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Wife's Big, Black Cummer

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I have been one happy husband lately, and it is all due to
my wife's insatiable sex drive. She has been fucking
other guys for quite some time now. And it has been an amazing
transformation how she went from fucking white and hispanic
dick to loving only big, fat black cock. If I am not mistaken,
she has fucked seven different black guys; and each of them
having dicks no smaller than 8 incarbonsmudges. Her biggest, thus
far, I believe she said was 9 " to almost 10"
long, and he was so damn fat that her fingers were a somewhat
1 " away from touching tip to tip. Now that is one fat

I can still remember the first time this huge dicked black
guy visited my wife. He was introduced to her through one
of her other black lovers. They had talked a few times on
the phone to get better acquainted. Hey, my wife loves to
fuck, but she likes to get to know whom it is she is fucking.
So, they had a few phone exchanges. Then, finally came the
meeting. He showed up around noon. And being his first time
with my wife he was a bite nervous, so I was to hide in the next
room as they rushed to mine and my wife's bedroom. As
soon as the door closed, I grabbed a mirror from my wife's
purse and ran to the bedroom door. I dropped to the floor
and placed the mirror at the perfect angle so I can see inside
the room. We don't have a tall, monster bed, so luckily
I was able to see quite a bite. My jaw practically hit the
floor when I first saw this guys cock. My wife was doing her
best to fit the whole thing in her mouth to give him somewhat
of a descent blow job. I would watch her take the head of his
monster black cock in her mouth then release it only to lick
up and down his big black pole. I'm not sure if she gave
up trying to suck a dick so huge, or if she grew tired of the
foreplay, but she rose up and sat down on his cock as slowly
as she possibly could. I heard her tell him, "Your
cock is so fucking huge. It's gonna take me a minute
to get it in." Slowly, but surely, she lowered her
shaved pussy down on his enormous black dick. My hard on
was pressing against the floor, so I rose up and sat on the
living room couch to wait it out. Both sounds of slight pain
and pleasure could be heard from my wife as I'm guessing
she managed to get his full length of cock in her pussy. I
could hear her speaking loudly to her lover, "Damn
your cock is so fucking huge. Oh, yeah, it feels my pussy
up. Fuck I love your cock." Moan after moan, could
be heard from my wife as she rode on his huge black dick. I
sat there, dick in hand, as this black stud ravished my wife's,
what would now be a loose, shaved pussy. "Fuck me,
fuck me good, " were the words I could hear escaping
my wife's lips. I grabbed the mirror once more to peak
under the doorway. I was delighted to see that my wife was
no longer riding his huge cock, but he was now pounding away
at her pussy from behind, doggy style. I remember thinking,
Now she must really love his black dick, cause doggy style
is her favorite position. "Fuck that pussy, "
she would yell at him, "Fuck it harder, faster."
Damn, it was an awesome sight watching my wife fuck another
black dick. And not just any black dick, a fucking huge ass
9 or 10" black dick at that. I could see him pounding
away at my wife's pussy. He would take his long cock
out to the tip of his head and slam that long pole back to his
balls inside my wife's pussy. I heard him grunting
and saw how he was picking up pass. So I assumed he was fixing
to shot his cum deep in my wife's lovely pussy. Sure
enough, as I continued watching, he held his cock balls
deep in her cunt as he released his sperm within my wife's
well fucked pussy. He had fucked her, if I'm not mistaken,
for almost forty minutes and he was barely shotting his
load in my wife. I rose up quickly so he wouldn't see
the mirror and ran to the kitcarbonsmudgen as the bedroom door opened.

My wife came around the corner with a big kool aide smile
on her face. I looked at her and pointed to my hard dick sticking
out of my boxers. She looked down at me and said, "You're
so perverted. Now get down on your knees and lick his cum
from my pussy." Me, being a lover of creampies, happily
dropped down to my knees as she lifed one of her legs on top
of the kitcarbonsmudgen counter. Oh, my god, I was totally amazed
at how much cum was dripping from her pussy. LITERALLY!!
Not only was it dripping from her pussy, it was also puddling
down her thighs. I looked up at her and asked, "How
many times did he cum??" "Only once, "
was her response. As I began licking up his cum from her thighs,
working my way up to her pussy, she told me, "I know,
he cums a lot, right. I could actually feel him shotting
his cum in my pussy. I knew, as soon as he cam that you were
going to love his sloppy seconds." With those words
said, she grabbed me by my hair and powerd my face into her
pussy. I opened my mouth to begin licking the cum from her
pussy, but that did me no justice. His cum was so vast in amount,
I had to just sit there with my mouth open covering her pussy
as literal globs of this black mans cum poured into my awaiting
mouth. I stuck my tongue into my wife's pussy and began
to lick up and down as globs and globs of cum rolled
down into my mouth. I swallowed as fast and as much as I could.
My wife held onto my head as she began to moan from the licking
I was giving her sloppy pussy. She finally removed my head
away and stated how she doesn't want him to know I was
home. She looked at me with cum all over my mouth, running
down my chin and neck and left saying, "You are so perverted."

It wasn't long until I heard her fucking him again,
and again. This time, after he cam, she stayed in the room.
She didn't come back out until he left, which was about
3 or 4 more fucks later. Yes, he actually fucked her 3 or 4
more times after he had already cam. After he was gone, I
walked into the bedroom to find my wife laying on the bed
with her legs up and spread wide open. "Come eat this
sloppy pussy, baby, " she told me. I walked up to her,
knelt at the end of the bed, and took a good look at her pussy.
I was amazed with how open this black guy and his huge cock
left my wife's shaven pussy. You could tell, that he
had a huge, fat cock. Her cunt was literally left gapped
open from their last fuck. To my delight, he also left her
full of sperm. She was left so gapped open that his cum was
visible on the inside. "You like what you see, don't
you?" my wife said. "He had one huge cock honey.
And I loved the way he fucked me
with it. But I know all you want is to eat his cum from my pussy,
so have at it." I wasted not another second, as I dove
head first, mouth open, and tongue out to get another mouth
full of this black cocks creampie. I ravished my wife's
cum filled pussy. Licking and sucking away at her cunt,
doing my best to have my fill of the delicious sperm her lover
left behind. Oh, how I love for my wife to fuck huge, black
dick. Especially, if he can cum almost gallons as this guy
did. I can't help it. . . ., that I am a cuckhold that loves
sloppy seconds and creampies. It took a dire need for air
and an uncontrollable hard on to finally raise me up from
her sloppy seconds. I finally shoved my average cock in
her pussy, feeling just how much this black stud left my
sexy wife open and worn. I knew she probably couldn't
feel my little dick inside her after having that enormous
black cock, but to me, being able to fuck her with a loose
pussy is a tremendous pleasure, not a horrid feeling. I
love the fact that my little dick can practically swim inside
her well fucked pussy. Perverted of me, maybe, but I am satisfied
being the cuckhold that I am.

Thanks for reading>> sexualhungar


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How lucky!! To be able to have so much of her lovers come to lick from her gaping pussy and by the sounds of it on a regular basis.
I cant wait for the time when my wife lowers her pussy filled with her lovers come down on to my waitng lips!


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duplicate topic removed


Posts: 4432
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second check


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At the beginning there is a line that says.
"She has fucked seven different black guys; and each of them having dicks no smaller than 8 incarbonsmudges."
Here's my question.
What in the hell is an incarbonsmudge, and who the hell uses that word in real life?
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Wife's Big, Black Cummer
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