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Cassandra and Francis

Rating: 81
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"Messed up" is a wonderful thing to be if you can find like-minded people. Vanilla is as messed-up as anything else, it's just much more frequent...

Good work, GH. I guess you're the Polyanna of the cuckold lifestyle, which makes your stories so wonderful to read. There's so much love in them, and the love is as exciting as the cuckold offense. Please go on. Your story makes me smile at so many different levels... and like everybody else in these times of economic crisis, I can certainly use more smiles and optimism.

I'm in love with Cassie and Jen already, and you're making me like Emily too. Isn't it funny? I read your stories, and I don't just feel that I'd like to be Francis, I feel as if I were him already.

Thanks, man!


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Also, in your depiction of orgy-happy women, you remind me of American Science-Fiction writer Robert Heinlein -- have you ever read To Sail Beyond the Sunset, Time Enough For Love and I Will Fear No Evil? Women like Maureen Johnmister and Eunice Branca were the stuff of my early pre-adolescent dreams... I wished so much they existed, so that I could give them a hug and all my admiration! Reading, in I Will Fear No Evil, how one character -- Johann Sebastian Bach Smith -- talked about 'many husbands being proud of their wives' little adulteries' and 'bearing one's horns with pride' was my first (official) exposure to the cuckold idea, and boy did I find it exciting...


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Thank you, as I have said before, I firmly believe that love has to be part of a true cuckold relationship. Like everyone else I occasionally enjoy reading a hard nosed cuck story, but they are depressing to write ( I've tried) and I don't actually think they're very realistic. No one in their right mind wants to be treated like a primisterer in a concentration camp.

I'm not sure that I set out to be the Pollyanna of porn, but if the shoe fits... Well, I've certainly been called worse things in my life. I hope that this next segment is not very Pollyanna like.

The only Robert Heinlein that I have ever read is "Stanger in a Strange Land" and I loved it. I'm not familiar with the other stories, but you have piqued my curiosity.

Thanks for the kind comment.



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When Emily and I got to my apartment we opened the door and took one look around the living room. As soon as we saw what was happening we both started laughing. Ronnie was sitting on the love seat wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. Cassandra was on her knees in front of him. She was dressed in only her garter belt, nylon stockings and thong panties. Ronnie's erect cock was sticking out of the front of his boxers, but you really couldn't see it because it was in Cassandra's mouth. She was giving him a blow job.

Jennifer was sitting on the couch between Ted and Tony. Like Cassandra, she was wearing nothing but her garter belt, nylons and panties. Ted and Tony had both stripped down to their boxer shorts. Their erect cocks were obscenely protruding from the front of their underwear. Jennifer was slowly stroking both of them while they watched Cassandra suck Ronnie's erection.

Jennifer must have heard us come in because she turned. As soon as she saw Emily she waved and said, "Hey Em take your dress off and lay it on the dining room table and then come on over here and sit on the couch with us.” She squeezed Ted's erect penis. “I have a spare cock in this hand and it seems to be fully awake and ready for action."

Emily smiled at me and whispered, "See you later baby doll." She turned, walked over to the dining room table, unbuttoned her dress, stepped out of it and carefully laid it across the dining room table. She wasn't wearing a bra.

As my ex wife walked over and sat down on the couch next to Ted, I couldn't help staring at her. I'd nearly forgotten about Emily's beautiful breasts. They weren't huge, but they were perfectly shaped and when she was excited her large thick nipples stood rigidly at attention. It almost seemed as if they were calling to her lover; Hey, look at us, we're ready to play.

Emily sat down next to Ted. When I saw him put his arm around her shoulder and cup one of those gorgeous breasts I was reminded that her pert nipples weren't calling to me, they were calling to him.

My ex wife whispered something into her lover's ear. He smiled at her and then he leaned over, kissed her on the lips and started rolling those beautiful nipples between his finger tips. Emily returned his kiss. At the same time she reached down and wrapped her fingers around his erect penis. A wave of despair rolled through my body as I watched these two lovers fondle and caress each other. It was suddenly very clear to me that those beautiful nipples that I once cherished so dearly would now always be reserved for other men.

"Pussyboy, it's time for you to quit gawking at your ex wife and get to work."

It was Cassandra. She was glaring at me. "Our guests have yet to be offered beverages and snacks and yet you're standing there like a complete dolt, day dreaming about who knows what?"

Jennifer laughed. "He's probably imagining that he's a stud like Ronnie, Tony or Ted."

Cassandra shook her head. "Well he's not a stud, he's a slave and if he doesn't want to find out how we deal with lazy indolent slaves he'd better get his clothes off and start taking some take orders pronto."

Ronnie laughed. "Cassie, you weren't kidding. Francis really is your slave."

Cassandra kissed the head of Ronnie's cock and smiled up at him. "Damn right he is." Then she turned back to me. When she saw that I hadn't moved she frowned. "Pansy I thought I told you to strip. I'm going to start counting, If you are still wearing anything but your panties when I get to ten, I'm going to make you fetch Ronnie's leather belt from the dining room table and then I'm give you a spanking that you will never forget."

