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Jane's Addiction

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Hands free

This story inspired by jane_fressias caption located on her A few Talkies thread under the Captioned picture forum. I encourage you to browse through them all though the particular image is on page 11 of that thread at the bottom.

The image is of a woman walking away with a vibrator in her hand. Though I have never seen her before I will put you the reader in the position of being her man or her demi-man or better yet cuckold.

See how her hair is flowing? That is because I had just brushed it out. She likes a nice long languorous hair brushing before I pleasure her. Her breathing deepens and her body readies itself for love. She kept my interest as I brushed her hair by dialing on her white vibrator and wedging the tip under my shaven balls. She made me keep them clean-shaven and they were full I having not cum for 14 days.
I looked at her long fingers and dainty wrist as she worked the tip along the underside of my shaft. Her flowery hair scrunchy circled her wrist and I thought it made her look very feminine. She saw me gazing at it and smiled a knowing smile and asked if I liked it. I said I did as it made her look very feminine. She said she had just the place for it then and deftly wrapped it around the base of my swollen balls. She admired her handiwork then added a hair elastic around the base of my now throbbing cock as an impromptu cock ring.
She had one more surprise for me that day. She reached into her purse and removed a very realistic half cock dildo. It was about 5 long and made from a black rubber. Do you like it? she asked me as she fondled it in her hands. Its very impressive I said though I was a bit puzzled at how it did not look generic at all but like a very individual piece of work. I had a cast made of Charless cock then this rubber dildo made from the cast my wife explained. See how thick the knob is? she motioned for me to touch it See how the veins just bulge out she asked as she took my fingers in her hand and had me trace the veins.
I was a bit uneasy touching this mock up of her lovers cock. She saw my unease and smiled again Oh well dear you will get used to handling it she exclaimed. Let s compare you two She said brightly. I thought she would hold our cocks side-by-side and I thought I would hold up under scrutiny but instead she dropped the hollow end of the bas of the dildo over my tip and shaft. It was engulfed by his huge cock and I immediately turned red, knowing my fully engorged throbbing cock could not fill the shoes of her boyfriends. My cock felt like a toothpick rattling around inside a pencil eraser.
Follow Me, she bid and that brings us to just so in Janes picture. She walked back toward the bedroom and I followed with my cock bound her boyfriends mock cock sitting atop my member.
This will be a lesmister in hands free today she said as she fitted the hands free attachment from her cell phone into her ear. As soon as that was fitted comfortably she removed the black dildo with the hollow base and used the empty space to screw in the base of her white vibrator. Now she had a two headed pleasure stick in her hands. She scooted her bottom up on the bed and reclined against a dark red throw pillow. She slowly twisted the vibrator to its lowest setting then patted the bed next to her. I crawled up beside her. She said Open wide and slowly circled my lips with the tip of the black phallus. She patiently worked it around my lips, cheeks, nose and coaxed my mouth open like a young resisting his medicine. Soon I had the tip on my tongue.
Good, now you will grip it and use the white end on my nipples first. I did as she bid and slowly used the softly buzzing tip to bring her nipples to full and turgid points. As I worked her nipples she talked to me conversationally.
Your lady is going to call for our normal weekly chat. She used a finger to wipe a line of drool that came from my cock stuff mouth and wiped it in my hair. When she does call I want you to shut of the vibrator and leave it wherever it lies. She pushed my head down toward her belly then between her thighs. I will roll over, prop my bottom up with this pillow and you will french kiss my ass as I talk to your lady she smiled sweetly at me. Any questions? I could only nod in the negative as she raised her sex and felt the white tip run in circles around her clit.

To be continued?


