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Darla's Enlightenment a true story!

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IN 1992, just two years ago I married my friend Darla. I was a very
happy guy. We had spent two years getting to know each other before we
wed. When we met she was sixteen and I was nineteen; it was at a
church picnic. I'm not religious; my family is , Darla is. She is a

In the beginning I didn't think about sex with her, having
just met. Then after awhile when we knew each other better she was
still under age and I was over age so I hesitated, not wanting to go
to jail. We hugged and kissed a lot so we got by with some petting.
Then when she was of age, I thought about it a lot and spoke to her of
it. She said she didn't know. I said, "know what." She said, "I don't

That worked for a while. Hugging and kissing and going home
had my cock hard night after night. So I'd watch six rented X-rated
videos to whack my meat. My cock got whacked a lot in those early
days of just hugging and kissing
The hugging and kissing was pretty good and got, well, rather
naughty. More than once in the summer, me in shorts and her in a
summer dress, her pantied crotch rubbed by bare leg and I wondered if
she had peed her pants she was so wet--more than once but not to many
times more. I never put my hand there though. She would rub a couple
of times and suddenly stand up. I did manage a bare two hand breast
squeeze that lasted about twenty' minutes a few times.

One of those times we were at her Mom and Dad's. Well, first,
let me say during the first year nothing sexual happened like I said,
that is nothing physically sexual. Mentally she is very sexy. She just
didn't express it physically at these tim es in our relationship
except the exceptions mentioned. It was into the last of the second
year when we where engaged that things began to happen, like this time
at her home. She had a strange way about her.

Her Dad asked if we wanted anything from the store and left.
Mom was in the kitcarbonsmudgen cooking. Darla took my hand and pulled me down
the hall and just out of sight behind an open closet door she did
something behind her backand then put my hands up her blouse on her
bare tits. Her bra hung loose over the tops of them. She then
whispered while arching back pressing her breast into my quivering
hands, "squeeze hard, harder, harder, Ohhhh, pull them straight out,
further." Of course the store wasn't far, and dear Daddy came
nosily through the door, and I stood in the hall watching Darla
helping Dad with the bag wondering how she got dressed and down the
hall so damn fast.

It wasn't the end of endings. "Bob," (that's me), Darla's Dad
said, "I saw your Mother at the store, her car isn't working and she
wants you to come help."

"Sure," I said, "thank you." Thank you, I said. Right. When I
got back later she wasn't the same.

In general our sex life was a follows. If I was as throbbing a
hard dick as can be, Darla was busy genuflecting and crossing herself.
Someone else was in the way. Or I was just being plain dumb.

We married and on the honeymoon we finally had intercourse. It
was great. In fact, we never left the hotel room! The bed! Except to
do it in the shower. Yes, very normal stuff.

I should tell you about Darla. She is a brunette. Her skin is as
white as any I have seen. Only her face and hands have a slight tan.
Living in Washington state with all the rain and clouds coupled with
her conservative dress and her habit of w earing long sleeve blouses
has kept the sun from her body. She doesn't like to swim. I have never
seen her in a bathing suit. She has a heart shapedderriere and is slim
and strong. She is five-foot-six and weighs one-hundred-five pounds.
Her measurem ents are 37-20-36 (d-cup). Of minor importance? It's the
shape of her body and the attitude within that caught me. Her breasts
are longand almost pointed. The nipples and aureoles are like
smallbreasts onto themselves pyramiding or telescoping off the rest of
her brea st. The nipple, being red and the aureole pink and the
rest of the breast white as white can be except on the left one there
is a dark eighth inch freckle, is my favorite.


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It did pass me by that though sex with her was better than with
the six porno movies and the mags, etc. After we had been married a
year one day I rented a motel room and ten videos and found a good
excuse for being away for a Saturday. As I lay there with a perpetual
hard on hour after hour it occurred to me that those few times when
Darla more than hugged and kissed hadn't replayed themselves in our
married days . Oh, she got hot, wet, and totally beside herself but
something was missing. "Squeeze hard, harder, harder," she had said. I
don't know. Just the other night I was laying on the floor watching a
ball game when she walked over me on her knees spread her
butt, toucarbonsmudged her anus and said, "lick, please."

I did. However, it's not the same or something was missing. I
don't know how to explain it to you, or me. Events like the anal one
just described happen occasionally (not often), and always I'm left
thinking she is not satisfied or something. Anyway, I tried to
breach the subject with her one night but when I thought the
conversation was bearing out mysuspicions she went for popcorn or

I'm an accountant and work for a large accounting firm. One
of our clients is a diesel engine repair and truck sales (Mack
trucks, Caterpillar trackers and the such). I was finishing up the
companies tax statements and having a final meeting of the year with
three men from that company-- the owner, the general manager, and the
manager in charge of repair, when I found myself inviting them all to
dinner the night of an important ball game (football).

Yes," I said, "show up about four, we'll eat and turn on the
game. This will be the first game on my new TV. It's a 52-inch tube."

"OK," the owner Chuck said, "a good deal, I'll bring a bottle of

"Great." Frank indicated a bottle would, also, be procured and

Well, that was that. A couple of days went by and I still had
several till the game so I told Darla about them.

"Clients? Friday? That's nice. What would you like to eat?"

"Well, sweetheart I don't want to put you out. Or arrange things
for you.

I didn't even talk to you about it. I'll just cook something up.
Fried chicken or something," I said.

She came back, "that's OK. Sure, a little notice when you can,
and well it's not for days yet. It's no problem. Or do you want me to
go to a movie or something?"

"No, No. Your absolutely welcome. Welcome to stay and join us or

Darla said, "well, I don't know if I should join you guys but
I'll cook dinner and have dinner with you all. Then maybe I'll go
upstairs and read or something."

"Sure. Fried chicken would be easy. Hey, we could order out from

"Oh, now I cook the best. I'll do it. What do you think three
chickens or four? Four."

"Four." Four chickens, the game and some bottles. Everything
looked good.The days went by slowly. I got home from work nights
before game night and Darla seemed a different permister, sort of.
Questions came like missiles--- - should we bring the arm chair in
from the other room? How bout that one in the garage, is it any good?
Should we bring it in? What do you think honey are four chickens

"Four chickens are enough, and we'll have baked potatoes, too.
Those two chairs I'll bring them in."

"I already got the one from the other room."

"Oh. OK." She seemed a nervous wreck.

"What should I wear?"

I did not know what to say in answer to the last question, so I
made like I was giving it a lot of thought. Stroking my beard and
pressing my lips together triggered the next volley and I didn't have
to admit I did not know what to say. "Should we use paper plates or
china? Beer! I'll buy beer, how much?"

By now I had gotten in to the thrill (that was the word I chose)
the thrill of it all and was on my way to the garage for the chair, I
yelled back, "no beer, they're bringing brandy and scotch." Actually,
as I pushed and pulled the chair, it came to mind something "sexy I

"What do you mean," she said.

Looking up through some sweat I had to think what was going
on. "Oh," I realized I had spoke aloud about the something sexy, so I
said, "something nice I guess. For you to wear. You asked awhile ago.
Something pretty I guess."

"Should I wear something sexy, Bob?"

"Do you have anything sexy?" I said trying to stop and take back
the words before they got to her. Oops.

"Don't I have any sexy clothes, Bob?" We were no longer thrilled.
And I knew lip pressing and beard stroking wasn't going to work. There
wasn't going to be anymore questions till this one got answered.

