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Greeting my wife at the door after a date

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Here are some fantasy situations. I am a cuckold wanna-be. Some of the themes in this story, I may have picked up from other stories on this site. If you are a hot-wife-wanna-be or cuckoldress-wanna-be and you live in San Diego, CA. Please feel free to contact me. [email protected]

My wife comes home late from her date with her boyfriend. She calls down to me and I meet her at the door. Her hair is tousled and her face is flushed. I know she has had vigorous sex with him. We kiss deeply and hold each other lovingly. I can smell sex on her: musky and sweet. While I kiss her neck she begins to relay to me the lurid details of her "infidelity". As is our ritual, I check her panties to see if he came inside her. Her panties are damp and soiled. She asks me to get on my knees in front of her. She holds up her skirt, while I pull down her panties. Her generous pubic hair is matted and wet. She guides my face closer to her pussy. I resist. The smell of another man’s cum in my wife’s pussy is simultaneously repulsive and arousing. She reminds me that this is what I wanted. She is absolutely right. Still I hesitate. She reminds me again that I have always wanted a filthy slut wife. Again, she is right. I cannot resist. I let her hands on the back of my neck guide my face to her pussy. The smell of their sex together becomes intoxicating. I do not hesitate when she tells me to lick clean her sloppy fell-fucked pussy. She cums standing there in the entrance way of our beautiful home.

If I find that her panties are not full of cum, I invite one my friends over to fuck her. When he arrives, I undress her in front of him. I get her ready for him by caressing and enjoying and showing off her body until she is fully aroused and lubricated. When she is ready, she directs me to spread her open and guide my friend’s cock into her. While he fucks her I lick her clit. I caress her body and kiss her deeply as another man enjoys my wife’s pussy. I get into a 69 with her and watch as his cock slide in and out of her doggy style. To add to her enjoyment, I lick her clit until she cums. I feel a bit guilty about the fact that I don’t mind his big cum-filled balls bouncing on my forehead. I try to get out from under her after he cums inside her, but she (with his help) does not let me up. She "powers" me to clean up the mess he made. I am, after all, she reminds me, her cum slut. She cums again.

Now it is finally my turn to fuck my darling, sexy wife. We get into a standard missionary position. I slip my cock into her cum-soaked vagina as I kiss her passionately. She comments that she can taste my friend’s cum when I kiss her. We are, of course, on my side of the bed and the combined juices of her pussy and his cum are flowing out of her pussy and making a wet spot on the sheets. After I cum inside her she orders me on my back. She squats over my face and makes me eat my own cum out of her pussy. When she is satisfied, she kisses me and reminds me that I will have to relax in the wet spot.

On another occasion, I come home from a business trip and I am looking forward to have sex with my wife. As the Cloud 9 shuttle brings me home, I see one of my wife’s boyfriend's car is pulling away from our house. When I get inside, my wife greets me warmly. I can tell that she is hastily dressed and I can feel that her body is (still) hot as I kiss her and hold her. I take her hand and guide her to the bedroom. The bed is made, but hastily. I undress my wife. I pull back the covers and lay her nude body down on the bed, next to the wetspot which is on my side of the bed, as usual. I gently lay on top of her and as I kiss her she whispers in my ear that she misses me and that I will be the third guy to fuck her today.
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Greeting my wife at the door after a date
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