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Husband and Wife's Vacation

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see my story post below


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Try writing in the first permister, it's much hornier.


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Great story please tell us what happened after.


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Written from my husbands eyes...

My wife Jenny and I go to an island for a much needed vacation to get some r&r. After a long relaxing day of swimming and sitting on the beach we get ready to go out for a few takes at the resort bar. Jenny puts on a sundress and I tell her be a bad girl for once and don’t wear any panties but she refuses stating what if someone sees. I have spent years trying to get her to loosen up and be more open but with no success. I try to be persistent and anger her making her lash out "what do you want me to be a slut". Frustrated I plead we are on vacation and don't know anyone there but adds I wants her to be a little more naughty. I ask will you at least wear the little black skirt and high heels when we get back to the room? She can't believe I packed these without her knowing but says yes I'm sure just to please me. This is a very short loose pleaded black skirt that doesn't even cover her whole ass.

At the bar we are takeing and talking with various vacationers and decided to find a booth in the back near the dance floor. We are watching people dancing and she asks me to dance but I decline her stating you know I don't dance. After a few more takes we are approached by a large well-built black local man who asks her if she would like to dance completely ignoring the fact she is sitting there with me. She seems reluctant but looks at me and I say "you've wanted to Dance all night go ahead". She gets up and moves to the dance floor with a black man who she didn't even know. Once on the dance floor he introduces himself as Tyree.

I get another take and returns to the booth to see my wife dancing with her new friend who towers over her and makes her look even more tiny. The man is becoming more aggressive during their dance and reaches down to cup her full ass with both hands and she pulls away smiling but shocked. When she returns to sit with me her new black dance mate returns with her and slides in the booth next to her. He leans forward and tells me I am a lucky man “your wife has a great ass” and she adds see “aren't you glad I wore panties now”? "He would have felt it all if I didn't" but to her surprise I reply “that would have been fine”. She just looks at me confused and asks "was that naughty enough for you" which I say “it's a good start”.

After another take we decide it's time to go back to the room and she is shocked to hear me ask Tyree if he wants to come back to the room with us for another take and he agrees. Back at the room we all get takes and I ask Jenny why she hasn't put on her outfit yet. She angrily states, “because he is here and it barely covers my ass” but I reply, “so what quit being a prude besides I'm sure he won't mind”. She is pissed and gets the idea she will teach me a lesmister and goes to the bathroom and returns with her little black skirt and black high heels on “are you happy now”. Tyree quickly says “I am” and turns her by her arm so she is facing away from him and he can see the bottom of her cheeks sticking out of the skirt. As if she was there with him he immediately starts rubbing and grabbing hands full of ass. Still trying to teach me a lesmister Jenny let's this happen but I just sit and watch in amazement. “This lady fucker was made for black guys” Tyree says to me and then he let's his hand slide between her legs and rub her pantied crotch. She let's out a little sigh and says “is this dirty enough for you”...”not yet” I reply. “What the fuck do you want me to do suck his dick”? At this Tyree puts his thumbs in his waist band and pulls down his pants exposing the largest thickest black cock either of us have ever seen. I'm sure the look on my face was about the same as the one on Jenny's.

She just stares at it in amazement while the black bull looks at her stroking his big dick “that's exactly what he wants is to see his wife’s pretty little mouth wrapped around this big nigger dick isn't that right hubby”? “I knew the second I seen you at the bar you were one of these little dick white boys that get off thinking about your wife fucking a big dick nigga”. Tyree grabs Jenny’s hand and walks her over to the couch in their resort room and sits down, his semi hard dick hanging between his legs onto the couch and places her small white hand on his cock. “Don't be afraid of it” and pulls her onto the couch with him so she is on her knees bent over, ass in the air, and head resting on his flat stomach her mouth inches from the big black dick that she is now stroking. Now fully hard her hand can't even wrap the whole way around his girth. Her new black friend applies pressure to the back of her head and her mouth automatically opens and struggles to wrap around and slide down his dark black pole. Tyree reaches and pulls her skirt up exposing her full white ass and pulls her red g-string over one cheek so he can push a big black finger into her tight pussy. Jenny moans around his cock and slowly gyrates her hips onto his finger. Everything all happened so fast I cant believe this is all real.

