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Adam's Journey

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I really couldn't believe it was happening. Even now, looking back from the vantage point of several months gone by, it seems kind of surreal. Except it did happen, and the situation continues to evolve and get more strange.
But that first time, on the boat at Lake Powell, it was like I was looking at two other people from a distance, through a soft-focus filter or some weird thing. I just couldn't get my head around it, but the holy water was probably partly responsible.

She was naked, obviously extremely aroused, and moaning softly as she sucked on my cock. I had tried to fight her off, I really had, but she had teased me and dared me all day, showing ever more of her body, brushing against me in the narrow passageways on the boat, rubbing the tanning lotion on real slow and even asking me to help her with the lotion, flashing her pussy at me and touching herself to make her large, prominent nipples stiffen. I had accepted her dare once, earlier that day, and touched her, fingering her to a small orgasm. If I had thought that would scare her or make her back off I had been badly mistaken!

She had me in a state of hyper-arousal since early afternoon, and she knew it, so when she began to grope me that evening my defenses were already weakened.

Kori and Ron were my best friends though, and had been since I'd bought the house next to theirs almost 8 years ago. We had spent countless hours together and had vacationed together before, and had in fact taken a houseboat trip at Lake Mead last summer along with another couple and my fiance Kristi.

Sure, on that trip there was some sexual tension and a lot of flirting and sexual jokes, and at times the double-entendre and sexual innuendo seemed almost non-stop, but nothing ever really happened. The ladies would go topless, and we would occasionally skinny-dip in the moonlight, but it was all pretty innocent.

We had such a great time on that trip that we all decided to repeat it this year, but it had turned into a complete fiasco. The other couple, Wendy and John, had cancelled at the last minute because of a death in the family, and we couldn't get our money back, and then Kristi threw another monkeywrench in the works that I will go into more later, and it wound up being just Ron, Kori, and me.

I had tried to beg off too, willing to forfeit my share of the payment, but Ron and Kori had worked me over and convinced me to come, insisting that I needed to relax and get away, and that it wouldn't be any fun for the 2 of them rattling around on that enormous boat.

Part of the reamister for my hesitancy was that Kori had been daring me and doing things to arouse and embarrass me for years, and, though I love her and Ron dearly, I wasn't sure how much more I could take. I know she just did it to tease, and because she liked to see me get all flustered. I felt sure she would never follow through on anything like this, but still!

I'm Adam by the way, and now I was about to be the sleazeball that was screwing his best friend's wife. We were on the main deck, in the combined living room/galley/main helm area, while Ron was at the second helm on the upper deck, guiding us into a narrow bay where we intended to anchor for the night. In other words, he was about 8' above us and about 10' forward, and his wife had my cock in her mouth.

"Kori, honey, we can't do this, are you crazy? I can't do this to Ron, and you shouldn't either." I tried again to push her away, but she had my balls in one hand and the other wrapped around the root of my cock, and showed no sign of letting go. I already felt guilty enough about touching her earlier in the day, after years of putting her off, and now this!

"No Adam, Ron won't care, I promise! He's OK with it, he's the one that first told me about how big you are and teased me about screwing you. Besides, I owe you one, and now I'm so damn horny! God, your cock must be a foot long!"

I didn't believe her about Ron going along with this, not for a second, although I could see him telling her that I was hung. He's not particularly well-endowed, and is in fact quite small, something I know from the locker room after our raquetball and golf games, and at the fitness center. While I hang at about 6 to 7 fairly thick inches flaccid, he looks like an acorn nestled in a bed of brown grass. At that time I had never seen him erect, but I couldn't imagine that he could get very large.

And while I'm not a foot long as Kori said, I do get to a very thick 10" when erect. Ron joked about it, and about the disparity in our sizes, so I figured it didn't really bother him. He even wormed out of me that my nickname in high school had been Mule, and occasionally called me that, which is no doubt how Kori had known.

When I had developed fairly suddenly from a tiny little boy dick at age 12 to this enormous schlong on my skinny little body by age 13 it had been the source of enormous embarassment in gym classes, and I had once been badly humiliated over it by a bitch bull-dyke gym teacher, but that's another story. I had been very self conscious about it, and had worked up a whole list of fake reamisters I could give when some girl asked why my friends called me Mule. I had taken to wearing a jock even under my street clothes, and especially in swim class under my suit.

Now it's not much of a factor to me one way or the other. I mean my body has grown into it, and of course I'd rather be well-endowed than under-endowed, but it's just genetics, luck of the draw. I hadn't done anything special to earn it, so I didn't get wrapped up in false pride about it either. It's like blue eyes or brown hair, it's just something that's part of you.

But now my best friend's wife had my cock in her mouth, she wanted to fuck me and wouldn't take no for an answer, and I could hear the engines throttling back as Ron guided us into a good stopping place for the night. This trip had started as a disaster, and it just keeps on getting better.


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go on!
Fred Jones


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Good writing, clever plot so far. Please go on with it



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The trip would have fallen apart, and should have, when Kristi and I broke up about 2 weeks before we were to leave. At that point, with John and Wendy already out of the picture, we could have thrown ourselves on the mercy of the folks at the marina and taken whatever they would give us back. We'd be out thousands, but oh well.
Ron and Kori finally convinced me to go along with them, saying I needed it, and they did have that huge boat.

Kori was sure that I would give in and get back together with Kristi and that we would both wind up going along, and spent hours trying to talk me into it, but there was no way. Not after what she had done.

Kristi and I had been introduced by a mutual friend about 18 months earlier, and had immediately known we were meant for each other. It was one of those blind dates that you dread, but the rare one that really works out great.
As soon as I laid eyes on her I was caught by her beauty, the long, softly wavy honey blonde hair, sparkling blue-green eyes, full lips that always seemed to be smiling, and her long, lean 28 year old, 5'9" body.
She was athletic, and looked it. Smallish, firm perfect breasts, flat tummy, tight little round tush and strong, lean legs that reached all the way from her ass to the ground. Which was quite a distance.

It seemed like that whole first night passed in a haze of laughter, dancing, a few takes, more laughter, her pressing herself against me on the dance floor, and a long, lingering kiss goodnight when I drove her home. Six hours had gone by in a heartbeat, and I was happier than I had been in a very long time when she agreed to go out with me again the next night. We made a nice looking couple I think, me at 6'3" and about 200 pounds and only slightly older than her at 31, but I knew whenever we went out all eyes would be on her, which was fine by me.

I was certainly much happier than I had been in the final year or so of my first marriage, or since it had ended a couple years ago. Kristi was also once-divorced, and we had spent a few moments running down a list of our first mates multiple faults before we got off that subject, swearing never to return.
We had gone out every night for 5 days straight, and then I had to return to the job site in Wyoming. I'm a geological engineer of sorts, and have been working on a small oil shale research project in central Wyoming for the last several years. (Now it's getting crazy again, with $4.00 gas!)
The job is 9 straight days, 12 hours on and 12 off and then 5 days off in a 2 week cycle, and when on the job we stay in trailers on-site because the site is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and commuting back and forth (to anywhere!) daily would eat up far too much of our time.
It's kind of a rugged schedule, but you adjust, and it really worked well for me. Until now.
Now I was out in the boonies for 9 days, and Kristi was 350 miles away in Denver, and I couldn't stop thinking or talking about her. I know I drove the other guys nuts with my constant puppy love drivel, but I didn't care.

When my next endless 9-day cycle drew to a close, I set new speed records getting back to Denver, fortunately avoiding the Highway Patrol of both states, and after getting cleaned up met Kristi for a nice dinner and bottle or 2 of wine. I was relieved to find out that she was everything I expected and more, the time and distance had not skewed my judgement, and that night we made love for the first time.

OH MY GOD! We absolutely rocked each other's worlds! She was more beautiful than I could have imagined, her body spectacular, taut, warm and smooth. I could spend a lifetime exploring her and never become bored, her tight arms and strong shoulders, firm tits with nipples that pop out at even the slightest bit of arousal, flat muscular tummy with just the tiniest patch of hair where it meets her thighs, and those long legs that can wrap around me and hold me deep inside her as she squeezes my cock in her tight, slick pussy.
And that pussy! Well, I could wax poetic for awhile on that topic, but suffice to say that it is perfect, tight and beautiful, and wet and ready at a moments notice, and I was to become very intimately acquainted with it over the coming months.

For her part, she was very eager and horny, and was thrilled to discover that I was quite well endowed. She seemed to love fondling and sucking me, and would, in the coming months, do so almost anytime or anywhere.
In that 5 day span we spent very little time with clothes on, once or twice to run to the store for food, or to go to a restaurant, (The pizza delivery guy got a little peek as part of his tip) and I lost count of how many times we made love. It almost seemed like a constant thing, either I was in her, or we were fondling each other, or one (or both) of us was performing oral sex on the other.
Every time my lips or tongue would touch her wet pussy I would get an almost instant erection, even if I had just cum moments before. She smelled and tasted so good, and the sounds she would make when my tongue would flick at her hard little clit would always inspire more wood, no matter.
Once, right after I had cum a huge load deep inside of her, I slid down her body and buried my face in her wet, steamy pussy, using my tongue in long slow strokes to lap at her swollen lips and hard bud, pushing my tongue into her stretched opening and lapping up my own load. She came hard, and then again, and again, and I continued to give her sweet pussy a long slow tongue massage for the next 15 to 20 minutes.
She was begging me to stop, cumming, then begging me to stop and cumming again, but the whole time she was gripping my hair and holding my face tight to her, so I know she really didn't want me to stop.

Finally I moved back over her and pushed my cock, which I don't think had ever gone down after my last ejaculation, back inside her, driving it balls-deep into her wet heat. She cried out and arched her back, pushing herself against me to get every bit inside, and we both came hard as she ground her pubic bone against the base of my hard shaft, a new load inside her to replace the one I had just swallowed.
We collapsed and slept for 2 hours after that, and when I woke up she was propped up on one elbow looking down at me, and she looked tousled, well-fucked and gorgeous.
"God Adam, I've never cum like that before. Nobody has ever done what you did, that was so hot and so nasty. I loved it. I love you."
This startled and shocked me, but I quickly realized I felt the same. "Well, good, because I love you too. I feel like you are what's been missing all my life."
Which was true, I realized. Then she cried, and I might have even teared up just a little, and then our partings became even harder.

This became our pattern, the heart-breaking parting after every 5 day homestand, the interminable 9 days apart, the rush of heat and passion when we got back together, as much love and sex as we could jam into 5 days, then apart again.
After a few months I convinced her to give up her apartment when the lease was up and move into my house, and about 7 and a half months prior to our planned Lake Powell trip I had bought a ring and, nervous as a teenager, carried it in my pocket until I had a chance for the two of us to get away for a few days to a romantic mountain setting where I popped the question. To my joy she said yes, and that is where we were when everything fell apart, still engaged but no date set for a wedding.
When she had moved into my house Ron and Kori, my neighbors and friends, had accepted her instantly, and the bond had grown strong between all of us since. They had never been crazy about my first wife, Lisa, nor she about them. Lisa was very self-centered and critical of others, and did not form friendships easily.
Lisa is a good looking woman, and I'm sure she has some other positive attributes, but I can't think of any right now. Wait - she made really good brownies! I like to be able to say nice things about people.
Anyhow, she's gone and best forgotten.
I remember the first time Ron and I had played golf after he met Kristi:

"So, Mule, apart from the obvious, what does this gorgeous woman see in you, do you suppose?"

