “I’ll break this one right now, just so you will know I am serious!”

“I’ll do it. I’ll do it”, I screamed. “But why are you holding it for a month? What is it you want me to do?”

“Sit back down and relax. Let me tell you a story. About a year ago, I was married to a beautiful woman. By accident, she got pregnant. Our doctor had told her she could not have a baby. Having a baby would probably ******* her. We went to an abortion clinic to terminate the birth. Our appointment for the abortion was right on the borderline of whether she had waited too long, or not. Another couple of days, and they would not abort the fetus. Guess who was picketing the clinic. Guess who prevented us from getting her abortion. The clinic stayed closed for a week. Four months ago, my wife and baby died. Your darling, precious wife *******ed her, as sure as if she had put a gun to her head, and pulled the trigger. I want satisfaction! I want revenge! And I’m going to have it, if I have to ******* you and her, both.”

“How do you want revenge, Are you going to ******* her? What are you going to do? How does this check come into everything? Are you going to hurt us?”

“Shut your stupid mouth for a minute, and I will tell you! I am going to live with you for a month. I am going to seduce your wife, and get her pregnant. She is going to deliver my mister. I am going to do this, with or without your assistance.”

“NO! No! She would never go along with that! I am the only man she has ever been with. She would never let another man into her bed. Besides, she doesn’t like blacks, She says you are all naturals. Getting your women pregnant every year, and then wanting abortions.”

“You let me worry about getting into her bed. You just tell her that I am a big client from New York, and your boss wants me to stay at your home, instead of a motel. You know, like a family thing. Make me comfortable and happy. At the end of a month, I tear up the check and you owe me nothing. You still have your job and reputation, and your arms and legs are still in working order. You don’t do this, and you will wish you were a dead man a thousand times over. You Got That?”

“What if she doesn’t let you seduce her? What if she will have nothing to do with you? Are you going to **** her, anyway?”

“No ****, no powering, no pain. I only want the opportunity to seduce her, and she will give me permission to fuck her. She will beg me to fuck her, not once, but many times. You have no choice in the matter. You can help or hinder. It’s up to you.”

“Okay, I’ll tell her you are our guest for the next month. You are so confident you can fuck her, and I’m just as confident that you can’t. This will be an easy way to get out of debt with you.”

“Tell her tonight. Tell her that I will be over in the morning. You have to work tomorrow, but I don’t. This will give me a chance to talk to her, and see what kind of challenge, she is going to be. No screw ups! You fuck this up, and you’ll never fuck up anything else!”

“Alright, I’ll go along with everything. Something you missed, if by some wild chance, however unlikely, you fuck her, and she gets pregnant, what happens to the young? I’m not raising a black bastard.”

“I don’t want no whitey raising my mister. I’ll take him, and neither you or her will ever see either of us again.”

“I’ll tell her tonight, and tell her you will be by about 10 in the morning. Is that okay?”

“That’s good. See you tomorrow night, when you get home from work. I’ll be on your sofa watching your TV. Oh, I almost forgot a little condition; you might want to know about. When she is primed to be fucked, I want you to watch how a real man handles a woman.” You won’t have to be in the room, but I want you someplace, where you can see and hear her beg for my cock. We wouldn’t want to have any misunderstandings, would we?”

“You win. I can’t argue anymore. You know you have me exactly where you want me. You know there is nothing I can do.”

“WHAT! WHAT! You want a black man to live in this house for the next month? Are you crazy? Have you lost what little brains you had? NO Way, Jose! You can forget it. Get him a motel. Let someone else take care of him. I’m not having an natural living in my house! Why? Why did you agree to this?

“If you will settle down, I will tell you. He is a very important client, and will mean millions for the firm. By doing this, I will get a hefty bonus. You know we can use the money. Since you have been out of work, we are just barely making ends meet. We need the money! It is only for one month. He will be gone most of each day, and I will be home in the evening. You will seldom be alone with him.”

“When is he going to be here?”

“Tomorrow morning, about 10.”

“TOMORROW? YOU ALREADY AGREED, WITHOUT ASKING ME? Okay, let me calm down. If he’s coming tomorrow, you meet him, and I will go shopping for the day.”

“I won’t be here. I have to work all day tomorrow.”

“OH NO YOU DON’T! You just told me, I wouldn’t be spending time alone with him and on the very first day, I will be alone with him all day? I hate you! You know that? I hate you. Why did you put me in this position?”

“I’m sorry darling. I love you, and would not do this, if we weren’t is such bad need of money.”

“Oh shut up! You don’t know what love is.”

Promptly at 10 am, the doorbell rang. Linda answered the door and there stood a tall, muscular black man. He wasn’t bad looking, considering he was black. He was dressed in a tee shirt and spandex shorts, and was carrying a suitcase. He held out his big hand, and said, hello, I’m Ron. Linda felt foolish not wanting to shake his hand. His big hand engulfed her small dainty fingers. It was then that she looked down and saw the outline of what looked like a roll of sausage, between his legs. Her mouth dropped open in amazement. That couldn’t be his dick! But, what was it? Why would he put something in his shorts? Could it possibly be real? Maybe, they really are naturals! Horses! She looked back up at his face, but he seemed to be looking over her shoulder at the house. Thank God, he hadn’t seen her looking at that monster!

She got him settled into the guest room, and the next couple of hours were spent in small talk. He was actually very easy to talk to, if you ignored his color. He was still wearing those shorts, and whenever he wasn’t looking, she kept glancing at the lump in them. She had never had any desire to see another man besides her husband, but now, she was curious to see if he was real. She wanted to know if any man could be that big, and she would never believe it, unless she actually saw it with her own eyes. After a couple of glasses of wine, she was beginning to enjoy their discussion. When he said, he wanted to take a shower, she showed him the bath, and told him where to find whatever he needed. In about 10 minutes, he was yelling, Linda, I can’t find the towels.

“Oh, Oh, the towels are still in the dryer from yesterday. Richard and I used the last two clean ones this morning. “I’ll bring them right up.” I yelled. I was carrying the towels upstairs, and as I got to the top of the stairs, I was looking directly into the bathroom. The door was open! Where was he? As I stepped inside the bathroom door, he stepped out of the shower. Stark naked! I couldn’t keep my eyes from looking between his legs. It was real!! I have never even imagined anything that big. How in God’s name could a woman take that inside her? Maybe, black women were larger than white women. I looked up and he was smiling at me.

“I’ve seen you looking at this all day. Would you like to touch him for a moment? You could watch him grow to his full size.”

My hand made a move toward him, but I jerked it back. “No, I don’t want to touch you, and you should cover yourself.” I closed the door behind me and ran down the stairs. I could hear him laughing. I was so embarrassed! He knew I wanted to touch and feel him. He knew I was fascinated with the size of his monster dick. I have always felt that blacks were below my station. I have seldom even spoken to one. What has happened to me in one day? For one thing, I had never imagined the size of their manhood. I hadn’t thought about it at all, and now I have been trying to glimpse one all day, then after seeing it, almost put my fingers around it.

My husband has a respectable six inches, and has always been able to satisfy me. Now, I keep thinking of a twelve inch dick, that is more than twice as big around than his. Would it fit into me? What’s wrong with me? Was it the wine? I’m not like this.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Ron took a nap and then watched TV. I puttered around outside, trying to stay away from him. Richard came home a little after six. He came into the kitchen and asked how my day had been. I said okay. What was I supposed to say? Was I supposed to tell him I had been dreaming of a big, black dick all afternoon? I joined the men, after doing the dishes. They were laying back on the sofa, with their legs on the coffee table. Richard was still wearing long pants, but Ron had on a pair of boxers. When Ron crossed his legs, the head of his dick was visible from the bottom of his shorts. I was sitting across from them, and couldn’t help, but look. Richard caught me once, and looked to see what I was looking at. He knew I kept glancing at Ron’s crotch. Richard just looked at me, but never said a word. I don’t think he cared! What is going on here?

Monday morning, Richard went off early to work. Ron said he had a meeting at noon, and was just going to lay around and relax until then. He was wearing silk pajama bottoms, and no top. Naturally, he never wore underwear. I don’t believe he had any! Whenever he walked, his massive dick could be seen swinging back and forth. He set down on the sofa next to me, and casually took my hand into his. He brought my hand over his crotch and lowered it onto his dick. I was paralyzed! I didn’t know what to do. I could feel him through his pajamas. It was moving! Getting bigger! Oh My God! It was sticking straight up out of his pj’s. It must have been 12 or 14 inches long. It looked like a big charcoaled log! He removed his hand, but I couldn’t remove mine. I was moving my fingers around, and over it. My fingers wouldn’t even go half-way around it.

“Move your fingers up and down the shaft”, he whispered.

It’s like my fingers had a mind of their own. They were separated from the rest of my body. I stroked up and down as best as I could. It was too big for him to get much feeling from only my small hand.

“Use your other hand, too” he said.

I reached over with my other hand and stroking him was much easier. I was mesmerized by the feel and size of him.

He reached over and put his hand on the back of my head. He was pushing my head toward his black dick! My lips were touching the head!

“Open your mouth and kiss it,” he urged.

I couldn’t! I couldn’t take that thing into my mouth! I didn’t even like doing that for Richard. He had my mouth pressed against the head, and struggling was useless. He was too strong! I opened my mouth, just to lick it for a minute. It was smooth and not bad at all. I slowly tried to get the head into my mouth. My mouth was stretched wide, as the head went inside. I just held it there, and licked the head. My hands were still stroking the shaft. He must have been really excited, for I felt his dick stiffen, and get bigger, if that is possible. All of a sudden, his hand was on the back of my head and pushing me forward. Then, his dick started to spurt gobs of cum into my mouth and down my throat. He was drowning me! I was drowning in cum and couldn’t get away! I had to swallow, and swallow, still, I couldn’t swallow fast enough! It ran out of my mouth and down onto my hands. I thought he would never stop! It never tasted bad, as I imagined it would. Actually, I kind of enjoyed making a dick that size cum. It was a feeling of power! I licked all the cum from my lips, and brought my fingers into my mouth. I cleaned them too. I was in a daze. Sort of detached from reality.

“Was that the first time you ever drank a black man’s cum?” he asked.

“What? What did you say?”

“I said, was that the first time you ever swallowed a black man’s cum?”

“Oh God, Oh My God!!” I jumped up and ran for the bathroom. I grabbed the mouthwash and washed out my mouth. I could still taste him! I hurriedly brushed my teeth, including my tongue, and all around inside my mouth. I could still taste him! The taste was in the back of my throat and in my nose! Oh God, I actually let a black natural cum inside my mouth. What was I going to do? Act like it never happened? Pretend I couldn’t help myself? Tell myself, that he powerd me? Well, it was over, and would never happen again! A little voice inside my head, seemed to deny that. I was so upset, I took a valium and went to my room to lie down for awhile. Maybe he will leave, go somewhere. Anywhere! As long as I don’t have to face him!

In the bedroom, I could tell my panties were soaking wet. I was wearing a strapless sundress, with a flared bottom. I removed my panties, but didn’t seem to have the energy to put on another pair. What did it matter? After all, I was in my bedroom, in my bed. I needed to relax awhile and maybe it would clear my mind. Put my thoughts in on order, so to speak. I was emotionally exhausted. The last thing I remember before drifting off into a sound relax, was the memory of how soft the head of his dick had been.

Ron waited for half an hour before going upstairs. He wanted to taste that white pussy, and had no intention of waiting another day! Going to her room, he gently pushed open the door. Linda was lying on her back, sound arelax. He tiptoed next to the bed and slowly raised the hem of her dress. She wasn’t wearing panties! Her neatly trimmed pubic mound was just asking for his attention. From the foot of the bed, he inched his head and shoulders between her legs. He gently raised her hips, and put his arms under them. His mouth was only inches from her dripping wet pussy. He could smell her excitement. He touched her clitoris with his tongue, and slowly rotated it around and around. Then, he looked at her face to see if she had awakened. She had a smile on her face, but was still sound arelax. I wonder if she’s dreaming about me and my long tongue, he thought. It didn’t seem she was going to awaken, and this was the perfect opportunity to do some serious pussy eating. He stuck his long, thick tongue inside her wet pussy and licked up all the juices, he could reach. She was starting to moan in her relax. After fucking her with his tongue, he went back to her love bud. Now, she was moaning constantly, and was becoming louder. He looked again, but she still had that smile on her face, and was evidently arelax. He gave his full attention to her pussy, licking, sucking, and fucking her with his tongue.

I was having such an erotic dream. Richard was eating me, but as never before. His tongue was bigger, and now much more exciting. He was reaching places and doing things, he had never done before. Why had he waited, to let me know how well he could eat pussy? Oh God, it felt so good! I was going to cum! He had never made me cum this way before. I had never really liked him doing this, but from now on, he was going to do it every night! Oh…, Oh…, I’m cumming! So good.


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When she started cumming, I almost cum myself. Another couple of minutes, and I eased her legs back down, slid off the foot of the bed, and put her dress back in place. I closed the door, as I left the room. I wonder what she is going to think when she wakes up. Will she remember, or believe it was just a dream. The next item on the agenda, is to get my cock into that tight hole. I’ll work on that tomorrow. After all, I still have 27 days!

When I woke up, it was almost time for Richard to come home. I rushed downstairs to start supper. Ron had gone outside, somewhere. I was glad of that. I didn’t know what to say to him. I felt so refreshed, relaxed, almost as if I had climaxed. The dream!!! I climaxed in my relax! I haven’t done that since I was in college. Strange though, I was dreaming of Richard, but it never felt like him. He doesn’t have that kind of experience. Looking out the window, I saw Ron coming toward the back door. He was licking on an ice cream cone. His tongue! That’s the tongue that was licking me! It was no dream, or was it? Did I only imagine it was Richard, but with Ron’s tongue? Did he really eat me, while I was relaxing? Do I want to know?
Ron came in the back door, and asked if I wanted a bite of his ice cream. He acted like nothing had ever happened between them. Good! I’ll act the same way, and forget the whole thing. It’s never going to happen again, anyway.

After dinner, I went to bed early, saying I had a headache. Richard came up a few minutes later, and wanted to know what was wrong. I told him, “having a black man in our house for another 27 days is what was wrong!” Then he had the nerve to want to make love! “I’ll let you in on a little secret, you are not going to touch me, as long as that natural is in our house! When he goes, you get your wife back.”

“Has something happened? Has Ron gotten out of line? What has he done to make you hate him so?”

“He’s black, and that is what’s wrong! No, he hasn’t done anything else wrong. He has been a perfect gentleman, if an natural can be called a gentleman.”

“Okay, I’m going back downstairs and sip a few beers with him. He’s really a nice guy, you know. Your prejudice is clouding your judgment.“

The next morning, Ron and Richard left at the same time. I cleaned the house, and must have picked up a dozen beer bottles. About noon, I took a long relaxing bath, and was lounging around in my bathrobe, when Ron came in the door. He took one look at me, and came over to the sofa, sitting down next to me. His thigh was brushing against mine. I could feel the heat from his leg. He put his arm around my shoulder, and pulled me against his chest. I had no will to resist! What was happening to me? Why do I let this black man touch me at his whim? I hate blacks! Still, he was so strong and masculine, so sure of himself, not like Richard at all.

“Today, Linda, I think you should prove something to yourself. I know you are curious, and will never be satisfied until you know the answer.”

“The answer to what?”

“Whether my black cock will fit into that small pussy of yours.”

Sitting upright, I said, “You’re crazy, if you think I’m curious about that. I don’t care if that monster will fit or not. I do know that it would stretch me so big, that Richard would never want me again. You go find yourself another woman! You will never fuck me with that thing!” I was curious. I was dying to know how it would feel to have a 12 inch dick inside me! He only ignored me, and stood up, dropping his pants. Naturally, he had on no underwear! He was already about half hard. He sat back down next to me, and put my hand on the shaft. Immediately, it started to grow. He reached over, and took the tape measure out of my sewing kit. By now, he was completely hard. Handing me the tape, he said measure, and see exactly what you are going to get.

“I’ll measure it, but I’m not going to get anything.” It measured almost 13 inches, and was 6-1/2 inches around. Even looking at him, and seeing the proof with my own eyes, I still couldn’t believe it!

“Now, here is what we are going to do. We are going to try an experiment. When you are ready, I want to try and put the head inside you. That’s not fucking. That’s just an experiment to see if a white woman can take me. Do you agree that it’s not fucking? I’m not going all the way inside. I’m not going to cum, so how can it be called fucking?”

