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Very hot true story heard at party last night

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Hi all --

I’ve been lurking around here for about five years without once posting, because like probably most here, I’m just a wannabe cuck who would love nothing more than to make it happen, but despite at least one good try at convincing a woman to go for it, so far it hasnt worked for me.

But -- I was at a party last night and was treated to just the most wonderful display of classic cuckoldry!

I’m from Vancouver, Canada - you know us Canadians, we love our ice hockey.

Well, I was at a birthday party for a friend of mine (a girl, but just friends) there were about 20 people, though about 2 girls for every one guy. Everyone is quite well cuckold watered up at this point. The hockey game was on in the background and at some point one of the girls says to another - a stunningly beautiful blonde girl - perfectly tanned - huge breasts, dressed sexy with hot pink painted toenails (I always notice feet) "there’s your favourite player, Karen!"

It is then revealed that just two weeks ago, this girl had met that player in a bar downtown.

What’s of interest to all of us cucks was that her boyfriend was SITTING RIGHT THERE as she began to casually tell everyone about how she got into bed with this hockey player - or of course, as I’m hearing it: “how she cuckolded her boyfriend”.

One guy wisecracked: “I’m surprised he (the hockey player) goes to bars for a guy that never scores!” (in reference to his play on the team)

Well, this girl, wickedly grinning comes back with “oh, he scored. Scored a couple of times actually.”

The girls are all giggling while her obviously uncomfortable boyfriend is basically hanging his head in shame. I was just trying - with success, fortunately - to contain an erection on the spot.

Another girl asked “what was it like?”

And she replied “it was quite fantastic actually.” And then, I think perhaps feeling that maybe it had gone on too far, she then changed the subject quickly and no more was said of it for the rest of the night.

As you can imagine though, for a real story heard outside of the context of typical cuck fantasies, i felt like i struck gold and went home to jerk off furiously three times before I could go to relax.

Of course I began to wonder if perhaps they have a cuckold relationship; but I kinda doubted it - it sounded to me like just a beautiful girl who had the chance to relax with a rich and famous athlete - and I think everyone agrees that a lot of even the most faithful women out there might take the chance. Thinking about it from his perspective, I kinda thought he was just trying to take it in stride as a one-time exception for the same reamister, and that he knew that he’d been beat if you know what I mean.

One more detail though which just drove me wild, which I learned only after she shared her anecdote: her and her boyfriend are in fact engaged to be married.

All I could think was: what a lucky guy.


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And the canucks still lost. He was humiliated in front of everyone, so maybe he won (from our prespective).


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He's definatly a cuck, it's the only way he could have sat through that.
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Very hot true story heard at party last night
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