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cuckolding gone wrong

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My Darling Peter,
here I am again apologizing for what happened last Friday. After talking to Greg, I think I understand what set you off.

I was going to use the key to power you to confront me and to talk to me but then had second thoughts. I know that you love me, and that I have hurt you terribly. I believe that you are an honorable man and eventually give me a chance to explain. Not that there really is that much to explain. I'm sure you have a pretty good idea.

Please believe me when I say that I never meant to disrespect you in any form or ways. There is right now a great big hole in my heart and I believe the same is true for you.

I will gladly give you all the space and time you need figuring out what to do next. I promise that I will stay away if you decide to go back to work next week when our “vacation” is supposed to be over until you are ready to talk to me. Like I said I trust you that eventually you will talk to me. I pray every day that you will find a way for us to fix this as I miss you with every fiber in my body.

Be well my darling Peter. Hopefully you will find it in your heart to let me know that you are OK in a physical sense like you did the other day when you talked to Greg. I really, really appreciated that.
You guessed by now that I weaseled it out of him, in spite of his promise to you, that you were playing golf today. Please don’t be angry with him and it gave me just a little bit of a lift knowing that I can still beguile a man. So maybe the day we meet, I can also work my charms on you.

I hope that in a small way, you’ll give me credit for fighting my impulses and urges to ambush you at the club.

With all my love from one broken heart to the other
Your Loving Wife Monique


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It's official. This is a story. A proper one that is, and I for one want to see more. Thanks for getting us all this far.


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I'm back doing a little reading. I wasn't feeling very good when you started this, so I didn't jump right on it. I just now finished reading all of it and I enjoyed it. I think the switch from 3rd permister to 1st permister was a good choice. The story works better from that perspective.

I'm looking forward to reading more.

Thank you



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Peak, thank you for making it "official"

GH it's good to see that you are improving in the health sector. Thanks for your kind words.


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My eyes misted over as I fondled the key and read the letter a second and third time.

Oh how I loved this woman. Why did She do what She did?

Well I’m going to stay firm for now and with that thought I headed for the showers, stopping at the toilets and after entering the stall removed my CB. After more than three weeks, it felt kind of strange not having it on. Should I jerk off right here and now? Several guys entered the toilet area and I decided to just stick the CB into my pocket and head for the showers after undressing by my locker.

Greg was already getting dressed as I got there.

“You OK?”

He asked with a bit of concern in his voice letting me know that he had no idea what was in the letter itself. But I’m sure he knew about the key.

“Yeah, thanks. Please tell Monique “thank you” and that I'll e-mail her some stuff by the weekend. You can also let her know that I’ll be in the office on Monday.”

“Hey I had great time today even if I did not beat you (grin) but at least I didn’t give you the satisfaction of beating me because I would have never heard the end of that. I’m going to be busy after I get back to the office. I’ll let you know on Tuesday if I can get away on Wednesday morning for our regular scheduled tee time”

“Sounds good Peter. I’ll get the message to Monique as soon as I get home. May be I can coax her out and go to dinner with me. (wry grin) I know I’m not going to get into her pants – at least not until you two sort things out. Call me if you need anything or just want to talk some more.”

With that he left and I headed to showers with my head full of conflicting emotions. One of them was to just go home and see where the chips fell but then I dismissed that thought. No better stick to the plan, get all your ducks in a row so that you know what you want out of this relationship.

By the time I was clean and dressed, I was hungry. There really was nothing along the way to the lake other than some greasy spoons or MD’s and it would be too late to start cooking once I got there. So I decided to go back to casual restaurant but opted to sit at the bar and eat. I ordered some fish and chips – yeah still greasy but at least I could be reamisterably sure that the kitchen was cleaner than anything along the highway and a Yuengling. I know fish and chips and a German style beer, but I just don’t like Guinness.

After eating I got into my car and drove back to the lake, looking forward to sitting on the back deck with my pipe and contemplating some more Monique’s letter.

That night was the first one with completely untroured and restful relax since the whole mess got started. I had a light breakfast, went for a run and upon my return called the office to check on things. As expected things were running pretty smoothly. I told my PA that I would be back on Monday and meanwhile one of research guys should look into every aspect of Harry….. business and permisteral life.

“I expect at least an interim report to be on my desk on Monday”

After wishing her a great rest of the week and weekend, I hung up to head for the shower but as I looked out the window, I realized that a nice breeze had sprung up between the time I came in from my run and the end of the telephone conversation. Screw the shower, time to go sailing. I don’t do that often enough.

As I was on my boat scooting along on a broad reach across the widest part of the lake, I decided that I would go racing on Saturday and Sunday if there was a nice breeze. I admit it, I’m a “fair weather sailor”. I just hate to sit in a drifter constantly looking for ripples on the water trying to figure out where the next puff of wind is coming from. On the other hand, give me a good stiff breeze powering you hike out and spray hitting you – well that is my kind of sailing and racing. Better call Jack, a kid living on the other side of the lake to make sure he was available to crew for me.

I can handle the boat alone but club rules say that if the boat has a jib, you need a crew during racing.

When I got back from sailing, I had a late lunch and took a nap. Hmm, maybe I have something here. I could get used to this. Maybe I should make more of an effort to train a replacement, take early retirement or at least cut back during the summers to a couple of days a week and spend more time up here. It would be great to have the time to restore that old wooden M-Scow that is sitting in the barn across from the main road that passes by the lake.

