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The Bob Cocker Saga

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Note: I didn't write this saga - I found it online a while back. It's an engaging combination of humor and erotica based entirely on the powerd-sissy/cuckold lifestyle. As far as I know there are only 16 parts. I'll post them all over the next few days.

Written, created, conceived, and masturbated to by AKA.
Comments: akaCockBobber(at)yahoo(dot)com

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults. It
contains themes and situations that are not suitable
for those not considered adults in their communities.
It also contains naughty words. All characters in
this story are intended to be portrayed as adults
and therefore legally entitled to perform the strange,
disgusting, and often downright immoral acts they
are described as doing.

The following is part one of the Bob Cocker saga.

a.k.a. Cock Bobber - Beginnings
by AKA

My name is Bob Cocker. Unfortunately, that's not what everyone calls me nowadays. Sure, no one calls me "Cock Bobber" to my face, but I know that's my nickname in some circles. How I got my nickname is a bit of a long story. But the start of the story is rather clear.

I guess it all started on my 18th birthday. That was the day I found out just how strongly how my beloved Tanya felt about ... well ... cum. You see, she and I had been going out for a few months. I guess you could say we were 'going steady'. I was thrilled. Tanya was everything I'd ever dreamed of ... and more. She was beautiful to look at, had long medium-blonde hair and a really sexy body. She was smart, too; she was in all my advanced high school courses. Guys like me -- the thin, nerdy types -- never seemed to attract the beautiful sexy girls like her. But Tanya liked me. I was nuts about her. I hoped that someday, she'd love me. So you can imagine my sheer joy when, on my 18th birthday, Tanya offered me a blowjob.

"Honey ... that's ... that's g-great! But ... but, are you sure you want to? I mean, the times we've ..."

"I know. I know," Tanya replied, "The other times I've gotten pretty grossed out when you shoot your ... stuff," she said, referring to the times she'd given me a handjob. "I mean, I want to make you happy, Bobby. I want to make you feel good. Like you made me feel when you licked my ... um ... sex."

I smiled. I thought Tanya was the hottest thing on the planet and I was thrilled the first time she let me lick her pussy. I thought it tasted terrific. And I loved the way she squirmed and wiggled when I did it. Whenever we had a bit of privacy these days, she seemed to end up sitting on my face. I wanted to put my dick in her ... or have her suck on it ... but I was too shy to ask her. She always seemed really fascinated with my dick ... she was always playing with it to make it hard. 'It looks so pretty that way,' she'd say. My dick got lots of attention from her; stroking, squeezing, and fondling. But the few times I'd cum, she'd been completely grossed out by the sticky feeling of cum on her hands. She'd practically run to wash it off. That's why it really meant something to me when she
offered to suck me off.

"But, uh ... when can we do it?" I asked. The night I'd licked her had been one of the rare occasions we got to spend any time alone. My parents (well, my mom and stepdad) had been out to a late dinner. But tonight, they had made a big deal of cooking me a big birthday dinner. I knew we'd never get any time alone.

"Well, I thought maybe," she looked at me coyly, "we could go under the bleachers out in the football field."

I grinned. "Okay, then. I'll meet you there after 7th period."


Now, at this point I'd never had my dick sucked before, so even the worst blowjob ever would probably have felt great. But Tanya was doing an awesome job! I'd seen a few pornos that the guys had smuggled out of their man's collections and Tanya was doing everything I'd seen in those and more. I wondered if she'd seen one or two pornos herself. She was bobbing her head up and down, swirling her tongue around, turning her head to make eye contact with me, and following her mouth with her hand. She was incredible! My Tanya ... my girlfriend ... was a great cocksucker! I felt like the luckiest man in the world.

I can say now that those were likely the three best minutes of my life. Then, I heard a loud male voice say, "Ho ho ho! What do we have here??!" I sat bolt upright in absolute shock at being caught. The next thing I heard was the ringing sound made by my head hitting one of the bleacher support beams.

I was knocked out cold.


"Honey, get up. C'mon, honey ... it's time to go now."

"Wha? What ... what happened?" I sat up and looked around in confusion. We were sitting ... under the bleachers? I tried to remember what we were doing there.

"What happened? You KNOW what happened, honey. Your little birthday blowjob turned into a birthday gangbang for your girlfriend."

"WHAT?!?" I cried, still dazed.

"Oh, don't be ridiculous, Bobby. It seems pretty clear to me that you invited your buddy Malph and his little crew to watch you get your precious blowjob. I can't believe you'd be so callous. I'm really beginning to wonder if you're right for me. I think we should break up."

My stunned brain was trying to comprehend a dozen things at once. The voice I'd heard ... that could have been Malph. But to call him my 'buddy' was totally wrong. Ralph Ludder was a big bully who pushed me around and stole my lunch money most days of the week. Everyone called him 'Malph' because of his red hair and passing resemblance to the character on the TV reruns. But wait ... did she say gangbang? And what was this about breaking up ... Tanya was the best thing to ever happen to me. I stuttered out the first thing that came to mind.

"I .. I .. I don't want to break up!"

"Is that so?" she said sarcastically while pulling on her blouse (I just now realized that she was practically naked). "Well, you sure have a funny way of showing it. Just lying there with your pants around your ankles while four of your friends fuck the tar out of me."

"Wait, I ... they're not my ..."

"I mean, the way we were going, Bobby, I'd figured I'd get some fuck-action around you sooner or later, but I didn't quite expect this! And I can't believe you just laid there," she continued, now examining her torn skirt, "Oh darn. This zipper is broken."

"Honey! I was out cold!" I exclaimed, holding my head.

She tilted her head up in thought. "Well, yeah. I almost fainted, too, when I saw the size of Malph's cock. It's pretty huge, isn't it? I mean, compared to yours anyway. And, boy, I thought yours looked pretty when it got all hard, but his was downright gorgeous! Felt pretty good when he fucked me with it, too ... well, after a minute or two. Does yours feel like that, too? Hey ... do you see my panties anywhere?"

"No, I ... wait ... what--"

"OH MY GOD! Oh God! I'm gonna ... I'm gonna be sick," she suddenly cried.

"What's wrong?"

"There's c-cum all over my th-thighs! Oh, God ... it's dripping down out of my pussy!" she sobbed.

"He came inside your pussy?" I asked.

"They all did! They all came inside my pussy!" She was starting to get a little frantic. She started to reach down to wipe away the cum, but I could tell she still was reluctant to even touch it.

"What ... what if you get pregnant?"

"Preg-- OH NO! I CAN'T get pregnant, Bobby! My mom will ******* me! Get it out, Bobby! This is all your fault! Get it out! Get it out! Get it ouuuuuutt!" she descended into hysterics, her arms flapping at her side as she practically screamed in panic. It was like she hadn't even thought of the possibility of getting pregnant
until then.

"Shhh. Shhh. Honey .. don't worry. I'll -- I'll think of something! I ... do you have anything we can wash it out with? Some water or--"

"This is YOUR fault," she screamed. She fell back onto the ground on her back, sobbing madly. Her legs fell open lewdly as her body was racked with sobs. "G-get it out of me! Help meeeee! I don't wa-wa-want to get p-p-pregnant now!"

I was dumbstruck. I had no idea what to do. I reached between her legs and put two fingers in her stretched pussy, intending to scoop out some of the cum inside. There must have been an awful lot up there ... I couldn't even feel the walls of her pussy. It was like dipping my fingers into warm custard.

"NOOOO! STOP!" she screamed, "Wha-what are you d-doing! You're just p-pushing it further up inside me!!!"

"But honey ... what am I supposed to do?"

"You can't push on it to get it out! You have to pull it out of there somehow! Before ... before I get .... p-pregnant!" At the reminder of possibly becoming pregnant, her wailing resumed. "Pull it out of me, Bobby. Suck it out! Suck it oooooouuuuuuut!"

For an instant, it seemed that time froze. Moments that are going to affect the rest of your life always seem to be that way. Tanya was right ... the only way to get that cum out of her was to find a way to suck it out .. instead of pushing anything inside. But between two half naked teenagers under the school bleachers, there wasn't exactly a whole lot of different methods to choose from. The only option ... shocked me. Revolted me, in fact. I'd have to ... I'd have to use my mouth.

I instantly thought of the time the previous summer when I'd had to siphon gasoline from a car. Gasoline tasted terrible even if only a little got in your mouth, but all you had to do was get the flow started. And, in an emergency, tasting a bit of gasoline had been the only way. Well, this was an emergency. But ... wasn't gasoline. It was cum. Other men's cum. Several loads of other men's cum in my
girlfriends stretched and well worn pussy.

But if that thought was going to cause resistance, the picture of the poor, sobbing,
miserable girl in front of me was more than enough to convince me that ... in an emergency ... I could do it. I'd do anything for her. I loved her. I loved her and I'd do anything to make her feel better. And, of course, keeping her from getting pregnant was fairly important to me as well.

So, I swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and leaned my face down to her soaked & slimy pussy. I opened my mouth, pressed my lips hard against her flesh to make a seal, and took a tentative suck.

A stream of sticky, warm cum instantly flowed into my mouth. The first glob to hit my tongue took my by surprise. It wasn't so much the taste -- it really wasn't as revolting as my brain had made it out to be -- but just my own mental resistance made me jump back. I pushed myself up, holding my body over hers, keeping the sperm in my mouth for a moment until the shock wore off. I turned my head, intending to spit out the mouthful of semen I had when I heard her gasp. I looked down at her and was frozen mometarily by the most incredible ... "look" on her face. It was a look of absolute adoration.

"Oh ... oh God, honey! I can't ... I can't believe ... you sucked that cum out of my pussy!" Her body practically lept off the ground as her arms wrapped around me in a powerful hug. It knocked the wind out of me and I had to exhale through my nose to avoid spitting the cum in my mouth all over her. "That's so ... so ROMANTIC!"

"Hrmph?!" I grunted in question. Her tight hold on me pinned my head next to hers, so she couldn't see my cheeks bulging with the mouthful of jism I had. Half my brain wanted to vomit, but I fought back the gag to avoid spewing the cum all over her shoulder.

"Oh, Bobby. You must really love me. You must really, really love me. To put your face down in the gooey, disgusting semen left there by other men ... and suck it into your mouth ... I mean ... wow! This means ... this means so much to me." She broke the hug, pushed me back onto the ground, and started planting kisses all over
my forehead, cheeks, neck ... she was absolutely enthralled. I'd never seen her so happy ... or so .. loving. The look in her eyes was incredible.

Then she closed her eyes and pressed her lips to mine ... hard. Here was another of those slow motion moments. She was kissing me while I had a mouthful of sperm. I could feel her tongue pressing against my lips. But she had no idea what lay past those lips. She was so enraptured with my "act of love" that she failed to notice
that I was still holding a glob of semen in my mouth. I suppose you could say I had a decision to make. But there really wasn't any choice. I swallowed. I swallowed it all it one big gulp.

And I kissed her. I kissed this woman I loved. And she kissed me back. It was the best kiss of our lives ... because of the absolute love behind it. We shared the flavor of a strangers jism between us, but neither of us cared ... or even noticed, really. She was right ... I had to love her to do what I'd done. And proving my
love to her this way had given her a reamister to love me. I'd remember this moment for the rest of my life. Our kiss and our embrace lasted for what seemed like hours, even though it was just a few minutes. Our two bodies rolled and I felt the weight of her tiny form pressing down on top of me. The emotional power of our kiss and the
feel of her bare thighs against my dick caused it to stiffen and quickly get hard.

She gently pulled away and looked me lovingly in the eye, "Oh honey. I still can't believe it. You know how much cum grosses me out. I can't even imagine how you mustered the guts to push your face into the slimy mixture of four stranger's semen."

While the bluntness of her words confused me a bit, I simply told her the first thing that came to mind, "Well, I was trying to start a siphon ... like when you siphon gasoline from a car. Um ... I hope it worked."

Her eyes changed as she suddenly remember why I'd started sucking, "Oh no, honey. I don't think it did. I can still feel that cum squishing around inside me." Her bottom lip began to quiver and I could tell she was about
to start crying again. Then her eyes widened, "Oh!! Wait! Don't you remember last week in physics class?! A siphon only works if you move from a higher place to a lower place! Hold still, honey!"

Without warning, she spun her tiny body around above me and clamped her thighs around my face, "There! Now when you get it started it will flow downward. Oh, honey! This is going to work! Thank you so much. You know I can't even consider get pregnant right now."

Feeling her sticky crotch press against my face and smelling the musky scent of her filled pussy made me want to push her away. I resisted, but was about to protest the position she had me in when she suddenly grabbed hold of my still-semi-hard dick.

"Oh, look at this! It looks like 'your little friend' is rather happy right now. You seems awfully excited for someone who just slurped down a guy's cum, Bobby," she giggled in a joking tone. Her bare pussy wiggled on my face as she laughed at her joke.

"But sweetheart, ..." my muffled voice protested.

"Oh, you know I'm just kidding, baby! Actually, I think it takes a special kind of guy to eat another man's sperm and not have it turn him off completely. Those neanderthal jocks who filled that pussy up would probably wither away completely if you simply mentioned the idea of takeing jism to them. But you, honey ... you've obviously got a special kind of mindset. Oh, say ... if you don't start with a bit of suction, you'll never get the siphon started," she pointed out, wiggling her crotch further down against my face for emphasis.

And, actually, she was wrong about that. I could see a flow of thick, slimy white goo beginning to drip down out of her pussy. She'd positioned herself perfectly over my mouth. Again, I had a decision to make. Of course, I wanted to get that cum out of her and prevent her from getting pregnant, but the idea of just lying here and eating it all still bothered me. She had her thighs clamped around my head, so there'd be no spitting it out. But, as I thought about it, I guess the worst thing about takeing sperm was that it made me feel like I was some kind of faggot. But here she was telling me what a special kind of man I was not to let it bother me. So, the only permister who'd know wouldn't think of me as a fag at all. And I'd already determined that the taste wasn't
really too bad. So, I made up my mind.

I pressed my mouth to her pussy and sucked. The cum instantly began to flow into my mouth.

"Ohhhh, that feels goooood," she moaned. Her hand began to absent mindedly stroke my ever stiffening cock.

Once I'd decided to slurp the cum from her pussy, I made up my mind to go all out. I was determined to get every drop of semen out of her and I might as well get it over with as quickly as possible. As it steadily flowed into my mouth, I swallowed as fast as I could to make room for more, trying desperately not to gag. My tongue probed deeply inside her, scooping out all the jism I could reach.

"Ohhhh my Gaaawwwwwwwd!" moaned Tanya. "I ... I ... think I'm ..... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Her thighs clenched tightly against my ears and her whole body shuddered. For a moment, I thought I'd hurt her somehow; I'd never felt a woman orgasm before. But the flood of juices into my mouth told me otherwise. I'd licked her pussy many times, but I guessed I'd never made her cum before. The flow was now a mixture of her orgasmic fluids and the leftover spend of other men. But I was so overjoyed at having made her cum, I didn't even consider what I was greedily swallowing. My cock was now rock hard; making her cum was the sexiest thing I'd ever

She felt it firm in her hand as her senses returned after her orgasm. "Oh, sweetheart. Look how hard your little pecker is getting as you gobble down that spermy mess. I knew you were special, honey. I knew you weren't like all those others ... all those 'men'. Oh god .. ohhhhhhhhhh"

Something wasn't quite right with what she said, but then another powerful orgasm shot thru her body and another flood of juices poured down my throat. The taste was changing. Most of the male cum had been washed out. But now I was concentrating on making her cum. My cock felt swollen, like it was about to burst.

"Eat that nasty cum, baby. Lick it all out me. Get all that cock juice out of the woman you love. Your cock is so hard. I can tell you love this as much as I do. That's it .. ohh ... oohhhhhhhhhhhhh."

I was only half listening to what she was saying. Some part of me wanted to resist the implication that I 'loved' licking cum out of her, but I was again distracted by the bucking of her entire body as another massive orgasm swept over her. This one was powerful enough to lift her body off of my head. As the bodily contractions subsided, we lay next to each other on our sides, my face by her crotch and hers next to mine.

"Thank you, baby. Thank you sooo, much. I can't believe how good you made me feel," she moaned in a post-orgasmic haze. "And I can't believe how hard your little dick got when you were gulping down all that cock-cream! I thought it was going to squirt all by itself!!"

"Wait .. I was ..."

"But since it didn't, honey, how about I give you that blowjob now? You've been soooo good to me!"

With that, she engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth. If I was going to say anything, I forgot what. She went right back to giving the same awesome blowjob she'd started long before. God, she was incredibly good. I knew I was going to cum almost instantly.


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"C-c-careful, Tanya ... you're going to make me cum in your m-mouth. Are you sure you want ..."

She pulled her mouth off my cock with a wet pop, "It's ok, baby. I want to try it. You liked cum in your mouth so much that I want to see how much I like it, too."

Any reply that I had to that was quickly forgotten due to the orgasm building within my balls. With the treatment she was giving me, I was lucky to have lasted the 2 minutes that I did. Knowing how she felt about cum, I warned her with a moaned, "I-I'm coming, honey." I felt her tense up a bit, but she kept her mouth clamped around my cock and kept stroking. God ... what a great girl ... to take my cum in her mouth even though she could barely stand to touch it. I loved her so much. When I came, it was the best orgasm of my life. I'm not sure how much I came into her mouth, but it had to have been the biggest load I ever shot.

She pulled her mouth off my cock and I stared lazily up at the bleachers above. "God, honey ... that was incredible. Thank you sooo much."

Her only reply was a muffled gurgle.

I propped myself up on my elbows. "Honey? Are you ok?" She was looking downward, her hair hanging down over her face. "Honey ... look at me."

She lifted her head up and I saw the sheer misery on her face. I could tell her mouth was full of cum ... and she was trying to swallow it ... but obivously she just couldn't do it. I sat up out of concern, "Honey, honey, honey ... it's ok. You don't have to--"

I saw tears welling in her eyes. I saw her throat muscles contract as she attempted not to gag ... and failed. I knew she wasn't going to be able to swallow it ... and would likely vomit if she held it much longer. I guessed that she wasn't spitting it out because she didn't want to even lay eyes on it ... something that I knew would gross her out even more.

So, I made another of those fateful decisions. I turned my body, pressed my lips to hers, and tilted my head back. As I opened my mouth and began to receive the flow of my own cum, I saw that same look of absolute adoration on her face that I'd seen earlier. I could see the feelings she had for me. And I loved her. God, I loved her.

Even as our lips remained locked together, I heard her make a long, loving whimpering sound. Her hands began to wander over my body in frantic, groping movements. One quickly found my softening cock and began to squeeze, instantly making it start to twinge again. Feeling this attention, I probed her mouth with my tongue, eliciting further moans and whimpers as she realized I was doing my best to scoop all of the cum she so disliked out of her mouth.

Our bodies lowered to the ground once again, her lips still locked to mine as she lay atop me. As the last of my cum flowed out of her mouth into mine, her free hand moved to my chin and held my head steady. She broke the kiss with an exaggerated "Mmmmwwah!" and looked down at me with that adoring sparkly-eyed look that I'd already come to absolutely need from her, even though I'd only just seen it for the first time a moment ago.

"I adore you, Bob Cocker," she whispered. "No man's ever done anything this wonderful for me. I just know we're right for each other, Bobby."

She leaned back down and pressed her lips to mine once again, keeping me in an extended kiss. She kept her lips closed, barely allowing my tongue to slip past. The hand she had used to hold my chin still when she kissed me began to move up and down my neck, gently squeezing my throat. After licking the semen of four strange men from her pussy, having my own cum in my mouth didn't seem like such a big deal, but I wasn't exactly looking forward to swallowing yet another mouthful. But the caressing action of her hand on my throat was causing an involuntary reaction in the muscles making it hard not to swallow.

She tried to talk with our lips pressed together. "Swallow it for me, Bobby," I thought I heard her say, but her voice was just a whisper.

"Mmm?" I grunted in question.

She broke the kiss momentarily. "Uh ... I said 'I just want you to be with me, Bobby'," she said, then went back to our liplock. Of course I'd heard her wrong. It was silly to think that she actually wanted me to swallow cum. It was just my own reluctance that made me misunderstand.

Of course, that reluctance was once again proving to be a moot point. The action of her hand on my neck was going to eventually make me swallow and the kiss we were locked in prevented me from doing anything else. I finally surrendered and allowed the slimy mixture of sperm and saliva to slide down my throat.

My adam's apple rose and and fell underneath her hand as I swallowed. I felt Tanya's body tense and she emitted a squeal of delight. Her fingers ended their dance on my throat muscles and she broke away from our kiss with a gasp, "Oh my God ... I just came again!"

"You did?" I asked, "How? I ..."

"Oh ... um ... honey, I was just thinking about all the wonderful things you've just done for me and how much I adore you!"

"And that made you cum?"

"Of course, silly! That's the difference between girls and guys: A girl can get sexual pleasure just from emotions. A guy, on the other hand, seems to always need physical stimulation .... like a hand stroking his cock ..." she said with a wicked smile and started stroking my cock again. Even though I was nowhere near recovered yet, the feel of her tiny fingers wrapped around me felt fantastic.

" ... or even a mouth around his cock ..." she whispered wickedly, giving my cock a quick mouthing. My eyes closed sorry and my head tilted back as I began to drift. Having cum so recently, my prick twinged, but did not get very hard. I had to admit, the feel of her mouth on my semi-soft dick felt different ... I'd never felt the sensation before.

" ... or for someone like you, I guess the feel and taste of semen in your mouth seems to do it. You sure were hard as a rock before, but now that you don't have cum in your mouth, you don't seem very .... interested."

It took a second or two for that last item to register .. she was stroking and sucking my cock, after all, but as soon as it did, I lifted my head and opened my mouth to explain, "Wait. But honey, it wasn't the--"

"Oh no!" she interrupted, "We've got to get out of here!"

"What's the matter," I asked, once again forgetting what I was going to say.

"The marching band is coming onto the field for practice!"

We quickly pulled our clothes on and snuck out from under the bleachers. As we went off to my car, my mind was reeling with what had happened that afternoon. What had been said and what had gone unsaid. Little did I know how my life would be forever changed. Especially after we talked to Tanya's mom later that afternoon.

To be continued ...
Dave Goodman


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i couldn't agree more! please, more! priss


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Outstanding. Thanks and please post more soon.


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"Ungh!" grunted Tonya as the head of my dick popped into her tightly puckered asshole. I stared in disbelief at the long dirty-blonde hair that cascaded down over her back as she tilted her head back. I was lying on the bed as she staddled my dick while facing away from me. This position gave her absolute control over how much of me to take up her asshole and gave me an incredible view of her near-perfect asscheeks as she slowly lowered herself downward.

"Wow," I whispered, in awe at the sight before me.

"Wow is right, baby," she moaned back. "I l-love how this feels. The s-stretching feeling is incredible."

"D-does it hurt at all?" I stammered out.

"Just a little bit. I sure am glad Mom gave me that lubricant." She pushed back with her hips and lowered herself just a little more onto my dick; it was almost halfway in. "She had a g-good idea about starting out with your little pecker."

A bit perturbed about yet another comment regarding the size of my dick, I replied sarcastically, "My 'little pecker' seems to be filling your tight ass just fine." To accentuate the point, I bucked my hips up just a little and my dick slid in past the halfway point.

