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Pippa and Harry - A Journey - Chapter 11 and more... as they are added

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Pippa and Harry – A Journey – Chapter 11 (and more to be add to this ‘string’ later..)

I got to bed and lay there thinking back over it all. What was it that made me so excited by the thoughts of Pippa with someone else ? What was it that excited me when I was ‘told’ to do something..

I blinked.
Pippa had just quietly come in while I had been ‘away with my thoughts’ and had switched on the bedside light.

She was standing there naked.
I realised I had not seen her naked for some days… thinking back must be nearly a week…

Her voice was husky..
‘Move over and face away from me on your side.
I want to be able to ‘spoon’ you from behind, whisper in your ear and play with that ‘little carrot’…’

(LITTLE CARROT ? She’s called my penis a little carrot ??).

‘It will tell both of us how you feel about how things are developing…’

I did as Pippa had asked (instructed ?, I was already stirring once more..)
Her body wrapped round my back and body. Her left arm went over my hip to find my penis.. Her right hand was gently stroking my hair and face and her lips were kissing my ear…

‘You like that.’

It was a statement rather than a question, but I chose to answer.. ‘Yes.’

Just thought I would give you a cuddle and talk some more..’

I could feel her nipples and breasts pressing into my back… heaven. Pippa was clearly also stimulated as her
nipples were rock hard.
‘Just relax while Mummy chats and we see where it leads us…
You know I love you ?’

‘Of course and I love you and want the very best for you. Whatever you want…’

‘That is sweet, but you know what I need, and presently your not able to do it for me, are you ?

I knew what Pippa was talking about…‘I sure I can if we give it another go’

‘But that’s the problem. It is only try. At some point you seem to think of me with someone else and then…
then it’s all over…’

‘I can’t help it.’
‘So it seems.
You also seem to like me controlling you.
You found it exciting when I took the lead, and even when I punished you, hurting you a lot with my belt.’

My penis was rock hard as we quietly talked. We both knew it. Pippa’s hand was gently curled round it. Sensing how I reacted to each statement…
Pippa was silent for a moment or two. Waiting for something. I did not know what but…
I decided to break in..

‘You did as well.’

Pippa sighed.. ‘Yes I did, and, I am still finding this difficult to believe, it’s making me damp now. I especially like the idea of getting you to do humiliating things…doing them to you…’

I could feel myself and my penis involuntary jerk as Pippa spoke..

‘Your loving it as well. Your getting wet again.. Your little carrot is leaking at the top again…’

Pippa was running her hand up and down my cock. Over and round my balls. Sometimes squeezing a little. Gently twiddling with my pubic hair…

‘So your ready darling ?’

‘For what ?’

‘For the journey we are going to take ?’

‘What journey ?’

‘The one where you will be come my cuckold and…
Oh gosh! you do like that idea.. your jerking… Calm down.. Just relax for a moment..’

We both lay still. Pippa was now kissing the back of my neck with soft kisses. ‘Relax.’
Difficult, but I did my best.
Pippa breath was in my ear. ‘You have to say it…we can say it together…. You know what came after ‘and’ ?’
I hesitated.
Pippa’s hold round my penis tightened.
‘You know. Say it.’


‘Right so we say the last part together. BUT... I want us to put something more after that word...’
Pippa paused... I knew the line..

‘What ?’

‘who is loved by his wife’

I suddenly realised I had been tensing up... fearful of what it would mean... Now I was relaxing... ‘loved’... such an important word... I felt better. I had to say it... ‘Thank you, I did not realise just how much I needed you to say that till now... Thank you’

Pippa’s voice also seemed more relaxed. Clearly she had been thinking about it... ‘Ready ?’


I took a deep breath, as Pippa whispered…
‘The journey of Harry to being his wife’s.. cuckold and slave who is loved by his wife.’ We finished together…

I found I was panting as if I had run a long race, my heart was pounding. What more was I letting myself in for ?
For whatever reamister I was excited almost beyond belief..
But also calm as I realised that with Pippa putting those additional words it it was something we could enjoy... together...
I realised that Pippa was continuing to talk.. To give me instructions…

‘You do realize that being loved is one thing but you are still going to be my slave...
Tomorrow morning I want you to get up early and come into our, sorry MY bathroom and use my hair
removal cream for all this area… (I felt Pippa’s hands all over my cock and balls and pubic hair). I want it all gone. As a little boy you have to look like one… Who knows it might make your little carrot look larger…’

I was so close..

‘Are you close ?’
Pippa must have felt it in my penis.


‘Stop. Think about the garden. Are you going to grow beans next year ?’

‘Beans ?’

‘You know ‘runner beans’ on sticks, or french beans, or both ?’

‘I think so.’

‘See ? you going soft already.’

