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Sarah's Game

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Originally posted elsewhere I wll be re-working and extending this story over the next few months. The first part I'm happy with so have left alone. Hope it's new to some.

Sarahs Game

Part One

Oh my god, you should have seen your face, so sad and helpless, that made me so hot

Sarah was sprawled in the armchair. Her face flushed from the effects of alchohol, or was it excitement.

I cant remember the last time I had so much fun.

James sat sullenly on the sofa opposite, his eyes drawn to his wifes long shapely legs, exposed to the thigh as her black cocktail dress had ridden up. He could see the dark bands of her stockings and just a hint of suspender clip.

I cant believe you did that to me, his voice barely a whisper.

But I did, didnt I. We cant change that now, no going back. Sarah giggled at her husbands forlorn look. Im sure it excited you on some level, you didnt do anything to stop it did you?

It was supposed to have been a romantic evening to celebrate their anniversary. After the meal it had been Jamess idea to finish the evening off in a local wine bar. His mistake. Carrying the takes to the dimly lit alcove james had been surprised to see a stranger sitting opposite his wife.

James this is Peter, you remember me telling you all about Peter dont you honey?

The smile of amusement on his wifes face was all it took to for James to redden in embarassment. Of course he knew all about Peter. It was their favourite bedroom game. Peter had been her best, her biggest and Sarah loved teasing James by relating the every detail of his superiority. She loved telling almost as much as James loved hearing.

After all It was only a game, a fantasy, nothing more. Some may find it odd, perverted even, but while he could not explain why it turned him on so much he just knew it did. Sarah knew it too and took great delight in using it against him, belittling him. She loved the power as much as he loved the offense.

But this was suddenly different. Peter was no longer a faceless fantasy figure. He was a six foot plus, well built, good looking reality.

I was just leaving, Peter explained as he stood to shake Jamess hand. A firm confident grip that did nothing to ease his sudden feelings of inadequacy .

No dont go, Sarah implored, join us for a take.

Jamess look of horror only encouraged his wife.

Im sure James would love to stay. Hes always asking me about you.

Peter looked puzzled as Sarah giggled at her husbands shocked expression.

Go on James, be a dear and get Peter a take.

He couldnt be rude could he, just had to go with it, the small talk, catching up on old times.

I thought you were going to say no when I told you to you know Sarah was smiling as she recalled his reluctance.

I tried to, James agreed, but the way you looked, I knew you meant it. Knew I had to.

You wanted to really though didnt you Sarah teased. You couldnt help it. It wasnt just to please me.

YesNoI dont know. I was scared, embarrassed, worried what hed think of me, but at the same time I wasoh god I dont know. James put his head in his hands.

You were what darling? Excited maybe. Its nothing to be ashamed of, its the way you are. I like you like that. You looked so helpless, so lost.

It had happened just a few minutes after they had all sat down together. Introductions formally made, niceties observed, an undercurrent of uncertainty as to where this was going. Peter had excused himself to use the toilet.

Follow him in, Sarah had insisted as soon as he was out of earshot. I want you to see it for yourself.

I cant James had objected.

Sarah giggled, do it for me, it will be hot. Make sure he notices you looking, make sure he sees yours.

Now James looked up as his wife stood and walked over to the sofa. Ruffling his hair briefly, a gentle almost sympathetic stroke on his cheek, as you would comfort a young. Sitting next to him, staring into his eyes, still smiling as she unzipped him, searched around with delicate fingers and finally pulled him free.

Sarah glanced down and inspected his erection. Im glad you saw how much bigger he is, it will help you undersatand how much better it was for me. She paused for a moment, light teasing fingers working on him. I wonder what he thought when he saw yours? Theres no comparimister really is there, Im glad you know that now.

James groaned as his wife slowly stroked him, excited and scared at the time time, not sure where they were heading, not sure whether to go with it or not.

Sarah knew he had no choice, she was calling the shots and loving every minute of it, loving the power she felt.

You took a long time in there. Why so long, were you embarrassed? A little ashamed maybe?

