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my bitch brett

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 Down to the last message
IVE decided to tell my whole story here.
Not really for your pleasure but to humiliate my husband.
.................................................. .......................
Ill start with the back ground and how my life went from dull TO MR.BULL.
ill refer to my stubby hubby as bitch or wimpy.
he hates

any way ..hes 5'7 150 pounds 38 years old/im 5'6 132 pounds....IM 37
im the only piece of ass hes ever had.I know pathetic.
I knew right away i would cheat on him I LOVE A BIG COCK!! and can not lie..
not wimpys.

After work one night i came home late well ok real late.He waited up
and when i came in,WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN slut bitch , whore you name it he called me it.
I THAUGHT TO MY SELF hmmm, im not taking his crap any more im outa here
(yes i met a guy at the bar and yes i had been a he was about to find out because im telling him ,hes not calling me names any more.
ok brett i said yes i fucked a guy i met .Not only that, ive fucked three others in the last two months not only that i had a threesome.His eyes got big and you could see he was not liking it. awwwwwwww poor little one cant take the truth.You know i could have one of those guys come over and kick your ass for cussing me like that..hmm I think i will i started to pick up the phone
no please dont he said.WAS IT JUST A ONE TIME THING? AAA thats a big NO.
well i still think you need your ass kicked PLEASE HE SAID dont call.Well ill tell you what if you want me here, things will be different from here on out. AND YOU BE PUNISHED FOR INSULTING ME THAT WAY. IS THAT CLEAR. yes. I CANT HERE YOU? YES,what do you mean though WELL I THINK ITS TIME YOU LEARNED SOME respect first off.
thanks for reading.

ill con't later
<img src="" alt="" />


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a little more......

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

now this all started about 2 years ago.And things could not be any better.
I told him we'll deal with this in the morning.I told him ill have to think about it.
as i was laying in bed,i thaught i wonder how much he REALLY wants me.
how much is he willing to take?
THEN IT HIT ME. i just thaught of a great ideal.
A FEW days ago me and one of my guys ill call him (D)
(D) is the guy i met a month before this night, that ive been fucking.
the few times we are together he seems to enjoy hearing how pathtic
So when the morning finally gets here ,I go call(D) and tell him about the insults.Which i knew he was pissed and wanted to destroy him.
you see (D) is quite intimidating he is 6'3 180 so compared to wimpy hes a monster.
I TELL (D) no i dont want you to hurt him that way i want his ass humiliated the more you do the more i suck your cock.
He loves that. ok babe ive got some ideals and you come up with some.
we hung up,he said he would be here in two hours..
So i go down stairs. OK brett you need to come here.So you want me to stay,
YES he says.OK this is how it is doing to be. YOU BETTER SIT DOWN.



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you are so fine


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any one want to hear more?


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brett meets bull

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

brett i decided to go ahead and tell (D) about your crap and the way you treat me, OH AND HES NOT A HAPPY MAN brett,
brett ask who (D was) i said well he is the guy your wife has been fucking.
and doing things only you dream about.The wimp actually started to tear up.
I thaught i was going to crack up but I just kept it in.SEE brett you should
be carefull when you fuck with the bull you might just get the horn.I KNOW he said I jjjuusssst want you to know im sorry,and i dont want to fight.
YOU MEAN GET YOUR ASS KICKED. brett i thaught about that and with your permission , because you do want me right? YES YES.. THEN SINCE YOU WANT TO ACT like a little bitch,And to keep you from that ass kicking,
ive invited (D) over to help with your attitude adjustment.
no please miranda its that or else laughing now.
so if i get punished today youll stay,,AA NO ill stay BUT THIS IS HOW IT WORKS you will get punished by me and (D) for all bad behavior..
he just dropped his head ...ok.
why dont you go get some beer and ice it up for (D)
about 30 min had passed and(D) WAS HERE YAH I WAS SO HAPPY..
wimpy was in the bed room with the door shut.
Hey sweets (D)always calls me that ,hey STUDD how are you.
just great i reach up and we kiss and i have to grab his ass.
Youll be g;lad to know brett has agrred to all punishments from us both
.he had a evil grin on his face.
OHHH brett why dont you come here.
brett slowley came to the living room, what.
I WALK OVER TO BRETT AND with out warning SMACK right across the face.
you need to address me as MAM,
bitch. once again those eyes filled with tears.
and you see THAT MAN you address him as SIR got it.
(D) spoke up brett seems you like cussing my woman.
and treating her bad. hmm I CANT HEAR YOU quit mumbling.
Lets let miranda enjoy her self at the show why dont we .
I SAT IN THE CHAIR STARTING TO FILL WET FROM (D) talking to brett like that.
SO come over here .(D) REMOVES HIS BELT.
brett is almost shaking.
AND BRETT leans over and touches his knees(IM THINKING DAMN HE EVEN KNOWS WHAT TO DO..But (D) had different plans nana buddy STAND
please,, LOOK dont even go there brett GET EM DOWN .
brett turned to face the wall and unsnapped his jeans and dropped them
YOU need to just lower the back of your underware, WE DONT NEED TO SEE YOUR WINKY. brett's face was beet red, and i was hoping his ass would match.
YOUR HUSBAND STANDING IN A ROOM WITH HIS Pants and underware down about to be spanked by your boyfriend, DAMN i was loving it.
and dont raise up till i tell you to.
(D)folded his belt over..

