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Truckers love wives

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This happened a few years ago but it was one of our hottest adventures so I wanted to share it with you all now.

My wife Cathy, 35 at the time but she takes care of herself. She has the body of a 20 something even now and turns heads where ever she goes. 5’4” 36C and a 28 inch waste. She is a total ebony fuck goddess and is never short of horny guys hitting on her. Many are surprised to find out just how easily they get lucky!

One summer we were taking a 2 month trip through the west with our camper trailer seeing the sights and looking for fun. I had just been driving about six hours straight and had to take a wicked piss when we pulled into a highway rest stop on Route 5 in California. Cathy and I both dashed to the restroom. Since we were driving a trailer naturally we parked in the truck area amid the 18 wheelers. I came out and started looking about the area waiting for Cathy. After a while I noticed that shed had slipped passed me and was back over by the camper talking to a ruff red neck looking fellow. He was solidly built and it turns out he was a truck driver from a nearby rig.

Cathy was wearing a light sun dress and the light behind her showed off her perfect brown body as if she were naked which she was under the dress. The trucker was obviously enjoying the show and Cathy was openly flirting with him as I approached. The trucker was clearly disappointed to see a husband on the scene but my wife shot me a playful look that told me this guy had nothing to worry about. He was closer to getting his dick wet in her than he knew.

He introduced him self to me as Joe and as we chatted he couldn’t help but to keep looking at my wife through the thin dress. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible. He must have been aware that she was just as aroused as he obviously was. She finally invited him into our trailer for a take. He couldn’t believe the luck and looked at me for approval. When I nodded he eagerly accepted. Inside, I sat in the only chair available leaving Joe no where to sit but next to Cathy on the bed. She smiled seductively at him as he sat down. He was beginning to get an idea of where this might lead and he liked it.

I got up to fix us all a take and Cathy slid over pressing herself against Joe’s hard body. Her face was close to his and she asked him about driving truck and how it must cause a lot of stress, all those hours on the road.

Was he married? He said yes.
How long since he had been with his wife? Three weeks.
At his she started to run her hand over his cock which was straining inside his jeans. “Poor baby” she said “You really do have a lot of stress built up.” He looked at me once again. I just smiled and nodded approvingly. That was all he needed to see. He pulled my wife tightly to him and kissed her hard, their tongues snaked deeply in each others mouth.

When they broke apart Cathy went straight for his pants, undid his belt buckle and opened his jeans. He lifted his ass and let her slide off his pants and boxers. Cathy let out a little hum of approval as an already rock hard 8 inches of cock sprang out at her. She slid down and took him in her mouth and he let out a moan of pure ecstasy as he slowly buried his cock down her throat until his white hairy balls rested on her sweet brown chin.

Joe reached down and lifted the sun dress off of her revealing her totally naked and ready body. He played with her nipples then reached down to slide two fingers into her already wet cunt. His fingers felt good and she wanted him to work her like that for a while, but she knew he was on a hair trigger and would come soon this way. She wanted that first big load inside her so she lifted her head off of his fuck stick and crawled forward.

Now she was on her knees, the entrance to her pussy was just brushing the head of his cock. I was back in my chair wacking off and watching. This is the moment that gets me hottest. She knew this guy less than an hour and now this perfect stranger was about to have his dick inside my love. Sweating on her , fucking her, shooting his cum in her, possessing her totally. Just an easy piece of ass.

He rose to meet her and her outer lips parted. He worked the head just a bit to coat his shaft with her juice then he pressed up into her. She gasped a little then lowered herself the rest of the way down onto him. They both moaned and lay there for a second grinding his 8 inches deeper into her than I ever could.

Then she rose up until only the head of his cock was still in her. His thick veined shaft as glistening with her cunt juice as he slammed back into her. She rode his cock like a bitch in heat until her body shuddered with her first orgasm. Then, without pulling out of her he rolled her over on her back and began drilling her hard with a fury. He was determined to show this black minx what his white cock could do. She came at least once more before his body tensed and his back arched. He let out a groan that told me he was emptying 3 weeks of built up cum into my wife’s open womb.

They both rolled over to recover and laughed as I moved between Cathy’s legs to lick clean her over flowing pussy. Joe’s cum was thick and tasted sweet mixed with Cathy’s cunt juice. When I was done Cathy sucked on Joes cock until he was hard again and took a second big load down her throat.

As Joe was leaving he gave Cathy a big kiss and whispered into her ear. She glanced at me quickly then nodded yes. He left smiling. She wouldn’t tell me what he had asked until a few minutes later when a knock came on the trailer door. Apparently Joe had asked if it was Ok to tell some of the other drivers about his good luck.



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Great story and pictures! That's a very sexy brown sugar you've got there, thanks for sharing her with us. Any more to report?


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That knock on the door was the first of many that night. All in all about 6 truckers had her that night. Those stories are coming



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Very hot story! Please treat us to more.

Thank you



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I opened the door to find a rather handsome young man standing there. He appeared a bit nervous and didn’t know just what to say when a man answered the door. He managed to stammer, “is Cathy here?”

I put him at ease as best I could. “You must be a friend of Joe’s, come on in.”

Cathy had slipped on a sheer red and black teddy which did little to hide her firm, full brown breasts and a matching thong. She greeted him with a smile and said “aren’t you a fine looking young man. Relax honey, Joe told me I might be getting a visitor or two. We’re all friends here” and she slid over to make room for him next to her. He said his name was Billy and he started to relax. Billy was a handsome, muscular man. About 25 years old he looked a lot like a young Patrick Swayze. He did however have the smell of several days on the road and Cathy suggested he step into the bathroom and freshen up a bit. He was a bit embarrassed until she took his hand and led the way.

