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Recent gloryhole fun (a true story from me for a change)

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Just thought I'd share our experience from our holiday trip. We travelled over Christmas to visit some friends in central Oregon, but flew in to Portland PDX planning to rent a car and drive to their place in the mountains near the town of Sisters.
Our flight was delayed by bad weather, and so we arrived later than planned and decided to spemd the night in Portland and drive through the mountains the next morning. There had been quite a bit of snow, and we didn't want to get stuck somewhere.
With a free evening on our hands we decided to do something we had not been able to do for quite awhile; go visit an adult store, with video arcade or theater. This is something we have always enjoyed, and is how we got started in cuckolding, although we didn't think of it as that at the time. It was just a way to really spice things up, and Brenda got to enjoy a variety of other men and their cocks, they got to enjoy her, and I got to enjoy it all.
Anyhow, we relocated (for employment reamisters) several years ago to a place where no such thing exists within a couple hundred miles. We know, we've looked, but no luck. We were excited about being in Portland, which we knew had good opportunities for a little excitement.
We found a hotel in the I-205 corridor, and after a little dinner went in search of a couple of the adult stores we had looked up in the phone book.

We found one in east Portland called Mr. Peeps, I think on 122nd St., just south of Stark as I recall, and pulled in to check it out. There were a number of cars in the small lot, and when we entered ther were several customers, all men, browsing the racks of DVD's, toys, and magazines. As usual when Brenda (or any woman) enters these stores, the guys all started to check her out.
She looked good in her medium-high heels, short black denim skirt, white blouse unbuttoned to show some cleavage, and black leather jacket to ward off the cold rainy evening. She had decided to forego a bra, and I knew the cold and the situation would have her nipples sticking out, but with the jacket you can't tell. She had also worn her gold ankle bracelet. It's amazing how many men look at that.
We kind of shopped our way back to the video arcade area at the rear of the store, a little nervous I guess - it had been awhile! We were actually shocked when we entered the arcade area to find the doors of the booths marked (honest, I'm not making this up) as to which booths had glory holes, viewing windows, private, etc, and upon looking in a couple found generously large gloryholes cut through the walls, as marked! Most places seem to try to board up the gloryholes, or at least make them awkward, or design the booths such that they can't be used this way. Here they were refreshingly open about it, and the booths were very clean and nice. What a treat!
We entered a private booth first, and I slid a couple of dollars into the video machine and flipped channels until I found a hot one of a little blonde chick doing 2 hung black studs. Brenda likes that.
She unzipped my jeans and pulled out my half-hard cock and started to stroke me, while I ran my hand up under her skirt and found her tiny panties warm and moist. I don't know why she bothered to wear them, but I immediately helped her out of them and stuffed them in my pocket. She was wet and slippery inside.
We both slipped out of our jackets and I was hanging them on the back of the single chair when somebody tapped lightly at our door. I opened it a crack to find a dark-haired youngish guy there, and he asked if we wanted some company. Before I could say no, Brenda pulled the door open wide enough that he could see her stroking my now hard cock with her other hand, and he stared at that.
She looked him up and down and said "Not right now hon', but maybe later, OK?" He mumred "OK, sure, later" , and we closed the door. We played with each other as long as my $2 lasted, me sucking her nipples, her sucking my cock, my fingers inside of her, and when the screen went off we were good and horny. It was time to move to a gloryhole booth!

I crammed my hard cock back into my pants (fortunately I am only average in penis size, or it would have been more difficult), and I picked up our jackets as we left the booth. There were several men loitering around in the hall near our booth, and Bren enjoyed their attention as we passed between them. A number of the booths were occupied, but we found one marked "Gloryhole" and went in, locking the door. Sure enough, it had kind of an oval shaped hole about 4 or 5" wide and about a foot high through the wall into the next booth. We heard somebody enter that booth and close the door behind them. I fed a $5 bill into the machine, and the video began to play.


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She continued to suck him as he went limp, stretching his skinny little cock with her lips, tugging at him and sucking every drop out. Josh just shook his head, saying "Fuck man, your wife is crazy for cock. Look at that little thing."
Brenda elbowed him in the leg as he tucked his big and well satisfied cock away, zipping up and preparing to leave. She left off sucking her little friend, and he quickly pulled back and zipped up. We heard him leave in just a few seconds.
Josh asked if we wanted to meet him again tomorrow, but we explained that we were leaving in the morning, and would not be back in town until Dec. 28th to catch a flight the morning of the 30th. He said call him, and gave us his cell number. Funny, because Brenda has our nephew Josh already programmed under that name, so she entered his number under the name "nineinches". I don't know if he really was 9 inches, but that was her estimate, and she measured him with her finest instrument.

He left then, and I was ready to go back to our hotel and spend the night with my wife, remembering and fantasizing and having some good old 1-on-1 sex. Brenda, however, had other ideas. She wanted "just one more, please?" How could I say no, especially when there was already a new guy in the booth next door. He stuck his fingers in, testing, and Bren turned around and pushed her ass tight to the wall, her pussy at the hole.

She let out a little moan almost at once, and I thought he must have stuck his cock into her, so I pulled her away from the wall a little and saw that he was just rubbing her clit with his finger, which was fine. She was obviously enjoying it.


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Brenda continued to let him do that for a few moments, so I took the opportunity to play with her tits a little. Her nipples were hard even before I touched them, so I knew she was still pretty turned on and had at least a couple more orgasms left in her.
She pulled away from the wall and from me, and kneeled in front of the hole, so I thought she was ready to suck his cock; instead she pushed her right tit to the hole, showing this guy her very hard nipple. As I would have expected, he touched and squeezed it, obviously enjoying her tit, then put his face in the opening and began to suck, hard, on my wife's nipple.
I could tell that Bren was enjoying that, and this was kind of a new twist for her. I sat at the edge of the chair and reached under her, touching her ass until my fingers made their way to her sweet pussy. I found her very wet and open, her pussy hot and clit erect. I slid 2 fingers into her, and she immediately clamped down on them, squeezing tightly. I knew she would cum quickly, given her state of arousal, my fingers in her, and some stranger sucking her nipple. I fucked her with my fingers, and she thrust herself onto them, trying to get them deeper inside.
Her hands on the wall on both sides of the hole were balled into tight fists, and I knew this was very intense for her. I was very hard as well, my arousal a result of hers.I wanted to be inside of her again, spilling another load deep in her. My balls ached from being so aroused for so long.

Brenda was pinching and tugging on her other nople herself now, and her moaning told me she was about there. Keeping my two middle fingers in her, I began to flick her clit with my index finger, and that did it, pushing her over the edge. She clamped down on my fingers, almost squeezing me out, and ground out "Ohhh yes, oh god oh god oh god oh god oh fuck yesss unnhhh!"
I was really happy that she had enjoyed that so much, I knew her orgasm had been major and intense.
She backed from the hole, and I could see her well sucked nipple hard, red, and wet with saliva. The guy quickly stood and thrust his hard cock through the hole. He was probably half expecting her to fuck him, but she took him deep in her mouth instead, moaning at the feel of his thick hardness in her mouth and her subsiding orgasm.
He had just unzipped and pulled his cock out, and Brenda much prefers full exposure so that she can play with and lick balls while she blows them, so she was tugging at his pants and belt buckle. He understood and undid his pants and pushed them down. Bren held his cock up and licked and sucked at his balls to show her appreciation.
He was not particularly large, maybe 6.5 to 7 inches, but quite thick and uncircumcised, and rock hard, his cock arching back toward his navel as it pointed at the ceiling, bobbing around in the air as she sucked a testicle into her mouth. His foreskin half covered the head of his cock, which was dark and shiny. She rolled and tongue-bathed his nut in her mouth, then let it slip between her lips as she took the other in for the same treatment.

