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The Flipside of Sabrina Keyu - Part 1

Sabi looked over at her husband sitting next to her and snoring gently and smiled at him, he looked so cute ******** the ***** of an innocent man taking his wife on a well-deserved vacation to Australia, a place she had always wanted to visit. Her ****** had agreed to look after the ******** and they deserved this. She had been teasing him earlier in the flight about who got most enjoyment out of sex, he had insisted that it was men, as a reward for being the ones who did most of the work in a hot sex session. Sabi had however closed down the argument by asking him to scratch one of his ears with a little finger, intrigued at her request he did so, whereupon she asked which received the most sensation, his finger or his ear... Paul snorted, then smiled at his wife. "Well with a cock like mine you're bound to believe it's your pussy that gets the most pleasure". With that he lay back and within minutes he was snoozing again. Sabi looked at him again, if only he knew she thought, and more to the point if only he knew how much pleasure her pussy could get any time it wanted from cocks bigger than his. At 39 years old Sabi loved her 55-year-old husband dearly, but he really was too innocent at times to believe that a beautiful younger Latina like her, with an older husband, wouldn't get hit on every time she wasn't with him.

The loving couple were well into their long flight from Houston to Sydney and Sabi was thirsty, it seemed ages since they had been served lunch and she was feeling peckish again, normally she would step outside and smoke a cigarette before the next meal to assuage her appetite, but no way could she on a flight. Instead she snaked her feet into her shoes, eased out of her seat, hitched up her short white skirt to free her legs and climbed over Paul and into the aisle making sure not to disturb him. As she glanced up towards the serving area she noticed the male cabin attendant at the food bar giving her an appreciating look before turning his gaze away as she looked at him. Sabi had beautiful tanned and toned legs and she realized that the sight of her straddling them over her husband's body must have looked pretty sexy, especially with her new pink pumps on. Sabi wasn't a tall woman and she always wore at least three-inch heels in an effort to show off her petite but curvaceous 5ft 4in frame. Paul constantly referred to her as his little flaca curvosa, only 5 feet 4 inches but with a stunning surgically augmented 36D/26/38 figure and a pretty latina face she was a real head turner; he encouraged her to dress sexily with low cut tops and short skirts or shorts, and it was a constant turn on for him, an older man, to have her on his arm when they went clubbing.

She sashayed back to the snacks bar taking care not to bump into the other travellers, there was quite a space between the seats in first class and as she swayed between the seats she was aware of her breasts swinging to and fro in her pink low-cut boob tube, and the renewed furtive glances from the cabin attendant. As she got to the bar he turned fully toward her and waved to the snacks table. "What can I get for you madam, we have some tasty exotic sandwiches here, and fresh fruit salads, as well as a full selection of sweets and desserts." Sabi chose a sandwich and salad and the attendant set it up on serving tray and looked Sabi in the eye.

"Would madam like something to *****, a glass of champagne perhaps, or maybe something stronger, for one of our first-class clients I will do anything to please you."

Sabi immediately knew what he was getting at, and he was the type of guy she would usually go for, young, fit and obviously vigorous, she had been inducted in the mile-high club by just such a guy on a girlie weekend New York shopping trip with her friend Marshi just before Xmas last year. Not this time girl she thought. "You could bring me a spring water." She replied That's all I want right now."

"Very well madam, I'll bring it to your seat."

The plane entered a short period of turbulence and Sabi almost fell on the way back to her seat, the flight attendant rushed forward and caught her by the arm just in time, and he held her by the waist briefly as she regained her balance. He was so close he could smell her perfume and as he ushered her back to her seat he felt his cock growing in its brainless and ultimately fruitless anticipation of sex. As she approached Paul, awake now, looked up and left his seat to allow Sabi past, she turned and thanked the attendant for helping her, noticing immediately the unseemly bulge in his pants that he was unable to control, she smiled at him and winked. "Thanks so much, I would have fallen back there without your help. My husband will take over from here, he can handle all my needs right now."

The flight attendant blushed and backed off as Paul turned away from him and ushered Sabi to her seat, he gave Paul's back a jealous look as he himself turned to go back to pick up Sabi's snack tray. While he went back for the tray Sabi adjusted her boob tube down until it almost showed her nipples, and when he returned she deliberately leaned forward as he handed her her tray to give him a perfect view of her big tanned breasts. "I'll teach him" she thought, "see but no touchee!"

Later that flight in the toilet the attendant jerked off while sitting on the seat imagining what it would have been like to have that teasing bitch impaled on his thrusting cock while he kissed and sucked her tits... His cum almost hit the roof when he finally reached release.