.................................................. ................
ill tell some more later if you want?


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(D) wants you to see me..

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

thaught it would be nice for me to show you something

de Moon


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...very sexy pussy and ass-hole... And pretty face...
"Here the whitest ass and the blackest soul"
Markiz de Sade


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But hey dont feel any pity on this wimp.
he's not into this but oh well. ''he likes the ideal of me that much to give me what i want.

He is that obsessed with me.and yes i use him i know.he pays the bills.
and i spend his money and fuck. What does he get you might ask .....ME.
and also i only fuck men who have almost no hair on there body.
including wimpy if he did have it he would be a hes lucky there.
and i would never want my MAN to have his balls licked by another man.
(D) would never go for it any way.
but we have punished brett in strange
but i would not tolorate him getting any pleasures from that sorry.

OK where was we.
oh brett about to get his ass tanned.
brett actully ask please not to hard. (D) said shut the fuck up bitch.
DAMN MY BABY WAS GETTING MAD.(D)tells him you want to cuss this lady huh. WHACK ,POW ,SMACK .it sounded like gunfire and only three licks and my pussy was throbbing i started rubbing it hard and brett jumped up on the third lick.(D) is like didnt i tell you to keep hold of those ankles,are you
STUPID. BEND OVER NOW AND YOU GRAB THOSE ANKLES TILL YOU ARE TOLD TO GET UP. I spoke up well if he gets up again his ass will be sorry.
WHACK WHACK...OUCH AAAA. can you shut up im trying to rub my clit, i know but it hurts please.. WHACK WHACK aaaaa damn ouch
I GOT UP I TOLD this bitch to stand up NOW i chopped him in the nuts he bent over ohhhh. just take your fucking pants and underware all the way off.(D)could not hold it any more and started laughing.i reached and grabbed his underware and pinched his jaw open and crammed them in NOW THAT WILL SHUT YOU UP. and i snapped my fingers for him to bend back over.
(D) gave him about 25 more licks his ass was blazzing ,my pussy felt so wet and i knew i was going to get fucked. NOW THAT YOU HAD YOUR ASS WHIPPED. go to the spare room and nighty nighty for you.....
(D) took me in the bedroom and fucked me for over two hours........
then we both talked about how we were going to punish him next.
im going to set him up ill call you,ive got a good
(picture off brett waiting for spanking)


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Ive been away for a few days...
But here goes...................................

Like i said me and (D)fucked for a couple hours.
I know brett could hear, and it was probally hard on him hearing his wife being fucked liked that for the first time.
But I didnt care one bit. Me and brett only had missionary sex, no fore play
no position swap. Just stick and poke,so being a slut I knew it would'nt last.
Now I do just about everything.
Well (D) had to leave early the next day.So after he left .
I went into the kitchen and a few minutes later brett tagged along in as well.
He looks at me really sad and says do you have to be so loud to let me hear you. its already bad enough, I just looked at him and smirk get use to it my bitch.
i thaught he was going to cry..I SAID DONT EVEN GO THERE YOU PUSSY.
OR ILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT...I know he says....... im sorry
its just I know that um OH SPIT IT OUT YOU SOUND LIKE YOU HAVE SHIT IN YOUR MOUTH....he says I know he is better at sex than me and if i do something to you that you dont like ill be in trouble..i just looked at him smirky.
but will I be able to get some pussy ...................please.