“Well, honestly, I am curious. Do you promise that only the head is going inside? You’re just going to see if it would, as if we were really going to make love?”

“That’s all I’m going to do, but I have to get you ready. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the sensations. First, this sofa is not high enough. Stand up, and let me put another cushion under you. I did as he asked, and when I sat back down, my feet didn’t touch the floor. What was I getting myself into? Why was I doing this, with a man I detested? His magnetism? The unknown and forbidden? Whatever the reamister, I was about to find out the answer.

He got on his knees in front of me, and opened my robe. He was surprised when he saw there was nothing underneath. He never tried to kiss me. I think he knew I wouldn’t. He went straight to my breasts, and started sucking like a hungry baby. First one breast, then the other. I was getting wet, already. He kissed his way down my stomach, till I could feel his breath on my love bud. He took it into his mouth and began sucking on it, just as he had sucked my breasts. I was so hot and feeling so good, that I almost had an orgasm right then. When he stuck that long, thick tongue inside, I couldn’t control myself any longer. I had the biggest orgasm of my life! All I could say was, Oh God, Oh God, I’m cumming…I’m cumming. The Dream! It wasn’t a dream! That is the tongue that made me cum. No wonder it was so vivid! Usually, a dream fades when you wake up, but mine was still sharply etched in my mind. No wonder! It really happened, and now it was going to happen again. I came back to my senses, and he was up on his knees with his monster pointed at the opening of my pussy.

I looked at him, and said, “remember, only the head, and you will take it out whenever I say.”

“Okay, I will. Now take your fingers and spread your pussy lips. Sit up straighter, so you can see every inch as it disappears inside you.”

I spread my lips, and he was rubbing his dick up and down my slit. It was almost like he was masturbating me with his big dick. Then, he stopped and placed the head at my tiny opening. He was putting pressure against my pussy, but there was no way that thing was going to go inside.

“No more! No more! It is starting to hurt. Stop pushing.” But he didn’t stop! He kept up the pressure, more and more! “Ah NO..NO..Not anymore!!! It won’t go! You’re *******ing me! You said you would stop!” I spread my legs as wide as they would go, to help ease the pain. I was pushing on his shoulders and chest, but it didn’t even bother him. He just kept up the relentless pressure. MY God, He’s going to split me into! God help me!” I was moaning and crying.

Suddenly there was a pop and the pressure was gone, but I felt as if there was a log inside the lips of my pussy. I looked down and saw that the head was inside, along with an inch of his massive shaft!

“Don’t move, please don’t move. It will ******* me if you do. I feel as if my pussy is ripping apart. You said you would only put in the head. Now, I know I can take it, but it hurts too much. I could never be fucked with something that big.”

“Let me hold it here until you relax, and your pussy adjusts to having a real man inside you. Since we have gone this far, why not push it in a little farther when the pain stops? What do you say? It’s not like we are fucking.”

“I don’t believe the pain will go away, but if it does, maybe, you can put in a little more. Wait a few minutes. I hate to have come this far, and never really know if I could take something that big. Are you sure you aren’t going to try and fuck me? I trust you to keep your word. It’s not hurting so bad, anymore. Try pushing again. I’m more relaxed now.”

I was watching, as he pushed, and another couple of inches went inside. I could feel the walls of my vagina stretching, trying to accommodate his size. He stopped again, and it actually felt good. There was a fullness that I had never felt before. He pushed again, and was at the deepest point any dick had ever been.

“NO one has ever been deeper than that. I think you should stop now. I’ll never have anyone, but my husband, and his doesn’t go as far as you have it now.” My mouth was speaking those words, but my body wanted more. I wanted him to go as deep as he could. I wanted to take all of him!

He pushed again, and it looked as if there was still four inches to go! I was adjusting now. More relaxed. It hurt a little and filled me completely, but I knew now that I could handle a monster cock! Once, I had taken the entire length, he would remove it, and that would be the end of the whole thing. My curiosity would be satisfied.

“Try and slowly push the rest into me. Please stop, if I scream. I can feel it pushing my insides ahead of it. I don’t know how much farther, they will push.” While I’m talking, I am watching at the same time. Slowly it all disappears, and finally our pubic mounds are against each other. I have taken a 13 inch monster cock!

“OKAY, I have taken all of you. Now take it out and lets call the experiment a success.” As I said this, he twitched his dick, then again, and again. My Lord, I never felt anything so good. It was like he was fucking me, without moving his body! My juices were coating his dick with a slick film of lubrication. I was so hot, I could cum by just having him inside me.

“It’s time to stop! You said you would stop anytime I said!”

He very gently flicked his hips, and there was a slight in and out movement. That felt so good, so wonderful. I hope he does it again, before he completely removes himself. Then he pulled out about 4 inches, and pushed it back in. He did this a few times, and I started to moan. I couldn’t help myself. I had never had anything in my life feel so wonderful, so glorious. Oh MY God, he is fucking me! He promised! But, I can’t help myself. I want him to! Now, he is using longer strokes, as I adjust to him. There’s no pain, just feelings and what feelings!! I’m CUMMING…….I’m Cumming… with a 13 inch dick in my pussy. I never want it to end! I want to fuck this big black cock forever. I’ll never hate blacks again. Only a black dick could give me this pleasure. “Oh fuck me, fuck me! I’m yours! Do whatever you want with me, just give me your big cock for my pussy! I’m Cumming again!!! I can’t stop Cumming! You have to stop! Not anymore, No more! I’ll die! My body can’t take that many climaxes.” Then she felt his body tense, and all of a sudden it felt like a water hose had been inserted into her pussy! Squirt after squirt of cum flooded her insides. It seemed to be coming out of her mouth. Nobody could cum that much. This triggered another climax, and she screamed with pleasure. Cum Inside Me? Cum? NO! NO! NO! You can’t cum inside me! I’ll get pregnant! You put your seed all the way in the mouth of my cervix. Why? Why? You said you wouldn’t even fuck me. Now, look what has happened!

“Don’t worry about getting pregnant. I had a vasectomy 4 years ago. I could never make you pregnant.” Like hell, I can’t, I was thinking.

“Oh, Thank God. You wouldn’t lie to me again, would you?”

“I would never lie about something like that. Trust me. If you have recovered, lets go upstairs to the bed. I want to show you something.”

They went upstairs, and he lay down on his back. His enormous dick was still sticking straight up. “Come here and straddle me. Squat down over my dick, and put the tip inside yourself.” She did as he instructed. “Now lower yourself, until about 4 inches are inside you.”

“I don’t know if I can take you again”

“Yes, you can. You still have my cum dripping out of you, so my cock should enter you easily. Go slow, and let yourself get used to me again.”

This time, the entry was without pain. She was still tight and filled like never before, but all the juices had her prepared. She stopped when about 4 or 5 inches were inside her.

“Now, I am going to pump up and you pump down. If there is pain, you can control the penetration. Is that okay?” He began pumping up into her and she was controlling the depth. She was taking more and more of him, until their pubic bones were smashing against each other. She was screaming out one long glorious climax! After only a few minutes, he cum so hard, she thought he was going to blow her off him. She fell exhausted and completely satisfied at his side. She dozed for a few minutes, but awoke when he started talking.

“I will be here for another 24 to 26 days, and I want this to happen every day, until I leave. Another thing, don’t let that wimp husband touch you this month. Do you agree with me?”

“Oh God Yes!! I want you more than once a day. I want you day and night! If you say so, I’ll never let Richard touch me again. That little dick of his could never make me cum again, anyway! Could you stay until my period starts?” That will be at the end of the month.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her, it would be at the end of nine months!


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Un récits érotique à la fête de l'huma, je pouvais pas laisser passer çà, lol!!!!

Ça s’est passé dans le TER. Au petit matin de septembre, gare St Charles à Marseille, le groupe, une vingtaine de permisternes plus ou moins jeunes, mais jeunes, a pris place, direction Paris, la fête de l’Humanité. J’ai voulu m’asseoir à côté de Carole mais un grand black tout en muscles et tatoué sur le biceps m’a devancée.

Bonne perdante, j’ai trouvé place juste derrière eux, près de la fenêtre, sur un vieux siège au revêtement élimé, râpé, collant. Je ne suis pas restée seule longtemps, un garçon d’une vingtaine d’années, j’ai calculé à vue de nez qu’on avait à peu près le même âge, s’est installé sur le siège vacant à mes côtés.

— Laurent… Il a dit dans un sourire.
— Laurence, j’ai répondu, c’est rigolo, on a le même prénom.

Et puis dans un roulement lourd, fastidieux, le train a démarré. En TGV c’était plus cher, comme c’était le MJC (Mouvement des Jeunes Communistes) qui offrait le voyage, on allait pas poser des impératifs de confort et de gain de temps.

— Eh bien c’est parti ! a clamé Guillaume, le dirigeant de la section, avant de s’affaler dans mister fauteuil.

J’ai regardé Laurent en faisant mine de m’intéresser aux propos de Guillaume. Grand, les cheveux noirs un peu fous, les yeux clairs, peut-être bleus, le jeans troué de circonstance, le tee-shirt à l’effigie du Che, le bras plutôt musclé. Faut croire que les hommes jeunes aiment se prouver que l’intérêt qu’une femme leur porte tient dans le gonflement sous la manche. Lui aussi m’a observée, mais bien plus franchement. De la tête aux pieds, sans se presser.

— Dis donc, ma voisine, t’en jettes, t’es mignonne !

Ben voyons, j’ai pensé, comme t’es sûr de toi. Moi je le sais que je suis bien gaulée et que j’ai une tête de salope sous mes longues mèches brunes. Alors ton compliment du dimanche… enfin, du samedi…

— Oh merci, j’ai répondu. Et j’ai pris un air timide pour lui faire croire que j’avais compris qu’à côté de moi trônait le roi du monde.

Du coup, ça lui a donné de l’assurance. Avant qu’il ne passe au plan d’attaque, j’ai eu le temps de constater qu’entre Carole et le grand black la conversation allait bon train.

Laurent ne m’a pas laissé le temps de saisir des bribes de ce qui se disait devant moi.

— Laurence, je dis sans doute une bêtise, mais j’ai l’impression qu’on se connaît… Où nous sommes-nous rencontrés ?

Je me suis dit qu’il manquait pas d’air le beau brun. C’est sûr qu’avec des cils pareils et des pupilles comme des agates… C’était quand même pas une raimister pour déployer des plumes de paon et se la péter comme ça. Alors pour le troubler et je savais que je le troublerais, j’ai ôté mon petit pull et il a découvert mon tee-shirt noué au-dessus du ventre et mon piercing. La vache, ses yeux comme ils ont fait le parcours du pull enlevé jusqu’au nombril ! Ça lui a fait faire une minute de silence et j’ai apprécié cette petite victoire volée au guerrier de l’amour qu’il semblait être. J’ai su d’entrée de jeu à qui j’avais affaire, un serial lover, j’ai su aussi que je voudrais savoir quel goût avait ce garçon. On est salope dans l’âme ou on ne l’est pas. Ça risquait d’être long ce Marseille-Paris en TER et je n’avais emporté ni livre ni ouvrage genre crochet ou tricot…

C’était le genre devin qui perce les pensées parce qu’il a dit :

— J’ai pas prévu d’occupation et on n’est pas rendu… Et toi ?

Me suis demandée quel effet ça devait faire de poser des questions dans le vide vu que je prenais pas la peine de répondre. Mais j’ai souri, dans le vague. Et j’ai pris un regard de tragédienne, histoire de déstabiliser Laurent.

— C’est pas pour te flatter ma belle mais des avions de chasse comme toi, on en voit pas beaucoup dans le ciel…

Voilà, un comme lui quand ça commence, ça peut pas s’arrêter et pour emballer le tout il était d’une poésie… Malgré ce déballage inepte, j’avoue que mister corps exerçait sur moi une attirance folle. Dommage, je m’étais imaginée que si je rencontrais quelqu’un d’intéressant pendant ce trajet, il aurait lu au moins le Manifeste de Marx.

Ça semblait pas le cas et il portait le Che sur le torse comme il aurait pu porter le logo d’une marque fashion. Le truc de circonstances. Je savais pas quoi faire de la petite laine chiffonnée entre mes doigts. Alors je l’ai posée sur mister jeans. Je me suis étirée. J’ai regardé par la fenêtre.

Il a saisi à pleines mains le pull. Il l’a porté à mister visage. Il l’a humé, fort. Puis abandonné sur mister pantalon, à la place que j’avais choisie pour le vêtement. Me suis demandée à quel concert on aurait droit, là-bas, à la fête de l’Huma. Est-ce que ça serait à la hauteur de Lavilliers…

Laurent a pris ma main dans la sienne et l’a enfouie sous mon pull. Posée sur mister sexe. Il a défait la braguette. Sa queue était chaude et charnue. Je l’ai empoignée, limite par automatisme, je voulais juger de la solidité du renflement. Dans ma main, nichée dans la paume, jouant contre mes doigts, elle prenait vie. C’était une histoire entre elle et moi. Elle devenait mon natural domestique. J’avais l’impression que c’était elle qui me caressait, qu’elle quémandait mon attention. Je n’avais pas à la dompter, elle était maîtrisée d’avance, offerte, acquise. Ça m’était bien égal qu’à l’autre bout d’elle les yeux bleus n’aient pas lu Karl Marx. Toute chaude, elle se mettait à danser, tendue, arrondie, parfaite. Une queue d’exception.

— Tu l’aimes, hein, ma bite, elle te plaît, pas vrai…

Pouvait pas s’empêcher de la ramener. J’avais pas envie qu’il la retire de mes mains, alors j’ai dit oui, oui, oui, je l’aime ta queue, je vais la prendre en bouche, la lécher, saliver dessus. J’ai dit ça très doucement, en le regardant dans les yeux, je sais pas si dans le wagon y en avait qui nous observaient, je pense que non, mais ça n’avait pas d’importance. J’ai vu passer la joie, la reconnaissance, dans mister regard.

Mes doigts ont pris la forme d’un rond de serviette et avec un savoir-faire que je ne leur avais jamais connu auparavant, ils se mistert mis à danser autour de la bête. Ma chair moite épousait cet natural prêt à se rendre d’un instant à l’autre. Le grand sauvage dans ma main petite sursautait, tremblait, se débattait. J’ai regardé le visage de Laurent et j’ai vu couler une larme le long de sa joue. Un pleur de bonheur. J’étais fière de moi. Alors j’ai astiqué mister engin de plus belle, le geste énergique. Je me sentais frénétique.

Sous mon pantalon je portais le petit short rouge qui me sert pour le footing l’été sur la plage. Le short bordé de blanc sur les coutures, le short avec écrit sexy en grosses lettres sur le cul. Je me sentais puissante parce que je mouillais ma culotte et que ça débordait sur le short de coton. J’étais humide, ça collait et entre mes mains se trouvait le levier de vitesse d’une bien jolie machine.

Laurent s’est tourné vers moi. Il a posé sa bouche dans mon cou avec une délicatesse inattendue. Il a plaqué ses doigts entre mes cuisses et juste par la pression de cette main j’étais au bord de jouir. J’ai dégagé mon visage et je me suis inclinée. Ses doigts ne pouvaient plus exercer la même pression. J’ai repris le contrôle. Sa bite a tapé contre ma joue. Elle est venue se loger dans ma bouche et j’ai craché un gros flot de salive. Je l’ai sucée avec tout l’amour que je sais mettre dans ces moments-là. Il y avait la bite et moi. La bite et ma bouche. Laurent, Guillaume, Carole, le grand black, le groupe, je m’en foutais. C’était moi la plus belle fille du wagon, moi, la plus belle pute du Marseille-Paris. Je me sentais glorieuse de ça. J’y ai mis tant de cœur qu’il a éjaculé un monstrueux jet de sperme au fond de ma gorge. Et sans bruit. Sans le moindre râle. Juste les frismisters et les soubresauts. J’ai avalé d’une traite. J’ai passé ma main pour essuyer ma bouche. Je me suis relevée. J’ai regardé par la fenêtre. Direct. Pas un regard, rien, pour lui.

On a laissé passer une dizaine de minutes comme ça. Je suis sûre qu’il y avait eu quelques voyeurs pour mater la scène. J’espère qu’ils en avaient eu mal à la queue d’envie.
Laurent s’est penché vers moi et il m’a dit qu’il avait envie de pisser, qu’il voulait que je vienne avec lui, pour le regarder et puis que si moi j’avais envie, il allait me regarder aussi. Il s’est levé et s’est dirigé vers la cabine de toilettes à l’arrière du wagon. Même pas une minute après lui, j’ai fait de même. Il faisait plus sombre à cet endroit du compartiment et on n’intéressait plus qui que ce soit. La suspicion nous concernant n’avait plus lieu d’être. Il est entré le premier et j’ai suivi.