"Thanks buddy, I appreciate your confidence. I'm not really sure myself, but whatever it is I hope she never wises up."

"She really is incredible, all that beauty and smart and sweet too! How's the sex?"

"Hey, you know me, I'm not one to kiss and tell. Fortunately for you, I am one to fuck and tell. It's incredible man, just fucking incredible. I mean, I'm 31 years old but with her I can go all night. I just can't get enough of her and she seems to feel the same about me. She is just so hot, and not at all shy about telling me what she wants or what feels good. I love that!"

"Sounds great. Do you think it's the real thing, or are you both just in it for the sex?"

I thought about that for a few seconds. "No, I'm sure it's for real. I think I really, really love this woman." I was a little shocked to realize how much, after only knowing her for a month. I hadn't expected to feel this way again after my marriage had failed.

"Hey now, don't get a squishy on me, tell me about the sex. Does she like your big ol' horse cock?"

I laughed at him. "Jesus man, has anyone ever told you you're a pig?"

"Yeah, all the time. So does she?"

"OK, yeah, she sure seems to. It didn't scare her at all, she can take the whole thing inside, she can almost take it all into her mouth and throat, and she's very much into multiple orgasms. Enough information? Oh, and she swallows. OK?"

"Hey, don't get mad at me, us little-dicked guys have to live vicariously through porn stars unless we're lucky enough to have a well hung best buddy that will share his experiences with us. OK, best buddy?"

I could only shake my head. "Man, you're an ass."

"You know Kori would love to have a shot at you, don't you? She's probably disappointed you found someone, she'd trade my little nubbin for a ride on your pole in a second, but now you're getting all you can handle. Too sad for Kori!"

"Knock it off Ron, don't say cuckolds brownie like that, you know she loves you."

"Of course she does, that's not the point."

By then we had arrived at the next tee box and the conversation shifted. I never did get to ask him what the point was.


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Iadoreher and Fred, thanks for the encouragement above. Of course I have to go on with the story, I'm too curious about what's going to happen next!


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Looking back, I guess that comment should have sent up a red flag for me, but I was pretty used to Ron saying some weird things. He's just one of those guys that is very open and genuine, there is nothing about himself he won't tell you if you ask or he feels like it, but on that occasion I failed to ask.
Ron is one of those guys that has 'made it', and done it on his own wits and will, and at his own risk. When I bought my house and met Ron and Kori it was an instant, natural friendship. They are both just so down to earth and caring that we clicked, as they do with many people, but when it became evident that Ron and I were to become good friends, I became comfortable enough to ask him what he does for a living.
It was obvious that he had done well, his home is easily twice the size of my 3,400 sq.ft. place and much more opulent with pool and poolhouse, beautiful landscaping, 4 car garage, the works. It looked like our homes should be in two different neighborhoods.
When I asked him about his work, he said "Well, I guess some people would describe me as a professional vulture. I prefer to think of myself as a 'distressed merchandise trader'."

I had no clue what that meant, so I asked for an explanation.

"I'm the guy that shows up, cash in hand, when somebody gets in trouble and has to part with some of their belongings to avoid bank repos, pay legal bills, settle a divorce, whatever. If they have something that I can pick up low and sell high, we do business. It helps them out, and makes me gobs of money."
I had a hunch that some of his clients didn't feel so blessed, but then again Ron can turn salt into sugar or sell sand to an Arab, so he probably left them feeling pretty good about their deal.

It turns out he had started doing this in a small way in college, bailing out friends, acting as, more or less, their permisteral pawn shop. As it began to grow and he recognized the potential he moved beyond buying stereos, computers, bikes, and musical instruments, and as he accumulated more cash he continued to reinvest it and move up-market, to cars, motorcycles, and larger items.
Along the way he cultivated a cadre of loan officers, car dealers, lawyers, etc that fed him tips, and he in turn directed a little cash or a favor their way. When I met him he had graduated to big ticket items: private planes, exotic cars, the occasional helicopter, boats, fine jewelry, art works - anything he could turn for a fast profit, and he was now a millionaire several times over. He took a lot of risk, but he knew his stuff and rarely guessed wrong.
Recently I had travelled with him to Bellingham, WA to look at a yacht that had become available there due to someone's permisteral financial reversal. He bought it, cash on the barrelhead, spent $25,000 getting it repaired and detailed and having a crew sail it to Marina Del Rey in California, and in less than a month sold it for almost $140,000 more than he had paid for it. A tidy profit for a little research and a few phone calls.

I know it's not that easy, but he made it seem so. The point to all this is that he never let success go to his head. There was no pretense to him, and he would still rather slam a few beers on a houseboat with his best friends than sip champagne at some posh resort, and Kori was just like him. They completely doted on each other.

I was thrilled when Kristi hit it off so well with them, and they were very happy for me when they saw how perfect she and I were together. Of course, that didn't stop Ron from hitting on her at every opportunity, but she took it with grace and humor, and I knew he was only half serious. Or less.
The bond between Kristi and them, as well as between Kristi and the other couple, John and Wendy, was really cemented when we all took that trip to Lake Mead last year.

I do pretty well in my line of work, but John and Wendy were a little concerned about the expense. We looked at all the websites and settled on a 54 foot boat that rented for around $6,000 for the week. Split 3 ways that wasn't too bad.
Ron, of course, wouldn't hear of it. He had to have the big luxury 70 footer that relaxs 12 (for the 6 of us) and has all the amenities, including a hot tub/spa on deck. Of course, it cost well over $10,000 for the week. Much as we objected, he insisted on paying for well over half the cost, and wound up buying most of the food and booze as well. As he told all of us, in order to shut us up, "If I can't blow a little money having fun with the most important people in my life, what the hell is it good for?"

We knew he really meant every word, and were very touched. No more was ever said, and we went and had a blast. The bigger boat was great, and the hot tub was much appreciated. He had reserved a very similar boat at Lake Powell for this year, and we were all looking forward to the trip.

I was back up at my jobsite a little over 3 weeks before we were to join John and Wendy and head down to Lake Powell to meet up with Ron and Kori. They had rented the boat at Wahweap for 10 days this time, and were going to tool around by themselves for a couple days and then come to the marina at Bullfrog and pick up the rest of us for the remainder of the time. They only rented the bigger boats at Wahweap, but Bullfrog is about 2 or 3 less hours drive from Denver, so this was our plan.
When I got a permisteral call at the site, I knew it couldn't be anything good. I didn't know that it would be the beginning of the slide into a permisteral hell.

There is absolutely no cell phone signal out there, and nobody would be crazy enough to run a land line, so all we had was satellite phones (very expensive), and shortwave radio. It was understood that calls were pretty much for emergencies only. When I got on it was Kristi.

"Hi, Adam?"

"Yeah hon', it's me. What's going on?"

"Pretty horrible news. Wendy's dad died last night."

I had met her dad. Neat guy. Tough old bird, the greatest generation permisterified. "Oh man, that is bad news. Hey wait, I thought her mom was the sickly one."

"Yeah, she is. Her dad has been taking care of her for a couple of years now. He was strong as a horse, never sick a day. He was the rock, you know, but he had a massive coronary and died on the spot. They are all pretty devastated right now."

I knew they would be. Wendy's family is very close, and she loved her dad dearly. "Are they going back? Indiana, isn't it? What are they going to do about her mom?"

"Yeah, Ron already got one of his pilot buddies that owed him a favor to fly them back on his Lear. Muncie area. All at Ron's expense of course. They are still so in shock I don't even think they realized what was happening when we piled them into the plane. I know they haven't thought about her mom yet."

"Boy, that's tough. I really feel for them. Good of Ron to take charge. What can we do for them, anything?"

"Well, I'm watching their cat and watering the plants for them, getting their mail and paper, stuff like that. Right now the extended family is helping with her mom, but you know how that goes."

She was right, I did know. Pretty soon they would be left on their own with full responsibility. "Well, for now get some nice flowers ordered and make a good contribution to whatever charity they favor in her mom's name for me, OK? Hey listen, I have to go. I'll see you in a few days. Love you."

"Adam wait. Are you there?"

"Yup, still here."

"They cancelled out on the trip, they don't think they will be back by then with having to make arrangements for her mom and settling the estate and all. Plus they didn't think they'd feel much like having fun. Ron's such a sweetie, he powerd them to take their money back. He knew they could use it."

"Oh, that's too bad, the trip might have been good for them, but I understand. I'll give Ron another couple thousand, it's no big deal. Are you OK with just the 4 of us going? Is that the new plan?"

"That's it, and of course I'm fine with it. I can't wait to see you."

"Me too. One more trip home, 9 more endless days here, and we're off to the lake. We'll miss Wendy and John, but it will be fun. See you in a few days. Be good!"

"I will. Love you. Bye"

I'm glad I didn't know then that that last bit was a lie.


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I thought a lot about Wendy and John that day, Wendy especially, and wished there was something more we could do for them. There rarely is in these situations except to pitch in where you can, tell them that you're thinking of them, and include them in your prayers.
I tried to immerse myself in my work and put their tragedy out of my head. That turned out to be necessary, because we'd been battling a bad hydraulic seal on a piece of equipment that we very much needed to keep running, and it was getting worse. We'd been waiting for a replacement which was being FedEx'ed to Rock Springs and then messengered out to us.
We had "custom engineered" it for the 5th or 6th time and had it working OK, when our main generator blew. And I mean blew, loud bang, sparks, black smoke, the works. We knew we were done, and had some expensive downtime ahead of us. The smaller generator is only enough to operate the lights in the trailers and a few small appliances, so we were toast.
That happened late on a Wednesday morning, and I wasn't due to leave until Friday afternoon, but when it became obvious that only the maintenance guy and mechanics would be of any use the rest of us split.

I didn't even take time to clean up, I was so looking forward to surprising Kristi and having a couple of extra days with her. I pushed my old beater Jeep through the rugged stuff as fast as I dared, and when I hit the paved road after about 90 minutes of bouncing, I pushed it up to the highest vibration level I could tolerate and set the cruise at 82mph.

I had my Sirius radio playing (regular stations are few, weak, and bad - farm reports, etc.), and I thought about Wendy and her dad, and John, and Ron and Kori of course, and a lot about Kristi. Maybe this weekend we could set a date, look at wedding venues, that kind of stuff.
It was time she made an honest man out of me, but we hadn't really discussed it much. I intended to ask Ron to be my best man, and I think she wanted Kori and Wendy on her side. My brother could be the other groomsman, and that was enough, we should keep it kind of small in my opinion. My thoughts wander like that when I drive or hike.