"This is beautiful honey" murmured Sabi in post-coital bliss as she and Paul sat in the big hotel sofa looking out of the terrace window with a picture view of Sydney Harbour. "I love you Paul, and your cock was so hard just now, I had three orgasms!" The couple had checked in and made love on the sofa even before unpacking. They had both been tired but also excited, and they had a ritual of 'taking ownership' of their hotel rooms by fucking in them as soon as they arrived. Sabi had shuddered when Paul entered her, his cock was so big and hard, and as she bucked her pussy against him with each thrust she pretended it was the flight attendant who was sliding a big cock in and out of her, she closed her eyes and imagined it was his body grinding away between her legs and filling her pussy with sperm... Funnily enough that was what Paul was imagining too as his cock slithered in and out of her hot slippery vagina.

They had been in Sydney three days and they had been having a great time seeing the city, eating out and dancing the night away each evening. The sex had been great and Paul had enjoyed showing his wife off at each opportunity possible. They decided day four would be a beach day and Sabi asked if she could try paragliding.

The paragliding school was run by a typically Aussie team of tanned Adonis' who ogled Sabi as she took off her sarong and exposed her almost there liquid gold bikini that left little to the imagination. They almost fought to be the one who strapped her into the harness, with the winning hunk taking his time in feeding the harness around her bubble butt and checking the upper lines, all the while brushing his hands over her ample breasts, Sabi was lapping the attention up, and Paul was enjoying the show knowing that this woman would be making love to him again that night. What they didn't see was the guy loosening Sabi's bikini top and clipping it to the para lines so that it would pull off as soon as the boat took off.

Once in position with Sabi on the launch platform the boat lurched forward and Sabi's bikini top was snatched off with her breasts now in full view, she couldn't care at all, and she rose to the sky whooping and laughing with glee. The boat did two quick circuits of the launch area and then headed out into the bay, Sabi's legs were dangling in the harness and her tits jiggling about like a couple of water-filled balloons, the guys on the boat couldn't keep her eyes off her, neither could Paul nor the driver. Suddenly a shout from came from one of the team for the driver to lookout, the shout came too late and the boat rammed into a half-submerged log. The boat tripped over the log and the engine screamed as the propeller was sheared off. Sabi started to drop and looked down to see the boat stopped and in disarray, not a great swimmer she screamed for help as she panicked. The parachute billowed above her and she hit the water with no harm done. Then disaster, the parachute fell on her and she became entangled on the para lines, she fought with the lines as she tried to work free, getting weaker and weaker, then she lost the battle and started to sink.

The boat team watched the mess ensue as they frantically mounted the auxiliary outboard to get back to Sabi, in the meantime Paul dove into the water and swam with all his might to the parachute. Paul got to the parachute just as the boat team got the motor started, he heard the motor start up as he searched under the parachute for his wife. He saw her under the water, obviously drowned and dove down to her, loosed the harness and dragged her to the surface. He saw the boat and waved, and the driver turned towards him, the team caught hold of Sabi's arms and dragged her aboard and immediately started their resuscitation drills. Paul was still in the water and he swam toward the transom swim platform as the boat team milled around the cockpit as they tried to revive Sabi. Just as Paul was half out of the water one of the team fell onto the outboard control and the boat surged forward and Paul was dragged screaming onto the propeller.

Paul's eyes opened slowly to the sight of a multitude of tubes running to his body, his body was hurting all over and his mind was a blur. The pain increased and he moaned out loud as a spasm hit him, he vaguely heard a voice say something about coma then he felt a pumping sensation in his arm and he passed into blessed oblivion once more.


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The Flipside of Sabrina Keyu - Part 2

Doctor Bailey looked down at the woman on the bed in front of him. Sabi lay there with a sheet covering her body looking for all intents and purposes like a ******** beauty. "Goodness but isn't she beautiful, such a tragedy to take the life from her, but what can we do?" He turned to his colleague by his side, a woman in her twenties, but already the recognized world expert on Biological Artificial Intelligence.

Doctor Lee just shook her head. "I don't know... What I do know is that she and her husband suffered a terrible tragedy, and that her family, especially her three ********, need her more now than ever. I also know that her husband knew he was risking his life when he jumped in the water and tried to save her, for him alone we should explore all options. It was not his fault that some cowboy paragliding company were responsible for his wife's brain death and his devastating injuries. How is he now? I heard he came out of the coma."