On s’est serré afin de fermer la porte. Je me suis collée contre la paroi et il a déboutonné mon jeans. Il a passé ses mains sous le short et la culotte pour les faire glisser. Il y avait une cuvette, ce qui est rare dans ce genre de trains souvent équipés de vieux toilettes à la turque, plus hygiéniques mais pas très pratiques. Et puis c’était propre. J’ai eu l’idée de provoquer le grand garçon aux yeux clairs. Je me suis assise pour pisser. Il m’a regardée. Il m’a dit de ne pas m’essuyer. Il m’a dit de me relever. De mettre mon bon petit cul contre le mur. J’ai obéi. Il s’est agenouillé devant moi. D’abord j’ai senti sa respiration contre ma chatte glabre. Puis il a passé sa langue le long de ma fente. Une grosse langue gourmande. J’ai senti ses lèvres charnues prendre possession de mon bulbe suintant. J’ai écarté les cuisses parce que je voulais plus de sensations. Il lapait mon sexe, il avait lapé mes gouttes d’urine. Il a aspiré ma chatte tout entière et sans presque toucher mon clitoris, il m’a fait jouir. Je n’ai pas pu m’empêcher de gémir.

J’ai déchargé comme rarement dans ma vie. Tant bien que mal, je me suis réajustée.

Bien sûr, c’est le moment que Guillaume a choisi pour vouloir utiliser les lieux. Quand on a ouvert il attendait sagement derrière la porte. Laurent était gêné, l’embarras le faisait transpirer. Ça m’a agacée ce manque d’aplomb. Moi, je me suis pas démontée. J’ai regardé Laurent dans les yeux et je lui ai offert un sourire plein de promesses. Après tout, un chef, ça a des prérogatives. Avant d’entrer dans les toilettes, Guillaume s’est mordillé la lèvre supérieure, genre, c’est quand tu veux ma belle. Mais je voulais, ça tombait pile poil, on aurait tout loisir de combler le roi des révolutionnaires à la fête ou dans sa chambre d’hôtel ou sur le trajet retour. Lui, il aurait le choix.

On s’est remis à nos place. Devant, Carole s’était endormie et le grand black était perdu dans ses rêves. Je l’y aurais volontiers rejoint. Quelle sotte cette Carole. Un modèle si appétissant. Mais je me réservais désormais pour Guillaume. Je ne voulais pas me disperser trop. Laurent collait mister bras contre le mien mais j’en avais rien à faire de mister bras. Lui et moi c’était une histoire de fellation et de lèche qui allait s’arrêter là. À cet instant, j’étais juste la seule à le savoir. Il a dit que ça serait cool de recommencer à Paris. J’ai pas répondu.

Quand Guillaume a traversé à nouveau le wagon, j’ai regardé ses fesses et comment il marchait. C’était pas une gravure de mode mais il me plaisait. Il me plaisait davantage que mon voisin. Dimisters que lui je l’avais pas eu, pas encore. Dimisters qu’avec lui j’envisageais de coucher mais c’est sûr que dans une chambre d’hôtel par exemple, ça s’y prête plus facilement que dans un compartiment de TER !

J’ai fermé les yeux. On allait pas tarder à arriver à Paris. J’ai pensé à mon petit ami qui n’était pas du tout de gauche, lui, qui avait une belle situation, qui avait toute confiance en moi et viendrait me chercher, sur le quai de la gare St Charles, à la fin du week-end. J’ai pensé à Guillaume et j’ai espéré très fort qu’il m’invite le soir dans mister lit. Sinon je dormirais sous une grande tente prévue pour nous recevoir et dans mon sac de couchage et ça j’en avais vraiment pas envie. Guillaume, en dignitaire, avait une chambre réservée, je le savais. J’ai pensé à Che Guevara et j’ai déploré qu’il soit contre le torse de Laurent parce que je les trouvais pas assortis.

Peut-être que je me trompais mais j’en doute. Je me suis dit qu’il me faudrait trouver une phrase inoubliable à dire à Laurent en descendant du train. Le temps n’efface pas les phrases et avec le temps il oublierait le goût de ma fente. Bonne ou mauvaise, j’ai toujours eu le sens de la formule. J’ai pensé qu’en quittant le train, quand le groupe à nouveau se mélangerait, Laurent me dirait une phrase du genre :

— À plus tard ma coquine, ma terrible Laurence… On se retrouve ce soir…

Je me suis dit qu’il y avait pas trente-six mille mots qui feraient mouche, qui seraient parfaits dans ce contexte, j’ai pensé que je lui répondrais alors :

— Hasta siempre, Laurent…

Histoire de botter en touche et de passer à autre chose…

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y'a une suite ??


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Ma femme et moi avons été mariés pendant 30 ans. J'ai pris ma retraite à 55 ans ma femme était
50. Elle était encore une femme très séduisante, 5 pi 3 po 130 lbs. She She
À pied chaque jour dans le bloc de quartier. Elle a récemment changé mister
coupe de cheveux à ce qu'elle appelait une nuque courte et qu'il était attrayante sur elle. Comme
pour moi, je lui etait un peu grassouillet au fil des années mais rien de drastique. Mon
femme, Carol a toujours essayé de se rendre à faire plus d'exercice, mais j'ai senti le chantier de travaux
m'ont gardé en assez bonne forme. Le seul regret que nous avions était de ne pas avoir
enfants. Certaines permisternes ont appelé qu'une bénédiction.

Il ya trois mois, les nouveaux voisins d'emménager à côté. Ils étaient d'un noir
famille avec deux fils. Ben Weller était mister nom, il a travaillé dans la sécurité qui
il convenait. Il était de plus de 6 'de hauteur et construit comme un boxeur. J'ai dû admettre à
moi-même en secret, j'avais le fantasme bizarre de le voir nu. Sa femme a été
femme très attractif, a travaillé pour l'Etat. Thad et Jake étaient leurs
fils. Thad avait quinze ans et Jake avait dix-sept. Ils ont pris après que leur père
parce qu'ils étaient à la fois grand. En fait, Jake était presque aussi grand que mister père.

Il est sûr de dire que ma femme et moi sommes des gens assez passive. Nous avons tendance à ne pas
Agitez le bateau, nous étions plus soumise que agressif. Je suppose que c'est pour cela que je
toujours senti intimidé par Ben quand il vint à emprunter quelque chose à
mon garage. Il a fait sentir qui lui mistert subordonnés. Cela ne me dérangeait pas qu'il a emprunté
les choses parce qu'il a toujours entre eux mistert revenus. Soit lui ou un de ses fils. Puis
un jour j'ai besoin de la taille-haies j'avais prêté à Ben.

Je suis allé à côté et trouve Ben dans mister bricolage garage avec mister camion. Il
n'avait pas de chemise sur je ne pouvais m'empêcher remarquez comment musculaire haut de mister corps
était. Son teint noir semblait accent plus ses muscles. "What's up,
John? "" Oh, rien, Ben. Juste besoin d'utiliser le taille-haie cette
matin. "Sounds like a pretty lame excuse pour moi." J'ai été pris au
garde. «Moi, je ne comprends pas ce que tu veux dire. Ben s'approcha et fermé
enfoncé la porte de garage.

«Je vous ai vu me regarder. Vous pensez que ma grosse queue noire regarde
etc. "J'ai secoué la tête et l'avala." NO. Non, S'il vous plaît Ben. J'assure
tu. Rien de tel que jamais venu à moi! "" Vous et votre femme ne mistert pas
sexe beaucoup plus si tout. Sauf pour un travail main, elle pourrait vous donner. "Je
ne veulent pas l'admettre mais il était à peu près normal. Carol et j'ai eu des rapports sexuels
une fois dans une couple de mois. Cela ne marche pas très bien.

"S'il vous plaît. Ben. Puis-je obtenir le taille-haie et je vais te laisser seul." «Je vais
vous donner plus que le coupé. "Ben renforcée autour de mister camion, criantes
vers le bas sur moi. «Mets-toi à genoux! "S'il vous plaît, s'il vous plaît Ben, j'ai été arrêté
court. Il a mis ses grosses mains sur mes épaules et m'ont poussé à terre. Somehow,
Je n'avais pas peur de ce qui allait se passer ensuite. Ben dézippé mister pantalon,
il ne portait pas de shorts. Son érection énorme flac en face de moi.

«Ouvrez la bouche, at-il ordonné. "Obtenez votre bouche sur la tête et le sucer!
La tête était circoncis et très épais. C'était comme mettre un grand
concombre dans ma bouche. Je ne pouvais croire que je faisais cela pour lui. «Com'on
obtenir de plus dans votre bouche. Suck it! "Je n'aime pas combien de temps je suçait mister
pénis quand, soudain, il sortit de ma bouche. Il a commencé à le caresser et
coup tous mister sperme sur mon visage. Il y avait tellement que je n'aurais jamais cru
arrêter. «La prochaine fois je vais vous la faire avaler!"

Il a saisi mes bras et me tira de mes pieds. Ses mains rapidement détachée
mon pantalon et yanked eux jusqu'à mes chevilles. «Tout comme je le pensais. You got
un peu de bois là-bas. "Il avait raimister. Je n'ai pas avoir une érection. Mettez vos mains
derrière votre dos. Mettez-vous là pendant que je lait cette chose blanche. "Je n'ai jamais eu
un homme caresse jamais mon pénis avant. Elle était debout humiliante il ya
lui permettant de me masturber. Je tiens seulement à admettre à mon amour que je
complètement enjoyed it.

Il a fallu seulement environ une minute, j'étais tellement excitée sentant sa large main
tirant sur mon pénis. L'éjaculation se sentait mieux que ce que j'avais dans un long long
heure. «Mettez-vous dos à un pantalon," Ben a ordonné, comme il l'atteint pour la
trimmer. «Ici. Have a good time. Autant que j'ai essayé d'obtenir les images des
ce matin-là hors de mon esprit, je ne pouvais pas. Chaque fois que je pensais qu'il était de mon
pénis gonfler. Je n'avais aucune idée de ce que seraient les conséquences de
Ce jour-là.

Deux jours plus tard, quand je suis retourné au bureau de poste, j'ai trouvé une note sur le
Table de cuisine. C'est à partir de Carol qui a dit qu'elle était allée à côté pour aider les
Helen, l'épouse de Ben. Je ne me souviens pas en lui disant rien sur Hélène ou
d'y aller avant. J'ai rencontré Jake et Thad dans l'allée le tournage d'un
Basket-ball à travers le cerceau. "Je suis venu pour voir s'il Carol était ici."


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Jake et Thad sourit: "Ouais, elle est à l'intérieur avec maman et papa. La porte arrière
est ouvert. "C'était une bonne chose que je n'ai pas eu de troubles cardiaques. Je me suis arrêté
immédiatement dans mon élan. Carol était à genoux en face de Ben. Son
Dick grandes glissait dans et hors de sa bouche. Ses bras étaient attachés derrière
mister dos et elle était complètement nue! «Surpris, John?" Helen posées. Je
n'avait pas remarqué, mais elle était assise à la table avec une robe de suite.

Je ne répondait toujours pas parce que je trouvais difficile de croire ce que je voyais.
Ben m'a souri. "Elle aime coq noir aussi bien que vous fassiez, John"
"Yeah", a ajouté Helen. «Nous sommes à poindre votre femme po That's all." Elle
a pris une gorgée de mister café. "J'ai entendu que vous n'avez sucer des bites l'autre
journée dans le garage. Comment avez-vous l'aimez? "J'ai essayé de penser à quelque chose
Ben pour dire quand tout d'un coup éjaculé dans la bouche de Carol.

Le sperme coulait de ses lèvres, sur mister menton et la partie de mister visage
et finalement sur le sol. Mon pénis accroché aux plus rapide Erection I
avait jamais eu. C'était la chose la plus troublant que j'ai jamais vu. Je n'avais jamais été
gros sur le porn comme beaucoup d'hommes alors j'étais un peu prude sur ces choses. Ben
essuya le sperme sur le visage de Carol et frottaient sur ses seins. Son dur
mamelons étaient debout pour l'extraire. Ben délié les mains de Carol, Helen ballotté
ses vêtements à elle.

«Mieux vaut les mettre sur de sorte que votre mari peut vous ramener à la maimister. Je n'ai jamais dit une
mot non parce que j'étais en colère, mais parce que j'ai été humilié à prendre la parole.
Carol suis habillé et nous sommes allés chez eux. Il fallut un certain temps avant que je le faisait savoir.
"Voulez-vous me dire ce que c'était tout sur là-bas? Carol
ne voulait pas me regarder dans les yeux au lieu elle baissa la tête. "J'ai été forcé de
faire ce que vous avez vu. Helen m'a fait là-bas sur un autre faux-semblant. Je n'avais aucune idée
qui allait se passer. S'il vous plaît me croire. "

C'était presque comme si elle lu dans mes pensées parce que j'ai pensé à le garage de
quelques jours plus tôt. Carol brusquement levé la tête. "Qu'est-ce que Helen moyenne
À propos de pomper la bite dans le garage? "Maintenant c'est mon tour. J'ai pris une profonde
souffle. "Elle, ce n'était rien. J'ai eu une rencontre avec Ben dans le garage d'un
Il ya quelques jours. "" Quel genre de rencontre?

«Quand je suis allé pour obtenir le régleur. Je pouvais sentir l'offense tous
sur mon corps. "Lui, il m'a forcé à sucer sa bite". "Et vous n'avez jamais dit
quelque chose? "Je favoris sur elle." Vous alliez dire quelque chose
Et aujourd'hui? "Il est apparu nous étions tous deux à une impasse. J'ai eu mon offense
et Carol avait le sien. "let's just let it go et se concentrer sur notre vie."

Deux jours plus tard c'était samedi, Ben m'a appelé pour sa maimister. J'ai été un peu
appréhension pour dire le moins. Thad et Jake étaient là. «Tous à vos
genoux, John. "J'étais complètement intimidée par Ben et ses deux fils. I
rapidement à genoux. Jake me tenaient les bras derrière mon dos alors qu'il les a attachés Thad
vers le haut. J'ai pensé que cette fois, il serait Jake ou Thad. Ils m'ont fait me tenir
époque à laquelle ils ont enlevé mon pantalon et sous-vêtements.

Ben m'a conduit dans le couloir de la chambre. Helen était couché sur le lit nu.
La première chose que j'ai remarqué, comme tous les hommes, je suppose, ont été ses seins. Ils ont été
un grand pays et étaient ses mamelons. Ne peut pas laisser mon mari ont du plaisir avec
vous deux, dit-elle en souriant grand. "À quand remonte la dernière fois que vous lécher la chatte?"
Elle demandé. «Je, je, je ne sais pas. Ou me souviens». J'ai bégayé. Elle
ri. "Alors, vous en pour un petit plaisir!

Helen ouvrit les jambes et m'a donné une vue parfaite de sa chatte noire. Je
s'il allait résister, mais je savais qu'il ne servirait à rien. Helen attrapé mon
tête et me tira dans mister entrejambe mouillé. "Obtenez votre langue là-dedans. Faites-le glisser
tous sur moi! "Elle se plaignait en gémissant comme elle se frotte le dos et mon visage
reconnus dans sa chatte. «Voilà! Juste là!" Elle criait. "Gardez votre langue
frottement sur mon clito! "Une minute plus tard, elle a crié et frotté mon visage
et vers le bas sa chatte, gémissant et criant plusieurs fois.