The truth was he hadnt known what to do. The memory was so vivid, glancing down as his wife had ordered, just one quick glance, Peter wouldnt notice would he? But the shock, so big, so much bigger than his. He couldnt help but stare, couldnt believe it. When he finally tore his eyes away he realised Peter was looking at him with a puzzled expression. Then Peter glanced down at him, was that a smile, a smirk, there was no doubt he now recognized what this was all about.

Without a word Peter zipped up and left. James stood, heart beating fast, face scarlet with embarassment at what hed just done. He splashed cold water on his face but his it remained flushed as he looked in the mirror. He lost all track of time as he tried desperately to compose himself and return to the table.

You looked like a little lost boy when you came out Sarah teased. Ill never forget that, made me so hot. Were you surprised to see him sitting next to me?

James nodded, he was surprised, annoyed that Peter had taken his place beside his wife.

He saw you honey, remember, that changed it all, he knew.

Changed what?

Everything, he knew you were no threat, no obstacle. He touched me as soon as he sat down you know. While you were still in the mens room, he put his hand on my thigh and kissed me.

Sarah, no. I dont want to

You have to know, to understand, its for the best., for both of us. When you sat back down he had his hand inside my skirt, stroking, so good I couldnt resist, I had to touch him. Sarah looked down at her husbands cock encircled by her fingers. So different to you, so much bigger, even thorugh his trousers, so hard.

As she spoke Sarah started moving her hand faster. It was so good, you liked it too I know. Its no good fighting it, just admit it.

His wifes lips gently brushing his ear, her voice whispering. Tell me you liked it, admit it and Ill let you cum.
Geronimo Samson


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great work here jaicee, waiting for the second instalment


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Very well done. Post more.



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I agree with goodhusband.
One of the most erotic things about being in this position is the the conflict between knowing of the attraction your wife has for someone else, hearing her state an obvious truth, you hating to hear it yet on another level becoming so aroused and finally hearing her so s*******fully use that truth to make you admit it to her because she knows you.

For me I like it, hate it, fear it, am attracted and seduced by it.

More please.


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I have read this before and forgotten about it. Please post the rest. I especially like the part where she powers him to call the bull to ask for another date!


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Sarahs Game

Part Two

Come on you can do it, for me, for us. It will be exciting, something different. Try it, youll see, youll like it, I know you will.

James was sat at one end of the sofa, Sarah was laying across him her head in his lap, looking up at him at she sipped from her glass of wine.

She knew he wanted to just say no, stop this now. That was part of the attraction of all this, seeing how far she could take him, how hard she could push. Sarah sensed that if she went too far too quickly he would rebel, refuse. But the gentle probing, small steps, light pushes were different. Leading him where he didnt want to go. Such power. Such fun.

Just think how youll feel, picking up the phone, dialling his number, hearing his voice. Ill bet youd be hard down here. Sarah ran her finger across the front of his trousers as she spoke, finding the hardness there now. Giggling at his involuntary reaction. See, your excited just thinking about it.

I cant, I dont know, its not right. Youre my wife.

Sarah smiled. Wed be doing this together, youd be involved, helping. Thats what makes it ok. Nothing behind you back, your part of it. Giving me something you cant give me on your own. A sacrifice for me, think how hot that would be.

He was weakening, she could tell, his eyes flitting from the open phone book on the coffee table to her legs. She shifted slightly, legs opening just a fraction. Enough though to move her short skirt up a few inches. Suspender straps now revealed. Another of his weaknesses, so easy to manipulate him this way.

Unzipping him slowly, looking up smiling as she pulled him free of his trousers. Just inches in front of her eyes, erect, not touching just looking. You saw him remember, much bigger. Look at yours for me, what do you think, half the size maybe?

James looked down at himself. Yes, probably but..

There are no buts are there, Sarah interrupted. Think how much better it was for me. It can be like that again, you want me to be happy dont you. Even if it hurts you a little to make me happy. I think youd like that really. I think we should try.

Almost trancelike James found himself slowly nodding. Hed agreed hadnt he. Hadnt wanted to, didnt know why he had. So scared but it was what she wanted, what she needed. Maybe Sarah was right, what they needed. So confusing but she seemed so sure, it must be right.