"You know, your yellow slacks are nice and that blouse with
the ruffle front is a knockout. It brings out the color of your
eyes." Made it. Proud of myself I was. "There that chair was a good
idea. Did you clean it?" "Yes."

"We better have extra butter for the baked potatoes. How much do
we have?"

"My yellow slacks are nice. That blouse is terrible."

"Sweetheart, why don't you go shopping tomorrow and get some knew

"Answer me."


"The truth. Do I have any sexy clothes and if so what?"

"I really like that pink garter, panty, and bra set Nancy bought
you for the honeymoon, which you never wore. That's Sexy, wear that."

"That's underwear; so I should wear just that. No. Anyway, you
probably think my plain white cotton briefs are sexy, too. I'll go


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" Sad Darla walked away and I knew the thrill was gone. I was
no longer proud. I failed. Even knowing that she had no clothes that I
or anyone else would think sexy didn't help. I should have been able
to come up with some kind of truth that would have worked. But NO.
The days went by. I went to work. She went shopping. And the game was


"I'm in here."

"The chicken is done," she said, "and the potatoes are in the

It's three-thirty. I'm going to get changed."

"OK." I think she must have gotten some clothes that pleased her,
because we were thrilled again. Strange thing though a couple times in
the last two days I remembered the night she had me pull her tits
hard. A feeling rolled through my gut like I was sporting a hard on
that every time I flexed it it slapped me on my stomach and people
carbonsmudgeered. But it was the door bell chime, so I opened the door and
they all came in. We wandered around the kitcarbonsmudgen and TV room and
dining room for a while. C huck poured brandy and scotch. Bill sat in
the cleaned garage chair, and Darla came into the room smiling.

"Hi, sweety," I said and kissed her on the carbonsmudgeek. "This is Darla
everybody. Darla this is Frank. And that's Chuck and over there is

"Hi guys, nice to meet you."

Frank stepped up to Darla and shook her hand. And then leaned in
for a kiss just like I did on the carbonsmudgeek. Bill came next and did the
same except he didn't shake her hand he squeezed her left shoulder
and kissed her right carbonsmudgeek. Chuck spread Bill and Frank apart as he
came up to Darla saying,"hey I want some of this," and kissed her
right on the lips. "You have a very beautiful woman, Bob."

Darla said, "I'll get the chicken" and walked away.

Chuck said, "she smells good, too."

I thought about all the action. But mostly I was to busy getting
an eye full. What Chuck had said was always true, she is beautiful,
but tonight! Well, her outfit was something. First off she was
wearing the pink stockings and so it must follo w that she was wearing
her only really sexy clothes, a pink bra and panty set that her
girlfriend boughtfor her as a wedding present. The bra was cut so the
nipples were free of any covering. The panties were small but not a
thong or G type. A garter belt an d sheer pink stockings finished it.
A four- inch heel on pink shoes helped lengthen and guide the eye up
creamy-pink legs setting the mind imagining as they hid away above
the hem of her full, pink, mid-thigh-length skirt. I went into the
kitcarbonsmudgen and whispered,

"Wow, that's sexy."



"Thank you. I like your friends. Do you think they like my

"I'm sure they do."

"I bet Chuck does. He kissed me right on the lips you know ."

"I know."

"Don't be jealous."

"I'm not. I was a little mad because I thought ... well that it
made you mad."

"No, it was sweet. After all you kissed me and they
were just in the spirit. That's all."

Chuck called from the other room, "Darla, Sweety what can
I get you to take,"

"I'll have a brandy, Chuck, one cube of ice, thanks." Well,
dinner went fine. We all picked up all the plates and stuff and it was
all in the washer in a couple of minutes. Darla started to leave and
Chuck said "Sweety."

Darla turned and smiled and said, "yes."

If you don't come back sooner be sure to come back at half time
for the entertainment. You don't have to leave though. I'm sure I
speak for all of us your presence is a very exciting thing."

"Well, thank you Chuck. I have some things to do. I'll come back

"Let me fix you a take, doll," said Frank. "Brandy again?"

"OK, thanks." He poured her a take and walked across the room to
hand it to her. While there he whispered in her ear, and she laughed
while she left."

I tell ya, I thought I should protect my wife from this fresh
bunch. But she was warming to it. I was glad to see her happy.
Actually, that men were flirting with her must really be boosting her
morale, I thought. I wanted to be jealous but I wasn't. If your not
your not, even if you think you should be. So I had a take. She
always wears her skirt a couple of incarbonsmudges above the knee. Seeing her
mid-thigh in public so to speak, and a loose skirt at that, was neat
and I didn't want to spoil her fun or mine.

After quite awhile Darla whispered into my ear, "Bob. Hi,
Sweetheart. When is half time?"

"Each quarter is fifteen minutes. But with time outs and other
stuff they are closer to thirty."

"OK. See you," she said, and I saw her fill an eight ounce glass
with brandy and jet up stairs.

Well, we watcarbonsmudged the game, but I felt they felt the thrill had
left. I thought the thrill had left, too. I liked thenew Darla I was
seeing, and I didn't want to stunt her growth.

"Is it half time yet," Darla said aloud while stepping from the
stairs. It was not, but Chuck said, "lovely lady, yes, come and
entertain us."

"Entertain you? I thought half time had a show." Frank grabbed
the remote and turned the set off.

"Well, yes if your there the carbonsmudgeerleaders dance for everyone." I
turned the stereo on, and Chuck said, O good music. So why don't you
dance for us Darla," Chuck said. He also said, "Sweety, let me have
your glass, I'll get you a take."

Darla swayed to a fro standing in front of the TV. Chuck
handed her a take and she sipped it as she slowly turned very slowly
turned all the way around so her back was to us.Her hips began to
grind, and her ass followed in smooth circles. Af ter six or eight
sips on her take she spread her feet apart almost two feet and
continued now swinging her ass from side to side. When she turned
facing us two of the buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned, and her
take was empty. (I don't think an yone realized, except me, about
the buttons.)

Chuck reacarbonsmudged out for the glass, and she moved close till his
hand was incarbonsmudges from touching her crotch. She put the glass in his
hand and giggled.

"It's hot," she said, wiping her hand down her throat onto her
carbonsmudgest. "Is it hot enough," she asked me? I said half time wasn't over
yet. I didn't want to stop her for a lot of reamisters. Half time could
do it. That way neither shenor me or anyone would cut her off. Half
time would do it.

Chuck walked up to her and with one hand gave her the take but
with the other he undid a button. Slick as oil.In fact I don't think
I saw him do it. It just was undone. Maybe she did it. Anyway she
drank some of her take and then facing Frank, Chuck, and Me and with
her feet spread wide she bent way over at the waist to set her take
down on the coffee table. We all saw that her pink bra didn't cover
her red nipples. They were hard. I could tell by looking that they
were real hard. While we stared I broke away and looked at her face.
Something different appeared. Something familiar appeared. I
remembered when she had me pull her tits hard.

"Dance for us Darla," Chuck said.

"Dance for us Sweety," Frank said.

"All the way Sweet Stuff, " said Bill.