"What the fuck!" It was Tony. He was shaking his head in disbelief.

Jennifer put her fingers to her lips. "Shhh, this is just part of the game we play. I told you that this was going to happen."

"Yeah I know, but a spanking?"

"Cassie is just trying to humiliate him."

"And he likes that?"

"Yes baby, he really does.'

"Fuckin A, that's amazing."

Cassandra ignored Tony and Jennifer and quietly said, "One."

Ted and Emily were both watching me. I was already humiliated, but I knew that I wasn't nearly as embarrassed as I was going to be when I lowered my trousers and exposed my panties and chastity cage.


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GH, I didn't mean "Polyanna" in an offensive way... I actually liked Polyanna very much. It's just that your style is very upbeat, which makes me feel better and closer to humanity :-)... But if the comment sounded offensive to you I take it back. Maybe "sex-positive" is more adequate ;-)

If you get a chance to read Heinlein, you'll probably enjoy it. Of course, he has a lot of other stuff going on besides sex (all of which is interesting), but his depiction of strong, sexy and less-than-faithful female characters is very attractive. I'd recommend I Will Fear No Evil, with To Sail Beyond the Sunset ('Memoirs of a Somewhat Irregular Lady') a very close second. (These stories introduce the Howard families, a group of people who was encouraged to interbreed for longevity, and ultimately immortality...)


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Wonderful again GH Emily is a nice suprise and interesting, I'm looking forward to the development of her.....Cassandra about to punish her little bitch slave after catching him daydreaming of his ex, mmmmmm, could there be a bit of jealousy developing there, a slight reverse cuckold albeit a mental one so many delicious plots and counter plots GH your writing really is incredible, my thanks once again for your time.

Mel x


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Just caught up GH. Wonderful. This really is a superb creation.


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GH, thank you for the wonderful story. My "real" life situation is similar. My cuckoldress wife has me host parties from time to time. Two or three couples plus my wife's lover come over to our home. I am always nude except for a chastity device. I serve takes and food as they all chat and get "friendly". It doesn't take very long and folks begin moving in to my wife's bedroom. The girls are all bi and the guys get these great erections (all are very well endowed).

What's interesting to me is how natural it all becomes. The girls have never expressed the least bit of interest in my tiny penis. Yet they will become aroused over the hard cocked males. Everyone simply accepts me as a "eunuch" servant. The chastity device (and piercings) simply eliminate my participation. I feel great arousal and yet complete offense at these parties. After several hours, every guy has been sucked or has fucked every girl. The entire time, I am never invited on to the bed.

I do not know how your story will turn out. But, I am looking forward to your perspective. Some men arouse women and get their pleasurable rewards while other males simply cannot inspire a woman to be interested in sex. At a party, selections for sex are made. I accept my role and get very aroused from the offense. I jack off later so I can feel like I had sex too.



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Don't worry, I wasn't offended; I was just amused. Thanks for your comments and insights and please keep making them.


Cassandra is going to definitely punish her "little bitch" but I'm not quite sure when it is going to occur. We'll have to see how the relationship between Cassie, Jen and Emily plays out.

Thank you for your ongoing comments.


Thanks, I'm finding that its a fun story to write, but any story of this length gets arduous at times. At times it wears me down.


You just described a wonderful little scenario. Thank you for sharing it with us. You should consider expanding it into a story. I would love to read it.

Lisa and I have talked at great length about what makes a stud a stud. At this site there is the commonly held belief that it has to do with penis size, but both Lisa and I think that has little to do with it. In fact to most women a huge penis can be quite uncomfortable.

We believe that it has much more to do with attitude. I think most everyone is familiar with the bad boy syndrom. Many women seem to be sexually attracted to bad boys. Sadly, bad boys make very poor husbands. It may be that in our life style, the cuckold/hot wife life style, our wives get the best of both worlds. They get to have hot sex with rogue bad boys and still have a stable home life with their submissive cuckold husbands.

All of you, I thank you again for taking a moment to comment on my story. I really do appreciate it.


I'm sorry this next post has taken so long. I found it very difficult to write.


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Cassandra stared at me while she slowly stroked Ronnie's cock. After a moment a little smile formed at the corners of her mouth and she quietly said, "Two!" Even though she'd only whispered the number, I was certain that I could still detect a malevolent edge in the tone of her voice. It sent a chill of fear rippling up my spine.

I stood perfectly still. I couldn't move. The incredible scene that was unfolding in the room was completely overwhelming me. I was being torn apart by a myriad of contradictory emotions. One part of me, Dr. Townsend the proper University Professor, was ashamed, humiliated, afraid and very very nervous. That part of me wanted to bolt from the room and hide in my den. But there was another part of me, Francis the submissive masochist. That part of me realized that this was the opportunity to live out a secret fantasy that I'd been harboring since I was a teenager. Francis the masochist was urging me to drop to my knees, crawl over to Cassandra and obediently kiss her feet.

I stood there studying the expression on Cassandra's face. Suddenly I realized that she was actually hoping I would disobey her. Cassandra wanted to spank me in front of these other men. My entire body started to tingle with excitement.