Je sentais que mon visage a pris une douche chaude. Elle me repoussa alors qu'elle était couchée
Retour sur le lit en gémissant un peu plus. "Vous n'avez pas assez bon, John," Ben sourit
, Portant une serviette humide pour essuyer mon visage hors fonction avec. «Je chose que mon épouse aime
votre visage dans sa chatte. "Ben m'a posé un lapin." Je vois la chatte de ma femme fait
ta bite dure. "Je commençais à associer à mon offense

Ben m'a ramené à la salle de séjour. Il détacha mes bras. «Depuis que tu es à moitié
nu. Vous pourriez aussi bien aller au bout. Take your shirt off. "Ben renoué
mes bras. "Tu as déjà entendu parler de bdsm? J'ai hoché la tête, «oui, je ne vis pas en vertu d'un
rock. C'est une sorte de chose bizarre sexe pervers "." Ouais, c'est vrai. Mais plus
gens l'amour que vous en pensez. "

Ben a sorti un bâillon boule et il se balançait en face de moi. "Jamais vu un de
ceux-ci? "" Oui. Ils l'utilisent dans le sexe kinky. "Ben en riant, ouvrez votre bouche."
J'ai fait et il a inséré la boule rouge dans ma bouche. Ensuite il ferma la sangle
autour de mon cou pour le tenir en place. "Il m'a conduit à un miroir." Voyez comment
bon vous regardez dans tout cela? Nous saisismisters mieux vous à côté et montrer Carol. "

Mon cœur a sauté un battement quand il dit ça. Mon dieu que c'était la dernière chose que je
voulu. Cependant, j'ai été ligoté et bâillonné et je n'avais aucun mot à dire sur la question. Je
réalisé à quel point j'étais impuissant à ce moment. Ben avait un contrôle total sur
moi. Il pouvait faire ce qu'il aimait. N'importe qui pourrait d'ailleurs. Complètement
nu, Ben m'a conduit par la porte arrière dans la cour. Dieu merci, nous a
par la porte arrière pour que permisterne ne pouvait me voir. Il m'a conduit dans la maimister et
me fit asseoir sur une chaise. J'ai regardé autour, mais ne voit pas que Carol n'importe où.

Ben baissa les yeux sur moi. "Vous cherchez la petite femme? Amenez-en, Jake."
Carol avait un collier de cuir autour du cou et fut conduit dans la salle par
Jake avec une laisse attachée au collier. Elle a également été Buck nu, les bras
attachées derrière mister dos. Thad marchait derrière Carol. "You got a pretty hot
cherche femme là-bas, John. Mais je crois qu'elle est de développer une dépendance au noir
bites. "

«A genoux!" Jake commandés. Carol obéit aussitôt, pour tomber à mister
genoux. Jake enlevé mister pantalon et caressa le coq noir importantes avant
poussant dans la bouche de Carol. Carol bâillonné à quelques reprises. J'ai regardé tout
Jake pompé sa bite adolescentes dans et hors de la bouche de Carol. Ses testicules gros
osciller Carol parfois frappant sur le menton. Brusquement, Jake
gémissait et enfonça ses hanches vers l'avant.

Après quelques secondes, je pouvais voir le sperme roulant de Carol
lèvres. Jake et Thad rapidement changé de place. Thad glissé sa bite noir
Carol dans la bouche et commença buttage. Je n'avais aucun contrôle sur mes émotions comme
tout le monde pouvait voir. Suscité par tout ce qui se passait, ma bite
était debout à la verticale. "Makes you really hot! Regarder votre sucer femme
grosses bites noires ».


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Autant que je ne voulais pas l'admettre, il avait raimister. Il ne me réveiller
complètement. L'image de la bouche de Carol dégoulinant de sperme et ses seins rebondissent
avant en arrière. Il ne me font dur! Encore une fois j'ai vu le sperme coule de
ses lèvres et sur mister menton et sur sa poitrine. Jake et Thad tiré Carol
à ses pieds puis sa demi-tour en face de moi. Jake a glissé sa main
entre ses cuisses et dans la chatte. "Ouais, cette chienne est humide et sauvage."

Jake Carol apporté à moi et me fit agenouiller. Il poussa la tête vers le bas,
«Maintenant, suce bite de votre mari." Il a probablement été 20 années écoulées depuis ma bite
était dans sa bouche. Ces jours que nous utilimisters pour faire l'amour à beaucoup. Le siphonage
misters qu'il fait éveillé encore plus à moi. J'ai fermé les yeux, gémit tout haut
et le coup de la sensation à travers mon corps comme un verrou de l'éclairage. Sa bouche
était plein mon sperme pour la première fois depuis des années.

Ben tiré Carol à ses pieds et se pencha par-dessus le bras du canapé. Je ne pouvais
voir la fissure humide de mister Peeking chatte dans ses joues ass. Ben a chuté
mister pantalon et frotte sa bite noire et épaisse de haut en bas fente d'âne de Carol.
«Maintenant, je vais remplir votre chatte avec un coq réel!" Carol gémit fort que
Ben a glissé sa bite dure en elle. Carol gémissait et la salle était remplie
avec le mister de Ben's cuisses contre la fessée cul de Carol.

Soudain, elle a crié "OH MY GOD! Oh, oh, oh mon dieu!" "Ce coq noir est
pas encore prête, salope! "Carol gémi et crié à nouveau tandis que Ben éperonné
sa bite grands dans et hors de sa chatte. Il doit avoir une minute avant
Ben avait mister orgasme et a tiré de là. Je pouvais voir Carol la chatte ruisselante
Sperme Ben's long de ses cuisses et sur le bras canapé. Elle était toujours sa capture

La porte s'ouvrit et je vis Helen marche po Elle était vêtue d'un peu
étrange. Cuisse de hautes bottes et les vêtements de cuir noir avec un cuir correspondant
soutien-gorge. «Ce que vous faites les garçons par ici?" Elle demandé. "Just having some fun",
Ben répondu. Helen regarda Carol. "Cette chienne est en désordre. Vous les garçons
vont donner un bain et il obtenir mister nettoyés. "

Jake et Thad tiré Carol à ses pieds et il a conduit hors de la chambre. Helen
se retourna vers moi. "Cela représente très bien, sourit-elle. "Me and Ben se
vous permet de jouer avec. Et les garçons étaient à votre femme de jouer avec. Travaux JUST OUT
amende. "Ben moi yanked lever de votre siège: Helen marchait autour de moi." Vous
jamais eu votre âne blanc fessée? Je parie que vous avez fait quand vous étiez un garçon. "Je
ne pouvait pas lui répondre en raimister du bâillon dans ma bouche.

Eh bien nous allons juste vous plier plus que le bras de canapé. Ben m'a forcé sur le bras
tout comme ils l'avaient fait Carol. Maintenant, mon âne a été dressées en l'air.
Helen posa sa main sur le cul. "Voyons voir si nous pouvons mettre un peu de couleur
dans cette âne blanc de la vôtre. "La prochaine chose que j'ai entendue était un grand coup fort et d'un
sensation de picotement sur mes joues ass. Il y avait quatre horions plus et le
picotements dans mon cul tournait à une sensation de brûlure.

Pendant les horions de la ceinture de cuir, Hélène aurait arrêter et puis Slap Me
avec sa main et pincer le cul avec les doigts. Puis il le suivi avec
un autre horions quelques pas de la ceinture. Inutile de dire que ce fut une douloureuse sur ma
tendres joues d'âne. "Je pense que cette chienne a assez whipp'in âne. Helen
conclu entre mes jambes et m'a attrapé par les couilles. "Vous rappelez-vous combien
que whipp'in ass hurts. Vous sortez de la ligne et je vais enlever votre âne blanc
deux fois plus longtemps. M'entends-tu? "

Je me suis vite hocher la tête pour dire oui. Mon âne était toujours en feu et je ne voulais pas
plus. Ben a saisi mon bras et m'a arrachés à mes pieds. Helen intensifié
pour moi. "Écarte tes jambes, ouvrez tout grand!" Elle ramassa un couple de petits
colliers en métal dont elle serré sur mes mamelons. Je me sentais plus d'inconfort
elle a suivi le chemin inverse vers le bas. Elle a ramassé quelque chose d'autre sur la table.

«Ceci est mon favori cravache. J'aime l'utiliser sur coqs Mans blanc».
Elle a taquiné ma queue et des boules avec la culture, en se frottant le tout autour de mon
organes génitaux. La douleur constante, je me sentais dans mes mamelons avait une
effet sur mon pénis. Il a été le rendant dur comme un roc. Helen a débuté en tapant
mon gland avec la récolte puis baisser à mes testicules. Je lui ai répondu avec de brusques
saccades et des grognements qui la rendait heureuse.

My dick était douloureux d'être giflé tellement avec la culture comme cela a été mon scrotum
et à l'intérieur des cuisses. Ben et Helen trouvé amusant à quel point mon pénis rouge
était. Helen l'a saisie et a commencé à me masturber là dans le salon. Je
Carol brièvement me demandais où était et ce qu'elle faisait. Puis, soudain, mon
testicules douloureuses ont commencé à se déverser ma semence dans la main d'Hélène.

Ils ont rapidement décidé qu'ils avaient assez de fun pour une nuit, alors ils m'ont détaché et
regagné leur domicile. Peu de temps après Carol entra et alla droit à
la chambre à coucher. Le lendemain matin, je n'ai pas réveiller jusqu'à dix heures. J'ai entendu Carol dans
la cuisine et je jette sur un peignoir et descendit pour voir ce qu'elle faisait. Elle
portait mister tablier de fleurs, juste et tablier et rien d'autre.

Je lui ai souri, je ne pense pas avoir jamais vu vous portez un simple tablier. "Jake
dit-moi à rester nus, quand j'étais dans la maimister. Juste au cas où un homme voudrait
se servir de moi. "

Je ne pouvais voir le contour de ses seins piquer sur le devant de la
tablier. Je la regarde bars ass sortaient à l'arrière du tablier. Elle a été
J'aimerais droit d'utiliser mister droit là!


