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Her Boy Wears Satin When He's Bad

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Her Boy Wears Satin When He's Bad
By sandi's boy

She knew just how to push my buttons for maximum effect when she wanted me to feel embarrassed, humiliated and submissive. Lucky for me, she didn't feel this way often but when I misbehaved or she felt that I needed a little humbling to get me back in line she wouldn't hesitate to put me in my place. In general, my bad behavior would find me bent over the bed and depending on how much I disappointed her, my butt would be turned various shades of red with one of the paddles, hairbrushes, whips or other spanking implements.

However, every once in a while she found the punishment was more effective and long-lasting if she included some humil iation in the punishment. One of the best ways to do this was to make me wear feminine clothing. Usually this meant I was put into a pair of panties and would be required to wear them under my clothes for the rest of the day or sometimes for several days. The feel of the panties were a constant reminder that I was her bad little panty-wearing boy that will do anything for his Mistress and the fear of being discovered only added to the embarrassment of wearing the panties. She would always make me pull my pants down to show them to her because she knew this increased my sub mission and my obedience to her. Yet, wearing panties was mild compared to actually wearing a nightie, bra, pantyhose or other feminine attire. Being made to dress in women's clothing caused me to really feel submissive and almost always brought a red flush of shame to my cheeks. She didn't particularly want me to look like a woman (we found out long ago that I make a really scary looking woman!), her intent was to embarrass me and ensure that she got into my head where she could get the submissive attitude she was looking for. One of her favorite punishments was to put me in a sexy nightie while I cleaned the master bathroom. She would check on my progress every once in a while and apply a paddle to my ass for encouragement to speed things up and encourage me to do a better job.

As I sat at my desk wearing panties under my dark suit and still feeling the sting of the whipping I got in the kitchen with the dreaded wooden spoon before coming to work, I glanced over at the ringing phone and cringed when I saw my home phone number popup on the caller id. I hoped that she wasn't still mad at me but I knew she was still fuming when I walked out the door this morning to hurry to the office for an early meeting. It all started this morning as I was getting coffee in my travel mug for the commute to work. She made the comment that she was surprised her hairdresser didn't call back to confirm an appointment for today. She had a date with her boyfriend to celebrate their six month anniversary tonight and she really wanted to look her best. I looked at her sheepishly and said, "I forgot to tell you – she called yesterday and said she only had one opening and it was the first appointment today so you needed to call back yesterday if you wanted it."

I could see the look of shock on her face. "And you didn't tell me?" she asked incredulously.

"I was right in the middle of something and just completely forgot," I replied with eyes downcast. This wasn't the first thing that had slipped through the cracks due to my busy work schedule and she was really getting tired of coming second to my work issues.

She stared at me for several seconds before storming across the kitchen and grabbing the wooden spoon from the kitchen drawer. "Pull your pants down." I looked at her with pleading eyes and she immediately added, "NOW!" I knew there was no way to get out of this so I unbuttoned my dark blue suit pants and pulled both the pants and my underwear down to my knees.

Her eyes were bright and angry as she glared at me. She pointed to the countertop saying, "Bend over." I reluctantly turned around and put my hands atop the counter while exposing my backside to her and the evil wooden spoon. She wasted no time putting her left hand squarely in the small of my back and with the wooden spoon in her right she began a rapid staccato of firm swats onto the cheeks of my ass. As I started to squirm from the rapid-fire sting of the spoon, she shouted, "Stay still and don't move." She continued to beat my ass with the spoon as I twisted around trying to stay still but finding it impossible. She must have delivered 40 or 50 hard cracks with the spoon in less than a minute. The stinging in my cheeks felt like a thousand bee stings had just been delivered.

When she removed her hand from my back and stopped swatting me with the spoon she said, "Get upstairs and put on some panties. You're lucky that you are running late and have a meeting or I'd beat the crap out of you right now." I scrambled to pull my pants up from my knees as I rushed up the stairs to change my underwear into a pair of panties from her drawer.

When I came down she told me to pull down my pants and show her my ass and my panties. I pulled my pants down to first show the bright red satin panties and then lowered the panties to show her the welts on my ass that were already changing from bright red to shades of blue. There was little doubt that my ass would have some bruises tonight. I started to say that I was sorry but she shushed me with her hand and said "You're going to be late for work. Go."

I pulled my pants up, grabbed my suit jacket and left for work with my backside still on fire.


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I picked up the phone and said, "Hello sweetie," in the sweetest voice I could muster.

