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Cuck Sitting Mom

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Cuck Sitting Mom

My little maid stood there at obedient attention
She inserted the lock as he heard that fateful click
No longer free to do what ever he wanted
She now controlled his small little dick.

"Now listen while I give you directions
I'm spending this weekend down at the lake
Too long to leave you alone I don't trust you
So other arrangements I did have to make."

"While I'm away you'll need supervision
So Mom will be cuck sitting you.
So listen clearly as I give you instructions
Here is what I EXPECT you to do."

"But Darling I"ll be OK" she heard him protesting.
"No need discussing it and I don't want to hear you grouse!"
She shut him down with her gruff intonation
"I know that Mom will take good care of my cucky spouse."

"But Honey don't you remember the last time you left me with her
I couldn't sit down for over a week."
"Yes, I know and that's why I again asked her,
She provides the structure that I so desperately seek."

"But she whipped me till I cried like a baby.
Darling she's got a streak that borders on mean.
Just because my tongue got sore and got tired.
Such anger in a woman I've rarely seen."

"Honey, I tongued her pussy for hours and hours
"You can't leave me with her" she heard him complain
"I know that once you're gone and I'm in her power
It's like in orgasmic pleasure she goes completely insane."

"And your lady is not a small petite woman
It's hard to breathe trapped in those big hairy thighs
I wore out by late Sunday morning
Heaven knows how hard my tongue tries.

"I understand but it's really not my problem" she scolded
I"M spending this three day weekend at the lake with Jim."
Your job is to serve and satisfy lady
While I'm off having fun fucking with him."

"So get your tongue and your lips ready
Mother's looking forward to cuck sitting you
And if you fail in any way to please her
She has my permission to beat your ass black and blue.."

"You're to follow all of her directions
Comply with what ever she wants you to do.
And remember you'll be serving my Mother.
"It's about Mother It's not about you."

I need to go. I meet Jim in an hour.
"Just remember you're a cuck so treat lady with proper respect
You"re locked away in your cock cage for the weekend.
There will be no orgasms for you as you probably expect."

"Clean the house and perform your domestic duties.
When I call home Mom had better be happy with you
Put a smile on your face and be happy
You know what a cuckold's suppose to do."

So she left him, but with no hesitation
"I am in charge. I am Mistress and wife."
And she smiled in the complete understanding
"That's why we embrace the wonderful cuckold life."


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That was really sexy!


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love the idea of my lady-in-law babysitting me, or even my own mum. my tongue working overtime all night long
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Cuck Sitting Mom
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