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Best stories you ever read on any site / recommendation thread

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Love this one, but it is incomplete...


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here is one of my favorites
What I have to tell you is a source of extreme offense for me.
For two years I have been married to the sexiest little tart any man's had the
privilege to lay his eyes on. What a curse it has been! A curse you ask? Please allow me to explain.... As I said before, my wife Brenda, is a knockout! She is 28, 5'4", with an almost perfectly proportioned body- firm, curvaceous, plump ass; smooth, flat tummy and a firm set of B-cup tits that are perky with large protruding, slightly upturned nipples. She always gets noticed by EVERY man within eyeshot.
To make matters worse, she constantly goes on excursions with her single girlfriends. Brenda is very friendly and can be considered to be flirtatious. Her girlfriends , on the other hand, are mostly exhibitionists, in public they always wears very short mini-skirts or micro-shorts, along with a very sheer halter or cutoff T-shirt.
God how they love to cock-tease!!
My torturous decline into depravity began upon my arrival home from work one evening, Brenda and her friends Bridgit and Pam were takeing Long Island Ice Tea s and smoking some primo cannabis. Bridgit is the same height as my wife
but has the most exquisite pair of natural 40DD breasts possessed by a woman 5 4 and 125lbs. Her other friend Pam at 5 9 , 122 lbs. 36D-25-36 was no absolutely perfect. Pam is muscular woman, very athletic, with a voluptuous figure, a beautiful face and smile, as well as being smart, classy and rich. As I approached them by the pool, I overheard them telling Brenda about their previous days exploits. Apparently they had double-teamed some lucky bastard and were filling in my wife on the juicy details. Little did I know I was just being set up for the ******* . By the timeIchanged into pool attire and joined them poolside, Pam and Bridigit were telling Brenda how one night with Evan would change her for life and teased that she should have been there for their wild episode. Pam made a point of telling my wife that Evan had more than enough cock to go around to the three of them. Immediately I felt that my
virility had been challenged, as any other man would when surrounded by three gorgeous and scantily clad women who were creaming over some other man.
In reply Brenda told them it sounded as if they had an exquiste time and that it
sounded as if Evan were a man she would like to give a tumble, if the circumstances were different. I was stunned, as I sat there wide eyed Pam told my wife that if she tried Evan just once, she would never be satisfied with ME
again. Of course I immediately extolling my own virtues, my slim muscular body, piercing eyes, my talented and incessant tongue, my indefatigable sex drive and my sizable 6.5 long x 4 thick cock. Bridigit smirked that Evan could make a NEW WOMAN out of my wife. I was incensed, I told them I could beat this Evan in any contest they could devise, as long as a night of sexual abandon with the Brenda, Bridgit and Pam was the prize.
Pam and Bridgit finished their takes and left, but made a point of telling me they would convey my sentiments to Evan, and let me know of his response. As soon as they left, Brenda was berating me for embarrassing her in front of
her friends and told me I should have kept my mouth shut and minded my own business because I had no idea of who Evan was or what he was capable of doing. I told her I didn t care who he was, for a night with three beautiful
women I would twist his balls off.
A few days later Pam stopped by the house and told us that Evan had agreed to a no holds barred cockfight , and asked me when I would be ready to fight Evan.
Brenda begged me not to fight and told me to apologize to him, via Pam for challenging him, Brenda said her reamister was that she didn t want Evan to hurt me. I decided to fight Evan on Friday, the next evening at a location, his
It was determined that we would fight in an isolated Pennsylvania house , in the finished basement, that Pam s parents owned. The fight would be knock-out only and no holds or blows barred, with the exception of a prohibition
against blows/holds to the head, neck, throat and knees. The winner would receive a weekend of sexual adventures with all three ladies and the loser would act as man-servant to the four of them.
On Friday evening, Brenda and I drove out Route 80 to Pam s house in the Poconos. During the entire trip Brenda tried to convince me to forfeit the match, saying I wasn t ready for what would happen to me. I ignored her plea s, but they did strengthen my resolve to emasculate and humiliate my rival , the man standing between me and sexual bliss with three ravishing women.
We arrived at the house at 8:00 PM. Pam, Bridgit and Evan were already there. Brenda surveyed Evan for the first time. Apparently Evan felt aroused as he looked at her because there was a sizable bulge rising in his pants. "Wow!"
he muttered as she removed her long coat and he caught sight of a black leather mini-skirt, a tight low-cut black silk blouse, sheer black nylons and stiletto heels. Deliberately Brenda turned her back to him and bent over to
place her coat and handbag neatly on a ottoman, knowing the short skirt would rise above her stocking tops at the back. Turning around Brenda smirked as she saw the tell-tale bulge in his trousers. "Why Evan!, is that a flashlight
in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" she said. "You're too good for your husband.
Let me show you what a real man can do for you" he said boastfully.Slowly she walked towards him, hips swaying
provocatively, her eyes never leaving his face.
"Oooh god, I want you" he gushed grabbing her shoulders and pulling her close.
I was furious I charged Evan, pulled my wife out of his grasp and punched Evan hard in the face, knocking him on his ass and redying his nose. As I started to jump on top of him Pam. and Brenda pulled me away, saying save it for
later. Bridgit went over to Evan, and helped him up. As she carried/led him into the kitchen to tend to his injuries,
he turned, looked at me and said your going to suffer for this!! You ll be begging for me to ******* you when I m through with you.
Pam and Brenda dragged me into the living room and made me a take. They both chastised me for taking a cheap shot at Evan. Pam advised me that I should just forfeit the match and declare Evan the winner so I could avoid any pain and offense Evan planned to inflict upon me. Confident from almost rendering Evan *** with one punch, I scoffed at their suggestion. The match started in the main room of the finished basement at 10 PM. Several
rubber mats had been placed on the floor and three of the walls , making a type of ring area at one corner of the large room. Brenda helped me prepare for this nude battle in a small utility room in the basement. She fondled my cock and balls, getting me hard an excited, then placed a leather cock ring and ball stretcher on me. My cock was the largest I had ever seen it, almost 8 inches proudly jutting away from my body at a 75^ angle. The skin of my scrotum was stretched tautly around my testicles, making it appear as if they would pop through the skin at the slightest provocation.
Brenda fondled me and rubbed scented oil into my body. She asked me to reconsider and to concede defeat, in order to save myself from severe punishment.
Then Brenda related some disturbing news, Evan had been in a few cockfights before and had yet to lose. In addition all of his opponents had been beaten unmercifully and were subjected to a devastating specialty hold that Evan
called the NUTCRACKER. Brenda said the NUTCRACKER was the ultimate offense/punishment and that to save myself from ruination, I should concede defeat and beg for mercy.
Undaunted, I refused to concede and put on the terry cloth robe I had brought with me. I still felt confident and proud as Brenda led me into the basement rec. room. After all Evan and I were close in height and I had the weight
advantage. Being six years older the twenty-four year old could prove to be an advantage, I had more street fighting experience than my opponent which should prove useful in our bout.
Brenda led me to the center of the room where Pam and Bridgit were standing with Evan, who also was wearing a robe.
Pam said she would act as the mistress of ceremonies and told Brenda and Bridgit to make themselves comfortable.
With that both women removed what little clothing they were wearing. The sight of these three gorgeous naked women made my cock just slightly harder and longer. I couldn t wait to feel Bridgit s large firm breasts against my chest
or to bury my throbbing cock in Pam s hot pussy.
Pam had us both strip off our clothing and face each other nude. We were both similar in height (6'0"), but that where the similarities ended. Evan was younger , weighed substantially less, 175 lbs compared to my 220lbs, as well
as possessing a more muscular and athletic physique that any professional bodybuilder would be proud of. He had broad shoulders, a deep muscular chest, flat washboard abs, large and thick muscular thighs and bulging muscled
arms. But the biggest surprise was that Evan possessed had the biggest nuts and the longest thickest dick I had ever seen. It looked as if it belonged on a bull or an elephant. It was at least three inches more than my 7.5" and jutted away from his body and throbbed in mid air at a 120^ angle. It throbbed with every heartbeat and was almost as thick as a soda can. His balls were each the size of a small lemon, and he was wearing a leather cock ring and ball stretcher that looked as if it could be used as a dog collar for a full grown rottweiler.