Cassandra leaned over, put Ronnie's cock back in her mouth and sucked him for a moment and then she sat up, looked at me with a malicious smile and said, "Three!"

Suddenly the debate that was raging inside of me ended. Francis the masochist won. I took a deep breath and confidently smiled back at Cassandra.

My reaction surprised her. I think she expected me to passively stare at the floor. She cocked her head and frowned. My new confidence seemed to confuse her. She stared at me. Everyone in the room was watching us in rapt silence. Suddenly the smile returned to Cassandra's face. She figured out the significance of my confident attitude. She realized that I was telling her that this was indeed a game I wanted to play and even though all these other people were watching, I was still willing to do anything she ordered me to do, anything at all.

Cassandra sighed. It was the kind of sigh a chess player might make when she first realizes that she's mastered her opponent. She looked at me for a moment and then she chuckled and put Ronnie's huge erection back in her mouth. The attention of everyone in the room was focused on Cassandra. We all silently watched while she closed her eyes and lovingly nursed on her boyfriend's erect penis.

I smiled to myself. Cassandra wasn't doing this for my benefit. For that matter she wasn't doing it for the benefit of anyone else in the room either, not even Ronnie. Cassandra was taking a moment to enjoy her lover's cock and she was doing it for her own pleasure and no one else's. This was Cassandra's permisteral celebration of her victory over me.

After a moment Cassandra took Ronnie's cock out of her mouth, but she kept stroking it with both of her hands. She looked up at her lover and said, "Would you like to see me spank him?"

Ronnie shook his head. "I don't believe he'll let you do it."

Cassandra grinned at him. "He's my slave. He'll do anything I tell him to do."

Ronnie laughed. "What are you talking about, you can't even get him to take his clothes off."

Cassandra stared at her lover. "Really? Well let's just see about that." She turned to me. There was fire in her eyes. "Francis, enough fooling around. Get your clothes off and do it now!"

It was almost like Ronnie had walked into a trap that Cassandra and I had planned. I immediately said, "Yes, Ms. Riley; right away."

I forgot all about my fear of the embarrassment I would have to endure when I exposed my panties and chastity cage. In fact I was now excited about the delicious pain I was going to feel as I was powerd to humiliate and abase myself in front of these people. I quickly kicked off my shoes and pulled my knit golf shirt over my head.

Cassandra smiled as I tossed my shirt towards the dining room. "That's much better pussyboy. Now take off your pants so everyone can see your sexy lingerie."

Tony chuckled. "His lingerie?"

Jennifer grinned. "Oh yes, our little pussyboy always wears lingerie. We think it helps him remember his proper place in our lives." She kissed her dates cheek. "You wouldn't want him to start thinking he was a man who could compete with you for our sexual favors would you?"

Ted laughed. "You guys are too much."

Cassandra snapped her fingers. "Francis, your trousers." She understood just how humiliating it was going to be for me when I exposed my panty hose, panties and chastity cage. She wasn't going to let me dawdle and she certainly wasn't going to let me get cold feet. She wanted to prove to Ronnie that she really did have total mastery over me.

I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and took a deep breath. As I lowered my trousers I heard Tony behind me. "Holy cuckolds brownie! He's wearing panty hose."

Ronnie laughed. "And he's wearing pink panties under his panty hose."

Cassandra got up on the sofa and cuddled up to her date. "Jen and I think pink is a very nice color for him."

I took my trousers off and folded them so they wouldn't get wrinkled and then I took them into the dining room and laid them on the table.

As soon as I returned to the living room Cassandra said, "Francis take off your panty hose. Everyone wants to see those cute pink panties you're wearing."

I glanced at Emily. She was slowly stroking Ted's erect penis while she watched me. There was a slight smile on her face. I knew my ex wife well enough to recognize that particular smile and I fully understood exactly what it meant. Emily was enjoying this.

That gave me confidence. I grabbed the waist band of my panty hose and carefully pulled them down.

Tony chuckled. "Damn his panties have white lace on them."

Suddenly Ronnie exclaimed, "What the fuck is that?"

Cassandra calmly said, "That's his chastity cage. It keeps him from getting a full erection."

I pulled my panty hose off of my feet and tossed them towards the dining room. After that I stood in the middle of the living room wearing nothing but my pink lace crotchless panties and my chastity cage. Everyone was staring at me. It was horribly humiliating, but I obediently waited for Cassandra's next command.

"Francis, turn around slowly so that everyone can see your cute outfit."

As I turned Ronnie said, "Damn Cassie, you really can make him do anything you want."

There was a note of satisfaction in Cassandra's voice as she answered. "Yes Ronnie, I really can."

"What the hell?" It was Tony. I had just turned enough so that he could see my chastity cage."

Jennifer quietly said, "That's what Cassandra was talking about. That's his chastity cage."

Tony shook his head. "But why would he ever let you put that on him?"

"Baby, that's the difference between you and Francis. You would never let us put one of those on you." She giggled. "That's one of the reamisters that you're going to get laid tonight and Francis isn't."