"Oooh," she moaned, "That's right ... even though it's just your tiny prick, the t-tightness means I can feel every little twitch, babe." She totally ignored my sarcasm as she started to rock back and forth, getting up a little rythym as she got fucked in the ass for the first time. I'd had just about enough of these comments -- my dick wasn't THAT small. It was pretty average, I figured. I decided I'd show her; I pushed upward and buried my prick in her ass up to the hilt. 'How's THAT for small, huh babe?', I thought silently.

"OH! Th-that's it, b-baby. F-fill that ass. S-stretch it ouuuuuut," she groaned. That was what I wanted to hear. Finally I was getting to do what so many others had aleady done that day -- fuck my girlfriend. And I was fucking her in the ass. I felt like I was on top of the world. Even though I'd cum twice already that day, hearing her groan while her sphincter rode my dick was driving me crazy. That and the feeling of her tight ring sliding up and down me was getting to be too much -- I knew I wouldn't last long.

"This f-feels really good, honey," she purred. "It doesn't hurt at all anymore n-now that it's s-stretched out some. Soon I'll be ready to take a big c-cock like Malph's up there. Oh, thank you, honey. Thank you for s-stretching out my ass for him. It's gonna feel s-so good when he fucks my ass." She started riding up and down the full length of my shaft

I was speechless. I couldn't believe she was talking about fucking another guy with my dick inside her. Feeling a bit angry again, I started pushing upward with my hips as she rode downward -- hoping that the increased fucking action would get her to stop talking about Malph before I spurt my cum.

"Oh, wow ... I can really feel your little d-dick twitching, babe. I can only imagine what it will feel like when Malph's cock bucks and j-jumps while filling my ... guts with his ...thick ... cum." She was obviously fantasizing about Malph as she rode down on my dick harder and harder.

"Do we have to talk about Malph right now?" I asked, unable to keep an angry edge out of my voice.

"Oh, I'm s-sorry, babe," she replied, not slowing down in the least. "I imagine you're excited enough as it is taking my ass-cherry. I guess it's not fair of me to turn you on more by making you think of Malph's cum."

"Now, I ..." I started to protest.

"Forget about it, baby. Just lie back. I want to try something. Tell me if you think this will excite Mal- ... I mean, just tell me if you think this is sexy." While still riding her puckered hole up and down my prick, she bent at the waist and leaned all the way forward, pressing her face to my feet. At the same time, she reached back with both hands on either side and pulled apart her asscheeks.

"Oh my fucking god," I mumred trying not to look at the stunning sight of my dick penetrating her spread ass.

"Do you like that? Do you think it's sex--"

"Uuunngh!" I grunted as my eyes rolled back into my head, an orgasmic wave spread over me, and I blew my load into her asshole.

"Well, I guess that answers that question," she replied blandly as she took the last few strokes on my deflating cock.

As I lay on the bed enjoying the orgasm, I felt the head of my dick pop out of her asshole. It took a few seconds of feeling the weight shifting on the bed for me to realize what was happening, but when I opened my eyes I pretty much expected what I saw -- she had scooted back on the bed and positioned her dripping ass right over my face.

"Open wide, baby. I've got your treat for you," she giggled.

"I -- mmmppph," her ass pressed onto my face.

"I know, baby. When you started licking my ass eariler today, baby, I knew that you wished it was full of sperm for you to suck out. It makes me so happy to give you what you want," she cooed.

It was impossible to think of what to say or do in my post-orgasmic haze. It was bad enough that she thought I enjoyed eating cum from her pussy, but to have it squeezing from her ass into my mouth?

"My asshole is still pretty sensitive, baby. I guess you're waiting for the cum to drip out on it's own, but if you start licking now you might make me cum. I was really close when you spurted. It's only fair, y'know."

As I felt the drops of cum begin to drip onto my lips, my mouth just sort of opened ... as if it had a mind of it's own. My tongue reached out and began licking the stretched flesh of her asshole, probing inside the now-shrinking sphincter to scoop out my own semen within. I was doing as she asked. I knew I would always do as she asked.

As I licked her ass and pussy and listened to the orgasmic pleasure contained within her moans, I could foresee this scene repeating itself again and again. This was what made her happy. I loved her and if I wanted to be with her, I'd have to do what made her happy. Wasn't that what love was all about? Making someone happy?

But I was still having trouble with the idea of eating cum. Eating my own was bad enough, but Tanya seemed intent on being a slut for Malph and his friends. As her orgasms subsided once again, the conflicting ideas swirled in my head -- the joy of making her happy vs the bitter taste in my mouth (figurative and literal) of having to share her.

"Oh baby, your tongue in my jism-soaked ass feels so much better than your little pecker. It's better than any real cock could ever be, too. Only you can make me cum this way, baby. Only you."

Hearing that, some part of me was actually ... proud.

After a final quiver and post orgasmic moan, Tanya spun around atop me and straddled my belly. She looked down at me and the look on her face changed from a that of pure wicked excitement to one of ... tenderness.

"Ohhhhhh, baby. You look soooo incredibly sexy with cum on your lips," she purred with an adoring gaze. She bent down and pressed her nose to mine and looked me straight in the eye. A joyful giggle escaped the wide, playful grin that formed on her face. She was absolutely overjoyed. I'd never seen her so happy. I couldn't help but smile back at her. She was
... irresistible.

She planted her lips against mine and gave me a long, loving, heavy-on-the-tongue kiss. She pulled back slightly, then used her tongue to guide errant globs of cum from my face into my mouth then returned to the deep french kiss, stopping only after several minutes before breaking.

"Oh wow, baby ... I absolutely love kissing you with cum in your mouth. That way I get to enjoy the taste just like you do, but without having to worry about the icky slimy way it feels in my mouth. You'll always let me kiss you after you suck down a load of sperm, right babe?"

"Uhh ... ok, but ..."

"That's my baby!" she squealed delightedly. She pressed her nose against mine again in a playful gesture, then scooted down on the bed to lay her head on my chest. Her fingers lazily traced a pattern on my belly as her breathing slowed. At the moment, feeling her naked body next to mine was the best feelig in the world.

"This has been the best day of my life, baby. I just wanted you to know that," she said, her voice sounding as loving and tender as I'd ever heard it, "We learned so much about ourselves and each other today. Could you ever have expected that the day would turn out like this?"

"No ... never," I answered quite honestly as I realized I was swallowing the remnants of my tenth load of semen that day.

She squeezed my body tightly and squealed, "Happy Birthday, baby! Wow, it's been some birthday for you, huh? You were expecting just a little sucky-sucky action from me under the bleachers and you ended up getting blowjobs from two different women and got to fuck my virgin asshole!"

She had a point. Not many guys got that kind of action in a single day, but the bitterness of the semen I'd swallowed was sitll -- literally -- fresh in my mouth. I sarcastically replied, "Well,hon ... I ended up swallowing my own cum each time along with that of several strange men, so ..."

Tanya turned to look me in the eye, obviously happy and excited. "I know, honey! And that's the BEST part! If it weren't for what happened today, we might never have found out how much you love eating sperm!" she interrupted, totally ignoring my sarcasm.

"Who said that I 'loved' it?" I asked.

She grabbed hold of my now-limp dick and grinned at me as she shook it playfully, "Why your hard little pecker did, silly! I don't think I've ever seen a little dickie get so hard. I thought it was going to burst! As those globs of gooey mancream slid out of my pussy into your waiting mouth, I almost thought it was going to cum all by itself!"

I was tiring of her misconception about my supposed 'love' of something that most people would consider revolting. My dick got hard because of her perfect body orgasming atop my face, not because of the cum I was eating. Just because I was getting used to the taste and texture didn't mean that I loved it. I decided to set the record straight right then and there.

"Listen, honey, I ..."

She cut me off with a finger over my lips and climbed up on top of me, straddling my chest. Her long hair cascaded around my head as she leaned down and planted a soft kiss on my lips. In the dim light, her beauty alone was enough to silence me. "No, wait. Before you say anything, I ... I just want to tell you how much what we've learned today means to me. What it really means to me." She paused to wipe a tear from her eye.

"Are ... are you crying?"

"No. *sniff* I mean, yes. It's just ... I'm just so happy to have you, Bobby," she said, her voice cracking.

"Oh, Tanya. I've always thought I was really lucky to have you as my girl, too," I agreed.

"I know, Bobby. And that's really sweet. You're a sweet, kind permister. But after today, I know that you're more than that to me. See, I guess I've always known that I'm a slut at heart. It's just been under the surface, waiting to come out. And Mom's always told me what happens to sluts ... that they always end up sad and alone and pregnant ... and that they never find a good husband. But I can tell you'll be a good husband, Bob Cocker. A great husband. And knowing that you'll be there for
me makes me so, so happy."

"Husband? You ... you want to get married?" I stammered, suddenly feeling overjoyed and confused at the same time.

"And knowing I've got you to slurp all that baby-making sperm out of my pussy ... well ... it's frees me, Bobby. I'm free to be the slut I am without having to worry about all those bad things my mom told me about."

"But .."

"And the BEST part is the fact that it turns you on, too! Seeing that hard little prick of yours ready to explode as you empty out my semen-filled snatch .... it's just makes me so *sniff* incredibly happy! It makes me love you so much."

"Oh, honey .." I croaked, feeling a few tears of my own begin to well up. How could I ever tell her I didn't really like it the way she thought I did? How could I disappoint her?

"It makes me feel 'complete', Bobby. I'm going to remember this day forever. It's the day I really, truly fell in love."

"I ... I love you, too Tanya," I whispered, tears brimming in my eyes.

"Promise me, Bobby. Promise me it will always be like it was today. Promise me I'll feel like I feel right now," she begged, tears streaming down her face.

"I'd do anything for you, Tanya. Anything. I promise. I'll be everything you want me to be," I replied. The final walls had fallen. My fate was sealed. Sealed with a cum-soaked kiss.

As she threw her arms around me and sobbed with joy, part of me truly wondered what I'd gotten myself in to.

To be continued ...


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absolutely awesome story, luceiia! looking forward to more. hopefully, much more! priss
Married Dom


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A wonderful read. A beautiful charming girl that considers it her duty to take care of the male natural.

I'd like to meet her mom!



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Thanks for turning me on to this story, but for those of us who can't wait for the ending, it's archived here.

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"But you ARE making love to my pussy, baby. The way you love sucking and slurping the leftovers of my fuck-sessions with those massive-meated studs from my pussy ... that's making love, honey -- no doubt about it. And honey ... I truly *love* doing what I do each day to bring you the spermy treats you *love* so much. This is all about love, babe. Would I do that for you if I didn't love you so much? I mean, I bet you can't even remember the last time you had an orgasm without the taste of cum in your mouth. I do that just for you, baby. I hope you appreciate it. There's nothing worse than an unappreciative man. You DO appreciate it, right?"

"Mmmmmf," was all I could get out. Of course, I knew it didn't matter what I said. I knew she'd done it to me again.

"Of course, you do. Now be a good little faggot and finish cleaning up my pussy. And don't you worry ... after you fill the tip of this condom, I'll still make sure you get to taste it. I know you've gotten used to your own sperm as a final dessert."

If it was possible to utter a sigh from between a woman's thighs, I did so then.

She leaned over and took my rubber wrapped dick in her mouth ... then quickly sat up.

"Ewww. These things taste terrible. Well, you don't mind if I just jack you off, do you baby?"

I sighed again ... and went back to being a 'good little faggot'.

* * *

I pretty much learned not to complain ... because whenever I did, things got worse. I know you're thinking that you wouldn't give in like that, but you weren't there. And you didn't know Tanya. I simply tried to accept the fact that what I was doing made her happier than anything else in the world. And that was enough for me.

And yet, it still took one final incident for me to truly learn this lesmister. I know ... I know ... I should have known better after Tanya had twisted things around so many times. But you've got to understand, I really hated those condoms. She told me that she'd gotten the smallest size available (XL for "Extra Little"), yet they seemed really baggy and the excess rubber bunched and sometimes pinched when she tried to jack me off. Of course, telling her this just made her touch me so lightly that I couldn't feel a damn thing. Although, that was when she touched me at all. You see, she told me that I was getting so good at 'cuntlapping', that she really couldn't concentrate on anything else. She'd just hold my dick in her hand while I licked -- squeezing it just enough to keep it rock hard, but not enough to make me cum. So after a few days without cumming, a few pinchy, rubber bound strokes brought me off, but weren't really satisfying.

Therefore, all the great sex I was just bragging about pretty much disappeared over the course of the next few weeks. She couldn't bring me off before I cleaned her pussy -- she was too desperate to get the cum out. During, she was too distracted. And after, she said she was too wiped out by the orgasms to even think about sex.

Now, I loved my Tanya. And I loved what I could do for her. But one time, after 6 days without an orgasm, I made the mistake of asking her if we could go back to the way it was before ... when we'd 69 without a condom. Her reaction surprised me; she actually got a bit upset.

* * *

"Oh, fine! Go ahead and be like all those men. Those men who insist upon shooting their slimy loads into me."

"I'm sorry, honey. Y-you know I'm n-not 'insisting' anything. I was just asking if we cou--mmmfph," my response was cut off by a cumsoaked twat being planted on my face.

"Oh, don't worry, Bobby. I'll go ahead and honor your selfish little request," she said angrily as she shimmied atop my face until she felt my nose press against her asshole. "It's just that I had hoped you'd be different. You know how I feel about cum. I thought you weren't like all those men who shove their cocks in my mouth while their buddies ram away at my pussy. Y'know, it's all I can do to keep them from blowing their loads down my throat as I stroke, lick and suck their cocks."

Due to her angry attitude, she was handling my dick rather roughly. She grasped it at the base and yanked downward hard, pulling the skin taut.

"I try to tell them that if they're going to insist on filling me with sperm, then they have to put it where you can get it ... in my twat. I always make sure to collect their seed for you, baby, so you can get your mouth filled with that musky taste you love so much. But whenever I start bobbing my head up and down along their thick poles .. they always think they'll get to blow that goo into my mouth."

Even though she sounded so upset, my prick swelled at her description. I could feel the skin stretching due to her tight grip on my pecker.

"You don't know what I go through, do you baby? You don't know what it's like yet, do you? What it's like to feel the thick heat of a big cock stretching your lips. To taste the drops of pre-cum ... constantly threatening the inevitable explosion of thick, gooey cum." Her tone changed a bit, softening from angry to sultry as she continued, "To feel the tensing of their muscles as you follow your lips up and down with your hand. To know that they want oh so badly to fill your soft, warm, wet mouth with those thick streams of hot cum."

Oh, God. That sounded so good. I wished and wished for that very thing. My prick strained, reaching for her mouth, but she had her full weight pushing down on the base of my dick, stretching the skin. My dick twitched under the strain ... and I noticed something new. With all the tension she was putting on the skin, it actually felt good to clench up and flex those muscles at the base of my cock. I wanted so badly for her to stroke it, but since she didn't seem to be doing so, I kept flexing those muscles and trying to visualize the actions she spoke of.

Tanya saw my dick twitching and responded, "My oh my. Look at how your pecker is jumping. I guess hearing someone talk about sucking cock and swallowing cum excites you just as much as swallowing it yourself! You want to feel it, don't you, baby?"

God yes, I wanted to feel her suck my dick. "Yefff!" I cried, from underneath her ass.

"Oh, sugar ... you will soon enough. You will," she rocked atop my face and I felt a spasm of orgasm ... and another glob of cum being squeezed into my mouth. "But for now you'll just have to take my word for it about what it's like to feel the hard-soft texture of a cock as the tip presses against your lips ... then slides through as your mouth opens to let it in."

Oh yeah .. mouth ... lips ... cock ... that would be enjoyable. My whole body tensed and strained, trying to reach her mouth ... to feel what she was talking about.

"It would be so good, wouldn't it, sugar? To feel all the bumps and veins with your lips as they move down the shaft from top to bottom."

Oh wow, that sounded nice. I desperately wanted her to suck me .. or at least stroke me. I needed -- absolutely needed -- some stimulation, so I kept flexing those muscles. It actually felt good -- damn good.

"When you reach up with your hand and grasp the cock, you feel the slickness of your own spit along the shaft. Feel it lubricate your fingers as your hand slides up down with your mouth. Feel the pole swell under your grip, telling you that you're doing a good job of sucking cock. Knowing that a huge load of salty, gooey semen is just waiting to burst out and flood your mouth."

I swear I felt the head of my prick swell so much I thought it would burst.

"Oh wow ... your dickie is so hard. This is what you wanted to show me, isn't it? Oh, I'm sorry I got angry with you, sugar. Keep thinking about it, honey. Think about the pace getting faster and faster. Think about lips, tongue, and hand all moving over a cock in a blur. Feel the heat growing inside the cock as it gets ready to spurt out that hot reward."

Her grip on my balls was like iron -- he skin was stretched so incredibly tight. God, it felt so good to clench those muscles. And the way she was talking ... I ... I was going to cum. I could feel the orgasm building. Anxious for any movement at all, my body responded by sucking and licking at Tanya's twat harder than ever.

"Baby, I can see your pecker swelling up. It's twitching. You're going to cum, aren't you? You're going to cum just thinking about cocksucking. All those men whose cum you're swallowing right now .. they have to pound at my pussy for what seems like forever before they blow their loads, but you ... you're not like that. Just the feel of my swampy, cummy pussy is enough for you. Just the taste of load after load of cum slithering into your mouth. Just the thought of sucking on a huge, thick cock until that wonderful, gooey cream fills your mouth. That's what makes you cu- ... cu- ... cum!"

She was coming. A torrent of her orgasmic juices and the last of the salty, white semen inside of her flooded my mouth.

"Cum for me baby!" she practically shouted. "Cum for me! Cum for me while your mouth get filled with what you want the most!"

It was too much. With one last tightening of my muscles, the orgasm burst forth. My whole body shuddered. My vision went dark for a split second. The orgasm ripped through me from head to toe ... and my body shook with the waves. An arc of cum shot out of my prick high into the air. Tanya squealed with delight as three, four and five spurts of hot semen flew out of my twitching pecker.

* * *

I must have ****** momentarily -- the orgasm was that strong. I awoke feeling a touch against my lips. As I instinctively smacked my lips, I tasted an all too familiar salty flavor. I blinked my eyes open and looked into Tanya's eyes gazing lovingly up at me. I could feel the warm wetness on my chest and belly as she scooped up finger-fuls of my own cum and lifted them to my lips.

"How do you feel, baby?" she asked.

"A- ... amazing," I answered quite truthfully.

"That ... that was the most incredible thing I've ever seen, honey. The way your little pecker strained and stretched and spurted ... all by itself. It was ... beautiful."

"It was ... it was beautiful," I admitted lazily.

"I want to make you feel this way whenever I can, honey. I want you to have the same type of body racking, mind blowing orgasm that I have ... and you've just proven that it's possible. Before today, I was never quite sure that I could ever make you feel the way you make me feel. But, baby, what we discovered today really puts the finishing touches on this beautiful relationship of ours."

I was starting to fully awaken. "Finishing touches?" I asked, merely repeating what she'd said.

She giggled. "You got the joke, too huh? After what I just saw, honey, it's obvious that what gives you ultimate pleasure is more than simple physical stimulation -- more than just mere 'touch'. I know it might take days or weeks of waiting, baby. And mouthfuls and mouthfuls of cum from cunt and cock. But from now on I promise I'm going to bring you just as much pleasure as you bring me -- by not touching you at all!"

I was still too dazed to comment ... or even really hear what she was saying. She gave me a long, sweet, tongue-filled kiss ... and was gone in an instant. As I lay there regaining my senses from the powerful orgasm, one thought came to mind as I finally understood the full impact of what she had said:

Uh oh.

To be continued ...


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The following is part six of the Bob Cocker saga.

a.k.a. Cock Bobber - Opening Up
by AKA

"Oh, there they are. Park over there, Bobby. Over there in the corner."

It was Friday night and Tanya and I were going out to get something to eat like teenagers do, but this was the fourth place that Tanya had suggested -- after we'd arrived in the parking lots of the previous three. She had 'changed her mind' each time, but now I realize why: She was looking for Malph and his buddies. I sighed. Sometimes having a hot slut for a girlfriend wasn't exactly easy.

"Over there?" I questioned, looking at the dark area across the parking lot by the dumpster. "But why not--"

"Don't be a pest, sweetie. Just park this ugly beast ... yeah, facing in like that."

Now 'ugly beast' had no confusion associated with it. The car I'd been given to drive was possibly the ugliest car on the planet. I had inherited it from my older brother when he went off to college. Now, I was pretty much a geek, but my brother was the biggest goober I knew. Nerdier than me, skinnier than me, and he still looked about 14 when he graduated from high school 2 years back. His poor luck with girls was part of the reamister I worked so hard to keep Tanya as a girlfriend. I didn't want to be as big a loser as my brother. Anyway, his car was a pale green 70's station wagon with cheap, cheesy 'stick-on' pinstriping. My brother had 'tricked it out' by tinting the windows real dark and 'souping up the engine' -- which meant he took the muffler off to make it loud. To be honest, even I was embarrassed the drive the thing -- which is why I loved Tanya all the more for not having a problem riding around with me. She told me she actually kind of liked it; she said it 'made a statement' about what kind of boy I was. She sure was totally cool to be with sometimes.

Of course, tonight was not one of those times.

"Hey, Malph!" she shouted as she rolled down the car window. Malph popped up from the group of boys gathered around the outdoor tables at the drive in. "Are they serving any big slabs of meat at this joint tonight?" she asked with a sly smile.

I cringed at her obvious sexual overtures made across a public parking lot. 'Here we go,' I thought to myself.

"That depends," shouted Malph Ludder, the ringleader of the boys who fucked my Tanya on a regular basis. He put on a huge grin and started to walk over our way. "I hear that the best meat is served through the back door!"

"Aw, Malphie, you big stud. You know that the back door is too .. uhh, cramped ... to properly serve the meat found around here. My boyfriend is still working on ... the expansion project, though."

I cringed again at her mention of me. She'd made it plainly clear that those few times that she'd let me put my dick inside her were solely to help stretch out her near-virgin ass for Malph and his friends. Of course, since she'd discovered my 'ability' to cum without being touched, I couldn't get any closer to her ass than Malph and the gang. Although, she did tell me to stick in two fingers when I sucked my daily doses of semen from her pussy, all the while complimenting me for how well I was stretching her ass for Malph.

"Your boyfriend, eh? Why do you hang out with that little wus, anyway?"

"Oh, stop!" she giggled. "Sure he's a wus, but he does things for me that no one else in the world would do for me. Isn't that right, Bobby?"

I just kept quiet. It was best just to keep quiet.

"Aw, what's the matter, honey?" she cooed. She crawled across the bench seat and straddled my lap facing me. "You know Malphie is just kidding around with you." She pecked me once on the lips and then pressed her cheek to mine. I had to admit, even with all her obvious moves toward the other boys, she still knew how to make me feel really special.

Then, Malph leaned in the passenger window. "Why don't you get out of wimp-boy's lap and we'll go over to my van and feed you that meat you're looking for." Malph had a way of never actually looking directly at me that made me feel like I wasn't even there.

"Malph, I told you! Stop being mean to Bobby. If you're going to be that way, I'm not leaving his lap at all," she said indignantly.

