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had to share...the craigslist ad...hopefully all understand...

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I saw this ad on craigslist that went like this:
Discreet here looking to get fucked in my
ass and give head with someone who can
be a little helpful.Hit me...and I want sex.
Any Person.

humm...fucked in the ass and head is NOT
sex. Oh the Bill Clinton standard I get it.

Helpful for play..yea nah...any
person...yea she just broke.

So if she wasn't hanging out her shingle
who would hit that ass to make her howler.
I know I would. I thought the pic was hot...
while being simple. Now for the total downer...
she is complete bullshit..the pic is all over pinterest.
So she probably looks like the wrestler Mula if anyone
remembers her. She wrestled well into her 60's long
before the wrestling divas for she was no diva.

So that's all I got...feel free to comment at will...
if you find something in the have to share catagory
put it up here. Me I rarely find something like this.

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had to share...the craigslist ad...hopefully all understand...
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