Sarah lifted her head. Go get the phone honey. Smiling, happy now it was decided.

James moved slowly, looking at her hopefully, she would stop him surely. Laugh and say she was just joking. Sarah watched him go, enjoying his discomfort, his uncertainty. So sweet, doing this for her, hating it but willing, suffering just for her.

James returned with the phone, looking so sad. Sarah was still lying across the sofa, skirt slightly higher than before, maintaining the sexual tension, keeping the pressure on, no going back for her now. Her elbow propped up on the sofa, head slightly tilted resting on the palm of her hand. Watching him closely, loving the little boy lost look.

She patted the carpet in front of her head. Kneel here for me, I want to hear, want to see what it does to you. Thats good, now lean back, sit on your heels, a bit closer, dont want to miss anything..

Trousers still unzipped, erection still protruding, powerd upwards by his position, Jamess face was only inches from his wifes. He could feel her breath on his cheek, see her eyes moving from his hard cock to his anxious face, smiling approval of both, so perfect for her, just how she wanted him.

Her hand reaching down to feel his excitement, feather light touches, keeping him off balance, a final act of encouragement, a final push.

His hands were shaking, his body trembling, Sarah wasnt sure if that was result of her teasing strokes or a sign of his uneasiness at what he had to do but she knew she liked it. Made her wet

Sarah released his cock and held her hand out for the phone. Here, let me help. She could feel his eyes watching intently as she slowly pressed out the number, prolonging the agony. Passing the phone back to her husband she waited until he reluctantly put it to his ear before resuming her slow stroking.

She leaned forward an inch to brush her lips against his cheek. Good boy, she whispered encouragingly. Be nice, polite, for me.

Sarah could only hear one side of the conversation but could still get the gist of it. His voice tremred with emotion, a few times he faltered, stumred over his words, stuttered even. She egged her husband on with whispered directions, light fingernail scratches across the glistening head of his exposed erection.

Hi Peter this is James

No, Sarahs husband, we..we met last week.

Yes, thats right, well Sarah wanted me to ask you, if she could, wellits like this, she wants.we wondered, if maybe

Another stroke, another whisper. Just ask him James, come on you can do this. For me.

Sarah would like to see you again. There hed done it, crossed the line, the words blurted out in a rush.

No, its Sarahs idea, what she wants.

A silence, Peter obviously thinking, wondering, working out what was happening here.

Tell him you want it too, ask him nicely, Sarah instructed.

I..I..I want you to see her again. His words hesitant, unsure.

Say please, whispering, stroking, teasing. Be nice, say please.

And he did, overcome with the moment, the intensity. James succumbed completely, almost begging this man to agree to a date with his wife. The love of his life.

Sarah, approving now hed done it, pleased with him.

There, I knew you could do it, so good to me

A deep hungry kiss, revealing her excitement and pleasure.

This is just the beginning, youll see, youll learn to like it, come to need it. Only the beginning


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Hot. Very Hot.. Hope you can keep it going. Have to say love this style. Rather like Micky_D. Both great.


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Very hot......... have to go, excuse me please.


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Sarahs Game

Part 3

It had been the worst weeks of Jamess life, Unable to concentrate at work, totally bewildered by what was happening, unsure how to respond. Strangely though, despite his confusion he seemed to be constantly aroused. Sarah always finding the right buttons to press. A suggestive comment, a passing touch, a knowing smile as she watched his anxiety. He wanted his wife more than ever before but Sarah would not allow it.

Better to wait, she explained. Better for both of us. More exciting this way, waiting. The anticipation, it gives things an edge. Youll see.

James found himself doing everything he could to please her, hoping she would relent just once. The considerate loving husband. Demonstrating how much he loved her, hoping this would all stop, go back to how it was before.

Sarah thought it had been the best week of her life. Never had so much fun. Never been this aroused, this hot. She felt so much in control, dictating events. James following her around like an adoring puppy. Sarah pretending she didnt notice him, feigning indifference. In reality though loving the attention, the devotion, feeling his need and denying him. A new side of her she had never explored, new experiences, so much power.