..I thaught long and hard and said well you want pussy..I think this is (D) pussy,what do you think? well can i have some.I dont know ill have to ask.
he looked like oh never mind .and i said dont worry ill ask (D) and we'll let you know later tonight.he just had a horror look on his face...
BOO cat got your tongue brett oh your just thinking..he says um um........
sssssshhhssssshhhh why dont you go get the yard mowed like NOW.......

I get ready and go shopping and got some cool new stuff.
WHEN i get home i call brett to the kitchen. Here lets call (D)
I make the call....(D) already knew my plan as I called him out shopping...
I put it on speaker phone.... hey (D) yeah babe..
hey brett wants to ask you something.. go on brett.... I SAID NOW..
sir i just want to ask if i could have sex with my wife...... WELL SORTA (D)he ask for some pussy....Well brett yeah you can have some of my pussy but you will pay a price... ..hey babe give him some pussy..ill be over later you make him work that pussy till i get there..
ok both of us laughing.

WELL brett get naked your getting pussy, he stripped .
DAMN TURN AROUND. that ass is still red... i start laughing ok ....
lets get started go get that chair and sit...
i think he thaugh i was going to ride his little dick. he leaned way back.
i said close your eyes dont peak,,
stick out you hand, open your eyes ..
I handed him a pink RUBBER pussy.
(D) bought this just for you.isnt he sweet.
he started getting sad and teary . SMACK ACROSS HIS FACE you ask for pussy and BITCH that is what your getting now get that on your weiner
and do the bump and grind ill be back in 30 minutes........

.................................................. .................................................. .

some more later..


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(ill post some pics, im kinda camera

I do get nervous about letting some one see me naked for the first time.
thats why i dont like pictures.
but it does make my pussy wet knowing strangers are looking at me
brett has never seen the picture's
He dosent know yet that (D) has taken some photos of me.
But bretts had his picture taken also in the past,
of his little punishments that (D) and i put him through.
Oh and he hates it. But we only told our lives to a few select friends;
and showed a few the pictures.
one of the funniest stories ill tell later in the diary/story the day is the day I set up a camcorder
ill have to tell a few parts before i get to that...

brett got some pussy!!!

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

When i came back about a half hour later.
brett was where I placed him to get his groove
OH it was so funny watching him do that.
And this is a BIG shock to him as sex and nasty stuff is really taboo for him.
HE's never tried anal on me, only nibred on my pussy for a few seconds. VERY PLAIN...
so it was a shock making him do these things, but it got much easier...
He said can i stop? I said have you came in your little pussy?
HELL brett that rubber pussy dont even want your cock.
and from now on you will be refered as BITCH OR wimpy...OHHH YOU MAKE ME SO MAD brett....HE STARTS IN , ill do better..i didnt mean it. really.....
oh SHUT UP!!!!
GET DRESSED and and you need to go clean up for the party im having tonight.
NOW THESE people have no ideal, whats been going so dont make me tell them..
(D) will have some friends over also, i dont want any embarassing cuckolds brownie out of you.
I go call (D) and tell him about bretts adventure with his pussy.
I tell ( D) to come over early!
WHEN (D) arrives he comes in and kisses me and smacks me on the butt
damn your sexy he said.
I said thank you,wiggling my ass for him.
brett just stayed at the sink doing dishes.
(D) walks up behind brett, and says how was your date?
brett doesnt say anything.....
(D) says HMMM I SEE and grabs brett in a head lock,now with brett in a head lock (D) SAYS NOW YOU LITTLE BITCH I ASK HOW WAS YOUR PUSSY?
Im just sitting back i start feeling tingly mmmmmmm
It was fine ...sir Please sir your hurting me stop please stop ..WELL of course
(D)just grinded his head harder......I spoke up brett I think you disrespected that pussy like you did mine. no no no i didnt brett starts saying..
YES I THINK YOUR RIGHT MIRANDA SEEMS this little bitch didnt get properly punished...OH please brett says no . I LOOK AT BRETT and say yes brett i think so.....
I leaned (D) back and unzipped his pants exposing is semi hard cock
,and when its hard he had me measure it once it is 9''
and bretts is 5'',any way..
I look at brett and say you better watch every second of this.
brett just had a horror look on his face.
I sucked his cock raw.
after he shot his load I just looked at brett and grinned with cum running out of my mouth.

ill be back later
to tell more

(picture of my booty)



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Its been a while since I told some of my life/ here goes.............