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From her POV

I had my dear cuck jack just about where I wanted him. Certainly where I wanted him physically as I looked between my smooth thighs and saw his face framed there and almost there emotionally. There were a few more hoops I would have him jump through but for today it was good to introduce him to Charles cock.
When I first mentioned my lovers name jack looked hopeful. I knew the image of that reedy English prince came to mind but my Charles was modeled after the basketball player, Charles Barkley. I did not disuse my cuck of his misperception and it was simply precious when his eyes widened at the first sight of the dildo I had had made.
Now that dildo was lodged firmly in his mouth and the tip of my white vibrator was slowly plowing between my outer labia. Thats it I coaxed him nice smooth slow stokes all along the length of my pussy
I felt the first beads of sweat form just under my hairline and at the small of my back. My scalp was starting to tingle and I felt my lips getting a bit numb. My voice always slowed as I felt the arousal fill my body.
Work that fuck stick in so just the tip disappears I said a bit more sharply then I had intended. I saw him respond eagerly. I was pleased but did not show it. It is amazing how some men will respond so rapidly to a womans sharp tone. My dear jack was one of these individuals.
I groaned softly as my pussy lips parted. Normally I like a good long licking and jack supplies that but I was more amused to see his mouth full of cock and my vibrator sliding in and out. Work it I urged a little deeper now, give me exactly three inches. I am sure he hit it just right but I could not pass an opportunity to taunt him a bit come on, you should know three inches, it is exactly the length of your penis I saw a look of offense flare in his eyes.
Good boy now set a tempo in and out I sighed as I felt the nerve endings at my entrance become sensitized. Bring the shaft up on the out stroke like my Charles does I told him. My heels were digging into the bed and I felt my quim rise and fall as my butt clenched and unclenched.
I felt the precursor to my orgasm begin in my body as the area around my throat grew warm and red and a ball of energy formed in my low belly. Words left me and I was moaning steadily. I was working his face pretty good as I hunched and bucked on the vib as it plunged into me. I surfaced briefly to get things just right for my orgasm.
Spit out that dildo cocksucker, hold my vib in place and suck my clit you he did as I bid and I held the back of his head as I ground on his face.


As I uncurled my toes and brought my hips back to the coverlet I caressed jacks face warmly. That was Very good! I exclaimed. It is important to stroke their little egos especially after I was so powerful with him. You do that better then anyone I have ever had I rewarded him with that statement.
Just then the cell in my ear rang. I looked down at jack and said It is your lady calling. Turn off the vib and do your magic on my bottom When I saw that he understood and had twisted the knob on the vibrator to the off position I rolled over and answered the phone.
Hello? I answered and Patricia my lady in laws voice poured into my ear. Hello dear I hope I did not catch you at a bad time? her question was perfunctory and she just plowed ahead without letting my answer in any way.
My annoyance flared at Patricia but I kept it inside. It was apparent from the first time we met that she thought jack was marrying beneath himself and that in her eyes I was some sort of commoner. Just her name and the fact that she froze me out the one time I ventured to shorten it to Patty pissed me off. I wonder what she would think if she knew her dear jack was curling his of so regal tongue and doing his best to lick my colon. I smiled as I listened to her prattle on while her mister wiggled his tongue deep in my ass.
A woman has not really lived until she has had a devoted man French kiss and suck her ass. It just makes things right in the world. I was half tempted to ask Patricia if she ever had an attentive tongue wiggling, squirming and circling around her puckered bottom. Actually that was a revolting thought and I put it quickly from my head.
The phone chirped in my ear and I realized I had another call. I looked at the phone and realized it was Charles. I begged off with Patricia saying it was her mister on the other line and promised to give my love to him. I smiled to myself realizing I had subtly stopped referring to him as my husband but as her mister when we spoke of him.


