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Wife, boyfriend and our marriage bed

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After a long and relaxing weekend of being off of work, you slowly awake on a Monday morning and realize that it is a start to another day that you have to be at work later. After you get the kids off to school, and be and Rylan off to work and daycare you sit back down to relax a bit and watch some television. Just then you get a text from someone, and as soon as you hear the text a big smile comes to your face, because you don't have to look to know who it is. For the past few weeks there has been this guy that you have been talking to, texting, and emailing. Over this last weekend you and him had some really heated conversations and has gotten you wanting him even more. You took off Sunday to go meet him for a few and had some really heavy kissing and touching each other. All of that I know, and he knows of me and thinks it is hot to be meeting with and taking you as a girlfriend knowing you are married. He likes the fact that I want that too, and plans to use that to his advantage as much as he can, and you are on board with that also. Anyway back to your Monday morning text, and how he asks if you are up to what you two talked about yesterday, you answer back quickly that you are and can't wait. It gets you even wetter knowing that what you are about to do, I have no idea about and you and him both like the suprise that it will be. For I know all about everything, but what you two talked about doing to make this a Monday you won't forget, and make your whole day at work go so much more relaxing. Almost just as quick he texts back and tells you he will be here in about an hour, so you go and jump in the shower. You get out after getting yourself all fresh for him, you put on a very skimpy lil outfit, your come fuck me heels and not much more. You grab my trench coat and get it out and ready. You see him pull up, and you put the coat on, he pulls into the garage and you go out to meet him with hardly nothing on under that coat. As soon as he gets out of his truck, you are there and have the coat open and pull him into you, feeling him get hard from what he sees. You go and kiss him so deeply right there in the garage, he reaches around grabs your ass and pulls you tight into him. After a few minutes of getting each other hot you two collect yourselves and walk into the house together, your hand cupping his crotch the whole way. When you both get in the house, you throw the coat to the flow immediately, and he lifts you up and sits you down on the kitchen island, kissing you right there, you are kissing him back so deeply, rubbing his cock through his pants, and he has his hands all over you, paying attention to your tits. When you both get so excited that you can't take it anymore, you tell him you want to move into our room and have him have his way with you, his married girlfriend on your husbands side of the bed. But before he can get that cock of his inside of your pussy, you are wanting to do something special for the cucky lil husband. So you take your phone with you and hand it to him, you get down on your knees and undo his pants and drop them to the floor, then his underwear till his cock is standing hard right in your face. You kiss his cock a bit, and take as much as you can in your mouth, but he is huge and you struggle to get what you can in your mouth, thinking how good it is going to feel, and thinking how much it is going to stretch your pussy and how you hope it does more than I think it can, to where you need to have his cock in you to feel anything. After your thoughts as you are sucking him, you come back out of your thoughts and have his cock all wet with your saliva. You take your left hand, wrap it around his cock, it is so big you can't get it all the way around and that brings a smile to your face again. But you get your hand, making sure your wedding ring is right there in full view, and you tell him to take a picture of your hand wrapped around his cock showing your ring. Then you take the pic and send it over to me with the words, "Can you guess who's ring this is?" I am working and takes a bit for me to check it, but as soon as I do my cock stands straight up. Since it took a bit for me to get that one, another comes through almost immediately and it is a picture of you with his cock in your mouth, hand wrapped around showing your ring on his cock again, and your are looking straight up and eyes looking right into the camera. I get that one and want to be right there or able to go and stroke my cock a bit, but since at work I can't and that is what makes it so much better for you and him. I am sitting and waiting for the next pic hopeing there is more to come. It takes a good 10 minutes that seems like an hour to me when my phone alerts to a new pic from you, and once again it shows his cock, but your hand at the head of his cock and when he shot his cum your had your hand right there and he shot his cum all over your ring, there is a message with it that says "I think my rings need a cleaning". I am about to shoot my cum right there in my pants with seeing that, and knowing you are being so naughty and nasty right there in our bed and I knew nothing like this was going to happen, but so glad it is. About an hour goes by, and it is a very long hour for me, before I hear from you again. The next pic I get is of a used condom full of his cum and the message "since you couldn't be here, thought we would save you a gift" I wish I could be there to receive my gift from the two of you, and just then is another text with a pic of your used, red, swollen, stretched pussy. I don't want to interrupt your fun, and fun is exactly what you are seeming to have. That is all I hear from you, till you are heading to work and call me on my lunch, first words out of your mouth are you hope I liked as much as you did, and your pussy is so sore from being stretched by his big hard cock that seemed to last forever. Those words just turn me on even more, I tell you I love all the pics I got and knowing my wife was getting her some hard cock. You let me know that you think you found a cock that you could really get addicted to and my want to have it more than I want you to, and can I handle that. I tell you that as long as he is filling you full and stretching you, to have it everyday if you want. Your only response is, that you may never be able to feel me inside you again, and I almost cum in my pants. You fill me in on all that you two did, and ends up after the pic of the condom you two ended up fucking one more time, and he pulled out and shot all over my pillow. You left it there because you figured I would like that, also you add that you left me a present in the bathroom closet next to the towels, but you were at work and had to go. I couldn't wait to get home and see what was there, when I did I was so suprised and super turned on. There was the used condom with his cum inside of it, along with your rings inside the condom sitting in his cum, my toothbrush also inside the condom sitting next to your rings in his cum, and a note that said you think your rings need that cleaning tonight, and that the two of you thought my toothbrush would be best to use and get the job done. After seeing that I had to finally take my cock out and stroke it for the 30 seconds it took me to cum. I put everything back to sit till I could take my time later that night to make sure everything was cleaned all the way. When you get home you come in and give me a kiss, and tell me that I need to get use to this, because you are sure this will become a weekly thing on Mondays and the Wed you have to work. I tell you I hope it does, and that I love you so very much for making me your cuck and taking on a boyfriend that you will enjoy sexually in our bed.....


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Wife, boyfriend and our marriage bed
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