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I have commented on this before but i wonder if any other cucks have been turned on by this scenario. Having swung and been a cuck for around ten years now I am more than comfortable to discuss with my wife what my fantasies are and scenarios I would like to act out. My wife ( and those of you on here who have met her willl know this) is a daring horny up for anything exhibisionist. The more risky and daring it is the more she seems to get turne on by it and as it involves her favourite past time of sex then she is always keen to merge the two.

I knew she had fucked a few of her friends husbands. Now some folk might thin this weird but here are my wifes reamisterings for this. Some folk may think her a bunny boiler but trust me she is not. She likes the power of meeting with friends and hearing them go on and aon about how trustworthy and loyal their husbands are. This has always been like a challenge to my wife and to date she has fucked numrous husbands of friends and not once has any of them turned around and knocked her back, NOT ONCE. Now I myself cant blame them as my wife is knoiwn for being sexy and flirtatious and it is generally known amongst all our friends that she loves sex albeit they dont know we swing.

I am never surprised at the lack of loyalty our friends show to each other or us. I know thats hypocritical but I feel at least me and my wife are open about it with each other.

My wife takes every opportunity to dress up sexy and whenver we are out (even to go to local supermarket) she will always have on what is probably classed as inappropriate dress for the occassion. She does however enjoy fashion and likes attention from guys so I dont object and even if I did she wouldnt take any notice.

We have regualrly turned up to friends houses for parties and she will be wearing short skirt, low cut top showing her ample tits and maybe stockings or tights depending on length of her skirt while other wives will be there in old jeans and a T shirt. Now I know I am envied amongst the other husbands cos guys being guys after a few takes we discuss wives and sex etc but never anything like swapping as we just dont talk about that amongst close friends in the community.

Many a husband has been caught by me staring at her cleavage while she pours takes and I find this v much a turn on that my hot wife exudes such power over them and knows it.

She has fucked several of them over the years but without my participation as this may lead them to discover we r into swinging so for friends she must fuck them without me being there. We like to play together so decided to set up something whereby I could get involved in the capacity of a cuckold and we have done scenarios like this on several occassion now. Let me tell you bout the last time and fellow cucks please give this a try it is a real turn on.

What I wanted to do is catch my wife fucking a friend but for her to demand that he continues when I walk in on them. This is an incredible turn on.

Kevin was the husband of a firned of my wifes. From the moment my wife set eyes on him I knew she wanted him and she later confessed this. He was tall, dark haired always well dressed and Sara had been telling my wife he was great in bed which always fires her up to snare guys like him to see for herself. We always weigh up a guy as well as the last thing we want is for him to run back to the likes a sara and tell her what happened. It does take a bit of time to set this up but we feel it is worht it. Over several months our group of friends meet up almost every weekend with some folk failing to make it but generally a saturday night is round to someones house for takes. My wife always dresses hot and now her sights were set on Kev she actively pursued him like some sort of game and would find herself in the kitchen or waiting at the bathroom with him while still maintaining discretion so no one susses out what she is up to.

As the weeks went by she would tell me on a Sunday how Kevin was relaxing in her company how she had caught him staring at her breasts and when she checked him for doing it he had merely said he couldnt help it cos they are great and you cant miss them. We felt the time was right for Kev to have her pussy.

It is always a great risk but as I say to date no guy has ever turned my wife down. Because we are all friends we know that any guy who has fucked will NOT be telling someoen else in the group so gossip and discretion is not a problem.

During one such party/ get together Kev had been quite takes and my wife told me that while he was pouring a take in the kitchen the convesatino turned to him coming to our house for a "coffee " when I was out. She said his eyes lit up and althoguh slightly taken aback he knew what was on offer and said he would call midweek.

The day came and we had our usual plan all set up. Kev would turn up while I hid in the garage listening to what was happening via a baby monitor that we had bought to hide in the house without Kev or whoevers knowledge.

My wife came downstairs and looke awesome in a tight dress (no bra her usual) and a pair of silver shiny high heels and stockings. I commented that the silver heels and black stockings together looked very slutty and she laughed and replied good that the point. I had an erection as I went to the garage waiting for Kev to turn up. Right on time I heard th doorbell go and switched on the monitor to hear the conversation.

It is a huge turn on to hear a friend chat up your wife. He still wouldnt have realised it was a god given that he would fuck my wife and she wanted him to work for it a bit.

I sat and listened as who I though was a friend told my wife that she was stunning and from the minute he saw her all those months ago he had wanted to give her his number. My wife played along and I always find it a turn on thinking at what point will he plauck up the courage to kiss or ask my wife for sex. It seemeed to go on forever the dicussion and at one point I thought his bottle had gone and nerves had gotten the better of him. Then out of the blue he asks my wife if she has had a boob job. I heard laughter from my wife who admitted that she had a boob job. When he asked her why she had done this my wife expertly took the opportunity to tell him it was because she loves attention and that it gets her plaenty of guys. Conversation then turns to sex and by now my wife is in full flow and I just about explode when Kev plucks up the courage to ask if she can take out a breast for him to see. I was only listening but next I har licking and slurping and sounds and I picture how, on my wife releasing one of her tits from her dress, Kev must now be licking her tits and nipples. I hear fumbling of clothes and further sucking sounds and imagine how Kev must be experiencing my wifes hot mouth over his cock as groans are heard.

Several minutes later my wife tells him to take her to bed. She plays along with our game saying things like what would Sara think. As much as Kev probably loves her he was quick to tell my wife that Sara can fuck off which delighted my wife as this was an indication of her power over hr friends.

I heard my wife being led upstairs and the bedroom we use for these scenarios is right above the garage so I can hear what is going on. Minutes passed and I could hear her being pounded and now was my Q to make my entrance.

