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Wife fucked at work

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Anyone interested in hearing about it?


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I was in the service (Aim High) stationed in Germany some years ago. A friend of ours in base housing was going on leave and asked my wife to fill in for her for three weeks. My wife went in to meet her perspective boss, Richard, who was a black man running a communications business in the local town.

My wife said the work was easy, mainly administrative stuff like filing, answering the telephone and keeping Richard's schedule. By the end of the first week, Bonnie had become comfortable enough to go to lunch with Richard at a local gasthaus. Richard ordered Bonnie a glass of wine and then another before lunch was finished. On the walk back to the office Richard geared the conversation to sex. Richard had many phone calls from ladies and Bonnie was curious how he managed to keep them all happy.

As the two of them started up the stairs, Richard followed behind Bonnie but she didn't mind him watching her ass as she climbed each step.

Bonnie is tall and thin with auburn hair cut at her shoulders. Her tits are nice, still firm awhile not too big and certainly not too small. She has *******er legs and a tight ass. You can see now why Richard dropped back behind her.

Once they got back in the office, Richard gave Bonnie a bunch of files to put away. While she wasend over at the filing cabinet he moved in behind her placing his hands on her hips. She was feeling frisky from the wine and she later told me she liked the feel of his cock against her ass. After a moment or two, she stood up and Richard spun her around to face him and then kissed her on the mouth. She couldn't help herself and gave into his advance and soon her tongue was dancing along with his.

They probably would have gone farther if not for an interruption by a delivery man. Richard had to inventory the equipment which took up the rest of the day.

That night as Bonnie and I fucked she told me all about her day. Her pussy was wetter than ever before and she rocked to two orgasms. I swear she called me Richard in between moans.

I asked her if she wanted to fuck Richard and she just smiled and nodded her head. I told her that over the next two weeks while she worked for Richard she could do whatever she wanted but she would have to give me all of the details each night.

Should I continue?


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FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
john fuch


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what are you waiting for, I am ready.


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you have to tell us the rest
let me know what you think of my small cock send message on this please


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When Monday of the next week arrived I found myself wondering if Bonnie would actually follow through on our pillow talk. She had a plan of her own I soon found out.

She got to work early and slipped on a pair of sheer thigh high stockings over her legs. Her dress was long enough to cover the tops of her stockings, but short enough to show off plenty of her gorgeous long legs. As she walked up to the building many of the workers outside took notice. The downstairs floor contained a construction business with offices and a warehouse facility in the back. Many of the workers watched intently as Bonnie strutted her way to the front door. She passed an older gentlemen at the bottom of the stairs and just for good measure she adjusted her stockings on the first landing as he looked up at her. His smile told her she was sure that Richard would approve of her outfit.

When Richard came into the office he quickly passed her desk and went right to his own. She saw the light on her telephone light up telling her he was on a call. After 10 minutes or so Richard called Bonnie into his office. He explained the new office rules to her. Richard instructed Bonnie to stand beside his chair as he sat behind his desk. He then told her to talk off her pantyhose and panties. He was excited and a bit suprised to see her stockings instead of pantyhose so he had her keep those on, but she had to remove her panties and place them in his desk drawer.

He told her that from that day forward when he called her into his office first thing she was to bring him a cup of coffee and then remove her panties in front of him. If she was attentive throughout the day she would get her panties back before leaving for home. If not she would have to leave work pantiless.

The telephone rang and Richard made Bonnie answer it from his desk as he fingered her now openly exposed pussy. She gasped a bit when one of his thick fingers pushed between her lips. She managed to handle the call from one of the clients with Richard stroking her pussy all the while. She was ordered back to her desk as Richard had work to do.

Within an hour Richard called for more coffee. Bonnie brought the coffee in and again the phone rang. Bonnie answered again and Richard took the call. As Bonnie started to walk back to her desk Richard told her to lock the door and return to his side. ricahrd sttod up and unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and slid them down to reveal a rapidly hardening cock. He pulled her hand to his cock as he sat back in his chair calmly talking to his client. Richard put the phone on speaker, so he could grab Bonnie's head and direct it down onto his cock.

Now Bonnie absolutely loves to suck cock. She later told me that Richard's cock was enormous, it must have been 9 inches semi-hard and as thick as her wrist. On top of that he was clean shaven making his cock appear even larger.

She was quite turned on as she opened her mouth to take in as much of his pole as she could. She had one hand massaging his huge balls and one working on her own pussy. Richard kept the converstaion going as long as he had to but Bonnie worked her magic with her tongue and soon Richard was ready to cum.