It was true. Just changing the subject had been enough. So frustrating..
I felt Pippa hold me tighter.
‘Ready to start again..’


‘I want you to understand something.. This (and Pippa was now squeezing my cock hard..) belongs to me.
You agree ?’

‘I will have total control over it. How often you climax. When. Where. Yes ?’


‘I know you masturbate.’

I went to interrupt her, but Pippa used her hand which was stroking my head to put a finger across his lips.
‘Silence. Just Listen. You should be saving yourself for me. Do you agree ?’


‘If I told you to stop masturbating could you do it ??’

‘I can try.’

‘True, but I doubt you could manage it without my help. Think about it.
What would you do if I went out with Paul for the evening and told you about it ?
Imagine I told he had kissed me…’

I was desperately trying to move myself back and forth in Pippa’s hand but here grip was tight, hard, hurting on my penis… but this made me even more excited.

‘See ??’

Pippa could clearly feel me straining to get some friction on her hand..

‘If I came back and was too tired. Needed to relax… Could you stop yourself ?’

I knew the answer and realised so did Pippa..


‘So you do need Mummy’s help.’

I found I was like a young being lead to give certain answers... ‘Yes.’

Pippa was gently tickling my balls…
‘Lucky for you Jane has given me some ideas…
Do you know that they make chastity devices for men ?’

A shock went through me.
Pippa was still holding my penis. I could feel her hand encircling it, but with much less ferocious grip...
‘Would you like it this little carrot was under lock and key ?
Of course I would hold the key…
So you like the idea then ?’ (my penis at her words had gone rock hard again).


‘Well you may say that but the rest of you does not seem to mind… in fact seems quite excited…’

Pippa giggled,
‘Actually it excites me too…..’

I could feel Pippa rubbing up against my bottom. Her pussy was damp…
She pulled me tight. A tongue darted into my ear. Out again.. A sultry whisper..
‘You did not ask what a chastity device is. I think you know. Does that stir you to think of your penis and
balls under my control ?’

I shuddered.. jerked.. one of my dark thoughts which stirred me more than I really cared to think about.. was what it would be like if Pippa was controlling me that way...

‘Imagine how it would be if you could not enter me. Imagine the frustration. I would need something…. Could
you think what you could do ?’.

I was nearly there…
Suddenly Pippa stopped playing with my cock..
‘You can turn round now.. and no playing with yourself.’

As I did so Pippa moved a little away and gently pressed my shoulders to move me down the bed. I knew where I was headed…where she wanted me..

A short time later I found himself between Pippa’s warm thighs licking her slit first gently and then faster as Pippa’s organism built up. Clearly Pippa had become as excited as I during the course of our sultry bedtime chat.

Pippa’s climax was explosive, but she held me there between her legs for sometime before releasing him… My face and tongue ached. I moved to try and enter Pippa, but she gently pushed me away.

‘I really don’t want you just to enter me and fire off. It will just make me mad if you did that, I would start to enjoy it and then you would let fly and it would be all over and I will be frustrated again.’

‘I really would try.’ I knew it sounded desperate...

‘I know, but knowing your recent track record.. you would think of me with someone else.. with me.. and that would be it’

I sighed and moved up the bed to cuddle Pippa.
I was still quite hard and frustrated with my penis sandwiched between us both.. Pippa started to gently play with one of my nipples.
I looked at her face, she looked up a me so ‘innocent; and then, almost idly observing..

‘I wonder what it would be like for you if we do put you in a chastity device and you see me flirting with
other men… I wonder how you would feel, if it would turn you on ?? make you try and get hard...’

At these words I exploded all over her leg.

Pippa’s voice had a cutting side to it now.
‘Just as I told you. If you had entered me…

Right I’m off to bed now. You stay here again in the basement spare room. See you in the morning..’


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The slave who is loved by his wife. Eleven parts summed up in 8 words. I like this story Colin, and it looks like it has a few legs yet ..


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This is a great story. It has the balance. Cuckolding and domination require love and care. Very nicely done.



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Thank you very much again!


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Very nice Colin, thanks.


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this is great please cntnue


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Great stuff, eagerly awaiting next installment


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Sorry it has taken so long for me to drop you a note I truely enjoy reading your story. It is so loving and show such depth of charaters.

There are two lines that really stuck home with me " I found the idea of Pippa being with someone else tremendously exciting. I love her I know that… but in a way I could see that I felt somewhat inferior to her. In turn this was putting her on a pedestal. Something to be admired. Loved. Excited by. Out of reach. I wanted her to have it all" That is how I feel about my bride of 30 years. I want her to have the best to "be all that she can be"

The second line was already commented on, but I wll do so again." who is loved by his wife’

I suddenly realised I had been tensing up... fearful of what it would mean... Now I was relaxing... ‘loved’... such an important word... I felt better. I had to say it... ‘Thank you, I did not realise just how much I needed you to say that till now... Thank you’"
WOW, that just seems to sum up what I consider and excellent example of this lifestyle.