I felt very embarrassed and more than a little bit inadequate as I heard Brenda sharply inhale and stare at Evan s monster cock in awe. Evan displayed his manhood defiantly, posing for the ladies, especially Brenda. Evan faced me
and said that Brenda deserved a real man, one with eleven inches of hard cock to satisfy her. Then turned back to her and told her not to worry that he would be gentle when he took her virginity, because it was obvious, from the
pathetic proportions of my genitals, she must still be a virgin or at the very least he would find some virgin territory rather easily.
I was enraged by his arrogance and Brenda s obvious and justifiable lust for him. Brenda approached me and with a look of pity in her eyes kissed me and whispered Good Luck, I ll try to keep him from damaging you too severely .
Im not afraid of him or his NUTCRACKER I replied, I ll beat his balls off!! . Well just submit as soon as he pins you and grabs one of your nuts in each hand, and I ll try to convince him to spare you. Spare me from what?, What is
this nutcracker?
Evan overheard our conversation and replied The NUTCRACKER is where completely encircle your nuts in each my hands, and then I roll them and squeeze them until the sperm inside has no place to go because the sperm storage areas are crushed, and you suffer an sorry ejaculation as I crush the sperm out of your nuts, without even touching your pathetic little dick . When I m sure your nuts are empty, I ll grind and crush your empty nuts like
most people crush empty beer cans, I was shaken, I had not envisioned anything so utterly devastating as the torment Evan had described, to be powerd to orgasm in front of everyone by having your nuts violently manhandled was more than I had bargained for. I had visions of coconuts cracking and spilling the milk contained inside and shuddered at the thought of being pulverized until I spilled my seed.
Pam told us that this was a fight to the finish, victory by knock-out only. There would be no presentations, no time outs , no outside interference, and no mercy. No holds or blows were barred, with the exception of a prohibition
against blows/holds to the head, neck, throat and knees. The winner would receive a weekend of sexual adventures with all three ladies and the loser would act as man-servant to the four of them. Evan told the ladies to make
themselves comfortable, that he was going to keep me conscious for a very long time, so he could prolong my agony.
I was apprehensive a down right scared, this match had the possibility of being more than I had bargained for. Pam and Bridgit immediately started yelling encouragement s to Evan, telling him to beat the cum out of me. Brenda
reclined on a sofa, with her legs spread playing with her juicy pussy. Evan and I approached each other slowly, trying to feel each other out. We locked hands and pushed against each other in a test of strength. Chest to chest, abs to abs, cock to cock we tried to power each back the other down. Evan started to crumble, his knees were giving out and his body started to lower towards the floor. I readjusted my stance and started to really pour on the pressure when, SLAM!, His knee exploded between my legs like a steam iron, cruelly crushing my erection. I slumped forward with a cry of pain to be caught by his firm arms. I looked up into those eyes, his mouth set in a firm smirk. SLAM! his knee pistoned up again into my groin. "You're not man enough to face me." Evan said
as he held me upright. SLAM! my balls were hammered again. The cock ring and ball stretcher were doing there job, despite the pounding I was receiving my cock remained rock hard and my poor balls with no place to go, suffered the
full brunt of the blows. "You're going to pay for punching me" he told me as he prevented me from falling. SLAM! Evan s knee continued to smash my manhood to pulp. SLAM! I could hardly feel the blows now over the excruiating pain between my legs, I could barely breath, my legs were giving out, my balls were on fire and my stomach was churning. I couldn t believe I was being beaten so thoroughly so quickly. I heard the girls in the background making comments and moaning, apparently they were enjoying my predicament.
Evan let me slump forward then held me so that my torso was leaning at 90 degrees to my legs with his arm wrapped over my neck. My face was inches from his hard throbbing 11 cock. "I'm not going to let you ruin my pleasure by
letting you pass out." Evan told me. WHAM! his knee buried itself deep in my gut. There was an explosion of air from my mouth. I felt his firm arms tighten around my throat to prevent me from falling. "You're nothing" WHAM! his knee
hammered my stomach, "scum" WHAM! "a sperm sucking faggot"WHAM!. With slow calculated precision he repeatedly drove his knee hard into my gut, suck my dick, and I ll finish you off quickly .
Each crushing blow timed to let me recover a bit before he drove his knee in again WHAM!. "I'm your MASTER of pain" WHAM!. Finally Evan let me fall to the ground. I was in agony, my balls hurt and gut was battered. I was finished , I had yet to mount an offense and was already severely beaten. A sharp pain in the groin made me look up in alarm. Evan was standing over me with his foot on my balls. " I just wanted to get your attention!! Tell me that you'll never bother me again, Tell me to fuck your wife with my huge dick! " he demanded
calmly as he began to grind down hard. I complied, I screamed and screamed whatever he told me to say at the top of my voice as the excruiating pain needling my balls continued. "There's no-one to here to help you" he smirked as he twisted the heel of his foot down as though he were driving in a screw.
Then all of a sudden he stopped. I turned over onto my side in a *** position and cradles my used testicles.
Evan stood over me taunting me to get up and fight like a man. Telling me to face him on my feet man to man or he was going to fuck me in the ass with a dildo. Pam threw him a large two headed dildo that had just been buried in her dripping snatch. Evan grabbed my face and put the dildo to my lips and said suck it or fight Pam and Bridgit were calling me all sorts of humiliating names by now and my wife Brenda appeared to be in a world of her own as she orgasmed repeatedly watching the unfolding events. I refused to suck the dildo and somehow made it to my feet, with the help of a wall.
I knew this was my last chance and I charged him trying to end the confrontation quickly and gain the advantage.
Unfortunately, that was a big mistake because he easily evaded my charge and drove me to the floor. As I was facedown, he dropped down with both knees into my upper back, then started to punch me in the ass. As I struggled ot catch my breath, regain my composure and fight him off, he repeatedly punched my ass. Evan punched my ass so hard that every blow felt as if it were traveling through my body into my balls. I heard Bridgit yelling look he s really beating his ass now Evan pummeled my butt for what felt like an eternity. When he was finished he powerd his hand between my legs and grabbed my genitals. He squeezed my trapped nuts and told me to turn over. I couldn t
move I was a shattered and broken man, I could barely breath, my balls, gut and ass were in flames after the beating Evan had given me , and to top it off my wife and her girlfriends were enjoying my offense. Evan had the women come over to help him, and together the four of them turned me over onto my back. It was time for the nutcracker. Evan had Brenda and Pam sit on my outstretched arms. In less than ten seconds my arms were slick with pussy juice from their leaking cunts. Bridgit raised my head and held it between her thighs, Evan wanted me to see the results of the nutcracker application.
With my upper torso immobilized, Evan straddled my upper thighs. Look at this Evan said as he used his cock as a club to beat my dick and balls. Brenda orgasmed on my arm as Evan used his cock to beat mine. Bridgit and Pam began was chanting we want the nut-cracker . I begged for mercy, I was beaten and couldn t take anymore. Evan reached between my legs and gripped my swollen testicles, one in each hand.
When he was sure that he had completely encircled my nuts with his hand, he began to slowly compress them. I began crying and babbling while my wife and her girlfriends looked on in amazement. The women were having multiple orgasms just watching him work me over, Brenda was playing with her pussy the entire time. I screamed in agony until I lost my voice. I was nearly insane when suddenly I felt something inside of my nuts twitch and spasm.
The next thing I new, a torrent of sperm was spewing out of my cock ring encased dick. The girls went wild, sperm shot out of my cock for almost two full minutes, Evan maintained his deathgrip on my nuts the entire time. I was devastated, Evan might as well have castrated me, he made me come by beating my balls and in doing so had taken my manhood from me in the eyes of my wife and her girlfriends. The worst part was I was still on the fringes of consciousness, although I couldn t speak move or cry, and I felt every iota of the pain.
Evan finally let my nuts go, But my torment was not over. Evan scooped up a large portion of my sperm from my stomach and smeared it all over my face. Bridgit, who was still cradling my head, pried my mouth open and powerd more of my own sperm into my mouth. Then Evan moved up to sit on my chest and started smacking me in the face with his huge cock. He had my wife jerk him off right into my face and made me open my mouth to catch a mouthful of his
hot sperm on my tongue when he came. I had never been so demoralized.
Evan then decided that he was going to let me watch him fuck my wife or as he put it find the new pussy in her before he finished me off by crushing what was left of my balls.
With the girls help they moved me into the basement bedroom and carried me to a chair.


