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The Cuckold Circle

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One of the best and hottest cuck stories I have ever read. Does anyone have any similar stories?

Part 1

Bruce and his wife Linda were having takes on the patio of their large suburban home. Bruce, a 42-year-old accountant, had done very well in his profession and was up for a vice presidency of firm. Their expensive home reflected Bruce’s financial success.

Linda, a 36-year-old attractive brunette looked less than her age. Thanks to a disciplined regimen of exercise and diet, her figure was that of a woman ten years younger. Her most notable features were her large bust and long shapely legs. Linda was an elementary school teacher. The couple had no youngren, but were “trying.” The problem, according to Bruce’s physician was his unusually low sperm count. For them, timing would be everything if they were to succeed in getting pregnant.

Sex for Bruce and Linda was very satisfactory for him, but less so for Linda, although she never mentioned this to him out of concern for his fragile masculine ego. Things picked up somewhat for Linda when the couple ventured into the world of suburban swinging last year. Although the guys in their circle were nothing to write home about in Linda’s opinion, at least they were better than Bruce in the sex department. The parties, however, had become less and less frequent, and this was the topic of conversation on this particular evening.

“I don’t get it,” said Bruce. “First Sarah and Bill dropped out. Then Marie and Jim. Now the get-togethers are less and less frequent.”

“I know,” responded Linda. “It is frustrating. But I think I know the reamister.”

“You do?” – asked Bruce, surprised.

“I think so.”

“What is it?”

“Well,” began Linda with obvious hesitation, “I was talking to Marie over coffee the other day. Apparently the action hasn’t stopped, but some of our friends have gone in a different direction.”

“What does that mean – a different direction?”

“Well,” continued Linda, “I don’t know quite how to put it. But basically some of the ladies started finding those evenings less than exciting.”

“You’re kidding!” – said Bruce.

“Nope. Now I know you guys are really into it. And why not? Let’s face it, you’re getting to play with some very hot babes. Am I wrong?”

“No,” said Bruce, “you’re definitely right. So what’s the problem?”

“Well, take Sarah, for instance. What guy wouldn’t want to crawl between that girl’s legs? I mean, she could have any guy she wanted, right?”

“Damn right!” Bruce replied with perhaps more enthusiasm than was advisable. “That certainly goes for you, too, hon.”

“Thanks. Anyway, it was Sarah who started this new thing.”

“What new thing?”

“Well, Sarah went Black.”

Bruce was stunned at this announcement. He had never heard the expression “to go Black,” but he definitely understood the gist of it. In fact, the immediate image of hot little Sarah with a Black stud on top of her sent a shiver through Bruce that he didn’t understand.

“Black?” – was all that he could think of to say.

“Yes, Black. Apparently this was one of her long-time fantasies. So she talked Bill into answering an ad placed by some Black stud on a website devoted to interracial sex.”

“I can’t believe it,” said Bruce.

“Believe it,” replied Linda. “They met this guy and he fucked her right in their own bed right in front of Bill. After that, she couldn’t get interested in our little group anymore. Even Bill was blown away by watching. He became a ‘true believer’ that night.”

Bruce was embarrassed that this story had gotten him so excited that he had to shift in his seat, trying to conceal the fact of his hardening cock.

His reaction, however, did not go unnoticed by Linda. She crossed her legs, giving Bruce a view of thigh that never failed to get him hot. She sipped her take and looked at him over the rim before continuing her story.

“Can you just imagine hot little Sarah squirming on the bed with with this thick 9-inch black cock about to enter her? And Bill sitting across the room watching it all?”

Bruce could indeed imagine this scene. He had been with her many times over the past couple of years and could never believe his good fortune. His only problem with her had been her extreme energy and need for fast, hard stroking that usually caused him to finish before she barely got going. Bruce found himself totally absorbed in this vision and breathing deeply.

“So,” continued Linda, “Sarah told Marie about the experience and – believe it or not – Marie was very excited and receptive. Apparently she had fantasized about having a Black man herself. And she got Jim to go along with it – with the same guy!”

“Jeez!” said Bruce, now overcome with the image of this taboo picture. “No wonder we haven’t seen them lately.”

“Exactly. Anyway, now those two couples and a few others have been going to special parties held by another couple they met. Bruce, they’ve all gone Black!”

“Completely?” asked Bruce, stupefied.

“Totally. What’s amazing is that the guys have acquiesced to this. Isn’t that incredible, honey?”

“It definitely is.”

“Bruce,” purred Linda, “would you mind refreshing my take?”

Uh-oh. Bruce didn’t really want to stand up at this point for fear that his excitement would be only too obvious. But with Linda holding out her empty glass in front of him, he didn’t have a chance. Perhaps, he thought, it’s dark enough that she won’t notice.

Linda noticed, but pretended not to. It was just as Sarah had predicted. Her own husband was turned on at the thought of Black men fucking these white wives that he had known and been with for years. She concealed a smile as Bruce took her glass and quickly turned toward the house to refill it.

When Bruce returned with two fresh takes, she took a sip, crossed her legs, and sighed softly.

“What is it?” – asked Bruce.

“Oh, nothing,” she said. “Probably just too much to take and too long since one of our parties. I was just trying to imagine myself in Sarah’s place. Somehow I don’t see myself lying on the bed with my legs wide open and some Black man’s huge cock pushing at my pussy while you’re sitting there watching. Do you?”

“Gee, I don’t…”

“I mean, I probably couldn’t take anything that big, even if I were excited and begging for it.”

Bruce was by now in a state of frenzied excitement.

“And even if I could,” she continued, “I’d be afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself and would go crazy. And with you sitting there….”

“Well, I….” Was all Bruce could manage at this point.

“Damn, I wonder how Bill and Jim feel when this is happening. How do they react? “

“Well, I guess you could ask them,” ventured Bruce.

“I guess,” she answered. “It might be interesting to invite Marie and Jim over for takes just to hear the story first-hand. Get their perspective on this. I mean, we know them much better than we do Bill and Sarah, even from before our swinging days. What do you think?”

“Well, sure, why not?” – replied Bruce, trying to sound as casual as possible.

Linda beamed with delight. It had been even easier than she had imagined.

“Great. It should be very interesting,” she said. “Meanwhile, all this sex talk has gotten me very hot. Bruce, would you do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Would you get me off with your talented tongue right here, right now?”

“Here?” – said Bruce, astounded. “People might see us.”

“Don’t be silly. It’s too dark. Besides, I’ll unfold this blanket over my lap. You can crawl under it and nobody could see you even if they tried.”

“Well, I don’t know…” said Bruce.

But Linda was beyond the point of wanting to have a discussion on this subject or to engage in negotiations. The blanket was now on her lap and hanging all the way down to the patio. She reached down and lifted it up, revealing her now open legs.