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She switched of from my lady and I saw her face light up when she realized it was Charles. She was glad to have an excuse to hang up with my mom but when she realized it was her lover she positively beamed. I was irritated but tried not to show it. She had promised a weekend just to us since Her Charles was out of town on business.
I marveled as I saw her transition from sharp-tongued bitch to a cooing, simpering girl. She was so soft, coy, and submissive towards Charles. If I did not know better I would suspect that she actually had a crush on him.
I could tell by her side of the conversation that she claimed to be alone and that I was out of the house right now. She reinpowerd that little white lie with a stern glance and a finger of her lovely lips. She asked him what he was doing calling her though by the tone of the questions she was obviously pleased he had called her.
He turned the question around on her and she blushed as she confessed that she had been playing. He did not let her get off with a school girl answer but instead made her describe what she had been doing and more importantly what had been going through her head as she did it.
It made me a bit madder to hear that even while I was fucking her with her fuck stick her words she had been dreaming of her lovers cock. She describe how she loved the way he pinned her knees back by her head and his body made one long plane as he plunged His thick wife pleaser balls deep into the pussy that He owned. I was amazed to hear my wife show this submissive side. Hearing her voice get soft and tentative as she described he she liked to taste herself on the length of his shaft after he had filled her, how that made her feel even more his plaything showed my another world.
She said she was sorry and I was puzzled as I heard only one side of the conversation. She gestured me to crawl up next to her and spin around so my bottom was near her side. She wadded up a bra that was at the edge of the bed and inserted it into my mouth. Then I heard her say just a sec and she activated the speakerphone.
I heard Charles deep voice for the first time as he asked her if she knew why she was being punished. I heard her soft reply because I was playing with my pussy He cut it firmly but powerfully No you were playing with My pussy. I own it now. You text me, or call me when you have the urge and I decide if my pussy gets pleasure she grimaced. Yes Sir
Raise your ass up, put the pillow below it, tell me when you are ready She looked meaningfully at me and I realized while she was supposed to be spanking herself I was going to be her whipping boy. I am ready Sir she said softly.
I am going to count and after each numeral you spank my assthe ass that I own! She smiled at me but said aloud I will Sir!
I lasted through a count of ten and was tearing up and my bottom was stinging when she pretended to break down and could take no more. Even in my pain I was fascinated as she worked two men to suit her whims. The fact that she had spanked the ass the He owned was not lost on me.
He rewarded her by allowing her to fuck the pussy He owned with Her Dildo. I was surprised at the savagery and wantonness that she used on herself. She was truly digging in hard and her words I want to feel it in my belly rang in my ears as she climaxed again explosively as she whimpered his name. He did not let her stop with a huge orgasm but instead made her continue to work His pussy beyond what was comfortable for Her. He said it was to get her used to knowing she existed for His pleasure and that he expected her to go a little farther for Him.
I left her sprawled on the bed her legs spread wide and her breathing deepening as she slipped into a deep relax. I pulled an afghan up by her neck and tucked her in, smoothing a stray lock off of her forehead. She smiled soft and warm lost in her dreams. I padded off to the bathroom to clean up her toys and have a mug of tea brewed for when she woke up.


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Jack flashes back to a time early in his relationship with Jane and realizes the powers of the feminine around him.

or something

As I stood in the bathroom and slid the powder blue high cut silk panties past my knees and pulled them firmly over my throbbing erection I wondered how I had gotten to this point. I could hear the rhythm of conversation between my wife and my sister Rachel going on in the living room as I adjusted the rear of the panty so it did not ride up in the back. If I had to point to a single moment in time when this path was opened to me it was in my senior high school year when my sister Rachel came back from her college spring break.
It was a dreary day with leaden sky and low scudding clouds and frequent rainsqualls. In the Midwest this passed for a spring like day. I was sure there where still small pyramids of un-melted snow touched in the shadows where the sun, if it did make an infrequent appearance, never seemed to find. While it was miserable outside I was in a soft cocoon of the feminine. I had developed a habit of stealing into my sister Rachels room while she was off to college and going through her stuff. If someone had asked me and I often asked myself if I had a thing for my sister I would have answered truthfully No Way! I remember one kid saying once thats no lady, shes just a sister and that was pretty much how I felt. Her room and her clothes felt somehow to embody the ideal of the feminine. I felt like I was stealing into any womans chamber when I was in her room. The touch of the clothes was not hers but an unnamed and unimagined ideal of womanhood. All I knew is I was rock hard as the silk (ok it was cotton or rayon) of the panty was against my skin and I drank in the scent of the feminine hand lotion.
Rachel burst in on my just then in this very compromised situation. I remember seeing a look of horror on her face as she caught me. The silence stretched between us and fnally she asked What in the FUCK are you doing in my room? her words getting louder as she finished the question. I am sorry and I stammered some other lame words as I searched for my bathrobe that was laying on her throw rug. As I was belting it about my body she said Get the FUCK out of my room you sick bitch you and she threw the tube of Nu Skin hand lotion at my head as I tried to exit with some dignity.

Rachel went back to college after the spring break and I thought that I had dodged a bullet. She did not mention the incident while at home on break but when she returned for the summer break all that changed. She must have met someone at school that put some ideas into her head or just dreamed it up on her own but that summer would be the summer of my servitude to my big sister Rachel.
Our parents thought it was very sweet that her baby brother would do all sorts of things for his big sis including washing and polishing the car Daddy had bought her, painting her nails, giving her back rubs. I dare say it was that summer that I learned just how a woman likes her back and legs massaged as I had to work endlessly on Rachel and with just a raised eyebrow or a whispered panty boy she would encourage me to keep serving her.
I learned how to serve a woman during that summer and that stood me well later in life when I met an amazing woman named Jane. Her eyes and thoughts seemed to penetrate right to my core and she learned all my dirty little secrets. At least I thought her knowledge was supernatural and it was only now, as I snug the panties around my waist and walk out to see my two tormenters that I realized how Jane had come by some of her knowledge. It was from my sister Rachel.


