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The Cuckold Training School

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It all started when my wife caught me masterbating at the computer whilst looking at a cuckold website, we had not had sex for months and were even relaxing in seperate beds which suited me as being a chronic masterbator i could get on with it whilst fantasising about my wife cuckolding me.
I Went bright red i never heard her enter the computer room at the house and i exploded my load whilst reading a story about a cuckoldress wife having sex with her boyfriend as her cuck was tied to a chair watching whilst locked in a cb6000 chastity device.
She was shocked and just stood behind me hands on hips as i spurted my load all over my self.
I Was just coming down from a wonderful spurt when she spoke out " So this is what you get up to " i spluttered trying to get it back into mt trousers and pleaded with her i am sorry, she was shaking her head , "how often do you do this ? " i tried to say it was a one off " Tell me the truth for once she said.
I Told her i generally jerk off 3 times per night, and whilst at the computer during the day usually another 3 to 5 times.
What is it you jerk off to let me see the computer she asked me to get off the seat so she could read what i was getting so hot about, she sat down and started looking at the cuckold/chastity/hot wife sites id been visiting, she was very quiet, she asked me to leave the room and go and do some shopping as she wanted to fully understand what my sexual turn ons were.
I Was bright red and meekly left the room leaving her to soak up all my dirty little perversions and secrets.
When i returned after about an hour she was still at the computer, i put the shopping away and entered the computer room where she was still reading i asked what she thought, she said she wanted to research this hot wife/cuckold/ chastity subject in more detail and said i was not look at any more off these sites until she had researched these subjects in more detail.
She then said that she had read all about the chastity control and thought that it would be a good thing if we sat down together and looked at different chastity belts as it would be a good thing for me to wear one to stop the masterbation problem.
This was like a bolt to my heart i had been doing this for years and i loved masterbating, i said that was going too far and it was only a bit off fun.
Well it was no fun for her she said and she was determined to cure my problem, come over here i have found a web site where we can choose one together.
I Had no choice now i was in a daze as she was scroling down the screen look there are all sorts theres a cb2000, a cb3000 and even a cb6000 she said and they are in different colours i just nodded i was in shock my mind was racing to what she thought about the cuckolding/hot wife sites id been on, had she seen them yet or did she focus on the chastity stuff, God i wish she had never caught me, also she was taking this too easy for my liking almost as if she were enjoying it.
So come on then which one do you like, you will be wearing it so you better choose or ill choose it for you she said and she had a smile on her face as she looked at me.
I Dont know you choose i said, okay then i will i like the cb3000 it has additional attachments called the points of intrigue she said almost proud off herself for noticing this fact, do you know what they are darling ill bet you do, ill bet you know all about chastity devices as you have been jerking off looking at cuckolds wearing them havent you, yes i have read the cuckold sites as well, so you want me to get a boyfriend do you ? no i said it was just fantasy i responded, huh well we will see about that she said in a really bitchy loud voice that frightened me.
Anyway back to your belt i am going to order the cb3000 with the points and the anti pull out ring, in Black go get your credit card i want you to order it now, on an overnight delivery i want you in it tomorrow so make the best off your freedom because as soon as its hear tomorrow its going on you do you understand ? yes i blurted, no go upstairs and shave yourself i dont want any hair in the way when it goes on you, i observed that the majority of the cucks who wear these cock locks were shaved down there arent they darling ? i nodded yes, now off you go i have more reading to do.
So off i went leaving her to read all my sites with pictures and stories of hot wives who cucked there hubs and kept them locked in chastity, upstairs i went and proceeded to shave all my pubic hair off, once done i just went to bed my cock was limp i did not even feel like a last jerk off, i must have drifted off to relax.
I Was awakened by her tapping me on the cheek, it was dark i looked over at the digital clock it was just after midnight, she must have been reading for hours, i was startled she stood over me she had changed clothes, she was dressed in her black leather knee high boots, and a very short dress, Well my boy she said in a stern voice i have read all your filth and there will be changes around here, we can either go to the lawyers tomorrow and get a divorce and you can pack your stuff and leave, or we lock you in the chastity device and you start your training to be my Cuck, and you know what that means I Will become a Hot Wife and you will be my chastised Cuckold and i mean we will be doing this properly, i have even found a local Cuckoldress who runs a cuckold training school, i have spoken to her and we can both go together to do this properly, so its your choice whats it to be she asked.
I Was in a daze i did not want to loose her and could not suffer a divorce, as this is my 2nd marriage after my first wife left me, but this was all so sudden it was fantasy but now reality beckoned me.
She looked stunning in her boots and mini dress and the thought off her with another man was frightening but also exciting.
Well whats it to be then give me an answer she said, but remember i will be dating other men who knows i may even get a toy boy a boyfriend that seems to be your fantasy anyway is it not she laughed, it was to much for me when she said she would get a boyfriend my cock sprung to life, she seen the movement in the light sheet i had over me and she whipped back the cover to see my cock rapidly getting bigger.
So we know the answer your cock has given you away boy, or is it Cucky Boy ? yes i read the names on the sites, well make the best off tonight cucky boy because tomorrow it will be locked up, and we will be visiting Mistress Tracy tomorrow at the cuckold training School i have booked us in for 6pm tomorrow evening and i am quite excited about meeting her to start our training, she then left me in the spare room, slamming the door behind her, she went back downstairs to the computer and logged on again.
What have i done i thought to myself, i heard the phone ring it was late for a call but we have phones upstairs and downstairs so i answered it, hello i said, it was a woman is Amanda there she asked, i said yes who is calling, its Tracy she said is that Stephen i said yes, well its Mistress Tracy to you Cucky boy, Amanda picked up the other phone and said i have got it, put the phone down now, i put the phone down, i could hear her talking too Mistress Tracy, it was hard to make out what she was saying i heard the odd word cb3000 was mentioned, ruined orgasms, i heard her say that, *******er heels was mentioned, then the door to the coputer room closed and i could no longer hear anything, i lay there staring at the ceiling thinking, would she really go through with this, and cuckold me, and lock me in chastity, my cock went hard rock hard i could not help it i started to jerk off thinking of her with another man getting her ready for her date mmm i spurted as i had the image of her walking out to his car dressed to *******, in high heels, tight jeans that showed off her shapely bottom, and a short jacket, fully made up and perfumed, he gets out the car and they kiss right in front of me her arms around his neck and his hands feeling her bottom through her jeans, i exploded at this wonderful fantasy image that my mind had thoght up.