“Now, Bruce! Please!!”

Bruce had never heard his wife speak so sharply to him. Plus, he was afraid that her raised voice would attract attention of the neighbors. So he quickly lowered himself to his knees in front of her.

“All right, sweetie. Calm down.”


Bruce quickly ducked under the blanket, crawled between his wife’s legs and moved his face to her pussy. Through the blanket he felt her hands on top of his head pulling him firmly against her. He began licking her already moist hole.

“Ohhhh, that’s it, baby,” she said softly, much to Bruce’s relief. He plunged his tongue into her.

Linda was in heaven. Even if nothing else came of this, she had her husband on his knees, on the patio, about to make her cum.

“Oh, sweetie,” she purred, “this talk about Sarah and her Black lover got me all hot. I don’t know what came over me. Can you just imagine if it were me instead of Sarah?”

Linda noticed that her words caused Bruce to re-double his efforts between her legs. She had never felt so much in control.

“Mmmmnf…” was the only sound coming from under the blanket, where her husband’s tongue was too occupied with her pleasure to produce anything resembling real words. That was fine with her. Any talk from him would only take away from the fantasy she hadn’t been able to get out of her mind ever since Sarah first told her about her new lover. It may have been hubby Bruce’s tongue giving her pleasure at the moment, but in her imagination it was something much larger and much blacker. And it was attached to a real man.

Little did she know that Bruce couldn’t get the same image out of his own mind no matter how hard he tried. Her erupting orgasm was accompanied by powerful bucking against his now sopping wet face. When she finished it took him a moment to catch his breath.

“Thanks, honey,” he heard her say. “You can come up now.”

Bruce slowly backed out from between Linda’s legs and crawled from under the blanket. He was struck by the sensation of cool night air against his warm, wet face. Getting back up into his chair, Bruce was somehow almost embarrassed to look his wife in the eye. It was as if he had done something shameful or humiliating.

Linda picked up on her husband’s discomfort, but decided to look him directly in the face anyway. He seemed to shrink under her gaze. She suddenly realized why Bruce was so ill at ease before her. They had, in effect, experienced her first Black-inspired orgasm and both of them realized it. They had, she understood, taken a big first step. And she was savoring the possibilities.

* * * * *

A few days later Linda and Bruce were entertaining their friends Marie and Jim on that very same patio. It was late on a Saturday night after a candlelit dinner where there had been no mention of swinging. Now, relaxing in the balmy summer night air and mellow with wine, thoughts turned to sex.

For his part, Bruce was once again admiring the lovely Marie, a blonde, 29-year-old legal assistant at a prestigious center city law firm. He had enjoyed her lovely body many times at their swing parties and hoped that something might even be possible tonight. It was Linda who turned the conversation to the “Circle” group.

“So tell us, Marie,” she began, “what about the “Circle?”

“Oh, it’s great! We love it, don’t we, honey?” she said, addressing her husband, Jim.

“Yes, dear,” he responded with somewhat less enthusiasm.

“Oh, I’m sure Jim’ll be the first to admit that he had doubts and hesitations at first, but he came around and is now a true believer.” Jim didn’t say anything to this.

“A true believer in what?” – ventured Bruce.

“In Black men as lovers, of course,” responded Marie.

“Listen,” interjected Linda, “let me steal Marie away for a few minutes for some girl talk. Jim, you can share your experiences with Bruce in private. Okay?”

“Sure,” said Jim.

Bruce and Jim admired the ladies as they retreated inside the house. Marie’s swaying hips and long shapely legs never failed to arouse Bruce.

“Well,” he said, “it’s been a while since we partied. Marie is looking HOT!”

“Well, my friend,” responded Jim, “you can look all you want to. But as you know my wife has gone Black.”

“What does that mean exactly,” asked Bruce.

“Very simple. She only has sex with Black men.”

“And you, of course,” interjected Bruce.

“Well, sure, sort of…sometimes. It depends.”

”So what was it like seeing her with a Black guy?”

“To tell you the truth,” answered Jim, “it blew my mind. I had just never imagined anything like that. Mainly, I’d never seen Marie get that turned on. And vocal! It almost scared me, really.”

“Was the guy as big as Sarah told Linda?”

“Oh, yeah. I mean BIG. Nine or ten inches easy. And THICK! It was scary. I couldn’t believe Marie could take it. But she did. When I saw that monster powering its way into her pussy, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She went crazy! And he hadn’t even started fucking her. She had an orgasm just feeling him that way.”

“Wow. That must have been hard to take.”

“It was and sometimes still is, although I’ve gotten more used to it. At this point I could never deprive her of it. I mean those guys can fuck – and I mean hard – for half an hour. They’re in a different league. You can see why she isn’t interested in coming to our old parties any more. A bunch of white guys with small equipment and hair triggers. We can’t compete. You gotta hand it to them. I wish I could give her that much pleasure. But I can’t. She’s hooked for sure. So I’m a believer.”

This was information overload for Bruce.

“Jeez…” he said.

“Are you thinking about coming to a Circle party?”

“Well, I don’t know,” said Bruce.

“You should. Besides, I’d like someone I know sitting in the circle with me from time to time.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know – the circle. Don’t you know about it?”

“First I heard of it.”

“Well,” began Jim, “it’s like this….”

* * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, in the house, Linda is getting the lowdown from Marie.

“So you enjoyed it?” asked Linda.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much,” she said enthusiastically. “It’s like I never had real sex before! Linda, you’ve got to do it!”

“I can’t say I’m not tempted. I don’t know if I can talk Bruce into it, though.”

“Are you kidding? You know how our guys are. If it has to do with sex, they’re for it! By the time they figure out that it isn’t about them, well, it’s too late. By then there’s no turning back.”

“Well,” laughed Linda, “last night I surprised myself with Bruce. I had him going down on me on the patio.”

Marie’s eyes opened wide in amazement.

“On the patio? Really?”

“Yup. I had a blanket over him, of course. At first he hesitated, but I was so hot talking about you and Sarah going Black that I didn’t have much patience.”

“I can imagine.”

“I actually snapped at him – ‘Do it!’ – I said. I was about to apologize for my tone when all of a sudden he was on his knees looking very sheepish. So I went ahead and had him do me.”

“Awesome,” responded Marie. “I wish I’d been there to see that.”

“And you know what? I was really turned on by the whole scene. Not just him eating my pussy, but the fact I was sort of in charge. I loved it!”

“Let me tell you something,” said Marie. “Our relationship changed incredibly after Jim saw me being fucked by a real man – a Black man. You know how bossy he’s always been, how he likes to be in charge, how only his opinion matters? Well, after I lost my virginity – that’s what I call it – he was a new hubby.”

“Really?” - marveled Linda. “Tell me.”