Dr Bailey looked at his feet. "Not good Doctor Lee, if we switch the life support off he will die within minutes. He lost both legs and the best part of his torso had to be surgically removed, his heart liver and lungs will fail almost immediately, and the prognosis is that there is no way to keep him alive. There's a functioning brain in there, true, but without ******** even that would fail due to the total body trauma. I know what you want to do Doctor Lee, but think of the ethics, putting a man's memories, his total life really, into his wife's brain so that we can save one body sounds great, logical really, but the psychological trauma might tip him, or should I say her, over the the edge. As well as that it's never been successfully done before, you're having proved it on your chimps does not make it suitable for humans."

Dr Lee demurred " Bruce, we have already spent two months coming to this decision point, it can be done, I know it and you know it. My foundation has been paid billions of dollars to develop this to save lives... We know we can capture all of Paul Keyu's brain content and upload it to our foundation's Cray, and we know we can access Sabrina Keyu's brain to implant memories, extra functions etcetera, so why not give it a try. Think of the ********, they need at least one parent, think of the money, the pensions lost and the ******** impoverished. We'll do all we can ease the man's concerns, with luck and with psychological support he'll understand., AND, he'll have a life!"

"OK Doctor Lee, if we both sign the release and the board gives final approval we'll proceed."

"Thank God Doctor Bailey, I'll get my BAI team to get the Cray ready immediately, I'll organize board approval myself, and we'll get the show on the road."

Once again Paul's eyes opened slowly, there was a memory of pain, but that had gone now, he could feel his body now, but somehow different. He could smell the hospital smell but he could see no tubes connected to his body, with a sigh of relief he realized he would live, still groggy and he dozed off again.

"WHAT THE FUCK" screamed Paul as he woke for a second time, the tranquillizer had worn off by then and he now KNEW his body was wrong, he thought he was going mad. He had run his, now small, hands over his body, feeling breasts and no penis, only some strange hole between his legs. He knew he must be dreaming, but it was so real.

"Calm down" said Doctor Lee some hours later. "We had to tranquillise you again, we expected trauma when you first woke up, but we did not anticipate such a violent reaction. I know we have you strapped down this time, but that's for your own good, believe me. Let me explain."

"Oh My God, what have you done? I remember the accident and nothing else, where is my wife, what have you done with her?"

Doctor Lee spent that day and many more with Paul, bringing him up to speed with the procedure he and his wife had undergone. Slowly slowly he had taken it all in and come to realise the logic of it all, especially the kids still having their mom to look after them. They discussed in length whether or not to tell his family what had been done to them, Doctor Lee brought psychological help to bear, and at last Paul felt comfortable to resume life, but not as himself, as his wife Sabi. They had a brief setback when his wife's body started to ***** between his legs, he knew straight away it was a normal thing for a woman's body, but it seemed so strange. Perhaps the strangest feeling was when Doctor Lee showed him how to use a tampon, it seemed to him, with his man's brain, somehow erotic. Up until now he had avoided touching himself in that area, but once found and tampered with it he felt urged to play with it and was soon experiencing very strange and different pleasures. Up until now Paul had been confined to his bed, waited on hand and foot. Doctor Lee now said it was time for him to get on his feet and start physiotherapy.

"Including the time you and your wife were in induced comas and for the past three weeks after you woke up, it's more than six months since you were on your feet, you have to realize that it will take time for your body to recover it's muscle strength, and also for you brain to get used to a weaker type of body with very different balance."

Paul took Doctor Lee's hand, stood up, and would have fell forward if Doctor Lee had not caught her, the unaccustomed weight on her chest took her completely by surprise.

Doctor Lee held the woman in front of her until she learned to balance properly. "We did notice that Sabi had silicone implants Paul, she must have gone from a 34B to a 36D, that's a lot of extra weight to carry, if you wish we can surgically remove all implants, it's your decision."

"Not right now" said Paul "It would confuse our kids even more and besides, it was Sabrina who wanted the procedures done when we were living in Brasil, and it's come to be part of her now. No, I'll just have to get used to them."

Three months later Paul/Sabi was ready for release. "Now listen to me" Doctor Lee said "There are some things you must remember as a woman, let me go over them again.

Firstly, act like a lady. Men can be very misogynistic, especially with a pretty lady like Sabi. Don't be alarmed, and don't punch them out, handle them correctly but don't let them take advantage of you.

Secondly get used to men looking at you, they all do!

Thirdly as you get used to your body you will start to feel more comfortable in Sabi's skin, you may even want to experiment. We saw that Sabi had been taking contraceptive pills, up to the time of the accident. For goodness sake do not have unprotected sex, Sabi's body is beautiful and very fertile, take precautions if you ever decide to have sex with a man, I know the thought disgusts you right now, but you never know how things may change. Also, be aware that protected sex protects from disease as well as pregnancy."