Tyree tells me in a cocky way “god dam this pussy is tight and wet as she being naughty enough for you yet”? She looks up at me with a mouth full of black dick to hear my answer. “She looks so hot right now” I say. Her black bull instructs her " stroke that lady fucker with both hands you ain't fucking with no white boy right now" and she complies and is really starting to slobber and moan all over his huge black cock.

He is pushing her head down and fucking her mouth and still fucking her pussy with his fingers. He pulls her off his cock by her hair and she keeps her mouth open trying to catch her breath. He pulls her into the other room pulls her panties off and throws them at me and lays her on her back on the edge of the bed with her legs spread exposing her little bald pussy.

The hung black bull quickly moves between her legs and starts rubbing his big cock head up and down her wet lips. She reaches down to spread her pussy and says nervously “go easy I don't know if I can take it”.

She bends her knees back with her legs still spread and feet in the air when he makes his first unsuccessful attempt to push his over-sized black cock into her. She is moaning lightly and bracing herself. I really shouldn’t be doing this I’m married. He applies pressure and the big head powers it's way into her and she let's out a loud prolonged Squeal like grunt and begins breathing heavily looking down at the black member that just ***d her married pussy. Tyree waits a moment then pushes another couple inches into her making her moan loud and uncontrollably and throw her head back lifting her chest and stomach up off the mattress trying to push away with her feet but he holds her by the hips and continues to feed her his throbbing ebony colored cock. She starts pleading, "your too big for me I can't take it" all the while grunting, moaning, and squealing loud enough I'm sure people I'm the next room could probably hear but she has no control of it.

He falls over her making her bent legs fully spread around his big body and making the remainder of his thick black pole sink into her. Suddenly she start moaning incoherently shaking beneath him clawing at his muscular shoulders, back, and arms swinging her head from side to side in a whining moan says "I'm Cumming oh god I'm Cumming”.

Her body shakes out of control as her eyes roll back and her neck bends backward to lift her back off the bed. She turns to look at me "oh god he's so big I can’t believe I have the whole thing in me". I'm in shock it went this far and that she is acting like this but am too turned on to stop it and couldn’t even if I wanted to. “Tell him you love black dick”! As Jenny starts to tell me her black bull pulls out to the tip and sinks back in till his big balls rest on her ass cheeks making her squeal and lose her breath in mid sentence.

”I told you already you ain’t fucking with no white boy tonight”. “Spread them legs like a white girls supposed to when she’s getting black dick”. She reaches her hands for her ankles and spreads her legs straight out to either side leaving herself totally open for his black cock as he starts to work her married white pussy harder and faster putting her in a lost state of lust. “Do you like that dick”? “YES”! Tell your husband! Tyree grabs her behind her knees and pins them both to her side. “I LOVE HIS DICK” she moans out! “Louder I want everyone to know your hubby is sitting here while you get your pussy fucked by black dick”. I LOVE HIS BLACK DICK; I LOVE HIS BIG FUCKING DICK!!!! Biting down on her teeth ooohhhh fuck me give me that big dick make me cum again!!!

Tyree pulls his huge black tool from Jenny’s wet pussy and I can see it glistening with my wife’s juices. Tyree roughly rolls Jenny over and puts her on all fours with her shoulders and head on the bed and her ass up in the air. Tyree angles himself so I can watch him enter my wife’s once tight pussy. Jenny lets out and extended moan as he feeds her his full length. He wastes no time and grabs her hips tightly and begins pounding into her making her lose control again. Jenny begins cumming again and pushing herself back onto Tyree’s big dick which is now pounding into her relentlessly while pulling her hair and slapping her ass cheeks just adding to her excitement. Tyree pushes his weight forward making Jenny fall onto her stomach. She is now flat on her stomach legs together and Tyree fucking her. Jenny is gripping the sheets and moaning as Tyree pulls out of her dripping pussy and straddles her back and sprays his hot cum all over the side of Jenny’s face. As Tyree climbs off of her Jenny lays their motionless letting his hot cum run from her cheek down her face onto her lips and forming a wet spot on the sheets.

Tyree gets dressed and gives her ass one more slap making her give a light moan but not move. Tyree hands me a card with his number on it and lets me know “if she wants it again let me know, ill take care of her anytime”.


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That was fucking hot. Did you climb on her and have sloppy seconds? Did you call him again? What did your wife say when she realized that she just got fucked with something you will never be able to give her?


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I really enjoyed this. Hope you two have many more adventures like this. Sounds like you might have opened up Pandora's box
Sissy Cynthia
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Husband and Wife's Vacation
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