He was kind of thrusting and jerking, and who could blame him. A drop of clear pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock and ran slowly down as his cock spasmed in the air. I was to one side, and Brenda slightly to the other, his cock thrust through the hole between us. She looke into my eyes as she let his other testicle slide out of her mouth.


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More, more please, this is a really hot tale.


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Thanks cumhubby, I had a hunch there were others here that would enjoy our experience. More, as requested:

She leaned back to admire his stiff cock, then leaned in and licked him a couple of times, base to tip like a big popsicle. Then she did what she always does at some point, whispering "Here honey, this is a really nice cock, you suck him."
"Uh, no, you know I'm not too into that." It was a very nice stiff cock, thick and pretty long, and shaven around the base., but the idea of me sucking cock just does nothing for me. Now Bren, I could watch her do it all day, and she'd be happy to do so I think.
She has wanted to watch me suck another man's cock for a long time, and I did kind of promise her that maybe I would someday, but if I did it, it would be just to make her happy. I know that is a pretty worthwhile goal, but still...
She pouted for a moment, but then went happily back to sucking him, taking him as far into her mouth as she could, and as far as hitting her head on the wall would allow. He pressed into the opening, so she had access to as much as she could take, really, but she was just really into sucking him.
Again she stopped and backed off for a minute "Please? I really want to see you do it. Just for a minute?"
His stiff cock and chunky balls were totally shiny with her saliva, and to tease her I leaned in close and opened my mouth as if to take him in, getting within an inch or so of doing so. Then Brenda surprised me by pushing my head down suddenly, and for a moment I had his thick cock in my mouth, but I instinctively jerked back, his cock bouncing off my lip and cheek and flopping around in the air. I'm sure he wondered what the hell was happening, especially when Brenda started laughing.
"You big coward! You love to watch me suck all these guys, but you won't even do one."
I had to laugh too, her trick had worked surprisingly well, and I had reacted with total shock, so yeah, she got me.
I don't guess the guy, whoever he was, would have cared if it was a man or a woman sucking his dick, after all he stuck it through a hole in the wall where he couldn't see who did what, but I'm sure he was expecting Brenda to do him after seeing her, playing with her pussy, and sucking her tits.
Anyway, she went back to work on him, sucking and licking, making slow wet love to his big hard cock while I sat a foot or so away and she looked into my eyes as I watched her enjoy him. I was so fucking hard, she gives such a sexy looking blowjob.
I could tell by the way he started to thrust and groan that he was about to cum, and when he did she took the first big spurt into her mouth, holding him at her lips with her mouth open so I could see him shoot his thick white cum onto her tongue and lips. DAMN! Incredibly hot, I wish y'all could have been there.


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After taking the first big spurt in her mouth, Brenda proceeded to really jerk him off, letting his cum fly everywhere as she flopped his spurting cock around. She got some in the face and on her tits, but she also managed to hit me, getting a long stream down my lower pants leg and a big splat on top of my right shoe. That was going to look nice, a big blob of white cum on the dark leather of my topsiders.
At least I had managed to avoid getting any of his cum inside of my pants, which were pushed down to mid-thigh. He stayed pressed to the gloryhole as his spasms subsided and the spurts of cim dwindled to just a few drops, then remained as Bren sucked him dry while his cock gradually softened to the thick, half-flacid rubbery consistency that she so much loves having in her mouth.
I don't know what it is about that, but she loves the feel of a half hard cock, especially just after cumming, and will suckle it like a baby, rolling it around her tongue and taking the whole thing in her mouth and just sucking. Some guys can't stand the intense sensation, this one was obviously enjoying it very much.
She eventually let him slide slowly out of her mouth, and he hung long, limp, and sticky through the hole, his foreskin again puckering over his swollen cockhead. Bren stroked him lightly a few times. I think she was sorry it was over, she had really enjoyed having his cock in her mouth, but as he backed away I pulled up and fastened my pants and helped Brenda get hers sorted out so we could leave.
Another guy immediately entered the next booth when the just-finished guy left, and we heard him bumping around as he fed a few dollars into the video machine. Brenda was almost fully dressed again when he stuck his fingers into the hole, moving them aroud the edge and waiting for approval from our side, I guess. I don't know how many guys were lined up waiting for my wife to suck their cocks, but we hadn't run out yet, apparently. That place could definitely have used another couple or woman or two that night, there were plenty of horny men.
I was more than ready to leave and go back to the hotel and fuck my wife the rest of the night, we had plenty of arousal, story, and fantasy material by now, but Brenda looked at his fingers, then up at me, and I figured if she sucked this guy we could then immediately leave before anyone else got in position, since we were both now dressed again. Albeit with cum on our clothes and in her hair, and all over her tits, stomach, and legs.
I resignedly said OK, and she rubbed her fingers over his, and he immediately stuck his half hard dick through the gloryhole. It was a nice one, bigger than average and probably only eclipsed tonight by Josh's big pole, and Brenda immediately went to work on him. She knew I was ready to leave, so I think she was determined to get him off quickly.

He quickly hardened to his full length and thickness, and I quickly got into watching his thick cock sliding in and out of my wife's mouth. She was using all of her tricks to make him cum quick, sucking as much of him as she could into her mouth, turning her head and sucking hard, stroking his hard, saliva slick shaft with one hand in a twisting motion while cupping and squeezing his balls with her other hand.
When she began to use her index and middle fingers to press and make little circles on that spot right behind his balls, between his balls and his anus, I knew he was done for, and sure enough, I heard him groan and watched as his cock began to spasm in her mouthI could hear him grunt with each spasm, and Brenda was moaning in time with him as each spurt of cum splashed into her mouth, his "Unnh" followed closely by her "Mmmm".
I was glad they both enjoyed it, but I just wanted to be alone with and inside of my wife, preferably without an audience of guys with big hard cocks watching us and thinking "Next!" I was so hard I hurt, and needed relief soon.
As his cock slid out of her mouth with a loud slurp, I pulled her to her feet and said "Come, on, let's go before another one gets in there."
I opened the door and we stepped into the hall which seemed bright after the dim booth. There were several guys in the hall, waiting and listening, and they were obviously disappointed to see us leaving. One guy, a slender black guy, stepped close to Brenda and said "You guys aren't leaving are ya? There's still more of us!"
Brenda kind of grunted at him, and when I looked at her I realized she still had her mouth full of cum! I had pulled her out so suddenly she hadn't had time to either swallow or let me watch her slowly dribble it down her chin, the two things she loves most to do with a load of fresh cum.
We stopped, with 3 guys in front of us looking at her and a couple more behind them, and Brenda opened her mouth and showed them the snow-white load she carried. She then began to let it run out of her mouth and down her chin, dripping in long strands between her tits and running down inside her blouse. Her lips and chin covered with cum, she said "Sorry guys, I'm full. I can't even swallow anymore, see? I have to go fuck my husband now to thank him for this fun evening."
We walked away, a couple of them protesting behind us. One guy said "I don't care if you don't swallow, just suck me!" and a couple of others quickly agreed, but we left anyhow and headed back to the hotel.
She got my cock out and began to stroke me as I drove, telling me which parts of the evening she had enjoyed the most.


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One of her fantasies that she carried out of this evening involved the "little guy", the guy with the truly tiny little penis and balls. In Brenda's story, his wife (we did see a wedding ring on him) sends him out to do whatever he wants while she entertains her black stud with a cock as big as her forearm.
She put up with his little cock for over 5 years after they were married, but was never satisfied sexually, and never had an orgasm except when he would go down on her. Then while watching a Discovery Channel special she saw an African native tribe acting out a customary ritual, and was astounded by all the huge flopping cocks on all the men, and became fascinated with black men whenever and wherever she would see one.