By now you probally can see why I love it When (D) humiliates brett.because he is such a wimp.little sissy.
And a lady like my self deserves a REAL MANS COCK!
Not a little 5'' .....oh i remeber how i use to lie to bret ..OH ITS SO BIG brett..
LMAO hes so gulliable...
Well now he knows the truth.
I love to make brett sit in a chair with a butt plug up his ass his mouth taped along with his hands and power him to watch (D) bang my pussy good.
but (D) likes to untie him after hes fucked my pussy hard and long.
[i] love to have my ASS fucked after,(D) likes making brett lube my ass.
and then makes him spread my butt cheeks and hold them open while (D)
bangs me anal

........................ill be back sooner this time


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Great Miranda Keep up the story hope all has been well for you!


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NOW I know by now your thinking what kind of guy would put up with this .....hmmmm i agreee i dont know maybe brett?.lol

Yes brett does love me that much,Why else would he put up with
his role in our relationship.HE knows he cant please me with his little dick,
most guys who have a small dick can at least eat pussy.HE CANT EVEN DO THAT.....

BUT HE will be in training..
Last weekend was a real good time for me I had taken brett to another level,
(D) was gone out of town for a few days.
And brett has been back asking to fuck me again. YOU would think after having his ass whipped he would not ask but as you see he ask to be punished.
ok brett you can have some of my pussy next weekend.ONLY IF YOU do something this weekend,HE NERVOUSLY ASK WHAT?
Your role around here has been you being a sissy little bitch that allows another man to fuck your wife in front of you, laughing at you,
and so far hes even whipped your bare ass how about that...lmao.
SO i think its time to start training you as a bitch.
now the sobbbbbs oh miranda please dont do that.
if you want my pussy that will be the trade..
I cant believe he aggreed.....
When will it happen he says?

Well now is a good time.

Well, your here, so I assume your ready to be my ...bitch."

"Yes," he said with a gulp.

Well....drop your pants bitch and bend over the arm of the couch.
Reach back and you spread them ass cheeks far apart. I WENT TO GET MY NEW strap on."With some concern he said "you've got lube, right?"

"I find that the best lube is good ol spit, bitch."

I turned around and hesitated and said "If your not interested we can stop right here. No big deal. But remember there will be no pussy for you.
No he said with watery eyes
"I want to."
I walked around to his face, with my big huge plastic cock staring him in the face. I grabbed the back of his head and powerd it in his mouth. It filled his mouth to the point he was gagging and i started laughing.
oh my if only your friend could see you now..
Holding the back of his head I started to fuck his mouth slowly pushing further and further to the back of his throat...

"Okay, that should do it, now back to spreading those butt cheeks

"Holy cuckolds brownie!" he said your ripping ripping me open. I just kept pushing it in until I ran out of cock, and then pulled it almost out slowly.

"Please, Miranda more lube," he said ,NO im getting pissed. I YANKED the cock out of his ass and said "Suck it, bitch."
no miranda please thats been in my butt TO FUCKING BAD I pinched his jaw open
and shoved it down his throat fucking his mouth. "Okay, back in the ass I said.

"Please, please I know you want me to do that but please..
...get up your eating my ass.
He has never done that.

Faced with having his ass ripped open or giving a rim job, he chose the rim job. I got on all fours with my elbows on the floor, and said "Dive in bitch, and do it like you mean it." he started licking my ass. "Thrust your tongue in their bitch, he started thrusting his tongue like crazy...

I will be buying some different sized butt plugs, you'll need those to condition your rectum if you ever hope to see this pussy again...............


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(D) returns home ....oh yeahhhhhh

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

Well before i get started.
i wanted to say thank you for the ones interested..
and the rest of you,well you know go get cucked.
Brett didnt care to much for the ole strap on.
I felt so much power, I came from the strap on rubbing my clit
and knowing I was humiliating him.
Now its not my fault that the only way wimpy can make me cum is by me fucking his ass....
So he will be getting many more lesmisters with the strap on.....
(D) arrived over at the house the following tuesday.
brett had to work till 4 pm and (D) arrived soon after.
Before (D) got there I told brett that we had (D) coming over
He needed to go out back and mow the lawn and just be busy tinkering.
I told him he could come back in at 6:30 pm.
When (D) got there I told him all about bretts little punishment,not sure how he would react,but he loved the ideal..and laughed .
We headed up stairs and I knew (D) was super horny he waisted no time,
in undressing and he strated in eating my pussy, damn he makes me cum so fast.
then he flipped me over in 69 ..
followed by hime bending me over doggy style and he busted 2 wads
almost back to back..we fucked for over 2 hours................
I had (D) take a picture for yall.