“Well,” continued Marie, “that first night after Rick fucked me and left, it was like Jim was embarrassed to look me in the eye. So of course I kept trying to start conversations with him, trying to get him to look at me. But it was like he was diminished. And you know what? He was!”

“It’s funny you say that. Bruce was like that with me last night and we were just talking about it. I can imagine how he’d be if it actually happened.”

“My other surprising reaction,” said Marie, “was that I was actually resentful toward Jim because I had spent all these years thinking I was having pretty good sex. When I was having nothing even close. But now my eyes have been opened, among other things.”

Marie and Linda start giggling.

“One of the main things you depend on your husband for is sex,” said Marie. “But once you don’t need him for that, he becomes very pliable and eager to please. And because I resent having been deprived all these years, I don’t mind rubbing it in.”

Linda contemplated this for a moment before responding.

“That idea shouldn’t appeal to me so much, but it does.”

“Good. Now you two have to come to the next Circle party and get Bruce out in the circle with Jim.”

“What do you mean – in the circle?”

“Oh,” said Marie, surprised, “Sara didn’t tell you about how it works?”

Linda shook her head.

“Okay. It’s call the Circle group. But that’s the short name. The full name is Circle of Cuckolds. The couple that holds the parties has a huge home out in the country. Outside on the patio there’s a big circle – about 5 yards in diameter – drawn in yellow chalk. Are you with me?”


“Okay, then. When a couple arrives at the party, the wife is given two things – one, a chain collar with a lock and, two, a plastic coil bracelet with the key to that lock.”

“Okay….” responded Linda, confused.

“When the wife wants to spend some time with a Black man – either having a take and chatting or going up to one of the bedrooms – she puts the collar around her hubby’s neck and locks it with her key.

“This is his signal to go out onto the patio and sit in the circle – the circle of cuckolds. He stays there until she retrieves him. If a man has the collar on, he MUST be out of the house and sitting in the circle.

“It’s a very nice system. You have privacy with your man and you know where hubby is. And he knows where you are. And everybody can glance out at the patio and immediately know whose wife is having a good time with a real man.”

Linda was beginning to feel warm at this description of how an evening at a Circle party worked.

“Wow,” she said. “They really thought this thing out, haven’t they? But you mean husbands don’t get to watch?”

“No,” Marie explained, “not at the parties. But if you have one of the Black men visit your home, then that’s different. It’s up to you and him.”

“I’m not sure how Bruce would take that. I know I’m ready, but him? – who knows?”

“Look, just get him to take you to one of the parties. Put him in the cuckolds’ circle and get yourself laid for real for the first time by a Black stud. Your Bruce will be dying of curiosity and want to hear everything. He’ll be so curious he’ll soon be ready for entertaining a real man at your home. And he’ll be so blown away by what he witnesses, that he’ll be eating out of your hand. Among other places!”

The women howled with laughter.

“You know what I’ve really enjoyed?” – asked Marie.


“Thinking about the guys in our old group who used to fuck me with their little things – and now seeing them consigned to the cuckolds’ circle for all to witness.”

“Well, okay, I’ll talk to Bruce this evening.”

“Good. The next party is this Saturday. I hope that by Sunday morning your Bruce will have been Black-cuckolded for good!”

* * * * * * *

Thirty minutes later, after Marie and Jim had left, Linda and Bruce returned to the patio for a nightcap. Just as Bruce was about to sit down, Linda had a request.

“Sweetie, would you get that blanket we had out here last night. It’s a bit chilly.”

She couldn’t help but notice that mention of the blanket caused Bruce to blush. She wondered what he would be like after a night in the cuckolds’ circle.

With the blanket on her lap, Linda ran her tongue around the rim of her glass and looked at her husband, who, unnerved at being looked at by his wife and not knowing what she was thinking, looked down. Much to Linda’s satisfaction.

“So,” she said finally, “did you have a nice chat with Jim?”

“Oh yeah,” he replied noncommittally.

“What about?”

“You know – about the Circle parties.”



“Bruce! Stop playin


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Part 3

Later that evening, in their bed, Bruce lay on his back holding Linda’s hand. What he really wanted to do was make love to her. He knew, however, that that probably wouldn’t happen. Not after the night she had had. Still, he felt somehow luck to be even this close to her. It was almost as if he were participating in some way, although he knew full well that he was very much on the outside looking in.

“Sweetie,” said Linda, “you were very good tonight. I was proud of you.”

“Thank you, ma’am….damn!…I mean sweetie,” said Bruce, now embarrassed more than ever.

“That’s okay,” said Linda. “I know the hubbies have to be polite at the club out of respect for the men, but it means even more when you show me that kind of courtesy in the privacy of our home.”

“Good,” he said, not having any idea of what an appropriate response might be.

“I think Mike would be very pleased to know you addressed me as ma’am in our bed. In a way, it’s a sign of your respect for him, isn’t it?”

“I guess so.”

“I have to admit that it was a turn-on for me to stand there with him and watch you trying your best not to look up at us. That must be hard.”

“It is.”

“Well, you were good. Sorry if I rubbed it in a little. It’s just that I’ve never experienced that kind of empowerment. It’s heady stuff. And seeing you, well, grovel before Mike got me all hot.”


“No need to say anything. I understand. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. Besides, if you’d seen what he was doing to me in that room, you would have been in total awe. I think you would have actually felt that deep respect for him instead of just saying the words.”


“Well what?” – said Linda sharply, making Bruce nervous once again.

“I mean…I…uh…I’m sorry sweetie. You’re probably right.”

“Now don’t get tongue-tied around me.”

“Yes, ma’am.” This time Bruce didn’t even flinch at his words.

“I think you should be rewarded, don’t you?”

“You mean, I can…”

“I mean I’m going to let you use that great tongue on my pussy again. Gently, though. I could really use it. Come on!”

Bruce, desperately horny, resigned himself to this limited role as he crawled under the sheet and between his wife’s legs. In this closed atmosphere her sexual aroma was almost overwhelming. In the dark he sought her sex by using his lips to kiss his way up the inside of her thigh. When his mouth reached her pussy, it was sopping wet. He felt himself become even more aroused as his began lapping her juices with the flat of his tongue.

“That’s it, baby! Use that tongue. You know you want to.”

She was right about that. He desperately wanted to have sex with his wife, even if only in this way. As before, Bruce was keenly aware of the fact that hours earlier a stranger, a Black lover, had fucked the pussy that he was now licking, his wife’s pussy. Again, he was an outsider taking whatever scraps she tossed his way. He had to prove that he wasn’t jealous and petty and that he desired to please her no matter what.

“That’s it. Don’t stop. I got fucked so good tonight, sweetie. He’s so big. Nobody’s ever been that deep inside me before. It was heavenly. And you know what? – I was begging for more. Really! I was begging him to do me harder and deeper and to give me his cum.”