Soon her fantasies became too much for her, and she began to flirt and let certain black men know shw might be available. Tiny was aware of her fantasies, and although he was crushed emotionally by her desires, his little cock was always very stiff when she would mention it, and on a couple of occasions he came in his pants without even touching himself. Once in a restaurant while she whispered her disgusting fantasies in his ear, that was very embarassing, and he had spilled food on himself to hide the wet cumstain on his pants.
Anyhow, while her big black lover was stretching her pussy and bringing her to one enormous orgasm after another, Tiny would go to Mr. Peeps and suck cock, never exposing his own shame until the night we came in, and then only because he knew Brenda could not see his face. She had been kind and let him touch and fondle her while she fucked Josh, and he was just so aroused!
He came so quickly because he was inexperienced at anyone sucking his cock; his wife never had, and he was too embarassed to ever show it to another woman after the way his wife belittled him and flaunted her stretched and cum filed pussy when he would get home.
Anyhow, that's her story, and if there is any truth to it I hope he enjoyed the fact that she sucked his cock with as much enthusiasm as she has for the larger ones. He seemed to.
She told me this story as I drove back to the hotel, and about how his little squirts in her mouth were so weak and small, just drops, really. I was raging hard with her dirty talk and cock stroking, and had to stuff my cock back in my pants for the uncomfortable walk to our room, where we showered together, played, licked and sucked and fucked until the wee hours. We fell arelax finally, exhausted, and slept in until housekeeping knocked to clean our room. Should have put up the "Do Not Disturb We're Fucking" sign, but forgot.
We headed out to see our friends in Sisters, Ron and Judy, a couple we'd met at a sex club. We've swapped and had "communal" sex with them on several occasions, Brenda likes Ron's big cock and huge loads, and I like Judy's tight little ass and oral s*******s, although they are no better than Brenda's. Just different. (Whew, that was close - almost put my foot in it there!)
We were looking forward to a fun holiday with snow, hot tub, skiing, good food, and lots of kinky sex!


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We had a great time with Ron and Judy, at their "cabin", which is actually a pretty nice log home in the hills outside the town of Sisters, OR.
We went skiing at Mt. Bachelor, had a couple of nice dinners in Bend, which has some great restaurants for such a small town, played in the snow (which we don't get where we live), and spent a good deal of time either hot-tubbing, fucking, or both.
One of my favorite memories of the trip, which is still crystal clear in my mind, was of the four of us enjoying their hot tub while a beautiful soft snow was falling all around us. It seemed to melt in the steam just above the water, but would land on our heads or shoulders and instantly melt. The cold little needles combined with the hot water covering the rest of our naked bodies was amazing. I was sitting with Judy as she slowly stroked my hard cock underwater, and Brenda and Ron were playing.

Eventually Ron lifted up and sat on the edge of the tub, his huge cock, hard as stone, sticking straight out between his legs. Bren wasted no time getting him in her mouth and started one of her slow, wet blowjobs, taking him deeply into her throat and slowly sliding him out, then holding his cock up while she tongued his heavy balls. It was a great show, and Judy and I were getting extremely aroused just touching each other and watching. Usually Ron can go a loooonnng time, but I don't know if the blow job was that good or he hurried because he was getting cold, but he shot a big jet of cum all over the side of Brenda's face as she licked his balls and jerked him off. Not one to waste hot cum, she quickly got her mouth on him and took several more spurts into her mouth, as his wife and I watched his cock spasm and Brenda's lips suck at him.

Brenda looked at us and smiled, then made a show of swallowing his big load before she continued to suck and stroke him. He twitched and groaned, begging her to stop while he was so ultra-sensitive. She didn't, and eventually he shot another small load before she would let him get back in the water. He was shivering, but I don't think it was all from the cold.
Not to be outdone, Judy decided it was her turn to put on a show, so I got out of the water, my cock hard from her stroking and the hot display we had just watched. I'm a little smaller (OK, a fair amount smaller) than Ron, and Judy can take me in to the balls pretty easily after she relaxes and warms up a little. She started really going at it sucking hard and deep, and within less than two minutes I was about to squirt.
For some reamister I looked at Bren just before I came, and she was staring at Judy sucking my cock, her eyes wide and her mouth open. She kept moving her tongue, sticking it out and making licking motions, and I realized she was extremely aroused watching me get blown.
That did it for me, and I started cumming. Judy held me at her lips and stroked me as I came all over her lips, chin, and cheeks, making a slippery mess of her face.
I was gasping and groaning with the intensity of my orgasm, bucking my hips as I coated her face with cum. Slowly the spasms subsided as she smeared my cum around her face with my cock. I hadn't even been aware of the cold, but now I started to feel it. I slid back into the hot water, which was like heaven.
Judy stood and walked across the tub to Ron and started kissing him, her face coated with cum. Brenda and Ron started to lick my cum from her face, one on each side, and I noticed that Ron was stroking his own cock as he did so. He gets off on that, and on licking my cum from either woman's pussy. I wish I had his...what? guts, courage? I'm not sure what it is, but I just haven't been able to take that step. Maybe it's just a spirit of adventure. Someday I'll try it.


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We had our usual fun time with Judy and Ron, they are good friends and we thoroughly enjoy each other's company. And each other's spouses. The wintery weather and the holiday were great, and I got to enjoy one of my favorite things a couple of times.
I LOVE sloppy seconds, always have, and there is just nothing better than watching a fat cock pump a big load into Brenda (or, on one occasion, Judy) and then getting my hard cock in as soon as the other one pulls out. A stretched, loose pussy, full of fresh hot cum, just slippery and loose as I slide my stiff cock in and out - I get horny just thinking about it.

You would think that with her pussy all stretched and relaxed, and all that hot cum cutting down on the friction that I would be able to last a long time, but no. The anticipation and excitement of getting to do it, plus the incredible sensation of that thick cum sucking at my cock always has me adding my load to the mix within 4 or 5 minutes. I'd really like to go longer, it just feels so good, but I haven't been able to control myself yet. Probably because I get to do it so rarely in anboby's cum but my own, and that's always 20 or 30 minutes after I spill it before I can go again.

Oh well, it is a rare treat.
We left the morning of the 28th and headed back to Portland. The roads in the mountains were snowy, but not too bad.
We had told Ron and Judy about the gloryholes in Portland, and they admitted they knew about them and had been there. We talked about both couples going together sometime - that would probably have some of the horny guys there dying of dehydration. Probably never happen, logistics are so tough with us so far away.
They told us about a porn theater, the same one we had heard about at the porn store. I think the name of it is the Jeffermister, and Ron said it gets really hopping sometimes on Fri. or Sat. nights. Judy just said "mmm-hmm, lots of hard cocks." Bren liked the sound of that.
They told us how to find it, and we tried, going back out after checking in to our hotel and driving all over, but we never did find it so we'll have to save that treat for our next visit to Portland. We did drive over to the other porn store we'd seen a week earlier, the Paradise Video store, which was really nice. Bren wanted to call Josh to meet us there or join us at our hotel, but I told her to hold off for awhile until we saw what this location had to offer.
That turned out to be a good decision, because Paradise was great, clean, nice big gloryholes, lots of guys, and we found one booth that had a gloryhole on both sides. Carelessness with that almost got me my first cock up my ass - close call!
Anyhow, it was lots of fun, and Brenda found one guy she's still talking about. If anybody wants to hear more, let me know, otherwise I'll lay off here and quit tying up so much space with this story, I know it has gotten awfully long.


