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Interview with Mary, Steve her cuckold husband, & her lover-friend Rex

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An interview with Mary, Steve, her cuckold husband and her lover-friend Rex

Tell me how you got started in this lifestyle, how was your sex life before this?
Steve: I thought it was pretty good; we varied what we did in bed, you know, sex toys, role playing, watching porno, and mutual masturbation.

What kind of role playing?
Steve: You know, pretending she was with another guy, or her telling me that I am not big enough for her.
Mary: (Laughs) I am not sure that was role playing.

What do you mean?
Mary: Well, we had good sex, but after a while I started buying bigger sex toys, and kind of liked the way they felt.

How's that?
Mary: You know, that full feeling, being stretched out. They are very satisfying. (Steve blushes)

So are you saying that Steve isn't satisfying?
Mary: Well I am not really saying that, (she pauses and smiles) well maybe I am.

How big is Steve, and what about Rex?
Mary: We have measured both of them.
Rex: I am about 8 inches long and about 5 3/4 inches in circumference.

How about you Steve?
Steve: About 5 1/2 inches long.

How about width?
Steve: About 4 inches around.
Mary: Quite a difference between them, if you know what I mean. We went to the website, You can enter penis size there and it shows you a comparimister with other men. It shows pictures of the different size penises. You can also see a poll of what other women prefer.

What did you find out?
Mary: Steve is definitely on the smaller side compared to others, and Rex is on the bigger side.

What do other women like?
Mary: Not Steve's size. (Mary and Rex laugh)

Can anyone go to that website?
Mary: Oh yes, if more women went to it they would see that they are not alone in wanting a bigger dick.

So Steve, did you know that your penis was smaller than average?
Steve: Growing up I thought it was normal, but as I got older, and starting viewing porno, I kind of suspected that it was on the small side.
Mary: It's cute though (gives him a wink)
Rex: It is about the size mine was when I was around 12 years old. (Mary and Rex laugh, Steve blushes)
Steve: I really started thinking of it as small when Mary began telling me that it was too little for her.

How did you feel about that?
Steve: When she would tease me in bed, or around the house, the embarrassment was kind of a turn on.
Mary: Oh, come on you know you love it. Besides it is true, it is pitiful, but what can you do?
Rex: He has learned to appreciate what having a small dick means. (Winks at Mary, Mary giggles)

So how did your relationship with Mary and Rex come about?
Mary: I just got so turned on by those bigger sex toys, that I told Steve that I wanted to try the real thing. Rex had dated an old girlfriend of mine and she had told me how big he was in the meat department.
Rex: Boy, you girls sure talk.
Mary: I told Steve that my girlfriend said she could introduce me to Rex and that she thought he would jump at the chance to jump me. (They all laugh) She introduced us and I told him what I wanted. We did not know that this would develop into a cuckold relationship involving Steve back then.

Did Steve just agree right away?
Steve: No
Mary: It took some convincing on my part. It is funny how teasing his little penis can sway his decision making process.

What would you do?
Mary: I would get him all jacked up, and not let him cum. I would get him to the edge and then talk about my fantasy of a real dick.
Steve: Hey
Mary: Oh, sorry. A larger dick. (Rex laughs) Finally he agreed.

Was Steve with you the first time?
Mary: No, I met with Rex at his place after meeting him for takes a couple of times to check him out.

How was that first time?
Mary: It was great, you know the first time you have sex with someone new, it is always exciting because you don't know what to expect. He was so big, so much different than Steve, it was great.

Better than Steve?
Mary: A lot. (Steve blushes)

How about you Rex?
Rex: She was hot, it was great. She kept telling me how big I was, and how good it felt. She also told me how much bigger I was than her husband.
Steve: I didn't know you told him the first time you fucked him. (Mary blushes and giggles)
Mary: Does that turn you on? (She rubs his thigh)
Steve: Well, yes. (Rex laughs)

What happened next?
Steve: She told me that it was great, and asked me, well told me, that she wanted more. I was a little afraid that I started something that I couldn't control, but she assured me that she would still love me. It was then that I told her that I thought it would be exciting to watch her and Rex. After that she started bringing him home and having sex at the house.
Mary: Sometimes we would do it when Steve was at work, but we started doing it more and more when he was in the house. Sometimes he could sit and watch, even have a turn afterwards, at least at first. Other times we wanted privacy and he wasn't in the room, but I could hear him listening at the door. (she gives him a sly look)
Rex: His little dick gets so hard watching, it is a turn on for him.
Mary: In the beginning when I didn't know Rex very well, I made him use a condom. Sometimes I would have Steve put the used condom on himself so he would come to realize just how small a penis he has. It was like he wearing a bag on his dick.

Now to the present. Do you still get to participate, Steve?
Steve: Oh yes, more than ever, I am involved.
Mary: He doesn't get to penetrate me anymore, he only helps and does what we say. You know we have him in a chastity cage now?