I was surprised when she responded in a relatively nice voice and asked "How's your butt feel?"

"It still burns and tingles," I answered honestly.

"Good," she said obviously pleased. "It will give you something to think about the rest of today. I was hoping to tease you today about my date tonight and how you could help your Mistress get ready by bathing me, shaving my pussy and helping me to get dressed."

I had a little frown on my face and asked boyishly, "You're not going to let me do that?" I was disappointed that I might not get to participate in this little ritual.

"Oh no, you'll still be doing that. But, I think you'll be more distracted today thinking about the other things that you'll be doing tonight."

Now I was beginning to get a knot in my stomach. Her voice was developing a more sinister tone and I realized that her anger had not passed. I waited for her to continue but she paused to let her comment sink in. Finally, I asked, "What things do you mean?"

"I mean that you will come home, hang up your clothes, and strip to your panties before you get me a glass of wine and bring it upstairs to me. Then you will look on the bed where you'll find your CB-2000, a butt plug, and pretty girlie clothes. You'll put on the CB, put the plug in your ass and put on the clothes and you'll get all of this done in less than 15 minutes because I'll be waiting for you to begin taking care of me. Also, I don't want you to say a single word from the time you walk through that door until you go to bed unless I tell you to speak. Do you understand me?"

I gulped and quietly said, "Yes, maam." I could feel my little weenie making a tent in my pants.

"Oh, and one more thing," she added. "When he arrives you will go downstairs and let him in wearing your pretty little nightie and see if there is anything that he wants. Once he is comfortable you will tell him that you've been a bad little boy and that you must stand in the corner until I come downstairs to join him. You'll go to the corner of the living room and put your nose against the wall while pulling down your panties to just below the cheeks of your ass and pulling up your nightie to showoff the spanking that you got this morning and the butt plug filling your ass. You'll stand there like that until I come down. After I've properly greeted my guest, I'll call you over to lie across the loveseat so that I can finish the spanking that I started this morning. Once I'm finished, you will be dismissed to the spare bedroom where you will close the door, get in bed and stay there until tomorrow morning. You can remove the butt plug once you get to your bed but the CB will stay on until I decide you can take it off. Got it?"

I was in shock and didn't know what to say. She had never done anything like this before. Although he knew she was my Domme, he had never seen any overt signs of our relationship other than me responding to her orders to make them a cocktail and mild things like that. He certainly had never seen me dressed in women's clothing or even being spanked in front of him! This was a real escalation and I was terrified!

It was quiet on the phone line for a moment before she asked insistently, "Boy?" I mumbled out a stunned, "I understand."

"Okay, have a good day at work honey," she said in a cheerful voice and the line went dead.

I was completely distracted the rest of the day and didn't get anything accomplished at work. When the day finally ended, I drove home in rush hour traffic but barely noticed anything that was going on around me. I pulled into the driveway and opened the door of my house to the sound of 80s pop music playing upstairs where my wife was presumably getting ready for her date. As she requested, I hung up my suit, stripped off the rest of my clothes with the exception of the panties and got her a glass of white wine. When I got to the bedroom I saw the Chastity device on the bed next to the jelly butt plug. There was also a bright red satin nightie and red women's shoes sitting on the bed. I couldn't believe that I was going to do this. I took the wine to the bathroom where my wife was brushing her teeth. I wanted to say something but I remembered that I was not allowed to speak. She said, "Thank you," as I sat the wine on the sinktop and then she said, "Hurry up putting your things on. I'm ready for my bath." I walked back into the bedroom and quickly began to put on the CB-2000. It seemed like it took forever to get the butt plug in my tight asshole. Even with a lot of lubrication, it hurt so badly but I was afraid what might happen if I didn't hurry. Once it finally popped in, I put on the red nightie and shoes. I felt absolutely ridiculous and the shame and humil iation were burning throughout my body. I felt like my head was spinning but I dressed quickly and went to the bathroom where my wife was just starting the bath water.

"Don't you look cute," she said with a devilish gleam in her eyes. "Let me see your ass," she said with a twirl of her finger to indicate that I should turn around and display my ass to her. I turned around and lifted the hem of the nightie as I lowered my panties. She looked for just a moment before saying, "Mmmm, there are going to be some nice marks for a few days." She then raised her arms over her head and said, "Undress me." I immediately pulled my panties back up and began to help her undress.