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I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants you to continue. Its a great read.

well done.

More more more


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Thanks Ighbee, I see there are still a fair number of hits on this, so I guess you're right. I can't believe that with the number of reads it has had that nobody else admits to going to either of these locations. I guess we have no members in the Portland area, or that have visited the stores while passing through.
Too bad, Bren and I were hoping to maybe hear from somebody that had "shared" with us while we were there, and get their take on the experience.
I'll go into our last night there when I get a chance, but will try to keep it condensed a little so its not so long. I hope you enjoy.


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Stormydog, your adventures with Brenda are very, very exciting. I hope you will continue posting.
Your description of enjoying sloppy seconds brings back memories of ones I shared with my wife some years ago when she had a stedy lover who would fuck her almost every week.
He would be invited to our home to fuck her late at night after the kids were arelax and would fill her with large and thick loads of cum. As soon as he would slide out, I would slide in and after a few minutes of hard fucking, his cum would beome frothy. I would pull out and wipe my cum covered dick on her face, smearing the thick sauce all over her mouth and cheeks.
Then I would resume fucking her and we would kiss , sharing the sperm as we fucked. Neither one of us could hold out for very long because the excitement and nastiness of what we were doing would just overwhelm us.
Nothing quite as exciting as having a slut for wife!
I sure miss those day.


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Stormy, if you would care to read about our naughty adventues, please go here:


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Thanks CH, I have read some of your posts before, and they are invariably hot and hard-on inducing. I'm going to have Bren come in so we can read that one together, Im sure she'll end up sitting on my lap and we'll get distracted...


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on your 3/25 reply you said you sure miss those days. Did you stop sharing your wife for some reamister, or do you just mean you miss her having a regular lover?
If it's the latter, find her another one for Pete's sake! Get back in the game, those cum-filled pussies are too good to miss out on!


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So, after spending a week with our friends we got back to Portland late afternoon for our early morning flight the folllowing day. We went and checked in to our hotel and dropped our bags. I changed into a light sweatshirt some fairly snug almost worn out jeans and no underwear. Brenda likes how the thin, faded, and almost worn out crotch displays my package, especially when she gives me a hard-on in public places.

She put on a tight little white top (no bra of course), black thong panties, and her low-rider knit pants. I don't know what they are called, but they are a tight body hugging knit like terry cloth kind of, with a drawstring, in light blue. They ride l-o-o-w-w-w on her hips and create the cutest little cameltoe due to their snug fit. They also show off her tight ass nicely, and the back of her thong if she sits or bends forward.
I was undecided if her nipples or her black thong showed more through the light fabrics, but all were well displayed.
She grabbed her slip on Keds and a hooded sweatshirt for the cold wet night, and I got a jacket and we headed out. We thought we knew how to find the theater that our friends had told us all about, and Bren was pretty hot at the thought of being able to fulfill some of her exhibitionistic fantasies, not to mention sucking and maybe fucking some hard cocks. We drove all the hell over the place, but it was so dark and wet it was hard to even read street signs.
Bren was playing with my cock, getting me all hard and leaking cum so that I had a wet spot, and she said she was also pretty wet, which didn't surprise me. She wanted me to stop and ask directions, and I didn't (should have, in hindsight) so she got pissed and quit stroking me. Probably just as well or I'd of had a much larger wet spot.
I eventually got pissed too, and just said "Screw it, let's just go to that other porn store we found."
She was pouting, and ignored me. The silent treatment is very annoying to me, so I drove over to Paradise Video, about a 15 or 20 minute ride from where we were, in stony silence. I know, passive-aggressive bullcuckolds brownie, right? An inauspicious start to our last fun evening in Portland.

By the time we got there we had both cooled down, and Bren had re-adjusted her anticipation to the new scenario, and wanted to rush right in. In the parking lot we kissed and made up, and I pulled up her top and nibred her nipples until she was moaning and I was again hard, and then we went in.
We decided to do a little shopping to be better prepared this time, so she went to get a tube of slippery lube while I got a couple 3-paks of condoms. We still had a couple of Magnum condoms left from the previous week, but those will fall off of most guys. I know they would from me, and we couldn't count on finding anyone that was man enough to need one, so I needed some normal size ones.
By the time I picked out 2 varieties, Bren was browsing the vibrators and dildos with considerable enthusiasm, picking them up and stroking them through the package and opening boxes to look at a couple. There was a middle aged guy, kind of dark and stocky and muscular, with his black hair in a buzz cut, hanging around and watching her while he pretended to browse the DVD's. He was in sweatpants and a Trailblazers hooded sweatshirt. I saw him and hung back to see what would happen.
I didn't think Bren was aware of him, and she told me later she was not, not at that point anyway. She bent to get a big black realistic dildo from the bottom row, bending at the hips like she does and showing off her thong, her ass, and her puffy little pussy pressing against the tight crotch of her pants. Nice rear view.
This guy had a DVD case in his right hand, but with his left hand he was touching himself through his baggy sweatpants, and from my angle I could see that he had a very obvious erection tenting out his pants, and that he was fondling himself. Kind of creepy, but fun watching him get turned on by my wife and her not even aware of it!
She pulled the big thick black cock out of the box and held it in her hand, stroking the length, her fingers not long enough to reach all the way around, and then rubbed it on her cheek, the dark rubber stark against her white skin and the cock longer than her face and as thick as her forearm. The guy quit fondling and just squeezed his hard cock, I think to keep from cumming in his pants.
Bren put that one back and picked up a big thick purple jelly cock, the softer floppy kind, that must have been a foot long, and I knew she wanted to get it. $40, but worth it for that night and even more so for the unanticipated luggage search at PDX the next morning. I have never seen her as embarassed as she was when the good looking young TSA guy turned that up in her carry-on bag. I was far enough away to pretend I didn't know her, but I'm not sure who blushed redder, him or her! I was laughing so hard going down the concourse that I had to sit down to catch my breath. She was still red when we got to our gate!
Anyway,I took the lube and the dong from her and went to pay, but first I quietly told her about her secret admirer and suggested she go shop the DVD's near him. I know she likes to tease.


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Stormy, I hope you will continue with the story. I really enjoy hearing about you and your wife's adventures.
As to your question....we stopped sharing her with Joe because he got prostate cancer some years ago. He is ok but can't perform any longer and moved to Fla. 2 years ago. I tried to get her interested in meeting someone new but so far she has refused. She misses Joe's attentions and thinks we would never find someone as good as he was. Plus she is older now and thinks no one would want her. You know how women think.
I have made some inroads lately though. I confessed to her that years ago I would go to Joe's apartment on my own some Saturday's when she was working to service his cock. He had told me that in his 20's he and his wife had a steady lover and that she would dress Joe up as a woman and he was made to suck the guy's cock and take it up the ass.
He wanted to experience it again and so i agreed to play with him. I thought my wife would get turned off by my admission but just the opposite was true. She got very excited about it and wanted all the details. She told me she would have loved to watch that and also didn't mind me servicing his cock by myself because he was "ours" to share and if he needed his balls emptied and she was busy working, then I was right in helping him out.
"Whew", I couldn't believe she was telling me this. Then to top it off, she admitted to me that it was her idea to have me suck his cock in the first place. She told me that she had asked him beforehand if he was ok with it and when he agreed, she slowly seduced me into doing it. All these years I thought it was my idea.
The latest thing we have discussed is "confessing" to someone what pigs we were for Joe and having to tell all the details to that permister. I have suggested a black woman that I've known for years. I fucked her many years ago and she is rather dominant, so I think she will be perfect. We are planning this for later this month.
So now you are up to date.