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Jane and Rachel lowered their Riedel wine glasses that I had earlier filled with a Fire Steed pinot noir from Oregon and appraised me. Rachel giggled but my Jane looked on with a straight face. Rachel, you shouldnt have gotten panties for his birthday it will just encourage him my Jane said. Rachel smirked and said, Well I hope I am going to give your panty drawer a little relief. If he rifles yours like he did mine the elastic is worn smooth out on your panties
Jane was smoothing a strand of her hair that ran along her left cheek the way she does when she is giving something some thought. Something just does not look quite right she exclaimed. Ahh, the tufts of hair peeking out the leg hole will not do! She rose and walking with her wine glass in one hand bid me come jacky lets go to the bathroom
When we were in the black and white themed bathroom she pointed to the tub and said Get in, here are some pinking shears and there is my Lady Bic. Dont stop until you are completely clean-shaven from the waist down! My sister had joined her in the doorframe and Jane showed Rachel my powder blue panties the crotch already stained dark with a patch of pre-cum. Rachel wrinkled her nose Disgusting! Jane agreed and as I was slicing the long curly pubic hair she pinched my nose with the pre-cum smeared panel. She used the panty as an impromptu paintbrush and painted my face with the shiny pre-cum.
As I looked at the curls of my pubic hair hit the white tub I knew something fundamental was changing in my relationship with Jane. Up to this point I had been a bit passive and let her take charge of things but this went far beyond anything we had ever explored before. I felt like a teen again with my sisters eyes on me and thought back to that summer when I had served her every malicious whim. Rachel had evidently let Jane on my past indiscretions and giving me a wrapped pair of panties for my birthday had been a particularly nasty way of exposing my past to Jane.
Rachel said He should be ok at shaving his legs as I made him shave my legs all the time when he was a teen Jane had grown thoughtful at this and sipped her wine looking at me steadily over the rim of her glass. I could see the wheels turning in her head and thought to myself that it looked like Jane had just gotten a permisteral body servant. No more weary shaving of her own legs.
The pink ladies bic was getting clogged with my thicker mans hair and the dull blade was starting to nick me. Rachel produced a straight razor with a tortoise shell handle. I realized that I had been set up in more ways then one and that Rachel and Jane had thought this out well in advance. She handed the blade to Jane and Jane walked over to me in the tub. She held the sharp and very shiny blade right next to my balls. I became very still and we shared some heavy eye contact.
Whose balls? she asked matter-of-factly uh I stammered know the answer but afraid of uttering it. A thin line of crimmister formed along the edge of the blade YOURS!..Your balls Jane smile and shifted the blade perpendicular and atop the first very delicate cut. For what its worthand its not muchwhose cock? Its worth something..? My statement was cut off with another thing slice half the length of the first cut. YOUR cock! She smiled Thats right and the only opinion that matters about it is Mine More heavy eye contact passed between us then I glanced down to see the T that had been made on my skin. As I was looking down Jane made a quick curled cut and the T became a J
I was outraged Why did you do that? I sputtered. She smiled two reamisters, the first is because I canyou are Mine now and the second is I like to mark what is Mine! I heard Rachel giggle from the doorway.
Jane handed me the razor and told me to finish the shaving job and do be careful, its very sharp! With the click of her heels as She walked out of the bathroom I knew things had changed between us forever.


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Sorry to be all over the place with this story. I am dropping back in time and capturing when Jane...jacks Significant Other first met jacks sister Rachel.