Wonder what Monique would think of that? Oh yeah, Monique and what to do about her…

With that thought, I fired up my lap top and started to compose an e-mail to her.

Dearest Monique,
I was truly touched by your thoughtful letter and giving me the key to my CB. Thank you very much.

I guess we are in a bit of a mess. I really don’t have the words to describe the feeling when I caught the two of you last Friday afternoon. Let it suffice that it took a great amount of restraint not to hurt that bastard more than I did. The trouble is no matter what I would have done to him, it would not have soothed the pain in my heart because you were a willing participant.

You said something that fateful day that struck a chord.

You said - “I guess I was wrong in viewing cuckolding you in MY house as just a natural extension of our Domme/sub relationship.”

Yes, it is YOUR house but it was OUR home. Do you see the difference? I hope you do because if you don’t then I see no hope for us.

I don’t know for sure if it would have been different, had you been open with your cuckolding me. You know Greg confessed that has been relaxing with you and I guess you fed him a bit of “white lie” by telling him that I was OK with it. We never talked about you taking lovers.

Maybe that is part of the problem – a failure to communicate. I guess I’m partly to blame for that. Maybe I should have spoken up after you fed me your first cream pie at the BDSM club. But after having been tied up for who knows how long without sight or sound other than that damn white noise from the ear phones, I was so deep into sub space that it probably did not register properly. And all that incredibly hot sex after we got home from the club further dulled my memories. It made me feel secure and loved and at that moment it did not matter that you had sex with some other guy.

But in OUR home…

Yes the failure to communicate. Because if we had talked about cuckolding – and I understand in some way that you look at it as an extension of our Domme/sub relationship – I would have told you that while I did not like it, I could accept it with enough assurances in words and action from your side that the love you feel for me is not effected by it. However, I would have also told you that doing it in OUR home would not be acceptable. A man, even a “perv” submissive like me needs to maintain some self respect. A man’s home is his castle even if it belongs to his Queen.

As I’m typing this I can just visualize Her – My Queen



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I continue to type…

So before we can talk about any issues in our relationship I need you think very hard about a couple of conditions that are not negotiable and you need to fulfill them before we can go about repairing our marriage.

I just want to say up front, that no matter what you decide because now the ball is in your court, I will not abandon the company for the time being. So please don’t let worry about the future of the company influence your decision. I will be there for the company as long as you want me.

So here is what I need you to agree to:

1) Change the deed of your house from only your name to OUR names. To compensate for that I will agree to change the deed for my lake house to both our names. Both properties have approximately the same value. So even if we get a divorce 10 or 15 years from now, nothing really will change. It will be an even swap – your half of the lake house for my half of the main house.

2) Assuming that you go along with number one – Now that it is truly OUR house - there will NEVER be a lover there without MY explicit consent.

You see my Darling, nothing really complicated. Just two little concessions from you and we have a basis from where we can discuss our future.

I do miss you terribly and I hope and pray that you can see your way to accept my conditions. There will be some others, but they are negotiable.

I’m sure that Greg told you that I will go back to the office on Monday. I’ll stay at the corporate suite for the time being. I’m going to be very busy and as hard as it might be for both of us I would like you to take time to consider my “requests” carefully. Like I said now it is up to you. I feel very strongly that we can salvage our special relationship if you can accept those two.

Why don’t you plan on having dinner with me on Thursday at the suite and we can talk about the future at that time.

My Darling Monique, I love you with all my heart (what’s left of it right now) but also full of hope that you have right “medicine” to make it whole again.


I clicked "send", grabbed a beer and pipe and headed out to the deck to watch the rather spectacular sunset, trying not to think about how Monique will react to my demands.


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There, where is the world coming to? A self-proclaimed “slave” is making demands of his Goddess and Mistress.

Well time will tell. In the meantime I’ve got a bunch of chores to do tomorrow that will keep me occupied. I’m glad that Jack is willing to crew for me on Saturday and Sunday. Right now I’m not sure about racing on Sunday but Saturday should really be great. According to the weather forecast we are supposed to have thunderstorms Friday night. If the normal pattern holds true that means breezes of 10 mph or better for Saturday afternoon. Really fun racing winds. Looking forward to it. But that also means that usually the day after things are pretty calm. So it’s going to wait and see about Sunday. I’ll tell Jack to come over and we’ll have the boat ready to go but won’t make the final decision until maybe 15 minutes before the start since most of the time the starting line will be close to my dock and it will give us plenty of time to get there and join the “dance”.

It will be good to see Jack, it’s been a while. Coming to think I did not see him since the fall racing seamister last year. He’s what now a junior in high school. I’m gonna have to talk to him. See what his plans are for college. Our company is always looking for bright kids with the right interests. Who knows he might qualify for a sponsorship. Conditions are that he goes to the local college, agrees to graduate after no more than four and half years and commits to work for us for three years. I guess sort of a reverse to what the army is doing. You have to serve first and then they pay for school. If he fails to live up to the condition, the money laid out by the firm automatically converts into a loan and he’ll have 5 years after graduation or quitting school to pay it back.

Monique’s dad set up that program after hearing how I had to struggle, sometimes juggling three jobs and school. We have sponsored as many as four students at a time, one in each year, His thinking was that if he can find guys like me by paying most of their school expenses, it’s a great investment.