Bruce could almost see the scene in his imagination and found himself getting even more aroused. Bruce plunged his tongue deeper into Linda’s still-tender pussy. Even straining to lick as deeply as possible he knew that he was still half a foot short of the area that was never to be touched by him – only by them, the Men.

Linda began humping up against Bruce’s wet face with considerable power, holding him in place with a firm grip on his hair. At this point she was merely using his face to get off while thinking about the real thing that she had so recently experienced. As her orgasm approached, Linda felt herself taking nasty pleasure in using her husband this way. After all, he and the other hubbies had talked their wives into sharing their bodies under the guise of “swinging” for years. So if Bruce ended up with a little “beard burn,” he still had nothing to complain about. With that thought in mind she yanked his face tight against her pussy and humped up hard against it.

“Mnnnfff” – came the muffled reaction from Bruce, now in a little pain from the hair-pulling and the rough treatment of his face. Still, he remained in place and moved to lick his wife’s clit just as she reached an orgasm.

When she released him from the head-lock of her thighs and let go of his hair, Bruce found himself panting for breath and trying to blink away the fluids in his eyes.

“Honey,” she said, “that was real nice. Thanks. Now you know what I want?”

“What,” asked Bruce, looking up at her from his still prone position between her legs.

Linda reached over to the bedside table and retrieved her panties. Bruce, getting up on his knees, immediately understood what was coming. Once again, he was not to have sex with Linda.

Linda offered the panties to Bruce and this time he accepted them without complaint. And this time they were even wetter. He felt himself getting more aroused.

“You look like you’re excited about this. Are you?”

“Well, I was hoping…”

“I know what you were hoping, sweetie, but not tonight. I couldn’t take another fucking, even with a small pecker. Understand?”

“I guess,” said Bruce, resigned.

“I’d like a little more enthusiasm,” responded Linda with a no-nonsense voice. “Don’t you want to do this for me?”

“Yes, ma’am!” he replied more enthusiastically than he felt.

“God I love it when you address me that way. Now do it.”

“Yes, ma’am, thank you.”

Bruce held the panties to his face and began slowly stroking his painfully erect cock.”

“No. On the floor this time so I have a better view.”

Without a word Bruce crawled off the bed and knelt on the soft carpet. He held the panties against his face again.

“Inhale deeply,” prompted Linda.

“Yes, ma’am,” said Bruce as he inhaled through his nose, filling his lungs with pussy-scented air. By covering his entire face with the panties he was able to keep from seeing his wife observe him. He knew she would be smiling at the site and felt that by not seeing her he was somehow maintaining some degree of dignity.

“They’re so wet because Mike kept rubbing my pussy while I was wearing them and I was so turned on. While he was fingerfucking me, I was holding on to his huge cock and completely out of control. Turn them inside out and taste the inside of the crotch and you’ll see what I mean.”

Bruce complied and placed the sopping wet crotch of the panties against his face.

“Lick it while you jerk off. Do it!”

Bruce licked the panties while inhaling her aroma and stroking his cock slowly. Her aroma was intoxicating. But he couldn’t avoid imagining Mike’s large hand between Linda’s legs preparing her for his cock.

“Do you love it?” – she asked.

“Yes, ma’am. It’s wonderful,” responded Bruce, getting close to an orgasm and now sucking shamelessly on the panties to savor his wife’s essence.

Linda again took cruel delight in seeing her husband humiliate himself this way. She began to realize that she could probably talk him into doing almost anything she wanted. He was clearly beginning to accept his second-class status vis-à-vis the Men from the club. It had happened faster than she expected.

“Okay, Bruce, now I want you to finish. Jerk off into my panties!”

“Yes, ma’am.” Bruce found himself now willing to address his own wife in this way. In a sense, he thought, it wasn’t him, but Linda who was making this happen. He was just doing what she told him to do. And he was making her happy, which was the main thing.

“Look at me while you do it!” – she commanded.

Bruce powerd himself to look Linda in the eye while he stroked his hard pecker, even though he found it especially embarrassing to see her smile while he performed in this way. Soon he began to cum and his eyes rolled upwards.

“Keep your eyes on me, damn it!”

“Yes….ma’am…” he said as his sperm gushed into the panties. It was hard to remain standing on his knees, but he powerd himself. Finally it was done. At this point he remained in place, unsure of what she expected. He kept his eyes on her and looked questioningly to her for guidance.

“Good, honey. Now go wash them like before and hang them up to dry. My stocking, also. I’m going to relax.

“Okay,” he said.


“Sorry…I mean, yes, ma’am.”

“Better. Now go.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

* * * * * * * *

The next day Linda again met for takes with her friend Sarah to fill her in on the previous evening.

“That’s great!” said Sarah. “He actually sucked on your panties while he jerked himself off?”

“Yup,” said Linda. “And I didn’t even tell him to do that. He just somehow did it. And he’s calling me ‘ma’am’ more and more often without my prompting him.”

“Terrific. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see him on his knees jerking his pecker with your panties in his face. Great. Soon he’ll be where my hubby is.”

“What do you mean?” – asked Linda.

“Well,” began Sarah, “promise this is for your ears only. For now at least.”

“Okay, I promise. What are you up to with Bill?”

“I have him belted!”

Linda looked with incomprehension at Sarah.

“Belted? What do you mean?”

“I mean,” answered Sarah, “that I have him wearing a chastity belt.”

“No! You’re kidding!”

“Nope. I’m dead serious.”

“I don’t believe it,” said Linda, although she actually did believe it.

“Believe it. He’s had it on this time for two weeks. He’s going crazy.”

“I can believe it! That’s incredible. He’s wearing a chastity belt voluntarily?”

“Well, not at first. I complained that he was masturbating too much and it annoyed me. It meant he was less attentive to me than when he’s horny, if you know what I mean.”

“I definitely know what you mean,” said Linda. “Bruce has been going without since we started going to the Club’s parties. You can see how easy it is for me to talk him into things when we get home.”

“Exactly. Don’t you love it?”

“You know, I really do. It turns me on to manipulate him that way. I never thought it would be possible.”

“Well, the chastity belt is just the same thing. The first time one of the Men came to our house and fucked me in front of Bill, he was climbing the walls. He’d never seen anything like that, never seen ME like that. I noticed that he was sitting in the corner rubbing his pecker through his pants while I was getting a real cock in bed.

“Anyway, later that night I complained about how he embarrassed me by playing with himself while a “real man” was fucking me. He apologized like mad and was really embarrassed. He didn’t know that I already had the chastity belt in the house. I acted real mad and asked him if he would do me a favor – namely, wear a chastity belt just for twenty-four hours to see if he could do it.”

“And he agreed?”

