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Role Play Fantasy

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Role Play Fantasy

I have an idea that many of you might be interested in
that involves sharing each others cuckold fantasies.
I am wondering if there is anyone out there that would
help me with my fantasy and in return, I would help
you with yours. First let me explain that the cuckold
lifestyle (especially offense) has always been my
number one fantasy and a huge turn-on. My wife and I
role play many different stories and fantasies dealing
with this lifestyle. Our role play in bed is usually
dealing with powerd cuckolding and offense in some
way. However, like many in this group, once I cum, I
dont want anything to do with it anymore. My drive
and desire are gone (at least for 20 minutes). Also,
I love that it is a fantasy, I am not really sure if I
could go through with it if it were real. The thought
of my wife with someone else is very much a turn-on,
but Im not sure if I can live with it after the fact.
Thus, here is my idea. We all know how we would want
to be cuckold, and we all know how we would want the
bull and our wives to be. So, my plan would be that
as couples we meet one weekend and role play our
scripts. The role play would go like this. The four
of us meet (the two cuckold wannabes and both wives)
and for the evening, YOU would role play as being MY
wifes husband and she would role play being your
wife. I role play being the bull. YOUR wife would
either be a fly on the wall or an extra in the
play. At this time we role play your #1 fantasy. I
am fucking my wife for the night and you are being
cuckold by her. Of course you can clean her creampie.
I would be fine with this. As I mentioned above, I
dont know if I could let someone else fuck her, but I
wouldnt have a problem with someone else cleaning out
her pussy. Then on a later weekend, we reverse roles.
I role play that YOUR wife is my wife, and I am her
husband. YOU fuck your wife, while I pretend she is
mine. Then I get to clean her pussy out of your cum.
Thus, I am still hard and turned-on when there is cum
inside your wife (as a mentioned above, I lose that
once I cum inside my own wife, thats where our role
play always ends). Let me know what you think. We
live in Minnesota.

Of course, like most of us, I still have to convince
my wife to go along with this


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Fascinating scenario, never thought of it before but it is good, it solves both the "doing for real and then what" dilemma and the loss of interest after the orgasm thing. Get in touch and let's explore possibilities.

[email protected]


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I like the thought into it as well. Would not do it for me either but good luck with it.


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very interesting.....its kinda like cuckold amway....i like in pa though, the drive would suck


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I would love to share your fantasy but you could be the one to fuck my wife and I would clean her up
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Role Play Fantasy
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