It really has paid off for us. More than half the kids have stayed beyond the contracted three years. Part of the deal is that they also work for us during the summer except for three weeks that we encourage to use as true vacation. Summer work is compensated at a competitive rate of pay with other summer jobs around the area.

Saturday’s races were a blast. We came in second in the Scow fleet and first in the mixed fleet race but wound up in 5th place because of handicap. That really did not bother me since I knew from the start that I would not be a contender for the seamisteral trophy because I always missed too many races for one reamister or the other.

Hmm – early retirement or just cutting back?

It was fun so see old friends during the “after the race social” and I didn’t have to dodge too many questions about Monique since most of the time she was not around anyway. The one exception, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Cooper a couple that we know from the BDSM place. They bought a place across the lake last year. Alice Cooper was pretty persistent in trying to find out why Monique wasn’t there. I did tell her that we hit a bit of a rough spot but were working on it and maybe next weekend Monique would but up. – Note to self for discussion with M. More time at the lake for both of us.

I got up early on Monday, skipped my run in order to get to the office around eight in the morning. As expected there was a pile of stuff on my desk and I did not leave the office until seven to head across the street to the Palace Hotel where the company had a suite that would be my residence until further notice. At the bottom of the pile was the initial report about Harry but I decided to just lock it in my desk and wait until I had the full report. I wasn’t in a hurry and wanted to wait and see how things would shake out with Monique and I.

On Tuesday morning I called Carmen, our house keeper on her cell phone to check if Monique had gone to the gym as was her usual routine. Getting confirmation that she would be gone in less than half an hour I got into my car to go to the house and pick up some additional clothing.

When I got there Carmen gave me a huge hug and said “Mr. Peter what is happening? The Missus is miserable and moody and I’m surprised that she even went to the gym today. Are things going to be OK between the two of you? Please tell me all will be OK.”

“Carmen, relax. Yes we have some problems but I think we can solve them. Hopefully by the weekend all will be normal again (well mostly. There will still be some issues but no need to trouble Carmen)”

Thank God, these last days have been no fun. I really like this job but if you are going to split, I’m going to have to find another one. I just couldn’t stand it. Mr. Peter I won’t pry as to what happened, I may have an idea but…”

“Carmen, what do you mean you have an idea? Speak up girl.”

“ I don’t know, it’s none of my business”

“Carmen, please tell me.”

“I think, no I really shouldn’t. Oh hell, why not. You’ve always treated me well and so does the missus. It’s probably that Mr. Harry. He came on Friday for lunch and was still around after I was done for the day. I don’t like him. He seemed to undress the missus with his eyes and the same thing with me. I had to restrain myself. I almost dumped a cup of hot coffee into his lap but I was afraid that I would get fired.”

Now Carmen is very easy on the eye and reluctantly I can understand slime ball Harry. I mean a Latin chick around 35 years young, coal black hair and eyes that flash at you in either a friendly or very scary way. All depending on whether she liked you or not. Add to that seam busting 38DD's and there are days when I'm happy that Monique has locked up my dick.

“Carmen, you are priceless. I wish you had dumped that coffee. If you had we might not be in the fix we are in now. Listen, if he ever comes around again you have my permission to dump a pot of hot coffee into his lap”

With that I headed upstairs to pack some additional clothes needed for the office and got out of there before Monique returned from the gym.


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Really enjoying the way the story is going Timmy! Peter is struggling, I think very realistically, with how to deal with this new reality without giving up the life he's come to enjoy so much and the woman he loves. Nice conflict.

And Alice Cooper - and into BDSM - go figure! Nice subtle image there. Liked the Yuengling reference too, love that beer but can't get it out west in my part of the world. Have enjoyed many while back in the Carolinas and thereabouts, and fyi, the German style brew goes good with pizza as well as fish & chips! But then the Germans and the Italians were allies at one point... I think Guiness is an acquired taste, and I have yet to acquire it.

Thanks again for writing, I'm really enjoying the details and trajectory of your story.


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great job timmy. my wife cuckold me and i was in acb for 5yrs but she vilated the rule no men in the house other than me. she argeed after a seperation to not do that againn but i did not trust her So i had her sign over the house to our misters. I divrce her a yr later when i cmae home a fond her fucking one guy and sucking off anothe while a third was sucking on her tit. She begged me to forgive her. i told her i did it once not a second time. that was a yr ago. have a great gf h whgo loves me and cuckold me but not in our home joe


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Great stuff Timmy!
Win some...
Lose some...
Few are rained out


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I'm beginning to wonder whether you might have to amend the title here Timmy. Seems to be going pretty right at the moment. You are developing a great story here. It's still official ! (you know I only said that as a joke and it seems to have a life of its own now).


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Stormy, blazerman, alcabin and peak, thank you for the kind words. I kind of surprised myself. Originally it was just to be picture story like maybe a little bit more detailed than the captions I usually. When I ran into a brick wall with the site because I could not have the pictures within the text, I started to expend a bit more the text and just used short quotes from the text in the pictures to make the connection.

I honestly don't know where the story is going. I sort of have an idea but I just write what comes into my head and as get into it seems to expand like "pop corn" with things that are not directly related to the initial incident like the racing or the scholarship program but I'm having fun for the moment so I'm going to try to keep it going.


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I submerged myself into the work, staying late again but it helped me go relax and pushed the possible confrontation with Monique on Thursday to the back of my mind.

Wednesday, golf did not happen due to rain and thunderstorms.