By the time Saturday came Sarah was dizzy with excitement, this had to be special, everything just right, her way. A lazy day at first, Sarah relaxing, James on edge. He was trying so hard to please, waiting on his wife hand and foot, so attentive. Late in the afternoon Sarah suggested he should get in the shower first.

I want plenty of time to get ready for tonight, she explained.

The first time tonight had been mentioned all day. It felt like a punch in the stomach to James. The waiting nearly over and with it the hope that it may never happen.

As he finished drying his hair he looked up to see his wife leaning against the door frame watching him with an amused smile. Despite his feelings he was erect.

Thats nice honey, Im glad your excited for me, I like that, so cute.

Sarah moved towards him and gently stroked his cock, giggling as he tremred under her touch.

Stay naked for me now, I want to watch you, see what this does to you. I want you to be part of this, help me get ready, will you do that for me?

James nodded, feeling himself sinking, losing control. The whole thing seemed almost surreal and all he could do was to go with the ride.

Run along now while I get in the bath. Sarah looked down at her husbands erection, Im sure you can find something to play with. Ill call when I need you.

James walked dejectedly into the bedroom as he heard the taps running and the door closing behind him. He felt defeated, totally lost. He wandered aimlessly around the room as he tried to get his thoughts together, formulate some plan. Everything in the room reminded him of his wife. He could smell her perfume, see her clothes in the wardrobe. Her underwear drawer was slightly open and he felt a lump rise in his throat as he saw the flimsy, silky things kept there. In his mind he could see Sarah wearing them, but it was Peter he saw touching,, undressing her. He looked away, desperately trying to dispel the images but it was hopeless.

He was still there, sitting on the edge of the bed, still naked, still hard, when Sarah came in from the shower.

She was wearing her black silk kimono. She sat at the dressing table as she dried her hair then started applying her makeup. Watching her husband in the mirror. Loving the way his sad eyes followed every movement. Crossing her legs, leaning back so he could see how hard her nipples were against the sheer material. So easy to control him, to hurt him, her plaything.

James couldnt bring himself to speak. Just sat watching as she took so much care over her preparations. Not for him, for Peter. The lipstick was the worst, leaning forward, carefully applying the deep red colour, pursing her lips. Her eyes met his in the mirror, a knowing smile, her tongue running over the glossy surface, a kiss blown mockingly in his direction.

The finished effect was stunning, Turning away from the mirror, Sarah glanced to the underwear drawer and back to her husbands worried face.

Your first job, to choose, something sexy. Something he will like.

Sarah smiled, pleased with him, as without argument James walked, almost trancelike, over to the drawer and started sorting through the skimpy under things. He chose his favourite. Sarah knew he would, knew he was past fighting. Tiny black thong, half cut bra, suspender belt to match.

Sarah stood in front of her husband, so close, almost touching. Her eyes fixed to his as she slowly undid the belt of her robe and allowed it to drop to the floor.

Dress me for him, how youd like me but for him. Id like that.

It was the hottest thing ever. Her husband, naked on his knees before her, pulling her panties up, his face level with her crotch. He couldnt help himself, leaning forward, trying to kiss her there through the shiny satin. Her hand laid gently on his head, stopping him just short.

No, not now. Its not for you. Not yours tonight.

Behind her, fastening bra and suspender belt, shaking fingers. An occasional stroke urging him on. Showing her appreciation, pleased with him. On his knees again, smoothing her stockings, making her perfect. Anything to please.

His favourite dress, so sexy. It almost broke his heart to zip it up for her. A black satin, mid thigh, cocktail dress. Low cut at the front. Skin tight. Suspender straps visible through the tight material. Then the shoes, high stilettos. Sarah giggled as her husband couldnt help but look up as, with one knee bent, her stockings came into view from his position on the floor. She giggled at his pained expression.

Think hell like?

A sad, resigned nod. Just how she liked him now, so sweet to see him like this.

James stood when his job was completed, one more final try. The last chance.