I Will continue this story to the next days events if i get a few good reports on my first ever story.
Edinburgh Cuck wanabee


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Well S, I'm sure we would all like to see what came next - even if it wasn't you !!


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I awoke in the morning around 9am, i heard her heels clicking on the wooden floors downstairs, i got up and showered and changed, before sheepishly going downstairs, morning i said , morning she said everything seemed normal, i started to think it was all a dream as she was acting as if nothing had happened.
I Was shaken out of my false sense of security when the doorbell went, oh goody she said that will be the parcell, she headed for the door i heard her talking to the postman where do i sign it was a recorded delivery parcel.
My heart sank it must be the cb3000, she closed the door and came back in Well my dear she shouted it has arrived up stairs you go and lets get you fitted, she spoke in a so matter of fact type off tone as if i had no choice in the matter ( which i did not did i) by the time i got upstairs and entered the bedroom she had the parcell open and she was un zipping the packet it came in and she was laying all the bits on the bed, my cock started to stir to life as i looked at it all black and shiney plastic that would soon en case my poor cock.
She was reading the instructions , when she told me to strip to the waist dear, which i did, she had her back to me, and was picking p different sized rings and seeing how they worked, okay then lets get you locked up cucky boy, when she turned round i was hard i could not help my self, Oh so you really do like this dont you cucky she laughed, but we wont get this on when you have a stiffy will we, No i said thinking i had got out off it, right into the bathroom and lie in the bath Now she shouted, after stripping me i lay in the bath still hard though, we will soon sort this as she put the plug in and ran the cold tap at full blast, i was shocked and in no time shivering, and my cock had reduced itself to a small limp offering.
Okay i have spoken to Mistress Tracy about how to fit this as most of her trainee cucks wear this device, and she warned me about pull out, it seems some of you cucks can pull out of the device and get releif, well that will not happen here, it seems you might be able to get out off it , but you would not get back in, so if i catch you with it somehow out the cage, you will suffer like you would not beleive, i just said i will not try to escape from it.
So lets see yes the smallest ring is what she advised, she gathered my balls together and opened up the hinged O Ring and fitted the ring and closed it tight round my balls, how does that feel she asked i said tight but comfortable, she slipped the spacer through the ring at the top and stepped back to admire her work, mm it looks nice yes good choice in black, she slipped a small spacer on the plastic pole and then lifted up the cage, she slipped on to it the middle size spikes of the Points off Intrigue, and pushed my tiny limp cock into it before securing the device with a padlock.
She then got one of the numbered security plastic clips and wrote the number down on a bit of paper, she clipped it into place , then she clicked the padlock shut, the click off the padlock sounded like a gun going off to me.
Right then out the bath and get dried, ill be waiting in the bedroom to see it once you are dry.
I Got dried and had a feel at it, it felt tight and secure, i tried to pull it but there was no way it was secured around my balls and no way it would come off.
I Walked into the bedroom with it swaying and it made a click noise as i walked, i stood in front of her, she was looking at it and licking her lips, mmm yes i like it, what do you think cucky, do you like it, im not sure i said its a bit bulky, nonesense she said it looks reall nice, she started to pull it and feel it, yes its really nice she said i love it on you.
Now we need to test how the points will work, Mistress Tracy said to start with the smallest but i thibk the mid sized points are better, these will help to control un wanted erections, and stop naughty thoughts after all one of the things we want to do is break that nasty masterbation habbit of yours dont we darling.