I helped bathe her by washing her back and her hair. I started getting an erection as I ran the wash cloth over her nude body in the bath but the CB-2000 quickly put an end to that as the cage blunted any further growth of my little penis. This was made worse when she had me shave the parts of her pussy that she could not easily reach. It was painful and I tried to will it to go back down but to no avail. After she was finished bathing, I used a big fluffy towel to dry her off and then put powder all over her body. She dried her hair as I ran an iron over the clothes that she laid out for herself. Once she was dressed, she sat at her makeup table to begin putting on her makeup.

"He's due to arrive any minute. You can go stand downstairs in the foyer and wait for him so that he doesn't have to wait too long when he arrives. I'll be down when I'm finished putting on my makeup."

So here I find myself – standing in my own house, next to my front door, waiting for someone to arrive that will be ravishing my wife all night. He was going to see me dressed in women's clothing for the first time and would be witnessing the most humiliating thing that has happened to me up to this point in my life. My mouth is dry, my knees are shaking and I just want to run and hide. I feel foolish standing here and I keep trying to tell myself that this is crazy and men don't do this. However, I continue to stand here ...... waiting.



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I love this story so much.

Please give us more.


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I truly loved this story, It is something that I think most of us cuckolds, would enjoy having happen to us. I know I would just love to have it happen to me. Except for the clitty restraint and the spanking. I don't need a clitty restraint it is like a limp clitty.
Sissy Cynthia


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Brilliant! Please, do carry on.


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Humiliation and spanking certainly is certainly effectiive in reinpowering a Cuck Hubby status. would love to hear some more....please continue...
wife loves to tease about my little dicky


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What a great story this is. i hope we don't have to wait long for the lover to arrive. i am sure he will not just be a passive observer of her domination. He will surely want to play his part!