Trying desperately not to smirk, I thought: Hah! Take that, stud-boy. Tanya is my girlfriend, case closed.

"C'mon, babe. We all know you want it," said Malph. He looked both directions, then stood up straight, pressing his crotch through the window. He unzipped his fly and began to fish his cock out through the slit in his briefs.

As the head began to poke out, Tanya slapped at it playfully. "Put that away. I told you, I'm not moving." While remaining in my lap, she leaned across the front seat and began to roll up the window. Again, I swelled with pride a bit. "Someone might see us. You're just going to have to bring that meat over to this side," she said with a grin and a giggle as the window closed the last inch.

"WHAT??!" I cried

"Oh, don't worry, sweetie. No one will see. Over here in the dark, no one can see a thing through these tinted windows."

"But ..."

"And we'll use this sunscreen I bought for you to block the view from the front," she explained as she pulled out an expanding screen from under the front seat and fitted it into the windshield.

"Tanya! What the hell do you think you're do--" I was cut short as Tanya rolled down the driver's side window a few inches. I didn't want the guys to hear me upset with her, so I lowered my voice to a hoarse whisper. "Tanya! Please! You can't just--"

"And I'll just turn on the radio so no one will hear anything!" she said gleefully, flicking on the ignition and turning the heavy metal station she liked. I groaned in dismay.

"Ok, boys. You've been trying to dump your loads into a wet mouth for weeks now, so here's your chance." She wasn't even trying to listen to me. She opened her mouth and waggled her tongue lewdly through the small gap in the car window.

I heard laughter from outside as the guys realized she meant to suck them off while sitting on my lap. A few seconds ago, I was feeling a swell of pride. Now I simply felt humiliated.

"Tanya, please ..."

"No, no, not you Malph. Not yet." Tanya wasn't listening. "I want to save you for last, ya big stud."

I heard a scuffle outside the car as the boys fought for who would go first. I really have no idea who finally won, but it wasn't long before a stiffening cock poked through the crack in the window. Tanya practically pounced on it, grabbing it and shoving it deep into her mouth. She looked at me with smiling eyes as her lips slid up and down the veiny shaft. I watched in shocked silence as the cock quickly grew to full hardness from her intense sucking action. She closed her eyes and began to pump her fist up and down, following her mouth and giving pleasure to another cock that I could only dream of these days. And all just inches from my face.

"Tanya ... how .... how could you?" I croaked out.

Her eyes popped open as if she was suddenly reminded that I was still there. She pulled her mouth off the cock to speak, but kept pumping away with her fist. "Oh baby, it's so sweet of you to ask," she whispered, "Yes, you're right. It IS going to be hard for me to take all that gooey, icky cum into my mouth, but knowing that you're right here to swallow it for me makes it all OK! God, I love you." She grinned, gave me a peck on the lips, and went back to sucking.

Once again, my words had been turned against me. I was appalled at her behavior, yet she thought I was sweetly waiting to serve as a receptacle for the cum that she didn't want. And the fact that she loved me for it made it impossible to argue. I knew right then and there that the best thing to do was to just shut up and let her do what she was going to do, no matter how humiliating.

I sat there slack jawed in shock as I watched the girl I love give a blowjob to another man's cock right in front of me. And this wasn't some slow, uneasy, just-sorta-put-her-mouth-on-it thing -- this was a world class, rapid fire, all out, go-for-the-cum suckjob. Her long hair flew around her face as her head bobbed with amazing speed over the bulbous cock head. Loud slurping and sucking noises filled the car. Foamy saliva began to coat the fingers of her hand as it traveled up and down the shaft, following her lips. Occasional gagging noises escaped her throat as she took it in a bit too deep, but nothing slowed her down. No man on earth could last for more than a few minutes against this cocksucking onslaught. And dammit -- dammit all to hell -- my dick was hard as a rock within seconds. Who could watch action like that and not get hard? Even if it was my own girlfriend sucking someone else's cock.

"Gawd DAMN! That girl can suck cock!" came the exclamation from outside the window. I'd almost forgotten the other guys were out there, but now looked over to see three pairs of eyes peering through the window crack.

Tanya's eyes popped open when she heard the voice. She pulled off the cock and an audible grunt came from outside the window as its owner slumped against the car in frustration. Tanya continued to pump it with her hand, but used the other to wipe the copious amount of spit off her chin, pulling along strands of hair that had stuck to her face with it.

"All right boys," she panted, still catching her breath. "Show's over. Get around to the back of the car. With you guys hunched around the window, someone will see us for sure." I heard a three-part groan come from outside the car. "Oh, stop!" giggled Tanya. "Don't worry ... you'll all get to blow a load tonite, but this ain't no peep show! Move it! Go!"

The boys glanced at each other, obviously not wanting to leave such a great show. But when Tanya suddenly stopped stroking his cock and gave a wide-eyed look of 'Well?', a voice shouted from high outside the window, "GO, dammit, or she'll STOP!"

The three pairs of eyes disappeared from the window crack and I heard them shuffle around the back of the car. Tanya paused until she felt the car rock as they leaned against the rear bumper, then began slowly stroking the cock in her hand once again. The voice outside the window sighed in relief.

"That's better. Now it's just you and me," she cooed, then started mouthing the cockhead again.

"Yeah, you, me and a cock," I muttered sarcastically.

"Cocks are a big part of my life, baby. You know that. You know I'm a slut. I'm just happy that now we can share the cocks as well as all the thick, creamy cum that shoots out of them. And the lump growing in you lap tells me you're happy, too!" she giggled. She then turned her attention back to her fantastic cocksucking.

"Wait, that's not ..." I started to argue, but was quickly drowned out by the liquid noises of her awesome blowjob. I decided to just keep quiet.

I watched in awe as she quickly brought him back from frustration to the verge of orgasm again. Her head and hand were practically a blur as they flew up and down his raging cock shaft. I felt the car start to vibrate and heard a low moan outside the window. His hips started to buck against the side of the car and I could tell he was cumming ... and cumming hard. I heard a whimper come from Tanya's throat and knew that her mouth was being flooded with cum, but she still didn't stop the fantastic motion. I felt the car shift and heard a body slump over the roof of the car and only then did Tanya slow her movements. She matched the motion of his bucking hips, milking every last drop of semen into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged. I heard a heavy sigh from outside the window. It was the most incredible thing I'd ever seen ... and despite my wishes, my dick was straining tightly in my pants, pressing against Tanya's ass.

With that, Tanya finally released the softening cock and looked me in the eye. Although I knew what was coming next, Tanya still surprised me with the ferocity with which she grabbed me and locked her lips to mine. With her hands on either side of my head, she pressed her tongue against my lips until they parted. Then she began powering her mouthful of cum between my lips, whimpering with obvious pleasure. I didn't resist. There was no point. I opened my lips and accepted the whole load of salty-bitter semen. It was warmer than the cum I'd eaten from her pussy. Almost hot. And there was a lot more than I'd ever had in my mouth at once before. But I swallowed. I swallowed because that was what she expected of me. What she expected of her cumsucker.

Tanya looked at me with half-closed sultry eyes and parted lips until she saw my throat muscles move as I swallowed the last of it. "That's it, baby," she whispered. She paused for a moment and I felt her thighs 'unclench' as she shifted on my lap. Then she squinched up her face in a grimace and shook her head playfully, "Ewwwwwwww! Wow, honey. No offense to your favorite hobby, babe, but I just don't know how you do it! I know how much you love to gobble down that milky, slimy cockjuice, but I can barely stand to have it in my mouth for even a second!"

"Honey, I don't think --"

"Shhhhhh!" she warned, "They'll hear you."

We both watched as the now limp cock disappeared out the window crack. We watched the cock's owner tuck it back in his jeans and stagger away to the back of the car. I opened my mouth to speak, but Tanya put her finger to my lips.

"I know, Bobby. I know," she whispered. "I got myself into this. I just thought that I'd be able to handle it better. I mean, when you used to cum in my mouth, I didn't exactly LIKE it, but I could at least wait a few seconds before spitting it into your mouth."

"Well, I'm not exactly thril--"

"But men with real cocks like these just shoot out so much more than your little thingy. Plus it's so much thicker and muskier. I ... I don't think I could stand to take another load like that."

"Well ... then don't," I replied, seeing a glimmer of hope that I wouldn't have to sit through the offense of watching her blow another guy right in front of me.

"Honey, I wish there was a choice. There are three more stiff and ready cocks out there with heavy cum laden balls. They aren't exactly going to take 'No' for an answer." Already, I could feel the car rocking as another scuffle broke over who was going to go next.

"Well, there's nothing that says they have to cum in your mouth, y'know," I said, hoping she'd find some excuse not to let this humiliating occurrence continue.

She looked at me with her eyebrows knit as if confused by what I'd said, but then her eyes popped open wide in surprise and a huge smile came over her face. "Oh my God!" she whisper-shouted, "You're the BEST! You never fail to amaze me with how wonderful you are. I love you so much!" She grabbed my face again and began planting kisses all over it as I wondered just what she was so excited about.

"What? What ... (kiss) ... did ... (peck) ... I ... (smooch) ... say?" I asked.

But before she could answer, another thick cock slipped in through the gap, pressing against her cheek. She giggled, gave me a quick smile, and pounced on it as furiously as she had the last.

All hope of ending this scene faded as I watched her give another intense blowjob while seated in my lap. Saliva dripped off her fingers as she pumped her head and hand up and down the fleshy pole. I stared in shock and in awe at the speed at which she had her latest victim ready to blow his load. She sensed his impending blast and changed her rythm a bit. She looked out of the corner of her eye at me ... and winked.

She pulled her mouth off the cock, but continued to pump it with her hand. "You're absolutely right, baby," she whispered. "They don't have to cum in my mouth ... as long as they cum in *a* mouth!"

For a brief second, I didn't understand what she meant, but then I felt her free hand grasp the back of my neck and pull my head forward.

"Tanya!" I hissed as I pulled away. "What crazy idea do you think--"

"It's *your* idea, baby," she replied, still slowly stroking the rockhard cock. "Your wonderful idea. I knew you were sweet, honey, but it takes a true gentleman to offer to do something like this for me. To take that gooey, nasty semen straight into your mouth ... just so I won't have to deal with something so unpleasant to me."

"Tanya, there's no way I can--"

"Of course you can, sweetie! Don't worry! No one can see in these dark windows. You can suck all the cock you want and no one will see anything."

"Tanya, that's not what I--"


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"Ooh ... we waited too long. He lost it. Just a second, babe," she interrupted. She fastened her mouth back onto the purple cockhead and spent another minute slurping and sucking it back to the brink of orgasm. I was in shock as I realized she fully intended for me to take his cock in my mouth. What little resistance I had left to her tried desperately to fight her, but I always did what she wanted. The steady pressure of her hand against the back of my head drew it forward until my lips were nearly touching her cheek on each back stroke. I didn't want this. It was way worse than anything that had come before. I wanted to beg her not to do it.

"Tanya, please. I--"

As I opened my mouth to speak, she pulled away from the cock and yanked my head forward in one swift motion. As the cock slipped into my mouth, a hot spurt of semen hit the back of my throat. I coughed and gagged and pulled my head back in reaction. She let it slip back, but pulled it forward again for the next stroke ... and the next spurt of cum. She continued guiding my head back and forth, jacking his cock into my mouth until the flow of cum stopped and the cock began to soften in my mouth.

I looked at her through bleary eyes full of tears from the obligation effect of the cock and the sheer offense. The look on her face was totally the opposite. She wore that same look I saw on my eighteenth birthday when I had my first taste of a stranger's semen from her snatch: A combination of intense excitement and sheer adoration.

"That was beautiful, baby," she whispered. "I should have warned you that your first time can be a little rough, but you'll soon learn to avoid obligation. But it sure makes your eyes water the first time, huh?"

I didn't answer. The cock slipped out of my mouth as its owner grunted a final time and staggered away. "Didja hear that bitch gag and fetish?!?" a voice cried outside the window. "I blew my whole load right down her throat!" Hoots and hollers followed as he moved away to the rear of the car.

I just looked at Tanya and literally whimpered.

"Don't worry, baby," she said reassuringly. "There's more where that came from." She used her fingers to push up to my lips the excess cum that had dribred onto my chin when I fetishd. Without thinking, I opened my lips to accept her finger. A bit of the cum already inside my mouth dripped out.

"Oooh! Careful, honey. You'll lose some!" she said as she caught it and scooped it back in. "Now swallow it all down, baby."

I just looked at her.

"Swallllooowwwww," she said as if spoonfeeding an *****.

I swallowed. I knew that I really had no other choice. As I did so, I realized just how much cum was in my mouth -- more than ever before at any one time. It took several tries to get it all down.

"That's my Bobby!" she squealed.

I looked at her in my defeat. I had the strong taste of another man's fresh cum in my mouth and the remainders of his load dripping off my chin.

"God, you look sexy right now!" she chimed and leaned in to plant a strong, tongue-laden kiss on me. She moaned in appreciation as she tasted my mouth. "Mmmmmm, baby," she said as she broke away, "Fresh cum tastes gooood, don't you think?"

I had nothing to say. I was still stunned and shocked.

"Ok, honey," she said as she scramred off my lap, "you suck the next one off, ok?"

"Wha-a-at?" I asked, the confusion wearing off. Although I hardly noticed as she unzipped my pants.

"You suck the next one. It's so sweet of you let me jack the cum into your mouth, but I don't think it's fair of me to have all the fun of cocksucking in the first place. You should share in the joy."

"Dear God, Tanya, you can't expect me to--"

"Besides," she interrupted, "this way we can both do a little sucking!" She grinned as she adeptly fished my dick out of the fly of my underwear.

The feeling of her hand on my dick momentarily silenced me. It had been so long since she'd even touched me that the feeling was incredibly welcome ... even in this odd situation.

"Tanya, I ... oooh ..." I stammered, trying to reconcile the terrible thing she wanted me to do and the good sensations I was feeling.

"Did Mr. Winky miss my warm, sexy mouth?" she said directly to my prick with a girlish giggle. Then she took it in her mouth.

"Oh, God yes!" I moaned.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as her tongue swirled around the head. Warmth spread quickly throughout my lap.

But then, my enjoyment of the moment was soundly thrashed when a third stiff cock poked it's way in through the small gap at the top of the window. Shit ... I'd almost forgotten about them.

"Suck it," she said, lifting her mouth from my dick momentarily.


"Suck it, Bobby. Suck his cock," ordered Tanya rather plainly.

I just stared at it, then looked back to her. "Tanya, no. I can't --"

"Suck it, you little faggot. You're a cocksucker now, so get started on sucking cock!" she replied sternly.

I was truly surprised at her tone. For some reamister I couldn't explain, I began to do as she said. I reached up and took the cock in my hand. But then, it really struck me as to what I was doing. I hesitated.

"NOW, faggot!" She reached under my balls and clenched them tightly. A sharp pain tore through me as she hissed, "SUCK ... HIS ... COCK!"

Of all the shocked looks on my face over the past weeks, I knew I was wearing the worst of them.

She was ordering me. She was ORDERING me to suck another man's cock. I'd been through an awful lot -- done an awful lot for Tanya, but ... this ... this was just not right!

"Now wait just a God damned minute, Tanya!" I shouted above the noise of the radio. I released the cock sticking through the window and wriggled myself free of her grasp on my balls. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Tanya stared at me wide eyed with a blank look on her face. She actually looked ... confused.

"Hey! What the fuck?!" came a voice from outside the car. There was a loud bang above our heads as a hand banged on the roof of the car.

"Shit!" said Tanya as she climbed back onto my lap. "Just a second!" she shouted loud enough for the boys outside to hear. Once in place, she rolled the window down another few inches and peered out. "Sorry ... oh, Alec, it's you. Sorry. Um ... lover's quarrel. Give us a minute, wouldja?" She rolled the window up and looked at me.

"What ... what the hell was that all about?" I asked her angrily, ignoring the laughter coming from outside.

Her brows knit together in thought. She looked right through me. I swear to God ... it was as if she were studying me. An uncomfortable moment passed.

"Well, that didn't work," I thought I heard her mutter.

"What?" I demanded.

"Oh!" she said, snapping back to attention, "I'm sorry, baby. I really am. I just got ... um ... a little carried away. Yeah. It's just that ... that ... I ... sooo much wanted to suckle on your little weenie while you sucked Alec off that I --"

"Dammit, Tanya, I'm not going to suck his coc-- .. I mean, I'm not going to do that!"

"But ... why not? I assumed you always wanted to, baby."

"Whaat?! Why would you think that??!"

"Well, with as much as you love eating cum, baby, I just figured that you'd really always wanted it direct from the source."

"Tanya, when will you understand? It's YOU that I love, not eatin--"

"Oh, Bobby, I KNOW you love me. God, I know it. That's why I guess I got a little excited back there. I thought it was so sweet of you to suggest using your mouth for a direct cum shot. I guess I just thought there was enough love between us to let you go all the way."

"Enough love??!" I was stunned. "Tanya, I love you beyond description. How can you say I don't love you enough?"

"No no no, Bobby," she giggled. "You're missing the point. I'm talking about ME loving YOU enough, silly. Loving you enough to share my favorite thing in the world with you ... namely, cocks."

"You're ... you're serious?" I asked, truly confused.

"Of course I'm serious, baby! What ... did you think I intended to hog all the man-meat to myself forever? I knew that a little cumeater like you must just be dying to wrap your lips around a thick cock and take a load directly in the mouth, but up till now I've ... I've just been too selfish to see it."


"Of course! Gosh, Bobby, it must be so hard for a faggot like you ... wanting so badly to feel the pure enjoyment of a cock in your mouth, but having your girlfriend take all the fun. All this time you've been letting me get all the good stuff, haven't you, you sweet boy. That's why you were so adamant back there, isn't it? You were insisting on saving it for me, weren't you?"

"That not really what I meant --"

"Share it with me, Bobby!" she said excitedly. She crawled back into my lap, facing me and straddling my lap.

"No, Tanya, really I--"

"Don't be all noble, Bobby. Really, it's ok! I want to share this with you, alright? I want the Bobby I love so much to know what it's like to touch, feel, and be filled by a real cock -- just like I get to feel everyday. Or every hour, just about."

She was serious. I stared at her blankly.

"Please, baby? Please let me show you. Please let me give you the experience that I've been stealing from you day after day." She leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek.

God, she was irresistible. I could barely believe that she considered a stranger's cock in my mouth to be some sort of privilege, but ...

"You're such a giving permister, Bobby, so I know you're not used to accepting gifts, but please let me give this to you. Please, baby." She kissed me gently on the lips with sultry, half closed eyes.

"I ... I don't know," I said, amazing myself that I was even considering it.

"I'll be heartbroken ... truly heartbroken ... if you don't let me do this for you, Bobby." She looked at me expectantly with raised eyebrows and a pouty lower lip.

"But ... but why this, Tonya?"

"Because I love you, Bobby. I mean it's great that you love sucking that icky cum out of my pussy and ass. I soooo much appreciate the way you clean up that goopy mess so I don't have to deal with it. It's a big part of why I love you so much. You know I love you, right?"

"Of course!" She could always get a quick answer by asking that question.

"I love you, Bobby. Of course you know that. But I also love cocks. I love cocks, Bobby. I love the way they look, the way they feel, the way they smell, and the way they taste."

"I ... I know you do."

"And it's love that makes our relationship so strong, right?"

"Y-yes," I replied cautiously. Somehow, I knew no matter how simple the answer seemed, it was bound to get me in trouble.

"Well, I can't think of anything that would draw us even closer than a common love, Bobby. Don't you agree?"

"Uhhh ...."

"Well, you know I can't share your love of slurping semen, Bobby, but I hope ... truly hope ... that you can share my love of cocks. I've been so selfish so far ... not letting you experience something I love so much."

And there's the trap. I knew it! I had nothing to say.

"Can you forgive me, Bobby? Can you forgive me for not letting you suck the cocks a faggot like you so richly deserves to suck ... and love? Can you forgive me for not sharing?"

She apparently took my silence as agreement. Moving smoothly, she rolled down the car window the necessary distance.

"Will you forgive me and let me make up for it now? Will you, Bobby?"

A hard, veiny cock instantly poked through the gap. She grasped it and stroked it a few times. She gave the sensitive underside a quick lick, eliciting a groan from outside the car.

"Will you let me prove the love between us by allowing you the chance to feel what I feel and love what I love?"

The cock head disappeared between her lips as she slickened the shaft with spit. Her hand began to travel up and down the cock's length. Her free hand reached behind my head and pulled gently forward.

"Please, Bobby. Open your heart and forgive me."

I leaned forward. My resistance was gone.

"Open your mind and accept who you are. Accept my love for you and accept your love of cocks."

My hand reached up of its own accord and replaced her grip on the fleshy staff.

"Open up and accept it, Bobby. Open up, Bobby."

She swirled her tongue around the cock head one last time as my hand began to stroke and pull the cock toward my lips.

"Open wide, Bobby," she whispered, her voice quavering.

I opened my mouth.

To be continued ...


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The following is part seven of the Bob Cocker saga.

Note: This is a direct continuation of part six. It
may be useful to reread the previous section.

a.k.a. Cock Bobber - Finally
by AKA

Tanya uttered a soft gasp as I opened my mouth and a sultry "Oooh" as I took the cock head in my mouth. I heard a groan come from the cock's owner outside the car.

I looked Tanya straight in the eye as my lips descended down the cock shaft until they touched the "O" her thumb and forefinger made as she grasped it. As I pulled back, she moved her hand to follow it back. I moved my head back and forth. I felt the cock slide in and out of my mouth. I felt it slicken with my own saliva. I tasted a salty warmth as the clear precum fluid was squeezed onto my tongue.

I was sucking another man's cock.

Her eyes were half closed. Her brow was knit and her mouth hung part open in an almost helpless look of passion. She breathed deeply and heavily and I could feel the heat of her breath on my cheeks. She was still straddling my lap in the driver's seat of the car. Her hips squirmed as she ground her crotch into my lap. She was loving this. I could feel her pantiless (of course) crotch rubbing against my dick that she'd freed from its confines earlier. The pain she'd caused by squeezing my balls was quickly forgotten as her heat and her movements in my lap stimulated me once again.

"I love you, Bobby," she whispered. "I love you so much."

And she loved me. She really did. When she said those words to me, I swelled with pride and joy every time. She loved me and she loved the things I do for her. And this was just another of those things, right?

I could do this. I could do it for her.

I tried to concentrate on the task at hand. Or the task 'at head', if you prefer. The feeling of a cock in my mouth was new and unusual, but I pretty much knew what to do. I tried to remember those few times that Tanya had given me a decent blow job and emulate some of the things that felt best. I began to roll my head slightly as my lips traveled up and down. I twirled my tongue a bit against the sensitive underside just below the cock head. What the heck? If I was going to do this for Tanya, there was no point in doing it badly, right?

And then I heard it.

The voice from outside the car groaned in obvious appreciation, "God yes. That's it. Suck it! Take it all, you cocksucker!"


Cocksucker. That was the word that snapped me back. A word that teenage boys use as the ultimate insult. A word that Malph and those other jocks leveled on anyone they wanted to humiliate. Oh my God, I was actually sucking another man's cock!

I'd become a cocksucker.

My eyes snapped open in sudden realization. I couldn't do this. I just couldn't. I pulled my head back and the cock slipped from between my lips with a juicy slurping noise.

