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little whore

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I guess it was bound to happen. I knew I shouldn't have been dating a bartender. First off, she was way to good looking for me. She wasn't a supermodel or anything but she was very cute, girl next door cute. She is 5'3", 120 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, perfect chest, perfect ass, 22 years old. She is gorgeous.

We met in college. We were both studying business and had a few classes together. I was in love with her the minute I saw her, she always liked working with me because I could make her laugh. Now I'm not saying I'm ugly, I'm alright looking. I'm 5'9", 165, black hair, brown eyes. I'm kind of average. Nothing bad, nothing great. I just didn't think of myself as in the same leage as Vivian.

Well because we had classes together we eventually ended up doing group projects together, usually at my apartment. One night I finally got up the courage to make a move on Vivian. While we were both reading, I moved in and kissed her, Vivian backed off and laughed and my heart dropped. But, Vivian smiled and said "so you want to kiss me huh?" I just nodded. Vivian looked at me with a grin and nodded back and then grabbed me by the face and kissed me! I was shocked.

Vivian then looked at my crotch and asked "so, is your dick hard too?" I couldn't believe what was happening, or that she had just talked dirty to me. I smiled and said yes. Vivian then said "alright, show it to me." I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and slid them and my boxers down to my ankles (we were sitting on my couch). Vivian started stroking me slowly then she leaned over and began sucking my dick. I fought as hard as I could not to cum right away. After a few minutes Vivian stopped and then said "alright, now it's your turn." Then Vivian took her shorts and panties off and laid back on the couch and spread her legs to me.

Vivian's pussy is perfect. She is shaved and her soft little pussy lips are so hot. I laid across the couch and began licking her until I could taste her getting wet. Vivian held the back of my head while I licked her, holding me tight to her pussy. As Vivian moaned and grinded into my face I felt myself cum onto my couch. The Vivian lifted my head and said "fuck me Brian." I knelt up to get in between her legs and she saw that I had already cum. The cum was on my dick and she saw it on the couch. Vivian began giggling and again my heart dropped but she just pushed me on my back and sucked me until I was hard again and then got on top of me and basically fucked me.

It was the most incredible sex I had ever had, I was instantly in love. Afterward Vivian got dressed and kissed me on the cheek and left. I wanted to tell her that I loved her but since she didn't say anything I didn't know what or how to say anything.

The next day when we had class together Vivian didn't really act any differently so I was a little nervous. By the end of class though I had built up the courage to ask her out on an actual date and she said yes. I was so exited, things were great, good grades, decent college job, and now Vivian. I was on top of the world.

Vivian and I started dating and she seemed very happy too. I was in love with her and I felt that she was starting to love me too. Now, Vivian did have her bad points. Vivian loved to shop, all the time. Vivian also worked at a club and was working every weekend until very late; this made me very jelous but I didn't dare say anything about that to Vivian. So when Vivian complained that she was broke all the time (I thought from shopping) I suggested she move in with me to save money. Amazingly enough she said yes. I was soooo happy.

Well one night after Vivian got of work at about four in the morning I heard her coming in the apartment. Vivian took off all her clothes but her panties and crawled into bed. Then Vivian began to stroke me. This was not completely unusual but I could smell a lot of holy water on Vivian, it was very strong. I thought, well I might as well take advantage of her in this state so I moved my hand to her panties and slid them inside. I began to slide my finger in her when I felt that she was very wet, and sticky. I didn't know what was going on at first. Like I said, Vivian was really takes so I just kind of pushed her onto her back and then slid her panties off.

I then spread her legs and almost ******, my head actually got dizzy. I saw a man's cum dripping out of Vivian. It was thick and and just slowly coming out of her red, swollen pussy. I almost cried. I asked Vivian, "whats going on? You have cum inside you. What happened?" Vivian looked at me for a minute and then her eye's got a little watery. Then Vivian said "I'm sorry Bri, after work I drank a little too much." I said "with who! Who were you with!" Vivian gultily looked down and said "It was Jake, we were takeing and then he just kind of fucked me." I was shocked. I said "he just kind of fucked you? What do you mean?" Then Vivian said "well, he started touching me and kind of making me touch him, then he just fucked me. I'm sorry. I didn't really want to but he just started taking my clothes off and then he was fucking me."