With this Doctor Lee leaned forward and kissed Sabi's cheek. "You are a brave man Paul, take care of both yourself and Sabi, and try your hardest to enjoy life, you have my number, call me anytime if you have any problems or just wish to talk to one who knows."

As Sabi walked towards the taxi Paul's brain was working in overdrive 'Sabi on the pill!' Paul had a vasectomy seven years earlier, after the birth of their last *****, why on earth would she be taking contraceptive pills? "****" said Paul to himself, I need to get over this and think of myself as Sabi, the doctors probably just made a mistake. Be Sabi. Be Sabi. Be Sabi." he kept telling himself. As Sabi got to the car, the driver jumped out of his seat and rushed to open the door for her, Sabi's clothes were those she had brought with her and the summer dress she was wearing was revealing plenty of tits and legs, he seldom had rides so sexily attractive. Sabi stepped into the back seat and realized that what Doctor Lee had told her was true, men would fall over themselves to get close to her. In the past Sabi always had Paul to protect her against unwarranted contact, but with Paul only in her head those days were now gone, she needed to take more care or use it to her advantage.

Sabi's mom and the kids were waiting at the airport when Sabi arrived back at Houston, they hadn't seen their mom for almost a year, and they knew dad wasn't ever coming home again, so the meeting was both sad and joyful. After hugs and kisses all round they headed for home in Sugarland. Sabi's ****** had loads of questions but Sabi shut her down pleading that she was jet-lagged and that all she wanted right now was to go to bed and get some *****.

The next day Sabi's ****** woke her with breakfast in bed and sat down beside her. "Sabrina dear, I'm your mom, I know you've gone through hell, but now your home things will get better, you'll see. You seem very different now, but that's to be expected, after what you've gone through it's not surprising, you seem somehow more mellow now, you're acting more mature and not shouting and moaning so much and that's really nice for the ********."

"Mom" said Sabi, "I am different, in many ways. I have a different perspective on life now, and though I miss Paul I know he'll always be with us. I was wondering though if you and dad could look after the ******** a little longer to allow me to re-adjust. They've been staying with you in San Antonio for seven months now, would it be possible to keep them until the end of the school year, then we can all have a fresh start?"

Sabi's mom agreed instantly, she had already been worried that her ******** might need time to herself to come to terms with her loss. "First thing though Sabi, is for all of us to attend Paul's memorial service that myself and your ****** organized. It will be at St John's on Friday and both family and friends will be there."

The service went well and everyone commiserated Sabi on her loss, never thinking that Paul might still be part of her. Her friend Marshi came to the service and pulled her to one side to ask if she could come over to visit sometime soon. Paul had always been a little wary of Marshi, considering her a bad influence. She was recently divorced by one of his friends for being caught fucking some guy in his car right outside her and his friend's home and he had tried to stop her and Sabi going out on regular girlie nights each Friday but relented after Sabi begging him to trust her. "Come over next Monday Marshi, I'll be alone at home by that time."

More tears as Sabi's parents and the kids drove off then back to the house alone at last.

Paul's brain had figured out by now that his wife may have been more of a party girl that he had realized. Her dressing table and closet had always been sort of off-limits to him, he had respected that and had always considered that it was because of woman things such as periods, special clothes etcetera that warranted it. Well Paul was Sabi now he thought, no nothing was off-limits any more.

Searching her closet was an eye-opener, Sabi had always dressed sexily, but some of the outfits at the back of her closet were positively slutty, some stockings and garter-belts he had never seen before, slutty basques, some skirts that could have been mistaken for belts, some leather gear too, and to top it all a couple of half-cup bras with matching split-crotch panties. This was a side of Sabi that Paul had never seen. Sabi rooted through the drawers of her dressing table and found pushed to the back a couple of courses of contraceptive pills and two packs of condoms, one regular and one magnum. Further searching discovered three vibrators, one of them was a giant black thing complete with balls and a suction cup, it was obvious by now that Sabi had been keeping her married pussy well exercised both at home with her collection of dildos, and maybe even on her girlie ********** at Marshi's with whoever might have plundered it through her split-crotch panties. In the corner also was Sabi's washing basket where she found some dirty panties, the sexy ones she must have worn on her girlie nights were all stained with dried on white stuff that looked very much like dry sperm. 'Well fuck me' thought Paul's brain, Sabi's been getting laid every time she went out with her girlfriends! The brain felt a stimulus not felt when it was in a man's body, a sort of itchy emptiness between its legs, as Sabi's hand reached down to her pussy it felt hot and sticky, and curiously empty. It was dripping pussy juice and the brain didn't know if it was he who had caused this or Sabi's body.

