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Finally, on again

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#91 · Edited by: brisbanecuck
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Yep, long time no post. Nothing much to mention the last year or so.
She's met the bf twice this year I think. I was absent both times and not invited to join her afterwards.
I've got a new steel cage, much smaller than the first one I had.
I'm meeting a couple I know to be cleanup bitch at their gangbang in a few weeks, he wants me in suspenders and cock cage so that will be fun. Wife said I definitely should go, so, I'll be there. In other conversations with the wife, I've suggested she fucks around and sends me proof in pictures and in exchange I'll do more chores around the house.
I suggested more chores or more days I'll do the chores for the more times she plays, or the more guys at once, or the sluttier the behaviour & proof.
Aching to get some before & after of her pussy, or a pic showing me the lingerie I paid for that she'll be fucking someone else in, or some guys cum on the lingerie, or a quick action vid.
I hope this ploy pans out. I just love getting pics of her getting superior cock without me.


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You're a very lucky guy. My ex wife also shaved her pussy at my request, on her date nights she would insist that l help her get ready for her dates, of course l did as she asked. She new how to tease me and as l helped her get ready she would often tell me her lover liked her pussy shaved. When l drove her to her dates place she'd tell me she couldn't wait to feel his cock in her, she made a point of telling me how much bigger and better he was than me. I really miss those days, l hope l can find another hotwife in Cairns. Asian or ebony is definitely an advantage. Feel free to message me
Looking for my hot wife in Cairns, are you here? Sexually I'm a cuckold and l like my partner to keep dating. I was in a six year cuckold relationship and it was the best, of course no one but me and my wife knew. I loved helping her get ready for da


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Sounds like heaven to me too sput.... I was actually meant to be in Cairns this week... so maybe you could before my next trip you could point me in the right direction re where to find some hotwife action in Cairns. I travel up to the Atherton Tablelands for work, so I am quite mobile when in town.


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I love sucking BBC for My Wife and then cleaning her pussy and His dripping Cock with my mouth when they've finished.


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Hey guys, I'm in Brisbane and available.

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Australian and New Zealand forum / Australian and New Zealand forum /
Finally, on again
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