Darla looked at me and said, "is half time over?" I said, "no
Sweety it's not." My cock felt like it was turning to stone. I
looked at Chuck's crotch and saw his cock plainly laying along his
hip tenting his pants. In Frank's crotch was Frank's hand. When I
looked back to Darla she was dancing harder and her skirt flipped up
revealing white skin above pink stockings. She twirled flaring her
skirt out and up.


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The music slowed and so did Darla. Now facing us she put her
hands to her hips and played with her skirt pulling it up and around
until she had hold of the hem and her panties were seen more than they
were not. Then I noticed she was looking at something. A tiny grin
came to Darla's lips. She had noticed the guys hard-ons. She walked to
the coffee table for her take but tripped on the rug, she was that
takes. Embarrassed she picked up the remote and turned on the TV. The
third quarter was well under way. She almost ran upstairs. After the
game the guys all patted me on the back with laughter on their words,
"good show buddy. See you later."

Upstairs I found Darla either ****** or arelax. I drove to a
video shop and rented a bunch of tapes. Some of them were stripper
movies. At home I beat my meat till late watching the strippers and
seeing Darla's face on them all. All except one, she was a knock-out.
Mary was her name. I went up stairs and very quietly removed Darla's
panties. They smelled of cunt. And were still damp. I dreamed many
things about my naughty wife. But most of all I wondered how she would
explain herself tomorrow Or would it just be forgotten. The grin I saw
was curious. I took all the movies back to the store and bought the
best stripper one. I hid it so she could not find it.

"Good morning honey." I woke with a jerk. Darla kissed me. "You
slept here all light?"

"I guess so." I sat up on the couch and she handed me a cup of

"Bacon and eggs."

"You bet. Hey, four eggs, scramred please. I'm starving. I'll
fix the toast."

"Your in a good mood."

"I am. My team won, and I won fifty bucks. Look at this-- FIFTY
BUCKS. We cooked and ate.

"Honey," Darla said, "have you seen my panties?

I was busy eating and takeing and I had time to think. Her
underwear were under the couch covered in my dry crusty cum. Just as I
started to tell her where they were fetishd on some crumbs, and when I
spoke I said, "I sold them." All was quiet for a long time (couple of

"You sold them?"

"After you went to bed the game got real cool. Two touchdowns
wham wham.

We had some more takes and someone said they loved your pink
panties.The conversation went around about them for a while, then
Chuck said, "I'll give you ten bucks for them."

I said no. Frank said twenty. Bill said thirty. I said who will
say fifty. Chuck said one-hundred and fifty. I said sold." I was
takes and in the spirit of the fun and the auction.

"Well, when I said, I'll be right back with them. Bill said,
I'll give you three hundred if I can go up and get them."

Before he answered Frank said five. I thought no way I can do
this. But then I thought well if your ****** what would it hurt.
My head if you found out, I thought. They had it right there,
six-hundred and fifty bucks."

"BOB! You are telling me Frank took my panties off and Chuck
took them home with him and that they paid you six-hundred and fifty
dollars for their lecarbonsmudgerous leasure. So did you turn the lights on.
Did they all come in. I had bra and panties on. Bob!

"The money is yours of course," I said trying to figure how to
tell her the truth. That I was making it all up. I was having to
much fun to stop. She looked so embarassed it began to turn me on.
Or maybe it was power. No it was just plai n sexy.

"So they all gathered around my bed while you turned on the
lights? No, you take care of the money," she said.

I really thought she would be mad as hell. That we would fight a
little, and then I'd tell her the truth, that being that her dance
made me so horny I stripped her pants off her and beat my boner into
them after they all went home. But she just walked off to take a

Later we had breakfast. Her Mom called and they talked
awhile. We talked about going to her parents house for Christmas
(four months away). I had to think it didn't really bother her, all
them men parading through for a look. Or it did bo ther her.

"Wow, Baby you were hot last night doing that little stripdance."

"Go to work, Bob. I got a hangover. You know I drank a lot last

Look at my red eyes."

"See you tonight."

"Bob, don't tell anyone about last night."

That's all she said. Don't tell anyone.

Several weeks went by. Life went by in a normal mode. Nothing
special happened. Until one night I got home early, about two p.m. I
came in real quiet for no special reamister. I was just tired and lazy.
I didn't shut the doors and I parked in the street. Standing
unannounced in the entry to the TV room I watcarbonsmudged Darla watching my
stripper video.

"Hi. I see you found my tape."

"Come over here and kiss me." I did go over and kiss her and for
the next several hours we watcarbonsmudged several times the video. It turned
out that she thought Mary was pretty good, too. But, when I told her
that the hottest strip I ever saw was the one she did, she did not
believe me.

"Oh, bull. I didn't even strip."

"A little you did. But the dance, the way you did it. Every guy
in the place had a hard on."

"How do know, Bob."

"I looked and saw their dicks snaking up inside their pants. You
saw, too."

"I saw Chuck's. It's as big as yours."

"Maybe bigger," I said.

"Bob, I never told you before but I don't believe in God. I'm a
Catholic only by habit, no pun intended. All my life I've been
bombarded with Christ this and God that. You know there are millions,
literally, millions starving and dieing. The fact is I've had it up to
the roof with being told how it is. I know how it is.

You know what pisses me off. In America we are free. But far
to many people think one of their freedoms is the right to tell me
what morals are mine and what dogma to follow and what humor is good
or bad, cuckolds brownie. It is cuckolds brownie."

"Is that you Darla." I couldn't think of anything else to say. It
got a laugh anyway.

"Silly. Of course. I've just realized that if I don't speak up
soon, now, even, ten years from now we might get divorced just because
we don't know each other."

"That sounds like a truth. A fundamental premise among premises
to live by: namely, honesty. Yes, your right."

"Bob, the other night I saw something about you."


"You had a hard on too. You enjoyed my little dance for the guys.
I think you would not have stopped me if I had started stripping off
my skirt. Am I right? Don't answer.

Yes, answer."

"I don't know. I did have a hard on. It was like steel. I beat
off all night. I saw your face on all those strippers. I wished you
hadn't got so takes and ******. I thought of fucking you anyway.
Did you want to take your skirt off?"

"I don't know. I wished when I left I wasn't so takes; but I
don't know what I would have done if I stayed. I think if you had
called me back and started a chant that all the guys joined in to like
when you all one after the other said dance fo r us Darla. I may have
gone further. I unbuttoned my blouse. I didn't stop Chuck when he
undid another button. I knew you all could see my nipples. But what
if you hated me for being such a slut.I don't know."

"But you were wet enough and I was hard enough. Quite a dilemma,"
I said.


"I have the answer."


"I'm not takes now. I'm fully rested. I'm home. I've had days to
think about it, and I have. I find you much more sexy in the aftermath
with the memory of you giving all the guys a hard on. I'm proud of
your looks, but more I'm turned on by how sexy you are."

"Was it sexy; or was it slutty," she asked?

"Which do you want?"

"Once in the ninth grade I was alone in the auditorium. On stage
were several tables and I had been working there on Math. Music class
was going to be held in there in half and hour so I came early. After
a while I noticed someone peeking under the off stage curtain. It
took me a few minutes to understand. He was look up my skirt. It made
me mad, sad for him, and glad I had worn my new panties. Why?
Because I didn't put my knees together when I saw him. Well, really,
I spread them a lit tle."

"So," Darla, "was it the mad or the glad you preferred?"

"All I know is I want more. I want you and our marriage and
someday youngren."

"More what?"