Well that gave me another full day at work, very much needed because of my intentions to cut out early on Friday and head up to the lake.

Thursday afternoon. I’m pretty nervous about this evening but I keep telling myself that no matter what, I will have to stay firm on my two items on the agenda. Anything else is on the table. I sure hope and pray that Monique will accept them. I would be devastated if she rejected them outright but we would be done and that would be left is divorce and working out an employment contract if she wants me stay in my job.

Well it’s time to head for the “Lion’s Den”. I’m sure that She’s already there “claws” sharpened and ready to fight.
I was right. As soon as I entered the room, there She stood in all of her
5’ 9” glory. Wearing heels it made her just as tall as I am and we can look straight into each other’s eyes without either having to bow or look up.
She went immediately on the attack – “you miserable worm, how dare you making demands and setting conditions for your Mistress. I OWN you, you are MY slave. Instead of talking to you I should take my cane to your sorry ass…”



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That went on for a while and I just stood there looking straight into her eyes, never flinching at some of the harsh words she “spit” at me. I think that got her even madder but I thought it best to let her get it all out of her system. Part of the healing process.

Finally she started walking towards me looking me straight into the eye before hauling out and slapping my face so hard, it sent my head spinning. But then came the surprise, she collapsed into my arms sobbing like a little young that got hurt badly from falling of a bicycle or something along those lines. I just stood holding her in my arms, not saying a word. What really could I say at that point.



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After I while she calmed down a bit but still sobbing and I led her towards the couch and we set down with her clinging to me like a little young. I stroked her hair gently, something that always seems to work when she’s upset.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. I honestly had no idea how you felt about my having a lover in our home.”
More sobs and I tried to kiss some of the tears away. Oh she smelled so nice. Damn, I sure missed that Lady the last few days.

After a while she looked into my eyes after drying some of her tears as thought to myself. Darn, whatever makeup she’s using is sure good. Nothing ran even with that flood of tears. Maybe I need to buy some stock in that company.

“Baby, I have the revised deed in an envelope on the dining table. Any time you want to look at it…”

Then somewhat pensive “can we talk about the second item on your…”

I held up my hand – “Sorry Monique, like I said in my e-mail this is not negotiable. I think I can deal with you openly – well as openly as we can and not cause talk and scandal – of you cuckolding me. But as the old misterg goes “Never on Sunday” this chorus goes “Never in OUR home”.”

With sort of a wry smile, getting a bit flirtatious “ well OK at least for now but I still should cane your ass for putting me through hell.” Letting me know that this issue may very well come up again at some future date. My Goddess does not like to lose.



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Nice work, I am enjoying this and can't wait to see how this is resolved.



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“Now you mentioned some other demands in your e-mail. You are really pushing your luck buster”

Why don’t we sit down and have some dinner and a glass of wine and I’ll tell you what else I have on my mind.
I made the call to room service – I knew everything was ready to go and went to open a bottle of Shiraz, one of her favorites and decanted it to give it a chance to breathe.

We sat across from each other contemplating the wine in front of us, each in their own deep thoughts when the knock came and our food arrived.

We ate in relative silence with a bit of chit chat like I told her about our golf game last week and that both Greg and I shot the same score.

She looked at me “he’s a really good friend isn’t he? Do you know that he read me the riot act after I told him that you stormed out of the house and he finally got the real reamister for you being upset out of me.”

“Yes he is, but he never said anything about him knowing what caused our problems.”

“Like I said, he’s a very good friend.”

We finished our meal and moved to have some coffee in the living area. There Monique handed me the envelope that she had mentioned earlier containing the revised deed.

I took it and tossed it on the table.

“Don’t you want to look at it?
“I trust you babe. I’m sure it’s OK. Tomorrow morning I’ll send someone from the office to the county building to file for the revised deed on the lake house”

“No darling, there is no need”

“Yes there is, it goes to the core of what our problem is all about – my self respect. I don’t want, I don’t know, just taking half of the house without giving anything of equal value would feel almost like a “mercy fuck” after you cuckolding and denying me your body for a long time.”

A big grin crossed her face. “Is that what it will take to let me have my lover where EVER I want? Six months or longer of chastity, maybe a year and then a promise of a “mercy fuck” as you so delicately put it?”

“Don’t even go there my darling Monique”

“She patted my hand. “Don’t worry babe, I’m going to get some form of revenge sooner or later but I will not take a chance on our marriage. This last week has taught me a tough lesmister”

So tell me, what else do you have in mind where I – your Mistress and Goddess – should make concessions to a “lowly slave”?”

I took a deep breath and began. “Darling, we need to spend some of the time we are together on MY “playground” – the lake house.

She started to…

“Please wait, let me finish, OK?”

She nodded and I went on.

“You haven’t been there for a very long time. It is no longer the cabin in the woods. It’s a real home. That is why I said that its value is about equal to our house. I spent a lot of money up there when I was working for your man, rather than the slave to you and whose pay you confibrownieed”.

She started to make and angry face.

“Hold on babe, just messing a bit with you. I know I gave it to you voluntarily and you gave it all back to me. That was a really sweet surprise. Anyway back to the house. It has three bedrooms and baths, full kitchen and a dining living area. There is an inside and outside Jacuzzi. It’s fully air conditioned and heated. I think, no I know there is an area in the basement that could easily be converted into a “play room” not as elaborate as we have at home but…”

“I think you will really like it there. It is so beautiful and the sun rises and sets are just spectacular. Remember those love notes that I keep leaving you every so often? Did you realize that I always gave them to you after spending time up there. The beauty of the area inspired me. I was trying to tell you something, that I missed you and wanted to share with you.”