Thank you for writting, hope to hear more



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Colin, when will chapter 12 be ready?


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I've been wanting to ask that too, but didn't want to seem like I was pressing you...

Anyhow, I'll be ready when you are!


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thanks guys. not quite so easy at the moment. My wife's lady passed on a little while ago. hope to post a bit this coming week. but appreciate your understanding. Colin


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Take care of the important things in life. We will await your return once your family issues are resolved. My deepest condolences.


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Quoting: trfetter
Take care of the important things in life. We will await your return once your family issues are resolved. My deepest condolences.

Plus 1


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Just checked back. Family first, and condolences to you and yours. Take your time, we'll keep watching.


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I felt Pippa straddle my body and then sit down on my chest. Facing me. I could feel the dampness between her legs. She leant down and nipped one of my ears with her teeth…
‘Darling do use your tongue well tonight…’

Then she we shifting her weight forward with her legs of either side of me pinning down my arms. Her pussy was now against my face…I could feel the fur… her voice was thick with excitement and emotion.. ‘EAT…’
I did..

I licked and probed with my tongue. Pippa was already drenched with juices. Clearly what we had been doing before had been exciting for her as well as for me. My cock was starting to harden again..
It was getting me going again doing this for Pippa. Her thighs were on either side of me.. holding me in a dark, wet, musky perfumed heaven. It was hot and sticky, slippery. My tongue made circles, crosses, triangles, licking up and down the outside of her labia. I knew that Pippa’s juices were dripping into my nose, all over my eyes, my face was a platform upon which Pippa was dancing.
I probed inside her… sweet heaven…
Teased her clitoris, flicking with my tongue, sucking. Pippa was now riding my face like a horse, bucking up and down, powering my nose into her.
Pippa was rough I knew my face, tongue and nose would ache after this…I would be bruised..
I gasped for air and sometimes Pippa raised herself to allow me to take a breath.
It seemed to go for ever.
My tongue was tiring. My nose was used as if it was a small dildo. My nostrils were full of juices.
I swallowed what I could. Choking. The taste… sweet, but with a sharpness. I savoured it.
Suddenly I realised she was in the middle of a huge orgasm. Her body went still for a moment as it hit her. The centre of the storm, calm for a fraction, then she came. It was the most powerful I have ever known her to have.
It seemed to come in waves, she cried out, moaned, and collapsed..
I reached out and tentatively licked again.
Her thighs tightened on me… Her voice .... it was muffled but I could still hear it.. ‘Be still.. Drink.’
Pippa moved so that her vulva was over my mouth. My lips closed round. I sucked and drank.

Eventually Pippa got up and I tried to open my eyes.. they were sticky and I went to wipe them.
Leave them. You can crawl back to your bed with your eyes shut… Sleep… You can clean up in the morning..’

I did as I was told. It was strange finding my way down to the basement with my eyes shut. I had this enormous feeling of complete presentation. I could have just opened them but something in me wanted... needed to obey Pippa.

My cock was hard again. I lay in bed thinking about what we had done. How I felt. Humiliated, but excited at the same time. I knew now I definitely liked it. Wanted more of it ? I realised I did.

Where would it lead ? I had no idea but I knew I loved and trusted Pippa. So far it had been ok… I had to bring myself off again.. and did.


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Welcome back Colin. I see you have spent some of your time away wisely ! Still looking good.


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Very good Colin - Pippa is turning out to be quite good at this! Thanks, and welcome back.


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Very good indeed to see you back - more great work!


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Fantastic, it just keeps on getting better and better


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Pippa and Harry – A Journey – Chapter 13

When I woke up my eyes were glued shut. All Pippa’s juices had dried and made a crust. I managed to get to the bathroom and with some warm water cleaned my eyes, then showered. As I dressed I realised that I could still smell Pippa’s musky scent. There was no way I could clean it out of my nose… All those juices which had gone down my nostrils had dried out within my nasal passages…even showering could not remove them… it would take time.. It was as if Pippa had marked me as her own.. just as vixen would. I found the thoughts stimulating... (why ?)

I took tea into Pippa, who rolled over, and half opened relaxy eyes at me.
‘Darling I have arranged for us to drop the kids off at their friends house after breakfast. Then we have
an appointment to keep.’

‘Appointment ?’

‘Yes. Jane recommended the place and has made the arrangements. I have the address.
Run along now and get everything sorted. I’ll be down soon.’