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The Visit

‘Hello Mr Watmister sorry Paul isn’t home, he’s out at work at the moment’.
‘Yes June I know, it is June isn’t it?’
‘Yes Mr Watmister’.
‘Well actually June it’s you I wanted to see, do you mind if I come in?’
‘No of course not, come in and I’ll put the kettle on’.
June thinks to herself what the fuck is Paul’s boss doing here during the day; I hope he’s not in any sort of trouble. She ushers the old man into the living room and invites him to take a seat on the settee.
‘What do you take tea or coffee?’
‘Oh tea will be fine, white no sugar please’.
As June leaves the room he follows her with his gaze, admiring the way her thin nightdress clings to her sexy young behind.
She puts the kettle on and then realised that she hasn’t got dressed yet, how could she be so lazy? Re-entering the living room with the teas she apologises for her appearance.
‘Sorry for the way I’m dressed Mr Watmister, I’m having a lazy day, I’ll go and put some things on, as I must look a right mess’.
‘Don’t do that on my behalf June, you certainly don’t look a mess, in fact I was just thinking how good you look’.
‘Flattery will get you every where you know. Although I bet you’re only being polite’. She says wondering why an old man would find her good looking.
‘Actually not just good looking but very sexy, you look stunning if I may say so, Paul is a very lucky guy to have some one as attractive as you at home, no wonder he kept that quiet from me or I would have been to pay you a visit before now’.
Blushing June sits in the chair opposite her husband’s boss, not believing she has only just met this old man and here he is chatting her up!
‘Well June I came round to get to know you a bit more, I am considering promotion for someone and Paul is up for the job. So I thought I had better pay a visit’.
‘What do you need to know then’?
‘To be honest June now that I have seen you my mind is on something else altogether if you know what I mean, perhaps we can all benefit from me being here’.
June eyes the old man suspiciously.
‘Don’t look at me like that June, in fact come over here and sit next to me and I will explain in more detail, I’m sure you will like what I have to say’.
Hesitantly June crosses the room and places herself next to the old man, nervous of the fact that she is only in her loose nightie and looking at the growing bulge in the front of his trouser he clearly wants more than a chat!
‘I can see you’ve noticed just how sexy I think you are, I wasn’t joking was I. Let’s cut to the chase shall we, seeing you in that sexy nightie has given me a hard-on as you can see, which means that I now want to fuck you, and if you do that Paul gets the new job. Every one’s a winner’.
‘Well, apart from the fact that; what makes you think I would want to have sex with an old man like you’?
Without saying a word Paul’s boss starts to undo the top of his trousers followed by the fly button on his boxer shorts, and then without any hesitation he removes his massive cock and waves it at June.
At first she sits staring open mouthed at the sight of it. It’s enormous, at least twice as long as Paul’s and much thicker as well! The foreskin stretched just enough to expose the tip of his glistening helmet.
‘Now I’ve got your full attention you can see exactly what’s in it for you June, you are about to get the best sex of your life, so don’t be shy take a hold of it and feel just how hard you have made me’.
Without having to be told twice as if on auto-pilot June reaches out and grasps the old mans swollen cock, marvelling at just how big and hard it feels, so much bigger than her husbands.
‘You bastard you know this is totally wrong’. She exclaims without making any attempt to withdraw her hand from his massive cock, in fact she starts to gently stroke it’s entire length as she weakly protests to him. Feeling the thick veiny shaft throbbing against her delicate touch is enough to know she wants more, much more.
‘It’s only wrong if you feel guilty and I certainly don’t, from what I can see you are more than ready to feel a real mans cock inside you so don’t worry, just enjoy it as much as I will. As for Paul he will just have to accept it’.
As her slim hand reaches the very tip she increases her grip slightly, enough to gently withdraw the foreskin and fully expose the large purple head of his magnificent cock, a small amount of pre-come glistens on the tip. Being spoken to in such a matter of fact way by this old man sent a shiver running through her entire body, with the realisation that she is in his command and will do what ever he now asks.
‘Please don’t tell Paul about this will you’, she pleads as she continues to slowly wank her husbands boss, ‘He doesn’t need to know does he’?
‘If you think he won’t notice once I have stretched you with that cock in your hand he must be stupid, I don’t care if he knows or not. So just carry on and stop thinking about your husband and concentrate on giving me what I want’.
Without being asked with a wicked little grin June dips her head toward the old mans swollen cock and places the smooth glistening head in her eager mouth, swirling her tongue around it as she savours the feeling of having another mans cock in her mouth, a big beautiful one at that. So big in fact it even dwarfs the dildo she has secretly hidden away, the one she uses on her self to reach an orgasm once her useless hubby has shot his load and fallen arelax after his attempts at sex!
‘That’s it girl you’re getting the hang of it now so don’t stop until I say so’.
Lubricating her new found lovers cock with her saliva she proceeds to give him a very slow and sexy blow job, to show him just how good this young girl is when it comes to sex. Letting her sexy lips glide along its heavily contoured length until she can feel it reach the back of her throat. Slowly she withdraws until only the bulbous head is within her mouth before allowing the thick shaft to be slid to the back of her mouth once again, occasionally June fully withdraws to tease the swollen head of the massive cock with the tip of her tongue before once again gliding it deep into her warm wet mouth, a sensation for the old man equal to any fuck he had ever had!
Enjoying the feeling even more when he starts to thrust his cock into her mouth in a fucking motion, obviously he is enjoying it as much as she is!
As the old man looks down at his employees young wife servicing his old cock he can’t believe just how easy it was to have her, it was hardly seduction, more like giving her a little bit of a compliment and she was his, so easy.
With her young lips gliding along his shaft as she wanks it into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down, bent over as she kneels beside him on the settee.
‘Wow’ he thinks as he gently slips her nightdress up over her silky smooth bottom and along her back to reveal her tight upturned pussy to him for the first time. Without any ceremony he slips a long fat finger along the musky folds and into her wet eager cunt.
Finger fucking her, whilst she continues to suck him, in a way he has never experienced before.
‘God girl you’re gonna have me come in your mouth if your not careful! Keep that up and I won’t control myself’.
Hearing this, June starts wanking the massive shaft even harder and faster, keeping her lips firmly wrapped around the engorged purple head. Desperate to bring off the old bastard into her mouth, something she has never done for her husband!
Sensing her eagerness the old man lets go, his hot thick come jetting deep into the back of her throat. Spurt after spurt of the savoury fluid filling her mouth until she can’t swallow any more and has to withdraw, allowing the last few spurts to land in her hair and down on to her neck.
‘Fuck me girl you needed that, talk about frustrated just what does Paul do for you? He can’t be up to much in bed’.
‘We said we weren’t going to think about him and I’m not the only one that is frustrated judging by how much you’ve just come, so now it’s your turn old timer, take my nightie off and get licking my cunt while I get this cock of yours hard again’.
‘Sorry girl, if you want that cunt of yours licked you better tell Paul when he gets home, for now I will lay back and watch you suck me hard again, let’s face it, if you want my cock in you so much you had better work for it and I know you want it don’t you’.
‘That’s disgusting I can’t make Paul do that, not after you have just fucked me, it’s not right’.
‘So I was right you want me to fuck you don’t you’?
‘Well yes, of course I fucking do or I wouldn’t have just let you do that and come in my mouth would I’.
‘Now now girl don’t get sarky with me, just get on with sucking me hard again whilst I strip off completely’.
As June works her tongue up and down the old mans shaft she enjoys the fact that she has acted like a complete slut with this man. Letting him take control means she is doing things that she had always dreamt about but had not dared to actually carry out.
Pleased with just how fast she managed to get the big heavy cock hard again June was now desperate to feel it inside her tight wet pussy, she lays back on the settee naked in front of her husbands boss, legs spread wide and grinning like the ‘Cheshire Cat’.
‘What are you waiting for, I want that cock of yours in me and I want it now, so fuck me, go on, fuck me like you said you would, like the best, I need it now, please, please’.
‘How can a guy refuse a damsel in distress, but I don’t think you realise just how good this will feel’.
‘Please don’t tease me. I need you in me now’ I want your cock, please fuck me’.
Gently the old man grasps the end of his massive cock and guides it towards the entrance of the wet young cunt spread before him, and not for the first time he eases into an employees wife’s cunt with his boss cock. Inching it further and further in, deeper than June has ever been fucked before, over twice as deep as Paul can ever manage!
June gasps at the exquisite feel of her pussy being stretched wide as it accommodates her husband’s boss’s superior shaft. First the bulbous head and then the long, thick shaft with its veins adding to the sensation. Being taken by this horny bastard of an old man, June loves every moment of it as he uses her, knowing that he is right when he said Paul must be useless in bed. Letting him remove all her frustrations as he thrusts deeper and harder, fucking her with long power strokes giving her what she truly needs. Being penetrated deep into her belly by this old man with a superior cock. A real fucking, by a real man.
‘Fuck girl, you’re so tight I can’t believe it! Are you sure Paul has ever fucked you? It’s more like fucking a virgin, his cock must be tiny’.
‘Oh that’s good, so good, please don’t stop, ever. You can have me whenever you want, just please don’t stop’.
‘June, I know I can have you and I will have you. You are mine now, to fuck when it suits me. Whenever I call round you will suck my cock and then beg me to fuck you, do you understand’?
‘Yes sir, yes, whatever you say, please don’t stop’.
As he continues his relentless pace, plunging deep and hard June has her first ever cock induced, earth shattering orgasm; turned on even further by the old mans declaration. Being the sex object of an old man. To be ready for him whenever it suits him and under his total command, what a real man he is!
Suddenly his pace quickens, short deep thrusts, his pubic bone grinding against Junes. Sending wave after wave of tingling shocks coursing through her fit body as she senses he is about to come, come deep in her unprotected pussy!
With one final thrust she feels as his shaft expands inside her, before releasing a new torrent of his manly seed, this time deep inside her ripe tummy, penetrating further than Paul could dream of, even if she let him fuck her without any protection. This time it was different, this is a real mans seed being planted deep inside her, just where she needs it and fuck what Paul thinks, this is all about her and what she needs. What she needed and got was to be fucked, properly, fucked in a way her husbands’ boss understood and delivered.
Their combined orgasms finally subside, leaving a warm afterglow within them they cling to each other in a sticky embrace.
As they lay in each others arms, their bodies glistening following their exertion they kiss passionately as his heavy cock finally slips from her used pussy with a plopping sound. Her cunt now stretched beyond all recognition, never to be the same. From now on Paul’s cock would be of no use to her what so ever.
‘That was so good, you knew you were going to fuck me didn’t you, that’s why you came here isn’t it’?
‘To be honest June I couldn’t help but notice just how small Paul’s cock was when I saw him in the gym changing rooms recently! There and then I thought I would come and check you out as you must be ripe for a good fucking and I was spot on wasn’t I’.
‘You really are an arrogant bastard, but yes your right, I needed that even more then you realise. But did you mean all that about having me whenever you feel like it, I mean what will Paul say about you suddenly turning up round here’?
‘Like I said I don’t give a fuck about what Paul thinks, in fact I sent him a text telling him to meet me here at lunch time, which means he should be turning up any moment now. Talk about good timing here he is’.
Confused by the text from his boss Paul drives to his home and arrives dead on 12:00 noon. Hoping that his boss will announce who has got the promotion.
Entering into the living room Paul gets the shock of his life, his wife on her back, legs spread wide, her pussy completely stretched with come draining from it, down past her bum hole and beyond onto the settee. His boss standing naked beside her, his big cock hanging down in front of him, covered in the combined juices of his spunk and his own wife’s pussy juice, with a droplet about to fall from it’s end onto the floor. Even in the confusion of the moment Paul can’t help notice that his boss’s cock is massive, much longer that his own even when in it’s current state!!!
‘Well Paul lad, I called round to fuck your young wife as clearly she needs it, also to let you know that you have got the promotion’.
Shocked the words hardly have time to sink in when the old man continues.
‘What I mean is in a way the promotion is an after thought really, once I saw how sexy your wife is I decided to have her for myself, she is mine now, whenever I feel like having her I will. Do you understand? By way of compensation you can have the new job, but only if you comply in the same way as June has. She has been very accommodating really, she knows I am right and I can give her sex like you can only wank and dream about’.
‘June what does he mean’?
‘He’s right love, he fucked me better than you ever have and look at how much come he has left inside me, go on come over here and take a closer look’.
With his head spinning in confusion, in a trance the shocked Paul walks across the room and kneels beside his wife, close enough to not only see the fresh white come ooze from his wife’s stretched cunt but smell the pungent mix of their combined bodily fluids.
‘Paul there’s one other thing, when I asked Mr Watmister to lick my pussy he said that was your job, I said at the time it was disgusting to expect you to do it after he has used me but now I think about it, well if ever my pussy needed licking it’s now. Especially with all this manly seed pouring out of me, I think you should lick me, in fact I want you to clean me up fully, go on lick me clean, what are you waiting for’?
As Paul stared at her used cunt he felt her hand on the back of his head powering his face nearer and nearer to her sticky spunk filled cunt.
‘Paul lad, if June wants’ you to lick her clean you had better do as she says or do you want me to power you. Just understand things around here have changed, starting with the fact that your needs come a lowly third place now after mine first and then June’s. So get licking’!
Timidly as his face reaches the sticky spunk Paul slips out his tongue and gets his first taste of spunk, the spunk of his boss, an old man in his sixties, an old man that had just fucked his beautiful wife. His monster cock had stretched and filled June to overflowing and now being powerd to clean her up was too much for him.
‘What are you waiting for Paul just get on with it, or do you want Mr Watmister to power you? Go on just get down there and start sucking it all out of me before I start to get mad’. It didn’t taste that bad when I sucked him until he shot it all down my throat, Whoops I hadn’t mentioned that had I (she giggled). Anyway he is right, from now on I only want his cock in me, you had better get used to the taste of his spunk as that’s the only time you will get near my cunt. When it needs cleaning out. When it’s full of your boss’s spunk’.
Now realising he has no choice Paul submits, takes a deep breath and plunges his tongue deep into his wives gaping pussy, using it to scoop up large quantities of spunk into his mouth to swallow as demanded, the savoury taste totally alien to him. As he complies June soon alters her position, all the while holding her husbands head firmly against her used cunt. She manoeuvres, twisting them both until he is on the floor with his head resting on the settee facing upwards, whilst she is now squatting above him facing the back of the settee. In this sladying position the old mans spunk starts to flow from her in a torrent, pouring directly across her husband’s outstretched tongue and into his mouth.
This sight of June powering Paul to lick her clean is enough to get the old man hard for a third time in as many hours and ready for another fuck.
He positions himself behind June and rubs his hard cock up and down the entrance of her exposed cunt, powering more of the thick spunk down into Paul open mouth. Wickedly he then places the glistening head of his masterful cock into Pauls open mouth, powering him to suck it clean as well!
When Paul dutifully carries on without protest the old man makes him suck it fully, fucking his mouth much to the delight of June, the sight of her husband cock sucking being very entertaining to her.
‘That’s it sir make him get you really hard before you fuck me again, Oh my god, look at the bulge in his trousers, he’s turned on by all this! I’m married to a spunk loving little cocksucker. Paul you little perv you’re actually loving this, get you’re tiny dick out now, to show us just how much, but don’t stop sucking’.
As demanded Paul was past caring and complied, by undoing his trousers and pulling his pants down whilst continuing to suck off his boss.
‘That’s it you little wimp show us your little dicklet, but no touching it’.
After a while Mr Watmister pulls his cock from Paul’s mouth.
‘Now then be a good boy and put my cock in your wife’s cunt as I’m ready to show you how to fuck a girl properly, not that you will ever achieve it with your shrimp dick’.
In eagerness June arches her back slightly to give the old man even better access to her waiting pussy. Paul reaches up and takes hold of the magnificent erection that’s only inches from his face. Slowly her wanks the giant cock, a shiver goes through his entire body, knowing that his old man of a boss is going to give his own beautiful young wife so much pleasure with it!
Finally Paul kisses the very tip of the superior shaft before rubbing it along the length of his wife’s gaping cunt, watching in total awe as his masterful boss pushes forward and enters June for the


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Finally Paul kisses the very tip of the superior shaft before rubbing it along the length of his wife’s gaping cunt, watching in total awe as his masterful boss pushes forward and enters June for the second time in one long thrust. Her cunt easily accommodating the shaft as it penetrates deep into her ripe belly. June pushes back against her lover, meeting every thrust with equal enthusiasm to allow the old man to fuck her deeper and deeper from behind.
‘Don’t just watch wimp, make yourself useful and get licking my clit, I didn’t say you could stop did I’.
Letting his cock slide across Pauls tongue with every thrust, the old man continues fucking June from behind hard and fast, his heavy balls slapping against her husbands face with every long powerful stroke. Gripping the young woman’s hips to gain extra power as he uses her sexy body.
June just can’t believe how good it is, a feeling from out of this world having her husband lick her clit as she is being fucked from behind by his boss, a man with a cock bigger that she had ever fantasised about. Every time Paul had fucked her in the past she thought of being with a real man and now it was happening for real. It was oh so real and far better that she could have imagined.
Relentlessly he fucks her for what seems like hours, June coming time and time again. With each orgasm her legs buckle and she collapses, with her full weight powering down on her husbands upturned face, temporarily sladying him as she recovers. Without consideration for his young employee the old man slows his pace each time June needs to recover before continuing to fuck her hard.
‘Right girl get ready for another load, I’m ready to fill you up again’.
The old man starts to come heavily, once again planting his baby making seed deep into the young June’s ripe belly. After the first few squirts though he withdraws and slips his hard cock back into Paul’s mouth, making him take the remainder of his hot savoury spunk in the back of his throat, just like June had earlier. Getting him to suck every last drop from the end before showing June just how clean his cock is!
‘Well June he isn’t as good as you when it comes to sucking my cock yet but I am sure he will get better with practice’!
‘Well he definitely enjoyed it, he has come all over his belly while he was sucking us both clean, he didn’t even need to touch his little thingy he’s even more of a wimp than we thought, the little perv is a right little sissy’.
Looking down at her husband’s spunk covered face and the spillage on his belly she taunts him.
‘Well then wimp I think you should say thank you to your boss, not for the promotion but for showing your wife what a real man is like, don’t you’.
‘Thank you sir, thank you for fucking my wife properly, with your masterful cock’. He meekly complies.
‘Oh and for giving me his baby making seed, just think if I get pregnant at least it will be a real mans baby, not a pathetic wimps’.
‘Just a thought Paul but at what point did you actually come? I mean, was it having to clean me whilst I was being fucked by an old man, when he came inside me again, or was it when he shot his spunk down your cock sucking throat? I can see I will have to keep a closer eye on you next time to find out, won’t I perv’.
Without admitting it to June, Paul new she was right on all three counts, he hadn’t come as such, he was so excited through out there had been a continuous dribble of come from the end of his little stub of a cock rather than one moment of shooting it out.
Laughing the old man looks down at his spunk covered pathetic employee on the floor.
‘Do you know I have changed my mind about the new position at work, why should I have to put up with looking at you on a daily basis in the office, I am going to keep you out on the road where you belong. June gets the new job, just think not only does it make her your immediate boss but also I get to fuck her at work whenever I want. Also every time I’m away on business she will be with me, sharing a room and fucking all night. Now that’s what I call a good business decision, your wife’s cunt at my constant disposal and regular hotel sex that’s tax deductable’!
Totally humiliated Paul sighs, as a sign of admission and acceptance to his new lowly position in life he kneels between his wives’s splayed legs and gets down to his main duty, cleaning up boss spunk!