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I travel to quite a few big cities and think that Portland and Orlando have the most toleration for adult activities. The last time I was in Portland I visited the adult movie theater that you mentioned people telling you about - this one was downtown as there are two with action - and got a tremendous blowjob from an incredibly hot hotwife with her husband encouraging her. thnaks for your great stories - wish I had been one of those lucky guys that enjoyed your wife


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Too bad about Joe, I guess I can understand why your wife would be reluctant to start over after having reached a comfort level and forming an attachment to him. It sounds like the three of you were totally intimate with each other, kind of an "anything goes" relationship as long as all are OK with it. Pretty unique, but sounds like a lot of fun.
I guess I'm slightly more inhibited than you, while Bren would love to see me suck cock, and the idea really gets her hot, I just haven't gotten there. Sometimes, when I'm extremely horny, it seem like a good idea, but I always seem to stop short. Good luck on your new adventure.


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I love your name, very clever. Now you've made me all the more determined to find that theater next time in Portland. We should scout it out in daylight. We don't seem to get to Orlando, but will remember to check it out if we do.
By the way, Bren says she wishes you were there too, especially if you're hung or a human geyser. Or even better, both!


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I watched as Brenda went to shop the DVD's, suddenly very interested in one about 2 feet to the guy's left. There were about 3 or 4 other guys shopping while we had been, and 2 of them, besides Bren's admirer, were still around. The shop is kind of L-shaped, with the register counter near the corner of the L and the video booths at the top of the longer leg.

Anyhow, from over by the register where I was paying I could see pretty much the entire shop except the booths, which are separated from the shop by a wall. As my selections were being rung up I watched Brenda get right next to her target and lean in front of him, feigning interest in a particular disc. I couldn't see it happen, but I was sure she managed to rub against his hard dick, and I did see him jerk back.
She turned to him, and I could almost read her lips saying "Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry!" She looked down at his crotch, holding her eyes there for several seconds, then back up at him, and I think she asked if she hurt him.
I had to look away to pay and complete my transaction, so I missed whatever came next. I also had to ask the guy at the counter to open the damn plastic vacuum packaging on Bren's big dong, since you can't carry anything bigger than a nail clipper when you travel. I would have been gnawing away at that package all night with that, but he pulled out a big wicked looking knife and opened it in seconds.
He looked at Bren and kind of smirked as he handed the big floppy rubber cock to me, raising his eyebrows (one pierced) and giving me that look that said he knew my wife would be servicing other men soon.

I turned and walked away, carrying my small bag of stuff in one hand and a thick purple cock in the other. By now Bren was right up against her admirer, her right shoulder to his left, and I could see her left upper arm moving from my position behind her. I knew she was stroking his cock, the only question whether she was stroking him thru his pants, had her hand down his pants, or had pulled his cock out right there in the shop.

As I got closer and rounded her shoulder, I could see that she had her arm down the front of his baggy sweats, and was visibly pumping his cock. She had warned him about me, and he just kind of gave me a funny look when I showed up, he didn't freak out like I thought he might.

"Hi hon. When you're done there, should we go watch some porn and try out your new toy?" I held up the big dong. She said "sure, I think we're almost done, but I'm hot, I need this jacket off."
She released his hard cock long enough to pull her hand out of his pants and strip her sweatshirt over her head, and she handed it to me to hold, looking at the shiny slick of his pre-cum coating the palm of her hand. Her nipples were jutting out hard and visibly rosy through her thin white top. He noticed immediately.

She reached back into his pants and resumed masturbating him, the tent in the front of his pants moving with her hand. Quietly she said "Honey, he's got a really fat cock, you should feel how thick it is!"
"Um, no, that's OK, I'll take your word for it." I'm not averse to stroking a guy's cock, or even jerking him off 'til he cums, but in private, not in the middle of a well lit shop.
In just a few more moments he grabbed Brenda's arm and began humping himself against her hand, grunting and hips twitching as he spurted his thick cum all over Brenda's hand and the inside of his pants. He was going "Uh, uh god, uunh" as he came, his body spasming visibly, and I know we were not the only ones aware of what had just happened. One of the other guys was close to us, and he obviously knew, smiling at Bren and shaking his head as he walked away.
She pulled her hand out, covered in his white goo, and said "Wow, big load. Such a waste when it could have been in my mouth or pussy."

I noticed that she had cum all over her watch band. Great, I was going to have to clean dried cum off her watch again. I also noticed that he had a large and growing wet spot on the front of his pants. It had obviously been a substantial quantity of cum, but the wet stain didn't seem to bother him, and he actually apologized to Brenda for cumming all over her as she wiped cum off her hand on his shirt tail.

She just laughed at him, and said "Don't be silly, you only need to apologize if you don't cum for me, now that would be bad!"
He turned to take his leave, and we drifted toward the video arcade. We stopped at the bathroom so Bren could wash her hands and start fresh, and as I waited for her I watched the other two guys that had been browsing drift back our way. I knew there were already some guys in the booths, because there had been several cars in the parking lot and we could hear the soundtracks of several porn vids playing.
Bren rejoined me, and we continued on into the arcade, to our delight again finding booths marked "Gloryhole", "Buddy Booth", (or couples booth, I forget) and I think "Viewing Window". I also forget what they called that last one, but it had a glass view window into the neighboring booth so that you could watch each other but not touch. That seems frustrating to me!
They also have a number of private booths, but we were not interested in those.


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For some reamister that whole scene in the shop had not really turned me on all that much. I think I expected Bren to just kind of tease him and really work him over a little after him skulking around and ogling her, but instead she had jumped in and gotten him off almost immediately. I was disappointed she had not made him suffer a little.
She told me later that she had been in the mood for the theater we had never found, and wanted a little public sex, and was in fact still a little pissed at me for not stopping to ask directions. She just needed to feel some strange cock.
Plus the guy had cum so quick, I dont think she stroked him even 25 times, and I had been nervous about being in such a public spot, but for whatever reamister it kind of left me cold. Bren had enjoyed it, she remarked several time about how thick his cock was
"not very long but really fat, my fingers wouldn't hardly reach around" as she put it, and him squirting his load in her hand had left her pussy wet and wanting more.
Back at the video booths there were some booths kind of in an island in the middle with an aisle all around them, plus some on the side wall and a long row on the end wall. There were several guys just kind of loitering around looking and several booths in use. The latter spot, the end wall, is where there were several marked "Gloryhole", and we chose one and went in.
All had full doors, and we locked ours behind us. The glory hole, a nicely finished circular cut-out about 6 or 7" in diameter, was in the right wall as we entered, the video screen straight ahead. Again there was a chair, a wastebasket, and a paper towel dispenser on the wall, and the booth was spotless clean except for an empty condom package under the chair. It smelled a little of Pinesol and cum, I think a couple guys had pumped their loads into the wastebasket.
The booth our gloryhole looked into was occupied when we entered, and Brenda bent down and looked thru the hole.
She looked up at me as though shocked. "Why, that man has no pants on! I'm shocked, that dirty old man, with his cock and balls just hanging out! You should look."
I did, and she was right, he was stark naked from the waist down and his cock and balls were just hanging there, but they were substantial, as was he. My first thought was old farmer. He was stocky and solid built, plaid flannel shirttails hanging down. He was older, his pubic hair mostly grey, and his hands looked old, age-spotted and gnarled.
I moved aside, and Brenda put her fingers thru the hole showing him her manicured nails and wedding ring. He immediately sidled up to the hole and pushed his package into our side. His balls were large and saggy, like two medium eggs in the bottom of a sock as they hung down the wall below the hole, and his cock was thick, about 5" long, and hanging totally limp. Bren set about correcting that situation.
She put her hands on the wall on either side of the hole and just used her mouth, first licking up and down his chunky cock, then taking it in her mouth and sucking hard as she stretched him, pulling her head back until his cock slipped out of her mouth with an audible pop and flopped down against his balls.
As she did this it dawned on me that I had not fed any money into the video player, so I started that up with a $5 bill, and adjusted the screaming volume down. I was starting to get hard as she lavished attention on his cock, which was also beginning to slowly swell and lengthen. It was up to probably 7" and impressive thickness, still not fully hard, when Bren suddenly quit and stood up. "Fuck! I'm too dressed and too hot!" She quickly stripped her shirt over her head and slid out of her pants, handing them to me and leaving on only her black thong. I tried to hang her clothes on the towel dispenser where I had put our jackets, and finally succeeded, albeit precariously.
The farmer had pulled his implements back into his booth when Bren quit sucking him, but quickly returned them to her when she showed herself to him at the hole. She resumed sucking him as I slid my jeans down and let my hard cock spring free.
After a few more minutes of her fine work, his cock had reached an impressive 8 or so inches, and was quite thick. Noticeably larger than my own, though not as hard, but still plenty hard enough to be servicable. This old boy was well equipped, I was impressed. He must have made some young ladies very happy in his day. I wondered if maybe Viagra was involved, but it really didn't matter.
He had a big, thick, hard cock, and Bren was totally into it. I reached under her and wormed my fingers inside her thong and then into her slit, finding her hot and slick, oozing her slippery lube. Yup, she was enjoying her evening now.
I fiddled her hard clit a little bit, then slid two fingers into her. She growled deep in her throat and thrust herself onto my fingers, coating them in her honey. She moaned in protest as I slid my fingers out of her, but I wanted a taste. I sucked her juices off my fingers, it was sweet, slick, and incredible, and I was hard as stone.


