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Sister in Law's Panties

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My sister in law came to visit us on a Friday night; her plans fell through, so she called us to see if she could come over. My wife and I are both 22, that would make my sister in law 27 or 28.
She brought over a bottle of tequila and we sat around taling and takeing untill we were all pretty takes, i thnk we finished off the bottle with pure shots. My sister in law started asking questions about our sex life, she always does this we she is takes, but my wife always avoids them. That night though, i think my wife felt like humouring her sister. she asked simple questions at first, like if we had ever done it while there were people in the apartment, or if we had ever done it in public; my wife surprised me by answering her questions truthfully. My sister in law began to get more permisteral, she then asked how long do we usually last, my wife again answered her question. it finally got to a point where they just pretended that i wasn't in the room, they were openly discussing my girth and things that i like doing to her in bed; i got a little uncomfortable, so i went to bed.
My wife joined me about two hours later, she laid down next to me and pulled down my boxers enough to get my penis out; she started sucking it, and about two strokes in she ****** with my dick in her mouth. i moved her off of me and made my way to the washroom, i had to releave myself. we i got to the door, i found that my sister in law was in there, apperantly she was relaxing over. she did not take long, she had taken off her jeans and top and had put on one of my large shirts to relax in, as she stumred out of the washroom, she held on to me and said sorry before giving me an odd look.
when i entered the washroom, i noticed that she had left her clothes, underware included, on the floor, i pushed them asisde as i sat down and started to masterbate. as i kicked hr clothes aside, i saw a pair of black panties sticking out of the pants. i don't know what possesed me to do it, maybe it was that i was takes or maybe because i wass horny, but either way i still picked up the panties from the pants.
It was a black cotton thong and it had a glob of white residue on the part that would cover her pussy. I smelled the wet spot, it was different from my wife's juices, it smelled a little sweeter. the impluse to find out how it tasted came over and without hesitation, i started licking it all off. when i was done, i wrapped the panties around my cock and stroked it untill i came all over her panties. i was overcome be a feeling of dirtyness, i put the panties in the back pocketof the jeans and i went to bed.
In the morning, my wife went for a jog leaving me in bed. i woke up and went to make myself a cup of coffee, when i noticed that my sister in law was still there and that she was fully clothed. as soon as she saw me she said she needed to talk to me. i knew i was busted, there' no way she would not have noticed her panties full of my dried cum stuffed into the back pocket.
I sat down next to her on the couch, she then nonchalantly handed me the panties and said, "you're a dirty boy, now please wash off your mess."
I didn't know if she was mad or not, i didn't know if she ad told my wife, in a panic i said, "please don't tell her."
She looked at me and said, "on one condtion."
"Tell me how it tasted."
I wasn't expecting that, "er...wha?"
"Tell me how my pussy tastes."
"ah...nice, i guess."
"good. i'll have another pair for you next week."
I couldn't believe my ears, she was gong to give me another pair of her panties, she was actually into it. She told me to come and pick them up at her place and i did.
When i got to her house she told me she was going to give me the panties from the night before. she told me that she had gone out dancing and that she had been grinding up against two different guys all night, she told me that she had gotten pretty sweaty and her pussy had been soaking wet. the panties were stiff, and for some strange reamister the fct that they kind of smelled sweaty was really turning me on, i couldn't wait to eat the pussy juice off the fabric and she wanted to see me do it.
She watche me carefully as liced all the dried pussy juice off her panties, while she rubbed herself, it was awesome.
after that day, we made it a regular date, she would go out and then she would call me the next day to lick her panties. after acouple ofvisits, she started telling me nasty stories about her panties, one day she told me that she had fucked a guy and he came inside her, se just put on her panties and let the juices flow out of her dirty pussy, she wanted to surprise me. even though i knew that her juices were mixed in with some dudes cum, i didn't care, i ate it anyway, she got so hot that se came right into the fresh pair she was wearing. i asked her if i could have them, she hesitated and nodded slowly she motioned for me to take them off of her. as i did the smell of her pussy was over whelming, it smelled like sweat sex, ic couldn't believe that i had ust seen he pussy, it was hairy, swollen and red.
I licked the fresh cum off her stinky panties and for the first time i started to touch myself in front of her.
We still meet once i a while to do tis, only now, we both get naked and she keeps last nights panties on untill i get there. Neither of us has ever been interested in taking further than kinky fun, so we keep it secret from my wife. i wonde what she would do if i ever tell her about what we do.


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Sounds like it's time to start eating her sweet pussy!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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That is so fucking hot!


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More please


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"i wonde what she would do if i ever tell her about what we do. "
Um, start by ripping your nuts off.....


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very nice....
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Sister in Law's Panties
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