Once there she left the door open as she unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the floor. She purred as she ran her hand over his chest and murmured “nice.” Billy undid his pants and stepped out of them. His cock was still only semi-erect but looked like a good 7 inches and thick as a coke bottle. Cathy took a rag and began to soap up his hard lean body. She took her time caressing his arms, his chest and playing with his nipples as she rinsed him clean. Billy reached was ready to go. He reached up under her teddy and began to squeeze her tits and run his hands down her body as she rinsed him off. Finally he pulled her toward him and slid his tongue in her mouth. They kissed hard and ground their bodies into each other, his young cock growing as it rode her smooth belly.

They broke the kiss and Cathy stepped back. She soaped up her hands and cupped his full balls, gently massaging them as she began to stroke his dick. It was hard as steel now and ready to make a home in this sluts willing body. Billy was not about to wait any longer. He lifted her up and set her cute round ass on the edge of the campers little sink. Her open pussy was now right at level with his hungry cock. His nervousness now gone, he turned and looked me in the eye and smirked as he pushed his dick into my wife’s body. He was enjoying the conquest of both of us as I watched him work his thick white cock into her ebony snatch.

“Joe was right” he said to me mockingly “your wife is a good piece of ass.” He then started to fuck her with long slow strokes. Cathy threw her arms around him and wrapped her legs around his ass taking him deep in her with every thrust. Her body shuddered as she came on his thick cock.

“OH God! I love your cock” she gasped.

“I ain’t never fucked a nigger before” he said. He looked worried for a second that he let the N word slip. Cathy just stared hungrily into his eyes and said “well, you’re fuckin’ one now, and you’re fuckin’ her good. She tremred as another orgasm ripped through her at that very moment.

“Ohh yeah! Your pussy is good, I can’t hold back much longer. I think I just might make me a nigger baby.”

“Take it all Billy. Go ahead and plant that seed. I want to feel your cum shoot up in me. Take it!”

With that he sank back deep in her and ground her hard. “AH yeah, that’s it” Cathy cooed. He was blasting her full of cum, deep inside and she was taking it willingly.

He was still half hard when he pulled out of her with a plop. His cock was coated with both their cum. She was a beautiful sight, spread eagle on the sink, legs wide open and her chocolate thighs covered with this young truckers semen. A big dollop ran from her open pussy and dropped to a puddle on the floor. She was well fucked.

Cathy struggled off the sink and dropped to her knees to suck Billy’s cock clean. I scooped up his clothes and threw them in the campers tiny washing machine. The two of them then made themselves comfortable on the bed while I fetched them a beer and settled into my chair. Billy casually threw a possessive arm around my wife as she pulled closer to him. He grinned a taunting grin at me as if to say “I just fucked your wife. Aren’t you gonna do anything about it?”

When he did speak he said,” Your wife’s got a nice tight pussy. It felt good around my cock. Don’t you ever fuck her at all?” I blushed and Cathy laughed. “He tries” she said “and I let him.” “ Show Billy your dick baby” I protested but they both insisted so I dropped my pants and revealed my now hard 4 inches. They both laughed at my little member and I took it

“Yeah” I said “but you still love me baby.”

“ Course I do sugar” Cathy replied “and I always will as long as you let me get what I need when ever I want it.” And with that she patted Billy’s cock and blew me a kiss.

As Cathy absent mindedly fondled Billy’s cock it began to show signs of new life. Their eyes met and a spark flew. Cathy slid down and took his dick in her expert mouth. In moments he was hard again and Cathy turned to face me as she straddled him. Billy garbbed her hips and pulled her down on to his pulsing dick. Her eyes stayed locked on mine as he filled her.

“Look baby, he’s fuckin me again! You like seeing his cock in your honey? You better cause you can’t stop it!”

I had a perfect view of her cunt lips stretched tight around his thick veined cock. It glistened as he slammed into and out of her eager black body. Sweat rolled down her as he took her again and again. Finally she collapsed. Billy took her used body and have her like a rag doll to her knees, then he positioned himself behind her and entered her like a dog. He rode her like that for another 15 or 20 minutes until he let out a growl and emptied his load into her a second time. When he released her she crumpled to the bed, used up. He turned so his cum covered cock was in my face. “your wife is too worn out. Clean me.” I could taste my wife on his cock mixed with his cum as I sucked him clean. Then I went to the dryer and gave him his fresh clothes.

He dressed and as he left he said “You’d better clean her up too. Word is getting around the rest area and I know at least 2 other guys who want to get a taste of dark meat.”


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Cathy stretched out on her back with her legs spread open. She was starting to recover from the pounding she had taken from her young lover when I crawled up between her legs. The sight of cum running from a just fucked pussy is made all the more visually exciting by the contrast of thick white semen covering deep chocolate inner thighs. The two big loads Billy had given her were oozing out of her swollen cunt lips and running down those thighs to a sticky pool on the sheet. I gently licked up the flow before plunging my tongue deep into her in a cum filled cunt kiss.

I eagerly licked and lapped until the last drop of the invaders semen was cleaned from her ravaged pussy and continued licking until her thighs clamped tightly around my head. I felt her orgasm ripple through her entire body. Her legs held me so tightly I thought I might *** in her demanding cunt. I was prepared to die that way to bring her pleasure.

My head was still resting between her legs when the camper door pushed open. Two men in their early 40’s just walked in without even knocking and took in the scene.

“Damn!” One said to the other “they weren’t lying.”

