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Making him wear panties.

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devon faust


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I have a special box for my husband, I keep in it the panties I make him wear. We go out and I pick out some new panties for him every time we're at the store, holding them up to see how they would look on him, and telling the clerk at the store they are for him, not me. I lay his clothes out every morning, and when I want to remind him that *I* tell him what to do, I pull out a special pair of panties and put them with his clothes. Just today we went to the store and I got him a hot pair of pink panties with gray trim. I love making him wear them, and love the fact that if he isn't careful at work and bends over the wrong way, people might get a glimpse. And this is all kinds of panties, silky, cotton, thong, regular. I love making him wear girls panties, and he loves wearing them when I tell him to.


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What other feminine behavior do you have him doing?


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That's awesome - take charge girl !


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your husband should als be locked in a chastity-belt like me ,,i only wear panties ,,there is no other underwear for sissies like us !!! reg. andrea1

Stay locked in a NEOSTEEL MASTERPIECE "ARCH" at all times!
Jeanne and girlfriend Jess


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I have kept my sissy in panties since last January.I knew for a long time and acepted he was a crossdresser. I haad an affair with a real man and came to the realization that my husband was no longer the man I thought he was. at least not like my lover. I ordered sissy to throw away all his male underwear in a public laundry matt after she folded it neatly and sissy was made to throw it away pair by pair as I loudly reminded sissy why there would be no more male panties and then I had sissy fold all her new panties. I have sissy always in panties now 24/7 with bras and camisole tops of lacy tanks that are clearly visible out of the top of her jeans and when I unbutton the top 3 buttons of her shirt while she folds laundry at the laundry matt. Also it is always a must that the clerk male or female know exactky who the sexy purchase is for and why. I love showing off sissy even in full female clothes in public with out wig or make up. "Jess" is a true sissy and loves wearing female clothes. Also it is a must to have your sissy paint his toes a nice pink, wear anklet, use female lotions and perfumes and of course shave his body for added offense. especially at the doctors or at the beack/summer while wearing flip flops/ shorts. tank tops or on a nude beach I will post a pic or two to show you chat I am talking about. Good luck and make him the femme you eant him to be, so you can have the real man you need. Jeanne

I have finally decided to take control (total) and have sissy in panties daily lock sissy in her CB 6000s for good. No more feeling sorry after a few weeks and no more giving into her pleas for mercy! Welcome the NEW MISTRESS!
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Making him wear panties.
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