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They placed me in the chair and Evan had Pam and Bridgit, tie my hands and arms to the arms of the chair and my feet to the legs, so I would not fall out of the chair.
Mercifully, Pam undid my ball stretcher and places a cold compress on my battered and bruised testes.
I was a broken man, my nuts were throbbing in pain from the severe beating they had just received. I have never been so humiliated. Evan tells me that he will make love to my wife better than I could possibly dream of.
The contrast in size of his cock and mine is spectacular. Mine looks like that of a small boy in comparimister. Brenda reaches around Evan to grab his cock She strokes it and tells me how good it feels in her hands and how she can't wait to feel it inside her.
All I can do is watch the lust in their eyes for each other. At this time, they leave me and get on the bed to start their love making performance for me. Pam and Bridgit lay on the floor beside my chair and begin 69ing each other.
Evan lays down on his back with his head propped up on a pillow so that he can see both my wife and me. Brenda immediately begins to suck his cock with me being able to see both her and Evans face.. . Brenda sucks hungrily on his cock stopping only to tell me how hard it is and how difficult it is to get into her mouth because of its size.
Evan tells me what a great job she is doing to him and that he would cum but he wants to save that for her pussy.
At this point Brenda lies on her back with her legs spread toward me. Evan reaches down to her pussy lips and spreads them showing and telling me how wet she is. Her fluids are clinging to the lips like syrup. I know she is incredibly turned on by this man, more than she ever gets with me!
Evan starts to eat her, he tells me how sweet she tastes and Brenda tells him not to stop. Evans ass is facing me and I can see his cock dangling from between his legs. It huge and looks larger than it s 11 in this position. I know it is only a matter of time before it disappears in side my wife.
Brenda taunts me, telling me how she wishes I could eat her as well as he. This makes me incredibly humiliated and jealous that I am not the one licking her, My cock couldn't be any harder. Brenda tells Evan that she can take it no more, she demands him to fuck her. He moves up on her and guides his cock to the entrance of her cunt.
She is holding her lips open for him. He slides the head in at first and then shoves it all in at once. I can see his balls slap against her ass as she lets out a moan as he knocks the wind out of her. All she can say is "Oh" over and over again as he slides it in and out of her. I can see her pussy lips wrapped around his cock like rubber wrapped around a rod.
She is being stretched far more than anything I could possibly do. He is in her so deep I would think it would hurt her but from the look on her face I see no expression of pain, just extreme pleasure.
A pleasure I know I couldn't supply her. Evan looks back at me and asks me how I'm doing.
He tells me that he can give her more pleasure by just being inside her than I can by fucking her. He is right and I know it.
My wife tells him to continue fucking her and then has the next of many orgasms. Usually my wife comes only two or three times when she is fucking me and that is with her fingers helping her along.
But with Evan she seems to orgasm endlessly.
They change positions with him on the bottom and her straddling him. From this angle I can see how stretched out she is getting.
Brenda lifts up so that just the head is inside her and then slowly eases the rest inside until she is fully impaled on his cock. He can no longer control himself at this point and starts thrusting into my wife. Brenda tells Evan to fuck her deep. Deeper than her husbands boyish cock can.
He moans and I can see his balls spasming as he cums inside Brenda. As she slides up and down , I can see the coating of Evan s cum on his cock.
They both stop, exhausted from their love making. Brenda rolls of onto her back and I can see the cum leaking out of her slit.
Both of them are laying there watching me with my cock ring induced hard on , unable to provide relief for myself. At this point I want to crawl inside a hole and die, I can not bear the thought of Brenda and his huge cock.
emasculated. I ask Evan and Brenda to untie me and let me leave but they ignore my requests. Evan slide his fingers through Brenda s crotch to show me how much come is leaking out of her. Brenda tells me that the only way she would want to let me fuck her ever again is if I ate Evan s sperm out of her freshly fucked pussy. Evan comes over to me to untie me. His cock is very close to my face, so close that I can smell the aroma of their fluids on him.
Evan grabs my hair and tells me to clean off his cock. Silently, I comply, licking every inch of his cock,
and sucking the juices off of his large hairy nuts. After I am set free I half hobble and half crawl over to the bed and immediately start eating the cum out of my wife's pussy. It tastes salty and burns the back of my throat and
humiliates me even more. I was ordered to suck my wife clean and I reluctantly obeyed. Brenda demanded that I masturbate while I performed my clean up duties,.
It was degrading to hear her laugh and taunt me about my insignificant size while regaling Evan, Pam, Bridgit and me with all the kinky and wonderful sensations Evan s huge cock had made her feel. While I ate Brenda out on my
hands and knees, Bridgit came up behind me and powerd the double headed dildo in my virgin ass. A sperm sucking faggot deserves to be fucked up the ass she said.
Brenda and Bridigit allowed me to cum into the palm of Brenda s hand and then they made me lick it all off!
Evan was so amused by my utter and abject subservience that he had mercy on me and did not finish his castration job.
They left me lying on the bed to cradle my injured balls and adjourned to another part of the house to continue their sexual activities. It was eighteen hours until I had recovered enough to stand on my own two feet and three weeks before the swelling in my nuts disipated. Brenda says she wants me to fight Evan
again sometime soon,
Not if I can help it.