Sarah, please.

Shhh, too late now. Its what I want, What you want too. You dont know it yet but you do. Youll see.

Resigned to his fate, shoulders slumped. So hot for her.

Sarah inspected the final effect in the mirror. Pleased with what she saw, pleased with him.

Im ready now. Get dressed honey, get the car. One final job. Deliver me to him. The ultimate sacrifice for you. Deliver me to my lover.


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Powerful stuff, very exciting, and well put together. But having been in James' position, there shouldn't be dejection, but exhileration at the thought that Sarah is about to meet her lover. Surely later, or next morning perhaps, he'll have the opportunity to have some pleasure from Sarah. But there are some really nice touches, like moving her legs to show some thigh nd stocking top. Having both been in that position, and seen her flash other men, like the photo attached, I know how exciting that can be. I look forward to more!



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Very hot and parts 2 & 3 are beautifully written. Some great detail and the conversation when she gets him to phone and then dress her for her lover, knowing how to weaken him with a word or a glimpse of her body ,knowing he can't fight her dominance.
Please continue.


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Phantastic! Go on, please


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jaiceeuk, this story is new to me. A very, very well written story indeed. It is really tough writing a story using a theme everyone expects. A theme "everyone" writes stories about. After having read dozens of stories, one tends to get bored halfway through yet another one. Sometimes even after a few lines. Read it all before.

But you, sir, you manage to keep my eyes fixed to the screen. You make me part of Sarah's and James' life. You let us in on what they feel, what their relationship is about. The story features suspence, expectance, the rollercoaster of emotions we all love so much.

Thank you so much for writing and publishing it.


baron ochs


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I am an occasional writer myself (on Dark Cavern and Literotica) and as soon as I started to read this story I could see that it was a cut above the majority. The secret of a good story is to make the readers care about the characters and Jaiceeuk does this with aplomb. Too many writers tend to get into the action before they have developed the characters, and this is usually to the detriment of the story. Not so with Sarah's Game and I am eagerly awaiting the next instalment.


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Excellent story, very well written and developed. You are leading us all in, please continue.


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Wow . . . that was really HOT! Even if you left it there, that would be a great story. However, I'm looking forward to seeing another chapter, if you are so inclined. Thanx Jaicee


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Here's Part 4. The bad news is this was the last part of the original story that I could re-work. Future chapters have to be new end I'm not the quickest writer in the world.

Am happy to continue if people want but may be fairly long waits between postings.

Sarahs Game

Part 4

James sat in the living room, heart pounding, hed never felt so helpless. The room was dark and silent, turning the light or TV on just hadnt occurred to him. Sarahs last words as she had got out of the car and walked away from him echoing in his head.

Go home and wait now, I want you thinking about me, about us, what we might be doing, all the time Im gone. Knowing that will make it even hotter for me. Knowing your hurting while Im enjoying.

Shed sown the seed and now his imagination was running wild. Had they kissed, had they touched, were they doing that now. In his mind he could see them sitting together. Peters hand sliding up between his wifes legs as they kissed, rucking her skirt up as he went higher. Sarah parting her legs, allowing him access, his hand stroking through her panties. He could almost hear his wifes sigh of pleasure.

Even worse, her hand rubbing him through his trousers. Slowly unzipping, pulling him free. He could imagine Sarahs look of admiration as he hardened under her touch, he could hear her voice.

So big, so much bigger than James.

Would she really tell him that? Oh god, how had he let this happen. The intense jealousy, the offense of it all. How could she do this to him.

No matter what he did the visions continued. Peter undressing his wife, kissing slowly down her body. Sarah on her knees taking him in her mouth, on her back legs wrapped around his waist. The pain was constant, agonising and inescapable.

It was getting light by the time the phone finally rang.

You can come and get me now honey.

One sentence before she broke the connection. Her voice cheerful, no hint of remorse or concern for her husband. She expected this of him now. Shed brought him this far, It was her game played by her rules.

James had mixed emotions as he drove. Pleased it was all over, Excited that his wife was coming home. Frightened of what may have happened and most of all full of hope that they could now get back to normal, that Sarah had got whatever it was out of her system.