"I guess, I leave that up to you. Well, no, I mean yes, but no.
Yes, up to you. The answer to your question, more orgasms. I'm scared.
I not scared. This habitual stuff is a real drag."

"What do you mean habitual stuff?"

"I've had religion crammed down my throat so much, so long that
even though intellectually I rid my self of it. I still feel

"Maybe that's good."

"How so?"

"Well, I know people who are poor and have learned to live off
the country. They have acquired a home. Receive food stamps and other
welfare items including money. They work under the table part time.
The have a fantastic time. They are not bur dened by quilt. They just
go to the beach swimming, to the mountains skiing, etc. etc. etc.


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"I don't get it."

"Darla, tomorrow at two p.m. meet me at the cathedral. Wear the
same outfit you wore the other night. All pink except don't wear you

"Oh, I don't know...

"Stop right there young lady. Did you say 'I guess I leave that
up to you.'


"So be it. Darla I will always respect you and love you. If
things get out of hand it is my responsibility to stop it. If or when
we do stop it, there will be no regrets and we will just move from one
phase of our life together into another. Agr eed?"


"But we must understand the agreed upon. What is agreed between
us? It is this. Orgasms are the name of the game, baby. I am in
charge. Since I am in charge, and it is me who will be arranging the
orgasms you can not embarrass me or, and this is most important, do
anything that will get me or you beat up. So then you must strike this
deal. The very deal explicit, and implicit in our discussion of this

"You scare me."

"Just obey."

"I'll meet you at the church. No panties."


Darla said, "Yes. You are in charge. You are my sex master."

"Good! Lets go to bed. It's late."


I showed up at her church--right time, right place. It's really
a neat building, all brick with multiple steeples. A real cathedral. I
was bewildered by the height of ceiling. Finally, I knew there was
something about Darla she was keeping hid or it, perhaps, hadn't grown
fully enough for her to know of it, and hence was hid that way from
herself. Whatever the case, we sat in the last pew. No one else was
there. We hoped. I told her to show me she had no panties. She stood
in the aisle and lifted her skirt. I looked for a while then pulled my
dick out and directed her to face the alter and si t. She grasped me
by the dick and guided me in. We fucked for about a half-hour.

"OK. Darla stand up, but hold tight our juices. Don't let any
come out till I say." I took her hand and we walked to the alter. As
we turned to walkback up the aisle to the front door I told her to let
our juices flow. She left dribred spots down the alter steps and
along the floor to the door. We ran laughing up the street to our
cars. I yelled before she drove away, "did you have an orgasm?"

"Yes, but I want another."

"I have to go back to work for awhile. Darla, go shopping buy a
sexy outfit, and be wearing it when I get home-- about 6 p.m."

"OK, give me a credit card."

I arrived home about six-fifteen. Darla was standing in the TV
room with my wool robe on. I noticed she had a five-inch heel on
toe-less shoes. Her stockings were nude with tiny purple hearts-- one
heart was directly over her right big toe. Her nails were painted
pink. I said "your feet surely fit the criteria."

"A lady at the Pink Boutique helped. The pink polish is my idea.
It matcarbonsmudges my, well you'll see."


"Yes, you and me. I hope you like the rest. Do you want to see

"Not yet. Wait till the others arrive."


"Yeah, Frank, Bill, and Chuck. There is another game tonight and
I think the tease you gave them last time ought to be made up to them.
This time a complete strip. I even have the stripper misterg on

"Oh. I'm scared."

"Don't be."

"Should I cook chicken?"

"No they aren't expecting it this time. All they know is the game
is on. You won't be around. If they ask I'll say your upstairs
reading. At half time I'll come and get you. If you need a few takes
there is brandy and a glass in your room. In fact, you better go up
now; they will be here soon. Oh, Darla When you come into the room
you just say Hi to everyone-- a little small talk. Then I'll say,
"hey, it's half time Da rla how about another dance. You look and act
embarrassed. The guys will probably speak up. You say a reluctant no
and whatever else you might say. I'll insist and put on some music.
You whine or put up some little protest. I'll be adamant. You star t a
slow sway and dance through the whole misterg. After that I'll bring out
the stripper misterg. And you get hot." The door bell rang. "Go up
stairs." She left.





"Pregame has started. Beers, brandy, scotch?"

The first quarter went by. During the second quarter Chuck
finally asked. I say finally because there was a thickness in the air.
Much casual looking around. Peeking over shoulders towards the kitcarbonsmudgen
and stairs. "Where's Darla, Bob?" "Upstairs. Reading, I think. She'll
probably be down later. Her brandy bottle was almost empty," I said.

"Pretty lady you got there. That dance last time couldn't be


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Chuck let out a long whistle, which brought a large smile to
Darla's face. He said, "take it off baby." Another long whistle.
"Sweetheart, baby, darling Darla, I love your hard nipples." With that
she brought her hands down and cupped her tits f rom underneath (a
second bra) and lifted and squeezed and pulled her tits out. Then
holding them that way she took each nipple between thumb and finger
and rolled them around and pulled them even further out.

Now Bill had his dick out of his pants and Darla was watching
while she danced out of her bra and tossed it into his lap. Leaning
way over facingBill she shook her tits over and over again at him.
Darla had a perpetual grin on h er face; on ly enterupted laughs and

She picked up my take and downed it while standing with one foot
on the coffee table. She unhooked her garter, changed feet, and undid
the other garter and the belt. During the next five minutes of dancing
the stockings slid down her legs and she took them off. Now she stood
absolutely still facing us in the smallest yellow g-string I ever saw.
Hands of hip, we whistling, clapping, complimenting, and some whacking
their exposed meat. She turned slowly round 180 and stood the same
way for about five long minutes. Chuck started to go for her. I
stopped him with, "no touching."

He settled back shaking his head OK. Darla took off her g-string
and handed it to me, then she laid on the floor and with legs together
lifted them straight up. Then she spread them out to her side (she can
do the splits soshe spread them prett y good). We all looked. Right
there covering her cunt, just her cunt, the bush above was bare, just
covering her lips and clit and her ass hole was this little plastic
thing g-string without the string. It was held on by two little
smooth plastic fin gers one in the anus and the other her vagina.
After about five minutes of rolling and spreading and lifting and
spreading she jumped up and ran away. Everyone was breathless. Bill
had cum all over himself with Darla watching and giving out a little
squeal when he came.

"Do you think she'll be back down," Chuck asked.


"Well, wonderful party, Bob. I hate to enjoy and run, but I got
to get home and fuck my wife."

Bill went to the bathroom to clean up, and in about ten minutes
all three of them were gone. After about an hour I went up stairs.
Darla was arelax. On the dressing table I saw the tiny strapless,
plastic bikini. I took it down stairs and smelle d it till I had a
hard on, and then I pushed the larger of the two finger plugs into my
ass and on my elbow and knees beat off while watching the video I had
secretly taken of Darla's strip.

The next morning I was up early and felt great. Darla came down
late. She looked embarrassed. The first words were mine but she had a
bunch of her own that followed quickly.

"Good morning baby, I love you. What shall we have for

"Do you hate me?"

"I meant what I just said. I love you. But to clarify things, I
respect you. I appreciate having you as my wife and I don't ever want
that relationship to end. What happened last night is just the
beginning and I do not let you go. In fact, say again what I want to

"I love you."

"That's good, we will add that to the daily ritual of stating the

You know the whole statement, say it."