So can we try and get it hard and test the waters lol she laughed, nothing i was limp and the way i felt i did not feel like getting hard, she was rubbing my balls and taking to me come on then lets get it up ha ha nothing is happening, whats wrong cucky it was not like that last night when i said id get a toy boy a boyfriend would you like me to get a boyfriend cucky, would you then ? she looked into my eyes then back and yes there it was getting hard, oh you like the thought of me with another guy do you ? too late it was my give away i was just starting to really fill the cage when i felt the spikes do there job, Oh i screamed thats sore Oh Oh no thats painful, ha ha she laughed good they do work i had a semi erection about three quarters hard when the spikes bited in my cock started to go soft again and the pain relented.
Fantastic she said this works great, now lets do the ultimate test, back downstairs she led me, and over to the computer.
Right cucky sit down, Mistress Tracy said this test sorts out the cucks who have this masterbation problem, i am giving you 30 mins to look at your cuckold/hot wife porn, you can touch anypart of your body and if you can reach a full blown orgasm with the cage on, you will be rewarded, i will remove the mid size spikes and fit the smallest ones, but only if you can reach a full blown squirt, if you fail, iI Will take you back upstairs and we will fit the longest spikes, so its in your best interest to acheive orgasm, Do you understand i said yes
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I Sat down in front of the screen, she leaned over and switched on the Cuckold web site that she caught me in the first place looking at. Okay then the clock starts now she shouted and laughed lets see you wank yourself now to a creamy spurt lol, im off to call Tracy for a chat about tonight she left the room.
I Was getting hard in my cage i started with some cuckold captions they always get me going i started to try to get some sort off friction but the cage was in the way i tried rubbing my balls and rubbing the tip through the small hole but no friction i am so used to rubbing my foreskin back and forward but i could not get access, i tried a website where cuckoldresses were advertising for cucks this is a particular favourite site foe me, i found a picture of a stunning woman dressed in pvc and boots looking for a cuck, clean up duties and chastity tube to be worn i was so turned on but with no friction and the spikes biting i was not geting close to a spurt, i tried pilling the entire cage back and forth it clunked with the padlock i pulled hard and kept trying swear running down my fore head, i heard her returning she was still on the phone, How are you getting on have you cum yet lol she asked, no i said, she was looking over my shoulder at the screen telling Tracy what i was trying to get off to, Some permisteral adverts by women looking for cucks she was telling Tracy what i was trying to get off too, 15 mins gone cuck any cum yet lol she said in a sarcastic voice, Tracy says she wants to see the history of all the cuckold/hot wife and chastity web sites you have been looking at, Why i asked, she says it will help her work out what type of cuckold you are lol, she left the room again.
I Tried my last resort a cuckold website with actual dvd footage of cuckoldresses in action whilst cucks watched, my favourite was a girl naked except her boots, being pounded by a big black bull, whilst cuck watches, she kinda looks like Amanda and i have wanked to this one hundreds of times, i always cum at the end when the cuck is eating the cream pie, i was pulling as hard as i could and watching the action, but no dam friction it was just to much i just could not get the friction i needed, i heard her return and she was looking at the cuck eating the cream pie from the stunning looking girl, so thats your thing is it cuck, well we will maybee have to do something about that lol, thats time up, stand up and show me where you have spurted she said, Tracy was still on the phone i could hear her ask did he cum Amanda, No she said nothing just a tiny drop of pre cum on the tip, it looks like the cage has worked she said to Tracy and she laughed.
Okay Tracy ill see you later then i have to go and get the larger spikes out, She finished the call to Mistress Tracy, right cucky boy back upstairs you have let yourself down and the cage has beat you, so you are getting the longest spikes inserted.
And we will be preparing to go to vist Mistress Tracy at the cuckold training school i will need to prepare and you will assist me Tracy has told me what to wear, although she has things she wants me to change into for the training im going to be a hot wife and i like the sound of what Tracy has told me i will be getting up to lol, whats that i asked, wait and see cuck now lets get you fitted with the long spikes, the one thing i have learned so far is to control your orgasms is vital, you wont be getting any more squirties until i allow you lol
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Ty for your story. I can't wait to read more


