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wife gets first black cock experience

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I have posted a few of our experiences before and now I have time to continue with what happened this past summer. Last may (2009) my wife cuckolded me officially for the first time and I posted what happened. This summer things took a new twist.

It had been over a year and the topic of Holly getting laid by another man with a huge cock began to surface again. I was happy with my occasional cream pies and licking my cum off of her pantyhosed legs. I was at work when she texted me that my former coworker Troy and her had met at a local Home Depot and he was doing some work in our area. Troy is about 6'3" tall and well built and somewhat light skinned for a black man. A few days went by and he stopped by the house to get some tools I had. Troy said he would return them in a day or so...I said that was fine since most likely Holly would be home.

Two days later I got home and Holly was very horny and waiting for me in the bedroom and ordered me to eat her I stripped down and began to eat her out...she was wet and hot. she said that Troy returned the tools and they began to talk and that what had happened with Norbert's visit came up in the conversation. I was nervous and became worried that somebody now knew what I had done. Troy convinced her to tell the story and then to admit that she loved big cocks. So she did and he then did the obvious and asked her if she wanted to see his. So he entered my house and did just that...whipped out his cock and stroked it before her making it grow to its full size of nearly ten inches and girth of a cuccumber. Holly admitted as I ate her that she dropped to her knees and gave him a blow job that ended with her mouth full of his cum before he left to go home.

I was shocked that she would do that on such a good friend. She raised my head and made me kiss her cummy mouth and then we had sex. It did not last long as I was working my tongue in her mouth to find any taste of his cum and quickly came in her wet pussy. I had to do my duty and eat her cumm filled pussy and as I did she mumred how Troy would not cum that quick if she let him have her pussy. I asked her if she was planning anything and she said what ever happens will happen...after all he had to borrow some more tools.

A day had passed and as I was on my way home I got a text that read "pick up something at the store for dinner..forgot to get anything out today". So I did and when I got home again Holly was in bed; this time wearing some nude stockings with her black garter belt and she was a mess. A pillow supported her ass in the air with her legs wide open to show her reddish and puffy pussy lips wet with juices and cum. She had cum in her pussy and on her chest and looking closer there was some on her face. She told me to get busy and she would give me the details as I worked to clean her up. I get into her hot crotch and closed my eyes as I tasted the cum of Troy and two of his friends.

Troy and two friends showed up an hour before I did; Holly was greeted with his friends Sam and Will looking her over and asking why she let Troy get his dicked sucked if she was married. Holly admitted she loved huge cocks and craves to have more...with that the door shut and they replied they had what she needed if she wanted to give it a try. Holly led them to our bed and got undressed and put on the garter and stockings, Sam did not like the idea and just wanted to get to business, Holly told them that it was my fetish and that wearing them while fucking them would turn her on even more since it deprived me of such a chance. Troy got to business by eating her while the other two got their massive black cocks sucked. Holly said that within a few minutes she knew that this would be an incredible experience. Troy fucked her first and had the pillow under her ass all the while pushing her legs up to her shoulders. Sam came in her mouth and Will shot a load all over her tits. Troy came in her and then moved aside while will took up his position and continued to stretch her married white pussy until she came for the third time, thus having Will cum in her pussy at nearly the same time. Sam was dark as dark chocolate she said with the biggest cock she had ever seen and it really opened her up, she said it reached her cervix and made her feel fuller then ever and put her into an erotic state she had never been to before and had a massive orgasm as he shot a load of cum that filled her loose pussy.

I was in a state of disbelief and then she had me roll unto my back and sat on my face...then a wave of cum globs poured onto my face and most rolled off of my cheeks since I could not handle it all. Her pussy was so loose and it was too much for me to handle. holly rolled back over and had me fuck her used pussy and it was unlike anything I had ever had before. She was slick from her cum, their cum and my saliva and that gaping pussy was too much for me and I came in tow or three minutes. She looked into my eyes and told me that it was a good thing they knew how to fuck her so that at least she could get what she needs. I knew this was a beginning of more to come and two weeks later it did.


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GREAT story! Thanks for sharing...... do you have any photo's of her well fucked pussy?
Cuck who loves a creampie.


Posts: 125
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No pictures as of yet...trying to get her to open up for is strange that she will openly fuck someone, yet will not take a pic for the internet.
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Cuckold Stories Post / Cuckold Stories Post /
wife gets first black cock experience
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