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection." Anais Nin

Rachel felt like a big game hunter as she gazed across the counter at the woman who had been her quarry for a month. Rachel worked part time in the college library helping with research projects and filing away books. She also had access to the library database and while idling away a slow afternoon she browsed what books had been checked out in the last 6 months.
As she looked she began to see a few books she had enjoyed and that had shaped the individual that was sitting on the library stool in a soft gray calf length skirt and plum colored peasant blouse with lady of pearl detailing at collar and cuffs.
Anais Nin wrote the first series of books. The student had checked out Ladders of Fire, A spy in the house of love, and Little Birds. Rachel narrowed her search to this particular student. Her name was Jane X. Rachel saw that her next path besides the normal freshman mandatory reading was poetry by Charles Baudelaire. She had checked out Fluers du Mal two times. Rachel smiled thinking of that book. Its poem Hymn to Beauty gave the exact tone a man should have when contemplating a Woman. Janes latest books were those penned by Anne Rice under her pseudonym Anne Rampling. Exit to Eden. Jane had reserved the Beauty chronicles and when these came in she was looking forward to meeting this woman for the first time.
Now that the Beauty Chronicles had made their way to this library she had called and left a message on Janes machine that her reservation was in and she could come by anytime and pick them up.
Jane was dressed comfortably in stone washed jeans that highlighted her slim hips and a Liz Phair concert sweatshirt. A pair of Dior sunglasses was pushed up into her hair. Rachel thought this might be Janes idea of a disguise. Jane looked visibly nervous as she asked for the books and Rachel returned with them.
I like your choice in books Rachel said as she took the library card from Janes fingers. Jane looked slightly flushed and only mumred thanks. I have a few more suggestions for follow on reading if you are interested. Jane did look interested and said Sure, that would be good They both agreed to meet later at The Sip a local bar just off campus.


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The phantom

Rachel and Jane had got on famously after meeting at the library. They had shared confidences over coffee at a local coffee house. One thing Jane could not get over was the amount of very handsome suitors Rachel seemed to have following her like a comet tail. She begins to notice that most of them were from a certain fraternity house on campus that was famous or infamous for breeds of full of themselves self-styled cocksmen. Most of them favored the Abercrombie and Fitch look, which Rachel derisively called Aberzombies.
Rachel caught Janes puzzled look and asked her You want to know my secret with them, dont you? Jane said Hell yes! That Tony is a hottie. I love that dark smoldering eyes and scruffy stubble look on him Jane paused But from what I have seen he treats all girls like crap. Rachel smiled I have his number. Meet me by the Grateful Bean at 7 pm tomorrow night and I will take it from there. Jane asked her What will you be wearing? Wear something casual but pretty. This sounded pretty vague to Jane but just then Rachel stood up, sauntered over to Tony and whispered in his ear while her hand held his well-toned bicep. He looked around as if afraid to be seen with her but Jane swore that he blushed and nodded in the affirmative. Rachel strode out of the bar.

Rachel met Jane at the bean at 7 Sharp. She was dressed in a calf length black skirt with a really pretty 8 inch hem at the bottom. She had on a black silk shirt that was rolled two time and cuffed just below her forearms. Jane noticed that Rachel had her nails done and that they were a deep red rather than the clear lacquer that she usually wore.
Rachel took Janes arm and let her from the shop down the street to a walk up flat above a bookstore. She took the key from her purse and let them both inside. Jane asked, Whose apartment is this? And Rachel replied, It is Professor Desmonds, he is another of my little devotees The apartment was all wood floors, large arched ceilings, and tasteful oriental decoration. A tiny fountain tinkled in a corner of the room and provided the only illumination in the main living room.
Pour yourself a glass of wine and fetch me a glass of ice water Jane Rachel commanded. Jane was aware of the change that had come over Rachel coming into this place. She seemed taller and more in charge. From the kitchen Jane heard her heals click on the hardwood floor in the living room as she moved around in there.
Jane came into the living room and it had been transformed from a room full of shadows and the tinkle of water to a strange place. In the center of the room was an odd contraption that looked like a vault horse with one long edge lower then the other. In the center where normally there handles if it was a pommel horse there was instead a hollow space. In front of this Rachel unrolled a Danskin yoga mat. She positioned a spot lamp so that the horse was brightly lit and as she stepped back from the horse Rachel was in deep shadow. Once everything was arranged to Rachels satisfaction she moved a three paneled shoji screen in front of the device. Now a curved love seat and the fountain dominated the room.
OK Give girl! What the hell is this all about? Jane asked Rachel. Sit down and I will tell you, we still have a few minutes before Tony arrives Jane sat down and Rachel sat beside her. Rachel related a story to Jane about when she grew up and they visited a farm run by her ladys sister.
The farm was for breeding champion racehorses and they kept several stallions on the farm for stud. When the stallions sensed the mares on the farm were going into heat they would become very agitated. This was the perfect time to milk them for their sperm. Rachels lady Patricia had brought her girl out to see the phantom. Rachel had thought it was some sort of ghost but it turned out to be a mock up of a mare. The stallion was led to the phantom and eagerly mounted it while the stallions handler milked the natural for its sperm. Rachel was suitably impressed.
One thing I learned about these college boys is that its all about them shooting their load. Rachel said. I do fuck them when I feel the need for cock and that satisfies me at first but when I get tired of them or they need to be taken down a notch it turns to a hand job Rachel smiled Its nice to see them settle for the hand job. I know I have them then. The hand jobs become more mechanical though it does not stop them from being needy. Rachel paused. The phantom is the last step in my owning their equipment We both heard steps on the stairs leading up to the apartment. You will see, sit quietly behind the Shoji screen and I will let you know when to move it and reveal the phantom. Jane was uneasy but Rachel assured her Dont worry you will be behind the screen the whole time and get to watch without him seeing your face. I think it will make Tony even more excited to know another woman is also watching my little stallion
Jane sat in a comfortable chair behind the screen and heard Rachel open the door and say Its my Stallion! Jane smiled at the difference she put in the word, mocking when she said it to her and full of false pride when she said it to Tony.

