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My cock is teased and denied

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I've been addicted to the cuckold lifestyle for quite a while now, and have tried to involve every girl i've dated in it. After tons of coaxing, i finally got one of my ex girlfriends that used to cuck me to let me play with her again. and her new boyfriend. i knew it would be the ultimate offense to see him use what he had taken from me and see him have what i still wanted. but he took the offense to another level. she told him i liked to play the sissy role and serve them, and he loved the idea. so we got a hotel room, and when i got there it was just him. he told me she was on her way, but i wouldn't be allowed to see her when she arrived. he then told me to strip naked and tied me to a chair. then i was blindfolded. at that point he called her in from the bathroom and told her to look at her sissy pathetic ex boyfriend. she did admit that it was sad. he sat her down on my lap with her back to me. then i heard what was the sound of him stuffing his cock in her mouth. i couldn't move to touch her, but my cock was so hard. he noticed this and stood her up and took her away. i listened to the sound of them fucking for about 10 minutes. i begged to see the action, but was only threatened with being locked in the bathroom. my cock stayed so hard though. she was begging for his cum in her mouth. she wanted to swallow it. he told her that she had to keep it in her mouth though. i knew what was cumming....

she came over to me and started french kissing me. it was so hot. he was snapping pictures. finally i got my blindfold off. he asked me if i wanted to fuck her now. i begged to, of course. he just laughed and told me it wasn't my turn. he got on his phone and called someone, and about ten minutes later two more guys came. they got really rough with her, fucked her ass, DPed her pussy. it was amazing. sometimes they would bring her over and let me taste her pussy and then pull her away. once they even sat her on my cock and let me fuck her for about 10 seconds. i was close to cumming, and they snatched her away again before i could. after all three of them came in her pussy, i was untied and allowed to crawl over to her on the bed. then came the reward. i was allowed to jerk off while i licked her creampie, but i had to cum in my own hand and then eat that if i did. i happily obliged. she was looking at me like i was a total wimp cuck. there are other details, all entirely humiliating. i really hope to get to do this again though with them. it was so exciting, the build up, the pleasure, climax.


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hot story
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My cock is teased and denied
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