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I called brett into the bedroom it was starting to get late and my cunt was full of cum, so much so that my panties were soaked. I had been fucked very good, had taken a load of cum in my mouth and 2 loads in my cunt and ass. My husband didn't yet know this. But this Would be (D)
last week in town as he had a job transfer out to L.A. so I knew I wouldnt be seeing him know where near as much.
But there was no way i could go back and be satisfied with brett so,
i knew friday night i would be on a cock
...................................................................... .......................................


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nice one, keep it going!


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#17 · Edited by: worldvideo1
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SO the weekend was here,Me and some friends went out to a dance club had a blast ,met a few guys but I knew Mike was my man he was hot..
he was about 6'1 nice body great ass.blonde hair.
We went back to his apartment,we talked and had a take.Then not but he brought up kinky sex.....hmmmmmmm here's my chance to break it to him. Damn on the first date..So I just told him everything.he was so shocked and stunned,I thought i scared him then with a evil grin when do i meet brett? I was thinking to my self YES.
then as the night moved along we drank somemore,I gave him a BJ that night and he invited me and brett to go camping the following weekend....
I went home and told brett our adventure where going on .he begged me not to make him go, but i knew i wanted him for a show .so i made him GO,
Next weekend finally gets here i had brettt meet us out there,AND to start setting camp up.we got there i intoduced mike to brett, AND Mike wasted no time in calling brett out about being a pussy sissy I was having a beer laughing.He was telling him about how he was grinding behind me on the dance floor etc and how i sucked his cock on our first meeting.Brett was so red in the
Later that day Me and Mike went canoeing brett stayed at camp and cleaned up/and was suppose to start lunch for us.
we returned fours later....
"Where's dinner?" was all Mike had to say.
"I, I haven't made it yet sir."
"Well why not?"
"I didn't have time sir."
"Well get started. I'm hungry. And mark yourself down for three points" he ordered.
Now here I have to briefly explain something. When Mike first became a part of our lives last week, HE wanted us to have fun playing some kind of punishment games with brett. , We came up with to this system that we had invented.
Negative behaviour meant points,
So with three awful points hanging over bretts head, brett started cooking dinner over the grill as Mike and me sat by the fire and talked about what we wanted to do during our stay.
brett had dinner ready in record time, and im sure he was hoping we would forget his points ,we finished eating and brett took our plates and started cleaning up.
"Wimp!" ...uh oh. I grinned.Mike said
"It's going to get dark soon. I need something to punish you with. When you're done there, go find a good stick for me to whip you with."
This wasn't going to be goodfor brett.
"Yes sir" he replied.
He knew He had to find a good switch with some spring to it.and It took him a few minutes to whittle off all the little knobs and smooth out the handle, As he handed Mike the finished cane, a feeling of pride in his workmanship mingled with the usual emotions of intense offense.
While I went into the tent to get ready for the evening, Mike and brett walked back into the woods. He had brett bring the duct tape, and I knew why.
When he was satisfied with our distance from the rest of the campers, he instructed brett to pull his pants down and his little panties down and bend over.
The whipping went just like usual, with the exception of the duct tape over his mouth so no one would hear him crying. As usual, by the time he was through with him, heI was crying like a little girl,
they walked back to the tent, the alpha male leading the way with his head held high, and the freshly beaten submissive wimp meekly walking behind.
I was waiting inside the tent with the flap partially open. I had changed into white lingerie - a tiny lacy top with a thong and stockings. Mike smiled and headed into the tent. brett knew what to do. he sat outside on his freshly beaten butt and kept guard. If anyone came close to the tent it was his job to keep them away .but muffled cries and sighs. The tent started shaking.



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Thank you very much Miranda! I never saw your story on here until today and boy was I missing out! I think what you and your alphas did to your wimp hubby is incredibly sexy! Your husband, whether he knows it or not, is one lucky cuck! Then, I saw your picture that you posted and I was blown away! You are amazing! I would beg you to eat your pussy. And you could definately fuck me with your strapon anytime you ordered! How I wish to be your hubby for a day!

You are my type of woman Miranda. One that knows what she wants and deserves; alpha men who fuck you crazy and a wimp cuck to serve you. More women should be like you!

Also, I already said I loved the pic of you, but I will say it again. You are geordous! I humbly ask to see more. Clothed pics would also be nice. I bet you look really sexy dressed up too!