“Yeah.” The other answered “usually these truck stop skanks are tired worn out bitches you don’t even wanna fuck. This nigger slut is hot!”

Cathy sat up. “I’m glad you like what you see boys, but you could at least have knocked.”

They laughed. “Oh we’re gonna knock baby. ---- Knock you up!” and they laughed some more.

Without even giving their names they stripped down. It was clear they weren’t here for small talk. They had come to get some free married pussy. They pushed me out of the way and moved in on either side of Cathy, their semi hard cocks waving in her face from right and left. Somewhat menacingly the larger on asked “You like to fuck baby?” My wife nodded her head yes.

Both their cocks were hardening fast as they stroked them inches from her face. “You want us to fuck you don’t you?” She nodded again. “Well say it girl! Say you want us to fuck you!” Any fear she may have had for these guys drained from her in that instant. She shook her hair defiantly and shouted out almost with a venom, “I want you to fuck me!! I want you both to fuck me!”

“That’s good baby, and we’re gonna too.”

The big guy had the biggest cock too. He moved into position between her legs while his buddy fed his cock into her open mouth. His cock was hard as the head pushed passed her lips. You could see the outline of his bulbous head on her cheek as he worked it down her willing throat. Cathy is an expert cocksucker and he was surprised at how easily she took his full length without gagging. Meanwhile his partner was ready to take some dark pussy. He had a thick uncircumcised cock and his balls were the size of avocados. He wasn’t kidding about knocking her up. He ran is cock over her wet cunt lips to get a little lubrication before he pressed into her. Cathy tried to squeal when he powerd her open but her mouth was to full of cock to make a sound. In a few strokes his big balls were slapping against her tiny round ass.

Cathy was just along for the ride as they worked her hard from both ends. The guy fucking her face grabbed her hair roughly and held her down on his cock. “This is it slut, swallow it all like a good cocksucker.” He stiffened and blew a load of cum straight down her throat. She swallowed hard as he emptied his balls in her but eventually she gagged and his cum flowed from around the base of his cock covering her chin and running out over her firm brown tits.

The guy fucking her was getting close too. “I can’t believe this whore’s cunt is so tight after all the dick she’s just taken! Her cunt muscles are milkin my cock like she’s dying for cum.”

“We don’t want her to die here” his buddy said “better give it to her.” At that he let loose and emptied that huge nut sack deep in her unprotected womb. Cum was gushing out of her tightly plugged hole so there must have been more than a pint shot into her. Amazingly, the big balled trucker didn’t go soft. He kept banging her while is friend stroked himself back to another hard on.

Without taking his dick out of her, he leaned back onto his back and pulled her up to a position on top of him. “Tap that ass.” Was all he said and his buddy moved into position behind her. “NO!” she yelled “I don’t do that, please.”

“Baby, you’re ours now; and now you do that.” His cock was already well lubricated as was her ass from all the cum that had run down over it. Cathy screamed with pain as his cock powerd its way past her sphincter. She cried as the invading cock worked its way into her ass. She looked into my eyes pleading for relief but we both knew this was totally out of our control. Deep down inside we also both knew that she was enjoying being taken powerfully by two rough, real men. The two men matched their strokes as they double fucked her. As one would be on the out stroke the other would be plunging hot cock back into her.

She was now over the initial pain and enjoying the sensation of being used by two men at once. “Oh God! She cried joyfully “This is what I was made for! Get it boys.” In short order they could hold back no more. They both erupted their seed into her for the second time together. They all lay their together for a few minutes until the men gathered their strength and began to dress.

“Your little black wife is amazing. She’s a natural born fuck slut who lives for cock. She found the right place tonight.” I just smiled and nodded. “Clean your slut up and have her outside in a half hour. Some of the boys want to have a party.” My little cock stiffened. On top of all the fucking already Cathy was about to get gang banged.
“Just clean her cunt, don’t wash her. We want her sweaty and already fucked when we start with her.”

They laughed and walked out the door. They never did tell us their names.



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Cathy languished for a moment then rose to her feet and headed for the bathroom. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m going to take a shower.” She replied.

“You heard what those guys said. They want you smelling like a well fucked slut.”

“Please, a lady has her pride. If they want me smelling like a truck stop whore they’re just going to have to fuck me like one all over again.” Neither of us had any doubt that they would.

Cathy emerged from her shower in an African style brown and orange print wrap around full length dress with her hair done up in a matching turban like wrap. She looked like an Ethiopian princess but, I knew from past experience that her elegant gown did nothing to limit access to the prize underneath and could be ripped away in an instant. When we stepped out of the camper we could hear the sounds of the men just a few trailers down. As we approached we saw that they had pulled one of the rigs across two empty parking spaces creating a large open area which was hidden from sight. We walked between the trucks and entered the area. The truckers had arranged folding chairs in a circle around the area with a folding chaise lounge in the center. There were about a dozen men there passing around cuckold water bottles and waiting for the party girl to arrive. Whoops and whistles rose from the circle as Cathy stepped into the center and did a little spin.

“Is this all for me boys?” Joe and Billy were there as were her other two anonymous lovers. Joe reached out and took her hand. Pulling her onto his lap he said. “All for you sweet thing. All for you.” And the men chuckled and nodded their heads. The men ran the gauntlet of ages and sizes from Billy, the youngest to a grizzled old fat guy who appeared to be in his late 50’s. They were mostly white with two Mexican drivers and one, very large, black guy who sat quietly in a corner. Cathy’s eyes locked on the black stud and he held them with a pierceing gaze for a tense minute, then one of the men walked to her offering a bottle of Jack Daniels.