I did as Pippa had asked. When we were getting the kids into the car Pippa asked for the keys.
‘I think I’ll drive’.

As I sat in the passenger seat I wondered a little about that development. Normally I would drive when we were in the car as a family. I looked over at Pippa and she glanced over at me.
‘Wondering why ?’

‘Actually yes.’

‘I just thought if I was in charge I should drive when we are a family from now on. I enjoy driving anyway
and don’t have much time when I am at work in the week. I also looked up where we need to go.’

I pondered on that, but said nothing more.
Kids were dropped off for the morning and then we were off to whatever this appointment was for.
I thought better not to ask. We drove into London.
It was Pippa who broke the silence..
‘You know this is definitely changing our lives ?’


‘Do you want it to ?’

I hesitated. In one way yes, in another no.
I saw Pippa’s head nod a little as she concentrated on the road.
‘But do you find it exciting ?’

‘Sure do.’ I could feel a certain part of me wanting to be allowed it’s freedom to stretch out. I shifted in my seat.

Pippa’s voice was almost too low to catch... but it was there.. ‘So do I.’

We were quiet for a while. Then it was my turn to take it on…
‘Do you love me ?’

‘Yes and I am sure you love me right ?’


‘But can you trust me like last night ?

I knew this was a big test
‘Yes I believe I can’

‘No good believing. You have to have total trust in me for this to work. Do you ?’

My heart was pumping. ‘Yes.’

‘Good. Then I think we can go forward. You agree ?’

‘Yes.’ I tingled with anticipation… something about this new direction stimulated me so much..

A short time later we pulled up in what seemed to be a normal street of standard City Town houses. Once we had parked Pippa strode up some steps to a door in one of the larger houses. I admired her figure. Pippa was dressed today in almost cowboy style with tight blue jeans which showed off both her legs and bottom, brown boots with some tapering heel and check shirt with a brown leather jacket. With her hair up I thought she was stunning.

‘No dawdling Harry’, Pippa was calling.

Pippa pressed the bell and when the door was answered it was a by a slim woman, in her mid 50’s. I guessed. She introduced herself as Claire and showed us into a small office and sat behind her desk indicating a seat for Pippa. I looked round, but realised there was no other chair and I was about to stand by the door when Claire spoke:
‘Why not come and sit by your Owners feet ? I am sure it will be more comfortable for you.’

‘Owner ????’

Pippa quickly followed up
‘Yes Harry what a nice idea, you can sit there and listen while I talk with Claire.’

I knew I was blushing red, but felt there was no choice.
As I listened I started to feel some real concern.
Claire was talking about male chastity devices, some of which if used with pills could reduce the size of a penis and then be locked on for ever. I found I was shaking. Pippa as if sensing this... reassured me by saying that at this stage (these words never registered with me, my mind was just so mixed up..) I am just looking for a chastity device to control his penis.

Claire smiled and continued to chat, explaining they had different ones for different purposes, general use, punishment where there were spikes inside so any attempted erection was very painful, gradual reduction of size ones which over a course of 6 to 12 to 18 months would reduce most penis sizes to about 2 or 2-1/2 inches depending on how often the penis was allowed out of the device, and if, as the penis size went down, smaller devices were then subsequently used.
Again I wanted to interrupt, but as I was clearing my throat which was very dry, Pippa put her hand down and ruffled my hair and tickled my ear as if I was a dog at her feet. At least that was how it felt to me and for some strange reamister I was hard again. It was also very soothing. Almost mesmerising….

I missed something, but then picked up that Claire was explaining that there were further options.
Some Owners (there was that word AGAIN..) took moulds of their pet’s (PET’s ???) penis in it’s original state so that they could have a life size dildo made to show the pet at the end of the course what size they had originally been. As once reduced it was almost impossible for the penis to return to normal size, even if completely released and exercised regularly. Maybe a half inch at most could be gained.

Now I was really worried, if that was me they were talking about which I was sure it was this did not sound good.
I started to uncross my legs, as where I had been sitting cross legged leaning up against Pippa’s chair they were really aching, to get to my feet to protest when suddenly the hand that had gently been tickling my hair and ear moved firmly so that it caught my right ear lope between it’s thumb and forefinger. Pippa had fairly short nails but not that short and when those fingers closed with considerable pressure I let out a considerable ‘yelp.’ It hurt.
‘Harry you were told to sit by my chair and listen, now be a good doggy and stay.’

I could not believe what Pippa had just said, but it excited me no end and as I settled down again so the hand released my ear and started massaging my neck. It felt good. Relaxing.
Again I missed something.
It was something about a collar and that Pippa had said that was not needed at this time, but she would like a brochure sent to her office address in London.

Then there was a discussion about milking which made no sense to me. I was lost in the most wonderful neck/head massage that Pippa was giving me. Although when Pippa was asking some further questions I managed to concentrate to hear the discussion.