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Delightful story. Have a feeling cucky is in for a long but fun filled, for her, meeting with Miss Tracy. Amanda sounds like a lady I would like to know. Looking forward to hearing about your ext step cucky.



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Right Cucky back upstairs now and get into the bath again, Why i asked just give me the key and i will go into the bathroom and put the spikes in if thats what you want.
Do you think i am stupid she shouted at me, Tracy has warned me about this you would fit them but no doubt have a wank i know you too well Stephen, if that cage ever comes off it will always be under supervision, I Lay in the bath and once again the cold water filled the bath, i was shivering and totally limp when she cut off the plastic tag, then unlocked me, the black plastic cb3000 was easily removed from my tiny limp dick, Amanda then swapped the medium spikes for the large spikes of the points of intrigue, then she slipped the tube back on, and re padlocked me, okay she said go and shower and get ready put a suit and a shirt and tie on, and your underwear is on my bed if you go into my bedroom i have laid out what i want you to wear for our visit to Mistress Tracy at the cuckold training school, once you are dressed and ready come back to my bedroom you can help me get ready.
She left me in the bath and went to shower in her en suite shower room, i used the shower in the main bathroom, once i dried i went through to her bedroom to collect what she wanted to wear, i was curious this had never happened before, i went into her bedroom , i could hear the shower going in the en suite, i noticed she had laid a pair of her satin panties on the bed, i loved her in them they were the satin electric blue ones that goe with her satin slip my favourites on her, i shouted too her where is the underwear for me ? she shouted back i have laid them on the bed for you, but they are yours Amanda, not any more cucky she said Tracy said you are to wear panties at all times from now on, i have emtied all your boxers from your drawer and put a few pairs of nice girlie panties in for you, For tonight you can wear these ones as i know you are fond off them lol. Now get on with it get ready now and be back in my bedroom in ten mins hurry up she said.
I lifted the panties they were really nice my cock started to stir as i picked them up, okay i might as well go along with this i thought to myself, i slipped them on and pulled them up over my cb3000, they felt nice and when i looked in the mirror you could see the outline of the padlock pressing against the satin. I Went to the spare room and got ready, once ready i returned too Amandas room as requested, when i entered she was siting on the bed, she had her wet look leggings on, and a short dress with a tight fitting large black patent belt at the waist, her *******er heels were on the floor, these are stunning shoes 6 inch spiked heels with a platform at the front and lots of straps hooker heels she calls them.
Right cuck get on your knees and you can slip my shoes on me and do up the buckles, my cock was stirring as i did this task then i groaned in pain the spikes bit hard, whats wrong she asked i said its the spikes they are pretty severe, she laughed tough cucky get used to it.
Right then she stood up flicked out her hair she has lovely hair she is blonde and it is in a bob style, her make up was blue eyeshadow, dark eyes with mascarra, and red cheeks and lips , her make up was a lot thicker and tartier than normal.
Now can you slip this gold chain around my neck and do the clasp behind me, as she handed me her chain, i then noticed the small keys attached to the chain, is that what i think it is on the chain i asked, yes its the keys too your cock cage and Mistress Tracy said that you cucks are devious and if i let the keys out off my sight you would find them and get release, so they will be around my neck on a chain for you and everyone else to see, so every time you look at me you will see the keys to your cock cage lol she laughed, I Clipped the clasp closed and said nothing.
What do you think do i look good as she done a twirl in front off me, stunning i said, good she said now lets get going we do not want to be late for our visit to the training school, how does your cock cage feel in the panties she asked with a smile on her face.
A Bit tight i answered, get used too it she said, give me the keys i will be driving okay i said as i handed her the keys, one last thing hand me your wallet, i was confused what was she wanting that for, i handed her my wallet, she removed my bank card and the money from it and put them in her purse and handed the wallet back to me empty , i asked what was this in aid off, she replied you will ask me from now on for money, and explain why you need it, do you understand things are changing around here and from the web sites you have been wanking too, this is what you want, Any objections she asked, No i meekly answered as i bowed my head in shame.
No lets go and start our training.
Edinburgh Cuck wanabee