Lots of love and keep on cucking!


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THE camping trip was so much fun.....
ILL JUMP AHEAD TO DECEMBER ME AND MIKE.continued to see each other. and still do.
I THREW A CHRISTMAS PARTY last weekend mike couldnt be there
but i had some close gf over.
All these girls already know about my arrangement with brett.
THE GIRLS AND I went shopping and returned to my house.

I called brett to the side and told him i wanted him for entertainment he looked at me like huh????? confued look'' i said take this bag and put on whats inside.....

brett went into the bedroom and put the packages away and came out with nothing on but his panties; he looked so sweet in them; all the girls loved it. They started giggling and saying how cute he looked in them. This made me smile with delight and brett turned red with offense. I thought, "Hmmmm, wouldn't it be fun if we all teased him about his tiny penis!" So while he was in the kitchen preparing our food and takes I huddled with Mary, Britny and Lisa and we decided when brett came out of the kitchen that we would strip him of his pink frilly panties, tease him and play with his little penis. I thought it would be fun to milk him too, so I got up and got a wineglass so we could catch his cum as it drizzled out of his tiny dick.

When he entered the room, about twenty minutes, later we had all stripped down to our underwear and were all sitting there with coy little smiles on our faces. And brett's jaw dropped; he knew he was in trouble. He looked at me and asked, "Is there anything else you desire Ma'am?"

A smile crossed my lips and I said, "Yes, brett, there is. We have been talking about your tiny dick and the girls would like to see what it looks like. They just can't imagine a man with a dick as small as yours. Their men are all well hung and they just can't imagine me being with someone as small as I say you are. NOW they understand why i see others. They think I'm teasing them or lying to them. You must prove them wrong for me."

brett turned a little red, but did as I requested as all good cuckolds do. " I want you to serve us in the nude, . "Yes, brett NOW, I certainly would!" I said, "Now drop those panties and let them see that tiny wee wee of yours." He put the tray down and a little reluctantly, pulled off his panties. Instantly my girlfriends cackled at the little appendage that was hanging in front of them. They were amazed!

Mary turned to me and said, "no wonder you have Mike around, that can't please you; that won't even begin to fill that pussy of yours!" I said, "Yes, you're right why do you think I have that i see others?" She laughed and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot about him." And then we all laughed. Lisa said, "Oh I can't believe that thing is real, this is a joke. brett, come over here so I can see that little thing close up and verify that it's real." brett looked at me hesitantly, obviously hoping I would deny her request. I said, "Do as she says brett and do it now!" He slowly and cautiously approached Lisa and she put her reading glasses on and bent down to examine his small penis. "I've seen print larger than this", she said, "I just have to touch it!"

I said, "Go ahead, it's too small to hurt you." And we all laughed. brett stood very still anticipating the touch that was headed his way and fearing it at the same time. I just looked him in the eye and smiled. He is a good cuckold, I thought to myself. Mary said, "That thing can't really work. It certainly is too small to produce any cum. Look how small those balls are."

I said, "Yeah, he has a little bit of cum every now and then. We can find out how much he has if you would like. I think it would be fun, don't you, brett?" He just looked at me with horror in his eyes and I laughed out loud. "Come over here my little dicked man and let me show them what to do to find that cum in you." Slowly brett walked to my side and I took his small penis in my hand and started giving him a hand job. I could feel that little penis trying to get hard and I said to Mary, "Feel this, he gets hard just like a real man. He just doesn't get big like a real man."

So she reached out and took his tiny dicklett in her hand and it was so small she almost lost it. She giggled at the feeling in her hand, she said, "it feels like a little mouse or something in my hand. It is soft and gushy and fun. I like this little toy but wouldn't want to relax with it; it would never please me!" I laughed and said, "No his penis is of little use,
Britny was like i have gas any one have a tums?
I said no but let me know when you have to let stinky out,brett's face was again in horror state.
Britny said i think now.....come over here brett sit on the floor up against the couch,I had britny place her butt right in his face and i smack her butt she just giggled,and I lowered the back of her panties looked at brett and said this is the only action you are getting and pushed the back of his head till his nose was buried deep in her butt crack ok let go Brit.
she did with a thunder his jaw rattled we laughed so hard..........
ok brett now get your sorry ass up and go to bed you stink....
And us girls stayed up all night playing dirty games together


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If your a hot bull and Dom and want to chat/corspond by email send me a permisteral msg.or a cucky with questions..