Sitting outside the house, he waited for Sarah to appear. The seconds seemed like hours as he watched the front door. When his mobile beeped its text received tone he almost ignored it. Eventually he looked just to pass a few more agonising seconds, surprised to see it was from his wife.

Arent you going to knock for me honey?

His mouth felt dry, surely she didnt expect him to do that. Heart beating, hands shaking he got out of the car and knocked on the door.

After waiting what seemed an eternity the door opened. Peter, at the door, dressed in just a white silk robe. Hi, come on in. Shes just getting dressed. Thats when it really hit home. This was real, not a game. It had actually happened. The pain was like a knife to his stomach.

Peter walked through to the lounge and sat on the sofa, James feeling uncomfortable stood by the door. Looking around he was horrified to see his wifes dress thrown over the armchair. Discarded in the throes of passion maybe? Her stockings and suspender belt on the floor. He closed his eyes, hoping in vain the images would disappear. When he looked again he was just in time to see Sarah coming down the stairs. Dressed only in bra panties and high heels. She looked so sexy it hurt.

Hi sweetie Sarah watched her husband standing there, looking so lost, as she slipped her dress over her head. She loved the way his eyes switched from her to Peter, speechless, not knowing what to do. She had never felt so powerful, so in control. She loved it.

Be a dear and pick my bits up will you honey. Gesturing towards the discarded clothing on the floor.

Without thinking he obeyed, earning an approving smile of encouragement from his wife as he gathered up the flimsy things.

Walking to the side of the armchair, still facing her husband, Sarah leant down to Peter.

Bye baby, gotta go, my cabs here.

James tried to avert his eyes as their lips met but he couldnt look away. A gentle kiss on the lips, Sarah pulled away for a second looking up at her husband, pleased he was watching, then again with more passion. Her hand on the back of his neck, her tongue pushing into his mouth. Her other hand stroking across his chest.

James felt frozen to the spot as he watched in horror. Then the worst thing. Peters erection pushed his robe apart and stood there, proud for all to see. James had seen him soft once before but hard was a different matter. Sarah pulled away and glanced down to admire the result of her actions. Looking back up at her husband she simply smiled and raised her eyebrows.

She didnt need to speak, her look said everything. Look honey, this is why, now you know, now you understand. So different from you, so much better. You cant compete.

Whatever happened in the future that image would be burned forever in his memory.


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A fantastic story which my wife Becky, who has cucked me, really loves. Am looking forward to more...



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Anything this good is worth waiting for. Take your time, polish it like a jewel and dazzle us again. Cucks are used to waiting, its all part of the experience isn't it.


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Great story! Having witnessed it many times, I can honestly say you perfectly described the emotions of watching a dating wife get dressed for her date.
baron ochs


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#21 · Edited by: baron ochs
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This is a well written story but could you try and use a character set that doesn't put ? where all the ' and " symbols should be?


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Does anyone know whether a further chapter of this was ever written? It's a masterpiece...


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superb story


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Does anyone know whether any more of this was ever written? It's superb...


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Someone should have a go at writing a new chapter of this...


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I am delighted and not a little surprised to see after 2 years someone is still enjoying my writing efforts.

I have tried on numerous occasions to continue with Sarah's wicked treatment of her poor husband but never seem to get vey far usually due to work commitments.

Seeing this thread re-appear after all this time however has convinced me that i really must make the effort.

I have stated before that I am not the fastest writer, certainly not the Ernie Wise of Erotica, but I will again attempt to develop this story further and try to complete the next part in the next week or so.

Thank you Martinr for your interest


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I dunno I liked that it ended. Sometimes leaving it to the imagination is delightful.

I really did enjoy the story. It fit perfectly with my sense of femdom/cuckness


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Great to see you on here again jaiceeuk. Your stories are superb - you wrote another in a similar vein I think and I'm trying to find it - and your caps are excellent. A new chapter of Sarah's Game would be much appreciated. If I could find the time I would try and write one myself...


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write more please this is hot
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