The past week has flown by and Paul’s mind has been on June all day, her first day in her new job as his manger!
Working not far from the office Paul makes his way in, as its mid afternoon she should have got settled in a bit by now.
Wondering how the ‘arrangement’ with Mr Watmister will work out Paul is sure they will be very discrete about it. With all the jokes from his work colleagues already about what had she done to get the job they would have to be careful.
As he entered the main entrance of the 5 story office building and runs into Mr Watmisters PA.
‘Hello Sarah, how are you today? I thought I would pop in to see how June is getting on in her new job, have you seen much of her?’
‘Oh. Hi Paul. It’s a bit of a surprise to see you, I’m sure June will be equally surprised! She’s in with Mr Watmister at the moment up on the 5th floor, he is certainly giving her a thorough induction, you might say.’
With a frown Paul looks at the PA. ‘Maybe I should call back later or just wait until she gets home, she can tell me all about it then.’
‘Why don’t you walk with me to the 5th, you can wait in my office until they are done.’ She replies with a smirk. ‘We will have to stop on the 3rd for me to collect some files from accounts on the way, it won’t take a minute.’
Curious Paul follows Mr Watmisters PA into the lift and pressed the button for the 3rd floor, wondering about her grin and whether it’s down to the office jokes that were going around the previous week when the news of June getting the job broke.
Exiting the lift on the 3rd they both enter the busy accounts office, a large open plan arrangement brownietered with small partitioned sections for the more senior staff. Within seconds of their arrival the room quietens down to a barely audible back ground mumbling, coupled with plenty of glances in their direction. Each glance rapidly diverted every time Paul comes into eye contact with any of them, as if embarrassed to be caught staring.
‘Sarah is there a problem or something I should be aware of as I seem to be the centre of attention, what’s going on?’
‘Not the best place to discus it Paul, wait till we up in my office and you’ll get all the details as such’.
After collecting the required files they make their way to the 5th floor in silence, Paul wondering just what was going on that he should know about.
Arriving at the 5th the entire floor is subdivided into only 2 main office suites, the main one for Mr Watmister and his PA, Sarah with her office acting as a barrier between Mr Watmisters and the outside world.
‘Take a seat Paul and I will buzz through to see if they are finished, it’s gone quiet now so they may well have done.’
Paul looks directly at the PA wondering just how much she knows about Mr Watmister and his arrangement with June.
‘Don’t look at me like that Paul, let’s face it I have worked here for many years now and I can assure you that June is not the first to have that ‘special position’. There aren’t any secrets up in this office believe me and I am very sure you know full well what’s going on in there’.
The sudden realisation that his secret is out already is a big shock, not only out but obviously all round the company, judging by the reception he got in the accounts office, ‘Oh God’ he thinks ‘the whole company knows June is getting fucked by Mr Watmister’ the offense almost too much to bare!
‘Paul you’ve gone white, what did you expect. Let’s face it Mr Watmister is never one to be discrete is he, when he’s happy with something the whole world finds out. Plus the noises that have been coming out of that office all day show that June obviously doesn’t give a fuck either’.
‘You mean they’ve been doing it and every one has got to hear it’.
‘Sorry Paul but there has been quite a stream of visitors to me today, I’m quite popular all of a sudden. Word soon get’s round’.
As she explains to the stunned man sitting before her Sarah presses the intercom button to contact Mr Watmister.
‘Hello Sarah, can I help you? I’m still a bit busy but won’t b too long know’.
‘Well I was just letting you that June’s husband is here in my office, wanting to know how she is getting on in her new job’.
‘The first thing I want to know is why is he in here and not out on the road making me money, it’s not a fucking holiday camp is it? Send him in I want a word’.
‘Shit, I didn’t mean to upset him. I had better do as he says and go in then’.
Getting up Paul walks to the door to Mr Watmister’s office, slowly he turns the handle and pushes. The heavy door swings open to reveal June, totally naked, sitting on a large black leather settee at the far end of the office. Her face flushed, not through embarrassment but from the after glow of many hours of strenuous sex with the old man sitting beside her. A pool of thick white cum forming between her open legs, heavily contrasted against the shiny black leather of the settee.
‘Why the fuck do you think it’s ok to visit my office during the day, as I said before at your house I will be fucking June from now on when ever I choose. Your job is to carry on working and be here when and if we want you to be’.
‘Sorry sir’. Paul stutters.
‘Well as you’ve interrupted us you had better get over here and make yourself useful, lick up all of my cum off the furniture. Once you’ve done that you can suck the cum out of June before you clean my cock as well. Don’t just stand and stare, close the door and get over here for fucks sake!’
Quickly Paul complies and gets to work, the cum on the chair now cold and tasting horrible compared to when it’s direct from June’s cunt. Wasting no time he proceeds to clean out his beautiful wife’s used pussy, much preferring the taste, relishing the feel of her moist musky cunt against his tongue and the savoury taste to the mixed juices flowing from within her.
‘That’s better my pervy little hubby, get it all out now. Oh and no touching your little cock now, I know you want to but that’s not very good manners is it? I mean this is the boss’s office isn’t’. She teases.
Noticing the bulge in the front of Paul’s trousers she begins to laugh. ‘You can stop now, you’re obviously enjoying it too much’.
‘It’s my turn now, so lean over and start sucking; I want this clean and hard’.
Taking a gentle grip on the old mans semi hard cock Paul licks it from base to tip, slowly removing the sticky coating. Working his way up to the large bulbous head with his tongue, savouring the salty taste as he goes.
Reaching the smooth head of his boss’s cock he slips his mouth over the end, encircling it with his lips, gently teasing the sensitive underside with his tongue before allowing the whole shaft to glide deep into the warmth of his mouth, doing his best to please the old man whilst June sits beside them bemused at the sight of her sissy hubby giving his boss a blowjob!
‘Wow Paul have you been practising? You seem to be getting better at it from what I can see. Now he’s hard you can go now I will see you at home later now get back to work’.
As directed Paul pulls away from sucking the massive cock before him and stand up in front of June and his boss, ready to exit the room.
‘Look at that, the wet patch in the front of his trousers, he’s cum in his pants already, what with the mess all round his mouth from licking me clean he looks a real little cum slut. Don’t wipe it off until you get home that’s an instruction, is that clear wimp?’
‘Yes love, I mean Boss’. Remembering his wife is now his boss as well!
Now as Paul walked from the room his offense was complete, with the old mans spunk dripping from his face and a sticky damp patch in his trousers, he stands face to face with Mr Watmisters PA.
‘Well Paul as I said earlier June is not the first to get the benefit of sir’s cock, there have been plenty over the years, it would shock you who some of them are, but I must say you are certainly the first. Did he really make you do that? Look at it all dripping down your face’. She giggles. ‘You seem to have enjoyed it though, looking at the state of your trousers. Is that what June was laughing at? Her husband licking her clean after being fucked by the boss, I bet that looked quite funny really. Do you like the taste or something? That’s weird if you ask me.’ Sarah continues to question as if asking about something trivial that may have happened over the weekend.
‘It’s too late to be embarrassed about it don’t you think, anyway, go on then tell me did you enjoy it as much as I think you did?’
‘If you really must know I’d better tell you, before they tell you all about it as I’m sure they will later anyway, but please don’t let any one else in the office know about this bit. Please promise Sarah, I’ve been humiliated enough already’.
‘OK Paul, my lips are sealed’.
‘The thing is he not only made me lick her used pussy, but also made me suck his cock clean’. Paul confesses. I had to suck it until it was hard again so that he can give her yet another fucking. They are probably doing it in there as we speak ‘. The added offense of actually explaining to his colleague what his cuckold duties are is now giving him quite a thrill.
‘You mean you actually had to suck his cock, a proper blowjob’.
‘Yes Sarah, just like I had to when he came to our house, you see June wants his big cock all the time now as I’m so small if you know what I mean. My job is to serve them as such, as I did just then. I thought they were going to keep it discrete though, not let every one find out, especially on her first day.’
‘Yes but my point is you must like being treated like that or your trousers would not be in the mess that they are.’
With a wicked grin she decides to give Paul a bit more of a tease.
‘I will keep my promise, but only on one condition’.
‘What’s that? I thought we had a deal’.
‘Now that you have told me your little confession as such I am a bit curious, so the deal is this. I want you to undo your trousers and show me your cock. Show me just how small it is’.
Trembling Paul complies with the request, scared that his boss or wife could appear at any moment, he drops his trousers and pants to reveal his pathetic offering or a cock, all sticky and covered on his own cum.
‘Fucking hell Paul that’s a joke, you can hardly call it a cock can you. I now know why June wanted MR Watmister to fuck her; she must have been climbing the walls with frustration. To say she needed a real cock in her is an understatement; any cock would have been an improvement on that thing. You had better put it away now; I think I’ve seen enough, it’s so sad to look at and to think you managed to get her to marry you, was she takes or something?’
Without replying Paul pulls up his trousers and pants and sheepishly walks from the room. What on earth could be worse than his day and being exposed as a cuckold wimp? Only time will tell.


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As the weeks passed Paul settled into his subordinate life of being cuckolded by June and Mr Watmister, the offense caused on every visit to the office causing him great embarrassment as well as an unexplained sexual high!
Since the episode it Mr Watmisters office on June’s first day he has been forbidden from going up to the 5th floor, although he still gets to hear about the regular goings on, usually from the dumb tart on reception who seems to take great delight in telling Paul every detail she can imagine, based on the office gossip and the noises that emanate from the room when June and their boss are in full flow. Her stories based purely on spite and a wicked intent on hurting Paul as much as possible, she never did like him and thinks she is now really getting to him, if only she knew!
When June arrives home from her ‘hard’ day at the office it has become the duty of her husband to attend to her every need. Usually this means greeting her with a take and then sitting in attendance at Junes feet whilst she reveals the true account of her daily sessions with the old man at work, making sure to not miss any detail and to emphasise the finer points of just how good it is every time she feels Mr Watmister’s superior shaft inside her, regardless of which orifice he chooses to insert it!
This can sometimes take quite some considerable time as its intended to prolong Paul’s offense and make she his sexual frustration is intense as is possible, knowing that he is eager to do his duty and get to work cleaning. Her husband often being too eager for his own good and a little restraint is required to remind him that he there for her convenience and any pleasure he derives is only a happy coincidence and certainly not intended. Only when she is fully satisfied he has suffered she will allow him to remove her panties and then get to work with his tongue, getting him to remove all sign of her earlier sexual encounter. Making sure he complies and does not attempt to in any way to relieve his own sexual frustration by touching himself during the act of cleaning. It and when he is aloud any relief him self it must be at the end and usually on his own when he has been sent to the bathroom as June often cant be bothered to even tease him while he wanks his tiny cock, mainly because of the pleasure she knows he get from it.
‘Paul there’s a change of plan tonight and all over the weekend in fact. Mr Watmister has decided to treat me and take me to his villa in the sun for a few days’.
‘Where is it?’
‘I don’t fucking know, it’s in the sun that’s all I know. He told me to make sure I pack my passport and very little else. He has a maid who cooks and things so all I needed to know that is would be a weekend of non-stop fucking in the sun’.
‘What shall I do over the weekend; can I go to the football tomorrow?’
‘No you fucking can’t this is my treat not yours, in fact I have arranged for mum to stay over, my dad is away fishing with his mates and so I offered your services for the weekend, I know you can’t stand her but tough. Also remember that I have invited her as our guest so be on your best behaviour, you are to give her anything she wants. If I find out that you have upset her in any way then it will be trouble when I get back, that means no clean up duty or even hearing about my fucks for a month, do you understand?’
‘Yes June, I’ll do my best but it will be hard, you know what I am like when she visits’.
Taking great delight in her husbands’ clear annoyance she continues. ’Another thing, no sneaking off to the toilet for a crafty wank either, don’t think I haven’t noticed how you can’t keep your eyes off her big tits. Especially that time you caught her in her tight top when she was gardening, she said she wasn’t wearing a bra and you were mesmerised by the sight of her nipples pushing through the thin material! She also said that you stuttered a few meaningless sentences before making a quick retreat to her bathroom! You couldn’t have made it more obvious if you had tried, she thought it was hilarious and called me about it, mind you it’s just as well that dad didn’t find out or you would have been a dead man’.
Paul, shocked that he had been found out, although it must have been at least a couple of years ago and thought it was his little secret, the fact that although he totally loathed his lady-in-law he had always fantasised about her impressive tits and what they must look like, hanging free and naked. The subject of many a wank over the years and al along not only was she aware of it but it was a topic of amusement between her and June!
Having helped June get ready for her trip and wave her good-bye as she is collected in the taxi to take her to the airport Paul’s head is in turmoil, this is a totally different situation, in the past he has always had in the back of his mind that if he were to summon the courage he could bring an end to the situation at any time, knowing that his wife is still with the boundaries of his own world but this turn of events was now completely different and out of his control. June was off to an unknown destination with her lover, not only unknown but completely out of his reach and in another country, no longer safely within the confine of his own daily world of either his home of the office. ‘Oh fuck’ he thinks ‘What would I do if she needed me?’ A thought that in reality was never likely to happen, as the only time she now needs him is when there is a large amount of old man spunk draining from her used cunt and she doesn’t want any to spill on to the furniture, that’s when he’s useful.
Suddenly there is a loud knock at the door, his nemesis the lady-in-law had arrived; now he had a whole new set of things to worry about.
‘Hallow Mum, good to see you, come in’. Knowing that she hates him calling her ‘Mum’.
‘How many times have I told you Paul I’m not your Mum so don’t call me it, now get out of my way and let me in. Oh and go and get my suitcase from the car will you, go on hurry’.
Paul trudges out to the car to collect he suitcase grumbling to himself that not only had June gone away for some fun but she had landed him with the weekend from hell, the bitch.
Taking the heavy case he carries it to the spare room, where he is just about to place it on the bed when he hears the voice of ‘The Witch’ as he calls her in his mind. ‘Where do you think you’re going with that, as June told me I’m the guest I want your bed’ it’s bigger and a lot more comfortable so it’s mine for the weekend’. She demands ‘Anyway you won’t need it will you’.
Reluctantly Paul takes the case through to his own room, cursing June for inflicting her on him for an entire weekend.
‘Now then Paul, or should I say ‘wimp’ let’s set some ground rules shall we. June assured me that you are here to attend to my every need and if I am not entirely satisfied I only have to let her know when she gets back and you will suffer, God I like this power, my pathetic little mister-in-law at my every command! Just think of all the things I can make you do this weekend’.
The look on Paul’s face a great treat for her as the colour seems to visibly drain from his face, with the look of pure fear in his eyes; she is convinced that he is actually trembling. Paul on the other hand is now dreading every waking second of the coming few days and the unimaginable things she will make him do!
‘For starters open the case for me and place all the clothes in your wardrobe, yours can be thrown on the floor in the spare room to make room for mine, be careful I don’t want any of the creased’.
As demanded Paul complies and starts to unpack, removing a couple of dresses as well as some other outer clothes before getting to her underwear, trembling he removes her knickers (which are far skimpier than he would ever have imagined) before getting to her large heavily wired bras. Trying his best not to think of her heavy naked breasts that require to be constrained by the heavy duty garments in his hands, as well as remembering the punishment he would endure from June if he were to show any sign of being turned on. The last thought even more difficult as he was now aware that his private wanking habit was not as private as he had though all this time.
‘Don’t take too long Paul, anyway they’re too big for you, my bras I mean, not my tits’. She laughs, knowing how much she has put the fear of God into her mister-in-law. ‘The last item, take it out carefully and hold it up in front of you’. She demands.
Carefully he takes hold of the black satin material by the shoulder seams and lifts it into the air, allowing the rest of it to unravel slowly to reveal a very sexy looking maids dress!
‘What do you think that is for then Paul?’
‘I’m not sure’ he stutters. ‘Are you going out somewhere over the weekend to wear it?’
‘Don’t be stupid, as it I would wear that, it’s for you stupid. I though it would be a laugh to make you wear it all weekend, seeing that you are to attend to my every need you are to be my servant as such. The more I though about it with you being such a wimp, a maids uniform is the obvious choice. Now put it on’.
Trembling Paul can’t believe what’s happening, he is about to be completely dominated by ‘The Witch’ and cannot do anything about it or he will have to suffer the wrath of his wife for a whole month when she returns from her trip.
Taking the dress at the hem he lifts it up and begins to slip it over his head, when he feels a sharp powerful blow just above his left ear, as she slaps him very firmly.
‘No you stupid cunt, are you completely thick’. She bellows. ‘Don’t put it on over your fucking clothes, strip off and wear it properly, now get undressed’.
The fact that she is swearing in such a way (Having never heard her swear before in his life), for some reamister registers in Pauls brain as shocking even more that the request for him to undress in front of her and put on a dress!
‘What am I waiting for, get your clothes off now, and I mean all of them wimp’.
Wasting no more time he removes everything until he is now standing in front of his lady-in-law, completely naked, covering his little cock with cupped hands.
‘Get your hands behind your back and keep them there until I say move, understand.’ Without waiting for his reply she slaps his hands to push them out of the way, making him reveal the cock he was doing his best to hide. Laughing she begins to mock him. ‘You know Paul, when Sarah phoned me and gave me all the details about that day in her office it only confirmed what I already suspected, that you are a useless pathetic wimp. Don’t forget I used to work there too about ten years ago, Sarah and I go way back and she tells me everything! So from now on you do as I say wimp, get it’.
Slowly she takes a hold of Paul’s excuse for a cock and begins to gently squeeze it in her hand, creating a slow pulsing rhythm, with occasional slight twisting movements. Giggling as her mister-in-law rapidly becomes hard in her hand. His cock not even extending out past the four fingers wrapped around it! ‘My god Sarah was spot on wasn’t she Paul it’s pathetic’. She announces.
Releasing her grip she takes a step back to allow a better full body of Paul’s nakedness and the tiny erection sticking out from him like a clothes peg. ‘Don’t move; keep your hands behind your back sissy’. She demands as she undoes her blouse, slowly revealing the heavy lace bra that is keeping her breast in check. All the time switching her gaze between Paul’s eyes and his twitching cock. Eventually she removes her blouse completely before reaching around behind to unhook the fastening of her bra. Keeping her hands firmly against the lacy material she brings them back around to her front, allowing the straps to fall to the side so that only her hands are keeping it for falling to the floor. Carefully she allows it to lower until she is revealing a full cleavage and her ample breasts all the way down to about an inch above her large dark nipples.
‘Do you want me to take this all the way so that you can get a full view of my tits wanker? Well do you? Answer me’.
Speechless Paul can only manage a nod to confirm his eagerness, although his cock is doing most of the talking, it is twitching uncontrollably with a small amount of come now starting to dribble form the end!
‘You can do better than that, if you want to see these you had better start pleading little boy’.
‘Yes, yes please, please let me see them, please please’. He blurts out.
She places her left arm completely across the front of her heavy chest before releasing her right hand. With a sudden, swift and very firm movement she swipes her right hand down hard, slapping the protruding cock in front of her as hard as she can, causing Paul to flinch in pain.
‘Like that’s ever going to happen, wimp, you’ve got no chance. Now put that pathetic thing away by putting on a pair of my knickers, you are going to wear them all weekend along with that dress and if there is any sign of cum in them I will cut that useless thing off myself. So fuck off to the spare room to get dressed properly and report to me down stairs’.
Paul collects all the clothing and walks from the room, his head spinning and his ball aching, hoping that she won’t notice that his cock is now spurting uncontrollably all over the landing carpet, he is doing his best to tread it in as he walks. Wondering what other surprises she has in store for him whilst June is away!


