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Our Story....Our Adventures..

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Really excellent posts, despite the minor confusion because of the change of name! Pity we're so far apart, coz Annie sounds just the sort of wife I love to meet, and fuck! Look me up if you ever get to France!


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Thx Kenny.
Yes the change of name was a problem, but we simply couldnt renew under our previous! Tried a few things but anyways, whats done is done.
If anyone is truly worried, 2 bad. lol.


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We met up with a bull recently in Sydney we found on craigslist.

It started with a meet up at a bar in Sydney. Annie was a little nervous at the start but after a few ****** they seemed to be getting along fine. I sat with the 2 of them in the bar for about 30 mins before I left them alone.

I sat alone out of the picture in another room playing some poker machines to fill the time in, all the while with a hard on. I would appear every 10 mins to so to get another ***** and make sure all was well. It was late afternoon on a Sunday and the bar had a few patrons in.

After what I thought was a good hour I re-joined Annie and her new bull at the table. Things had really progressed. Greg (just made that name up) had provided Annie with a set of balls for her to put in her pussy and by the time I returned to the table she had them inside her with Greg running his hands up her skirt and stroking her leg and pussy under the table. He was being discreet, but we did get a few stare's from people near us as Annie was quit tipsy now and was visibly aroused. Watching this was making me feel a little embarrassed but on edge the whole time. It was great.

Greg and Annie agreed to was time to leave and go to our hotel. As we were leaving Greg and I waited for Annie out the front of the bar whilst she went to the bathroom. We had a conversation about limits and our likes & dislikes. He told me he was going to make her beg him to cum in her mouth. I thought this was a little ambitious but I was all for it!

We walked to his car and Annie got in the front and I was relegated to the back. As soon as we got going he had his left hand on her snatch. Annie was moaning as her rubbed her bald pussy. She pulled her skirt right up and spread her legs for him and placed her feet up on the dash. I sat in the back and had my cock out watching the show. When we stopped at one set of lights, the pedestrians had a full on view of Annie spread eagled in the front seat with Greg's hand playing with her pussy.

When we arrived at our hotel, I was told to wait until I was called. Greg said he would phone me when he was ready for me to come to the room.

I watched the two of them leave the lobby and couldn't wait to see and know what was going to happen. As our room was on a bottom floor I went outside along the side of the hotel where there is a pathway. Hoping the curtains where open to our room. I walked along outside and then once outside our room I was immediately hard!

There they were, in full view of anyone walking past and also the building across. I posted a couple of pics previously of what I could see! It was awesome... he went down on her licking and eating her out that seemed to go on forever, and he looked like he was fisting her from behind holding her down forcibly on the bed and being rough with her.

I tried watch without someone seeing me as a stalker or peeping tom! but is was hard not to appear that way. I walked up and down the pathway that many times I lost count, and when other people walked past I watch intently to their reactions. A few just keep walking like nothing was going on (they still had a good look), but one guy stopped in his tracks and stared for about a minute.

After about seemed like 30 minutes or so I watched Greg ring my phone.......


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Just rejoined... has been a while away from this site.
A lot as happened since my last post from years ago.

Many great adventures and stories plus a few bad ones.
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Australian and New Zealand forum / Australian and New Zealand forum /
Our Story....Our Adventures..
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