The time passed quickly, despite a stop for gas and snacks and some pretty nasty dust devils just north of Cheyenne, and soon I was starting to hit Denver traffic. Yuck. No wonder I liked being out in Wyoming so much! My commute was long, but none of this crap every day.

I pulled up in front of my house and stopped in the driveway, on the right side. I was glad to see her car in the garage on the left, but not too thrilled she'd left the door up. We leave my beater out all the time, and she parks her little Solstice on the left, because my baby gets full-time rights to the other side. It was there, seemingly fine under its cover, but if the door is left open someone could cause a lot of damage. I'd mention it later, but would come back out and close it in a minute, because I wanted to surprise her and she'd surely hear the door go down.

I snuck in quietly and shushed Ralph when he came wagging his old Lab body over to me. I fussed over him a little to settle him down, then looked around. It was very quiet, and I assumed Kristi was either upstairs or out back, so I crept up the steps. I'd probably scare the hell out of her, but she'd forgive me when she realized we had 2 extra days together!

When I got near the top of the steps I could hear her moaning, the sounds she makes in sexual heat only. Oh my god, I was finally going to catch her! My cock started to harden at the thought.
We had, some time ago, made a visit to an adult store in town, and had bought her a pretty large black dildo, supposedly modeled on some porn star's cock (she chose it, what does that tell you?), and one of those fancy artistic glass ones that are so expensive spending a cool $195 on toys to keep her fulfilled when I was gone.
She claimed to love them, especially the glass one, but she never let me watch her play. I desperately wanted to, I find a woman pleasuring herself to be very erotic, but she said as long as I was there she didn't need them.
Now, though, I was going to sneak in and watch her at play. Perversely, I kind of hoped she'd be using the big black cock.
Her moans grew louder as I got near the door to our room, and when I peeked around the door at first I was confused. There seemed to be too many feet, and my mind could not take in what I was seeing.
Kristi was kind of curled on one side, her arm and breasts against some ladyfucker's hip, her soft hair cascading across his stomach and thighs as she sucked his cock! He was flat on his back, feet apart, and I was looking at his hairy balls and fat shaft, and the side of Kristi's face as she eagerly sucked him, moaning as she does when aroused.

She had her legs curled up, and I could see her swollen pussy, and what could only be a stream of semen trailing out of her, across the back of her thigh, and onto my sheets, a sticky white pool against her leg. She had obviously fucked him once, and was now getting him hard for a repeat, which is a pattern I know well.

I was too stunned, too shocked and hurt to even speak. I could hear my heart hammering in my chest, and thought my head would explode, but I couldn't utter a sound. I think I started to hyperventilate.
As I stupidly stood there, it became like an out-of-body experience, like I was watching a movie. She stopped sucking him and raised up, shaking her hair back over her shoulders as she straddled him, her back to me.

I stared, unable to blink much less turn away, as she reached back and guided his 7" cock into her already cum-filled pussy. She began to grind on him, and I watched his cum slick cock slide in and out of her. Into my Kristi. Into my beautiful girl. Into the pussy that was all mine, and she came on him, moaning out her pleasure, and he groaned as he blasted another load of cum deep into my fiance'. And I coud see his cum running out of her, and hear their sounds, and smell the sex in the room, and I was disgusted to realize that my cock was rock hard and pulsing, ready to cum.
And that was when the anger hit, a white hot rage, and I grabbed a chair and threw it into the mirror on the dresser, shattering the chair and the mirror, silent no more.
Fred Jones


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I'm LOVIN' this story! Great plot and character development! Keep it up.
I mean that in every way.



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Thanks Fred, it's been fun to write, but way time consuming as you well know. Likewise on the latter!


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Part 05:

Looking back I realize how glaringly stupid that was, getting so angry at them that I destroy MY chair, MY mirror, and blow a big hole in MY wall. Brilliant, but right then it didn't matter to me, not at all.

What it did do was give me an enormous advantage in shock and surprise, and they both shot out of the bed as though it was on fire, wide eyed and frightened.

"God damn you! What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I'm sure I was shouting, I had to have been, but I don't remember.

I saw drops of cum spray off his still-erect cock as he tried to get his balance and put more distance between us, and their voices jumred together, but I seemed to hear mostly Kristi.
"Oh my god, Adam! I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm sorry!"

I stared at her, my fists clenched, angry enough to do something really bad. She continued to apologize, crying now and pleading with me, and I could vaguely hear the mister of a bitch, accusing her.

"You said he wouldn't be home, you said he was out of town, far away, I wouldn't be here if I knew he was in town."

"That's obvious you chickencuckolds brownie ladyfucker. You better haul your sorry ass out of my house before I rip your fucking head off."

"OK, OK, just give me my clothes. I'm sorry, I'm going, OK?"

I realized I was between him and his clothes. I'm not a real intimidating presence at a slender 6'3' and 200 pounds, and I'm usually very laid back and easy going. This guy was probably close to my weight, but shorter and stockier, maybe 5'10" and muscular, but the element of surprise, the 3-day stubble, and the heavy work boots and dirty hands, dirty jeans and denim shirt probably made me seem much bigger and more threatening.
Plus he was stark naked, clutching a pillow in front of him, and I was extremely pissed off, and raging.

"I don't think so asshole, I think you need to just leave right now. GO!"

He made a move toward his pants, but I grabbed them first. "You want to try to take them from me asshole? C'mon take 'em!"

He backed into the corner, and I stepped toward him, pressing my advantage.
I heard Kristi saying "Leave him alone Adam, don't hurt him, it's my fault!
Please just let him go! Please Adam!" She was still crying.

I pulled his cell phone off his belt and held it out to him."You want to call for help asshole? Go ahead, here's your phone." Then I deliberately dropped it and crushed it under my boot. "Oops, too late. Sorry."
I pulled his wallet out next, and flipped it open. "Richard Monroe, huh? Dick is it? I bet your friends call you Little Dick, don't they?"

"You bastard, you busted my phone! C'mon, give me my pants, give me my wallet, man!"

I opened up his wallet's cash compartment and saw several bills inside, which I pulled out threw, brownietering them across the room.

"Fuck you man, that's my money!"

"Wrong, it used to be. I figure you owe me. Now GET OUT!" He grabbed for his pants again, and I caught his arm and used his own momentum to drag him across the room and slam him into the door frame. Any fight he had in him left instantly when his head cracked against the frame, and he sagged in my hand.

Now Kristi was screaming. "Oh my god Adam, stop it, please stop!"

While the mister of a bitch was dazed I cranked his wrist up between his shoulderblades and grabbed him by the back of the neck with my other hand, propelling him down the steps, through my house, out the door and onto the front walk, where he fell on the paving stones. Naked, except for his socks.

What an asshole, he's with the most beautiful, incredible woman he will probably ever get near, she's naked, they're in private, and he kept his socks on! Shithead. Still, the paving stones had to have hurt him, so that was good.

I stood in the doorway and watched as he got up, stumbling, and weaved across the lawn toward a red pickup just down the street, clutching his groin with both hands to cover his nudity. Yeah, that'll work. Asshole.

That part would have been funny if I wasn't still so damn mad. I saw him get in his truck and sit there, the fact that his keys were still upstairs in his pants probably hitting him and me about the same time. I did laugh at that, then slammed the door shut and locked it, turning to find Kristi on the bottom step, staring at me.

"Oh god Adam, I am so sorry. I fucked up bad baby, I'm so sorry." Her eyes were wide and red from crying, and she was still naked, and shaking. I could see that her neck and upper chest were still flushed with sex, like they get, and her nipples looked bruised and used. I could also see the sheen of his cum running down her thighs. She reeked of sex, a different smell than she and I make. I realized I was sniffing the air like an natural, knowing another had marked on my territory.

"Just sit down and shut up. I need to do something." She sat on the steps and buried her face in her hands. I could hear her sobbing.

I grabbed the phone and dialed 911. They answered instantly, and I said "I need the police, right away." She asked for more information, so I complied. "Yeah, I live at 5270 Robbins Court, and we've got a flasher or something. What? Yeah, there's some pervert sitting in a red pickup, he's naked, and he's been flashing people. Kids and stuff. I'm afraid he might grab a kid or try or attack someone or something. You gotta get someone out here right away. Yes ma'am, he's across the street from my house and down one house, you can't miss him it's the only red Ford truck. OK, thanks."

I turned to Kristi; she was staring at me, shocked. "Oh Adam, I can't believe you did that! He will get in so much trouble! He's not a bad guy, he's got a wife and kids, they'll find out. Oh, Adam, my god, what have you done!"

"What, now you care, you bitch? You didn't care about his wife while you were fucking him, you slut, and he obviously doesn't care about them."

Kristi recoiled as though I'd slapped her. She had never seen me get truly angry, not in all the months we'd been together, because I so rarely do. While I would never, ever, in any circumstances, hit a woman, I do have the nasty ability when the white hot rage is up to cut someone to ribbons using only words, angry words.

And now, completely out of control, I used this ability to hurt this beautiful, vulnerable woman, this agonized, suffering girl that meant more to me than life itself. She had hurt me badly, and, God help me, I had to hurt her back.

Sometimes I'm a real bastard.
Fred Jones


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Last time. You got talent, keep using it.



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Thanks again Fred. I know the story is getting long and is not all sex, all the time, but it appears there are some that are enjoying the read.
OK, here goes...

Part 06:

I continued to lash out at her, calling her vile names and accusing her of things that I had no reamister to suspect were true. She tried, at first, to protest, to talk to me, but that just seemed to make it worse.

"Adam, it didn't mean anything, it was just sex. Please baby!"

"Oh so you're such a horny bitch that you can't keep your legs together for a few days while I'm gone, you have to have your cheating cuckolds browniehole lover over to fuck you, in my house!"

"He's not my lover, he's just a guy I met. I don't love him at all, we just had sex. God Adam, I love you, not him! I am so sorry."

"I guess that makes you a whore instead of a cheating bitch, sorry, my mistake. I thought us guys were supposed to be the pigs, but I managed to stay faithful to you." I knew when I said it that it wasn't true, not entirely, but I buried that thought.

She gave up after that, and I should have seen it and stopped, but I didn't. Kristi is a strong woman and smart, and not easily cowed by anyone, but now she just lowered her head and took it, letting me beat her with my hurt and anger. God, I should have stopped!

She stayed, sitting on the steps, and let me vent my rage, and I continued to cut her apart. She gradually folded in on herself, wrapping her arms around her legs and lowering her forehead onto her knees, her shoulders slumped and her long blonde curls falling around her face and down her calves.
The way she sat I could see the diamond on her engagement ring, and I paused, trying to figure out a way to use that to hurt her more. When I stopped, I heard her moaning, real low, and saw her body shudder with her sobs. She began to rock back and forth, clutching herself tightly, crying, and the fight just left me.