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I sent you a message...


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i would love to fuck you infront of him! u got a phat ass and nice pussy lips id love to beat up and spread

22 hung bull 9 1.2 inches 3 inches wide


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Been along time since i have gotten on the site,Been real busy with work and getting laid.I HAVE SO MANY UPDATES ON MY LIFE.
are you all still interested in a girl like me abusing my clucky
IF YOU want to hear more let me know..
talk to you all later


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These are great posts, it woul be great to hear some updates !!
slippery el


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i loveeee the way you treat him, it would mean a lot if you post more!!
josh hartnett


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OK here goes.....

Im not seeing mike any more,brett is still around.
My relationship with mike ended after mike and I went to A party given by some friends of mine and he got real takes acted stupid got mad because i was flirting with a guy named Joe.
mike came up to me and called me a dirty slut,Joe got up and punched him 5 times in the face knocked him down, Then i kicked him in the balls and we sent him home.never to be seen again
Any way let me tell you about my JOE wow 30 years old brwn hair
6'1 180 lbs and his ass is so hot.along with his Big cock and balls.
brett is scared cuckolds brownieless of him. Hes very dominat.
""Last weekend I made brett go with Joe to Joes cabin about 50 miles away..Joe promised me he would take care of brett's smart mouth
while they was away..
on the way to the cabin Joe told brett that they need to tend to a big problem when they got up there, brett was clueless.

tell you more tonight


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WOW increadable story... I can't wait to hear more. Also you should never worry about being camara shy you have an AMAZING body and beutifull face. I think one of the best I've seen on this sight!


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JOE, said he would call as soon as he got up to the cabin.
I knew brett was in for a a nasty weekend it made me smile in delight.
I went back in waving to my man and lil bitch.
Joe explained to brett on the way up that he was a no non sence kind of guy which made brett shiver with fear.Joe said once he got brett up to the cabin he looked over at brett grabbed a hand full of hair and said You are going to pay up for acting the you have been. and Joe slapped his face and told him to get out of the fucking car. and wait at the door.
brett hurried like a bitch.
The door opened and Joe, ordered him in
Ive been told to humiliate you the best way i see.sooo
let's get right to it.
" Joe connected a leash, about 4' long, to the ring on the dog collar and led brett across the cabin kitchen and into the bed room. Here he doured the leash and connected its middle to the bottom of the bed rail. Joe made him strip butt naked right there and he had to bend over, his ass in the air.
. "Now, hollow your back so your ass sticks up some, brett, my man." Eddie riffled through a shaving kit, and took something out that was blister wrapped to a piece of plastic.
"Here, brett my man hold this in your teeth" Joe said rotating A big butt plug slowly between his thumb and first finger. brett strareted to protest and joe said to him DONT FUCKING START IT PUSSY brett opened his teeth and took the red butt plug between them.

"And we'll need some lubrication...."
brett's eyes were wide and fearful as he saw that the tube was not KY jelly, but Ben Gay ointment. Joe spread a liberal line of the smelly ointment down the plug, and giggled wickedly deep in his throat.

A stinging slap and "Well, Brett, my man spread 'em!" brought a tight grimace to brett's face, but he obeyed. Joe touched the tip of the buttplug to Brett's ass hole, and spun it gently. Just the tiniest bit of ointment penetrated the pink hole, and burned like fire.

"Nice and warm, I hope?"

"Yes sir, it sure oh please oh pleasssssssssse brett cried

"What would you like me to do with it, brett?"

"Take it away!"

Another stinging slap to his face. "Wrong answer. Try again."

"Shove it in brett mumred

"Really, that is what you want?"

"Yes sir, shove it in........please."

"Well, OK, but I would have taken 'wipe it off' as an answer. But if you want me to." Joe slapped brett's ass hole as hard as he could with a ruler, shoving the buttplug in up to the hilt. He rotated it slowly, spreading the Ben Gay around inside.

brett gasped and yelped, but did not try to escape. The leash held him bent over, even if the bottom end of the bed did jump off the floor for a second. The fire in his ass was unbelievable.
"OK, brett, my man," Joe said, undoing the leash from the collar. "Pull up your pants, and come on out to the porch." and wait for the rest of our party to come up here

Pinching his ass muscles sorry, and frowning at the heat, brett stood and adjusted his clothing. He walked gingerly, twisting his ass, following Joe to the porch.