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My mouth was completely dry and my knees were shaking with the fear of embarrassment that I felt as I reached for the door knob. I could only imagine the smile on my wife's face as she surely heard the doorbell and she relished in my torment. I opened the door while trying to stay mostly behind it out of fear that one of my neighbors might see me in the red satin nightie. Her boyfriend took a slight step backward in surprise and amusement when he saw me.
"Well hello there. That is quite an outfit you're wearing tonight. Did you put it on just for me? Step out from behind the door so I can see it."
I just wanted him to hurry inside so I could close the door but he just stood there waiting for me to reveal myself so, after a quick look to make sure nobody was walking by, I stepped out from behind the door and waved my arm to indicate he should come in. He walked by me chuckling and I showed him into our living room where I asked him if I could get him anything while my wife finished her makeup. He said that a scotch on the rocks sounded good and I hurried off to get it.
He was sitting comfortably on the couch when I returned with a scotch that was poured over a large ball-shaped ice cube in a crystal tumbler. He took the glass from me while continuing to look at me with amusement and shook his head slightly saying, "You two never cease to surprise and entertain me. I didn't realize you were a crossdresser though."
He could see the shame on my face as I blushed with embarrassment. "I don't crossdress. Sandi made me wear this as punishment." I then remembered what I was supposed to say and after taking a short breath added, "I've been a bad boy and need to stand in the corner until she comes down."
He gave a surprised inquisitive look and then looking at my nightie a little closer he said, "Wait a minute. What do you have on under there?"
I looked down and saw that the cage of the chastity device was clearly outlined through the shimmery satin of the nightie. I mumbled embarassedly, "A chastity cage."
"Let me see it," he demanded with amusement.
I couldn't imagine how this could be getting any worse as I looked at the floor and raised the front hem of the nightie in resignation to my humil iation. He checked out the pink cage of the CB-2000 encasing my little penis with the little padlock at the top that ensured it would not be opened without the key my wife wore on a chain around her neck. He said, "She told me you guys had one of these but I've never actually seen one." He reached out and pulled on the padlock and verified that it was indeed locked shut. Then he squeezed on the cage to see how the pins fit together and how the CB was constructed. I was really anxious having another man inspecting and handling my privates but stood there without moving. He let go of the plastic cage and the padlock rattled as my little penis and balls swung down under the weight of the device and he laughed, saying, "There's no way you'd ever catch me wearing one of those. Of course, you'd never catch me in a red satin nightie either. I guess that's the difference between us, isn't it?" I just stood there looking at the floor and not knowing what I should do. He took a sip of the scotch and then pointed to the corner and said, "You better hurry over there. Your wife will be down here any minute."
I scurried over to the corner and then after a brief pause while pressing my nose to the wall, I closed my eyes and lifted the hem of my nightie and displayed my spanked ass with a butt plug firmly embedded to the hilt. He let out a big laugh and simply said, "Nice!"
I stayed like that for a few more minutes before hearing my wife's footsteps on the stairs. She entered the living room and her boyfriend whistled before paying her a compliment on her hot look. I didn't dare turn around and remained with my nose against the wall and holding the nightie up to my waist but I could hear them embrace in what sounded like a very passionate kiss. The kiss went on for what seemed like a very long time. When they finally broke the lip lock, my wife sexily declared, "Somebody is already excited," and gave a sexy purr. I could imagine that she must have discovered his growing erection and liked what she was feeling. She told me many times about the size and girth of his manhood and how much she liked feeling it grow hard in her hand and mouth. She would say, "The anticipation of what is coming and knowing that the more I pleasure him, the bigger he grows which will lead to the awesome sex. It gets me so wet I could almost cum without even being touched." Then, if she's feeling bitchy, she might add, "I guess that's why I don't blow you or give you handjobs anymore. We both know the sex won't be good so there's no anticipation or anything to get excited about. It's better that we just cuddle and you use that amazing tongue of yours to lick me to orgasms." It's hard to argue with her logic so that is pretty much the extent of our sex life and we both love it!
He answered her purr with, "Maybe you should suck me before we go to dinner to take the edge off. After the little surprises you greeted me with tonight, it's your fault that I'm so turned on."
"I can do that, but first I need to take care of something and boy here can go to bed while the adults play." She snapped her fingers and raised her voice slightly to say, "Boy. Go to the kitchen and get me the wooden spoon. And you can keep holding your pretty nightie up so we can watch your red butt while you hurry out there."
I removed my nose from the corner and held the nightie with both hands to make sure my bare butt was still displayed as I scampered off to the kitchen to retrieve the dreaded wooden spoon that originally tanned my backside earlier in the day. When I returned to the living room with nightie held up so that my chastised cage was on display bouncing in front of me and padlock jingling, I saw that my wife did indeed look stunning. She had on high heels, a tight skirt and a low cut blouse. Her lips were a very bright red and her eyes were smoky and seductive. However, the look on her face was a mix of amusement and determination. It was evident that she was enjoying herself and was looking forward to spanking me in front of her boyfriend. I had to let go of one side of the nightie as I handed her the wooden spoon with my right hand.
She pointed to the ottoman and said, "Lay down."
I started to lay across the ottoman when her boyfriend said, "No, why don't we have him lay across my lap instead. You can still spank him and maybe I'll add a few of my own." She thought that was a marvelous idea and gleefully told me to get across his lap. He scooted so he was sitting at the edge of the couch and patted his knees twice firmly with both hands to show me where he wanted me.
I couldn't believe how they kept pushing my buttons but each new humil iation seemed to push me further into a sub missive state of mind so I reluctantly positioned myself across his lap with my chastity cage pressing tightly against his dress slacks. My wife positioned herself so that she was standing next to him with her left arm around his shoulder and the wooden spoon at the ready in her right hand. "I want you to count all 30 of these boy." Then without hesitation she began the spanking with a loud crack.
I yelped out, "One" and she continued to spread firm swats all around both cheeks until I cried out, "Fifteen."
Then, her boyfriend said, "Why don't I give these last fifteen with my hand." He directed me to get up from his lap and to lay back across his left leg only so that he could trap my legs under his strong right leg. He held me down tightly with his left forearm across my back and my butt was raised high in the air in front of him. Even though I was shocked that I was about to be spanked by another man in front of my wife, I was relieved that I wasn't going to get any more swats from that evil wooden spoon. However, that relief was short lived when I felt the power in his big hands as the breathtaking spanks almost brought me to tears before it was finally over. As I lay there trying to catch my breath, he wiggled the base of the butt plug and I let out an involuntary gasp. He moved his arm off of my back and let me up. That was when he noticed the wet spot on his pants where a small amount of cum had leaked through the cage even though I didn't have an erection.
"What the hell? I can't believe you dribbled on me. You must have really liked getting that spanking. We'll remember that in the future and make sure you get plenty so you can have fun too. Now get down here and lick this sticky mess off of my pants."
I looked to my wife in disbelief and she raised the wooden spoon threateningly. I got down on my knees in resignation and went between his legs to start licking the wet spot on his pants at mid thigh. He put his hand on my head to hold me in place and pressed the erection in his pants against the side of my head as I licked the sticky cum from his thigh and tried to remove it from his pants with my lips. He gyrated his hips and grinded against my cheek and I could feel his large erection through the fabric of his pants on my face. After a minute of my attempts to remove the stickiness with my lips and his grinding against my face, he released my head and said, "That's good enough. Now it's time for your wife to finish what you started."
My wife told me to get up and to go to bed. She said they might be out late and that if I knew what was good for me I was to go upstairs and close the door to the spare bedroom and I wasn't to leave my bedroom for any reason other than to use the bathroom. Before I got halfway up the stairs, I looked back and saw my wife was already on her knees and unzipping his pants. I knew it was going to be a long, frustrating night for me as I listened through the closed door and tried to imagine what the couple must be doing. However, it wasn't too long until I could make out what sounded like a satisfied howl from her boyfriend and then a few minutes later the front door opened and closed as they left for dinner.