She looked like nothing so much as someone mourning a death, and I just stood and took in her misery. She was in so much pain, and I had a powerful urge to reach out and touch her, to take her into my arms and tell her everything would be all right, but it wouldn't, and I didn't.

Except for her soft crying it was quiet in the house. Ralph had disappeared at the first sign of trouble, as is his habit. He's a non-confrontational kind of dog.

I just felt empty now, except for the giant lead weight parked in my chest, and as the adrenaline was used up I felt weak. Even now, with all that had happened, I noticed how beautiful she was. Her tan legs, long and sleek and perfect, her blonde waves, her smooth flawless back where I could see her spine and her ribs, and the finely toned muscles rippling with her sobs.
After we had been silent for several minutes, she slowly raised her head, pushing her hair back with one hand, and looked at me. Her face was tear-streaked, her eyes dark with pain and hurt, and I knew she was as devastated as I was.

I knew we had succeded in destroying us, and that I had succeeded in destroying her, this amazing, beautiful, wonderful woman that had brought me more happiness than my life had ever known. I was not proud of myself, but I couldn't say anything.

We didn't speak for quite awhile, we just looked at each other, searching each other's eyes for something we could grab onto. Barely audible, I heard myself say "You'd probably better leave."
I wasn't what I'd wanted to say, but it's what came out.

"Where will I go? I don't have anywhere, I live here now. I could just move to the guest room, you know, for tonight."

"No, I think you had better go, and not to Ron and Kori's either, they're my friends." One more mean, stupid, careless shot.

"Do I get to take clothes, or are you going to throw me out naked too?" She stood, facing me and squared her shouders, unashamed of her nakedness, a little of her fight returning to her. I was sort of relieved to see it

"No, just get dressed, and take some of your things. You should probably clean up a little too, you've got his cum all over you."

She looked down at herself, almost surprised. "Oh Adam, I'm so sorry!", and she ran up the stairs and into our room.

On the step where she'd been sitting was a shiny wet spot, their combined cum where it had run out of her and pooled around her ass, forming two soft curves of slick wetness .
Numb, I reached out and touched it with one finger. It was real, not a nightmare, and I heard the shower start up as I walked out to get a paper towel to clean the step.


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My heart was pounding right along with yours as you discovered your beautiful Kristi enjoying another man. And just some guy to boot!!!

Keep on man!!! You have me and 40,000 others on the edge of our seats!!


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Hi pipedream, thanks for your vote. Yeah Kristi's something special. I'm hoping to get back for awhile tonight to tell you more about her.


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I wiped up the spilled semen from my step, and threw away the towel. I was lost and disoriented, and wasn't sure what to do next. I glanced out the front window and saw two police cars, one in front and one in back of the mister of a bitch's truck. My vicious ploy had worked only too well.

I began to think about what Kristi had said, about his wife and kids. I could care less what happened to him, it would be the consequences of his own actions, but there was no reamister that she should feel as cuckolds browniety as I did right then, and I would be the cause of that. I may have destroyed more than one relationship in my anger, and that was cruel and senseless.
Like I said, I'm a bastard sometimes.

I saw one of the cops bring a blanket from his trunk, and they handed it to the SOB and then pulled him from his truck and walked him, wrapped in the blanket, to the rear patrol car where they lowered him into the back seat. He was wearing cuffs.

I saw the two cops talking for a moment, and looking over toward my house. Finally one of them, the older, more heavyset one, turned and began to walk across toward my place. I walked to the front door and opened it, stepping onto the front walk. I nodded at him, and he stopped a few feet in front of me.
"Good evening sir, can I talk to you for a few minutes?"

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

"First sir, can I get your name?"

I told him my name, and to call me Adam. He was officer Sam Mathis. I invited him in to talk, and we stepped into the house. I sat at the end of the sofa, and he took the chair on the other side of the coffee table, facing me. He stared at me for a moment, perhaps judging if I posed any threat. Apparently not, he seemed to relax.

"Sir, the gentleman we just arrested claims you beat him up and threw him out of your house. Is that true?"

"Not entirely, no, and please call me Adam. I didn't beat him up or you'd be hauling him away in an ambulance. I just roughed him up a little in the process of throwing him out of my house." I paused. "Did he tell you what he did?"

He cleared his throat, and looked very uncomfortable. "Uh, yeah, he said you caught him and your wife together."

I laughed bitterly. "Not my wife, thank god, just my fiance', but yeah, that's what happened. What would you have done?"

Before he could answer, I saw his eyes move to the steps, and he looked up. I automatically turned my head to see what had distracted him and saw Kristi, on the second step down. Her hair was hanging down, dark, limp, and wet, and she had slipped into a simple white t-shirt and a snug pair of jeans. She was barefoot, and I could tell she was bra-less, and she looked vulnerable and hurt, sexy and incredible.

Officer Sam stared at her, and I heard him mutter "Christ! I'd have shot the ladyfucker's balls off."

Kristi looked down at us, silent and serious, and he turned back to me.
"Well Adam, he's not going to press any charges, but I would like to get his clothes back, if that's OK with you. We need to take him down to booking."

Kristi said "I'll get them", and disappeared back into our bedroom. Sam looked at me. "You didn't hurt her did you?"

I looked back at him, not knowing how to answer, so I told him the truth.
"Yeah, I did. I hurt her badly, I'm sure, but I never laid a finger on her."

Now he was the one at a loss.
"Oh, well, we can't arrest you for that, that's between you and her, but don't do anything stupid."

"You're a little late with that advice, officer. Are you arresting him?" Truth be told I hadn't even considered the SOB pressing charges against me, and of course he wouldn't, he'd be too embarassed.
Kristi returned carrying his clothes and handed them to Officer Sam just as he affirmed that they were indeed arresting him.
She stood right in front of him and looked him in the eye. "You shouldn't. He wasnt doing anything to anyone, Adam threw him outside naked, it wasn't his fault."
"Yes ma'am, I understand that, and we're going to let the lewd behavior charge go, but he had a rather large baggie of what appears to be a well known smokable organic plant material on his front seat, in plain view. We've got to bust him for that."
I couldn't contain a short, harsh laugh at that. Since the last time he had shot his load inside Kristi, his day had gone seriously downhill. Kristi shook her head. "He's such an immature jerk."
I looked at her. "And yet you fucked him."
She whipped around on me. 'Yeah, apparently my taste in men just sucks all over."
She disappeared back up the stairs, and Officer Sam looked uncomfortable again. "Adam, that wasn't very smart. You need to learn when to shut up."
I've been told that before. He turned to leave, carrying the clothes, and I stopped him. "Wait, there's one more thing of his."
I grabbed a baggie from the kitchen and ran up the steps. I walked into our bedroom - well, I guess it was my bedroom now, I'd have to get used to saying that - and knelt down and picked up every last piece of his crushed cell phone, even the tiny shards, and put them in the baggie, zipping it closed. I walked back down and handed it to Officer Sam.
"Here's his phone, wouldn't want to be accused of stealing it."

He held the bag up and shook it, looking at it. He smiled a little then. "I'm sorry for your loss Adam, I really am, but you are apparently a bad man to piss off. That 911 call was inspired, we'll be talking about that one down at the station for years."

"Mmm, thanks. Try to leave my name out of it, OK? I'd just as soon not have the whole world know."
He left then, and the other patrol car with the SOB in it was already gone.

Kristi came back down the stairs again, carrying a small bag. "I'm leaving. I'll come back sometime to get my stuff, I'll call so you don't have to see me." She stood, her shoulders slumped, her eyes searching my face.

"Where will you go?"

"You don't care, remember?"

"Yeah. Kristi...?"

She looked at me, waiting for me to finish. I should have said I was sorry for the things I'd said, I should have grabbed her and held her, and begged her not to leave, and told her I could forgive her if she could forgive me, and how much I loved her, but I didn't.
I said "Be careful", and I turned and walked away so she wouldn't see me crying, and I heard the door close behind her.


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I wandered the house, going from room to room with tears streaming down my face. I couldn't believe how fast my happiness and excitement at getting a couple of extra days at home with Kristi had turned into anger and agony, offense and loneliness.
I just kept wandering from room to room, seeing reminders of her everywhere. Ralph followed me for awhile, then got bored and laid down and watched me. The second time I walked into our - I mean my - bedroom, I looked at the bed, the scene of the crime. I hadn't been able to look at it the first time.
There were several cum stains on my sheets, smaller ones, and two pretty large ones, wet still and showing dark against the sage green sheets, and I could smell the sex in the room. I ripped the sheets off the bed and balled them up, stepping into the hall and throwing the wad to the bottom of the steps. They landed with one of the large wet stains facing up, visible and taunting me.

I walked down and kicked the mass into the hall, and then collapsed in my chair. I'd wash them later, or maybe burn them. I buried my face in my hands and just sat there, numb.

I don't know how long I sat there, an hour, maybe more, but it was almost dark when I heard Ron knock on the door and let himself in like he does.
"Kristi, Adam, you here? Hello, anyone home?" He walked in and saw me.
"Hey, Adam, what'cha doing home early? I saw your car..."
He faltered, and stood looking at me, seeing my pain. "What's wrong man, you look like cuckolds brownie. Are you OK?"

"Oh, no, not really. I've definitely been better."

"What's going on?"

"Kristi's gone. We had a fight, so I guess that's that. Like they say, all good things must come to an end." I know I was tryng to act less devastated than I felt.

"No way man! Not you and Kristi, you guys are just way too good together. Whatever you did you tell her you're sorry and kiss her feet, you can't let her get away."

I just looked at him. Of course he would assume it was something I'd done, Kristi is just so sweet all the time, and I know Ron thought the world of her. Of me too, but he expects us men to screw up.
"I wish it was that easy Ron, but it wasn't me. She was fucking some other guy." There, it was out in the open, I'd been cuckolded, and my best friend knew.

He dropped onto the sofa. "Oh, cuckolds brownie. Are you sure?"

I laughed bitterly. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm pretty sure. I walked in on them."

"Oh, fuck! Oh buddy, I am so sorry. Oh my god. I don't believe this. I'm going to call Kori and have her come over. You need your friends around you now.

I really just wanted to be alone, but I didn't say so. He got Kori on his cell and asked her to come to "Adam and Kristi's house", but I didn't correct him, and I heard him tell her to grab "that bottle of Scotch" off the bar.

I sat there thinking about the word 'cuckold', of all things. I didn't like the word before, and now I hated it. I used to sneak old Playboy magazines from my dad's collection, to jerk off to when I was a kid, and they had a section back then called Ribald Tales. Maybe they still do, I don't know. The husbands in those stories seemed to be cuckolds most of the time, and the word was used a lot, so I was familiar with it. And now, as they say, I are one.
Kori showed up and Ron took the bottle from her and disappeared into the kitchen. He came back with a couple of mugs and I watched him pour each of us a couple of fingers of "that Scotch", which turned out to be fine, expensive Macallan single malt.
"You're a classy guy Ron. I think I can do a little better than an old chipped coffee mug for a Macallan. You know, if you're planning to drown my sorrows, any old rotgut would work, this is a waste."