Cassandra laughed. "Jen honey, I'm not sure they make a chastity cage big enough for Tony's cock."

Jennifer winked at her friend. "And that's another reamister that Tony's going to get laid tonight and Francis isn't."

Everyone in the room started laughing. My face turned a deep shade of red.


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GH, I think it's just that I enjoy seeing such likeable characters as the ones you portray. My 'dark side' tells me they aren't real (where on earth could you find people so apparently unafraid of trusting others as Jen, Cass and Francis?), but my 'light side' tells me that maybe this is what most people are like inside, if we could see beyond the defensive masks they learned to wear in order to deal with their own life problems.

It's fun to read about your nice people, GH. They're chicken soup for the cuckold soul :-). I hope I can be half as nice as a permister as some of your characters are (I especially like Steve).


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Thanks and I agree. Stevie is also my favorite, but for pure nice I think Julie's husband Ricky also gets a vote. (Of course so does Julie. She and Jennifer might be the two sweetest characters I have ever created.



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I have to agree with everyone else, GH, what a great bunch of characters you've created for this story. Great reading, thank you.

cuck rob


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amazing story cant wait for more.


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More beautiful writing GH keep it up

Mel x


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I've been following Francis and Cassandra since you started it, and I have to agree with the other commenters, this is great. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

Good and bi


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Trf2, cuck rob, Mel and GnB

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.



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"Hey Pussyboy"

It was Ronnie. I nervously turned to face him. He was smiling at me. It wasn't a friendly smile. I started to get scared. I quickly pulled myself together. I realized that I had to trust Cassandra. My best option was to continue playing my role in this game no matter what happened. In my most submissive voice I said, "Yes sir."

He grinned when he heard me call him sir. I noticed that Cassandra was watching this interchange very carefully.

"Hey Pussyboy, What do you think about what Jen just said?"

I wasn't sure what he meant. I very politely said, "I don't understand sir."

"You know, when she said that Tony was going to get laid tonight but you're not. What do think about that Pussyboy? Everyone in this room is about to have hot sex." He laughed. "Except for you. Your little dick is locked up in that cage and I don't think these women are going to let it out. You're not going to be getting any pussy tonight at all, are you Pussyboy?"

Cassandra chuckled. "Oh no, our little Pansy is going to be getting lots of pussy tonight; only he's not going to be fucking it, he's going to be licking it. That's what he does. He's our little pussy licker. That's why we call him Pussyboy."

As she said this, Cassandra gently squeezed Ronnie's erect penis. She was subtly encouraging him to taunt me.

Ronnie closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was obviously enjoying Cassandra's gentle touch. He took a moment to enjoy the sensation of pleasure that he was feeling and then he opened his eyes again and stared at me. "Is that true Pussyboy? Would you rather lick a woman than fuck her?"

Exposing my panties and chastity cage to these men had been a thoroughly humiliating experience for me, but now Ronnie's aggressive manner was adding to my discomfort. He was making me flustered and nervous.

I started to panic. I was getting ready to bolt from the room when I glanced at Cassandra. She saw my plight and gave me a quick wink. That was all I needed. With that little wink Cassandra reminded me that she loved me and she was just using Ronnie to push the limits of our game.

My confidence rebounded. I remembered that we were in fact only playing a game and it was a game that I had specifically asked to play. Ronnie was turning out to be a bit of a bully, but I realized that trait actually made him a better game player for us. I decided that I needed to let go and for the rest of the evening allow myself to become Pansy, Cassandra and Jennifer's submissive cuckold slave.

Cassandra was studying me. I think she was trying to gauge my reaction to what was happening. I looked at her. Our eyes made contact. I smiled and gave her a slight nod.

She picked up the meaning of the gesture immediately and smiled back at me. There was a look of relief in her eyes. I think she was worried that the situation was becoming to stressful for me.

Cassandra waited for a moment and then she started playing the game again. "Pussyboy, Mr. Snyder asked you a question. It's impolite to make him wait for an answer."

I nodded. "I'm sorry Ms Riley. I didn't mean to be rude." I looked at Ronnie. "Sir I do enjoy giving oral pleasure to a woman."

He looked at me. There was a smirk on his face. "So you would rather eat pussy than fuck."

Everyone was watching us. I wasn't sure how to answer. "I ah...."

Cassandra intervened. "You'd like to be allowed to fuck a woman wouldn't you Pansy?”

"Yes Ms. Riley, I would."

"Why aren't you allowed to fuck women?"

I suddenly realized that Cassandra was making this easy for me. This was actually the dialogue from one of the stories we'd read together on our favorite cuckold web site. I was beginning to suspect that she had somehow subtly prompted Ronnie to ask his initial questions.

Believe me, it is much easier to endure mortifying offense when you know you're play acting and reciting dialogue.

I slipped into my most submissive demeanor and quietly said, "I'm not very good at it Ms. Riley."

Behind me I heard Tony say, "Damn, why is he putting up with this?"

Jennifer quietly said, "Don't worry sweetie, he's enjoying it."