Tanya's face scrunched up in obvious frustration. "No no no noooooo! Baby baby, what are you doing? Why are you stopping? Keep sucking baby. Please keep sucking."

"I can't, Tanya. I just can't. I can't be a cocksucker." I admitted meekly.

"But whyyyy??!" she pleaded. Her hand continued to pump up and down the stiff pole, still wet with spit.

"I ... I feel like a faggot."

"Honey, you ARE a faggot!" she insisted.

I'd momentarily forgotten her unique definition of that word ... and that she apparently considered it a 'term of affection.' I corrected myself for her benefit, "No .. I mean .. I feel like a queer. A homo."

"What??!?" she asked incredulously, sounding truly astonished. "HOW can you ..." She paused for a moment and took the big dick in her mouth. She gave it a few strokes, then turned back to me. "HOW can you possibly feel that way? You're my boyfriend, right?"

"Of course, but ..."

"And this is *my* hand around this cock, right?" She continued stroking the spit-lubricated shaft.

"Well, y-yeah."

"And the cum will end up in your mouth anyway, right?"

There was no real point in denying that, so I sighed and admitted, "Y-yes, I guess so."

"So, it's my hand pumping the cum into your mouth where it belongs. And you're not a queer-boy? You're straight, right?"

"No! Wait, I mean Yes! I mean of course I'm not queer. I'm str--"

"Honey," she interrupted, "try not to talk too long. Alec will get impatient again. He's waited long enough already."

"Oh, right," I agreed, taking the cock back into my mouth without really thinking about it.

"So you're not a queer, right? You're not a homo?" she asked again.

"Right!" I answered firmly, taking my mouth off the tip for just a second.

"Of course not!" she agreed emphatically. "It's not like you're running around with your tongue hanging out looking for any old swinging dick to cream in your mouth, right?"

"Right!" I answered, then went back to following her stroking fist.

"If you were, that pretty much would make you a homo, right?"

"Right!" I tried not the break the returning rythm. I felt her body begin to rock again, grinding against me. My dick strained underneath the weight of her -- reaching for the moist warmth of her.

"But if you only suck the cocks that I choose for you, that means you're not a homo, right?"

"Well," I paused, but then saw her scowl lightly at my pause. " ... oh ... right!" I quickly finished.

"And you're not a homo, right?"

"Right!" I agreed emphatically.

"So you'll suck the cocks I choose for you? To show me that you're not a homo? Not a queer?"

"Right!" I agreed ... to the 'not a queer' part, but ...

"Thank you, baby ... thank you. See? You can be a cocksucker if you want ... my cocksucker. My sweet little cocksucker," she cooed.

As she increased the speed of the stroking action on Alec's cock, I began to realize what I'd just agreed to. She'd done it again. I started to pull my head back to pose an argument, but the hand on the back of my head pressed me firmly forward.

"No no, baby. Don't stop now. Can't you tell he's about to cum?

"Mmmmf," was my only reply. It's not like I knew what to say anyway.

"You're doing so good at sucking cock, Bobby. You're doing great as a real cocksucker, baby. Can't you feel his hips starting to buck? Can't you feel his cock swelling one last bit in your faggot mouth?" she whispered dreamily.

"Mmmf," I grunted. But she wasn't listening anymore. Her hips were grinding her crotch against mine hard and fast. She was riding her clit up and down the length of my dick, masturbating herself on it.

"Don't talk, baby. Suck. He's close to cumming. When he starts to spurt, don't stop. Don't stop for anything. Ride it out. Milk everything you can from him, baby. Get it all ... all that you deserve."

My God. This was actually happening. I was actually sucking a man off. He was about to cum in my mouth ... his semen pumped into my throat by the delicate hand of my beautiful Tanya. My girlfriend. I wasn't a queer, right? Not with an amazing, hot girlfriend like Tanya. I wasn't a homo.

But I was a cocksucker. And from the sound of the moan that began to come through the window, I was apparently a pretty darn good one.

"Yes!" Tanya squealed. "Here it comes! Here comes your first load of cum as a cocksucker!"

The car leaned to one side as Alec pressed against it with all his weight, trying to shove his big prick further into the car -- further down my throat. My mouth flooded with warmth as his semen shot against the back of my throat, then filled every recess. I'd long ago learned how to close my throat to prevent obligation when having my mouth filled ... which was quite often. Tanya kept stroking and I kept my head bobbing back and forth as spurt after spurt poured into my mouth.

"Swallow, Bobby! Swallow! Take it all! Suck down all that sweet, creamy cockjuice. Let that gooey, spermy liquid slide down your throat! Swallow it alllllllll!"

As my cheeks bulged with the growing quantity of cum, I began to swallow ... just as she'd asked. I felt Tanya quiver and shake on my lap as she came ... and came hard. Her eyes focused on my neck and I could swear that each time my throat muscles worked in swallowing, her hips twitched in another wave of orgasm.

"I love you, Bob Cocker ... my sweet little faggot cocksucker," she whispered lustily. "I love you so much."

As her orgasms subsided and all three of us began to relax our muscles, Tanya's hand lazily released the now-softening tube of flesh. I heard a croaking voice say, "Oh ... my ... fucking ... God," as Alec's weight shifted off the car and his cock slipped out from between my lips. A last dribble of semen slipped out and fell against my lips, running down my chin. Tanya's half-closed eyes focused on it and she leaned in and licked it up as her tongue pressed into my mouth for a hot lusty kiss. Her hips still rocked her crotch against mine and I could feel her juices running down the outside of my dick. It was one of the hottest and sexiest moments I'd ever experienced. If it weren't for my concentrating on the cock in my mouth, I think I'd have cum right then and there. She was the most incredible girl in the world ... and right at that moment she couldn't have felt more 'mine'.

She gently broke the kiss and leaned back. She looked at me with those incredible, sultry, sexy eyes. "I love you, Bobby," she whispered. "You're the most amazing permister in the world. There's no one else like you."

"I love you, too Tanya," I replied, my voice cracking. "I really do."

"Fuck me, Bobby," she whispered.

I was stunned. "W-w-what?" I stammered. She'd never said that to me before.

"Fuck me. I know you want to. I can feel your little pecker pressing against me."

My 'little pecker' was as close to her naked pussy as it had ever gotten, but for some reamister it hadn't occurred to me that I might actually get it inside. I'd pretty much given up on the concept.

"I want you to fuck me, Bobby," she purred again and with one quick motion, shifted on my lap and slid down onto my raging hard dick.

"Oh, yessssss," I moaned ... realizing just then how much I'd wanted to get inside her ... and how good and warm and wonderful it felt to be there. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. Finally. Finally.

"I want you to fuck me while you suck Malph's monster cock, Bobby," came Tanya's breathy voice.

My eyes snapped open. Sure enough, there was Malph's huge, veiny piece of meat protruding in through the gap in the window. "Huh?" was all I could manage to say.

"Oh, I know you weren't expecting to get to suck his cock so soon, baby, but this is a special moment. So I saved something special for last. I saved the best for last."

She was serious. Here I was finally getting to do with my girl what everyone *else* seemed to do and I'm supposed to do it while sucking the cock of the very guy who first took her away from me. "I can't believe this," I muttered.

"I know! I couldn't believe how big it is at first either!" With that she lifted the head of it up with the flat of her hand, presenting its full length to me. "Isn't it magnificent?" Her eyes sparkled with wonder.

And I had to admit, it was impressive as all hell. My thoughts of how humiliating this was left my mind as I my eyes took in the marvel that was this cock in front of me. Ralph "Malph" Ludder was a redhaired, pug-nosed, mean, stupid, ugly mister of a bitch, but he was blessed in this category. Any man alive would have to bow in respect to this gigantic weapon of his. I just stared.

"Ooooh ... I knew you'd love it," she squealed. "Can't take your eyes off it, can you?"

Dammit, she was right. The touch of her hand alone had started it growing before my eyes. I watched in awe as the thick, ropey veins practically pulsed as the shaft stiffened and lifted itself off her hand.

"And I know you'll never want to take your mouth off it," she whispered.

The beast rose up in front of my face. I'd been looking at it so intently that I had to pull my head back to avoid having the tip bonk me in the nose.

"That's if you can get your mouth around it at all, honey. I know I sure can't. Any cocksucker that can should be truly proud. And I know that I'll sure be proud of you."

It was like the thing was spring loaded -- it stood out that straight and strong. And Tanya said he could get it hard as many times as he wanted. Or at least as many times as she wanted -- which seemed impossible. I was ... I was truly humred.

"And it's all yours, honey. I'm not even going to touch it this time. You don't have to settle for me jacking it into your mouth. You can stroke and squeeze and drain out all that yummy cum all by yourself." She was whispering softly ... Malph's cockhead filling the gap between our two sets of lips. The loud music sladyed any sound of her whisper, but I swear I could just feel her words as if they were transmitted right through the flesh that separated us. "Like a good cocksucker should."

It looked so big. And so hard. And so ... delicious?

No ... that couldn't be right. Did I actually want to taste it? No way. I ... I just put my mouth on the last cock because Tanya wanted me to, right? But she said it was what I wanted. Was it? Did I actually want to take it in my mouth?

That couldn't be right. There's no way I could possibly want to take that meaty monster in my mouth. There's no way I'd want to bob my head up and down the length of the shaft. No way I wanted to pump every last drop of silky semen out of his balls and into my mouth. No way.


I swallowed hard. Something was about to happen. I knew it.

"Take it, Bobby. Take it in your mouth." She rose slightly on my lap and I felt her heat lift away, reminding me that my dick was still buried inside her pussy. To be honest, I'd almost forgotten. She hovered above my lap with the head of my prick just barely inside her soft cuntlips. She held herself there ... waiting. "Suck it, baby. Suck it for me."


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And then it happened. I don't really know how .. or why, but I simply tipped my head, opened my mouth wide, and slid my mouth over the head of Malph's cock.

"Ahhhhh", Tanya moaned. She began to slid herself back down onto my dick a little.

I paused for a second, then took as much of Malph's meat into my mouth as possible. I moved my tongue out of the way by sliding it out along the bottom of his shaft ... resulting in a gobbling sound as my mouth filled with flesh.

Tanya moaned loudly and slammed back down onto my lap with a resounding, "Yesss!!! FINALLY!"

My mouth was filled with the flavor of flesh. Malph's cock was big ... and it tasted big. It tasted like sweat ... but not in a bad way. And there was something else. Something I could taste as I swirled my tongue around the foreskin. Something that was probably piss.

"Do you like how that big fuckpole tastes, Bobby?" Tanya asked, as if sensing my thoughts.

"Mmm-Hmmm," I mumred, surprising myself with the frankness of my answer.

"Gooood," she moaned, still riding slowly up and down in my lap. "I think it's great that you get used to the taste of Malphs's cock, honey. I know it'll be your favorite. Just like his cum is your favorite."

I guess I did like Malphs cock the best ... of those I had sampled tonight. It tasted somehow ... better than the others. It was meatier. And muskier. Because of the sheer size of it, it must be awfully hot and cramped inside his pants. I could taste sweat all along the shaft. It tasted like ... like a cock should. As if I had any clue what it *should* taste like, but this must be it.

Tanya had an obvious preference for large cocks ... and I guess I did, too.

"Wow, honey ... it's like your mouth was MADE to suck that cock. I can barely get my little mouth over the head, but it's a perfect fit ... inside your ... face hole." Tanya's words escaped between pants for breath as her hips bobbed up and down in my lap. "I can b-b-barely wrap my fingers ... around it, but your h-hand will be p-perfect for ... stroking and ... milking that m-m-monster until ... you've sucked it ... dry."

I took that as a cue and grasped the beast at half staff. She was right -- my fingers just barely encircled it. I heard a moan from outside the car as I pulled and rolled the skin over the tip in time with the motion of my mouth. I made a few tentative strokes that way and then could tell from the shift in his hips that I was stroking just the right way to make him cum.

"Oh, God Bobby. You're so good at this. You're a n-natural. A natural ... b-b-born ... cocksuckerrrrrrrrr!" With that Tanya disappeared to that 'place' she goes when she's orgasming. She shifted on my lap and tilted her hips and pressed down hard. The result tweaked my dick at a very odd angle. It hurt a bit. Ok, a lot actually. My dick was so incredibly hard ... and it didn't want to bend that way. I had been well on my way to cumming, but there was no way I could cum now. Not with my dick being bent like that.

Tanya had driven her hips downward and away on my lap. The result was trying to bend my rock hard prick toward the dashboard ... a way it didn't want to bend. As her orgasm faded, I shifted slightly in my seat to try to get a little more comfortable.

"No no no, don't move!" she cried and powerd her hips down even harder. "It feel so good like this, Bobby. It looks like this little pecker is good for something after all. God, it's riding right up against my G-spot ... just like a fingertip."

My eyebrow raised in a look of hopeless discomfort as she rode up and down my straining prick.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll do alllll the work. There's no point in you trying to fuck me with this little thing, baby, so you just concentrate on that real man's cock in your mouth. You concentrate on being a good little cocksucker, ok?"

All I could do was whimper a little.

"Oh, baby," she cooed, "I'm so happy that you finally get to be a cocksucker. That you finally get what you so richly deserve. And to get to suck Malph massive rod on your very first night! It's amazing, don't you think?"

She was going off on one of her little speeches again. I could feel it. I just grunted.

"Now, not all the cocks you'll be sucking are as big as this one, baby, but once you learn to deep throat Malph here, you'll be able to bring off any cock that I feed to you. And I'll be feeding you a lot of cocks." She kept riding up and down on my mis-positioned prick ... slowly picking up speed. "God, I can hardly wait to get started! Hardly wait to show off your talent. All the guys will know that it's *my* boyfriend who's the best cocksucker in the county!"

Waitaminute waitaminute, I thought. All the guys? In the county?

"And I can tell you like the idea ... your dickie is so hard inside me."

Whatever weird 'cock magic' had overcome me for the previous few minutes popped like a bubble at that point. Hang on, I thought, hang on just a minute. My dick was hard because she was riding my cock. Right? I mean, that makes sense, right?

I heard an 'Ooof' come from outside as I pulled my mouth off his cock for the first time since I'd started. Subconsciously, I kept stroking, using my own saliva to keep my hand moving smoothly. "Tanya!" I hissed. "What the hell are you talking about. Doing this tonight when no one can see is ok ... " I could NOT believe I'd just said that, but I recovered, " ... but ... but there's no way I can just be a coc--" I had trouble with the word, " ... be a c-cocksucker for whoever you want!"

"Oh, but baby, being a cocksucker is *so* much better than being a mere cumsucker! Just let me explain!"

I stared at her, one hand stroking Malphs cock.

She stared back and with an eyebrow and and a flick of her head, indicated toward the hunk of meat in my hand.

I looked at it and felt its draw again. "Oh, right," I agreed and took it back in my mouth. So much for my fortitude.

"Good boy," said Tanya, still riding my bent prick. "Now, you think cum tastes good from my pussy, right? But now that you've had it hot and fresh ... spurting into your mouth right from that fleshy spigot ... I doubt you'll ever be fully satisfied with just licking a cumfilled cunt again."

I sighed, although she couldn't hear it with my mouth full. There was no point in agreeing or disagreeing. She was 'explaining'.

"Don't get me wrong, baby -- I love having you as my cumsucker -- but think about it: Right now you're just an open hole into which stale, pasty cum is drained on a fairly regular basis. You have to lick the dried & sticky fuck-remains off of my thighs just to get the full meal deal, right?"

Full meal deal?

"But when you suck cocks, you're part of the action. You're the reamister that they cum. You're more than just a sperm eating cuntlapper, you're a full fledged faggot cocksucker!"

She said that last part so gleefully, she made it sound like it really was a privilege of some kind.

"When you're the cocksucker, you have all the power right in your hands. Or rather, your mouth. You make all the decisions. You decide WHEN they cum, how WELL they cum, and -- as your talents increase -- even how MUCH they cum. A good cocksucker can milk twice as much jism as opposed to when they just pump it into my pussy."

Ok, I understood that part. When I took my mouth off his cock a minute ago, I could feel Malph's disappointment. I could feel the change I'd caused in him. I looked away from Tanya and stared crosseyed down the fleshy shaft as it entered my mouth. I speed up the stroking a bit and took him a bit deeper in my mouth. After a few seconds, I felt his muscles tense and a grunt come from outside. I slowed down again and felt his body relax a bit. I took my mouth off the tip and heard a loud sigh and watched as his hips bucked inward, trying to get back inside me.

I had power. I had power over Malph Ludder. Power over that big ugly jock who had teased and ***d me since the sixth grade. I'd never had power over him before. I went back to sucking him knowing that, for once, I was in charge.

"See, Bobby? You decide. You decide everything. And eventually, when the boys get used to every load going in your mouth, you'll even decide how OFTEN they cum."

And then it struck me again. The boys? Every load? I groaned in what honestly sounded like disappointment as I realized the obvious.

*Ssshhlluup* "But honey, none of the guys even know that I'm your cumsucker, much less your cocksucker." Those words came much easier now."

"They'll get used to it, baby," she said confidently, "They always do. Trust me."

"But they'll think I'm queer!"

She bulged her eyes at me in frustration as she cried, "But you're NOT qu--"

"I KNOW!!" I bulged my eyes back. "But they'll THINK I am, Tanya. I know it. We've been over this."

She looked up in thought for a moment as she rode up and down on my painfully angled pecker. "Ok, maybe you're right. I guess the boys aren't quite ready for that yet, huh?"

"I'm glad you agree," I said, feeling a small victory. I dove back onto Malph's cock, testing more of my newfound power.

"You're right, baby. You're so smart. We won't tell the boys for now, ok? We'll do it this way ... with the tinted windows ... so they don't know it's you. We'll come here every night of the week ... more, if you like. We'll have them lined up around the block, but I promise we'll keep your cocksucking a secret, ok baby?"

"Sounds good," I quickly agreed, feeling oddly like I'd won.

"That's my Bobby," she purred. "Now, suck, baby. Suck that big meatpole. Take what you've earned. Take what you deserve."

Yeah ... I deserved it. I wanted it.

"You've shown him you're in control. Now show him that you can make him cum like no one else."

I sped up the pace again. I felt him tense ... stronger than before. She was right; I was in control.

Tanya sped up, too -- riding my dick even faster. If it weren't for the torturous angle, I'd have blown my load long ago. "You c-can do it, B-bobby! You can ... finally be a c-cocksuckerrrr!" Her breathing became shallow again. She was close.

I can do this. I can be a cocksucker, I thought.

We both heard the start of the long, croaking moan from outside the car window. I could feel Malph pushing harder, trying to shove his cock down my throat.

"Oh, G-God! He's cumming. You're m-making him cum!" She rammed herself up and down. "You're ... making ME c-cum, Bobby! You're m-making me cum with your mouth. With your ... c-cocksucker m-moooooouuuuth!!"

Her orgasm thrilled me. She was cumming with my dick buried in her ... for the first time. In my excitement, I slammed my head back and forth, driving Malph's cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat. I should have gagged, but that reflex was far overcome by the excitement I felt from Tanya's orgasming in my lap.

The first blast practically snapped my head back. I closed my throat to keep from drowning and clamped my mouth around the cockshaft to hold in the cum. Regardless, some slipped past and spurted out onto my hand as I continued pumping hard and fast.

Her eyes were glued to the junction of my lips and Malph's cock. As his excess semen squeezed out, she whispered between gritted teeth, "You're s-s-such a little faggot! I love what a little ... f-f-faggot you are!"

Tanya's body heaved, giving one last hard push downward, but then bucked straight up toward the roof of the car. She lifted off me, hovering above my dick as it finally snapped back into a comfortable position.

Then I felt it. The moisture. The heat. As I continued milking and pumping Malph, I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw a gush of clear liquid squirting from Tanya's pussy right onto my dick. Her whole body quivered and spasmed as she had what could only be the 'wet orgasm' I'd heard about. Her mouth was open and her face contorted into a silent scream of obvious pleasure.

As the steaming juice flowed down my prick, I couldn't hold it anymore. This was incredible. The first time I ever got to put my dick in her pussy and she has the most powerful orgasm a woman can have. I lost it. As her juices rained down on me, my own sperm shot upward. It spattered against her pussy as her fluids soaked my lap and Malph's huge load flooded my mouth.

It was amazing.

And Tanya was right. I really did prefer the taste of Malph's cum to any other. I have to admit that. And at that moment in time -- with my own orgasm raging and my untouched dick squirting -- I wanted Malph's sperm more than anything. I have no idea what came over me, but I wanted to milk every drop out of him. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to swallow it. I wanted to be fed by it. Filled by it.

Tanya quivered almost epileptically above me as I pumped and pulled and sucked and whimpered. I kept going until Malph could give no more. As he staggered outside the car, I automatically clenched his softening flesh to keep it in my mouth. Finally, when the over-sensitized nerves could take no more, he yanked his cock back and stumred away from the window. I felt the whole car lurch as he slumped against the rear. The odd disappointment I felt at letting him go was replaced with a strange sense of pride when I heard him mutter, "Dear God! Whatta suckjob that was!"

My dick gave one last twitch in fading orgasm at hearing that.

Then Tanya was upon me again. She slid back down in to my lap, the combined fluids of her wet orgasm and my own cum squishing between us. She quickly wrapped me up in one of the most passionate kisses she'd ever given me. Her lips and tongue were everywhere as she guided the excess droplets of jism on my face into my mouth. She even lifted my hand to my mouth and watched as I licked off the thick spermy fluid that had landed there. Her actions left a few bits of white semen on her own face, but mine was completely clean.

When she had ensured that every drop of semen she could see was in my mouth, she rolled off of my lap and up against the passenger side door. Her legs were splayed lewdly outward, exposing her cum covered pussy and thighs. Based on what I saw there, I'd shot more than I ever had in my life.

I was still recovering from the whole thing when I heard a gasp come from Tanya. I looked up and saw that she was looking toward the window again. I spun my head just in time to hear a leerish "Holy cuckolds brownie!" come from Malph.

We'd forgotten to roll up the window.

He was peering in through the crack of the open window. We all three looked at one another. Tanya and I looked like quite the pair: She with her splattered pussy and remnants of cum on her face ... and me with my dick exposed and my whole lap soaked with her juices.

The reality of what had just happened struck me hard at that moment. I had just sucked this man off. And I'd wanted it. I'd actually wanted it. Sure, I'd swallowed his semen before, but that was just what I did for Tanya, right? But tonight, something had changed. With this beautiful girl riding my dick, the sexual excitement had been so great that everything she'd said just made sense. The things she'd said convinced me. But now ... now I might have to be the one to face the consequences. I never even thought about it when I was doing it. Forget about my own resistance to sucking cock -- if Malph knew that another boy had done that, he go nuts. I swallowed hard. I figured Malph was going to ******* me. I wasn't breathing. Neither was Tanya. We both just stared at Malph and waited.

After what seemed like forever, Malph grinned and spoke. "You are one sick little fucker, Bobby. I always thought it was weird that you let half the school fuck your girl, but gettin' your rocks off by fuckin' her while she sucks four cocks in front of your face? Now that's really something!" he said with a guffaw.

