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Watching my wife take black on holiday

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Last year my wife and I went on holiday to Barbados. We had been in our all inclusive hotel for a few days and decided it was time to venture down to the local beach. We sunbathed for a while but soon got bored, although I had noticed that my wife had caught the eye of some of the young local men. There was about half a dozen of them, quite skinny but muscular, very dark skinned and they kept looking over at my wife's pale freckly body, 34d breasts and dark red hair. We grabbed our things and made our way to the nearest bar.

When we got to the bar we ordered our takes and sat down. The takes were brought over to us and we decided to play on the quiz game they had in the corner. A couple of hours passed and we began to start feeling a bit takes. It must have been about 5pm when I noticed the group of lads from the beach come into the bar. They ordered takes and sat in the opposite corner. We began to get bored of the quiz game and decided to play some pool on the table they had at the other end of the bar.

After a couple of frames one of the lads came and put his money on the table to play the winner of the next game, we agreed.

Let me know if u wanna hear more.............


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yes very much


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So do I, and I hope I'm right in what' cuming !!!
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Watching my wife take black on holiday
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