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The New Exo-belt V-series

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Hey, I wanted to tell you guys about the new Exo-Belt made for sissy men. It is designed to be as flattening as possible, so you look good in your panties. The new Exo-Belt was just released today, more pics will be up this week. This is the most secure device to date.

It's called the V1, and you can see it at The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!
chastized one


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Jenny, that looks like a piece of artwork! Congratulations on your new creation.
I have one request, well two actually. Fix the “click to enlarge”, and post some pictures of it being worn.

Just for sales purposes, I don’t think you can to many pics if you know what I mean. Even if they have to be off site due to the new messed “porn” rules.

I like the design and it looks like pull outs are virtually impossible due to the ‘cup’ coming all the way up to the A ring.


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Hi Chastized One, thank you for the nice comments, your 2 wishes are my command. Actually I have been working on them anyway, but I wanted you to feel special. I hope to have some pics up this week. I have been taking some of my friend wearing the device. I will have those up as well as the rest of the page finished soon.

Thank you again for the nice comments, my team and I put lots and lots of love into this design.

I permisterally can't belive it is finally ready, we were originally hoping to release this device shortly after the x1 (a couple of years ago), but I wanted to make sure that we got it right before we rushed it to the market.

Have a great day!



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That device looks interesting, looking forward to seeing some more pics!
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The New Exo-belt V-series
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