I didn't know what to say. Vivian said "I know your mad, if you want me to leave I will." The thing was I didn't want her to leave. I loved her and, I was hard, my dick was so hard it almost hurt. I told Vivian, "no, I don't want you to go." Then Vivian kissed me, and pulled me to her. Then Vivian whispered in my ear, "lick me, I want you to lick my pussy Brian." Next Vivian pushed my head down to her pussy and I started licking her. I couldn't believe I was doing it. I began licking her red swollen pussy and licking the cum off dripping out of her. While I liked her I was thinking about another man fucking her. I didn't understand why but it was making me so hard. I never, in my life, felt so turned on.

Then Vivian's cell phone rang and I swear I knew right then. Vivian picked up the phone and answered it while I was licking her, "hello, O Jake, hi. No, I made it home ok, thanks for calling." I was licking his cum out of my girlfriends pussy while she was talking to him on the phone. I should have been furious but it turned me on even more and I started really sucking on Vivians clit, and licking up any cum I could find out of her. Vivian must have noticed the difference because she played into it even more. Vivian giggled and said "O, I had fun too Jake, I can't believe you made me do that. You are sooo bad. Ok, then I will see you at work tomorrow." Then she hung up.

As soon as she hung up she pushed me onto my back and got on top of me, riding my cock. As Vivian was on me she was looking into my eyes and grinning. Vivian then slid one of her fingers into my ass while looking me in the eye and said "do you like that baby? You do don't you, I can see it on your face." Then Vivian got up and went to her dresser and got one of her dildo's. Vivian then put her finger over her mouth saying "shhh" and spread my legs. Vivian then began to slowly put the cock in my ass while she jerked me off. I was so turned on and scared at the same time. How will Vivian respect me after this? I finally decided we were past that. Vivian continued fucking me and jerking me off saying "that's a good girl, take it all in." Finally I came on her hands as she jerked me of. Vivian then wiped the cum on my chest and fell arelax in my arms. I ******.

That was how it started.


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MORE>>>>>>>>!!! Please


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wow great story is it real?

whould love to have a woman like that.

tell me more.


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Pretty interesting start to the story.


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Your one lucky man
Sissy Cynthia


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The next morning it was like nothing had happened at all. I woke up to go to class and Vivian slept in, no class until around noon for her. Later that day we had lunch and neither one of us said anything about what had happened the night before. The next few days were pretty much the same as usual.

Then on a Tuesday Vivian said that one of her friends from work, Jessica; was going to have a little get together. I asked her if I should go with her but Vivian said it was only going to be friends from work. I immediately thought, is Jake going to be there? I wanted him to be there and I didn't want him to be there. The two feelings were both very strong. I didn't even know if I should ask.

At about nine at night one of Vivian's friends Heather came by our apartment to pick up Vivian. Vivian was dressed in a little black skirt with a matching top; if she sat right on the couch you would be able to see her panties. Heather was dressed in a pair of tiny little shorts and a little t-shirt, both girls were very hot. I asked kind of jokingly to Heather, "what kind of get together is this anyway?" Heather giggled and said "the good kind, don't wait up for us." and Heather winked.

On the way out Vivian gave me a kiss on the cheek and I told her to be careful. Vivian grinned and said "of course, I'm on the pill." and then giggled. I was very turned on. I went to bed totally naked and waited for Vivian to get home. At about one in the morning I finally couldn't take it anymore and I called her. Vivian didn't answer though. That drove me crazy. I waited a little longer then called again. This time Heather answered her phone. I said "hello Heather this is Brian, is Vivian there?" Heather said "yes, she's here somewhere." Heather sounded takes. I said "could you find her for me?" Heather then said "I'll have her call you." and then hung up. I was soooo frustrated.

About two hours later I heard the door open...........
jack smith


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very nice!!


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Excellent beginning. Can't wait to hear more.


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Brilliant, looking forward to the next instalment


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Wow - one of the best things I have ever read here.


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love it


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This is a GREAT story so far!! Keep it up please please please!!
Rating: 35, 8 votes.
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little whore
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