Tanya and I laughed nervously. I guess ... I guess that Tanya's efforts to get all the cum into my mouth had paid off. I was suddenly strangely thankful for that habit of hers. I was so relieved that Malph didn't figure out that it was me that sucked him off that I didn't feel at all embarrassed over his conclusion.

Tanya recovered first. "Well, Malph ... I always told you that no one else could treat me like Bobby does."

"Haw!" Malph belted, "That's for sure! It's amazing what love will make you do, ain't it?!"

You don't know the half of it, Malph, I thought. You don't know the half of it.

With that, he slapped the top of the car and walked away laughing to join his friends. I quickly rolled up the window and looked over at Tanya.

Her eyes were wide with the excited look of having gotten away with something. "That was close!" she said excitedly. "Next time, we'll have to be more careful."

"Yeah," I agreed ... before really thinking about a 'next time'. I was about to question exactly what she meant when I heard her clear her throat.

"A-hemm. Bobby?" She tipped her head, raised an eyebrow expectantly, and used her chin to point toward the joining of her still splayed leg.

"Oh!" I said and robotically lowered my head into her jism covered crotch. I began licking up our combined juices from her shaved mound. My resistance to being a cocksucker may have returned, but I'd long ago given up any hope of avoiding the job of cleaning her sperm-soaked pussy. In fact, it felt a bit special since this was the first time that it was my own cum.

"Oh, Bobby. I love you so much. You are so good to me, you know that? Now I know you want to do a good job, but hurry up, ok? I want to get home ... "

As she began to grind her pussy into my face in her usual fashion, I heard the words that I knew would come:

" ... Mom will want to hear all about this!"

As always ... to be continued ...


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"You must have been dreaming about all that manmeat you fetishd down last night. I mean, look how hard your winky is just thinking about it. I was just staring at it, baby. It's so pretty, and shiny, and CUTE when it gets so stiff from dreaming about cocks."

The memories and fears of the night before came flooding back. That's right. For an all too brief time, I'd managed to forget I was a cocksucker, but Tanya managed to remind me only seconds after I woke up.

My head crashed back into the pillow as I sobbed from frustration. It hadn't been a dream. In fact, my worst nightmare -- the worst nightmare of every teenage boy -- was coming true: I was turning queer.

"Honey??!" she said with concern. "Now, what's the matter? Don't worry, baby. We'll find you some more cock soon."

"Noooo," I groaned, "I ... I don't want to suck cock."

She crawled up, straddled me, and sat on my stomach. "But honey, morning is the best time to give blowjobs. When the guys wake up in a little while with their morning wood, they'll be so appreciative of your mouth as you--"

"Tanya!" I cried, exasperated, "I don't w-want to."

"Oh, please, Bobby. Don't be silly. I know you're probably not hungry yet, what with those millions of spermies floating around in your tummy, but in a few hours, you'll--"

"Tanya, no! I don't want to. I don't want suck cock EVER!"

Silence. She just looked at me. Like she was ... confused.

"But ..." her eyebrows scrunched up in the middle, " ... but last night it seemed like you couldn't ever get enough meat down your gullet. I was so proud of you."

"I know, Tanya. I know, b-but that was last night. I've ... I've changed my m-mind and I just don't want to anymore, ok?" I don't have the slightest clue why I thought I could possibly get away with that explanation.

Tanya's head cocked to one side and an odd, knowing smile came across her face. "That's not really the problem, is it Bobby?" she asked, simply.

"W-w-what d-do you mean?" I sobbed.

"Isn't the problem really that you DO want to suck cock? That you want to suck it too much?"

"W-what?" I sniffled.

"Bobby, I saw the look on your face last night when you dove on Dave Hunsacker's cock. I saw your lil' pecker stiffen as you realized you could make him cum ... again ... in your mouth. I held your balls and felt them tighten and jump when he blew his load into your throat ... and you sprayed yours all over the floor. You *love* sucking cock, Bobby."

I tremred and my jaw quivered as I tried to avoid breaking down into complete hysterics. She was right. She knew.

"You think you're turning queer, don't you?"

YES!! Oh God, YES!!! I cried internally. "Yes," I whimpered aloud. "Oh, Tanya ... you understand. I love you so much. I ... I don't want to be gay. I don't want to be a cocksucker."

"Oh, Bobby. We've been over this so many times. I thought your love of spermsucking had long since outweighed any of those silly thoughts of being gay."

"But Tanya, eating you out was different. I love licking your pussy, but--"

"My hardfucked, cumslopped pussy, right?"

"Y-yes, I love eating your hardfucked, cumslopped pussy," I repeated, using the kind of terms I knew she liked to hear, "but sucking guys off is different, Tanya. It's just ... different. Your pussy is always ... well, *your* pussy. Even if it does have the sperm of another man inside--"

"Other 'men', usually. Many men," she corrected.

"Y-yes, the sperm of other men, but it's always *you*, if you know what I mean."

"So you're saying you only want to suck on cocks after they've shot off inside my cunt? You want to be a mere cleanup boy?"

"No, that's not what --"

"So you want guys to pound my box for awhile, but then pull out so you can finish them off in your mouth? I don't know, Bobby, some of the guys might not--"

"Tanya, that's not it eith--"

"Then when DO you want to suck cocks, Bobby?"

"I don't want to suck cocks, Tanya! At all! Ever!" I hissed in a sort of whispered-shout.

"Because it makes you feel gay? That's what you're saying?"

"Yes," I croaked. I began sobbing openly.

"Oh, Bobby!" she cried out in an exasperated voice. She rolled her eyes back, then crashed down onto the bed next to me. She rolled over on top of me and looked me eye to eye.

"Bobby, if you're going to be any kind of decent cumsucker, you've got to let go of this crap! That's not YOU talking, it's all those silly young *men* and their old fashioned ideas about who's gay and who's straight. They don't understand, Bobby. They don't understand that you're not gay or straight by any means they use to define it -- you're my Bobby. My sweet, darling, cumsucking Bobby."

The loving look on her face made it impossible for me to avoid smiling.

"I can understand why you're worried, Bobby. Heck, you had *me* pretty worried the way you dove on Dave's cock last night after he pulled out of me."

My eyes widened as I immediately felt the accusation in her words.

"But then, Bobby ... then I felt the loving strokes of your tongue on my fuckbattered pussy flesh. Felt the gentle touch of your lips as you sought out every drop of semen from within my raw cunt. I knew then, Bobby -- just like I know every time -- that you were mine. Truly mine. And when your mouth went back to his cock to milk out a second cum, but your eyes stayed on me, I still knew you were mine. It takes a special kind of permister to be so secure with their place in the world that they can voraciously vacuum a cum-filled pussy and yet so eagerly suck a cock until it explodes in their mouth. You are that kind of permister, Bobby."

I was pretty sure she was meaning all that to be a compliment, but before I could think about it, her face took on a serious look. She grasped my shoulders and looked me dead in the eye.

"Bobby, I know that you've got what it takes to feel just as sexually secure when you're stroking off some man meat as when you're lapping sperm from my gash, but you've *got* to ... stay ... focused! You can't let those stupid little insecurities creep up on you, no matter what all the real men in town say about you, ok?" Her serious look turned even more serious. "You ... you do realize what will happen if you start listening to those silly thoughts, right?"

I shook my head. How could I possibly know where she was headed with this?

She sat up, straddling my belly. "Ok then, I'm going to tell you something important now and I need you to listen carefully. Are you with me?"

I nodded. Looking up at her, my mind suddenly drifted to how beautiful she looked in the soft light. She always looked beautiful when she 'explained' things to me.

"Ok honey, there are plenty of tiny dicked fellas in the world who have to rely on their tongues in order to even come close to pleasing a woman. Most of them eventually acknowledge the fact that their wives need real men with real cocks filling them up with real sperm. Recognizing how important it is to demonstrate their acceptance of the situation, the good ones quickly develop a taste for sperm and pussy. Every night throughout the world, happy little cumsuckers everywhere secure the bonds of their relationships with the beautiful act of eating creampie from their fresh-fucked wives."

She made it sound so ... simple. So ... perfect.

"Many times, Bobby, this relationship becomes special enough that these women decide to share their good fortunes with their men and allow them to suck some dick. As you've discovered tonight, it's the perfectly natural continuation of their relationship. Sadly, there's where the trouble often starts.

"With a lifetime of ridiculous prejudices and stereotypes in their heads, some men just can't separate sucking cock from being gay. No matter how much they've loved lapping that musky cockjuice from their wives' stretched out slits, the act of swallowing a load straight from the fleshpipe is just too much for them. Isn't that silly?"

I nodded, unsure of how else to react.

She continued, "And so they think they want to stop blowin' the ol' milkbone, but ... once you're a cocksucker, you can't just STOP. As you've demonstrated perfectly, Bobby, it just something that you 'little fellas' are born to do. Plus, once a woman has seen her little faggot's cheeks bulge as his mouth fills with her lover's spunk, there's no going back. So, they keep DOING it, of course. Night after night. After all, it's only right and proper in marriages like theirs, right?"

I nodded. What the hell, eh? As if there was any arguing with her when she was on a role.

"But, sadly, the feelings of being a queer just keep weighing on them. They resist it. They claim they don't want to suck cock. They can't balance their fear being gay with the simple act of smokin' a little dick. They think it somehow "makes" them gay. They begin to wonder if they're even sexually attracted to their wives ... the fragile human psyche takes over ... and soon they can't get it up anymore. It's sad, really ... you'd think that penises so small would be easy to stiffen up, but ... human fears are powerful things. Especially in you faggots, I guess."

I started to protest that last comment, but she cut me off.

"Now, it may surprise you, but even women with plenty of big-cocked lovers like to fuck their husbands occasionally. It's relaxing to lie back, tuck their knees behind their arms like ... *oof* ... this ... " she rolled back and demonstrated. I sat up in bed and my eyes grew wide in shock as she easily assumed a position I'd only thought possible of circus performers.

"See? It's sexy, huh? Even an orally fixated lil' cuntlapper like you might break tradition and actually stick it in for once, right?"

I was speechless. I just stared at those two wide spread, shaved, glistening, perfect holes. It would feel so good to --

"Heh, I didn't think so. So anyway, every so often, a good wife will lie back like this and let the lil' fellas jackhammer away into those fleshy folds. Maybe catch up on a little reading, y'know? It's a win-win situation. Every few months, hubby gets his rocks off ... she gets a good lickin' afterward ... perfect, right?

Wait, what was that part about 'didn't think so'?

"But when his constant fretting about simply sucking off a few of his wife's studs means that he can't even get wood for her anymore, the relationship begins to suffer. I mean, any woman just can't help but start to feel a bit insulted. And then things start to get bitter." She rolled forward in a smooth movement and we ended up face to face sitting on the bed. "And you know what happens next, don't you? Do you know, Bobby?"

I swallowed hard. The look on her face was a bit scary, actually. "N-n-no."

"That's when the feminization starts, Bobby. She'll turn him into a girl, sweetheart. A true babydoll sissy."

Oh crap!

"A bitter wife will have her husband blowing the gardening crew while wearing garters and stockings in no time. I mean, if he's too queer to fuck her, he might as well look the part, right? Not long after that, it's wigs and lipstick and mascara. Petticoats. Maid outfits. The works, Bobby.

My jaw hung open.

"Now, to be perfectly honest, Bobby, your small frame means you'd look fantastic in heels and a thong, but most of these guys look pretty ridiculous."

*COUGH* "What?!?" I actually spluttered that last part out loud, but she ignored me and continued.

"And they *say* they don't want it up the ass, but they said they didn't want to suck dick, right? And they've been doing that every night, so why not give the poop-chute a little reaming action? Sure, it starts with just a little bit of plastic and rubber, but ... dear God ... have you seen the size of some of the strapons they sell these days?"

I realized she was waiting for an answer. "Uhh ... no?"

"Well, and I don't imagine you'd want to, either. At least not bolted on to my belt when I'm comin' atcha with a gleam in my eye, right?" She got up on her knees and thrust her hips a few times ... all while emitting the most endearing little giggle.

"And it just gets worse from there, Bobby. These poor guys had the good life -- spermy snatches before bedtime and the joy of blowing her lovers goodbye in the morning. But they let their own stupid insecurities get the best of them and BAM! Soon they're decked out in miniskirt, wearing a leash, and being towed by their leatherclad wives into backalley clubs with no sign on the door." She stood up on the bed, standing spread legged and towering over me. She leaned down and asked quietly and succinctly, "Bobby, have you ever seen what a sissy's asshole looks like after he's been gangfucked by seven or eight monster-dicked black guys his wife picked up at a sex club?"

" ... no," I squeaked.

"Well, I have Bobby. And it looks HOT! I mean REALLY hot!" She brought her hands together in front of my face, her thumbs and forefingers making a circle about the diameter of a baseball. "The red, puffy hole is all stretched out and used and just as limp as poor hubby's peter was when he tried to fuck his wife. I creamed in my panties when I saw the cum drooling out into a puddle between his splayed out, quivering thighs. So did Mom."

I was stunned. "You've seen ... puffy hole ... wait ... did ... y-your Mom?"

"Yeah, this guy's wife is one of my mom's clients. Anyway, the poor bastard used to think that polishing a few pink soldiers for his wife somehow 'made' him queer, but no ... no, a six hour gangbang -- THAT's what made him queer! Once he'd taken a half mile of thick black dick up the yin-yang, there was really no denying it, right?"

I just looked at her. I'll assume the look in my eye at the time could only be described as ... sheer terror. But then she struck even harder.

She leaned in close again. Her voice was eerily quiet. "And he didn't have half as good a sissy-boy body as you do, baby. Your skinny little ass would look AWESOME impaled on a thick, stiff pole of blackmeat, I gotta say. Most sissy faggots have to suck off half the club while their wives recruit the gay daddies for the reaming session, but with your legs ... wow, just put you in a plaid skirt and grow you some proper pigtails and even the straightest arrow of the bunch would gladly buttfuck you silly."

My heart was pounding. My breath came in short gasps.

She stood up straight again, pacing back and forth on the bed. "But as much as I'd enjoy staring at your gaping, cumsoaked ass every night, being the wife of a queer public fuckhole would be sooooo difficult. Scheduling the gang bangs, negotiating prices with all those ex-cons, remembering to charge extra for fistings ... boy ... I'm not sure I'm ready for it. Are you, Bobby?"

I just stared at her ... wide-eyed ... unable to speak.

"Is that what you want, Bobby?" She stopped moving and loomed over me. The look on her face frightened me. "Do you want to be a 24 hour fuckrag -- dragged off into a backroom at a moment's notice to serve up whatever hole your master-of-the-moment wants? Do you want a butthole that looks like hamburger meat fresh from the grinder? Do you want an asscave stretched so big that a baseball bat will feel like a ball point pen? Is that what you want? I can arrange it for you, Bobby. I can. I look DAMN good in leather, you know. Is that what you want, Bobby? Is it?"

Dear God, was she serious?! My heart was beating a mile a minute. I couldn't speak ... or breathe. I mentioned before those moments where you know your life is about to change. Well, this felt like another one of those moments. I was truly afraid. My mouth just hung open -- my brain unable to muster the will to say anything.

"Well, Bobby?"

As always ... to be continued ...


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The following is part eleven of the Bob Cocker saga.

a.k.a. Cock Bobber - Something Different
by AKA

"Well, Bobby?"

Here I was lying in my girlfriend's bed, spending the night with her for the first time ever. When I'd dreamed of this night, I'd never imagined that she'd be standing over me on the bed, straddling my body, asking me if I wanted to spend my life dressed like a girl getting regular assfuckings from large groups of men. Or groups of large men. Whatever.

My lungs were locked up. I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn't power enough air outward in order to form actual words. How the hell did we get to this point?!? My mind raced through the scenario.

Months ago, I first licked Tanya's pussy clean of another man's sperm to prevent her from getting pregnant ... and because she hated the feel of cum inside her. I thought it would be a one time thing, but Tanya immediately assumed I'd done it because I loved the taste of it. Plus, before I could explain, she expounded on how my actions freed her to be the slut she'd always wanted to be -- and how much she loved me for that. The look of love and joy in her eyes made it impossible to deny her.

That love between us is what had kept me dipping my face between her wide-spread thighs quite regularly since that first night. She and her lady explained to me time and again that swallowing load after load of semen in no way meant I was gay. Of course, it did earn me the nickname 'faggot' as a term of endearment -- I was, afterall, a cumeater ... and faggots eat cum by definition, right? But even though I might still cringe a bit upon hearing them call me a 'good little faggot cumsucker', they'd convinced me that licking sperm from my girlfriend's pussy was a completely heterosexual act. A simple act of love between a boy and a girl.

But then she shoved a cock in my mouth. I protested and resisted ... by Tanya can be irresistible. So I sucked it. I sucked cock. And I swallowed the cum.

And I think I liked it.

In fact, I know I liked it. The thought made me cringe. I'd given head and enjoyed it ... and it made me feel like I was going gay. And that reaction was the problem facing me right now. Tanya had just explained in no uncertain terms that if I was going to *think* I was gay, then she'd make sure I got the full experience. The full buttfucked-while-on-my-knees-wearing-high-heels experience.

But I didn't want that.

I didn't want to be gay. That's why I told her I didn't want to suck cock anymore. Because I didn't want to be queer. But, as usual, she'd turned it around somehow. Somehow, not wanting to suck dick meant that I was doomed to a life in garters and stockings.

So now she was asking me if I *wanted* a life in stockings. NO! NO! My mind screamed. But not wanting cock down my throat had led to this. If I answered 'No', what would that lead to? Should I answer 'Yes'? Would wanting to be a 'public fuckhole' as she termed it somehow be the way out? No, that couldn't be it. Anything had to be better than that. But I'd never have dreamed she'd suggest this ... so what *else* could she have in mind?

"Bobby ..."

Her impatient tone reminded me that I'd been staring right at her without speaking -- or breathing or blinking, for that matter -- for a long time.

" ... it's simple. Do you want me ... and mom, of course ... to turn you into a pretty little girl ... taking more dick than you can possibly handle up that cute little butthole of yours?"

She was insisting on an answer. I squeaked one out as best I could.

" ... no."

Tanya broke into a huge, sly grin. "Of COURSE, you don't, Bobby!! Because that's just not you!"

THANK GOD!! My mind cried in relief. My lungs, however, hadn't yet gotten the message.

Her body language softened drastically. Her shoulders loosened and she plopped down with a sigh and a friendly smile. "You're not queer, Bobby. Queers dream of being a buttslut sissy right from the start, but you don't want that yet, do you, Bobby?"

"No," I managed to whimper.

"Of course not! You've got years of cocksucking to do before we open your ass like that. Months, anyway. But don't you see? You're not a prancing little sissyhole; you're a cumsucker, Bobby. My sweet, beautiful, completely heterosexual cumsucker."

I just stared at her as my lungs and brain tried to work at the same time ... and failed.

She shook her head. "I can see you're still a little confused." She put her hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eye. "Honey, as eagerly as you gobred down all that cock tonight, I can understand why you got a little worried about being light in the loafers, but will you let me tell why I *know* you're not turning gay?"

I nodded as my first breath in awhile filled my chest.

"It's simple. All you have to do is think of it logically. Just follow along."

Oh, joy. Tanya and logic. My favorite.

"What color are Dave Hunsacker's eyes?" she asked.

"Huh?" Oh, cuckolds brownie ... it's a quiz! I could still hardly breathe, much less think of something like that.

"Do you know what color his eyes are?"

"Well, no," I replied honestly.

"When you first walked in and saw him, did you want to give him a sloppy kiss?"

"Hell no!" I fetishd.

"Did you want to caress his big chest muscles?"

"No! Of course not!"

"You came in the room without any pants on, honey. Did you feel like bending over and presenting him with your tight, hairless little ass?"

"NO!" I whispered loudly in the late night quiet, my breath returning.

"Of course not! Those are the kinds of things a homo would do, right? Queers love MEN, Bobby, but you just love cocks. So when you saw Mr. Hunsacker, you didn't want to kiss him -- you just wanted to suck his cock, right?"

"Yes. Exactly!"

"You're sure?" she added, coyly.

"YES! Just suck his cock! I'm sure."

"And those frat-boys my lady invited over ... they were awfully cute. Did you snuggle with them on the couch while they watched me fuck?"

"No, I got on the floor between their knees!"

"Exactly, Bobby. You did exactly what a good faggot cocksucker should do ... not anything queer or gay! You love cocks and cum, Bobby ... and you love sucking cocks until they cum. But you don't love MEN, silly!"

Oh my God ... it was actually starting to sound ... logical.

"Don't you see, Bobby? You can love gobbling down sperm and obligation on choad all you want without being the slightest bit gay. Do you understand, baby?"

"I ... I suppose so."

"Thank goodness, Bobby! I want you to remember this, ok? Your rabid desire to suck dick *proves* that you're not queer, ok? The faster you dip your head into a man's crotch and swallow up that meatpole, the more obvious it is that you love his big dick, not his hairy chest or whatever the queens are always raving about. Everyone -- me, you, real men -- will immediately know what kind of permister you really are. Do you understand that now?"

Son of a bitch ... somehow, that actually made sense. Mostly. "Y-yeah, I ... I guess," I answered.

"Don't 'guess', Bobby. You've got to 'know' it: By keeping your mouth filled with dickmeat, you can prove to me that you're not a homo and avoid having your ass become a wide-gaping partyhole, ok?"

THAT part I understood clearly. "Ok, yes! I understand!"

"I knew you would, baby! Mom was guessing you'd offer up your sissy-ass to the masses, but we'll show her, won't we? We'll make sure she never catches you without cock on your breath, right? I told her, Bobby. I told her that your ass was for family use only and it's your eager, open mouth that's the community cumhole. I told her that I knew you were that rare type who can love munching on both fresh-fucked pussy and sperm-shooting cock with equal fervor! You make me sooooo, happy Bobby."

"Uhh ..."

"Bobby, even though your ass stayed empty, you don't understand how much sheer JOY you brought me tonight. You and your beautiful faggot mouth. It's amazing how much better a fat cock in my twat feels when I know it was just in your throat ... and will be again soon! If I have anything to say about it, your mouth will be seeing plenty of action from now on."

"But ..."

"Oh, don't worry, Bobby. There's a lot of good healthy dick in this town, so I can make sure my pussy is still plenty full of sperm for you to lick out. It's a good thing your newfound love of giving head hasn't hurt your cuntlapping in the least, Bobby. You were superb tonight. I felt so alive and powerful with my slimy thighs wrapped around your faggot face. Don't be concerned, baby -- I'll never give up that feeling, that's for sure. It's ..."

She paused ... and I heard her breath stutter. She was ... fetishd up a little. She reached out and gently laid her hand on my shoulder.

"Bobby ... it's as if when you suck the cum out of me, you breathe life into me."

The look in her eyes was amazing. My God ... how could I resist her when she was like this?

"And now that you suck dick, too ... Bobby, you just keep getting better and better. Your absolute love of both cummy pussy and stiff cock makes you the best boyfriend in the world!"

Pussy and cock. Cock and pussy. Wanting both of them proves that I'm not gay. Ok ... yeah ... I could handle that. After all, sucking cock wasn't that bad. It was kind of fun, actually. Tasty, too. Pussy and cock. Cock and pussy. It ... it made sense. I could suck cock ... and like it, but I'm not gay. I'm not gay. I'm ...