Sabi sat on the bed and almost automatically reached over to one of the dildos, pulling her panties to one side she impaled herself and started to frantically fuck her pussy with the dildo with one hand while frigging her clitoris with the other, brain was out of the picture and Sabi's body convulsed with each trust of the dildo. She intuitively found the on/off switch and it started to vibrate mightily until her body froze, then convulsed again as she orgasmed, the first female orgasm for Paul, but only one of thousands in the past for Sabi. She lay back with a feeling of both horror and satisfaction as she slid the six inches of still vibrating latex cock from her pussy and switched it off. Paul's brain registered that for some strange reason he just craved for a cigarette to help him relax. Paul had never smoked and he thought Sabi had stopped when they got married, but here was another craving new to him. Rooting round the closet Sabi found an evening purse she often used and inside it she found a couple of loose condoms, some lipstick and eye make-up a lighter, and thankfully an opened pack of Eve 120 Lights, she took one out and lit it, immediately feeling the calm hit it gave her. Wow thought Paul's brain, I'd better just relax, give up fighting this, and accept that it may not be a bad thing to be Sabi. "Ok, I'm Sabi, I smoke and I fuck men, I'm Sabi I smoke and I fuck men, I'm Sabi, I smoke and I fuck men." In a sort of trance Paul's brain repeated the tantra over and over until he fell asleep there on the bed.

Marshi rang the bell, she had waited all weekend to come over to see Sabi, and she was worried about her friend, she knew all about Sabi's marital indiscretions, heck she and Sabi had fucked a couple of young football players together on the same bed in the St Regis on the weekend before Sabi and Paul's vacation. The two young studs were insatiable for their sexy MILF's pussy's and had swapped partners a few times through the night of the hours long fuck session. She also knew however just how much Sabi had loved Paul, bless his soul, he was a lovely man but not enough to satisfy Sabi sexually. Sabi has a sex-drive even stronger than her own and when they had their girlie nights it was just like their pussies were two bestial mouths that needed to be fed big hard cock. What the hell is keeping Sabi she thought, it feels like I've been waiting at this door forever.

Sabi answered the door wearing a dressing gown with her hair wrapped up in a towel. "Come in Marshi, it's so good to see you again, I've been thinking about us all day, you're my oldest BFF and I really want to catch up."

Marshi heaved a sigh of relief and walked in. "Oh Sabi, I've been worried about you for months, not knowing how you were recovering, not knowing if you'd change and thinking that I may lose my Best Friend Forever, my faithful partner in crime. Tell me all your story Sabi, and anything I can do to help you readjust after Paul's death."

Marshi moved in and gave Sabi a close hug, their breasts squashing together as she held her head in her hands. "I missed you so much Sabi, I hope we can stay friends forever, life has been boring without you."

Sabi stood back a moment and Paul looked at Marshi through her eyes and realized that he liked what he saw, he had always had a thing for Marshi, and regretted now that he had never got to know her better. Sabi needed a close friend to pull him/her into the new real world, and who better than Marshi.

The two women talked away for hours, with Marshi reminiscing about their good times together and their various romantic dalliances with their numerous conquests. "Sabi" she said after a while "If after Paul's death you don't want to mess around anymore, I'll understand."

Sabi looked Marshi in the eye. "Marshi, you're my best friend and I know you mean me well, so let's go out together this Friday and see whether or not I'm still the same fun-loving woman I was. I have an appointment on Thursday for a total makeover, and I'm also going to dye my hair blonde, Paul always said he liked blondes so I'll get it done in honour of him."

The women talked deep into the night as Paul learned just what a slutty little wife he had married, he had always loved Sabi to flirt, they had even done the together but separate routine in a bar a couple of times and he had been so excited when she had been felt up in front of him, knowing it was he who would be fucking his own wife those nights. Little did he know that Sabi had taken their mobile numbers each time and that Paul's fucking session was followed by one of her own with the strangers the next day when Paul was at work. They wrapped up their chat after midnight, and Marshi slept over in the second bedroom.


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The Flipside of Sabrina Keyu - Part 3

Thursday... Sabi looked like a model as she left the beauty parlour, she swung her new long blonde hair around her head and sauntered over to where she was meeting Marshi for a coffee. "Wow Sabi, good job done" said Marshi as she appraised her friend's new blonde hair, and deep purple long manicured nails. "Methinks some hunk is going to be a very lucky man tomorrow night!

