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My Girlfriends First Black Guy

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Hi I'm new to this board and thought I would contribute with my partners first time.

When I first met Tasha she hadnt a clue about the cuckold lifestyle. I tested the water and asked if shed dated a black guy before, (some gals can be racist lol!) To my delight she said yes one.

The thought of my lil blondie bouncing on a black guy used to drive me wild! I had to be cautious because as this is not for everyone! I eventually told her about how I got turned on by seeing white gals with black guy and how gorgeous and right it looked.

She said she never see her ex as being black as such so the colour contrast wasnt an issue, I decided to send her some interracial pictures to her email. It worked! She said how horny it looked a black cock in a white pussy! I slowly started sending her more and more interracial porn and to my delight she used to ask me for more!

We used to fantasise on the phone about her getting fucked by black men etc and during our sex sessions. After about 6 months I suggested we find a black guy to satisfy her properly! She agreed! We used a chatline to find a guy. After several white guys pretending to be black we found a guy a few miles away from our location! They swapped numbers and talked on the phone for a week. She told me about how good he was at phone sex, Once me and her were on the phone when her mobile rang, she said its Paul I got to go and put the phone down!

She eventually met him the next week at her flat, he was 65 and pure muscle!
I was at my house when he arrived at her flat as I told her she could meet him without me being there the first time as she was nervous about me seeing her with another man. She spent three hours getting ready for him, even had her hair done at the hairdressers! She said they talked and drank for an hour or so and eventually ended up dancing. I rang her several times to see if she was ok, only for her to get angry and put the phone down!

To cut a long story short he fucked her for five hours and it was HER that wanted to stop! The biggest turn on for me that first night was he knew he werent going to use a condom and she didnt say no! He was very powerful she said and didnt have a choice (yea right!) He did say though that he wouldnt cum in her pussy and he kept to his word. From that night on they havent used protection, it took me three months to convince her for me to go bareback!

Paul has been to visit her several times now and Im still waiting to watch! She had a pregnancy scare one month back and it couldnt have been mine as Im not allowed to fuck her without protection now as my pussy is only good enough for black man spunk now her words!

She wasnt pregnant but the thought of it turned us both on, I think shell be trying for a baby with him but I think thats a long way off.

Anyway hope my experience has moved the guys out there a lot closer into pushing your wife into black, we dont regret it!


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Good to see I've had 280 viewings but not one reply! This isnt some bullcuckolds brownie story it really happened, I'm not actually with her anymore but I feel more than privileged that it was purely down to me that she got fucked by two black guys and 'wanked off' one more. I feel honoured that two black men got some gorgeous pussy and it was all my doing!

Hopefully I've put black men in her head for good as I would hate for her to breed with a white man, As she said to me once.... "white dick in white pussy just don't look right!" I feel so proud that two black men got regular sex with my gal because I put the idea of how gorgeous a black cock looks in a white pussy, Let me tell you guys if ANY white gal says she dont like black superior me - SHE'S LIEING!


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I agree with you. I'm in the five-incarbonsmudger club too. My g/f loves me but she's starting to turn to the "dark" side. I.E. BLACK MEAT!

She's really curious and things about black cock now. I hope she turns and gets blacked!
Obsessed with BBC!


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this is what happened to me sorta but it wasnt a big black dick just a huge thick white cock

but i did show her alot of big dick and interracial porn
and she ended up agreeing to cucking me too and had phone sex with other guys and fucked this one huge cocked guy without me seeing and loooved emailing me about it she told her girlfriends

then at some point she dumped me for a big cock guy
ultimate offense yet my little dick still gets hard thinking of her
she still teases me too even though we arent together

once a woman is turned on to BIG cock and cumming alot
they DONT go back



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I agree with you. I'm in the five-incarbonsmudger club too. My g/f loves me but she's starting to turn to the "dark" side. I.E. BLACK MEAT!

She's really curious and things about black cock now. I hope she turns and gets blacked!

What made me laugh about my ex is the first time she fucked him and didnt use protection she was worried about telling me like I'd be angry or something! The only thing I got was a hard on knowing that it took me ages to go bareback with her but only an hour or so for him to do her without a condom.

She used to love the lifestyle (which she'd never heard of) because most gals 'think' about fuckin' other guys when they are out clubbin' but rarely do it, Tasha knew that if she wanted to she could, without no feelings of guilt because she knew I'd be 'expecting' her to find a black guy to satisfy her!

You would be very surprised how many gals dont even know they love the look of black on white, I dated a girl once that had a fetish about whips and being tied up, that was her only thing where sex was concerned! I (as with many gals before) tested the water and showed her interracial porno, it blew her mind! She said she was angry with me because at 28 she thought she was settled in her sexual fantasies, but was happy Id shown her how horny black on white was! Unfortunately I wasnt with her long so never did find out if shed gone black but I planted the seed in her head so hopefully when a black guy approacarbonsmudges her now in a club shell see him for what he really is, a sexual fucking natural!


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I just love the idea of a black guy going bareback on my wife merely because he thinks it is his right to and her enjoying ever moment of it. With me not even being allowed to enter her but having to listen to the intmate details opf how close he would be in coming inside of her.
Your gradual introduction to get Tasha hooked was peach! And that nagging thought of maybe some strong black sperm have made its way to a fertile egg each month would be a massive turn on for me too!
Love to hear more
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My Girlfriends First Black Guy
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