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We drove to the Cuckold Training School, Amanda did all the talking or lecturing You know the type of permister i am Sephen I Like to do things properly or not at all, this cuckold stuff came as a shock to me when i first started to research the subject, but after speaking to Tracy and doing my research i understand how it works, Tracy has told me to leave your training to her, and she will be helping me as well so i wont say any more till we get there and start this properly.
Okay i mumred.
We drove for around 40 mins and we arrived at a large detatched property in the country, we drove up a tree lined driveway till we arrived at an old castle type property, there was no signs or anything to proclaim what this place was, we parked up and Amanda called Tracy on her cell phone, Thats us here Tracy we are outside now, okay ill be right down to let you in said Tracy.
We walked over to the door and up the steps Amandas heels clicking on the concrete, The door opened and there stood Mistress Tracy she was about 5 feet 2 high, just a little taller than Amanda, she looked late thirties, with dark hair in a bob fashion, she was slim but had large breasts i notice, she was wearing black patent knee high boots, a black pancil skirt knee length, and a licgt blue satin blouse, she greeted Amanda with a hug and kissed her on each cheek, Hello Amanda nice to finally meet you, you look stunning she said to Amanda, so do you Amanda Returned the compliment.
They turned to look at me, So this is Stephen then said Tracy, yes this is my husband Tracy, the one who likes to masterbate in front of a computer screen looking at cuckold sites said Amanda in an Angry tone, Yes i have seen this before Amanda youd be surprised how many men are chronic masterbaters and want to be submissive cuckolds said Tracy.
Is that what you want Stephen you want to be Amands Cuckold do you Tracy asked me direct.
Well answer the question Stephen said Amanda, my face was red i was sweating in the offense but my cock was stirring, Yes i answered, Good said Tracy see it was not so bad to admit you want to be a cuckold was it said Tracy, i just nodded keping my head down.
Come in you two said Tracy so we walked in Tracy took Amandas Arm and they walked in front off me as we headed into the large hall, there heels were clicking loudly on the tiled floor, we entered another room with leather settees and a large fireplace Tracy ashered Amanda to sit down next to her on the large settee in front off the fire.
Tracy ordered me to go over to the corner there was a computer there and a chair go over and sit in front off the screen Stephen if you log into your favourite cuckold hot wife sites and bring up your favourite sites the ones you have been jerking off to the most, ill be over in a few mins once i have talked to Amanda, i sat down and logged on my shame was gone by this point i was just going along with the ride.
Tracy was speaking to Amanda, so how long has he been well wanking like this Amanda, a couple of years at least he has told me he has built it up to sometimes 8 wanks per day, which includes on averadge 3 per night, we dont relax together, And do you know what he wanks about at night, seemingly he imagines me with other men, that seems to get him off said Amanda.
Well thats a good start said Tracy we need to focus all his attention on you, which he does at night, however we need to train him to focus on you all the time, for instance i can see he is looking at cuckold captions just now, this is good because the writting on the captions are orders and instructions, however he is looking at pictures of other women.
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Great start, cannot wait to see where Tracy is going to take them!


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More Please!


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please tell us more


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can wait to hear more Please


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I like your story so far, although you do seem to be going too far too quickly with it a little. There is no need for such haste really. Less is sometimes more. Arousal in the tease.

The other thing is, it is VERY difficult to read with no punctuation marks for quotes, no apostrophies, commas instead of full stops, no capital 'I' and odd paragraph structure. If this is deliberate, it's not helpful. If it's not then try putting it through a grammar and spell check on 'MSWord' or something.

I say all this because I think the essence is worth the investment.


