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Blacked on holiday - true story

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I want to tell about a particularly kinky incident on holiday that although almost feels wrong in some way turned us on greatly.

Two years ago my wife and I went to Antigua on holiday with the kids. There is no particualr reamistering behind the destination and we r aware that it is full of blacks and my wife is frustrated at not shagging one a night but bottom line is the kids are with us so it is hard to do anything.

When there as usual it was a large complex that you rarely venture out of and after a few days you get to know staff well. What we like about the Carribean and Bahamhs (apart from black guys) is the fact that as you dont venture out of the complex and everyone is easy going it gives my wife a chance to wear nothing but skimpy bikinis. Pre holiday this is nothing short of a major operation for my wife who scours the web for hot skimpy sexy bikinis that leave little to the imagination but in that part of the world no body really cares apart from the odd religious American couple that have made snide comments.

As my wife is a complate flirt she very quickly always become well known in holiday resorts. Always first on stage etc. at night and lives life to the full for sure.

She adores fit black men and these guys have about 2% body fat and fit as hell so she takes every opportunity to flirt at the bar or during aerobics or pool games. She has had a boob job and have to say that although coming up for 40 she has kept an outstanding figure but her boobs are by far her best asset.

This particualr incident happened one night. She had told me one of the black guys had been getting frisky with her and she though that he was v good looking and advised me that if the opportunity arises she will have him. I knew she was serious as when she gets something in her head and sets her sights then she gets what she wants and this is usal for our lifestyle as she fucked a lot of guys. What made this particualr incident memorabl was very risky though.

One night there was to be a show put on as usual by staff and customers. My wife had volunteered and this maeant she had to go back stage about 9pm to get changed into her costume for the show while me and the kids were out front having a beer.

The kids were asking to see there mum and see what she was wearing and kept on at me. This was overheard by a sympathetic other member of staff who told me to just take the kids backstage and see their mommy as it was a relaxed atmospher and no one would mind.

I agreed and took the kids back stage but couldnt find her anywhere as it just seemed to be a pile of ppl rushing around into various makeshift changing rooms which consisted of a curtian surrounding some framework. As we wlaked along the line of these backstage the kids shouted out for my wife and seconds later her head poopped out of a curtian with a shocked look which was unusal for my wife who is rarely shocked. "Oh what are you doing here" she said to me. " Kids just were bored and wanted to see you" I said. Wanted to see ur costume before everyone else Honey".

"They cant "she said. We are not allowed. "what is it top secret" , I replied while laughing.

"Look they just cant but please, you come in a minute and I will explain".

I sneaked in through the curtain while the kids waited for me and was shocked when I entered cos within the dressing room was the black guy George that she had wanted to fuck. Now anyone who has known my wife knows that when she has started sex and is being fucked she just WILL NOT stop until she has been finsihed off. I looked down at Georges cock and realised why my wife had wanted him as here was a huge black cock glistening away with what was obviously my wifes juices all over it. She had obvoiulsly explained to George were swingers as he wasnt bothered at all by my presence and actually took his cock and placed it back into her while we chatted. Fuk me here is another permister who cant stop once they have started I thought to myself. My wife continued to hold the curtian closed shut while George thrust in and out and my wife bit her lip while looking at me pleadingly to let him continue. This was far from ideal with the kids outside continulally shouting on their mom.

On hearing them my wife was powerd to pop her hear out again and told the kids that she wouldnt be long and she just needed Daddy to help her with her dress. Truth being tha t as she was eye to eye chatting to her youngren unknown to them Geaorge was slowly thrusting in and out her wet pussy. Now I know what ppl will be thinking and it is way far from ideal but to be honest George couldnt have come out anyway and had to be hidden away from the kids so it is not too bad . Mum chatted with the kids expertly and god knows how she kept a straight face while George was putting a cock that looked about 10 inches long in and out of her but she did. After only a minute or so George looked up at the ceiling stifled any noises he wanted to make and remained deep in my wifes womb while he was obviosuly filling her up. I watched as he pulled out of her and his tremendous looking shiny black cock was dripping with both his cum and my wifes. He winked at me as he sorted himself and I felt a little humiliated by this poor black kid with probably nothing to his name and staying in some tin hut. BUT he had still mamaged to satisfy my white wife in a way that I cant in that she loves big cock. It was a humbling momnent and realisation that no matter how much money you have someone will be more manly than you.

My wife also sorted herself told the kids to go and she'd be out in a minute and all ened up ok. We had a little argument about it in that I said it was risky but as she pointed out if I hadnt rudely interupted her fun she would have been caught . She told me she wnated to fuck George properly so a few days later I was powerd to take the kids to the pool on the pretext mum wasnt well. As I walked away with them I saw George waste no time and saw him enter the door to our chalet while looking towards me and smiling. The blinds went shut and I knew my wife would probably sneakily fuck him bareback as I wsasdnt there to supervise.

One word of warning to any cuckold couples going on a holiday like this. If you have kids with you and want some fun be VERY CAREFUL. It was evident that George had told the entire other black male staff about my wife and I and her addiction to cock and sex and that she was a game white wife. My wife does adore that black guys are always very horny but as we had the kids it became a bit of a problem in that eventuall they noticed there mum was getting an awfull lot of attention. I had to get her to go to George and tell them to back off as they were virtually Qing at ur door to fuck her. Ordinarily we would have been ok with this but we had the kids but what annoyed me was that htese didnt even care about that and still pursued my wife. So be careful if you do indulge in fun and kids are there as the have v little discretion.

I then took the kids away


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Kids were not involved in any way whatsoever. Just got caught with them nearby


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powerono is right. With kids nearby, they are involved. When they are that close to the action, you have an accident in waiting. It's only a matter of time that they will stumble across mom's fucking. Sorry aberdeen, kids and family come first. You must shut the wife down when they are around if she is *** to take the responsibility herself.


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Not the first time, even in real, I hear about bein' "caught" by kids...bad luck, huh ? NO ! Just no sense of responsibility, disgusting, selfish...I think one can go for anything provided it's LOCKED as far as kids are concerned.

But I suspect...this AROUSES you (at their expenses) and this even more as you can self-indulgently claim : "not my fault"...
Fanatique de l'infidelite feminine


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Thanks Peter C. Let me just point out that far from being selfish or whatever we r a v loving family and as I say it was far far from ideal but just how it panned out. we did speak bout it after and my wife did feel a little guilty.
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Blacked on holiday - true story
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