Richard managed to tell the caller he would have to call back in a little bit due to a slight office emergency. Bonnie wasn't even sure if the call was disconnected as Richard expolded in her mouth causing his cum to spill out down her chin. He kept cumming as he held her head in place with hot cum hitting the back of her throat as she swallowed. after he was done cumming he told her to clean up. When she opened the door to go back to her desk there were three gentlemen waiting in the reception area as they had an appointment with Richard.

As they went inside to hold their meeting Bonnie wondered how much they heard through the door.

She would find out later on......


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wow, great!


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I like it so far, please carry on


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my cock is rock hard waiting to read what happened next. my wife wants a job like Bonnie's


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When the meeting between Richard and his clients ended they exited his office and all three just smiled at Bonnie so she knew they obviously heard Richard and her having a little fun earlier at Richard's desk. Richard had Bonnie again by his desk later in the afternoon. The phone rang, but this time Richard made Bonnie stay on the line asking question after question as Richard fingered her pussy. When she could no longer contain her moaning she dropped the phone on Richard's desk as she shuttered through her orgasm with three of his fingers working like a piston in a race car.

Richard managed to pick up the phone and hang it up. As Bonnie's climax subsided Richard told her the man on the phone was one of his friends from earlier in the day and Richard told him to call at 4 pm. By now Bonnie was in such an exited state she was willing to do anything Richard ordered her to do.

Richard told her to call me to say she would be working late on a proposal adn she would likley not be home before midnight. When Bonnie called me I could hear the excitement in her voice with a hint of nervousness as she really didn't know how the night would unfold.

Richard made Bonnie drive him to his apartment. She later told me that they walked out of the building with Richard's hadn under her dress grabbing her naked ass. Bonnie likes to drive fast, but she had a hard time concentrating on the road as Richard quickly began fingering her pussy once again. Completely soaked with pussy juice she pulled into the parking garage under his apartment building. Again Richard had his large black hand under her dress during the walk from the car to the elevator.

In the elevator Richard pushed Bonnie down to her knees and she was more than willing to obey. She licked his long black cock as the elevator made it's way up to the fourth floor where Richard's apartment is located. All the while Bonnie was hoping that no one else would join them in the elevator car, but she admitted she would have had a hard time removing her lips from his cock.

Richard opened the door to his apartment adn she made her way to the balcony. Richard poured a glass of wine for each of them and joined her. Bonnie soon found herself pinned against the railing with Richard wrapping his arms around her as he gave her a long deep kiss.

Bonnie couldn't resist pulling him tight against her as their tongues danced together. She could feel his cock once again rock hard pressing against her. Before she realized it her top buttons on her dress were open and Richard admired the little shelf bra that Bonnie wore. Her puffy nipples were now openly displayed for him and he moved down to suck and bite each one.

Richard quickly slipped Bonnie's dress off her shoulders leaving her in just bra, sheer stockings and her stiletto heels. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and laid her down on her back so he could get out of his own clothes.

Richard kept squeezing Bonnie's tits (which she loves by the way) as he positioned himself between her legs to lick her pussy. Bonnie normally doesn't care for oral sex, but she said his tongue was masterful and she soon quaked with another orgasm like in the office.

It must have been sometime when she was moaning with pleasure that the three men from the earlier office visit entered the room. She soon found herslf not only with Richard but three other tall black men. She was going to fulfill more fantasies than anticipated just moments ago.

Richard pulled her to the side of the bed adn slid his long thick cock into her wet pussy. As Bonnie gasped from the size of his cock one of the men, James, shoved his big, black cock in front of Bonnie's face. She opened her mouth wide to take in James' cock as the other two, Jamal and Ray played with her nipples.

Richard fucked her for 20 minutes before he rolled her over and offered her wet pussy to one of the others. Bonnie said over the course of the night each of the men fucked her twice but only Richard came in her pussy, which he did twice. It was nearly two o'clock in the morning when they decided they had had enough and allowed Bonnie to get dressed to leave.

Richard told Bonnie to relax in the next day, but he was planning something special for wednesday.

Bonnie said she could barely walk to the elevator. Once she was in the car she could smell the sex all around her. She pulled off her stockings which had cum now soaked into them and she drove home.

She slid quietly into bed beside me to drift off to relax. When I awoke the next morning she told me she would give me all the details tonight if she didn't have to work late again.... As I left for work I wondered if she aecretly wanted to "work" late again tonight...


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Fantastic story, just fantastic!
Rating: 12, 3 votes.
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Wife fucked at work
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