Marshi brought her party clothes over the next day, and they helped each other dress and make-up. Sabi stood in front of the mirror and asked Marshi for help with applying her makeup, truth was that with Paul's brain not being practised at this job, she feared the result. Marshi made her up sort of slutty bimboish, with purple eye shadow, heavy eyeliner and dark pink lipstick. Sabi slipped a pair of gold lame split crotch panties and chose a heavy gold coloured top that opened up as she leaned forward, clearly showing off her firm big boobs and nipples, she matched this with a black mini-skirt with a slit up the side and black stay-up stockings finally she slipped her feet into a pair of black five-inch platform fuck-me-pumps. Marshi chose a blue dress in shiny lycra, with a deep décolletage and a slit up the side almost to her waist, she coupled this with a pair of blue four-inch pumps and did final touches to her face before the taxi they had ordered sounded his horn outside. The ladies picked up their purses and headed out.

"Could you stop at the Walgreens up ahead," chirped Marshi to the taxi driver. She was so excited about her first clubbing night with Sabi after so long that she had forgotten a few of the usual girlie night essentials. "We'll only be a few minutes so just keep the meter running." The ladies went in the shop, Sabi following Marshi and looking a little confused. "OK Sabi, we'll buy two six-packs as usual, one regular and one magnum, and we can split them between us. Do you want peppermint or spearmint mouth freshener girlfriend?" Sabi looked confused. "No matter I'll get both." Sabi still looked confused as she turned to face Marshi. "Oh, **** Sabi, I didn't think... You don't need to worry anymore about going home to Paul with your breath smelling of cigarettes, cock, and fresh cum. I'm so sorry Sabi."

"Don't worry Marshi" said Sabi "I may not even hook up with anyone tonight anyway."

Marshi looked sceptical. "Sabi, you ALWAYS hook up with someone, come-on girlfriend, you know that we girls call you our cock-magnet, you have a 100% success rating! I know things are different now, but once you have a couple of tequila shots inside you, you always loosen up."

The girls walked up to the sales counter to pay for their things, Marshi put the condoms and freshener on the counter in front of the sales clerk. "Hi, could you give me a of pack of Eve 120s and a pack of Virginia Slims."

The sales clerk was only 18 years old, his eyes had been following the women all around the store, he figured they must be strippers or lap-dancers from one of the local mens clubs. It was only when they approached the counter that he saw they were mature ladies rather than girls, and when Sabi bent down to look at the cigarettes he put on the counter her top fell forward and he was treated to a view of the sort of big MILF tits that he jerked off to each night. Sabi saw him gulp and looked up, licked her lips, and gave him a smile. "Thank you, you have a nice night."

"You too ma'am." Said the clerk, now mesmerised by Sabi.

"Oh, we intend to." Said Sabi as the ladies walked to the door and out to the taxi, with Sabi swaying her hips to give the boy a show.

Once in the taxi Marshi broke open the packs of condoms and handed Sabi three of each, as well as a packet of breath fresheners and the pack of Eves. "Marshi, I don't smoke much these days you know, I don't think I'll need these."

"Come on Sabi, it's a ritual... Some of our best conquests have been made in club smoking areas, it's quieter there and somehow more intimate, it's you who first called it smirting! Take them anyway."

Sabi slipped the things into her purse, not intending to use them, but not wishing to spoil Marshi's night.

The taxi pulled up at the Club and the ladies entered, the music was hot loud and Latin and there were already a lot of people on the dance floor. They went straight to the bar and Marshi ordered four Tequila shots and handed two to Sabi. "Down the hatch girlfriend, let's let lubed up to party."

Sabi swallowed the first shot in one, her brain being used to taking shots like this with ease when it used to inhabit Paul's body. She felt the kick immediately, but still clinked glasses with Marshi and downed the second one straight after. Marshi ordered a couple of Cosmos then, and as the barmaid was mixing them she stepped back, feeling whoosy already, truth was that with a body that had been ******* free for so long the effect of the shots was greatly intensified. Marshi handed her the Cosmo. "Welcome home Sabi, it's so much fun to have you back." She could see Sabi was already a little unsteady on her high heels and she took her by the hand. "Let's find a table gather our thoughts then we can flirt, tease a few guys, and dance the night away. I'll bet we don't have to pay for another ***** the whole night."

The girls were hit on almost straight away by a couple of young hunks who asked to sit at their table. "Hi, I'm Trey and this is Jon, mind if we join you?"