‘So we could get a mould made now for future use and posterity ?’

‘Yes we would recommend it’

‘A series of reducing chastity devices is a better buy than individual ones ?’

‘Yes better value, and tends to allow a constant reduction rather than stopping and starting, if that’s what you
want. Milking has the advantage that you can choose the time when his production is at its peak. Milk him. Use
his ‘milk’ as you will and then repeat the process always keeping him in his chastity device.’

‘Will he get much enjoyment from it ?’

‘Not a lot. Certainly not in the way he would be used to. Although some men come to enjoy their prostrate being
exercised.’ At this Claire sniggered which made Pippa also giggle.

‘So that’s it ?’

‘You have made your decisions ?’


‘Ok would you tick the boxes against what you require and then sign here and then get the dog to put a paw on as
well. I will witness it.’


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(Dog ? Paw ? but I was so hard.)

Clare rose to leave ‘While you do that I will go and get prepared.’

I felt Pippa remove her hand from my neck watched as she reached for a pen. I saw her smiling down at me.
‘Are you turned on ?’

‘Yes. I do not know why. I should be so upset about this. You also hurt my ear.’

Pippa’s eyes were sparkling.
‘You have no idea how hot it made me to chat to Claire about chastity devices, with you sitting at my feet and
then playing with you. Crimping your ear made me want to drag you into a spare room and **** you when
you yelped and obeyed me. It was heaven.’

I found myself getting excited at the thoughts of Pippa enjoying it... but... I thought it was time to stop and asked…
‘Can I get up now ?’

‘What ?’

‘Can I get up now ?’

‘Your asking ?? Oh wow.’

‘What ?’

‘Your asking ?’

‘So ?’

‘This is incredible. What a power rush.’

Suddenly I clicked. I had asked Pippa as if she really was my Owner. I started to get up and had just got to my knees when Pippa realised what I was doing. Dropping the pen she put her hand down on the back of my head and pushed down hard. I was in such an awkward position, and my legs were dead from sitting cross legged for such time, that I had no choice but let my head be pushed down. My head ended up next to Pippa’s right boot and I heard her say.
‘You stay right there in that position. But I want you to only do it if you really want to.
Think for a moment. Are you excited ?, I’ll let you into a little secret…it excites me by the way.
If you want me to keep controlling you then all you have to do is to start kissing the boot nearest to you. Big kisses
Harry. Otherwise say ‘no’ and I will let you up.’

I thought. I’m lost. This is turning me on so much. Why ? why ?
I tried to turn my head but Pippa had got a firm grip and held it down next to her boot.

I thought this must be a game. It’s so excting. Ok go with the flow.
I kissed Pippa’s boots.
‘Big kisses and more of them Harry.’

With that Pippa released my head and I heard her pick up the pen and start ticking boxes. Shortly after that Claire came back into the room and her conversation resumed with Pippa
‘I see you have him well trained already.’

‘Not really, this last week or so has been amazing. We are both find out things we never knew about each other.’

‘Well your definitely starting on a journey.’

‘Yesss’ (I thought Pippa’s voice sounded very thoughtful), ‘I wonder where we will end up ?’

Claire laughed lightly.
‘Where you want, on top, and where you want your pet, on the bottom, your love will change, but I suspect you
will find it a most exciting and satisfying journey.
Anyway now you are done shall we get your pet’s signature and I will witness it and we will get organized. I
have plenty of stock ..’

I was allowed up to sign the papers. Some I just signed at the bottom. Others I noticed which were clearly questions and boxes which had been ticked, had been covered over. I did note that the headings were:
Yes / No / Required now / Maybe / Later fitting / Permanent / Brochure required
and that I had to sign all the pages which seemed to be quite a number. As I signed the last page, the paper covering the line at the bottom had moved, and it showed a yes/no box. I managed to jerk a little as I signed this last page and sneak a look at the last question.

Do you intend at some point to sell your ownership ? The ‘No’ box was ticked.

I felt somewhat relieved, but wondered what the other pages contained. Perhaps if I had known I would have refused to sign, but in some ways I just did not want to know. I really did need to trust Pippa. To trust her love for me as a permister and as a human. I felt I was making a ‘leap’ into the unknown… but at some level it excited me to be signing these papers…

Claire had changed into a nurses uniform and after signing took us into what was to all effects and purposes an operating theatre. Claire saw us looking and commented
‘We use this room when we need to undertake some minor surgery, but it also doubles up as a measuring
room for cases such as yours.’

I had wandered over to look at some small brown balls in jars. I had a feeling I did not want to know what was in them….

Pippa’s voice. Very business like pulled me away...
‘Harry. Don’t stand there all day, get your clothes off.’

