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Girls night out - One warm Saturday night my girlfriends and I decided

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One warm Saturday night my girlfriends and I decided to have a girls night out. The five of us went to a club in the next town over for takes and some dancing. We are all in our mid-thirties and the crowd there was a twenties age crowd but were having a great time dancing, laughing, and just being away from our responsibilities at home. We were approached by a number of differentguys through the night on the dance floor and though we are all married it was flattering.

We were all getting a little tipsy when we were all dancing together and I was approached by a hott twenty-something muscular black guy who asked if he could dance with me. I didn't see any harm so we began dancing and my girlfriends were encouraging us with hoots and hollers and I playfully responded by placing my hands on my knees and sticking my butt out to grind back on him. This made my already short sun dress ride up a little higher than I was comfortable with but we were all having fun. My new dance mate whos name still remained a mystery wasn't shy to say the least and began rubbing him crotch onto my stuck out butt.

My friends were still watching us dance and laughing about my dance move but what they didn't know is I was getting very turned on by the bulge I felt rubbing on me. My friend Michelle said jokingly "so is it true what they say about black guys". I am only 5'2 with a small waist but have been blessed with full c breast and what my friends refer to as a ghetto booty and he was apparently appreciating this right now.

After a couple dances and a few more takes he asked me if I wanted to go outside to get some fresh air. It was refreshing when the cool summer air hit us and we walked across the parking lot to his car and leaned against the front of it when he began teasing me about how I was dancing and said I have a nice ass for a white girl and we both chuckled. He noticed my wedding ring and asked where my husband was and I told him he was home with the kids.

At this point is when it all changed. He asked me if I've ever been with a black guy and I said no. He said I'm sure you've heard all the dumped have you ever thought about it or been curious if the rumors were true. I said truefully when we were dancing it felt like it might be true but I'm married so it doesn't matter I we couldn't have sex any way. Do you wanna at least see for yourself he asked and reached for and unzipped his pants. I froze and didn't know what to do when he lulled it out of his pants. What are you doing we are in the middle of a parking lot but I couldn't help but to stare in awe at how big his black tool was. It was flaccid and just hang from his unzipped pants in an obscene way and was a dark ebony color. I began to squirm from the horny feeling I was beginning to feel he grabbed my hand and asked to you want to feel it and I replies inreally shouldn't I told you I'm married. He said exactly so when will you have an opportunity like this again and places my hand on his huge dick. My mouth pleaded I can't do this plus we are right out in the open but my hand decieved me and began stroking him making his cock grow in my hand which by now couldnt encircle his thick girth. He moved in front of me and began groping my breasts thru my dress. I was now stroking him with both hands when I looked up at him and said we can't have sex but how bout if I just suck it. He smiled down at me and said get to work.

I slid down sitting my ass on the backs of my feet the cool air blowing between my spread legs and was now inches from the black monster I was stoking. Now fully hard I can feel it pulsing in my hands I lifted his heavy cock up and licked it's under side from the base to the tip and struggled to slide my full lips around the head and let it slide over my wet toung. My mouth was stretched to it's limits with his thick black cock completely filling my mouth rubbing the inside of both of my cheeks as I slowly slid my hungry mouth up and down feeling each and every vein across my lips. I was becoming lost in lust as I began sucking for all inwas worth and slobbering on this strange black dick like a slut. He pulled my hair so my head tilted back and i was looking up at him his big hard black dick still in my mouth. He seemed to be towering over me.

He smiled down at me obviously enjoying the fact he had this married white lady on the end of his big dick. He gripped his dick with one hand while holding my hair with the other and removed it from my mouth by stretching it against one side of my mouth. I was breathing heavy trying to car h my breath but also from the fact i was more turned on now than at any other point in my life. He started rubbing his heavy spinneret black cock all over my lips, tong, and face then slapping my stuck out tung. He started rubbing it across my puckered lips it full length reaching across my face.

I could feel the wetness between my legs growing as I opened my mouth and took as much of him into my mouth as possible. He held my head and began fucking his huge cock in and out of my mouth until I felt it expand and release a huge thick load of salty cum into my mouth then again and again until it was too much for me to swallow and it squeezed out of the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin and dripped onto my breasts. He was growling and he continued to fill my mouth. When he was finally done cumming he removed his semi hard cock from my mouth and tucked it back into his pants. He looked down at me and said "that's why I love married white girls" and walked back into the bar leaving me alone to realize I was in the parking lot legs spread with a wet crotch and salty cum coating my mouth and wet on my breast. It was at this point I gained some of my senses and made my way to my car. Once in my car I had time to go over everything in my head and couldn't help but reach down and feel my now soaked pantied crotch. As I drove home I fingered my bald pussy and kept sucking my tung to the roof of my mouth trying to savor the taste of the hot load that was just deposited in my mouth. I came on my hand just a couple of blocks from the bar.


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very hot!


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I do love the girls night out theme.


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Did you tell your husband?


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Very nice!


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Thanks for all the encouraging feedback. I will continue to share all my fantasies with you all.
Peter C


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Well done Erica. I enjoyed your story a lot. I look forward to hearing more about your girls nights out. I love reading about naughty married women.
Peter C


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Girls night out - One warm Saturday night my girlfriends and I decided
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