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My wife was working for a wholesale firm in California for several years. She would often come home to tell me what a hot bunch of guys worked with her. One in particular was a real good looking black guy named Sheldon. She fantasized about him all the time when we were fucking. She would say how much she wanted him to be fucking her and that I was a fag with a cock sucking hungry mouth!
This turned me on BIG TIME! I loved to hear her call me a cock sucking fag and that she was going to have Sheldon fuck her and tell him that she needed to have his big black cock because I was a fag!
I worked late every weeknight at a mortgage firm as a manager and I was always in charge and acted straight and business like. I am a former male model and am used to girls giving me looks and this makes all the fag cock sucking thing all the more impact when having sex with a girl, I tell them how much I love big cocks and for some reamister it makes every single girl who hears that just go fucking wild with lust! They all start to talk during sex about how they want to see me suck a big cock.
Anyway, my wife actually asked Sheldon to come to our condo that we were living in at the time after her and Sheldon had gone to lunch a few times and made out in the car. She said that she liked sucking his cock in the car and kissing him in public that made her feels Slutty. He loved her big 34dd tits and always grabbed her round ass cheeks. She is now 30 but was in her 20’s then. She’s 5’3”, 105lbs, blonde, hazel eyes, very hot big tits and hot ass that begs to be fucked. She had Sheldon over one night and as soon as he walked in the front door he told her to drop to her knees and suck “Daddy’s cock slut” She sucked that 9.5 inch black cock like a woman possessed! He bent her over the stair entry to the upstairs bedrooms and fucked her right there from behind. She told all this to me later of course. But it wasn’t till that night when all the seriousness of making me a real Big Black Cock sucking fag came into reality. Well sort of…they called me at work that night and my wife gave the phone to Sheldon who spoke to me in a rather dominant manner about how he is going to fuck the little slut and make her beg for him to fuck her in the ass! Then he said that she told him that I was a fag and asked me if this was true. “Do you like big black cock?” I told him absolutely! I couldn’t speak feely but I answered all the other questions in his favour. He asked if I could take his 9.5 inches down my throat and I said “oh yeah” and if I wanted to see him fuck my wife? “Oh yeah” and if I wanted to get fucked in the ass? “Absolutely”!
At this point he said he would leave me a little something and “hook up with me later”.
When I came home about 9:30pm she told me to get upstairs and she was waiting for me naked in the bed and had me on top of her in record time kissing me and whispering in my ear as I mounted her on top about how great Sheldon’s massive big black cock is! She was totally in love with him and I was to be a fag from now on. She made me suck her tits and really wanted me to lick them. I found out that the thing Sheldon had left me was a huge load of cum on her boobs! Man it tasted good! She told me that he came many times that night. First downstairs on her face, then all over her ass and in her pussy which she says will happen many times from now on, and she ate some of it and told me how sweet it is. I must agree from the small taste left for me, it did taste sweet!
Soon after Sheldon came over when I could be there and I was introduced to him as my Master. Sheldon and my wife had me on my knees in 3 minutes from the moment he walked in! I love this black mans cock! I can’t keep my mouth off of it! They both verbally used me all night long when he fucked my throat! She couldn’t believe how much cock I could take down my gullet! Sheldon called me a faggot cock sucking wimpy white boy. She called me worthless fag and this made me want to perform with even more gusto! I love to be called a fag while we have sex whether he is there or not. Sheldon made love to her that night with me right there watching. She told me to lick Sheldon’s perfect ass while she gets “fucked by a real man”. This turned him on more than anything that night. He really gets off hearing that he is her man and I am a total fag. He pulled me from behind him (as I was licking his ass) by the hair, to his side and he started breathing heavy and she was yelling, (almost screaming) for him to fuck her hard “so the fag sees that master cock of yours in my pussy”! He asked me if I wanted to see my master’s big black cock up your wife’s ass? I said yes and took it out of her pussy and she said feed it to him! Sheldon took that monster black cock out and pulled my face up to his beautiful black cock shaft and I started to suck it into my mouth really working my tongue all over the black cock. I tasted her pussy and his precum and just went wild on it!
He took it out of my mouth and as he balanced on his knees and her still on her back, he gently slipped it into her tight little asshole. Then she said to slam that cock into her so he did and man did that look good to watch! My wife is a real slut. He pumped it slow and deep and then faster making that cock grow to mammoth proportions! It seemed to gain another whole inch in length and another in circumference! It got so fucking HUGE! This man loves to fuck. They fucked for several more minutes as I was licking his nipples and then rose on my knees a little my wife said “kiss the fag Sheldon, kiss him the way you do me, like he’s a girl” This turned me on so much I powerd the issue and went for his big black lips and he really got off on it! Sheldon started moaning as I put my tongue in his mouth he actually sucked my tongue. His moaning as we kissed made him go crazier cause he realized that my wife was pinching his nipples and he put his tongue in my mouth this was great! I love sucking his tongue. He opened his mouth to ask, “are you my bitch?” I answered a contented “yes master” and my wife said “tell your master Sheldon you’re his fag now”, “tell him!” I kept sucking his tongue and managed to say it. “I’m your fag master Sheldon”, “I want to be your fag”.
Sheldon couldn’t hold back any longer then grabbed my hair again and yelled “then eat this you fucking faggot” and he pulled that massive big black cock which had grown no doubt to a full ten inches and I opened my mouth as he lowered my head to meet his great huge cock and it went right in and as deep as possible down my cock hungry mouth and I throated it as he shot an incredible load of cum right into my throat! It was a very large cum shot! I couldn’t possibly keep that big black cock in my throat at the size it seemed to grow and grow as it shot! I had let some out and opened my mouth as my wife saw it shoot and spasm even more cum right into my mouth and on my tongue! She said “that’s it Sheldon, shoot that sweet cum in the fag’s mouth, make the fag eat it!” I was lost in his cum load. I was swallowing his cum as fast as my throat could manage, licking cum with my tongue and swirling it all over my lips and in my mouth and on my teeth. I knew my wife was watching me enjoy it all. Sheldon said, “you are a fag white boy!” he giggled a bit. “He’s a total fag!” declared my wife. I cleaned him up with my mouth and he left the bed to get dressed to leave. Since then we bought a nice home with a pool and Sheldon has had many of his black friends over for parties where they all fuck my mouth and use me like the real wimp white cocksucker that I am. My wife gets fucked in her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time and I am usually also getting fucked in the mouth by at least two black studs at the same time. Sheldon is in the Army reserves and this has allowed us to meet some rather studly enlisted men in both Army and Marines. I have sucked big black cocks as large as 13.5 inches! Really! I mean some huge fucking black cocks! On summer evenings we have had as many as seven big black cocked studs over. They walk naked in the house and by the pool making us service their cocks. Sheldon proudly entertains as if it is his house and he carries on as the dominator of both my wife and myself. But my wife takes the role as if Sheldon is her husband and she tells the many black men to fuck the fag in the mouth and ass. So I now take it up the ass like a real fag.