"Fuck you, a glass is a glass. Just take."

I did, and I was right, it was a waste. My mouth just tasted like copper, and I couldn't taste the fine smoky peat flavor of the Scotch. I did feel the warmth flow through my belly, which had felt cold and hard, so that was good.
Kori said "What happened? Why were the police here? What did you do?"
My friend's faith in me was astounding. "Tell us Adam, start from the beginning."

So I did, I told them the whole sorry tale, leaving out nothing, most of the time with my face buried in my hands and occasionally having to stop and collect myself. At some point Kori came over and sat on the arm of the chair, next to me, and put her arms around me, and then just sat and rubbed my back while I talked. I was glad Ron had called her.

When I was done we all just sat in silence for awhile and I heard Kori sniffle. I looked at her, and saw she had tears running down her face. She searched my eyes for a moment. "Adam, where is Kristi now?"

"I don't know, I told you I kicked her out."

"Oh , Adam!" She grabbed Ron's cell phone off the table and walked outside. Ron and I sat, not talking, and he poured us another take. That woud be my last, and it was right. Just enough to round off the sharp corners a little, soften the hurt.
I'm not one to drown my troubles in booze, never have been. I try to face up to things and deal with what life throws at me, but this time I knew it would be tough. A sick hangover would be no help at all.
After about 30 minutes on the phone, Kori came back in. We both looked at her, waiting. "She's OK, she went to Wendy and John's."
That was smart of her. She had been taking care of their place for them while they were back in Indiana and knew they wouldn't object to her staying there. I hadn't thought of that.
I was very relieved to hear that she was OK, and even kind of glad that she was not very far away. I don't know why that was important, but it was.
Ron and Kori sat with me until about midnight, just talking. They tried to assure me that this would blow over, that we could still make up, but I knew better. We had cut each other too deeply, both of us, and that kind of wound doesn't heal.
After they left I let Ralph out for awhile, then back in, and drank some water. I walked to my bedroom - I'm learning to say that - and just looked at the bare mattress.
In my mind I could still see them, her hand guiding his cock into her, him thrusting into her again and again, right in front of me, her long soft hair tumbling down her back and swinging with her movements as she rode his cock, his balls pressed to her ass as she took him deep, and could hear the sound of them cumming, and see the white, thick semen running from her and onto my bed as she cried out her orgasm.
I turned and walked to the guest bedroom and closed the door, laying down on the bed. My cock was rock hard, and I loathed myself for that.
I got up and went back to my room and got Kristi's pillow, and returned to the guest room, stripping naked before lying down, my thick cock thrusting out uselessly in front of me.
I laid on my back and put her pillow over my face, holding it down with both hands and smelling the scent of her shampoo, and her cologne, and the sweet feminine scent of her body. I felt my ejaculation start and the warm jets spattering down on my chest and stomach, and I laid there, not touching myself, and let it. My disgust and self-loathing knew no bounds, and I wondered what I had done to send her to another man.


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We need more please asap its a great hot story.
cuckold sissy wendy white aka tinyboywayne


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Thanks wayne, here goes...

I slept for awhile after that like you do sometimes, just the release of tension, but I woke up at 3:17. I hate those fucking digital clocks. I laid there awake for several minutes, feeling the crusty dried cum on my stomach, then got up and went in the bathroom and took a fast shower.

I wanted to go back to bed, but couldn't get my mind to turn off and just wandered around naked for awhile, then stood at my window and looked across at the SOB's truck, still parked where the police had left it. I thought they would have towed it in and impounded it, but apparently not. I gave some thought to going over and vandalizing the cuckolds brownie out of it, but decided I would be the most likely suspect for that action, and left it alone.

It dawned on me that I was standing bare-ass in front of a full length window, but it was after 3 a.m., so who cares.
All alone, freshly cuckolded, hurt, angry, miserable - this promised to be a long and lonely night. Inevitably I started to think about Kristi, both the good times over the last 18 months or so, and the bad times of the last few hours. How could everything turn to cuckolds brownie so fast!
Not to get too maudlin, but the first thing I thought of was that the last time I had seen her smile was when I woke her to tell her I was leaving to go back to work, about this same time several days ago. I always stayed home as long as possible, leaving in the early darkness for the long drive back.

She had woken up slowly, her silky hair mussed and sexy around her relaxy face.
"Mornin' baby. I have to get going."
She rolled over, exposing her breasts, and reached up and stroked my neck and cheek. "Mmmm, so soon. It seems like you just got here and now you're leaving."
We had made love a few hours ago, and I could smell the cum that was probably still leaking from her. I began to get hard, and when she ran her hand across my lap she felt it.
"If you can stay a little longer we can take care of that."

The thought of her pussy, still warm and creamy from the last time - god, now I was rock hard! "Very tempting you sexy thing, but I'm going to be a little late as is. I have to go. Hope I can fit this behind the wheel."
She smiled at that, beautiful and sensual, and we kissed and parted, yet again, to count the minutes.
If that was going to be the last of her smiles for me, at least it was a good one.

I thought long and hard that night about the why of what had happened, the usual self-pitying why-me crap, but I started by giving her all the blame. She was obviously a slut, an unfaithful whore that never really loved me, etc, etc, but I knew better inside.
Then it became the questioning of myself; was I not man enough for her? Had I done something to piss her off? Was she not satisfied with our sex life? How could that possibly be, we seemed so perfect? How long had this been going on?
That last one hurt. It had not occurred to me until then, my mind had grasped at the idea that I had caught her the first time she cheated, but how likely was that? Damn, now I really felt sick.

In my pain and exhaustion I focused in on what I could have done to drive her to this. Or, more accurately, what signals I could have sent that encouraged her to do this, and I began to remember a few things, to put them together.

Like the first time she saw my Baby, about 2 or 3 months after we'd met. I was doing a home improvement project, and had needed a little more light, and had sent her after the utility light on my workbench in the garage.
When she came back she said "Found it. What's under the cover out there?"

"Thanks, plug it in willya? That's my Baby, a car I bought from Ron, one of his finds. A classic."

"What is it? It looks like something fast. I love fast cars."

She must have hated riding around in my old Jeep. "Really? I didn't know that about you. Come on, I'll show you." Any excuse to avoid this project and show off my Baby. On the way to the garage I grabbed the keys from the drawer.

I walked to the rear of the car and began to lift the cover off, and as soon as it cleared one taillight Kristi had said "Oh my god, is that a Shelby? I love Shelby's!"
I was impressed. As I continued to lift the cover, she said "A '67 I'll bet, it's got to be a '67." She was right, a 1967 Shelby Mustang (nee:Cobra), red with the white stripes, and she was very excited.
"Is it a 350 or a 500? Oh my god, it's the GT500, why have you been keeping this secret? That big honkin' 428 in this little machine, it must fly!"
Now I was really impressed. This was a whole new side of her, and the delight on her face was plain to see.

"I didn't know you liked cars, I didn't want to bore you with it. Ron got it for a steal, and when he saw how much I loved it he sold it to me for what he paid, and it was too good to pass up."

"Is everything correct? Do the numbers match? Oh jeez, it's the early year model with the foglights close together. My favorite!" No wonder I loved this woman!!
"Wow! Gorgeous, smart, sexy and loves cars! Are you real? Come here, let me pinch you to see. And yes, it's all correct."

"Do you know what this is worth?"

"Doesn't matter, I'm not planning to sell it."

"Can I ask what you paid Ron for it?"

"Sure, like I said, what he paid, $29,000. He said he got it from a guy that was keeping his wife from getting it in the divorce, for instant cash on the spot."
"Bullcuckolds brownie. He didn't get it for $29,000. It's worth 4 times that, maybe a lot more if everything is original and in good shape. He gave you a gift Adam, you gullible fool."

"Well, he's a dealer, he gets stuff like that. And I took him and Kori out for dinner at Brook's Steakhouse."

"Still, you stole it. You owe him big time. Can we fire it up? Too bad it's so sloppy out, I'd make you let me drive it!" Now I knew she was for real. Most women would have expected me to take it out, despite the slush and ice melt chemicals still on the street from last night's snow. And her drive it? Hmmm...
I tossed her the keys, and she fired it up. It started instantly.
"Oh my god, listen to the muscles!" She sniffed the air. "It's running a little rich - that should even out when it warms up." This was starting to turn me on!
Then she said "Beautiful, smooth, powerful - this is making me wet!" She blipped the throttle a couple of times to hear the roar.

"So hot cars make you horny, huh?"

"Well, yeah, that, and I gave my first blow-job in a car like this. Well, not just like this, but it was a '67 Mustang."

I tried to be casual. "So, who was the lucky guy, and how old were you?"

"Well let's see, I was a freshman in high school, so I was 15, almost 16. He was a senior though so he was 18, and on the football team."

"Let me guess, you were a cheerleader and he was the star quarterback."

"Don't be a smart ass. No, I was just a girl and he was a linebacker, but he was my boyfrined at the time, and I was sure he loved me. But I was still a virgin, so don't go getting the wrong impression!"
She blipped the throttle again, then sadly shut it off, leaving the key in the ignition.
"Are you sure you want to hear this?"

"Hey, in for a penny, in for a pound. Go on." I was dying to hear this. It was a long time ago, so it was OK, right?

"Well, we'd been dating for a few weeks, and we had kissed and petted - he was only the second guy whose cock I'd touched - and he had cum in my hands a couple of times, but we weren't having sex.
I wanted to, I was so horny all the time from handling his cock, and him touching me and sucking on my nipples, and when he would cum on me, oh my god I loved that! But I was scared of getting pregnant, or that it would hurt, you know."
She was still sitting in my car, which put her at eye level with my crotch, and she noticed that my pants were stretched tight over an enormous hard-on. She reached out and ran her fingers over my bulge, and I groaned.

"This is really turning you on, isn't it? Do you like hearing about me with another guy?"

"It was a long time ago, right? And you don't know him anymore? OK, so go on."

"First we better free that so you don't hurt yourself." She undid my belt and zipper, and tugged my pants down, right there in my garage, and my cock flopped out, long, thick, and very, very hard.
"Mmm, very nice. Lot's bigger than the one I'm talking about, thank goodness, or it might have raised my expectations unrealistically."

She continued to stroke me very lightly with her fingertips as she went on with her story. I ached.

"Well, that day we were playing with each other, out in the woods in his dad's Mustang, and he told me to be careful 'cause he got hit in the balls at football practice and was sore and swollen. So I asked him to show me, and he did, he got out and stood, kind of like you're standing now, and dropped his pants."
My heart was pounding as she stroked me, ever so lightly.
"His cock was sticking straight up and hard, maybe only 7", but it seemed huge to me, and his balls did look swollen, and red. He said I should kiss them and make them feel better. I don't think he thought I would do it, but he was wrong."