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"I've wondered, do guys like this, whose wives probably don't do this stuff think that those of us husbands that let our wives do it (or even encourage and help them) are insane, are pussywhipped cuckolds, or are they jealous and wish they could talk their wives into it?
I get kind of embarassed or even humiliated sometimes, like this, when guys can actually see me and know what's happening, but I always find it way too exciting to quit. Any opinions?"

I am very, very jealous. I've been trying to get my wife to open up and have sex with other guys for about 8 years (we've been married >20). I've made a little progress; she'll play along with the "other guys" fantasy when we're having sex and I've gotten her to dress without undies while on vacation. A few times she's even told me to eat the creampie that her boyfriend left after I cum in her and while I'm down there, she'll be saying "yeah, eat all his cum, lick it up" and it turns me on again enough to fuck her again.

We'll be empty nesters soon and I'm hoping that she'll get slutty then. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about my wife having sex with other guys.


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kgrebo: good luck, and be sure to keep us posted. It sounds like she's interested, but too inhibited to take the next step I hope she'll cum around for you.


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She continued to suck him, enjoying the thickness of his cock in her mouth, and began to stroke and massage his saggy ball sack with her left hand.
I had always heard that as guys got older their testicles and dick tends to shrink, but if that was true of this guy, who I guessed was at least in his mid to late 60's, he must have been extremely well endowed when he was younger. Bren and I have seen a lot of young guys that can only wish they were hung like this. At full hardness, like he seemed to be now, he had to be close to 9" long, and probably near 2.5" in diameter at the base of his cock, although slightly narrower just behind the head.

Sure, his ball sack was saggy, wrinkled, and low-hanging, but if it hung out of his Bermuda shorts when he was playing shuffleboard at the retirement home it was because he had two big ol' fat chicken egg sized nuts in there! Which Brenda seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the weight and feel of just then.
Letting his wet cock just hang across the side of her face, she began to lick and suck at his big balls. I heard him groan and thump against the wall on the other side as he adjusted his position to give her better access to his nuts, and Bren made the most of it, sucking one big egg into her mouth. I heard him groan "Oh my god" as she pulled at his testicles, now stroking his long thick cock with her hand.
I noticed that her fingertips just touched when she was far up on his shaft, but lacked touching by almost an inch when she stroked down near the base. His cock and her hand were shiny with a mix of saliva and pre-cum, and I figured she'd have him cumming pretty soon.
By now I was very aroused at watching my wife work this impressive tool, and was slowly stroking my hard cock, which was also dribbling a little clear fluid. I pulled at her and tried to encourage her to get up to a standing position so that I could either go down on her or enter her from behind, but she just shrugged me off and stayed focused on her blowjob, frustrating me.
As I became more insistent she stopped and turned to me. "Stop it, I want to fuck him now. Look at that nice cock!" As she continued to stroke and lick him, I turned to her small purse where the 2 leftover Magnum sized condoms were. I figured a normal size one would be a stretch, literally and figuratively, on him. Bren heard me rustling around and said "No, not with that. Bareback, I want to feel him cum in me." We had an agreement not to do that with strangers, and I objected. I just don't think it's worth dying for, you know?
She overruled my objections, and said "I'll just ask him." She gave a couple quick tugs on his cock, as if to say "Hey there!", the way you'd tap somebody on the shoulder, and I couldn't help but laugh when he understood her signal! He pulled out of the hole, and Bren put her face to the hole and said "C'mere a sec" He leaned near the hole and she softly said "I want you to fuck me, OK?"
He, of course, said "Yah, sure, you bet." Sounded like Wisconsin or Minnesota over there. Then she did, she asked him flat out: "You don't have any nasty diseases or anything, do you, 'cause I don't want to use a condom, and my husband is being pissy about it."
He replied "Noo, noo, I don't suppose I do, I haven't had a lot of sex, you know, with somebody, since my wife passed a couple years ago. I don't know of anything." Then, to his credit, he asked "What about you?"
Bren assured him that she did not, and since we both get tested pretty regularly I was confident she was correct.

He said "Well, OK then", and put his cock and balls back thru the hole, leaning his belly against the wall so that he was thrust through as far as possible. He had softened slightly, but Bren's lips and the promise of her pussy had him hard again in no time. I was still nervous about her doing him this way, but his age range is a very low risk group, and I had no reamister to think he'd lied to us.
I quickly stripped off her wet thong (I think I could have wrung her juices out of it), and stuffed it in her purse. She turned and, putting one foot up on the chair and the other on the ground, reached back and began to rub his fat cockhead up and down in her wet pussy, trying to get him in, but having some difficulty. It had to be because of his size, or maybe she was just tight because of the awkward position, because I knew she was plenty well lubed. She looked at me watching and said "Help me!"