Both Pippa and Claire did not turn away. I found it embarrassing to strip for them as I knew what would be seen.. my body was betraying me again. My penis was like an iron bar. Pippa came over to me and grabbed it and looking into my eyes for what seemed like a lifetime but was probably only half a minute....before saying
‘This is mine.’

I looked down ‘Yes’

Pippa’s hand then shifted to grip my balls. Quite firmly. I knew any more pressure would hurt.
‘Look at me.’
I did.

‘And these are mine also ?’

‘Yes.’ My voice seemed to come from miles away. I had said it.

Pippa was looking at me with a stern expression on her face.

‘And no more talking. Your not to say another word till I say you can. Ok ?’

I nearly spoke.... I nodded to show it was ok.

I caught a glimpse of Claire smirking slightly to one side of Pippa.
My face felt as if it was a set of traffic lights… red again..

Claire got me to lie back on the table and took various measurements. Even though Claire wore rubber gloves and I was naked lying on my back in front of my wife and Clarie (a nurse ?) For some reamister the whole thing was
causing me to remain hard.

I then found my penis had been wrapped in what I thought was cellophane, after which something which looked like damp ‘clay’ was put round it. This hardened quite quickly before being split apart in half length ways down my erection with, I was glad to see, a blunt knife.

I felt my wife’s hand on my shoulder..
‘Just relax dear. We’re making sure we know what you were like for the future comparimister ..’

(Future ???)

‘Don’t you now need him to be flaccid now?’ Pippa was now talking to Claire

Who just smiled and handed Pippa a small bowl of ice and a flannel which had been wrapped round a bag of frozen peas.
‘I imagine you know what to do with this…’

On my back I could see Pippa grinning back at Clarie..
‘Sure… and there soon be a couple more frozen peas round here…’

Needless to say I was not impressed… It was wrapped round my penis and balls. The cold was bearable, but it was doing it’s job. Once I was flaccid the measurements were taken. While this was going on I just wished I was anywhere but on that table…

Claire chatting to Pippa as she took the measurements..
‘I think I can see why your going to lock this away. Not a great width or length when it’s stimulated and now
looks like it’s a small bent twig.’

‘True. Worse every time he thinks of me with another man he just let’s fly.’

Even though the cold had shrunk my penis I felt it jerk.

‘See ?’
Claire nodded. ‘I felt it also. Nasty. No control.’

‘Exactly and you can imagine when he tries to fuck me now… one wrong word and he’s all ‘done’. Sometimes
now not even a word is needed.’

‘Useless then.’

‘Too true.’

I could feel myself stirring again. The cold was wearing off and this talk of Pippa with someone else was starting to get my red moving again…
Much to my surprise more measurements were taken, my neck, hands, feet, thighs, waist. Finally I was allowed up to get dressed. By this time my ‘best friend’ was starting to feel more like normal…

While I was doing this Pippa went off to settle up the bill with Claire. I had some concern as to what was in the bags which Pippa had asked me to carry. I tried to look inside, but they were all sealed down. Clearly Claire had supplied Pippa with quite a few things from her stock room…


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I got behind in my reading and just caught up. This story is very hot.

Thank you



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Thank you so much for continueing this story. At the pace you are going with, you can provide all of us avid pervs with months of enjoyment. THis is truly one of the best stories I have read on this sight.

Evil, perverted, willful Mommy.

What more can we ask?

Thanks again.


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Thank you so much!


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Boiling up nicely Colin. Thanks for continuing a great story.


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Great stuff, cant wait for the cucking to begin


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This is a very exciting story. cannot wait to see if he lives in the dog cage once the cuckolding starts


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you will soon get tolove the taste of spunk I did and now when I wank off reading stories like yours its always into a glass


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Pippa and Harry – A Journey – Chapter 14

Next morning when I woke up I felt a leaden feeling in my stomach. Judgement day… I lay there thinking. What am I getting into ? Rhetorical question really… I knew and a part of me wanted to try it .. it was like a have. I just had to go on… it stimulated me in ways which heightened my excitement to levels which I had never visited before..

I got up and found the cream. It took a while to apply it. Thick, creamy and white. Like something else.. It felt very strange plastering the stuff all over my pubic hair, over my balls, between my bottom. I then had to wait for a while for it to take effect before showering off. In some ways I mused it was fortunate I did not have much anyway… Watching my hair come away from my body and flow down the drain was strange. I was looking like a little boy again. Once dry I needed to use my electric razor to finish off the job. In for a penny, in for a pound. I admired myself in the bathroom mirror. It did look different… felt different too.

I was rather self conscious as I came out of the bathroom. I put a towel round my waist. Something I would never normally do. Pippa had rolled over onto her side. Head propped up with one hand.
‘Let’s see then’

I had no choice.