This particular night comes to mind when a black guy named Richard came over with Sheldon and five other black guys. They had all been on the phone with my wife before and she told them how much of a fag that I am and that she needs to get fucked by real men. Well they came and immediately started calling me a worthless cocksucker and to get them takes and made me walk around the pool naked as I served them and one moment this Richard grabbed my cock as I slowly poured his cocktail and he had a gentle touch. Our eyes met and he told me to get on my knees, which is what I was planning anyway. Then he reached around my neck and gently asked me if I could take a “big cock?” I said as big as you can give it, I can take it. My wife had just happened to be walking by hand in hand with a couple of black guys she had just fucked on the other side of the pool on some mats. They got up and she held their cocks in each of her hands as they walked on each side with her and stopped as they approached Richard and I as my mouth was all over his nipples. My wife said to the two men she was escorting around by the cocks, “this is my fag, watch him go crazy over all of your cocks.”
Just then I turned as I was on my knees and Richard was seated in his lounge getting his nipples sucked, to see her offer me these two cocks at mouth level. I was on them in a flash and sucked them both at the same time! These were both about 10 inches of pure beautiful black cock meat! I sucked them real hard and made noise with my sucking and slurping until this turned my wife on so much she had to have a cock too. Richard pulled her on top of him and started kissing her soulfully as she rubbed his bulge in his short swim trunks. As I sucked the two big black cocks sitting on my knees and my studs standing on each side feeding me their cocks, I could see my wife kissing Richard hard and moaning loudly as she rubbed his bulge. Richard asked my wife if she wanted to see her faggot take a real man’s cock? “He does that all the time sweetie” Richard laughed and said in a low masculine manner…”not like this he hasn’t” as he slowly raised from his lounge chair and stood up. I watched as he peeled his skin tight swim suit down over his big and growing bulge and I caught the first glimpse of his cock as he kept pulling the suit down the shaft came into view and more and more cock was exposed to all of us and he bent down to get that swim suit off and as he stood back straight even the two studs in my mouth made a remark about his cock. “Whoa” one of them said. “Oh my god” was all my wife could manage to say as her eyes were wide and her mouth hanging open. Richard had now turned towards the studs and me and was rubbing his muscular arms with the others as he closed a circle in front of me. I could not believe the gargantuan sized cock was before me and never took my eyes off this new big cock being presented to me right along the two others. Richards’s cock is absolutely massive! I popped the two black cocks out of my mouth for a moment to ask Richard how big is that thing anyway? “13.5 inches” he said in a real deep low voice. “Do you want it fag?” I said “oh yeah” as he slipped it in my mouth I felt a strange hunger come from within and I knew that this was my quest in life, to take all of this giant black cock shaft into my faggot mouth. I licked it and sucked it as the two studs slapped me in the face with their loving cocks, I made sucking and slurping sounds so loud it turned my wife on as she stood to get a closer look, Sheldon had come up from behind and was followed by the other black studs that were at other parts of the house talking and takeing. I was aware that I now had become the show for the night. Richard remarked that I was a great fucking cocksucker. My wife told Richard to make the fag fetish on his cock. Sheldon was only capable of fucking my throat and the others were also used to fucking my mouth and a couple have fucked my hot tight ass, but Richard was going to OWN my throat! After a few more swipes of the previous two black studs cocks, I was now solely concentrating on Richard’s massive black cock. He told me to “take it fag”, “take my massive big black cock, you worthless fucking wimp, white boy faggot, suck it, suck it faggot!” Oh man this made me crazy! I was powerd to perform for the small group and man did I ever! I sucked that massive black cock right down to his pubic hairs and he shoved it even harder and further when my nose was rubbing in his patch! My wife proclaimed, “you’re such a fucking fag! Eat that cock!” No one could believe that I could actually be swallowing his long hard cockshaft. It started to swell inside my throat after 10 minutes of me giving it my expert work over. Richard was breathing heavily, his lungs were filling with the fresh night air, everyone standing around me started to say that I was going to swallow a huge cum load any minute!
Richard kept his hands on the back of my head, shoving his cock in deeper and made me rub my nose into his pubic hair again and again! My wife was stroking the others cocks in each hand and Sheldon was reaching around her from behind and squeezing her big tits, until she said “I need to get fucked now!” She dropped to her knees and the studs on each side of her got on their knees right along side my cock swallowing show and Sheldon got behind her and impaled her with his big cock! She yelled loudly as two cocks were put at her lips to shut her up! She was performing right in front of Richard and me. There were still two other big black cocks to be handled or serviced. So they came up to me and slid their cocks over my face for a few minutes of expert cock licking and Richard slipped his mammoth cock out of my mouth for just a quick minute as I serviced these welcomed black cocks and got them all wet and then one moved behind me as I positioned my ass in the air still on my knees, and took Richard’s massive cock shaft back into my mouth and throat where it belonged!
One of the new black cock studs rubbed some baby oil on his cock and immediately put it to my hungry ass opening. He kept pushing it until my hungry asshole opened and relaxed for the entire cock to stretch me wide open and just started fucking my fag ass in a completely comfortable rhythm which delighted me so as to ask for more. “Oh yeah baby, fuck my ass” I said. Richards cock was ready to fuck my head again and he was so excited that I was taking a black cock in my ass at the same time he was throat fucking me, I heard him say, “what a hot fucking fag you are bitch…you’re my bitch now aren’t ya?” “m-hmm” was all I could answer. “I’m going to fuck this ass,” the black stud behind me said as he started a fast and hard cock ramming up my perfectly shaped man ass. “Look at that fucking faggot take that cock over there”, Sheldon said as he fucked my hot wife from behind just as I was getting fucked. My mouth went to work, hard! I wanted Richard to cum and fill my throat with his cum load. He kept up his heavy pace breathing and started working his hands on my head and owning my mouth like the true fag that I am!
“Fuck his mouth Richard”, one of the other studs yelled. “Yes, make the fag eat your beautiful cock”, my wife said as she let a cock out of her mouth. I loved the cock in my ass which by now was really pounding my tight bubble but with an exceptional speed and talented execution. The guy fucking my ass was certainly not a stranger to fucking a hot fag like me. I kept up the intense work on Richards cock and felt him swell in my throat, he moaned loudly and his cock stretched to insane dimensions as he bent at the knees a little I knew he was going to cum! The cock in my ass was also swelling and heated up and the friction in my ass was so exciting! I loved that black cock fucking me, as I was about to swallow my new Master Richards cum load! Richard gasped for air and then the first shot of his cum absolutely BLASTED into my throat just after taking his cock into my throat after a breath of air on an exit stoke, I took it back down in my cock starved throat and timed it perfect for the cum shot spectacular that was now happening in front of my wife and all our black stud lovers. I kept my masters massive cock in my throat for the next blast of cum! And it felt so good as it hit the back of my throat and I swear I could feel it going down, slipping right down into my stomach! He shot another very heavy blast and again I kept his mammoth black cock buried in my throat! I now had to get another breath of air so I let his big cock slip back up the length of my throat and it slid across my tongue and Richard held the remaining 8 or 9 inches in my mouth as I held my mouth wide open and took a few quick breaths he shot another couple of blasts which everyone looking on got to see, as it contrasted the dark colour of my tongue.
His cum was pooling on my cum hungry tongue and I swallowed it and heard a few gasped from the group. This was happening in what seemed like slow motion but was no doubt a fleeted two minutes or so of pure cum blasting in a fag hungry mouth. The guy behind me grabbed my ass as he held onto to build up a second cum shot for me to take and he indeed shot cum up into my hot tight ass as my cheeks squeezed him to hold up in there as long as he kept coming! It was awesome! He shot a big load and I cold feel it warm my insides and it excited me so. Richard was in no way finished Cumming! I held his massive cock in mouth for the next few seconds and could still feel cum shooting out of that mammoth black cock! I was eating his cum! I totally fed on Richard’s cum load! I Love that CUM!