"Oh. You are in charge. You are my sex master."

"Come on, now."

"You are in charge. You are my sex master. I love you."

"I love you. What shall we have to eat? Hot cakes?"

"I'll fix them. I love you, Bob."

While she cooked I asked her things. "Darla, did you like it?"


"Would you like to strip for ten or twenty men and women?"

"Women, too?"

"Don't bother about the details. Darla, you squealed. Actually,
squealed when Bill came."

"I know. It was so so so. I wanted to suck it."

"In front of three other men?"

"It didn't matter."

"You didn't take off your stringless bikini. Why not?"

"I wanted to real bad. I wanted to take hold of my lips and pull
them and show them my clit."

"And your ass hole. Did you want to show it to?"


"Why didn't you. When Chuck started to come at me you stopped
him. I thought if I started playing with myself I might go over and
sit on Bill's meat I was so wet. I was so wet running up stairs the
thing fell out of me."


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We laughed long and hard then fucked, and I went to work.

On my way home I wanted my sex lady to feel the meat. After a
little thought I knew who it would be. At the market we have been
going to for almost two years a boy there seemed to have a crush on
Darla. I know he just turned eighteen a week or two ago. So I went and
bought some apples. I told him that I was impotent and that Darla did
not want another man's member in her vagina but that she needed to
have an orgasm. If he followed the rules he could help. He agreed.

He was to let her suck him off. She would be dressed he naked. He
could not touch her. He was to lay on the kitcarbonsmudgen table and she would
sit on a chair. He agreed while shaking almost uncontrollably.

"Be at my house at eight tonight. You know where it


"Exactly at eight. Come to the back door. See you then."

At home I told Darla to wear her pink skirt with no panties and a

bra and blouse. I told her to wait on the couch just before eight. Jim
(that's his name) was precise. I told him to strip and lay on the
blanket on the table. "Darla will be right in."

"Darla, go into the kitcarbonsmudgen sit on the blue chair and suck till
you have
an orgasm." When we got to the kitcarbonsmudgen door I whispered, "he must cum
in you mouth and you must come without his touching you." I gave her a
little push through the door. She stepped right back out again.
"That's Jim from the store. I can't. He'll tell everyone."

"Darla, you must understand that to be a slut is just that. A
slut is because she craves to be just that, you slut. Tell me you did
not look at his dick."

"I can't."

"Because you did look. Did you like it?"

"Yes. But."

"A sex master must not be questioned, must not be disobeyed.
Darla this is just our fourth adventure, I see hundreds ahead. Many
slutty things you may not want to do but you will do them. Why?
Because you will choose to. This once I'll send our victim home. If it
happens again I will have to assume you do not really want this and we
will stop for a conventional existence." I turned and headed for the
kitcarbonsmudgen. "Wait, your right I want to suck him. I wanted to suck Bill,
I'm just nervous. I can't wait to slurp it into my mouth. I
hope it's not hard yet."

"Hi Jim."

"Hi Darla." She sat down.

"You have a beautiful cock, and lovely balls. I'm going to suck
you till you cum in my mouth is that OK?"

"You bet."

With that and before it got to hard she slurped Jim's member into
her mouth, sucking till it was hard. She scootedher chair up close to
the table and began licking and sucking one then the other testicle.
Licking then sucking. Then she licked up the shaft over over again.
Maybe a hundred times she lick from his anus up to the head of his
dick. Never once did she put it in her mouth after that first time.
He hurt from the hardness of it. She took it into both hands one
above the other and sq ueezed, literally, as hard as she could over
and over. By now I was sitting in the corner watching and taking video
and polaroid pictures. She stood up and took his meat into her mouth
and sucked up and down over and over and over. I looked at my watch.
Ten minutes we nt by before she changed to something else. Whacking
his dong in long smooth strokes she sucked his balls.

Darla had been sharing her hands with Jim and herself. She put a
finger deep inside her cunt and then asked Jim, "Jim do you want some
of my cunt juices in your mouth?"

"Yeah." Darla's fingers went from one orifice to the other. Cunt
to mouth and he sucked hard her fingers and licked them clean. And
while he did she banged herself and sucked hard on his dick. Cum came
squirting from the edges of her mouth as hi s balls lifted high and
she came with a squeal. They lay there quiet for fifteen minutes. Then
Jim got dressed and I showed him some pictures.

"Look at this one of her sucking you. Do you want it?"


"Here take these three. I like that one. Look at the expression
in her eye like she don't even want that dick outof her mouth ever.
Yeah, you can have them. It's getting late, you better go. Jim don't
come back here unless I invite you. I might, too. Bye."

"Bye, Jim," Darla said, "you have a lovely tasting cock. And it's
big and pretty, thanks."

"Good night, Darla."

"Did you cum baby?"

"Yeah. Three times. It was great."

"So you really truly like being a slut?"

"Do you want to suck, and fuck, three dicks all at once?"

"I think it would be great. Well, I don't know. Who?"

"Well, I don't want to embarrass you. Who would you not want?"

"I don't know."

"OK. Anyone then. I'm glad you said that. It shows you really are
becoming a true slut."

"A true slut would suck anyone, Bob."


"Then I choose you." So she sucked me all night long. I'm glad it
was Friday."

Several weeks went by and we fucked in semi-public a few times. Even
got spied on once. Some other little stuff happened but one Saturday
morning was three days away and I was setting up something special.
Sunday was to be the really special day but saturday would tell how
much of a slut my wife had become under my tutelage.

Saturday morning I told Darla to wear panties and bra and nothing
else around the house. She new tomorrow was going to be a busy sex
day. Today surprised her. When the door bell rang I told her to go and
answer it. She started to question me but stopped and went to the door
in panties and bra. I whispered open the door wide and invite whoever
it is in. Convince whoever it is to let you give him head. And also
lick his ass clean.

Darla opened the door and there stood our fifteen year old paper
boy wanting his pay. "Your name is Phil isn't it?"

"Yes. I need the subscription money."

"Come in. Wait here." She practically ran into the kitcarbonsmudgen. I
watcarbonsmudged trough a crack in the door the paper boy stare at her lovely
ass. "Bob," she said, "it's the paper boy."

"Darla, go tell him you have no money and suck him." Darla
looked at me long and slow. Then said quietly, "I am a slut; I am a
slut." She went back into the living room.

"Phil I don't have any money. I'll take off my clothes for
you, if you'll loan me the money for the paper bill."

With that said and waiting for no answer she undid her bra and
pulled off her panties and then commenced to walk around and show
herself off. She stepped up to him, "do you want to feel me." She
lifted one breast and squeezed it. "Go ahead." He did. A lot. Her
breasts were wonderfully large and he play with them and sucked them.
She leaned to his ear and whispered would you like to suck between my



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She sat down on an armchair and pointed at her spread lips.
"Suck me." He did ferociously. And when she took her lips and pulled
them wide apart he began dipping his fingers and tongue deep in her.
"See that right there," she said pointing at h er clit suck that.
Don't stop till I say and then I'll do the same for you." He sucked
and squeezed for a long time, and finally she came. And then she took
down his pants and gave him his first blow job. She sucked and
stroked while he stood in he r living room. When stroking she spoke
to him. "It must be eight incarbonsmudges long. How long are you Phil, do you

"No." His ass was tightening up and he stood taller as she stroke
his dick with her right hand. He had grown accustomed to being
sexually aroused and naked for Darla, and now his muscles were flexing
with pride for her eyes to feast on, her hands to touch.

