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kim's IR lesbian and black couple captions

Rating: 55
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#91 · Edited by: iso_Cuckoldress
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Dearest Kim,

The Great Goddess of Captions.....
Please continue this theme when You find time and inspiration.
Please. It would mean so much to me if You did....

All Your caps are remarkable and fascinating, but I am especially obsessed with this one. IR Black LezDom is brilliant and You go about it so mischieviously.

I am begging You to continue as I've rubbed myself raw to this collection already and my greedy lust demands more or else I fear I won't be able to achieve true sexual relief. Once I rub myself raw to a caption it looses its powerful hold over me. Like an addiction I'm powerd to seek out more.... and more... at higher and higher costs.

I am willing to do anything You might think would help inspire You to continue. Sincerely, I will. I am so obsessed and helpless to Your kinky perversions, I've become a truly broken being, that I'd happily prove myself. Prove that I truly and desperately need more of your perversions.... not just casually want. but need. try me. I will pass any test put to me to prove this claim.

I am finding myself deeply addicted and perverted by your captions to the point where nothing else satisfies me sexually. not even readily assessible sex from a pretty young thing. Not perverted gonzo sex with hot cute young drop dead gorgeous girls... I know from attempted experience. I can fake a real man long enough to embaress myself in the bed. I am ruined now. Damaged goods.

I can't get aroused even without thinking about the shocking things I read on Your threads, and can't get even close to cumming without totally obsessing on all Your best caps. I am lost and pathetic, at a point where I can't cum at all without Your deeply perverted fetishes tornadoing my mind. I am begging, I am in need for more of your caps and especially this IR lezdom theme. It is new to my psyche, the shock and intrigue it creates in me is lovely. Please Miss Kim, I beg You to coninue when You can. This seems to be doing the trick best to help me become sexually satisfied and relieve my anxieties, please Miss Lane, I beg you Goddess Kim... Help me.

I am willing to do anything asked.

I can prove that I am truly a sexually desperate and confused individual who has allowed themself to become only sexually satisfied from masturbating into silk panties while reading the most perverse or creative captions I can find. Your themes have completely destroyed me as a sexually functional man. I seriously can't cum without a fresh cap in mind, and after a while they loose their kick.... I'm desperate for the relief I get only from these fantasies. Miss Lane, You are the very best at making me feel the way I need to feel to gain the relief and satisfaction I've been needing so desperately. Please Miss Kim. Please Goddess of cuckolds.

Please, Please, Please. I doubt I'm the only one begging in their soul for more caps from you. Just the only one willing to beg so desperately and publically, to admit the deep psychological effect You have upon me.

You keep us uptight sexually conflicted sissy fags feeling understood, focused on what will eventually bring us happiness and, for what its worth, not the overly sexually up tight bratty sissy boys who need a little sploogie to feel better and act decently. Yes your caps make the world a better place.

I'm begging my eyes out... please please please add more. I'm willing to do nearly anything imaginable to demonstrate my sincere need for more of your special breed of filth. I say that with the most admiration for what you've exposed me to mentally.... Please Miss Kim,.... I love this theme and all your other threads too.... can we please make an arrangement for more mercy jerk off caps of yours. It truly helps to keep me sane and comfortable with my inescapable sissy self?

I'll do anything you ask, anything to help, motivate, amuse, anything... everything I have to offer is Yours. I will do the impossible. I'll tie myself in a pretzel and rim my own ass for Your spectacle if it would help prove my need and willingness (I can't actually do this, but i would for relief) just to have caps to jerk off to.

I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME, I WANT YOU TO TAKE ME, I WANT YOU TO BREAK ME...... and i want you to throw me away. (NIN) Attached is a picture of sissified myself, fully crossdressed... Let me know if You have anything I could do to help motivate Your important caption work.

Thank You for indulging my insane begging. If I am humilating more than just myself feel free to remove my post or ridicule me, I deserve it for allowing this to happen to me.
Thank you,

ali (aka sexi-lexi the desperately available sissymaid gurl.)



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Well I really cant promise anything at this point I am just getting back into the swing of doing captions and this thread is very narrow in scope not just cuckolding not just lesbian cuckolding but interracial lesbian cuckolding.
I Loved writing these it was for me a fresh twist on things and that always makes it fun to write but after doing a hundred or so of them it does get repetitive and feels like I am just writing the same caption on a new pic, and sense suitable pics are also rare it felt like it was the same caption on the same pic. So for now unless I run a cross a new pile of pics that work for the theme or think of a new twist this thread will probably be slow to update
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Rating: 55, 19 votes.
Cuckold Captions / Cuckold Captions /
kim's IR lesbian and black couple captions
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