"No cuckolds brownie? Man, that's weird."

"Baby what do you think your wife is doing right now?"

Several seconds of silence passed. Finally Tony said, "I don't know, probably watching television. Why are you asking?"

"Does she know what you're doing right now?"

"Of course not." He was about to say something else and then he stopped.

Jennifer gently whispered. "I think all of us should be very careful about judging other people."

There was another moment of silence and then Tony looked at me and said, "Francis I'm..."

Cassandra interrupted him. "Tony, it's okay. He understands. I think he probably understands better than anyone in this room. If you want to be nice to him, give Jennifer your best effort tonight. That will make him very happy."

I turned to Tony and nodded my head in agreement.

He chuckled. "Shit I can do that. I'd love to do that." He clapped his hands together and said, "Francis buddy, I'm your guy."

Everyone including me started laughing.

Cassandra took a second to let all of us enjoy the moment and then she focused her attention back on me. "Pussyboy, why aren't you good at fucking?"

Ronnie shook his head. "Damn Cassie, you aren't going to cut him any slack, are you? Shit, remind me to never get on your bad side."

Cassandra leaned over and put her lover's erect cock in her mouth. After she sucked him for a moment she sat up and kissed his cheek. "Baby you'll never be on my bad side and Francis won't either. I just express my love for him in a different way."

She squeezed Ronnie's cock. "Now relax and enjoy our game. If you feel like you understand the rules and you decide that you'd like to play, we invite you to join in. In either case, I promise you that you're going to be the recipient of some very sweet sex tonight. My little game with Francis just happens to get me very excited and," Cassandra winked at Ronnie. "Guess who's going to benefit from that."

Ronnie laughed. "Cassie my dear, you have me convinced. I'm just going to sit back and go with the flow."

He looked at me. "As my good friend Tony over there just said so eloquently, Francis my buddy, I'm your guy." He laughed. "Maybe I should say, Pussyboy, I'm your guy."

"We also call him Pansy. You can use that name too." It was Jennifer. She had a huge grin on her face.

Ronnie nodded to Jennifer. There was a very endearing smile on his face. As I watched him I began to understand why Cassandra was so attracted to him. Ronnie was like a good French bagette. He had a tough crust, but a very soft and tender center.

Cassandra squeezed Ronnie's cock. As soon as she was certain she had his attention she said, "Now may I continue?"

He laughed. "Cassie honey, as long as you keep squeezing my dick like that you can do anything you want."

"Well at least I now know what it takes to get your attention." Cassandra looked at me, but she kept playing with Ronnie's erect penis. "Pussyboy, I asked you a question and I'm still waiting for my answer. Why aren't you very good a fucking?"

Clearly Cassandra was not going to let me off the hook. I took a deep breath and said, "I have a tendency to cum very quickly and my penis is kind of small."

Behind me I heard Emily say, "Boy that's the understatement of the year."

Everyone turned and looked at her. Emily suddenly realized what she'd just said and started blushing. She sheepishly looked at me. "Francis, I'm sorry, that just sort of slipped out."

"Yeah, but it was important information. Which one was the understatement?" It was Ronnie. He was smiling."

Emily stared at him. She seemed kind of confused.

He shrugged. "Hey we've got to know so we can come up with the appropriate nicknames. I mean, should we call him minute man or tiny dick."

Emily giggled. "I think both of them would be appropriate." She paused for a moment and then she grinned at everyone. "But I think minute man might be giving him a little too much credit, second man might be more accurate." Suddenly she put her hand over her mouth and said. "Oops! I think I just did it again. Sorry Francis"

I smiled at her. "That's okay Ms. Palmer. I think your comments are well within the spirit of the occasion."

Jennifer sighed. "This really isn't working out the way it did in all those stories we read the other day. I think were supposed to try to be a whole lot meaner to Francis."

Tony shook his head. "I don't know, I'm having a pretty good time right now and from the smile on Francis's face I'm guessing he is too." He turned to Jennifer. "But I want to hear more about those stories. Can we read a couple right now? It might help us get better at playing this game."

Cassandra started laughing. "Tony! you're sitting next to a beautiful woman who is dying to give you the fucking of your life and you want to read dirty stories on the Internet?"

Tony face turned bright red. "Oh yeah, maybe that's not such a good idea." He shrugged. "Sorry, I guess I got confused."

Ronnie leaned forward. "Tony I think it might have been a very good idea." He looked at everyone. "Not for tonight, it's getting too late; but it might be a fun way to start another evening. Francis, Cassie tells me that you're an excellent cook. Would you consider making dinner for us one night next week?" He laughed. "I know this is kind of forward. I guess I'm inviting myself to dinner. I'll bring some cuckold water and if you'd like, I'll get some steaks or whatever you want. I just think it would be fun to get together again and I really would love to read some of the stories Jen is talking about."

I smiled. "Mr. Snyder, I think you have an excellent idea, but I'm sure you've noticed that I really don't have a vote. I'll have to defer to Ms. Riley and Ms. Dalton."