"Later," Darla said, "I want to measure your cock. I'll measure
it from here." she placed her finger near his anus, "all the way to
here," she kissed the very tip of his red glans and then slowly
swallowed his member. While rolling her tongue over and over and over
his red knob and while flexing her lips in a munching motion, and
while fondling his balls and while reaming his ass with her finger,
she listened to his sex sounds-- his hard breathing.

"Phil, do you want me to kiss you ass," she said, while holding
his shaft in one hand and his balls in the other.


She moved her full hands slowly up and down, up and down. "Turn
around and bend over." It was quite a humorous sight, ole Phil, taking
little steps in a circle. When he was fully turned and bent. Darla
buffed his butt many times and then began making small kisses all over
his buttocks. As she placed the many kisses her hands kneaded the firm
hairy flesh out away from his anus. She directed her attention there
licking and sucking while her hands moved to his bobbing penis and
testicles. He, I assume, couldn't believe his luck, and I was getting
video and photos to compete with the best ever seen.

Picture the video if you will ( lights, camera, action) He's
bent over; She's slurping his ass, both her hands taking long slow
strokes up and down his eight inch dick, while his knees are shaking
and his knuckles are white from holding on to the back of the couch.
She's squated and spread wide. What a shot, I have to tell you. And
Darla, how about her.

The look in her eye when she first stripped for the guys, I
thought, was pure sex. But the primal need (pardon the clicarbonsmudge), the
natural I saw squatted there sucking this young studs ass was as base
as it gets. Well I hope not.

All that mattered to her was that he have the best orgasm
ever. His whole body tightened hard and he stood straight and started
groaning loud. "Cum Phil. Shoot your cum all over the room. Hit the
ceiling," Darla commanded half standing to get a better grip; and she
beat his meat harder and he yelled a groan and his hips jerked and his
butt flexed and cock like a hydraulic pump pumped cum in large dollops
in to her open mouth. In the last second she had stooped and placed
her mouth into a sperm catching position.

Phil fell like a puppet over the back of the couch and didn't
move. Darla sat on the floor under him squeezing and stroking his half
hard member, licking its tip cum occasionally.

"Well, Phil is my bill paid?"

"Yes Mam."

"You better get dressed and get back to work. Oh, Phil, you have
a lovely big cock. Now listen to me. Don't ever come around here; my
husband is real smart and stupid. He'll figure it out, and then do
something stupid, probably to you. I don't want you to come back,
except to deliver the paper and pick up the carbonsmudgeck. OK."


"You better go, bye."

"Darla," I called to her from the kitcarbonsmudgen; and she joined me
there. "You couldn't get enough of that dick. Am I right?" In answer
she got down on her knees, pulled out my dick and began working it up.

"Bob, you don't hate me do you?"

"Hate you?"

"I loved his dick. I love your dick. When Phil's cock started
pulsing and twitching every time I licked his ass all my inhibitions
left me. I left me. All there was was cock and soon to be ejaculating
sperm. Oh, Bob, you should have felt its pul sing, hot, firmness." She
sucked me silly.

It had only been several weeks since the first ball game
dance. Darla pleased the heck out of me. I guess not many guys could
handle having a wife (or maybe I'm just a good teacarbonsmudger) learn she is a

Tomorrow I had a treat for Darla. Actually it was a treat for
the two of us. It took me a week to set it up. That's why I didn't
want her to fuck Phil. I wanted her horn dog. Nothing is to good for
my sweety. I was having a morning breakfast party. Four men were going
to visit. I would be the fifth. We went to bed early. We were up a
five a.m. The guests each had a unique time of arrival, all had set
there watcarbonsmudges the same as mine.

Every half hour, starting with the first one at eight, the next
guest would arrive to enjoy the festivities, to gather and be

"When are they getting here?"

"Don't worry about that."

"I'll get dressed."

"No. Wear nothing."

"Oh, it's going to be a party."

"There will be four guest."

"Four? Four men?"


"Are they all for me. Do they know I'll be nude and waiting for

"Yes. Come with me up stairs, please." I had bought an enema kit.
In the bedroom I had her lay down and I administered a full load of
warm water.

"That feels good, Bob. You can do it again, later. Why are you
doing it now?"

"Some of the men will probably want to fuck you in the ass-- I
should think... Well, we'll see. When you can't hold it any longer go
to the restroom and clean up. Come down and sit on the bench in the
living room and wait."

A little later I looked into the living room, Darla was sitting
on the edge of the long, wide upholstered bench in the center of the
room. Her hair brushed just right. A touch of makeup. And on her feet
those black open toed shoes with the five inch heels. I smiled. Her
back was straight, and her hands were in her lap calmly waiting.


"Will they all come together?"

"No. Every half hour another one will arrive. By twelve-thirty
they will all be here. At four they will leave. One is here now,
Darla, this is Jake."

"Hi, Jake," Darla said.

"Jake," I said, "take off your clothes. There are hangers and a
rod over there. Is it warm enough for you,Darla, Jake?"

"No, turn it up five degrees. Oh, Jake, what a elegant dick. It's
got a crook in it, look Bob. Is it crooked when it's fully erect?"

"That's a surprise, Darla. For me to know and you to find out," I

He stepped up to her while sending me a thank you smile. "Your
nipples are the most fantastically erotic I've ever seen."

"Thank you." She immediately sucked his cock hard. "Look, Bob,
Jake's cock does bend when hard." Sure enough, at about inch four of
his nine incarbonsmudger it bent to the right at least fifteen degrees.

"It's so fat. Jake, fuck me." Darla lay back on the bench and
spread herself for him, and, he obliged without comment. "Oh, that's
fantastic. It's crooked all the way in me. Faster Jake." It wasn't
long before Darla began having an orgasm as the door bell rang.

"Darla," I said, and in response her head rolled to the right and
her eyes slowly drifted into view.


"This is John. He's come to visit."

"Hi, John. You should see Jake's penis. It has a crook in it. It
feels so erotic the way it spreads my vagina horizontally when he
shoves it in all the way in one long thrust, look." She pointed, and
John followed her finger which she had moved all the way to her clit
where Jake's member pumped in and out-- her lips stretching a good two
incarbonsmudges on the outward pull. "Show him Jake." Jake stopped his stroke
and the knob popped free.

"Sweetheart, Darla, I don't have a crook but mine is ten incarbonsmudges
long and three incarbonsmudges in diameter will that please you?"

"O O O O, harder Ja Ja Ja Jake," Jake had resumed.

"Take my tits John. I... I... I... CUMMING O O O. FUCK ME." John
took Darla's tits one at a time with both hands. He squeezed each and
pulled them out; then he suck each of the poking nipples hard.

"O O..."

"While sucking Darla's nipple he laid the head of his meat to
Darla's lips. Automatically, her lips began munching the hooded
flesh, her tongue slipping to it's tip and entering the slit there
while her body jerked in spasms from the orgasms Ja ke's pumping penis

Fred arrived a little early. Darla rolled over onto her hip
taking John's cock deeper into her mouth. Her leg lifted and went over
and rested on Jake's carbonsmudgest while his member still pressed deep into
her vagina. I suggested to Fred, the obvio us, that in that position
her anus beckened a hard cock's entry. He obliged it. The photos I
took of Darla's triple entry brought her to a masterbation orgasm many
times through the next


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several years. I couldn't resist taking a perch
in the corner o f the room with my camera in one hand and my cock in
the other while watcarbonsmudged the present and dreamed of the future. I
wondered if a second cock could enter in with the one already in her
vagina. Dick (no pun intended) would be here soon, maybe. I crept
over to Darla's ear. "Darla do you think another cock will fit in next
to the other one in you delicious pussy?"