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When we first married our sex life was OK. But after a couple of years the spice faded and sex became less frequent. I spend quite a lot of time on the Internet both for pleasure and business.
Inevitably I started surfing sites relating to sex and in particular to guys sharing their wife and becoming cuckolds.n a rash moment I told my wife of my fantasy.
Rather than being annoyed she said nothing but looked thoughtful.
Over the next year either she or I used to bring the subject into our foreplay. Until one day she said how would you really feel if I found a boyfriend to be my lover?
I thought her term of words as odd. Why did you say boyfriend as a lover I asked? Well she said, if I am going to experience another cock it would not be as a one-night stand. I would want a longer-term relationship with you as a true cuckold.
At the time we were cuddling in bed. My immediate response was to push my prick into her moist slit.
Oh no you don't she said.
Good practise for you will be to get between my legs and lick me to orgasm.
This was a first for me.
Until we met neither of us had experience of sex with another permister and since being together our bedroom activity was confined to the missionary position.
As I licked her wet slit and tongued deep into her cunt she moaned Yes Yes Yes more darling, imagine me with an experienced lover thrusting his big prick, bigger than yours, into my love nest.
I was rubbing myself on the bed sheets as I serviced my wife.
Her talk and my ministrations to her cunt resulted in us both Cumming at the same time.
Seeing my deposit on the sheet Sarah said lick it up, there's a good boy.
She then turned over and went to relax.
She has been working for a small company with 16 employees for about the last year.
Then an opportunity became available for a P.A. to Bob, the guy who owned the operation. Bob was 6 foot tall with black ebony skin, he kept his head shaven and with his gleaming white teeth was quite an imposing permister.
He was also reputed to have the largest cock in town.
Since Sarah had started Bob had made it clear his interest in my wife and had often brushed his hand over her bum, which she had told me she did not mind as she felt he was very attractive
We talked about the new job.
It would be a lot more money, but she would mainly be working from his home not the downtown office and would involve travelling with Bob to attend meetings. In the end she applied and was called for an interview.
This is where my story really starts.
There I was standing in our Hallway being told by my wife she had just spent the afternoon screwing someone else.
She again said, you don't mind do you darling.
No I stammered.
She again smiled; In fact you would prefer me to fuck someone else wouldn't you.
Yes I replied.
Why she asked,. Knowing my answer was the idea of her preferring to have sex with her lover turned me on.
Darling, Bob has offered me the job as his PA and wants me to be his girlfriend. Before you say anything I want you to understand what that means. I would put him before you in our relationship,
I will dress to please him and wear only Jewellery he gives me.
I will be open to everyone, as will he that we are involved no matter how humiliating this is to you.
We would still be Husband and wife living together but you will no longer be allowed to fuck me.
As a privilege I will let you lick me clean when it suits me.
I may also set some other rules as time goes on. Do you understand she asked?
Yes I said.
The choice you have Keith is either to say no, in which case I will be disappointed but will accept and will look for a job with another company...or you can drop to your Knees and show your agreement by sucking Bobs cum from my rather messy pussy.
I dropped to my knees lifted her skirt and with enthusiasm licked and sucked clean a wet and spunk filled cunt.
That's a good little Cucky she cooed and started rubbing herself on my face until she had an orgasm.
When we had recovered, I got us both a glass of wine. I had put a bottle in the fridge expecting to be celebrating Sarah's promotion.
I had not quite expected the form this would take.
Starting to think through what Sarah had said, I asked, what do you mean by wearing only jewellery Bob gives you?
What about your wedding ring?
Sarah pondered this for a moment. Well she said it would be correct to wear my ring, then with a smile she said but on my right hand. After all if Bob is going to be the most important man in my life, should I not wear his ring on my Wedding finger?
I sat there for a moment, and then crossed the room to Sarah. Dropped to my knees took her Wedding and e3ngagement rings from her left hand and slipped them onto her right hand.
And said; now you know you can totally be his.
Well-done Cucky tomorrow is going to be a special day, which I know you will love, but first there are a few things I need to buy.
I probably won't be back to late - Whilst I am out move all your clothes to the spare room and relax there tonight. With a peck on my cheek she was gone.
The next day was Saturday, normally we tend to relax late but I had been awake from the early hours wondering what today would bring.
My wife stuck her head round the door just after 8.00 Glad to see you are awake, she said. Here is a cup of tea, you need to get up, shower and dress in your best suit.
Why I asked, because silly it is our Cuckold wedding day! When you are dressed, come and help me.
After all I want to look the best for Bob on our special day.
Once ready I went into the master bedroom where Sarah was sitting at her dressing table brushing her Blonde hair.
She had a towel wrapped round her.
OK let’s get this show on the road.
We need to be at Bob's for Midday and you can help me dress.
With that she stood up dropping her towel.
I gasped at the sight before me.
She had shaved her pussy clean and above her clit was tattooed in black letters SLUT FOR BLACK COCK across the middle.
Both her nipples had been pierced and through each were a ring.
From her clit hung another ring
You like she said? Yes I replied.
But the tattoo, it's a bit permanent, of course it is silly, remember this is a long-term relationship Cucky.
When did you get the tattoo and piercing? Oh last night.
I went with Bob to buy clothes for today,
Now enough chatter, lets get you dressed she said.
Her clothes were beautiful. I held a lace transparent thong for her to step into she then put on a white garter belt and white stockings.
The dress was White halter neck in style. And transparent.
This is not mine sissy this is yours!
4-inch high heels completed the outfit.
Just then two men burst in and restrained me what the hell I screamed)
The best man and chauffeur darling she said as they dressed in me in the lace gown.
Her pierced nipples and clit were clearly visible through her bra and thong.
Let’s go she said picking up a flat rectangular box.
Another surprise she whispered.
We arrived at Bob's in plenty of time.
We went in through a side door to a small room.
Now Sarah said, you will escort me down the Isle
Just answer yes to all the questions.
From her box, Sarah took a wedding veil pinning it on my head and a cb2000 cock cage which she fitted under my dress and said I do love you but Bob is much better a lover.
Just remember that today.
I opened the door and we entered a long reception room. Down the middle was a red carpet.
Either side were rows of chairs seating about 30 or so guests. At the end stood Bob with what seemed to be a minister.
Later I found out it was an old college friend of Bob's who had joined a way out religious sect where anything goes.
As we walked down the Isle I was conscious of everyone watching us.
There were people from Sarah's work, friends of Bob and Sarah and to my embarrassment some neighbours. When we got to the small raised platform the minister said, who gives this woman.
I do I replied.
Do you freely give your wife to be Bob's lover, accepting him over yourself in all matters?
Yes I replied.
Do you accept Sarah will openly tell people that Bob is her lover and you are denied all sexual favours from her?
Yes I again replied.
Turning to Sarah he then said, are you Bob's slut, do you take Bob as your public lover to honour and Obey in all matters no matter how humiliating or degrading allowing him to use you in any sexual act he chooses and bear him youngren if he desires.
I do she replied.
Bob was then asked if he took Sarah as his lover and slut to use as he chose to which he replied yes.
He then slipped a gold and diamond ring on Sarah's wedding finger saying you will be mine until such time as I remove this ring.
I then had the veil lifted of my face and was powerd to my knees by the best man.
He then pushed my head toward the grooms crotch as my wife unzipped him and pulled out his massive black cock and said suck it bitch!
As a visible sign of my commitment today, I ask Bob to anoint my sissy bride with his manly seed!
Then they kissed passionately tonguing each other's mouth as my mouth enveloped his massive black knob.
As they kissed I heard Sarah let out a sigh of contentment. Just then his cock started to pulsate and cum in my mouth. The volume was more than I had anticipated and it ran down the sides of my mouth and onto my dress. She then lifted her wedding dress exposing my caged little cock.
As we they walked back down the isle everyone cheered as my wife held up the front of the gown showing the guests my caged sissy penis.
I turned bright red with embarrassment as the cum dripped from the sides of my mouth and down the front of my gown.