“Yes, but reluctantly. The main thing that bothered him was where I came up with the idea, not to mention the belt itself.”

“Where DID you get it?” – asked Linda, warming up to the subject.

“Well,” said Sarah, “it’s a long story. The thing is, several of the hubbies have been belted for a while. Now don’t ask me which ones. It’s private. The only one who doesn’t make a secret of it is our host for the parties. He’s been locked up for a year already.”

“A year! You’re kidding!!”

“Nope. Anyway, Bill finally agreed after lots of pussy-whipping on my part. The thing is made of polished steel and keeps his pecker completely enclosed. He can’t touch himself at all. It’s very uncomfortable.”

“This is really incredible. Bill, of all people.”

“Not so incredible. He’s gotten very, uh, subordinate to me ever since we joined the club. He’s almost afraid of me and definitely kowtows to the men who fuck me.”

Linda took this in as the wheels began turning in her head. She tried to imagine her Bruce in a chastity belt, totally at her mercy.

“But that was just twenty-four hours, right?”

“Yes,” replied Sarah, “the first time. It gets complicated, but the short version is that by then I had him sucking my pussy clean after one of the Black studs had fucked me silly and filled me with his delicious cum.”

“Oh, no! He doesn’t do that!”

“Yes, he does, indeed. The first time I made him do it I told him it would be a sign of respect for the Man who did me. And very important to me as well. After a few times doing “cleanup” for me and my lovers he began to get used to it. Because I would praise him and even jerk him off when he did that.”


“Anyway, one night after Jack – you haven’t met him yet, but he has huge balls and spurts enormous loads – after Jack had fucked me and left, Bill saw him out and came back into the bedroom, practically licking his lips in anticipation of pleasing me.

“I said I thought I would just keep Jack’s cum in me while I went to relax and Bill didn’t have to suck it out. He was SO disappointed. I finally relented and said he could eat Jack’s cum from me only if I could put him in the chastity belt first. He agreed immediately.”

“I can’t believe,” said Linda, “that Bill has gotten so hot to eat a Black Man’s cum from you. It’s so degrading for him, I would think.”

“It definitely is. He’s embarrassed about it, but so wants to please me and to prove that he fully supports the Men that he couldn’t ever compete with that he has convinced himself that this is wonderful. That’s not all, but I’ll save the rest for another time.”

“So,” prompted Linda, “he agreed to be put in chastity again…”

“Right. That was two weeks ago. I haven’t let him out yet. He is climbing the walls! Right now he’s so docile that if I say jump, he asks how high. He’s my primisterer and a very horny one at that. He begs me every night to take it off. I keep the key hidden. And, of course, there is nowhere he can go to get it removed. I love it! He looks at me with those pleading eyes just hoping I’ll make him do something so he can please me and persuade me to take it off. I’m giving it another week. Then I’ll order him to do something new and really humiliating. If he complies, I’ll take it off. For the time being. I think he’s at the point that he would never disobey me no matter what.”

“I wonder if Bruce will ever do cleanup for me?” – laughed Linda.

“Absolutely. All the hubbies do it from what I hear. It’s the ultimate surrender and acknowledgment of their role vis-à-vis Real Men. Once he sees you with one of those Black bulls and how you are with them in bed, he will begin to really cater to you. He’ll feel even more intimidated by the Men than he is now. Eventually he’ll commit to you and to them.”

“God that makes me hot. It shouldn’t, but it does. Which reminds me, the next party is our third and I still have to get Bruce to ask one of those guys to sponsor us for membership. That should be interesting.”

“That was such an erotic event for me I can’t tell you. Once he does that, you know, it means he’s surrendering to to Black men as far as sex with you is concerned. He’s testifying, so to speak, that he accepts his status as a Black-cuckolded hubby. There’s no turning back.”

“I can’t wait for it to happen.”

“My advice?” – continued Sarah, “Lead him to approach the man you want him to for maximum effect, whatever that may be. Make him practice his speech, but don’t make it easy. Make sure he remembers to address him with respect, praise him, beseech him, acknowledge him, beg him if he has to.”

“I’m going to start laying the groundwork tonight. I wish he were already belted so he would be more pliable, but I think I can handle it. All I have to do is think about one of those gorgeous, hung, sexy Black men and then look at Bruce and it’s enough to make me want to push his nose in it.”



Two weeks later, on a Friday night before Bruce and Linda’s last scheduled party with the Circle group, Linda suggested takes on the patio after dinner. For the occasion she decided to dress up in the outfit she planned to wear the next evening. When she walked out to join Bruce, who had already brought their takes to the patio, his reaction was all that she expected.

She was wearing a black dress cut low to display her breasts to maximum effect. They seemed to be barely be contained by the fabric, ready to burst forth at the slightest provocation. Moreover, the dress was the tightest and shortest he had ever seen her wear. Her matching black steletto heels were high and dangerous looking. There could be no question that this outfit was designed for easy seduction. That the woman wearing it intended to get laid. Even though this was obviously the point of the Circle, still the blatant slutishness of her outfit almost took Bruce’s breath away. He felt himself getting hard immediately.

“What do you think?” asked Linda, turning around slowly and then posing with her hands on her hips.

“Jesus, Linda,” croaked Bruce.

“You think the Men will like it?”

“You need to ask? You might as well wear a sign that says, ‘Please fuck me!’”

“Ha-ha. Very funny. But I guess I’ve created the impression I had in mind. After all, tomorrow’s our last party as non-members. I want to make sure that we’re invited to join.”

“Oh, right,” said Bruce. “I almost forgot. Well, you are definitely going to make someone very happy. I just wish it were me. Mabye a little preview this evening?”

“Now, sweetie,” said Linda sympathetically, “you know how I feel about doing anything so close to one of the parties.”

“Just thought I’d give it the old college try. Who knows – I might have been lucky!”

“Well, first you have to prove yourself – tomorrow night. Then we’ll see.”

Bruce was aching with desire as he Linda sat down and crossed her shapely legs. The already short dress was stretched tightly over the very top of her legs. Bruce began to regret getting involved with the Circle. In earlier days – a month and a half ago – she would have been his for his own permisteral enjoyment this evening. Now, however, she was like some unattainable sex goddess that he almost felt was beyond his reach. For the first time since he had met her in college, he had to compete with others for her affection. But now he was barely in the running. He was only slightly consoled by the fact that this unbelievably hot and desirable woman was his own wife.

“So,” continued Linda, “may I assume that you are prepared to ask one of the men to sponsor us for membership tomorrow?”

“Are you sure this is what you want?” – asked Bruce, already knowing the answer.

“What do you think? You think I want to give this up after only a few weeks? You think you can take care of me better? Well, do you?!”

Her taunting and aggressive tone, so new but so intimidating, had Bruce back-pedalling immediately. He didn’t want her upset with him.