“Care for a take miss? He asked politely, almost as if they were at a formal garden party. His voice carried not even the slightest hint of what we all knew was the reamister for her being here.

“I suppose I better” she said “it looks like I’m going to need it.” And she took a long pull from the bottle. “Whooo!” she said as she stood and shook her head vigorously. Her turban came loose and her hair came cascading down around her shoulders. She loosened the sash around her slender waist and pulled open her wrap. Letting it fall to the ground she stood naked before the 12 horny men and said. “I expect this is what you all came for, right?”

“Yeah!!” they all called out in unimister. “Well, who’s first? You?” She asked as she knelt in front of one of the Mexican drivers who already had his cock out and was stroking it to semi hardness. She cupped his hairy balls in her hand and took his cock in her warm mouth. He hardened quickly with her tongue lovingly working his shaft. The crowd watched as if magictized. Her lips slid expertly over his cock only a few times before he groaned and shot a thick load of cum in her mouth. It ran out of the corners of her lips and down over her brown body. “I hope the rest of you boys can last longer than that or we’ll be done here before I even get warmed up.” With that challenge the truckers raced to shed their clothes and show my eager wife what a mistake it was to tease 12 horny men. She moved around the circle to the next man and took his cock down her throat. He grabbed her hair and fucked her face hard. Cathy is an excellent cocksucker and can usually deep throat even a large cock with ease. But this guy had been angered by her little taunt. He hammered her cruelly and mercilessly, pounding his cock deep down her throat and grinding hard. He wanted to see her gag, and she did. The crowd seemed with him cheering him on. “That’s it. Give it to her good!” They cheered. The more she fetishd on his cock the more they laughed. He kept it up until he shot a massive load deep in her throat. She fetishd and cum erupted from her like lava, covering her face and neck.

They laughed as she tried to recover, gasping for air. “Still think this is going to be too easy nigger?” someone called out. She shook her head no as she gamely crawled on her hands and knees to the next cock. She took his hard shaft in her hand. Before sucking him she looked around the crowd and said “Let’s be nice OK? I’m here to give every one of you what you want. You don’t have to hurt me OK?” Alright baby they promised. “No more of that.” She smiled and wrapped her lips around her third cock.

“Mmmmm. She’s good” He moaned as he gently fucked her brown lips.

“I think it’s about time somebody fucked her.” Somebody said with a heavy southern drawl. A tall lanky 30 something blond guy stepped forward and took a position behind her as she sucked. He wiped his dick over her cunt lips and slipped the head just inside. He grabbed her hips and she backed up onto his thick, veined white cock. “Damn” he drawled “she wants it bad. She just backed right up on to it. Here you go gal. All the white cock here any little darkie can want!”

She was filled with cock from both ends and she moaned as the see-sawed her back and forth on their dicks. Her body shook as she came on that rebel cock and he felt her cunt muscles squeeze as she milked him. He let out a rebel yell and flooded her unprotected womb with his semen. As soon as he stepped aside another horny trucker took his place sliding easily into her cum filled snatch. The guy on he receiving end of her cocksucking was now on the edge but he held out a few minutes longer and blew his load down her throat at the same time she was getting seeded in her pussy from the second cock.

“Let’s lay her down.” The men then lifted her up and lay her on her back on the chaise lounge. The next man to step between her legs was an old guy, over weight and pushing 60. “I never thought I’d get my dick in a hot young thing like this again without paying for it” He joked. Then he sunk his cock into her and took his ebony prize. Her head was slightly elevated and open for business so she was soon sucking another stiff member. The others had moved in closer for a better view as they stroked their cocks and waited their turn on the fuck slut. Grandpa let out a groan and blasted her young cunt full of cum. He must have been holding that load for a long time because she poured semen out of her used cunt like a pitcher soaking the chair under her.

“This whore is full. Somebody needs to clean her up.” I felt several pairs of hands push me to the circle where my wife was servicing the men. She stopped sucking long enough to look up at me and say almost teasingly. “Go ahead baby, you know you want it.” Then she took the truckers cock back in her mouth. “Yeah baby” the truckers jeered “eat it, so we can fill her up again.” I knelt between her cum covered thighs and gently licked them clean before I slid my tongue into her cum filled pussy. Her taste was mixed with the flavor of three different men who had come in her and there would be many more to follow. I lapped her clean before rising and telling the men “she’s ready boys.”

“Good job faggot, now step aside.” And they pushed me away.

I lost track of time and cocks. One after the other the men lined up and pumped their cum into her, most of them more than once. Just as the last was emptying his balls in her for the third time, a large hulking figure stepped from the shadows. It was the big black guy. He had been watching from the side all the while. I had forgotten about him. Apparently Cathy hadn’t. His gaze earlier had burned itself into her mind. She rose from the chaise lounge and knelt before him. “I’ve been waiting for you” she said. She reached between his legs and wrapped her hands around a thick black cock as big around as an arm and over 10 inches long. It was still only half hard. “Suck my cock” he said in a deep commanding voice. She took the head into her mouth but could fit only that into her. She instead rand her tongue up and down the length of him as he pulsed and grew in her tiny hands.

“Are you ready to get black fucked now sister?” She just nodded and lay back down on her back.