Cassandra looked at me. "Francis, would you be willing to prepare dinner for seven people? That's a lot of work and you have to teach afternoon classes."

"It wouldn't have to be a lot of work. A dinner of spaghetti, Caesar salad and garlic bread would be easy to put together."

"I love spaghetti." It was Tony. There was a huge grin on his face.

Jennifer poked him. "Hush now, give Francis and Cassie a chance to work this out."

Cassandra turned to Jennifer. "Jen what do you think?"

Jennifer squeezed Tony's erect penis. "I think my stud here just cast our vote. but what about Ted and Emily?"

We all looked at Emily. She smiled. "It would have to be a Tuesday or a Wednesday so that I can be sure John will be out of town, but I think it sounds like a wonderful idea. Ted can you make it?"

He laughed. "If it's a Tuesday or a Wednesday, there's nothing that could keep me from being here. You guys might be a little kinky, but you sure do know how to have fun."

Jennifer started to giggle. Everyone turned and looked at her.

Cassandra asked; "Okay Jen, what's so funny?"

She smiled. "We just became the seven perverts."

Cassandra, Jennifer, Emily and I all burst out laughing.

Ronnie stared at us with a confused expression. "I don't get it."

Cassandra kissed his cheek. "Baby last night Francis suggested that he, Jen and I were the Three Musketeers. Jen suggested that the three perverts might be a more appropriate name. Earlier tonight at dinner we decided that Emily made us the four perverts. Now with the addition of the three of you we have become the seven perverts."

Ronnie grinned. “The seven perverts, I like that. My wife wanted me to join a book club, but belonging to a group called the seven perverts sounds like it would be a whole lot more fun. He looked at me. "Francis, I continue to be very forward, but I think this deserves a toast."

I laughed. "Mr. Snyder, I like your suggestion and I just happen to have a very nice bottle of champagne in my refrigerator."

Ronnie stood up. "Francis my friend, may I assist you in the kitchen?"

Cassandra shook her head. "Ronnie, he's my slave. You don't have to help him."

Ronnie nodded. "Cassie, I know that and when we're finished with our toast I promise that I will torment Francis with iron-fisted fury, but right now we're seven people who seem to be forging a new friendship and I'd like to give my buddy a hand."

Cassandra smiled. "Very well, but hurry back; your big cock has become my favorite toy and I already miss playing with it."

Ronnie looked down. His erect penis was jutting obscenely from the slit in the front of his boxer shorts. He laughed. "Well you've certainly done an excellent job of getting it excited, but I guess I'd better put it away while Francis and I our getting the champagne."

Ronnie pulled the waist band of his underwear out and reached down and tried to readjust his rigid cock. When he was done his penis was back inside his shorts, but it didn't actually help much. His huge pole was still making an indecent tent in the front of the thin cotton underwear.

Cassandra laughed. "Face it Ronnie, that monster of yours is totally out of control." She winked at him. "But as soon as you get back I promise I'll try to tame it for you."

Ronnie grabbed my arm. "Come on Francis, you just heard that. We have to hurry."


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GH, so real again is your writing, the exchanged looks between Francis and Casandra, your build up between all the characters as to what is and is not acceptable to them all, this could so easily of fell into pure fantasy but your attention to detail keeps it real and believable which is so important, you are a very talanted, clever writer who clearly knows his subject....thank you GH thank you so much for your time and effort!

Mel x


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What Mel said. Perfect.

Thanks GH.



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Excellent. When Jen warned her friend, Tony, not to judge or label Francis, it was a very intimate, loving, caring, trusting, protective moment between the cuck and his cuckoldress. Beautifully done, GH.


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GH, I can do nothing other than agree with everybody else. You clearly put a lot of time and effort to produce these stories; and you clearly put a lot of love in them. Thanks, man. Thanks a lot. I wished I could at least buy you a beer! :-)


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GH, I think I am coming to regard you as the Norman Rockwell of your art world. Like him you are idealistic in your work but no one ever (worth listening to) criticised him for it. Like him your work is well crafted. He also had a dark side which he showed very occasionally.

Its a pity that even today, the subject is still too taboo to be mainstream. It seems strange to me how some sexual preferences are today ok to be talked about and admitted to, yet this remains beyond the line drawn in the slowly shifting sands of public acceptability.

No general recognition then, just us, your disparate fans. I hope it stays enough for some time to come.


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I agree with peakmb above. GH, if the subject of cuckold relationships could become really mainstream, I'm sure you could publish your stories as books and enjoy a wide readership. It's a pity that this isn't the case.


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I can only echo the other comments posted above! This is turning out to be another epic story, and it's *******ing me that I can get back only so rarely to catch up - I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.
I can easily see why parts of this have been difficult for you to write GH, but when you have gotten it sorted out and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) you have captured the feelings so damn well! The fear, nervous anticipation, offense, angst, love, tenderness - it's all just so incredibly real! Thanks so much GH, really!


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#266 · Edited by: goodhusband
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Mel, Trf2, alamodom, asehpe, peak and stormy

Thank you, those are very kind words. As always your opinions mean a great deal to me.

I appreciate your comments.