The thought of this gorgeous woman, as the gorgeous teenager she must have been, leaning forward to touch her lips to a man in that way for the first time - oh god, I was shivering with excitement.

Well, I kissed them a little, he smelled kind of good, musky and soapy, then I licked them, then I sucked on one and put it in my mouth, and he was groaning. I felt like fireworks going off in my pussy, and I was so wet!"

I felt like I could cum any second, I was seeing this play out in my mind, and had a few fireworks of my own.

"Wow, you're leaking a lot! You're really liking this, huh?" I could only nod.
She licked up my leakage, and went on.
"Well, then I licked all the way up his shaft, and it just seemed natural to take him in my mouth, so I did. I loved it, it just felt so good, hard and smooth and hot, and it made me cum a little."

I felt about to do that myself, but I wanted to hear the rest of this story!


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"Go on."

"I guess, you know, I sucked him a little, just enjoying the sensation. It felt so...oh, I don't know, sensual, I guess, the head of his cock on my tongue, and how hard he was, so I swirled my tongue over him, kind of like this...."

She took me suddenly and deeply into her mouth, and I could feel her tongue moving just behind the head of my cock, teasing me. I groaned, and she relented, laughing.

"Wow, you're really getting off on this! Who knew you were so kinky! So do you want to hear the rest?"

Silly question, and I said so. "There's no way you can stop now, c'mon, tell me."

"Well, there's not much more to tell. He almost always would cum pretty quick, and this time it was just almost instantly. He spurted in my mouth and first I thought I would gag, I didn't know what to do, and he just kept on cumming, spurt after spurt."
Her eyes kind of had this dreamy look, lost in the memory of the sensation of the first time a guy had shot his load in her mouth.

I could understand how turned on he must have been, and why he would have cum so hard. She continued to slowly stroke my hard and now wet cock as she told the story.

"I just held him there in my mouth, catching all his cum, and I started to realy feel it, warm and thick in my mouth, and I came too. God, I was so wet and horny!"

"So you really enjoyed giving your first blow-job?"

"You have no idea! I still do, as you know so well."
She began to suck me again then, seriously this time, stroking my cock with one hand as she sucked, and squeezing my balls with the other. I don't know how long it took, certainly not over a minute, before I too was spurting a substantial load into her mouth.
She continued to work me over until I had run dry, then backed off and swallowed. "Mmmm, I still love a nice big load of fresh cum."

"Uhh, did you swallow that first time too?"

"Yup, I did. That was a little iffy, but I didn't know what the right thing to do was, so I did that. And I always have ever since, unless I'm showing off or we're playing or something."
I knew what she meant, sometimes she would let it run from her mouth and down onto her breasts or something, just to put on a show, or maybe make me cum all over her face and then make a big show of kissing me and rubbing it on my face. Harmless sticky fun like that.

"I still can't believe how turned on you got about me and another guy."

I lied: "No, it was just thinking about you as that little teenager, such a sexy little thing. That guy didn't have a chance."

She had turned then, and taken the keys from the ignition, and stood up, closing the door behind her. "Remember, next nice day you take me out for a drive, except I drive."

"No problem." What could I say, she'd just given me a great orgasm, and I was feeling very mellow. I started to get my pants pulled back up, but apparently we weren't done.

She then grabbed my half-hard cock and, leading me by that convenient handle, led me into the house and up to our bedroom.

"My turn bub, you owe me one for telling you about that. Lay down."

So saying, she pushed me backwards, and I fell onto the bed. She got out of her tight jeans quicker than I would have thought possible and straddled me, knee walking until she was over my face. I could see her arousal, pussy wet and swollen as she lowered herself to my waiting lips and tongue.
She was kidding me about being turned on but she was just as bad, steamy wet and so hot. I began to slowly lick her, back to front, pushing my tongue into her as far as I could and swallowing her sweet juices.

She came suddenly, hard and fast as she ground herself into my face. I thought I might ***, but what a great way to go! After that first rush of orgasm she found her pace, and continued to ride my face as I brought her to one, and then another, a whole series of slightly smaller ones, and we did this for probably 20 minutes or more before she realized I was rock hard again and moved back, taking me into her soaking pussy.

The urgent need taken care of, we had made love slow and gentle, feeling the sensation of our bodies moving against and within each other, and somehow we had finished with me on top of her, looking down into her beautiful face as she concentrated, eyes closed, wanting to feel every spurt of cum that I was pouring into her body.

Over the next several months she told me a few other stories like that one, and teased me, knowing how aroused I always became. We weren't kids anymore, we had both had a number of other lovers. We'd each been married for Pete's sake, but it's odd that she never asked me to tell her about any of my own experiences in that regard.
I really didn't think of that until then, that endless night when I had nothing to do except think, and feel bad, alternately hating her and missing her, but mostly hating myself.


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By the time it began to get light in the eastern sky I had rationalized away most of my fears. Surely she could not have misconstrued my interest and arousal at hearing about her past sexual encounters to mean that I would be OK with her fucking other men now, while we were together. That was clearly ludicrous.

Exhausted, I dozed a little as the sun came up, only to be awakened by a ringing phone at about quarter after seven. I grabbed it without looking at the caller ID, hoping that maybe it was Kristi. It turned out to be Kori, wanting to know if I wanted to join them for breakfast. She had cranberry muffins in the oven, and she knows they're my favorites.

I didn't much want either food or company, but I accepted and walked to my room to get some clothes. I threw on a t-shirt and a pair of cotton knit workout shorts, tying the drawstring, splashing some cold water in my face and running a comb through my hair.
I wandered across our yards, Ralph trailing at my heels, and when I opened their back door he walked right in. He's very at home at their place, they used to keep him for me while I was out at the job sites before Kristi had come along. He flopped down in front of their fireplace with a heavy sigh.

Ron looked at him. "I don't know who the bigger sad sack is this morning, you or the furball."

"Yeah, he misses Kristi, no doubt. He searched the whole house for her this morning. Some loyal mutt, hell, he's her dog now more than he's mine, but she spoils him."

Kori walked into the kitchen and gave me a hug and a quick kiss. "Morning Adam, you want some coffee?"

"Sure, and an OJ if you've got some." They always did. This was kind of a ritual of ours, whenever one household would fix something for breakfast beyond the usual cereal or toast we would invite the other over to join us.
It might be pancakes, waffles, bacon and eggs, muffins, whatever - we did this generally at least once on most weekends, but today we were one permister short and that was noticed but not acknowledged. When I'm home my weekdays are very open, but the other three had responsibilities, so today was unusual in that regard as well.

Today, of course, was a Thursday, and Ron was dressed in pressed khakis and a pink (of all things!) golf shirt, so I knew he was going to the office or out on an acquisition or sales meeting. He has a great office in his home and doesn't really need a separate office, but he maintains one above a local bank, for "credibility", he says.

Kori was dressed in a very short silky robe, and as I watched her breasts move underneath it was very apparent that the light robe was all she was wearing. Kori has a cute body, and very nice breasts, larger than Kristi's but softer, and I absent mindedly watched them sway and bounce as she moved to get my juice.
I turned to say something to Ron, and found him watching me watch his wife.


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I grinned at him. "Oops, busted! Sorry about that."

He laughed. "No problem dude, you can't help it. We're wired that way. Hey honey, stop shaking your tits around the kitchen, you're driving this poor injured boy to distraction!"
She turned toward us and did a quick shimmy, which really caused her boobs to bounce, and we all laughed. It felt good to laugh, and I was glad I had come over. Kori's pretty intuitive that way, she just knows what people need, even sometimes when they don't know themselves.

She set my juice on the breakfast bar in front of me and was turning to grab the coffee when the oven timer sounded.
I started to move to get my own coffee, but Ron grabbed my arm and whispered "Wait, watch this."
Kori grabbed a hot pad and turned off the oven, opening the door to retrieve the muffins. When she bent to reach for them the side of her robe fell open where it was split, and we were treated to a side view of tanned, toned naked lady from the bottom of her ribs to her feet.

My eyes traced the soft curve of the back of her thigh to where it met her smoothly rounded ass, and I flashed on what it might feel like to slip my hand under her leg and let my fingers find her warm, moist patch of soft down. I felt my cock stir to life. I never have been able to control that damn thing.
As she moved to the table with the hot muffin tin I stepped past her to the coffee pot, trying to keep an angle that would mask my growing problem. I was regretting my choice of the thin knit shorts, and I dawdled a little over the pot, hoping for my physical difficulty to subside a little.

It wasn't that Kori was unaware of what I was packing, I was sure Ron had told her, and I know that she and Kristi had few secrets. She had also seen me naked at Lake Mead the previous year, although that had been when we all went skinny dipping in the dark and I had not had an erection. Plus, the lake water is fairly cold.
The problem was that whenever she would notice that I had any bulge showing she would make comments, and those comments usually embarassed me a little and seemed hurtful to Ron, although he never gave any sign. Today would be no exception.
She turned from the counter just as I moved back toward it, coffee in hand. Her eyes dropped immediately to my crotch, where my mostly hard cock was outlined against the thin material. She looked for several long seconds. "Damn, Adam! Who was the clown that said that all men are created equal?"

Me being self-conscious about her attention made me blush, and it made my cock get harder. It always happens that way, when I'm humiliated about my lack of self-control and wish it would go away it does just the opposite. "C'mon Kori, you know I can't help it. Please can we just eat?"

Then of course, Ron had to chime in: "OK you two, unless you're going to fuck right here on the kitchen floor, let's knock it off and eat the muffins while they're hot."
That broke the tension, but as Kori stepped past me to put the empty tin in the sink she whispered "You will have to show that to me someday you know."
There wasn't much more that I could show her than what she had just seen; I think those shorts hid very little. I should have worn some jockeys underneath, but I was planning to run back home and shower and hadn't bothered. Live and learn.
The rest of the breakfast went very uneventfully, we talked a little about Kristi, and Kori tried to encourage me to call her. I was not receptive to that idea, I was still hurting too much. Ron stayed out of that part of the conversation. I was reminded that Kori had to leave shortly to go do her volunteer work.
They had decided when they became comfortable with Ron's substantial income that Kori could quit her job (she'd been an elementary school teacher) and do volunteer work. She was involved in several things, but today was her day to be at the natural shelter by 10:00.
We finished eating, and Ron left for work while I helped Kori clear the dishes away and clean up the kitchen. I was painfully aware of how poorly that light robe concealed her body.

"Thanks for your help Adam. I need to go start getting ready. Are you going to be OK today?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." I was lying. "I'll see you guys later. Thanks for the breakfast, and you know, for calling."

She smiled. "I just figured you could use some company. Hey, you're starting to get pretty shaggy. You want me to cut your hair later, when I get home?"

I ran my hand through my hair. "Sure, it could use it. Call me when you get back and I'll come over." She had started cutting my hair shortly after we became friends, and I hadn't had a bad haircut or paid for one since.