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I thought this one was pretty hot:

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oh cuckolds brownie, I LOVE nutcracker!!

I came across that one a long time ago, forgot about it, sooooo humiliating and hot


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Randy was in charge now. It was a guy thing. A male dominant thing. He led me over to the stairs and out of the pool. "Let's go inside." Eddie followed us.

HOLY SHIT macman, that story is incredible too, WOW


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I got to CuckoldPlace in a very round about process and part of that process was The hyperlink is visible to registered members only! Cuckold's Warning is one I like very much, written by Shortie. Matter of fact I like everything that Shortie writes. I saw part of Cuckold's Warning posted here on Cuckold Place with no credit given to the author. So if it looks familiar, that is the reamister.


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Quoting: trashcan
I love this thread!

Hey Trash -
I love this thread too - some great stories here, but I must say it is totally beyond me how anyone could think that stories told in the 3rd permister are among the best. To each his or her own I suppose. Here is my permisteral favorite:

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Quoting: JeffNoth
There's a story I would really love to find again. It's called something like "Sometimes the Nice Guy"... this girl hates her boyfiiend's arrogant buddy -- until she gets a back rub from him.

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Hot story indeed.

Another one of my favourites:
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does anyone know some good small penis offense stories?


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Great recommendations here!


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The hyperlink is visible to registered members only! by One Idle Hand.

This one actually has a lot of different stuff in it, including some great creampie scenes towards the end. Pity the best stories have to be so damn long.


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This was posted by Seth40 here on this site great stroy

My wife and I have had a strong and open relationship from the start. We have accepted each other and all our wild passions, and we have always been open about our sexual desires. Having said this I will try to express what happened the other night with the same intensity I experienced.

I came home from work and saw Tara's car in the drive. Strange; she gets in after me most days. Never the less, it was a nice surprise. As I walked into the house she met me at the door dressed to the nines: short mini, fishnets, low cut top and those pumps that I love. Tara is 5'4" and 100 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes and a perfect B cup. She is a very sexy woman.

After a big hug and sloppy kiss she said, "Have I got a surprise for you. Let's go upstairs so I can get you ready."

"Ready?" I said.

With a little smile she said, "Don't worry, I am sure you will love it."

We got upstairs and I sat down. Tara brought me a beer and began to explain what she had in store for me. "You know Tim at work has the hots for me, right? Well, he is single now and has been all over me trying to get me to go out. I was thinking about your fantasy and how you have been wanting something from me for a long time. So, if you still want that creampie, this would be a perfect chance to get it."

I was kind of in shock because even though it was a big fantasy for me, I never thought she would do it. Like I said, we are very open but it was always just between us, not wanting to take a chance on ruining what we have.

I could tell Tara was serious about this and wanted to give it a try.

A huge smile came across her face when I told her yes. "Good," she said, "now we can get you ready." She took me into the bedroom and had everything laid out for me. She picked out my thigh-highs, maid's teddy, black silk panties with matching garter, black pumps and my brown wig. "I think that will do it," she said. "You know where the makeup is, and be sure to shave for me so I have a nice smooth slut when I get back." With that, she gave me another kiss and headed for the door. The last thing I heard was, "I will be back around midnight. Make sure you are ready for me."

Standing by the bed looking down at my things. I was still stunned by the events that just happened. Midnight? This was going to be a long night.

I always get very exited when I dress, knowing I am going to be her little slut; she is very aggressive and plays the part of Dom extremely well. But this was going to be the hardest 6 hrs I have ever had to wait.

I drew a nice, hot, scented bath and climbed in, and took my time shaving everything smooth. Fantasizing of thing to come, with every stroke of the razor it was all I could do to not touch myself. As I stepped out of the tub, the precum was oozing out and I was cleaning it up with my fingers thinking of how Tara was going to taste with Tim's cum in her.

