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Watching your wife as she gets ready to go out is so very hot
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thejart PM
#421 · Posted: 17 Aug 2021 13:01 Reply
Wow! Stunning nips! Thanks for sharing.
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sunbich PM
#422 · Posted: 9 Jun 2022 19:40 Reply
She's getting there...

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Mister E PM
#423 · Posted: 29 Aug 2022 01:04 Reply
getting ready for a hotel over nighter with her bbc lover...

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BumNote PM
#424 · Posted: 29 Aug 2022 01:16 Reply
Mister E! She looks very sexy and dirty in that outfit 😈 x
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cookman PM
#425 · Posted: 6 Oct 2022 16:55 · Edited by: cookman Reply
I'm always on the look out for sexy lingerie for my wife. She loves dress... and of course undressing lol for her lovers. These are from a few years ago when she was going out to meet a lover... sorry, can't remember which one though! Mostly these days she doesn't wear panties

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sput1956 PM
#426 · Posted: 6 Oct 2022 22:05 Reply Edit
My ex wife was Indonesian, I loved helping her get ready on date nights. Outwardly she dressed very conservatively. However on her date nights she would shower and shave her pussy. When she'd showered she go to the bedroom to get ready. It wasn't long before she'd call me in and ask me to help her get ready for her date. She used to get me to open her lingerie drawer and she mess around with different lingerie, she used to make me put it on her and she'd say, do you think Dave will like that, of course I'd agree with her. I must admit that when she finally had her lingerie on it was very erotic. At that point she giggled and told me to go and wait in the room until she was dressed. Now Kris was quite conservative with her clothes, she didn't wear Minnies or stuff like that but she did dress classy. Looking at her butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but under her clothes her lingerie was something else. Once Kris was ready she'd get me to drop her off at her lover's, she'd really got into the hotwife in charge routine and she loved humiliating me. Usually on the way to her lover's she'd tell me she was happy that soon she'd have a real man's cock in her. Of course when l dropped her off she'd tell me to make sure the house was spotless when she came home. Normally when l got back I'd take care of the house then relax a while and eventually I'd shower and get into bed just before midnight and wait for her coming home. She was always home by midnight and boy did she tease me when she came home. I remember one night in particular, she sent me a text saying she'd be an hour later but said she had a treat for me. Sure enough it was almost 1am when she came home, she came into the bedroom and turned the big light on, she was smiling as usual and l asked her if she had a good night, she smiled and said it was the best, then l asked her why she stayed longer, she just smiled and said I was extra horny then she laughed at me. She was stood next to the bed looking at me, she pulled the sheets back so she could see me naked , she looked at my cock and giggled. Then she took her jacket off, next she started to unbutton her blouse but then she turned to her side as she took it off, l couldn't see anything. She turned her head and looked at me smiling, she was topless but I couldn't see anything, she kept smiling and then she turned round so I could see her boobs, she had two big love bites on her tits, she'd never done that before and here she was smiling stood topless in front of me, I must admit I went as hard as a rock looking at her beautiful tits with love bites on, it was so erotic. It wasn't long before she took her skirt off and she was naked. Then she got on the bed and kneeled over me showing me how much Dave's cock had stretched her pussy and giggling again, then she make me lick her and as l did she'd tell me how great Dave was and how many times she'd cum. Behind closed doors she was a sexual demon, but to all our friends she was a perfect wife. No one ever suspected we were in a cuckold relationship. It was the best most satisfying relationship I've ever been I. I hope I can find a similar partner
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sput1956 PM
#427 · Posted: 6 Oct 2022 22:07 Reply Edit
You're very lucky
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sput1956 PM
#428 · Posted: 6 Oct 2022 22:11 Reply Edit
My ex used to do the same, l miss that so much
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sput1956 PM
#429 · Posted: 6 Oct 2022 22:16 Reply Edit
Lucky man, l wish I had a wife like yours
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sput1956 PM
#430 · Posted: 6 Oct 2022 22:21 Reply Edit
Don't suppose she has a sister, my ex was Indonesian and was she a hotwife or what, she loved cuckolding me, especially when she came home from her date, she loved humiliating me and telling me how good her lover was, she had lots of sexy lingerie and she wore it well, she was slim and only 4'10" tall, her lover's cock was huge but she loved getting it in
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sput1956 PM
#431 · Posted: 6 Oct 2022 22:24 Reply Edit
You are so lucky dude, she's perfect
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sput1956 PM
#432 · Posted: 10 Oct 2022 21:17 Reply Edit
Wish I had a wife like this
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Philba PM
#433 · Posted: 9 Feb 2023 11:51 Reply
Wow awesome wife
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bobbye PM
#434 · Posted: 14 Apr 2023 05:13 Reply
417. Love those sweet nipples!
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sput1956 PM
#435 · Posted: 7 minutes ago Reply Edit
I'm still searching for my hot wife here in Cairns Australia. Asian preferred but not exclusively. I was in a cuckold relationship for many years. One of the most erotic parts of the relationship was helping my partner get ready for her date. She used to date two or three times a week, on her date nights she would get a long hot shower and make sure she had shaved her pussy perfectly. After that she would go into the bedroom to get dressed ready. She always called me to help her pick the lingerie she would wear. After that I would leave her to get ready. When she was dressed I used to drop her off at her dates. She was always home by midnight it was an unspoken rule. When she came home I was always in bed ready and waiting for her. She would stand next to the bed and undress and as she did she used to show me her pussy and tell me what a great time she had. We split up over cultural issues sadly. No one knew we were in a cuckold relationship it was our secret. I'm hoping to find a neat petite lady here in Cairns that understands and accepts the cuckold lifestyle. Please feel free to contact me, discretion assured. Ciao for now Ray
Looking for my hot wife in Cairns, are you here? Sexually I'm a cuckold and l like my partner to keep dating. I was in a six year cuckold relationship and it was the best, of course no one but me and my wife knew. I loved helping her get ready for da
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