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“Are you ready to get black fucked now sister?” She just nodded and lay back down on her back. He moved between her open legs fisting his cock. It was uncircumcised and thickly veined looking more like something that belonged on a small horse than on a man. Cathy’s cunt lips were swollen and her fuck hole was open wide from all the men who had taken her already, but she still winced in pain as he slipped the head of his cock passed her outer lips. A steady flow of jizm was powerd out of her as he pushed his way deeper into her body. Her tender pussy walls squeezed the length of him and you could see the outline of his enormous fuck stick on her smooth belly as it took her. I watched the outline recede as he withdrew from her. She let out a sigh of relief before he sank back in even deeper. His full nut sack now rested in her semen soaked ass cheeks. Their eyes remained locked on each others the whole time he was in her. Her eyes showed fear and total presentation mixed with her lust. His only showed a rutting natural possession.


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please tell us more
couple explore


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she is very very HOT
couple explore


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she is one very hot lady slut do you ever come to vegas or where do you live? i have to have some of that fine pussy, first i need to eat her pussy and ass think of all you write here then work my cock in her tight pussy, i dont mind if others join in makes more fun


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This story has remained very hot throughout, great job! Sure hope you're planning to come back and finish it! Oh, and great pics by the way, gorgeous lady! Thanks for all of it.



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Her legs locked behind his back. He slipped his slipped his powerful arms behind her and lifted her up off the lawn chair. She embraced him as he carried her around impaled on his thick black cock. He took her to the edge of the circle and pinned her back against one of the trucks. I thought he would squeeze her insides out at he pounded into her pussy. She tremred with her own orgasm at the same moment he ground into her stretched cunt and planted his cum deep inside her. The men were silent while he held her there frozen for what seemed like an eternity.

Then he spoke for all to hear; “whose pussy is this?” “Yours “she screamed. “This pussy belongs to you any time you want it.” With that he lifted her off his cock. Cum poured down her sweet brown thighs. He took her hand and led her to his truck and into the relaxer cab. None of us saw her again until late the next morning.

About 11:00 Cathy returned to our trailer looking disheveled and worn out. She was covered in dried cum from her gang bang the night before. Behind her was Joe, the trucker who first had her yesterday. He stepped into the trailer carrying a box which he said was a present from “the guys.” I reached out to take the box and heard a noise from our truck. “Don’t worry” Joe said “the guys are just installing it. The box was a Brand new CB radio.

“It fell off a truck” Joe grinned. “You see, we truckers keep in touch with each other this way and word about Cathy has gotten around pretty fast. We figured this would be a good way for us keep track of where you were in case Cathy wants to party again.”

I turned to look at my well fucked wife and she gave a little smile. “I’m gonna need a few day to recover from last night, but you can put the word out; if any drivers find themselves in need of a little relief they can call out for “Chocolate Candy”. That will be my handle. Who knows? I just might answer.”

Outside we could hear the drivers were firing their engines and getting back on the road with satisfied smiles on their faces. Joe said that he had better be on his way and turned for the door. “You’re not just going to leave like that are you?” my wife asked. Joe smiled, walked to her sitting on the bed and gave her a deep long kiss. Cathy looked up sexily at him, took out his cock and gave him a goodbye blow job. She swallowed almost every drop allowing the last spurt to run down her beautiful brown chin. He buckled his pants back up and promised as he walked out the door “I’ll be calling.” Joe’s truck was the last to pull out as I was licking my wife’s perfect cum filled body clean.

We started out ourselves about an hour later and turned on our new CB to listen to the chatter. As expected, the air waves were filled with truckers talking about the “hot little nigger” who took on all cummers the night before. It seemed like every driver on the road was envious and wanted to get in on the action. They were all calling for Chocolate Candy. True to her word Cathy didn’t answer for the first couple of days. She really did want some time to recover. Still, there weren’t too many camper trailers on the road with a white guy driving and a sexy black woman in the passenger seat. Each time we passed a tractor trailer the driver would look in hopes that he had found her. She would reward them by flashing her firm dark tits and stroking her pussy.


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I'm glad you guys are all enjoying what you seand read. Cathy has enjoyed reading all of your comments.



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It was the Thursday before the 4th of July weekend when we pulled into a Love’s to grab a bite to eat. I got a burger and Cathy was enjoying a slice of pizza when I noticed a well dressed man sitting a few tables away. He looked to be in his late 40s and his tailor fit Armani suit covered large solid football players physique. He was clearly checking Cathy out. He was aware that I had seen him but was clearly unconcerned as his stare kept running up and down her body, undressing her with his eyes. I said nothing but wondered as we stood to leave if he would make a move or just be content to fantasize.

We stopped on the way out to browse. I was looking over some new CDs and my wife was a few feet away checking out the assortment of baseball caps. My concentration was broken by a deep baritone voice. “Chocolate Candy?” it asked? It was the guy from the restaurant standing next to Cathy. Startled, she looked up and turned to him. In his hand he offered her a Hershey kiss. Her demeanor warmed instantly. She smiled sexily and said “Why thank you sir.” She slowly peeled off the foil, stuck out her tongue and took the candy into her mouth.

“You’re her aren’t you?”


“You know what I’m talking about. I saw you getting out of the camper. Then there’s your wimpy white husband over there who hasn’t said a word while I’ve been coming on to you. You’re Chocolate Candy.” Cathy gave me a quick glance then turned her gaze back to the horny stranger. He went on, “I’ve been listening to the CB chatter for the last 3 days just wishing I would run into the hot little black slut that did all those guys. Now here you are. You are her, aren’t you?

She looked up at him sexily with half closed eyelids, almost like a little girl who had been caught being naughty. “OK mister. You got me.” He reached out and placed his hand on the side of her breast, then ran it slowly down over her curves until he cupped her slim firm ass in his palm. “Not yet” he said, “But I’m about to.”