Tim was about 6 foot and weighed around 170 pounds, very much in shape, and has had it bad for Tara from the first day she started her job. She would always come home and tell me about him and all his flirting. She has always been open with me about how good looking she thought he was, and when she had me dressed up and in her control, she would tell me how she would like to fuck him and how much she wanted his cock in her pussy filling her up with his cum.

Time was going by faster than I thought it would. I was putting on my makeup, with my lips bright red, long lashes, light brown eyeliner and natural skin tones for my face. Looking at myself in the mirror thinking of Tara fucking Tim, I could see them entangled in passion with Tara screaming, legs wrapped around him pulling him into her pussy as he cums.

Trying to calm myself down, I started to dress. The soft silky feeling of my lingerie was different this time; I felt more like a girl than I ever had. Seeing my reflection in the mirror, I could see why. I looked and felt more feminine than before. It seemed unreal in some ways almost like a dream.

Tara had taught me well; everything was perfect. She had turned me into a very sexy lover, and tonight I was going to be the slut and do everything she wanted.

Waiting for Tara to return home, my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. I could never remember having such feelings. My mind was racing and my body was trembling with anticipation. Just the thought of Tim fucking her was driving me crazy.

It was 11:30 when I heard the car pull into the drive. I made my way to the bedroom to wait.

When Tara came into the room, it looked like they had just finished. Her hair was all tossed, blouse half open, and she had her fishnets and pumps in hand. With a smile from ear to ear she said, "How's my little bitch? I see you are ready just like I asked. That's my good cumslut." Then with that big grin she said, "Cumslut, I like that. Cumslut is your new name. It fits you well, don't you think? Are you hungry, cumslut? Do you want to lick my dripping pussy?"I was shaking and on my knees trying to answer, but nothing came out. "What's wrong? Pussy got your tongue?

"You need to know Tim had a bigger cock than I imagined and fucked me better than I could have dreamed. You'll have a lot to clean up, bitch. I didn't think any man could cum so much. I don't know why I waited so long to do this," she said. "Now come here you and feel how wet my panties are."

As I rubbed my hand up her panties, she was not exaggerating. They were drenched My fingers now wet and sticky, Tara took them and licked them clean. Looking down at me she said, "I bet you want some don't you cumslut. Tim's cum is so sweet."

Tara moved to the bed and laid down. Slowly, she slid her skirt off and spread her legs. Now in clear view, I could see she was overflowing. I started to move onto the bed when she closed her legs. "Clean my legs first, then I will allow you to take off my panties." I could tell Tara was loving this, and it was all I could do to control myself from just grabbing her legs and diving in, but I did as she asked. As I moved closer to her, she started to open her legs. I could smell the fresh juices and started to slowly lick up her thigh.

My first taste of Tim's cum hit me like a brick. I was still shaking and now felt lightheaded. Tara saw the look on my face, started to giggle and said, "Oh you are a cumslut. Wait until I let you take off my panties. "You will be in for a BIG surprise." As I worked my way up to her pussy, the smell of their juices got stronger and more intoxicating. I slowly took the sides of her panties as she lifted her hips and started to slide them down.

Looking down at her drenched pussy, Tim's cum was sticking to the panties as I pulled them away from her lips. She wasn't lying when she said he came more than anyone she had ever had. Her pussy was dripping as she opened up her legs. I moved my head between her thighs and slid my tongue up her creamed lips.

Tara gasped from the touch of my tongue, grabbed my head and pushed my face into her. As I started to lick her, a surge of Tim's cum slid into my mouth. She was right. It was sweet and slid down my throat with ease. Tara was screaming, "Eat me, bitch. Suck the cum from my pussy." She had both hands full of my hair and was pushing my face harder into her. Cum was flowing from her as she rode my face, and the taste of their cum mixed together was better than I could have ever imagined.

Tara started to shake and I knew she was about to explode. She held my head tight against her pussy when she let out a loud moan. A gush of juices poured into my mouth. It was all I could do to swallow it without chocking when another stream started pouring out. Tara had never cum this hard before, and I couldn't swallow it She covered my face with a mix of their cum when another surge hit and drenched the sheets. Tara slowly started to relax and took her hands from my head. She laid back trying to catch her breath as I cleaned up the leftovers I could get.

"My little cumslut," she giggled. "That's a good girl, clean me up. Get all of Tim's cum from my pussy, that's my girl. Take your time and enjoy it. And when you're done, you can go get my strapon so I can fuck my bitch. I know with all that cum, you must feel like a real slut and want to suck some cock and have that big dick in your ass."

Tara pulled me up and kissed me. I knew things were going to be different from then on. I was now her little whore and would be cleaning up after Tim for some time.


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Never mind, it descended into weirdness.


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The hyperlink is visible to registered members only! Wife discovers husband's secret fantasy...


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Quoting: seiko611
I love this one!

The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!

Great story!

Indeed a really good story. More like this please!


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Quoting: dorcsssc
One of the best series I've ever read is called "Good Things Come in Small Packages". I know for certain I read it first ON THIS SITE, but the search feature can't find any title at all with the word "Packages" in it. At least not in the "Stories" section.

It's about an injured guy who must take medication that renders him impotent. Wife notices that over time his penis seems to be shrinking, and the inevitable develops

dorcsssc , I love Mickey_D's Story "Good Things Come in Small Packages" here is the link:
The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!

But your description sounds more like his story:
"Take Your Medicine Dear"

here is the link
The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!


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We found this story to be very hot:
The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!


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farmville. This has the potential to be a good thread. Your link is a bogus site with one (poor) story filled with advert links and no other content. Try to respect the spirit of stories here please.


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Razor: That story was soooo hot! God, I was rock hard. The story: The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!
by elia_cdl. I almost came in my pants. Thanks for the tip. chris. beantowne02115 on yahoo


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good story. made my cock stiff. i started jacking off.
orban victoria


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Unfortunately I can't find my favorite story of a guy who ask a man to seduce secretly his wife a monogamous woman. The pair visit a restaurant and the guy call the man to come there. When a woman goes to the toilett the man start talking to her and touch her pussy ot butt - I don't remember exactly.
He got her number and after a few week the man calls the guy that he has just fucked the woman.
The story was here in cuckoldplace but I'm not able to find it.


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One I liked but don't know where I found it was called "Date Night" I'll have to see if I have a copy.
A. Smith


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this is a pretty good one

The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!


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another pretty good one

The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!


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I have written a real cuckold / hotwife book about my pretty wife and her black lovers. See the blog on it's soon to be release. Lots of articles on this blog too.

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Hired Help by Dark One

The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!

I read it many times, fantastic


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Here are 3 that really put cuckies in their place;

A married couple are interviewed for a very exclusive
club - one where the wives fuck around and the husbands
sit back and watch.

The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!

The other 2 were on the Perverts R Us site which has gone now
Both involve the whole family.

Black Breeders Club
Cuckolds Convention
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