I kneeled in front of her, and she put both hands on my shoulders to brace herself, leaving sticky wet fingermarks on my dark shirt. I reached back under her and took his thick cock in my hand, guiding it to her pussy and working it up and down, trying to help her get it in. I noticed the weight and heat, as well as the silky skin of his cock, and felt him harden as he tensed and tried to thrust into her. We missed again, and his cock was becoming quite slippery with all her pussy juice and saliva and his own leaking semen.
I changed tactics and just let his big thick cock lay the length of my hand, my fingertips brushing his ballsack and the head of his cock leaking cum on my wrist. I pressed his thick shaft against her pussy, parting her lips and letting her wet inner lips and hard clit rub against the top of his hardness. She liked that, and began to buck her hips, sliding her sensitive clit and pussy lips against his shaft, pressing down hard into my hand and digging her fingernails into my shoulders with her arousal.
I wasn't sure if he was going to cum first and cover my arm with jizz, or if she was going to cum first and collapse on top of me, but I knew I was very, very turned on and enjoying their actions.
I felt Brenda's fingers tighten painfully on my shoulders, gripping like iron, and heard the first sounds of her first orgasm of the night. I knew it was going to be a good one, and I watched all the muscles in her tummy and thighs go taut. "Unh, unh, god, oh yes, yes", as she pumped her hard clit against his cock.
At just the right moment, as she was cumming hard and pumping against him, she rocked forward and I pushed his cock up to her opening so that on her next hip thrust he slammed into her, full length deep into her pussy. She cried out and started to just writhe and shake in the throes of a massive orgasm. It was what I had been planning to do, but it worked way better than I could have anticipated. She was gasping and moaning, and I think it might have been one of her most powerful orgasms I had ever seen. I hoped she blended in with the noisy video soundtracks around us, or somebody might think I was *******ing her.

By now she had one hand in a death grip on my right ear and was pulling my hair with the other, continuing to pump and squeeze on the big cock now firmly seated in her swollen pussy. I disengaged her hand from my ear before she could rip it off, and watched as she settled into a smooth rhythm of sliding back and forth on the farmer's thick cock.
Amazingly, he had not cum when she had. I almost did, and I was just poking up in the air, not in her tight, hot pussy. Like I said, amazing.


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They settled into a rhythm, her sliding back and forth on his big cock as he held still, then after 30 or so thrusts, she would stop tight against the wall and he would fuck her tight pussy, driving his big meat deeply into her. I had stood up and could see the action when she was moving on him, his thick meat spreading her lips wide, her tiny puckered asshole clenching and unclenching as she squeezed his cock, but when she stopped my view was blocked. I still knew every time he thrust deep into her though, by her soft unh,unh, unh grunts every time he'd fill her up.
She had her hands on her knees, bracing herself against his thrusts, but I could see she was getting tired in that position. He had probably been fucking her for seven or eight minutes at this point. I kneeled back down in front of her so that she could lean on me, but all I could see from there was her breasts swaying back and forth, nipples rosy and hard, and his big balls dangling down below her crotch. His balls would slide up the wall as he pulled out of her, then dangle way back down when he again thrust himself into her.
I looked at her face, which was flushed and had a light sheen of sweat. She was biting her lower lip and had her eyes closed, her breath coming in short, fast pants.

I had to be a part of this. "Honey, are you OK?" Seeming surprised, she opened her eyes and looked at me and grunted out "Uh-huh" with two of his thrusts.
"How does that feel baby, is it good?"
"Ohhh, oh god yes, it's amazing! His cock is so big, I love it, god, Oh fuck, he's going to make me cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm cumming, ohhhhh fuck, yesss! Ohhh, big fucking hard COCK!" The last few words were ground out between clenched teeth, and again she was gripping my shoulder and the side of my neck in an iron grip as a huge orgasm rocked through her body. She is incredibly strong when in the throes of sex, and she was actually kind of hurting me. I knew it was unintentional.

I was also a little jealous of the intensity of her orgasms, I am unable to give her this powerful of an orgasm except orally. Apparently my "reamisterably thick" 7" dick just doesn't do to her what he was able to do. My inadequate cock was hard as stone right now though, and weeping madly in offense. Nah, fuck that, it was just arousal!
As she came off her hard orgasm I looked again into her face. She was almost gasping for air, very flushed, and her eyes were wide open now. In fact, she was looking right at me, but she was not seeing me at all. Even with her eyes open, she was not seeing a thing. Instead, she was focused completely internally, I'm sure that is what was happening.

I moved my head back and forth in front of her, trying to catch her eye, but her blank stare never wavered, and she never blinked. She was focused 100% on that thick cock plunging into her, the electric shocks radiating out from her hard clit and stiff nipples, the hot moist walls of her vagina gripping his thick meat as he pumped into her, stretching her wide and deep, the big head of his cock probing at her womb as the thick base pushed her lips wide open. I think she was looking deep inside for that next orgasm that was welling up from her center, and she soon found it.

I started milking her nipples, so as to not be completely useless, and when she came again it was really good for her. She was almost sobbing in her joy at how good this felt. He had fucked her for over 20 minutes now, three big time orgasms and I lost count of how many lesser ones, and I have no idea how his old back and knees took it, much less his big old cock in her hot grip
We had never had anyone at a gloryhole or in a theater last this long before, the 20 second wonder is much more common, but we're talking over 20 damn minutes! He was raising her expectations to unreamisterable levels!
I cheated.
I reached back and began to fondle his huge balls, rolling them in his floppy sack, and squeezing them, and let my fingers massage the base of his thick cock as he plumbed my wife's depths, my fingers quickly becoming slick and dripping their combined juices.
Close to the wall, I heard him groan, and felt his cock swell and pulse against my fingers. I just held there, making circles on the underside of the base of his cock, and felt him spasm, again and again, as he pumped big gouts of his semen deep into my Brenda.
She felt it too, and came again, squeezing a flood of white cum out around his cock and over my fingers. I rubbed it into his balls, covering his sack with his own cum, and as he slid out of her I let his massive cock, which had given my wife such pleasure, flop wetly into my hand. I gripped him, stroking his slippery cock, and watched and heard several big wet drops of cum fall from his cock and from Brenda's pussy onto the floor.
She turned, and taking him into her mouth began to clean the cum from his cock. I got behind her and sank my aching cock into the pool of hot fresh cum still inside of her, her stretched pussy only very slowly contracting to fit my cock. It was incredible, so hot and wet, and so loose, just teasing my cock without really gripping me, sooo wet and slick, and I could feel his cum running down my balls and dripping to the floor. I knew I wouldn't last too long, I couldn't.


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Gripping her hips I pulled her tight against me, burying myself as deeply into her as I could, and still knowing that I was not as deep as he had just been. And that had been with a wall between them. She continued to make wet sucking sounds as she worked on his cum-covered cock, accompanied by moans as I thrust into her again and again.
I loved the feel of her soaking pussy loosely wrapped around my cock, and knew that I was about to pass the point of no return. I pressed deeply into her, my balls and pubic hair soaked with the cum covering her pussy, and began to spurt my pent-up load far into her hot tunnel. It felt incredible, I never wanted it to stop, but all too soon I had finished several large spurts and several more which diminished in intensity as my orgasm slowly subsided.
Brenda came again as I did, but with nowhere near the intensity of her earlier ones. She raised up slightly, putting her hands on the wall above the gloryhole and leaning her weight on her arms. With her face no longer blocking the way, I could lean to one side and see that the guy had pulled out and the hole was vacant.
I continued to slowly thrust into her, enjoying the hot, wet sensation as my erection gradually began to soften. As she raised up a little further to ease the strain on her back, I slipped from her loose grip and flopped down against my leg in a spray of semen.
I could feel that Brenda was shaky, and knew from experience that her legs would be a little wobbly after several good orgasms and an extended time in an awkward position. I pulled the chair over for her, stepping out of the way as best I could in the small booth.
She turned the chair so that it faced the hole, and collapsed onto it, sprawling with her legs apart and her head back. She had her eyes closed, and I could see by the rise and fall of her chest that she was breathing heavily. I also noticed that her nipples were still very hard. I heard paper towels being torn off the roll in the next booth as I slid around to one side and leaned down to get a look at her pussy.