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Loved it can we have some more


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Please MORE !!!


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What a great story


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Can you update us all please, herboy63?
Does he still spank you and does she send you to bed early all the time so that they can enjoy themselves?


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After that night, things changed considerably in our house. To the outside world we were the same loving couple with the very attentive husband and cheerful, happy wife. However, in our house there was a clear understanding that our relationship had taken a significant turn after my wife watched me humil iated and being dismissed as a chi ld in front of her lover. While her perception of me as her lover was changed forever, she felt a renewed confidence in our relationship overall based on her control and my obvious pleasure in seeing her happy. While not asking for my approval, she said that she was only willing to continue with this new experience if there was no way it could damage our relationship. "I can continue to see him alone and come home to my cuckold like it used to be. We can keep your role as my boy separate and you can just be the stoic cuckold whenever you see each other if that is what you want. Or, we can continue to see where this goes and you must promise to tell me if you want to stop. I'll still spank you and I'll still see him but we can keep it separate." I assured her that I just wanted to see her happy and would do whatever she wanted to do. She reached between my legs and massaged the growing erection and said, "It seems you are happy about it too boy."

Things were really busy in our work and personal lives for a week or two so it was a relief when she finally had a chance to get together with her boyfriend and told him to come for dinner so we all could get together for a chat. The invitation sounded ominous to me and I began fretting over what exactly we would be discussing. She asked me to grill some steaks and I was surprised when she didn't make me do anything embarrassing before he got there. It appeared we were just going to have a nice dinner with some good red wine with me, my wife and her boyfriend. This illusion didn't last too long!

"Boy, while the steaks are grilling, I'd like for you to put on some nice romantic music and set the table for two. Once the steaks are resting, you can take off your clothes and put on the cute serving apron so we don't have to see your little thing and then you can serve us the steaks and the sides I've prepared in the bowls on the kitchen counter. We'll take the rest of that nice bottle of wine and you an open another bottle for later. I'll even let you have a half glass with your steak later after you are done serving us and are cleaning up the dishes." I mumbled a "Yes, dear" to which she replied sternly, "Excuse me?" I quickly corrected myself and said, "Yes, ma'am." with eyes downcast. "That will be five, boy." We both knew that meant five strokes on my ass.

I hurried off and finished the tasks she set for me and after stripping naked except for the silly, frilly apron, I served the steaks and dinner to the table set for two. The other ribeye steak lay on the counter getting cold as I stood quietly just outside the dining room door, as directed by my wife, while waiting for orders to fill wine glasses or clear plates. When they were done eating and enjoying a glass of wine while talking quietly in adoring tones, she called me into the room and told me to stand at the end of the table furthest from them as they held hands and sat closely at the other end. My wife paused before asking in a simple, direct tone, "So boy, is it true that you want to be part of our relationship?" I stammered uncomfortably, "I guess so." She looked sternly and asked, "You guess so?" I gulped before saying, "What do you mean exactly by 'being a part of it?" She leaned back in her chair and folded her arms before saying, "Does it matter?" I considered this question for a second before answering, "I guess it doesn't. Yes, I do want to be a part of it." She unfolded her arms and leaned forward on the table and said with a smile, "Good, and I'll tell you what it means to be a part of it." She smiled at her lover and he looked at her with amusement. She continued, "I want your absolute devotion, adoration and obedience. I want to always know that you will do absolutely anything to make me happy. You like that don't you?" I shook my head yes and felt my head begin to swim as I felt myself sucked into her smoldering eyes."

