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sissy cock sucker gets his first taste of creampie

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 Down to the last message
i did my usual and put an ad in Craigslist. i like to suck thick dick at my glory hole and i got quite a few responses.

The first guy was a short stocky guy with a 5 inch cock.....but it was on the thick side (which is what i like) he had a little extra weight but don't we all! i held onto his legs as his hips rocked and slowly fucked my mouth. i played with his nice nut sack and went down to suck on that for some time then licking up the shaft to the full head. i engulf his dick and hear an instant groan from him. He gets into a rithum and its an all out fuck. He holds the sided of my head through the heavy curtain glory hole and fucks my mouth for about five minutes then lets go with some thick cum shooting to the back of my throat! i am holding his hips and pulling him to me to keep his dick deep in my mouth. i continue to feel it throb. He slowly pulls out and leaves.

The second guy had been here before. I noticed by his shirt he drove the city bus. He also had a nice 7.5 thick cock that loved to fuck my mouth. He asked me how many i had sucked so far. i had set up a few men to stop by but he was only the second guy. i did mention that i was going to have a 3 way with a woman and a man later in the day. He of course wanted to watch and maybe join in! i swear........i could have gotten that woman in a gang bang as every man i spoke with wanted to join!
He is about 6 foot tall and very nicely built. Nice muscular body and a nice thick cock. He will watch a XXX movie and enjoy a nice slow suck job. I like to take my time and edge the guy. Really enjoy what i am doing. using my mouth and tongue all over the cock. swirling my tongue under the cock head while jacking the base and fondling his ever tightening balls! i will suck a little faster when i feel a jolt from his dick....then slow down. Doing a little edging. Of course i do get hungry for the cum and work a little bit harder to quench my thirst. i move my head around more while moving my tongue around more and he got harder and harder. He fucked my mouth while i pushed my face down on his dick. He stops his thrusts and shoots his big load. Spasm after spasm. Maybe 7 or so. i savor his cum and jack his dick slowly and i tenderly pull off his dick while cleaning off his big member.

The third guy is a black guy who lives in the same complex as i do. He is kind of young. Tall lanky with a 7 inch dick that curves downward. It does go down my throat pretty easily. I have to make sure i pull back as i miss the taste if its down there too far. He had been here before and lasts about 20-25 minutes. He is usually 20 minutes late and has usually watched a video where a white slut is going to be fucked by a big well hung Black Bull! The black guy who stops here enters and locks the door. He gets undressed by the door and walks to the glory hole nude and shoves his already rock hard cock through the hole. i do enjoy sucking him and he gets kind of verbal. He rocks his hips and i am moving my head in response. When he is getting close within about 20 minutes he is fucking faster. He tells me he is getting close and demands, "Get Ready Pig, Drink It Down!" Oh Yeah.....moan groan....shudder.....spasm......He has a good cum.

(i am interupted here as i have to go out......possibly something i could write about later) But next installment i will write about the 3 way with the man and woman....and the last scene of the day was with a black guy and a married white guy. A few regular buddies i play with.
i love to orally service and get facefucked. i have taken on small groups at times and have a private gloryhole in my basement for men who like anonymous head. married and bi men are a favorite. i am 43, 5'10" 180lbs.


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Re: 5 Hot Loads at my Glory Hole (Continued)