“No, no, honey, of course not. If it’s what you want?”

“But do YOU want it for me as well?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, unconsciouly slipping into his most obsequious mode.

“Good. Maintain the thought. Okay?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m just not sure which one of the…uh…men I should ask.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll tell you who I want to sponsor us tomorrow evening. I need to get to know a third one, and then after that I’ll tell you who to approach. Okay?”

“Okay,” muttered Bruce.


“Yes, ma’am, I understand.”

“All right. But whoever I decide on, I expect you to do your duty. And do it well. Sincerely. And, of course, respectfully.”

“Don’t worry,” assured Bruce, “I promise.”

“You’re up for it?” asked Linda.

“I think so. Will you be with me when I do it?”

“Do I need to be?”

“Well, I just don’t know how it’s usually done is all.”

“Well, usually the hubby is capable of expressing his desires and his wife’s all by himself. You just ask the man if he would support our membership and tell him why you want us to be members of the group.”

“Okay, I can do that.”

“Can you? Okay, then tell me –


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Part 4

Saturday night Bruce was tending bar at the Circle party when he saw Linda heading toward the stairs arm-in-arm with the youngest Man in The Circle. This was the one he had heard about – only nineteen, just out of high school, energetic, handsome and apparently endowed in a way that demanded respect and awe.

The thought of a kid that young enjoying his wife when even he, her husband, hadn’t been able to for several weeks was excruciatingly humiliating to Bruce. He was keenly aware of people observing Linda and her about-to-be lover together. Some of them even glanced over at Bruce with a knowing smile.

Bruce saw Linda separating from her companion and heading toward the bar. As if her being with the young man weren’t embarrassing enough, now she was going to collar him in front of everyone.

“Bruce!” The voice of Marie, standing in front of him with an empty glass, interrupted his thoughts.

“Yes, ma’am,” said Bruce.

“I thought I was going to have to wait all night,” she added nastily.

”I’m very sorry ma’am. Would you like another champagne?” – asked Bruce in his most obsequious tone.

Linda was taking her time getting to the bar, so Bruce wanted to get Marie out of the way as quickly as possible.

“I’m just glad my friend wasn’t standing here with me. I don’t think he would have taken kindly to being ignored.”

“I have half a mind to tell him, frankly,” said Marie.

“I’m terribly sorry, ma’am. I apologize sincerely. Let me give you a clean glass.”

By this time another couple were standing behind Marie witnessing her rebuke of him. He quickly filled a flute of champagne and handed it to Marie with a cocktail napkin.

“Again, I apoligize, ma’am.”

“What are you apologizing for now?”

It was Linda, now standing by the side of the bar.

“He ignored me and kept me standing here forever,” responded Marie.

“Bruce, you’ve really got to get on the ball. I want you to apologize right this minute!”

Although he had already apologized several times, Bruce knew that to say so would only upset and embarrass Linda more than she was. And of all night – just when he needed to make a good impression. He turned to Marie.

“Ma’am, please accept my apology for making you wait. I promise it will never happen again. Never! Please forgive me.”

“Oh, all right. But Linda is right – you do need to be aware of where you are and who you are. And who I am.”

“Yes, ma’am, I understand. I promise to do better.”

Without a word Marie turned and walked away from the bar. He turned to Linda, who attached the “BC” collar around his neck.

“You know where to go when you finish here,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am.” Linda turned to return to her lover without a word. By now there were three people in line and not happy having to wait. It would be a long night.

After he was replaced at the bar Bruce was on “sheet boy” duty upstairs. Not something he relished on this particular evening. He had already changed the sheets in two rooms and had just sat down when a third door opened. Quickly he turned his eyes downward toward the floor to assure the privacy of the couple exiting. Then he became aware of footsteps approaching him. He lowered his head even more so that there could be no question of his not looking at the man and woman.

“Sheet boy?”

It was Linda. She had never addressed him that way and it was especially embarrassing in front of her lover.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Stand up.”

Bruce stood up quickly, being careful to keep his gaze strictly downward. He couldn’t imagine what this was about.

“This is Leroy with me.”

“Hello, Sir,” said Bruce.

“Hello, Bruce.”

Even though Bruce was fully aware of his status in the pecking order, it still was hard to accept this nineteen-year-old young man addressing him by his first name. Even if he had obviously just fucked his wife.

“You don’t mind if I call you sheet boy, do you?” – asked Linda nastily.

“No, ma’am, of course not.”

“Good. It’s time for you to take care of that little business we were talking about last night. Since Leroy has to leave now, this seems like the perfect time and place. While I can still feel him in me, if you know what I mean.”

Oh no! – thought Bruce. Not him.

“So, do you have something to say to Leroy?”

“Uh…yes, ma’am, I guess I do…uh”

“Well,” interrupted Linda, “I’ll just leave you two alone to take care of business. I’ll see you downstairs, lover,” said Linda.

Bruce could hear them embracing and kissing. Then she was gone.

“Well?” – prompted Leroy, his massive cock hard again after kissing Linda and feeling her hump against him.

“Sir, I’d like to talk to you about membership in the Circle.”

“What about it?”

“Sir, I was wondering if you would consider sponsoring us for membership, sir.”

“Why should I?” He wasn’t making it easy. Of course, Bruce couldn’t see the smirk on Leroy’s face.

“Well, Sir, my wife, Linda, has never been so happy or well taken care of as she has been since she met the Men of the Circle. Sexually it’s like she’s finally a woman.”

“Uh-huh,” said Leroy with a tone that suggested he was waiting for more and not impressed yet.

“As for me, I want nothing more than my wife’s happiness. And that means the opportunity for her to spend time with you and the other Men…”

“You mean get fucked by us, right?”

“Yes, Sir, exactly. I know I’m not in your class and never will be. I respect you enormously, Sir, and I promise you I know my place around here. I’m flattered to even be talking with you.”

“Well,” said Leroy, sounding a little more persuaded, “you do seem to have the right attitude. And my cock feels real nice in your wife’s pussy and mouth. And Lord knows, she can’t get enough of it. Seems like she’s been deprived for a long time.”

“Yes, Sir, she really has. That’s why it’s so important to me make it up to her in any way I can. And helping her be available for you is about as good as it gets, Sir.”

“So you’re all right with having us at your house to enjoy Linda, taking her out sometimes without you, and so on.”

“Yes, Sir! I promise I’ll do whatever you and she want just to make this happen, Sir.”

“You’re not going to be bugging her for sex are you?” – now he sounded almost threatening.

“No, Sir, absolutely not. It’s all up to her. I promise not to bug her about it, Sir.”

“Okay,” said Leroy slowly, “get on your knees!”

Bruce wasn’t ready for this at all and didn’t know what to do. He should have, but his reactions weren’t yet automatic where commands from a Black Man were concerned.