Just the look I wanted.
Come on over here and get on the bed…’

I did as I was told.
Pippa’s hands started to move over my cock and balls.. where my pubic hair used to be.. Soft. Gentle.
I could feel my breathing starting to quicken. I closed my eyes.. The pleasure… Her voice was like soft chant.. musical almost...‘Darling..’


‘I love playing with my little boy… his little carrot… but it’s time to put on that nice device Claire gave us.’
Pippa’s hands were still playing. Stroking. Moving my foreskin back an forth. I could feel the pre-cum making it easier…

‘You do want that ?’


‘Right.’ Suddenly Pippa was all business like.
‘I want you to get out of bed. Lie on the floor. Spread your legs a little and close your eyes.’

I did as I was told and could hear Pippa moving about getting something out of the small fridge we had in the dressing room. I realised she was back standing next to me.
I felt, rather than heard her kneel, and something cold touched my leg.
Plastic rustle.

‘Know what that is ?’

I could guess.. ‘Frozen peas ?? again ?’

‘Who’s a clever boy then…
Be brave..’

I felt the cold as they were wrapped round my penis and balls. I could feel them shrinking.

‘I’m going to tell you what I am doing but no looking ok ?’


‘Now you’re the right size so to speak… I am wiping on some lubricant where the ring and the cock cover go’

I could feel the slickness. More like KY Jelly to me…

‘Now I am putting this ring round the base of your balls. It has a closing mechanism so it’s easy to put on. It’s
not locked yet. Now for the clear plastic tube for your penis. We now slide in that little carrot like so…’

I could just about feel some plastic covering my penis. It was somewhat curved I realised as it hung down. Held, I could feel, by Pippa in position.

‘I now slide this plastic bolt through to connect the penis cover to the ring.’

I could feel everything starting to tighten a little.

‘Stay still. Just a couple of finishing touches..’

I could feel Pippa fiddling and two little clicks.

‘All done.
You can open your eyes now…’

The first thing I saw was Pippa with a flushed face. This had been exciting her. Putting me in this chastity device.
I looked down. I bent somewhat so that I could study was now attached to my ‘cock and balls’.

The plastic (was it plastic ? I suspected it was something much stronger which looked like clear plastic), tube had a number of holes in it and a slit hole at the end so that I could pee. It curved downwards. This was attached to the ring that now fairly tightly went round the base of my balls. The bolt had been locked on either side by small (plastic ?) padlocks. There was no way I could pull out as the penis cover not only curved down, but also back up to the very base of my penis. So however small I was there would be no way to pull back out.

I looked back up at Pippa. I realised she was now breathing heavily and had slipped one hand down to where she had hair... and I did not..... I could see it moving... small circles.... She was naked. I surge of desire went through me. I felt my penis twitch. It felt different. Something heavy holding it down.

Suddenly Pippa had seized my face with her hands and was kissing me deeply. Her tongue invading my mouth.


‘Something hurting darling ?’ I could see and hear the concern in Pippa… but there was something else… teasing… again the vision of a cat playing with a mouse came into my mind…

I tried to harden further…
It felt as if my penis was being gripped by a vice.
I could feel it throbbing… wanting to harden to stand up and be counted.

My throat felt dry, my voice was hoarse.. ‘I want you.’

‘I know but you cannot have me… not for the time being… but you can do something for me.’
Pippa led me back to bed… and her hands guided me to that sweet pussy between her legs.. It was already slick..
I inhaled, taking in her scent. I started to work on those puffy labia, to flick her bud…
It did not take long for Pippa to start moaning, moving, twisting
I knew she was playing with her nipples.
Very shortly after that she came with a brief but powerful climax…
I pulled away. I still throbbed with desire for her. I loved her.
Pippa looked up at me. A slight smile playing round her lips..
‘Why not get dressed and then you can get the kids up… give them breakfast… and bring mine to me here in bed with the newspapers ??’

I felt overwhelmed. With love. With desire, As she lay there naked, a Goddess relaxed. A Diana from the myths.
At the same time I felt not worthy of her, I wanted to serve her. To make sure she was happy. Devotion.
I knew it was a request, but there was an edge.. it was more of a politely worded order.
I was happy to obey.

I served her breakfast on a tray. While she ate we chatted for a while and then the teasing edge resumed…

‘So what’s it like serving me breakfast ?’

‘No problem. I have enjoyed getting it for you’

‘Really ?’ Pippa was raising an enquiring delicate eyebrow at me..

‘Yes. It really was my pleasure.’.

‘Well that’s good. Should make the next bit easier.’ (what ‘next bit easier ??)
‘Why don’t you go and get my briefcase from my study. I have some of the papers there that we signed at Claire’s.’