Postby loads4me43 » Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:33 am first 3Way with a man and woman. My buddy told me to get my apartment very clean to make the woman feel more at after that and making sure the AC was cranked I awaited there showing up. He called me first to say they were there and then i heard the buzz. i put on my blindfold as i have never seen this married man i have served for 2 years. He told me to start out in the bathtub and i should have the yellow funnel ready. i left my apartment door unlocked and lay in the tub nude. (i couldnt find the panties he likes me to wear sometimes) and had the funnel in my mouth. that way he can piss in the funnel so i catch most of it and as i am not doused i am clean to service them. i heard them both strip and come into the bathroom. He stood there and asked his lady friend if this was getting her all moist and she said it was. He relaxed a little and let a stream fly from his dick into the long yellow funnel and down my throat. He usually pisses a lot and this time he did NOT disappoint. His slowed his flow to let me catch up with my swallowing, and when he finished i took the funnel out of my mouth got on my knees and licked his dick clean. They went into the bedroom and sat on the bed. i had some ice cold chilled beers there for all. We drank a little beer and then he instructed me to suck him. When he has been at my place alone he usually lasted an hour, and i was looking forward not exactly knowing what would happen and how long i would get to enjoy it! He began fucking my face. He then had me lick his balls and then knelt and had me lick out his round firm butt. He had condoms there and he fucked her mouth and her pussy. At one point i was licking her ass, which was a little round hairless butt. Very clean and tight. i would lick her ass as she was getting fucked and my tongue would move over to lick her pussy and his cock going in and out of it. At one point he was fucking her on top and had me licking out his ass and tongue fucking it as deep as i could. We would take short breaks now and then but only a few minutes for a beer break and then back to business of me orally serving them. He was rock hard and he instructed us both to kneel. She and i had our lips on either side of his thick cock. He was fucking our mouths. At times he would shove his dick down my throat and then pull out and i could hear her moans with her mouth stuffed having been "powerd" pleasure his throbbing dick. He instructed me to get behind him and lick his ass deep as she sucked him. Of course she is not being left out by any means.....its just that i have been serving him for a few years and the loyalty is there first......She is of course being served as well. She is getting off with my mouth on her pussy, with my buddy shoving my face there in a fucking motion! He is sometimes fingering her as they kiss and make this time i am usually eating her pussy and ass out. She came at least a dozen times from what they were talking about.
There was some dialogue with me but i was enjoying myself with my tasks. When it came time for my buddy to shoot he was fucking her missionary position and was playing with his ass and balls. He was telling me to get ready and then he pulled out and shot all over her pussy! He was telling me there was a lot of cum for me to clean up and then he shoved his still dripping hard cock in my mouth to clean off. He then took the back of my head and shoved my mouth onto her pussy. She was panting from cumming herself and i licked up and down on her pussy tasting all that cum. As i lapped like a dog he moved my head to one side there there was a bigger deposit of cum i had missed. i licked her entire crotch clean and went lower to get one last lick into her tight ass which got a kind of squeal out of her...then a moan. My buddy needed to piss again and so instructed me to get into the tub. Still blindfolded i made my way to the bathroom and got in place. No funnel this time as he likes to dowse me the second time. He will direct the spray up to my mouth and instruct me to open up which i do and he gives me what he wants then aims to my chest or my crotch. He finishes up and lets me lick the end of his dick clean again. She has relieved herself on the toilet and i am wondering now why she didn't join in the play at the bathtub. Maybe next time for that!

The final two guys i sucked off are part of an ongoing weekly thing we do. We connect at a buddies place watch television have a few beers and then let me suck them both off.
One buddy is a married guy in nice shape, a little thinning hair and he has a Really nice Thick Cock! It is almost a full 8 inches and about 5.5 around! Nice big balls as well. We are all sitting on the couch and the married guy strips down first and i start to suck. The other guy is a hot black guy with a nice 7.5 medium thick. and nice balls as well. The married guy is sometimes just fondling the black guy and sometimes sucking his dick. The black guy will sometimes suck the married guys dick and has me suck the married guys balls at the same time. Ultimately i am sucking off the married guy as he fucks my mouth...this is usually about 30 min but sometimes lasts 15 min if he has not cum in some time.
He has me keep sucking his dick through the orgasm and beyond when his dick is very sensitive. The black buddy and i rest while the married guy gets composed and leaves.
After a little rest my buddy instructs me to get in the bedroom and tells me to get into position, which means lay on my back with my head off the end of the bed. He comes in and usually begins by sitting on my mouth. His ass is open and he has me lick and suck his butt hole. He grinds down on my face my head moving from side to side probing as deep as i can. i hear a."Fuck Yeah!" now and then. He then turns over and shoves his rock hard cock to the back of my throat and beyond gagging me and not really giving me a chance to adjust. He fucks my mouth and throat for as long as he likes.....or can hold it is more like it. He rarely gives up his load that way but it has been known to happen when he just can't hold it any longer. That happens when i have my hands on the back of his ass and pushing him deeper into my throat. What usually happens is that he pops out of my mouth and lays back and spreads his legs and tells me to, "Get to Work" i do as instructed as he lays back and watches a hot porn flick and relives all of what happened that day....he relives what I have told him about my sexcapades and our married buddy from just a few minutes earlier. i have him by the balls, one hand around the base and kind of pulling, squeezing and then of course the bobbing of my head, sloppy wet mouth and tongue doing swirls around his engorged cock leaking cockhead .......a few more bobs and he is shouting out and blasting his huge cum shot to the back of my throat.....he is still holding the back of my head pushing me down to catch it all....he does not have to worry!

That conclude the day after the 5 HOT LOADS AT MY GLORY HOLE. 7 People i got off The Next Day.


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So HOT! I would love to get pissed on by a BBC while my wife watched and called me a sissy faggot


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Very erotic
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sissy cock sucker gets his first taste of creampie
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