“I don’t…on my knees?” – whimpered Bruce.

“What – you don’t understand English?”

“No, Sir, I understand, Sir. I…just…I mean here…”

“You just told me you respect me and acknowledge my superiority. Was that a lie?”

“No, no, Sir! I do, I do!” cried Bruce.

“Then SHOW me! I want you on your knees right now. It’s called paying hommage. Or shall I tell Linda you are insincere and disobedient.”

“No, no, please, Sir” said Bruce, dropping quickly to his knees. “I am sincere and obedient. See? I’m on my knees. Please let me pay hommage to you, Sir. Please?”

“Are you going to hesitate the next time I ask you to do something?”

“No, Sir, I promise.”

At that moment Bruce heard another couple come out of one of the rooms. Now he had two to clean and quickly. His embarrassment now took a back seat to the business at hand.

“Kiss my shoes,” said Leroy softly.

Bruce shuddered at the knowledge that someone was observing his offense. But this time he did not hesitate. He immediately lowered his face to one of Leroy’s shoes and kissed the toe.”

“Do it like you mean it!” barked Leroy, getting into it.

Bruce heard the other couple laughing in disbelief. He began kissing the shoe seriously, using his tongue in the process. He moved to the other shoe and repeated his oral worship. He made sure his kisses were audible. At this point he had no self-esteme or pride to hold on to. The most he could hope for was to please the young man standing above him. He was deeply grateful that Linda was not witnessing his self-debasement.

“Okay, enough!” – said Leroy.

“Thank you, Sir, for letting me pay hommage to you,” squeaked Bruce. He didn’t move from his position.

“One last thing – are you going to treat Linda with the respect that any woman of mine deserves?”

“Oh, yes, Sir. Absolutely, Sir! I would never disrespect your woman!” He meant it, too, he realized.

“You’d better. You know she’ll tell me everything, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’ll be a helpful hubby to her, right?”

“Oh yes, Sir. I promise, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Okay, that’s enough. We’ll see. You’d better not disappoint me if you want Linda to get my cock inside her. Now go about your duties, sheet boy!”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

When Leroy walked away, Bruce let out a huge sigh of relief. It had been much harder than he had been led to believe, but he felt like he had passed the test. He also knew that he had better do nothing that would give Linda an excuse to complain to Leroy or any of the others about him.

“Congratulations!” – said Marie

Marie and Linda were having their usual after-work take the following Tuesday after Linda and Bruce had been informed that they had been voted into The Ring.

“Thanks. I’m so relieved.”

“So Brucie did his part, huh?”

“Oh yeah,” replied Linda. “To perfection. Leroy told me all about it. He said he even had Bruce get on his knees and kiss his shoes.”

“No! You’re kidding.”

“Nope. God, I would have given anything to see that. I asked Bruce about it last night and he confirmed it. He was so embarrassed. More because I knew than because he did it.”

“I can imagine.”

“He tried to make it seem like not such a big deal, but really – on his knees not a big deal? Give me a break.”

“You know,” said Marie, “our hubbies are much more intimidated by our new men that I would have thought a few months ago.”

“Absolutely. Bruce was so relieved that he passed Leroy’s little test that it almost made up for the offense. Now that it’s behind him he feels better. He’s getting into it.”


“Uh-huh. I told him Leroy was coming to our place to party Friday night. Now that we’re members, we can do that. I think Bruce is kind of excited. He wanted me to find out what Leroy likes to take so he can have it there. He wants to take me out for some new lingerie.”


“I think half of it, of course, is he’s trying to please me in whatever way he can. He’s very attentive. He’s coming home early on Friday to clean the place up, get everything ready.”

“Well,” said Marie, “he is certainly in for an eye-opening experience. If he isn’t a believer yet, he sure will be after Friday night!”

Friday evening Bruce was busy cleaning the house in preparation for the first visit by one of the Men of the club. He was about to experience whatever it was that made the other hubbies so enthusiastic and compliant. Linda was out shopping and had left Bruce a long list of household chores to complete. He couldn’t wait to see what kind of outfit she selected. He almost wished he could have helped her pick it out.

When she came home with two shopping bags, Bruce was excited to see what she had.

“Will you model it for me?” – he asked.

“I guess I’ll have to since I do have to be dressed before Leroy gets here.”

“Right,” said Bruce.

“Now, sweetie,” continued Linda, “even though we’ll be in our own home, don’t forget your manners.”

“Of course not,” replied Bruce.

“You will address him as Sir?”

“Of course.”

“And me?”


“Correct. Just keep in mind that I am Leroy’s woman tonight and you should be okay. Now finish your chores while I get dressed.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Bruce, getting into the spirit of the evening.

An hour later, just as Bruce was putting away the dust mop and broom, Linda came downstairs.

“Wow!” said Bruce, looking up at her on the landing.

Linda was wearing a very short black mini-skirt with high stiletto heels.

“Leroy likes heels,” said Marie.

Her top was a low-scooped sweater which displayed her breasts almost obscenely.

“You like?” – asked Linda.

“You’re so beautiful. Leroy will be pleased, that’s for sure. Come on down.”

“That sounded like a command to me.”

“I’m sorry. Please, ma’am, come on down to the living room so I can admire you up close.”

“That’s better,” replied Linda.

“So you think Leroy will approve?” – asked Linda, turning slowly in front of Bruce, who felt himself getting hard.

“Absolutely, ma’am. He is one very lucky man. I’m so jealous!”

“Good! So you’re happy for Leroy as well as for me?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m glad he will have the opportunity to spend time with someone as beautiful and desirable as you.”

Linda slowly pulled up her skirt to reveal the matching panties and garterbelt she had bought for the evening. Bruce stood magictized with his eyes riveted to this most sexy woman he could imagine.

“Want a closer look?” – teased Linda.

“Uh…yes, ma’am. I mean, if it’s not…”

“On your knees!”

Bruce didn’t even think twice before lowering himself to his knees in front of his wife, his gaze never leaving her panties.

“Lean closer, sweetie, and have a good look.”

Bruce leaned forward until his face was only inches away from her. The urge to touch his lips to her was almost unbearable, but he knew better. Besides, if he did and she told Leroy, well, he didn’t want to think about that.

“Do you want to lower my panties and kiss me?” – asked Linda.

“Really, ma’am?” asked Bruce incredulously.

“What do you think? I’ll leave it up to you.”

Bruce wasn’t used to getting to make this kind of decision. He knew he had better weigh it carefully.


“I…I want to but…that wouldn’t be right. Leroy should be the first permister to see and touch you tonight, ma’am.”

“Very good, Bruce. But if you kiss the tips of my new shoes, I don’t think he would mind. Our little secret.”