"Sure" said Marshi as she moved around the booth to let Jon sit beside her. Trey sat by Sabi and soon they were chatting, with heads so close together they could smell each other breath, scent, and aftershave. Trey's body moved closer to Sabi, he was much taller than her, and could hardly drag his eyes away from her boobs, clearly displayed behind the open top of her blouse. Trey moved his mouth toward Sabi's ear and whispered "Honey, you look fantastic, if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" He gently kissed her ear and put his big hand on her stockinged thigh. "Me and my friend here are with the The Knicks, we're playing the Rockets this week and we sure are impressed by the Houston night scene, especially the ladies." As he talked he stroked Sabi's thigh, getting higher and higher each time. Sabi glanced across at Marshi and saw that she was already in a deep kiss with Jon, and squirming in her seat, then Sabi saw Jon's hand snaking and shaking its way through the slit in her dress to between her thighs. Sabi knew that she wasn't wearing panties and it was obvious that his fingers had found her pussy and he was playing with her clit.

Paul's brain was reeling. He could feel Sabi's nipples hardening and her pussy becoming wet. He had fully expected Sabi's body to be used by some guy tonight, but he never thought she would be turned on by a black guy, no matter how handsome and athletic he might be, he didn't think of himself as racist, but this was his wife he was in control of, and this was a taboo too far.

Sabi pulled away "What kind of woman do you think I am! Please take your hand off my leg and leave the table or I'll call security." Trey pulled back immediately, and Marshi and Jon uncoupled and looked over the table with astonished expressions.

"I'm sorry ma'am said Trey, I got carried away, please excuse me." With that apology he left the table followed quickly by Jon, who gave Marshi a pained grin, and Sabi a deep stare, he also walked away with a shake of his head.

"Sabi, what the fuck was that, those boys were hot, young, and probably hung, just the way you have always liked them, please don't tell me it was because they were black! Hell Sabi, you love black cock, it was you who persuaded me to try it, years ago now. I remember you telling me about the beautiful contrapuntal sight of black cock sliding in and out of white pussy."

'****' thought Paul's brain. "No Marshi, it wasn't that, it's just that it's too soon after Paul, and I still think of us being together, and I miss being part of a two-person team, I mean he feels like a part of me now. God, I need a smoke, I've promised myself to give up, but I need one right now." The girls picked up their *****s and moved to the smoking area, they found a table there in a quiet corner. "Sorry Marshi, I was too reactive, I promise to be a good girl for the rest of the night."

Sabi reached into her bag and broke open her pack of cigarettes, as she put one up to her lips a lighter clicked in front of her and moved to her cigarette. "Please allow me" a man's voice said. Sabi turned to look at the man as she inhaled the soothing smoke to her lungs. She saw it was a guy she recognised, about her age and quite a hunk. "Hi, Mrs Keyu, I came over to offer my condolences, you probably don't remember me, I'm Dan, my ****** is Sam Dent, he and your husband worked together. I knew you from the Christmas Dinner party we held a couple of years ago at my pop's home."

"Of course I remember you Dan, and thanks for the condolences. This is Marshi, she's taking me out on my first foray in the real world tonight." Dan nodded at Marshi and took in her looks and her attire 'what a beautiful couple of women' he thought. Dan lit Marshi's cigarette as well as his own, and they chatted about the accident and Sabi's recovery.

As they were chatting Jon showed up at their table. "Mind if I join you? I was just getting to know Marshi here when we left the table. Trey's stormed out of the club in a strange mood, I've never seen him so upset, but then I've never seen him brushed off like that either. But hey, good for you Sabi, you didn't give him the come-on so he got what he deserved."

Marshi and Jon went off to dance, and Sabi and Dan continued chatting. Dan told Sabi about his time at medical school, and his new job in the Medical District. "First really good job Sabi, after leaving medical school at 29, doing four years as an intern and another three as a junior, 36 and only just starting real work now, long time to wait before earning real money."

"Better than me anyway" said Sabi, "Straight out of High school in Caracas, Venezuela, and a doomed relationship with one of my university professors, then my first baby at the age of 20 and dropped out. We married and had a second baby, but we split up when I was 31, then I met Paul and we married a few months later, third baby at 32 and moved here when Paul got re-assigned to the US. Story of my life... Broken education and having babies, and 39 years old now, and a widow."

Sabi felt an affinity with Dan, and they were soon laughing together talking about past adventures and their families. Dan looked Sabi in the eyes. "Golly but you are fun to be with Sabi, and so so beautiful, I fell for you years ago when I was still at medical school. Look, I know I'm younger than you, but there's no way you look your age anyway, would you dance with me please." Sabi smiled, stood up, and took his hand. They danced the night away together, and towards the end Dan kissed her full on the mouth, she pulled away, Paul's brain instantly reacting, he tried to apologise but she pulled his head to hers, the shock over, and gave him a deep lingering kiss and their tongues entwined. As the song finished they left the floor hand in hand and returned to the booth they were sharing with Marshi and Jon.