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Trembling, partly through the unknown of what is in store for him over the coming weekend but equally the feeling of the smooth satin against his skin as the maids dress gently clings to his body along with the tightness of his lady-in-laws knickers that are confining his little cock are giving him an enormous rush. Paul enters the living room to find The Witch sitting in his favourite chair looking as stern as possible at him, well as stern as possible when trying not to burst out laughing at the sight of her wimp of a mister-in-law dressed as a maid ‘this is going to be a delight’ she thinks to her self ‘boy has he got a lot to learn about me’ she continues.
‘Well then sissy how does it feel to be shown up for what you really are? Don’t answer I don’t really care how you feel anyway. From now on you will address me as Mistress and when I require your services you will be there at all times to attend, so fix me a take for starters, vodka and coke will do, no ice’.
Quickly Paul complies with her request and returns to her in the living room. Passing her the take he turns to walk over to the chair on the opposite side of the room to sit down and wait her next demand.
‘Oh no you don’t wimp. Where do you think you are going? Did I say you could sit down you useless little fucker? Now get back over here and you can sit at my feet, oh and don’t even think of trying to look up my skirt, you can keep your gaze fixed on the floor until I say so. So sit wimp’.
‘Yes Mistress’ he complies.
‘You can massage my feet whilst you are down there, no tickling mind or there’s trouble, better still you can lick then for me, I like that. Make sure you suck each toe in turn as well, that should keep you out of trouble for a while’.
This was something totally new to Paul, not even June had requested this one. Gently he takes hold of her feet and the first thing he notices is that they look surprisingly smooth and quite youthful, especially for a woman of her age. Resting them on the tops of his thighs as he kneels facing his mistress. As he stoops forward, dipping his head down towards her feet she raises her right foot to meet him half way.
‘You can start with this one wimp; lick it all over first before sucking the toes’.
‘Yes Mistress’.
The immediate taste was a bit of a shock, ‘sweaty feet are obviously an acquired taste’ Paul thinks to himself, trying not to gag as he begins his new chore. Following her lead as she manoeuvres the foot before him, twisting it to expose the area she wants licking before finally wriggling her toes under his nose. Fortunately the original pungency had died away by now and Paul had become more accustomed to the taste!
‘That’s it wimp suck each one and make sure you get you tongue right between them as well, that’s it, that’s good’.
Just as Paul finishes on her right foot they are interrupted by the door bell.
‘Oh fuck he’s early. Wimp go and get the door’.
With a look of fear on his face Paul looks up at ‘Mistress’ and at the same time lifts the hem of the maids dress as it to emphasise the fact that how can he dressed like this?
‘Look wimp, you’re the maid and a maids duty is to answer the door, so do it. It will be my friend Eric, I invited him round for the evening so go and let him in’.
As Paul walks to the door she thinks to herself ‘I should have got him the shoes as well, that would have really finished it off’.
Nervously Paul opens the door, only slightly at first trying not to reveal his dress to whoever may be standing there. Slowly he looks around the edge of the door when he feels it being forcibly pushed from the outside, it’s momentum catching him off balance and sending him tumbling back wards until he lands on his arse, legs agape and knickers exposed as he rests back on his hands to stop himself from ending up flat on his back. Slightly dazed Paul looks up to see who had just flattened him with the door!
‘Hi y’all, don’t keep me hanging at the door in future boy, get it!’
Paul is staring up at Eric as he towers over him, six-foot six tall at least probably a lot more (hard to tell from that angle) late twenties at most, dressed on loose fitting, almost baggy jeans, trainers and a bright red t-shirt that is so tight is clings to every contour of his muscled body. The colour of his t-shirt contrasting perfectly against the deep blackness of his skin.
‘Eric come in. Ignore the wimp on the floor it’s his house but don’t worry about that’.
‘You ever known me to worry about anything girl?’
‘True, now come and give me a big kiss. I’ve missed you over the last month’.
As the big guy steps over Paul’s prone body as slams the door closed behind him, Paul having to twist his body to follow his path as he makes his way into the living room and over the ‘The Mistress’ who by know had stood up and was waiting eagerly to greet her friend. Paul now regained his balance and changes position to kneeling on all fours leaning slightly forward to get a good view into the living room fro the entrance door, enabling him to see his lady-in-law and Eric embrace each other and Eric giver her the big kiss she requested. ‘Wow’ he thinks as he quietly watches, his voyeuristic position adding to his excitement whilst Eric’s strong muscular arms hold her tight whilst his tongue explores deep into her open mouth, their two bodies locked together in a very passionate embrace. ‘Friend is not the word’ he thinks and wonders just when they will come up for air!
The to two lovers entwine, age difference clearly not an isJune, for over ten minutes before they finally part, by which time Eric has spent most of it massaging her superbly rounded breasts through the material of her blouse whilst she had stroked the length of his clearly hard and very large cock that was visible in his jeans, the bulge in the from now looking enormous!
With a grin she turns to her maid. ‘Come here wimp, you can stay on your hands and knees and crawl that’s it crawl here and then kneel’.
Obediently Paul covers the distance as quickly as possible.
‘Sissy boy, my girl here says you’re a cock sucker is that right, well boy you gonna get busy with mine so unzip me and get doing it boy’.
‘You see wimp when Sarah told me all about you I thought I must have a bit of this for myself, that’s why I suggested to Mr Watmister that he take June away for the weekend, although he didn’t need any persuading really. The though of watching my pathetic mister-in-law sucking cock was just too much. So here we are, Eric is my regular lover so don’t look so shocked wimp, he has been fucking me for years now and when you see the size of his cock you will know why’.
Kneeling before the two lovers Paul is secretly bursting inside, the thought of getting this stunning guy ready to fuck June’s lady in front of him and to finally get to ser her naked, not just her perfect breasts but all of her totally naked in addition to this extreme offense has his little cock as hard as it has ever been! Doing his best to contain his excitement he slowly reaches up to the waist band of Eric’s trousers, the mocking grin on the face of Eric adding to the exquisite situation. Deftly Paul undoes the buttons on the front of the bulging jeans until they are loose enough to drop to the floor around Eric’s feet, surprising Paul as the massive shaft springs out towards his face as Eric is not wearing any underpants (going commando as they say). Now only inches from his face the magnificent black shaft is as rigid and ready as it would ever be for fucking but Paul knows that is not the point, he knows that it’s the act of performing a blowjob on this guy in front of his lady-in-law is what it is all about. Being humiliated by her is what this is about and Paul loves every moment, loving the fact that any moment now he will have this cock deep in his mouth. Reaching out Paul takes a hold of the shaft and eases back the long wrinkled foreskin to slowly reveal the smooth glistening deep purple head of Eric’s cock and without waiting for any further instruction he attempts to get his mouth over it to begin sucking is for all his might. The shear size of it making the task more difficult that he had imagined, the swollen head having to be powerd past his stretched lips before it can enter the waiting warmth of his mouth. This cock is even bigger that Mr Watmisters both in length as well as girth.
‘What’s the matter boy, too big for you?’ Eric enquires as he pushes forward powering his cock deep into Paul’s mouth until it reaches the back of his throat. ‘There you go sissy, that’s better now go for it, suck me good boy’.
The sound of the younger Eric calling him boy also adding to the offense as it reinpowers the fact that he and Mistress are in charge and all Paul can do is comply and obey.
After a few seconds Paul relaxes his jaw a little and becomes more accustoms to the size of Eric as he fucks Paul’s mouth, joining in with the rhythm until he is now sucking and performing a blowjob rather that having his mouth fucked.
‘Yes it’s true Eric love, Sarah is right when she said he enjoys cock, he is actually loving having a big fat cock in his mouth, he’s a pathetic little cock sucking perv’.
‘You know girl he’s good at it as well, no wonder he’s no good at any thing else, the white boy is just good for sucking of cock’.
Although concentrating on giving the performance of his life by gently squeezing Eric’s heavy black balls with one hand whilst wanking the thick shaft with his other as he continues to bob up and down on the engorged head of the cock in his mouth, all the while being filled with the anticipation of getting to see June’s mum in all her glory, not only completely naked but being fucked by her young black lover and his enormous cock.
Aided by the lubrication of Paul’s saliva the hot black shaft slowly glides in and out of his mouth with relative ease, as he savours the situation, he can feel it actually throb against his tongue.
Suddenly a bright flash lightens the room followed by the sound of female laughter. ‘I couldn’t resist that now could I, the sight of you sucking black cock for me inn you sissy dress. Wow that’s a good picture. I’m going to send it to Sarah so she can see what I’ve made you do. I’m sure everyone in the office will love to see it’.
Shocked Paul quickly withdraws and stares up at the grinning face of his Mistress. ‘No please don’t do that, don’t send it, she promised not to tell anyone about this part of things, please don’t’.
‘You pathetic little worm, who the fuck told you to stop sucking. Get back to it and fast. If I want to send this I will. In fact I might just get Sarah to email to every one in her contacts automatically if you don’t shut up!
With the thought sending dread through his brain Paul reluctantly resumes his duty as cock sucker. When out of the corner of his eye he notices that she, the woman of his wank fantasies had now stripped down to her white lacy underwear, at least the time would soon come when he got to see her full sexy body. The thought helping to ease the pain of having to endure the extra offense of photos of his activities getting out at work.
As he wanks Eric’s cock into his mouth he feels a hand slip up the inside of his thigh making its way to his tight knickers. Mistress has decided to check on the condition of his own dicklet. Making sure he had not soiled his knickers as instructed earlier, whilst at the same time she wishes to expose it to Eric as proof that he is currently being serviced by a dickless wimp.
With the feel of his lady-in-laws hand wrapped around his cock and her large heavy breasts now pressed firmly against his back is almost too much for Paul. It is taking all his will power not to shoot there and then and sod the consequences. Only the sudden and excruciating pain of having his balls crushed as she whispers a reminder of his fate into his ear that shocks him into reality and removes all idea of shooting come all over her hand.
‘You’re one wicked cow you know, aren’t you girl’.
‘Oh yes Eric and don’t you forget it. Especially where this useless cunt is concerned. I haven’t even got started believe me. There is plenty more for him. Now right now I want you. I want that beautiful cock of yours inside me again, I’ve missed it so muck over the past few weeks’.
The words are music to Paul’s ears, as he nervously stops sucking and kneels before them trying not to show any emotion that will reveal his anticipation of the forthcoming event as such!
‘Wimp, stand up and help Eric out of the rest of his clothes. When you have done that you can guide him to the bedroom so that he fucks me in your bed’.
With his heart pounding with excitement Paul helps Eric, first by removing his trainers and socks before he steps fully out of the trousers that are crumpled around his ankles. Now naked from the waist down Paul looks at Eric in awe, his muscled body is so superior he can’t help wondering what he would look like when he is thrusting firmly between June’s mums open thighs. Quickly he takes hold of the bottom of the tight red t-shirt before lifting up over the head of the statuesque man before him. Having to stretch hard to reach as he is so much taller that Paul, the action causing the massive black hard on of Eric’s to press firmly against Paul’s satin covered belly.
‘Go on boy take a good look, for real this is the best you ever gonna see sissy boy. Now where’s the bedroom? I got some fucking to do’.
‘This way Eric, follow me’.
‘Follow me, Sir’.
‘Yes. Yes Sir. Follow me Sir’. Paul corrects himself.
As he enters the bedroom June’s mum is standing at the foot of the bed still dressed in her underwear with her hands on her hips, holding a length of shear black material scrunched up in her right hand.
‘Wimp this is where you will stay until I say so, kneeling down facing the bed with your chin resting on the mattress’. She demands.
‘Yes Mistress I will do anything you say’. He responds as he gets into his prone position looking up to the head of the bed, eager to see the action that will take place only feet away from him.
‘Now then just one more thing to do and then I will be ready for that cock of your Eric, my lover boy’.
Standing directly behind Paul out of his field of vision she removes her bra first followed by the white lacy knickers. Once removed she carefully places an item of her underwear on each of Paul’s shoulders before bending to whisper in his ear.’ This is it Paul, the big moment when I am naked in front of you, it’s what you wank about isn’t it wimp’.
‘Yes Mistress all the time’.
‘Well it’s a pity for you then as you’re not going to see a thing!’ She quickly unravels the black material in her hand and ties it tight around Paul’s head, the blindfold plunging his world into darkness.


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"Don't worry, Miss Gomez, we'll make sure your ass is nice and greasy before I make you sit on my hard cock."

Her eyes grew wide as saucers and her brow knit in fear and consternation. Her already tight anus clenched down on my fingers.

"Please, Mr. Winters. Please, no more -- I'll be good, I promise. Let me suck you again! I'll swallow it all! Please, just don't put it there!"

I smiled at her and patted her pert, delicious rear with my free hand. "Oh, you'll swallow my cum again, Miss Gomez. You'll beg to suck my cock right out of your ass, or your lady goes to primister, isn't that right?"

Defeated, tears trickling down her cheeks, she mumred an affirmative and turned back around facing the front.

I liberally coated my turgid cock with copious amounts of creamy butter. After a few strokes it warmed up nicely and made me slick and greasy. After I considered myself sufficiently lubricated I scooped out a generous glob and smeared it around Maria's tight, crinkly hole. She gasped at the coldness and tensed up, and I could hear her muttering obscenities under her breath, but she didn't move or try to get away.

I wrapped my hands around her hips and gently pulled her back, until her beautiful, full bubble butt was poised over my straining manhood.

"Lower yourself onto me, Miss Gomez...sloooowly."

She held onto the desk edge in front of her and slowly lowered herself until the fat tip of my cock pressed up against her anus. She whimpered slightly and then pressed herself down, ever-so-tenderly. My throbbing mushroom head pierced her tight little rectum by about an inch and she gasped and flinched and pulled herself up.

"Owww, it hurts, Mr. Winters. Please, por favor, don't make me do this!" she exclaimed.

"Miss Gomez, you can either do it slowly at your own pace, or I can just bend you over the desk and shove it in you all in one thrust. Your choice, but make up your mind quickly, because I am losing my patience!"

She sniffled, but must have come to a conclusion, because she straightened her back and put her hands on the chair armrests on either side of me. Shoulders shaking, she lowered herself once more until my hot cock head nestled between her cheeks. I reached down and stroked myself a few times to get myself nice and rock hard and set the fat, purple head up against her brown hole.

This time she held her breath and lowered herself, pressing downward. Once again I popped through her sphincter and she gasped and tensed up, but didn't pull herself off. We both froze, locked together -- me with two inches thrust up her ass, her willing herself to relax. Her breath came out in heaves and shudders, but after fifteen seconds or so she must have gotten used to it, as she slowly began lowering herself again. She repeated this action -- lowering slightly, flinching and tensing up, then waiting until she relaxed -- for several minutes, until finally she sat in my lap, my full throbbing fat seven-plus inches deep up her quivering ass. She still sat gingerly, holding herself lightly on me with her hands gripping the armrests with white-knuckled intensity. She was trembling all over, and I could feel her anal muscles rippling and tightening on me as she tried to relax and control herself. She let out a whimper and a long wavery groan and slowly her body loosened up. A small bead of sweat slowly inched its way down between her shoulder blades and bumped its way down her exquisite spine.

"Raise and lower yourself, Miss Gomez. Just a bit at first."

She grunted and groaned again and then very slowly raised herself up a bit -- maybe an inch, then let herself down gingerly. My impossibly hard cock throbbed in her incredibly tight ass, and I had to will myself not to cum too quickly. She shook her head like a willful mare and her long curly chestnut hair bounced like a mane.

Again she raised herself, this time several inches, and then lowered herself. She started to pick up the pace a bit and I reached around and stroked her breasts from behind. Her nipples were rock hard and erect, and at my touch she leaned back against me and let out a long, sustained trembling moan.

I lifted her ass up until just my mushroom head was poking her rectum and slathered another glob of now slightly warm butter on my shaft. With a gentle tug I pulled her back down, and this time she moaned and shivered as she sat all the way down. My cock must have been buried all the way into her colon as my hairy balls pressed up against her cheeks.

"Fuck you, Mr. Winters! Gahhhhh, you fucking bastard," she moaned, even as she plunged herself down on me again and again, picking up speed and building up a nice froth of butter and pussy juice between our bodies.

She sat down completely and wriggled her ass back and forth a few times, massaging my cock like I've never felt before. Her nipples grew impossibly harder and she mewled and arched her back against me, groaning in ecstasy and pain. Normally I would have exploded way before now, but since I had just cum in her mouth a few minutes earlier I knew I could hold off for a while. With her leaning back against me, sitting on my lap with my cock sheathed in her hot, tight ass, I reached around and down and began stroking her hard, wet, butter-soaked clit.

"Ahhhhh, Senor Winters, stop, please -- don't touch me there."

Holding her on my lap, I swiveled the chair around with my hard cock still buried balls deep in her ass and opened a cabinet. Inside was a small vibrator, one of those tiny ones that women carry around in their purse. This one was about four inches in length, with a rubber tip covered in tiny bumps. The retail name of this little gem was "The Pocket Rocket". Back in my married days my wife used to keep one in her bedside table for us to play with while we fucked. Unfortunately, toward the end of our marriage it only got used about every six months.

I turned it on, and it buzzed with evil intensity. Maria looked down at it in my hands and tensed up. My cock spasmed as she froze, causing her to wince.