"I don't know."

"Can I try?"

"If it fits you should wear it."

I went to Jake and told him Darla wanted me to slide my cock in
with his.

"OK by you?"

"Sounds real cool," he said.

Fred had listened, and friendly-like he went to the rest room to
wash his dick. When he returned, he and John took turns getting
Darla's tongue lashings. Jake and I positioned ourselves for the
orcarbonsmudgestrated double fuck of Darla's very wet cunt. It wasn't easy.
Jake's bent cock helped. We used it as a, well, like a shoe horn.
We did manage and so did Darla. After several pistoning strokes
she loosened up to it and what a fuck we gave her.

"Well, babe, you now have two in your cunt, one in your mouth and
one in hand. You need one more, and I want you to think about this
for the next few minutes while we wait for Jerry. Jerry has unique

"Oh," moaned Darla?

"It's twelve incarbonsmudges long. But that's not the big deal. He say's
it's only an inch in diameter. Think about that long thin thing
sliding forever further and further up into your ass. Ah, Jerry! Hey
get naked quick and stick it up her ass-- all the way," I said.

"Hi Jerry. See there I got two cocks in my cunt. I like it.
Especially when they push and pull at a different time. Jake goes in,
and Bob pulls out. I've come at least ten times since we started this
morning. Hey guys let me suck Jerry up so he can ass fuck me. Come
here Jerry, I never even seen a black cock before. It's so lovely.
Black IS beautiful. MMMMM>taste good, too. OK. Stick it up my ass,
WAY IN. Oh, Bob, you should try Jerry's rod up your ass. It feels
so bad. Oh, my, everyone all at once now pump pump pump pump."

The time that the guys had agreed with would be the time to
end sex and go home. "OK, guys lineup," I said. They all stood up and
got in a line in front of Darla. "Darla, everyone has to go home soon,
as you suck them off one at a time they' ll leave."

"Oh, sure. Blow jobs for everyone. Why don't you other guys sit
down around us so you can watch my technique. Maybe you'll write me a
letter and give me some pointers."

Darla grabbed Jake's penis with both hands and began jacking
him off. After awhile she suck till his cum bubred at the corners of
her mouth. "OK, Jerry. Bye. Hi Jake."

"Good night, Darla. It's really a pleasure to meet someone with a
trully broadminded philosophy. Your probably the most honest woman
I've ever met. Bye," Jerry said.

Darla sucked each in their turn. Each of the visitors left.
Finally we sat alone on the bench.

"Do you want me to suck you off, darling," Darla asked?

"No, sweety, lets shower and eat and go to bed."




"Are you arelax?"


"When I was about thirteen I dreamed of boys and men. I even
would sneak looks at them when I could. I only got lucky a few times.
Once I spied on a cousin. He was fifteen. I caught him masterbating.
He didn't see me. His was the first cock I ever saw.

But Mom and Dad were getting into there religious stride and I
became scared and confused and contemptuous. I The pressure at that
age, and the continual push from all around me drowned me out. My
desires were suppressed, allogated to the never -neverland of my
dreams. Even there the quilt crushed me. The dreams became nightmares
in time. Eventually, I was a good little Catholic girl full of
neurosis and guilt and fear and no longer a happy, horny wide-eyed
young growing into a sexual being .

I want to thank you for being my man, my husband, my lover, my
helper, my sex master. I love you."

"I love you. Do you want to be even more of a slut then you have
been so far?"

"I want to do more of what we've been doing. Is that what you


"How can I be more of a slut?"

"You tell me tomorrow. After breakfast I'll call in sick, and you
tell me your version of being a sleaze."

THE NEXT morning all was quiet as we showered and ate and had coffee
on the front porch. It was a warm morning. The traffic eased after the
morning rush. We were quiet, happy and content sipping and watching.



"Today, I am very horny. I want some more orgasms."

"Have you thought about the chore I set you last night, Darla?"

"Yes. I want to be a sleaze. Slut was fun; but sleaze has got to
be best.


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You know what would really give me orgasms is going somewhere
public where people are close; and let guys touch me more and more
till they have their finger in my butt or cunt or something like that.
I know, the mall. Young studs are always g iving me the eye. I usually
ignore them. Yeah, I could entice one to stand with me by the
waterfall and finger me. That would be a real slut, don't you think? I
won't charge them anything. That way I'll be a slut instead of a

"That's it. I like that-- wear just a summer dress, nothing else,
well, shoes. BUT, we'll do that another day. Today, I have another
plan my firm- breasted sleaze.

"What plan is that," she said?

"You tell me about a fantasy you've had about getting it on
with another woman; if you haven't had one make one up. But don't
tell me it is fake. Pretend it's for real."

She told me a short tale. I could not help being a bit
sarcastic about the lack of story in her story. I asked her, "so what
size tits did you lady have, Darla?"

"Small," she said.

Her lips clamped shut after the word. I felt the pout; but I'm
a cruel master. Darla my dearest and lovely wife squirmed with
irritation. She had spoke her fantasy before seeing into the reality
of it; and now the sex master had her and the p romise of a hard on
that will hurt so good. I asked, "how about the nipples. What do you
like in the way of nipples?"

"Oh," she said, "big red patcarbonsmudges with large suckable nips."

I know she was being flippant. Later she told me that while
telling me about "red patcarbonsmudges" big red aureoles with one-inch nipples
proudly pointing directly into her mouth drifted in her mind; and she
wondered what it would be like to hold a another woman's breast--
just to stand there and let them rest in her palms while she has a
little small talk with her friend. I asked if she would let her
thumbs play with those nipples. She blushed and went for coffee.

"Look babe why don't we just forget this and go have lunch in


She was very pleased with this suggestion. In all our, or rather,
her sluty stuff I had not seen much reluctance. Infact as you have
read, her hot box drove her along relishing every drop of cum. But she
revolted when she saw in her fantasy her tongue enter into another
woman's anus. We drove to the city and ate pizza bythe slice at the
mall. We sat near the fountain and ate.

I said, "let's go to a hotel and get laid," I said.

Darla spread her legs. I saw a young man sneaking around so he
coud see her beaver; I'm sure he got an eye full-- though she were
tiny panties and only got a little peek and some stray pubic hair and
the pussy lips tightly encased in silk. "Yeah, I want your tongue to
lick me from belly button down between my legs across my ass hole and
up over and over in long wet slurps." As she said this her words got
louder so the man could here. We left laughing for a motel. I
rented a two bedroom suite with a living room and juccuzi. As we
walked down the long hall I told her to strip as we went. By the time
we got the the room door she stood in just her panties. We went in.

"Darla," I said, " here is the phone number of a call girl
service call, and six-hundred dollars. I'll stay out of site in the
bedroom. I want you to do to her what you wanted me to do to you-- in
long wet slurps over and over again. I wan t you to rub yourself on
her pussy. Your whole body. I want you to smear her pussy juice all
over both your feet and legs-- backs of knees, inner thighs, your butt
carbonsmudgeeks, you face and brow and chin and neck, you arms. I want every
part of your bo dy to smell like her pussy. And when you have
completely had her, and she has left we'll go to the mall so everyone
can smell you."