He pulled her to him and pressed her against his cock. “You feel that? That’s going in you. I’m going to fuck you senseless then fill that black cunt with cum.”

“I want it.” She answered. “Let’s go to the camper now.” She took his hand and led him out the door toward our camper. I followed behind watching my wife eagerly lead this man to our bed to fuck him. They stepped inside together and the door nearly slammed in my face behind them. I was not even acknowledge as I slipped in behind them and sat in my chair.


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He took my wife in his arms and pulled her tight against him. Their lips pressed together and their tongues explored each other’s. The man’s hands slid down her back and he ran his hands over her tight round ass. When their kiss broke Cathy took a step back and did a slow sultry strip for him. He licked his lips as her perfect body was exposed to his view. When she was done and stood naked before him she raised her arms at her sides and asked; “Do I measure up to your fantasies?” He touched her perfect brown tits and squeezed them gently, massaging her nipples and replied; “Oh yes! And then some.”

Then he turned and spoke to me for the first time. “You’re just going to sit there aren’t you?” He took off his Armani jacket and threw it at me. “Make yourself good for something and hang my jacket up. I don’t want it to get wrinkled while I fuck your woman.” I did as I was told and when I returned he too was naked. He had one hand behind Cathy cupping her ass and the other was busily fingering her cunt.

He continued taunting me. “She’s wet and ready to take. I could tell even in the restaurant. Every move of her body was begging for a real man to come and use her. You saw it too didn’t you?” I nodded yes. “And you saw me looking at her, knew that I would come for her. And you did nothing to stop it. You can’t stop other men from fucking her because you can’t satisfy her. So you sit there and jerk off while real men take their pleasure with her and give her what you will never be able to.”

“Sit down” he commanded. I sat and he fisted his semi hard cock. He stood before me with his thick man meat inches from my face. “Your hot little nigger wife is going to be on my cock any minute now. Suck it! Get me hard so I can take her.” My mouth opened and I felt his hands on the back of my head. I took his cock and placed the bulbous head inside. He pressed into me until his balls rested on my chin. I sucked and gagged as I felt him begin to swell in my throat. “Yessssss” he hissed. “It looks like I got 2 pussy bitches for one today.”

Soon his cock was rock hard and he withdrew his cock from my mouth. “Good job cuck. You can play with yourself now.” He returned to Cathy who was still standing next to the bed. She reached out and took his cock in her hand and purred.

He locked on her eyes and asked; “Are you taking using birth control?”

“No” she said without breaking his stare.

“Perfect” he smiled and he lay on his back on our bed.

“I’ve waited long enough to feel that slutty jungle pussy clench my dick and milk it. Sit on it baby.” She faced me as she swung her leg over the demanding stranger and straddled his massive fuck pole. It stood straight up and brushed the entrance of her dripping love hole. I felt sick as she held opened her outer lips and lowered herself onto him. The purple head disappeared into her. She gave a satisfied moan as she continued to lower her body onto his. Soon she was fully impaled on the man’s cock, his full nut sack nesttled in her trim bush. She ground herself on his cock with closed eyes and mewed.

She opened her eyes and looked into mine. “He’s in me baby. And it feels goooood! Do you like me this way honey? Another man’s easy fuck?” I just gulped. My hard little dick in my hand told her that I did in spite of myself. She then raised up and the strangers cock reappeared glistening with her love juices. He grabbed her hips and thrust upward himself, slamming his cock back into her hard. “Unnngghhh, yeah! That’s it” she shrieked. “Give it to me good! Bang that pussy!” She leaned back against his chest giving me the perfect vision of her pussy stretched around his shaft as he proceeded to piston into her with rapid fire deep strokes. He grabbed her bouncing tits from behind as he slammed repeatedly into her quivering body. Her hungry cunt was pulsing on his cock in one orgasm after another as this alpha male claimed my wife for his prize.

“I’m getting ready to cum bitch. Get on your back.” With that he pulled her off his cock, flipped her on her back and buried his buck stick back in her. He barely missed a beat. “Look at me.” He commanded. Their eyes locked. “I want you on your back when I plant this in you. I want to shoot it deep and I’m gonna make sure this seed sticks. Do you understand?”

She nodded. “I understand. Go ahead and give it to me.” He took about a dozen more deep rapid strokes before he sank into her and let out a groan. “Oh yeah! I can feel you flooding me with your sperm.”

“My god! Your cunt has a grip like a bodybuilders handshake. Get it all bitch. Milk me.” He stayed hard for a long while, locking his potent seed in my wife’s womb. When he began to deflate I crept up behind them and began to lick up the overflow of his cum running down Cathy’s ass. His cock was still deep in her and I began to gently lick his balls as well. “That’s a good cuck.” He said. “You know your place. You’ll make a good daddy to my baby.” I was not about to tell him that Cathy had lied to him. She has been on the pill since before we were married; and a good thing too with her sexual appetite.



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“Ohh” Cathy cooed. “He must be doing a good job. You’re starting to get hard again.”

I soon had to return to my chair as the man began slowly pumping my wife again. After a few long strokes he withdrew his cock from her used cunt. It was well covered with their combined cum. He slid a pillow under her to raise her ass and lined his slickened cock up to her backdoor. She yelped in pain as he powerd the head past her sphincter then twitched her ass to settle on to the shaft and position herself to be taken. In a quick series of short strokes he had driven himself home in her ass. She threw her arms up around him and locked her legs behind his back as her rode her.

“You have a cute little black ass baby. The second I saw it I knew it was made for fuckin white cock.”