She was a mess, pink and swollen and leaking cum, her entire crotch shiny wet and sticky-looking. Her little patch of pubic hair was gooey with cum, and she just looked very well satisfied, and incredibly hot. Cum was running from her and dripping from the edge of the chair onto the floor. If she had slid down another inch or two it would have missed the chair entirely and dripped straight to the floor, but as a result of her position, she was sitting in a cum slick, her ass wet and semen coated where it met the plastic chair.
We heard the door of our partner's booth open, and could see the light from the hall shining into the booth. Within seconds of his departure we heard someone enter, and saw a pair of red sweatpants pass the hole just before the space went dark and we heard the door close.
Bren continued to sit with her used pussy facing the hole for anyone to see, as I took a paper towel to myself, cleaning the worst of the mess off before it could get all crusty. We could see him looking in at her, and he gripped the bottom of the hole with 4 fingers into our booth as he stared at her, enjoying that beautiful sight.
Always aiming to please, Bren began to rub herself with two fingers of her left hand (she is left-handed), smearing the wetness over her pussy, stroking her clit and occasionally inserting her fingers to pull out more white semen. Soon the guy stood, and we could see that he was masturbating furiously just beyond the opening, his hand pumping rapidly on what appeared to be an average but very hard cock.
I don't think Brenda was extremely interested so soon after her last experience, but always willing to fondle a new cock she reached out and touched him through the hole, stroking his glistening cockhead with her sticky fingers. He took the hint and thrust his stiff, upward-curving 5" cock through the hole. He was nothing special, just a slightly shorter and slightly thinner than average cock, but he was hard, horny, and present, and Bren leaned forward to suck him.
She had just put her lips on him, taking his entire smallish bit swollen cock into her mouth, when her ass slid on the wet chair and she almost fell off. She released him and jerked back to catch herself and I grabbed her arm, and we got her settled more steadily on the cum-seat, but as she took him in her hand, before she could get positioned to suck him off, he began to spurt his load all over the place. She managed to catch most of it on her tits and stomach, but a couple of errant sprays hit the floor, and one went in and on one of her red sneakers. We didn't see that until later, but we know that's when it happened.
Those were her airport security-friendly shoes, so she wore that obvious cum splash home on the plane before she could throw them in the wash. Probably nobody else noticed, but we knew what that white smear was.

She stroked him as he finished, not taking him back into her mouth as his punishment for cumming before he was supposed to. As he softened she milked the last fat drop of cum to the tip of his shrinking cock, then took it with the very tip of her tongue and enjoyed the flavor of him before she swallowed it.
He pulled back quickly and left, not bothering to clean himself with a towel or anything. I guess there was really no need, all of his semen was in our booth, most of it on my wife, and all he had was a trace of her saliva on his shrivelled little cock. His sweatpants were probably absorbent enough to handle any more cum leakage. Trouser tracks to explain to his wife!


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Bren stayed slouched down on the chair, his cum splash still warm on her tits. I was behind her, and leaned forward and began to rub his warm slippery cum into her nipples with my fingertips, pinching her hard nipples as I let them slide from my grip, and making circles around them with his cum.
She shivered and let out a low moan. "Mmmmm, you're driving me crazy. I'm going to need some more cock soon!" She began to rub her hard clit with two fingers, lubricating them with the cum still oozing out of her. Amazingly, the booth next door remained empty, and through the gloryhole we could see the light from the video screen flashing on the floor and wall. I dug out Bren's purchase, the big ol' purple floppy dong and handed it to her, and was digging for the lube when Brenda leaned forward and looked in to see if anyone was going to join us, then said "Oh wow! That booth is a double, it's got a hole on both sides!"
I was kind of surprised, we have not seen that very often. "Really? Let me see." I looked, and she was right. As a matter of fact, I could see straight through into the 3rd booth, which was occupied, and could make out the obvious motion of some guy's arm as he jerked off.
Brenda, apparently excited by the prospect of 2 strange cocks at once, said "C'mon, hurry up, I want to move over to that booth!"
She was naked, I was almost, so there was no way to do this very quickly. Even as we reached for our clothes, we heard the noise of somebody entering that booth and closing the door, and knew we'd missed that opportunity.
We quietly discussed it and decided to go ahead and get dressed, at least minimally, so that we could jump over the next time it opened up. I slid the chair so that the back was blocking the hole, and Bren wiped the cum off the seat partly so she could sit and not soak her pants, and partly because it's not polite to leave cum all over the chairs. Poor etiquette, like leaving the gym equipment all sweaty at Bally's.
She slipped into her tight little pants, without her thong which remained in her purse, and then into her snug t-shirt. I took a big drop of cum off the tip of my cock with one finger, giving it to Bren to lick off, and pulled up my pants, which had been bunched around my ankles. I grabbed my sweatshirt off the towel holder, almost dropping it on the cummy floor, and slipped it on. I handed Bren her shoes, noticing the big cum splatter on one. I started to take it to wipe it off, but Bren said to leave it, that I'd probably only make it look worse. I think she just wanted to show it off.

We were ready to jump, and Bren pulled the chair aside to see what was going on or if the booth would soon be vacated. She looked, then motioned me to join her. I looked in to see the guy that had entered, a tall thin guy, pants around his feet, pressed up tight against the far wall, his ass toward us flexing and thrusting as he got some from whoever (pretty sure it was another guy) was in the 3rd booth!
The hole was big enough that if Bren and I put our heads right together we could both watch him, and I could tell already that Bren was enjoying this little voyeuristic side-trip. We could see his balls flopping between his spread legs as he made short thrusts with his hips, and the muscles in his ass cheeks were pumping rhythmically. He was flat-out fucking that wall!

We watched a hand snake in and begin to squeeze his balls. It was almost definitely a man's hand, with strong, blunt fingers, and it appeared to be squeezing him pretty hard. He stopped thrusting, pressed against the wall and grunting "Unh, unh, ohh, uhhhh fuck" as the strong fingers crushed his testicles in a death grip. It looked kind of painful, but fun, and I found myself growing hard. He was definitely digging it.
Bren was also enjoying it immensely. "This is fucking hot! I want you to do that for me, so I can watch you."
I was not so sure, although I was turned on. "We'll see, maybe sometime I will."
We continued to watch as his ass muscles began to contract strongly, although he held very still, pressed to the wall. I was sure he was pumping out his load, his balls being squeezed dry, and was filling up some man's mouth as we watched him cum.
We soon discovered that we were correct, as his balls were released and he stepped back from the wall. His cock was still very hard, long and kind of skinny, and covered with an unmistakeable mix of saliva and cum. His balls were red and beginning to look a little swollen, and he rubbed them with one hand as we heard him say "Goddam!" With his other hand he gave his long cock a few tugs, and we saw him visibly shiver. He gently massaged his bruised balls, muttering "Fuck me! Motherfucker."
It had apparently hurt so-o-o-o good!

He continued to massage himself, cock and balls, as he settled onto the chair to watch videos. We watched a dribble of cum roll down his length before he rubbed it in. He knew we watched, but didn't care. I think he enjoyed having an audience, or he could have blocked our hole while he got his blowjob. He pulled his loose foreskin back and forth, covering and uncovering his glistening cockhead. I know how Bren loves that.

He did not appear to be losing his erection, which was probably between 8" and 9" long, but could not have been more that maybe an inch and a quarter in diameter. It just looked really skinny. Brenda said later it would be a good, deep ass-fucking cock.
Since he showed no signs of leaving, and we were dressed, we decided to go get some supper. We had not eaten yet, except for a little semen on her part, but that was barely an appetizer and we were starving. It was probably about 8:00 at this point.


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Stormy, This is so hot, please continue the story and post a discreet pic of Brenda so we can see what she looks like. She is such a good slut wife.


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CH, you're right about that. I will try again with the picture. To say she's not keen on that idea would be an understatement.
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