"Sit and be comfortable, or as comfortable as you can be." brett sat down in one of the chairs. "I always get a nice warm feeling here at the lake, don't you brett?"
"Yes sir, very warm." He said as he squirmed in his chair. They looked out over the lake,
WELL MOTHER FUCK you spilled my damn beer brett,
you really are pathetic then Joe said he got up and kicked brett over in his lawn chair, brett reached back to his ass. JOE ORDERED brett UP TO HIS FEET.Your going to get a little taste of ole Joes belt right now
Oh please, not the belt, Joe,
"All right, boy, enough whinning. Here. Stuff these old underpants in your mouth to keep you quiet."
Joe handed brett a pair of briefs that he had obviously saved for this occasion. They were wrinkled, stiff and smelled of sweat and urine. The fly was yellow and crusty. brett opened his mouth and let Joe push the cotton deep inside. "Spread your legs. I want to see that butt plug."

He did so, and felt his balls move inside his scrotum. The stinging was almost gone now, but an even heat remained. brett put his hands back and spread his cheeks. "Good deal bitch .
Joe took off his belt belt."
Get inside the cabin NOW , and head over to the bed where i will fuck your wife tonight.
brett walked to the end of the bed. He faced the foot of the bed, and bent over the foot board. He placed his hands flat on the mattress, palms down. Joe let the belt fly.

The crack was like a balloon exploding. It hit brett's ass exactly on the spot where the cheeks emerged from his buttocks. Fire rose into his ass and descended down his thighs from the spot. He moaned in pleasure immediately after his yelp of pain.

The beating continued. Swat after swat after swat, even, steady, rhythmic, slow, each overlapping the one before, moving slowly up the ass until it reached the apex. Then the blows started to move back down, down to the place where the original blow landed what seemed like an hour before though it had been less than a minute, really.

And so it progressed, up and down, in a steady rhythm. brett's howels were continuous, one melting into the other. The yelps themselves making a moan. He was on fire, and started to sway back and forth, back and forth and to move his ass into the belt, spanking himself as it were, by accepting each blow.

"Aaahhh!" brett straightened up sorry dropping the now dripping underpants from his mouth. The last three swats had each been harder than the one before. Joe was swinging the belt with all his power now.

brett reached out and rubbed his hand over the red flesh. His gentle touch made the fire move. It was like the sweep of a sheet of rain across the surface of the lake, only a sheet of rain that seared rather than cooled what it touched. "Here, let me take that smelly old thing out.," Joe said, laughing wicked.

"brett grasped as Joe made him yank the buttplug and yanked it free. brett did not expect it to hurt coming out, but it felt like someone had ripped his asshole out with the plug. "I have to go outside and get something. You can sit down, if you want to.......well perhaps you don't. Hand me that pocket knife on the dresser, please."

"Here." brett handed it to him with one hand while making the rain of fire run up and down his left ass cheek with the other.

"Yeah, I need a switch."

! This was a spanking he would never forget. And now, a switch? His ass twitched sorry at the thought.
Joe returned
"Shut up." A slap to the face emphasize the meaning of the words. "Say 'hello' to junior, will you?"

""Yes, sir." brett got to his feet and faced his master
Joe ordered him to bend over and grab his ankles
two feet apart. ass relaxed. The first blow of the switch was a slice of fire across his bottom. He felt it all the way to this stomach.

"Oh my God! What in the hell....!"

"Now, now, brett, , you just be silent."

"Yes sir"

"You may moan and gasp, but any words will cause me to start over."

"Yes sir. How many should I expect sir?"

"Well, a couple dozen or so, I guess."

And they came, zzziist, zzziist, zzziist, fast and furious. brett gasped and opened his mouth wide. His breath was a series of heaves and sudden gasps. He thought for sure his ass must be cut, but he did not feel anything but the fire burning channels across his already red behind.

"Yes, brett, , you mark beautifully. You are looking more and more like a road map every minute. Here, hold this switch between your ass cheeks while I get a take." Joe slammed the switch between brett's ass cheeks, and brett gripped it tightly, lest letting it fall bring another session.

"Well, let's look at it. Yes, a fine color of red with just the right markings from that switch." Joe was obviously enjoying his handiwork. He rubbed the glass of ice tea on the beaten man's ass. It felt like silk, but burned almost as much as the belt had.

**********next time ill tell more


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ill be on tonight...
see you guys then..xoxoxo


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hello all,
here are some new pics on me and my 4 wheeler and one of JOE
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my bitch brett
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