I did as bid and brought the briefcase back to Pippa who had finished eating. I took the tray and put it on the floor near the door to remove later while Pippa got the papers out .

‘You can read them sitting on the floor by the bed next to me. That way if you have a question I can just look down..’

I took them from her hand and sat down.

‘Before you start you should know a lot of what is there, is what Claire put in… Although some is also what I want. It made me somewhat damp when I read it… and… I thought it might be fun to get you to sign..but I love you and there is still time to change it...’ Her voice tailed away. I steeled myself to read it...

I, Harry Forbes, of my own free will and volition, as a sign of my love for my wife, Philippa Forbes, confirm the following:
1) I will remain utterly faithfully to her in all respects.
2) I will obey her completely in every way.
3) I acknowledge and accept that she is the head of the household and as such I agree she has control of all money or assets which would otherwise have been in joint names. I further agree to transfer all property, shares, money or any other assets which I hold over to her to become hers solely.
4) I wish to become a cuckold, whether of course I become one will be her decision alone.
5) I hereby give control of my sexual activity to her and acknowledge that she comes first and that my pleasure will be in doing what she wants.
6) I will accept any punishments she sees fit to give me, physical or mental, in private or in public, without demur.
7) I have this secret wish to become her slave, however I accept this is unlikely and will in any case not happen until our youngren have grown up and left home, but I will work to bring this about. In my heart I am
her slave as I want to do everything in my power to make her happy. My body is hers and she can do anything she likes to it.
8) I will give her power of attorney over all my affairs.

I, Philippa Forbes, of my own free will and volition, as a sign of my love for my husband, Harry Forbes, agree, in consideration of his declarations above the following:
1) I will always love him and try and be understanding of his needs in the same way as any good and caring Owner would a pet dog.
2) Our youngren’s welfare is of the utmost paramount importance and come first above and beyond this agreement, .
3) I will endeavour to find ways to ensure that he gets what he wants, but it is my decision alone as to how much and how far we go. His secret wish to become my slave is somewhat shocking, but I will consider it over time if he can prove that is what he really wants.

Signed …
(and there was Pippa’s, mine and Claire’s signature).

I looked up shocked. I was shaking... (fear ? excitement ? both ?)

‘Yes you signed it… and it’s witnessed.
I intend to take it into work tomorrow and get it legalized by a Notary Public…’

I got it out...‘This means you virtually own me.’
No money and my dick in a box. I was quite worried. (She did love me ?)

Pippa put her hand down and playfully ruffled my hair…’Darling I’m your wife don’t you trust me ?’
I looked up. There was a suggestion of a smile playing round her lips.
I felt ‘excited’.
Pippa clearly saw it in my face. Laughed.
‘See ?’

When she had calmed down Pippa leant back putting her head to one side. ‘You realise what happened then ?’

I blushed. ‘Yes. I got it bad. You teased me. Bad. But I was turned on.’
‘So was I. But you know what ? I want to lead you to beg me to do it.. and more…’

I found I was hard again.
‘What else ?’

‘Well try this for size… You’ve signed all your assets over to me. You’ve closed your bank accounts. We cut up and cancel all your credit cards. You have already resigned your job and become our, oops, no, MY full
time house husband and pet. We confirm the power of attorney on the basis of my signature only. You return your driving license to the DVLA and cancel it.’

I found my throat was dry. This was scary stuff… (surely this was fantasy ?). but all my cock wanted to do was to burst out of its primister.
I starred at Pippa…

‘Do you want to hear more of my ideas ??’

‘I am not sure I do…’

‘Well how about this final one ??
It’s a truly truly a shocker…
You know Jane ??’


‘Well I had another chat with her from work… which you did not know about..’

(What had they been talking about ?)

‘Well she told me that if ever I wanted to ‘put you in an arm lock’ as she called it all I needed to do was give her a call. I asked what she meant and she said that in the course of her husband’s work as a psychiatrist he knew of a girl who had sex with a married man when she was a 14 year old and who lives near us.’

‘So ?’

‘It’s against the law for a start’

‘And, I am sure there is an ‘and’..’

‘Your right. The girl was involved in a motor cycle accident and cannot remember the man’s name. Apart from that she has recovered to almost a normal existence, but still needs help.’

Pippa paused for a moment to clearly give her next words more dramatic effect..
A slightly malicious smile was on her face, her tongue licked her lips. I realised that one of her hand was down under the bedclothes… I suspected that she was gently playing with herself. This was turning her one. Saying these things to me…

‘Well.., (clearly even Pippa was finding this hard to say... whatever it was..) Jane said, she could, if I wanted, get her husband Rob.
to.. to put into the mind of this girl it was you ..’
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