He fucked her like that for about 20 minutes then he turned her over on her knees and fucked her ass some more doggy style. Just before he was about to cum he pulled out, wiped off his dick and slid back into her pussy to dump a second heavy load. When she tried to sit up he placed his hand on her back and held her down. He still thought he was going to impregnate her.

He stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon and into the night, ordering me to fix him and my wife takes or to get them snacks while he fucked her. He used called her his nigger slut and used every hole in every way imaginable but always ended by shooting his seed deep in her pussy.

Before he left Cathy said to him jokingly, “I don’t even know your name. You’ve been nailing me all day and I don’t know who you are.” He replied matter of factly “You never will. You see, all my life I’ve gotten a kick out of knocking up hot little nigger bitches; especially married ones like you. I guess it runs in the family. My Great grand daddy was a plantation owner. I must have seeded dozens of black beauties with half white bastards over the years, but you were one of the best I ever had. Still, I have way too much money to risk a paternity suit from some hot tailed black trailer trash. I will be keeping an eye on you though. You were too good to not want to get some more sometime.” Then he turned to me and said, “Thanks for the use of your wife ------Daddy” He walked out of the door and drove away.

“What an arrogant prick.” I said to Cathy who was clearly hurt by his stinging words. “At least the last laugh is on him. He doesn’t know you’re on the pill.”

“About that honey,” she said slowly. I actually ran out a couple of nights after I was with those truckers. I haven’t had a chance to refill my prescription.”


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Shall I go on?


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God yes, don't stop this now!! Loving it.


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They closely followed her to the trailer hardly believing what was happening. I followed a few steps behind them. They didn’t even notice until we all reached the door and I entered behind them. “Who the hell are you?” one of the boys asked. “That’s my husband.” Cathy said. “Don’t worry boys. He’s harmless.” The young men fell into a stunned silence for a minute; then they broke out laughing.

Cathy stood next to the bed and told them, “There’s more beer in the fridge. We have no snacks but if you see anything you want ----- anything at all ----- help yourself.” Carlos was the boldest of the group and the first to take the initiative. He reached out and firmly grasped her swelling breasts with both hands. “You have great tits lady. I want to slide my cock between them and cover your pretty black face with cum.” “There’s nothing stopping you.” My wife replied. Carlos gave a tug at the knot in her blouse and it fell open bareing her round brown globes.

Cathy dropped to her knees and slid down the young Mexican’s swim trunks. His eager young cock sprang out, thick and fully erect, into her face. She took him into her mouth and he began to feed her his 8” manhood. When his dick was fully coated with her saliva he pulled her to her feet and sat her on the bed. “On your back baby. I’m gonna fuck those titties now.” Before she lay back Cathy grabbed a bottle of baby oil from the nightstand and oiled up her upper body. Then she laid down and offered herself up for the taking. Carlos straddled her chest and slid his cock between her tits. She held her breasts together and wrapped them around him as he slowly fucked. Her oiled body had a beautiful mahogany sheen which made an erotic contrast against the pale brown skin of her young lover.

The other two boys had now shed their trunks and were standing on either side of the bed, stroking their hard cocks and waiting their turn on the hot married slut. I was in my usual chair jerking my own inadequate little dick and taking it all in. Carlos’s steady tit fucking had caused my wife’s short skirt to bunch into a sash around her slim waist revealing her bare open cunt underneath. Her pussy lips were swollen and wet; the pink inside was a visible invitation. Mike moved in behind Carlos and positioned himself between her legs. The veins on his thick black cock pulsed in anticipation of his inevitable conquest.

“I must have fucked half the cheerleaders on the squad, but I never nailed a married woman before. This is so hot; doin another guy’s wife. And such a hot slut at that! Are you ready to get your pussy filled baby? Huh?”

“Do it!” Cathy rasped. “Shove your big nigger cock in my tight black pussy. Show my husband how a man fucks a woman.” I watched as his cockhead pushed open her outer cunt lips and entered her. She gasped as he pressed just a third of his length into her. She was already filled deeper with cock than I could ever give her. He drew back out to pull out the cunt juice he needed to lubricate his entry, then he slowly sank into my darling Cathy to the hilt. His balls rested on her tight round ass cheeks and she wailed. “OH GOD YESSS!! That’s it. That’s what I need. I can feel you right up against my womb! Fuck me you young stud. Fuck me good”

Her arms grasped Carlos’s broad shoulders and her legs wrapped around Mike’s back as both boys rode her hard. Finally Carlos, breathing hard, said “Here it comes Cathy. I’m ready to blow.” She raised her head, opened her mouth wide and caught the first blast right down her throat. Then he shot again and again, covering her face and hair with a flood of hot creamy boy cum. As soon as he climbed off of her Lee stepped up to her side and shoved his cock past her cum covered lips and down her throat. She was still being fucked from both ends and loving it.

From my chair I was only 2 feet from Cathy’s open pussy. I had a perfect view of her cunt stretched around the young buck’s hard black cock as he slammed in and out of her. I could see her body tremble and spasm as he brought her to one orgasm after another. At last I saw his body tense and his but muscles flex. He plunged all the way in and I knew he was shooting her full of his teenage semen. He collapsed on her while his cock slowly deflated and slipped out of her body. White cum ran like a river down her chocolate inner thighs.

He moved aside and spoke to his friend. “OK Lee. This is it, your big day. Let me tell you; you are one lucky dog to get a hot piece of ass like this for your first.