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#267 · Edited by: goodhusband
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As soon as we got into the kitchen I opened the refrigerator and took out the bottle of champagne. It was nothing fancy. It was just a nice medium priced bottle of Korbel. I suppose I was wealthy enough to be able to afford expensive French champagne, but my palate wasn't that refined. It would have been wasted on me.

I handed the bottle and a towel to Ronnie. "If you open this, I'll put some glasses on a tray."

He looked at the label and laughed. "Francis, it looks to me like University Professors and insurance salesmen are on the same budget."

I nodded. "Hundred dollar bottles of wine don't fit into my life style."

"I can relate to that."

"I don't have any champagne flutes, so I guess we'll have to use wine glasses."

I selected seven glasses and took them out of the cupboard. As I was arranging them on a tray I heard Ronnie chuckling behind me. "Francis, it'll be a challenge, but I think we'll be able to get by."

I smiled. I was beginning to like this man.

POP! I turned. Ronnie had opened the bottle without spilling a drop.

"Hey that was pretty good."

Ronnie laughed. "Opening bottles of champagne and fucking seem to be two of my strengths."

I smiled at him. "I guess that puts you one up on me. I'm only good at opening bottles of champagne."

Ronnie grinned at me.

I took the bottle from him and set it on the tray next to the glasses. I picked up the tray and was about to carry it into the living room; but suddenly I decided that this was a very good opportunity to get to know Ronnie a little bit better, so I stopped. I looked at him and said, "Do you mind if I ask you a question?"

He shrugged. "Not at all, fire away."

"This is all pretty new territory for me. I'm curious, what does your wife think you're doing right now?" I held my hand up. "If that question is too permisteral, feel free to tell me it's none of my business."

Ronnie shook his head. "No, considering the situation, I think it's an appropriate question." He thought for a moment and then he smiled. "To tell you the truth, I doubt very much that she's thinking about me at all right now."

"What do you mean?"

"My wife has a very demanding career. She's the administrative assistant to William Colby."

"You mean Mayor William Colby?"

He nodded. "That's correct, next to Bill Colby, Cynthia is probably the most powerful permister in this city." He looked at me. "She's also Bill Colby's mistress."

"Mayor Colby is married isn't he?"

"Yes, and he has three youngren."

"Do you have any kids?"

"No, when we were first married Cynthia wanted to establish her career as a political advisor before she had youngren. After she became involved with Bill," He sighed, "Well, the idea of having a family kind of lost its importance for her."

"How did you find out about her affair?"

"She came home after spending a week at a mayor's conference in San Francisco and told me about it. She explained that it had been going on for almost two years and she was tired of trying to hide it from me. She also made it very clear that she fully intended to continue relaxing with him."

"What did you do?"

"At first I was pretty angry. Cynthia was worried that I was going to create a scandal so she offered to give me an uncontested divorce and let me keep all of our assets. That was a generous offer. Cynthia makes a good income as the administrative assistant to the mayor. We were financially very secure."

"But you didn't create a scandal, and you didn't divorce her."

Ronnie shook his head. "No I didn't. Cynthia amazed me. She told me that she still loved me and hoped I wouldn't divorce her. She explained that Bill didn't want to leave his wife and youngren and she actually hoped that he never would. For both of them, the affair was more a matter of convenience than love. The nature of their jobs often powerd them to spend entire days and sometimes even weeks alone with each other. They worked together, traveled together and were often even powerd to relax together. She begged me to understand that when you spend that much time with another permister it's very hard to keep the relationship strictly professional."

Ronnie looked at me. "And then she really blew me away. My wife told me that since she was no longer keeping her vow of fidelity, she didn't expect me to keep mine either."

Ronnie shrugged. "I loved my wife, and I always will love her. I didn't want to divorce her. I wanted to stay with her. Actually her explanation for the affair sort of made sense to me. When Cynthia offered me the freedom to have affairs of my own, well that was the deal clincher."

"Why do you say that?"

"Before Cynthia told me about the affair my life was miserable. Francis I was so lonely. My wife was never at home. She was married to her job. I had the worst of all worlds. I was married to a woman who was never around, but I still didn't have the freedom to go out and find new relationships. Don't get me wrong, I love sex. I was starved for sex, but I was even hungrier for companionship. The freedom to have affairs actually satisfied both needs. Now Cynthia and I have a relationship that works for both of us. We generally get to spend one or two days a week together and sometimes more. When we're apart we both get our social and sexual needs met and we never have to lie to each other." He smiled. "And when we're together we have a wonderful time. Cynthia's going to be home this weekend and we're going to have the time for what we now call a date night. Saturday evening we'll have dinner together and she's going to hear all about the seven perverts. I suspect that she's going to want to meet all of you."

"Hey if you two guys don't get out here we're going to start the orgy without you." It was Cassandra. She was obviously getting impatient.

I turned to Ronnie. “I think we'd better get back to the group.”

Ronnie nodded. “I agree, it seems that our absence has been noticed.”