I'd been deep in thought for a moment. I looked up to find Tanya staring at me with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Got it all straight in your head now, baby?"

"Yes, but ... " I thought I had it straight, but one question came to mind. " ... if I like eating pussy--"

"Sperm-flooded pussy, Bobby," she corrected.

Ok, whatever! " ... eating sperm-flooded pussy and I like sucking ... uhh ... cum-bursting cocks ..."

"Ooh, good boy!"

" ... but I'm not gay, d-does ... does that mean I'm b-bisexual?"


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The following is part twelve of the Bob Cocker saga.

a.k.a. Cock Bobber - Whew!
by AKA

"Tanya, no! No!" I said with exasperation. "I can cum! I really can! I'm so close!"

Good God! This whole adventure was a constant series of misunderstandings. When I licked sperm from her pussy to keep her from getting pregnant, she assumed I did it because I loved it. Because I kept doing that, she assumed I wanted to suck cock. And ... ok, I seem to have liked that a bit too much, but now ... now she assumed that the only way I could orgasm was with another man's cum in my mouth!

But she'd been riding her ass up and down on my dick while facing away from me -- presenting me with the most incredible view. A dead man would blow his load looking at that! Even though I'd already orgasmed twice, I was so close to blowing a third load up her ass. But then she stopped moving ... insisting that I couldn't!!

"Bobby, we've been over this," she clucked, shaking her head. "I don't see how ..."

I panicked, desperate not to let her unseat herself from my dick. In traditional, twisted, Kohmfetter- logic form, she'd implied that being able to cum would mean that I hadn't been honest about my feelings. Through another set of odd thought processes, being dishonest meant I'd end up as a sissy-girl and spend a lifetime on my knees while dressed in garters and stockings. I tried to rationalize why I *could* cum, yet not be accused of being dishone-- Ah hah!

"Fantasizing, Tanya! I ... I'm thinking about s-sucking cock while you're riding my dick." Yeah, that's it.

"Really? You think you can cum again just by THINKING about cocks? Ooooh ... that would be so hot. I want to watch this!" Again she began to lift off of me.

"No no! I ... I want to cum in your ass!" If this was going to be the last time my dick would be inside her, I at least wanted to cum. I was desperate. "Please, Tanya. I really want to."

"Oooh, Bobby. You dirty boy, you," she leered. "You sound just like all those guys at school. They're constantly trying to stuff my little butthole. If you hadn't just spent an entire evening proving exactly the opposite, I'd almost think you were just like those guys. But OK, this sounds fun. It'll be cool to feel your dick twitch in my ass while you squirt telling me all about your cocksucking fantasies. Here let me turn around ... *oof* ..."

As she magically spun herself around without letting my dick slip out, I asked, "Uhh ... tell you all about ... ?"

"Of course, Bobby. It's an obvious sign of our closeness that you can tell me your deepest cumgobbling desires. Besides, it's only fair. If you want to use my ass simply as a cumdumpster for your little whackoff fantasies, the least you can do is share!"

"Cumdumpst--? ... no, that's not what I meant ..."

"Don't worry, Bobby. It's ok. You can use it. You just remember this when I want to use your ass for something. So, anyway, let's get started." She settled into a position where she had me pinned to the bed, but was leaning down close, face to face with me. "Now, I bet I know who's cock you're thinking about sucking."

I gave her the answer she wanted. "Malph's."

"Oooh ... that's so hot." Her ass muscles had clenched around my dick upon hearing what she wanted to hear.

"Ohh--!" I gasped sorry.

"I always knew you wanted to blow him, Bobby. You sucked him off just a few hours ago and you're already fantasizing about doing it again. So where are you thinking about doing it?

"Um ... we're at the car window."

I felt her ass release it's grip. "Oh, Bobby ... what fun is it to fantasize about something you're going to do every day? I know you're more inventive than that. Think of something that won't happen for months, at least. How about ... the locker room shower, OK?"

God, I needed to cum. I wanted so badly to do it in her ass ... I guess because I just knew this was the last time I'd ever have my dick inside her. I would have said anything.

"OK, OK ... I ... I'm t-taking a shower in the locker room ... when Malph walks in."

"That's better." Stimulation returned as she began to squeeze again. "Is he naked?"


"Is his huge meat swinging between his legs?" Never moving. Just squeezing.

I'd never seen him naked (I avoided gym class whenever I could), but I knew from seeing that thing earlier that it must sway like the pendulum of a clock. "Yes, it's swinging back and forth."

"It makes your mouth water, doesn't it, Bobby?"

"Uhh ..." I hesitated. I felt her grip on my dick relax suddenly.


"Yes. Yes," I answered ... and her ass grabbed at my dick as a reward. The pattern was obvious: Give her the answers she wanted and she'd continue milking my prick with her ass.

"How does it look, Bobby?"

I wasn't sure what she meant. "It looks ... big?"

Slight squeeze.

"And thick?"

Slight squeeze.

"And ... delicious?"

Big squeeze. "That's right, baby."

"It looks really delicious. I can't wait to taste it."

Two squeezes. "And does Malph look sexy with all that water running down his big, muscled chest?"

Even in this condition, I wasn't going to fall for that one. "I -- I don't know. I just see his cock. I just want his cock. I just want to suck his cock."

"Good boy. Stay focused," she giggled. She actually started to rock back and forth a bit. "And why do you want to suck it?"

"Because ... " (cuckolds brownie ... what did Mrs K say?) " ... it shows how much I love you."

She squeezed. "Yes, Bobby. And?"

"And because ... I want to share your love of cocks with you."

"And?" She edged up and down a bit.

God, that felt good. "Because ... I like it. I want it. I want to taste his cock. Taste his cum. Feel my mouth fill with his sperm and then swallow it all."

Did ... did I just say that?

"Yessssss, Bobby!" she moaned. She was riding up and down on my dick outright now. "Because you like it. Because you love it like the faggot cocksucker you are. And because it's what you deserve. What you truly deserve, Bobby. So suck it, Bobby. Stop staring and drop to your knees. Do what you do best."

"Yes-s, I'm g-getting down on my knees in f-front of Malph Ludder." Oh man, I was in agony and ecstasy. She was moving just fast enough to drive me insane.

"Where you belong?"

"Yes. On my knees where I b-belong."

"Are you going to massage his thighs and squeeze his ass?"

Nice try. "No, I don't want that. I'm just opening my m-mouth and taking in his c-cock."

"That's right. How does it taste?" Now she was squeezing and riding. Slowly. Agonizingly slowly.

"It tastes ... like sweat. Like pussy. Like piss. Like a cock should. Like ... heaven." What the hell was I saying? And was I actually smacking my lips as I said it?

"God, you're a faggot, Bobby. Is he calling you a faggot?"

"Yes." She was enjoying this. And as long as she was enjoying it, she would keep riding me. I told her what she wanted to hear.

"Are all the boys lined up behind him calling you a faggot?"

Lined up? Oh, to hell with it. "Yes ... they all are."

"Are they laughing?"

"Yes." Of course they would laugh.

"Do you care?"

"No. No, I don't care. As long as I get to suck them off. All of them!" I think part of me meant that. But I mostly just said it because I knew it would get her off. And I was right.

"YESSSSSS!!" she screamed as her body shuddered atop my dick. "You're a beautiful goddamned cocksucker! I love you, Bobby!" She couldn't help moving faster now. I could feel my orgasm coming.

"Pump it, Bobby. Pump it into your mouth!"

"Oh yes! I'm pumping it. Pumping it hard until he cums!"

"Tell me, Bobby! Tell me you love it!"

"Yes! I love it. I love sucking cock!"

"Louder, Bobby! Shout it out!"

I suddenly remembered it was the middle of the night. "But your lady ..."

And then she stopped ... again. "Auugh!" I gasped sorry. Dammit, I was so close!

"Why the sudden bout of shyness, baby? You've already sucked cock in front of my mom, for heaven's sake ... along with whatever guys she could round up. So it's no surprise to her, Bobby. She's been wanting to see a cock in your mouth for weeks now. And there will be lots more eyes watching in the future. If you're going to do this right, Bobby, you can't be shy about the role of your mouth."

"Of course. You're right. I ... I'm not shy. I'll suck cock in front of anyone." Anything. Anything to get her to start moving again.

"So shout it out for me, Bobby. Tell me."

I took a deep breath. "I love sucking cock!" It sounded almost deafening in the still night silence.

"That's my boy! My faggot-mouthed little boy!" It did the trick. She started riding my dick again. "Tell me you love the the cum!"

"I love the cum. I love swallowing that thick, delicious juice! I love the way it tastes! The way it feels in my mouth!" The room rang with echoes

That did it. She was riding hard again. "Tell me what a faggot you are!"

"Yes!" I screamed. "I'm a cumguzzling, cocksucking faggot! I love sucking cock! My mouth is soooo lonely without cock! I want to suck cock! I want it sooo bad! My dickie gets so hard when I taste cock! I cum sooo hard when it spurts into my mouth!" The words just rolled out of me. They sounded so natural. So ... right. So ... familiar, somehow. Had I heard them before?

Tanya's body slammed up and down on my dick. "Is he cumming, Bobby? Is he c-cumming in your m-mouth?" She was screaming as well. I could feel her body twitching with ecstacy.

"Yeesssssssss!!!" I screamed as my dick unloaded into her guts. "He's cumming! I'm cumming! I want the cum. I want the cum in my mouth!" The orgasm that swept through me was the most powerful of my life. I was screaming my head off about sucking cock and cumming as hard as I ever had. I didn't understand, but I didn't care. She had a power over me. She could make me feel like this while doing things I'd never dreamed I'd ever do. I knew I'd suck cock for her for the rest of my life.

She fell on top of me and our bodies collided with a sweaty, wet slap. We were both drenched. She'd cum hard, too. Very hard ... since I could still feel her trembling. Her face hovered just above mine and we looked lazily into one another's eyes. It seemed the perfect moment of passion between two lovers.

"T-tell m-me, Bobby," she panted softly. "Tell me ... h-how much you want ... to lick this cum out of my ass, Bobby."

My orgasm was gone. I no longer felt the press of hormones driving me to do any and everything in order to cum. But I was lost. I was lost in her spell. I would do anything for her. And she knew it.

"I w-want it," I wheezed. "I w-want to l-lick your ass c-clean. I want to taste my spunk d-dripping from your ass. One last time."

"I'm reeeally tired, baby. Your cocksucking f-fantasy made me cum hard. I could just fall fast arelax this way. But you r-really want to lick it, don't you, baby?"

I grinned. You wench, I thought, you want to hear me beg for it. Ahh, what the hell ... why not? "Yes, Tanya. I want it. I need it. I need to lick cum from your ass."

She smiled. And she kissed me. She kissed me long and hard. The love flowing and ebbing around us was the most powerful thing I'd ever felt.

Then with an exhausted moan, she drew her hips upward. I felt the head of my softened prick slip out of her puckered ass ... with a slight 'pop' as a goodbye to a place it would never see again. With pained, tired movements, she crawled up the bed and settled her ass atop my face -- struggling to bring me what I wanted. What I needed.

And they say true love is only found in fairy tales.



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9:17 A.M.

"Rise and shine, my little sex fiends!" I heard Mrs K's voice chimed out cheerily even though the sound was muffled by Tanya's thighs. We'd spent the rest of the night in the same position in which we'd fallen arelax -- with Tanya's ass atop my face.

Ohhhhhh, man," Tanya groaned stiffly as she rolled off of me. "My knees are cramped up bad!" she moaned as she stretched her long legs. "Next time, Bobby, you can relax face DOWN in my crotch. That'll be a lot more comfortable."

Mrs K giggled. "So I can assume that your first night together was enjoyable for both of you?"

"Oh yeah, Mom. It was great," said Tanya, still stretching. "We talked a lot of things through and then Bobby fucked my ass one last time."

"I heard the yelling, Tanya. Nice touch."

"Thanks, Mom," she grinned.

"Things quieted down pretty quickly, though."

"Yeah, I was busy draining my ass into his mouth. He came a whole lot for once."

"He came while screaming out his love for cocksucking from what I heard. Oh, that's beautiful, Tanya. You're so lucky to have a faggot like Bobby." Mrs K reached down and pinched my cheek and shook like my old aunts used to do when they thought I did something cute.

"Well, up and at 'em, kids! You two can't lounge around in bed all day. Besides, breakfast is almost ready. Well, Bobby's breakfast anyway." Mrs K smiled in a way that made me nervous.

"Oooh! Brent?" Tanya asked excitedly.

"Brent," Mrs K confirmed.

Tanya clapped her hands excitedly and leaped out of bed. "C'mon, Bobby. Get dressed. You're going to love this!" She started rummaging through the clothes strewn around the room until she found a sexy spaghetti strap top. "Should I put on thigh-highs, Mom?"

"Yes, I think Brent would like that, dear. Now, Bobby ..."

She paused to look around the room as I rolled up and sat on the edge of the bed.

" ... ahh! Here we go. Your cum-soaked clothes are already in the wash, so why don't you just put this on for now." She tossed what seemed like a scrap of cloth at me. It hit me in the face and fell into my hands. "However, as nice as you looked in those panties you were walking around in last night ..."

Oh my God! She'd seen me! She paused to look at Tanya, who stifled a laugh as she pulled up her last stocking.

" ... you know the rules. Naked from the waist down, remember?"

"O ... OK," I stammered, still shocked to find she knew I'd accidentally put on panties last night.

"C'mon, Bobby! Let's go. Brent won't wait all day!" cried Tanya excitedly as she jumped up and headed out the door. I heard the soft thumps of her feet on the stairs as she disappeared.

"Up up!" cheered Mrs K as she snapped her fingers and smiled. "She's right, Bobby. I know you're not hungry, but you know my motto: There's always room for one more!" With that, she turned and left the room.

I sighed.


I walked into the den to find Tanya sitting on the couch next to the third guy from last night -- the one who had disappeared with Mrs K. I was wearing the top Mrs K had chosen -- one of Tanya's. It was a lavender lycra tank top with the word "Hottie" across the chest in yellow glitter paint. On Tanya, it left her belly button exposed. On me, it barely reached the bottom of my chest. Below that, I was naked ... as requested.

Both women giggled quietly as I nervously entered. Tanya at least had the decency to cover her mouth for a moment while she snickered. The guy on the couch had his eyes glued to the TV, but he looked up at me and smirked when I came in. I knew I looked ridiculous, but there wasn't much point in shame, now was there? Afterall, I'd sucked dick in front of all three of these people last night, right? Still ... I felt like an idiot.

"C'mon in, Bobby," said Mrs. K cheerfully. "We were just reviewing with Brent here what he missed last night." She nodded toward the television set.

I'd heard the moaning and groaning as I entered and assumed they were watching a porn video. But my jaw dropped as I looked at the screen and realized the picture was of this very room ... taken from a high corner. It was video tape from last night showing Tanya getting the bejesus fucked out of her by one of the frat boys. 'Threefer', I think.

In the corner of the image ... plain as day ... was my kneeling form nestled between the legs of the other frat boy -- my head slowing bobbing up and down as I kept him hard for Tanya. I silently begged that the tape never showed my face only to be immediately disappointed as the video-Bobby lifted his mouth off the cock and slowly stroked the spit slickened shaft with his hand -- his eyes never leaving the cock. As small and dark as the image was, the look on 'my' face said it all; that was the look of someone who loved what he was doing.

That look hadn't gone unnoticed by the ladies. "Oooooh, Bobby ... look at you! You're incredible!" purred Tanya. "Mom and I are going to love watching your videos over and over."

As horrified as I was by the prospect of being immortalized on film this way, my mind became occupied with tracing out where in the room the camera that took that image must be located. I started looking up and around to where it must have been, but I couldn't see anyth-- ...

"Oh, don't worry about the main cameras, Bobby," chided Mrs. K as she crossed the room. "They aren't even on this morning." I exhaled a slight sigh of relief. "I've got the handheld!" she chirped excitedly as she lifted up a small video cam. I grimaced.

"C-c-cameras?" was all I could say.

"Of course, Bobby! State of the art! The whole place is wired. Rest assured that every performance you've given in this house has been preserved for posterity. I've got quite a little video scrapbook made up of all your past crotch diving activities. It's a shame we didn't catch your first cocksucking on tape, but I know that we'll have plenty of scorchers to put into the collection from now on."

Everything. She had everything on tape. All those afterschool pussy cleanings. Sucking off Mr. Hunsacker last night. Probably me wandering through the house in those panties I'd accidentally put on. And now this.

"You're going to really enjoy this morning's treat," Mrs. K continued, seemingly oblivious to the horror ebbing through me. "From what I've been told, Brent here has some fine tasting manjuice. He's kind of a health nut. Lots of fruits and such."

As Mrs. K circled around the couch -- probably looking for a good filming vantage point -- I looked at Brent and Tanya on the couch. Brent was obviously an athlete. He had arms as thick as my thighs. One arm was outstretched on the couch and Tanya was basically riding it like a pony. His fingers were buried in her crotch while one of her arms clasped onto his bicep. Her head rested against his shoulder. If he'd had the urge, I think he could have lifted her up right off the couch with an arm curl.

Tanya had his balls cupped in her free hand. She was gently squeezing and massaging them as the two of them watched the TV screen -- when they weren't locked in a lewd kiss. Her eyes focused and unfocused as his fingers worked their magic in her pussy.

"In honor of your first morning as a cocksucker, I've specially prepared him for you, Bobby. I spent an hour or so licking and stroking his balls before Tanya took over. I'm surprised a real man like him hasn't thrown Tanya down and fucked her by now, but we did tell him to expect a special treat. You should thank him for being so patient. By now, he ought to have a huge load of spooge built up for you." She brought the video cam up to her face. A red LED flicked on as if it were a signal for me to start.

I looked at his cock. In fact, by now I was staring at it. It was pretty big. Not as big as Malph's, but impressive to say the least. And these ladies has obviously had quite an effect on it; it was so hard that the tip was shiny. With every squeeze of Tanya's hand, his hips pushed slightly upward. This cock needed to cum. Bad.

Part of me resisted what I knew I had to do. But I did indeed know. It was inevitable.

My mind wrestled with the idea of being videotaped. Sure, I was already on film, but at least that was a small, grainy image. Mrs. K had already run the camera up and down my ridiculous outfit -- what there was of it. I hadn't even tried to cover up. Apparently, I had no shame left whatsoever. I was about to filmed up close and permisteral. With a dick in my mouth. Sucking it. Pumping it. Swallowing ...

With one smooth movement, I knelt down between his knees and engulfed the head of his cock with my mouth. I heard three sighs of pleasure -- one male and two female. At first, I left my hands at my sides and simply bobbed my head up and down, taking him as deeply as I could. Over and over.

"Fu-u-u-uck!" was the first thing I'd heard Brent say since I'd first met him last night. I ... I took it as a compliment.

As soon as the first drops of precum hit my tongue, I felt my prick zing to attention. It ached from having cum so often recently, but I just couldn't help getting rock hard again. His cock, the clear salty fluid, everything ... everything tasted so good.

Once his dick was coated with a film of saliva (a few accidental gag reflexes had added quite a flood of it), I brought my hand up and grasped the warm shaft. I moved my hand up and down in rythm with my mouth, twisting my grip slightly as it rose and fell.

"Oh my GAAAAAAAHHH!" was Brent's reaction. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tanya's body shuddering atop his arm. She was enjoying this as much as he was. Possibly more.

I hadn't been keeping track, but I realized that Mrs. K had been circling around us capturing the action with her camera. She now settled in on the floor beside me and moved in for a closeup.

"You're going a bit fast for just a fluff job, Bobby. You want the cum, don't you?" she asked in a falsely innocent voice.

"Uhmmm hmmmm," I answered. Fuck yeah, I wanted the cum. I wasn't about to stop now.

"Well, if you're going to take the spunk all for yourself, Bobby, you need to have permission."


"Look up at your Tanya, Bobby. Look at her and that bigdicked stud. Plead with them, Bobby. Beg with your eyes. Beg for the cum you want so badly."

My gaze moved up past his belly and chest to find him and Tanya liplocked once again. Her body tightened slightly and I realized she'd just had a another small orgasm from the action of his meaty fingers buried in her twat. They broke the kiss and her sultry gaze slowly turned from him down to me. Her body continued to rock as she rode on his hand. I tried to put on the 'pleading' look that Mrs K suggested, but then I realized it was already there.

"Look at that. I think the little faggot wants his breakfast," she cooed.

My eyes already revealed just how much I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I was begging for it.

I hated that. I hated that I wanted it so badly, but I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to pump and suck on another man until he exploded into my mouth. I wanted to look into the eyes of the woman I loved while I did it.

I could feel myself start to tear up. The emotions that were flowing through me were powerful and contradictory. I felt offense at being between the knees of another man. I felt desire -- the desire to taste his sperm and feel it's warmth sliding down my throat. I felt anger towards myself for wanting it so badly. But most of all I felt love. Love for my beautiful Tanya. Love that made me willing to do anything to make her happy.

While keeping her eyes on me, Tanya shifted and spoke into Brent's ear. "I want you to feed him, baby. My little faggot wants your load. Is that ok? Can he have it? He wants it so bad. Can he have your cum?"

Brent's eyes were still glued to the television set. The triple sensation of the images on the screen, her voice in his ear, and my mouth in his crotch must have been incredible. As if in a trance, he simply uttered, "Suck it!"

That sounded like permission to me. I redoured my efforts and began to pump even faster. I vented all the feelings of offense and anger into pumping that cock. The harder and faster I went, the better I felt. As those emotions subsided, all that was left was desire and love. The desire to suck ... for the woman I love.

"Feed him, baby," she whispered ... just loud enough for me to hear. "Feed the little cocksucker and next week you can come back and ... fuck me ... in the ass!"

That was all it took. I heard a roar as my mouth began to fill with a warm flood of liquid. I wasn't sure if the sound was him shouting or just the rush of semen trying to squirt out my ears. There was so much, so I had to start swallowing quickly to keep up. I heard Tanya gasp in orgasm as little drips squeezed out from my lips ... and again as I chased them down his cock.

I could hear three people groaning out their separate orgasms at once. A feast for the ears as I swallowed the feast in my mouth.

All I could think at that moment was ... whew! As few hours ago, my ass was on the line -- literally. Tanya had not-so-subtly told me that if I didn't have the right attitude about sucking cock, I could count on a few hours a day of ass-ramming from whoever wanted a piece of me. But here I was ... back in control! Once I had a cock in my mouth, I decided when it came, how well it came ... and how much it came. I was milking this one as much as possible, stroking Brent's balls and gently suckling his cockhead as much as his now-sensitive flesh would allow. I felt ... proud. And confident. Confident that this was the kind of attitude that would keep my ass safe for a long time to come.

"Did ... did he cum, mama? Did Bobby cum?" Tanya wheezed heavily, still recovering.

Mrs. K pushed herself up from the position she'd ended up in leaning against the couch. Her own orgasm had caused her to lose her balance, but it seemed she'd somehow kept the camera in position. She pushed her head downward to look at the floor beneath me, "No, baby. He had a gorgeous ... (pant) ... little stiffy, but I ... I doubt Bobby here can average more than one squirt a day, so there's ... (woo!) ... there's no way he'll cum each and every time he sucks someone off."