“I have a proposal for you, remember everything now is negotiable, and negotiate we will. Right now this is not a “dictatorship” but a partnership we want to nurture and grow. So tell me, to how many charity events to you drag me in the cause of a year, eight, ten, more? I think eight is a good number on average. I think this year and it’s only the end of July we are already at six. So for the time being let’s leave it at eight. So my idea is that for every time to you drag me to one of those, you owe me a weekend at the lake. I think that is very fair.”

“But I don’t know any one up there.”

“Not my fault and not true”

“What do you mean not true”

“Well for one, Alice and Clarence Cooper…”

“Coopers from the BDSM club?”

“The very same, they have a lovely place across the lake from us and with my telescope we probably could watch…

She punched me “Perv”

“Yes, actually Alice was asking about you on Saturday after the race. When she saw me she thought you were around too and that maybe would could “play” at their place that night. I was honest and told her that we hit a rough spot and I was there alone. She got a bit upset, thinking that maybe you had gone too far with some physical stuff and was ready call you to read you the riot act. I calmed her down told her we were working on a solution and would see them soon.”

“Is that why they are never at the club on Fridays or weekends during the summer? I’ve wondered about that since they don’t miss much there any other time.”

“Yes it is. I have a feeling that they have some other play partners up there, people that live there year around. So it could really be fun to get involved with new couples” Also all the “vanilla” folks in the yacht club are all very nice. I am serious about wanting to spend more time up at the lake but I want to spend it with you. That’s why it is now on the table.”

Monique took a sip from her coffee and sort of stared into space, not saying anything. I decided to wait her out and see what was on her mind.

She turned, looked at me… “When will this start?”

“Tomorrow. I’m going to try to get out of the office by noon. Please have Carmen make a sandwich for me to eat on the way up. I’ll pick you up before one and we head straight up to the lake to spend the weekend. I’ll be in the “driver’s seat” and all activities will be based on what I want, like going out and race and you will join us for the social hour after the race. It’s next to our place and we can just walk over after I’ve secured the boat.”

Are you telling me that I, your Mistress should all weekend long follow you around like a puppy dog, “sit and stay” as you command?”

“Not at all darling, I want you to have fun, get to know my friends. I just want you to join me with an open mind, that is all. When we are alone, I have no objection to you taking control.”


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“This is very important to me. If you approach this weekend with reluctance and resentment because it’s one of my demands, I see a very dim future for us. I love you with all my heart but I need to get back some of my, I don’t know - self respect, self esteem just don’t seem to be the right words but I think you get the idea. Ever since I became your self-proclaimed “slave”, I’ve been dancing to your tune. Don’t get me wrong. I loved every minute, well most of them but this incident last week triggered something that I can’t quite explain. The only way I see for getting over that will be that you will join me in some of the things that make me “ME” beyond what our lives have been up to now. I need a partner that is willing to share some of my passions.”

“I know you’ve tried golf and I appreciate that effort you put into that but I also accept that it is just not you. The same way, I don’t expect you to crew for me when I race the boat but I want you to be there to watch and cheer for me.

Now a moonlight sail on a balmy summer evening, a bottle of wine, other couples doing the same thing while Tony, our current commodore, is singing Italian love mistergs, that is a whole other story. I don’t think that is too much to ask. Eight weekend at the lake with me between Memorial Day and Columbus Day.

There was that pensive look again in her eyes. What was going on in her head. I could almost hear the gears turning.

Suddenly Monique was on my lap trying her very best to suck my tonsils out – a lost cause because there were gone but I have to give her an “A” for effort.

“OK, I’ll give it a try this weekend. I want to “table our discussion” until after the weekend. At that time I may or may not accede to your demands or have some counter proposals since you did say this was negotiable”

“Now let’s go home, I want to fuck your brains out”

“Not going to happen…


“Easy darling, I have no problem with the fucking part. But not at home, here. I’m not going to relax there until we replaced the couch slime ball was fucking you on. Maybe even have the place “fumigated”.

“You’re being silly.” Throw out the couch set?

“Yes I need to have anything that could remind me, removed from the house and you will have your work cut out this weekend convincing me how sorry you are and how much you love me. My fragile ego needs lots and lots of reassurances.”

With a sly grin “Maybe even one of those blow jobs like you gave the last time you banished me to the basement for almost two weeks”

She slapped my face again – not as hard as earlier in the evening. “Don’t push your luck buster. Show ME how much you want to be MY slave again this weekend and maybe…”

“Enough of this. Time to get naked. Undress you’re your GODDESS".



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Great work Timmy, this is progressing nicely! As you say, you've been surprised with how the story has taken off in your mind - it's easy to see that it is taking on a life of it's own for you. Careful, or you'll still be writing this 36 pages down the road! You've done such a great job of building and fleshing out the characters of Peter and Monique that you'll find it difficult to ever let them go. Trust me.
Thanks for the story, it's a fun read!


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Thanks Storm for the kind words.

I'm about to continue the story but if you expect some hot sex scenes, etc. forget about it. I'm not going to try to compete with either GH or Stormy in that department they are the unchallenged masters. No I leave to your fertile imagination to figure out what happened that night after dinner.