“Should I, ma’am?”

“Since I’m telling you to, I would say yes. As long as you polish them when you finish.”

Bruce lowered his face down to floor level and planted a chaste kiss on the shiny black pointed toe of one shoe.

“Is that it?” – asked a disappointed Linda. “Is that the way you kissed Leroy’s shoes?”

“, ma’am. He told me to…uh…”

“Quit muttering and show me how you kissed Leroy’s shoes!”

Bruce began kissing the shoe with full lips and using his tongue, passionately and with enthusiasm.

“Ha-ha! I wish I’d been there to see that.”

Bruce blushed but moved to the other shoe and gave it the same treatment.

“I’d better get a cloth and polish them,” he said, avoiding his wife’s gaze. In a moment he returned with a terry cloth and began buffing the shoes to a good-as-new shine.

“This is going to be quite an evening, sweetie. Please don’t do or say anything to embarrass me.”

“Don’t worry, ma’am. I promise. Really!”

“One more thing?”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Do I see a bulge in your crotch? Are you hard?”

“Uh, yes, ma’am. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.”

“Well,” lectured Linda,”I don’t think Leroy would be happy seeing you lusting after his woman. Do you?”

“No, ma’am. I’m sorry.”

“Make sure you’re not wearing boxers tonight. Put on your tightest jockeys. Maybe two pairs.”

“That’s a good idea, ma’am. I’ll do that.”

“That should take care of your problem for tonight. We’ll talk about other approaches later. Go!”

Bruce scurried away and upstairs to changes clothes.

“Don’t touch yourself!” – Linda yelled after him.

Damn! It was as if she read his mind. This was going to be a long evening.

Half an hour later Leroy arrived. Bruce answered the door.

“Welcome, sir. I’m so glad you could come,” said Bruce obsequiously.

“Damn right I can come!” laughed Leroy. Bruce looked down at the floor, no knowing whether he should join in the laughter or not. “Where’s my girl?”

“Let me tell her you’re here, sir.”

Bruce went quickly upstairs to their bedroom, where Linda was putting on final touches to her makeup.

“Leroy is here, ma’am,” he announced.

“Did you offer him a take?” demanded Linda.

“I will. Right now. He wanted me to tell you he was here.”

Downstairs Bruce took Leroy’s take order. He couln’t helf feeling a little embarrassed kowtowing before this nineteen-year-old young man who seemed to expect him to jump to his every whim.

When Linda joined them, Leroy stood up, gave her a long once-over and took her in his arms for a long kiss. Bruce couldn’t help but stare. There his wife was in the arms of a young Black Man, pressing against him, eyes closed, and clearly accepting his tongue in her mouth. Suddenly Bruce felt like a voyeuristic third-wheel and looked away discreetly.

He realized that he was almost enjoying their kiss second-hand. He couldn’t help imagining himself in Leroy’s place, kissing a married women in front of her well-trained hubby. He hated himself for becoming aroused and thanked his stars that he was wearing two very tight pairs of jockey shorts.

When they broke their kiss and sat down, Bruce asked his wife what she would like to take and went to the kitchen to prepare it. When he returned with the take, they were sitting close. Leroy’s large hand was resting on Linda’s crossed and very exposed leg, carressing it gently. Bruce made an effort not to look at them as he placed her take on the coffee table.

“Here you are, ma’am,” he said softly, then retreating to the kitchen to get his own take. When he returned to the living room, the couple was kissing again. But now Linda’s hand was between Leroy’s legs and his hand had moved to her breast. She moaned into the kiss.

Bruce took a seat in a chair that Linda had had him place in the farthest corner across the room. He sipped his take without peeking at the lovers.

“Bruce, you have a nice house here,” said Leroy.

“Thank you, sir.”

“I hope to be a frequent guest.”

“I hope so, sir. We would like that.” Bruce cringed at his own words. What must this man think of him? What must his own wife think of him?

“Good. Right now, though, this little woman has me all charged up. Know what I mean?”

“Yes, sir!”

“So you know what’s going to happen now, don’t you, Bruce?”

How does a man answer a question like that? – thought Bruce.

“And Linda says she wants you there in the bedroom while we enjoy each other. You up for that?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir,” responded Bruce.

“Sweetie,” interjected Linda, “why don’t you go upstairs and turn back the covers. You did put on the satin sheets, didn’t you? The way I asked?”

“Yes, ma’am. I will. I did. I’ll go do it now.”

“Do that. And light the candles.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Also, take that little wooden footstool you use to polish your shoes and put it in the corner across the room. You can sit there.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” replied Bruce, arising from his chair and moving toward the stairs.

“And Bruce?”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Why don’t you sit down on that stool and wait for us. You can take your take with you.”

“Thank you, ma’am. And, sir.”

Bruce went upstairs, grateful to be out from under the scrutiny and interrogation of the young Black man who had so easily won over his wife. How, he marveled, could a guy less than a year out of high school end up with such confidence and presence? Bruce himself, he reflected, was still paying for women at that age – and for several years after that.

After retrieving his shoeshine stool from the hallway closet, he entered his and Linda’s bedroom and set it in the farthest corner away from their bed. Then he lit the two candles he had set out on a table. It was when he began pulling back the bed covers to reveal the sleek satin sheets where Linda would soon be entertaining their guest that he blushed with shame at what he was doing. He knew in his heart that this was to be a night that could change his and Linda’s life.

He should, he thought, have put an end to it as soon as Leroy arrived. But Leroy hadn’t really given him a chance. And once he was f


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Cellphone, you have to finish this. It was first published on 'Dark Wanderer' in Aug 2004 by Cuckhubby. I think it's one of the greatest ever written but I don't think he ever did another. Anyone else know ?


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Amazing story and I am usually not a fan of the whole black thing but this is just a *******er story...great post.


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excuse me, a great story, really, but didn't you forget a part? between part 1 and 2? there seems to be missing something... otherwise, great, really great!


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I also discovered this great series a few months back Here's the link that I got it from: The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!

Note that there are 3 chapters, and each chapter has about 3-4 parts at the end of each page. So this is a long story, but all of it is great


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it really is a magnificent story. i do have a small complaint: i really wish we could have had more about his times at the Circle and his discussions with the other white cucks. In particular, i'd have liked to have a conversation between him and Jim in the story. Not to mention details of Jim's punishment. And it's hard to believe that he wouldn't have done something to annoy Linda so that he had to suffer a punishment decided by Leroy. And wouldn't Leroy have tightened the screw and make him shave off all his body hair so that he became a little boy again? Leroy would have insisted on his complete nakedness whenever he was allowed into Leroy's presence and to subject him to "little boy" treatment is just the sort of thing that a 19 year old would enjoy. After all, he's proving HE (Leroy) is The Man around here.
But it's still a great story!
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