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My Sister-in-Law's Maid

Rating: 30
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This is by far the best story on CP! I can't wait for the next chapters


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Although I was to be her permisteral sissy maid forever, Jessica did said she would be generous and let me resume providing maid service on board Brenda's yacht. She must have meant she was being generous to Brenda, because I hated serving as the maid on the yacht. Every day I paid ever more dearly for it and to be powerd to mince about the decks of the thing that had cost me what little freedom I had left was just too humiliating for words.

To make things worse, Brenda and Julie always had a bunch of their friends come with them on the weeklong sailing adventures they loved so much. This usually resulted in me working 20 or more hours a day for an entire week trying to keep up with serving for a dozen women or more. The whole time I would be ridiculed and teased by all their friends for allowing a group of petite girls to reduce me to a simpering French maid.

Jessica hadn't allowed me to leave the mansion for one of these sailing ordeals for the past six months of my full time servitude. But now she declared that she missed the sailing trips and wanted to start joining the girls again. The only problem was that she couldn't tolerate the way I floundered about with my legs spread wide apart when I lost my balance due to wearing six inch spike heels on a rocking boat. Although everyone else wore sensible sneakers, I was required to maintain a properly sissified appearance. So Jessica declared that to keep my legs together I would be required to wear a twelve inch chain between my ankles while on board the yacht.

As Jessica reviewed the changes which were to take place for me she kept getting more excited. "I'll bet that we can get Missy down to 120 or maybe even 110 pounds before the end of the year! Of course we'll have to have a new, tighter corset made for her then. But I have been thinking that a new one was needed anyway. I saw one in a fetish magazine that makes her current one look positively mild. I think her next one will be just the perfect, ultimate *** she deserves."


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In order to help me adjust to my new role, I was to wear blinders and keep my eyes focused on the floor whenever I was in the presence of Julie. This was to help me forget my past; I would never see my lovely ex-wife's face again,

Wow! That is tremendously hot!
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Great story!
Thank you
Would love to read more of your work


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Lesbian cuckolding is the hardest to find, and hottest type of domination there is.

Absolutely! Not only is your little dick not enough but it's so disappointing to turn your wife lesbian.
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Rating: 30, 6 votes.
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My Sister-in-Law's Maid
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