"OK, it'll be around 3:00. And Adam? Call Kristi. You'll hate yourself if you don't. I know you're a better man than this."

"K, (sometimes I just called her K. We had a very easy familiarity with each other) I don't know if I can. It's so soon, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to. Let's just give it some time, OK?" Inside, I was hoping that Kristi would call me. Stubborn. More than one reamister I was called Mule.

She gave me another quick kiss and left to get dressed, and I whistled up Ralph and headed for home.


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great story..please continue!


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Thanks subchard, glad you're enjoying the story. Nice picture by the way!
I hope to get a couple more segments posted in the next few days, but then I'll be in the backcountry for awhile and won't have any computer, access, or electricity!
I hope everyone will be patient with me. Thanks again.


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I grabbed a quick shower when I got home, and then got sidetracked into putting away a few of Kristi's things. She had taken the essentials - her toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush and comb, a few of her magic potions from the shower - but there were still a lot of reminders of her around and I put them away in a drawer and in the closet where they wouldn't be a constant painful reminder. She'd said she would get them later.

Earlier I had entertained thoughts of just throwing all her stuff away, or out on the lawn, but now the anger had mostly burned out and been replaced by a dull ache, a hurt deep inside, and I was able to reamister more clearly. I'd just let her pick up her belongings when she needed them.
I was tired, and emotionally exhausted, but I had this nervous energy that would not allow me to sit still. Realizing I was still naked, I put the shorts I had worn earlier back on, and some shoes, and went out in the garage to putter with a few things.
I found some stuff I'd bought to repair a bad sprinkler head in the front yard, and launched into that chore. It was pretty easy, and yet I'd been putting it off. The sun felt good on my shoulders, and I noticed the lawn was looking about as shaggy as I was.
I fired up the mower and got going on that, pushing it hard and fast, burning off some of that energy and working up a good sweat. I should have held off on that shower.
I stopped at one point, breathing heavily, and just stood and looked at the red pickup still parked across the street.
I was idly pondering just what effect a bottle of very briny saltwater poured into the gas tank might have when Sue, the neighbor on the other side, called out to me.
"Hi Adam! What are you doing home? You're not due 'til tomorrow are you?"
I was a little surprised she knew my schedule that well, but she probably talked to Kristi from time to time.
"Yeah, no, you're right, we had some problems and had to shut down for a couple days, so I got a break."
We spoke with Sue and her husband Rick or their two young girls from time to time, but were not real close. Just kind of "over the fence" friends, although we had no fences.
She had been weeding in her yard and had seen me looking at the truck. Now she walked over to me. "So who's truck is that over there? It's been there since yesterday, but I don't think it belongs to anyone around here."

I didn't exactly lie to her, just omitted some of the facts. "I saw the cops bust a guy yesterday, it was his truck. A have bust I heard, they got him for marijuana possession." I was glad that he'd gotten busted for that instead of the public nudity / lewd conduct charge I'd tried for, although him having to register as a sex offender would have been sweet.

His wife would no doubt be pissed about the have charge, if she didn't already know, but at least it spared her the heartache of knowing he was cheating on her. She'd probably find out eventually, the guy seemed way stupid, but it was good to know that when he hurt her it wouldn't be my fault in any way.
Sue continued. "Well, serves him right then. They should have towed his truck in too and confibrownieed it."

"They still might."

"I suppose. You look like you're working hard. I have some cold lemonade if you want some."
I was surprised. This was somewhat out of character for her to be this friendly. "Uh, sure Sue, that sounds great, if I can talk you into bringing me a glass. I have some stuff I need to finish up today."
"Sure Adam no problem. Is Kristi at work today?"

I realized I didn't know. Weird. "Yeah, I'm sure she is, you know her." Kristi is a commercial real estate broker, and loves her work. And, being competitive by nature, is quite good at it. Like most people that work on commission, she has long dry spells interrupted by big scores when a deal closes, but she is disciplined about budgeting her funds and is well beyond the struggling beginner stage.
Sue left to get the lemonade, and I dived back into the lawn mowing, punishing myself on the uphills. She was gone awhile, and I finished up the job just as Sue returned carrying 2 glasses.
"I thought I'd join you. Let's sit on your patio, in the shade." As we walked back to my patio I couldn't help but notice that Sue had changed out of her baggy gardening clothes into a somewhat short denim skirt and a snug pink top.
"You must be done in your yard, huh? You make me feel all grungy and sweaty now, since you cleaned up."
She laughed "Well sweaty is OK on a macho studly guy, you guys can get away with that, it just makes you sexier. Us ladies have to work harder."

This should have given me a warning where this was headed, but sometimes I'm not the brightest bulb on the chandelier, and I just laughed it off. We took seats opposite each other on the patio, me on a the end of a chaise lounge and her on a chair, which put her higher than me, and I took a long pull on the lemonade.
"Mmmm, that's just what the doctor ordered. Delicious. Thanks Sue, you're a lifesaver."

"I'm glad you like it. You know, it's a good thing the husbands in this neighborhood don't know you're doing this."

Not clear what she was talking about, I said "Doing what?"

"Well, feeding all the ladies fantasies of course. You know, the half-naked sweaty gardener, hubby's away at work, watching you get all dirty and sweaty and you're tight buns flexing when you push the mower up the hill, that kind of stuff."
She had said it lightly, jokingly, but now, finally, all my warning bells were going off. I tried to keep it light in return.
"Well, you know, it seemed a little hot for my coveralls, but next time..."

I saw her looking down at my crotch, and glanced down quickly to make sure I wasn't hanging out or anything. I wasn't, but my sweat-soaked shorts were stuck to me like a second skin. I had made the same mistake as this morning, but I wasn't expecting to be near anyone while I was mowing.
She scooted forward in her chair slightly, parting her legs. I couldn't help but glance quickly, and got a glimpse of a small patch of the same strawberry blonde that she has on her head. She had intentionally set this trap, leaving her panties off."You know Adam, I've thought for a long time that you and I should get to know each other better"
She opened her legs wider, and I struggled not to look. Concentrating on looking at her face, I did notice in my peripheral vision that her nipples were standing out, large and hard. She was apparently very sexually aroused, and it was becoming contagious. I felt myself start to swell.

Sue is fairly attractive, kind of chubby so that she has all these soft rounded curves, but she's had two kids and looks pretty good for all that. Not really my type, I've never been partial to the very fair skinned freckled strawberry blonde look. But now, with her doing her best to show me her pussy, my body was responding on it's own.
You would think the bigger head could overrule the smaller one, but in my case that rarely happened.
"It's OK Adam, you can go ahead and look. You know you want to." With that she spread her legs wide open, pushing her skirt up on her thighs, and ran her fingers down her chest, between her breasts, and slowly down to her pussy. My eyes automatically followed, and she touched herself, bringing her fingers away with a long string of her moisture. "I'm really wet Adam, you should feel."
Her pussy was beautiful, soft and pink, swollen lips wet and puffy and gapping just slightly open at her vagina. I could see her clit sticking out, hard and suckable. Large clitty, very sexy.

I heard myself objecting. "Sue, you know we can't do this, don't be crazy."

"Don't you find me sexy? It looks like you do." She was staring at my crotch again, and I knew I was hard and obvious.

"No Sue, of course I do, but you're married, Rick and the girls, you can't do something like this. And I'm not going to do this to Kristi, she's too..."

I was going to say too important, but with a pang I remembered that was no longer true. I could go ahead and fuck Sue, I was hard as stone, and who cares now, huh? Except there was still her family.
While these thoughts were going through my head she rose and came to sit next to me on the lounge, pushing her skirt up to her waist before sitting down and then tugging her shirt up, exposing her breasts. Only Ron and Kori's house is visible from my patio, and I knew they weren't home.
She leaned against me, her breast warm and soft against my arm. I could feel her hard nipple as she rubbed it on my arm. She put her hand on my thigh and slowly slid it up to my balls, cupping me.

She was breathing heavily. "God Adam, thats a big set. They feel full and swollen. I can help you with that. Touch me, please."
She pulled my hand over to her thigh, far up, and when I didn't immediately move it she pulled it again, up to her sex, wet and hot. I let my fingers spread her lips and felt her, just a little. Slick and soaking heat. A fat, hard clit. She moaned.
She was tugging frantically at the leg opening of my shorts, and soon succeeded in freeing my cock and balls. I was sweaty and sticky, with leaking cum adding to the mix. I was also rock hard and she gasped when she took me in her hand.
"God Adam, you're huge! I can't even reach around you! Oh my god, what a beautiful cock! I want you in me!."
I slid my middle finger deep into her, bending it toward her navel. She cried out and came, gripping my finger, her hand squeezing hard on my cock. She was slick and wet, not nearly as tight as Kristi.
She was stroking my cock, and I was oozing a string of clear fluid. "Oh, your cock is twice as big as Rick's, he'd be so jealous! Look at all that cum, just running out." She gathered some on her fingers, licking it off, but her mentioning Rick, and me thinking about Kristi had cleared my head.
"Sue, stop. I'm not going to fuck you, I won't be responsible for destroying your family. We're not going to do this." I pushed her away, breaking her grip on my cock. I was about to cum, but couldn't let her know that.
She pulled away then, hurt in her blue eyes.

"Adam, I know I'm not as beautiful as Kristi, and I'm fat and have had babies, but couldn't you find me attractive enough, just this once?"
I didn't tell her that Kristi was no longer a factor, but I saw that this was about something more, about her seeking reassurance, or validation of her sexiness, her ability to be sexually attractive to other men. She wanted to be wanted, but this was a terrible time for her to seek what she needed from me. Still, I could see she was hurting, and I'd hurt enough in the last 24 hours.
"Sue, you're joking, right? I mean, look at me." I stood in front of her, my cock jutting long and stiff from my pants. "If I didn't find you attractive would I have a hard on to end all hard ons? Goddamn, if you'd have stroked me about 5 more times I'd have cum all over you. Of course you're beautiful, you're sexy, you're attractive and wet and horny and desirable and whatever else you want to say, but you have Rick, and 2 beautiful little girls, and a happy home, and I can't mess that up for you. I won't. I won't be the mister of a bitch."

She cried then, full of regret at what she'd almost done, and I sat and put my arm around her, reassuring her that it was OK, that we'd stopped before we did anything really terrible. We covered ourselves, her still wet and ready and me still mostly hard and ready, pressing against my damp shorts and oozing cum thru the thin fabric, and when she settled down she told me something very strange.
She told me that Rick had been trying for some time to talk her into fucking other men, that the fantasy really turned him on, and lately the thought had started to excite her too.
He really wanted to watch her do it, the way she told it, but he'd be OK with her just coming home all dishevelled and used and telling him about it, every detail. The idea was foreign to me, but I was intrigued, and I have to admit a little aroused. And flattered that she had chosen me to be the one, her first.
"Adam, he even fantasizes about making love to me after another man has, you know, filled me up. He thinks he wants to do me orally and lick up the other guy's load. Gross, huh?"
Yeah, pretty gross. Why was I rock hard again?