Oh one more thing GH thinks I should lose the pictures. What do you think?


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“Yes GODDESS” and that started a night of unbridled passion. I don’t think I’ve ever seem Monique so turned on. We alternated between softly making love and some pretty rough “play” and the couple of flashbacks of Harry’s hairy ass did little to diminish my enjoyment and passion.

It was probably was around 4:30 or so before we drifted off to relax only to be rudely awakened by the alarm at 7 AM. A quick shower for me and getting dressed.

Monique tried to con me back into bed when I kissed her goodbye but I stayed hard – more ways than one – and managed to escape while reminding her “I’ll pick you up from home around 1 PM. Please don’t forget my sandwich”.

I hoped that my trusted PA would have coffee and a doughnut for me when I got to my desk as I made my way across the street to the office virtually crawling on my nipples. That is how worn out I was after all the hours of incredible sex and play.

I busted my butt and managed to get out of the office by 12:30 in a very chipper mood. For one I was heading home to get Monique for a weekend at the lake and the other reamister, Greg had discovered something that made “hairy ass Harry” very vulnerable but that could wait till next week.

The forecast for the weekend was great and sailing should be good both days. I was looking forward to the look on Monique’s face when she saw how the humble cabin had morphed into a respectable year-around home. I for one could see spending my retirement there with maybe a condo in the city for those days when we wanted the theater, a concert or one of those charity functions that I was sure would not go away.

On the way home, I stopped at a seafood store to pick up our dinner for the evening. A couple dozen clams and some good sized lobster tails all to be cooked on the grill. I throw the clams on the grill and when they pop open baste them with a butter and garlic mixture. Yummy. The same mixture also goes on the lobster tails after I crack them open when done. A small salad and baked potato complete a perfect summer meal when it’s accompanied by a nice bottle of Riesling.

The drive up to the lake was pretty uneventful and we did not do a lot of talking. I think both of us were still trying to deal with the events of the last couple of weeks as well as what had transpired last night.

I chuckled as we turned into the driveway of my place – next week to be ours – when I looked at Monique’s face.

“WHAT?” Where is the house?”

“You are looking at it.”

“You are crazy, you promised me a house and all I see is a garage, a chimney and some vent pipes?”

“You’ll see”. I opened the garage door to drive in. We got out of the car, closed the garage door and led Monique to a door where I had a blindfold ready for her.

“Here put this on”

“I will NOT”

“Please, please trust me.”

“Oh, OK”. Let’s get this over with in a hurry before you take me home again.”

I put the blindfold on her and led her through the door down a few steps into the kitchen, dining and living space. See my house is an “earth house” sort of diamond shaped like on a playing card with mostly glass walls facing southeast from the kitchen and dining area. The living space occupied most of the top of the diamond facing south and a bit southwest. The master bedroom was facing mostly west. The only drawback with this type of construction is that some rooms, in this case the guest bed rooms and office had no windows, just sky lights.

I placed Monique into the middle of all this and removed her blindfold.

“WOW” was all she could utter as she took in the view of the lake where a couple of sailboats were scooting along as well as her surroundings.

“This is beautiful, how did you ever?”

“There used to live an architect here at the lake. He was retired and up in years. I met him when I was here one weekend way back when during a social at the club. We were talking and I mentioned that I was going to tear down the old cabin and build something new. He offered to come and look at the land and to give me some suggestions. I gratefully accepted and the next day he showed up with a sketch pad. We walked around the property and when he looked at the hill side from the water “that is a perfect hill for an earth house”.

“What do you mean?” and rather than telling me he sat down on the dock and started sketching. That sketch pretty much showed what you will see when you look at the house from the water.
He practically begged me to let him design the house and once I understood what he had in mind I told him to go for it.

Construction was pretty expensive but since we are young a lot of that money will come back in energy savings over the years. This is a most energy efficient structure. Our utility bill with either a/c or heating should never be more than 500 bucks a year at the current rates. See the northwestern and north sides are buried in the hill. There is 18 inches of sand, dirt and grass on the roof. We use ground water as a starting point for either heating or cooling. It has a temp around 56 degrees and that will never vary no matter if it is a 100 in the shade or minus 10 outside.


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I like the way you are continuing to develop this story. I'm in two minds about the pictures. Permisterally as I read I always put my own idea of the wife / mistress / lover into the story. They tend to be an amalgam of people I know and those I only know from pictures. On the other hand I have a lot of pictures of Veronika Zemanova, as I'm sure do many people. One of the all time greats in my book. On the other hand, can a realistic story in other respects stand the inclusion of an all time world great ? It started as a cipher, but it has become a story. As you fill in the details more, Monique will become more real to your readers, who will all be imagining different people. GH started with pictures and dropped them, Stormy showed two pictures of his heroines at the beginning of his story but none since. You are in good company therefore. Your decision.


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Oh, and while we are about it. I don't know any sex goddesses who are really interested in plumbing and saving every last penny on the fuel bills. I do like reading about green issues and heat pumps. But not here ...


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I like the way your developing the story. I'm still waiting to see what happens with your characters. Is Monique just using Peter or does she really love him. Is Peter strong enough to maintain his own permistera as he submits to his wife? We all have our limits. Will Peter be able to maintain his.

Submissives want limits to be pushed, but for all of us there is a point where we say no, this isn't part of the bargain. It appears that Peter is approaching that limit. I am eagerly waiting to see what happens in this story.