“Dammit Mike! Why did you have to say that? Now she knows I’m a virgin. Now she’s gonna look at me like I’m some little kid.” The young boy’s cock was starting to loose it’s stiffness and Cathy knew she had better take the matter in hand. She reached up and gently wrapped her hand around his impressive fuck meat and said, “Don’t you worry about a thing Lee. The last thing I think of you as is a little anything. I’ve broken in hot young studs before and you know what? They’re usually the best fuckers ever. Now come on. You’re about ot get a piece of hot nigger tail that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.”

I don’t know if it was what she said or the way she said it, but every cock in the room stood straight up including Lee’s. He was beaming triumphantly as he climbed between my bride’s open legs. More cum was powerd out of her when he pushed his length into her well fucked cunt. “I’m doin it” he yelled. “I’m in her!”

“Mmmmm you sure are.” Cathy cooed. “I love the feel of your cock filling me. You’re so much better than my husband’s pathetic little cock. I need a real man like you to take me. Get it Lee. Take it all!”

He screwed my wife for nearly a half hour until I thought they would break the bed. She came three times that I counted, maybe more. When I thought she couldn’t take any more Cathy raised up and whispered in Lee’s ear. He stopped pumping her and just looked questioningly into her eyes. She nodded and said. “Go ahead. Take it. It’s all yours. He slowly withdrew his hard cock and positioned at her puckered asshole. She winced in pain as he powerd his cum coated cock into her back door. Once the head had stretched open her sphincter he slid into her easily. “Fuck my ass Lee. Fill me up with your cum.”

“Oh god Cathy! Your ass is so tight. I can’t hold it.”

“Go ahead Lee. Bust it! Sperm this little slut good.”

He let out a growl like a rutting lion and ground deep into her as he exploded deep in her ass. When he pulled out she was now running jizm from every hole.

Mike and Carlos were rock hard and ready for another go after the erotic show they had just witnessed. Carlos laid down on his back pulled Cathy, facing him, on top of him. “You didn’t think we were done with you yet did you? I haven’t gotten my cock in that sweet dark pussy of yours yet.” He lifted her up and placed her so the head of his cock pressed into her swollen cunt lips. Then, he released her and she dropped down impaling herself on his fuck meat. “Oh man! Still tight on my cock after 2 other guys nailing you hard. Nice!”

“Careful” Mike said. “Third on a slut. Isn’t that supposed to be bad luck?”

“Only if one of you fuckers has the clap or something.” He laughed

“Hey! Don’t look at me.” Lee joked. And they all laughed again even harder.

Mike knelt behind Cathy and began sliding his dick along the cum soaked crack of her ass. “Hey Carlos. This cute round ass is all open and lubed up. Whadda you say we give her some DP action.”

“Do it man.”

Her ass was stretched wide from being fucked and Mike easily slid his cock into her ass. “Hey man. I can feel your cock in her. We got this bitch so full of cock she’s gonna bust open.” They set up a see-saw motion fucking her. While one was on the out stroke the other was balls deep in her and back and forth. My wife was bouncing like a rag doll between them and begging for them to keep using her. Soon they both sank their cocks into her together. She shrieked as they erupted cum in to both her holes at once.

When they pulled out of her she lay there motionless with satisfied smile on her face. Cum leaked from her ass and pussy and the corner of her mouth. Her face and hair were still covered teenage jizz. My hands and legs were covered with my own come from jerking off watching my wife taken by these boys.

As they slipped back into their trunks they turned their attention to me. “Look at you, you sick fuck. You got off watching 3 guys gang bang your old lady.

“Yeah. And she went along with it willingly. She even came on to us and you stood there and watched that too. What kind of man are you?” I moved my hand and for the first time they saw my 4 inch cock. They all laughed out loud. “Well what does she keep you around for then?”

In answer to their question I crawled onto the bed next to Cathy. She was beautiful laying there covered with the cum from these 3 young studs. I kissed her deeply and began licking the jizm from her sweet brown face. They laughed even louder as I worked my way down. I cleaned her glistening oiled neck where Carlos had shot his first load between her tits then knelt between her legs and licked her cum coated inner thighs.

They fell silent and listened to her soft moans when my tongue probed into her used pussy. Her legs closed tight around my head while I sucked pools of their man cream from deep inside her. I could hardly breathe and was getting light headed. What little air that came through was heavy with the familiar aroma of her arousal and the strange man scent of the 3 who had just pleasured themselves in her. Her body began t tremble and I knew she was cuming. This was the only way I could ever give her an orgasm and I loved being able to please her. She reflexively tightened her legs even more until I couldn’t breathe at all. One day, I thought to myself, she will cum a little too hard a little too long and this is how I will die. Sladyed between her beautiful legs with the scent of her just fucked pussy and another man’s cum filling my head.

My dick was actually getting hard at the thought of dying right there that way when her orgasm subsided and her thighs loosened their grip. I took several deep breaths before my tongue slid down her as crack and into her backdoor to clean the last of the cum they teenagers had shot into her. I rolled over, my stomach filled with their seed and let out a satisfied burb.

They laughed and applauded. Carlos shook his head and said “You two cum sluts were made for each other.” Before they left they had Cathy give each of them her cell number. “We’ll keep in touch. Count on it.”


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HOT.......lucky man licking up all that cream. not sure if it is true.....but would love it if it were.


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Your wife sound like my wife except she was am American Indian and she would fuck like yours but with out me and she would lie about it. I could always tell with the taste of cum in her pussy and I could not even feel the sides when I fucked her loved her till the day she died. neohbi


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She does love to get fucked. And there is something about a dark exotic slut that guys just love to get ther dicks in and empty their loads.

She is never short of interested studs.
Rating: 8, 2 votes.
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