"Oh no, Mr. Winters...nooooo," she cried as I ran the vibrating tip over her rock hard nipples. Again, her ass clenched down on my cock, and again she flinched in pain.

I reached around with both hands. With one I held her down by her hip, holding her flush against me, with the other I ran the buzzing tip of the vibrator across the front of her pussy. She gasped and clenched as a quick spasm ripped through her whole body and her tight ass squeezed down on me mercilessly.

"Madre de diooooooooos," she moaned through clenched teeth.

"Here, use this on your clit while I fuck your ass, Miss Gomez." I pressed the vibrator into her hand and reached under her thighs. I started by lifting her up and down slightly on me while she obediently ran the vibrator over her pussy lips.

"Try not to think about my cock up your ass, Miss Gomez. Instead, focus on the pleasure of the vibrator on your clit."

I speeded up my tugs on her ass and we got into a nice rhythm -- her bouncing up and down on my cock while the little vibrator thrummed and whined. She began rubbing the tip up and down her slit, stopping every pass to vibrate wetly against her clit. Each time she touched herself there her ass muscles would ripple tightly, massaging my cock intensely.

Once again I could tell she was close to cumming, as she pressed herself down on me as far as she could and her entire body tensed up. She began to quiver and shake violently, and she let out a long groan and leaned back against me.

"Unh,uhn,uhn -- Oh Diiiiiooooooooooos!" She exclaimed as an incredibly intense climax crashed through her body. I reached up and tightly cupped her breasts and lightly pinched her hard nipples while she moaned and convulsed on my lap. As the waves of orgasm spasmed through her body her ass clenched and unclenched repeatedly, practically milking me with her inner muscles. After several shuddering minutes she was finally spent and the vibrator slipped from her fingers and fell to the floor with a thud, shutting off.

Still rock hard and close to cumming, I lifted her off my cock and stood her up, face down on my desk. She was as limp as a rosy-cheeked marionette and laid down, breasts pressed flat against my desk top, breath coming in gasps and heaves.

I lined up my rock hard cock with her now ravaged anus and pressed into her insistently until my balls were nestled up against coarse pussy hair. She groaned again and splayed out her hands on the desk surface. Once fully inside her I began stroking in and out, in and out. She grunted and pushed back against me, her ass muscles once again squeezing me relentlessly.

I fucked her mercilessly, smacking her ass as I pounded away, sweat flying in all directions, my suit pants in a rumpled heap at my feet. One hand was fisted tightly in her hair, pulling her head back painfully, the other was pinching and smacking her pert cheeks.

When I couldn't take any more I pulled my cock out of her ass and grabbed her by one shoulder and a fistful of hair and spun her around and powerd her to her knees.

"Jerk me off -- jerk me off onto your face, Miss Gomez. Do it!"

She grabbed me and stroked me, my fat, purple cock head poised over her mouth, bobbing up and down. Her hand practically flew over my butter-slick shaft.

"Suck the head while you stroke it, Miss Gomez. Suck it!"

She grimaced and glared at me in absolute hatred, but her mouth popped over the crown of my cock, her tongue swirling around and around. This added sensation put me over the top and without warning I shot a hot load into her mouth and onto her licking tongue. She gagged and retched and pulled her mouth off, but continued stroking. Gush after gush fountained out of my cock and splashed across her nose and forehead, running in rivulets down her face. I took over stroking my cock for her and held her face under my straining cockhead with one hand, rubbing the fat head over her pretty face with the other.
"You know what to do, Miss it now."

Without my having to tell her twice she reluctantly took my shaft into her hand and proceeded to lick up and down my cock, cleaning it thoroughly. Her hot mouth moved over the crown and she sucked her way up and down the shaft, coaxing the last few drops out of my balls.

Totally spent, I fell back into my chair, my cock falling limply to the side. Maria slumped on her knees in front of me, her hands resting on my thighs, her face obscenely glazed, with cum dripping off her chin.

I used my fingers to scoop up gobs of cum and pressed them into her waiting mouth. She would grimace and make ugly faces, but she slurped up everything I gave her, until her face was at least presentable. I handed her my handkerchief and she spent a few moments cleaning herself off.

Finally she peered up at me, her eyes limpid brown pools, and whispered, "Are we good now? If I do this for you, you know, whenever you want, you will keep the police out of it?"

"Yes, Miss Gomez -- as long as you are my sex slave I won't call the police. Now go use the rest room and clean up your face. Oh, and I have a conference call this afternoon with my wife and her lawyer at 2 pm. I want you under my desk and licking my balls by 1:55, do you understand?"

She cast her eyes down to the floor and a flush crept up her neck and cheeks. "Yes, sir. I understand."

As she hustled out of my office I flipped open my day-runner. Running my finger down the page I stopped at 6pm. I drummed my finger over the appointment and smiled.


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Kitchen Makeover

I was bored. Initially our kitchen makeover had been fun, I got to take part in the demolition phase and general clean-up. Now though it was mostly s*******ed workers and they didn't seem to like the home-owner hanging around.

My wife had bailed as soon as they shut off the air conditioning to re-do the duct work, staying at a luxury resort and dropping by only long enough to bitch about the color of this or the position of that. Even though most of the workers didn't speak English I could tell they didn't like it and resented her. Being macho Latinos I could also tell they held me in contempt for letting her ream my ass out for every little problem.

After a while I just stayed back in the rear bedroom we had converted into an office. Computer games got boring and I eventually turned to Internet porn to pass the time.

Actually I was no stranger to the porn, I'm pretty small and had not ever really satisfied my wife, except with my tongue. Like everything else in our marriage she was in charge of our sex life and over the years had been less and less interested in intercourse with me. She still used my oral services from time to time but that's about all. I even suspected that she was not alone in her luxury suite.

After a couple weeks I guess I got careless. They had removed all the doorknobs to paint the doors and I was having a nice wank when one of the workers came to ask a question. I didn't hear him come in and by the time I became aware of his presence it was obvious what I was doing.

He laughed at me and called out to the rest of the crew. I was embarrassed and turned my back to him to cover up but he reached around me and grabbed my wrists. His arms were like steel bands and my wrists hurt as he squeezed them in his huge calloused hands. I could smell his musky sweaty body as he twisted my arms behind my back. This had the effect of powering my crotch out displaying my still? hard cock. As the rest of the crew came to his summons he turned me to face the door. The cat calls and laughter humiliated me to the core. Strangely though my cock was rock hard, if only four inches in length. I heard words like "pun ta" "poquito" and others I didn't understand but I'm sure weren't complementary.

By now I was crying and begging them to let me go. One reached over and slapped me and told me to shut up. In better English than I expected he told me they were tired of my wife's constant complaining and that what she needed was a "good fucking" and it was obvious why she was so bitchy.

Since I was no good as a man they would use me like a woman! I shuddered and burned with offense. Someone reached out and ripped open my shirt, then started to pinch and twist my nipples. I screeched like a girl, they laughed and made fun of my hairless chest. I was shocked to find out all of them spoke and understood English.

Another guy grabbed the sides of my pants and yanked them down around my ankles. The guy holding me from behind shoved me forward and I stumred, ending up falling forward into the crotch of one of my tormentors.

"I think the little fag wants to suck your cock, Carlos!" someone said. "Look he's still got a hard on!"

I did...I mean I didn't want to suck his cock, but for some reamister I was hard.

The one that had been holding me said "Turn him around and give him to me!"

I was spun around to find him sitting in my desk chair with his pants open and about nine inches of hard uncircumsized cock jutting straight up. Someone pushed me forward and I stumred to my knees right between his spread thighs. My face was only inches from the biggest cock I had ever seen, at least in permister. I was frozen in place. I could smell his strong scent and it made my head spin. Could this really be happening?

He reached out and gave me a little slap on the side of my head. "OK, gringo, you know what I want." "Suck it!"

I felt some pressure on the back of my head and slowly moved forward. I was in a trance as my lips touched it. It was burning hot! I jerked my head back like I had touched a hot coal. Whoever was pushing my head cursed and started to cuff me but the guy in the chair grabbed his wrist and stopped him. He shook his head and shifted a little forward in his chair bringing his cock closer to my lips.

"Go ahead, you know you want to" he said. "You have probably done it before."

I hadn't but suddenly I wanted to now. I leaned forward and rested my hands on his hairy thighs and kissed the tip of his cock. It was still hot and I felt a slight jerk. I licked across the top and felt a big jerk. He moaned. The room was deafeningly quiet but charged with electricity. I reached out with my hand and gently, slowly pulled back his foreskin. The aroma was very pungent as it peeled back to reveal an angry purple head. Now was the time. I leaned forward and took the head in my mouth. I felt his hands on the back of my head and he lunged forward sending about four inches into my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could and he groaned. Backing off I pulled off all the way to the head then slowly started back down. This time I got about six inches before it reached the back of my throat. I started to bob up and down each time trying to get a little more in. He had let go of my head when he realized I was willingly sucking him off. I was getting a good rhythm going when he cried out and started to spasm. I think it was the first time I considered what sucking his cock would cause. The first spurt went straight down my throat and I didn't even have to swallow. I started to panic and pull away. He only managed to grab me after I had pulled my mouth off. His huge cock continued to spew all over my face as he held me by my ears. I heard laughter but was blinded by all the cum in my eyes. Finally he stopped cumming and pushed me away. I fell back and managed to get to my hands and knees.

I heard someone say something in Spanish and felt hands pulling me aloft. They carried me into the kitchen and powerd me forward across the unfinished island. Still not able to see I felt a big dick at my lips. I opened my mouth and took him in. This was something I could concentrate on and was doing my best to blow him when I felt some tugging at my ankles. They finally just cut my pants off with a utility knife that they made a point of showing me. I looked at it through cum caked eyes not really understanding why they wanted me to see it.

I understood all to soon as I felt hands powering my legs open and a rough finger power some kind of lube or grease up my ass. I struggled and must have bit down on the guy in my mouth because I soon felt the tip of the utility knife at my throat. That did it for the struggle. I felt what I was sure must be a fence post trying to enter my anus. It hurt! Bad!

Tears were streaming down my face and the guy in my mouth slapped me and told me to get back to work. Hoping that concentrating on giving the best blow job I could would take my mind off my troubles in the rear I put all I had into it. Within minutes he came in my willing mouth. This time I had a chance to taste it. I gagged a little at first but with eight or nine inches of cock pistoning in and out of my ass I figured I had worse problems.

The tears had washed enough cum out of my eyes and I looked around for another cock to suck. I figured I would rather suck than fuck and was actually eager for a new cock. I groaned as a six incher was put before me. Why couldn't HE be the one fucking me? That guy must be hung like a donkey!

Just then I felt the guy bury it in my ass. I could feel the cock pulse as he came. A warm and considering the circumstances, not unpleasant load of cum was deposited deep in my ass. As he pulled out it felt like I was taking a cuckolds brownie, then I felt really empty.

Not for long. Another worker stepped in and started to enter my poor asshole. Either he was more patient and gentle or I was better lubed because it didn't seem to hurt as much. That allowed me to give the one in my mouth more attention. Before long he too was cumming. I was kind of disappointed when he chose to pull out and spray on my face.

By the time the next guy stepped up I was almost enjoying getting fucked. I even started to push back a little to receive it. Soon he too dumped a load in my ass.

This went on for some time. I think everyone had had a blow job and a fuck, some of the cocks were distinctly slimy when I went down on them.

By now I was on my back with my knees up at my shoulders and my head hanging off sucking on the biggest dick there (about ten inches and thick). They were letting me jerk off while someone fucked my ass with a hammer handle. Just as I started cumming I heard my wife screaming. She had walked in to see all that was happening. It must have startled Mr. Big Dick because he pulled away.

I looked up into my wife's eyes. All I could see was contempt. She reached out and grabbed the guy I had been blowing by the cock and brought him forward to my lips.

"You might as well let him finish!" she said. Then to the guy I was sucking, "I don't care how much you use HIM, just finish my FUCKING KITCHEN!". Then she walked away as he dumped another load in my mouth.



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Sophie trouve du travail

J ai 20 ans, un physique assez quelconque. Je viens enfin de trouver une place de femme de chambre, merveilleusement bien payée, ainsi que nourrie et logée, dans un superbe manoir, à 600 km de ma ville natale. J ai trouvé cette place grâce à un site d offres d emploi sur le Net. Je quitte Lorient sans regret, mon mari m a quitté, il y a 3 mois.
Le trajet en train me prend une bonne partie de la journée et j arrive enfin à destination vers 16h00, une voiture avec chauffeur m attend, le manoir est très retiré, le trajet est interminable sur des petites routes sinueuses.
Sitôt arrivée, je suis invitée à rejoindre ma chambre dans une mansarde assez coquette. Je me prépare pour être reçue par le maître de maimister. Une autre femme de chambre vient me chercher et me conduit dans le bureau du propriétaire des lieux.
Intimidée, j attends devant la porte close, quand une voix glaciale me convit à entrer. L homme la cinquantaine, un embonpoint certain, le crâne chauve et le cigare à la bouche m invite à m asseoir, je suis terriblement intimidée, seule le tic tac de la pendule sur la cheminée rémisterne dans la pièce. Rapidement, il me pose les questions usuelles Le contrat signé, mon nouveau patron me signifie que l'entretien est terminé et que je peux dès à présent m enquérir du travail à effectuer. L homme ne me quitte pas du regard, quelque chose d infiniment déplaisant me fait frismisterner, rien qu à le regarder.
Par souci de sécurité, il réclame mes papiers d'identité et autres documents afin de les placer dans mister coffre permisternel, sa demande me surprend, néanmoins, je fais ce qu il me demande et tous mes papiers permisternels disparaissent dans mister coffre.
- Une dernière précision, Sophie ! Quand vous vous adresserez à moi, je tiens à ce que vous m appeliez Maître, c est bien entendu ?
Une nouvelle fois, je suis étonnée mais acquiesce cependant et murmure doucement :
- Oui Maître !
Je rejoins immédiatement le reste du permisternel qui m indique le travail qui m incombera, la soirée est déjà bien avancée, j avale un sandwich et je file dans ma chambre me coucher afin d être en forme dès le lendemain matin, aux aurores.
C est seulement en voulant m enfermer à clé, que je constate qu il n y a aucune serrure et donc l impossibilité de condamner ma porte. Je décide d en parler dès demain matin, mais pour le moment, je suis si fatiguée que je me déshabille, et me couche sans attendre.
Epuisée le sommeil ne tarde pas et je plonge dans mes rêves.
J ai froid, c'est l'absence de ma couette sur mon corps dénudé qui me sort de ma léthargie, dans un demi sommeil, je la cherche d une main. Puis vulgarement mes sens en éveil, je me rends compte d une présence dans ma chambre, mes yeux s habituent à l'obscurité et j aperçois la silhouette grassouillette ainsi que l odeur âcre du cigare. Je tente immédiatement de cacher ma nudité, moi qui dors nue depuis toujours. Mais l homme s avance et je vois avec effroi qu il est nu et tient mister sexe dans sa main, je suis tétanisée et n arrive pas à faire le moindre geste, pas un mister ne franchit mes lèvres. Les nuages qui cachaient la clarté de la lune disparaissent et l homme apparaît devant moi très nettement. Son sexe est énorme, luisant, il s avance près de moi, enfin je réagis et tente de m enfuir. Trop tard, il me tient solidement les mains, je chute du lit, il s empare de mes longs cheveux et tire comme un fou, me scandant de lui prendre sa bi.. dans ma bouche, je refuse mais la douleur est intolérable, mister sexe me frôle le visage, je sens une forte odeur qui m écoeure, il me fait trop mal Je me résous enfin à le prendre dans ma bouche, un grognement de satisfaction se fait entendre, sa queue envahit ma bouche, il me dit :
- Tu vas savoir pour quoi le salaire est si bon.. Tu seras à moi à chaque fois que l envie me prendra, à ma complète disposition, suce la queue de ton maître, suce moi bien, petite pu.. !

Des larmes coulent sur mes joues et je continue de sucer mon bourreau, sa main a fini d arracher mes cheveux, il s emploie maintenant à avancer ma tête sur mister sexe à mister rythme, je suis dégoûtée et je n ai qu une envie, qu il finisse vite, ce qui ne tarde pas, le voici qui frismisterne et qui se vide longuement par saccades dans ma bouche, un haut de coeur me submerge vu la quantité de sperme qu il a éjaculé.


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Bonne histoire quoique un peu courte, merci. Pour la soi-disant traduction en tête des textes du jour, quel "petit nègre" ! Enfin attendons la suite...
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