Soon all Jane heard was the tinkle of the fountain, the rustle of fabrics, and Tonys deepening breathing


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Note from the author

I can hear a pin drop in this story. Any feedback? I realize it has strayed far afield from the cuck lifestyle but I hope to steer it back.

as Pink Floyd asks...."is there anybody out there?"
Geronimo Samson


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amazing work....keep it up mate


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Jessica was in a snit. Yes she thought to her self that is just the word for it a perfect snit. Jack and Rachel had left her alone with mum again this weekend. She always thought of Jack as HER Jack as she felt quite possessive of him. He was really more of a man then an older brother. She had been a change of life baby and there was a good gap of years between her and her older siblings. She felt a little coolly toward her sister Rachel. Rachel was more a distant aunt then flesh and red sister emotionally and to be honest there was a tension as both vied for Jacks attention. Rachel had some hold over Jack and she was quite cruel to him when she thought no one was looking.
Snit snit snit! Damm them for leaving me home alone. What was so secret that they had to run off together and leave her out of the fun? Jessica threw herself on her bed and flipped open her cell phone to check for messages. No one had called her. This deepened her snit. She was used to getting her way and being amused and it put her off when she was in this dangerous mood. She knew she was sometimes casually cruel to those in her affection when she got in this mood and regretted it later but at the moment she did not seem to be able to control herself.
She heard her mum rattling around in the kitchen, singing to herself. Her lady drives her crazy. She was always butting into her business with all these suggestions about what would be good for her. She loved her mom but jeez give me a break. Things are different and all this old school advice was just not practical nowadays. Like the mortifying sex talk she had to endure. I am sure mom gave it out of some sense of guilt but it was impossibly embarrassing. She felt like blurting out hey mom Ive been getting wet between the legs for three years now and discovered the joys of myself right after that.
She remembered a particularly memorable time when she was out sailing with Jack and Rachel and they were below decks probably takeing and she was all alone on the roof of the cabin soaking in the sun. She had recently discovered masturbation and was experimenting with all sorts of things. She remembered how the hot sun made her body feel all heavy and pulsy and without thought she found her hands down the front of her bikini. The hot sun and the cool breeze on her body at the same time and that little sun in her belly just growing until she was taut and resting only on her heels and shoulders as her body bowed in tension. Then her rump planted firm and thighs taut as her heels drummed a tattoo on the cabin roof and Jack and Rachel came aboveboard. That strange look on Rachels face and Jack all flushed. Exciting and weird.
As she recalled that day her hand had moved to idly run over her nipples. She felt her excitement, always just a bit beneath her skin and ready to rise start to fill her.
Im making your favorite her lady called from the hallway. Her snit returned in a flash at the break in this mood. Mooomm Im not really hungry right now! she blurted out even though she was hungry. One of her first stabs at independence was controlling her own eating. She rolled her eyes with this family eating time. It was oppression is what it was.
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Jane's Addiction
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