"If you are going to be part of our relationship then you need to make sure BOTH of us feel your devotion and obedience so you need to make sure that you are attentive to both of our needs. That also means that you will be punished by both of us when you don't make us happy. And we will not hesitate to punish you severely. Understand?" I nodded yes again with a very embarrassed look on my face. "You also need to understand that this won't be easy for you because you will not be allowed to have sex with me or to play with your little thing around us. Honestly, we just don't want to see that little thing as much as possible. Okay?" I was getting lightheaded as she took me further under her spell. She continued, "Lastly, when we want to do "adult things" we want to be alone unless we ask you to be there to do something specific. We'll expect you to dismiss yourself when you see that we need privacy. Got it?" I mumbled, "Yes, ma'am."

"Well then, I guess we all understand. Do you have anything to add honey?" she asked her boyfriend. He pondered this for a minute and then said, "I prefer to make my points with actions and not words. After he finishes the dishes he can come to the living room and I'll make my point." We all stood there in a momentary silence before my wife shooed me to the kitchen to get busy and said, "I think you better hurry up and meet us in the living room."

I quickly cleared the remaining items from the table and hurried to the kitchen to finish the dishes. I was nervous as hell and dropped a wineglass on the floor and broke it so I had to sweep that up before finally finishing the cleanup. Then I grabbed the extra bottle of wine, along with a new wine glass, and brought that to the living room to refill their glasses while anxiously dreading the events to come.

My wife was sitting in a chair on one side of the living room and her boyfriend was sitting on the middle of the couch. My wife had an amused, curious look on her face while her boyfriend looked at me with expectation and impatience. "I don't want you to dribble on me again so you can keep that apron on," he said sardonically. He stood up and pulled his leather belt out of the loops of his jeans. He doubled it over and said, "I always got the message most clearly when I got a good whipping with a belt when I was younger and I'm sure it will work equally well with our boy. Whenever you see me take this belt off I will expect you to get in position with your head down and ass up in the air without any whining or complaints. Do you understand?" I just stood there frozen. He stepped toward me until he was right in front of me and repeated, "Do you understand?" I looked at the floor and said, "Yes." He raised his eyebrows and said, "Excuse me?" I looked up and was confused for a moment before saying, "Yes, sir." He smiled and said, "That will be 5 more." He pointed to the arm of the couch and said, "You can bend over there."
I slowly shuffled to the end of the couch and bent across the arm with my head resting on the cushions of the couch. The apron was still tied around my waist and covering my hips and torso but my ass was bare and sticking straight up in the air. He said, "This first one won't be too bad boy but I do want you to know that when you disappoint me it will not be something to take lightly so don't be surprised if you cry before we are done." I could hear my wife gasp and take in a breath that sounded excited. And then the first stroke of the belt crashed across the cheeks of my ass. He was very proficient with that belt and within just a few strokes I was feeling desperate and tried to stand up and grab the cheeks of my ass but he anticipated my action and shoved me back don and warned me not to get up again. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as my desperation from the spanking was overwhelming me when it suddenly stopped. There was no sound in the room for a moment and I lay there with my eyes squeezed shut and waiting for the next order in fear that the spanking would continue. Instead, he said, "Get up and put your hands on your head." I rose from the arm of the couch and stood there feeling foolish on wobbly legs as I put my hands on the top of my head. I could see my wife out of the corner of my eye watching intently from across the room.

He wrapped his belt around my neck so the buckle and other end hung down over my chest on top of the apron. He looked me in the eye and said, "Now you can thank me for punishing you." He sat on the couch, unbuckled his jeans and slid them off so the jeans were bunched around his one leg. It was evident that he was already becoming aroused from spanking me. He pointed to his crotch and raised his eyebrows expectantly. I knew what he expected and slowly moved in front of him and slid to my knees and placed myself between his knees with his cock beginning to stir. At this point, my wife got up and sat on the couch next to him where she could watch things unfold from the best vantage point. He grabbed each end of the belt that was around my neck and pulled my mouth his cock and said, "Do a good job thanking me," and leaned back to enjoy himself.

After I got his cock rock hard and I was sure that he was on the verge of cumming in my mouth, he stopped me and told me to get up. He added, "by the way boy ... you are grounded for 3 days. One for your poor memory, one for the broken wineglass and one just for good measure. You will come home from work and take care of whatever your chores are around here, make dinner and after you finish the dishes you can go straight to bed after you kiss your wife. No playing with yourself or we'll add to your punishment. Now kiss your wife and you can go to bed.

I kissed my wife and before I even made it to the top of the stairs I could hear my wife gasping as she sank her pussy onto his rock hard cock.


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Bravo !!!! more ?


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Fantastic!!! Any more? It would be great if you continued your journey back to boyhood. And shared the experience with us.
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Her Boy Wears Satin When He's Bad
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