Now I have to say at this point that partly this is not acted out in a fantasy way in that when my wife has a cock embedded in her cunt she is genui9nely on a different planet and to stop her before she is finished would result in a massive argument and perhaps this is what turns me on so much about it.

I burst into the room to find Kev on top of my wife with his bare cock pounding in and out of her as she screams. On seeing me enter Kev tried to jump off her but my wife obviously knew I was about to make an entrance so had placed her legs firmly around Kev to stop hil withdrawing.

"What the Fuck is going on here" I exclaim as Kev tries to wriggle away in a panic.

"Dont you stop fucking me, dont dare stop" my wife screams. "I want you cock Kev, fill me up, forget about him just fuck me baby, fuck me" she continues. Now unbeknwon to Kev this is exactly what turns me on. I love seeing my wife at such a far gone seuxal stage that I kid you not if our house was on fire she wouldnt stop till she is satisfied.

I told Kev I was very disappointed and that how could a friend do this. He looked at me stunned lost for words and a bit embarraressed that as he did so my wife was still clawing at him to continue.

"Honey" I said, "Dont you think you have done enough, dont you think Kev should go please" . "Fuck you" she said to me pre planned . She turned to Kevin once more and ells him to forget about me and that she hasnt had good sex in ages due to my incompetence as a lover. "Finish me off baby, please " she says as she continues to move her hips back and forth while he remains trapped inside her. Like most men with a hard on I could see Kev was also passed the point of no return and after the inital shock I saw his balls begin to move ever so slightly back and forth in response to my wifes hip movements.

This is always a strange moment almost like a stand off and dont get me wrong we have on one occassion had a friend stand up so shocked at being caught that he lost his hard on and just went home. As experts at this game now however we had kinda hand picked Kev as he was a strong character with a bit of confidence and cockiness about him and we suspected he would try and take the superior role when caught and continue- AND WE WERE CORRECT.

Kev looked me in the eye and silently began bucking my wifes pussy. It was almost to seek my approval and see what my reaction would be. If I didnt stop him, jump on him, beat him up then he would deduce that he can continue surely.!

My wife continued with here cuckolding of me in that she through a tirade of sexual use at me while telling Kev he was awesome. "Show him how to fuck baby" Show him how it is done" all things we had watched countless times in cuck videos and wanted to act out and by the feeling in my cock and balls I was loving it as always, as was my wife.

Very quickly Kev had my wifes ankles grabbed and with her legs in the air he pounded her cunt furiously while glimpsing periodically at me and smiling. He had settled into his new role very nicely.

After several minutes of passionate frantic fucking my wife was screaming for him to unload and with ahuge groan and one deep thrust I could tell his cock was spurting into her pussy. This is always another weird moment at this point but thankfully Kev just stood up got dressed kissed my wife, turned to me and said cheekily ,"hope you learned something" . It was music to my ears that he had taken to cuckolding me so well. He went over to my wife and kissed her once more telling her to keep in touch cos Sara didnt fuck as good and he wanted more.

As is typical of my wife she told him next time she wanted to do it in Saras bed as the though of that turned her on. He laughed said it wouldnt be a problem and that way we might get some privacy with out interuptions as the both looked at me and laughed again. I was basking in this offense and it didnt bother me that Kev idnt have a clue ti was planned.

We have done this a few times and trust me guys it takes a bit of planning but such a turn on.


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Wow, did you lick up the mess after?


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I have done that in the past without her knowledge as she was relaxing takes after being fucked. I saw it ooze out of her and went to have a state. Wasnt sure what to expect but enede up eating it all yes I admit it. It is not something I am proud of and not really my thing and I cant bring myself to tell my wife of wanting to do this ( albeit she probably encourage it). I felt disgusted with myself after doing it and weak that I couldnt control my cuckold feeling s enough not to.


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I agree, it's all about power to my wife as well. Two years ago, not long after I accepted my current position, we had our company Christmas party. My wife was flirting with my new boss and I didn't think much of it as she flirts with all good looking guys. When I was driving home that night, she casually mentioned that she thought she might just screw my boss. Since I no longer have any say so in what or who she does, I didn't say anything. It wouldn't do any good and she has been know to relax with guys I didn't like just to spite me.

The next time I went out of town on business, she called me and told me she had a date the following night with somebody I knew. She'd done it before to me and refused to tell me anything untill I got home, so I didn't think a lot of it. She likes to taut me, then give me plenty of time to think about it.

When I got home, she made me strip, then watch while she took a syringe and squirted some thing into her pussy. Squating over me, I started to lick her and she told me it was come from the condom her stud had used when he fucked her ass, after he's recovered from fucking her pussy. She dug it out of the trash after he left and she kept it in the refrigerator till I got home.

While I licked her, she told me how my boss had called and asked if she wanted to meet for takes. They met at a hotel bar downtown, after a few takes, he was going to get a room, but she suggested going back to her place since he knew I was out of town. She drove him in her car, so the neighbors wouldn't see a strange car. She told me all the details of him fucking her on our bed and even showed me his "cock collection" photo(Think Banger Sister's, that's where she got the idea)

I asked her if she thought it was a good idea doing my boss and she said she thought it should be good for my job security, after all, my boss is married and he thinks he seduced her!

She's all about power, she's the only one that knows I know she's cuckolding me. When I asked her once why she didn't tell any of her friends or her sister, she said she didn't want to share the power.

If there was any doubt that she had cuckolded me with him, the next day when I went into work removed all doubt. My boss didn't say anything, he didn't have to, but I could tell from the way he was acting he was awfully proud that he'd done my wife. If only he knew it was all my wife's idea and she'd played him like a fiddle. I was proud of her.


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you guys are so lucky - thanks for the hot stories
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