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First Time as a Hot Wife

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So Baby get yourself comfortable and let me tell you all about what happened when Roger came to see me a few minutes ago. I had to rush to get ready but wanted everything just right and wanted to make a good impression. Freshly bathed and shaved a dab of perfume behind each ear and my black under wear complete with hold up stockings. I covered my wares with a long black negligee and I was ready. Nervous but excited. What would he look like I wondered. I hoped he wasn’t too good looking and that may seem odd but as it was my first time I didn’t want to feel out of my depth or intimidated. I also hoped he was mature in mind and by nature. Not a boy but a man...
...the doorbell rang and my heart started beating quickly. I took a breath and opened the door. My eyes took in the sight of a tall well-built man with the most amazing smile and I immediately relaxed and welcomed him in. We sat on the sofa and introduced ourselves. He mentioned it was a shame you couldn’t be here this evening but I told him you would be waiting to hear all about it. He knew I was a bit nervous but reassured me I was in safe hands and my pleasure was all he was interested in but was sure we would both enjoy this experience. He dimmed the lights a little and his hand went to the small of my back slowly moving to my behind. He grabbed my arse and pulled me closer to him. Then he lifted my negligee over my head and threw it to the floor. His eyes were on my breasts and his hands expertly undid the clasp to my bra which was soon on the floor too. Each hand grabbed a breast and he caressed them sucking each one in turn then flicking my nipples until they were rock hard and deep red. He stood me up and peeled my panties off revealing my bare pussy. My hands went to his head and I softly moaned as it brought his mouth and then his tongue to my pulsating hot cunt. His tongue slid in between my lips and he spread my legs a little more with his hands before losing himself deep inside my pussy sucking me licking me and poking me with his tongue...
My legs were giving way under me as the pleasure washed through my body so he sat me down and started using his fingers to fuck me two then three fingers and my instinct was to move against them all the while feeling my breathing getting faster and faster. My feet found his cock which was straining against his jeans. Take him out I managed to say in between gasps of pleasure. He removed his fingers and presented them to me to suck dry which I did and then his trousers and pants were laying on the floor alongside my abandoned clothes. I was on the sofa legs apart with Roger kneeling on the floor between my legs. I arched my body thrusting my cunt towards his face and he caught me and once again explored between my lips and licking my arse which made me shiver. His mouth moved up gently nipping at my inner thighs then kissing my stomach all the way back to my breasts. He then sucked on them leaving them bruised with his mark which I love so much. His kisses reached my ear and my neck. At which point I was tingling and aching and my body so aware of every caress. I felt the tip of his cock tease at my hole and I tried to catch him. I wanted him inside me. I begged him to fuck me I pleaded with him to pound my pussy and make my clit swell and my lips throb but he silenced me with a kiss...
I closed my eyes to try and calm down as I was losing control. My juices were flowing out of me and left me lying in a patch of my own wetness. I licked my lips and found myself presented with hard cock teasing at my mouth. I licked at the tip of him my tongue playing this time. Then I opened my mouth wide and took him in sucking at him as he fucked my mouth. I looked up and saw him look into my eyes and he said do you think Colin would like that? would he enjoy seeing you like this? I let go of him and once again pleaded with him to fuck me hard. This time he obliged. I knelt on all fours and he slid himself into me with a hard thrust. Yes, yes I whispered more, more please. He fucked me and pounded me and I pushed back into him over and over . He was so deep inside me and his balls kept slapping me making me squeal even louder. He told me he was coming. Where did I want him to shoot his load? On my tits on my arse? Inside me, please, please, I begged him. Dont stop . The tension built and I screamed as he shot his hot spunk inside my walls coating me in thick juices I squeezed my muscles tight to hold on to him and get every drop from his cock inside my cunt. I fell to the floor exhausted and he lay on top of me both of us one tangle of sweat and cum. He fell out of me eventually and just lay there stroking my back and my backside while my body was still quivering and coming back down again. Once our breathing slowed to normal he helped me up but all those juices just trickled down my legs so he told me to lie back on the sofa. He got dressed and told me he had enjoyed meeting me and hoped to see us both soon. He let himself out and I reached out for my phone to tell you all about it. Im so so wet . His juice and mine filling my cunt and still leaking making me wet and damp down to my other little hole. So here we are honey. Are you proud of your Slut wife. Did you wish you’d been here with me?


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Nice, just a suggestion that one of the veteran writers on this site made to me on my first attempt.

More "white" i.e. more paragraphs with an actual space in between. Makes for much easier reading. I took your story, copied it to word and broke it up after just scanning the text trying find logical spots. Then I read the whole thing again and truly enjoyed.


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A good start I think.

I suspect that before you wrote this you knew these two characters in your quite well. You knew just what would inflame the husband and the fears and drivers of the wife. To you, this is the (a) climax of that knowledge. To us, we don't know them, we don't know why she is taking a lover (revenge, spite, cuckolding for both, he fails her, she's dominant), and therefore we don't know whether to be outraged (unlikely on this site), sympathetic or excited. I spent the whole time too, thinking the husband was in the room,which changes the dynamic a little, only to find at the end he was on the phone.

I have written all this not because I want to attack but because I think you have a good writing style and I think you can really do this. I just think you need to introduce you characters more so that we can see them as you do. It's your room and your illumination, but we are blind men in the dark until you show us the light.

I like the 'being rogered by Roger' by the way ...
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First Time as a Hot Wife
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