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The Story Continues i will try to tidy up the format Peakmb, and thanks for the kind responses deniedguy,Skipper, and Blazerman, this is my first attempt at a story.

Amanda; What do you mean by that Tracy ?

Tracy; Well we need to focus his entire world around you Amanda cucks like Stephen tend to have a virile imagination he is looking at these captions and getting off on the words what i am saying is he has to focus 100% on you looking at other women is strictly forbidden and in fact punishable do you understand Amanda.

Amanda; This is all new to me but i am happy to go along with your mentoring so whats next ?

Tracy; Okay Amanda heres how it will work i will need to sit down with Stephen and ask him lots of questions this will allow me to understand whats going on in his mind, I will take you through to the Cuckoldress room where we will organise a photo shoot for you, dont worry there will be no sex, but we need to get lots of pictures of you in various outfits and you will have your photos taken with a couple of guys, The photos will be taken by Mistress Patricia she will talk you through what is involved.

Amanda; lol Sounds fun who are the guys and whats this for Tracy ?

Tracy; Its so we can make captions with you in the pictures, once i have been through the questionare with Stephen we can organise the captions that will go with the photos, we may just leave some of the photos blank but either way this is the first step to breaking both of you into going through with the actual cuckolding of Stephen, and its harmless fun for you, all girls love there photo taken dont they lol.

Amanda; Yes i love having my photo taken.

Tracy; Good okay ill take you through now, oh and you better give me the key to his belt i will need to release him from his cage as when being questioned i need to see the reaction of his cock, sometimes they try to tell lies but there cocks give there true feelings away lol.

Amanda; LOL.

The walked out the room leaving Stephen at the computer still looking at cuckold web sites, he had not heard what they were saying he was focused on the cuckold porn.
Tracy returned and went over to Stephen and was leaning over his shoulder looking at the screen which was showing a dvd of a hotwife being serviced by a Bull whilst the cuck stood by the bed in chastity,

Tracy; Okay stephen lets stop there, and come over to my desk.

They walked over to the large writting desk, Stephen was looking at Tracys firm bottom in her skirt and her boots made his cock stir in the cage.Tracy sat down and ordered Stephen to stand in front of the desk as she sat down.

Tracy; Okay Stephenlets get started

Stephen ; What happens now ?

Tracy : Silence Steohen you only speak when spoken too, and you will address me as Mistress Tracy at all times, do you understand ?

Stephen; Yes Mistress Tracy.

Tracy; Now Go over to the clothes stand and strip everything off down to your panties and return to where you are go on chop chop be quick.

Stephen quickly went over to the clothes stand took of his suit shirt tie trousers and shoes and socks and returned to stand in front of Mistress Tracy with just his panties and his cock cage on.

Tracy; Okay stephen here is the key to the cage unlock it and remove it and place it on the table keep your nice panties on though LOL.

Stephen did as instructed happy to get the cage of at last.

Tracy; Okay Stephen we will now go through the cuckold Questionare you will answer all my questions with complete honesty do not hold anything back Stephen i want to know exactly all your deepest fantasies and thoughts, once you have completed this task and i have all the answers i can organise you and Amandas training programme DO YOU UNDERSTAND STEPHEN THE COMPLETE TRUTH DO NOT HOLD ANYTHING BACK ?

Stephen; Yes Mistress i understand.

To be continued, Any ideas anyone would like included in the next chapter feel free to let me know and i will try to build them in for you.
Edinburgh Cuck wanabee


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awesome story please keep going


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Would love him to be kept in dog cage when she goes out on dates ?
Droopy and Miss
gerhard mueller


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maybe stephen in diapers and cock-pacifier when she goes out on dates?


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Great story, please keep it up
Sissy Cynthia


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Great story. Thank you.

How about Stephen designing his own bad treatment? I like the dog kennel idea, or dog cage. - But he should have a TV screen, where he is 'powerd' to watch Amanda and her bull. He then has to caption ten images by the time she comes down to take him out of the cage.

The cage / kennel could be in the basement and her bedroom? He only gets to be in the bedroom one when she's not entertaining.


Thanks again



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I hope you get to read this.

I love your blog - Chastity Fantasies of an Obsessive Compulsive, but I've never been able to post comments, it seems you must have a blog identity yourself to do that. Now there's no map, and no fields to enter comments either That's why you have so few comments. Email me at [email protected] please, I've lots of ideas for you.
Rating: 15, 3 votes.
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