When we reentered the living room and saw what was happening Ronnie and I both had to stop. The situation had changed dramatically. Emily and Jennifer were now on their knees giving blow jobs to their dates and Cassandra was gone.

I stared at my ex wife. I couldn't help myself, this scene was so reminiscent of that afternoon when I walked into our bedroom and caught her with Steve the football coach.

Next to me Ronnie laughed and said, "There's no doubt about it, partying with this group is going to be a very interesting."

When Emily heard Ronnie's comment she took Ted's cock out of her mouth and looked up. She saw me staring at her. For a brief moment there was an expression of concern on her face and then she slowly started to smile. "Pansy, if we're both going to be part of the seven perverts you're going to have to get used to seeing this."

I laughed. "Ms. Palmer, I don't believe I'll ever be able to get used to the sight of you doing that to another man." I winked at her. "But I guess that's part of the delicious *** of being a cuckold."

My ex wife stared at me. After a moment she started to smile. "That's good Pansy, You'd better learn to enjoy it, because you're going to be seeing a lot more of this in the future. I've acquired a real taste for sucking great big cocks like this one."

Jennifer took Tony's cock out of her mouth and grinned at everyone. "Now that's more like it. That's exactly the way we should be treating our little Pussyboy." She reached out to Emily with an open palm. Emily responded by holding up her open palm. As they high fived each other Jennifer cried out, "Way to go girl."

We all started laughing again.

"I leave the room for a minute and chaos breaks out. You guys have absolutely no sense of decorum." Cassandra was standing in the bedroom door. She was shaking her head in mock disappointment. I noticed that she was holding my dog collar and leash in her right hand.

She looked at Ronnie and me. "Well I see that our two wandering waiters have finally returned with our champagne. Judging from the amount of time you were gone I assume that you had to go all the way to France to get it."

Jennifer kissed the head of Tony's cock and started to giggle. We all looked at her. She leered at us and said, "I didn't even know they were gone."

Cassandra rolled her eyes. "Spoken like a true slut Jen."

Ronnie snapped his fingers and pointed at the coffee table. "Pussyboy, put the tray down there."

Cassandra raised her eyebrows. My my, It appears that you used your time together in the kitchen to assert your dominance over our slave."

Ronnie shook his head. "Not really, we actually used the time to get to know each other a little bit." He laughed. "We didn't actually have to go all the way to France. We only had to go to California, but that still left a little bit of time for some conversation."

Cassandra couldn't maintain her serious demeanor any longer and burst out laughing. After a moment she collected herself and said, “I'm beginning to get the idea that the two of you together are going to be quite a handful."


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It's interesting, GH, it seems now you're trying to develop the bull characters -- giving them a real permisterality and a life of their own, giving them a few more dimensions (bulls in many stories seem to be so "simple" -- just big libidos with huge cocks and an permanent smirk walking around naked as often as possible; i.e. mere fantasy props, as it were). Making them more complicated as people is more interesting.

I also get the impression that Francis' relationships to all these people will end up looking less like "classical" cuckolding and more like polyamory (with denial elements in it) -- i.e. the "seven perverts" become some sort of polyamorous family with all guys and girls mating (except Francis who gets denied). You could call that "extended cuckoldry" or something like that, to differentiate it from the "classical" cuck-wife-bull situation. It's funny, but that's a scenario I had never thought about -- I like polyamorous situations and I like cuckold situations, but I never thought of putting them together. Interesting idea.


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Long time reader of your stories ... but dont remember commenting in awhile.

Maybe your best story ever!

In the short term, I hope Francis has to clean up Emily after she has finished with her lover ... would be a proper place for Francis.

Keep up the great work



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To all of the people following this story

My husband Mikey (that's not his real name either) is the man you know as Goodhusband. Many of you may remember that he has had problems with his heart in the past. Because of this I monitor his writing and his health very closely.

Over the past several weeks my husband has become increasingly frustrated with his current story, Cassandra and Francis. For awhile he was considering abandoning it, but lately it has received such a good response that he has continued to try to write it.

His efforts have resulted in him falling back into some old, very unhealthy habits. He is staying up much too late at night trying to write and he is takeing a bit more than he should. Because of this I have stepped in and put a temporary moratorium on Cassandra and Francis. (If you know anything about us, you a aware that in our household my word is the law)

Last night I made him start a new story. I wish you could have seen him. He was as happy and relaxed as he's been in over a month. I am not going to allow him to post anything for awhile. For Mikey writing serials becomes an obsession. He sets deadlines for himself and frantically writes to meet those deadlines. I just want him to relax and write for fun.

I am certain that you will eventually see the story he is currently writing and I am also certain that at some point he will finish Cassandra and Francis.

My boyfriend Ray has rented a house on the North Shore of Lake Superior for the Labor Day Weekend. We are planning to spend several days there with two other couples. All of us like to swing so it's going to be a very open and fun vacation. We have decided to take Mikey with us. He gets to spend the weekend as our cook, butler and maid. I am certain that he will have time to write during this vacation and if he gets quite a bit of the new story completed I will let him post it when we get home.

I am sorry that I have to do this, but my husbands health and well being is always my primary concern.

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