Thank you for writing



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Patience my friends, pacience


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“That ‘s fine but boring. Show me where you will build me my play space”

So we headed down to the basement.

“Hmm, I like this, bare block walls rather like a “primister”. What are those pipes in the corner?”

“Those are for hooking up a toilet and sink. When we laid this out I was thinking that one day I would have my trains down here and I don’t want to run upstairs every time, you know…”

A little irritated Monique mumbles “those damn trains again. I thought we laid that to rest.”

Brightening up a bit she asked “could we add a shower and maybe even a second bathroom?”

I looked puzzled.

“You know, I like the “primister concept”. So a shower would be OK in addition to the sink. But I think a tin fixture in the corner for peeing and a whole that you would have to squat over would be perfect – you know like we saw in China on that last trip when you took me sightseeing. That “public rest room” by the temple with the only separation between men and Ladies a flimsy wall that you but not most Chinese could see over. I think that would be much more appropriate for a “slave quarter” don’t you think love?”

“So why the second bathroom?”

“Oh, silly boy your GODDESS needs a proper toilet besides, if you ever do get that train room, you would not want to expose your guests to that slave cell, would you now”.

With that Monique looked around and found some 2 x 4 lumber laying around.

“Help me with these – put one here, another one there and there.”

Looking at the lumber I realized that she had laid out a room of approximately 18 to 20 feet by maybe 12 feet.

“Yes I think that will do nicely. Gives me enough room to swing my whips even after a cot and bondage toys are in here.

Darling, I want you to call a contractor on Monday and set up a meeting for me to meet with him say on Thursday or Friday next week, I’ll go up ahead of time and you can come straight from the office. Don’t worry, I’ll show you his estimate and if think we should check with someone else, we can do that after we have his figures. You know, I want this to be completely sound proof”.

“But why babe?. No will be able to hear us outside when we play down here.”

“I know, but I also don’t want any sound penetrate to upstairs”.

That raise the hairs on my neck a bit and wondered what is she up to. I didn’t say anything but filed that comment into the back reaches of my brain.

“Say darling, how warm or cold does it get here, it seems to be a bit chilly.”

“It stays just around 70 all year long. I think that maybe once we have a dehumidifier down here, it should be quite comfortable especially once you get into the “swing of things”.”

“Hmm so someone could stay down here for quite some time, even without clothes without getting hypothermia?”

More alarm bells went off in my head but I stayed cool.

“Sure, it would not be very comfortable without a blanket at night but yeah a couple of days should be good, especially if the food is fairly high in calories.”

“Hmm. OK let’s go back upstairs. Like I said it’s a bit chilly and I’ll include the dehumidifier when I talk to the contractor. Besides I’m hungry. Get cooking slave”

That last comment was delivered with a dazzling smile and I forgot for the moment all the stuff that had put me on alert.

Our dinner was delicious and I earned a number of some very sensual kisses that held some promise for later.

It was a very pleasant evening as we sat on the deck watching the moon leaving silver streaks on the lake. We’re both having a nice cognac and I indulged in my pipe. The little talking we did revolved around what she could expect tomorrow during the day.

“Hey, let’s go and try out your bed but you better first take a shower and brush your teeth at least twice. I don’t want any tobacco smells. I enjoy it out here when you smoke your pipe but inhaling the smell when I whisper sweet nothings into your ear or savagely bite it does nothing for me.”

Actually our lovemaking was quite quiet compared to yesterday but very nice. Falling arelax at the lake in each other’s arms was a bonus for me.

Saturday morning was routine after serving Monique breakfast in bed followed by a couple of oral orgasms for Her. I puttered around the boat and dock getting ready for the race. When Monique came outside, I introduced her to our neighbor and they left chatting while went back to my chores.

The race was uneventful but I did see Monique sitting on our neighbor’s dock with some other ladies watching the race from time to time with my binoculars which made me very happy. It looked like she was trying.

Most of the boats gathered around our and the two docks on either side of us for the after the race social. It was quite a lively crowd and Monique’s face lit up when the Coopers came down the drive way.

“Hey girl, he finally managed to drag you up here did he now. It’s about time, I told Peter that if you didn’t come this weekend, I would whip his sorry ass real good.”

All this was accompanied by hugs between the two ladies. Both Clarence and I were very grateful that Alice’s comments were fairly low level and no one picked up on the ass whipping.

“I want you both to come to dinner tonight and I won’t take no for an answer, clarence and petey can do the cooking and serving their Goddesses. Well I guess petey will do most of the cooking because clarence sucks at it. If they do a good job, they can have our leftovers otherwise it will be cold pizza for both of them in addition to some extra lashes. This is going to be fun.”

“But I don’t think…”

“Don’t worry about it, just have petey wear one of your panties and while cooking and serving, he can have one of clarance’s extra frilly aprons. Also I have a spare “slave collar” and plenty of toys to share.”

“Darling WE are going to have to have a blast.


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Life for Petey is getting very interesting.




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“You heard Mistress Alice, go find the panties that I wore yesterday and put them on under your shorts. Then go with Clarence and help him put their boat away. We’ll be over shortly. I’ll bring something else for you to wear should We decide to let you two slaves take your Goddesses on a moon light sail.”

So there I was struggling to fit into Monique’s thong type panties. I did manage to put them on but they were rather uncomfortably riding up my crack and putting some pressure on my balls.

We had just finished putting their scow up on the rack when the Ladies arrived and called us into the house.