"Oh Sabi" cried Marshi as she saw them come to the booth. "You two look so good together, I'm so glad you're having a good time. Jon and I are leaving soon and we can drop you off on the way, back to the St Regis, Jon has a suite there and I'll be staying the rest of the week there with him, and guess what, he's going to get us court-side seats for the game."

"I'll be OK Marshi, I'm sure Dan will take me back home." Dan was nodding and smiling like an Indian waiter. "And I'm sure he'll be a perfect escort and tuck me up into bed tonight." Sabi leaned towards Marshi and whispered in her ear, "After he's fucked my brains out that is." They both giggled.

Dan was all over Sabi in the back seat of the taxi on the way home, his hands found their way up her top and he massaged those beautiful firm breasts with their big dark Latina nipples until they stood out like doorknobs, their lips locked together with their tongues exploring each others mouths. Sabi moaned in ecstasy and stroked his erect cock through his chinos. They arrived at Sabi's home and she took Dan's hand and led him inside, not caring what the neighbours might think.

Sabi continued to hold his hand as she led him into her home and up to the master bedroom. She turned to Dan and smiled. "Dan, you are the only man other than Paul that I've ever asked to fuck me in my marital bed. Oh, take me Dan, I want to feel your arms around me, I want to taste every part of you, and my pussy is aching for your cock to pound it."

Dan kissed her gently and undid the clasp of her top, pulling it smoothly over her head, he gasped as her magnificent breasts came into view and bent down to kiss each nipple in turn, sucking them to further engorgement. He undid her skirt clasp and as it dropped to the floor he saw for the first time her butterfly design split crotch panties. He held her at arms length and took in the beauty before him, now dressed in only heels, stockings and panties with her labial lips showing through the split. "Sabi, you are a magnificent woman, will you do something for me?"

Sabi nodded her head "Anything Dan, anything at all."

"I want to make love to you dressed just like this, like a pornographic fantasy, can I do that."

"Dan, I meant what I said, you can do anything you want with me tonight."

Dan kissed her again and pushed her down on her hunkers until her head was at his crotch height, then he unbuttoned his shirt at the same time as Sabi unzipped his pants, unclasped them and dropped them to the floor, she then pulled down his boxer shorts and set loose his big hard cock. Paul kicked off his shoes and kicked out of his trousers and shorts as Sabi kissed his cock down to his balls and took each ball in her mouth and sucked and kissed them. Dan was whimpering with pleasure as she kissed back up his cock and took the head full in her mouth, closing her painted lips around the shaft and taking it directly balls deep into her throat. Both Dan and Paul's brain couldn't believe the ease with which Sabi could deep throat a big cock, she had never done this with Paul. Sabi's head bobbed back and forth as Dans cock slid gently in and out of her mouth. After a few minutes of cocksucking she let it plop out of her mouth and turned her head to Dan. "Fuck me Dan, I've not been fucked for so long that it hurts... No making love tonight my lover, my pussy needs a raw hard fucking.

Sabi reached to her purse on the bed, opened a condom, and stretched it over the head of Paul's cock, she took his cock in her mouth again and used her lips to unroll the condom down his cock. Dan pulled Sabi to her feet and eased her onto her marital bed, she shuffled up to the pillows and he parted her legs and kissed her pussy, it was sopping wet with pussy joice and he lapped some up before moving up and kissing her full on the lips, the cock and pussy juices combined in their mouths and Dan moved his body until his cock was just at the entrance to Sabi's pussy lips. Sabi's body reacted automatically as she pushed her pussy onto Dans cock, taking it all the way in, both Paul and Sabi gasped, this was like nothing Paul had ever experienced before. Sabi's body bucked against Dan, sliding his cock in and out of her hot wet fuck-hole until he found his rhythm and started to vigorously pound her pussy through her split crotch panties. Sabi opened her legs wider and gripped Dan's ass with her taloned fingers, pulling him into her as deep as possible with her stockinged legs and heels waving in the air above his thrusting body. The couple were ideally matched, the sexy hot MILF and the hot younger stud with his bucking ass gyrating against her body and his cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. Eventually Sabi's body spasmed and she cried out with ecstasy as Dan shot his cum deep into her, her pussy convulsed as her own orgasm coursed through her body, draining every drop of cum from Dan's cock.

Exhausted and replete, Dan rolled off Sabi and she put her head on the crook of his neck as they wallowed in post-coital warmth and satisfaction. Paul's brain was happy now, for both himself and for Sabi. His mind went back to what she had said on the plane about fingers scratching ears... At last he understood.


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Nice ones here

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4th x


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Most anything by Ed Langston The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!

I particularly like:
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Or [********************************************************************* ******** Kay[/url]

I particularly like:
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I love gloryholes and cock cages.


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