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Pictures of Tiny Cock, Panty wearing cuck

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Here are pictures of me dressed in panties and a bra, and one picture shows my tiny cock.

My wife wanted me to post these. We have not proceeded to full cuckolding yet, but getting close. She has several large toys that are her "real cocks" and when I fuck her, basically she sits there with no enjoyment. The other night, after giving her oral while a 3" wide and 10" long vibrator was in her cunt, I tried to fuck her. After 10 minutes I could not cum (no friction) and the entire time she was reading a business magazine.

She is very clear to me that my cock can't make her cum, and is not sexually satisfying to her. However, she is reluctant to take the next stage toward fucking another man. She has started some cukolderly, beginning with making me wear panties and bras, and her telling me to take these pictures and post them.

Both of us would love to hear comments on the pictures. Is my cock really as small as she says it is? I thought I was average when hard, but she says I am the smallest she has seen let alone been with.

Married Dom


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Yes, you are truely small. You remind me of a friend of ours. He is a fairly well off professional married and divorced three times. He too has a 2 inch dicklet. My wife and I let him tag along on vacation. He modeled in his girlie underclothes and platform shoes. He sucked my cock. He ate my cum from my wife. He jacked himself into his own hand and then ate it. I wanted to shoot a load into his mouth but my wife wanted all my cum for herself. A good time was had by all...


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I am not sure where it will lead. Like your friend, I am an otherwise normal professional man, who has a good job and public image. However, I happen to have a penis that has never satisfied my wife sexually.

We are both aware of the cuckold world and how far it can go. For now, she is into offense of my small penis, and has started to see how submissive I am willing to be to her sexually.

In the past year, I think we have had intercourse 4-5 times max. We have sex quite a bit, but normally it involves me orally pleasing her and/or using toys on her. She has one that is about 3" wide and stretches her quite a bit, but makes her cum almost instantly. The times we have had intercourse in the past year have mostly been right after her toy stretched her and my smallness and her lack of ability to feel me inside her was exaggerated even further. It gives her a chance to remind me that my cock does not please her and at least I have a tongue. About a month ago we did have intercourse before any toys had been in her, but after about 5 minutes it was obvious it was doing nothing for her. She said she could really not feel it and was tired of being "dry humped" and demanded her toys.

She also had me start wearing panties full time. Started out as sex role play, but has progressed to full time. She has me wear bras from time to time too, but says that kind of disgusts her that I would be that willing to dress up like such a girl. She told me to wear bras in the pictures to prove how submissive I was.

We have not done any cream pie stuff. This is largely because in the past year, as I stated, the only times we had intercourse was after she had a "real cock" inside her and there was not enough friction and I could not cum. She has told me to cum inside my panties and continue to wear them, and has made me lick precum off my or her fingers.

I'm not sure exactly where it will lead, and I dont think she does. Maybe she does and she's just not telling me? What I do know is I realize that while I can support my wife financially and emotionally, my penis is of no value to her and she deserves to be sexually satisfied.


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When you climax, you should squirt your pathetic load on her tummy or tits and then clean it off. Perhaps you shuld also get queer with another guy so she can see how girly you have become. Find a bisexual guy with a real cock (7 in or more) and after she watches you with a real cock, she will want it inside of her. Your puny penis is smaller than mine and I measure a meager 4 3/4 in, hard.


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To date she has only made me clean her up once, licking my cum off her hand after she gave me a hand job. She is really into panty play and her favorite thing is for me to cum in my panties and continue to wear them. She is also starting to really enjoy having me service her and make her cum, but then leaving me w/o reciprocation. After she is finshed cumming, she will often leave and let me jack off but wont stay around . She has also commented that maybe I should be locked up in a chastity device and not allowed to cum, because my tiny cock really should not be viewed as a sexual device because it's so worthless. Obvious a big part of her play is reminding me how inadequate my penis really is.

As to being with another guy, I am thankful that probably won't ever happen, at least not directly. As we have talked about the cuck lifestyle, she has made it very clear that what happens sexually should be done for her pleasure, and she is not turned on by gay or bi sex.

That said, a huge fantasy of hers is to be on all fours taking it from behind while I lick her clit. In our sex fantasy play, she tells me that when this happens she won't let me cum until I suck her clean. She says while gay sex does nothing for her, the thought of my licking a sloppy pussy to give her an orgasm is a big turn on.


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i wear panties all of the time because she threw out my underwear, but thats the only thing i wear under my clothes. i have to send her a pic from a public bathroom everyday

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Pictures of Tiny Cock, Panty wearing cuck
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