“Slaves in here. Strip before coming into the house on your hands and knees. petey, keep your panties on. Since you are not in a CB, we don’t want your puny balls and dick swinging around like you were a real man.”

“Clarence, show petey were all the stuff for dinner is and then bring us some wine. We want you both out here since We have a little contest before you start on dinner.”

As we came back with the wine,

“Clarence kneel in front of Mistress Monique and petey, you in front of Me. Now here is the deal, when I say go, you start worshipping us at the foot of your choice. Be careful, go slow and work your way up to our pussies. You will wait until We tell you that it’s OK to start working on those. Here comes the challenge. The slave who brings his Mistress to an orgasm first is the winner and will cane the loser’s ass five times. We know you are friends, so in order to make sure you hit hard enough, We want to see five nice red stripes.”

“Yes, and if WE are not satisfied with the “quality” of the stripes, We will correct that and both of you will get five each from us” piped up Mistress Monique.

I knew right then and there that each of us would get caned. It was a no win situation.

This was going to be tough. Neither of us had ever served the other Mistress in that capacity. We had no idea of how they would react. In a way it was a fun challenge and normally I would really enjoy it but it was a race with consequences for the loser.

I thought, that I beat Clarence by a couple of seconds but the Ladies declared it a tie.

“We are hungry, so there is no time to do a re-run on the “race”. As a result We will administer five lashes to each of you. Bend over and touch your toes. Lose contact and We start over.”

I think that Clarence got off lucky. We are not much into using the cane and Monique must have been a bit hesitant because I did not hear much out of him and when I looked at his ass, yes he had the stripes but not very pronounced. I on the other hand have never felt pain like this before. Especially from the last stroke that landed right were the ass ended and the thighs began. It seems to be a very sensitive area and I just barely managed to not lose contact with my toes. I thought I detected some small expression of disappointment from Mistress Alice that I hung in there. Surely She would have loved to add another five…

I’m sure that I will have some bruises for a couple of days. I’m going to have to pray that Mistress Alice does not say anything to my Goddess about having hit too softly and offers lesmisters.

“OK, enough for right now. We are hungry get busy in the kitchen.”

I set Clarence to fix a couple of salads and shrimp cocktails while I got busy with the main course. Poached salmon, steamed cauliflower and garlic mashed potatoes.

The salmon was already pre-cut into two nice size pieces and two pieces just barely an inch wide. Well I knew what we would get if we got lucky. So I decided to make extra potatoes and cauliflower.

As I worked in the kitchen I could hear poor Clarence out in the living room area wincing every so often followed by peals of laughter from the Ladies.

“Hey petey come in here a second. We don’t want you to miss out on the fun.”

“On your knees slave.” As I knelt in front of My Goddess, She attached a couple of clamps on my nipples each had a two ounce fishing weight attached to it.

“So how long until dinner is ready?”

“About 30 minutes, Goddess”.

“Good, then come in here every ten minutes so that I can add another set of weights. I want to stay focused. Now go back to work.”

Was Her command with a swat on my sore ass.

So it went and by the time dinner was on the table I was wearing eight ounces of lead suspended from each of my rather sore and tormented nipples.

The Coopers have a fairly large dining table and the Ladies were sitting at each end leaving plenty of space under the table for their slaves and that is where we found ourselves.

“petey, I want you un your knees but you can sit back on your haunches. That’s good but now come closer and spread your keens. I want access to your balls and dick. Oh, and you better not get My feet messy.”

My friend Clarence got similar instructions and our torment began.

Monique started out by just lightly rubbing her soft feet over my balls and dick, occasionally adding pressure enough to make me moan that always made Her giggle. All this time, the Ladies were gossiping about folks we all knew, some here at the lake, others that are part of the BDSM community in town and so on.

I was so close to cumming from the teasing of my balls and dick when I felt one of Her feet making its way slowly up to my nipples, lifting the weights up and putting some extra strain on the clamp before letting the weights drop.

“OUCH” that sure took care of my need to cum for the moment.

“Quiet, wimp. Don’t disturb our dinner” as She lifted the other set of weights and dropped them.

Since I knew what was going to happen I managed to just quietly hiss when the pain hit.

This went on for a while and I guess I had entered some form of “sub space” because it surprised me when I heard.

“OK, slaves, time to clean up. We’ll help ourselves to an after dinner take.”

When we had all the stuff in the kitchen the two Ladies strolled in holding a glass.

“Time to supervise your dinner slaves. Clarence get the doggie bowls. OK, let’s see what We have here. Hmm, one scoop of potatoes for each of you and you each can have one of those small pieces of fish. Looks like we finished the veggies. Oh, I see, scoop those celery pieces out of the pan where the fish is you can have those. (they are there to flavor the fish and normally are not part of the meal).”

“Now down on the floor and eat up. We want to go on the moonlight sail. You both can put on pants and sweater for the sail”

Chuckling, the Ladies left us to our dinner.


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Great story telling Timmy, love the detail you put into your tale. It appears that although Petey has upper limits to his own offense, they are set quite high! Anyone willing to eat fishy celery...


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I agree with Storm. That was good story telling, but I also disagree with him. The fishy celery was a whole lot better than the nipple clips with weights hanging from them.

I've actually had to wear nipple clips. They fucking hurt! I can't imagine hanging weights from them. That would really hurt.

Thanks for an entertaining segment.

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