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Lunch for Softie

Rating: 76
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Love this series! Keep it up!


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The nanny caption is amazing. I absolutely loved it.


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Keith Knife


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Wow! Love them!


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#95 · Edited by: I_A_S_P
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The moral of the story is, all women need a hard cock, your willingness to eat her messy pussy may be the only way a limp dick can stay with her.

Impotence is an excellent form of emasculation! He is incapable of being a man in a woman's bed! Some men
see the problem and do their best to seek ways of rejuvenating their pathetically sad penis. Many other men embrace their impotence and receive masochistic pleasure in the feelings it generates! Women take notice of this and always parlay it to their own advantage! This great thread shows how easy it is for a woman to come out on top in these situations!

Impotence and Girls 202: Here is where she has lost respect for your "manhood". She sees her opportunity and really starts to guide your face and ass onto the cocks of men. It doesn't take her very long to free you up to the point that you realize your cock lust and excitedly declare your love for the penis! She knows well the sex charged feelings and satisfaction of giving blowjobs and getting fucked in her ass. It is so easy for her to teach her man the exquisite joys a pers0n can receive by yielding his ass and mouth to real cock!

Impotence causes many men to attempt to satisfy their wives by compensating with great oral sex. Practically every impotent man thinks that he is the oral expert his wife desires! However he soon discovers that women prefer a rock hard dick over his impotent, softie licks. His wife finds one or more lovers capable of delivering her male. She satisfies her kinky thrill by rubbing her gooey cheat right into her cuckold's face. THEN he quickly realizes that his oral skills are a perfect satisfaction for his wife's post-fuck cunt! Humble pie it may seem to be. Nevertheless, many limp dicked, super eager cuckolds cheerfully eat the box lunch lovingly provided by his wife's cheating cunt!

The woman always wins this game.
..............PSEUDO PERSON...YMMV!


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A thrill for bi wimp cum eaters like me!
I love eating another man's cum in front
of a woman!


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Those sweet limp cocks look so delicious, I'm sure I can suck some cum out of them!
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Rating: 76, 26 votes.
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Lunch for Softie
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