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"Sue, that's pretty far out there, you know? I suspect he'd find the fantasy was a lot better than the reality. You too, probably."

"Oh, I don't know, he seems pretty serious, he talks about it all the time. But I could have goofed up what you and Kristi have. I'm sorry Adam, this whole thing was a mistake."

There it was, on the table. "Sue, Kristi and I broke up, she's moving out."

"Oh, no! That's too bad. When?"

"As soon as she can pick up her stuff, I guess."

She looked at me like I was stupid. "No Adam, not when is she moving out, when did you break up?"

"Oh. Yesterday."

She covered her mouth. "And then I try this stunt today. I'm really sorry Adam. Why did you split?"

"It's a long story Sue, I'd rather not re-live it right now."

"Sure, I understand. Adam?"
I looked at her

"Do you think that maybe someday we could do this? That you could want me? I think I'd really like that."

I smiled at her. "Sue, I wanted you today. Still do. I think that's pretty obvious."

She looked down at my still swollen cock and brightened considerably. "Yeah, that's true, huh? Wow. That's nice, you're pretty sweet Adam. Too bad you're a gentleman."

I laughed. Again it felt good. "You have no idea Sue."

"Kristi's crazy if she lets you get away." I let that ride. "Still, do you think we might do it someday, have sex together?"

"Well Sue, we're not all that old, but we're old enough to know that the future can bring just about anything."

She humphed. "Well, that's a pretty vague answer."

I laughed again. "Tell you what. Next time you want to do this, you bring a note from your husband saying it's OK with him, and we'll see."

Now it was her turn to laugh. "Wow Adam, that's really kinky! Now you're in the spirit. Don't think I won't do just that." She straightened her clothes and said goodbye, waving over her shoulder as she walked back toward her house.

I watched her round, soft ass sway as she walked away and wondered if I shouldn't have just gone ahead and done her. What the hell, it seemed the world was designed for those that help themselves and guys that try to have any conscience get cuckolds brownie on.
I became aware that my cock was staying hard, and my balls were aching for release. Kori and Sue had been tough on me today. I looked around quickly, nobody in sight. I sat where Sue had been, pulling my cock and balls out the leg opening of my shorts and starting to slowly stroke myself, squeezing my balls with the other hand.
I used my own pre-cum to lube myself up, and in less than a minute fired the first of several long streams of cum 5 feet out in front of me, where it spattered down onto the dark stone patio. I continued to pump out long strings of cum, gradually decreasing in power until it was only landing a foot or so in front of me. It felt good.

Just then, as my orgasm diminished, Sue spoke from right behind me, startling the hell out of me.
"Good god Adam, do you always cum like that?"
She had come back for her lemonade glasses and caught me jerking off, and had just stood right behind me and watched the whole thing. I was humiliated. She was not.
She quickly stepped in front of me and bent down, taking my cock into her mouth in time to catch the last couple of trailing spurts. She sucked to get every last drop out of me, then stood, rolling my cum on her tongue before swallowing. "Mmmm, very good. Sorry I missed so much."
She looked down at the pearly white cum all over the dark stones. I guess there was quite a bit - I was pretty horny.
'My poor Rick would have to cum 6 times to make that much cum. That's amazing!"
I was still a little embarassed to have gotten caught jerking off, but Sue seemed to enjoy it. She apologized for leaving me in such a state of arousal, and I think she found it flattering that I'd been so turned on.

She said "I think I'll send the girls over to play at a friends house tonight. I'm gonna need some attention when Rick gets home. Do you think he'll smell the cum on my breath?"

Uncomfortable now, I replied "Uh, I don't know. You want some gum?"

She laughed. "No, I want to see. But now I know you have to be the one, you know, the one that cums in me. We'll see then if he's serious about going down on me with another man's load in there." She looked again at the mess on the ground. "That's sure to be more than he bargained for! He'll about drown! This could be fun."

She left then for real, taking the empty glasses with her. She seemed a lot happier now for some reamister.
I went in to grab a quick bite, my late lunch, and to shower again and get cleaned up. Kori should be calling me in an hour or so to come over and get my hair cut, and it was way too sweaty and nasty to cut like this.


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Great story... Keep it going...


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I told Kori the whole tale, about Sue coming on to me, and what she claimed about her husband's fantasies and desires, and about me backing down. Well, I did omit the part about Sue catching me jerking off; some things are just a little too embarassing to share, and getting caught like that, by anybody, is one of those things.

She asked a few questions as I repeated my experience, and when I was through I said "Can you believe that? That she says her husband wants her to fuck other guys? That's amazing!"

Sue thought about it for a moment. "Maybe not. Think about it, it's just what most guys like, except carried to the extreme. You know how you like it when you walk into a room and everyone looks at Kristi on your arm? How all the guys eyes, and even some of the women's, follow her, and how that makes you feel?"

"Sure, like I've got the hottest babe in the room. It's kind of showing off, I guess, but I'm not wanting them to screw her!"

"No, dummy, that's why it's the extreme. Rick thinks his wife is hot, and she's a great lay, she is extra hot when she's having sex, and he wants the other guy to experience that and at the end of the evening he says 'See how hot she is? Now go away, she's mine, and you can't have her, and you were just tonight's stiff dick.' Get it?"

"Not really, no. Maybe he's not real good in the sack, or a tiny cock, or a quick shooter and he wants her to experience good sex with his approval so she doesn't go find it behind his back." I was thinking about Kristi as I said that, but I was always pretty sure she thoroughly enjoyed sex with me. I know I enjoyed her immensely. "Or maybe he just wants to watch her get laid. I guess if you took the jealousy and feeling threatened out of it that could be pretty amazing."
Like most guys, I've always been a little voyeuristic, so that idea was interesting.

Kori looked at me for a second. "It's kind of like karma or something for you though, isn't it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Just look at the timing. Yesterday you get blown up, your girl fucking around, and you feel threatened or inadequate. You start questioning yourself, your fragile masculine pride takes a beating..."
I interrupted her.
"Oh come on Kori, I wasn't that bad."

"Adam, you're a little better today, sure, but last night you were a train wreck. I mean it! You're hurting today, but last night I was really worried about you. And so today, you have a woman practically throw herself at you and beg you to fuck her! See what I mean? Karma."

She had a point. I had been flattered that Sue had wanted me to be the one, it was an ego boost after yesterday. But that raised another question.

"Why do you suppose she chose me? I don't really know her that well, just to say hi or wave, or talk about the weather."

"Well if Rick is encouraging her to do this, like she says, he probably imagines her picking up guys in bars or on the internet or something, but they've been married, what, 10 - 11 years, maybe 12? She won't be comfortable with that. So he finally convinces her that he's serious, she starts to get a little turned on by the idea."
Kori was right about that. Sue had definitely been turned on and ready.
"And then she starts to think about you, the neighbor, you're less scary, and you're tall, and handsome in a sort of weatherbeaten way..."

"You know Kori, you need to work on your compliments. They kind of suck."

"No, no, I mean you look sort of rugged and outdoorsy, you know, and you have a good job, and you're hung, and you have just that touch of gray here on the sides that make men look so good - which is not fair, by the way - and she thinks if I'm gonna do this, he's gonna be the one."

"So I was just a target of opportunity, because I was there. And anyhow, she had no way of knowing if I was big or small, she's never seen me naked. Well, 'til now."

"Adam, women know these things. And when you work around here in the yard and all, and wear certain things or stand certain ways, it's not that hard to tell. I'll bet she's had several orgasms imagining you while she was screwing her husband, and then she worked up her nerve and made her move!"

"And I blew it for her."

"Well, maybe not. You let her down pretty gently, from what you said."

"I tried. I didn't want to hurt her." Kori was not aware that Sue had actually won the battle, sucking my cock briefly after turning me on so much and watching me cum.

"And you left the door open to screwing her sometime in the future. She'll be fantasizing about you even more thinking about that, and having seen and touched you."

"Maybe." I laughed. "She sure was wet and horny! Her damn clit was as big as the end of my thumb, like that!" I held up my right hand, thumb sticking out an inch. I had liked that, it had looked very suckable.

"Well just bear in mind if you ever do her that she doesn't love you or want to run off with you. She loves Rick and the girls, and you're just a decent guy attached to a big stiff dick that she wants to have some fun with. With her husband's permission. And if a girl can't have fun with a big stiff dick, what's the point?"

She finished speaking just as Ron walked into the room. We hadn't even heard him get home.
"Hmmm, I walk in and find my half-naked wife talking to some half-naked guy about big stiff dicks while she caresses his neck. What am I supposed to think about this?"

Kori kissed him, smiling. "I'm not caressing his neck, I'm shaving his neck. And I'm going to shave his balls next, so you got here just in time."

I feigned horror, quickly crossing my legs. "Woman, you are not getting near my balls with that sharp implement. I sing bass, and I intend to keep it that way."

Ron stripped as we stood there kidding around, pulling on his swim trunks.
"I'm gonna go take a dip, y'all come join me when you're done."

Kori stopped him. "Honey, before you go in the pool, fix us up a pitcher of something."

"Sure. What's everyone want? Daiquaris, margaritas?"
The margaritas won the vote, 3 - 0, and Ron went to mix it up. A swim did sound like fun.

Kori folded up the towel to catch the hair she'd cut off, drying my neck and brushing me off a little with it. "There. You're beautiful again."

"Thanks, what do I owe you?"

"Just give me a kiss and we'll call it even."

'You've got it! Sounds like a win-win for me."
She pressed herself to me, giving me a long deep kiss, with some tongue.

"Wow K! What was that about?"

"Oh, I don't know Adam. You're just... I mean you just are so sweet sometimes, treating Sue so nice, and I always feel so close to you when we talk like this, just the 2 of us. There is one other thing you could do for me though."

I looked at her, waiting.

"You could let me call Kristi and have her join us by the pool. Better yet, you could call her."

I thought about that for a while, long enough that Kori prompted me "Well?"

"Oh, I don't know Kori. That could be a real disaster. You need to back off a little hon', and give us some space." I really did want to see Kristi. Despite my hurt and confusion I missed her terribly. After only one day.

Kori persisted. "Please? She's very lonely you know. You have us, but who does she have?"

I relented. "Oh, OK. If it gets too tough, I'll go home and let her stay. It wasn't fair of me to tell her to stay away from you guys. But you call her, I'm not ready for that."

She headed for the phone, and I wandered out to join Ron. I figured I should get a few margaritas in me to dull the pain before Kristi got there. Fortunately, I'm a very mellow takes on those extremely rare occasions that I overdo it.


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Great story. I can't imagine how much time it must take to come up with a story like this, but thanks.


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I hope the electrisity comes back to where ever you are going. Want to hear the rest and hope that K is part of it. Thanks for sharing. I feel like I am watching an episode of the Wife's show on Listeria lane...but better
Vivian Vasquez


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excellent story man..hope you continue..will be looking out for the rest..
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