Really? What's up with that?
Mary: He used to get so horny watching us and listening, so much that he would always be playing with himself, or wanting to have sex with me. I was now used to a much bigger cock, and didn't really want or need his. It was almost a letdown after fucking Rex. So one day, I surprised him with a cock cage, it is called a CB 3000, I got it off the internet. At first he didn't want it on, but again, you get him horny and he will do anything. So we tried it for a while, a few days on and a few days off.

What happened?
Mary: It was amazing. He would get so horny in it that he would agree to anything I said. He can't get hard in it you know. He would be excited watching us have sex, or I would tease him, letting him feel me up, or get me off with his fingers or tongue. He wouldn't be able to cum and he would stay sexually excited. So after awhile he was always groping me or wanting to please me. It is strange that way with men. The more they are denied sex, the more they want it. He was always dripping pre-cum from the end of his cage.

Is that true?
Steve: Yes, in the beginning when she only had me in it for a few days, I would get an instant hard on when I came out. I needed to get my rocks off, either by her or myself. I jerked off a lot in those days.
Mary: In those days? You have always jerked off a lot. (Steve blushes) That is what guys with small dicks usually do. What would happen is that he would want to have sex when he came out of the cage, and if we did, or if he jerked off, he would then lose interest in me, and didn't want to go back in the cage, unless I teased him again. So after awhile, with some coaxing from Rex, I decided to keep him in it. After that, he has always been ready to please me, give me attention and do whatever we say.
Steve: It is true, I am always horny now. Before I wouldn't be after I had cum. Now I love to rub her breasts, eat her out, help them in sex. It is so exciting.
Mary: And it keeps me excited for Rex. I always am horny too. (Smiles and says thank you baby to Steve)

But you don't get to cum?
Steve: Well maybe on occasion.
Mary: Occasionally if you are a good boy.
Steve: Actually, since I have been locked up for about 9 months now, when she does let me out to jerk off, I cum after about 4 or 5 strokes. My penis is so sensitive from not having sex that I can only last about 5 or 10 seconds.
Mary: Yeah, it is pitiful, he cums almost without touching himself.
Rex: Pitiful
Mary: That is why you shouldn't be allowed to cum.

So do you get to do anything sexually?
Steve: Oh for sure. My wife isn't that cruel. (He shoots her a sideways glance).
Mary: True, usually we let him get us ready, he might lick me for a while, or get Steve hard. He sometimes guides Steve into me. And of course cleans us up afterwards. He doesn't enter me anymore, he is too small, I wouldn't feel him anyway.

Do you like doing this?
Steve: I do now. I am so horny, I do whatever they ask. I love licking my wife. In the beginning she would save Steve's condom, and have me take it up, but as she got to know him, they stopped using condoms. She wanted to me to get Steve ready for her. It was weird at first rubbing Rex's dick to get him hard, and especially when she asked me to suck on it to get him hard. But I got used to it. It is okay. Rex is a big cummer and Mary usually needs a good cleaning afterwards. I have to be gentle you know, he sometimes rubs her raw.
Mary: Honey, you do a great job. You know how to be gentle with me. Sometimes when I have my period, I let Steve get Rex off, I just watch.
Rex: He's not bad, but you are better dear. (Smiles at Mary)
Steve: I wish Rex would be gentler with me. He grabs my head and rams that big cock in and out of my mouth. When he cums, it pours out of my mouth.
Mary: Yeah, you spill it all over the bed, what a mess. You need to learn to swallow better. (laughs)
Rex: See, you guys with small dicks are good for something. (laughs)

What else do you do?
Mary: We have tried many things. One thing I love is to have Steve lay on the bed, I get on my hands and knees with my snatch over his mouth and then Rex enters me from behind. It feels so good to have that big dick going in and out, and Steve's tongue licking my clit at the same time.
Rex: It feels pretty good for me to.
Steve: You guys get so wet and sloppy, it turns me on.
Mary: Everything turns you on. (smiles)
Mary: We do tease him about being too little to fuck. (Sarcastically) It is sad, but that is just the way you are.
Steve: (blushing) Yeah, I know.
Rex: Tell the interviewer about the time we had my friends over.
Mary: Oh yeah, we had a party with 3 of Rex's friends and I let them all fuck me, twice. I had 8 loads of cum in me. Steve just watched, it went on for almost 2 hours. When we were done, Steve lay on the bed and I squatted over him as all that cum went down his throat.
Rex: My buddies laughed and laughed, they couldn't believe that you would do that. You were a mess.
Steve: My face was covered with cum.
Mary: After Rex and I fuck, Steve also gets us takes.
Steve: Yeah, sometimes they are back at it before I get back with their glass of wine. So I take it.

Do you think you guys will continue this lifestyle?
Mary: He isn't coming out of chastity anytime soon if I can help it. Not while Rex's big cock is around.
Rex: Hey as long as Mary wants me, it is fine by me.
Steve: Does that answer your question?

Can I see your guy’s dicks for this article?
Rex: (takes his out) What do you think?
Interviewer: That is big.
Steve: (takes his out) Don't laugh.
Interviewer: Mary, I see why you like this lifestyle. I think I need to get out a magnifying glass. It sure is small. (everybody laughs).

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Interview with Mary, Steve her cuckold husband, & her lover-friend Rex
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