But I had cum. As soon as I'd felt the cum spurt into my mouth, a wave of pleasure shot through me once again. To me, it had felt like I'd shot a gallon, but I guess I was just 'dry' from having already cum three times in twelve hours. And now I'd cum four times; three times with a spurting cock in my mouth and once while fantasizing about it. My balls ached ... badly. What ... what had I become?

Then again, who cares? I had the most beautiful girl in the world as my girlfriend ... and she raved about me. I'd cum more in one night than ever before in my life.

Who could argue with results like those, eh?

To be continued ...


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Great Story!! Please keep going!!


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The Bob Cocker story, what a classic. Its one of my all time favorites


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Are you aware that this is copyright infringement? Be aware, it is.
See for details.


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"Ok, baby?" she repeated when she didn't hear an answer.

I still didn't answer. I simply sobbed.

"Oh ... oh honey! What's the matter?" She moved over and squatted down behind me, pressing her body against mine. As I continued sobbing, she patted my forearm. "Are you ok, sweetie?"

I continued staring at the pathetic image in the mirror. "LOOK ... at ... me!!" I practically shouted.

Tanya jumped slightly at the sound of my shouting, then put her chin on my shoulder, sharing my perspective at the reflection in the mirror. "I am looking at you, honey. What's the matter?"

"I'm wearing a JOCK STRAP on my FACE! And I have a HUGE FUCKING HARDON!" I screamed/sobbed. "I have a USED, STICKY ... jock strap ... on my head ..." I started to break down. Tears streamed from my eyes.

"Well, I wouldn't exactly call it 'huge'. I mean, it's really, really hard, but--"


She appeared momentarily surprised. "Oh, honey," said Tanya soothingly. "Shh shh shh. Ok, baby. You're right. Shhhh. I ... I should have known. Baby, look at me." She clasped my head between her hands and pulled my head toward her. "Look at me."

As my gaze left the mirror and turned to her eyes, I actually saw a look in her eyes that I hadn't seen in a long time. It was a look of ... apology.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," she said. She used the edges of the jock strap to dab the tears off my face. Then with a tender look in her eye, she leaned in and kissed me. On the lips. With the sticky fabric of the jock strap still between us. I felt the cold paste of old semen press against my face from chin to nose, but ... her kiss at that moment was exactly what I needed to feel better.

"I should have known, baby. Can you forgive me?"

I nodded. She seemed truly sorry.

"I promise I'll make it right, baby. I promise. Do you believe me?"

I nodded again. Upon retrospect, I might have wanted to clarify at that moment what she meant by 'make it right'. She let go of my head and pressed my cheek against her bosom. She began to rock back and forth, in a slow, warm, comforting manner. I closed my eyes and rocked with her. I could hear her heart beating. It felt ... nice.

"I should have known, baby. I should have known you wouldn't be satisfied with such a cheap imitation. Especially before we got your panties the right size."

It took a second for that to register, but when it did, one eye popped open.

"It wasn't fair of me to try to and give you a proper cumsucker orgasm under these conditions. I mean, not only did mom overestimate the size of your pecker, but you had to settle for a cold and damp substitute for the warm cum you're so used to." She looked in to the eyes of my reflection. "How could I have been so silly, baby?"

Wait a minute. Waaaaait-a-goddam-minute. She wraps a sticky, used jock strap around my head ... and then when I get upset, she thinks it's because the fucking cold, spermy goop it's coated with isn't FRESH ENOUGH??! God dammit, that's enough, I thought. That's it. I've let her twist my words around and ended up doing things I'd never even imagined, but ... it had to stop. It had to stop here. I ... I started to say something. I was breathing in huffs as I worked up the nerve to say what needed to be said. With each breath in, the rank smell of sweat and stale semen reminded me that it was time to set things straight. Saying anything to her about this made me very nervous, but it was finally time. I felt sweat break out on my forehead.

"Listen, Tanya, I've been m-meaning to talk to you for awhile abou--"

"Y'know, Bobby, sometimes Mom says you're not really the faggot that I think you are," she idly interrupted.

After building up the nerve to speak, I wasn't going to let her cut me off. "No, Tanya, listen to me. I think you have the wrong impr--" Wait a minute. Did she just say I *wasn't* a faggot? "What did you just say?" I asked.

"I know, Bobby. I hope you're not insulted, but Mom's told me that certain things you say sometimes make her doubt that you're really the perfect cumsucker that I've grown to love so much. She thinks that you don't really love swallowing sperm as much as you claim. In fact, she thinks I'm putting words in your mouth -- well, words and cocks -- and that you're just too quiet and mousy to protest."

Oh my God! Yes! Yes, Mrs. K finally understood! Thank God! With Tanya's mom on my side, this long ordeal could finally come to a close. My body slumped with relief. "My God," I huffed out.

"Oh, Bobby, don't be disappointed," she said, touching my shoulder as she apparently misinterpreted my reaction. "I've told her, Bobby." Her voice sounded irritated. "I've told Mom time and time again that it's ridiculous to think that you're just some WEAKLING who's too wimpy and frail to stop real men from fucking his girlfriend. Isn't that crazy!?!"

The way she said 'weakling' sounded so ... harsh. "But Tanya ..."

"I know, Bobby. It's insulting! It's insulting to both of us to imply that simple COWARDICE is why you've spent months letting any and everyone fuck me silly."

'Cowardice'? That couldn't be ... damn. Her voice sounded so ... angry. I tried to calm her down. "But .."

"Oh, I suppose I understand that it looks bad. I mean, when Mom's friends come over to the house, you just sit there on the couch while they haul me off and fuck me. In my pussy. In my ass. Every which way. And not only do you not stand up for yourself, hell ... afterward, you kneel down and reward them for fucking me." She tilted her head a bit in thought. "You suck the cocks of the men you're too GUTLESS to stop from fucking your girlfriend."

"Tanya! No ... no please ... that's not how ..."

"I know, Bobby! It's ridiculous for Mom to see it that way! I mean, what kind of girl would want to be with someone like that?"

*Gulp* "Tanya, wait ..."

"Oh, it makes me mad, too, Bobby. And get this, Bobby. She thinks you don't even like eating cum! Can you believe it? She's saying you been sucking down their leftover, sloppy, fuckslime simply because you're too goddam USELESS to stand up for yourself and say it like it is. I mean, she's implying that you are such a feeble PUSHOVER that you can't even tell me -- Me! Your girlfriend! The love of your life! -- she's implying that you're too much of a fucking WIMP to even talk to me and tell me that you don't like eating all that warm, gooey semen."

Weakling. Coward. Pushover. Useless. Wimp.

Is that really how she'd see me? Is that really what she'd think of me if I told her the truth? What would happen then?

"But, don't worry, Bobby. I told Mom. I told her that's not you. I told her that I could never, EVER be so in love with a guy like that!"

My heart sank. As low and defeated as I felt when looking at the image in the mirror, the thought of losing her love was worse. Maybe ... maybe I'd overreacted.

"I mean, c'mon Bobby! With all those guys in school chasing after me, does Mom really think I'd be with you if you were some SPINELESS PANTYWAIST??! That's ridiculous, right Bobby?"

"R-right," I agreed, unsure of what else to do. I couldn't lose her now! After all I'd done for her, I couldn't lose her over some ... simple misunderstanding, right?

"You're not that 'weakling-Bobby' she thinks you are, right? You're the 'eager-little-cockgobbler-Bobby', aren't you? You're not some 'useless-coward-Bobby' who I wouldn't give an ounce of respect. No, you're my 'beautiful-cumsucker-Bobby' ... who I give EXACTLY the level of respect that he deserves, right baby?"

"Yes, that's r-right." There was a bit of truth in that, I figured.

"I told her you're not gutless at all, Bobby. In fact, just the opposite." She clenched her fists and looked upward as she spoke. "I told her that the Bobby I love has BALLS!"

She paused dramatically, but then looked back at me as her hands dropped to her sides. "Oh, not literally, of course. Don't worry, I just love how your itty, bitty little nutbag hides behind these panties so it looks like it's not even there. And I'm not even talking about a big, hairy nutsack like the ones you love to lap and lick, Bobby. I'm talking figuratively. I'm talking about 'cajones'!" Her clenched fists rose again. "I'm talking about how you have the 'testicular fortitude' to be just who you are. Isn't that right?"

"Of ... of ... of course," I stammered.

She reached behind my head and stroked my hair. "You, Bob Cocker, have the gonads to admit just what a beautiful cumsucker you really are! It takes a certain kind of permister to get on your knees and happily slobber all over the cock that just fucked your girl ... and you're just that type of permister, Bobby! You've proven it time and time again. You've demonstrated your love of the cum that flows from my pussy and from the cocks that I shove down your throat."

"R-right," I agreed halfheartedly.

"And these panties will give you the chance to prove yourself once again. I know you'll be able to make them work, Bobby. Show my mom that you can cum like a real cocksucking faggot should. Show her, Bobby! Show everyone! Then the whole world will know just who you are. That you're not just some wussyboy unable to fight for his own self respect. No, they'll see that you're truly a cocksucker who knows just how to get his jollies the way he should! By gulping down fuckjuice from his girl's fresh-fucked snatch and from the cocks of the men who regularly put it there. It takes a special kind of faggot to get off that way, Bobby, and everyone who sees that little rocket blast off is going to know that's just what you are!"

I groaned a response -- neither negative or positive. I went from 'wussy coward' to 'gulping down fuckjuice' ... and somehow this was better?

"There are so many supposed 'men' who are afraid to let the world know who they really are, but not you, baby. You're not some sniveling coward -- some closet cocksucker who's afraid to be seen with a little cum on his lips. No, Bobby, you're just the type who is proud to swallow it down. Look, Bobby. Look there in the mirror. That's who you are. You're my boyfriend! And my boyfriend is on his knees. His little dickie so hard and desperate. Cum and pussy and cocksweat smeared on his face. And mine! All mine! You're proud, aren't you baby? You're proud to be my boyfriend. You're proud be all that for me, right?"

I didn't answer. Could I really take pride in what I saw in the mirror? Could I really be proud of that purple, straining hardon acheived by sniffing a used, cummy jockstrap?

"I love you, Bobby. I love you for being this. I love you for being exactly who you are. Tell me, Bobby. Tell me this is what you want."

"Yes. Yes, it is. Yes, it's what I want," I replied in a whisper. I knew it was the answer she wanted to hear. I knew it was the answer that would let me keep her. But ... part of me knew it was ... the right answer.

"So all that crying before ... that was because this wasn't a real cock, right baby? What you really want is to get a fat, slobbery cock in your mouth and fuck your face on it until it makes your stiff, untouched, lonely little dickie blow all over the place, don't you?"

"Yes. Yes, that's exactly what I want," I nodded, tears in my eyes.

"And I want to make it happen for you, baby!" She hugged my head gleefully. "You do deserve a proper orgasm. You know that, right sweetie? I want you to cum! Haven't I made that clear? You deserve to cum, baby. There is no one like you. You sooo totally deserve it, baby. You deserve to have panties that will allow you to pump out your little boycream while swallowing the most delicious loads of man-cum imaginable. You know I want that for you, don't you my love?"

What could I do but nod? That was a totally accurate description of what she wanted for me.

"I promise, baby. I promise we'll get it right for you soon. Do you believe me?"

I nodded numbly. Of course, I believed her.

"I promise that you'll only have to practice a little while longer, ok? Mom will keep working on the panties until she gets it perfect for your gorgeous little pecker."

I continued nodding. I was eagerly agreeing to do the thing I'd hated most in the world just moments ago. Dammit, how did she manage to do this every time?

"Then we'll get rid of that nasty jock strap and get a nice, warm, tasty cock in your mouth, alright?"

I nodded more firmly. Anything was better than this thing on my face.

"In fact, I promise it will be Malph's cock exploding in your mouth that brings you your first true cumsucker's orgasm, ok baby?"

Uh oh. "Malph?" I mumred through the pasty fabric.

"Yes, baby. I know his cock is your favorite. I want it to be him standing over you, looking down as you eagerly devour that massive fuckstick of his ... until you both shoot your loads. His will fill your throat while yours dribbles onto his shoes. It will be ..." she paused, then continued breathily, " ... beautiful."

"But Malph will ... "

"Shhh shh shh. Don't worry, baby. This is all part of the pla-- ... I mean, I think I have an idea that will make everything work out fine." She turned my head away from her chest and looked me in the eye. "But it all depends on you being able to make these panties work the way they're supposed to. Can I count on you to work with Mom to get them just right?"

I hesitated. "Do you mean ..."

"Yes, baby, it means wearing a jock on your face while we test each pair of panties."

I groaned.

"I know ... I know!" she stammered, almost nervously. She scampered around me and sat cross legged, facing me. She took my hands in hers and shook them up and down. "But I promise I'll bring you a fresh jock strap every day, ok? I'll swipe another one from the locker room and we'll exchange them daily. I'll reload one of them every time I fuck some of the football team, alright? You won't have to deal with cum any more stale than this, ok?" She lightly pressed her finger against my lips as she spoke, pressing the damp fabric against them once again.

I just stared at her. Cum that was *only* as stale as the cold, rank wetness being currently pressed against my face. Her words were almost unbelievable, but ... she was asking so nicely.

"Please, baby?" she whimpered, her eyelashes batting questioningly.

* * *

Nine days later, I found myself kneeling in my own bedroom with two pairs of undergarments -- neither of which was mine.

The lavender cotton panties with the lace ruffles around the legs were Tanya's. After four tries, her lady had finally gotten the size and stitching just right. Of course, she'd used up all of Tanya's plain, white panties and had moved on to the more colorful ones out of necessity. At least that's what she'd said.

I looked in the mirror at the semi-hard tuft of dick protruding through the rubber-ringed hole. I tugged at the tip to position the ring about 1/3 of the way down the shaft, just past the point where the skin became loose. When my dick would harden, it would swell and the ring would grab tight and provide just the right amount of tension. It was perfect.

The jock strap in my hand belonged to ... well, someone on the football team. But the semen coating it belonged to Tanya's favorite fuck-buddy, Malph Ludder. Even from here, I could tell by the scent. Malph's smelled heavier than the others'. Muskier.


And the scent was ... amazing. As I lifted the sticky cloth to my face and inhaled, I watched in the mirror as my pecker twitched in response. Just like it had every night this week.

Dammit. Why did this have to feel so good?

I stretched the sticky jockstrap over my head and positioned the rank, sweaty cup over my nose and mouth. As I inhaled through the fabric, my prick bulged to its full hardness -- the rubber o-ring grabbing it tight.

Here, in my own bedroom, it was somehow easier to just ... enjoy the position I was in. Kneeling. Staring into a mirror, watching my dick pulse and twitch in response to the aromas filling my nose with each deep breath. Watching it swell, held by the perfectly sized rubber ring sewn into my panties.

Yes, my panties. There was no doubt about that now.

I hated the way my body reacted, but I had to admit that ... part of me loved it. I looked at the reflection of the pulsing, purple flesh poking through my panties. How could I argue with a stiff, throbbing dick like that?

The last vestiges of resistance were fading. Tanya was right. She said there was a 'different' kind of boy who got off on sucking cum ... and I was one of them. I may not have liked that fact, but she was right. After days and days of masturbating this way, I couldn't deny that the tastes and smells in my face thrilled me. I wanted and needed the taste of semen. The smell of semen. The thought of licking globs of it out of her pussy or sucking it hot and fresh out of a spurting cock were irresistibly sexual to me right now.

As I looked at the hard-dicked, kneeling figure in the mirror, I knew that Tanya had created it. She had made me this way. Sometimes I wondered if it was all her doing ... or if I'd always been this way. Had she molded a spermgobbling mouthpussy completely from scratch or had she actually unlocked some inner semen-thirsty cumsucker that had always been there? I used her words now. Freely. Eagerly. I knew she had put them in my head. I knew she'd made me this way. And I didn't care. In fact, I loved her for it.

As my emotions for her filled my thoughts, my dick swelled even further with sexual pleasure. I could cum. I could cum right now, if I wanted to. Everything was just right. She'd said it was OK. She said it was alright if I proved myself here -- alone in my bedroom. But I wanted to wait. Wait until she could make the arrangements. And it was supposed to be tomorrow. I could wait until tomorrow.

Finally, I drew in a deep breath and relaxed. As much as I was enjoying this new form of masturbation, it was time to get some relax. I stood up and watched myself in the mirror as I gingerly pulled the ring in the panties off my aching cock. I had to be careful; pull just a little too hard and I might cum. But I managed it.

I reached up to pull the rank jockstrap off my face, but ... why not enjoy it a little longer, right? After tomorrow, Tanya swore I'd never 'have' to wear it again. I laid down in bed and tried to fall arelax. As my breathing deepened, the continued surging of my dick told me I'd be relaxing on my back tonight.

Tomorrow, I was going to cum. Finally, I'd get to cum. While sucking Malph's cock. And not via some trick where I was cramped in a little car seat. Tomorrow, I was going to suck his cock like it should be sucked.

And I could hardly wait.

To be continued ...


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The following is part sixteen of the Bob Cocker saga.

a.k.a. Cock Bobber - The Convert
by AKA

Deke Hunsacker paced back and forth nervously in the hallway outside Sasha's infamous 'Den of Iniquity'. His hands jittered at his sides, occasionally grabbing his thighs or knees -- anything to avoid touching his throbbing dick. She'd told him not to touch it -- not even to wipe away the copious drool of precum that was now dangling down in a long chain. As he paced, he felt the coolness of sticky droplets drying on his bare thighs. God, this was ***! He'd never had to wait before, but Sasha's instructions over the phone had been explicit. If he wanted to finally get to suck some cock, he'd have to wait in the hallway until she came to get him.

'Get' to suck some cock. Jesus. Deke could hardly believe he was thinking like that, but he was. He'd spent much of the last year lapping semen for Sasha Kohmfetter and had been thrilled every step of the way. Sasha was a beautiful and sexy woman and sucking sperm from her pussy was a true privilege. He'd told himself that many times. And so had Sasha.

But tonight, he was going to receive the privilege of sucking cum straight out of a thick, raging cock. He could hardly believe he thought of it as a 'privilege', but ... he did. Did he ever. He wanted it so bad he could taste it.

He smirked silently at the play on words.

When Sasha had first mentioned it, the very thought was terrifying. Sure, he'd been eating cum from her snatch at the time, but ... somehow that was different. It was pussy, right? A woman's pussy. Who cares if there was a little cum inside it. That just made it taste better. A lot better.

But a cock? No way. At least, that's what he'd thought last month.

But then Sasha starting talking about how lucky that damn Bob Cocker was to be sucking cock. And how good he was at it. Deke had spent hours with his face buried in Sasha's crotch listening to her go on and on about every detail. Every new trick Bobby learned to make guys cum harder and longer. Every load he got to milk directly into his throat.

Deke had even met Bobby one night in the hallway outside. Bobby himself told him just how good cocksucking really was. And just talking about it made Bobby sprout a hardon.

Deke had gone home that night and fantasized about being Bobby. He fantasized about sucking cock.

Since then, every detail Sasha told him made him want it more. He always leaked precum while eating the fuckslop from her cunt, but if she stroked his hair and talked about cocksucking, deepthroating, and cum swallowing, his dick flowed like a fountain. He wanted it so badly.

And tonight was the night. After all this time, it would finally happen tonight.

* * *

Nine Months Ago

Every horny teenage boy in the neighborhood knew who Sasha Khomfetter was. Divorced, independent, and hot. Totally hot. Every kid knew she was an absolute sex bomb, but she wasn't like those 'MILF's in the movies who dressed slutty and batted their makeup-caked crow's feet at the poolboy. No, Sasha was just plain ... sexy. She didn't need to strut or wag her ass to get the boys to pop a boner -- it just happened everytime she gracefully walked by.

Of course, every 'hot mom/poolboy' fantasy Deke had ever whacked off to flashed through his head when 'Mrs K' asked him to start helping out around her house last spring. Sasha had run into Deke's mom at the grocery store and the next thing Deke knew he was pushing a lawnmower down the sidewalk to the Kohmfetter place ... desperately hoping no one could see the hardon in his baggy shorts.

But Sasha never 'invited him in for some lemonade' or 'needed tanning lotion on her back' or any other of the clich?d fantasies Deke had floating through his head. After a few weeks, he had pretty much given up on getting anything other than a smile, a sweet thank you, and a $20 bill.

Then came the day when everything changed. Deke was hooking up a hose to the spigot right outside a rear window when he overheard Sasha answer her mobile phone just inside. He didn't *intend* to listen, but ...

"Oh, NOW you call! Now that I'm all the way home. I just got in a few minutes ago," said Sasha, sounding a bit perturbed.

[Short pause]

"Of course I tried to reach you! I always try to call while it's still hot and fresh. But you didn't answ--"

[Longer pause]

"I don't CARE about some silly City Council meeting! I've got a snatch full of man-juice that needs a good tonguing! You're the man in charge. You just need to tell them that 'something came up'."

[Short pause]

"Or, more correctly, sweetheart ... that 'someone came'. Or *three* 'someone's, in this case," Sasha giggled, taking a more forgiving tone.

[Longer pause]

"Oh, I don't know. I'm already home, my shoes are off, I'm comfortable ... I'm not sure I want to go out again. Maybe I'll just douche and take a na--"

[Loud tinny squawk]

Sasha giggled again, "Oh, stop your fussing! I'm only kidding, you silly boy! Of course I'll still meet you, but only if you promise that this sort of thing won't happen again. I mean, by the time we get together, I'll have lost half the cumload on the front seat of my car," she teased.

[Another tinny, stuttering squawk]

"Don't worry, baby -- it's not gone. The seats are treated leather; it won't soak in."

[Short pause]

"Well, sweetie, time's a wastin'. So ... while I'm not usually this sort of girl, I'll meet you in that parking lot by the West Street bridge. After you finish cleaning my car seat with your tongue, we can fold down the seats of that big SUV the city got for you. It's not exactly our usual room at the Hilton, but ... if I remember correctly ... there's plenty of room for you to lie down in the back while I sit on your face and drain this nice, big load of gooey semen into your eager mouth. You know I love to watch your little weenie strain and twitch while you eat me. Does that sound like fun, darling?"

[Tinny groan]

"That's a good boy. Now, drive fast, but not too fast. If you get stopped by one of your policemen, you'd have a hard time explaining the little tent in your pants, wouldn't you?" she giggled.

[Short pause]

"Okay! Okay! I'm leaving right now. Let me just tell my sweet little lawnboy that I'm--"

And that's when it happened. There was Deke standing there with a hose in his hand and a raging hardon pushing out the fabric of his shorts. Sasha had opened the back door, glanced at the open window, then down at his crotch, and realized that he'd obviously heard every word of the conversation. Deke just stood there. He had no idea what to do or say.

"I've got to go, sweetie," she said into the phone. "I'll see you in fifteen minutes." Then she folded the phone to end the call.

Deke opened his mouth to say something, but ... nothing came out.

"It's not polite to eavesdrop, Deke."

"I ... I know! I'm sorry. I was just hooking up the --"

"I've got to go, my dear. But we'll talk about this later." With that, she turned, closed the door, and was gone ... leaving Deke to work in the yard with a painfully hard dick and one hell of a lot of questions.

* * *

'Later' didn't come for another three weeks. That left Deke with two torturous afternoons working in Sasha's backyard dreading the impending 'conversation'. But it also left him with twenty nights for the reality of what he'd heard to sink in.