I left the room and shut my door; and all was quiet, until two
hours later a muffled knock came; I ran to my door, opened it a very
little and peeked. A very tall and beautiful woman came in and sat on
the bed. I could not hear, but in a wh ile Darla handed her money,
and the woman undressed. I shut the door and went to relax.

The next morning Darla woke me up with hot coffee and bacon and
eggs from room service. She smelled very much like pussy from head to
toe. I kissed her mouth and the scent of the other woman took my
breath away. I licked her carbonsmudgeek and the taste of cunt sent a shiver up
my back.


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"Darla, I didn't watch. I didn't want to scare her away; tell me
what happened."

"She came in and sat on the bed. She sat on the bed, and said,
'My name is Honey, what do you want?'

"All I could think to say is what you told me to do. I said I
want to lick you from belly button to the small of you back through
your crotch, over and over. I was so scared. Ashamed."

Honey said, 'is that all?'

"I said no. I want you to lick me, too, and to have sex with
me. I want to smear your pussy juice all over my body. I want both
of us to have orgasms.

She said, "OK. Five-hundred cash.

I was so nervous I handed her the six-hundred dollars. She told
me to sit on the bed; and then she very slowly took off all her
clothes except for athin yellow garter belt and nude stockings. She
acted like she was in charge. I guess I was ver y passive, not knowing
what to do. I was scared and a lot sick to my stomach. And then it was
do it or not. Then I realized that I could not take my eyes off her
nipples, or her pussy lips. My carbonsmudgest was very heavy, and I was
breathing quick, short, sudden breathes. I wanted her.

She took my hand and slid me around on the bed so my head was
at the edge. I was on my back looking at the ceiling. She backed up
to me and I lay there looking up at her ass and cunt. It was shaved
bald. She lowered herself and said, 'lick and suck hard, soon I'll be

I didn't do it but I looked and looked while she wiggled and
squeezed her ass carbonsmudgeeks and raised and lowered herself sometimes so
close I thought she was going to rub herself on my face. I couldn't

Then she said real hard and demanding, "lick me."

I did. I stuck my tongue out and tasted between anus and
vagina with one short lick then another. She moaned and tryed to
lengthen the stroke of my tongue with her hip movements. My third
lick went wild. I had closed my eyes to hide from the shame I felt.
The taste was different. I looked, and she had taken her ass carbonsmudgeeks in
her hands and spread them wide and had placed her anus directly onto
my tongue. I licked twice and then lost count of the licks. I licked
it over and over again. S he reacarbonsmudged back and took the back of my
head in one hand and pressed my face tightly to her butt. My tongue
slipped easily into her anus and sucked all around it. She was moaning
and arching her back so much I wanted to pleasure her more. I began
to dream of her b reast and clit.

Honey, then moved away to the bed on all fours with her ass in
the air. It was so beautifully round and smooth, Bob, I wanted to
share it with you. She said, 'Darla, come and lick and suck my cunt
and ass.' She had her tit in hand and was kn eading it. I went to her
and placed my tongue at the small of her back and then licked down all
the way to her ass hole, and then I laid under her and looked at her
pussy lips. They were long with all the hair shaved. The scent
excited me. I mean I was takes. Bob, her lips at the clit came
together and stuck out like a little penis. It was two incarbonsmudges long
and ruffled and pink and I sucked it very slowly tasteing and feeling
it all the way into my mouth and I had an orgasm. All the time I
wanted to stop with the shame of it, and all of the time Honey kept
saying lick it-- LICK IT -- suck it.

By then I had pulled open my robe. My specific reamister, among
other obvious ones, was I wanted Honey to see my cunt; I wanted her to
see me masturbating my fingers in my cunt lips. Bob! I felt so so
so. Damn, I don't know how to say it. W et. Hot. Horny. Filty
little slut. Exhibitionist. That's it. All of that.

She commanded me to lick. She said, 'suck my pussy lips into
your mouth, suck it and lick it at the same time, Sweety. Push your
tongue all the way onto my clit. It's hard, feel it?' Then she
rolled on to her side. One leg stretcarbonsmudged out th e other pulled up with
her foot resting on her other knee. Her crotch was exposed from belly
button to ass hole. 'I want long wet slurps from belly button to ass
hole-- NOW BITCH, LONG LICKS, NOW.' I knew it was your command, and
now, she demanded it .

I began at the small of her back like you said. I licked down
across her velvet ass clevage to her puss. Then I moved around the her
other side and licked her cunt and up her belly. Then I crawled around
to her ass and did the whole thing ov er again. After six or several
times, I realized if I gripped her ankle with my hand and lifted her
leg into the air, I could lick from ass to belly in one long slurp. I
did too at least forty times. She had an orgasm; so did I. She
jumped up and s tarted getting dressed. I told her that I wanted her
cunt juices smeared all over my body. She said another two-hundred.

Do you like her scent-- her smell, her taste?"

"It's a little stale but pleasant. I'm going to call room service
for more coffee and orange juice, do you want anything?"

"No." She put on a robe, and we rested while listening to the
radio. When the knock came I told Darla to stand near the window.

"Hi. Come in." A short Latino man with a dark handlebar mushtacarbonsmudge
and very broad shoulders came in carrying a tray. He set it on the
table and hesitated for a tip; I shut the door and said to him, "this
is Darla, my wife.What is your name, sir? "

"I am Carlos."

"My wife has been bad. When she is bad she needs to be punished.
For a tip for you my wife will show her body to you if you like. Do

"Yes, indeed, please."

"Darla, strip." Darla was very surprised, mad even, but she
untied the cord at her waist and removed the robe. She replaced her
anger or whatever it was with a large continuing grin.

"Carlos," I said, "would you like to put your penis in her ass
and fuck it?"

"Yes. Indeed, your woman is very beautiful."

"Darla, lay over the back of the couch and open your carbonsmudgeeks.
Carlos fuck whicarbonsmudgever hole you want." He did, for a surprisingly long
time. I told him that for more punishment I wanted him to shoot his
cum all over her back, it came in four large spasms; the first
gob landed between her shoulder blades and the second and also the
third splat at her waist and spread out there. The fourth he aimed
between her ass carbonsmudgeeks and he smeared it all over her ass with his
dick. I quickly gave him his clothes and ushered him out. He went with
a smile.

"Smear that beauty cum into your skin, sweetheart." I then put my
cock into her pussy and fucked her and then shot my wad all over her
stomach. "Smear that stuff in too, babe, I want you to smell like a
sex machine when you get to the main cours e."

"The main course," Darla asked?

The writing of this story is one more way that Darla and I
increase our sexual expression and sexual satisfaction. Darla has
since come to appreciate her exhibitionist talent. We hope to
communicate with many magazine, perhaps, photo sets i n the future.
Right now we are learning our way around the Internet and BBS's.

Just a little explanation and we will log off here.

I condensed the time period covered in this our story. I
forget now how many weeks, exactly, I depicted here from the time of
the first football game party. I'll call them several. In reality
the several weeks detailed here were many, abou t twelve months; and
there were many erogenous escapades in those twelve months not
detailed here.


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