There was no mistaking what he'd heard. She was talking to a guy ... about eating another guy's cum out of her pussy. And the guy seemed eager. Almost insistent. No, *very* insistent.

But that was impossible? Who would do that? Who would want to? Was that guy on the phone 'gay'? But then why would he eat pussy? Did people really do that kind of thing? Would *he* ever do that kind of thing.



No way.

It didn't make sense! It was a sick idea! He could never ...

He'd heard of all kinds of kinky things that people were into. This must be some freaky fetish between Mrs K and whoever she was talking to on the phone. Best to just put it out of his mind. Because he'd surely never do anything like that.


* * *

"Deke, it's time we had a little talk."

Deke jumped upon hearing Mrs Kohmfetter's voice behind him. He nearly dropped the rake, but then took a deep breath and turned to talk with her. It had been three weeks since the eavesdropping incident at the back window. He'd spent two weekend afternoons in her yard dreading this conversation, but this was the first time they'd spoken since then.

"Look, Mrs K, I'm really sor--"

"No, don't apologize, Deke," she said, holding her hand palm-out. "I owe *you* the apology."


"I'm supposed to be the responsible adult here. And as an adult, it's up to me to keep my 'adult' life private. I should have been more careful."

"But I'm sorry for being outsi--"

"No, Deke, it's simply not fair of me to let you hear me talking about grownup situations like that."

"Mrs. K, it's OK. Really. I --"

"Oh, I know. I figure you're not exactly a 'newcomer' when it comes to these things, Deke. Why, a boy like you? With your thin frame, shy demeanor, and all those math and computer s*******s? Why, you've probably got half the cheerleading squad lined up ... just dying to spread their legs for you. I'm quite sure they take one look at a body like yours and dream of doing things they'd never do with those meathead 'popular' boys they date."

Deke's face wrinkled up in confusion; the girls at school never seemed to notice him. "Uhh ..."

"Oh, don't be modest! I'm sure any one of those cuties would be proud to have you lapping between her thighs after a good banging from some football jock."

Deke's eyes widened. "Wha--"

"God, I remember my first cleanup boy!" cooed Sasha as she looked up distractedly. "He had all the things a girl looks for in a cumsucker. The moment I saw his skinny arms and geeky demeanor, I knew he'd be perfect." Sasha touched his forearm and ran her hand up his arm and chucked his chin with a smile. "You know what I mean, right Deke?"

"I ... uhhh ... I do?"

"God, I remember those first trembling moments in the back seat ... guiding his head between my sticky, shaking thighs. That boy didn't have a clue about what he was doing, but, boy, was he eager!" she grinned. "He must have licked out nearly a dozen creampies before we even figured out how to make me cum! I hardly knew what an orgasm was until then. It took DAYS! Can you just imagine the waste!? I mean, that's the whole point, right?" She turned her gaze back to Deke. "But I don't have to tell you, do I? You kids today know more about sex than we did at that age, right?"

Deke's head was swimming. "Well, uhh ..."

Sasha shook her head rapidly. "But that's my point, isn't it? That's why I'm apologizing. Here you are in the bloom of your youth, learning about your body and your sexuality. Learning about the taste of pussy and semen and what it means to a boy like you. Taking those first youthful steps as a skinny little cuntlapper. And then here I come along and let you overhear me talking about a full-fledged, post-gangbang facesitting! I mean, it's too much! Too fast!"

Deke swallowed hard, his eyes wide. She was talking like licking cum from a pussy was the most natural thing in the world. At least ... for a 'boy like him'.

Sasha gripped his shoulders. "Deke, I know you can't forget what you heard, but ... please ... try to keep your mind on simpler matters. Take things slowly. Find yourself a sweet little slut -- one who knows that nerdy boys like you are made for cuntsucking. Lay her back on a nice soft bed, and lick her cumdrenched pussy until her whole body melts around your ears as she orgasms. Please, don't think about my fuckbattered, dripping cunt hovering over your face in the back of some nasty truck. That's too grownup for a sweet boy like you! Don't try to power it. Just let things happen naturally. Go ahead a let those high-school hotties wrap their sticky thighs around your face and don't worry that there's probably only one load of semen in there, ok? Do you promise, Deke? Do you promise to take your life as a cumeater slowly?"

Deke paused for a moment, then simply started nodding. It was all his brain could handle.

"Good boy!" beamed Sasha. She patted his head gently. "Now, back to work! That lawn isn't going to rake itself!"

As she walked back into the house, Deke squirmed to get his stiff dick in a more comfortable position. It was harder than the handle of the rake he was holding.

* * *

For weeks, all Deke could think about was semen. Licking, tasting, and swallowing semen.

A month before, he'd have never *considered* it, but now ... nothing turned him on more. These desires made him feel ashamed. Sick. Perverted. But, God, that made it even nastier and more desirable.

Every whack-off fantasy he'd ever had about the pretty girls at school now morphed into a feast of cum-filled pussy. He used to dream of being the guy who'd fill those pussies with cum, but now he dreamt of licking it out. Licking. Sucking. Gulping. God, it was an obsession! He no longer felt at all jealous when he watched the popular girls at school walking & laughing with the jocks and studs. Instead, he thought of those guys as simply the source of the cum that he imagined dripping down their sexy legs. When the girls pointed and giggled as he walked by with the other boys in the Science Club, he realized they weren't making fun of him. No, they were flirting. Hoping he'd offer to be their 'cleanup boy'.

Of course, he was still too shy to talk to them. But it made him smile now that he understood more about the way sex worked in this new day.

But most of all -- regardless of how she'd tried to discourage him -- he thought of Mrs K. He thought of her flushed and sweaty body after a good fucking. He thought of her red and swollen pussy lips gleaming with a glaze of cum. He thought of how she would smell. How she would taste.

He whacked off constantly to the thought of tonging out her gooey holes. He jerked into his hand and licked it up -- he wanted to get used to the taste. He wanted to learn to love the taste. It was difficult at first; some part of him would lose interest after cumming. But another part knew that gobbling down cum was something that 'boys like him' needed to do. Eventually, his diligence paid off and he began to look forward to lapping up his semen as much as he did the orgasm. It felt dirty and nasty and ... well, it just felt right.

He'd make a damn fine cleanup boy. Now all he needed was a cummy pussy. A beautiful, sexy, delicious cum-filled pussy.

* * *


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As Deke pushed his wheelbarrow down the sidewalk toward the Kohmfetter house he -- as usual -- desperately tried to hide the hardon jutting under his baggy shorts. In the weeks that followed their previous conversation, Mrs K had hardly said a word to him. That didn't stop his fantasies, of course. And his hardon while working in her yard only got worse as the weeks went by.

He parked the wheelbarrow in the yard and approached the door. As he raised his hand to knock, the door opened suddenly and he stood face to face with Rod Cannon, the plumber.

"Oh, hey. I thought she said you canceled," the man said, tucking in his shirt tail.

"Uhh, sorry. I, uhh ..." Deke stammered.

"G'wan in, boy," he chuckled, letting the door swing open behind him. "She's in the back den ... all ready for ya." He patted Deke on the head as he passed.

Deke stood on the front stoop dumbfounded as Rod crossed the front lawn and climbed into the van -- the one with the "Plumbing the Depths" banner printed on the side. He gave Deke a final smirk, then started the van and drove away.

Deke's heart started to race. Could it be? Could Mrs K be 'ready' for him? He went inside, closed the door, and moved toward the back of the house -- tiptoeing for some reamister. He noticed the door to the back den was ajar, nudged it open, and peered inside.

There she was. There was Mrs K sprawled out on the red velvet pillows that covered a corner of the room in lieu of furniture. She was breathing heavily -- almost panting. Her arm lay across her face, her nose buried in the crook of her elbow in a pose of near exhaustion.

And her legs lay splayed open toward the door revealing to Deke the most erotic sight he'd ever seen. There before him lay the object of Deke's dreams -- a freshly fucked pussy. A beautiful shrine of pink flesh coated with milky white fluid.

It was ... gorgeous. Stunning. Irresistible.

Almost without conscious thought, Deke began to cross the room -- never taking his eyes from the prize before him. As he dropped to his knees on the pillow conveniently laying between Mrs K's legs, his whole world narrowed to the neatly shaven, cum-spattered piece of heaven before him.

Mrs K stirred slightly at the gently thump of his weight hitting the floor. Without pulling her arm from her face, she said softly, "Oh, sweetie, I thought you weren't going to be here for me today. I'm glad you decided to skip that stupid tax meeting and come over for ... dinner." Her free hand reached out behind his head, clasped the back of it, and began to guide it toward her pulsating, musky flesh.

Deke's heart beat at a screaming pace. Yes! This was perfect! He opened his mouth and let his tongue slip out -- questing for it's ultimate goal.

But then Mrs K's hand gripped his hair. She tensed up, as if sensing something wrong. "Sweetie, did you buy a toupee or someth--" She peered out from under her elbow ... into Deke's wide eyes.

"Oh my GOD! Deke!?!" She scramred up the pillow stack and slammed her thighs shut with a wet slap. She pulled her knees to her chest, grabbed a spare pillow, and covered herself. "What are you doing here??!"

Deke's world moved in slow motion. He should have been just as panicked as he was when Mrs K caught him listening to her phone conversation that fateful afternoon. But he was surprisingly calm. Something had taken control. Something gave him power over the fear -- over the panic. And that something was desire. Pure desire.

He reached up and touched her knee. "Mrs Kohmfetter. Don't worry." He looked her straight in the eye. "It doesn't matter that you weren't expecting me, does it? I'm here now. Right here. Let me ... take care of you." His gaze dropped downward as he applied a slight sideways pressure to her leg. "Let me ... take care of everything." His gaze dropped downward.

Mrs K softened. "Oh, Deke. We can't. I mean .. you can't ..." She relaxed and allowed herself to slide down the pile of pillows.

"Yes, we can. I can. I want to. You want me to," Deke insisted, actually sounding seductive for the first time in his life. He continued staring down at the juncture of her legs. He reached out and put his hand on the inside of her leg.

Sasha allowed Deke to push her knee aside ... then let both legs spread outward. "Oh, Deke ... are you sure?"

"I'm sure," Deke replied as his head descended between her legs.

Sasha's body tensed as his tongue touched her flesh. Then a broad smile came across her face. "Oh, Deke, you're such a good boy. And such a good little cuntsucker. A total and complete ... sucker."

* * *

As the last pulses of orgasm rolled through Sasha's body, she released the pressure of her thighs from Deke's ears. She used the handful of hair she'd been gripping tightly to lift his head up from between her legs. Almost reluctantly, Deke stopped lapping at her now over-sensitive flesh and looked upward. Sasha's eyes unclenched, lazily opened, and gazed down at his face -- glazed as it was with a thin film of semen and her own sexual juices.

"My God, Deke ... that was INCRRRRRREDIBLE!"

"That was ... I mean ... did you ... did you cum?" he stammered.

"Did I cum?! Deke, that is the kind of orgasm that women dream about!" She grinned down at him and ruffled his hair. "Listen, my silver-tongued devil, just about any woman can fake an orgasm when some takesen beast is grunting away on top of her. We all do that, just to make men feel better. But, Deke, let me tell you: There's no way any woman can fake that! When you've got your tongue flailing around like that inside a cum-slickened cunt, you can feel every twitch and contraction! You can taste every little sperm that those pussy spasms squeeze into your mouth, can't you?"

"Yeah." Deke's face broke into a somewhat dopey grin. "Yeah, I can."

"Then stop asking silly questions!" she scolded playfully. "A woman never fakes an orgasm for her cleanup boy. Remember that."

"Okay," said Deke, almost absentmindedly. He took a few more gentle licks.

"Good boy. Now ... what did you think of the taste? Was I right?"

Deke's eyes widened as a big smile crept across his face. "Oh my God, it was DELICIOUS! It tasted so much better! I mean, it always tasted good, but ... tonight I just couldn't get enough. Who would think that would make such a difference?!"

"See??! I told you!" Sasha beamed. "The longer a boy like you goes without cumming, the better that real man-cum tastes! How long has it been, anyway?"

Deke continued casually lapping as he mentally counted. " ... eigh-- no, nine days!" he said proudly.

"My goodness! That's impressive. That man-cum must have tasted like nectar!"

"God, yes."

"How's your dick? Is it hard right now?"

"It's so hard it hurts a little," Deke said, wincing slightly at the now-remembered ache.

"Oh, goodie! Stand up, Deke, so I can see it. I just love seeing a hard boydick with a pair of swollen blue balls."

Deke hoisted up his body and looked down at bare midsection. "Do they really turn bl-- ... ?"

"No, dear, it's just an expression. But let me see! Up you go!"

Deke gave her pussy a final kiss, then stood to show off his swollen, painful erection. Sasha knelt down in front of him and stared admiringly at the straining flesh that bobbed in front of her. A few months ago, Deke's fondest fantasies would have envisioned him receiving a hot, sloppy MILF-blowjob in this scenario. But this day, the thought never even entered his mind.

"My goodness, Deke. That *is* impressive!" cooed Sasha "It's a little achy, you say?" she teased as she ran a fingernail along the bottom of his shaft.

Deke swallowed hard. "Y-yeah. Just a little."

"But it's worth it for the improved flavor of that man-cum you were gulping down, right?"

"Oh, hell yes," he agreed.

"Good boy! Then I'll expect to see you in this condition more often! Now, you've got to cum eventually -- once a month or so, but if you avoid touching or stroking at the moment of orgasm, it will be minimized. That will help you build up to this state again more quickly."

"Umm ... ok. Thanks." Deke struggled to avoid cumming right there as Sasha continued to lightly graze the skin of his penis with her fingertips. "So ... um ... how does that work anyway?"

"What ... the taste thing? Well, I believe it's hormonal. As a boy like you slowly matures into a man, his body craves testosterone to grow up big and strong. And just like a deer is drawn to the taste of a salt lick to get what it's body needs, yours is drawn to the flavor of manly, hormone filled semen! Your body craves what's good for it, so as the need grows, that cum tastes better and better to you!"

Deke pondered this for a moment .. along with the pronounced ache in his penis. "But why does waiting make the need for testosterone grow?"

"Oh, you are such a cute, logical little nerd, Deke!" Mrs K cooed, giving his dick a little flick with her fingernail. "Only a smart boy like you would ask such a question!"

Deke blushed and smiled shyly.

"Now, Deke, this is more of a topic for my psychology students at the university, but .. it's essentially a trick of the subconscious mind. As you go longer and longer without an orgasm, the part of your mind in control of sex drive doesn't feel like it's doing it's job. It feels less and less manly. So, it drives up the craving for testosterone and, therefore, makes that semen seem yummier & yummier."

Deke didn't really listen to her answer. It was difficult to concentrate with her gliding her fingers up and down his hard dick. He just acknowledged mentally that semen was delicious and getting hornier and hornier without orgasm only made it better. He was learning so much from her.

Sasha licked her finger and used the slickness to rub her finger in a circle around the sensitive spot on the underside of his cockshaft. "Beau-ti-ful," she whispered while staring intently at the twitches she caused. "Ohh, Deke. You're such a good boy. With a dick this hard, I know you're just going to love whatever I can feed you while you're in this state." Her face took on a disappointed pout. "It's just such a *shame* that the effect won't last! It won't be long before I lose you and your eager little tongue."

Deke's eyes darted back and forth. "Won't last? Lose me!? What do you ... what are you talking about?!" Deke huffed, sounding almost panicked.

Sasha looked up at him, her brow furrowed in puzzlement. "What? Oh, Deke, I thought you knew! I thought by now one of the other girls would have told you during a good tongue-douching."

Mrs K's insistence that he was some kind of Don Juan of pussy sucking had always been flattering (the only other vagina he'd ever seen up close had been in a 'Health Class' video), but now it became suddenly frustrating. She'd been hoping someone *else* would tell him about this? "What? Tell me about what?" he asked, his voice cracking slightly.

"Oh, Deke. This can't go on forever -- soon you'll be a man."

"What has that got to do with anything?"

Sasha closed her eyes and shook her head in frustration. "Oh my. I can't believe no one told you. I tell you -- girls today are downright irresponsible! Any cumfeeding cheerleader worth her salt know that it's extremely important to inform the boy cleaning cum from her sopping twat that his lif--"

"Tell me WHAT??!" Deke insisted.

Sasha paused, looked up into Deke's face and began. "Ok. Deke, right now you're a boy. A beautiful, cum-hungry, pussy-obsessed boy. And you make all the girls very, very happy as you lick & suck the fuckjuices from their warm holes. But ... you're going to grow into a man very soon! You're obviously a bit of a late bloomer, given that you're so gangly and skinny right now, but ... you can't stop the inevitable: You're going to be a man."

Deke looked confused. "So??!"

"Well, remember what I said about hormones? As you continue to mature physically, your body will produce more and more of it's own testosterone. Therefore, you'll crave an outside source for it less and less. I know it doesn't seem like it now -- " Sasha's eyes crossed slightly to look at the still raging-hard penis in front of her face, " -- *especially* now -- but eventually you just won't WANT to suck cum from my pussy anymore. It's pure biology, Deke."

Deke's mouth just hung open in shock ... as if she'd just told him the sun wouldn't rise tomorrow.

Sasha leaned in and gave the tip of his dick the softest of kisses. She wiped a tear from her eye, sniffled, and said quietly, "I'm so sorry, Deke."

Deke's mind tried desperately to make sense of this new information. "But ... but ... I've heard you! On the phone! Those were men, right?"

She shook her head. "No, Deke, you don't understand. Yes, I have other male friends who share this activi--"

"Your other cumsuckers, right? They're men, right?" Deke's voice rose in pitch.

Sasha smiled slightly at his use of the word 'cumsucker'. "Deke, that is an entirely different situation. Yes, it's true that they are older and th--"

"Then why do *they* get to keep cleaning cum from you??!" he shouted. "It's not fair! Why do I ha--"

"DEKE!! Stop it!! It's your dick! Your DICK, okay!?"

Deke stopped shouting. He looked down at the still-hard shaft sticking out in front of him. He regained his calm, took a deep breath, and asked, "What about it?"

Sasha sighed. "Deke, it's a good 5 inches long! Maybe even 5-1/4! Hell, as hard as it is right now, it might even be up to 'average' for white boys like you. You could almost even call it a 'cock'. My male frie-- I mean ... my 'other cumsuckers' are all 4 inches or less! I've got one at 4-1/2 and he's borderline, Deke -- I have to sit on his face and *make* the little fucker eat it *every* damn time." Her eyes narrowed as her eyes darted to one side. "I swear, if that little pervert gets whiny and 'mannish' on me ONE more time, I'll spread his ass so wide he'll nev--"

Deke looked down questioningly as Sasha paused, shook her head, and continued.

"Anyway, Deke, a cock like that dooms you to the testosterone future I described. I mean, 5 inches ain't nuthin' to crow about, but I'm sure it'll land you some chubby girl from your chess club or something. You'll forget all about rutting your face around in my wet, gooey fuckbox and lead a perfectly happy life of Saturday-night-missionary sex. You'll have a nice, solid, average life with your nearly average dick. It's nothing to be afraid of, Deke. It's just the way things are."

A slack-jawed Deke contemplated all this new information. This dismal, horrible information.

Sasha's gaze returned to the stiff, swollen cock before her. She reached up with a single finger and bobbed it up and down a little with her fingertip. "But, I do have to say ... it's a damn shame. You are an *excellent* cumsucker, Deke. Top notch, really."

Deke actually whimpered.

With a final sigh, Sasha rose and walked across to the room to the bar and began to fix herself a take. "It's sad, Deke, but there's no point in pouting about it. In fact, it's all the more reamister to enjoy what little cummy-cuntsucking time you've got left to the fullest. While that 5-incher rules you out of the sperm-lapping life, it won't exactly be a real girl-pleaser, if you know what I mean. You're going to need all the pussy-licking experience you can get if you expect to make your future wife ever cum at all, so ... enjoy this time while you can. You've got weeks or maybe even months of goo gobbling time left, so you shou--"

"Weeks!??!" Deke cried in a panic.

"I know ... I know ... it doesn't leave much time, but I'll do what I can to help." She leaned back against the bar and sipped her take. She looked up ponderingly and said, "I'm pretty booked for the next couple of days, but ... let's give those balls a few more days to swell and I'll call you this weeken--"

"NO!" cried Deke.

"Oh, are you busy this weekend?"

"No, I mean 'NO'! This can't be true! I want to go on doing this forever. I ... I was *meant* to do this! I can feel it! Maybe ... maybe my dick's just the wrong size or something. It was meant to be smaller. I know it. Maybe ... "

Sasha reached to the nearly sobbing boy and pulled his head to her chest. "Oh, Deke. I know you weren't expecting this. But please ... don't be like this. Don't fight it. You need to just accept things the way they are. There's almost nothing that can be done to change this situation. We've had a lot of fun and we're going to have plenty more before nature takes it's cour--"

"Al-- ... *sniffle* ... almost?"

"Excuse me?"

"You said 'almost nothing' can be done."

Sasha broke loose of her embrace with Deke. "No," she said plainly as she crossed the room and shook her head. "No, Deke, don't even go there. I ... I mean, there is a way, but ... it's nearly impossible. It would take some remarkable effort on your part. I'd rather not even discuss it."

"Tell me!" Deke begged.

"Listen Deke, I'm sorry, but ..."

Deke dropped to his knees in front of her. "Please, Mrs K, tell me! I'll do anything. I don't want to stop. I don't want to lose ... " Deke paused as his gaze centered on the bare, smooth pussy mound in front of his face " ... you."

Sasha sighed heavily. "Oh, Deke, you're as cum-addicted as any boy I've ever seen! It's such a shame. If any mediocre dicked boy could pull it off, it might be you."

"Tell me," said Deke softly ... planting a kiss on her clit.

"Oooh," she moaned. "I swear, Deke ... all right ... but don't say I didn't warn you."

He continued to kiss and gently nibble her clit as he looked up into her face.

She smiled as she looked down at him. "It's a 'total immersion' technique. You have to completely bathe your system with external testosterone. Testosterone from man-cum, Deke. It takes massive amounts to completely suppress your growing body from producing those hormones. Gallons of the stuff."

Deke's still-hard dick surged as he heard her words. "Oh, yes!" he murmered as he tilted his head back and pressed his chin between her thighs. "Yes ... (shlup) ... I can do it! I can eat ... (slurp) ... gallons of cum!"

"I'm afraid you're not quite understanding me, Deke. The cum you so enjoy lapping up from my pussy has already weakened in hormone strength significantly by the time you swallow it. You'll need to ... find a more direct source."

Deke stopped his nuzzling of Sasha'a crotch. Deke was not a stupid boy. Deke looked up questioningly. He knew what she was going to say before she said it.

"You need to suck cock."

Regardless of his expectations ... Deke actually gasped.

To be continued ...


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The end of part 16 says "to be continued" but I haven't seen a new story in the saga in over a year. Looks like this is the end....for now.



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this is an incredible story. haven't slept last night and came 4 times and still am horny. it is a pity that there is no continuing part. Thanks for sharing!


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AKA has written at least one other story, a 2-part series called Sweet Cream Cafe. It's about the interracial side of sissy cuckoldry. I can post it to this thread or start a new one, if anyone's interested. *shrug*
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